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College required to give crime stats
isn't as hard-line as it sounds. Nothing is carved in stone,'' he said.' He went on to say that he takes many factors into account, including past conduct and the degree of the problem. Kennedy admitted that he had not sent out such a letter sooner because he "somehow thought that possibly the (Christmas) season would have a softening effect and make it a kinder and gentler world." After a number of groans from those assembled, Kennedy said,

Keg Law
By Maria Kelly Merciad staff rM i l l rter

College students "live to party" and parties with kegs seem to be the main source of weekend entertainment, die Mercyhurst Keg Law enacted in the autumn of 1986. According to William Kennedy, Director of Student Services, the Keg Law prohibits keg beer on the campus. This applies to all students— even those over the age of 21. It also prohibits large or noisy parties. Large parties are defined as one that cannot 4 'Boy, was I wrong.' • | W be contained within a dwelling or one host44 *| If someone is attacked and defends ing over 50 people. himself or herself, what then?" Kennedy "If campus security are attracted to a asked, when questioned on the lack of a set party by its noise level and theyfindpeople policy in dealing with fighting. I with open containers of beer, which usually There have been no reportedfightssince indicates a keg, they are fully entitled to Dec. 14, as students went home for break one confiscate the tap," Kennedy said. I. week later, so the letter sent to students has not Students are not only violating the campus laws by drinking out of open containers been tested. « All of the acts of violence have involved in public they are also violating the state of DIRECTOR OF STUDENT SERVICES, E. William Kennedy, addresses College Senate. alcohol, and Kennedy reiterated the substance Pennsylvania liquor laws, according to Kennedy. j Photo by Kevin McHugh of the keg law. (see sidebar) At present, students in trouble for fighting Even though the state laws do not proBy Christopher J. Kovski If an institution fails to comply with this are handled through Student Services and hibit kegs, the college enforces their keg Merciad Editor act, which went into effect on Nov. 1,1988, Housing. At one point, there was a judicial laws because, "Kegs give students an expanel involving students to determine the cuse to get drunk, and in certain cases, create and it is subject tofinesof up to $ 10,000. 1 As of this time, Mercyhurst hasn't com- punishment for offenders of campus policy, a disturbance,* * Kennedy said. Kevin McHugh Afirstviolation of the Keg Law results plied with the Clery Act f. According to Ken- but Kennedy said that such a situation would Merciad staff reporter jK -ft in a $25fineand confiscation of the tap. A nedy, die state's attitude is "don't call us, "hurt the confidentiality" of dealing with second violation results in a $100fineand E. William Kennedy, director of Student we'll call you," and as long as the state feels students. v Some of the students protested, asking J the loss of housing privileges for the rest of Services,) and Phyllis Aiello, director of that way, Mercyhurst isn't going to rush into when it is appropriate for people to be given the year. If a student is uncooperative with Housing, met with the Mercyhurst College a report security and there is enough evidence to Also, Aiello and Kennedy noted repeat- some responsibility, especially due to the Senate on Jan. 10,1989, to discuss the effects suggest that there is a keg on the premises of the 1988 Clery Act on Mercyhurst College. edly that the police have yet to tell the school educational role of the institution. Due to the surge in campus violence in (ie., people walking around with open conThe Clery Act, also known as the College if the report is to be for the fiscal year or the October and November, it was suggested that tainers) he or she could face a fine of $100. and University Security Information Act, is a calendar year. "We have quite a few problems with response of the Pennsylvania House of RepThis issue was raised by a number of coaches notify their athletes of the penalties 9 resentatives to the problem of students being students who were concerned with the conse- for fighting, as well as threaten to kick them students violating the law. Even though the quences of increasedfightingon campus. No off of the team. Kennedy agreed that this was number of violations hasn't been great, it is unaware of campus crime. something we have to deal with on a regular The Act requires all Pennsylvania institu- one has told students any set policy that a good idea. But it was also brought up that campus basis," Kennedy said. tions of higher learning to report annual crime applies if there is afight,and this group felt Penn State Behrend has the same stipusecurity has no police powers — they cannot statistics to the Pennsylvania State Police. there should be one. lations in their Keg Law as Mercyhurst and Kennedy stated that the reason there is no make arrests, and the most they can do is These figures will then be published in an set policy on fighting because every situation report offenders. If they had police powers, for alcohol guidelines they follow the state annual report laws. Gannon University does not allow [5* It also requires these institutions to pub- is different In a letter sent out on Dec. 14, they would be obligated to give students lish and distribute a report, which will be 1988, Kennedy notified students that anyone citations for underage drinking and for fight- alcohol on the campus even for those students of a legal drinking age. ing. | updated annually, containing crime statistics fighting would be suspended. Yet at the meeting, he admitted that this for the most recent three-year period. There are also to be crime rates listed in the report, based on the number of full-time students and 9 full-time employees. I H This report is to be made available to any person, on request, who applies to the institution, as well as any new employee at the time man, Bukowski said. "It costs money to do said. HH ! } I & I of employment It is also to be provided to all By Michelle Bush The * Hurst provides many community these things because obviously you have to students and employees on an annual basis. Merciad staff editor services to Erie besides education. The colpay people to do it," he added. In addition, every person who applies to Until now the church community has been Erie asked St Vincent's and Hamot lege has afilmseries, the academic celebraan educational institution, and anyone hired by one, is to be given a copy of the campus largely tax-exempt, but the city's financial Medical Center to pay a user fee or else pay a tion, the July 4 celebration, the theater proneed brings Mercyhurst and St Vincent's real-estate tax, the Director of Finance John ductions, the D'Angelo music presentations, security policies and procedures. the dance performances, and more, Bukowski status under question. * Maus said; " The hospitals are expanding into other explained. Nonprofit organizations such as colleges, This report is to include the number of Money is also providedformany students students, the number of students living on- public schools, churches, parks, telephone businesses besides healthcare (for-profit campus, total number of employees, the of- companies, electric companies, hospitals, etc. ventures) and are offering services that com- who attend Mercyhurst "With the student jy we have, we award almost 2 million a fice responsible for security on campus, a don't have to pay real-estate tax, according to pete with local businesses, Maus explained. | " Some nonprofits are really making more year for aid," Maus said. description of the type and number of security the Director of Institutional Advancement, money than they need be," Bukowski said. According to Bukowski, the college is personnel, as well as their training, enforce- Gary Bukowski. However, Erie needs money because of a *'• Mercyhurst has the same nonprofit status here to help and puts a lot back into die ment authority of security personnel, policy on reporting criminal incidents to state and crumbling tax base—more people are moving as St Vincent's but the college is really in a community. "It isn't driven by profit but by local police, and policies on reporting crimi- to the outskirts — yet the city provides more different situationv "Our mission and status see 'Taxes', pg.,1 services such as water, firemen and police- is to provide educational services," Maus nal actions or other emergencies.
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Hospital situation not the same as 'Hurst

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The Merciad

JANUARY 19,1989

Habercam razes Madonna
By Brian DiPlacido Merciad staff reporter What can you say about a guy who has a New Year's Resolution "not to take any guff from anyy?' J That's Keith Habercam, a man among men, and an uncanny junior here at Mercy hurst Why waste time with boring background information? Wouldn't you} rather know-that Keith voted Republican in the Presidential election and believes'that George Bush has "a big time job to kick in: the teeth?" Also Keith refers to the stealth bomber as " the half-million dollar Edsel that makes the Sherman tank look good." Moving away from politics and into the entertainment realm. Keith
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verbally razes Madonna, saying "she can't act, she can't sing, she can't even decide on a hair color." However, he does think \ that Madonna's "better half," Sean Penn, in a televised bout with Mike Tyson would be of interest On the subject of television, Keith is ticked at ABC for canceling "Sledgehammer." And in the motion picture business, Keith highly recommends 4« The Naked Gun" or any of the 44 Nightmare on Elm Street' * flicks. Ever wonder what Keith thinks of uptight Christians who are opposed to heavy metal groups such as Guns-n-Roses? Well, he says, "...(they) take! religion too seriously." And speaking of serious, Keith thinks that Mercyhurst will have to do some serious improve-

ment before it can be considered prestigious. For instance, Keith believes that the international flavor of the campus citizens would be greatly enhanced by bringing in some Russian students. | As he put it, "Enough Irishmen, bring in some Commmies." Also, Keith states that the college could improve maintenance, discipline standards, and also give more support to WMCY. In the future, Keith wants to find a job in radio "somewhere livable." Also, he is on the lookout for possible mates. Those interested may call 456-9088 to apply. Keith's views may seem a little extreme, but as he himself says, * 'we're all entitled to our opinion.''
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Chlamydia spreads
By Tina Fielding Merciad staff writer January is sexually transmitted! disease awareness month. Gone well known, but Chlamydial lie known disease that! [rapidly spreading. J Chlamydia causes an estimated million infections per year, at i st of about $1.5 million. Chlamydia is caused by the bacteria Chlamydia Trachomatis and is transmitted only through sexual activity. Most common among sexually people under 20, Chlamydial ften causes no symptoms. As many cases are ignored ai A diagnosed. symptoms do occur, they i Isimilar to those of many other sea 1 transmitted diseases: discharge [burning of the penis in m < discharge, unusual bleeding a ibdominal pain in women. ere are tests to diagnose C lydia, but no vaccine has been bund. Gonorrhea and Chlamydial iften coexist, however and wil loften be tested for simultaneously Treatment of. Chlamydia in de taking either doxycycline {tetracycline, and if Gonorrhea |also present, antibiotics will also described. If, in women, the infection h {spread and entered the uterus i {fallopian tubes, hospitalization i surgery may be necessary, i men, Chlamydia can cause an ion of the testicles, infertility iter's Syndrome, which causes rash, arthritis and an eye Inanimation. Both men and women can bene sterile | if Chlamydia is noi detected and treated. | 1 Many women with Chlamydia {develop ' 'pelvic inflammatory disease" (PID) which can cause Iscarring or tubal pregnancy. 'Some danger signs of PID inle abdominal or back pain or iderncss, fever, chills and aching. Using condoms, limiting sexual :tivity, and having regular checkcan help terminate this disease.

Heating system heats up students
By Holly Fulmer Merciad staff reporter An Energy Management System has recently been installed to regulate the heat in McAuley Hall, according to Harold George, director of maintenance. Under this system, which was approved by Dr.William P. Garvey, president, and the Board of Directors, thermostats throughout the building were replaced by sensors. These computer-aided sensors run the boiler, which is pre-set at 71 degrees, in all the rooms. jt However, George says that when the room does not call for heat, fthe pipes expand from the steam. Maintenance has changed all the traps to help eliminate the banging it causes, he adds. This system is checked daily, and) as the weather changes, the system is controlled * accordingly, raising or lowering the temperature, according to George.'' Electric heat doesn't heat fast enough and it's tougher to control," George says. George realizes that the system still needs to be fine tuned. "In any

m new system, there will be a few bugs,'' he says. j | KEITH HABERCAM ROCKS the 'Hurst through the WMCY Residents in the hall complain station and through his different way of looking at things. about the inconsistency of the heatPhoto by Kevin McHugh ing and the nuisance it creates. 4«T*» It's never the same,'' one student commented. Other - students complained about the noise. i The campaign for the Senior "One thing that upsets meis that Class Project started on Tuesday, you're not allowed to open the January 10, with a meeting in Sulwindows,'' said Tony Szabo, freshlivan Kill. I man. I The seniors decided!to have George says that opening winartist John Reitinger, of Lead dows interferes with the thermostat Lines Studio, make a stained glass setting. j window for Sullivan Hall. On the whole, however, George The stained glass window will is pleased with the system. Itisused feature the crest of Mercyhurst in three other buildings, Zurn Hall, The Project Committee is anBaldwin, and the Library, and all ticipating 100 percent participahave produced beneficial B results. tion from the class ^ of 1989 in "Through this system, we are able hopes of erecting this window and to control the heat and save money beginning a new tradition at the at the same time," George says. 'Hurst I In the future, George says he If anyone has questions about would like to see more of these the project, please contact Diane systems installed. The next goal of Erzen at 825-3771 or James the maintenance department is O'Connor at 825-7701. studying Old Main and Egan for the same system. He says that this study will begin next month.

Seniors I construct window


T a x e x e m p t , fromPg.i
helping people," Bukowski said. Of the 110,000 parcels of land in Erie County, 3,608 parcels are taxexempt, according to Bukowski, and these nonprofit organizations are required tofilea 990 tax return. The Laker Inn, Clippers Cove, and cafeteria are for-profit ventures of the college and they are set up under a corporation that does pay real-estate tax, Maus said. Maus explained that he didn't believe St Vincent's and Hamot were set up like Mercyhurst "They do not probably have their for-profits under a corporation or they wouldn't be having this problem," Maus said. I In the future, Mercyhurst may contribute more monev to Erie but that is up to the Board, Maus said. "The more pressure that is put on the local community because of cutbacks, the more they will go after the nonprofits to contribute money," Maus added. •i More suits will also be coming down on St Vincent's and Hamot by the school district, according to Bukowski. "This isn't the end," Bukowski said "they'll be around for round two or three." 1 According to Maus, he said he thinks Mercyhurst will help the city'sfinancialneed. "We are all part of the community and in time of crises everyone seems to pull together, not just the for-profits, but die nonprofits as well because it's our community," he said.

Kovski's Korner
injury on another senous enough to require medical attention will be reported to the Erie Police. There are times when the College should act in loco parentis, and this is one of them. I can't think of any reason a parent would not want an attack reported. > Not only that, but publicize the fact that someone beat up someone else. Make people realize it won't be tolerated. Don't make it difficult for student reporters tofindout the facts, merely because you are concerned with the school's image. Give out crime statistics and security information to everyone, not just those who come forward and request it Sometimes those that are too meek to ask are the ones that

* frompg.4


need Only by opening the information up to public scrutiny can we finally befreeof the innuendoes and rumors surrounding any event that takes place on this campus. One person tells another, they tell a few dozen, and the news flows, continuing in its inaccuracy. Even though the-state hasn't required Mercyhurst to come forward with these statistics yet, there is no reason for the College not to do so. Any reluctance calls question to the administration's motives. Now is the time to show students and their parents that they made the right choice, and that they found a college willing to take a little heat once in a while to protect its students.

JANUARY 19,1989

The Merciad


explodes at Mercyhurst
By Andy Penhollow Merciad staff reporter • Violence on campus is an issue that has met with growing concern among Mercyhurst students and the administration of the college. Rumors of fighting, harassing, bullying, and assaulting have been traveling through the grapevine, each story growing in severity as it travels from person to person. , g In interviews with Mr. E. William Kennedy on Jan. 10, and College President Dr. William P. Garvey on January 12th, several facets of the problem were discussed, and the causes of such violence were determined. Dr. Garvey feels that although the number of incidents involving violence has increased, violence has not increased as a percentage of the population of the college. "We have more violence because we have more students,'' Garvey said. "We are still better off than other schools in this region." er, Garvey also added ^ ^ r olence is too much. He would like to see aggression reduced to its lowest conceivable level at Mercyhurst* Pan Pour Kennedy, Director of Student Services, analyzed the situation. "I know of no reported incident of violence on campus that was not alcohol related," Kennedy stated. 4 'That's not to say that alcohol is the whole problem, but we can not ignore the fact that it is always present when there is trouble," Kennedy added. Kennedy explained that many of the incidents involve younger students, particularly freshmen boys. There are several explanations for this. "Freshmen have the least amount of experience with alcohol. They are also very insecure socially. This insecurity can make them do irrational things when they are under the influence," Kennedy explained. Kennedy also explained a condition that he calls the "Bluejacket Phenomenon." This refers to the safety or security one feels when they join a group of some sort For example, a freshman named John comes to Mercyhurst and is a little insecure because he is away from home for thefirsttime, and he must make new friends. John is very active, so he decides to join the Laker Rugby team. John psychologically feels safe when when he is surrounded by members of his team. • \ Although he doesn* tknow them all that well, they serve as at substitute for his family andfriendsback home. This of course will change after time. John will become good friends with his teammates as he gets to know them better. For the mean time, John and the other J.V. players are really secure, overconfident They get together at a party and get drunk. John and a couple other players leave the party and proceed to walk across campus. On their way across campus they see a student that John recognizes. He remembers the student as being the kid who made some derogatory comments about the rugby team last week. £ In their drunkenness the three boys decide to harass the student Before they know it, punches are thrown and all four boys end up in Kennedy's office. John and the others are suspended from school and thrown out of housing. Now, John is not a violent person by nature, nor is he a known troublemaker. But because of his overconfidenceand his inability to control his actions having had too much to drink, he injured an innocent student and paid a heavy price. This example can be applied to other places in society. The psychological need to;group is present among all human beings. Student Services is making strides toward helping freshmen with this need. Kennedy spoke of intramural sports at McAuley Hall in which the residents of each wing would be on a team together. They encourage each team to purchase matching shirts to promote team spirit This program not only promotes an activity for freshmen, but also gives the students the security of being part of a team. Garvey agrees with the theory of the "Blue Jacket Phenomenon." He feels, however, that the problem goes further than that "The students need a recreational place to let loose, without the confines of the dorms and apartments," Garvey described. Although the use of the Mercyhurst Student 'Union has increased, it seemed that Garvey was thinking more along the lines of an outdoor facility. H On that note Garvey expressed his enthusiasm about the proposed construction of an outdoor pavilion, funded by Mercyhurst Student Government Chris Mohr, MSG President, has been working with the administration in an effort to Pain Report, the first national study select an on-campus location for the on pain in}America, documented pavilion. that more people 18-24 suffer from Their goal is to build the facility stress and pain than any older age somewhere on-campus where the group. ? * i S noise from parties would least interA skier with the can'ts looks fere with the surrounding neighbordown a steep, icy slope and is para- hood. Mohr said that the final lyzed. "I can't ski this," he thinks. construction site has been chosen. The trick for the skier is to find The pavilion will be located in the a "can do" —a first turn he can orchard behind the D'Angelo buildmake. Once he successfully com- ing, adjacent to the pond. pletes thefirstturn he can look to the The pavilion will bring many next and the next VEach time he benefits to the campus. Students successfully makes a turn he gains a will be permitted to gather there, senseof accomplishment and builds hold parties, or simply use it as a confidence in himself and his skiing place to study or picnic in the warmer months. The school will The solution for the can ts utilize the facility for guest lectursounds pretty simple, and it is. Big ers. projects are made up of lots of small, Garvey sees the construction as 4 'do able" steps. a necessary improvement for weekI developed the can'tsrightafter end activities. , "We've had too signing the contract for my first many noise complaints from neighbook: 65,000 words. I couldn't get bors," Garvey said. The pavilion started. I kept putting it off, over- will help to alleviate that problem, whelmed by the size of the task, just because parties held there won't be like I used to do in college when I heard out on Briggs Avenue. had a big paper to write. v | . ; Students like this idea because Luckily I remembered my own they realize that although they must advice: to look for a can do. I can still abide by campus regulations, write the outline -did it I can write security won't bust a loud party, if bullets for each chapter -did it I it's held in the pavilion; can write an introduction -did it In addition to the pavilion, Ten months later the book was Garvey would like to see more recfinished. reational activities planned for the Overcome procrastination by weekends, and a greater student remembering to turn can'ts into can involvement in SAC sponsored dos. Ask yourself,' 'What can I do functions. now?" And be sure that the direcIt is the general feeling that if tion you're moving in leads to your student participation increases, than ultimate goal. that alone will help to lessen the Can do thinking and the positive occurrence of violence. That may actions that* follow increase your seem like an abstract statement but confidence and composure and most psychologists agree that boremaximize your effectiveness. dom is a leading cause of violence Prettv soon vou're on a roll. I

William Garvey among college students. Next week's, article will examine the administrative policies dealing with violence and campus security, including the controversial "Keg Law."

Stress causes procrastination
By Robert J. Kreigel, Ph.D. Merciad Stress Series Have you ever felt that you can't possibly read four chapters, study for that philosophy test, write that paper, make dinner and call your girlfriend all in one night? Then instead of doing all the things you know you should, do you just turn on the stereo and avoid them all? Yes? You are among the majority. Procrastination occurs when you think you have too much to do or when you imagine something is going to be too difficult or distasteful, i The "can'ts" (I can't do all that..) overwhelm us so that we do nothing but procrastinate. If you are like most college students today, you feel increasingly overwhelmed. In fact the Nuprin

Palmer re-elected

By Karen Sampson Merciad staff reporter Dr. David Palmer, Special Assistant to the President, the former Academic Dean, and English teacher has been re-elected President of the Board of Directors of the Booker T. Washington Center. Palmer served on the Board of Directors for seven years and served as President for one year. ; The Booker T. Washington Center is a social service organization started approximately 30 years! ago for poor blacks in urban areasj s according to Palmer. Said he: "If primarily was organized to provide the black community with a voice, and also to satisfy some of the needs." i Today, the center aids all poor through its numerous services and programs. "It's for anyone— the ir and indigent Allyouhaveto do to quality is to be poor (and sick if you come in for health services). Anyone in the neighborhood can go in to use the gym and other facilities," Palmer said. The center has! programs for health, education.! social, and recreation. The center! also has medical and dental clinics, \ a clinic for pregnant women, and! even a tutoring service for children. The center is currendy expanding its programs for the homeless by I developing a program for the reno- v vation of houses to be sold or rented! to those in need. "We are develop- \ in g a program that is modeled after t a program in Pittsburgh whercj homes that need'renovation are fixed up through the help of other 1 agencies*' Palmer said.
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The Merciad

JANUARY 19,1989

College should reevaluate heating system controls
Mc Auley Hall recently had a new heating system installed. But some of the residents have expressed dissatisfaction with- the system. The reason? They are not allowed to open their windows, for one. Why would this upset people in winter? Obviously, their rooms are too warm. If aroomis too warm in January, there is something wrong. In addition, the temperature fluctuates, according to residents. When they are paying over $2,500 to live in a dorm for the year, they should at least be comfortable. Last year, the system in Baldwin (which is the same as McAuley's) shut down in the beginning of January, when there was a wind chill of 17 below. The residents froze for over 24 hours before the system was fixed, ^f What was the malfunction? A burned outcoil—a relatively minor problem. Yet Maintenance wasn't notified until the morning after the system shut off, and Connecto Electric wasn't notified until later that day.

Kovski Korner
It's timefor action and words

Why should there *be bugs in a system that has been installed in a number of buildings on \ the Mercyhurst; campus, as well as in the City of Erie? < \\\
The reason the school has changed over to this computerized system for a number of buildings is that it is supposed to save money. Yet what good is saving money if your tenants are unhappy? Until the system was installed, students could control their own heat This allowed them to make

The Merciad
Mercyhurst College's First-Class newspaper as rated by the Associated Collegiate Press Vol 62 No, 13 Christopher J. Kovski Michelle Bush Karen Sampson Matthew J. Clark Patty Coneglio Liz Richards Alexa Potter PatSteckman Kerry Rimdzius Steve Rush Mara Sweterlitsch John Kupetz Reporters Amy Lynn Austin Jill Chiccarino Margaret Coffey Bill Darling Brian DiPlacido Una Fielding Holly Fulmer BillHogan Maria Kelly Theresa Kloecker Sara Linehan Brian Maiden Kevin McHugh Jennifer Montani Andy PenhoUow Robi Taylor Andrea Tipton January 19,1989 Editor Editorial Board Sports Editor Business Manager Photo Editor Circulation Manager Photographer Cartoonists Faculty Adviser


their room the temperature they liked. Evidently, though, such convenience is expensive. The College saved 30 percent by installing a new system. The question is, was the savings due to the computer control, or due to 'improvements in the heating system itself? If it were due to improvements in the heating, then residents should be allowed to control their own heat, at least on the colder winter days. The efficiency of the computer control would have to be questioned if the residents are complaining of temperature fluctuation. But Harold George, director of Maintenance, said that there are always bugs in a new system. Why should there be bugs in a system that has been installed in a number of buildings on the Mercyhurst campus, as well as in the city? The company should have it right by now. If this system is going to save the College a great deal of money, why isn't that savings being passed on to the residents? ; 4 ;j ' Baldwin residents complain that their room temperaturesfluctuateas well. Instead of running cooler at night and warmer in the afternoon, as is appropriate, it is cold in the afternoon and roasting at night The Baldwin system isn't new, so why does it still have bugs? And why is the College putting in a system that hasn't been proven yet for a residential setting, at least on this camDus?

By Christopher J. Kovski Merciad Editor In the College Senate meeting ol Jan. 10,1988, Mercyhurst took a step in the wrong direction in dealing with students. Although state I law requires all colleges and universities to prepare and distribute a report of crime statiss we ^__ r^** 3 ^ ^ security policies, two representatives of the administration freely admitted that Mercyhurst has not done so. The reason for disobeying this law? "The state police have not told us whether we should use the fiscal year, July 1 to June 30, or the 9 calendar year for submitting crime statistics.' f At orientation, parents were told statistics—if they requested them. They were given nothing in writing. * When reporters ask for information on security matters -- especially the action taken against offenders — they are given the bureaucratic shuffle. They have to pull out every bit of information like they are pulling teeth. Bud Dever, the head of campus security, has been willing to give information, but he has nothing to do with the disciplinary end of the situation. y . What is the reason for such reluctance to give statistics? Does the administration really feel the College will fare so poorly? Or is it simply; that no one wants to do the work? If it is a reluctance to take on the task, the administration should realize that giving people the statistics will show that there is nothing to hide. By openly presenting thefigures,the truth will come out But if the failure to disseminate these statistics is based on a poor showing by Mercyhurst in terms of crime rate, it is time for the truth to come out Once a problem is recognized, then it can be tackled. Until that point, it festers. i One of the main problems with the violence and crime on the Mercyhurstcampus is the notion of image. When there is a problem with someone, they get written up, or they lose housing privileges. They are not subject to criminal prosecution. Nor are people who file complaints urged to go to the police. Instead, they are told how easy it is to let the school handle the problem. When they are told about this ease of handling, they are not told that usually, the punishment will not fit the crime. Telling someone who beats up someone else that they can't come back to school for a term is like telling a kid that if he doesn't do his homework, he'll have to go to bed five minutes early. There really isn't any deterrent No one wants ; to disturb the sugary ideal of life at a Catholic college.

The Merciad is the student-produced newspaper of Mercyhurst College, Box 161,501 E. 38th St, Erie, PA 16546. Phone: 8250376. Mfrtfrial for publication must be submitted by noon on the dav before publication. ?'.' \ The Merciad welcomes letters to the editor. Letters must be signed, but the writer's name can be withheld by request

When making improvements to save money, the cash savings has to be weighed against the loss of comfort In an ideal situation, the school could save money, and students could be more comfortable. In this situation, we are faced with less than an ideal. The College is saving money, but not only are the students not being -made more comfortable - far from it - but they aren't even getting any of the savings. According to Gary Bukowski, the College isn't driven by profit If it is not, £t least give the students a way to adjust their environment to make it more conducive to studying. 1 3 After all, Mercyhurst College is an r educational institution, not a landlord. Don't worry about making a lot of money off of the residence halls. There seems to be enough coming in. Instead, let the students be comfortable and a little happier with their educational experience, -s,

Give out crime statistics and security information to eveiyone, not just those who request it. Sometimes those that are too meek to ask are the ones who need it most.

But life here isn't idyllic. People have stresses, people people love and lose. And, most of all, people disagree, disagree, they realize that the school policy isn't really people whofight,and they decide to escalate beyond ai words. That's when they exchange punches. If they were to step across 38th Street and beat soma be arrested, tried, and fined - with a permanent mark 01 Buthere, they would be told they couldn't comeback fori take terms off for a number of reasons, so that slight gK^^career isn't going to raise eyebrows with future employers. I S O * ; | So what should we do? Should we sit back and let people beat each other up, eventually getting us or one of our friends? Or, perhaps, doing more damage than a black eye and a few bruises? i Obviously, weshouldn'tallowthistohappen. Whatcan wedoabout it, though? We can urge the administration to develop and distribute a written policy for security, as well as a report of crime statistics. f Wecan also refuse to accept the attitude of Mr. Kennedy, who asserts (hat a set policy in dealing with altercations is impossible, as every situation is different i | - • * • ? ,t Okay, I can accept that But we can step above the individual case and set guidelines for handling it, not for assigning punishment Wecan set up a policy which establishes that, for instance, a person who inflicts


see 'Korner', pg. 2

JANUARY 19,1989

The Merciad


Believe ft


> )

Lonely!spirits wander Hurst Queen i sChapel
By Robi Taylor Merciad staff reporter boy had been killed in a freak automobile accident She quickly returned theringto the chapel, but the Stories of ghosts, strange lights, story started that the ring was cursed and noises are a pan of life on all and that the chapel and tower were college campuses. Harvard has a haunted. # ? I phantom they call the * 'Screamer.* J I The administration removed the The University of Akron has ring some time ago placing it in a "The Flaming Ghost of Buchtel sealed box somewhere in the chapel Hall,'* who wanders the halls of to prevent the spread of stories their rebuilt main office building. connected with it ^Sometimes Mercyhurst has a Jnumber of though, lights and strange sounds spirits who come out late at night to are still found in the chapel, usually roam the Queen's Chapel and the around 12:15 a.m. Stories are that third floor of Egan Hall. Most of they are the spirit of the lonely nun these stories have little basis in his- searching for her lost love. Sometorical fact, but year after year they times too, the ring can still be found are told and retold. Some have actu- in front of the statue, but it also ally become part of the college's disappears if {someone gets too close. history. Mercy hurst's most famous legend centers around die "Infant of Prague statue which is placed at $m the right side of the alter in the chapel. mm As the story goes, there was a m W? Mercyhurst girli who became engaged to her lover in the days just before World War II. But, before they could marry, the war broke out m and her love was called to do his duty and go off to war. Just before m the war ended it was reported that mm the young man had been killed in
•» •>--•> W•






m | When the girl heard the news, she swore that die would never love another man as long as she lived. It was shortly after that she entered the Sisters of Mercy order atr Mercyhurst Just before she was to take her final vows, she placed her ruby engagement ring on thefingerof the "Infant of Prague" statue. According to some, she also placed her fiance's watch in front of the statue. But it was never found. A few years lata*, a letter came for the young Sister. It was from the man that she had loved and had mourned for so long. He had been taken prisoner and just been released. The letter also said that he was coming home to see her. But, the Sister, who still loved the man, had given her life to God. This news caused her to suffer a complete nervous breakdown, and she was finally isolated to the apartment on the fourth floor of Old Main.

i <J:<

Is THIS STATUE cursed? One Sister, who is still at Mercyhurst, has heard the noises comingfromthe fourth floor apartment She blames them on a broken toilet on the third floor. "But," she is quick to add, 5 'have you ever heard of a ghost going to the bathroom?'' J Igor Stalsky tells a story that happened to some of his students back in 1965. Although he did not see the events, he did see the effects on his students. One night about half his students were missingfromclass. Half way through the class, said Stalsky, the missing students showed up and 9 they "looked like hell.' They had Although she never saw young man again, she spent endless been playing with a OUIJA board hours staring at theringthat she had and had gotten more than a surprise. placed on the statue. I The family |who owned the In the early 1950'stshe was found in! her apartment...dead. house where the seance had taken place had a picture painted by Sister Rumors were that she had hanged Angelica of Mercyhurst College herself because of the young man hanging on their living room wall. that she loved and lost The painting was a portrait of a Some Sisters have said that lovely young girlf they've heard noises and!sighs During the seance the spirit of coming from the apartment for a time after the death. It has also been the girl in the painting appeared by acurtain at theback of theroom. She reported that a strange nun has been looked the same as the painting, seen before the statue, kneeling as if except for having fiery red eyes. in prayer. But,she always disap- When the students looked at the peared before anyone could get loo picture, it too had the red eyes. close. The only trace that she was The ghost told them her name there would be a sweet smell that and when she had died. AH the info would remain after she had left One time a senior borrowed the checked out in the newspaper. A check with Erie Cem^ery said the ring to wear as a surprise for her her grave was empty.. Jier body had boyfriend. While she was wearing never been delivered for burial. the ring, she was notified that the

A second seance produced the same ghost But this time it was much more aggressive and moved toward the group which cleared the house. Except for one girl who wanted to see what would happen next .§£ I | Strange noises stayed with the girl until she went to bed carrying a crucifix with her as protection. Sometime during the night the ghost appeared at the foot of her bed and began moving toward her. When she showed f the cross, the ghost would back away. A The cross broke in twofromthe power that the spirit was showing which .caused the ghost to move toward the girl. But when the pieces were put back together the ghost D o SPIRITS WANDER on the thirdfloor ofEgan Hall and thefloorsofOld would back off again. Main, or are noises the result of a broken toilet? Photo by Kevin McHugh The girl went to the Queen's Chapel to get a priest to perform an exorcism. The ghost followed her and was seen by the priest who went ment for a haunting is that the per- pipes and toilets or ghosts and out to check. But the crucifix was son not be in their preferred final demons, the school administration gone. It was found in a open closet resting place. This wouldfitin this is going to ignore the whole subject near one of the doors to the chapel. situation. But none of those who say that the it I The priest could not perform the The stones are going ^to be*. ghosts don't exist will spend the exorcism buthe did say amass to rid told...and to grow...as long as there night in the Queen's Chapel. Do the girl of the spirit's harassment are students coining to study at you think maybe they're not as sure No one knows what happened to the Mercyhurst Whether the noises are as they think? W% ghost, it may stilllbe around the chapel...but who knows? The room just to the left of the chapel alter is the burial crypt for the O'Neil family. Although the four crypts are empty, there is a strange feeling when visitors walk into the vault area. Loud noises and cold winds are there to greet anyone who steps into the glass room. The members of the O'Neil family, including two Sisters of SENIOR RECRUITERS MATH CLINIC ^ ^ Mercy, are buried in France and in The following recruiters will be I Do you'need help with your the Titusville area. But one require- on campus to interview interested math? Do you need to review for a students. Students interested in math test? Why not come to the interviewing with any of these re- Math Walk-in Clinic on Tuesdays FILM FOR DISCUSSION cruiters should come to the Career and Thursdays from 2:30 to 4:30 On ?Weds., Jan.25, the film Services Office, Main 204, to sign p.m. in Main 207 for some assisWedding in Galilee, a story of the up for an appointment i tance? See your math professor wedding of a Palestinian couple and Graylyn Conference Center now, or just walk in. i life in Palestine, will be shown in for HRIM majors, permanent and * Zurn? Hall. The discussion will Co-op positions. Hyatt Hotel NY CITY TRIP § begin at 7:50 p.m. and the film will Corp.forHRIM majors, Corporate J The theater department and dibegin at 8 p.m. There is no admismanagement trainee. National lector Paul Iddings are offering a sion for Mercyhurst students, facCity Bank of Cleveland for Acct, three-credit course titled Introduculty, administration, or staff. e s M, Mkt, BADM, Fin., Intl. Bus. tkra to Professional Theater. The SAC EVENTS FOR THE WEEK majors, Manager trainees. 1 class will include a trip to New York l Fri., Jan.20 City, where the students will enjoy Comedy team, Electric Zoot, FOOTBALL RAFFLE I nine Broadway shows, comedy will be in the Clipper's Cove at 8 The football team will be raf- clubs, and walking tours. The van p.m. fling dinner for two at the Oak will be leaving Feb. 23 and return• Sun.,Jan.22 Room restaurant for the night of the ing Mar- 2. If you are interested Vans to Millcreek Mall. Vans formal, Fri., Jan. 27. Tickets are $1. please contact Paul Iddings ASAP will depart from Baldwin Hall at 1 at 825-0253 or 825-0255. SENIOR MAKE-UP PHOTOS | p.m. J Senior make-up pictures, as CAN COLLECTION! Jan.16-Jan.24 Tickets on sale for the Winter well as faculty and administration The women *s soccer team needs Formal to be held on Fri., Jan.27 at make-ups, will be done in the Stu- help. In order to buy new uniforms, Raymond's Banquet Room. Tick- dent Union on Jan. 20 from 9 a.m. to warm-ups, and to help subsidize ets available from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. in 4:30 p.m. Sign-up sheets are avail- traveling costs, the team is staging at the the Student Union. Advanced ticket ablem** Union desk. Please note.an aluminum can collection. If you i • • sale only. $8 per person. Free trans- that anyone who had their picturei^e interested in donating, the team taken at another studio will not be jwill e v e n p i c k u p ^ c a n s ^ y o u r portation to and from dance. Please note that Win, Lose, or able to bring in a proof for ttejhome. So get in touch with Andy Draw scheduled for Sat, Jan. 21 in yearbook unless it is3 1/2 by23/4 R o l h ta ^ A a ^ i ^ 0 f f i c c ^ the Union will be rescheduled for a inches. If you do not have a proper extension 240, and start saving the sized proof, have your picture taken cm$ later date. so it will be in the yearbook. Sitting fee is $5.30.

continued on pg. 6


The Merciad

JANUARY 19,1989

Cheap Trick rocked Erie
The night continued with more three of their Erie performances and of the same from the Chicago rock- I've never seen them this flawless. ers-a lot of good, classic tunes from Bun E. Carlos was great, as On Jan. 12, Erie was visited by a band that's certainly made its mark usual, on the drums. Once again, the one of rock and roll's most inven- in the annals of American rock his- talented Carlos made it seem as if he tory. \ '? weren't even trying while he tive groups - Cheap Trick. Playing before a less-than-half amazed the audience with a series of capacity Erie Civic Cento* crowd, Songs such as, "Dream Po- complicated rolls and kicks. Cheap Trick and opening band lice," "If You Want My Love," Tom Peterson, who had left the House of Lords put on a great show. "Ain't That A Shame,"*and "I band for a five-year period from These guys performed as if the place Know What I Want," permeated 1982-1987, has found new life with were packed - and it should have through the audience. Cheap Trick his old band. His bass work was been. I did not ignore its recent success, imaginative and attimespioneering House of Lords warmed everyone up with several songs off their first and only self-tided album. Former Angel keyboardist Greg Giuffria and company rocked the house for some 40 minutes. Drummer Ken Mary put on a spectacular display of musicianship, at times tossing his stick some 15-20 feet in the air and catching it one-handed while maintaining a complex beat I see a lot of concerts and Mary is by far the best live drummer I've seen in overfiveyears. •If you haven't heard of these H O U S E O F LORDS openedfor Cheap Trick at Civic Center. guys yet, you will. And if you like however. The rendered five numventive. His bass sol rock that's not too heavy, but not bers from their "Lap of Luxury" remember. radio then you should treat yourself LP - "Let Go," and "Never Had A bin Zander's vocals to the House of Lord's new album. Lot To Lose" were the firstjtwo incredibly sharp, hitting the highest Now it was Cheap Trick's turn songs offered that nigh t Then came of high'sand the low's with ease. It as the lights went out to begin their the hits. was Zander's performance, more first Erte* appearance since they ™* "Ghost Towf!" gonhe crowd thaff anyone*s, which set the tdne opened for REO Speedwagon on going and the lighters lit once again. for the entire band. |g£ June 16, 1986 and their first as a A little later, with Tom Peterson As for Neilson, his execution is headliner since July 5, 1982 at the bringing out his long, white bass always great Once again, a wellinfamous Erie County Fieldhouse. and Robin Zander dressed in rhine- timed, blistering display. Neilson They began with one of their stones, the crowd knew it was time even surprised the crowd by breakmost powerful songs, "Just Got for the remake of the classic Elvis ing into a blues- sty le solo. That little Back" and then immediately broke smash, "Don't Be Cruel." trick astonished everyone and into a fabulous rendition of their The last of the new songs was, of brought some of the older Cheap popular, "California Man" from course, "The Flame," Cheap Trick fans to their feet 1978. ' ^ Trick's number one mega-hit from It was a great conceit that was After thefirsttwo songs, it was the summer of 1988. The blistering missed by some 4,000 or more who clear that this was going to be a good rendition brought the house down. night for older Cheap Trick fans. Of course, they closed with their chose not to take advantage of it Lead*guitarist Rick Neilson even usuals - "Auf Wiedersehen" and House of Lords'*are establishing told the crowd, "We're going to be "Good Night"; themselves as a good live act while playing some old songs tonight,'' to .This was, by far, the most im- Cheap Trick just showed us'that which the crowd responded with pressive live performance I've seen even after 11 years, they still have it shaking fists and flaming lighters. Cheap Trick deliver. I've been to all all. By Matthew J. Clark Merciad concert review BULLETIN BOARD If you have an announcement for the Bulletin Board, submit it to Box 161, campus mail, or handdeliver it to The Merciad office, 8IB, Baldwin Hall. Typewritten material is appreciated. Items must be received by noon on the Monday before publication. Any items after that time will be given consideration only if space permits. ATTENTION SENIORS Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society will be awarding graduate and undergraduate scholarships and awards to selected members of Phi Eta Sigma. , Any eligible senior mem Of Phi Eta Sigma may apply for one of the graduate scholarships. For the undergraduate award, a sophomore or junior must be nominated by the local chapter, f For applications or more information, contact the chapter adviser, 'Dr. Bud Brown, in room 223 of Preston Halfc The local deadline is Feb. 3.1989.
• : «

Twins rival Rainman
Vincent is a womanizing, connivRobi Taylor ing, thieving little jerk that only a Merciad staff writer mother could love. | i He has the look and attitude that 'Every year a strange thing hap- makes him believable as the lowpens in the movies. Two movies are lifes that he has become famous for. released at the same time by two Starting with Louie De Palma in different studios with the same basic Taxi, De Vito as perfected his charplot Last year it was Vice Versa acter to almost an art form. and Like Father, Like Son, this Twins must have been written year it is Rain Man and the slightly olderfilmTwins. I especially for him...it really brings 1 Because these two movies are so out his worst much alike it is next to impossible to jl Director Ivan|Reitman (Wall write a review without some com- Street) made the right r decision parison being made. Both have the when he combined the two stars of same story of long lost brothers this movie. The differences > befinding each other after years of tween the two are so great that the separation. The big difference is thought of them being brothers is that Twins is a very funny movie ludicrous, but they work so well while Rain Man has a serious tone together that the idea works. There was one mistake that affected the to it gH Arnold Schwarzenegger plays movie but not in a major way, it was Julius, the intellectual one of the just a little annoying. They kept brothers. Because he was raised on repeating the same one-liner about a tropical island with a team j of how much Julius and Vincent scientists, he became a master of looked alike. C'mon guys, ten times science, philosophy, and the lan- is more than any person can endure guage arts. The one thing Julius was any joke. T never taught was how to act around De Vito and Schwarzenegger] women. This makes him what have been the Hollywood dream Danny DeVito called "the first six- team for years. They were already to be signed to a police movie called) foot, seven-inch virgin." Schwarzenegger set quite a few Partners when Reitman stole them personal movie firsts in Twins. This away for Twins. That had to be the] is the firSt comedy role that he has best decision that they both could ever had. He should stick with have made. \ Rain Man is facing strong comedy, it seemed to come very natural to him. Maybe the lessons competition from Twins for the national number one spot Usually! from Milton Berle helped, for sure they put him one step above the difference is a little less than $1 Stallone. He also lost his screen million. These two fantastic movies virginity with his first screen;kiss are going to be close for as long as their both showing somewhere. and hisfirstlove scene. With a movie like Twins fori When the egg split to create Julius and Vincent the split was not everybody to enjoy 1989 looks like exactly equal. Julius got the genes it is going to be the best movie year] that made him smart, strong, and in history. Make sure you put it on honest, while Vincent got the your list of movies to see, it's well worth it scraps. » Danny De Vito plays his typical My Rating: 95/100 character in this movie. His role of Adult Situations >

OUTSIDE SCHOLARSHIPS Applications for the following scholarships are available in the Financial Aid Office: AAUW Scholarships (deadline 1/27/89) - Erie County women in full or part-time four year degree program. Must have 3.5 Q.P.A. PA Federation of Democratic Women (deadline 4/15/89) - PA woman, junior, who is interested in a career in politics or government or planning on teaching government, economics, or history. Must possess a Democratic family background or be an active participant in Democratic Party activities. \ , SYNOD OF THE TRINITY APPALACHIAN Scholarship (deadline 5/26/89) - Presbyterian studentsfromPA, WV A and certain areas of OH. SYNOD OF THE TRINITY MINORITY Scholarship (deadline 5/26/89) - Minority students from PA, WVA and certain areas of OH.

At Wit End

By Steve Rush

JANUARY 19,1989

The Merciad



'Hurst women having big year in sports
By Matthew J. Clark Merciad Sports Editor i The Mercyhurst women's basketball team is off to its best start ever and it's no accident At 10-3, head coach Luke Ruppel has instilled in his players a winning attitude - something ^Er which the team hasn't had in recent memory. J Of course a coach has to have the RCYHURST, C NSTAN ^ horses to build a winning team, and ^ f ^ ? ™ ° is guarded closely by a Pace University defender. Constantino ^ ^ his teammates shook loose long enough to post a 69-66 Ruppel has spent the past few years getting the quality players that can Photo by Kevin McHugh. turn a team around. • ) 7 Two years ago, Lisa Maxson joined the team. Her high-scoring talents have helped the Lakers tofindthe winning edge. Others such as junior transfer Nancy DiLallo and freshman Cheryl Tomczak. If the Lady Lakers continue their winning ways, they could win the Mideast Conference. They currently have only one loss. It's refreshing to see the women's basketball team putting all those "W's" on the from Mercyhurst sports services Hessel, John Kaliszak and John Ritz 50 yardfreesyleand Ritz took the charts. i > -j claimed wins/ Has anyone noticed what a great year this has been for women's 200 yard I.M. race. Ritz also teamed Coach Bill Daisley's men's and For the * Hurst' women, five up with Kaliszak, Herr and Hessel in sports here on the hill? The women's soccer team went to the final four,! women's swimming teams earned claimed a trio of wins. Roberta winning the 200 yard relay in the women's tennis team had it's best season ever and left many of its tneir initial wins of the season when Brannick, Colleen Grant, Tina Ka- 1:36.79. I opponents in the dust And now the women's basketball team is off to each defeated Bethany College on liszak, Kathy Nicholson and Tina a 10-3 start £ Saturday. * Rush. Both teams are now 1-4 for For the women, Brannick, won The Mercyhurst men scored an the season. There are some great things to be said about the coaching job that 88-70 while the women recorded a ^Haltimer took the. 1000 yard the 1000 yardfreestyle,Grant won head men's basketball coach Dr. Barry Copeland and staff have done 93-77 triumph, ft" * * this season. i i Q freestyle with a time of 12:05.49. the 200 yard freestyle, Nicholson won the SO yardfreestyleand KaThey have been hampered with personnel problems all season long I|Six different men scored triple Herr won the 200 yard freestyle liszak won the 100 yard backstroke. and are still playing close to .500 ball. By now, everyone knows that victories for Mercyhurst Mike with a clocking of 2:02.07. KaPhalon Bass and Patrick Odhiambo have been sidelined because of Gage, Chris Haltiner, Dan Herr, Ian liszak and Hessel placed 1-2 in the academic difficulties. . 1 Last week, top-scoring senior Vinnie DiMella was dismissed from the team as a disciplinary measure for attending a friend's wedding instead of a game. Even with all these woes, Copeland and company have the team playing to the best of their ability and they're making games interesting. I think it's safe to say that nobody who plays the Lakers this season two which enabled them to win the goal and three assists. By Sara Linehan will be looking ahead to their next game. If the do get caught looking Penn State Hockey Invitational. In the | championship game, ahead, it's most likely that the Lakers will upset them. Merciad sports writer ; The Lakers outdueled Canton 7- Mercyhurst beat host Penn State 94 with a hat trickfromScott Burfoot 2 to take the title. Rick Gignac and Laker j hockey team As for the DiMella dismissal, obviously I don't know the entire and 34 saves from Gary Bowles in Keen had two goals apiece and t's record to 9-12 by story. I would say, however, that I can see both sides of the coin. If I goal. Freshman Mick Keen had one Gignac also'added three assists r straight, including th were in DiMella's shoes, I'd probably do the same thing. Watching one while B urf oot had four assists as the of your goodfriendsget married is something that happens once-in-aLakers cruised to victory. R E SERVE! OFFICERS' -TRAINING] COR PS lifetime (hopefully). If DiMella asked ahead of time, I really can't see what's so terrible about wanting to see afriendmake and seal one of the biggest commitments he or she is to ever make. In earlier action, after nearly four weeks awayfromcompetition, | On the other hand, (there's always another hand) I can see the Lakers skated to a 6-3 victory I Copeland's point He's trying to build a winning basketball program and an athlete should be committed to his team. Plus, Copeland over the Bonnies of St Bonavenapparendy gave DiMella a clear response as to how he would handle the ture. M BT situation if DiMella didn't showforthe game. He would be dismissed, j which is exactly what happened. A pair of goals within a But professional athletes are granted pardons from games all the seconds opened the doo time. Wayne Gretzky, whose salary would be a challenge for most cheap rd period for the Lakers calculators, has missed hockey games because of family events. Of course, many times there are deaths in the families of these professional athletes which require their absence. But that shouldn't matter. Leading 4-2, the 'Hurst's Mick Keen netted a short-handed goal YOUR UNCLE WANTS Aren't we saying that death is more important than marriage, with 1:09 left in the final frame. (regardless of whether or not you view them as one in the same)? But TO PAY FOR COLLEGE. BUT ONLY Twenty-five seconds later, Seth seriously, I think DiMella's absence shouldn't leave him high mid dry Greenburg put the game away when for the rest of his senior year. Of course, that'sjust one man's opinion. IF YOU'RE GOOD ENOUGH. he beat out the Bonnie's goalie for But I must say, beingfroma family that views such things as weddings Army ROTC scholarships pay tuition and provide an allowance for fees and Mercyhurst's final score. and family events of equal magnitude as almost sacred, I'm leaning textbooks. Find out if you qualify.j toward being on DiMella's side a bit on-this one. Perhaps more understanding between both parties would have helped.

Outta My Face

& nS4



Swim team claims first win

Lakers take PSU hockey tournament










C a l l CPT J i m D a l t o n a t 8 7 1 - 7 6 7 3 inquire


J3 The Lakers are off until they host Fredonia at * the Erie Civic Center on Jan. 29. ^ W B B I

The win gave the Lakers a twogame win streak and improves their record to 7-12. The ECAC West contest, moved the 'Hurst's conference mark to 3-9, while St Bonaventure fell to 2-10 and 2-8 in the r ECAC|

9-2. *

The hockey team is on a roll of late, winning a hockey tournament and placing three team members on the all-tournament team. Freshman Scott Burfoot was named the Most Valuable Player for the tourney and sophomores Gary Bowles and Rick Gignac were also named. In goal, Bowles recorded 34 saves in the Canton game alone. Gignac netted two goals in die championship game to help the Lakers past host Penn StaM.



1 1

They may play on ice, but the Lakers are very hotrightnow.


The Merciad

JANUARY 19,1989

L a k e r winning streak ends With tough loss to Adelphi
By Kevin McHugh Merciad Staff Reporter

I Lady Lakers continue || i n n i n g w a y s , expect

challenge for title

the team's fine defensive effc By Bill Darling Mercy hurst is currently ranked 1 Merciad sports reporter in the country with a defensive field The Laker's victory over Edingoal average of under 37 percent per boroonJan.il left the Lakers with The Lady Lakers have come out game which has helped the L k a< a three home game winning streak strong since the Christmas break win many games on the road. thatwas ended on Friday night by an winning two out of three and imv Junior forward Lisa Maxsoi athletic Adelphi team. proving their record to 10-3,2-1 in Despite a Laker halftime edge of continues to play well averagin the conference. Victories over Lake 28-27, Adelphi's fast breaks and close to 22 points a game. She Erie College and?Queens College easy baskets left the 'Hurst with a have the * Hurst on a new two game also become a force under the 58-62 loss. I i \ I S boards as she collected 15 rewinning streak. Adelphi concentrated on an The question «is how a team bounds against Queens College inside game. Penetrating inside I which hasn't had a winning season Sunday. passes, a good free throw average Hie 6-1 Erie native is connectin seven years continues to do so and some blistering fast breaks were well. "The biggest change is our ing for over 47 percent of her shots the key to Adelphi's victory. " attitude which is that we think it will from thefieldand although she is The teams were level at 56-56 take a very big effort by our oppo- only in her junior year, she has with 1:41 to go. It was then that nents for them to beat us. Before, we already become the second leading Adelphi saw it fit to pop a three thought we would have to have a scorer in Mercy hurst women's pointer. very good effort to avoid losing." basketball history surpassing Kelly They made only two three point Coach Ruppel continues to Murphy's 1,027 total Maxson has goal attempts in the entire game, emphasize the great team effort put also accumulated 520 rebounds for theirfinalattempt dropped giving together by his new players and the her career. Adelphi the lead. * The key for the Mercyhurst incredible success the girls have had Adelphi scored three more offense has not just been Lisa playing on the road. *? points from the free throw line and A big jjreason for the-Lakers' Maxson but the production from the Laker's Rich Lipscomb shot a winning ways can be attributed to the the other players, more specifically two pointer to finish the scoring for play by junior transfer Nancy Di- p Dilallo and Tomczak." thenigh^^^ ^^ Coach Ruppel explains, •'bur Lallo and freshman *" Cheryl Top scorers for the Lakers were Tomczak. DiLallo is averaging perimeter shooting has been fanEric Franos with 18 and Chris nearly 16 points per game while tastic thus far. It has opened up our Mindacfcand Dave Constantino Tomczak contributes 13.3 per out- opponents' defense. Teams used to who both hit 12. Constantino was ing. U I f vjjp I pack in the middle to stop Lisa, but not shooting with his usual threeThese two can really tear it up now they to honor our weapons point accuracy making only two of * 3 I from I three point range as the from outside.".^ eight attempts. backcourtjj tandem have made 70 I It appears that Coach Ruppel's 44 Wej had an emotional let three-pointers in just 13 games. team is possibly on its way to its CHRIS MINDACH (LEFT) creating space for himself as he lays the down, there's no excuse, we should DiLallo's 36 long-range shots rank best season ever. The coming ball off the backboardfor two points in the recent victory aver Cheyney. have been prepared. It's a game we her fifth in the i nation while together of new^players with the 'Photo by Kevin McHugh should have won," said freshman ft Tomczak's 34 put her seventh. veterans has been a shear masterConstantino. % Tomczak, who is a local product, has piece. DiMella went to a friends wed- optimistic outlook on the team deEric Franos, who has been playbeen a real boost for coach Ruppel's With games coming up against ding instead of the Laker game spite! the dismissal of the former ing consistently well throughout the against Philadelphia Textile desquad. "Cheryl's consistendy has Slippery Rock Saturday, and a new Laker's top scorer. season, was named last week as the spite a warning from coach Dr. a surprise for us. She hasn't homestand starting Tuesday facing "Since Vinnie has gone other Conference Player of the Week. played lite a freshman," com- University of Buffalo, Laker fans Barry Copeland that he would be guys have had a chance to prove The reason for Vinnie DiMella's dropped if he did so. v will be expecting more magic from mented the third year coach. themselves." dismissal from the team was reAnother surprise for Ruppel is the Lady Lakers who have made Constantino, however, has an leased by the college last week. believers out of the doubters, i

Men's Basketballl(7-7) J Edinboro 86-74 L-Adelphi 62-58 Women's Basketball (10-3) W - Lake Erie College 94-64 - Queen's College 66-59

Ice Hockey (9-12) W - Canton 7-4 W - Penn State 9-2 Swimming (1-4) def. Bethany

RICH LIPSCOMB (4)worldnghardtotryandcreateanopening intheAdelphidefense. Photo by Kevin McHugh

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