Good Morning Everyone (From a very snowy Colorado) I was feeling led of the Lord to share a prophetic word

from a Devotional I have, called; "Come Away My Beloved" By Francis J. Roberts. Before I share the whole thing I want to share one individual sentence. "You cannot be truly humble until you have a deep sense of being loved." ________________________________________________________________________ The Secret of Silence (Praise and Reproof) My child, let not the words of others influence you unduly - either their praise or their criticism. Weigh each for its proper value, and come back to Me again. Only in communion with Me can ye be sure of the truth. If I correct thee, ye know it is for they betterment. If I encourage thee with a word of praise, it is because I know you need it; rejoice in it and accept it as wholeheartedly as ye accept My rebukes. You know my rebukes are for your benefit. Can ye not believe that My words of commendation are for the same purpose? Some of your faults and weaknesses can best be helped and corrected by praise rather than by reproof. When you turn a deaf ear in an effort to be humble, you are not helping. Ye cannot be truly humble until ye have a deep sense of being loved. Knowing and truly feeling that such great love is not merited in the face of thy many imperfections will generate more honest humility than a thousand rebukes for obvious failures. Ye are condemned already by thine own heart. There is a subtle pride that seeks to hide these glaring imperfections in the effort to hold some vestige of self-esteem and invoke the respect of others. This is a craftiness of the enemy. If ye will accept My love and My approval, ye shall be given courage to face thy sins and faults and ddeal with tehm with more decisiveness. The more ye find of the truth about thine own self, the more ye shall be set free.... free of improper evaluations of thy worth and false pride that seeks to cover recognized flaws. I want your life and character and personality to be as beautiful and lovely as I visualized it to be when I created you. Much has not developed perfectly. Some early beauty has been marred. Live close to Me, and let Me re-mold and re-create until I see in you the image of all I want you to be. I love you, My child - My very dear and special child. Through your childhood years I walked very close to you, and in your childlike way you were very conscious of My presence and reality. You have made an arduous journey. You have climbed many a mountain that you could easily have walked around. You have not chosen the pleasant path nor sought joys though they were readily accessible. You have often miscontrued My will and felt that only in sacrifice and suffering could you please Me, whilst much of the time I have longed to deliver you out of the very painse you have inflicted upon yourself. You meant to please Me, but in truth you were only marring your own beauty - which is precious to Me. I cannot rejoice in a blighted rose. Ye have gone far enough in this way. I offer thee My path now, if ye are strong enough to accept it. Life and lieverty and love and joy. Health and peace -

simplicity and rest. It has been there for you all along. You can have it even now if you will. I don't want you to work for Me under pressure and tension like a machine -striving to produce, produce. I want you to just LIVE with ME as a PERSON. I have waited for you to wear yourself out. I knew you would find it eventually - the secret of silence and rest, of solitude and of song. I will rebuild your strength - not to work again in folloish frenzy, but just for the sake of making you strong and well. To ME this is an end in itself. Make it your aim and join with Me wholeheartedly in the project. 'Many joys are waiting yet.' End -

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