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Former 'Hursti student floors Tyson





By John Deasy Merciad Sports Editor JfSome professors still remember him well, including the current president ?of i Mercy hurst, Dr. William P.Garvey, who actually served as his advisor.lDr. Garvey described Douglas as\ being, "a great rebounder; he could jump to the moon." Dr. Garvey remembers telling him, "If you don't start reading, you'll spend the rest ofjjyour life driving a taxi in Baltimore." Douglas never made it to Baltimore, instead he went back home to Columbus, Ohio and began boxing under his father's supervision^ At Mercy hurst he ran into academic difficulties. His English professor, Mr. Barry McAndrew? said, " He worked very* hard, tried very hard. He wanted to make it; however, it was in his best interests not to continue. Little did I realize he would become the heavyweight champion of the world J' His athletic prowess! was never qucstiopwLevn-hark in 19R0. ^-cctorof Admissions, Andy Roth, said, "He was probably one of the four best basketball players to have played at the college level in Erie. Although Douglas did make progress, he eventually succumbed to the pressures of the classroom and left. Dr. Garvey remembers him saying, * 'I really liked it here, but it's just too hard. I'm going back home to try boxing." .1 I V | And go back home he did, back to a gym which would become die learning grounds for the years to come. Although Douglas was only here at Mercyhurstfora year, the college can boast oft having a .former?student who pulled off one of the greatest upsets in sport* ing history/ ^:
» » .


The guy's a bum, he won't lasti90 seconds," they Said. What's this guy's name anyhow, where's he from ?" they said. Ten rounds later their jaws would lower and their eyes would widen in disbelief, as former Mercy hurst College student, James Douglas, delivered the punch that was felt around the world. .|- t James "Buster*^.Douglas came to Mercyhurst in 1980. He stayed for one year, contrary to widespread belief that he was < 1 here for a semester. Recruited from Sin< Community College in Ohio by former head basketball coach, Dan! O'Connor, Douglas joined the team but never played for MercyhursL


. ..

The Merciad
ftgttgBgV #>S

FEBRUARY 15,1990


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i * »»•-*-•


News At Glance
By Theresa Kloecker Merciad News Editor Editor's note: This column is designed to let the students know what is happening in the international, national and local arenas. The news Hems are gathered from I a variety "of news sources.

89 crimes reported in 1989
WW*• m

By Theresa Kloecker Merciad News Editor The crime statistics for Mercyhurst College haver been released by the campus security office. jBoth major and minor offenses were given for a total of 89 crimes. The crimes ranged from indecent assault, to theft and violations of the Pennsylvania drinking laws. Last year '84 crimes were reported on campus. Thefts were slightly up from last year, according to Merill "Bud" Desecu


"i **www


# — ''

* " * • *

• •

Other colleges in the area also reported their crime statistics. They were as follows: Gannon 23, Behrend 229, and Villa Maria

The|tdifference between Gannon's crime statistics and INTERNATIONAL rity. Mercyhurst's crime: statistics areas could be due to the difference in Nelson Mandela, an anti-apartheid activist in South Africa was released on Sunday. He had been in a South African jail for 27 years. corded on Erie police records, but the way crimes are reported. dealt with by the College itself, Some crimes may have been reBelfastJNbrthern Ireland- On February 11 gunfire forced a were the keg law, and disorderly ported to the Erie police departBritish army helicopter down near the border of the Irish Republic, conduct. ? ment rather than the campus secuthe police said. An anonymous caller said the Irish Republican Army had shot it down. The forced landing was near the village of Clogher 6 in the County Tyrone. j | P Otiawa,Canada- The United States and its major European allies forged an agreement with the Soviet Union Tuesday to reunite Bast The recent student concerns at lords." Student Government and West Germany in a two stage formula The first stage will deal As outlined, the board memMercyhurst officials will also with legal, economic and political issues. The second stage will deal Mercyhurst College over the administration's review of its review the issue of academic bers will 1) review existing houswith the security of neighboring states when the two Germany s housing policy, resulting last merit for off-campus housing ing regulations and recommend reunite. j week in a student demonstration, upon the recommendation of the changes where necessary; 2) NATIONAL monitor the enforcement policies were resolved Tuesday afternoon Board of Trustees. I when Mercyhurst trustees adThe new policy accepted by and the manner in which they are Selma, Ala.- On Tuesday about ISO black students ended a five dressed the issue at their quarterly trustees also addresses off-cam- applied; 3) hear appeals for housday sit-in at the Selma high school. The students then joined a ousing for disciplinary ac- ing penalties and, where required, demonstration at City Hall, part of a racial protest that has closed city meeting, and accepted the spirit of schools. The action was sparked by the vote of the school board to a new housing policy introduced stating, "Students who are I recommend modifications to the ^ ^ •«——» dismiss Selma's first black superintendent . by Mercyhurst College President 1 campus housing for disci- Director of Student Services Dr. William P. Garvey. plinary reason may continue to cases resulting in board deadlock, New York City-United Nations Security Council members met The policy states: "Effective attend classes only if they are liv- a student appeal will be denied. in an attempt to define the international body' s role in Cambodia. with the beginning of the 1990-91 ing in housing at least one-half The make-up of the judicial academic year, all Mercyhurst mile from campus." board is yet to be decided, howFormer President Ronald Reagan will record testimony on freshmen and sophomores under • College officials will care- ever, there will be two administra= videotape about the Iran-Contra affair. The recording will be made the age of 21 (and who are not Erie fully monitor the effectiveness tors, two faculty members, and on Friday. The Iran-Contra trial has been delayed in the courts County residents living at home) and impact of the new housing two students sitting on the board. because of disagreements over classified documents. must live in college housing in And finally, college officials policy during the 1990-91 acaaccordance with the current housLOCAL demic "year to determine if have also established a special ing policies of the college. changes are necessaryforthe fol- Campus Climate Committee to "Junior, senior and adult stu- lowing year. Erie Mayor Joyce Savocchio said Monday that the City of Erie advise the President of the College will support Gannon University's offer to either sell or lease the dents may choose to'live offAs an important part of the on the best means for resolving former downtown Carlisle's building as a site for the new main campus, but under the following new policy, college ; officials current student concerns to create branch of the Erie County Library system. conditions: stated that "Mercyhurst strongly a more positive atmosphere on | a) The housing must be affirms its commitment to the campus. This committee will Erie City Controller Brenda Pundt has refused to pay the City's approved by the Student Services principle that students must abide include representation from Stuelectric bill for street lights until they are repaired by the Pennsylvania Offices pi by regulations governing the fe- dent Government, Student ServElectric Company (Penelec). Penelec is responsible for the repairand 1 S b) Students must sign a asible and legal useof alcohol, ices, and from the Campus Life upkeep of the street lights. A committee is being formed to do a statement of agreement to abide survey on how many street lights are not working. ana au otner regulation necessary Committee of the Senate. At the by the college's disciplinary for living in the manner expected end of the spring term, College An Erie based polka band, the Joe Matczak Orchestra, is one of code;and of a mature person in a Catholic officials will determine whether the 27 bands to perform on an album that has been nominated for a c) Students under age 21 college." or not the Campus Climate ComGrammy award. The Slovenian polka band is featured on the album, must have the written permission To support these principles, mittee will continue to operate Penn-Ohio Polka Pais Souvenir Edition. of their parents to live off-cam- and to assist the College's Direc- during the 1990-91 school year. pus. This release will also absolve tor of Housing in their enforceStudent Government reprethe College from any responsibilv turst sentatives unanimously accepted ity for off-campus problems becampus the new housing policy two days tween students;«and their landBoard before it was presented to the College trustees for ratification.

rity, according to Dever. Mercyhurst's crime statistics still place us within the safe campus category compared to other schools of our size and student population, Dever said. Campus Security also has a SO percent clearance rate for crimes, which means half of the crimes that are reported are solved, according to Dever. This is better than the national average clearance rate which is 20 percent Dever urges students to report crimes ^ If once you report a ^^ Crime and it is unfounded, please report it back to Campus Security,' ' Dever said. An unfounded crime, for example, is'when an article is reported stolen, but later found somewhere else, Dever explained. The statistics are available to Mercy hurst College students and parents Camp
4 4

Hurst releases housing policy


• > « • : •




FEBRUARY 15,1990

The Merciad

Tbe Mir; - -•'•/•


Survival tips for finals
By Theresa Kloecker Merciad News Editor fit's almost Spring Break time, tbut first there are finals. {Preparing for finals includes fully stocking your room or apartment with all the essentials for survival. £ The essentials include, but are not limited to: a six pack of highly caffeinated pop, one can of Maxwell House Coffee, or a full package of No-Doz. Quick snack foods with high sugar contents, candy bars, pop tarts etc.; a bright light to keep you awake during your studies; and a radio with a cassette player and your favorite tapes to study by are also recommended. £ | The preceding list of items may not! be recommended by healfh professionals. But, it will help to keep you awake into the early am. hours, so you can cram more useless information into your head than usual. Once the room is fully stocked, it is time^.to enter the study zone. Armed with only a writing implement, a notebook, and a text book the studentJ will bravely face one trimester's worth of unreadable notes and accumulated chapters from ten and a half weeks of courses. Some doctors recommend that the student take a break from studying solitude every 45 minutes to relax and get reacquainted with his roommates, housemates or family members. After a full two hours.worth of sleep the student prepares to take a test on a whole term's worth of notes and chapters. Like afgoodiBoy Scout, be prepared with at least two or more writing tools. ) Good Luck on your finals! Have a great spring break!


Compromise finally resolves housing issue
By Kevin McHugh Merciad Editor i i I hope we have all heard the last of the housing policy issue after two weeks of heated debating. Everybody is no doubt sick oftfear- j ing about the issue itself, however, the repercussions of the whole rigamarole are auite interesting. fH | | r j The first thing that the * 'housing sit-in I demonstrated was who holds the power in Mercyhurst Student Government. The sit-in would never have been|instigated*l y MSG had it not been pressured by the representatives in o taking action. The reps are the people with the power I

The Merciad
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•• P0U?v \Ct CAP... j

m i

The second thing the whole episode demonstrated was that the opinions and attitudes of individual administrators are not necessarily those of the administration as a whole. f I I I ' 3 One major outcome of the sit-in is the opening of a more direct line of communication between student leaders and Dr. Garvey. As he bias said before his door is always open, so students should take advantage of this. Fm sureieveryone would agree that something as drastic as a sit-in should be avoided I n the future. If students respect the administration's authority^and the 9 administration listens to the students voice, this form of protest will be avoided. Ill | The students achieved their goal and thereason this was possible was becausefthey acted like dignified and respectable adults during the protest, proving that* they were demonstrating not to cause trouble but to show that they had strong feelings about the issue-in question. m. Dr. William P. Garvey, the college fpresident had given MSG the ultimatum that if there was a sit-in, then everyone, including-* seniors, would have to>live on campus. Had the students been antagonistic or disruptive, mayoe thiswould have happened. f I *| i § In referenceito the housing issue, Garvey cited the adaeei''Agree to disagree, but don't be disagreeable." Boor sides disagreed but neither proved disagreeable. :>_ Spring is in the air. It's time to leave the restrictive air of discontent that filled the halls of old main, andinove on to fresh and constructive topics such as the new union.




\t*»Vf lilai

The Merciad
^??$^&ffiW&$ffifflffi2iffl$$|x. :'::;:i:;

*** •

FEBRUARY 15,1990






Sell books for cash* Bring them to the student union Tues.,Feb. 20 and Wed., Feb. 21from9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Hardbound or paper, we buy all bodes having a national resale value. Cardigan sweater sale: Tau Sigma Mu, the Mercyhurst Honors Society, is selling Cardigan sweaters (Letterman sweaters) for anyone interested. • They will come in three colors: white, gray, and navy-blue. Three Greek letters, TEM, will be embroidered on them. Price: $27.95. Deposit $15.00 by Feb. 20. Sample sweatshirt available |in Dr. button's office (Zurn 112). Call Tim O'Neill at 825-9271 after 4 p.m. for an order blank.

A> Winter danee performance has been scheduled for 8:15 p.m. in Zurn Recital Hall on Sat, Feb. 17 and 2:30 p.m. on Sun., Feb. 18. "Illusive Dance Choices," a choreographer's showcase highlights the creativity and versatility of Mercyhurst's dance majors.

Academic celebration highlights: Dr. David Palmer says that the overall attendance for the 41 separate events that occurred during Mercyhurst* s fourth Academic Celebration was 2,771. That's a 67.5 percent^ average, Last year's 50 events gained a 57.5 percent average. There were 1 " 12 speakers from outside the college community,fiveMercyhurst speakers, fouri student-operated events, one shared event between faculty and an outside organization, two expert!panelists from outside the college community, one administration and one MSG sponsored event, three musical/ performance events,|three films for Discussion and two luncheon speakers.

TUESDAY. FEB. 20 1990
MEETING TIME T TH 8:15-10:05 A.M. T TH 10:15-12:05 ?M. T TH 12-35-2:25 P.M. T TH 2*30-4:15 P.M. T TH 6:00-7:50 P.M. T TH 6:00-9:50 PJVI. T TH 6:00-10:00 P.M. EXAM TIME 8:00 AM. 10:00 AM. 12:00 NOON 2:00 PJVI. I 6:00 P.M. 6:00 P.M. 6:00 P.M.


WEDNESDAY, FEB.211990 8:00 A.M. MWF 8:15-9:30 AM. 10:00 AM. f MWF 9:40-10:55 AM. 12:00 NOON MWF 11:05-12:20 PJV1. MWF 12:50-2:05 P.M. 2:00 P.M. | |MWF 2:15-330 P.M. I 4:00 P.M. I M W 6:00-7:50 PJVI. 6:00 PJVI. 6:00 PM. IMON 6:00-10:00 PJVI. 8:00 P.M. WED 6:00-9:50 PJVI.



.Attention Seniors
Just a reminderjthe Seniorpinner tDance will be held qn Saturday, March 1 0 | 990 af Raymond's Banquet Hall. Between Sand 7 p/m there will be a cash bar, then at 7 p.m. dinner will be served. There willfbe fun and dancing with D.J. John spinning thejtunes unti 1 a.m. Admission!is jfree to traditiona seniors and there is a $15.00 charge to non-seniors and Adult College ll seniors. Photos by Mike Miller will be taking group photas. Prices will range from .$^00 to $15.00. You will pay for 11 them at the dance.j ! Please limit one guest per,senior. If anyone hasiany questions, or ifian invitationlhas not been receivedl Call Brad at 825-7645 I
* »

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M a n d e l a release not celebrated
By Derrick Christie j. M Merciad Wayne Newton Look Alike* * scholarship recipient As you know, the world has been celebrating the release of African National Congress president Nelson Mandela, and Mercyhurst was no exception. The day of his release hundreds of Mercyhurst students danced up curiosity that is Mercyhurst," one and down Briggs Avenue chant- cision to free Mr. Nelson. Bullmember said. ing African folk melodies and horns were distributed by MSG Even the Peace Pole in Garvey toting banners. (Of course only officers and anti-apartheid?sloPark released a statement saying, the seniors were permitted to gans were blown into the air that 4 chant and tote on the east half of could be heard'as far as the 'It's a beautiful thing!" The Peace Pole was further overheard Briggs Avenue, while the rest of 'Cove'. J I 4t saying, "...even tne grass IS the student body carried out their Members of AI (Amnesty greener, I think ft celebrating on the {Mercyhurst International) on campus l were Actually, one j source repreowned and operated westside). I seen crying for joy as they erected senting the guerrilla presence Elsewhere on campus, MSG a marble bust of Mandela in GarofSAC | led political rallies supporting the vey Park and dedicated it to * * the was quoted as saying, "We've South African government's de- great social awareness and global been planning a massive rescue attempt along with members of the ANC and were ready to pull it off for some time. Unfortunately, that de Klerk! fella blew everything.'' The source went on to say that the SAC insurgents were going to concentrate on liberating the 'Hardest Working Man in Show-business,* James Brown. | The English Department released a collection of collaborative I poems written in honor of Mr.Nelson's| historic unconditional release and sponsored a poetry reading in Sullivan Hall where the HRIM Dept whipped up some traditional South African hors d'ouvres that the students learned how to make in that department's "Foods from Countries Other Than Our Own 101" course.

IBM announcesj an enhancement

to the PS/2.

speed oan

None of this happened, really (Duh!). Very few people; were stirred by this tremendous news, and what it could do to the psychological shape of the whole world, and that really depressed me. I've written before about the lackadaisical imagination! on campus. Only in small pockets is there any resistance to the chronic social retardation sweeping some people underneath a big green and blue rug (a synthetic rug at that) that's all around. jg It's too bad, really. A lot of really great things are starting to happen that have brought a lot of rejuvenation to other campuses. | Allegheny, for example totes a social conscience the size of Africa herself. Banners, posters, literature, speakers, poetry, and editorials are a daily part of their significant awareness . Of course campuses where there is a I greater student body, there's bound to be a more significant awareness of things in general. Unfortunately, the mi/it ~ulc awareness of the Mercyhurst family has for the most part been the significant perception on campus.

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Monday thru Saturday 7 PM. &10 PM. Delivery

fi ^ T . '1'. .. Mol i ^hn nurrhase IBM PS ? S tMrouqh par Kipaimq campus S8jjlf}l>«
P i >

ttnt.oandter *a***only toquaMMstudents • « ^ ^ ^ ^ £ E E &



i M

5»1. ft J & I L J ^ ^


'VjSPAGE 6 PJ suwr.

The Merciad

FEBRUARY 15,1990

S tudent dance performance to permiere at Zurn Hall
Thousands of hours of hard work, painfully tight muscles and endless rehearsals will ctisiax on February 17 and 18 with the presentation of Illusive Dance Choices, a choreographer's showcase which highlights the creativity and versatility of Mercy hurst's dance majors. Jean-Marc Baier, director of the dance department, said he feels, "A program like this is important for the preparation of Mercy hurst dance majors." The modern dancer, according to Baier, has to not only be able to dance, they need to know how to choreograph dance as well. HURST DANCE students show their talents and creativity in at student choreographed ballet presentation. Jean Marc Baier and Dafna Raihouse will make guest appearances. More than 20 dance students uaier wil appear, as performers, Baier win began preparations for the show in two of the numbers in the proat the "beginning of the winter gram, she said. term, Dafna Rathouse, rehearsal I The performances will be held director for Illusive Dance in Zurn Recital Hall on Saturday, Choices said. The program is a Feb 17 at 8:15 p.m. and on Suncompletely student-run presenta- day, Feb 18 at 2:30 p.m. Admistion. Students are not only the sion is free. performers, they also choreographed the performances. f. However, both Rathouse and

Siskel & Ebert missjthe | fun in new Aykroyd film
ByRobi Taylor | Merciad Managing Editor Loose Cannons Starring - Gene Hackman, Dan Aykroyd and Dom DeLuise Director - Bob Clark Rated - R Tri-Star Pictures When il got home from the movies the other day I turned on At The Movies with Siskel & Ebert and they happened to be discussing Loose Cannons, the movie I had just seen. They gave it two thumbs down, saying it was stupid and had! a humor fit for a six-year-old. It was then that I realized something about the two of them...THEYIDON'T KNOW HOW TO HAVE FUN! ? f | *| The big problem with Siskel & Ebert is that they don' t realize that sometimes movies are made to be stupid and that sometimes stupid can be funny. That is the thing about Loose Cannons, it is stupid, silly and very off the wall. But that is its charm. The humor is sometimes too innocent and almost always too sweet. But a lot of people, including me, enjoy a good laugh once in a while. I Gene Hackman plays Mac Stern, a veteran Washington D.C. cop who lives in his station wagon. His character starts out rather normal. He is an overachiever who has worked his way up from the depths of the v ice squad to the highly honored homicide division. He worked hard and lived a good life until he gets a new partner -Ellis Fielding. ^ Dan Aykroyd, plays Ellis Fielding, a cop who has spent the last two years in a mental hospital run by an order of priests. He develops multiple personalities whenever he is in a dangerous situation. Now, I don't mean regular, everyday Split personalities. He turns into the Roadrunner, Pee-wee Herman, CapL Kirk and Mr. Spock among others. %*} % . j |§ The director, Bob Clark, knew h is business. He allowed Aykroyd to do what came naturally to him, the same style of performance he had as a part of Saturday Night Life. •'••.; I Many times I try to re-cast a movie. I had a major problem with Loose Cannons. The director had already gathered the perfect team. Aykroyd, Hackman and DcLu ise played of f each other well and gave this movie the cornedic life and vigor it needed. I | As I said before, this movie is stupid. But, that is what makes this movie fun to watch. It does not require any thinking, it does not require any effort at all. All you have to do is laugh. Allow me to correct myself, there is one question at the end of the movie, "Who ends up crazier at the: end ofthe'movie, Stern or Fielding?" It's very hard to tell. „ f •







.' »

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If D, DE LUISE, and Hackman star in Loose The questionjs v .who is the craziest?

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FEBRUARY 15,1990

The Merciad
» - *







• 1

t *,


Softball team unhappy with lack of school funds

Buck stops for t Buster* at Hurst
By John Deasy Merciad Sports Editor

By Nick Roberts Merciad Sports Reporter Mercyhurst women's softball team has been training and practicing hard since the second week in September in preparation for the 1990 season which will begin in March and last for three weeks. Coach Trevor Warren said, 4 'The team is a solid team, and I don't see any weaknesses. The girls have worked very hard, they are talented, and should perform very well" Coach Warren is especially pleased with their dedication to their training, commenting, "The weather is very difficult for outdoor practices, and the girls always have to work around everyone else in regard to indoor practice time, but there has been nothing but a 100 percent com-

mittment from the girls.' The team practices in the Campus Center during the winter with equipment borrowed from the baseball team. Coach Warren said, "We're lacking in some basic equipment necessary to put a successful program together." The team also needs safety screens. Warren said, "The last thing this athletic department needs is a lawsuit from an injured softball player." " W e ' r e l a c k i n g in some basic equipment n e c e s s a r y to p u t a success ful p r o g r a m t o g e t h e r . " One item that sail hangs in the balance is the planned softball trip to Florida over the spring break period. Catcher Holly Ballard commented, * 'The trip would cost

Do you have the winter blahs ? It's time to think Spring.

He was a very nice young man; unfortunately he did not have the academic skills to make it at Mercyhurst." Those are the words of Mr. Barry McAndrew, professor of English. He is, of course, referring to James "Buster" Douglas, the man who will go down in history as the boxer whoflooredMike Tyson. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. In Douglas' case he was one of the lucky ones, somebody that never made it in the classroom but still succeeded thanks to his incredible athletic ability. A victim of everything that's wrong with the high school and college system in America, Douglas came to Mercyhurst in 1980 to play basketball. He never did. Director of Admissions Andy Roth said, "Douglas is a good social indictment of everything that's wrong with some inner city grade and high schools. Fortunately this kid had something else." Douglas was passed down the line from two junior colleges before he came to Mercyhurst, still without the reading or writing skills necessaryforgraduation. m | adjust to the outdoors. Erie The evils of collegiate athletics arc too often overshadweather is very difficult Another owed by the insatiable appetite for victory. All too often the factor is the caliber of teams in victims arc those who arc in fact the star performers for Florida. They are very good, and schools that ignore the academics for the sate of a winning considering we would play four season. These so-called reputable institutions use and abuse games a day, it could mean the people in the good name of education. That has to stop. At difference between going to the Mercyhurst the buck did stop for the current heavyweight nationals or not" champion of the world. His reading and writing inadequacies \ *$ The team planned to leave for were discovered, but weren't ignored. Florida on March 23. However Douglas is the exception in a mercenary system unforgiving of an unskilled man, raped of his talent and left in the "We \ are \ all detergutter. Others aren't so lucky and arc still foiling foul of mined to do our best this administrators who turn a blind eye to the worst excesses of K I season with or without the collegiate athletics. Mc Andrew said, * 'Jim wanted to do well, people along the help of the administra- line had cheated him." \ % 99 tion. Maybe Douglas was lucky people treated him. the way they did. Others are not so lucky; they are the ones with dreams of administration blocked this due to glorious careers: dreams....nothing else. 1 the missed classes which would
have resulted. The original date would have allowed the team to practice just one week before the beginning of the season. This also meant that the team had lost a month's fundraising. | Sherrie Mishrell is a junior from Erie who said, "Everybody was extremely excited about the trip, but after all the hard work we have put in, we are all very disappointed in not getting any support from the administration.'* Sherrie \also said, "If the school doesn't loan the team the money, then the girls will try their best at raising the full amount, but we are disappointed with the administration. We have a gera team, and we all feel the program has progressed. Our record has been improving over the years. We are all determined to do our best this season with or without administration

around $3,500 for the team. After tonight the girls in the team will have raised around $1,700. We have also acquired a loan of $750 from MSG which will be repaid. Between now and the planned trip we feel we could raise another $300, which would leave us $750 short" Holly said that I"the administration had been approached regarding a loan of $750 which would fund the remaining portion of the trip, but apparently didn't find the idea appropriate." Asked if the trip was necessary, Holly replied," It is vital for the girls to get some outdoor practice before the season starts. Because the season is over within four weeks we have no time to

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The Merciad

FEBRUARY 15,1990

Laker leers 14 in EC AC West
Playoffs are on the horizon and the goals keep coming in droves as the Laker leers inarch on in their quest for post-season glory. With only two games left in the regular season the Hurst knocked off the jBonnies of St Bonaventure University 5-2* on Saturday evening to improve its ECAC record to 14-3-1. I Sophomore center Scott Burfoot found the target twice and added two assists to lead the Blue and Green. Burfoot scored once on a power play, the other was a short-handed goal.| Freshman leading jrscorer^ Troy Winch notched a goal andjjan assist Captain Mike Holyk added an empty netter and Rick Gignac completed the scoring? for Mercy hurst | %_ Second year head coach Rick Gotkin is pleased with the evident progress, f * We played very well against the Bonnies, dominating every aspect of the game. Iffitf were not for their hot goal tender it would have been a much higher score. Credit should be given to Scott Spagnoli who did an excellent job for the Bonnies." Mercyhurst outshot the Bonnies 64•

tant "It's crunch time. We need to keep the momentum going for the playoffs in spite of our remaining games being played on the road.'* ( ' ' I " A great deal of the team's success is due to the high standard of defensive play which is evident this season. The Lakers have killed off 147 of 174 penalties. Gary Bowles has a 3.25 save average. }• '. Assistant • coach Bill Bauer said,' * Hopefully we can win our last few games and ^finish on a highnote. If we do |win these games we could finish second in the ECAC West and ensure home ice advantage." •/ JIndeed this would be an incredible feat considering the team is only in it s second year of varsity action. Presuming^ the team does in fact make the playoffs, it will bef only five games away from a national championship. Captain Gary Bowles said, Hopefully we can finish with a streak and dp well in the playoffs. It's been a long year and everybody has worked very hard." S O P H O M O R E J E F F Fink rebounding against the Dolphins of
Mercyhurst'S next game is LeMoyne at the Campus Center. Photo courtesy of the Erie Daily Times

Hoopsters struggle in MCC
The| Mercyhurst College men's basketball team continue to struggle against MCC opponents. The Lakers v hosted LeMoyne College on Saturday night with an upset in their minds. E It looked as if a second straight MCC [win would be in order as the young Lakers went to the locker room down by only two at the half, 3331. However, the Dolphins capitalized on several key Laker turnovers in the second half to surge to a 74-62 victory. fLen Rauch led the Dolphins with 28 points and 12 boards. Mercyhurst' had three players score in double figures for only the third time this season. Junior center Kraig Swanger led the Blue and Green with 14 while senior forward Dave Quinn scored 13 and the ever consistent freshman ScottlKornick added- 12iin the losing effort f |The Lakers task will not be any easier as the season draws to a close. The Hurst will be on the road for four of its lastfivegames. Mercyhurst visits the University of Buffalo to tangle with the Bulls on Feb. 17. Tipoff is set for 8:00 p.m for both games. WMCE will cover the Buffalo game starting at 7:50pm. |. Currently the Lakers stand at 7-14 overall adU-8 in the

against a tough Hamilton squad. The game is being played in Fre14. i M- i i i Gotkinjrealizes that the next donia on Feb. 13 at 7:30 p.m. three games are extremely imporf;?

Men's Tennis Team plays Ohio University and Penn State at The Pennbriar this Fri. and Sat. |





JAMES "BUSTER" Douglas standi over Mike Tyson as the previously undefeated champion sinks to the canvas on his back in the 10th round of their scheduled 12-round heavyweight championship bout in the Tokyo Dome Sunday. Photo courtesy of the Erie Daily Times

A last ditch effort and the luck the best in Division II basketball of the gods was enough to deprive scoring 21 points and pulling the Mercyhurst College woman's down seven boards. Max son was Laker basketball team of victory against an extremely strong squad from figures. Kutztown University. ThegLady Coach Bears had won six straight in pleased Keystone Hall and were looking 1 on of the best to revenge last year's loss to the games of the year. This was a very Blue and Green. | . good club and they are extremely Jtoth teams werelupf to the tough to beat at home. We just challenge, after a 29-25 Kutztown need to stay focused, continue to lead ait the half, the Lady Lakers play hard and good things will knew they were in for an ex- happen." |l tremely tough game. It took 39:59 The Lakers will be on the road seconds to decide the final verdict foif their next MCC contest The With one second left in the game a Hurst desperation shot by the Lady take on the Lady Knight Bears was good, sending the Lady Queens College on Feb. 17. Inkers home with a disappointing The Lady Lakers stand at 13 -i 58-56 loss. Once again, Lisa overall and 5-3 in the MCC. Max son showed why she is one of

Bears 'Hail Mary' sinks Lady Lakers