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* More than 25 years experience in the footwear industry.

* C.F.I. qualified with Distinction.
* Ability to recognize that all risks have been correctly analysed
before committing to bulk production.
* Ability to assess areas of risk, materials suitability, fitting
and wear trial requirements and fitness for purpose
* Knowledge of lasts fittings and measurements.
* A sound knowledge of all aspects of footwear development for all
types of footwear through varied career experience.
* Cost control and value analysis of shoe pricing, also know how to
save huge mould costs using last coordinating system.
* Full knowledge of Far East and European sourcing factories where I
develop and produce new seasonal collections to meet retail entro
* A member of the Clothing and Footwear Institute after formally
passing footwear examinations Papers 1-4 with Distinction.
* Diploma Shoe manufacturing technology and Applied Management with
* Diploma in Business Studies & Finance.
* Three certificates in City & Guilds of London, Footwear
Technicians Examinations.
* National Examinations Board for Supervisory Studies
Work Experience:
Job Title: Head of Footwear-Sourcing June 2008-Present.
* Managing the sampling with vendors to get the line together for
* Doing the pricing for Europe.
* Managing the sourcing for Europe along with the Operations Team in
* Delivering gross margins as per the agreement with management.
* Maintain the company's competitiveness in the areas of quality,
delivery, sustainability and performance.
* Monitor production and coordinate production placement.
* Enhance and expedite product costs through the development life
cycle from prototypes to commercialization.
DC Company, Italy December 2004-June 2008.
Job Title: Footwear Development and Production Director.
* Responsibilities for all European licensee Levi's footwear
developments, allocating each project to suitable factories in
Europe and Far East.
* In charge of Spalding technical basketball shoes developments and
production marketed in European countries and USA (Till 31^st
December 2007).
* Supervise quality, wear/fitting trials for new collections.
* Negotiate FOB prices with Far East and European factories to meet
company's margins.
* Successfully managed entire footwear sampling process according to
agreed calendar.
* Negotiated and achieved better landing prices
* Analysed and negotiated cost breakdown sheet to get better prices.
* Analysed and corrected patterns for better fittings and pricing.
Notable Achievement: Congratulated by Levi's Director of Licensing and
the DC Company owner for playing the key role in getting the best
quality and the prices that helped the brand to growth by 13,2% in
2007. The brand owner (Levi's) then awarded Asia Pacific licensee to
DC Company, then I was assign to set up the office in HK and China
from 2007 till May 2008.
FILA SPORTS, Italy Feb 1997-June 2004.
Job Title: Senior Product Development Manager
* Responsibilities for Global Development for Sportswear Casuals,
Soccer and Classics shoes.
* Ensures the development of shoes from the beginning of design
through commercialization.
* Realization of development specification sheets, selecting
suitable materials that will meet target FOB's prices, checking
costing sheets, fitting, specifying testing requirements and
confirming confirmation samples prior to bulk production.
MIZUNO CORPORATION, England June 1993-Sept 1996.
Job Title: Senior Footwear Technologist/Q.C. Manager
(Based in Montebelluna, Northern Italy)
* Overseeing and managing Mizuno's office in Montebelluna.
Liaising with our distributors on deliveries, consumer complaints.
* Developing responsibilities for European/global production for new
* Specifying to factories what materials/components to be used prior
to bulk production.
* Making special soccer shoes for sponsored footballers: (David
Charlton Palmer, Dwight Yorke, Chris Shearsby and the All Black
* Implementing and monitoring quality control in factories and
with factories on how to maintain quality standards.
* Production planning and scheduling with factories.

DNR SPORTSYSTEM, LTD., Baar, Switzerland Oct 1996-Jan 1997.

* Responsible for Global and European production of Santa Cruz and
Simms soft and hard snowboard boots.
* Liaising with factories in Montebelluna, (Tecnica), in developing
snowboard boots and accessories.
* Conducting tests with athletes in St.Moritz, Switzerland.
* Oversees and manages Italian office.
E.G. HERBERT, LTD. June 1985- June 1993.
* Producing, marketing and distributing ladies high fashion footwear
as bulk Pattern Cutting Manager.
LENNARD, LTD. Oct 1984- May 1985
* Producing, marketing and distributing ladies high fashion
South Fields College of Further Education-Leicester UK. 1980-1982.
Subjects Studied: Quality Control, Costing, Material Testing, Shoe
Technology, Work Study, Industrial Management, Pattern Cutting
Development, Factory Planning/Layout.
Charles Keene College of Further Education-Leicester UK. 1982-1984.
Subjects Studied: Business Law, Banking, Applied Statistics, Accounts,
Business Administration, Computer Studies, People and Communication.
Personal Information
Nationality: British
Place of birth: Leicester, UK.
Contact number +44-(0)7904160230.
Current Address: 65, Kingfisher Drive, Chatham, ME5 7NY, Kent,

Will consider re-allocation.

Ola-Tunji Ayodele, A.C.F.I.