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Labor Cost Management
International Compensation
Pay System Re-engineering
Executive Compensation Program Design
Performance Management Re-engineering
Stock Options and Equity Programs
Individual & Team Motivation
Salary Survey Design and Analysis
Salary Program Design
Competency and Skill Based Pay
Incentive & Alternate Reward Program Design
Sales Incentives and Commissions
Attraction & Retention Strategies
Human Resource Information Systems
Job Evaluation
Dashboards and Analytics
Danbury, Connecticut
Senior Compensation Consultant [1998-2000]
o Designed and implemented Praxair's annual compensation process across all of P
raxair North America (approximately 11,000 employees in 20 Divisions)
o Designed and implemented a new analytics / dashboard process that tracks key H
R and business measures across Praxair North America
o Managed all aspects of reward and recognition including job evaluation, struct
ure design, salary planning, retention, sales compensation, etc. for Praxair's C
orporate, R&D, Electronics, Surface Technology, Global Hydrogen and Distribution
o Developed and implemented a Corporate-wide FLSA compliance review
o Managed compensation for Praxair mergers, acquisitions and divestitures
o Developed a global Praxair patent recognition process
o Leading the compensation and performance management development effort of Prax
air's new Total Rewards system (Softscape)


Ridgefield, Connecticut
Associate Director - Compensation [2000-2008]
o Responsible for the design and implementation of all aspects of reward and rec
ognition for Boehringer Ingelheim in the United States (approximately 9,000 empl
oyees in six U.S. sites).
o Re-engineered Boehringer's performance management / salary administration and
bonus planning systems and processes within SAP across all of the Boehringer U.S
. sites.
o Created pay for performance analytics and new merit pay guidelines to maximize
the pay for performance linkage across the organization.
o Converted the job evaluation process to a Hay-based process across all U.S. si
tes to comply with a consistent world-wide framework.
o Redesigned Boehringer's variable pay plan to better relate payouts to key comp
any metrics, and improve the linkage to company performance.
o Developed and published a self-paced e-learning tool for BI managers and emplo
yees to learn about BI compensation programs.
Manager - Compensation [1998-2000]
o Responsible for the design and implementation of all aspects of reward and rec
ognition for the Boehringer site in Ridgefield.
o Converted the Boehringer Ingelheim U.S-wide salary planning process from sprea
dsheets to SAP.
o Created a new salary planning process which utilized a "critical skills" budge
t in addition to the merit budget in order to support critical skills and the ne
ed for retention of talent.
o Designed and implemented a new recognition program that rewards employees for
behaviors that support and enhance Boehringer's Corporate Vision and Leadership
o Served on several global policy review teams in the areas of compensation phil
osophy, performance management, bonus design, and job evaluation.

IBM [1979-1998]
Armonk, New York
Manager - Executive Compensation and Equity Programs [1997-1998]
o Responsible for all aspects of reward and recognition for IBM executives and
top managers in IBM's world-wide Semiconductor, Storage, Printer and Networking
o Designed a spreadsheet program that compared the full value of internal IBM co
mpensation (base pay, incentive, 401K, stock options, and pension) with the full
value of an external competitive offer . The program utilized Net Present Value
formulas to give employees a snapshot of the full value of their earnings under
both scenarios.
o Implemented stock option programs for IBM's future executives and key technica
l skills. Designed a spreadsheet tool to budget, identify, prioritize and deliv
er over 1,000,000 stock options.
o Designed base pay, incentive, and stock option recommendations for 250 world-w
ide executives in countries around the world including executives in the United
States, France, Germany, Italy, U.K., Japan, Canada, Singapore, Thailand, China,
and other countries.
o Designed and implemented a spreadsheet program which helped IBM executives und
erstand the value of their total cash compensation (base pay and incentive) vers
us selected salary survey competitors.
Division Manager - Compensation, Benefits, HRIS [1993-1997]
Yorktown Heights, NY
o Responsible for all aspects of compensation for IBM's world-wide research popu
lation in New York, California, Zurich, and Haifa. Population serviced included
2,500 of the world's leading scientists, programmers, and engineers and 1,000 ad
ditional support personnel.
o Designed and re-engineered a pay system that included broadbanding, new perfor
mance categories, ranking and incentives.
o Designed and implemented a client-server HRIS tool that was installed on every
managers desktop and was utilized for performance management, identification of
critical skills, and salary planning. This tool received Corporate acclaim and
was the predecessor to a similar tool later used across all of IBM.
o Designed unique incentive programs for project teams (i.e., scientists, progra
mmers and engineers) that added focus to achievement of results across organizat
ional borders.
o Designed variable pay programs that improved the link between business results
and employee reward while ensuring appropriate labor cost containment.
Manager - Compensation, Benefits, HRIS [1990-92]
o Responsible for all aspects of compensation, benefits, and HRIS.
o Provided comprehensive training and consultation to line management that raise
d overall site perception of pay as demonstrated through an improved employee mo
rale survey.
o Honored by senior management for people management skills and high department
International Resident [1989-90]
Armonk, NY
o Selected for a four month special assignment in IBM Europe Headquarters in Par
is and in IBM Corporate HQ in Armonk, NY to help develop the salary programs for
IBM's facilities in Europe and the Middle East.
o Developed presentations for senior level management approval (i.e., The IBM CE
O, The V.P. of Human Resources, etc.) related to all of IBM's worldwide compensa
tion programs.
Program Manager - Compensation [1988-89]
Purchase, NY
o Created and chaired a national task force of compensation professionals with
responsibility for developing IBM's salary planning tool in the United States.
o Developed and conducted training seminars for all of IBM's compensation profes
sionals across the United States.
o Re-engineered IBM's non-exempt salary survey process as well as IBM's pay posi
tion measurement process.
Compensation Specialist - IBM Programming Systems [1987-88]
Senior Salary Analyst - IBM Europe/Middle East/Africa [1985-86]
Salary Analyst - IBM World Trade [1983-84]
Personnel Research Analyst - IBM America/Far East [1982-83]
Various Analyst Positions in Human Resources and Finance [1979-82]
M.B.A. General Management / Finance
B.S. Degree in Psychology; cum laude
CCP certification: October, 2000 from WorldAtWork (ACA)