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Zimbabwe Tourism Authority boss in hot soup!
Friday, 23 November 2007

The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority boss, Karikoga Kaseke, is in hot soup following revelations that he used the authority's funds to bribe six journalists from the state media in order to conceal a sex scandal involving Miss Rural Zimbabwe organiser, Sipho Mazibuko.

By Talent Tsatsa Zimbabwe Gazette is reliably informed that a budget of $600 million was set aside to entertain six journalist from Zimpapers. The six, Brenna Chigonga, Patience Nyangove and Wongai Zhangazha who write for City.Com, Innocent Ruwende and Tatenda Chipungudzanye of The Herald as well as Mirirai Nsingo from The Sunday Mail were taken on a joy ride to Kariba between November 9th and 11th. The trip had no official significance and the scribes blew $380 million on booze and food only. They were booked into the Crown Plaza Hotel in Harare before their departure while in Kariba they stayed in the expensive Carribea Bay Hotel. "It was three days of merry, drinking the most expensive stuff in the hotel and ordering the best dish on the menu," one reporter told a friend. Two Mazda Eagles from ZTA were used for the trip and the reporters were dropped at their houses by the tourism authority drivers on return. It also emerged that Kaseke gave the reporters $20 million each on departure from Kariba as payment for their antiMazibuko campaign. Asked for comment Kaseke said he had just taken the reporters on a familiarisation trip at his own expenses but it later emerged that payment of Hotel bills was made from the ZTA bank account. It has also been established that Kaseke had been doing many favours for the reporters since Mazibuko made revelations of the sex saga. Mazibuko fingered Kaseke in the alleged sex scandal when she claimed that the ZTA boss wanted to bed her in return for the authority's sponsorship to the Miss Rural pageant. She alleged that her refusal to have sex with Kaseke angered the notorious womaniser who became very cross and sought to bring down her pageant in various ways. One of the ways, it has emerged, was bribing journalists to write bad about the Miss Rural pageant and expose Mazibuko as a wayward organiser whose pageant was evil. {mosgoogle right}In the pre-run to the Miss Rural national final which was held in Masvingo on September 27, the state media went on a rampage against Mazibuko publishing various negative stories about her personality and the pageant. Mazibuko was accused of abusing girls, being a con-woman and being insane among many other negative labels and Kaseke was quoted in a number of articles criticising Mazibuko. Kaseke also took two girls from the pageant, Sinikiwe Nyikayaramba from Nyanga and Tariro Chisuwi of Makonde, and held a press conference where they allegedly confessed about the alleged abuse in the pageant. The two did not go for the final in Masvingo as they were under Kaseke's custody but they reportedly still stuck in the city. After the cold war skirmishes between Kaseke and Mazibuko, the latter made stunning revelations that the conflict was personal. Addressing a press conference in the capital, Mazibuko said Kaseke had on several occasions solicited for sex but she had adamantly refused. "That man is a womaniser. He tried to have sex with me on several occasions but I refused. Our conflict has nothing to do with our professions. It is purely personal. "I know that Kaseke has been paying reporters to write bad things about my pageant," said Mazibuko.

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