Prop  Pack:  Amber  

As we discussed I have given you the majority of the wooden props. You should find enclosed a picture of each prop with the amount needed, approximate scale and various notes. I have done my best to think of everything but if you need more specific information just get in touch. Although I have provided you with a picture of the preferable look, you can use some creative license, but don’t make major design changes without consulting me. Through guesswork I have given an approximate scale as a guideline, but if you think that the proportions of a prop are wrong then make marginal alterations. Also don’t worry if your final prop is slightly out by a couple of millimetres, it won’t hurt. I have included a scale drawing of the Jarvis Model to help you with the proportions of the bedroom furniture. Take into account that he is meant to be a small chubby 12-year-old boy, so the furniture is going to be slightly big compared him. Ignore the arrows and notes on the design concerning the armature they aren’t relevant. Note the order of priority- start making the 2 most important props first. Remember if you would like me to reimburse you for the more expensive items / materials you’ll need then keep receipts. However, its good to remember that if you do want to be involved/ credited in the film and stop-motion in generally, then you might have to make a little monetary contribution through the purchase of materials and tools. If you need help and advise, are worried about the deadline or your finding it too difficult etc call me and let me know! My mobile number is 07930644407. Deadline: 7th March I’ll be organising a meeting in about a week’s time to see how you are doing. Thank you so much for being involved, I really couldn’t do it without your help. JUST DO YOUR BEST. GOOD LUCK! Sarah xx

Order of Priority:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.   Bed-frame Apothecary Table Wardrobe Bedside table Shelves

Hospital  Room  

Apothecary Table Amount: 1 Scale: Approx Height 10cm x Width 21 or 22cm x Depth 8 or 9cm Notes: • •   Draws don’t need to open, but if you feel you would like to do it then go for it. Preferably I would like the bottom of the table to have a white wash/ or painted white, and the table top a darker stain.

Jarvis’  Bedroom  

Bedside Table
Amount: 1 Scale: Approx Height 7cm x Width 6cm x Depth 5cm Notes: • • • Draw doesn’t have to open Don’t worry too much about draw handle. Light wood stain

Amount: 2 Scale: Width 12cm x Depth 2cm Notes: • Don’t worry about the fancy brackets in the picture, just plain triangles will do. Light wood stain


Amount: 1 Scale: Approx Width 14.5 cm x Height 24 cm x Depth 6.5 cm Notes: • • • • Doors don’t have to open, but if you can that’s great. Don’t worry about door handles Doesn’t have to be on legs I would like some wood definition on the doors Light wood stain


Bed Frame
Amount: 1 Scale: Approx L 26.5cm x W 15cm x H ?? Notes: • Height varies between the headboard and the footboard, but the height up to the beds base; I approximate to be 4-5 cm. Feel free to change this if you think different. Little wood stain.


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