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The 2012 Enigma And The New Music Revolution

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By: Jacques Groenen Kristal Spiral Music And The Year 2012
Choosing Between Old Music And Kristal Spiral Music

( I started this article as a reaction on Chris Farrell who made a new video and was talking on Facebook about new trends to jump on for Internet Marketing). The biggest trend that is presently arriving is without any doubt December 21 2012. We are very near the year 2012 and only a few people know what’s really happening. Let me unveil a little bit of the 2012 enigma. There is a battle going on, not only on Planet Earth but in the whole Milky Way, that is connected with the Mayan Hunab Ku. The Hunab Ku is the Black Hole center of the Milky Way and certain groups want to attune Earth totally to this black hole on December 21 2012 using a powerful Merkaba technology connected with the Golden Mean Spiral and Fibonacci spiral and numbers. The idea is to create on December 21 2012 a merkaba spin of 55/34 (both Fibonacci numbers) resulting in a pole shift on Earth (go to YouTube and search for Drunvalo Melchizedek to learn more about these misaligned ideas) A pole shift will be very destructive for humanity and Earth as you can imagine and from a black hole no escape is possible, it will be our definitive fall into darkness and oblivion.
Kristal Spiral and Kristal Spiral Music

Luckily there is another spiral – the Kristal Spiral, resulting in Kristal Spiral Music, more about this later in this article – that has a totally other objective: rising of awareness and consciousness and real freedom. People who have seen the movie The Matrix can imagine that there can be different matrices or energygrids to build on. The same way a painter needs a canvas to paint on, life and matter need energy grids or matrices to exist. These different grids are connected with different spirals and right now – between February and early August 2011 – everybody on the planet, including you and me, has to make a choice between the different spirals of creation. This choice is between Golden Mean Spiral + Fibonacci Spiral on one side and the Kristal Spiral + (real) Merkaba Spiral on the other side. The process of choice making is called “The Battle of The Spirals” and is one of the reasons there is so much confusion on this planet right now. The Battle Of The Spirals This choice between different spirals as said is crucial for everybody on Earth and has to be made before August 4 of this very year 2011. Let me explain a bit about the background of this battle. Between February and August 4 2011 there

is a crossover in time-space of the Kristal Spiral and the Golden Mean Spiral energy-grids. You can see this, in a simplified way, in the picture below. The crossover is at axis 7 of the Kristal Spiral – in the pictures indicated by the color blue – and the Golden Mean or Metatronic Spiral, drawn in red.

The difference that makes a difference

The Kristal Spiral on which Kristal Spiral Tuning and Kristal Spiral Music is based (more about this subject later in this article) is created by the expansion of a rotating Kathara Grid (see drawing below).

The Kathara Grid has a center, the Central Seed Atom, indicated by the white hexagon in the picture and the Kristal Spiral rotates around and expands from this center. A golden rectangle (with the color green), leading to the golden mean spiral, can be generated by taking one of the diagonals (in this case we take the diagonal 3-7) and rotating it from Kathara Center 7 counter clockwise to the line 3-6-9. We see in the following figure how it extends just beyond Kathara Center 9.

(picture: From Kathara to Golden Rectangle to Fibonacci Rectangle)

The vertikal line from the bottom of the Kathara Grid to this point is 1.618 times the width of the Kathara Grid , this number has the name Phi. We can see that during this process a reduction is taking place from 12 to 10 centers, the centers 12 and 11 are cut away and disappear out of view and our experience. From now on we have lost the connection with our “Source or Home” and are imprisoned and enchained in Plato’s Cave. We can draw a diagonal from the right corner below to the point above center 9 and a line from point 6 to the point above center 10. Where these lines cross (the small GM in the drawing) is the center of the golden mean spiral and as we see this “center” is an off-center point. In the next step we can use this point as a starting point for a further fall into the disgrace of the Fibonacci Rectangle (in yellow). (Filius Bonacci = son of Bonacci lived about 1170-1250). Now we can develop the geometry of the Fibonacci rectangle in the same manner as we did with the golden mean rectangle and in this way we find another intersection point – indicated as Fib – just above Kathara Center 5 and this point becomes another off-centered center, this time of the Fibonacci Spiral.

From Balance To Distortion

When we use Golden Mean and Fibonacci Spirals to create Cabala Trees of Life, we see by now immediately how these trees are completely distorted and afflicted. The ultimate balance of the original Kathara Grid has disappeared completely. We can also see this total unbalance and heavy distortion by looking at the overlays of a horizontal (matter) and vertical (parallel, anti-matter) Kathara Grid, followed by an overlay of 2 Cabala Trees.

Picture: Perfect alignment of matter and anti-matter Kathara Grids

When we do the same with 2 Cabala Trees we get… even more distortion.

Picture: Misaligment of 2 Cabala trees

In other words: original perfection and harmony has fallen into imperfection and disharmony and natural harmonic interaction has become impossible because of the fallen grid structures of Golden Mean and Fibonacci. The result? Look around: war, destruction, confusion, crisis after crisis, vampirism on a huge scale with the name world-economy, it goes on and on and on…. … until finally everything collapses into the off-centered center point of a Metatronic golden meany black hole with the name Sagittarius A. We are back at the intended alignment with the Mayan Hunab Ku / Sagittarius A black hole in December 2012. Kristal Spiral Music & Musical Tuning: Breaking The Spell Of Confusion

The Error Of The Pythagorean Comma

All present music has to deal with a musical distortion that is already with us thousands of years and has got the name Pythagoras’ Comma (Pythagoras lived c 570 – c 495 BC) The Pythagorean Comma can be described as follows: after cycling 12 times through musical “fifths” we should arrive back at the first note 7 octaves higher. However, the outcome is higher and the difference is the comma. Over the centuries musicians have dealt with the problem in different ways. In the West we got tuning like meantone temperament, well temperament, equal temperament. In our present tuning the comma is distributed over all notes in an equal way. All notes except the octave become false but because of conditioning from the cradle to the grave we even don’t hear this anymore. In the East, for example Indian musicians don’t like this kind of falsification, they prefer to play the right notes and to do this they need different musical tunings. They have distributed these different tunings over day and night, resulting in all kinds of ragas. Interesting is the number of 7 octaves mentioned earlier, a piano keyboard has 7 octaves ( in fact a little bit more 88 keys) and 7 octaves is about the reach of human ears….. How stupid can we become by taking 7 octaves as the limits of our vibrational and musical universe? How do you solve the problem of connecting 9 dots in a square with 4 lines without taking your pen our pencil from the paper? Of course you find the perfect solution by going beyond the framework as presented. (There is an interesting connection between the solution for this 9 dots problem

and the Kristal Spiral, the person who finds this connection will receive a free CD with KS Music) With music it’s a bit more complicated because one has to be experienced in “Fractal Thinking” to arrive at the perfect solution. This exactly has happened with Kristal Musical Tuning resulting in musical notes that are exact, “rein” and perfect. Of course the formula for tuning these notes comes from the Kristal Spiral (+ Merkaba Spiral) and Kristal Spiral Music is the New Music Revolution.
Kristal Spiral Music: The Passing Away Of Fibonacci Music & Musical Instruments

“Technology is frozen thinking” was a genial observation of sociologist Max Weber (1864 – 1920). This is also the case with music technology. Present musical instruments (piano, violin, guitar, etc.) are often build according Fibonacci numbers, musical compositions and our recording technology, speakers, etc. are also based on Fibonacci and Golden Mean. As we have seen earlier the Golden Mean and Fibonacci systems are fallen and distorted systems and because there is not only musical resonance but also form resonance the implication is immediately we need new music technologies the be able to listen to real and pure Krystal Spiral Music. Until now we have used existing keyboards and Erard pianos (from the 19th century) to create our Kristal Spiral Music. Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Ha La are 7 notes of Krystal Music, together these notes form Kryst + Hala = Krysthala or Krystallah (Kryst + Allah? another story of confusion in the field of re-legion starts here….) I prefer to use the term Kristal instead of Krystal because it reminds me we still are at the beginning of our new Krystal Spiral Music adventure. The Kristal Spiral Music we have created is still a hybrid form of Krystal music among others due to the fact it was created before the present crossover of the Krystal Spiral with the GM Spiral. In the modern world all kinds of frequency producing technologies exist without proper tuning. A random mix of all kinds of frequencies we call “noise” and noise is another word for confusion or chaos. No wonder chaos is rising very quickly on Earth….. High time for Fun-da-Mental Change: Planet Earth presently needs a lot of creativity and inspiration. When you feel this way you are welcome to move on with us and start Tuning The Future: In the meantime you can attune yourself to Kristal Spiral and Kristal Spiral Music by listening to “Dancing In The Purple Rain”, recorded on the Healing Garden Festival May 29 2010. (see YouTube: )

Notes: 1. The drawings is this article are from a video presentation of Spirals of Creation by Noel Tobin, copyright A&A Deane 1999 -2011 2. Further has been made use of information from the following websites: More information about Kristal Spiral Music will appear in the future on and on the website of TuningTheFuture Please stay in tune with us. (May 26, 2011)