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Luciano 'lied' over band
Thursday, 15 November 2007

Jamaican reggae Superstar, Luciano lied that his band was prevented from traveling to Zimbabwe after he made comments in support of President Mugabe’s controversial land reform programme, war veterans and the government. By Lee Shungu Close sources indicate Luciano connived with the Zimbabwean government to lie about this because the state could not afford to bring and pay the musician's band.The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) chief, Karikoga Kaseke was quoted as saying it was very expensive to bring the Messenger's band to Zimbabwe, of which ZTA could not afford to pay. The ZTA supported by the government managed to 'sweet talk' Luciano into being backed by local, Mabvuku-based raggae group, Transit Crew. The Zimbabwe Gazette undestands some journalists from the state media were briefed about these lies and were ordered not to write anything concerning this. Infact, Transit Crew made several rehearsals with Luciano behind closed doors for a couple of days before the main performance at the state-sponsored Jacaranda Festival, held at the City Sports Centre in Harare," said the source. Luciano finally arrived in the country alongside fellow artist and right hand man, Micky General after many complications. His band members were billed to perform with him during the festival. The artiste is understood to have staged shows in Ethiopia and Ghana before coming to Zimbabwe (without his band). There is absolutely no way Luciano could have come to perform in Zimbabwe without his band. His band had returned home after performing in a few African countries. {mosgoogle}"It was pre-planned that the Transit Crew would back the Messenger. The Mabvuku-based crew had also been practising hard for the show with Luciano, even before he (Luciano) jetted in," he said. The source adds nothing was unusal to the state and ZTA, but they just pretended as if things were not alright. At the poorly attended show he staged in the country, the artiste showered praises on President Mugabe, war veterans and the controversial land reform programme. Luciano thanked the state for organising his maiden tour of Zimbabwe and hailed Mugabe whom he described as a necessity in curtailing the problems currently dogging the country. Many suggest the poor attendence was because of his remarks in support of the Zimbabwean state, of which he might have lost some of his local fans- not to mention international ones as well.

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