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With over ten years experience implementing and managing ERP software (MPS, MRP,
Capacity Planning, and Distribution Planning modules), including extensive expe
rience in international production development and sourcing. Adept at developing
strategies to relocate and set up manufacturing facilities in Asia, specificall
y China. Proficient at training and developing workforce in production systems.
A goal-oriented leader, who is able to establish systems and process improvement
s to facilitate productivity, cost, and overall corporate goal achievement.
* Operations / Office Management* Budget Preparation* Production Management * Co
st Reduction / Revenue Gain * International Business* Market / Systems Analysis*
Inventory / Materials Management* Sourcing* Network Management* Quality / Perfo
rmance Improvement * Strategic Planning* Facilities / Equipment Control* Supply
Chain Management
* Manage budgets for numerous departments * Maintain MRP system
RED BULL RACING TEAM USA 3/9/09 - 6/17/10
Established January, 2006, in Mooresville, NC, Red Bull Racing USA is a two car
team competing in NASCAR's Sprint Cup Series.
MRP Administrator
Responsible for maintaining Red Bull Racing's current Material Requirements Plan
ning system and providing support to users. Also responsible for interfacing the
system with Engineering, I.T. Purchasing, Manufacturing and Finance.
* Solved interface issues between engineering database and operating system.
* Created ODBC connection giving the company access to information needed to bet
ter run the company.
* Interfaced with users to identify needed system modifications that would enabl
e them to better perform their jobs.
* Modified inventory methods and procedures that simplified process, shortened d
ata entry and showed a clearer picture of the location and value of the parts in
* Worked with outside consultants to identify a new MRP system that would best s
uit company's needs.
* Created monthly financial reports giving management visibility to where the te
am is in spending versus the budget.
Privately held company, with headquarters and 200,000 square foot manufacturing
facility located in Pedricktown, NJ. J. E. Berkowitz fabricates tempered glass,
insulating glass, spandrel glass, silk screened glass, all glass doors and entra
nces, laminated glass, and point supported systems for the domestic and overseas
architectural markets.

Production Planning Manager

Responsible for managing activities related to scheduling all manufacturing func
tions to insure a consistent on-time product delivery of contract and custom ord
ers. Also, makes comparative studies of existing systems and processes and recom
mend possible enhancements, additions and/or replacements that will significantl
y improve company's ability to produce consistent quality, on-time deliveries.
* Improved on time, completed order performance by instituting a remake tracking
system decreasing the time to replace rejected product from approximately three
days to thirty minutes or less.
* Developed process to track product from production to packaging to shipping. C
ustomer service now knows the status of each customer order from the point produ
ction is complete to when the order is loaded on a truck for delivery.
* Developed reject/scrap reports identifying responsibility, causes, amounts and
value of scrap glass.
* Presently developing procedures and reports for materials management to identi
fy economic order points for all raw materials.
Privately held company, with headquarters and construction toy manufacturing fac
ility located in Hatfield, PA. Internationally, K'NEX products are distributed i
n over 30 countries. K'NEX Brands is also proud to distribute BRIO trains and to
ys, as well as Lincoln Logs in the North America.
Director of Production Planning
Oversaw production planning for a $65M International construction toy company wi
th 11 warehouses and plants, ensuring packaging and plastic part production sche
dules met forecasted demands.
* Developed, monitored, and updated monthly and weekly detailed production sched
ules and shipping reports resulting in better communication between Sales and Op
* Developed and implemented tools used to measure short and long-term production
and tooling capacity concerns.
* Created reports that monitored finished goods inventory levels addressing prod
uction level requirements and obsolete and excess products. Led a team that sust
ained transaction data integrity within the corporate ERP system.
* Improved team work through weekly production meetings and cross-training.
* Traveled and supported overseas business planning, production monitoring, and
part inventory delivery at facilities in China.
* Decreased inventory levels by $5M while maintaining a 95% fill rate by increas
ing coordination with sales and improving short-term forecast accuracy.
* Saved $3M in the first year of a production outsourcing program by effectively
coordinating domestic plant relocations to China with minimal effect to supply
* Played a key role as a member of the company's ERP system implementation team.
* Increased product accuracy and time of warehouse delivery for over 400 product
s by incorporating forecast and production data into a warehouse planning system
* Developed the processes and tools necessary to administer concise schedules fo
r the packaging facilities and plastic injection molder (1.8 - 2.1 billion parts
* Defined and wrote standard operating procedures.
* Involved with strategic production planning, achieving targeted monthly produc
tion goals by 98%.
* Created lean manufacturing through elimination of waste and unneeded materials
REMINGTON ARMS COMPANY INC., Wilmington, DE 1988-1996
One of the oldest manufacturers of firearms in the United States and the largest
U.S. producer of rifles. The company also sells the Stren brand of fishing line
and other fishing products.
Production Scheduler/Planner, Stren Fishing Line, (1995-1996)
Directed division's day-to-day operations, including production planning, invent
ory control, and sourcing (domestic and international) for a $7.5M inventory.
* Significantly improved the inventory turn rate from 7 to 11 turns by designing
integrated spreadsheets to identify slow-moving product and high inventory leve
* Save approximately $1M by planning and executing warehouse consolidations.
* Optimized work efficiency, structured discipline, and met on-time delivery req
uirements, enhancing customer satisfaction.
* Spearheaded finished product package design.
Marketing Information Specialist, (1992-1994)
Conducted market research for all corporate product lines, utilized competitive
intelligence and focus group research.
* Identified products with low market turnover by developing and establishing a
cost-effective retailer data-gathering tool.
* Utilized comprehensive analysis to identify underdeveloped markets in Europe.

System Coordinator, (1988-1991)

Supported corporate and regional offices' PC-based computer needs.
* Developed and implemented a "hotline" helpdesk and personal training.
* Created and implemented demand sales forecast system used company wide that ma
de this task easier, smoother, and more accurate.


B.A., Political Science, University of Delaware, Newark, DE
Lean Manufacturing - DVIRC
Accounting for Non-Professionals - AMA

Avante ERP Systems (Modules: Master Production Scheduling, Materials Requirement
s Planning, Distribution, and Engineering), Cognos Report Writer and Microsoft O

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