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netwinz Guide

In Certain Communication Protocols each frame starts with the ASCII character sequence DLE STX and ends with the sequence DLE ETX.(where DLE is Data Link Escape, STX is Start of TeXt and ETX is End of TeXt.) . If the destination ever loses synchronization, it only has to look for DLE STX and DLE ETX characters. If however, binary data is being transmitted then there exists a possibility of the characters DLE STX and DLE ETX occurring in the data. Since this can interfere with the framing, a technique called character stuffing is used. The sender's data link layer inserts an ASCII DLE character just before the DLE character in the data. The receiver's data link layer removes this DLE before this data is given to the network layer. However character stuffing is closely associated with 8-bit characters and this is a major hurdle in transmitting arbitrary sized characters.

TRANSMITTER: 1. Click on Physical Layer on the Main Window and Then Select “Char Stuffing” Module from the Modules displayed in the centre of the window. Char Stuffing Window will open up as shown in SNAPSHOT-1.

SNAPSHOT-1 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Enter the “IP Address” of the computer to which you intend to send data. Enter the “Text” that you intend to send . Enter the STX Character. Enter the ETX Character. Click on Form Frame button.

Enter STX and ETX as one of the character present in the data to see the effect of stuffing. The Frame will be displayed in the table below. Have a look at the frame and see how stuffing is done. 7. Click on the “SEND FRAME” button to send the Frame to the destination IP.

Use Loop back Address “” to send the Frame to the same computer.

RECEIVER: In the Receiver Window, the Frame is displayed in the table as soon as the frame is received. 1. Enter STX and ETX 2. Click on “UNSTUFF” button to unstuff get the original data. If the STX and ETX is other than the one entered at the Transmitter, then the text box shows frame error and color changes to red. SNAPSHOT-2 Shows correct Frame and SNAPSHOT-2 Shows Frame Error.



Transmitter and Receiver Messages are Displayed in the “Message Window” on the extreme right. Reset Button: Click On “RESET BUTTON” to reset all the controls to initial values. Click on “HELP BUTTON” to Open Char Stuffing Manual. Click on “EXIT BUTTON” To Close Char Stuffing Window.

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