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David Carroll 901 North Pollard Street, #101 Arlington, Virginia 22203 (571) 218-5171 dc606c80@westpost.

net Security professional with seventeen years experience working within the corpora te and government security sector. Responsible for the development, implementat ion and management of security policies. Manage security operational programs an d perform investigations along with conducting vulnerability assessments, physic al security surveys and security design. Superb writing, verbal and computer co mmunications skills with the ability to interact and communicate effectively and seamlessly with corporate executives and senior colleagues within business and social environments. Experience 09/2002 - Present Special Agent te Diplomatic Security Service Washington, DC US Department of Sta

Supervise security details for visiting foreign dignitaries to include extensive travel within the United States and abroad. Supervised embassy security progra ms and praised for my ability to interact with other law enforcement and intelli gence organizations to develop innovated security programs for U.S. embassies an d consulates. aAIC (Agent-in-Charge) for HRH Prince Bandar detail to include the oversight of his family security. aReceived State Department Heroism Award for rescuing elderly man from burning v ehicle in Washington, DC. aCommander Diplomatic Security Operations Center supervising security operations for 167 embassies/consulates. aServed as RSO at various overseas post supervising ARSOas and LGF (local guard force)operations. aSelected by DS to deploy to Haiti to oversee the Chief Justice of the Supreme C ourt placement into the temporary presidency to include leading a detail to over see the presidential palace security. aLetter of commendation from US Ambassador for exceptional performance in establ ishing a security program and effectively disarming over 400 Haitian security pe rsonnel and reorganizing into an effective security force. aRecovered over 3 million dollars worth of military & law enforcement equipment for the Haitian government. aIn Iraq, awarded the U.S. State Department Meritorious Service Medal for rescui ng three United States Congressmen during a vehicular accident. 04/2002 - 09/2002 Security Contractor Port-au-Prince, Haiti Assigned to the Presi dential Protection Detail for President Aristide and his family. Duties included conducting physical security surveys for the presidential palace, residences, g overnment buildings and various other locations throughout the country. aAgent-in-Charge of the First Ladyas security detail. aReceived commendation from President Aristide for my quick thinking & actions d uring a speech whereas I safely evacuated the First Lady and his children from a dangerous situation. The Steele Foundation

09/2001- 04/2002 Risk Management Coordinator The Tribune Company Chicago,IL Provide consultation, training and p ersonal security for executives and their families in a global multimedia corpor ation. Develop and implement risk assessment for CEO and his family. aSupervised and trained the executive protection unit. aPlanned and coordinated a three week European vacation for the family to includ e security surveys of individual countries visited, hotel staff & security suppo rt to include liaison with the US embassies. aCommended by the CEO for my foresight in providing international cell phones fo r each family member to include an updated phone list with all emergency pointsof-contact numbers (local police, hotel, US embassy, etc...). 09/1999 - 09/2001 Security Operations Manager Combat Support Associates Camp Doha, Kuwait Supervised all logistical, administr ative and technical support functions for a 175 personnel security police force for the US government. aProvided oversight for $2.5 million equipment inventory significantly streamlin ed funding operations. aDeveloped and implemented in-service training programs including an innovative weapons program for a 10,000 member base. aSupervise the K-9, investigations, personal security (bodyguard) and overall pl anning for classified security operations. 09/1994 - 09/1999 Independent Consultant Nashville, TN Established private security consultation service to provide executive security for a variety of clientele to include corporate executives, high-profile music e ntertainers and private families. Duties included personal escort/driver, condu cted advance security site surveys for high-profile special events, public appea rances and business trips abroad. aProvided protection for BMI music entertainers along with coordinating concert/ special event security. aServed as the Director of Security for a Christian television network from 1997 -1999. aResponsible for the CEO and his family along with all physical security of the corporate offices and residences. aSupervised the recruiting, training and implementation for the local guard forc e along with the executive protection program. 01/1991 - 08/1994 Military Police/Field Artillery Officer US Army Commissioned active duty officer (2LT - CPT) that commanded military police and tactical nuclear weapons detachments throughout the U.S. and overseas. aExtensive training & experience in law enforcement, physical security and antiterrorism programs. aAssigned to numerous military protection teams for distinguished visitors and d

iplomatic personnel. aAwarded Meritorious Service Medal for rescuing two children from a river during a joint US/Thailand military exercise. Education 08/1985 - 08/1990 BS Political Science Murray State University Law Enforcement/Security 10/2005 11/2004 09/2004 10/2002 rcement 02/2002 Center 09/1999 a" 11/2005 Surveillance/Countersurveillance Course Department of State a" 12/2004 Hostage Survival Course Department of State a" 11/2004 High Threat Tactical Training (HTTP) Department of State a" 01/2003 Criminal Investigator Training Program(CITP) Federal Law Enfo Training Ctr. a" 05/2003 Basic Special Agent Course(BSAC) Diplomatic Security Training - 10/1999 Security Police Officer Course Combat Support Associates

05/1999 Personal Protection Specialis Executive Protection Institute 10/1998 Executive Protection Course Academy of Personal Security CURRENT 01E/05E/07E/09E/32E (VA DCJS) with First Aid/CPR/AED qualified. Military 07/1993 01/1991-01/1992 07/1987 Air Assault School US Army Officer Basic Course US Army Airborne School US Army