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C o a c h leaves decision to players
Roberts and Barron were at the game but two players. "That might be his individual did not participate in the decision, according style butin my opinion the coach should make By Kevin McHugh to Barron. .] . & I the decision, not the team players," he said. Merciad Editor When the team couldn't come to a con- "It falls within his responsibility and that's sensus, coach Warren told |B lair Thomson why we have him." 1 thatas team captain, it was up to him to decide. The decision to suspend two members of Suspendedl team member Barron Thomson decided that Roberts and Barron agreed that the decision should have been left the Mercy hurst men's soccer team was made shouldn't play. at half time in Saturday's game against Brto the coach and added that it wasn't fair to the 4 'I wanted them to play but I didn't think team to have to make such a derision idgeport, not by the coach but by the team, it was morallyrightthat they should," Blair according to head coach, Trevor Warren. l telt at the time that if we had played said. \ II Team members Nick Roberts and Liam things could have been a little different in the Those in favor of the decision, including final analysis, but certain players decided not Barron were in the locker room with everyWarren, said that it was up to Roberts and to include us and we just had to accept that,'' one else when they were told to get on the bus, Barron to make the bus, while those opposed he said. "It's sad that our most important according to Warren, but when the team arrived at Scott park the two players weren't to the decision said that as the team's top goal game of the season was marred by such a petty scorers the two should play. | | there. I incident; not a breach of discipline." , "Against my better feelings I would have ^Roberts and Barron who are the team's Roberts said that he was shocked that he gone along with the team's decision whatever was left behind and that he was not allowed to top goal scorers, with 10 goals between them, it would have been," Warren said. \" You play when he arrived at the pitch, i said that they were still tying up their boots always have factions within teams that are * * We didn't miss the bus on purpose, it was a when the bus left. always unhappy with each other. It's all part pure misunderstanding,'' Roberts said.' * We jj Warren said that the two weren't noticed and parcel of the game." missing until a few minutes before the kickwanted to play as much as anyone and I 4< off. When;we got to the field, nobody Team captain, Thomson said that he based expected that the team would stick up for us. noticed that the boys were missing primarily his decision on the need for discipline in the I' ve played on many teams and team spirit has because it was a rainy day and everybody had team and because he felt the team could win always been the main concern. When you Trevor Warren their hoods up," Warren said. without Roberts and Barron. | don't have team spirit you don't get anyWhen Warren discovered that the players the moment," Warren said. "It was a hard . jK Another team member John Melody said where." ' I |\ were missing he sent someone to pick them call to make. We were two nil down in a game that he was opposed to the decision because f Warren denied that leaving the decision up. Roberts and Barron arrived shortly be- we could have won. It was an important game in his opinion the team should field it's top 11 up to the team had any detrimental effect on fore .the end of the first half. k ^ with several seniors in their final year. I didn* t players. * jt the team's spirit £ x ' 5 5§ time Warren-left the decision of think they should play because it was their I The Mercy h ur st director of athletics, Pete J The team, including Roberts and Barron, whether or not the two should play up to the fault that they missed the bus, but I wanted to Russo, said that he disagreed with Warren's who were only suspended for Saturday's team members. * 'It was under the pressure of get the team's input in the decision." decision to let the team decide the fate of the game, lost to Gannon 2-0 the next day.

Mercyhurst should not reqieve special treatment by inspectors, says Erie City Councilman
blocked by Mayor Tullio, according to Mario By Maripat Grant Bagnoni, Erie city councilman. Merciad staff reporter * 'The only person who can fire a supervisor, is the Mayor. Del Porto does not have the Erie's chief plumbing inspector, Norb authority," Bagnoni said, "He (Rydzewski) Rydzewski, came to campus recently to view never had a hearing or suspension, he rethe plumbing in the new football locker room cieved his termination six days after the inciand ordered it torn out W*\ J dent from a police cruiser." ^According tolDr. William |P. Garvey, After the firing the city sent three master President of Mercyhurst College, this past plumbers to inspect the work. It was approved summer, campus maintenance men began when they couldn't find any violations, but work on a new football locker room. One of Mercyhurst was still going to befinedfor not the maintenance men is a registered plumber getting a permit for the work and not using and he supervised all the work done on the master plumbers. shower room, which was done in accordance Bagnoni added that the contractors who with city codes with the proper materials. % are doing the work at the school did have code * Soon I after the work was completed, violations, such as running about 2500 feet of Rydzewski came to inspect the work that had colligated pipe in the football shower room. been done. "The plumbing jj inspector, for "The health and welfare of the students reasons that are mysterious to us, showed up should come first," \Bagnoni said, "That's suddenly/' Dr. Garvey said,' * He claimed the why we have construction codes in the first Unions working around campus complained place." J about not using master plumbers on the After repeated attempts the plumbing shower room. When we asked the unions, commission could not be reached for comthey said that they did not complain. The ments about why the building was given a unions stayed out of i t " clean report with violations present I After Rydzewski came, and ordered the Mercyhurst College was advised to seek plumbing torn out, the college spoke with a variance from the city. The city planning Dennis Del Porto, Erie city planner, and comittee held a meeting later that week and Rydzewski's supervisor. The college agreed issued the variance. to remove some of the blocks so that the Bagnoni said "that Hamot Hospital, St inspector cou Id get a closer look. Rydzewski Vincent's ^Hospital and Erie Beer had to refused to come back to make the inspection. correct problems with their plumbing. He -Rydzewski was later fired for refusing to said that Erie Beer had to tear up a floor to follow an orderfromhis superior. There has meet with the code concerning work done by since been 7-0 vote by city council to have' the master plumbers. inspector rehired by the city but this has been


A CONSTRUCTION WORKERS viewfromthe top of Preston Hall
Photo by Kevin Me Hugh

see 'Plumbing' pg 2


The Merciad

September 28,1989


Briggs apartment's still incomplete
By Maria Kelly


Merciad staff reporter

Returning to college after along summer break can be pretty hectic, Bagnoni added, that as far as he but this year no one banked on the knows until now there has never additional strain of being woken up been a variance issued by the at 7:00 a.m. every day to loud drillPlumbing Commission and "one ing noises, or having to contend should not have been issued to with strange men perched on ladMercy hurst" f!V outside windows. '--• After the variance was issued This was how it was for South Bagnoni complained that the hearBriggs apartment residents the first ing was not held under the "Suntwo weeks of school. Much needed shine Law", which opens all govrenovations got underway on South ernment hearings to the public, and Briggs while students were gone for wanted another vote taken. Looking the summer, and work that was into his complaint it was found that supposed to be completed by their no other meetings had been held return is only now finishing. under this law, ami that it appeared "The renovations took longer that some people wanted to change than anticipated due to a number of the vote againstj Mercyhurst, Dr. reasons; contractors not meeting Garvey said. 9 deadlines being one of them, ' acAt this point, Mercyhurst has cording to Dr. Gary Brown, the new agreed to correct any mistakes that director of residence life at Mcrwere found and to pay anyfinesthat cyhurst college. may be placed against the college. Changes were also made from ' 'If the inspector had not been fired, the original plan. Initially, the this all would have been over with really disgusting, especially the long ago,*' Dr. Garvey said. window frames were painted building that the students call the brown, but in retrospect it was deMosey." $P cided that yellow windows would look better and also would match North Briggs. .* Brown also said that renovating bathrooms and kitchens took longer should have known about the policy than expected, but the biggest probBy Kevin McHugh SCAFFOLDING REMAINS ERECT outside some apartments on suspensions. lem was the brickwork. Merciad editor * * To gi velum the benefit of the"Hie contracters had no idea how Photo by Derrick Christie doubt, in the old system they didn't many bricks were going to be we will have to look into what is added, "even with extra furniture do these kinds of things, so they go needed until they removed the yclgoing wrong with them," Brown there still will be obvious differwith the old style and forget," lowstuff, which was more a thick The director of athletics at Mer- Russo said. "It seems that half my ences between South Briggs and said. y substance than a paint,"says For four people to live in South other campus apartments, so I don't cyhurst, Pete Russo wastaot in- day is spent getting them to get back Brown. Briggs this year it cost $1,615 per think they're worth the extra formed by the men's soccer coach in the grove of getting things done When the job was finally comTrevor Warren, of the suspension of as they should be done." f person, an increase of about $125 $185."; pleted there were still some things per person from last year* It still Brown said that it would be two players on Saturday, despite a Russo added that in the past, the contractors were called back. § costs $185 less to live in South impossible to make all apartment departmental policy by which all athletic staff must not have followed Students living in the South Briggs than any other apartment buildings the same. "You really suspensions must be reported to the the policy and procedures hand4< director as soon as possible. Brjggs apartments have also been housing on campus. 1 jj| can't make facilities alike," he said. book. If the process was strong in complaining about ^.incompleted This policy is written in the the past and they were reporting But next year this is due to "For the most part, they will be pain twork and toilets that have been change. At the cost of $185 extra. equivalent" athletic department's policy and such things then it would have been leaking. "Bathrooms that were not South Briggs residents will get new {The total cost of renovating procedures handbook used last human nature to do it again," he renovated last year were renovated kitchen furniture and new desks. South Briggs was $641,423, which year, according to former director said. "So it tells me that they've this year and were installed with Junior and South Briggs appart- included the following list of im- of athletics, John Leiscring. never done it before. .. .;£ everythingfromceiling tofloor,so menls resident, Orla Stevenson, provements: Warren said that he saw no need ' 'They must have been running said that she was pleased with the -Exteriors were remodeled. to tell the director of athletics of the their own little thing and making suspensions. Russo said that he their own decisions, and not informbadges to the apartments but she assumed that everybody had a copy ing the department," he added. of the handbook, and that Warren "That has all changed now."

with new entrances, windows and brickwork. Gutters and shutters were repainted. —Kitchens and bathrooms were remodeled andl fitted with new units. —Basements were dried out, waterproofed and converted into four new apartments with new walls, new heating systems, and new furniture. | —New carpeting was laid in most rooms and in all the stairways and entrances. -Lantern lights in front of the buildings were replaced and new lighting was put in the hallways and on Briggs Avenue. . *. —Every apartment was supplied with a couch, two chairs and small table, and a new key system was fitted. Brown said that trying to get the apartments up to a reasonable standard was a difficult job. *' We had to do major overhauls on some of the apartments," he said. "Some were

Coach in breach of policy
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D a y care center open for newborns to pre-teens
quirements who help out at the By Robi Taylor center, according no Candy Jaruszcwicz, director of the center. Merciad Managing editor Jaruszewicz added that except Dedication ceremonies for the for the work study students and a Maura Smith Child Learning Cen- few support services, such as mainter will take place on Oct 29 at the tenence and postage, which are center situated at the Briggs Avenue supplied by the college the center is entrance of the college. funded only by the fees charged to The learning center is to be the parents. named in honor of Sr. Maura S mith Those fees range from $ 1.60 per who has been a champion for the hour to $65 for a week which, cause of day care on the Mercyhurst Jaruszewicz said, are "generally campus. Smith has always shown a lower then others found anywhere strong commitment to the young else in the community." The rates people of the community as well as charged in the community average a concern for their Well being and from $75 to $100 per week for education. M infant care and vary with each difThe center is licensed* by * the ferent age group. "Instead of having .separate state and uses only certified teach* era. However, there are a few work rates for infants, toddlers, and presstudy students and other students choolers, wejust charge one flat rate who need to fulfill practicum re- for everybody," Jaruszewicz said.
Photo by Robl Taylor

^ Floors and countertops also the center and the features that chilmatch the colors chosen for the dren need to help make their stay particular age group, but placed into easier. These features include: security monitors, furniture and plumbthe design of the floor are playing ing designed tofitthe children, and fields for baseball and hopscotch. the elimination of many hazardous Also incorporated into thefloorof obstacles. each room is an American flag. " Most child care centers have to The children have a large main fit into a space that was designed for play room for group activities and grownups and to meet the state's several other smaller rooms for play requirements. They will do and j learning sessions just among whatever's necessary to meet the their own age group. minimum I requirements," The facility, which has the ca- Jaruszewicz said,' 'but that doesn't YOUNG INFANT RECIEVES pacity to handle up to 91 children, mean that the space would be approranging in agesfromfour weeks to priate for children." terder loving at new day care center. 12 years at one time. The center has To make it easier for their young Two day care experts, foura current enrollment of 160 because year-olds Meghan Kohmiller and students the new center has colorof the part-time students, Anna Danko, said that they liked the coded rooms for each age group: Jaruszewicz said. yellow for infants, green for todnew building and thought that it is The interior design department better than the old center, which was dlers, blue for three-year-olds, and of the college helped in designing located in Mc Auley Hall. red for ages four and Ave.



September 28,1989

The Merciad
•— > . • . , -.
i .

- - ' • *


Classics roek artists continue to thrive
By Garth McCurdy WMCE music director Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, and Howe > (Self Titled)' Welcome to the first full year of WMCE-FM. "t '? * 1 This summer a crusade of classic rock artists began marching forward with new material. Artists like Queen, Paul McCartney, David Bowie, and more recently Aerosmith and the Rolling Stonesjhave continued to prove that they can still produce, while securing their pensions. Unfortunatly this need for financial security has rubbed off on softie-poor rfelfeases.^/ ' Recently T had the chance to witness Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, & Howe in Toronto and with a mixture ofold Yes material and new music from their selftitled album, prove that progressive rock is still alive.. The album itself consists of nine songs showing that all restrictions were dropped when displaying their musical expression. The band decided not to deal with possible limits associated with radio airplay until after the album was completed. Steve Howe displayed more of his unique guitar talent throughout this album man he has shown in his previous, more commercial, efforts with GTR or Asia. Rick Wakeman has come out of the film soundtrack business to bring his textured and frenzic talents into an age of preprogrammed, synthesized garbage to remind us that there are still real keyboard players ' around. Bill Bruford, who is still noted for his • early work:with Yes and King Crimson, presents a rythmic performance on a complete electronic percussion system which provides some bizarre, yet effective, sounds. What tops off the album is the angelic voice of lead singer Jon Anderson and his lyrical translations of the imagination. Also included on the album is bassist Tony Levin, who is taking . the place of Chris Squire, who stubbornly refused to give up the name Yes even though he was out numbered four to one. 3 Songs from the album currently being played on WMCE-FM include Order Of The Universe and the political track dealing with the British government's decision to test nuclear weapon s in the 1950' s entitled Birthright. \- . * I The futurq;or:meia)ang^5^ti^ known, but observing the'srnanjrlMJ changes in Yes over the years has ; | taught us to expect any thing, and at this point of time the music industry can be thankful that these four talented musicians reformed to create RENOWNED AMERICAN SOPRANO, Susan Dunns performance an album that reminds us of the will begin the D'Angelo School of Music 1989-90 concert/recital series roots of progressive rock, and gives on Oct 1 at at 2:30 p.m. at Tech Memorial Auditorium. \ us new hope for the future. Tickets are free to the Mercyhurst community by calling 825-0364


'D^arf Po^te gives meaning to Hurst motto CarpeDiem I
teaches them is the true meaning of the latin slogan "Carpe Diem" (Seize The Day) or as Keating says, . tt Pick the bud while it is stillireslu.*' referring to taking a young girl's virtue. Throughout the movie he keeps reinforcing the thought the a person | should live for the moment and not worry about the future. Following J Keating's example the boys re-form the organization called the Dead Poet Society, which Keating founded when he attended the same school. At that time the members of the clubs almost wrecked the moral fibertof the school in order to learn the meaning of life through poetry and how to use it to pick up girls. J While they ponder the meaning L of Carpe Diem, the purpose of the organization, they become more and more rebellious; eventually questioning all of .the decisions made by th.e..schoQl .axip .their narents. ^<






" ^

> & * . . ;


• i .

tri&&, W


By Robi Tay lor Merciad staff movie critic Everyone has memories of at least one teacher who changed his life by being more of a friend than an authorityfigurewho stood in front of a group of kids and just lectured. I have been lucky enough to have three of them (two of them here at Mercyhurst) and seeing the character of John Keating in the movie Dead Poet Society made me remember the fun that I had learning from them. The story centers around a group of very straight-laced students in a strict Catholic high school and the influence that a new teacher has on them.The first thing that he
i«». '.-.•.'• - -. . £ ..


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SKS cftjwra y»»
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>,'.\" .*!, \« fc'« . ^

rtW* A&M* Eg3&ra& - J X " ^ J:"«-

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All the actors were excellent but Robin Williams was pure genius in the role of John Keating. His char-' acter is the kind of off beat teacher who shows his students the meaning of life by forcing them to experience life for themselves. Williams allowed a lot of his own personality to show through the part and this added just the right spark to the character to make him believeable. I believe that this may have been due to the fact that director Peter Wier allowed him to express his own feelings instead of forcing him into a mold that would v not fit o*'\*k • x&it £.4. x. - • I'm going to play psychic for a minute and put myselfout on a limb. I think that Dead Poet Society will take the Best Picture award for 1989 and that Robin Williams will at least be nominated for the Best Actor award. Even though Robin Williams is in this film, it is not a feel g < movie and it was not intended to be. It will make you laugh.but it will also make you cry; but most of all it will make you remember someone special whom you may have forgotten. After all, that is what a movie like Dead Poet Society is meant to be...an escape into a memory.
• : • : •


My Rating 99.95/100

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The Merciad

September 28,1989

Access at last for handicaps
Last year in an editorial column Dr. William P. Garvey, president of Mercyhurst, was challenged to make the campus handicapped accessible. " i The school met this challenge and surpassed it, by notjust putting in one handicapped ramp, but three. There is now a ramp into Sullivan Hall, a ramp into the chapel, and a ramp into the west end ofOld Main, also known as Preston Hall. An elevator shaft was drilled this summer to accomodate an elevator up to the third floor of Preston Hall. When Preston Hall was originally built it was designed to have an elevator but: the money iran out, according .to a spokesperson from the maintenance department, t h e W ramp and the elevator together will may be overlooked. They shouldn't be because they make Preston Hall accessible to will attract a different type of stuthose in wheelchairs. dent to the school* and they are also Preston Hall houses most of the required by federal law. If a campus faculty offices on campus and it was is not handicapped accessible it not accessible to those in wheelstands the chance of having all of its chairs before this time. The elevator shaft is completed, but the casing is federal money taken away. Federal not yet in place it is scheduled to be money is what pays all the work completed sometime in November, study checks on this campus. So this campus will not lose its according to the maintenance defederal money and it will gain a partment Dr. Garvey and the board of better reputation among those that trustees deserve praise for their ef- are concerned with a campus being forts in making the campus handi- handicapped accessible. Not a bad capped accessible. So many im- deal for a summer job. We hope the provements were? made on the two other proposed buildings on campus this summer with the six campus will be handicapped accesmillion dollar bond that the ramps sible also.! I

Buck should stop on coach's desk









By Kevin McHugh Merciad editor



To the editor, jf • we graduate are we going to send a As I returned to Mercyhurst this picture of the campus along with fall, I recognized many improve- our resumes? No, we are going to ments completed and in progress send our grades and the experience around campus, the renovation of of our four years at Mercyhurst Briggs Avenue" apartments, the College. brick entrance way in front of Old Of all the money the college Main, newly payed roads and park- recieved last year for improveing lots and an additional floor ments, how much of it has been being added to Preston Hall. donated to improving the proHow are the impro vmen ts bene- grams? A few professors have been fiting us, the students of Mercyhurst added to the staff, but what new College? ^ classes have been added to the curBeautiful surroundings our stay riculum? very,pteaang,tQ jfctw^tott wjignt-*«art Of- all the ^majors offered at
' ws
utsftu o : o r < ^ \ v o "iiiH4 h . -•-.

Letters To The Editor


One of the hardest things about being the head coach of an athletic a team is to make tough decisions under pressure. When a coach fails to do this, he fails to do his job. J When two soccer players, Nick Roberts and Liam Barron arrived late •i for a match (for whatever reasons), head coach Trevor Warren was! obliged to make a tough decision under pressure. Roberts and Barron Mercyhurst, how many of them are the teams top scorers; the team was down 2-0. Bridgeport being a allow us to specialize on certain nationally ranked team, it was a crucial game; and many seniors were aspects within a major? playing their last season. \ Most of the degrees earned at Warren said that because he doubted his decision to suspend the Mercyhurst send the graduates out players he thought he would ask the team. "It was a crucial game and into the real world with only abroad yea they did miss the bus so should we give them a chance to play?" aspectof everything possible within Warren said. the field of their study. In order to specialize in our main interests we must further our education which costs more time and money. The men's soccer team itself must, Shouldn't we, with the amount of time and tuition spent here, be prehave a pretty poor sense of team spirit and pared to enter our field? I feel that we should, but the majority of, us unity if it can come to a consensus that £ z*


« *

rX\ *r-'

•a O &











The Merciad
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Vol. 63 No. 2 September 28,1989

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Where did all the l n „ tffbl)fitk members fromptaffiigF don't you think that it could have been spent in more beneficial ways? Sincerely, | Stacy A, Urmann Warren must not have been thinking straight Coaches are paid To the editor, precisely to make such decisions. What good would it do to ask the team Frequently the students of Meranyway? All it would and did achieve was to cause animosity among cyhurst have been disturbed about team members. Warren had no moral or professional right to impose die parking situation on campus. such a decision on the team. What Warren did in effect was to pass the During class hours, as well as buck. other times of the day, we have noticed that there are no possible Warren had a chance to intervene when the team couldn' t decide but parking spaces in Lot Two fori he didn't Instead he forced the decision on Blair Thomson as team Briggs Avenue residents. As apart- captain. Thomson was appointed by Warren and was not elected by the ment residents, we do not feel that $ team further disputing his ability to make a decision on behalf of the we should have to park clear across team. m -t \ campus near the D' Angelo School of Music or behind Baldwin Hall.. Blair said that he wanted the hoys to play but didn't think it was 4 Consequently, we do not think that 'morally right'' that they do. Wo w! Things had gone way too far when we should be penalized for utilizing what was primarily a technical and coaching decision of disciplinary f the only possible spaces, outside the procedure developed into a question of morals. boundary lines of existing spaces. The men's soccer team itself must have a pretty poor sense of team Students can barely afford to spirit and unity if it can come to a consensus that prevents two of its pay for groceries let alone the ex- members from playing. Aside from it being wrong that they were given pense of a Mercyhurst parking the decision in the first place, it must have been hard for Roberts and ticket, which costs more than the Barron to playihe next day with a team that had made it known it didn't City of Erie parking tickets * want them. \ Not only do residents find problems with the parking situation, but By not reporting the suspensions to the athletic director, Warren commuters have similar dilemmas. showed that he didn't think the incident on Saturday was important They often commute from longer enough to to tell the director. Whether or nothe is familiar with the policy distances only to And that they must and procedures handbook, which he should be, Warren should have told be tardy for class due to the lack of Russo of his decision and the circumstances in which two top players available parking spaces. were suspended. | i Something must be done to relieve this parking problem. Perhaps Ah! but it wasn't Warren's decision, was it? It was Blair Thomson's a parking lot could be built near the decision and that's where the problem lies. If it had been Warren's maintenance garage, or another area decision, none of this mess would have happened. on campus could be used for commuter parking only. Athletic director Pete Russo said that Warren should be given the* If the Security Office can issue benefit of the doubt because things may not have been as stringent in the fifteen dollar parking permits for past Wrong! As the director Russo should lay down the law. The team vehicles, then Mercyhurst College began its soccer camp on Aug. 20, over a month ago, so how long can can surely * provide convenient Russo go on giving his staff the benefit of the doubt Russo should parking spaces for all Mercyhurst ensure that all his staff is familiar with all policies and procedures students. because just as it's a coach's job to make decisions, it's the director of Sincerely, athletics job to inform and discipline his staff. | Disgruntled Driver



"fc-4 .

September 28,1989

The Merciad


cific questions. ^ ^ poles???". Needless to say, the AtfirstI tried to win its favor by library seemed to be a dead end. leaving it offerings of fruits and Next I consulted various discivegetables early in the morning, plines on campus to gain some insaying "Hi" to it each time I sight, some shred to work with, as to crossed its path in as many lan- the origin of our fine yellow pole guages as I could try. f 1 and its purpose, before actually Finally, after^about four days of speaking to the pole directly. probing, I felt confident enough to C. Haulage, i senior Religious try an interview. Man to pole. StudiesNPsychology student, gave Much to my surprise, the pole me some insightful suggestions by was more than receptive. In fact, it stating, i4I suppose it could be kind "A Pole By Any Other Name,.." had assumed I wanted to question it of phalic. How do you think the I know I was curious. At first I all along and figured it was only a women on campus feel about seeing By Fuzz thought it could very well be some matter of time before it could speak phalic symbols everywhere? It's Merciad staff reporter strange visitorfromanother planet, out 11 seems it does have a purpose cool!' * | As far as suggestions as |not disguised as a yellow pole. Maybe and pride all its own, and a very to what could be done to or for the Perhaps you've noticed an old it's a monolith of some kind. Maybe important message to convey; and hpole she said, "Get rid of it". yellow pole right where the side- its more attractive relatives occupy it's a shame that no one's tried to When I asked D. Yurkov, junior walk! branches toward the Mercy the cliffs at Easter Island. I decided reach it prior to our interview. I \ t HRIM major how shefeltwhen she FUZZ INTERVIEWS THE pole Apts. and the Campus Center. Per- there was only one way to clear my Before I learned a little bit about saw the pole just standing there she haps you've asked yourselves the curiosity, and that was to try to make the pole as a philosopher, I tried to said it looked "stupid" and we questions, "Why is it there, and contact with the pole. research poles in our library on should , " Dress Jt up like a Mr, where did itcomefropi?" "What Like any other educated senior I campus. There was little to offer in Potato Head." Some annonymous j even/ilayj thejfhardly *stor> and 4 meaning(s) does it hold for me in went about collecting various data the subject catalogues, so I asked my life?" "WHAT IS THE SE- on my subject and began observing library employee M. Bavisotto Art majors felt the Art Department^ think what I could possibly be doing **: should design a mural for the pole, here. I mean, they don't have a clue f CRET OF THAT LITTLE YEL- iton a regular basis before I actually where she thought a place I could or dress it up in some way. Fashion as i to my existence! They walk '•• LOW POLE?" *' approached the pole with any spe- gather some good information Merchandising students feel as if around me, or trip over me and don't r some cosmetics would be appropo. give it a second thought" Some students had been wonI "I represent all things that never dering about the purpose of the pole get second thought," says the pole.t and were happy to share with me " People are basically stumpted as their insight G. Fanta, SAC chair- far as their own existence. 'Why am person, revealed his interperetation, I here', so on, but you can spot me ' 'My chem lab report is due Monday. " There are good people, and there and simply use your imaginations as I ' My English lit. paper is due Tu esday. are bad people. If to what I could be." I My economics paper is due on Wednesday For the bad people who go out f 3 And the big grimes tomorrow." I think that the pole is challengand drink too much it's a beacon. A ing us to do something imaginative lighthouse for people to find their for it give it some meaning. I know way home at night And for the I complain about some of the things good people who walk by it every around campus being lame, like a day and see its yellowness it gives pole in the middle of a sidewalk; butt them a smile andlbrightens theiri here's an opprtunity to show some WL day!" 2 creativity. Maybe as a part of the Armed with these insights then, Mercyhurst family lean spark some k I didfinallyspeak with the pole, as interest not in just a pole, burin I mentioned. It was surprised things that we just don't see as Now, super savings on PS/2 is. I | people hadn't taken notice of it opportunities. before. " You mean I've (been M*A*S*H had its signpost Be ready for this semester with the IBM Personal System/2.® standing here for God knows how we've got a pole!? If there's any Choose from five complete packages of hardware and software long, and you guys still don't get it suggestions out there, students or all at special low student prices. Whats more, when you purfaculty or staff, write the editor and ?", was its initial response. chase a PS/2,® you can get the exciting new PRODIGY® Apparently the pole has been by gum let's see if we can't work trying to convey a message to the with the pole's idea of imagination. prices you entire Mercyhurst family and the If you would like to see the pole world all along. " I know I'm no ornamented, or dressed up, or lama or anything," said the pole," painted red, white, and blue, let me Model 30 286 Model 50 Z Modal 25 Model 55 SX Model 70 386 I but I stand for an important concept know and I'll see what I can do. 8530'E21 8550-031 8555061 " 8525-001 8570-E61 thata lot of people seem Hopefully something beautiful will J -2Mb 1 Memory 1Mb 1Mb 4Mb | 640Kb '\ As people walk around come of the pole's challenge. ~f 80286 (10 MHz) 80386SX™(16MHz) 80386™ (16 MHz) I 1 Processor 80286 OP MHz) 8086^a.MHz)



How're yoiifgoing to do it?





1 3.5" diskette drive 1 Fixed disk drive 1 Micro Charmer 1 architecture 1 Display Mouse Software
s Y

720Kb 20Mb

. 1.44Mb 20Mb

1.44Mb 30Mb Yes 8513 Color Yes DOS 4.0 Microsoft Windows/288 V\tord5.0# Excel* \ hDC Windows Express hDC Windows j Manager hDC Windows Color

1.44Mb 60Mb Yes 8513 Color Yes DOS 4.0 Microsoft Windows/386 , Word 5.0* r v Excel* hDC Windows Express hDC Windows . Manager hDC Windows Color





; ' > . - /

tf - T h

8513 Color Yes DOS 4.0 Microsoft *J Windows/386 Word 5.0* Excel* ? hDC Windows 1 Express hDC Windows Manager hDC Windows Color


Monochrome Yes DOS 4.0 Microsoft* Windows/286 hOC Windows Express"

8513 Color Yes DOS40 - Microsoft Windows/286 Word 5.0* *$ hDC Windows Express hDC Windows Manager™ hDC Windows Color™



1 1 ] j 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Price >







IBM Milters Proprinter™ III w/Cable (4201/003) Proprinter X24E w/Cable (4207/002) **»9 Proprinter XL24E w/Cable (4208/002) $469


ijimnenM wnrH arvi Pvrel are the Academic Editions. This of (er is limited to qualified students, faculty and etaff who order an IBM PS/2 Model w S E S S w S EM ^ 5 0 ^ 1 8 5 5 5 0 6 1 £ 8570-661 on or before October 31,1989. Prices quoted do not include sales tax. handling and/or ^ i S S n f l f o r g e s Chtckwlth.your institution regarding these charges. Orders are sub,ect to availability IBM may withdraw the promotion at any time thOU W eni"°jc • rnni<slftrad ,.^ernarks and Proprinter and Micro Channel are trademarks, of International Buttons Machines Corporation Microsoft it a IBM, Per sonal System/2and P S / 2 ^ ^ S K ^ w P o g J is a registered trademark of Prodigy Services Company, a parlnersh.p of IBM and Sears hDC Windows Express, registered t r a d e ^ k o ^ ^ ^ ^ 80386SX and80386are trademarks of Intel Corporation ©ISM Corp 1989

The bank will take him away as soon as I finish repaying my student loans.





*» T

- ; '"4

The Merciad

4m . - •. - -


September 28,1989
« * .

S^f - s*5-\-' ]g ' 'S



• *

*P1f * £f
* . *




•* • kt

resides at
*. '


By Caryl Unseld j Merciad staff reporter



• *p A nationally published author and play write is the new writer-inresidence on the Mercyhurst campus«| I ••£ Randell Silvis isithe$newest member of the Creative Writing Department His name is not new to Erie theatregoers. Three of his plays have already been produced in-front of Erie audiences. These were Tomatoes And Beer, Driven To The Seventh Angel. Enthusiastic but not adventurous,".was how Silvis described Erie audiences. • • Night Like A Cat will be his fourth play to premier in Erie.!It opens on Sept 28 and will run through Oct 14 at the roadhouse Theatre, 1505 State. * J • | Silvis* was first introduced to Mercyhurst in 1984 when he won the National Playwrights Comptition with his play Tomatoes And Beer. Paul Iddings, director of the National Playwrights S howcase, informed Silvis of the open position in the Creative Writing Department in

1988. $ f "I applied and was contacted by Deari Me Quillan., It all happened rather quickly," Silvis said. Even though Silvis is best known for his drama he says that he has not always been interested in drama and! prefers fiction. "In drama you can make a killing, but not a living," Silvis said. •J * Lately, Silvis has been trying to restrict himself to only one*full : length play per year. ? * Part of die reason Silvis does not r like drama as^niuch as {fiction ^ is u because of the different interpretations a plays undergoes during the production process." It is a collaborative process that dilutes the individual vision. ^The more people involved, the less true art work is displayed," said Silvis. In the near future the Creative Writing Department would like to see Silvis read three of his works. The first would take place in November and the second at the Academic Celebration. Tenative plans are being made for a state wide high school short story competition. If this takes place, Silvis will be the
->•<'•• -.YT4•

main judge and read from one of fiis works, f •§$ * ^Silvis is not new. to teaching. He taught a Ohio Staux Clarion University and Indiana University of Pen nsylvania. At O.S .U. this past spring, he was the writer-in-residence and taught advanced creative writing. At Mercyhurst in addition to teaching creative writing Silvis also expects to teach play writing. ^ ^ J-; Among Silvis* favorite play-. writes are Sam Shepard, Tennesee Williams,'and Eugene O'Neil. Silvis says** that-, if *he could Shave written any play in existence it would have been either > Sam Shepard's Paradise In Texas or Buried Child. "I wouldn't*keep everything the? same, but I really enjoy Shepard's work,'' Silvis said. Silvis spends his free time writing, reading, and with his wife and his four-year-old son. Silvis said that he and his wife are expecting another child in the near future. Silvis said that it is to soon to tell how he feels about the students at AUTHOR, AUTHOR AND playwright Randall Silvis becomes new Mercy hurst. But with of Randall creative writing instructor at Mercyhurst College Silvis' experience, the Mercyhurst community should benefit from this new member of its staff. « « ±


A wor4from


^ftfft "owl isdrnnn

The staff of Campus Ministries (Mam 211) welcomes all returning students and the incoming class of f 1993.] f.ff . j W UnibedVfey We are anxious this year to use the Merciad to reach the campus it brings out the best in all of us. community jAvith information and thoughts each week for your conErie area including, low cost health sideration and reflection. It is our By Theresa Kloecker care, teenage drug and alcohol hope that these articles will enable Merciad News Editor • abuse, and stresses on thelfamily us to encourage the personal growth due to high unemployment rates in of our campus and give us helpful Do you remember those heat the area. JU$ ideas as to how we can extend ourlittle pins you got in grade school for •» One in every three people in Erie selves to others through services to giving a dime to United Way? ' County will use a United Way servthe campus and the surrounding United Way is still around, and ice this year. The United Way in community. , L ; they're coming to the Mercyhurst Erie also helps to fund girl scouts, Together this .year "can be an ; 1 cdnipu^s6rh^rime in the near funirfc i boy scouts, boys and girls clubs, and enriching time for us and others. ! United Way of Erie Cotmt^recdiu> programs, at the, YMCA and The year is off to a good start as kicked off its 75 th annual campaign YWCA. I'S * * some of the programs have already which will continue through Nov. 9 1^. More thanf 90 percent of the begun. This week we would like to with a goal of raising $5 million. All introduce two of them to you. funds raised go directly to needed the College campuses?in the Erie services in the community. AdminOne really convenient program area are to participate in the funistrative and fundraising costs are for people with busy schedules and draising efforts. kept low through the payroll deducappeal to many is the Adopt-A1 Children's dimes along with tions and thousands of volunteers Grandparent project It is a minicorporate and individual contribu- donating their talents and time. | mum commitment of one hour per tions will be used at approximately week and participants have the Further details on United Way 40 area agencies in 27 human servflexability to fix the time when it is fundraising efforts will be pubice areas. United Way services deal most convenient for them. lished when they are availible. with high profile problems in the That one hour often becomes the most rewarding hour of their week, bringing an hour of companionship, joy and meaning into, the If you have an opinion or disagree

United Way campaign at Mercyhurst

life of the lonely "grandparent". It but then, thankful for that simple act is amazing to see their faces light he responded', "Thank you, God when they see one of us who regu- bless you." i larly come just to see them. An invitadon is extended to the Visiting is done at the Erie campustocomeinandvisitCampus County Home Annex on Gore Rd, Ministry to see and hear more about which is less than a mile and a half these programs and the other ac tiviawayfromthe campus. Transporta- ties offered. We are proud of Camtion will be provided if necessary: pus Ministry as a place of hospitalOne word of caution: It is very ity wherefriendsgather. easy to adopt the grandparents and fall in love with them and the love they return is a: genuine bond of friendship. One of our people refers to the annex as a "storehouse of love". 4 . Sophomore Terri Biss, a regular volunteer last year, through the process of this bonding, felt a rewarding attachment to her "grandmother". Terri enjoyed the experience so much that she found the time to twice make the tripfromCleveland, during the summer break, to deepen the friendship. I This past summer, one student felt the reward of helping Erie's poor while walking down the State BE 0?ANGELO Street She took the time to acOTgOREll 21 knowledge one of the homeless as he sat with what little he owned. She simply said, "Hello," which obviously was unusual for him to hear. It left him speechless for a moment


with any statements in this paper, you can send a letter to ILetters To The Editor c/o The Merciad I J Box 161 |
Mercyhurst College.

Representatives from the Office of the New York State Comptroller wilt wisit Mercyhurst College on October 4, 1989 at 1:30 p.m. to talk to you about auditing and accounting career opportunities with thai reorganization. If you arela talented, motivated individual who M s looking for a challenging professional position in the auditing or accounting fields, please plan to attend.


n tjt


s t&J £

ft A >.«**$ 1 J&iftL 1

September 28,1989

The Merciad


Unsungoarmen thrive underpressures of tough competition
9 1

By John Deasy Merciad sports editor The 1989 crew season begins this weekend with the Head of Ohio at Pittsburgh. Despite losing somefinesenior rowers the team looks as if it can once again pose a strong challenge to the best crew college in the U.S. . • f „: . t4
The large numberofnovices that have come out for the team has had an encouraging affectaccording to the head coach, Derreck Hartwick. 1 * W e J did lose a few j good seniors, but there are some good freshmen," Hartwick said. " T h e team has more quality this year rather than quantity."

11 IJ6!l*i»c»V

rtSlI *» .

D O R N Y , G I G G E R , A N D Murph show their* Mercyhurst

spirit at the football


Photo by Liz Richards

Quinton wins atE.CA.C.
that strong finishesjlast year will By Carl Triola \ 8 help early on t h i s ; ear. jjj Merciad assistant sports editor, First seed on the men's squad is Coen Buys a freshman and h e is followed by Gord Quinton who last On Sunday last, Gordon Quin- year was invited to the Division II ton once again proved himself to be Singles Championships for the seca major force in regional tennis. ond time. Rounding out the rest of Presently playing as the number two the men's team are senior" Raul seed for Mercyhurst,Gord beat the ^Raymundo, sophmore Phil Clark, number two man*from-TuftsUni-^ | f r e s h m a n ^Patrick jfO'Keefe, and versity to win his singles comfortably. The score was 6-2,6-3. The Jason Hervoyvich, a sophomore. O n the w o m e n ' s team Janet men's tennis team was competing at the ECAC championships at Holzhaeusser occupies first posiR a u l Ition and is co-captain. Following Albany,N.Y. '% her is Kate Calhoun, then Katherine Ray m undo,Mercy hurst's number three seed,was beaten in the final of O'Reilly, and Shannon Regan. T h e fifth a n d sixth women are Mary the number three singles.The score was 3-6,6-3,6-1. \ McKenna, also a co-captain, and Katie Burns. S o far this year the After completing ; successful Lady Lakers are 2 and 3, but they are 1988-89 seasons the Laker Tennis teams are set to try for better results only a few wins away from becomunder the guidance of head coach, ing as strong as they were last season. Frank Clark. Expectations are high

The team did well last year. They came away with top honors at the Jack Speakman regatta. They also won the Governors Cup at Charleston, West Virginia. Hartwick says the team can show strongly this weekend after a relatively slow start to the pre-season. He says he would like to see Mercyhurst take the points trophy at the Mid-American regional championships and also place two crews in the top six at the nationals. He even says that the winning of medals is conceivable at the nationals. The coaching staff at Mercyhurst has never been as strong. Dan Moran, a former heavy weight returns to coach the novice women. Mary Ellen ^Abraham is coaching the varsity women. Former oarsmen Jim Wh itley and Chris N iebauer are also ready to assist with the novices. Dr. Alan Belovarac is the team's advisor once again. Crew is a very demanding sport, some would say the most demanding, especially t at it's I highest levels. Bill Laidlaw, a senior from Brockville, Ontario commented, "We don't have a base as broad in varsity this year. At the novice level we do have a lot of people joining, it's exciting to see so many novices trying out The ones that want it the most will succeed." H.The level of commitment which is needed to compete at the national level is sometimes extreme. Sacrafices of both a mental and physical nature have to be made. * 'It's probably the most demanding sport I have ever participated in,* 'Laidlaw says. | Practice for the team begins at the crack of dawn or even a little earlier. The boathouse is located on the Bay which makes for a long haul each morning. According to Bill, "it's about self-motivation, you begin to attain goals you never thought were there." b. I F | Athletes are supposedly meant to experience a certain kind of high. This is definitely true ofrowers. Bill tried to explain this by saying, "it's the boat going through calm water with;aU the,oars synchronized. The feeling is emotional, although you can't show your emotion. The only sound you hear is the water. It's almost hypnotic." Kelly Quinn, the women's captain this year said something similar about the mezmerizing effect of the oars, * * the synchronization gives me an awesome feeling, its hard to explain to someone that hasn't experienced i t " i J | Kelly, whose father is an Olympic referee at the sport, is also impressed with the novices, "they have a lot of potential, there are some very strong novices." For Kelly the sport has a strong social appeal, "the people on crew are laid back, carefree and very accepting in attitudes. You really feel like one of a flock."\ Thereare approximately 65 members of the crew team. Over the past few years they are the only team which has competed regularly on a par with some of the elite colleges of the country. The recognition deserving has never really been forthcoming. The problem with crew is that its not as glorious as other sports. Satisfaction is from achieving a goal as a team, sweating, moaning and crying all the way. Once that boat hits the water there are no prima donnas. The boat is one, you win as one or lose as one. * j • Last year, Hartwick told his team that for every practice misst 1 it represented one stroke that had to be made up,for the nationals. This gives you come idea of the amount of effort which goes into every race. The dedication of the team is noteworthy but this is a sport wher the human limits of strength, endurance, and technique are normally stretched to the very limit 100% is expected. Some burnout, some quit, sometimes I can hardly blame them.

Coach still pleased despite 9 poor showing in women s volleyball }

By John Deasy 1 Merciad Sports Editor

The women's volleyball season is already in full swing. The team's record now stands at 3-10. The most worrying factor facing Coach Fleet is inexperience? "The team is very inexperienced volleyball is a totally different ballgame at college" ,he says. Four of his key players were lost to graduation. Four of his seven starters arefreshmen,which makes for a very young team. § The schedule that has been prepared is a tough one. Only five games will be played here on campus. The start of the season has not DUTCHMAN COEN BUYS in been outstanding, according to Fleet "I can't ask for any more action. Coen is a freshman and is from the girls", he said. "If we the number one seed on the tennis learn something new every game team. and learn something from the seaPHoCO by Lit Richards

son we will have accomplished a lot". ; The most successful part of the season so far has undoubtedly been the Carnegie Mellon tournament Mercyhurst beat Carnegie Mellon.West Virginia Wesleyan and Baldwin Wallace. Sophomore Becky Schmidt was named on the All-Tournament team. Four of the seven losses have come against nationally ranked teams. Six of their opponents are Division I schools. Coach Fleet places great emphasis on the academics of the team. "My main goal as a coach is to graduate students I 'd rather put up an academic award on my walls than any other,"he said. This weekend the team plays at the University of Buffalo tournament


The Merciad

September 28,1989

Men | soccer loses vital games at Hamot tournament
By John Deasy Merciad sports editor On Sept 20, the men's soccer team travelled to Westminster. The game was not without controversy as head coach Trevor Warren only agreed to play the game under protest, insisting that the soccer field was not within NCAA regulations. Westminster took the lead in the first half from a corner. Mercy hurst found finishing a problem and missed some clear-cut. chances. Freshman striker Liam Barron then took the game into overtime with a well taken goal. With! both teams deadlocked, things looked bad for Mercy h urst in a game they couldn' t afford to lose. Once again however, it was a freshman who saved the day. After some great work from sophomore Shane Bangs, it was Nick Roberts who managed to latch onto the ball, sending it into the net The goal cameonly two minutes from the end of the second • overtime period. Coach Warren landed Captain Joe Behr for this role. "Even when he was injured, Joe came on strong,' 'Warren said. The Hamot classic soccer tournament kicked-off last Saturday when Mercyhurst met the University of Bridgeporuranked ninth in the nation. Early in the first half an error by the Mercyhurst goalkeeper allowed Bridgeport to take an undeserved lead. Then more misfortune was dealt out when the ball was handled resulting in a penalty, which was duly converted. g Without the services of the teams top goal scorers, Liam Barron and Nick Roberts, the team crumbled against a very average squad. Another successful penalty kick sealed Meicyhurt's fate. A late own goal left the final score at 4-0. The second lee of the tournament was played the following day. Mercyhurst matched up against Gannon, who were ranked number 18 in the nation. A well taken goal early in the first half gave, Gannon the lead. Despite outplaying Gannon for periods in the second half Mercyhurst found it hard to capitalize on numerous chances. Gannon extended its lead with a penalty kick and hung on for the final victory. Coach Warren said' 'We lost but it was encouraging to see us scare them. We played a much better game than the previous day". starters are freshmen, which makes for a very young team. The schedule that has been prepared is a tough one. Only five games will be played here on campus. The start of the season has not been outstanding, according to Fleet "I can't ask for any more from the girls", he said. "If we learn'something new every game and learn something from the sea-

JOHN SHAN AH AN IN action against Bridgeport


Photo by John Deasy k

son we will have accomplished a

lot". I f f



The most successful part of the season so far has undoubtedly been the Carnegie Mellon tournament Mercyhurst beat Carnegie Mellon,West Virginia Wesleyan and Baldwin Wallace. Sophomore Becky Schmidt was named on the All-Tournament team. Four of the seven losses have

come against nationally .ranked teams. Six of their opponents are Division I schools.! Coach Fleet places great emphasis on the academics of the team.' 'My main goal as a coach is to graduate students I'd rather put up an academic award on my walls than any other,*'he said. This weekend the team plays at the University of Buffalo tournament

D spells doomfor Dukes
By C a r l Triola ^ 4-«£vidBi'

Merciad assistant sports editor

Playing in bad \ weather, the Lakers poured it on and handed Duquesne its first loss of the '89 campaign. | During periods of hail, rain, strong winds, and sun, the Lakers seemingly cruised to a 27-0 victory. The score, however, can be deceiving. The Dukes had their chances and failed to capitalize. Trying to prey on the defensive backfield, the Dukes came out passing and failed miserably. The Lakers shut down the run and were helped out by the stone hands of some of the ' 'The defensive backs were put Duquesne receivers. ;• The Lakers only passed the ball to the test and passed it well, and in a few times because of the weather, the process helped set up f two so the chore fell on the Hurst's core scores, Craig Galovich, assistant of running backs. "The game defensive back coach, said. Brian Haberstock, who was hurt improved the quality of all the runnning backs, since the condi- in practice, is still on the injured list tions weren't favorable to passing, Other than Haberstock's injury, the JEFF ANDREJCHAK TAKING a handoffform Dave Gordon during the game against Duquesne and we had to put the ball on the team is healthy. %

ground,' Jeff Andrejchak, a running back, said: 1 •j Quarterback Dave Gordon once again was an important part of the Laker victory. He worked the offensive like a seasoned veteran, not letting the fact that the Lakers dropped the ball twice in the first three possessions bother him. The Dukes seemed to believe that Mercyhurst's defensive backfield was the weakest part of the team because they initially passed the ball more than ran it The defensive backs, led by .Vaughn Jones and Al Craig, snagged three interceptions between them,

*- •




-- - •


*— • • -


_ -





.. . . . .


^— ^

Photo by Liz Richards

Diamonds crew starts well Women's soccer remains
with perfect 6-0 record
By John Deasy \ Merciad sports editor The women's soccer teams success continued with a comprehensive victory over Kutztown last weekend, r The victory over Kutztown, achieved at St Francis (PA) leaves the team's record at 6-0. The team's defense has conceded only one goal so far this year. The game was played on a waterlogged field, which didn' t make for great soccer. An aggressive Kutztown side didn' t make it easy for the Lakers. However it was Veronica Sansom once again who opened the scoring with a goal in the first half. & I Jen Thcis completed the scoring the second half. The next opposition comes at the Budweiscr Socccrfest to be played at St Louis, Missouri, k There the team will play University of Missouri at StLouis, Southern Illinois University and Quincy College. By Carl Triola Merciad Asst Sports Editor The Mercyhurst baseball Lakers qualified for die ECAC Playoffs last year, a feat unmatched by previous teams. Even though they were eliminated early, the experience gained should help this year. Entering his third year as coach of the Lakers, Joe Jordano is looking forward to this season. The Lakers return many of die playersfromthe 1988-89 squad, plus there are several recruits who could have a definite J impact on the team. Some of the key upperclassmen are Joel Dombkowski, Kieth Parry, Jeff Crosta, George Baran, Steve Hall, and Tim Kirst An injury to Kurt Altman, who spent most of the spring season on the disabled list, has left agap in the team's offensive strength. The pitching staff will be anchored by Steve Hall, Tim Kirst, andfreshmanPaul Dlugosz, who earned a spot on the roster with a strong preseason. • U| Jordano believes that a good recruiting* season has brought plenty of good players to Mercyhurst Included in this list are many players who could have a definite impact Besides Dlugosz

there is Jeff Evancho, who catches and has plenty of offensive potential. ; The team has started off well and owns a record of five wins against two losses. If the team stays injury free and the new recruits come through, their success should continue.

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