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Moslem leader violates free speech
she said. The author, according to her, uses By Michelle Bosh many clever tricks in the novel, but these techniques don't create an artistic unity they Merciad staff editor show how brilliant the author is. « Although Elston didn't like Satanic By the threats on Salman Rushdie's life, Verses, \ she said that the prose style was author of The Satanic Verses, religious leader Ayatollah Khomeini also threatens "exuberant" freedom of speech, according to a Mercy hurst Arjamand Shah, a Moslem Erie businessEnglish professor who has read the book. man from Pakistan, isn't happy with Rushdie's book but doesn't find it a threat to Dr. Angela Elston, an author herself, his religion. Shah told the Erie Daily Times explained that some writers said this is the real issue and they would defend freedom of Feb. 26 that "Rushdie's book is not a real speech to the death. "Freedom of speech," threat It may be an insult but it is just one Elston said,' * is as sacred to us as the Moslem person's opinion which in no way underreligion is to them." mines Islamic values." § * * There can be no freedom without reMany people disagree with Khomeini's sponsibility," she added. "Freedom of handling of Rushdie's novel. Snyder said that speech may be an idea worth dying for, but Westerners may not take the book as seriously would I die to publish someone's child poras Moslems because, "the problem we're nography?" dealing with is a difference in culture.'' She added however, "His (Khomeini's)response On Feb. 14 Khomeini called on Moslems is extreme." | f around the world to execute Rushdie for his ERIE FIREFIGHTERS WERE again called to novel, which blasphemes the Islamic religion. Elston said,'' He should have ignored the McAuley Sunday morning about 1 am.for the : whole thing." *•' f r Satanic Verses offends Moslems because second false alarm in two weeks. Thefirstone MaryfSnyder it makes fun of a Mohammad-like character Although Khomeini has gone too far, was reported to thefiredepartment on and has a group of prostitutes adopt the names one of their managers said that although according to some people, Elston said that Tuesday, March 7, and the second one was of Mohammad * s wives. employees have some fears about the bomb- Moslems anger over Satanic Verses is justi- reported this passed Sunday, March 12. AlTo put it in a Christian context, Elston said threats, they are still working. ' *We all feel fied because Rushdie doesn't understand though thefiremendon't want Mercyhurst to it was like reading about the Virgin Mary that it is a matter of principle," the manager Islam. ' 'If anyone is going to attack excesses burn down, their stern faces show they don't ; getting gang-raped while a crowd ofbystand- said. "We believe in therightto read." ffj it has the responsibility to understand that appreciate getting prank calif. Photo by Kevtn McHugh Because Satanic Verses is addressed to religion in greater depth," she explained. ers cheered the rapists on. Religious Studies professor Mary Snyder just a highly literate international audience, compared Moslems to fundamentalist Chris- Rushdie never expected his book to earn itself tians because "Their religion doesn't allow a household name, according to Elston. "You need two doctorates in order to read for other view points.'' Snyder said the controversy with some it, *' she said. The book isn't addressed to the common Christians over the film The Last Temptation of Christ is like the situation with reader, according to Elston, because plot and Rushdie. She added that thefilm'sproducers character development aren't primary in the made no claims that thefilmwas an authentic book. ' 'There is no central vision in terms of MCCI program. MCCI currently has a placeinterpretation of Christ By Robi Taylor content'' she added. ment rate of 70-80 percent with 10-15 percent The two main characters, Gabreel Merciad staff writer Besides the threat on Rushdie's life, returning to college to earn a higher degree, bookstores carrying Satanic Verses on their Farishta and Saladin Chamcha, are in contenThe federal government is spending about usually at Mercyhurst tion with each other but nothing is ever reshelves have been threatened with bombings. I The tuition for the one-year, 30-credit Many I Erie bookstores are still selling it solved, according to Elston.* 'And you never $676,000 a year on a job training program at however. ' 'We have always had it,*' a man- know what kind of reality you're in,'' she Mercy hurst that has given some 1,400 stu- programs is currently $4,100 pear year. Thirty dents an opportunity to get off welfare and people pay their own way, but the majority of added. > ager of Waldenbooks said. the students get federal funds and only have "In terms of style it is self-indulgent'* unemployment via a one-year degree. The Erie Bookstores also carry it And The certificate will not get you a job as a the expense of their books to worry about bank president, said Sheila Richter, associate That expense is covered by Pell grants that can director of admissions, but it will either help be as much as $1,800. MCCI students are get you a job or start you on the way to a given this to cover not only books but also transportation, day care, and other expenses college degree. | About 1 O students attend MCCI classes connected with their educations. Q One administration official said that the in eight training neids ranging trom ousiness/ federally funded MCCI students get rebates office and accounting to HRIM and municiof all their grant money to use at their discrepal police training. Most classes offer interntion, except for the money used for books. ships for students to get a hands on feeling of Most students use the money for such neceswhat the jobs are like. sities as food or clothing. But sometimes their The one-year certificates are good for discretion extends to die extreme, like one getting your foot in the door, according to 1988 MCCI graduate who used her federal HRIM professor Michael Barnes. When grant rebate to go on a vacation over holiday promotions come, the person with a four-year break. * degree will get the job. Some of the larger ; Some students have mnixed jjfeelings chains, such as Hyatt or Regency, will not about the programs, partly bescause they consider a job applicant with less than a fourperceive abuses. "I enjoyed the program at year degree, he said. first," said Pamela Szymanowski, MCCI HRIM major John Douglass said the trainmedical technology major, "but the attitudes ing he gets through MCCI teaches ] him of some of the federally funded people ruined enough to put him one step above the compeit for me." tition in thejob market He also said he will not She said that about 30 percent of the return to go for a four-year degree. Just for fun The purpose of MCCI is to get people off funded people brag in class about only being there to get the "free money "from the grants. welfare A GROUP OF Mercyhurst men enjoyed the warm weather Monday by playing a game of and unemployment, according to See 'MCCT, pg. 2 basketball outside McAuley. i Photo by Kevin McHugh Lupe Billingsley, assistant director of the

Burning mad

MCCI program helps students leave unemployment lines






The Merciad

MARCH 16,1989


Senior stabbed on Jamaica
By Karen Sampson Merciad staff editor A Mercyhurst senior was stabbed three times during a robbery of his hotel room March 1 in Jamaica where he was vacationing on a MSG offered trip. | Tim Valento, an accounting major sustained wounds to the chest and his hand. He was slashed by a knife twice in the chest and has almost a three inch cut on his left room with Valento; his sister, Gina Valento; and Janet Holzhaeusser, she was alerted to the presence of the burglars when she heard papers shuffling in the " living area" of the room. Smith thought it was Gina hand held together by ten stitches. He received three stitches in his chest and was treated with antibiotics in a Jamaican hospital. According to Debbie Smith, Valento's girlfriend and a junior art education major, who stayed in the Valento | returning from visiting friends. * i fe "We went to bed Wednesday night around 12:30, and around 3:30 Gina got a phone call from some guys that she had met downstairs to go down and party with them,'' Smith said." So she left the door unlocked because she thought she was coming right back up." ! Smith then received a prank phone call from friends, so she was awake when the burglars entered the suite." I heard a noise by the table of people shuffling through papers. I thought it was Gina, so I hollered 'Gina,' and no one answered." Smith became alarmed when there was no answer. "So I rolled over and sat up in the bed and when I did that I saw two guys leaving the apartment They were outside in the hallway and had the door cracked open,'' Smith said. She added that she heard whispers and later found out that the men were looking through Gina Valento's purse for money and valuables. They stood out in the hall to use the light


"They must have heard me coming because they rushed in with itheir knives up."
-Tim Valento She then woke up Valento and said that shejust saw two men leave the suite, n He told her to stay where she was, but Smith followed him.




from pg. 1


One girl bragged that she went from program to program in order to get the grant money," Szymanowski said. This student didn't rhfcve from'program to program at : MercyhursC' Bitf she went from institution to institution offering MCCI training. I | Billingsley said that abuse of grants happens on the main campus and not only with MCCI students. The only criteria for entry to the program is a high school transcript and testing in the* basic skills of reading, writing, and math. Federally funded students have to be referred by the Penn. Office of Unemployment Freshmen entering the MCCI program would have to take the subjects that are offered by MCCI, which can sometimes be used to help with degree requirements. Billingsley said that she can tell whether a student is just trying to save money on a four-year degree by the attitude of the student If this is found she will recommend that
_ <•

"He got up and I followed behind him," Smith said. "He got about 10 to IS feet (from the bed) when they came back in." "They have heard me the student transfer to the lower must coming," Valento added, "because campus as a traditional student! Traditional students and MCCI they rushed in with their knives up. students often share classes in sub- That was the first thing I really saw, was a knife coming at me." jects like English composition and Whether the assailants were returnpublic speaking. The only differ- ing the purse or were trying to find ence is at the end of the month other items to steal is not known, MCCI students carry green calendars for backing attendance. Some students are sent up to MCCI by the college when a promising student is found whose SAT scores are too low for admission, Billingsley said. But the faculty is generally impressed with the MCCI students, saying that they are more "intention learning and less on getting drunk on the weekends," she added.

avail. However, Smith said, "The according to Smith. "I just saw the knife coming at next day the STS guy hands Tim a me and I went to grab the guy's $100 Jamaican bill, which is only 9 wrist,' Valento said, "and that guy $20 American and says, 'Here, I got me with the knife." Valento hope this covers alls the problems said he was unable to grab the knife you have had.'" in time because he was distracted by the second burglar. Valento did, "I identified the guys however knock the assailant into the the next day...But I wall as the man slashed Valento. "Then Debbie started screaming," didn't push it. I just Valento said. Smith did manage to turn on the wanted to get out of lights and did see the faces of the Jamaica. men whom she described as Jamaican. Holzhaeusser, who was also in --Debbie Smith the room at the time did not see their faces. The Jamaicans made off with $30 in U.S. currency from the purse. Smith and Valento feel that STS According to Valento and Smith, is partially to blame for what haphotel security consisted of two men pened because the company recomwho they described as young, mended that the students stay there. skinny, and "looked pretty de- Smith was also angered because the fenseless." They also said that the hotel did so little to apprehend the representative from Student Travel assailants. "I identified the two Service (STS), the company which guys the next day," Smith said offered the trip could not be reached when she saw them in die guestby phone. Valento said he did not only hotel dining room. "The hotel receive medical attention for almost people didn't do anything about it 2.5 hours since he was looking for But we were leaving in two hours so the STS representative who was I didn't want to push it I just wanted supposed to know of an America to get out of Jamaica." doctor. Valento was also delayed There were various speculaby the police who did nothing, he tions about the identity of the robsaid. » bers, but because Valento and Smith > They tried for several hours that feltthat the hotel was uncooperative , night, according to Valento, to they suspected it was somehow reach the STS representative to no involved.

Butt an MCCI student is not guaranteed > admission to Mercyhurst "But we've never had one turned down," Billingsley said. " Those who do not perform while at MCCI would mostjlikely have a harder time getting in down below." w I

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MARCH 16,1989

The Merciad


H i s t o r y o f Saint Patrick is r e v e a l e d
ica everyone is \Irish and has fun being Irish. * i ThefirstSt Patrick's Day celeIt has always been a source of bration in the United States was held amazement to the Irish in Ireland in Boston in 1737. Today more than how their holiday is celebrated else- 100 cities hold parades. But, surprisingly most people don't know where. ? Even though St Patrick's Day is much about Saint Patrick, where he came from or how he got to Ireland. an Irish national holiday, it is celePatrick was born in Britian brated in many other countries. The aroundj: 389. His father!was a United States, having over 40 million Irish, celebrates St. wealthy alderman and a Christian. Patrick's Day more so than in Ire- When Patrick was 16fyears old, pirates captured him during a raid land. * g and sold him as a slave in Ireland. In Ireland, St Patrick's Day is He served as a shepherd of an Irish primarily a religious holiday. People stay home from school and chieftain in Ulster. T work to attend church in honor of During his captivity Patrick Saint Patrick. Parents bring their dedicated himself to religion. He young children to see parades. escaped after six years of slavery If an American were to spend St and returned to his home in Britian. Patrick's Day in Ireland, he would As a result of his experiences in be surprised at the lack of green. Ireland, Patrick became driven by Only those involved in the parade the idea of converting the Irish to dress in green and the beer is cer- Christianity. tainly not dyed green. | a To prepare himself for that task, People in Ireland tend to cele- he studied in the monastery of brate the day differently. For some Learns on an island off of the southit is a family occasion, but for many east coast of France. Patrick also it's into the pub after mass for the went to A uxerre, France and studied remainder of the day and night By religion under Saint Germanus, a the end of the night, these pubs can French bishop. •% be very noisy places with everyone p Partly because Patrick's earlier linking arms and singing Irish songs education was inadequate, his reliand ballads. gious superiors were reluctant to let In the United States, St. him return to Ireland as a missionPatrick's Day is primarily a secular ary. But Palladius, the first Irish (non-religious) holiday. People missionary bishop, died in 431. To dress up in green, decorate their fill the position, Pope Celestine I houses in green, and dye their beer then sent Patrick to Ireland.* green. Patrick began his work in northHere, people go crazy, throwing ern and western Ireland where no parties and joining in on ^ the pa- one had ever preached Christianity. rades. For one day a year in Amer- He gained the trust and friendship of By Maria Kelly Merciad staff reporter several tribal leaders and soon made many converts. Patrick is said to have founded more than 300 churches and baptized more than 120,000 people. Patrick brought clergymen from England and France for his new churches. He succeeded in his mission in Ireland, even though many British clergymen opposed him and the way he organized his churches. Patrick preached in Ireland for the rest of his life. - * Many stories about Saint Patrick are based only on legend. One of the best known talcs tells how he charmed the snakes of Ireland into the sea!so they were drowned. According to another legend, Patrick used a three leaf shamrock to illustrate the idea of the Trinity. Many people believe the shamrock came to be the traditional symbol of Ireland as a result of this legend.

Theatre professor hospitalized
Paul hidings, assistant professor of theater, was listed in serious condition Tuesday night in the Intensive Care Unit at Hamot Hospital. hidings is suffering from peritonitis, an infection of the abdominal lining, according to Igor Stalsky, director of the theater department hidings was admitted to the hospital on February 1, two days before the opening of Our Town which he was scheduled to direct, Stalsky said.

COMMUNICATION TEXTS WANTED I § Former Human Communications students who want to sell or lease their Understanding Human Communication texts should drop a note with their name and phone number to Box 102. Second or third editions are acceptable. ri§H $ SCHOLARSHIPS ' AVAILABLE Applications for the following scholarships are available in the Financial Aid office. The Presque Isle Chapter of American Businesswomen's Association for women withfinancialneed. Deadline for application: 3-31-89. The Joseph G. Olszewski Scholarship Fund for residents of Erie county. Must possess good scholarship and character and have financial need. Deadline for application: 5-15-89 CHOIR AND STRING CONCERT! The Mercyhurst Chamber Choir and String Ensemble will present a joint concert on Sunday, March 19 at 2:30 p.m. in Christ the King Chapel. The Chamber Choir will be performing duets, trios, and choruses by Handel, The Trois Chansons' of Debussy, and The Matra \ Pictures of Kodaly. The String Ensemble will .present a String Quintet by Mozart, a String Trio by Beethoven and a Vivaldi concert Admission isfree,and all are welcome. I

SAC EVENTS SPAGHETTI DINNER j i Fri. March 17, St. Patrick's Day fAll-You-Can-Eat Spaghetti Dance in Cafeteria, 9 p.m. Dinner to benefit Mercyhurst FootSun. March 19, H.B.O. Movie ball Sunday, March 19 from 2 p.m. in the Union, 7 p.m. to 6 p.m. in die cafeteria. Adults are CAN COLLECTION $4 and students are $3. Students on The women's soccer team is the meal plan get in with their meal collecting aluminum cans in order card. Children under 12 are free. to buy new uniforms and defray RECRUITERS ON CAMPUS traveling costs. |If interested in The following recruiters Will be donating, the team will even pick up on campus to interview interested the cans at your home. Please con- students. Students interested in tact Andy Roth at Ex L 240, or stop interviewing with any of these reby the Admissions Office. cruiters should come to the Career BALLOONS I Services Office, Main 204, to sign Campus Ministry is selling bal- up for an appointment loons for all occasions to raise funds 3-16-89 Abraxas Foundation forcharity. There are two types of for Counselors. Majors in Psych., balloons on sale, Latex for SO cents, Sociology, Soc. Wk., Human ServMylar for $2. The sale will continue ices, etc. j I y. throughout the year; * « ; 3*22:89 .Marriott Food V d BULLETIN BOARD «. Beverage - Division f for:. WanageIf you have ah announcement ment Trainees (seniors) and Sumfor the Bulletin Board, submit it to mer Interns for Corporate Box 161, campus mail, or hand- Internship (juniors). I deliver it to The Merciad office, 81B, Baldwin Hall. Typewritten material is appreciated. Items must be received by noon on the Monday before publication. Any items after that time will be given consideration only if space permits. RAPE PREVENTION Rape happens even among friends. A date rape prevention program will take place on Thursday, March 16,1989 at 7:30 p.m. in the Baldwin Lobby.

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The Merciad


Satanic Verses controversy Kovski Korner Recent false alarms, raises censorship dilemma


The Ayatollah Khomeini's order of execution for author Salman Rushdie, is a direct threat to the United States freedom of speech. * If Khomeini can get away with bringing down a death sentence on this British author, whats to stop him from doing the same to an American writer? |p | :\ Right now Khomeini has only found something offensive with Rushdie's book, but little incidents always have a tendency to escalate. Hitler's plan to conquer one small country to expand his empire soon included conquering all of Europe. Pretty soon Khomeini will find something wrong with another book, then another, then another, then Stephen King's books won't meet his standards of * 'proper literature." Although Americans haven't gone to such great lengths as the Moslem leader, many have restricted our freedom of expression.

Mary Snyder mentioned mat fundamentalist Christians banned the film The Last Temptation of Christ from movie theaters. Christians creating an uproar over the movie thought they had a moral obligation to remove such garbage from the screens. Baloney. If they don't like the movie they don't have to watch it, but if others want to see it that is their right

When a person'srightto read is inhibited, it essentially is restricting that person*slight to think.
Maybe the movie was in poor taste but as long as it isn' t endangering anyone's life, the producers are free to present whatever views they want 4. % Khomeini thinks he has a moral

«lf» #V«
•---.* -

M er*ciad
March 16,1989 Editor Editorial Board Sports Editor Assistant Sports Editor Business Manager Photo Editor Circulation Manager Photographer Cartoonists Faculty Adviser Reporters


Mercyhurst College's First-Class newspaper as rated by the Associated Collegiate Press Vol. 62 No. 18 Christopher J. Kovski Michelle Bush Karen Sampson Matthew J. Clark Kevin McHugh Patty Coneglio Liz Richards Alexa Potter PatSteckman Kerry Rimdzi us Steve Rush Mara S weterlitsch John Kupetz

obligation to remove Rushdie from the face of the earth. His reaction to Satanic Verses is more extreme than those who opposed The Last Temptation of Christ, but there is actually little difference between the two. % It is admirable that people can hold a belief so strongly, however, in a democracy people must have therightto express their own opinions. I A similar situation involving freedom of speech concerns Madonna. Some Americans ?have banned e her newj video j " Like a Prayer'' because they find it offensive. The video may be scandalous but that isn't the issue. Freedom carries with it the sponsibility to keep the good along with the bad. By restricting some forms of the evil media, it sets up excellent works for restriction also. Most people consider pornography degrading and would like to see it removed from bookshelves, movie theaters, etc. This is again admirable,but it has often lead to the banning of the classics. Americans who were zealous about banning pornography, overnight became soldiers marching to a different drum. They suddenly wanted Mark Twain's novel Huckleberry Finn banned from bookshelves because they didn't understand the use of its southern dialect Other censored literary .works were the Grapes of Wrath, 1984, Animal Farm, The Catcher and the Rye, Sister Carrie, and Native Sun. WL M

Gannon acquisitions call tax exempt status into question
By Christopher J. Kovski Merciad Editor !



In the past week or so, there were two false alarms in McAuley Hall. Last term, there was a false alarm in Baldwin Hall. J : Each time, Erie firefighters had to come to the school and check on the alarm. Each time, Mercyhurst Col^^^ lege was charged money. When Gannon University bought the old Carlisle's building, the Erie newspaper had an editorial stating; that the school should start paying money to the city, as this was a major building (and a major potential source of revenue) being taken off of the city's books. | gi So the nonprofit status of many institutions comes under question again. Who cares if the major goal of Gannon is to educate? They're buying buildings, so they should help with the city's revenue problem. These same people would point to the recent alarms at Mercyhurst as a reason for the local colleges and universities giving money to the city. If the school is going to use the city's resources, such as the fire department, it should pay a fair amount to the city. Residents of the City of Erie have to pay taxes based on the value of their property. In light of recent acquisitions by Mercyhurst, such as the apartments on the lower part of Briggs Avenue, it is obvious that Mercyhurst is getting a great deal of protection -- even more than the average person. Mercyhurst has more property, and should be kicking in more to the city. I \

People could point to therecentalarms at Mercyhurst as a reason for the local colleges and universities giving money to the city. If the school is going to use the city'sresources,such as the fire Americans who were I department, it should pay a fair amount to the city. zealous about banning po rnography, overnight I realize that Mercyhurst is an educational institution which is became soldiers march- ostensibly nonprofit. But in recent years, Mercyhurst's endowment has ing to a different drum. increased to over $5 million dollars.
Textbooks for schools weren't inunune to censorship either. Texas schools banned books for teaching Charles Darwin's theories. They also banned bodes for not teaching enough about religion. Even poetry was censored when Walt Whitman's verses were thought to have too many sexual connotations. Other poets like e. e. cummings and Allen Ginsberg also fell victims to censorship.. Khomeini's death sentence on Rushdie, and the United States own censorship policies, effect more than Americansfreedomof speech however. Like one bookstore manager said, it effects therightto read. Censorship's purpose is to keep people from reading, viewing or listening to certain materials. When a person's right to read is inhibited, it essentially is restricting his/her right to think. \ Add to this the amount of money that Mercyhurst is getting from tuition, and the school is doing well - certainly well enough to contribute to the city. I realize that Mercyhurst provides cultural events for the city, yet if you ask most people, I think they'd rather have some cash up front So what should Mercyhurst do? A proposal that would seem to make sense is for the Board of Trustees to look at thefinancialsituation at the end of the year, and see how much can be given to help the city. This wouldn't even be giving until it hurts, just until the College can sleep a little better. ; This amount could be determined by an analysis of the city services that Mercyhurst uses.' Then the Board could make adonation to the City. Or an alternative could be whatHamot and Saint Vincent's did, and still do. These hospitals give free medical care to needy members of the community. •', Mercyhurst could give money to the poor, such as through any one of a numbca- of charitable organizations. Or it could help out the United Way of Brie County by giving an amount equitable to the amount of services the College receives. Through a number of ways, the College could compensate the community for what it receives. These people pay for services, so why can t the College, directly or indirectly? 1 y spee l es a n d ur .Ek 5? ?l concerts are nice, but they are not quite enough. With a financial contribution to the community, Mercyhurst could improve its unage in the community, as well as give a more Christian example to the area.

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MARCH 16,1989

The Merciad


St. Patrick>

Reminiscences of Ireland: T h e night before leaving
salty air as it pounded sense into my numbed brain. I reached a familiar bench that overlooked the dark, As I sat at the bar, my fingers mysterious sea in its never-ending loosely clutching one of many bid to reach the land. The sea raged glasses of mind-numbing vodka, its eternal war against the glossydispensed by a liberal hand J felt my black, jagged rocks as if frustrated head begin to spin. Turning around, by its failure. I gazed through the puffs of smoke Must I exchange this wild beach and psychedelic lighting at the for the wilderness of concrete? dizzy, whirling crowd. ? Must I leave this rugged land for the As I watched a group of my land of rugged individualists? Must friends as they tried their best moves I make my mother cry? to the "Hippy hippy shake," I felt I left the bench and walked over as if I was already apart from them. to the edge of the embankment I wouldn't see any of them again for Edging slowly down the slope, my at least a year and a half. Tomorrow feet suddenly sped ahead of me. nightl would leave Ireland and head Landing with a thud, I was glad of for The States. the alcohol I had drunk. Asllayon jThe incomprehensible babble the beach, • slightly a stunned, I that emerged from their flushed reached to pick a moonlight shining faces fought to overcome the throb- sea shell from the moistened sand. bing, 'enduring music ithat blared Caressing its smooth surface I rerelentlessly in my ears. Hie sights membered the night I offered such a and sounds magnified my distorted, shell to Liath to see her beautiful disoriented state? of mind and smile and receive an affectionate pushed it beyond endurance. All of kiss. What could I do with a shell in a sudden I wanted to cry. I had to get the land of malls? ^ out A shell is small and so is Ireland. America is huge. People earning America isr huge. huge wages and shopping in huge malls. Huge basketball and football People earning huge players playing in huge stadiums. wages and shopping* in Huge crime rates in huge cities. I brushed the sandfromclothes huge malls. Huge basket- and set oil to rejoin the boys and ball iandifootball players head for home. I found them as expected propped up against the playing in huge stadiums. Take-Away window, laden, with Huge crime rates in huge greasy french fries. We waited for Jim to kiss one of his girlfriends cities. good night and then began the twoI walked cautiously down the mile walk home. The boys never really talked litter-scattered, pot-holed street that led to the windy beach. I heard the much about my leaving for America crashing waves and felt the fresh, except to give their commiserations By Kevin McHugh Merciad staff writer leave the dampness and stagnation| for sunny skies andfriendlysmiles. How could I ever need to convince myself that I should go? Why would I ever wish to cling to this I hugged myself at the septic isle, this sinking ship? When I was in Ireland I never thought of leaving this thought that Ireland could offer one-horse town and * all much and looking back that may be true. Jim is doing a one year certifithose wasted afternoons. cate in engineering as hedidn' t have What joy to exchange the the points to do a degree course. With so many people unemployed prospect of a dole card for who have degrees he will find it that of a pay check and to virtually impossible to get a job. I'm sure he still has lots of girlfriends leave the dampness and and maybe he's happy that way. stagnation for sunny $ Frank, who was an A student, did what was customary for A stuskies and friendly smiles. dents and picked a course that reAs we reached the outskirts of quires the best points. After a genthe town we sat up on a white- eral secondary or high school eduwashed wall as Frank routinely bent cation that included math, physics, over to vomit Connor, who never history, English, French and chemgot sick, stood laughing in his face. istry, he decided to enter a four-year When finished, Frank reclaimed his degree course in Aeronautical Engifries and with a moronic grin stuffed neering. He hates it but cannot change courses as it would mean the a greedy handful into his mouth. $ Before long we had meandered loss of his grant All grants for degree courses in our way to the top of the lane that led to my house. As I left them they Ireland are means tested and to shook my hand, something they qualify,! the applicants' parents, never did before. They were drunk usually the father, have to have an annual income of around $10,000 and this was good bye. I I sat on my bed with my head in and have around eight children. In the old days the Irish had large my hands and looked around my room, empty except for the packed families in order to run the farm. suitcases. Please let me stay, I don't want to go. •With the sun came a new day and 5with sobriety came reality. I hugged | myself at the [thought of leaving this one-horse town and all those wasted afternoons. What joy to exchange the prospect of a dole card for that of a pay check and to on having to drink * piss- water * beer" and to warn me not to return if I ever picked up an American accent \ Now they have large families so that they can qualify for state grants. Connor is trying to make some cash by setting up a puncture repair shop at his house. He isn't making any money.

Before long we had meandered our way to the top of the lane that led to my house. As I left them they shook my hand, something they never did before. They were drunk and this was good bye.
When I was in Ireland I freely referred to Ireland as a septic isle but not now that I'm in America. Now I think of Ireland as a place of friends, good times, beautiful countryside and great beer. I'm not sure that Jim, Frank and Connor have the same impressions. 1 suppose it's a case of you don' t know what you' ve got until it's gone. Editor's Note: Kevin McHugh is the; Assistant Sports Editor for 1 II The Merciad.' He is presently a freshman, and is here through the Irish American Partnership program. I

At Wit End

By\Steve Rush

MiMtmtt mmmJSk
That's because Mercy Center in AsburyPark is for many the last stop on the poverty express. In serving the poor of this resort town, Carol Ann Henry has to feed the hungry with one hand and summon the richly endowed with the other. f She arrived here after teaching for 12 years, including several in an innercity school, and after rinding yet another way ofexpressing her concern for the poor. f In a community of contrasts wealth and poverty, education and ignorance - she and two other sisters opened a Center for the hopeless, for

the mother out of food stamps,forthe school kids without a change of clothes, for the old man without a mattress. For those who had fallen through the safety net and hit rock bottom. With donated food, clothing and furniture, and the generosity of grant monies she helps secure, Carol Ann makes the vow of mercy her daily prayer. 3 For more information on a life of Mercy, contact Teresa Okonsld, RSM, Sisters of Mercy of Erie, Pa., 814-8250516.

The Sisters of Mercy

ft t*


The Merciad
r •••

MARCH 16,1989

Tom Hanks shines i

The Burbs sheds new light on view of odd neighbors
nosey semi-adult neighbors with good movie...and it showed. Even problems of their own, and some the women in the movie, although bones and strange power outages they showed an unnecessary lead the men in the neighborhood on a kind of witch hunt that gets them After the ^success of into some hilarious trouble. But it is the kind of stuff that most of us are Big and Punchline in guilty of. I 1988, Tom Hanks That makes it easier to laugh at, because we are laughing gat our- showed that his talent is selves. This makes up pretty m uch almost unlimited by placthe plot of The 'Burbs. Tom Hanks and Bruce Dern star ing a third jewel in his in this movie as the ring leaders of crown with The 'Burbs. everything that goes on. Both stars showed what they were made of, including doing their own stunts. amount of, cleavage, were not After the success of Big and Punch" shoved into the background. The line in 1988, Hanks showed that his characters they played were made to talent is almost unlimited by placing be just asjjimportant as the male t a third jewel in his crown with The leads. All in all The 'Burbs is a very ' Burbs. It is not very often that one star will put out three hit movies in enjoyable movie to watch. It offers one year, but it couldn * t happen to a everything that anyone could want from a night out with a date — more deserving actor. Bruce Dern plays his usual type laughs, suspense and a reason to of character—a kind offringeluna- cuddle in the back row. More than tic who is not quite nuts, but not that though, you will neyer think quite sane either. He added a kind of about that freaky old cat lady that no craziness that countered the normal- one ever sees who lives in the house ity that Hanks tried to bring to the across the street in the same way again. . film. i I know that I see my neighbor in Joe Dante directed The * Burbs the n way; that all good comedy a whole new light After all who should be done. Considering that he knows where she is getting the meat was also making a suspensefilmat that she feeds all those wild cats. the same time the result was, to say the least, admirable. The story was My Rating 89/100 not boring or too complicated and Some language, implied gore the action was almost constant He took some major stars and made them equal on the screen. Nobody upstaged anybody else, everybody worked hard to make a

By Robi Taylor Merciad staff writer The' Burbs is the kind of movie that really defies description. Is it funny? Yes, but it's not really the kind of movie most people think of as a comedy. ^ Is it scary? Yes, in a funny sort of way some people might consider it scary. Actually, I guess it could be called I a psycho-drama-comedy, with about equal doses of laughter andfrightto make it fun to watch. Of course, there is just a touch of suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat I 3

The Merciad \e> having an Oscar contest Enter your guesses for the following categories, and you may*win a larepf two-item pizzafrom5arbatos and two movie passes from Ithe Plaza Theater. 5est Picture Best Actor Best Actress I Best Director Best Screenplay Only one entry per person, please. on the entry form Submit your at the bottom of this box by 3/24.
Best Picture Best Actor Best Actress — Best'Director *-! Best Screenplay Your Name: Phone Number: Campus Address: Submit your guesses to The Merciad, Box 161

The 'Burbs offers everything that anyone could want from a night out with a date — laughs, suspense and a reason to puddle in the back row.
The neighborhood where the movie takes place is pretty much the way an average American community lives — the kind with an exmilitary man living on the corner and a little furry dog that lives up the block who leaves gifts on every lawn but his own. And every neighborhood has to have a run-down house in the middle of the block where people live but they are never seen. No one comes or goes, but you know that somebody lives there. v An old creepy looking house with almost human occupants,

Record Review

1008 East 3 8 t h St.

825-2737 i Welcomes PAT ALDERTON
formerly of Morningstar Creations

XTC makes the break to the U.S while An miction breaks its mold
This two album set is a great production. It has a lot of pop appeal, but it is not just a mindless pop project Listeners are affected by the lyrics, and can sort of visualize what they are saying. Hey, gang, how was your break? Mine was At times they will remind you of the Beatles, fantastic; I'm ready for Spring. So this week we'11 really. XTC is a band worth listening to, and look at XTC and Animotion. believe me, they will be a household name. So go XTC is one of the longest-playing English out and buy Oranges and Lemons. bands to comeoutof the new music era. Theirtrue Animotion, the dance-pop band of the early rock form is what has carried them on as one of the 80's, is back with a different sound and two best bands in the U.K. Their songs have a lot to different lead singers, Cynthia Rhodes and Paul say about life and the lyrics arefreshand bright Ergemann. Their last LP,"Skylarking," won critical acThe group moves a little bit away from the total claim, and the video of their hit single "Near dance theme to a more general pop theme, but the God" won best video of the year. Now the band album still moves. 4 is ready, after all this time, to break through in • Send it Over' * and * * Room to Move'' are the America. first two high-paced tracks to listen for. Also look You probably have already seen their first for "Best Mistake," which was produced by video and hit single, "Mayor of Simpleton," on Rhodes' husband, Richard Marx. f MTV. Now FM radio everywhere will be playing This album is the best Animotion record yet XTC. % Try it - you'll like it See ya next week. By Bill Hogan J Merciad record reviewer


Pat specializes in pivot point and punk cuts Open Tuesday through Friday 9 a«nie to 9 p.m*| Saturday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

MARCH 16,1989

The Merciad


* a


Jordano brings young, talented squad to the diamond in 1989
transfers - have been with the 'Hurst turns virtually intact Senior John for less than two years. *f Ritz and sophomores S teve Hall and The influx of talented players is Bill Jones accounted for IS Spring not a surprise to Jordano. victories last year. i I 'The way we have approached The trio will be joined by five baseball *here att Mercyhurst in- newcomers, including a pair of creases the interest of good student- impressive transfers. Tim Kirst athletes,'' Jordano explains. "We joins the 'Hurst from St Bonavenhave good J facilities, a solid pro- ture and Tom Morawski comes here gram, a strong commitment: from after playing his freshman year at the college." f 1 -• S Hilbert Junior College. ? Despite the fact that 14 players, Hall finished last Spring with a including five of the top seven hit- 6-3 mark and a 3.14 ERA in 58 ters, from last year's 27-22 squad innings and one save. Jones was 8are gone, Jordano feels that Mer- 2 last year with a 3.24 ERA, striking cyhurst will be solid in all aspects of out 66 banjo's in 62 2/3 innings. He the game. §£ also recorded one save. * 'Last year we thought pitching Offense is the largest unknown was going to be our weakest link entering the season. Only two of the and actually our defense i was," top hitters return. However, a Jordano says. "This year, if we put strong contingent [of newcomers everything together, we will be very will have a major impact competitive. Junior outfielder Mark Wil"However, if one area of the liams and junior infielder Keith team is lax, we'll have to make some Parry will provide the veteran immediate adjustments because we punch. Williams batted .333 in 36 are not simply going to be able to games last year. ' * roll over opposing teams." He had nine doubles and tied I The pitching staff that was an see 'Baseball,' ipg. 8 early question mark last year, re-



Ruppel has 'no regrets' about season
By Matthew J. Clark Merciad Sports Editor No Regrets'' reads the sign on Luke Ruppel's office wall. The women's head basketball coach says he has no regrets about his team's 218 record and appearance in the EC AC championship game. In just three years, Ruppel has transformed the Lady Lakers from pretenders to contenders. It's hard to imagine that just last year the Lakers finished a dismal 7-16. ' 'Probably the highlight of the year was getting a bid to the ECAC tournament," Ruppel says. "One of the goals I set when I came to Mercyhurst was to get us into post-season play and we* vedone it in three years." No regrets. • | Although the Lady Lakers are a talented ball club, their inexperience coming into post-season play was notable. After all, this was the first Mercyhurst women's basketball team to win more than IS games, let alone play in a postseason championship tournament The Lakers wobbled by Kutztown 58-54 last Saturday before taking on host Keene St in the final on Sunday. JE|i J 4 'When we got into that championship game I told our kids to just go out and let it fly," he says. "KeeneState is the best team we've played all year and we played nose-to-nose with them all day." Lisa Maxson scored 28 points, Chris Kindlin had a good night rebounding while Cheryl Tomczak and Nancy DiLallo burned up the nets from three-point range. Despite their great performance, the Lady Lakers could not get past Keene St I I* According to Ruppel, Keene's depth enabled them to defeat the Lady Lakers, 75-64. The Eagles scored the last six points of the game at the foul line. ;2TILii? t±£L i Keene's bench, more experienced than Mercyhurst's, features four players who can come in and shoot as well as the starters. The night before, the Lakers had to play their starters most of the game while Keene St. had a relatively easy time with their opponent and were able to play their bench a lot more. The Lakers played great defense both nights, particularly Saturday night, holding Kutztown 5 All-American Shari Szczuka to just eight points, nine below her season average. . "Kelly Sullivan and Ruth Henderson did a great job defending (Szczuka),hesays. "Hendersonplayedthebestgamerveeverseenher ft play. Despite playing great basketball, the Lakers weren't able to win the championship - but to be one ofjust 36 teams remaining at season's end is quite an accomplishment J "If someone would have come to me at the beginning of the season and told me I could have a 21-8 season and an ECAC bid, I would have taken it and ran," Ruppel says smiling. I .No regrets. ; fThe most notable aspect of the 'Hurst's success is that it comes from a relatively young team. There are no seniors on the team and two major contributors are Ruth Henderson and Cheryl Tomczak - a sophomore and freshman respectively. "Wehave some areas that we'll have to get deeper at," Ruppel says, tt and some things we need to improve on. i "We need to get another perimeter shooter in the program and another big player and then the best available athlete after that We'd »t like to bring in three players. After next season, Mercyhurst will be losingfiveplayers - Kindlin, Maxson, DiLallo, Sullivan and Peggy Hogue. Ruppel feels that it's especially important to make the right recruitment decisions now to avoid scrambling to fill the void after next season. '# 1 'But with everybody back, we'll have a real good nucleus for next year," Ruppel says. Indeed, one can't help but be excited about the team's prospects. If there are no major injuries to impact players like Maxson and DiLallo, there's a very good chance of the women getting another post-season bid. | | \ But for now, Ruppel says he doesn't want to think of next season just yet He's going to take a week off and just reflect on the great season that44 and his players have put together, f | he We were nationally ranked on offense and defense," he says. "We had Maxson, DiLallo and Tomczak ranked nationally for individual performance. It's just been a great year. 1 > 4 'You don't have season's like this all the time. That's why you've really got to enjoy them when you can.'' -M Ruppel notes that this team didn't get where it did by luck. They accomplished what they did through hard work and determination. Despite the hard work, Ruppel knows it was all worth it. "It was fun," he reflects. "We really had a ball this year." No regrets.


Mercyhurst Head Baseball Coach Joe Jordano will continue his second season at the helm when the Lakers take to the diamond this Spring. I Jordano's youthful troops, who completed the Fall portion of the schedule with an 11-8 record, open the 1989 campaign with a ninegame road trip to Florida. The sophomore head coach has injected the Laker program with plenty of young talent Twenty of the players on the 23-man Mercyhurst roster - including i nine

Fit March 17

Cafeteria Menu . March 17- March
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Lunch I California Torta Hungarian Casserole Dinner;; Corned Beef & Cabbage Batter Fried Haddock Polish Sausage Sandwich Sat. March 18 Lunch Hamburgers Cook's Choice Casserole Dinner New York Strip Steak Breaded Shrimp ' Stuffed Chicken Breast Sun. March 19 Brunch Scrambled Eggs Sausage Patties Buttermilk Pancakes Dinner I Roast Fresh Ham Beef Porcupines Nacho Cheese Dogs Mon. March20 Lunch %• Sloppy Joe Sandwich Tamale Pie

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The Merciad

MARCH 16,1989

title game

Lakers fall to Keene, 75-64
By Matthew J. Clark Merciad Sports Editor The Mercyhurst Lady Lakers came just one game short of an ECAC championship, falling powerful Keene St, 75-64 Sund The blue and green completed their season at21 -8, making the first postseason appearance in the history of women's basketball at the 'Hurst Lisa Maxson led all scorers with 28? points while Cheryl Tomczak added IS points on five three-pointers. The 22-9 Eagles broke open a close game with an 18-8 spurt midway through the second half. The Lakers used three-point shots to get back into the game, cutting the margin to five at 69-64 with 1:12 remaining, but Keene scored the last six points to seal the victory. Keene and Mercyhurst, the no. 1 and no.2 teams in the nation in three-point shooting respectively, both hit 7 of 21 three-pointers. Keene outrebounded Mercyhurst f 47-46. £ > Laker head coach Luke Ruppel was pleased with his team's performance despite the lossVJ II We played very well," he said. "Keene is the best team we've played all year." On Saturday, the Lakers supped past Kutztown, S8-S4 to advance to the championship J game. Lisa Maxson led the Lakers with-23 points, but as a team, they were ice cold from the floor, converting just 23 of 72 FG attempts. Nancy DiLallo was the only other Laker in double figures with 10 points. Tomczak, suffering through a poor shooting night, had just six points. But three of them came on a critical three-pointer with 2:08 left, giving Mercyhurst a six-point lead, i £ Chris Kindlin led all rebounders with 10, while Maxson added eight Prior to the tournament, the Lakers were afforded some honors. Headf named; MECC "Coach of -the Year'' and Lisa Maxson was named to the 1st team - All Conference. Nancy DiLallo was named \ 2nd team - All Conference and DiLallo and Cheryl Tomczak both made the "all-rookie team." Look for a profile on the Lady Lakers in next week's Merciad*

Rough season ends for Laker men, new head coach
By Kevin McHugh \ Merciad Asst Sports Editor The men's Laker Basketball team ended its season with a 92-69 defeat at the hands of the Gannon Knights on March 4. ^ ' | The Lakers played well in the first half of the game but as with their last two confrontations with the Knights they failed to execute in the second half. The team's overall record for the 1988-1989 season is 8-20 compared with last year's record of 1117. Their record in the Mideast Collegiate Conference for this year was 2-11 which is also a drop from last f year's record of 3-8. Patrick Odhiambo and Phalon Bass returned to the Laker line-up for the iH team's last three games after missJkM ing, almost the entire season due to LlSA MAXSON (45) hauls down another rebound in the Laker's win over academic difficulties but failed to Gannon at the Campus Center. Maxson and the Lady Lakers celebrated end the Laker's losing streak. manyfirststhis year. They defeated Gannon twice in the same season, won The Lakers lost to Westminster 20 or more games for thefirsttime and made theirfirstappearance in post- on Feb.22 (89-51), to Buffalo on Photo by Kevin McHugh Feb. 25 (61-50) andfinallyto Ganseason play. non and so not having Bass and Odhiambo on the court may no longer explain the Laker's poor performances this year. ted to knock opposing players off " "One way to improve the stan- I Freshman, Dave Constantino the ball with their shoulders. The dard of football, to improve the led the Laker's scoring against the conditions for both fans and players Knights with 22 points, which ingoal posts are H-shaped. If the ball and to reward the players for the cluded four three pointers and was is kicked under the cross bar and time and effort they put into the followed by Bass with 18 points. between the posts three points are Eric Franos and Chris Mindach, sport is to allow sponsorship scored and if the ball is kicked over money to be used to pay players and top scorers for the Lakers, were the cross bar and between the posts successfully shut outof the game by improve facilities. one point is scored. Sponsorship and a greater em- Gannon both failing to make a It is a game that requires great skill as the only way to advance the phasis on money however may set single field goal. 44 I was concentrating; on my ball is either by simply kicking it Gaelic athletics in the direction that forward or by toeing the ball from athletics in America has taken in defense," said Mindach, "We toe to hands while running forward. which winning at all costs is the needed three pointers so I never Taking more than four steps with- main priority. The high degree of looked for the shots myself," said out toeing the ball is a traveling professionalism in America has led Mindach. "They wouldn't let me get the to the widespread use of steroids violation. Ireland is divided into 32 coun- and has created a tendency to push ball and I just couldn't get into the ties and each county enters one team children at an early age into serious flow of the game,'' Franos said. | ^ | Top scorer for the Lakers against in the All-Ireland Football Compe- training. I shall deal with these contro- Westminster was Bass with d\ tition. All the players are almost invariably living and working in the versial issues as well as giving while the top scorers in the Buffalo county for which they play and have further information about sport game were Odhiambo with 12 and lived there all their lives. in Ireland in next week's issue. Bass with 10.

'4^O0 ^D^PJ^/I





Part one of a series:!
By Kevin McHugh> Merciad Asst Sports Editor

differences between U.S., Ireland
watching top class sporting entertainment in relative comfort when they attend big sporting events. All of these aspects of the sporting business require big bucks. In ^Ireland the most popular sports don't have those big bucks. The players in the All-Ireland Gaelic Football Final, Ireland's version of the Superbowl, are not paid. The game is televised but most of the games leading up to the Final are not The facilities for fans at the Final, which is held every year in Croke Park in Dublin are quite good but in general the football fields around the country have poor facilitiesforboth fans and players. I Gaelic football is played by two teams of fifteen aside and may by described as a cross between American Football and soccer. The ball is round and players are permit-

I So what do you think of America? A question that no doubt all of the Irish students in Mercyhurst have been asked many times by Americans. A pretty tough question to which I often respond by asking them what they think of America. However one of the aspects I have noticed most about America is its almost fanatical emphasis on sport So why is sport such a big deal in America? $' Sport here is a big deal no doubt because there is so much money involved. Players have the incentive of earning millions if they make it big. Television stations have the incentive of high viewing rates if they can televise the big sporting events. Fans have the incentive of


Baseball starts Spring season >»»,„.7
ful. We significantly upgraded our internally, this will equate to victo• for the team lead with five home schedule in an effort to obtain a post nes. *t runs. Parry led the team initotal season berth. An 11-7 Fall campaign enabled bases while finishing the season 4 'We want each player to be- the Lakers to take a step4in the right with a .294 batting average. | come the best player)that he can direction. Last year the Hurst was tfie led the team "with three become while obtaining a quality 4-5 during the Fall slate. J •• 1 4 triples while tying for the team high education, j* Other than that, our "With 14 new players the Fall in doubles with ten. season was crucial in allowing our Among the most potent newyounger players to receive playing 4 comers are Kurt Altman, Todd This year, if we put eve- time,'' Jordano says. J McTighe and Jeff Crosta. What we were able to see then "Obviously our three junior rything together, we will imencouraging. We are heading college additions and our other key be very competitive. * into the Spring season cautiously, transfers are going to strengthen the - - Joe Jordano optimistically. We look forward to team, but three to five guys do not — — — — • the challenge." 5 make up the team," Jordano emI Coach Jordano and his squad phasizes. goals are simple. We want to im- will make its 1989 Erie debut on 44 We have a 54 -game schedule prove upon last year's record (27- April 8 when the Lakers host Ganand it will take contributions from 22). However, if we accomplish the non on the Laker Park at Kanty the entire squad for us to be success- goals and objectives we have set Village.

MenIs pasketball (8-20) L-Westminstei|89-51 L-Buffalo 61-50 E-Gannon 92-69 Women's Basketball (21-8) I W-Kutztown 58-54| L-Keene 75-64

Congratulations to Coach Ruppel and the Lady\Lakers on a great season!

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