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Flower Mound, Tx. 75028

A highly qualified vascular access RN with an extensive background in nursing w
ho is looking for a new, challenging opportunity such as a Clinical Specialist o
r Medical Device Sales Rep. A total of 14 years experience includes 3 years of I
nterventional Radiology nursing, 6 years of education and placement of vascular
access devices such as peripherally inserted central catheters (PICCs/midlines/
IVs) and 3 years of education for Genentech as a Cathflo Nurse Trainer. Builds
and mentors productive teams to exceed objectives. Recognized as a go-getter wh
o faces challenges head-on with a smile and implements effective tactics to incr
ease productivity. Growth-oriented leader and strong decision maker with excell
ent communication and problem solving skills. Understands the importance of exp
anding knowledge and education throughout her field. Confident in driving the or
ganization to a top market position.
2004-PRESENT - US Infusion - PICC Team Member
Certified Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter Consultant
* PICC Preceptor experience through US Infusion for DFW Metroplex (Educator for
new USI employees)
* Inserts PICCs guided by ultrasound using modified Seldinger technique (Single,
Double, Triple lumens- 4,5,6FR or Power/Pro/CT PICC)
* Inserts Midline catheters to axilla when ordered/needed
* Evaluates PICCs that may require resuturing, declotting or exchanging
* Uses Cathflo Activase (TPA/Alteplase) to declot PICCs
* Uses lidocaine to locally numb insertion site
* Sutures or uses securement devices when placing PICCs (depends on facility pol
* Views stat portable Chest X-Ray to view PICC tip before radiologists dictates
final report.
2007-Present- Cathflo Nurse Trainer (CNT) for Genentech
Was chosen as the only representative from Texas to be a member of Genentech's C
NT Nurse Advisory Board for 2007. Responsible for providing education to hospit
al staff (nurses/managers/educators, etc) on how to restore function to central
venous access devices with Cathflo Activase (TPA/Alteplase) by way of floor-to-f
loor inservices, attending skills days at facilities, or conducting Power Point
and/or dinner presentations.
2001-2004 - Medical Center Of Lewisville Lewisville, TX.
RN-Interventional Radiology
Special Procedures
Administered IV Conscious Sedation and/or monitoring and charting for numerous p
rocedures including:
* Arteriograms with possible angioplasty/stent placements/TPA infusions.
* Venograms
TIPS procedure (Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt)
* Fistulagrams with possible angioplasty/stent placements
* PICC placements
* Mediport/Central line placements
* Numerous types of biopsies including: Liver, Lung, Bone
* Adult sedation for MRI and CT
* TEE with Cardioversion (transesophogeal echocardiogram)
* Administered PO (by mouth) sedation Stereotactic breast biopsies and pediactri
* Insertion of urinary catheters for pedi/adult VCUG (voiding cystourethrograms)
* IV insertions for pedi/adult contrast infusion/tests
* Recovery RN for sedated/medicated patients and post procedure patients
Nuclear Medicine
* Assisted with all types of stress tests including: treadmill stress test, aden
osine cardiolite/thallium tests, dobutamine tests
* Insert straight urinary catheters for Nuclear Medicine VCUG (pedi/adult)
* Administer Kinevac for Nuclear Medicine gallbladder exams
* Monitor ICU patients during transport to radiology for any reason
1997-2001 Medical Center of Lewisville Lewisville, TX.
Med/Surg RN
* Staff RN - Basic nursing skills
1996-1997 Shannon Medical Center San Angelo, TX.
New Graduate/RN
Charge nurse and/or Staff Nurse for renal-medical floor
1994-1995 Angelo Community Hospital San Angelo, TX.
CNA - Certified Nursing Assistant
* INS (Infusion Nurse Society) National membership since 2006
* Member for the local Dallas Chapter of INS (Longhorn Chapter) and served as Me
mbership Chairperson in 2007 and President-Elect 2008
* 1994-1996 - Angelo State University San Angelo, Tx. Associates Degree-
* 1990-1994 - Basic college courses at ASU San Angelo, Tx.
* RN (Licensed in Texas and Kansas)
* PICC certification
* Basic Life Support