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VOL. 64 NO. 1



Student Union near completion

Three weeks and counting
By Karen McGuire News Editor Dirt and dust cannot hide the beauty. The sun peeks in through the sky light to expose the exquisite features just waiting to be unveiled. The high cathedral ceilings, the floor-to-ceiling fireplace and the Saturday, Sept.29 many windows that overlook the Grotto J await the time of celebration. While the 1 1 : 3 0 H . m . T a i l g a t e I new student union remains dormant awaiting its completion, the Mercyhurst comparty in Zurn lot munity plans a grand awakening. 12:30 p.m. Shuttles to OnlSunday, the Carolyn'Herrmann gamqileajyq^iirniPart- Union will he officially given to the student body • through • a formal dedication inglot lfp.m. ceremony. The proceedings will take place Veteran's Memorial in the Grotto at 1:30 p.m., weather' permitting. President Garvey will present the Stadium Varsity foot- Union to Robin Engel, president of Merball hosts Dayton! cyhurst Student Government, who "will j p . m . Scott fPark accept the union on behalf of the student body. Those attending are the MSG offiWomen's soccer cers, S tudent Activities Committee (S AC) officers, alumni, trustees and associates of Gannon the college. The building itself, however, jp.m. Comedian will not be completed and opened to stuJonathan Soloman in dents for another three weeks. The building is named in honor of Zum Auditorium Sister Carolyn Herrmann, former president of Mercyhurst College from 1963 to 1972. "The new student union is the Sunday, Sept.30 crown jewel of our most recent development program/' said President Garvey. * 'It reflects the dignity, class and style that 1:30 p.m. Dedication typified Sister Carolyn's years as head of of new student union this institution. It is an edifice that Mer(location obvious) cyhurst founder Mother Borgia Egan would 7|p.m. MSG meeting be proud of.' * This $2.5 million Tudor-Gothic style in Zum 114 building is traditional in character but contains contemporary elements. The threestory structure will contain the Clippers Tuesday, Oct. 2 Cove with a large kitchen and adjacent seating area, bookstore, game room and MAC machine on its first \ level. The 8 p.m. Films For Dissecond level will house an information desk, campus ministry offices and faculty cussion presents | lounge area, director of the student union Plot Against Harry'' in office, student mailboxes, a reading room Zum Recital Hall and a "great room'* with a fireplace. Offices of MSG, the MSG president, the student activities committee and a meeting room are located on the third floor. An ecumenical chapel can also be found on the third tier. £ Developing this structure gave us the opportunity to create a major new space for the campus, one | that * would attract a lot of use,'' said Herm Weber,

lishing touches are beginning to be adde< tb the new student union photo by Robi Taylor architect for the project "One of the especially helpful in creating the character major challenges was to respect the sight of the new union.' and to blend the building in with existing The new structure is a welcomed structures." L addition to the campus. Robin Engel Jacquie Howey, with input from her r summed it up by saying, * * This new union commercial and institutional interior dewill satisfy, if not surpass the students' sign students, gave each room a distinct expectations." On Sunday the building personality. Leslee Zimmerman '90, Starr ally become a part of Mercyhurst Janicki '90, and Joe Marvin '90 were tradition.

Detroit Pistons coach Chuck Daly receives Irish-American award
By Kevin McHugh Merciad Editor ' 'The Irish American Partnership is a great idea which I hope could apply to all countries (not only Ireland),'' said Chuck Daly, head coach of the Detroit Pistons basketball team on his visit to Mercyhurst on Wednesday. Daly was on campus to receive the "distinguished Irish American of the Year' * award, sponsored by the LAP. "America has so much wealth and so much to offer that it should try and expose it to all other countries,*' he added. Commenting on Daly's success on winning two NBA championships backto-back Mercyhurst President William P. Garvey said **Chuck Daly is an Irish American who has achieved distinction in one of the mostrigorousof all arenas, the world of professional sports. All of us, regardless of our heritage, can take pride in his receiving this award." Daly said he was very proud to receive the award, "Last year the award went to Tip O'Neil in Dublin so I am very honored to' receive the award on American soil*' Daly is thefirstto receive the award >n American soil. \ y?ffi ^ ^ ^ Daly, a native of Kane, Pa., this year became the third coach in the NBA to win consecutive national championships and he says that his quest for three in a row will Toe ashardastwo Chuck Daly in a row. I The Irish American Partnership is a nonprofit organization led and directed by Irish American corporate executives to develop American support for Ireland's struggling economy. , £ Daly received his award at a $100 per person dinner held at the college and hosted by college President Dr. William P. Garvey. Last year's event raised $10,000 for the organization's scholarship .program that underwrites the cost of Irish students studying in America. There are currently 20 Irish students attending Mercyhurst College.





roblems experienced

Mercyhurst! and the Governor's School for the Arts merge for the summer
By Angela Camp Merciad staff reporter said Billingsley. That may be the case but did this summer's activities leave a bitter taste in the mouths of members of the Mercyhurst staff? According to Jan Gatti, assistant food service director, "There was a lack of adult supervision which I saw every day — too many kids," she said. "The role of the resident assistants was more nurturing than disciplinary." This was exemplified by the food fights in the cafeteria, obscenities painted on the door of the Clipper's Cove and the Cove's menu board, and? various other minor damages, according to several people interviewed. Joe Brown, in charge of maintenance at Baldwin Hall, said there weren't any major problems except one incident in which an individual "put on lipstick and kissed her way down the stairwell of Baldwin." g "Adjustments need to be made," said Billingsley. "We must always keep working on the quality of environment to show that we deserve the reputation as a quality institution." * ^atitaS Several Mercyhurst students complained to Residence life about finding fleas in their apartments upon their return this fall. j Included in the contract provided by the Governor's School, faculty and staff of the school were allowed to have pets in their apartments. Pets were kept in nine North Briggs apartments and now six of them have fleas, according to Terry Camp, director of housing maintenance. Perhaps those fleas are jamong the bugs Mercyhurst needs to work out before next year! Governor's School students relaxing between classes

The Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Arts selected Mercyhurst College as its new host school this past summer. The school, •'an intensive five-week program, is designed to give 200 selected high school sophomores and juniors hands-on experience and training in all areas of art to include visual art, creative writing, dance, music, photography, and theatre. Mercyhurst was selected on the basis of its size and facilities. The students are charged no fees and are housed in dormitories on campus, under the supervision of resident assistants provided by the Governor's School. "The Governor's School for the Arts was very successful from the standpoint of the faculty and the students," said Tom Billingsley,| director of administration. "They were pleased with the beauty of the campus and our response*to their-needs.'I The Governor's School may have been pleased with Mercyhurst but was Mercyhurst pleased with them? m "This summer's 'activities caused a lot of extra work for maintenance and housekeeping,''

Student! Government sets fall term activities
In other MSG news: MSG meetings are held every Sunday night at 7 p.nuin Zurn 114. Meetings are open to all students. At the September 23 meeting, the tissues discussed included: Dedication of the student union; a compromise between MSG and Dr. Brown concerning responsibly on the sand volleyball court; judicial review board; homecoming; a •"monster" bingo "for charity; and Mercyhurst participation in a march against drugs, k Dedication of student onion: Dedication of the new Sr. Carolyn Hermann Union will take place on Sunday, September 30 at 1:30 p.m. All MSG and SAC executives have received invitations. The ceremony is closed to students. | Sand volleyball court: Construction of the court was paid for out of both MSG and SAC funds and cost approximately $600 for 36 tons of sand and timber for the perimeter. Also discussed were guidelines for the use of the court which were endorsed by both Robin Engel and Dr. Brown. ||» Judicial review board:* Approved the appointment of junior Ellen Czadzeck to replace Amy Manion who is no longer a Mercyhurst student Homecoming: Determined that elections for Homecoming queen and king will take place on September 26 and 27. Frank Revy, SAC chairperson, announced activities planned for Homecoming: Tailgate party at 11:30 a.m. in the Zurn parking lot and comedian Jonathon Soloman at 8 p.m. in Zurn Auditorium. i "Monster" bingo: Announced that MSG will be sponsoring an open bingo to be held on November 2. Prizes will total the State of Pennsylvania limit of $4,000, and proceeds will be donated to area charities as determined by MSG. Details will be released as available. Drug free march: Academy High School has approached MSG to participate in a inarch from Academy High School to Perry Square on October 26. An open invitation was given to representatives to have their groups* members participate in the march.

MSG looking forward to snore student input for 1990on issues with administration to Dan Langan ensure that the issue does not Merciad Staff Reporter become a serious problem. Each representative.will: be required to participate in at least According to ^Mercyhurst one ad hoc committee which will Student Government President be formed to address certain probRobin Engel, MSG "has come a lems proposed by students. The long way " over the past two years, key to resolving an issue - and no and he intends to keep improving issue is too trivial for MSG - is student input Robin says, for example, We evolvedfromcompeting with SAC Engle says, "We evolved (Student Activities Committee) to from competing with SAC working hard together in order to (Student Activities Commitproduce results for students." He tee)toworking hard together and the executive board of MSG in order to produce results for now totally support SAC and have students." made it a committee of MSG. Engel has suggestions on how Engel wants j to continually students can have a say in issues strive to keep informed of the that affect them. needs of the students and has esFirst, students must provide tablished a proactive approach to MSG with an attitude about a leading the student body. One of certain issue. Representatives will MSG's goals, according to Engel, make themselves available to stuis for student government to be dents, and they will voice the assertive and reach compromises inion at open MSG meetings. The students must be the initiators and representatives will follow through with their needs. One way to contact student government if a student does not know who the representatives are is to put suggestions in the folder outside of the MSG office. The suggestions will be reviewed and action will be taken. ) Engel also suggests that students become-more active. He wants people to take a stand on issues they^ feel |strongly about and to work directly with MSG to solve the problem. The student will ultimately become an at-large member of student government According to Engel, "MSG is at a higher level than it has ever been. We're bringing in top-line stuff and the idea is to always upgrade." He continued, "Our ultimate goal is to leave a trail of blocks so that the representatives that follow us will have something to build on."


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Movie rating system needs examination
By Robi Taylor Merciad Entertainment Editor In the 100 years.since the invention of movies the criteria of what's considered obscene has changed.) Some 22 years ago a change in the criteria forced the creation of the feared X. \ In 1990, producers, tired of Motion ^Picture Association of America (MPAA) censorship, want the creation of a rating that issues a warning about the graphic nature of a movie without the stigma of the dreaded X. Their suggestion is to have the MPAA create an Adult (A) rating. •Late last Tuesday night I finally got around to reading the Mercy hurst College j newsletter Monday 'Morning. It surprised me to, see that the Mercy hurst College Films For Discussion Series was presenting Cinema Paradiso. | f The movie had been released without a MPAA rating after its producers lost a battle to remove the X rating it had received earlier, according to Elayne Blythe of the Film Advisory Board. Blythe said that her company, another movie rating service, gave the movie an ^Adults Only rating. Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down!, The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover and Cinema Paradiso shook the movie industry earlier, this year by unsuccessfully challenging the authority of the Motion Picture Associauon of America to place the X rating on movies. When a movie is given an X rating it is the public assumes that it is pornographic in nature. That is very rarely the case. According to Jack Valente, president of the MPAA, X does not always mean pornography. The X rating was designed to show that there is excessive violence, language or sex in a movie. Most "pornott films are never seen by the ratings board. Theater owners and producers place the XXX rating on their films themselves to increase sales. Most theaters will not show an X rated film and when a theater does show one, newspapers, including the Erie Times, will not take ads for the movie. The movies mentioned above received their ratings because the censors felt they contained either excessive violence or believable sexual scenes. The Accused and Fatal Attraction had sex scenes that appeared to be real. Movies like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Robocop are excessively violent Still, all four received R ratings. TThe G, PG, PG-13,'R and X ratings are obsolete and inaccurate. What used to be given an R can now be seen on prime time soap operas. PG and PG-13 are given to movies that used to be considered G. When a rating is issued theaters very rarely en-

force it \ The time has come for Jack Valente and the censors at the MPAA to become more consistant with their ratings and add an adult " A " rating so that movies like Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down can be shown to an adult only audience without being labelled as pornographic.

MSG more accessible to 'Hurst community
By Kevin McHugh Merciad Editor

Karen McGuire Merciad News Editor The smell of last night's rain still clings in the, air. Slowly, I make my way down the sidewalk. One thing's for sure, Mondays and 8:15*s don't mix! I proceed onward. Empty packs of cigarettes, gum wrappers, soda cans, beer cans and just 4 plain * junk" clutter the trail. The smell of stale beer and rotting garbage invade the senses. F What's wrong with this picture? fit's disgusting! A live in one of the to wnnouses and this sight is a common one, especially on a Monday. It amazes me how people can't spare two seconds to stop and pick up a little piece of paper. And what about those cans? They are recyclable. In fact, Campus Ministry would love to take the cans and use them to raise money for the Erie Zoo. They welcome any aluminum cans as long as they are in a water proof container. Just a little bit of effort can do a world of good. The Merciad has started to recycle its cans. In fact, we've started to recycle our j paper too. And in case you haven't noticed, we've started to use recycled paper for our publication.* The paper stock may not be as good of quality, but we're willing to make the sacrifice. Yes, it's time to stop' 'passing the buck." It's time to take responsibility for the mess the world is in and do our best to change it It has become the! age off recycling.

The Merciad
Mercyhurst College's First Class newspaper as rated by the Associated Collegiate Press September 27,1990 Vol. 64 No. 1 Editor-In-Chief Kevin McHugh News Editor Karen McGuire Features Editor Theresa Hewitt Entertainment Editor Robi Taylor Sports Editor Nick Roberts Asst Sports Editor Molly McCormick Photo Editor Melissa Mangini Design Manager Maureen Connolly Advertising Manager Maria Kelly Faculty Advisor Timothy Moriarty Reporters Maria Stahon Bob Coneglio Robin Ulsley Beth Lay Dan Langan Yvon Maher Andy Tracy Schmitz Jill Schreckengost Tammy Pethtel Angela M. Camp Peter Neilson Liam Barron Monique Parent

I returned this fall to Mercyworld to yet another spate of construction. As I spend my summers working in construction I hold the activity close to heart It was s welcomed change to find thai, something was being constructed for me after spending grueling hours constructing buildings for others; so maybe I have a greater appreciation of the construction of the new student union and the renovation of the tennis courts than others. Things are looking good for Mercystudents. There are various other developments that willhnake life more enjoyable for the 'Hurst community. Mercyhurst Student Government seems to be a bit more motivated than last year. Last year, notably through the student sit-in, MSG showed that administration does listen to the student voice and now is the time to benefit from that knowledge. MSG has its own radio show on Fridays from 3:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. during which it exposes itself to public criticism. As yet there is no phone-in service during the show but we hope that will soon be provided. Under the leadership of Robin En gel, MSG appears intent on gaining student input So students, let's have some input Let's hear if you thought such events as the Fun Fest were successful. Did it warrant about $3,000 in funding? Was the reggae band a success with a turn up of around SO people? Do people like reggae music? Do students appreciate the quaint handwritten flyers that Frank Z. Revy and his motley crew produce or are they annoying and hard to read? Hey Frank learn how to use a computer. Hie questions are endless and it's up to the student body to ask them and the student government to answer them. * Fun Fest may have been dampened by the weather and this according to Engel will not be a problem in the future. Engel said he was assured that the new facility in the tennis courts will prevent the weather from disturbing future events such as winter activities. Engel said that Pete Russo director of athleticSjassured him that the facility is geared primarily towards students with athletes gaining second priority. I There is a lot of progress and development in motion and a lot of people are getting involved so why not you? If you have any criticisms make them known to MSG or better still write a letter. In fact I'll go as far as to beg people to write letters because that way I'll know that The Merciad is being read. Another way. to get involved is to join MSG. Why not run for the upcoming freshmen elections? However if you think life at Mercyhurst is perfect and you have no criticisms, that's fine too.

The Merciad is the student-produced newspaper of Mercyhurst* College, Box 161,501 E. 38th st, Erie Pa. 16546. Phone 825-0376 Material for publication must be submitted by noon on the h Monday before publication letters but the name can be withheld by request, The Mercladt's editorial opinion is determined by the Editorial Board with the Editor holding „_ial responsibility. The opinions expressed in The Merciad are not necessarily those of ,• Merciad. its staff or Mercyhurst College,



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New union director plans big year
Dan Langan Merciad Staff Reporter Mercy hurst students have not only been blessed with a new student union, they have also been given a new student union director who has many ideas and goals to improve the social life on campus. Cass Shimek, Director of the Student Union and advisor to the Student Activities Committee (SAC), took her position in early August and is seeking to establish more comprehensive programs and activities for students. . She is helping to plan activities that students will not only have fun doing, but will also come away learning something from the experience. Last week's program featuring Bob Hall is one of the most recent examples. * rial taught techniques of conflict resolution and was presented comically for student enjoyment jln addition to SAC programs such as speakers like Bob Hall and bands, Shimek would like to establish a leadership program for students. This program {would enable students to learn leadership and organizational skills that go beyond what is taught in the "is to provide more comprehensive programming and activities to serve all students." These programs, according to Shimek, will be more meaningful for students and will help them establish lasting relationships with their fellow classmates. To be sure that students know of all upcoming events, Shimek md S A C executives have develI oped a monthly calendar that will list when and where activities will take place. She feels that?the calendar is one of her best accomplishments thus far and hopes student participation will increase since they have more information about events. Before joining Mercy hurst, Shimek was the assistant director of Allegheny College* s Campus Center. She had also been assistant director of student activities at Gannon University for two years prior to Allegheny. Shimek said that she is very happy lo be at Mercyhurst and that the only problem she has experienced is adapting to a new system. "Adapting to a new system has been the hardest for me. There are differences between the institutions, and I am finding out

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"My goal," says Shimek, "is to provide more comprehensive programming and activitiestoserve all students."

classroom and that many employers look for in candidates. Students will have the opportunity to Hall presented a program that experience the techniques and discussed how all students can responsibilities of effective leadresolve conflicts before they evolve ership, and they will have fun 9 into serious situations. His matedoing it "My goal,* says Shimek,

CASS SHIMEK what's right and wrong."-? She concluded that, overall, it has been a smooth transition. Shimek welcomes comments and suggestions from students about the programs presently being offered or planned.! Her office is presently4n the old student union and will be located on die second level of the new union once it opens. She can also be reached at extension 434. For homecoming weekend, Shimek said that SAC is sponsoring shuttles to the game and will be hosting comedian Jonathon Soloman Saturday night in Zurn Recital Hall. \ Shimek is very excited about die programming that will be offered to students and about her position as director of the student union. "This is a very exciting time to be at Mercyhurst This is where I want to be and I'm happy with what I'm doing!"

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Arts & Entertainment

WMCE: optimistic about '90-91
crease will be during the winter term. A tentative schedule includes 11 men's and seven Twenty months after women's basketball games, as WMCE's inaugural transmis- well as 10 varsity hockey games. New shows such as the Mersion, it has been flooded with obstacles such as inadequate re- cyhurst Spotlight, Monday ception on campus, thorough for- through Friday, 3:30-4:00, inmat * 'improvements," and a large cludes the Greg Fitzgerald Sports number of experienced commu- Show (Monday's) which sumnication majors graduating. marizes the results of the Laker Mercyhurst invested f over teams during the past seven days. $10,000 into the station over the The Mercyhurst Student Governsummer. It was supplied with ment has begun its show during everything from new cassette the same time slot on Friday's. decks, remote equipment for This gives the students on and off sporting and other school events, campus a chance to find out a fax machine for a news service, what's going on over the weekto a complete facelift, including a end. fresh paint job and new carpet These student-focused shows The more desirable appear- have become a vehicle for the ence blends well with the health- students and faculty of Merier attitude that exists towards the cyhurst College to realize just station. Credit for this should be how much there is to do around given to the school's administra- campus and provide information tion for showing their support financially and by increasing the air time for the student-set format of classic rock by ten hours a week. WMCE's relatively young group of student administrators, two seniors and four juniors, help the process of moving the station forward. The biggest improvement is in the increasing focus on MerBy Theresa Hewitt cyhurst College, the athletes and v students that power its existence. Merciad Feature Editor ^gg -,; This philosophy is already beDuring the late 17th and early ginning to pay off. Once again, the school has provided the much 18th centuries, colonial New needed financial assistance that England found itself in one of the has allowed WMCE to broadcast most horrifying and bizarre hoaxes more sporting events than ever the world had ever seen. In only a few years, more than 100 men, throughout the academic year. women and children lost their lives Fall term includes a total of 12 broadcasts, covering baseball, in the travesty of justice that befootball, along with men's and women's soccer. The biggest inBy Garth McCurdy WMCE Station Manager
- •

n Pn w Sft a H

on how to get involved. The continuous increase of the student population has made such a vehicle a necessity and has provided MSG and SAC an opportunity to develop and inform these rising numbers. Although the problem of oncampus reception still exists in certain areas, placing a radio antenna near a window, along with a little trial and error, the frequency of 88.5 can be picked up throughout most of the college. With the approaching completion of the new Student Union, Mercyhurst College is continuing to adapt for the growing number of students, and their way of life here on campus. WMCE is beginning to develop into a service that can both entertain and inform students of their alternatives and achievements, and has come at the appropriate time.

" - * """^ Slater's latest turns on up the 'Volume' teenage problems

By Robi Taylor Merciad Entertainment Edi tor Pump Up The Volume Starring - Christian Slater Director - Allan Morris New Line Cinema Rated R | | | This summer gave movie fans one of the best years yet Dick Tracy and Die Hard II led the pack of almost 100 new movies to be released. The infamous Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down added heat to an already hot season with an unsuccessful court challenge of the "X" rating it received. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see as many of the new movies as I would have liked. But, the ones I did get to see showed that Hollywood is getting better every year. I'm going to start this year with the movie that I consider the best of the summer, Pump Up The Volume. I always thought of a person's teenage years as a carefree time of dating, getting into trouble and arguing with parents about the proper , curfew. A little over two hours watching Pump Up The Volume changed that image in a big hurry. Because of this movie I am scared for the teenagers and the new world that they have to face. • Christian Slater plays Mark Hunter, affectionately called * 'Hard Harry." Hunter gets a short-wave radio from his yuppie parents to placate him because of a rather abrupt move from the East coast to the small, ultra-conservative suburb of Paradise Hills, Arizona. He quickly learns that he cannot reach hisfriendsback home, so he converts it to illegally broadcast at 92 FM. His 10 p.m. to midnight shows include strong doses of extremely offensive language, obscene sounds and sexual comments to reach teenagers. He also ridicules the school administration (His father is the school commissioner) and tries to solve the problems of his listeners. In short he says out loud what every teen-ager is thinking. Everything goes along fine until one of his listeners commits suicide after some of Hard Harry's smart-aleck advice. Then the FCC, the FBI, and the local police begin an intense manhunt for him and anyone who knows who he is. f Remembering Chi istian Slater from The Legend of Billie Jean and seeing him in this movie and Young Guns II, is like watching two completely different people. "Hard Harry" reminds me of a very young James Dean or maybe a pubescent Jack Nicholson. He has the talent to be a major star and, for some reason, Hollywood has seen fit to give him the perfect roles. If he can keep it up we may be seeing the leader of the next Brat Pack. | During the first 30 minutes of the movie I thought, "Oh God, it's just another coming of age film." But, I was surprised toseea film that dealt with problems that kids have to face every day: suicide, sex, homosexuality, and the fact that, for the most part, they have no one to talk them over with. v i - i tPump Up The Volume is not a comedy, despite what they show on the commercials. It brings the topics found on the front pages of the daily paper to life and it won't let them die. It is strong and frightening with a message that some kids silently feel, "Sometimes being young is worse than being dead.' * The movie, and the message, is depressing but it will make you think and it does leave you a positive message, * 'The worst is over...It can only get better.'' I recommend that teenagers and young adults sec this movie and then talk about it with theirfriendsand parents.


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came the Salem witch trials.* This fall, the Mercyhurst College Little Theater takes its audience back to the Massachusetts of 1692 and into the heart of the fear, confusion and mayhem that surrounded the witch hunts with its production of Arthur Miller's The Crucible. Director Paul Iddings says he chose The Crucible f a this term's production because of its tragic plot in which John Proctor, the lead character, must make a decision between losing his life or his soul. Iddings added that he likes the play because "It portrays a time in history, that changed history,' ' and said he is focusing his directing to make The Crucible as "historically and artistically accurate as possible.'* The Crucible's cast, almost half of which is made up of Mercyhurst students, is excellent, according to Iddings.' *They are hard working, dedicated Sand committed/* he said,' 'and I think they like the subject matter." Due to the play's popularity among students, said Iddings, the Little Theater has added two additional performances to its original schedule. The Crucible will run October 18 through 20 and October 23 through 28 at 8 p.m. There will also be two Saturday matinee performances at 2:30 p.m. For information and ticket reservations contact the theater box office at 825-0253..

My rating 100/100 Extreme language, sexual content and nudity,





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Men tennis ranks in top five

Molly McCormick Merciad Assistant Sports Editor The Mercy hurst men's tennis team hit the road as well as tennis balls this past weekend. On September 21, five members of the team headed out to Riders College in Lawrenceville, New Jersey to compete in the ECAC In vitational tournament At the end of

the tournament Mercyhurst was ranked in the top five out of 38 different schools. Coen Buys, the number one player for Mercyhurst, made it to thefinals,bul was defeated 7-6 in the third set by the number one player from St John's University. Jamie Pilkington lost in his first round to a playerfromthe University of Buffalo.

Baseball still undefeated
The Mercyhurst College p i tching played a major role in the baseball team is having much Laker success. Tim Kirst pitched more success with opponents seven strong innings and Tim than it is with the weather. The Donaldson picked up the save. Diamondmen have a 4-0 record Joel Dombrowski's two-run in the fall campaign but four of single in the seventh sealed the the Lakers five doubleheaders win for the 'Hurst have been cancelled or postponed Cross Country due to poor weather conditions. But when the •Hurst is able to play, good things happen. After a doubleheader sweep of Jamestown, the team met the Maria M. Stahon Golden Knights of Gannon UniMerciad Staff Reporter versity. The Blue and Green came away with a 6-3 win. Bill Jones 1 The Mercyhurst College and Jeff Evancho turned in strong cross country season is well unpitching performances, while der way with both the men's and George Baran cranked out three women's teams having competed hits and Tom Craig added a solo in numerous invitationals. This home run to secure the victory. past Saturday, September I 22, ^Mercyhurst opened the Edin- — both teams competed in the 22nd boro University Fall Baseball annual Malone College InvitaClassic with a 7-2 win over Penn tional Cross Country Meet in State-Behrend. Once again, Canton, Ohio.

Greg "Dickie" Dickson le it to the second round, but i defeated in the third set In doubles, Phil Clark and Espen Enge were victorious until they got to the semi-finals. They lost to St John's University 7-6,6-4. Coach Clark was quite pleased with the results andlis looking forward to a hard winter training and a good spring season. Coen Buys, a sophomore from Holland, says, "Last year we lost three seniors and we filled those spots with two new freshmen who seemed to adjust a little bit better. Even though we are not as strong as last year yet, I am looking forward to the main season in the spring".
• •

New facility benefits Mercyhurst community
By Nick Roberts Merciad Sports Editor

Bauer on course

New face brings fresh changes] to intramurals
Record If you happen to take a walk West Division around the campus center you might be surprised to see Brcwsters 0-1 new faces among the ft Butchers 1-1 0-1 Coach Paul Webb is a new face Side Out 2-0 and has recently been appointed £ Wanna Be's 2-0 Delta House assistant women's basketball! 0-2 M.A.D.D. • coach. Included in his duties is to direct the college intramurals Record East Division program for the student body. A native of Erie, Coach Webb} 0-2 is the first full time women's as- Sun Devils 1-0 Hellhounds sistant basketball coach at the 2-0 OFF College. "At the moment we 0-1 Bits-N-Pieces have started giving a lot of time to 0-1 Kirslcn's Tykes the intramurals," Webb said. He j 1-0 also added that tag football and Lynch Mob co-ed volleyball have started. I 1 There will be a 3 on 3 volley- Results on 9/20: ball tournament on October 13th 1 0 Keg Kickers held in the campus center. Sign 0 1 Tail Gators up is at the bulletin board will be ' • 0 1 in the campus center on October Delta House 1 0 Ralley Rottens 1st 5 r If anyone has any suggestions Volleyball Records on 9/24: or ideas for intramural sports feel OFF defeatedvSunsDevils 11-0; free to see Coach Webb at the 11-6 campus center. This wcek's^intramurals re- Wanna Be's defeated M.A.D.D. 11-2; 11-2 sults are as follows: Delta House defeated Butchers 11-7:11-7 *

Recently around the campus of Mercy hurst College there has been a great deal of talk concerning the tennis courts beingrenovatedand turned into a new sports recreation center. Pen and a note book in my hand I decided to go to Pete Russo^the A.D. for the real and untwisted information, ^was pleasantly surprised in what Mr. Russo had to tell me. * The rumors were true! Yes, we are going to have a new sports recreation center, not only for the varsity players within the school but for the whole student body. "This new facility will give all students accessibility to the athletic department," Russo said. ;*v| He also added,"Students have often come into the campus center to play sport only to find the facilities being used by the school teams. With this latest addition the whole student body willlbe able to participate in sports from volleyball to soccer." The new facility which is still under construction will have a totally new interior, new walls, new lights, newfittings,and a new concrete floor covered with a beautifully all-purpose green carpet Portable equipment will also be used in the facility, making the center flexible Victor Bauer was Merfor changes in sport or functions. cyhurst's top finisher for the Recently the athletic department announced a new member to its men's 10,000 meter run, placing faculty, Coach Paul Webb. Coach Webb was appointed assistant 13th out of45 runners in the small basketball coach and will direct the intramurals over the next year. college division, finishing with a Th is is just another step to the college's commitment to sports and the time of 36:54. Other finishers student body as a whole. included: James Constable 39:23, Intramurals have already started under the direction of Coach Brad Allen 39:24, Matt Burnett Webb, so keep your eyes on the bulletin board in the Campus Center, 40:32, Mark Simpson 41.-07, or even better call in and see coach Webb for information or suggesJames Ulbrich 41:58 and Mike tions. Arrigo 43:14. < With all the excitement of the new facility how does the tennis Amy Kellogg was top finteam feel about its move off campus to The Pennbriar on 1-90? isher for the women's 5,000 me"Wonderful," according to Coach Frank Clark, "We are now ter run, andfinished12th overall playing at a top class facility, with unlimited practice use. When you with a time of 23:50. Also finish- weigh up the advantages and disadvantages...the advantages come ing were Michelle Sirak 24:31, way out on top." "S* Wendy Stevison 26:28, and In recent years there has undoubtably been a lack of facilities for Jackie Bula 28:10. i' the student body as a whole within sports, but now with the new Anyone interested in runfacility and easy accessibility for the students, there is something for ning Cross Country this fall may everyone. still sign up. Beginners as well as Russo also unveiled plans for an extension to the existing Campus experienced runners are welcome center, which will take place around March 1991. to join. For more information These plans will create additional space in the Campus Center for extra contact Coach Mike Fraley or activities. Russo said that "The bottom line is two great facilities with Assistant Coach Kathy Nobletremendous flexibility, which the Administration, the President and Fraley at 453-6425 or leave your the Board of Trustees are all committed to." name and phone number at the This commitment from the college will be a great benefit to ALL Campus Center office.^ * the student body, so please try and take maximum advantage of the I The-team travels to;Pitt/ athletic department Bradford on Saturday,fora cross country meet

Women's tennis team flying high
the team. The team was on a roll Molly McCormick this weekend, defeating St. Merciad Assistant Sports Editor Francis 9-0 on Saturday and Canisius 5-1 on Sunday. Janet Holzhaeusser, the number one player, is seeded in the It's a bird. It's .a plane. Rolex Tournament which will be No..Jt's a tennis' ball! gBaUs are held this weekend in ] Philadelflying in all the right places for the phia. This tournament is very women's tennis team this fall. prestigious land the stakes are "This is the best women's tennis high. We wish her luck- in the team Mercyhurst has ever had," tournament and in the continusays Coach Frank Clark. Almost ation of the season. half way through the season the Maureen Lally, a sophomore team is ranked one of the top three on the team says, "We have a ion. II teams ton the East great team this year. I think the Call Coast Their record of 6-2 sho season will be exceptional". the success and determination Mercyhurst's home courts are
/ • •

located at The Pennbriar in Erie which is not that far away, so come and support your fellow students.






Women's soccer ranks twelfth in nation
By Peter Neilson Merciad staff reporter which is ranked number one in the East Coast Athletic Conference. 1 The Lady Lakers had a very productive weekend, in which they faced two Top 20 opponents and came out with a win and a tie. On Saturday they beat 15 th ranked Northeast Missouri by a score of 3-0. Defender Rachelle Ault started the scoring for the Lakers with her first goal of the season. 'Midfielder Noreen Herlijy and attacker Veronica Sanson* added one goal each to seal the victory. In Sunday's game the team faced 17th ranked University of Missouri-St Louis without its leading scorer Veronica Sansom, who was ejected late in Saturday's game. The'two teams battled to a 1-1 tie in extremely muddy conditions. The lone Laker goal was scored in the first half by Jennifer Hart on a direct free kick. UMSL tied the game in the second half, which led to a scoreless overtime period. 4 'Everything has gone well so far, apart from the Adelphi game," said Coach Rich Hartis, a first*, year assistant coach from Sheffield, England. He also commented on the remainder of the season. "We have some tough games coining up, but we are looking forward to an enjoyable and competitive season.*' I Veronica Sansom heads a Laker attack photo by Karen McCuire

The Lady Lakers soccer team is shooting for a repeat appearance in the NCAA Division II Final Four. Merc y h urst, ranked twelfth in the nation, is well on the way to meeting its goal with a 7-1-1 record. The Laker's only ^ loss was handed to them by Adelphi,


McPherson playing well
By Liam Barron Merciad staff reporter The men's golf team under first year. Head Coach Paul Demy anovieh experienced some problems in its first three tournaments, competing against some of the areas finest golf outfits. In their fourth match, * the Lakers placed second of four behind a formidable Gannon team. On Sept 21 the team travelled to Olean, N.Y. to compete in the S t Bonaventure Classic and came away i with a highly I creditable second place finish. Tony Sartini turned in an impressive 76 which was good for third place overall and Torn Saccomanno shot a 77 which earned fourth place honors. St Bonaventure won the tournament followed by Mercyhurst and Duquesne University. Commenting on the team, Coach Demyanovich said, "Mike McPherson has been the most consistent player so far for the team, shooting an average of 79 and I'm sure consistency is just around the cornerfromthe other players." IttMltttttiMi W The young linksters have an important upcoming week which culminates at Clarion on Sunday.

It's sink or swim for Mercyhurst crew
By Molly McCorm ick Merciad Assistant Sports Editor ^""Wheif thejr s a y ^ ' R o w n o row your boat, gently down the stream," they are not referring to the Mercyhurst crew^team this season. Despite being without a head coach, the team members are pulling together and with a lot f self-discipline, they are intent on being prepared for the fall season. The college is in the process of hiring a new head coach as former jhead coach Derek Hartwick will not be returning to the'Hurst. | ; J Two alumni rowers of Mercyhurst, Al and Bruce Belovarac, are taking the upper hand in the situation by helping out enormously at practices and keeping the team together. Oagie Nicbauer and Brad Fairfield are also putting forth much of their time and experience to assist in die success of the teams' season. This task is a generous one, seeing that the crew team is on the water by 6 ajn. during the week and early on weekends in every sort of weather imaginable J The main goal of the team is to recruit as many novice rowers as possible. Signs were posted, letters were sent to all students and a shell was brought to Garvey Park for interested students to ask questions about crew. These were only a few steps taken to spark an interest in the team J Practices are being held four days a week for for both novice and varsity rowers. The varsity men and women are working on technique, preparing for the Speakman Regatta at the end of October. The novices are becoming oriented with the tanks and the weight room. A coach will be hired sometime in November. Dan Fracch ia, a member of the varsity men's team said, "A new coach iwill breed new life and optimistic attitudes among our young team". We wish the team good luck at the Speakman Regatta and in the future. \

Football loses first 1 two games,
Mcrcyhurst's football team has had a tough start to its fall campaign, losing itsfirsttwo games. The Lakers opened their season against Frostburg fState, ranked 8th in the country. During the game the "Hurst turned the ball over six times, leading to three scores. Mercy hurst lost 7-21. Mercyhurst's second game, was a similar story. The "Hurst came up against the experienced Washington and Jefferson at Washington Pa. The Lakers held the game at the half with a 13-7 advantage. In the second half Washington bounced back, ouLscoring the "Hurst 34-0. The final result was 13-41 in favor of Washington. This Saturday The Lakers host the defending national champions, Dayton University. Kkkoff time 1 p.m. at the Stadium. Show up and support the team. Paul Berry in action against Westminster photo by Kevin Mc Hughte

Men's soccerlback to full strength
t ; Mercyhurst men's soccer got off to a slow start, losing four games in a row to top nationally ranked teams. Head Coach Trevor Warren, commenting on the losses, said that "Early results went against us due to the lack of depth in the side." He also added that "We* have several experienced and key players missing due to injuries." Thankfully the team is now back to full strength and has won its last two games. Last Wednesday the Lakers cruised to an easy win against a weak Westminster team 3-0 9 with goals scored by Andy Berger, Dick Shelton, and returning senior John Melody. The following afternoon John Melody hit the mark again with an impressive hat-trick against Brockport State, a game the 'Hurst won comfortably 3-1. He is now leading the team with six goals this season. Coach Warren said that he feels optimistic about the remainder of the season.! "The team once again is looking healthy. We have some important regional games coming and I'm sure we are capable of pulling off some surprising results." The Lakers travelled to University of f California, Pa. on Wednesday.! f
»». * * *


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