CHRISLAM IS AN ANTI-CHRIST MOVEMENT What fellowship hath Light with darkness ? ...

God s Word Calls For a Total S eparation From Unbelief... . There has to be a separation from unbelief. ....Can two walk together except they be agreed ?... . ( Amos 3 verse 7 ). The Creator of Heaven and Earth, sent His Son THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, YESHUA THE MESSIAH, born of a Virgin, the VIRGIN MARY, to live the ZOE LIFE on earth and MANIFEST AGAPE LOVE and die on the CROSS OF CALVARY , and be buried and arise withi n three days from the dead, VICTORIOUS OVER DEATH , HELL AND THE GRAVE, AND IS ALIVE FOREVERMORE. Religious Apostate, false prophets and false apostles seek to unite paganism with Christianity by seeking to say that YESHUA OF THE BIBLE is the same as the false prophet jesus of the Koran. The Koran jesus never existed. The Koran jesus is a lie and a deception of satan. The Koran jesus is a depiction of a blasphemer and a false prophet that is used by satan to discredit YESHUA , THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, THE TRUE MESSIAH. ....To deceive the very Elect if possible... . ( See Matthew 24 verse 24 ). WATCH AND PRAY. Beware of Apostasy. Beware of blasphemy. Beware of the Great falling away. APOSTASY. BLASPHEMY. THE GREAT FALLING WAY. Chrislam. False Religion. False Christs. False Anointed Ones. Anti-christ religion. The Religion of the Anti -Christ. False prophets. False Christs . False Anointed Ones. The Bible is the Revelation of God to man. The Bible Reveals the True God as the Creator of heaven and earth and the Creator of all life on earth. The Bible reveals the fall of satan, the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, the Redemption of mankind, the Atonement, the Lamb Slain from the Foundation of the World, the Promise of the Messiah , Israel as a type or anti type of the Church, the Elected Ones, Nimrod and the Kingdom of Babylon as a figure of the Ant -Christ Kingdom, the Rapture of the Church or the

catching away of the Saints, the revelation of the Anti-Christ after the catching away of the Saints, the invasion of Israel ( Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39 ) the judgement of the nations, Armageddon, the binding of satan for a 1000 years, the millennium, satan released for a short while before being cast into the lake of fire , the resurrection of the dead, the White Throne Judgement, the judgement of satan , the new heaven and the new earth , eternity, etc etc . The false jesus of the Koran denies the virgin birth of THE TRUE LORD JESUS CHRIST OF THE BIBLE OF THE CHRISTIANS AND THE JEWS. The false jesus of the Koran denies the DEITY OF YESHUA THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. The false jesus of the Koran denies the ATONEMENT and the DEATH OF YESHUA< THE MESSIAH, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST and denies the RESURRECTION OF YESHUA , THE MESSIAH, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. The false jesus of the Koran blasphemes THE WORD OF GOD and denies THE BIBLE and is ANTI-CHRIST, ANTI-BIBLE, ANTI-JEW, ANTI- CHRISTAIN. The false jesus of the Koran is a false prophet that denounces Christianity and accepts the religion of Islam . The false jesus of the Koran has nothing to do with Christianity and is a demonic invention of satan that great deceiver of mankind. Chrislam is a False Religion. Anti -Christ, Anti-God, Anti-Bible, Anti-Jew, Anti-Christian and Anti-Truth. It s a religion of satan. Bible Christians will be persecuted because they see ....the folly of the deceiver... . The squeeze is on. ( Romans 12 verse 1 to 2 ).