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Mercyhurst profs oppose bayfront development

By Matthew J. Clark As a result, the project which we now because they're only looking at this from an "The idea of development is good
Merciad Editor know as the bayfront development plan was individual point of view, in other words one : that planning was either poorly dor
born. development, then another one next to it, then planned well enough," he said, i
'\£ In the late 1970's, with the future of Erie's There are many who are very excited another.
economy looking less certain than it had been about the development project, such as the They haven t taken into consideration *to**b#0&&-
in recent memory, the Erie Port Authority port authority. But, there are many, especially what kind of impact all of those developments
began searching for ways to revitalize the environmentalists, who oppose die develop- together will have on the environment
area, <% f $ \ ment for one reason or another. Many of them "The best example of that is that no one
The plan which the organizers devised, don't oppose the plan entirely but would like has ever considered what the carrying capac-
known as the Erie Bayfront Redevelopment to see some aspects of it done differently. ity of the harbor is in terms of the number of
project, has been met with its fair share of * 'Mostpeople would like to see some sort boats." j j£& 'I
criticism. Two Mercyhurst professors, his- of proper development," Kubiak said. "But | Kubiak noted that there could be 3,000
tory instructor Richard Kubiak and geologist what is proper development? | new boat spaces on the bayfront
Dr. David Thomas, both oppose the plan in its According to Kubiak, the bulk of the "If we have that many more boats, there
* 'status quo*' form. j development is going to be marina areas and will be a big problem
with congestion in the
^85J75 living accommodations, i.e. condos. There boat channel, * he said. * 'If there were a very
are some proposed hotel and restaurant spaces sudden storm, wh ich Lake Erie is famous for,
and there are also plans for a big historical the channel would never be able to accommo-
facility centered around the brigship Niagara. date the enormous number of boats trying to Dave Thomas: "The whole bayfront devel-
* "Taken individually, none of these pro- come off the lake. opment idea is wild, nutsy planning."
posals seem too bad," he said. "The problem "It would be an unbelievable mess." Thomas also feels that proper planning
is Erie hasn't planned for the development Thomas noted that the boat situation can has been lacking in the development project
There is no good, comprehensive plan for the actually have a reverse effect on recreation in ' 'There are things being planned and built
total development of the bayfront the area. without the application of impact state-
"They (development coordinators)j be- i"You can cause a degradation of the ments," he said. "What effect will these
lieve they have a comprehensive plan, but recreational segment of your population by things have in the future?"
they don't No one really knows what that overpopulating with motorcraft, which is "The whole bayfront development idea is
bayfront is going to look like." what these increased number of boats could wild, nutsy planning,'' be added.' 'Where are
MA* Kubiak stressed that the reasonforthis is mean/' he said. • 'They are now experiencing the tourists going to go? Presque Isle already
because those who devised the plan were not this problem in the Detroit area.*' has die population of Yellowstone National
qualified. f Kubiak feels that the boat example epito- fctfk." f " f •'• ff |
Richard Kubiak: "This bay is not the prior- I "It was done by planners of limited capa- mizes the lade of planning for die project
ess of private people, it b the public's re- see 'Bayfront,* Pg • 3
bility who have absolutely no conception of
source" i • i the environmental needs of the area or the
The organizers felt that Erie's days as a
thriving water port for industry were over and
that a new approach had to be taken in order
ecosystem needs of the area," he said. "To
them, the environment is there for them to
Hurst to offer Writers'^Institute
to put Erie "back on the map" in the north- develop." *
Kubiak feels that the developers aren't
By Kelley Moore counselor.
eastern United States. Erie still had Presque looking at the whole picture, and this could For further information, please cor
Isle State Park; a tourist trap. They viewed it Merciad staff reporter
cause problems. Dr. Kenneth Schiff, Mercyhurst College,
as the keystone to reviving Erie. "The key: flaw in this is the master plan E. 38th St, Erie, PA 16546. Or call hii
Mercyhurst is offering a Writer's Institute
for high school students once again this 825-0401. ! |
\g The Writer's Institute is a creative writ- For a profile on Ken Schiff,
ing workshop in short fiction. see page 2
Students will be able to cultivate skills in
the reading and crafting of short stories.
While attending these workshops, stu-
dents will live on the Mercyhurst campus for MSG election results
three weeks, interacting with three profes-
sional writers and other students participating President* Chris Mohr
in the program. * Vice President* Beverly Tuck
Dr. Kenneth Schiff, Assistant Professor Treasurer: Lorin Bowman
of Creative Writing and English Literature at Secretary: Lynn Sheffler <
Mercyhurst, is the director of the Writer's SAC Chairperson: Janet Holzhaeusser
Institute. He said he is very enthusiastic about
the program which hasn't been implemented
the last two summers. f
"This is a good opportunity for high
school students,'' Schiff said.
Tuition for each three-week course is
$ 1 SO, in which students receive three deferred
college credits. c
Students live on the campus free. How-
ever, there is a charge if a student chooses to
eat in the cafeteria. r tfS&x&m
Students will cover elements of fiction
from the points of view of both the reader and r~> .

Pippin provides laughs the writer. They will also learn about plot
Rich Tryzbiak, who is the leading player in the Mercyhurst College Utile Theater character and many other principles of fiction.
production of "Pippin ". The musical comedy will be staged Fridays and Saturdays, April High school students are invited to apply Ikv_
22,23,29, and 30 at 8 p.m. There will also be a matinee on Sun. Apr. 24 at 2:30 p.m. for the workshop. Students must send a
Tickets are $6 for adults and $4 for senior citizens. Mercyhurst students with ID will be completed application, a writing sample and a
admitted free. i ] recommendation from a teacher or guidance

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Student teaching challenges education majors

By Lillian Dressier 44
I like it, they make you work the the message that they have re- are full-time students plus student evening courses. Splitting up a term
Merciad staff reporter and there is a lotof practicum expe- sponsibilities to meet,** Gallagher teaching, and; that is hard. Plus, at Christmas doesn't seem to fit the
rience which is good.' * In elemen- said. many of our students have to do lifestyles of students,'* Sister
Tracy Wasson, a Mercyhurst tary teaching, Mercyhurst has an- The biggest problem with the some part-time work to meet finan- Whalen said, t . ) 's
sen ior, says all juvenile delinquents other Pre-In tern Program called Student Teaching Program is the cial obligations,* * Sister Cribbins Sister Cribbins said that in the
should have to student teach be- 44
Pipping'* by the students. "Stu- calendar system, according to Sister said. I last couple of years many adult
cause sitting on the teacher's side of dents go out and work as a teacher* s Cribbins. "We had no input for the "When you're student!teach- students are coming back for certi-
the desk would cure them. aide three mornings a week," Dr. change in the calendar- they didn't ing, the last thing you want to worry fication. Of 46 fall students ap-
* It made me write a letter to my Barbara Weigert, director of ele- ask us,** she said. about is taking test, when you have proximate! y five percentwere older
high school teachers apologizing mentary education said. It is a Sister Cribbins added that stu- to be making tests,'* Wasson said. adults. The older adults may have
for how I behaved there,'' she said. 44
sophisticated program** because dents must have everything done 4
* It's not a good calendar for the gone through college from a liberal
Wasson, an English Education students are gradually main- before they do student teaching. education department because our arts standpoint and now find they
major, did student teaching in the streamed into teaching a whole are interested in teaching,** she said.
fall and winter terms of 1987. class, Weigert said. 1 4
'The calendar was pure hell."
"For 12 weeks I ate, slept and Dr. Barbara Weigert kept up to "It was really tough, it was a
drank lesson plansbutloved it,'' she date on what we were doing. Her challenge to get everything done.
said. Pennsylvania requires college comments were excellent They Some of the students had to take
students to complete a j student brought out my better qualities," courses in the evening,*' Majewski
teachingcourseof 12or IS weeks in Sylvia McKce, a former student, said. I
their chosen area. ? said. i I
All though it was tough getting The Practicum Program doesn't "The demands placed on the
through this period, Wasson said give students a lot of opportunity to student teachers were very great —
she was' 'very satisfied'' with what develop and evaluate their student- trying to be a full-time teacher
Mercyhurst had taught her. teacherrelationship. "It'slikeaone toward the end of their program as
Mercyhurst's student teaching shot deal", said Sister Patricia well as being a student on campus,''
program is run by a department Whalen, Coordinator off the Pre- Gallagher said. . 5
whose teachers are quick to provide teaching Internship Program.
help to students when needed. "I 44
In the Preteaching Internship J] Wasson said one of the hardest
really enjoyed it I don't know if I students go three consecutive days things for her to overcome was the
would have stayed in without the so that they get a stronger feel of minimal age difference between the
department's help. They pointed what the classroom is like and what students and her at East High
out things I did wrong.** said John the art of teaching involves.*' Mercyhurst student teacher Tracy Wasson with some of her students at School. "Sometimes there's less
Majewski, who is graduating in During this program students than three years difference. You
Union City Middle School
May. 1 must keep a journal of their daily have to remember you^ have the
'Before fulfilling! the State's experiences and their reflections on They can't come back to take major students teach until the Christmas knowledge. Your attitude is what
requirements, Mercyhurst has stan- the art of teaching. '.'On Friday requirements.' * In reality our kids break. Therefore, they have to take makes it," she said.
dards that must be met, according to mornings we have a seminar to
Sister Kathleen Cribbins, director process the experiences ofthe week,
of student teaching. She added that and the students submit j their
Mercyhurst's liberal studies re-
quirements and educational qualifi-
cations for students' particular areas
must be met before, they become
weekly journals,** Sister Whalen
said. "I will comment in the journal
if I feelit is appropriate.'*^ . L.
Schiff likes teaching lifestyle
certified. "We have almost a model in 1 secondary | student teaching,
grades seven through twelve, must cultivate a student's proficiency in been published. The person on the
program as far as the state is con- phone in New YOrk could hear the
meet two separate student teaching writing short fiction and is like the
cerned. We really are in high repute current writing fiction class. cheering on the other endfromthe
down there,* * Sister Cribbins said. requirements, according to Edward
Gallagher, director of secondary "I like the lifestyle of being a birthday party. I 'Afterward I went
"I went to several other col- fora walk and smoked acigar," said
leges, but came back here because education. Gallagher said students teacher," says Schiff, 45, who
they have the best student teaching are assigned to a junior high for earned his Ph.D. at the University of Schiff. 1M I $
program,** Keith Parry, a?Mer- middle school! and then a high Denver in 1987. "Teaching is a
school with him as their primary profession which should allow me The reviews came soon after.
cy hurst sophomore said, f "They were positive reviews, so I
Sister Cribbins explained that supervisor. •> enough time to do my own!writ-
ing,' ' he adds. He also said he likes was real pleased,' * he says. He got
one of the reasons Mercyhurst's "The cooperative features i of an offer for a movie option and a
the secondary education depart- dealing with ideas and is especially
student teachers are so successful is good review from the New York
the Practicum Program.; Once a ment were very helpful. Mr. Gal- having a good time teaching Ameri-
can literature this term. "I like the Times among others. [ $
week, every morning or afternoon lagher was very helpful,** said
Jackie Mauriello, who became cer- Ken Schiff life of the mind and being around
for 20 to 30 hours, students must young people. I forget temporarily Schiff has a single explanation
practice what they have learned in a tified in 1987. £ m
p If students miss classes more By Michelle Bush I that I'm not," he said. for why a writer writes. "It's what
public school. "That's one reason I do best And I feel compelled to
why our kids go into the student than once, the "Chicken* Soup Merciad staff reporter Schiff, who taught English at
Man,** as the students have nick- Anselm College and New Hamp- write" he said. "It feels good to
teaching experience so ready to have written, which isn't the same
understand what's happening,
» »
named Gallagher, checks to see if " Passing Go " means more than shire College, both located in Man-
Sister Cribbins said. they need help. "This gives them collecting $200 to Dr. Kenneth chester, N.H.- has Mother: interests thing as saying it's fun to write."
Schiff, a new English professor at besides writing and teaching. He
Mercyhurst. goes to the YMC A every morning at Schiff said many people write
His novel. Passing Go, won the 6:30 a m . ' 'I jog or play racquet- today. "It is just about impossible to
Library Journal's title for * 'best first ball," he says. "I try to do some- get I something published, unless
novel of the year'' in 1972 and was thing every day.*' He plays the you go through an agent,' * he adds,
nominated for the National Book banjo. I and even then he says the prospects
AWard in 1973. Passing Go took Schiff about a were very slim.
Schiff has been teaching for 10 year to write. He said the book Schiff gave some advice to po-
years and has a background! in features a young adult in a sanitar- tential! writers: "Write. Sit down
be yours as an Air English literature and creative writ- ium and is about, "the sanity of andiwrite." He said writing is a
s not easy, but the ing. He earnest© Mercyhurst in insanity." The young man in the matter of discipline. A person who
are great. You'll have September 1987 for two reasons. book is based on his brother. "My wants to be a writer should write for
Force advantages First, he says he gets to teach crea- brother had some hard times, and it several hours everyday, and keep at
days of vacation tive writing. is about that,** Schiff said. it, according to Schiff.
each year and com ^ ^ ^ have always been interested
< «

The book has a quote from one Schiff is working on another

medical care—and much in writing. I never wanted to do of Bob Dylan's songs, "You Ain't book, but like many writers he
're a college graduate anything else,*' he adds. Goin' Nowhere," which shows wouldn't divulge any information
will be, AIM HIGH Second, he can work on a sum- how he views the protagonist in the on a work in progress.
| Force recruiter for mer writers' program. "The Sum- book "It's the notion that you ain't
about Officer Tra mer Writers' Institute is a special goin no where. Doesn't that say it?"
and pilot training interest ofmine," Schiff says. As its he says.
director, he explained that the pro- Schiff recalls the day his book
Greg Agen gram, starting; this summer, is was published. "It felt great," he
- 633 - 7094 Colle mostly for high school students. But says. He was at a birthday party with
he added that it's open to any Mer- 16 friends on a farm in Maine. He
cyhurst students who want to par- received a phone call from New
ticipate. The program is designed to York announcing that his book had
APRIL 21,1988 The Merciad

Student addresses parking issues At Wit End 9

By Steve Rush j

I am acommuter student atMercyhurstCollege and I 'd like to address a few problems with thepresentparkins
arrangements. i
First, unless you have an 8:15 a.m. class, don't expect to find a parking place on campus.
Second, the construction that is going on is a big hasde. I realize during construction there are going to be
a few inconveniences. What I cannot understand is putting dirt>arldng lot and maldng it look like a miniature
mountain. M
The parking was congested before they decided to fill parking lot number seven (located off Briggs Ave.]
with the fill dirt taken from the addition being put on to Zurn. 2*
I heard that prior to the start of the construction, President Garvey said there would be no inconveniences
Well I am sorry to say there are many inconveniences to those ofus who com mute. IfDr. Garveyfindsno problerr
with parking it's understandable, he has a reserved parking space on campus.
I think it is time to remove some of that lovely grass and replace it with asphalt for more parking on campus

Daniel J. Church M

Bayfront development jfrompg.l

People are saying this is going If bill number 1685 J passes, According to Kubiak, over a S.S
to be the salvation of'the city,** Kubiak feels it will set a dangerous mile area, there were 28 core bor-
Kubiak added. "I don't think that's precedent because it will say, in ings conducted, most of which were
true. They're talking about bringing essence, that there is nothing to not properly tested. West of Parade
people off Interstate 90 into the city. prevent peoplefrombuying a piece Street he suggested boring every
• The jury is still out on that and of any state park. 300 feet East of Parade Street
I'd be very surprised if they had every 100 feet j* Thomas feels that the develop- Erie community.
enough of the kinds of things that ' 'We need to core bore at every ers are "missing the boat" with "Environment should be top
would enable them to pull people 4 4 There's simply sight" he said, M recreational development He feels priority," he said. "I'm no* just
off the Interstate. I think that's apipe the emphasis should be on develop- talking pollution, a good environ-
dream." i
not enough population 4«T.>
a good idea to clean up and ing for the technological industry. ment starts in the home.
develop, but die development needs
Kubiak noted that in February, a to support many of the to be more public-oriented."
We have an ideal chance to "From your back yard, the
science advisory board consisting attract technological industry," he street in front of you, all disposal
projects which the de- "Speaking as a native, this is a said. "We shouldn't stress recrea- facilities, municipal business and
of 20 scientists, who have seen filthy environment" Thomas of-
developments all across the basin, velopers have planned. fered. "It wouldn't attract anybody. tion. Building and'developing for industrial areas, andfinally,schools
looked at the bayfront develop- the technologies should be stressed and recreational facilities;
That's why some If you want to make something - for die year 2,000. Thomas feds that if those con-
ment £y, I i really ugly, you overdevelop."
' 'They were appalled at the lack people are talking "Right now, Erie 4 m They believe they
cerned about environmental issues
of planning/' he said. want to have a real impact they have
They also showed concern over
about the possibility of rotten mess. Clean r ___. ^ have a comprehensive plan, to red) ink their strategies. ! } /
hell. We need a firm, sensitive
the condition of the water. putting in casino-style leader to tackle these problems. but they don't. Nobody * I "Environmentalists are fight-
really knows what that ing die wrong people," Thomas
* 'We have fish with tumors," he gambling. 5 9 Pittsburgh once had a mayor, David
said. "If you want public access,
said. "Eleven percent of bullhead Lawrence, who did tackle the envi- bayfront is going to look
you don't go to the developer, you
catfish have tumors. That percent- ronmental questions and he cleaned like. 9 5 go to the federal government
age is much too high to be a natural Pittsburgh up."
occurrence. q Kubiakf feels that too many "One thing is for certain," ' 'This can only be done by an "The Erie county government
According to Kubiak, bullheads people looked at non-Great Lakes excellent higher education system. gave all of its access land away, and
Kubiak added,'' today we should be
are a very good indicator species as development when they made the "A good public school educa- instead of having nice parks, now
getting rid of the pollution that's tion system. I'm not interested in they've got run-down dumps," he
to the health of thefishpopulation. decision to develop here. He added already therefromsewage."
"They are telling us that there's that they didn't take into account a private schools, they're the ruina- continued. "If you're an environ-
" In the short term, development tion of the publics. • mentalist go after the state and
something wrong in that harbor," lotof the weather problems synony- will mean economic gain to some-
he said. mous with the Great Lakes. body," Thomas said. "In the long ' 'Clean, paved streets and clean, county and get those damned parks
' 'The development needs to be well-kept business areas and quality back. | sj! *
He feels that Erie should be term, it will probably mean an eco- I " It's a governmental thing," he
scaledback," hesaid. "It'sgoingto law enforcement jWe also need
designated asian area of concern nomic loss to the community." solid, intelligent leadership." continued.' 'Those who are going
along the Great Lakes. It would be come down to an economic deci-
sion. The climate here prevents a lot 4 4 It was done by plan- Thomas presented what he after die developers are missing the
the 43rd such designation, t termed as a "master plan" for the mark by light years." It.
"It is the first step to getting the of development possibilities. ners who have absolutely no
water cleaned up down there,'' he I ,* "You have to be careful what
you're developing.'' conception of the environ-
said. | -
Kubiak doesn't like the fact that Another problem, as Kubiak mental needs of the area. J 9
because of some of these projects, sees it, is the lack of people in this
the public will no longer have free area to keep a project like this afloat As for the condominiums that
access to many areas along the "There's simply not enough have been built at the mouth of the
bayfront i I population to support many of the peninsula, Kubiak noted that since
. "This bay is not the prioress of projects which the developers have Presque Isle has an annual number
private people, it is the public's planned," he said. "That's why of tourists comparable to Yellow-
resource,'' he said.' 'The public has some people are talking about die stone National Park, the traffic is
to have open andfreeaccess. possibility of putting in casino-style very heavy and people who live in
"I'm not opposed to develop- gambling. those condos will have trouble get-
"If you do that you've just ting out * Looking for a meaningful, exciting summer oppor-
ing the area, I'm opposed to walling tunity? Come to the Catskiil Mountains, Rock Hill,
the citizens offJwhat happens if created a situation for even greater '. "The weather is very harsh
corruption. I believe you will see down there in winter," he added. New York and work in a residential camp for persons
some kids want to gofishing?Sud- 44 with developmental disabilities,
denly they won't be able to fish casino gambling eventually, and There should have been a
where they were once allowed to.*' that's a bad move." section of land near the cliff side set
Regarding studies to determine Positions are available for Counselors, Program
aside for a park," Thomas said,
if the areas for the project are safe to Specialists, Nurses, and Cabin Leaders. Season
According to Kubiak, there is noting that there's a steep cliff just
build on, Kubiak said there weren't dates: May 3lst-August 13th. Salary, room and
currently a bill out, in which the south of the condominiums. board and travel allowance. Call Diane after 5pm.
developers are requesting to pur- enough. ' 'The reason for this is because
chase some dock tips. They already | He said there were not enough in the long run, with a four-lane
acquired most of the dock, but the core borings done at the various highway with condos on the cliff- (412) 794-3348
tips fall beyond aline drawn in 1843 proposed development sights to see side, it's not going to be a pleasant Equal Opportunity Employer M/F
which prohibits development be- if there were any contaminants or place to live,' * he said.' 'The condos
yond that point toxic materials of any kind. will depreciate."
PAGE 4 The Merciad APRIL 21,1988

evelopment questions
Education not recreation 9 ?
Kovski Korner
Advice to the new MSG officers
key to jfuture growth of Erie By Chris Kovski f-
Merciad Managing Editor
against the development of Erie's Electric leaving by 1991. Whether Dear Santa: I |
bayfront have argued back and they do or not remains to be seen. Hi! Remember me? I asked for the
forth on many issues. Millions of So obviously, something needs Joan Collins inflatable doll last year.
dollars either have been spent or are to be done to revitalize the area. A The year before that, I wanted the Joan
planned on being spent for the proj- new type of economy needs to take Crawford hanger collection.
ect > hold here because the industrial This year, I have simple requests.
Those in favor of the develop- economy just isn't there anymore. I. I would like world peace, an end to
ment say the major reason for all of Dr. Thomas realizes this, too. world hunger, and a group of MSG officers who will not make people
this money being spent is for the B ut based on our conversation two wonder what is happening to their activities' fee money. f
future of Erie. They say that the next weeks ago, he doesn't feel that an I'm asking for this because I want to know what is going on with my
few years are crucial and that Erie economy based on recreation in an money. Since I transferred here, I have pumped over $150 into student
must do something to keep itself area where the weather is very government j ? "
from becoming a ghost town.?As unpredictable is very wise. What have I gotten for my money? I don't need the check cashing;
By Matthew J. Clark Richard Kubiak put it,' 'They view | He suggested gearing Erie up I have my own account at the bank down the street
Merciad Editor this as the salvation of the city." for the technological industries. 01 haven't seen the promised recreation center that was being built
The Erie Port Authority feels I If Erie is to compete in the tech- with the money normally spent on a band A I |
A couple of weeks ago, when I that the next two years are so crucial, nological industry, better education I don' t need shopping trips to the Millcreek Mall; I have my own car.
asked Dr. David Thomas of that if something is not done to must be stressed. Therefore, mil- I'm not a cheerleader; I don't get any of the money that was given
Mercyhurst's geology department develop Erie in that time, it will take lions should be spent on educating to them. £ I
for an interview concerning the another SO years to pull Erie out of our youth instead of building boat Okay, I did use the student directory this year — twice. I've probably
development of Erie's bayfront I the proverbial gutter. stalls. It's been said by enough used it about twice a year, so I've used these directories a total of six
did not expect to get some of the I I believe that it's important to people to classify as a cliche, but I'll times. That means that I've paid $25 for each time I've looked up
answers I did. I keep Erie on the map, although I'm say it again anyway. The children someone's name. I don't know anyone worth that much. .
I basically expected to hear a not so sure it would ever fall off are the future. If we don't prepare SAC movies — I haven't seen one yet I have to work weekends.
geologist rant and rave about the completely. Erie does have to de- them, it doesn't matter how many The student government has a budget of ova* $ 100,000. This money
ecosystematical repercussions of velop itself. It has become stagnant hotels or how many restaurants we is spent by people we elect But what do these people do with this
the development project and how it in recent years and the results are build, the United States is going to money? They spend it on activities, and nothing more. I see no lasting
would effect the population of Erie obvious. £ | be a second-rate power - if it isn't impact of these expenditures. | I J
for years to come, .£ j What was once a thriving water As a commuter, and one of the many that attend Mercyhurst I want
m Dr. Thomas did talk about the port for industry is lucky to have 3£ Wi th so much emphasis on the something else. , g
future of Erie, but not the way I five major shipments a week pass quick fix it, the quick buck, it's easy I want a student government that actively seeks: the students'
expected him to. Although he through its channel. Big businesses to see why education has taken a opinions and concerns. I want this student government to use the
showed great concern for the qual- have either pulled out completely or back seat in this country for so long. copying budget that it has for relevant issues, such as student polls on
ity of the air and water of this area, have had to impose huge layoffs. Those who seek to pull Erie out of the keg laws, housing, parking, and speed bumps.
he emphasized the improvement of Hammermill Paper Co. and General the hole by building fancy buildings So, Chris Mohr, Beverly Tuck, Lorin Bowman, Lynn Sheffler, and
personal environment and of educa- Electric Corporation are the last of to attract tourists are missing the Janet Holzhaeusser — remember this message. Students have had too
tion. I the giant industries here and there is point The ugly reality is that, in a many governments that haven't accomplished what, they promised.
Thomas feels that improving talk that even they will pull out of world where technology and scil They aren't going to be too happy if it happens again.
education is crucial to the future. I town soon. ;rW ence are becoming so important, Mr. Mohr - you have stated that you feel the MSG president needs
couldn't agree more. For at least Some rumors have Hammermill recreation just isn't going to cut it leadership and communication skills. Now's your chance. Let's see you
four years now, those for and leaving Erie by 1993, and General Maybe in other parts of the deliver.
country where the climate is more Ms. Tuck — you say you have seen now how student government
rrfgjjShi suitable, but Erie's weather is too works. I hope you realize that the vice president is the parliamentarian
1 The Merciad
• r 1 5 9

seasonalilf we're truly concerned - he or she makes sure that the meeting is run according to Roberts'
about the future of this little town Rulesof Order, or a similar code of conduct ensuring an orderly meeting.
I Vol. 61 No. 22 April 21,1988 called Erie, or on the wider scope, of You also say that you will see that MSG listens to the students and
the world, recreation is not what we carries out their ideas. You, too, have your chance now. | § .J
1 Matthew J. Clark Editor should be looking to for our salva- Ms. Bowman - I know nothing about you. I, being a commuter,
1 Christopher J. Kovski Managing Editor tion. never received one of your campus letters..I hope you realize the
1 Ann Johnson News Editor | | Until! we stop talking about responsibility on die shoulders of a treasurer. You will be required to
1 JeanDeegan Sports Editor education and! start putting the keep track of where money is going, as well as where it is coming from.
1 Melissa Mangini 1 . Photo Editors i money where it counts, what lies in I assume you have experience, but I don't know.
1 Liz Richards
^^^ ^ ^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^r^^^^ ^P^^^^^^ ^^B^^^^^^^^T^^^^r *^* ^ B ^'

our future is the same old, stagnant I hope you also realize that commuters are important too. You didn't
1 Kelley Moore v Business Manager Erie and the same* old.i stagnant communicate with commuters, and so alienated a potential group of
1 Paula Bruno ? Calendar Editor United States. / # 1 supporters. "| ^
1 Karen Sampson | Circulation Manager
Faculty Adviser
Ms. Sheffler - you promise to do the best you possibly can. A
1 John Kupetz secretary must provide detailed notes on every aspect of the meeting,
1 Craig Prenatt Cartoonists within reason. I
1 Steve Rush These notes should also be available to anyone requesting them at
the MSG office, as the student government is a democratic organization.

| Reporters see 'Korner,' pg. 7

Margaret Coffey
Joe Bankovich
Michelle Bush
Allan Carpenter
Lillian Dressier
Laura Jannot
f MISTER BOFFO by Joe Martin
1 Mycal C. Casey I BrendaLowe
1 Jill Chiccarino . Brian Maiden 0dM6( 0OIN6, I
BOIN6 , B O \ N 6 ,
1 Carting J. Christensohn Jennifer Montani >SOUL TO Wi)W r
1 Danielle Reynolds WHAT!
The Merciad is the student-produced newspaper of Mercyhurst CoUege, Box
209,501 B. 38lh St, Brie, PA 16546. Phone: 825-0376. Material for publication pesr S®fc
most be submitted by 3:00 p.m. on the Monday before publication.
It v

1 The Merciad welcomes letters to the editor. Letters must be signed, but the iLM Co

| writer's name can be withheld by request. -.•< •.- •

APRIL 21,1988
The Merciad




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> » •r«v < A mftft• a • a • Uf V • \ftftk * • • k • \ i . » O A F1>JT1 * » jfc•-** •» >a A. J

*_a •^»_*_a_ a ft^aj a * a a~Mia"g a ^ a a a a v * * a a

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.a a a a M Ma i a a ft a a a 4 a a a a JaiTi
^ft>' x ^ x : S'® :tfX?:5v5wS8Kv® v« -V.VO
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L*I*£* •£•"!•" J»?IS>YWC
T I * ~ j V % m * • • a a ft a « ft t a t a • • ft t

a ft ft • | V | a • a • « m

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v»v»v »»«^»5I^J«wSwW>>?HK
&8%m , A V . W W M V
S£ J t f •7^3 x i n o v n m •VVV>VV.V.N^A%VV.%V.^- -*JQ

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g-Ai. i ; i • ; i n i i... w - ^
h K . H I W A i \ C O C O O • rt • * » * * i • T T ^ V i T r f c V f f c * « _ B V . a a • I ^ m •
L ^ H A | W | | g ^ b a K ^ B a f • a T t \ V V | \ ( I m a a I K F ] ^ « a ft . a . a • a T ft a A « . . a a f t ! r •

i V t . v y W a T i V A V i m Y . n W i C»» flA • * « " o •_• • & • i ' « W n ' A V / l

? X ^
htf •<«oc
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•V - I . V i > > Y r t V l Y i i T Y « V l \ a
'-V? •vX?f 1 W»iffW
Li . ft a ft ft^J

.•XX-'X X'-Xftv

At Seligson Lincoln Mercury record, it must indicate payment
Merkur, your degree is worth a lot. If made as agreed, o
you've graduated, or will graduate, The $400 from Ford is yours
with a Bachelor's or advanced whether you finance or not. Keep it
degree between October 1,1987 and| or apply it to the purchase or lease of
January 31,1989, you may qualify an eligible Ford or Mercury vehicle.
for $400 from Ford Motor Credit For all the details, contact us
Company. To qualify for pre-ap- or call Program Headquarters, toll
proved credit, you need: (1) verifi- free, at 1-800-321-1536. But hurry.
able employment beginning within This limitedtimeoffer is only
120 days after your vehicle purchase; available between March 11 and
(2) a salary sufficient to cover nor- December 31,1988. Take advantage
mal living expenses plus a car of the Ford/Mercury College Gradu-
payment; and (3) if you have a credit J ate Purchase Program now.

L I N C O L N - M E R C U R Y - M E R K U R
PAGE 6 The Merciad APRIL 21

Record Review 9
Clark's 'Birds in Flight opens Sunday
spring music surprise

ByBillHogan ' 'House of Shock,'' is the debut

WMCY Music Director album of ex- Go-Go drummer Gina
Shock and her live-in boy friend
Well, it s spring time again and Vance De Generes. The album is a
; time for sun, fun and new music. *
simple pop album that is O.K., but
[This spring has a great deal of music % never really grabs you. Their first
Ito offer new music fans.
single, and by far the best single on
the album, "Middle of Nowhere"

The Smithereen's new album, f

I' 'Green thoughts,'' is a great guitar **T ***V ^>* is quickly getting air play on the
driven pop album. If you like bands ss hliUf
East and West coasts. Gina Shock's
like? R.E.M., then you'll love " A.
little girl voice is alright for a while,
"Green Thoughts." The album's) but in large doses gets on your
prst single, "Only A Memory," nerves. All in all this album is an
|has a good beat and is loaded with old fashion rock and roll, then average pop album that never really
juitars. The Smithereen's haven't you'll love the Smithereen's develops into anything. If you
hanged their sound, they just made "Green Thoughts. "'( § loved die Go-Gos, then you'll love
|it better. Also, listen for ' 'House The spring's biggest surprise this album. If you hated the Go-
5 Used to Live In," to be another yet, is that of a band called "SO." Gos, then forget about it \
for the quintet If you like good They have ripped up the charts with This has been Bill's Spring
their fast paced pop hit,' 'Are You Album Review: see vou next week.
Sure," which is number 41 on the
charts. The band sounds a lot like •

Simple Minds, but they never lose

their own identity. ' 'SO'' are here 8S8SS
to stay and their album,'' Horseshoe
in the Glove," is definitely one of JWrX t^TWfr
the best albums to come out in along 9
One of Roger Clark s works of art which will be on display at
time, their next single "Capital P*J

the Mereyhurst Corry Gallery. #

Hill," will be released shortly in the LH « *

States. SO's album,' 'Horseshoe in -«¥ Birds in flight, dramatic and spending three years in Asia.
the Glove," is definitely an album romntic landscapes, figures in re-
to have in your collection, i * * *
pose and in action, angels and His works are an expression of
SB?; X--.W, . saints, oil paintings, watercolors, his true love \ for the wonderful
m at
mixed media and lithographs, wood world we all share. This is an
blocks and etchings combine to introduction exhibition for Clark,
At Mereyhurst make up a retrospective art exhibi- his first in Erie. This beautiful col-
lection- can -be seen at the Mer-
Darling pursues dream of sportseasting u•
tion by Wm\ Roger Clark. ^ ^
Clark, a native of Pennsylvania,
has lived and worked in Philadel-
eyhurst Corry Gallery, 16 East Park
Place, Corry, Pennsylvania. The
choice of employment would be at your skills first and your personality phia, Baltimore, Washington, public is invited to attend the open-
WJET because "Myron Jones, the second," he explains. "It seems Idaho, Manhatten and has most ing reception on Sunday, April 24,
president of WJET, is real sports- that broadcasters who do have good recently returned to the U.S.A. after 1988 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
minded, particularly with broad- skills are at the top of their profes-
casting the Gannon; basketball sion, for example, Dick Emberg,
team. ft
Bob Costas, Harry Kalas and Gayle
In Stone Harbor, N J., Darling
began dreaming to be a sportscaster
early. He played football and golf
Gardner." I §£
W* Darling plans to Jget into the
Get the
and then in high school participated
in basketball and wrestling. ?'I
always had a lot of knowledge about
Philadelphia market "I wouldn't
mind starting in the the Erie mar-
ket," he says, "but the problem in
Community College
BUI Darling
By Linda Bides
sports," he explains/ "I used to go
to the Philadelphia games and sit in
the booth with Harry Kalas and
Erie is that there is no major sports
team - nothing to offer other than
college* and high school levels,
advantage this
Merciad staff reporter which makes it harder to get good

**As Bill Darling swings his golf

club in the middle of his apartment
Richie Ashburn, who are Philadel-*
phia radio announcers. My father
went to school with both of them."
material to report on. It's easy to
focus on one team and people get
upset if you do that
summer 1
living room, his cable television
When he was IS and a sopho-
more in high school, Darling fin-
Take summer credit classes at
broadcasts the NHL play-offs.
In the same sports theme, a Ski
ished third in a state oratorical con- Sometimes that is the hardest
thing - not to get partial for one
one of our many locations in
Magazine calendar hangs»in the
test In high school, he did sports
repotting for basketball by doing home team. If you watch the New Allegheny County.
background accenting his downhill on-the-spot phone interviews for York or Chicago stations they're You'll have the advantage of taking our day or evening classes that
skis leaning against the wall. A station WWOC. t 1 very partial to the local teams. It's are accredited, transferable and affordable, and there are a number
bookcase displays approximately He recalls that his best experi- pretty much acceptable on a re- of sessions to fit your busy schedule this summer. Our first session
two dozen of his sports trophies. gional level. However, on a na- begins Monday, May 23.
ence in broadcasting occurred dur-
"It's* interesting that I'm the ing his sophomore year on WWOC. tional level any sort of partiality, in We offer courses in:*
only person I know of at Mer- ' 'I did an interview for a semifinal my opin ion, i s unacceptable." • Accounting and business
cy hurst who wants to be a sportscas- game of the state play-off,'' he says. • Biology, chemistry and physical science
ter," says 25-year-old Darling, a Darling says more sports cover- • Computer science
"It was so good that another FM age of all Mereyhurst Laker teams
junkie majoring in communications Station, WWID, taped it and also | | • Computer-aided drafting $
and minoring in marketing. "Stu- should be started. As sports director • Engineering and technology programs I
used it on the air."
dents such as Brian Mc Andrew and on WMCY in the fall, he plans on • English, mathematics, humanities and social sciences >
Darling went on to study at doing more weekly play-by-play • Secretarial science and word processing
Debby D'Alessio would be good Rutgers University in New Jersey,
TV announcers." coverage of Mercyhurst's hockey, For a free schedule of classes with locations, call 237-CCAC.
where, as a freshmen he created a soccer, tennis, golf and crew teams.
Darling follows the lead of his position for himself as the first COMMUNITY
friend and C recent Mereyhurst He would like to get more people COLLEGE OF
commentator for the women's bas- who work on WMCY involved in ALLEGHENY
graduate, Brian Sheridan, a news- ketball team. This added to his COUNTY
caster for WJET in Erie, in believing the sports coverage to make it better.
yearlong college radio experience "Next year I hope to see some
College Office
that' 'if someone like myself could on station WRSU. 800 Allegheny Avenue
work (Mi a local TV station as an major changes," he says. Pittsburgh
Darling advises sportseasting
announcer ifAI would
^^ ^help students to "start young." The Equal Opportunity Educational Institution.
Mereyhurst*s prestige as far as the only way to make it in the
type of communications depart- sportseasting field is to develop
ment* we have." Darling's first

APRIL 21.1988
The Merciad
T h e V o i c e o f M p r V y h • • r s t

Sister Damien connects

community to'campus
By Lillian Dressier also takes reservations for people. I do it every year,' she said.
Merciad staff reporter Mercyhurst's functions and trains After graduating \ from Mer-
studentreplacements for the switch- cyhurst in 19S6, Sister Damien
Mercyhurst campus switch- board. When the Business office began her teaching career. During
board - Sister Damien speaking." needs help with important mailings, her teaching years she taught in the
Sister Damien, manager of the She stuffs envelopes. She also takes elementary grades and junior high
Information Center located in the care of the Activities Calendar, and school! in addition to substitute
lobby of Old Main, has used these with her student helper clips news teaching. "I was one of the first
words to answer all incoming calls items for the school's scrapbook. training teachers when Mercyhurst
to Mercyhurst for five years. But it^ may be her voice that started their Cadet Teachers Pro-
"There have been approximately fulfills the most important duty as gram," she said. "Dr. Garvey's The voice of Mercyhurst, Sr. Damien. Photo by Danielle Reynolds
43,000 of those calls in the last 11 the link between the college and the sister was oneof my first students." modern dress style because it is information desk is located close to
months," she said. In I those five callers. In fact, Sister Damien's -During those years, Sister much easier to keep clean. Mercyhurst's chapel. "I feel very
years, she has greeted over 200,000 pleasant phone technique helped Damien wore the traditional long, One of the things that Sister happy that I can be so close to the
callers, according to her estimates. her become the 1988 individual black nun's habit and had a difficult Damien likes about her job is the chapel even though I know the Lord
Acting as the "voice" of Mer- winner of the Mercyhurst Alumni time ' 'keeping it clean" on the location, i While she was in the is in us -1 can keep in touch with
cyhurst College is just one of Sr. Phonothon. She collected the larg- bottom. "I used to wash out the convent, she said that she loved the Him and tell Him all of the peoples
Damien's many|duties connected Jamount of pledges. "I made bottom every night shejrecalled. time the sisters spent in the chapel needs,'' she said.
with the Information Center. *She 5.000 for the Phonothon She said that she is happy with the praying and talking to God. Her

Kovski's Korner frompg.4 MSG News

Ms. Holzhaeusser — you also want to improve communications. In
By Margaret Coffey
Merciad MSG reporter
doing so, you have stated as a possibility having a page in The Merciad
devoted to activities. This isn't very feasible. The space in a newspaper At $ last week's MSG meeting
Activities Weekend was discussed.
Any student interested in
is a commodity which isfrequentlysold to advertisers. To devote a full
page every week to activities would be shutting off that much space that
could be sold to advertisers.
This year's scheduled events
include;team competition, Simon
Says, a Rap band and a DJ. On Fri.,
being an usherffor gradu-
| * A calendar which would be sent to every student would be an
alternative. Making an event known is one step in making the event well-
attended. \ |
April 29, the Spring Formal will be
held at the Quality Inn and on Sun-
ation on Sun.,May 22,
dayistudent government plans to
-Another step is finding out what students want I personally don't
really want to see Babes In Toy land at Christinas time. Take polls to
rent out Shades Park. |
In other news, on Friday SAC
1988, should sign up in the
find out what the students do want, and let them know how important
the polls are in determining what activities are selected.
For all of you, as well as anyone considering becoming a represen-
will have Human Trivial Pursuit in
the student union. | "'.I. Registrar's Office as soon
Letters of intent for student
tative for next year—the students aren't your enemies. They want their
money's worth from their student government, and it is yourjob to make government representatives are due
by 3 p.m. in the student government
as possible.
sure they get it office.

»3* to


turning to SZSP
»non. Any
'*'£ en*** *
-C«r»fV i
interested i
Rag »the Fina
infonnatii 1 * * men*** ,-*£&

** y„„ * * no fo '
?tefc ^ W . *WT to,-** e

* t f *

Anyone interested in jo ' B A
W L is being held for dinner
SAC, or who has any ideas
would like considered are ask ATTENTION organization
contact Janet Holzhaeusser in Bald-1 * Does J O * * * S S theBol-
win 233, or simply leave a message
*}£&* tickets aresdd. lctinBoardTS^1 ^
in Box 271. f: ^J i t t 0 out
Merciad,box2W or muSt
"'the CriminalJ^ « £
b e i e c e i v c d ^ ^ ^ s edition.

Jnrociated. •
0 aU arc « « « — ^ f ^ ? ° **
. -xs^ we *-

onHafl. 1
PAGE 8 The Merciad APRIL 21,1988

Lady Lakers thrash

Lakers sweep Edinboro »

Gannon 15 ? 5
By Jean Deegan the opponent committed a couple of
Merciad Sports Editor key errors and a hit by Danielle Lips
helped the Lakers to score three runs
The Lady Lakers of the ball in the bottom of the seventh to come
diamond had a terrific week beating from behind and win 6-5. I ;v
cross-town rival Gannon in both Debbie Bonniger hurled a four
games of a doubleheader iby the hitter and fanned seven in the open-
scoreof 15-6 and 7-6. The only loss ing game of the twin bill The
of the week was to St Bonaventure offense attack was led by Danielle
bythescore4-3,butthe*Hurstcame Lips, who went 1-f or-3 with 2 RB Is.
back with bats blazing to win by the Julie Kemling went l-for-3 and
score 15-7. The'Hurstalsotookon added one RBI.
St Francis and defeated them by the In the night cap Lips had two
There was plenty iff action in the Lakers baseball game against Edinboro. The blue and green swept the RBIs for the 'Hurst and Angie
Scots, 5*0, J-2. Photos by Jean Deegan. Scores 6-5 and 7-2. &
The Lakers were down 5-6 and Foster contributed a couple of hits
by Jean Deegan Senior Dave Kucenski earned Goring contributed hits for the and a solo RBI. ^
his first victory of the season by Julie Kemling came to the plate and
Merciad Sports Editor 'Hurst bringing the record up to 7- smacked a two-run double in the Outstanding efforts were con-
pitching the entire game against 8. f tributed by Danielle Lips, pitching
Fredonia and shutting them out in The Lakers took on Gannon on bottom of the seventh to lift the
The Mercyhurst Baseball team the last five innings of play. 'Hurst over the Knights of Gannon. three victories and going 3-for-4 in
spilt a doubleheader \ with Penn R The games against Clarion and Tuesday. The games for the|re- In addition, Kemling also rapped a two games. Debbie Bonniger
State-Behrend by winning the first maining of the week include a trip to three-run homer in the opening pitched four victories and Julie
game 8-1 and losing the second Pitt-Johnstown were canceled due Slippery Rock on Thursday, at Pitt- game. Other Lady Lakers contrib- Kemling homered twice. ~
game 13-12. On Sunday, April 10th to the weather. Johnstown on Saturday, at Frost- uting to the effort include Tammy The Lady Lakers are in action
the "team tost a doubleheader to After the time off the team re- burg Sunday and on Tuesday they Phillips with two hits and two RBIs; this week against Thiel on Tuesday
Point Park by the scores of 12-1 and turned to diamond on Monday return home to take on Geneva. (away), at Slippery Rock Thursday,
April 18th against the Fightin' Scots Rene' t Johnson with \ two hits;
17-4. * jj Christine Densmore added three at Gannon on Sunday and at Penn
The baseball team lost a double- of Edinboro. Freshman Steve Hall State-Behrend next Tuesday. The
lead the 'Hurst to a 5-0 victory over RBIs. | | I
header to Mansfield by the scores of 'Hurst is now 11-6 winning its last
9-2 and 6-0. Senior Phil Sorensen Edinboro in the first game of the In the game against St Francis, 11 out of 12 games. |
collected two hits and an RBI in the doubleheader. He struck out seven,
allowed no walks, and gave up just
first game. Sorensen continued his
one hit in the fifth inning to up his
outstanding hitting in the spilt with
Fredonia Stale. In the first game he
went 2-for-4 with and RBI, but the
for the
was in
Athletes of the week Kiely leads 'Hurst
Lakers were defeated by the scoreof On AprilfSth, the golf team
in the sixth and sophomore Keith
Parry added two hits. For the week of April 4th- April earned him the honor of the week. competed at the Slippery Rock
In the second game the Lakers 10th there were' 'Co-Athletes ofthe Shaffrey went undefeated (3-0) in Spring Invitational Each team was
won big with a 9-4 score. Sorensen I In the second game, Dave Week." \ I 1 both singles and doubles play and permitted to play six golfers while
and Mark Williams led the offen- Kucenski was on top the pitching Junior Debbie Bonniger pitched extended his consective winning counting the best five scores in the
sive attack. Sorensen had four hits, mound for the Lakers. He retired thefirstno-hitter of her collegiate streak. He has now won eight con- 18-hole match. The'Hurst placed
one RBI, and scored three times. ten batters and walked only one in a career by shutting out Pitt- secutive singles and eight consecu- ninth with 407 strokes, out of a field
Williams collected three hits (in- 5-2 decision over the Scots in the Bradford, 13-0. Bonniger also tive doubles matches over the last of eleven teams. Deny Kiely led the
cluding two doubles), two RB Is and night cap. Parry belted a two-run threw six strikeouts during the two weeks. 'Hurstwithascoreof 76. Heplaced
scored twice. homer in the fourth and senior Scott game. | 17th overall in the tournament
JSophomore Mark Williams On April 12th the golf team
Other outstanding performances of
Dunkinf! with Deegan turned in an outstanding perform-
ance against Penn State-Behrend.
In the two outings he collected

Lips. In
tional The
to the Ashland
finished with

stokes for an eighth place finish out


This past week the Women's Softball team had a three game seven hits and six RBIs. Three of of twelve teams. Deny Kiely again
Sorensen collected eight hits (in-
home stand. Since their return from the south the Lady Lakers have the hits were doubles and two were cluding < two doubles) and three led the Lakers with a top twenty
only lost two games. The first one was to a strong Edinboro team. home runs. Williams also scored finish with 80. |
four runs and boosted his batting RBIs. 9 I
The second one was this past week to St Bonaventure, but the 'Hurst He also scored four runs. The golf team has two tourna-
came back in the night cap the avenge the earlier loss. average. ments this week. One is on Wednes-
week of 11th-
Aprill^^^ Danielle Lips won three games day, April 20 at Indiana University
If you take a close look at the team's record it could be a bit I For the
while pitching and also went 3-for-
deceiving. The reason I say that is because all of their losses were by April 17th, Donnough Shaffrey was 4 at the plate against both Geneva of Pennsylvania. The second is on
one or two runs. The games I attended I was taken by surprise. The named' 'Athlete of the Week." His and St Bonaventure. Friday and Saturday, April 22 & 23
players were hitting the stuffing out of the balls. The team possess outstanding play and consistency at Allegheny College.
a number of strong bats as well as a great deal of experience.
The top of die list would have to be sophomore Julie Kemling.
She leads the Lady Lakers with a batting average of .512. When the
Lakers need a hit Julie usually comes up with it Next is freshman Crew visits W. Va. Tennis tops Slippery Rock 9
Danielle Lips. She currently has a .484 batting average. Also among
the top sluggers is senior Nancy Emmi. She has a .351 batting Youngstown! State
This past Saturday the Mer-
average. | cyhurst! Crew team journeyed to The Mercyhurst Tennis Team Triangular Match beating both the
I In the pitching department the player leading the way is junior Charleston, West Virginia for the had big wins against Slippery Rock University of Pittsburgh (6-3) and
Debbie Bonniger. She has a 5-4 record, but has an earned run average Governor's Cup Regatta. Seven of (9-0) and Youngstown State (8-1). the State University of New York at
of 2.23. She also lead the pitching staff with 49 strike outs. In the final races were canceled due to In the Quad Match at Ohio Univer- Buffalo (6-3). Both Brian Demuth
addition to her strong bat,; Danielle Lips also shares the pitching the weather, but that did not stop the sity the Lakers dropped to both and Shaffrey; went undefeated in
duties with Bonniger. Lips has a 3-0 record with an earned run 'Hurst from performing strong Malone and the host school by the both singles and doubles. Shaffrey
average of3.79. The third pitcher is freshman SherrieMischrell. She early on in the competition.
has 1-2 record with a 4.31 earned run average. Mischrell is also one same score 7-2. The Lakers turned extended his winning streak in both
The winners include |the the tables on Morehead State Uni- singles and doubles to eight con-
of the strong bats with a .385 batting average. | . Women's Novice Four and the versity beating them 8-1.
You cannot win ball games with only a strong offense. You need Men's Lightweight Four. The secutive wins.
a strong defense as well, and the Lady Lakers have that Nancy Emmi teams that the 'Hurst competed
leads the 'Hurst with 15 games without an error J Bonniger crosses against were Notre Dame, West The strong efforts came from
over into this category as well she has 10 games without an error. Donnough Shaffrey. Who went 5-
Virginia, Ohio State, Duquesne, The Men's Tennis Team record
Sophomore Kim Pethtel leads the team with 86 put outs, followed by Duke, Tennessee, Marietta, Univer- 0 in singles for the week. The
Emmi with 37 and freshman Kara Karlinchak with 35. • doubles team of Shaffrey and Tom is 11-2, and they will be trying to
sity of Charleston, University of better that with matches on Satur-
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