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For the third year:

Academic Celebration is back
In the evening, there will be a presentation to enlighten those interested in psychology andjbiology called, "The Parasitic Brain: Connecting Mind and Body.*** "I thinkjjwe haver some very exciting speakers," said Palmer, who estimated that there are n ine more speakers this year than last year.' 'The number increases every year,*' he said. An open forum moderated by Gary Myers, assistant professor of English will be held on Wednesday to discuss any concerns within the community. Students in the Mercy hurst Student Government have organized a presentation on " Homelessness in America," featuring speaker Mitch Snyder, nationally acclaimed A FIRE ALARM sent Baldwin Hall residents out into the night last Tuesday. The fire homeless advocate. department was summoned ^ "The students have worked very hard on Photo by Chris Kovski this," Palmer said, adding that the Celebra- was harmed, tion relies on the students as well fas the By Holly Fulmer faculty. "It takes the cooperation of the Mcrciad staff reporter whole Mercyhurst community,** said Palmer. Cooperation also plays a part in the plan^Instead of the usual pressures and sched- ning stage of the Celebration, and Palmer ule Remands of glass, Mercy hurst will host its explained -that he and the committee try to third annual Academic Celebration, Where a evenly balance the speakers and presentations By Karen Sampson a relati vely tow stop since people were sitting variety of current issues and other areas of in addition to setting aside appropriate rooms Merciad staff reporter on top of phone booths, climbing in trees, and interest will be covered by a carefully-se- for each event watching from buildings in order to get a view lected 54 events between January 31 and In the past, the Academic Celebration has Three Mercyhurst seniors drove to Wash- of die parade, according to Tuck. The parade February 1. been a success, which is why it is held every ington, D.C., this past weekend to attend the consisted of a motorcade, the new President The primary organizer for the Celebra- year, according to Palmer. tion, Dr. David Palmer, special assistant to the This year, Palmer believes it has improved inauguration of the 41 st President of the and Vice President and then each state was United States, George Herbert Walker Bush. represented by afloatof the state seal and a president, says that the events consist of in many ways. In addition to more speakers, Bev Tuck, a social work major; Caroline State parade entry. "Each state brings somespeakers, demonstrations, films, panel dis- the event has improved in quality, according Robaskiewicz, a sociology major, and Debbie thing," Tuck explained. "They either bring cussions, and performances which are into Palmer. Bonniger, an elementary education major a float or a band of some kind...something tended to benefit all who attend in several "Palmer says that Mercyhurst always packed up last Thursday night and drove to representing their state." The states were ways. • hopes to learn from the year before; however, the District of Columbia area. They arrived presented in alphabetical order. "It was so The Celebration is an opportunity to learn he says, "I think that the Academic Celebraon the doorstep of Tuck's aunt around 4:30 cold we never made it to Pennsylvania," and become involved in important and inter- tion is going to be better than last year." am. They sacrificed on two hours sleep in Tuck said. (She added that they did make it to esting issues, according to Palmer. "It also order to attend the inauguration, Tuck said. Nebraska). helps students be exposed to things they The next day they attended the inaugurawouldn't be exposed to otherwise," he tion where they stood almostfiveblocks away The group was supposed to go to one of added. to see the new president take his oath of office. the twelve Inaugural Balls but their tickets Palmer said that he hopes the departments 4 'You could see him, but you had to weave in were somehow lost They tried to locate some which are sponsoring the * 'Celebration of the between people,'' Tuck said.' 'There were so tickets, but they had long been sold and Mind" will also support it "We are encourmany people," she added, "There were distributed. To ease their disappointment they aging all students and faculty to attend and hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of did some shopping and took a trip to Georbecome involved,'' he said. people." Tuck added that there were hun- getown for some evening entertainment On Monday, January 30, the Hotel Resdreds of people, who also had tickets were They received tickets by requesting them taurant and Institutional Management Debehind them. She said that The Mall was also from Congressman Tom Ridge. People who partment will assist in preparing an internafilled with people. request tickets are placed on a waiting list tional buffet, which will replace the usual 'Hick said that the area for ticket holders Each District receives a set number of tickets dinner for those students on the meal plan, and was cut into pie sections with isles going to be distributed in a first-come, first-serve $5.50 per person for other members of the through each of the sections. The seating in manner. The number of tickets each district college community. these sections was more or less on afirstcome gets depends on the population of the district, U.S. Congressman Tom Ridge will wrap basis. ' 'It was like a maze getting in there,'' according to Tuck. She added that the Inauup the evening with his Keynote Address: she said. "You had tofigureout which way guration was free of charge, and there was a "Reflections on Vietnam." to go in to get to the point where you wanted charge for tickets to the Balls. ' 'We try to kick off with a good speaker,'' to be at Then we stood there for an hour to "It's a really good experience overall, said Palmer. an hour and a half and it was just wall to wall because you are part of history. You are On Tuesday, January 31, the geological people around you." f standing right there," Tuck said. "It was history of Erie County will include a lecture "They had speakers set up so you could differentfromwatching it on TV." and a slide presentation by David J. Thomas, TOM RIDGE, U.S. Congressman hear him (George Bush give his acceptance associate professor of geology: Tuck said it was a great experience, but speech) but the wind was really strong and Also on Tuesday, everyone will have the (21st DistricuR) from Penn. will you could hear different parts (of the speech) she doesn't think that she'll attend another opportunity to discover how to melt off those give the keynote address entitled, when the wind blew one way, then the wind inauguration. She said it was cold, crowded, few extra pounds as Sports Medicine majors would shift and it would carry it across the and there was a lot of planning involved in "Reflections on Vietnam and here talk about nutrition, exercise, and behavorder to go. Tuck said," All that aside, it was other way," Tuck said. ior in relation to the social, psycholog ical, and Israel" for the third annual Acai The women then watched most of the a lifetime experience. * * physiological aspects of these areas. demic Celebration, parade while standing on top of a park bench,

Students go to Inauguration







The Merciad

JANUARY 26,1989

C o o p e r a t i ng with security officers only helps,} K e n n e d y
By Andy Penhollow Merciad staff reporter The Mercyhurst Security Staff is an integral part ofour campus that has come under intense scrutiny in recent months. Rumors of delayed response to calls, inconsistency in party control procedures, and questionable written reports have angered the students involved in such incidents. The policies governing punishment for keg parties and other violations are also being questioned by Mercyhurst students. § Mr. William Kennedy, Director ofStudent Services, tried to explain the situation as he sees it. "We have six men on our security staff, each with his own tolerance level," Kennedy said. He advises students to be cooperative with security when they come knocking. "Security notices a party: If the hosts are cooperative and the party slows down, then leniency will usually be exercised. If the hosts are pushing it and are not cooperating, then stiff penalties will be handed down," Kennedy said. There are many students who are not satisfied with that statement It seems that the report that ends up on Kennedy's desk does not agree with the story told by the host of the


if Dr. Garvey, as well as most students on campus, adamantly opposes this policy. Garvey supports the idea that Kennedy should have leeway in the penal process, but he feels that fines should! be consistent * Garvey plans on working out a standard fine schedule with Kennedy and Housing and Safety Director Phyllis Aiello, taking input from the Mercyhurst Student Government Many students are probably wondering what happens to the kegs and the taps after confiscation. According to Aiello, the kegs are placed in a storeroom where they eventually spoil. She also said that the taps are simply kept in Kennedy's office. According to Kennedy, allfinesfor keg violations go into the Carpe Diem Fund. The Carpe Diem provides short, term \ "emergency" MERCYHURST COLLEGE DIRECTOR of Security, Bud Dever: loans for students. Anyone in need ' 'The security officers deserve our cooperation, as well as a should stop by the Student Services cooperative ' via Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary is Marked by a willingness and ability to work with others." The interpretation of the situation is almost completely up to the individual security officer. "For that reason, everyone should do everything in their power to

pat on the back once in a while. '


party. " ^ .vsssRnw v "*>r* 8 Kennedy explained that each

security officer interprets things in his own way. The definition of

have been handed down by Kennedy. Under the curren t policies Kennedy has great leeway in fining for keg violations. A first offense involves confiscation of the tap, as well as a $25 dollar fine which can be distributed per host, or as a total Comply with the wishes of the secu- fine;' *A*second offense involves confiscation of the tap, and a $100 rity officers," Kennedy stated. The next stage of debate is the fine that may jibe distributed p issue of the inconsistent fines that person, or as a total fine.
• : M

1 i As far as the debate about inconsistency in other punishment, investigative reporting I has shown that punishment has been stricter this year than it has ever been in the past Passage of the Clery Act has motivated the college to become tougher. The Clery Act states that all colleges are required to publish officers have fallen into a pattern of 4 * doing their rounds," which incrime statistics of all on-campus crimes. Prospective students and see 'Cooperate', pg. 3 their families will have access to



these statistics. Schools like Gannon have an advantage because most of the crimes there occur off-campus. More effective measures are being taken to reduce all incidents of crime on-campus, since our reputation depends on it Because of the confidentiality of specific cases, many students do not hear accurate, unbiased details of the cases. This makes the administration look like the bad guy in most cases. Students should realize, however, that the grapevine has a way of altering facts and opinions into incredible acts of injustice. "The administration isn't here as a stumbling block, but as a helper,'' claims Aiello. Aiello gives credit to this year's McAuley residents. "Crime may have increased, but incidents of breakage and vandalism has decreased greatly," Aiello said. 1 'Students are finally realizing that for four years, this campus is their home. It's their money that pays to repair what is broken." In a recent interview with Head of Security, Bud Dever, changes in security measures were discussed. Dever recognized a -fundamental problem in procedures involving night duties. Apparently, security

Academic Celebration (Schedule of Events
• 5 p.m., Egan Dining Room International Buffet • 7 p.m., Sullivan Hall t World religion and world peace • 8 p.m., Zurn Recital Hall Keynote Address "Reflections on Vietnam and Israel" • 8 p.m., Hunger fast begins (social work students), 1-4 p.m., Heritage Room The technology of tomorrow - here today 1:30-2:30 p.m., 210 Main The origins of American first names 1:30-3 p.m., 206 Main ^ ^ ^ Social science students forum: video ". Rankin: The Woman Who Voted No" 1:30-4:30 Jamaican 3:30-4:30 p.m., 206 Main > . Video: "Ethnic notions: confronting racism*' 3:30-3:30 p.m., Sullivan 2 Semiotics and deconstruction: an introductioi 4-5 p.m., Registration, Faculty Dining Room Knowing your college 4-5:30 p.m., 213 Zurn The parasitic brain: connecting mind and body 6-7:15 p.m., 312 Main ^ ^ ^ Today's child is non-divorcable 7-8 p.m., Zurn Recital Hall 1992 - United States of Europe? 7-9 p.m., 114 Zurn From individual differences to different individuals Pathways to substance abuse 8-9:30 p.m., Sullivan Hall Men and women: the power to change 8:30 p.m., Zurn Recital Hall — — — Polish film festival, "Without Anesthesia" 8-9:30 p.m., Sullivan 2 1 The environmental crisis: thoughts on economics, politics, and the environment

Tuesday, January 31
9-10 a.m., 206 Main Central America Today 9:30-10:30 a.m., Zurn 114 Pres/sent art presentation 10-11 a.m., 214 Zurn The geologic history of Erie County 10 a.m.-noon, Sullivan 1A Drugs: are we winning the war? 10:30-11:30 a.m., 206 Main Video: "God Bless the Child" 10:30-11:30 a.m., 114 Zurn The snowman syndrome: Melting off those excess winter pounds 11 a.m.-noon, 203 Zurn * A discussion of evolutionary theory 11 a.m.-noon, Sullivan 2 Law and the college student 11 a.m.-noon, 206 Main AIDS: here in our community £j Noon, Sullivan Hall - Special lunchtime lecture: "U.S. and Canadian Trade Agreement it 1-2 p.m., 213 Zurn T The "golden ratio" -- an example of math in art

Wednesday, February 1
8:30-10:30 a.m., Sullivan 2 Academic celebration scholarship test 10-11 a.m., 210 Main The open mike 10-11:30 a.m., Sullivan 1A ~ agenda under George


10:30-11:30 a.m., Zurn Recital Hall Music of America I 10:30-11:30 a.m., 206 Main One year later: Investing in a new era 11 a.m.-noon, 314 Z u r n ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Gem stones to dazzle someone special j Noon, Sullivan Hall Special Eat Hearty Luncheon: "Advances In Heart Treatment" % •» v § ? Noon-2 p.m., HRIM kitchen "Tofu" food for the 80s 1-2 p.m., Hammermill Library, Cummings Gallery, and Montgomery Room Gallery talk /exhibition 4 1:30-2:30 p.m., Sullivan 2 The decline (?) of the American empire 1:30-3:30 p.m.. 206 Main Film: "The Ninth Configuration" 1:30-3:30 p.m., Zurn Recital H a l l ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ The issue of homelessness in our community p.m., 114 Zurn From the American Declaration of Independence to the French Declaration of Rights: A revolutionary adventure of ideas 2:30-4 p.m., Grotto Dining Room Wines of the region 3-3:45 p.m., Sullivan 1A Politics in poetry 4-5:30 p.m., 312 Main Tactics for the front line: drugs in the classroom 7-8:15 p.m., Sullivan H a l ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Working women and the U.S. Bishops women's pastoral 7-8 p.m., 214 Zurn 3-dimensional sound imaging - an adventure in stereophonic sound 7-8 p.m., Zurn Recital Hall What is good teaching? 8 p.m., 114 Zurn Poli sh film festival, "A Short Film About Killing" £ p.m., Little heat re! Theatre production: "Our Town" 8:30-10 p.m., Zurn Recital Hall Homelessness in America

JANUARY 26,1989

The Merciad


Anticipation makes people winners
By Robert J. Kriegel, Ph.D. Merciad Stress Series Most people forget how good they are. They dismiss past successes and have a tendency to highlight failures, losses and weak areas of performance. I call this negative highlighting the "uh ohs/oh nos." Say you get 20 evaluations on a presentation you; made in class. Seventeen are very good, 3 are very poor. What do you dwell on? If you st people, you dwell on tne poor evaluations, convincing yourself you did a lousy job. You downplay the 17 great evaluations. Dwelling on past failures, especially when they are not representative of your performance, will cause your stress to climb and confidence to fall, and serve as a rehearsal for poor perfomance. And college students are experts when it comes to reliving past failures and creating unnecessary stress. In fact, the Nuprin Pain Report, documented that more people 18-24 are likely to suffer from stress and pain than a _ ^ ^ ^ age group. To avoid stress caused by "oh no'' thinking, review your current situation realistically. Did you really do a lousy job or are you highlighting and exaggerating the negative? If you did do a poor job, learn from it. Examine your thoughts and

volves systematically locking up the buildings. t\ Because each officer is busy locking up, there is sometimes a delay in reaction time. "Police are reactive, whereas security guards are proactive," explained Dever. "A combination is great," Dever added. To solve the problem Dever has added a sixth security guard whose duties are solely that of a patrolman. There will always be one patrolman on duty at night who will respond immediately to any call for security. "The high action times on campus are on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 8 p.m. to around 3 a.m.'' Dever said. * 'The

BAKE SALE ' Alpha Phi Sigma is holding a bake sale on Tues., Feb. 7, from 8 : caused the poor a.m. to 12 p.m. in Zurn and Old SAC EVENTS FOR THE WEEK Plan and rehearse Main. The purpose of the sale is to Fri., Jan. 27 you will approach the same situ- raise money for a trip to WashingWinter Formal at Raymond's ation the next time. When a similar ton, D.C. for the annual Criminal Banquet Hall. Transportation will situation comes up again, review Justice seminar. be provided with buses leaving your past successes, not failures. Baldwin at 8:30, 9, 9:30, and 10 Visualize yourself doing well p.m. Buses will return at 12,12:30, Have you ever walked out of an Land 1:30. ^ SENIOR RECRUITERS exam and remembered the answers The following recruiters will be to the questions you left blank or on campus to interview interested guessed on? That indicates that it students. Students interested in NY CITY TRIP was stress, not lack of knowledge, interviewing with any of these reThe theater department and dithat caused you to blank out on the cruiters should come to the Career rector Paul Iddings are offering a answers. This , is the, "mental Services Office, Main 204, to sign three-credit course titled Introducblock." up for an appointment tion to Professional Theater. The If thefirstquestion on an exam is difficult, you might begin to | Stouffer Restaurant Co. - class will include a trip to New York I City, where the students will enjoy think, "Uh oh, I don't know any- HRIM. FBI — All majors. thing; I'm going to fail." Stress nine Broadway shows, comedy Electronic Data^ Systems — clubs, and walking tours. The van builds, confidence decreases. You begin to feel like a failure and dwell Accounting, Finance, CMIS, Math. will be leaving Feb. 23 and returning Mar. 2.; If you are interested too long on thatfirstquestion. The stress and panic will likely remain FOOTBALL RAFFLE please contact Paul Iddings ASAP and prevent you from concentrating at 825-0253 or 825-0255. I t The football team will be rafon the rest of the exam. fling dinner for two at the Oak Instead, start off a test with a Room restaurant for the night of the victory. Look over the exam and formal, Fri., Jan. 27. Tickets are $1. find a question that you do know— a "can do." Answer that one first CAN COLLECTION \ Starting out with a win will build The women's soccer team needs BULLETIN BOARD your confidence and start you off on If you have an announcement help. In order to buy new uniforms, a roll. J for the Bulletin Board, submit it to warm-ups, and to help subsidize Box 161, campus mail, or hand- traveling costs, the team is staging Winners, prior}to a pressure deliver it to Tne Merciad office, an aluminum can collection/ If you situation, plan for every eventuality. 81B, Baldwin Hall. Typewritten are interested in donating, the team They will anticipate anything that material is appreciated. Items must will even pick up the cans at your may arise, including the unexpected be received by noon on the Mon- home. So get in touch with Andy and undesired. day before publication. Any items Roth in the Admissions Office at after that time will be given consid- extension 240, and start saving the cans. eration only if space permits.

OUTSIDE SCHOLARSHIPS Applications for the following scholarships are available in the Financial Aid Office: '% I AAUW Scholarships (deadline 1/27/89) - Erie County women in full or part-time four year degree program. Must have 3.5 QP.A. PA Federation of Democratic Women (deadline 4/15/89) - PA woman, junior, who is interested in a career in politics or government or planning on teaching government, economics, or history. Must possess a Democratic family background or be an active participant in Democratic Party activities, f SYNOD OFiTHE ^TRINITY APPALACHIAN \ Scholarship (deadline 5/26/89) - Presbyterian students from PA, WVA and certain areas of OH. | . SYNOD OF THE TRINITY MINORITY Scholarship (deadline 5/26/89) — Minority students from PA, WVA and certain areas of OHL


added security will prove to be effective during these times," Dever explained. Dever encourages students to acknowledge the efforts of the security officers. "They are an integral part I of our campus. They deserve our cooperation, as well as a pat on the back once and a while,'' Dever said. These changes in procedure will help to improve the efficiency of our security staff. Next week's article will discuss programs designed to prevent violence on campus, as well as advice from Bud Dever and Phyllis Aiello on how to protect yourself while living at Mercyhurst

ATTENTION SENIORS Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society will be awarding graduate and^ undergraduate scholarships and awards to selected members of Phi Eta Sigma. Any eligible senior member of Phi Eta Sigma may apply for one of the graduate scholarships. For the undergraduate award, a sophomore or junior must be nominated by the local chapter. f For applications or more information, contact the chapter adviser, Dr. Bud Brown, in room 223 of Preston Hall. The local deadline is Feb. 3.1989.

The Winter Formal is sold out due to the limited number of tickets that were available. More could not be sold due tojsafety regiaItions at the banquet room.

FILM FOR DISCUSSION | On Tues., Jan. 31) the film Without Anesthesia, a story of a Polish foreign correspondent who loses his wife and fights the divorce, will be shown in Zurn Hall. The introduction will beat 8:20 p.m. and the film will begin at 8:30 p.m. There is no admission for Mercyhurst students, faculty, administration, or staff. On Weds., Feb. 1, A Short Film About Killing will be shown in Zurn 114. It is a contemporary story concerning the morality of capital punishment The film begins at 8 p.m. There is no admission charge to members of i the Mercyhurst community. | I

MATH CLINIC | Do you need help with your math? Do you need to review for a math test? Why not come to the Math Walk-in Clinic on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30 to 4:30 pan. in Main 207 for some assisBALLOONS tance? I See your math professor Campus Ministry is selling bal- now, or just walk in. loons for all occasions to raise funds for charity. There are twotypesof balloons on sale, Latex for 50 cents, Mylar for $2. This sale will conATTENTION HOCKEY FANS tinue throughout the year. On Sun., Jan. 29, the Mercyhurst Lakers will take on Fredonia State at 2:30 p.m. at the Civic Center. This game was not listed in the Winter Sports pocket schedule. NOISE AND BANNER NIGHT There is only one home hockey Thurs., Jan. 26, is Noise and game left after this, so be there on Banner Night at the Campus Center, Sunday and cheer on the Lakers. The game is against Geneva. Pick up sign-up sheets at the Student Union desk. All entries must be turned in by 4 p.m., and all banners GANNON/HURST GAME must be up by 6 p.m. Prizes will be TICKETS , awarded. Tickets for the Feb. 14 Gannon/ Mercy hurst Men's Basketball game at the Erie Civic Center will go on sale Weds., Feb. 1, at the Campus Center. ERIE ZOOLOGICAL SOCIAll lower level seats will be $5. Upper level seats will cost $4 for ETY OnThurs.,Feb. 16,at9a.m.,the adults, $3 for students and senior Erie Zoological ^Society will be citizens. hosting an informative meeting Mercyhurst students with a i •:« about their Volunteer Program. valid I.D. card may pick up an u] Come and learn what volunteering level ticket free of chargefromFeb. for the Zoo's Education Dept is all 1 to 4:30 p.m. on Feb. 7. From Feb. about The meeting will be held in 8 to noon on Feb. 13, Mercyhurst the Zoo's Education Room. The student tickets will be $1. From meeting is free and open to-the noon Feb. 13 until game time, tickpublic. Refreshments will be pro- ets will be available only at the Civic vided. Center, and they will be full price.


The Merciad

JANUARY 26,1989

All the President's women
Though some may not be}so happy to see the former President of the United States leave, I (for one) am glad to see the former First Lady gone. As of this past weekend, Nancy Regan and her patrician attitude was replaced by Barbara Bush and her practical attitude. It will be nice to have a First Lady who does not evoke images of Alexis Canington. * Barbara Bush is a women of 'It will be nice to have a respectful practicality. Maybe it is I her large family that has made her F i r s t - L a d y w h o d o e s n o t this way, and despite the origins she evoke images of'Alexis has shown in several ways that she is a women of action. I have respect C a r r i n g t o n . ' for a women who is willing to walk — — — — 44 her dog while wearing her bathrobe j no comment" for hen views on infrontof reporters. When she sees abortion, presumably because they a need, she fills it. Hopefully some differ from the official views held of this practicality will rub off on by her husband. George and his administration. Maybe all this genuineness of Barbara Bush is genuine. She opinion will lead not j only to a knows who she is and does not have "kinder and gentler" nation but a to hide under an elaborate (and of- 4 * truer and clearer'' picture of how ten expensive) facade. Good bye this nation is run. stage make-up and Hollywood Barbara will not have problems memoirs, and good riddance. From with the definitions of the words Barbara's snow white hair to her "borrowing" and "abducting" of less than youthful skin, she is who designer clothing like her predecesshe is. sor, because she buys most of her She is also unafraid to speak her mind. When the Bush campaigners were considering whether or not to run certain negative campaign ads, she spoke up saying that she saw nothing wrong with the ads and they were run. But she also knows when to keep her mouth shut If her views will hurt George in some way, she (keeps them to herself. For instance, she offers a clothing off ofthe rack (Oh my God, just like the commoners). The Clothes Horse has been replaced by the Silver Fox. I predict that First Lady Bush will do a first class job in her new role. After organizing the lives of five children and several grandchildren, the White House staff should be a piece of cake. % * In the past she has made her own contributions to the causes of civil rights, AIDS, and often visits hospices. Her involvement in such causes brought no glory or recognition because she got started her interests when] people were still saying "George Who?" If George Bush's choice of mate is any indication of j the type of choices he will be making in the White House, this will indeed be a four years to look fo ward to with expectation, f. So long Dynasty and hello to The Brady, uh, Bush Bunch. Impressions of the other new lady inf government, Marilyn Quayle, leaves me only with questions. She metJ. Danforth Quayle in law school and married him. She later quit her career in law in order to care for the threeQuaylechildren. My mains inquiry is simply, "Why did she marry him?" I have truly pondered overs the thought several times andl^ust can't figure it out. Maybe Dan is not the pumpkin head he appears to be, or possibly J Marilyn was blinded by his pretty exterior and figured she could add some substance later.
K »

Kovski Korner
Security Suggestions
• " • I '•'••-'

S*5*3ft*X.<3(f v ^ l


By Christopher J . Kovski Merciad Editor .After my editorial last week, I was immediately notified by Bud Dever that he did provide a sheet of crime statistics to all parents of incoming freshmen as part of his presentation. In addition, there were people who objected to the headline of the [security story, which said,' 'Violence

T he^Mer ciad
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* Why did she many him? I have truly pondered over the thought several times and I just can't figure it out. \
The only logical reason I could come up with for the Quayle union is this was Marilyn's way into high politics. The old with-your-looksand-my-brains-we'U-go-placeskid routine. It had been rumored that Mrs. Quayle read all the literature given to her husband, and often gave advice on his handling during the election. Even if this was her reason, I tend to think that she would have done better than her husband if she ran herself. After all weren't there rumors of her filling her husband's spot on the Indiana senate? In her mastermind, though, I guess her plan is much better. She can do all the plotting while Dan attends all kinds of functions and foreign countries. He is the one who has to look good in public, give the speeches and kiss the babies. This way he has to do all the dirty work and all she has to do is smile, wave, and defend her hairdo. For you romantics out there in readership land, there is one other possibility. Marilyn could simply have fell in love with the guy for no other reason than-"it happened." Stranger things have happened. After all look who is Vice President of the United States.

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explodes at Mercy hurst" I admit, the headline is a bit drastic for the story. But it does show that the incidents are just coming to light \ Under Bud Dever, security has become a more open item on campus. With the campus Crimewatch program, crime has decreased rapidly over the past year. | j r It is just recently that the number of fights on campus has been noticed, and that is only because more people are talking about them. And, fortunately, die talk isn't praising, but merely a statement of fact What could make the number of crimes on campus go down? If more students were willing to report transgressions, die number of people getting away with anything would decrease. So why don I tpeople repent others for violent or criminal behavior? <$ * • / 'It is possibly the high school mentality of " I don't want to tell on someone because they'll think I'm a jerk.' $ But the alternatives are worse. Letting someone get away with such behavior is unacceptable. For the present, Mercyhurst College is home for a number of people. To enable them to live a safer life, one in which the/ don' t have to worry about others beating them up or taking things from their room, they should be willing to work together to getridof the few peoplewho make life difficult | j I | According to Mr. E. William Kennedy, director of Student Services, no one is ever discouraged from reporting crime to the Erie Police. Instead, it is usually the students who decide not to take any further action, evidently, satisfied with the action taken on campus. > If Mercy hurst is serious about fighting crime, it would not merelv advise students that they have the right to call in police or the magistrate. It would do this for the students, on their request and aid in the pressing of charges. That would take away a great deal of the fear in dealing with the unknown, in this case the American judicial system. In addition, it is difficult for students to report crimes at the time they happen. On weekends and weekdays after five, security calls have to be directed to the campus switchboard, which transfers to the Baldwin Hallfrontdesk. Seeing that there is only one line at the front desk, it is difficult to get through at times. To make matters easier for students, there ought to be two lines, one of which is a carry over for the other - if one is busy, the other will ring. This will allow people to get through easier in case of an emergency. Also, there ought to be a posting of the fact that this is the after-hours number for security. Right now, people could waste valuable time dialing the wrong number. / } \ The construction of a new pavilion is seen as a panacea for a number of the problems on campus. For instance, it is seen as the answer to large noisy parties that bother residents on Briggs Avenue. But this isn't the answer. One of the biggest problems on campus is vandalism. This pavilion would fbe destroyed, or damaged so frequently that it would be prohibitive tofixit With parties being held in people's apartments, the people hosting the party tend to be concerned with the amount of damage done, as they will eventually have to pay for it / " | Strict enforcement of alcohol policies seems to be an answer, as the Keg Law and the state drinking laws are tough enough to make a difference — when enforced. The money from enforcement of the Keg Law should be returned to security, in order to strengthen forces and help make the campus safer. Instead, this money goes into the Carpe Diem fund, which is used for loans to students in need of money. Make it worthwhile for security to pursue the offenders of. the Keg Law. Give security the money from fines, and it will be better able to function in all areas. Perhaps the money could be used to subsidize equipment such as radios, new uniforms, or other useful items. Only when security is able to benefit from its actions will it try to do imore. It is human nature. If you give someone incentive, they will perform. Don't make the money from fines available to students to borrow and recycle. Spend it usefully, and the money will be more than [returned.

JANUARY 26,1989

The Merciad


Mercyhurst gates designed for estate of murderer
walked into the restaurant and Evelyn called it to her husband's attention, "There's the so-and-so who ruined me," she whispered to him. When you drive under the gates After the meal Thaw walked at the entrance to Mercyhurst you over to Wh ite' s table and shot him are driving under a part of history three times in the head, killing him that rivals the plots of today's mini- instantly. | series. C I Thaw's defense took two trials. Two participants in a love tri- The first trial in January 1907 reangle were housed behind those sulted in a hung jury. The second gates in the early 1900's. Passion, trial resulted in a verdict of not murder, and betrayal were elements guilty by reason of insanity. in the love triangle that shocked the v Evelyn testified onf her entire nation. *|$ i husband's behalf to establish his The gates once graced the estate forgivable instablity." Thaw's of Harry K. Thaw in Pittsburgh.Pa. defense also introduced the word They are now highlighted with "brainstorm" into the American % lights, so they can grace the Mer- language. The gates were purchased by cyhurst campus in the same manner Mercyhurst in the 1950* s when the as they did the Thaw estate. Harry K.Thaw was an infamous estate was razed for a housing projplayboy son of a wealthy family in ect The gates, which were designed Pittsburgh. He married Evelyn in England and madelin France Nesbit in 1905, who had a lurid past specifically for the Thaw estate herself. Part of Evelyn's lurid past were headed toward the scrap heap was a year long affair with Stanford when purchased. White, a well-known architect of The main entrance to {Merthe time. \ * cyhurst was dedicated on May 9, Despite her \ marriage, White 19S0 by Bishop John Mark Gancontinued to support Nesbit after non. The gates of Mercyhurst are their affair was over by providing something that j everybody who her with a bank account Also, drives on 38th St can see and they photographs taken during White's are a significant part of the image and Nesbit's affair surfaced from that Mercyhurst projects to the city, time to time and followed Nesbit her Gary Bukowski, Director of Instituentire life. The photos were pub- tional Advancement, said. Bukowfished, and in many ways it was like ski wrote his senior thesis on the the Vanessa Williams photographs history of Mercyhurst Next time you drive under or in "Penthouse". It ruined Nesbit's past the gates at Mercyhurst rememreputation. The Thaws were enjoying an ber all the history that has taken evening out at the Roof Garden at place behind those gates, both on the original Madison Square Gar- campus and before they were on this den on June 25, 1906. j White campus. 5fc By Theresa Kloecker Merciad staff reporter

THE GATES AT Mercyhurst, designed in England and made in France, have seen many interesting peo pass through them, including infamkous Harry K. Thaw and the coveted *

Deibert switches from dance to design
By Theresa Kloecker Merciad staff reporter Matthew < Deibert is a senior whose interests range across the board, from rowing to thefinearts. Deibert entered Mercyhurst five years ago as a transfer student from Glasboro State UL New Jersey. He came here on a rowing scholarship as an accounting major. He later switched his major to dance. "My freshman year I took a Basic Dance class here and did really 5 well," Deibert said. "The Dance Director offered me a scholarship because there was a need for graphic design. I may return next male dancers to partner the fall for student teaching to become women," according to Deibert K certified to teach art depending on I "The second year here I was on how job interviews go over spring the crew team and I did dance recit- break," Deibert said. ) als,' ' Deibert said. The dance recitDeibert currently holds an Asals * * were really fun because I had sistantship under Ernest Mauthe, never danced before or done any the chairperson of *the Fine Arts performing onstage before and if it Department He is also getting his wasn't for- me coming - to Mer- portfolio together to go on job intercyhurst 11 probably never would views and working with other art have had the opportunity," said majors on the design for the invitaDeibert He was also in the Lake tion to the senior art show. Erie Ballet production of the NutThe senior art show begins on cracker for two years. March 12 at 3pm in the Cummings His third year jj at Mercyhurst Gallery, refreshments will be proDeibert switched his major from the vided. Deibert's works and those of performing arts to thefinerarts, the other senior art majors will be feafiner arts being an emphasis in the tured in the show. field of graphic design. He will J' The works will be on exhibition graduate in May with a Bachelor of until April 12. \ ^ . • • Arts degree with an emphasis in


Woodring tests wind for quality
By Margaret Coffey Merciad staff reporter For many college students alcohol is a vital part of their social life, but for Pam Woodring wine has become a part of her academic life. Woodring has been involved in testing wine since June of last year. Mercyhurst received a grant through Penn State Behrend to fund the project and over the summer Woodring researched the project by finding out what others before her had done. & • She has tested approximately ten wines for phenols, an organic compound. She tests the wine to find out which phenols are present and in what quantity. Woodring explained that the phenols predict characteristics such as color and texture. % The wines being tested are all from the North Eastern United States and specifically from this area. The wines that are donated for testing by wineries, are all Vidal Blanc (a French-American hybrid white wine). \ They are all made from nonvinefera grapes, ^which are grapes from this area as opposed to vitusmatography machine, This mai nis chine separates phenols out of the wine and a standard solution with phenols in it * * Woodring said she is testing these wines as part of her senior research project She has a 3.89 QPA and is listed in Who's Who Among American University and College Students, and Outstanding College Students of America. For being .the valedictorian of her senior class at Harborcrcek, Woodring is also the recipient of a Val/Sal Egan Scholarship. Although she has plenty of work with her senior project, 1 Woodring still has time to be in activities on campus. According to Woodring, she is a member of Phi Eta Sigma, a representative of MSG, an R A, a chemistry tutor, and a member of the Library Advisory Committee. She has worked at Burhenn's Pharmacy for the past three years. After graduation from Mercyhurst Woodring said she wants to attend graduate school to study pharmacology/toxicology, which is how drugs affect the body. Her basic career goal is to be involved in research in the area of pharmacology.

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Pamela Woodring
vinefera, which are grapes used in California wines. * Woodring said the ultimate goal of the project is to improve the ability of small regional wineries to produce high quality products. Local wineries, according to Woodring, face a problem with growing conditions that produce grapes with a different chemistry than that of California. When testing wines, Woodring uses a High Pressure Liquid Chro-

Start onfiour pre-tan for SpringBreak

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The Merciad
'w * v*

JANUARY 26,1989


** W ' _ ^ v f l B E

Yuk Yuk'sentertains
By Robi Taylor Merciad staff writer There are two major problems with coming to an Erie college. Both have to do with the lack of entertainment that is available to the under twenty-one segment of the community. First the scheduling of concerts once every three months leaves a great deal to be desired. When concerts are brought to town the main act is usually a has been or some-^ body that young people wouldn't want to see anyway, like; Andy Williams. : :•-• -.• •- Second, all the clubs that have even halfway decent entertainment are restricted to those people lucky enough to be ova* 21. This is not the fault of the club owners, the state says you're not old enough to enjoy yourself. And if you try to party at home, campus security will put a stop to that too. ' •-.'& Now, if you don't mind driving 125 miles, there's a club at the Maple Leaf Village in Niagara Falls, Ontario, where 19-year-olds, especially college students, are welcome. Yuk Yuk's Komedy Kabaret is just across the Rainbow Bridge from New York and \ provides the kind of entertainment that is sorely lacking in Erie, g^tjjjjfe n Comedians who have appeared at Yuk Yuk's include: Sam Kinison, Howie^Maffdel, and Robin Williams. Elaine Booster and^Yakov Smirnoff are planning to make a T H E COMEDY IMPROV group "In All Seriousness/ is based in Brie and will be appearing Friday, Feb. 3 stop at the Niagara Falls Yuk Yuk's in Zurn Recital Hall at 8 p.m. and isfree to the Mercyhurst Community, SSBiaf | M W^ S S i i sometime in the future. But most of the time, the comedians are the new si SP 4 IB stars that show up on HBO or Showtime, and later in the movies. B The admission price is $8 per person in Canadian funds, which works out to about $6.50 American. m. This is the first movie since The able, warm, and emotionally grip- Considering the price of comedy j By Robi Taylor ; Rose where Bette is allowed to sing. ping. I ; H S I 1 Merciad staff writer Any fan of The Divine Miss M from I Beaches may be too late for all m When I first heard about her old singing days will be in ec- the awards this year, but when it Beaches "I thought, * 'Good here stasy. She still has the talent that we comes I will bet that Bette Midler comes another Bette Midler com- grew to love many years ago. - ,; will be named Actress of the Year. It's great to see that some proedy." I couldn't have been more f Any movie that can make me cry ByBillHogan ! wrong. 'i * i •- ducer took the time to see the poten- has got to be really good, I don't get < WMC Y program director Bette Midler and Barbara Her- tial resources they had to work with, that involved!with a bad movie. shey star in a very realistic film and had the brains to use them. Beaches will make you laugh a about friendship, love, and maybe *| CC's bestfriend,Hilary Whit- little, but mostly it will pull at your I Hey gang, how's it going? How ney,3is played by veteran actress heart But then again, isn't that what just a little about life and death. about this weather. I hope on one Barbara Hershey. She was perfect a great movie is supposed to do. I The « story is simple with two got sunburned. This week's review for the role because her appearance coming in and out of each others looks at Pop-Rock king Eddie lives. Sharing the good times and is so contrary to that of her co-star. My Rating 99.9/100 Money and his new album Nothing She was Used to balance things suffering together through the bad to Lose, and Charlie Sexton's longtimes. This type of plot has been out with Midler, but her performaround so long that it has even been ance added a lot more than that 9 Hershey is an excellent actress, but given a nickname; it's called the M buddy picture". It is usually done a couple of flops made her undesirwith two men but this time the two able to producers. Someone took a ladies make it work very well. chance and got a hit movie for their Although Beaches uses a standard troubles. This role is typical of the roles plot, it is different enough to start a Hershey has had over the years, an category all it's own. Midler used to be called "Trash upper-class attorney type. This is I With Flash" but in the role of C.C. the complete opposite of the characi!E pTABED ter of her co-star who was raised in Bloom she shows that she has ma(A tured enough to shed that image and the poor section of Brooklyn. The 9 differences of the two make their start showing what she jis really AT THE DEAD * o made of. She has made it to where relationship kind of special. Garry Marshall directed she is being looked at as more than a comedienne, she is being thought Beaches for Touchstone Pictures. I don't know what he did, but whatBODY AND... of as an actress. The character of C.C. is not in ever it was it turned out right Evethe film for laughs but her way of rything was in the right place at the right time...and it worked. The way UTOTEJVS life does lead to some of the lighter he directed thisfilmmade it enjoyBLOCK parts of the movie. W concerts in the States [almost $20 per person], the price is rather good. Add to this the fact that you get two comedians for the for the price of one, and it seems worth the cost and travel time to get there. The club manager said that Thursdays are Student Nights when a school ID card will get a 75 percent discount on the admission price. \ im w£& Some schools organize trips to Yuk Yuk's for their students to raise money for \ their school activities fund. The University of Rochester brought three busloads of students to the club for a total cost of $ 11 per person,* including) transportation andBadmission to (the club. The manager said that with groups they often lower the admission price to around $ 1 per person. There is also a discount on the price of refreshments for large groups. I J ^Nj The biggest cost is the drinks. A ten-ounce glass of Coke runs about $2, beer is about $2.25, and mixed drinks cost $5.95 each. "This is to allow the patrons to enjoy themselves without the risk of fights or excessive heckling I of the acts. Some heckling is allowed but not so that it gets so bad to ruin the evening for the other customers," said the club's manager. Actually the prices are equal to other clubs in the area. Sag Shows run! every week from Thursday through Sunday evenings at 8 and 11. Reservations should be made at least 24 hours in advance of the show j by ? calling 1-416-357-

I , . .






5233. I I | ' I

i ,


Bette\Midler\matures on'Beaches'

9 Tickets have to be picked up at least I one-half hour before the show. Any tickets not picked up by that time are sold on afirstcome first saved basis to a crowd of about 100 people waiting for no shows. The manager said that college students should call collect to place reserva-

Records feature irock arid reggae

tions. H T

At Wfo End

By. Steve Rush
ft A

awaited second LP Charlie Sexton. Eddie Money is back and believe it or not he has a great album. I was shocked at how good this album is. The first side has four big hits waiting to happen, ] including "Walk on Water," whichhit number 24 on the hot 100. Other songs getting serious airplay are "The Love in Your Eyes'' and' 'Magic.'' "Magic" is a good, slow, romantic ballad from Money that shows real diversity. Also look for "LetMeln," which is a nice reggae



The next act is the guitar-slinging Texan Charlie Sexton. It's been close tojfour years since his last album and many people had given up hope. * : | But, he's back and he was worth the wait His first single "Don't Look Back" is a huge success and look for "While You Sleep" and "Battle Hymn of the Republic." This album is fast-paced action and keeps you going all night long. Charlie Sexton is going to be a big name and his album is great, so watch foifit; See you next week.


JANUARY 26,1989

The Merciad



Lady Lakers eyeing successful season
By Matthew J. Clark Merciad Sports Editor




The Lady Lakers, entering the stretch run of the 1988-89 season, have a lot riding on their current fiveW game homestand. Nobody is more aware of that than head coach Luke Ruppel. I •i I "A successful homestand could have a significant impact on our overall record,'* he says. Ruppel knows that his team is in contention forithe Mideast Collegiate Conference title, but he also knows that the competition will be fierce. r *'We'11 have to play extremely well to win the conference," he says. ' 'There are a lot of quality ball clubs and we're not taking anything for M A X S O N ( 4 5 ) makes granted." \ \ • The Lady Lakers have been playing great basketball all season but Photo by Kevin McHugh. it wasn't until last week'sbig win at Gannon that people began to realize that these girls are truly in contention for a conference tide. Butjust how big was the win at Gannon? I 'To win on their floor was Tickets for the Gannon-Mercyhurst men's basketball game on an exceptional accomplishment for our kids,'' Ruppel says. But even Tue., Feb. 14, go on sale Feb. 1 at the Campus Center. Students though it was a great win, Ruppel was confident about his team's PUT YOURi with valid ID may pick up an upper-level ticket free of charge chances going into the unfriendly Hammermill Center. COLLEGE DEGREE from Feb. 1-Feb. 7. From Feb. 8 - Feb. 13, Mercyhurst student ' 'Going in I thought we were very well prepared,'' he recalls,' 'and tickets will cost $ 1. *' I TO WORK. I felt if we played well for the first five minutes, we'd be in the game. game "After the first 10 minutes, I thought we'd win the game as long as Air Force Officer Training School we stayed out of foul trouble,'' he recalls. • [fust a reminder is an excellent start to a There was one play which I remember in particular. Near the end that Mer* challenging career as an Air of the game, with Gannonfranticallytrying to avoid theirfirstloss to die Force Office^We offer great Lakers in overfiveyears, the Lakers had the ball under Gannon's basket cyhurst * College starting pay, medical care, 30 * Gannon's strategy was simple/*They'd foul whoever got the ball as Hockey team days of vacation with pay each soon as they'd touch it Only Ruppel and his coaching staff wereri t year and management about to let that happens With Gannon playing everybody tight-up, the will be hosting By Matthew J. Clark opportunities. Contact an Lakers threw a full-court inbounds pass which got the Lakers out of a Merciad Sports Editor Fredonia State Air Force recruiter. Find out what tough spot and got the Knights in trouble. Officer Training School can mean The big play was not a spur-of-the-moment conception, but a The Laker men's and women's at the Erie Civic for you. Call f: swim teams competed against carefully planned maneuver. Center this Sun- Westminster on Saturday at Tech "We're real high on preparation," Ruppel says. "We were going USAF OFFICER RECRUITING day at 2:30 p.m. Memorial High School but could to run that play sooner, but we decided to hold it a little longer and then 1-800-423-USAF TOLL FREE not hold off their New York foes. spring it on them." [Admission There strategy worked to perfection and the Lady Lakers brought the The girls lost their half of the - >' % free with student meet 108-85 and die men fell 122- big win home.: § > 4* »* "It was a bigger win for the kids that for me. Emotionally, it's a 60. However, there were some benchmark. It shows how far we've come in just two years." ; good individual performances as Ruppel feds that the team is perhaps a little ahead of schedule in well as a women's relay victory. terms of how good he thought they'd be at this point (Coaches always Freshman Colleen Grant capRESERVE OFFICERS'TRAINING CORPS have a time table for improvements). | * tured first place honors in the 200"This was the year I thought we could be competitive," he says. yard medley while Vicky" Bothe "I'm pleased with where we're at but I'm not satisfied. We can still do took first in the 100-yard fly. Kathy better." j ; M Nicholson finished first for} the While people often hear the names of Lisa Maxson, Nancy DiLallo 'Hurst in the 100-yard freestyle and and Chris Kindlin when Lady Lakers basketball is mentioned, there are Tina Kaliszak contributed with a a number of players on this team who contribute a great deal to its firs-place finish in the 100-yard success.. i -it backstroke. "Danielle Lipps has played very well,' * Ruppel states.' 'Peg Hogue | Grant also won the 100-yard embraces her rote off the bench and just goes out and does whatever we breast stroke event The team of ask. Bothe, Kristina Rush, Kaliszak and. Grant won the 400-yard free style •'. ''Ruth Henderson gives everything she's got out on the floor and Becky Schmidt comes off the bench and always makes quality contrirelay. For the men, senior John Ritz butions." \ % i -* J YOUR UNCLE WANTS dashed to victory in the 50-yard Speaking of the contributions of the bench, any coach knows his freestyle and the 200-yard back- success often relies on how deep his bench is, and Ruppel is no TO PAY FOR COLLEGE. RUT ONLY stroke. Although no other men had exception. IF YOU'RE GOOD ENOUGH. first-place finishes, they had a re"We're not a 13-3 dub if our bench doesn't do what it's been Army ROTC scholarships pay tuition spectable showing. doing," he says/ j&* I and provide an allowance for fees and Dan Herrjplaced third in the p Ruppel says die hard work will be the order of the day for the Lakers textbooks. Find out if you qualify. 200-yard freestyle and second in the down the stretch. 150-yard freestyle events. In the "We must work harder than we ever have," he says. "The staff and grueling 500-yard freestyle, Mi- team must commit themselves and really take it one game at atimeand chael Gage took second place. In make a conscious effort to get better everyday." the 200-yard breast stroke, Patrick ' 'We have a great group of kids with a tremendous desire to be ARMY ROTC Tully took third i by almost four successful," he continues. "I hope people appreciate how hard they seconds over his nearest opponent work both in the classroom and on the court" • SMARTEST COLLEG Perhaps fans could show their appreciation by watching the girls* The swim team will host BufRfiC YOU CAN TAKE falo State Feb. 1 at Tech Memorial. remaining home games. They're playing great basketball and with a C a l l CPTrJimiDalton a t 871-7673 or The match is set for a 6 p.m. start chance to bring Mercyhurst an NCAA conference title, they deserve support Come support our swimmers. i n q u i r e a t Dean's O f f i c e


"x-:;. -"SS^.. 9W?

Two On One

Gannon-Mercyhurst Tickets

, •

Swimmers fall tofWestminster




The Merciad

JANUARY 26,1989

Now 13-3

Maxson ? DiLallo pace hot Lakers to 3 big wins
Tomzcak and Nancy DiLallo work- he'll "take the win and run with it ing together to dismantle other If we continue to do play well there team's backcourts."-* W is no telling how far this club can In last Wednesday's game against conference; rival Gannon, "; If the Lady Lakers can pull off Maxson led all scorers with 30 wins against conference foes points while Kindlin dominated the Lemoyne, Sunday and Philadelboards at both ends of the floor. phia Textile next Saturday at home, At Slippery Rock the Lady it will lock up a spot in the seasonLakers play ed a very physical game. ending MCC tourney, which could Another reason for their success on propel the 'Hurst into a rare appearthe road this season has been the ance in Women's NCAA playoffs NANCY D I L A L LO PROTECTS the ball as she dribbles up court, in the outstanding rebounding by Chris in March. Photo by Kevin McHugh Lady Laker's recent victory over Gannon. Kindlin and Lisa Maxson. Kindlin is the intimidator in the middle for the j Hurst and though she is not big scorer her presence in the paint is vital if the Lakers are going to win. Maxson led the 'Hurst against the Rock Saturday with 19 points and a 17 rebounds. Nancy DiLallo also played another solid game at the By Kevin McHugh point guard spot and has been play- Merciad staff reporter ing well all season long. DiLallo The Laker's Rich Lipscomb always puts in a good defensive LISA MAXSON LAYS the ball offthe effort and is averaging 14.5 points made the winning basket after getper game. Saturday was no excep- tingfreeto receive an inbound pass backboard for a two point contribution as she hit three long-range in the dying seconds of Tuesday's tion to the Laker's winning score on ^ dished out over 10 as- game against Buffalo. A Jan. 18. Photo by Kevin McHugh £32] *The>^ hogged Dave uSnS1SI Cheryl Tomczak is settling in as stantino at one side of the court and By Bill Darling left the other side open and I just an i excellent shooting guard and Merciad sports reporter wasnamed "Rookie of the Week" took it down as far as I could and they didn't pick me up so I was for her fine performances by the It bard to imagine, but the Lady MCC. The native of Erie helped fortunate to get the shot off,*' Lakers are now 13-3 and have done guide the Lady Lakers to wins over Lipscomb said after the game. something they never done before, Gannon, Slippery Rock, and TuesThe Laker's coach, Dr. Barry moved into first place in their con- day against Buffalo where she was Copeland said that*he was very ference and could very well move key in the Laker's scoring which is proud of his team. "I think we into the Top 20 nationally in normally carried by Maxson j and played with a lot more intelligence women's basketball. DiLallo. Tomczak's 24 was the tonight, I'm just really happy with The best explanation for these difference Tuesday and her 5 three all of them," he added. phenomenons could be the victory pointers came in clutch moments. Eric Franos scored 16 and Chris at Hammermill against Gannon 75Mindach, Constantino and 72. Or wins at Slippery Rock and at I Currently, Mercyhurst is 13-3 Lipscomb each scored 12, to leave home against Buffalo might be and has now assured themselves at thefinalscore at 61 -59. The 'Hurst, logical answer. I believe it's a much least a. 500 season. They are second however, was not as successful on simpler solution, this Mercyhurst in the nation for hitting three-point- Jan. 18. I? ers with 5.6 per game, fifth in scor- I The Lakers made an even-paced team is just awesome. | ' 'This team just doesn't realize ing defense, and 12th in field goal and controlled start against die rihow good they can be," Coach percentage defense. Coach Ruppel valing Gannon Knights to put them vop the shot in the Laker's loosing Ruppel pointed out "They con- may not have been pleased with his on level pegging, 29-29 at the half. tinue to improve with each game team's play against Buffalo but However, as the Lakers began to tire game against Gannon. Photo by Kevin McHugh and show no signs of letting up on who had 18 points against the Lady and as the Ithousands of Gannon for the'Hurst were Eric Franos with and Rich has shown that he can upcoming opponents." z Knights including three-for-three supporters got behind their team, score,'' he said. 19 and Rich Lipscomb with 12. ' * I can't say enough about Lisa shooting from three-point range. ^ the Knights began to dominate. The The Lakers also fell at the hands Constantino was effectively Maxson and how well she has taken Danielle Lipps also played well final score was 61-78. of LeMoyne, 59-84, on Saturday. charge on the court. It has been an coming off the bench hitting key ' 'Fatigue may have been a fac- closed out of most of the game and The 'Hurst?went through a 7:47 added pleasure seeing Cheryl shots down the stretch. Contribu- tor but it was also because we con- only scored 10,1a relatively low period in thefirsthalf during which trolled the tempo in the first half score for him. 'He was marked they didn't score a single point. whereas they controlled dtjin the closely in offense and was made to "I think that s was the worst second. They were able to get some play the ball when he was defendSCOREBOARD weekend of my life, in the first half b$ * steals and when we get into that type ingwe were down by 20. We just got He did, however, score two rare of game it doesn't favor us," said Men's Basketball (8-9) Women's Basketball (13-3) the Laker coach. lay-ups in the second half, some- clobbered," said; Lipscomb the thing that Copeland is encouraging. hero of Tuesday's game. W-Gannon 75-72 f. L-Gannon 61-78 Copeland however remains "I know we didn't have intenconfident of beating Gannon when "He was catch and shoot, catch and sity, we weren't very aggressive W-Slippery Rock (59-57) L-LeMoyne 59-84 they meet again the Civic Center on shoot but now their coming out to and we missed some easy shots. If W-Buffalo 61-591 W-Buffalo 73-70 I him so he has to learn to get around Feb. 14. He said that the Lakers had I knew the problem at the time, I'd the defenders," said the coach. to put a stop to Gannon's fast like to say that it wouldn't have Chapman said that if Conbreaks. "For us to win we have to Swimming happened." playfiveonfive,we can' t play three stantino was stopped then the LakThe Lakers take on-Geneva L-Westminster ers would be beaten. Copeland did on three," Copeland said. tonight at 8 p.m. not entirely agree. "I think so far "We've got to do abetter job on "I saw them.] play against that when Dave has played well, the Cass Wright and Chris Hollan,'' team has played well but I certainly Behrcnd in Geneva. They're big Come support the Lakers! he added. Wright scored 18 and don't think he is our only scorer. guys can shoot and they hustle," Hollan scored 21. The top scorers Certainly Eric and Chris can score, said Copeland who added that it would be a tough game.

Lakers win thriller

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