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SEPTEMBER 24, 1987 J5

Homecoming: "Something For Everyone In 87
By K el ley Moore ^ Something for^E very one" is the theme of the 1987 Mercyhurst Homecoming, Oct. 2,3,4. * | There are numerous activities slated for the 12th annual homecoming. At the top of the list is the comedy and illusion act "dam and Lee" scheduled for Friday night at 8:00 in the Back Porch Cafe. Saturday's highlights included an Alumni Crew Race, a^ Tailgate party and of course, the Homecoming game: with Mercyhurst up against Frostburg State at Veteran's Stadium. On Sat, night, the Homecoming dance in the Blue Room starts at 9:30. Music will be provided by Joel Miller. On Sunday, Oct.* 4, an Alumni Memorial Mass will be held inS Christ the King Chapel atU 1:00 a.m. Following the mass, a Continental Breakfast will be servedfin the Chapel Foyer. ^ Tom Dore, who is responsible for this year's Homecoming is very excited about the event. "It has been great working with the the Alumni on this project and they have worked very hard at making this a success." He also added that the Alumni have great enthusiasm and have worked very hard for this event." Dore^also stated that he hopes. 44 everyone shows up because of the happenings going around on campus." The new construction and improvements are something that the Alumni will be able to appreciate. "We've come a long way since 1937, which is one of the featured classes celebrating their anniversary £this year, and they will enjoy the changes." There is something for every-j one at this year's Homecoming. Anyone can welcome back the many Alumni and let them|know that the Laker pride is as strong as ever. i Note: There will be a dance for students at the Campus Center Sat. Oct. 3 at 8:00. The'dance is sponsored by the Mercyhurst Crew Team." ' I

Laker fans at last year's Homecoming game

Visiting Nun Calls On Youth

By Karen Cascio On Mon. Sept. 21, 1987, Sister Clare Fitzgerald spoke in iZurn Recital Hall on the subject of the Bishops' Economic Pastoral: A New American Experiment. Fitzgerald focused on the responsibility of today's youth to produce ideas to solve some of today's economic problems, such as unemployment. The Pastoral is a call to society to look at the economy as it stands today and see where modifications can be made in the future. It responds to the "paradigm shift" or "turning point" taking place in

Sr. Clare Fitzgerald

the world and the church. AH cf society's fbelicfs and values are undergoing a necessary change, a change that is required to perform the tasks assigned to our youth. | These changes must take the form of a transformation from an individualistic society to one that agrees with our perceptions of working for thefcommunity and the common good. "We called upon jthe {businessmen of this country, and they said, 'Experiment? Experiment with what*? r Our answer was , *You ve got 'to become more creative,and imaginative for a new economic system. see "Nun" pg. 2


rragic Solution...




ecord Review.....................—...pg.6

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SEPTEMBER 24, 1987

MSG Grants Funds to Cheerleaders
By Margaret Coffey The subject of fund5 ing for cheerleaders was brought up at Sunday's MSG meeting due to the cheerleaders need of money for travel expenses. Tina Sementelli, representing thel cheerleaders, asked MSG for a loan of $1,000. Since cheer leading is not recognized as a sport, they don't get money like other sports do. They needi the money to travel to some of the away games such as Villanova, Dayton, and Canisius. MSG reps voted to In other news, SAC's give $425 to the cheerlead- bus to Grove City was ers and toloan them $575 cancelled due to lack of on the condition that it interest. Family Fued, will be paid back by April Mercyhurst's version of 15. This money will come the popular television out of ft he clubs budget. game show, *will be on The total clubs budget is Friday at 8:00 p.m. in the $2,100. i The reps voted Student Union. unanimously to give/loan them the mone Nun from pg. 1 catastrophic way but one Look at wages, at the lathing we know for sure, boring man; look at unem4 we cannot go on living the ployment and say to yourway things are going. . . . self 'Aren't there some other ways that we can use The 20th Century is going nuclear power as a!means to have to make a choice as of creating peace or create it comes to a close. We are new jobs?* not morally free to create The goal is to come up conditions which enslave it with something new. This other human beings, wilhbe done by the new I The thinking of the generation coming out of whole American culture, the universities." from ANARCHY: f THE To establish her point, STATE IN UTOPIA, conthe National Catholic sists of the belief that "if Education r Association I have amassed my fortune Award winner quoted justly, honestly, and lefrom British economist gally, then I am not morBarbara Ward, "We all live ally responsible to share lives in an inescapably thatiwith anyone."! moral and natural environments . . . The remarkShe noted, "We'rejconable fact about the present stantly reacting^to everytime of history is that for the past 450 years we have thing. Something happens ignored Iboth those enviand we react to it. We arc ronments. . . . The rich are never in on the {ground getting richer and the poor floor. We're never in there areistaying poor. The fas- to make things happen..." cinating phenomenon is Fitzgerald warned^that we live through it. We're someday we will be on that right herc^at the brink of ground floor. the 21st Century and we can end in some kind of Joe Arcadi and Dr. Garvey walked around the campus to select the possible sites for the new recreational facilities. There will be a pavillion where the maintenance garage is now, basketball and volleyball courts behind New Briggs and volleyball courts by Sessler (Mercy Apts.) and} behind McCauley.The equipment (balls, etc.) would be available at the Student Union. A student would have to leave an I.D. to use the equipment.

ECAC Golf Championship
New York, N.Y.--The 28th annual Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference golf championships, the premier event on the Fall golfing calendar, willlbe held October 16-17-18 at Shawnee-on-Delaware, Pa., |with the coveted ECAC team and individualities at stake. j^ajjCo-sponsored by the Emerging jlnvestpr ^Services division of TMferill Lynch, the 1987 £ECAC tournament will actually begin on Friday, October 8, when golfers representing close to 100 member colleges andf universities open qualifyingfplay at five regional locationsHamilton and West Point, N.Y.; Concord, fMass.; Hartford, Conn.m and Lancaster, Pa.l Survivors of this qualifying competition move on to the beautiful Sh a wnee-on-Delaware course;; for the 36-hole championship round. The 1986 ECAC team title was Jwon by Central Connecticut State University while individual medalist honors went to John Parsons of the U. of Hartford.

Director "Positive" About Office Move* I
By Karen Sampson The Freshman Studies Of f ice has moved over tthe summer from the second floor in Preston Hall to the first floor in Egan Hall. The move was necessary due to expansion fin the faculty and the need for a more.central location. | The servicers here "to bridge the gap between 9 high school and college/ Robert Pagni, the Director of Freshman Studies, said. The service! provides tutoring, academic and personal! counselling, and interest testing. The increased space has allowed the office to idd a program to help rthose with undecided majors to declare a major. "The largest major (at Mercyhurst) is no major at all," Pagni said. Thisfprogram is ?in keeping with the office's duty to fight attrition, or student dropouts. The office has been successful. "This year we had the lowest attrition 9t rate in tenc years, Pagni claimed. J The office also makes an effort to reach|out|to students who might need help and are afraid to ask forfit. They keep in close touch with the freshman professors and* will send for students who the office feels may benefit from a specific service.! The staff of the Freshman Studies Office has also changed. This summer the office welcomed Tina Glowacki as the tutorial director. ! Pagni said he is "positive** about the new location and of students using the facilities, "They're finding us now."

College courses for career success
FOTC MS 101 8:15 - 9:20 N N & W D D E



SEPTEMBER 24, 1987

The Merciad

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The Merciad

SEPTEMBER 24, 1987

Beer And Water: A Tragic Solution
By Matthew J. Clark ^ It's a day in my {life that minever forget. July 13, 198S started as any other Saturday for me but ended in tragic^retrospect to the stillness of that morning. I had just finished another Swork week and was eagerly awaiting my friend's pool party which he was throwing that evening. !• All day long I thought about the great times I'd have, I getting together with' friends whom I had not seen for a few weeks. Of course the beer and other refreshments interested ^ ^ ^ ^ me, but just the ^ ^ overall ^fellowship thatTa party full of friends can bring made me anxious. Now, I wonder why I was so anxious and I wish that I could go back in time and put myself in a different position so that what did happen^ that night would be avoided. At 10:00 p.m., after six hours of heavy partying everyone had pretty much had their fill of the pool and had {retired to the lawn chairs! to relax and just enjoy Icon versa tion. With music playing ® loudly,*! strained to hear *f those who*were talking to me as I stood along-side the in-ground pool that started at three feet in * depth at its south end and eventually increased to tenffeet. I | The sounds of Kiss' "Rock & Roll All JNite" echoed through the streets neighboring my friend's house. As the song ended, I saw my' drunken friend, Bob, running {toward the pool. I was in a* position where I could see what was £|about to happen but was completely * powerless to
stop it.

Kovski Korner

As Bob rapidly approached the shallow end of the pool, if could only watch?him from the other side of jthe pool, yell to him, andjhope he realized what he was about to do. He didn't. As his head pierced the shallow water, I couldjonly wait, if only for a moment, and hope

Matthew J. Clark, Edito|
inq Editor Chris Kovski. | Ann Johnson, Newsj'Editor .Kelley L Moore, Business f; Paula Bruno, Calendar! Editor." Ken Peresf Photo Editor! Karen Sampson, distribution Manager Connie Bisbe, Layout . 4 Julie Medwig, Layout THURSDAY Reporters *1987-188 Kofie Brown Karen Casfcio Margaret Coffey Tracy Ifwin 1 Brenda.Lowe Jason McChesney JenrafeifMontantf Kelley Moore Karen Sampson

that what i I knew was almost inevitable, did not occur. But it had occurred. Bob had broken his neck as he struck his head hard on the| bottom of the pool. After what waslprobably less than five seconds but what seems like an| eternity, I stood there, waiting, hoping that somehow, Bob was going to get up and walk out of that pool. When it became clear that my worst fears had come to pass, I dove in, along with another, and dragged him out of the water, knowing that I was risking severefdamage to his spinal cord but knowing, too, that he'd drown otherwise. k There,>Jyingion<the concrete, tfbtlrfknowing where she*was, Bob could only muster ajwimpering (4T9 I'm paralyzed, I'm paralyzed." He, too, even in his drunkenness, realized he was now livingithrough a nightmare that had suddenly, unnecessarily become reality. M I I don't remember too much after that moment. I think I went into some kind of frenzy,ftryingfto change what I knew I see "Pool" pg. 6


who hold these jobs just have to wait a while. I'm It is now time for men&; sure that they'll receive to revolt. We've been asequal pay very soon. saulted|on this "women's People have finally reallib" thing long enough. ized that women are just as Here twe've h a d | capable as men, so should women telling . us that be treated the same and they're equal. That's! a | paid the same. Besides, bunch* of rubbish. Mini- theref are now enough skirts are back. When men women executives to be see the women:in those, able to make a difference. they definitely feel?infeEnough crusading. rior. After all, I'm certain Now it's time to jtackle my legs could* never look some unsavory elements of that good.J society - namely, fairI Another instance off weather fans. i "female superiority" is Have you noticed it hat the Miss America Pageant. when Cleveland has a big Nobody watches the win, the "Dawgs" shirts equivalent male programs. come out of the woodFor that matter, I don't work?iOr when the Steel1 u ,4> e v en D k now |M w h a t 3 the * e r ^ i i a v e a g6td weeK P V \ : n equivalent would be.! " ' (dream on as long as t Look lat The Cosby Malone's in the game),|the Show. The majority of the Terrible Towels come out characters on the show are en force. j f female. It's!the highestI Personally, I've been rated show on network an L.A. Raiders fan since TV. j I 1 1977,? when Lyle Alzado There's also Vanna ripped a Giants' player's White. She makes as much helmet off, got a IS yard as, if not more than, Pat penalty, then$ threw ^he Sajak. Tell me that there's helmet jback *in his face, equal pay for equal work incurring another penalty. there. I M What a sportsman. I understand |that In a larger sense, there there are many jobs where has been approximately;^ women are underpaid and 100 percent increase in the overworked. The iwomen number of Chicago Bears fans in the Erie area. Why? Because the Bears won. %r*wish that people would-stick-with a team through thick and thin. by Joe Martin That's why I'm still, at see "Korner" pg. 6
By Chris Kovski
. «%TI







John Kupetz, FacultyfAdviser

SEPTEMBER 24, 1987

The Merciad

Page 5


Movie Critic Reviews Being A Critic
over a big budgeted blockwho didn't like (to feel buster that will make pain. Someone who didn't money no matter what we read the review but saw it critics say about it. My was given *"four stars" personal satisfaction might go to the theater and comes from -i.hipping,^ hate fit ^because it made people to little pictures ?r them, feel like a -saloon that they may skip because floor. Then they would say it was poorly advertised or something was wrong with made! by an| independent me for giving it "four company. One suchffilm stars" though they didn't was a truly chilling film . read why. | | from Canada called "The In all my time reviewStepfather" | I enjoyed ing movies, I haven't regiving^ it !a three-star re- gretted a thing. JThere view though everyone have been some films I had who saw it's* advertise- second thoughts on but ments thought it was just that's a dangert in every another sicko mad slasher job. The main thing I have flick. | learned is that the old I Above, It mentioned proverb is true: "You are rating a film "three stars". only as good as your last Most critics use a number article". If you screwed up scale of some sort to rate a this week, you have next film. J Just whatsis the week to redeem yourself difference between a but don't| expect last seven |or an eight? Who week's article to save your knows? At "Showcase" we skin now. You just have to use a "one to four" ratio. It give a better shot infthe still is tough to decipher if next article. I Finally, there lis a a f ilmlis a "two" or "twoand-a-half" star film. It chance that a critic like also allows the reader to myself becomes too big or justfglancc at the rating his or her own opinion. and decide to seethe film Many start taking their without reading the re- own thoughts as' gospel, view. I use the scale to rate forgetting they are just an overall appraisal of the; their own ideas. Working film and the review ex- for "Showcase" has plains if it's worth seeing helped me keep a perspecor not. There? haVe* been ' tive on things in one very 1 many "two star" films that strange wfcy. "Showcase" I wouldn't recommend is a . tabloid sized paper. seeing though "two stars" The perfect size for lining denotes an "average" rat- the bottom of any bird ing. There have also been cage and the thought of some "two star" films I the paper going in under a have recommended be- bird's bottom, %itht my cause of a certain per- hard work, my baby, my blood, sweat and tears, formance or plotline. It works on the other facing up just reminds me end of the scale, too. The - that everyone's a critic. film f'Night Mother", for Some of us arefjust lucky instance, would get a enough to be paid for f "four star (outstanding" doing it. rating because of its fine acting, directing, | and Brian Sheridan is a 1987 Merscript. But I wouldn't rec- cyhurtt graduate In communicaommend that depressing, tion*. Ha was also laat year's Merciad editor. grueling film to anyone

All right, it's not brain do (I don't evenlgo to the surgery but it isn't easy bathroom during a movie, sitting through Meatballs fearing I'll miss something This*year marks my 3 QT Police Academy 4 important). So to see it fifth ^year as a profes- when you know you could again, something a moviesional movie critic with be spending. |the time in goer usually won't do, is to the Erie Times News more constructive ways. If givelthem more than they "Showcase" and it has oc- I could pick all of the movcare to know and makes curred to me that| few ies I wanted it would be an me sound ten 'times people know what, goes easier job, but I can't besmarter than they. Soundinto being a movie critic. cause I'm not the only ingShighbrow isn't an efFor the most part, people critic. fect I want to achieve. I are right -when they say ' Since I have to see the want to entertain with my "All you do is go to the films no one else wants to review and to "tell it like movie and then write what see - they are usually turit is" (if I may borrow a you think about it." That's keys -1 also have to put up true, but it often involves with people saying "Geez, a little .more. don't you like anything." I The hardest part is do like many films but being original, creative they are not |usually| the and interesting in a movie ones I get to write about. review. Writing news has People also are eager to the, advantage of retelling offer a /,working . qiovie y, established facts to tell a critic their views of a film, y story. In previewing a I now just smile and say movie,*you need to tell "Uh, huh" and don't give your opinion in a way that them my opinion unless I has support and isn't bor- agree with theirs. I save a ing to,the reader. lot of [hurt feelings ^and ; Many a time a scene in fights that way. the movie that was,really A nice bonus for good or really bad will movie critics is the press become a main point of the kit which :the movie comreview. Maybe some gossip panies send out to promote Brian Sheridan: about the making of the their films. For the most The critic's critic. Photo: File movie will create a good part, they are nothing but lead. Something in my life extended advertisements that resembles the movie making'; even the Jmost phrase from Howard Cosin one way or another banal film sound like the ell). I l l might also give me an new "Gone With The Wind". I want to tell people if interesting starting point. It does, however, contain a a film is worth seeing. This "V There, is no formula and, listing of the cast and might be? a* consumer-oriwhile it looks easy, just try backgrounds on the stars. ented way of reviewing to write affresh,|new re- That saves me the trouble £ Instead of commenting view on a movie like Fri- of trying to catch the how artful or significant day The 13th Part VI if you spelling of like so many pretentious Arnold have written ?the reviews Schwarzenegger's name at critics do - but people on II through | V. *The the film's beginning. That want to know - "Am I gping to like this movie or movie makers just* redid is also where the newspanot?" Most people are'not the same movie over and per get the photos they run "art minded" and they use over and it makes you feel with the review. like just xeroxing your S| I prefer to see the film movies as an escape. IS try last Friday The] 13th re- once, just like "Joe Aver- to ride alf inc line between the two, pointing out inview. age movie-goer". I have a background in film and teresting things they Being a movie critic know, I hope, what to look should look for but yet has its drawbacks. For for. Mostf movie patrons still keep a view of the instance, you always have are there to be entertained "big picture". to put up iwith people I don't enjoy^*trashand usually do not watch saying, "Wow, tough job, • i the film as intensely as I ing a movie or raving sitting watching movies."

By Brian Sheridan

The Merciad

SEPTEMBER 24. 1987

Allan Carpenter's WMCYjMusic Notes
By Allan Carpenter It is an unfortunate, but^accepted, fact that in 1987, there are standard niches for pop music. In other words, it is not innovation that makes hits, but how well a performer does with an. already existing form of music, be it ballad, mid-tempo, or rocker. Case in point: 25-yearold vocalist and guitarist Jonathanl Butler. Radio listeners know Butler already by his breezy, hookladen single, "Lies". -His album containing that hit, Jonathan Butler , is an extraordinarily slick and well-done set of formula songs, which each have "hit" writtcnJbetweenjhe lines. Butler has a wonderful George Benson vocal style and a Larry Carltonlike guitar finesse... the albums instrumentals attest to that. But Butler, who has been performing since the age of six in Capetown, South Africa, and who has written for Al Jarreau and Billy Ocean, is made to sound unpleasingly derivative on? this double album, his second. The production, by Barry Eastmond, -, is distinctly middle-of-the-roadjsoul. . The songs aren't bad, but the creation of hitlpotential has deprived the songs of the distinctiveness that could make Butler a major this double album could have easily been condensed into a sharper single record. One too many George Bensonesque ballads can become very tedious. Beer drinkers - myself included - are familiar with the L.A. based band, The Long Ryders, through their "Miller's Made The American Way" television ads. Commercialism, some ' objected, well, not totally. But their latest album,' Gunslinger Man shows that they have toned down the Byrds-like sensibilities of their earlier albums! and now sound like another above-average i college radio band. Now they look more like the'Byrds than sound like them. The sound is more muscular and rock-oriented, although lacking the gritty twang of Jason and the Scorchers. Some songs, like "Stitch In Time", sound like Reckoning-era R.E.M Now, that's fine, but a lot of bands sound like R.E.M. (or try to anyway). y "The LightfGets In The Way", a :peppy ^number with a neat mandolin, is more pleasing. "Harriet Tubman's Gonna Carry Me Home", with its historical, evocative lyrics is wonderful and slightly reminiscent of the Band. "Want You Bad" does.




Besides "Lies", certainly the highlight of the album, the ballad ."Take Good Care of Me" is pleasant^ and effective. One instrumental,"Going Home", is gorgeous. It is safelto say, however, that

hearken iback to the early days.; | I But, as I said in the beginning, the Long Ryders are starting to sound like thef standard (Underground college radio band. And it's too bad that it's even possibles to have a standard college radio band, inventiveness being Pool from pg. 4\ could not. I remember myself kneeling down next to my car. How Lgot there, tdon't really know. It's been! over two years now, and my friend hasn't walked since. The macho image that was once was so important for him to uphold, is now gone. All]he's got left are his family and friends who love him, and his mind.

the key in that musical realm. g$ People in the 1980's like-to know what they're getting when they pay. With | these two albums, they're getting competent and jfairly enjoyable music, but music lacking the creative edge to make it completely I vital. Beer drinkers will tell you that mixing the ale with water will spoil the taste. In my friend's case, the solution of beer and water did more than put a bad taste in his mouth, and what's happened to him is allot harder .to swallow. Korner from pg. 4* heart, a Pittsburgh Maulers fan. What|happened to the USFL players? Are they now fworking at" "real" jobs?|Here is a day in the life.... Of an ex-USFL player! Stretch out in the morning, take a shower, and get dressed. \ ^After an invigorating jog to work, put on your uniform for work. Step up to the front line - "Would you like fries with your burger?"

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SEPTEMBER 24. 1987

The Merclad

Page 7

COSELL By Howard Cosell
Well sir, on the surface Would you like that? No. it looks like a question of You'd go to your union money, I can see that, fl I you re a union man, coryelled, over the roar of a rect? - and ask the union to Lexington Avenue bus, do something about fit, but there is more at stake wouldn't you? You'd want than a salary, however free agency, wouldn't large the salary may be. you? 1 | "Oh yeah? Like what, ^"Well, but..." Howie? More money Ifor * But what? I drugs? •, That's all those "I want my football, football players do, use Howie. I have a right to my their money to buy drugs?' football. I loveffootball." 1 |l sighed. Some players I looked at his face. do, yes. It's very sad, very Old, tired, wizened even. unfortunate, not to menBalding, with strands of tion illegal. But really, my graying hair combed over good man, how people his skull. He was about 60 spend their money is not years old, and the kind of the issue here. No one has cabbie that's fast disapthe right to tell people how pearing in |New York, to spend their money. The replaced by young immirights of union! members grants from countries ail are at stake here. * ; Over the world. "Aw, don't give me ] I know you want your that] union stuff, Howie. football, sir, I said. I also What do they need a union know the players want for when you make jthat their football, top. More kmda money?" He made a 'than you do, I'm sure. But Sharp right tufn at? high sometimes personal pleasan< r speed I and* headed &<west ^^?it(. * »P.$ $Qnal i desire must get thrust aside. This toward fPark Avenue. I massaged my other shoulis one such time. The under, which had taken a ion needs, the support of mean hit during the turn. the people. That'siyou.j Perhaps you are not "Not me, Howie., I ( aware of the fact thatthe don't support em. I want average playing life of a my football." > -?| football player is a? little . If looked at the meter. over four years.v Four We had driven 12 blocks. years. That's not very long. We had 10 more to go. How long have you been Already I owed him more than three bucks, and that driving this cab? I asked. didn't include his tip. "Thirty-five years." Are you really going You see the|differto be inconvenienced by ence? And perhaps you this strike? I asked him. | have not considered the j "Yeah* sure. My Sunfact that injury can ^dedays will be ruined. I restroy a career overnight, ally look forward to sitthe very first game of the ting^ down and watching season. Would you not those games." agree then, that people in I said, inconvensuch a position need the ienced,! sir, not bored, or protection of pensions, irritated. and compensation,, and ! guaranteedcontracts? ~" .t "Well, no, I guess I won't be inconvenienced." "Well..." Then I'd say that's a And what about the plus* You? see, I'm New right to work ffor the employer of your choice? York raised, my good man. Brooklyn] and then ManIn sports, that's called free hattan. I've spent my enagency. How \would you feel jf I got into; this cab tire professional life here, I can remember the days and told you you could never, ever change the cab when your meter started company you- drive for. see "Cosell" pg. 8

FLUjVACCINES Flu vaccines are available now through the end of October in the Health 101 services office, There ^ is n o Preston. [ charge for the vaccine.

MOVED <. The Freshman Studies Office has moved to the first floor of Egan Hall. Thejfaew offices are Rm. 12 -JR. Pagni; Rm. 14 - B. Damper; Rm, 16 - E. Ruggiero;^ Rm. *17 &$ T. Glowacki; Rm.'lO - C. Hill. The new phone number is 825-0299. Services available are academic counseling, tutoringv interest testjng. V",,K fiddw grsul9s

REMINDER!! f Just a reminder that the parking lot behind the Mercy: Apartments (old tennis courts) isfavailable for parking. With its 180 parking spaces, it is the largest parking |lot on campus. Director of security Merrill Dever stresses that students start making use of the lot! when they cannot^ find parking spaces elsewhere.

COMING UP The D'Angclo School of Music wiil open its Concert Recital Series on ^Iflitfay mdittoon} >Oct*M High School. The first recital will feature concert pianist fOxana Yabloskaya. The following : day, Octi 5, our HRIM department will feature its firsts guest lecturer onthe lyear: Pete- Hubschmitt, *who was recently named ^Marriott Hotels General [Manager of the Year. ^Hubschmitt will speak in the Zurn Recital Hall at 8 p.m. that day.

4 "Hey Howie baby, good to see ya," yelled the cabbie.i I smiled and climbed delicately into the back seat of his cab, one of New York's older models, that was no doubt intimately conversant with every pothole in the metropolitan area. I sat down, slammed the door, and the driver hit the meter. It read $1.15 and we hadn't moved ansinch. 1 "So Howie, how about those football players, huh? They really gonna strike?" f p It looks that way, my good man, I replied, and gave him. my destination. It Hey,|Howie, what's their problem. I mean, if I made That* kind a rrioney^I wouldn't be complaining I'm afraid it's not that simple sir, I said quietly, as the cab lurched wildly and cut off a Hertz Penske truck with a half-inch to spare, i! rubbed my left shoulder, which had been knocked against the door in the maneuver. "Sure it'is," he said. "Look, gwhen Jyou I don't ^^^ make enough money to live decently you go on strike. But when you make millions of dollars a year, what's the gripe? Hell, they can buy anything they want, those football players. I'm supposed to feel sorry for them? I work hard all year for lousy wages. If I made that kinda money, I'd be happy to play football." He slammed on the brakes to make a red light. I tentatively explored my neck which,had suffered a mild form of whiplash in the attempt to stop. The meter read $2.25. We had* traveled two-and-a-half blocks.




POSITIONS AVAILABLE i I There are 10 positions available in athletic maintenance at the Campus Center. See Dave Cherico at the Campus Center office, ext. 224.

PENGUIN ROCK WMCY 880 AM<is now on Cablevision 12A from 10 a.m. to midnight. Erie's most diverse station, the radio voice of Mercyhurst College.

CLASS Campus ministry will start a religious instruction class for anyone who wouldjike to learn|morc about the Catholic faith. The class will meet twice a week and is free of charge. Please contact Fr. Chuck, Roger, O Sr. Elisar beth' in Campus'ministry, room 211 Main.

HOMECOMING '87 A full slate of activities is planned for Homecoming Weekend, Fri., Oct. 2 thru Sun., Oct. 4. A dance is tentatively scheduled for Sat.f Oct. 3 at the Campus Center. Watch for more details on this. If anyone is interested in helping with the activities during the weekend, contact Tom Dore in the Alumni Office.

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The Merciad

SEPTEMBER 24, 1987

Lakers Roll Over Wolverines
By C.J. Christensolin The Mercy hurst Lakers football team learned a valuable lesson in their game last week at Grove City: a' muddy practice field can .be beneficial. They thrashed the Wolverines, 34-3. I The mud' couldn't slow the tenacious 'Hurst squad astft took the opening kickoff, then romped the remaining 71 yards in only 17 plays, culminating the scoring drive-with a one yard dive over the top by junior Lou Konyha. The Lakers controlled the ball for the rest of the first half, but had to hit the lockers with a 6-3 lead after Grove City's Doug Hart* connected ion a&26 yard Field goal ^ ^g Mercy hurst came out at the half and executed their plays almost letterperfect. The Lakers dominated the Wolverines throughout the final 24 minutes,>racking up scoring drives of 62, 66, 42, and 33 yards. The drives featured Konhya's touchdown runs of three and seven yards, a 35 yard run from junior Craig Galovich, a one yard touchdown from quarterback Brian Rostek, and sophomore Roh Bryant's 33'.tyard touchdown. The defense had its best effort of the season, showing a strong sense of duty as it held Grove City to 192 yards, 87 of them on the ground.- Outstanding plays for the solid "D" were two interceptions by senior Pete Starrett, another by sophomore Harry Johnson, and a blocked field goal by-senior Greg Latimer. I Grove City had won its last six games, including three shutouts. I felt it was a complete win," stated head coach Tony DeMeo. "The defense played one, Jtwo, threes and off \ the field, and the offense performed very wellj j p/j DeMeo will certainly hope to see thejsame caliber of performance next Saturday as the Lakers face Villanova at Veteran's Memorial Stadium! in Philadelphia. Mercyhurst is seeking revenge for the edging that the Wildcats gave them last iyear, 42-35, in their firstlmeeting.
» »

Athlete of The Week: Bet| Bernatowicz!
*|| Beth Bernatowicz,fa sophomore on the women's volleyball team, was named the Mercyhurst "Athlete of the Week" for September 14-20.f Bernatowicz was instrumental in helpinglthelLakers win four of five matches last week, including victories over Division I St. Francis and Robert Morris.|§In those two contests, she had a combined total of |51 assists and 21 kills.



Coach Sees Potential 11
By Connie Bisbe "Fore!" "I kept par." U "I shot a^birdie." I played bogey golf." "I eagled hole # 4". These terminologies are often used by golfers after ;a round of golf (eighteen holes). For those of you who understand the game of golf, in the Collegiate league, close your eyes while I explain to those who don't. First, you must/have the essentials, golf clubs and a golf ball (a little too basic, huh). In a round there a re-18 holes. A perfect round is a score of 72, which is called "keeping par." The object of'the game;is to see how many strokes it takes you to get the little .white (or any other color) dimpled ball into the hole and still keep par. The Lakers play scratch golf, which means no handicap. The team plays with overall score and best individual. Golf |is a very young sport on the Mercyhurst campus. The Lakers golf team started in 1971, ap-

Cosell from pg. 7 at 10 cents, not $1.15. And I can remember strikes, too, strikes that didn't bother me because I was bored, because I had nothingj to watch on Sunday television, but strikes that left me very inconvenienced. Taxi strikes that left a huge portion of this city of millions,! plus all the people who commute to workj here, without means of transportation. And when the inconvenient and paralyzing strike was over, it|cost me more and more money to open a cab door and climb in, let alone travel 20 blocks. -Did the city;break your union? No. Did the people of New York, inconvenienced as they were, demand to have you put out of; business? No. We grumbled and cursed, and walked and took buses and subways and waited round of golf. For example, if having problems with their short game (chipping and putting) players may stay near the practice green; if having problems with their drives or long iron shots, they may* go to the driving range and work out all of their discrepancies, f Practices are held eitherjjofftwo places Downing or Glenwood Country Club. Glenwood, being the nearer of the two, makes it a little easier to get a little practice in before playing at ^Downing or even a match. K Last year,, Dave Hewitt was selected to play at the NCAA; in Georgia. To be selected to play in the NCAA and also to nominate a member for the NCAA post graduate award every year or Academic American Award is a goal of the team. The Mercyhurst golf league is known for having |the highest team GPA last year for athletics. Spinelli was quoted as saying, "We

till it was settled, and when it was settled, we got back into your cabs and forked over more money. Watch out for that truck, I yelled, as a delivery van shot in f rontof us. ^tentatively explored my knees, which had been slammed against the driver's seat as we braked. The cab drew to a halt. The metertread nearly $5. I pulled out my wallet and gave him] his fare and.his


proximately 17 yeats ago, and has improved every season. The roster for the golf league is! the largest Mercyhurst College has ever had. It Us as follows: Tim Harrington, Sr., Kyle Foust, Jr., Derry JKLiely, Soph., John Melody, Soph., John Deasy, Soph., Rose Ann Muza, Soph, (the only female on the team), Ruairi Gleeson, Fr., 'Kevin Keating, Fr., Tony Sartini, Fr., Thomas Keenan, Fr. * Joes Spinelli, in his third year of being? head coach for the golf team stated, "Being such a youngUeam, there is a lot of potential in our golfers. Next season »we should have a great league." The trantmg process of the golf^team isn't the same as of, say, football, where practice is 2-3 hours a day. "The golf team basically practices a couple of times a week and then they have, a tournament once a week," commented Coach Spinelli. Practices don't actually mean playing round after


"Thanks," he said. J I nodded andlclimbed out. As I started to walk away, he called me back. "Hey, listen, Howie," he said. "I don't know if you're right. But that stuff you said about taxi strikes and all, and how we have to stick together, well, I'll think about it. I didn't think about it that way before. I'll think about it J okay?" A ^ m if i asi& 1 * You do that, 1 said. Think about it on Sept. 22. And think about it next Sunday. have some very ftalented individuals,! athletically and academically." The best showings at Pitt-Bradford were Ruairi Gleeson with best individual score, a 77 (five over par); also, Kevin? Keating came in with a score of 83. With both being freshmen, there is room for improvement for the future golf league at Mercyhurst. s | Senior Tim Harrington was the low scorer for the Lakers'with an 82 in the Buffalo State GolffClassic; the Lakers finished in a* tie for 11th out of *16 teams with a 340 total, Freshman *Tom Keenan showed promise with an 83. \ i •Mercyhurst will be hosting fthe ffirst North Coast Invitational, Friday, October 2, at Downing Country Club. J Show your support for the Lakers. Be part of|the gallery.


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