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ASSIGNMENT 5 & 6 Case 5.

2: A whistle blower Accepts a Deal

Ans.He didn t do the right thing with respect to professional ethics .The reports were highly manipulated as the real raw research data was entirely different from the data presented to the FDA.Moreover the acception of the deal was a wrong action on his behalf should have tried more with the board of directors before accepting a deal.

Case 5.3:Better late than Never? Ans:Keeping in view the act of Art holmes,the company should alter its whistle blowing policy in a way that the employees wouldn t be able to use it as protection against impending lay-offs.The act of Art holmes would have been good if he would have blowed the whistle with in a considerable duration.Since he did that after one year,which is quite too much time,despite company s guarantee of protection against retaliation and at the moment of his impending lay-off his act appears good enough for him only.


Q1. ANS:We normally reduced things which are hrmful for human beings but ecological ethics says we should also focus on saving our natural resources.In this scenario ecological ethics says Government should take steps to provide safety for the fishes.

Q2.ANS:The major problem in this scenario is the lack of water which is created a conflict between farmers and environment.The solution to this problem is to provide the demanded water to farmers even if it is costly and the second priority should be to provide water to the fishes as much as possible.

if us be dependent on foreign oil and they won t be dependent on foreign oil and they can control the rising price of oil which will save their economy from stagflation so US should drill oil in ANWR with justification from utilitarian theory. .DRILLING FOR OIL IN ANWR Q1.ANS:According to utilitarian theory actions and policies should be made on the basis of benefits.