INVEST TO WIN Coach Urban Meyer, University of Florida Football My family roots are in mid America where I grew

up as one of three children of Urban and Giselle Meyer, born in Altoona and raised in Ashtubula, Ohio. Our household was typical, lots of family values, education was a must for my sisters and me, respect of others, and hard work. Failing, however was not an option! Not that missing a baseball or working hard at math and still not getting an A was failing. It was when the effort was sub par or when one of us decided we wanted to quit that we were soundly chastised. My parents believed that raising their children was their responsibility and not that of someone else and they believed in accountability. I was drafted by the Atlanta Braves organization in high school and signed with them. I soon discovered that my talent was not good enough and I called to tell my Dad I was thinking of quitting and returning home. He told me I was welcome to come home to visit on Christmas day but I was not welcome to return home to stay and I needed to grow up, be responsible, and seek my own way in life. I was beginning to see that there was little entitlement in life and I had to work hard so I decided to return to school. I played football at the University of Cincinnati and was an average player, but I tried to learn as much as I could about the game. I received my degree and also met a coed named Shelley who I later married and at various assignments in my career we were extremely fortunate to have three great children. I also know how tough parenting is and we work extremely hard at raising our children the right way. The entire family is delighted to be in Gainesville and to be a part of the community. I started my coaching career as a graduate assistant for Coach Earle Bruce at Ohio State University and was quickly indoctrinated to the long work- days of a football coach. Coach Bruce knew everything about everyone on the team and staff and nothing escaped his eye. His attention to detail was astounding to me and he was always prepared for anything that happened to arise. He demanded that his players attend class and work hard academically and on the practice field. If a coach did not coach to his standards, he coached the coach and the players. I was invited by Coach Bruce to join him at Colorado State University as the receivers’ coach and the program quickly started to improve under his guidance. After the first season, CSU was invited to the Freedom Bowl and defeated Oregon. It was CSU’s first bowl appearance in almost fifty years. When Coach Sonny Lubick took over the helm at Colorado State University, I was fortunate enough to be invited to remain as the receivers’ coach and success continued under Coach Lubick. Again, the attention to detail, preparation and hard work academically and in all phases of the game of football were emphasized. While their styles were different, Coach Bruce and Lubick were extraordinarily similar in meticulous preparation, hard work and knowledge of every player in the program. At the University of Notre Dame, I was the receivers’ coach under head coach Lou Holtz. In addition to preparation and hard work, I was able to learn from an outstanding motivator who knew exactly what to say and when to say certain things to drive and inspire his teams. However, coach Holtz knew that even a great motivator could not overcome a team that was ill prepared or had not paid the price of hard work. In other words, a team that was not invested or less invested than its opponent. When I was named the head coach of Bowling Green State University, I immediately outlined my plan to win to the entire staff and team. It is the same plan that I outlined to the staff and team at the University of Utah and now at the University of Florida. We will be more invested than our opponents because we will prepare more and work harder. If you combine that with talented players, the margin for error is vastly minimized. Everyone knows their responsibilities and they are accountable for their performance. Additionally, our entire staff is responsible for growth and development within their area of responsibility; hence they attend or teach at various coaching clinics to gain knowledge and improve their skills. The University of Florida is rich in traditions and football is one of those traditions. I am honored and proud to be the head football coach of the Gators, however I am also responsible and accountable to uphold those proud traditions with integrity. All of our players were introduced to the team core values and the performance versus entitlements policy. Every one of the players has the opportunity to succeed, however their performance is the criteria by which they are

Go Gators! ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE GOVERNANCE-The overall governance model must be in place and must be clear as to who sets policy. They understand that the most invested team wins. albeit by reference. as it requires players that are disciplined. Although simple to state. and the football coach is responsible for the entire football program. While empowerment is easy to understand and most people desire empowerment. Thus it continually learns and reevaluates and changes itself to beat competition. the CEO and other officers understand their responsibilities and appoint managers who then execute by leading employees. Usually set by the leaders and coaches who will dialogue and agree on each word. MISSION STATEMENT-This written statement should embody your purpose for being. They have to live life the right way. what you do is critical.judged. Under no circumstances can a person be empowered but not be accountable. See that all University of Florida Football players have success and enjoy it in the following three areas: Academics . It may be stricter. This formulates the primary reference by which performance reviews are judged. Performance reviews should be made at least annually. conveyed to the employee or team member and reviewed at least annually. clarity of responsibilities. Usually three to five values which capture the essence and require absolute compliance. Each employee or team member will thereafter have a point of reference when reviewing themselves. SUSTAINABILITY/GROWTH-The organization must decide how best to position itself for sustainability and growth. JOB DESCRIPTIONS-Job descriptions must be in writing. but it can never be less than the overall policies. the presidents are responsible for overall compliance. the athletic director is responsible for the athletic department. and others within the organization. Organizations that value learning are generally set up on a circular basis versus a top to bottom or linear basis. GOALS AND TARGETS-Goals must be in writing and should be concise and measurable. Employees generally value learning organizations and find energy from that environment. Changes must be in writing. the trustees set policy. however it can be done at any level. POLICIES/PROCEDURES-Each leader is responsible for developing these for their individual group or team. it must be accompanied by accountability. however the overall policies of the company or university should be incorporated. In college football. and accountability. however they must now execute that plan so they can win. Employees and team members must understand all policies and be clear about the penalties for noncompliance. Should avoid subjectivity and must include self-growth goals along with corporate or team goals. integrity and respect. CORE VALUES-These values set the foundation of the group. conveyed and understood by all. however more frequent reviews are often necessary or helpful. General Philosophy Treat all football players involved in the University of Florida football program as if they were my sons. The two are linked and cannot be separated. The objective is to set out how the team or organization can grow and develop at a pace greater than competition. Generally this is done at the BOD level. the BODs sets policy. Usually includes honesty. Performance reviews should be made in part in reference to job descriptions. excel academically and give great effort at all times. unselfish and team oriented. Each layer is then accountable for their respective responsibilities and report to the above layer. These must be in writing and made a part of a manual or policy book given to all employees and team members. Employees who generally seek a comfort level generally are uncomfortable in learning organizations. it is very difficult to execute. organization or team. In corporations. While what you say is important. Leaders and coaches must embrace these values and live by these 24/7. EMPOWERMENT/ACCOUNTABILITY-Empowerment is derived from all of the aforementioned categories of structure.

University of Florida plays in one of the most competitive conferences in the country. We will put together a hard-working coaching staff and challenge these players from Day 1. Diversity of the student population. It would be very challenging yet rewarding to turn this program around. There is a great tradition in football.staying for a long time and Recruiting In the University of Florida you have something different. Make our program accessible to the student body. . We have something to sell in recruiting. The quality and creativity of student body and faculty provides an unlimited potential for growth and success. Create an environment that will foster the development of each person associated with the University of Florida football. Make them proud of our program and of our players. University of Florida offers nationally recognized academic programs in numerous fields. General PhilosophyWhy is Urban Meyer INTERESTED IN the University of Florida? A Combination of great academics and Coaching in the SEC. Respect the values of the University of Florida. Ask them three questions: Can I trust you? Are you committed? Do you care? Success to me is defined as all program participants setting and achieving their goals. Diversity of the academic programs. faculty and the alumni.Athletics After Graduation Recruit and sign players who belong at the University of Florida and that can graduate. or I would not be interested. The location of the University provides an excellent atmosphere for… Living. Academic Support Services on Campus Can win immediately Starters returning Early schedule Ability to attract quality coaches and keep them. Potentially one of the best coaching jobs in the country. which will produce a better person and a stronger member of our society for having gone through the program. Exciting to rebuild. the SEC and has some of the greatest rivalry games in college football. The commitment of the Athletic Director that generates new excitement for the football program. Understand the role and significance of the University of Florida football within the structure of the university. The quality and success level of the alumni demonstrates their great pride in the university.

immediate notification (to the Position or Head Coach) is expected. There cannot and will not be any keeping of information that can have an effect on the organization and there will absolutely be no untruths said within this organization. We. have very high expectations for you. In this player’s manual. As a student-athlete. You are expected to represent the University of Florida Football Program in a positive manner on campus and in the community. this manual is not intended to be allinclusive in its scope. will reflect on you family. You must keep an accurate phone number and address for yourself and your Update the football office as changes occur. You are expected to Graduate from the University of Florida. however. 2. Cohesiveness TRUST – The single most important ingredient for a football Team to be successful. You are responsible for understanding and complying with all the University of Florida rules and regulations. Faculty and the Community are proud of. Coaches must have Trust in the Players that they: a) will be held accountable for their position on the field parents on file in the football office. Character 2. 3. We have worked extremely hard to create a First Class Program that the Students. It is your responsibility to stay on course and to request assistance (tutors. Accountability – Each member of this organization (Players. Players must have a Trust in the Coaches that they: a) have the best interest of the student-athlete in mind b) will put the players in the best possible position to be successful c) have the necessary knowledge and courage to make the RIGHT decisions for the betterment of the TEAM. Support Staff) has a very clear and succinct job description. Ignorance is not an excuse. Mistakes will be made. we will attempt to introduce you to a number of these regulations. and the entire university community. It is the individual’s responsibility to complete this job description to the best of his ability and at the same effort that is expected of all members. Coaches. 5 C’s of Accountability 1. you must conduct yourself in accordance with team and university regulations. too. Any deviation from this will not be tolerated. Out success will be a direct result of the accountability demonstrated by the individuals in this program. Program based on two principles: HONESTY and ACCOUNTABILITY Honesty – For any organization to function that involves reliance on other members – there has to be an understanding that whatever is said is the truth. However. 1. . 4. both publicly and privately. The tradition that you are being asked to uphold here at the University of Florida is the same tradition that your predecessors have worked so hard to create. your teammates. Competency 3. How you choose to conduct yourself. Consistency 4.UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FOOTBALL GENERAL PHILOSOPHIES AND POLICIES You should not be a member of this team if you don’t have high expectation for yourself. your coaches. Commitment 5. etc…) when necessary. study table. Your Position Coach will take a very pro-active approach to your academic success.

PLAN TO WIN – Time tested and infallible. Score in the Red Zone 4.1st Offense – is on you (and your position coach) . DECISION MAKING Each and every decision that you make has a consequence. “Do you know that all who run in a race. Winning Attitude vs. AGGRESSIVENESS .3rd Offense – will involve the team or Leadership Committee Discipline is: A) Doing what you are supposed to do B) When you are supposed to do it C) How you are supposed to do it D) and with the Intensity to be successful WINNING We have a very clear OBJECTIVE that all decisions involving this program are made. people complicate it.Victory Meals . Winning in the Classroom and Winning on the Field. The University of Florida Football Program shares the following Core Values.Move Off-Campus . You expect to Win and you know eventually you will Win! .Winning Attitude: even when you lose you firmly believe you only ran out of time. Treat Women with Respect 3. It is not. and Kicking) will take a very aggressive approach to it.b) will follow all team rules and regulation when Coaches are not present c) will give the necessary effort to be Successful d) will make decisions with the best interest of the Program in mind. Losing Attitude .Study Table requirements . by accident.Losing Attitude: even when you are Winning – you are expecting something bad to happen. Defense. 1. and Confidence. decisions made without regard to the Core Values we share will be dealt with in a very serious manner. however. There is a lack of Confidence. Play Great Defense 2. Organizations and individuals that make decisions without a set of Core Values cannot consistently be successful. There is no such thing as luck. No Stealing Mistakes are correctable. . But only one receives the prize-run the Race to Win!” Corinthians 9:24 Winning is not complicated. 1. all indeed run. Attitude.Champion Club . DISCIPLINE – is 90% Anticipation We have a very clear policy in place to deal with Discipline Issues. Take care of the Football 3. Great Special Teams WINNING is Fragile. Core Values create the foundation that you ultimately stand for.Every aspect of the Program (Offense. Winning is a result of Preparation.2nd Offense – involves your position group . REWARD ACHIEVEMENT . Honesty 2. No Drugs 4. however. and Trust in your Teammates and Coaches.

Relationships are a result of experiences that you share with an individual or individuals.“Do not treat all players the same. Play Hard 2. Not many people get the opportunity to develop a relationship that will last a lifetime. 1. College athletics was one of the First institutions to break religious. Great Fundamentals! . Know what you’re doing COACHES RESPONSIBILITY 1. Develop and implement a plan to put players in a position to be successful COACH/PLAYER RELATIONSHIP – If done correctly it can be the most rewarding and closest relationship that you can develop.Because we won and two good teams are playing. your Teammates and Our Program.How did we make it a Big Game? . Player resists being coached 2. . 2. BEHAVIOR – Your actions are a reflection of your Family. and your University. Rivalries that existed for many years and games that will ultimately determine the Champion of the MWC. Always have the player’s safety in mind. Keep in mind the following and never lose focus: .Where did we develop these fundamentals? – Practice and our work ethic. Stay positive about your teammates. 2) Be the most invested team in the country PREJUDICES College Football breaks all barriers.We followed the Plan to Win. Disloyalty in any form will not be tolerated. FUNDAMENTALS – An average player can become a Great Player with Fundamentals! Why Fundamentals DO NOT improve: 1. 2. cultural and racial barriers that have existed for hundreds of years. 3. Love and Respect your University. Treat them the way they deserve to be treated. your teammates and coaches in situations that many fail to ever experience. PLAYERS RESPONSIBILITY – Coaching staff expects and demands each player to: 1. Player will not work at the Tempo required to improve 3. THE BIG GAME As a member of the University of Florida Football Team you will play in many Big Games.Because you/we made it a Big Game . Religious preference. Take advantage of it and do it the right way. Be fair.” . Love and Respect your Teammates. color of skin and cultural background will have absolutely no impact on your status on the team. Be Tough 3. LOYALTY There are plenty of negative forces out there. Develop the player’s fundamentals 4. Just the nature of College Football and all the effort. 2nd only to your family. Player does not posses the innate athletic ability (often an excuse by player or coach) .Why is it a Big Game? . coaches.John Wooden PROGRAM GOALS 1) Shrink the gap between the most committed players on the team and the least committed. Act Accordingly! Keep the following in mind with regard to actions. dedication and sacrifice involved puts you. 3. How you handle adversity and success and the reliance placed on each other to be successful are the determining factors involved in developing relationships.How did we Win? . Love and Respect the game of Football and what it stands for.

Single most identifiable characteristic of successful people – HIGH EXPECTATIONS. then Saturday morning at 6:00 a.” Change involves risk and discomfort. Staples) Change – Ultimate Goal is to change your (OUR) performance. Expectations have an effect on every decision or action you make. Expectation: Beliefs Create expectations-cannot change one without the other. 2nd Offense – Player will make-up appointment that day plus extra work after. 3. 5. It is for this very moment on the field of battle why we work and train with the passion we do! PRACTICE PHILOSOPHY: Why do we train with passion and effort that we do? .So that the game is Easy Discipline is 90% Anticipation Discipline (Non Academic) Late Football Function 1st Offense . We function as a result of free choice not instinct. .4.m. Attitude: way one carries ones-self. This is why many refuse to make a change. then also 6:00 a. Focus on challenges as opportunities – rather than what you perceive as problems or setbacks. A State of Mind.Attitude is contagious-negative or positive 5. Expectation Theory (Dr. Mood or Disposition. Successful individuals and teams share a common characteristic of being willing to change and being adaptable to the situation. Powerful Forces buried deep within. There are no shortcuts. Not enough repetition Poor Teaching CHANGE “If what you want in the future is different than what you have in the present. 3rd Offense – Player will meet in front of the Leadership Committee on Wednesday late or missed appointments. Player will make-up appointment that day plus extra work. Behavior: Core Values 6. 1.m. Ability to think separates Average from Good… Good from Great… Winner form Loser. then you have to change what you are doing.m. 4th Offense Disciplinary action by Coach Meyer also get a work out in on also get a work out in on and explain why he was get a work out in on Saturday morning at . with the whole team. Performance – easy to measure (especially in College Football) CHECKMATE – at some point during a game the opponent will “Checkmate”.Joe Paterno’s example of Yankees . 2.Player will make-up appointment that day plus extra work after. Believe: accept as true or real—TO TRUST. Difficult to Change. with his position group. WE followed a very distinct methodical process that took months to complete. 4. then Saturday morning at 6:00 a. Think: Minds w/ physical bodies.

They must check at the beginning or end of class. failure of a class because of attendance issues and effort could result in reimbursement of the cost of the class to the UAA. Their academic classes must be checked every day. 3rd Offense – Player will meet in front of the Leadership Committee on Wednesday A work out on Saturday morning at 6:00 a. The third offense will result in the whole position group in night shift on Friday night with the position coach as well as a meeting with Coach Meyer and the Leadership Committee. Classes can not be dropped without the consent of their Academic Advisor. After the second offense the student-athlete will be on night shift both Friday and Saturday night with the position coach.m. All StudentAthletes no matter what academic list they are on will be enrolled in a Minimum of 15 Credit Hours Per Semester. The student athletes will have until Friday of that week to have this absence cleared by their professor.m. The Red group consists of student-athletes who are in a precarious academic situation. Behavior issues (on or off campus) *** A completely missed workout or appointment counts as a 2nd Offense CLASS ATTENDANCE POLICY AND PROCEDURE The football team will be divided up into three categories by academic standing. with his position group. Examples of Discipline Issues 1. and gold.Other Disciplinary Situations 1st Offense – A work out on Saturday morning at 6:00 a. Any further offenses will be dealt with on an individual basis with Coach Meyer. . 2nd Offense – A work out on Saturday morning at 6:00 a. Each group has different criteria which determines how their class attendance is monitored. Furthermore. Night shift will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 6:30 to 8:00 AM during the season and Friday night from 7 to 10 PM during the off season with the student-athlete and their position coach. with the whole team. The red group should be checked on a consistent basis with supervision. Study table and tutor sessions will be treated the same way as a class. 4th Offense Disciplinary action by Coach Meyer and explain his situation. It is not solely based on GPA. Those three categories will be scarlet. The Scarlet group consists of student-athletes in need of critical academic attention. At the end of the day a class check report will be given to all the coaches and the student-athletes will be notified of their absence. *Note: The Academic list of all student athletes is subject to change at the discretion of the coaches. Being sick is only an excuse if cleared prior to class. Proper workout attire 3. The Gold group should be randomly checked to maintain their academic progress.m. Late or missing an appointment or football function 2. If there is one unexcused absence they are in night shift. Being LATE for class is considered an absence. There must also be communication with regards to this group’s tutorials and study hall situations. red. The red group is allowed one unexcused absence from class before they are in night shift. The gold group will be allowed three unexcused absences before they are put into night shift. There will be a daily class check schedule given to the coaches. Attendance is mandatory and being late will be considered and absence. They do not have any margin for error. This is a time to study and no headphones will be worn.

along with the academic support office will take a very pro-active approach to monitor the progress of each student-athlete. However.100% participation at all practices .100% at all Spring Practices . It is the responsibility of the student-athlete and his family to reimburse the football program for any class that he fails as a result of less than 100% class attendance and lack of effort.Class Attendance / Effort The primary mission of the University of Florida football program is to ensure that each student-athlete graduates.No Discipline Issues . the football program will not pay for classes where there are attendance and/or effort issues.Strength Coach recommendation on effort and strength gains 2nd Quarter . The football program will provide tutors and any other assistance that is allowed under NCAA rules.100% attendance/participation at all lifting sessions . The football program will cover this expense.No Discipline Issues . Class attendance and effort are expected from each student-athlete. Off-season: 1st Offense – Night Shift – Friday Night from 7-10 2nd Offense – Night Shift – Friday and Saturday night from 7-10 3rd Offense – Position Group Friday and Saturday Night from 7-10 4th Offense – Disciplinary Action by Coach Meyer and possible Dismissal from team Summer: Withhold Summer Checks 1st Offense – Tuesday and Wednesday Morning 6-8 2nd Offense – Night Shift – Friday and Saturday night from 7-10 3rd Offense – Position Group Friday and Saturday Night from 7-10 In-Season: 1st Offense – Tuesday and Wednesday Morning 6-8 2nd Offense – Tues & Wed Morning 6-8. Failing a class because it is a very difficult course is part of the normal collegiate experience. The following disciplinary actions will be enforced on both the student-athlete and position coach of those who choose not to attend classes. Loss of Ticket Privileges (home / away) and Saturday Night Shift from 10-2 4th Offense – Disciplinary Action by Coach Meyer and possible Dismissal from team UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FOOTBALL CHAMPION AWARDS 1st Quarter: 2nd Quarter: 3rd Quarter: 4th Quarter: January 9th – March 28th March 29th – April 22nd May 30th – August 1st August 4th – End of Season MEMBERSHIP (NO EXCUSES) 1ST Quarter -100% attendance at all workouts -100% participation at all workouts . Loss of Ticket Privileges (home / away) 3rd Offense – Tues & Wed Morning 6-8.Position Coach recommendation . To assist in this mission each position coach.No Academic Issues .

Grade a WINNING EFFORT on 8 of 12 Games . Study Table. Student-athletes who have had academic issues (study table/class attendance) will be required to pay for all or a portion of their summer school tuition.8 hours per week Red.Goal: To get off of Study Table “Treat players how they deserve to be treated” – John Wooden Break the squad down into 3 groups a) Scarlet.critical need of academic attention b) Red. II.Strength Coach recommendation on effort in weight room 3rd Quarter .No Discipline Issues . Steak Dinner at Champions Banquet 2.DEPENDABLE DURABLE COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE CONTRIBUTES TO PROGRAM AWARDS QUARTER AWARDS: 1. Recognition at Champions Banquet 3. Redshirt players will still stay on course to graduate and can always take graduate courses their 5th year (recruiting advantage).100% attendance at all practices .No Academic Issues .Position Coach Recommendation CHAMPION QUALITIES .CONTRIBUTION to the success of the TEAM .people who are in a precarious academic situation c) Gold – people who recognize our interest in their academics Study Table: Scarlet.. This will also assist in the cost of paying for a fifth year if their eligibility is used up. This will keep him on course to graduate in a 4 year time period.100% participation at all practices . III. Summer School: Summer school will be used to assist the student-athletes in the following situations: a) Take a course that interferes with football practice b) Take a difficult course that needs complete focus to pass with an acceptable grade c) Assist at risk student-athletes for eligibility d) Assist student-athletes with progress towards a degree Summer School is a privilege.6 hours per week Gold – 0-4 hours per week .No Academic Issues . Scheduling and plan to graduate: Each student-athlete is required to take a minimum of 15 hours per semester.No Academic Issues . with the addition of one or two summer courses.Recommendation by Strength Coach on effort and strength gains 4th Quarter .Significant gains in strength and conditioning .Position Coach recommendation – improvement as a football player . Champion Gear Academic Philosophy and Procedure I.No Discipline Issues .

prepared football team in the country. concise and direct manner to avoid confusion. failure is eliminated. and only players that do their job on every play are trusted. If a student-athletes fails a class where attendance was an issue. choices and entitlements and embraces responsibilities. Nothing is left to chance and you will be prepared to overcome every challenge that you will face. They do their job on every single play and become so respected by other players that their actions and words provide the conviction and will to fight. Second Offense will involve the Position Group and Position Coach. individuals who excel and perform within the team concept will be rewarded. assignments and duties. best.Checked on a consistent basis. Actions are either taught or allowed and only those players that perform at the highest level will play. Discipline – Our goal. Scarlet and Red groups will be monitored very closely.Checked daily. The team becomes the focal point for everyone and individual selfishness and attention is not allowed or tolerated and team goals and success is favored. The attention to details will eliminate the margin for error. Monitoring Progress of the Student-Athletes. Your physical superiority will be evident and you will be able to play at full throttle for the entire game. Gold – Not checked on a consistent basis. Class Attendance Scarlet. that student-athlete will be required to pay back the university for that class. revered and honored. One unexcused allowed. LEADERSHIP! Only trusted players become leaders.IV. Each coach and player foregoes rights. Mentally. Discipline issues that relate to academic responsibilities will involve taking the evenings from the student-athlete. You will work harder than you ever have in your lifetime. VI. However. Third Offense will involve the Team. Zero tolerance on all academic issues Red. They are the true warriors/soldiers who fight so fiercely that others are honored to continue the fight with them or pick up for them if they go down. THE MOST INVESTED TEAM WINS! This will be the hardest working. First Offense will involve the individual. as in all discipline issues. Only those warriors/soldiers become Gator legends! . it will build trust between players and coaches. Friday night from 8-11pm in the Coaches Office. Staff members will have forms and weekly progress forms to meet with his players.Each Position Coach will take a very active role in the progress towards a degree of the student-athlete. you will be coached in a clear. Three unexcused allowed. If the off-season we will have a weekly Night Shift. As players do their job. Only players that are trusted will play. is to teach accountability. V. clean. 2005 UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FOOTBALL TEAM PHILOSOPHY ELIMINATE THE HUMAN ELEMENT! Failure is not an option and by eliminating the human element. therefore you will be the most invested team. TRUST! Do your job! Know your assignments and execute on every play! Each player will be coached to provide them with the physical skill and mental capability to accomplish this task.

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