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Volunteers brave winter

Mercyhurst launches Challenge
By Jule Gardner Merciad News Editor


What would it be like to be homeless? How would we change if we lived our lives as heating impaired or in a wheelchair? Reality sets in for volunteers of Mercyhurst*s first annual Challenge


f i I


From Sunday, February 7 to Friday, February 12 people will raise money for the homeless and physically challenged. This will be done through various events, including simulations of the above diallenges others face daily. Challenge Week begins with a midnight vigil on Sunday. Campus Ministry will give a blessing and send the volunteers out into the cold of Garvey Park. They will experience their first night of suffering probable bone-chilling winter conditions.

On Monday, volunteers will make homesfromcardboard boxes. They will also make the proclamation that Challenge Week will continue each year. Mark Korcinsky, Chairperson, will be staying in Garvey Park every night that week. He said a number of people have promised to stay out with him for at least one night, including local personalities from radio stations. Korcinsky said that he wants to do this for two reasons. "One is to help the homeless and the physically challenged. The other is to outdo Gannon." Gannon University students also slept outside for charity, but Korcinsky said they only stayed out until 1 a.m. .d Anyone interested can contact him before Sunday or catch him in the park. "If people do want to stay, they are welcome, but they must be prepared for intense coldness." Also, he wants to re-

mind people that no alcohol will be permitted. "It's against school policy and It 0 also lowers the body temperature. Korcinsky said he is in the process of getting burn barrels to help keep people warm, "but after you fall asleep, they won't be much help," he said. From Monday until Thursday, volunteers will be simulating deafness or impaired hearing and being confined to a wheelchair. Students and faculty volunteers will wear earplugs in classes and throughout the days to understand what it is like to live without hearing sounds they may take for granted. Others will attempt to get around campus in a wheelchair in order to understand the difficulty of being handicapped. Korcinsky said people might cheat because this is so challenging. "Well, for me, if I wanted to get into my apartment I would have to call my

roommates and have them carry me." On Wednesday students will test their new skill in wheelchair races. This is also the day volunteers will be knocking on doors to collect loose change for charity organizations. t Thursday will be a day-long phone-athon. Volunteers are still in great need for this event The closing vigil will be given on Thursday evening. Also in the works is a benefit dinner for faculty and students. The dinner would be organized by HRIM students and the cost will be $10, with partial profits as donation. See Korcinsky for details. Friday will be a day of clean-up and assessment of the week. If you are interested in participating in any of the events listed, please contact Korcinsky at ext. 2971 or 2463. Donations will also be accepted.

R e t a r d this £W i n t e r Activities W e e k e n d , J a n u a r y 29

By Joseph Legler Editor in Chief Vandalism has struck the apartments on Briggs Avenue once aga in, according to Bud Dever, director of security. On Monday, Feb. 1 at approximately 3 a .m. a ha nd ra il was yanked out of the hall stairway in 3940 Briggs by an individual and/or individuals. 'Two students who live in 3940 Briggs heard a loud noise in the ball, ran out of their apartment and saw that the railing had been pulled out of the wall/* Dever said. 'They heard somebody running and gave chase." 4 According to Dever, they pursued the culprits through the basement and into 3938 Briggs where they lost them on the second floor. "Apparently it was one of our students," Dever said. "We 're looking into the possibility that it is one of the residents in* the building area where they disappeared." The apartments-involved where the

filled obstacle course. Photos by Beth Haas

individuals disappeared have all denied any knowledge of the incident, according to Dever. "However, the witnesses are pretty positive that the individuals who did the damage live in one of these three apartments." In the event that security can locate a name and/or names, Dever said that there is a good possibility that Residence Life will press charges. Dever said that he is seeing a return to some of the "meanness" on campus. "We've had a constant downturn in criminal mischief on campus in the last four or five years,** Dever said. "However, I' m starting to see it return to where we have had an increase of 12 percent in incidents this year.** f Although our current rate of criminal mischiefpara llels other campuses, Dever said that he doesn*t"want to try and keep pace with them.** Dever would like to see Mercyhurst Student Government or some other oncampus organization initiate some type of a "campus pride" program possibly

offering reward money for information leading to the* identification of people damaging college property. This may prevent crimes that Dever I referred to as "little things that are irritating," but costly in labor work and dollar amount He listed things such as the screws and bolts removedfrombenches in Garvey Park, the lamp posts knocked down on Briggs*Avenue, and the Mercyhurst cement trash barrels that were recently tipped over, resulting in a crack. "There is no reason to do these things other than just being out to bust something,'* Dever said. "I don't like to see itReplacing the ra il ing in 3940 Briggs will occupy members of the maintenance crew when they could be concentrating their efforts elsewhere on more important things, Dever stated. Dever would like anyone with information that may be helpful in identifying anyone damaging college property to call security. Names will be kept anonymous.!

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MSG discusses bands, weight room
By Ju le Gardner Merciad News Editor Mercyhurst Student Government (MSG) Vice-President Nick Roberts introduced information he has received concerning a concert on campus at the MSG meeting on Monday, February 1. Surveys were sent to students for input as to what band would be preferred. The "Spin Doctors" were the most popular choice, 1 however, they have ceased to be available during the time of the probable April concert "10,000 Maniacs" By Jute Gardner and "The Kinks" also received a MerciadNews Editor significant number of votes from among those listed. Roberts has Editor's Note: This column is designed to represent different been in contact with agents for viewpoints of Mercyhurst students about current, newsworthy the group "Blues Travelers," the topics. The opinions ate obtained through a phone poll of onband that appears to be the most campus numbers. * promising booking at this time. A vote, was taken, 15 to four, in Shane Kellogg sophomore, Elementary/Special Education: favor of Roberts pursuing "Blues M I don't think it's right Everybody should have a chance to live." Travelers." ? Agents connected to "10,000 Mike Moorhead, freshman, Mathematics: Mania cs" have not been contacted "It all depends on the situation. If it is due to rape I am for it. If it's a mistake because people didn't take the necessary precautions, I'm and Cass Shimek, director of the Student Union, said that they did against it." not have a good experience when the "Kinks" performed at AlleghAnnie Altieri, freshman, undeclared: t eny College. Roberts said that if I "Personally, I'm Pro-Life, but in reality I'm Pro-Choice." they (MSG) stall and call around for other bands, they will be in Mike Murphy, senior, Management: danger of losing "Blues Travelp "Since I never have to have one, I feel it is up to the woman. If she ers." MSG sponsored Tom wants to have one, I say go ahead and do it. That's just how I Cochrane and "The Smithereens" believe." 1 '*, *$ last year. The weight room hours were Jennifer Rooth, freshman, Elementary/Special Education: w I'm Pro-Life. They shouldn't be legal. Kim Rudolph, junior, Finance: "IfeelI would never do it, but I don't feel I should keep others from having abortions." Michael Shick, sophomore, Criminal Justice: "I'm Pro-Choice. It's up to them. That's the basic reasoning emphasized as important business by President John Bruno. Apparently, the students can now use the equipment on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:30 to 6 p.m. Previously it was closed during these hours. Bruno expressed dissatisfaction because the room is closed to students during the same hours on Tuesday and Thursday. Also, he voiced his disapproval that the new hours have not been posted. 'I'm kind of hot that this took place last week and they still haven *t changed the sign," hesaid. If anyone has a complaint concerning the weight room, its hours, equipment, etc, he or she should contact Bruno at his office, ext. 2563. \ I Bruno also opened discussion * on the use of the current pingpong room in the Union. He has been approached with the idea of turning this room into a video rental store. This idea, now in the works, will have to be investigated further because it was heard that President Garvey is planning on expanding the bookstore into this room. After hearing this Bruno said, "We better stand up for it right now because the longer we wait, the harder it will be to fill that space. I think it's a worthwhile idea and it will make us stand out more as a student government." The Residence Life Committee reported that members will be inquiring about new security cameras that will be placed at various locations on campus. Dr. Gary Brown, director of residence life, and Bud Dever, director of security, will be consulted. Also on the agenda for th is committee will be an inquiry into the specific regulations and jurisdiction ofthe Liquor Control'%.Boa rd \ (LCB.) LCB made a visit to campus on the weekend of January 29 and charged several individuals. The Recycling Committee reported that Mercyhurst recycling containers have been ordered for the Union. Containers are scheduled to be placed in apartment buildings after Spring Break. Also, plans have been made to increase the number of white dumpsters around campus. Garbage placed in these are separated and recycled. Garbage placed in the brown dumpsters"- a re sent straight to the landfill. { Also discussed at the meeting were: SAC plansfor"Challenge Week" and "Fun Flicks" activities, the senior dinner dance, labeling the reading room in the Union as "quiet study," the basketball games against Gannon and the perceived success of the Winter Formal. AMSG meetings are held Mondays at 8:30 in the Government Chambers. They are open to the public. If you have any concerns about the agenda ofthe last meeting or other happenings jat Mercyhurst, please attend the next meeting or contact an officer or representative.

How do you feel about

Could Ei.iT. life exist?
By Michelle Ryan Merciad Copy Editor Has the question of extra-terrestrial intelligent life ever captured your imagination? On Wednesday, February 3, the Science Club offered an open forum on the discussion of this subject. Three main topics were brought up for discussion. Thefirstwas NASA's recent adaption of a progra m which placed two huge telescopes in North America, one of those in California. The telescopes would sweep the sky and detect possible signals of intelligent life. The program, which costs $100 million, began on October 12, the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus' expedition. Some of the comments and questions which arose over this topic were as follows. How., would NASA know if the signals belonged to intelligent life or some other interference? Is this method valid? Do signalshravel in a straight line and how are we sure of this? If NASA began this program without;! any firsthand imperical evidence, is? the effort worth it? And in the moral sense, should we be doing this at all? The next topic concerned finding and exploring intelligent life due to the fact of the condition the earth will be fn, come the future. Not only thefilthpollution of the earth, but also noise pollution resulting from the numerous electronic signals coming from technology such as microwaves. The third issue dealt with the belief that although we may detect signals from intelligent life, we have the high risk of not being able to communicate with other life. Also, the E.T. life may also live under a different law of physics, including time. One member, Bud Brown, professor of philosophy, raised moral questions concerning contacting life. For example, he asked, do we trust people to analyze new information? Is it for our best interest? Other points mentioned con-

behind it"



Christy McLaughlin, freshman, Interior Design: W "I'm against it. I think there are enough parents who can't have children and can adopt." Jennifer Kochanek, sophomore, Special Education: "I personally don't believe in it but I realize it's a personal choice. I don't know how people can tell others what to do with their bodies. I'm not happy with the way things are right now. Too many people use abortions as birth control. It's irresponsibly used but I can't tell others what to do." Monica Sertik, sophomore, Criminal Justice: "If you know what you ait getting into, you should pay the consequences. It takes two to tango and you should pay the penalty and have the child. If you have a chance of dying, if you were raped or if the child will be deformed, then I agree you should have the abortion. Patrick Healy, senior, HRIM: "It's not good. It's horrible. Adoption is a much better option." Liz Weber, sophomore, Psychology: "I'm against abortion because I think it's used too often these days as birth control instead of only in cases of tape or incest." Rob Grieles, freshman, Communications: n It's up to the woman. Anthony Colella, Junior, HRIM: "I'm against it The only way I could see it is if the mother's life is in danger. Other than that, no way."

cerned the possibility thattheET. life may be more advanced than us, and may exploit us. Also, the knowledge of intelligent life will change religion and history. And, if we are able to send signals back and forth, the distance may enable us to only receive a signal every 10-25,000 years!«By that time, the information sent would be outdated and irrelevant^ Not every participant in the discussion agreed with the possibility of E.T. life, and the meeting offered chances for varying viewpoints. The next Science Club meeting is scheduled for'after spring,break, so attend and let people know what you think!

promote continued service a n d | e ^ r ^ i | S a p e ' K Invfwi^he t*i<J| bers of UKfMcrcyhurct c c ^ ^ a^e ocoiionfFebnlarf





is. I've been there, but I hung on ha s 1 i fcflo visual ize it with shape and was responsible, despite the and form would be too heavy on feet that my freedom suffered and one's conscience. my finances were shallow. The I Yeah, let's pass some laws. result is that I have three charm- Let's make abortion illegal as a ing children instead of two and I means ofbirth control. Let's make sacrificed a few more years of the men legally accountable for freedom. the child support and let's stop Here's the^bottom line. One using my tax dollars to pay for the can't be sexually active and not slaughter of innocents. If somebe accountable for the results, but one chooses to abort, please don't accountability in pregnancy in- use my money to do it A woman volves a man and a woman. should have a right over her own Women seek abortions most of- body, but that right terminates mother I realize what a horrible ten not because their health is when another's life is threatened. burden an unwanted pregnancy jeopardized, but because a child That's what rights are all about. J will screw up their plans and be-1 cause they*know they bear the Sincerely, burden alone. They tend to block . out the fact that the fertilized egg Teena Stewart Editor know a young mother who's hav- energy on controlling the actions ing a tough time? Call her up and of others. I think that if I read or hear pne tell her that you're willing to help S.^View your anger over abormore argument that abortion her out in any way you can. Clean tion within the context of other should be illegal, I'm going to her apartment^o her laundry. issues. Do you think that abortion Editor. sent and parental notification behemorrhage. Okay, the abortion Take her to get groceries. Buy her kills a lot of children? According fore an abortion is performed. He debate is important, and I'm not groceries, if you .can afford it to an article I rea d recently, some? First of all, the Freedom of also stated that this bill will allow entirely without sympathy for the Baby-sit for free. Have her and wherein the world a child dies Choice Act which is currently the use of our tax dollars to pay pro-life stand. No doubt about it, her child(ren) over for meals. every two-and-an half seconds under review in Congress will for abortions. Again I disagree abortion is a sad, violent, terribly 3. Work to create a world that's from-simple and basic medical modify the ex is ting 1 eg i s la tion on with his interpretation of the bill. ugly reality. What bugs me is that friendly to single mothers and care. That's forty thousand chilabortion. It will loosen up current The bill declares, "Nothing in this the pro-life argument, at least as children. If abortions are objec- dren every day. Be angry for them, restrictions on abortion in the Act shall be construed to prevent it's articulated by Joseph Legler, tionable to you,*volunteer your too. United States. a statefromdeclining to pay for closes doors rather'than opens time or donate your {money to I'm not writing this to chastise However, I believe your inter- the-performance of abortions.'* them;and directs hostility at the causes that ease the burden and Joe Legler or anybody else. I'm pretation of the Freedom of The states will still have the abilpeople who need our compassion broaden the opportunities for writing to suggest that pro-lifers Choice Act was incorrect The ity to Impose restrictions on mithe most mothers and children. Start a free, ask themselves what they can do bill states, "Nothing in this act nors who are seeking abortions. Joe concludes his editorial with volunteer-staffed child care ser- to enrich lives*before they de- shall be construed to prevent a The states may also elect not to "contact your legislators today and vice for single mothers. Don't icll mand that others preserve life. state from requiring a minor to fund abortions, with taxpayer's voice your objections." Fine idea, women what they can't do; create involve*a parent, guardian, or money. but to tell the truth, I've about had options for them. Sincerely, other responsible adul tbefore terThe purpose of this letter is not it with people telling me to write PW. Focus your energy on what John Coleman minating a pregnancy." Mr. to debate the abortion issue. J feel Tom Ridge. If you want to stop as you'ean do to make the world a Director, Academic Success Legler stated that this bill would that a debate would be useless many abortions as you can, you'll more benevolent place. Spend less Center • basically getridof informed con- because the abortion issue with have to do better than blowing hot never be resolved. Both sides have air out of your pen. Let me sugvalid and thoughtful arguments. I " gest a new strategy: believe that most Americans do !"<1. Stop getting into a lather about not completely agree with aborwhether abortion is legal or illeEditor Do you know who Becky Bell until, damn it, somebody listens. | tion on demand but most Amerigal. People are going to continue Mr. Legler, I am deeply con- cans do not completely disagree was? Becky was a beautiful sixto have sex, get pregnant, and teen-year old girl who was ma- cerned with'some of the state- either. Even Mr. Legler "conhave abortions whether pro-1 i fers nipulated by her boyfriend and ments you made in your article dones" abortion in the event rape and pro-choicers like it or not became pregnant. Becky was ter- such as "Maybe you should have or incest. If a woman wants an 2. As a student of mine recently Just what in the hell are you rified to tell her parents she was held more responsibility with your abortion she will be able to obtain wrote in an essay, we should give thinking? Illegalize abortion, en- pregnant and equally terrified to body before you let yourself get one "regardless of its legality. unconditional love and support to force pa renta 1 consent laws? Bring go before a judge and ask for an pregnant.." Let yoursel fget pregTherefore, wh y not keep abortion thoser who are faced with; un- about the needless deaths of mil- abortionJ-Becky, in her despera- nant! Last time I checked it took safe? It is easy to sit back and say wanted pregnancies. No matter lions of wonien all over the coun- tion, drove to another state had an two to make a pregnancy. There whatisrightandwhatiswrong.lt what they decide, offer them your try? I illegal back alley abortion and are many precautions a woman is also easy for a woman to say friendship and assistance. Do you bled to death a week la ted. Is this can take in order to prevent a what she would do if confronted whatyoucallprogressMr.Legler? pregnancy, but lets not pass the with an unwanted pregnancy. I call it oppression and I would be buck here. There are also a num- However, I don't think anyone deeply saddened to see this con- ber of precautions men can take truly knows how she would react Associated Collegiate Press tinue to happen to women. I pray as well. No birth control is one until she is confronted with the February 4,1993 Vol. 66 No. 14 to God every night tha t wire coat hundred percent guaranteed. Asst. Sport* Editor Joseph Ltgkr? Editor in Chief Job a Dmakn ich actual situation. Situations in life k Copy Editor Jule Gardner News Editor Michelle Ry aa hangers went out with the Roe V. I beg you to please take Mr. can rarely be seen in black and Aaae McNeils t A&EIFeatures Editor Yvonae Ma her Advertising Manager Wade decision. Lcgler's advice and contact your white. There will always be pros Faculty Advisor Craig Rybczyaskl Sports Editor Timothy MorUrty "1 can do what I want with my legislators. Fight for the Freedom and cons to a given situation. If Merciad Staff body ..." is not the issue. The of Choice Act, you deserve at we continue to allow our legislaSusan Lee Eback Mary Medure Tate Davidsoni Dave McQuillen issue is should an insensitive panel least that Abortion is a "sin" in tors to regulate our lives we will Monica Sertik Elizabeth Johnson Erin Hauber Megan Circle of mostly white, male judges be the Catholic fa ith, but our country not be left with many options. Nick Krayger Keith Courson Tonic Bolan Sean Watt able to take away such a private was built with a clear separation The Freedom ofChoice Actwould "•' Katie Johnson Jay Kennedy David Kosobucki Leon Mumford Nicole Gerad Heather Ryan Beth Nichols Rich Shelton decision as a woman's choice of ofchurch and state. Please, do not allow you the freedom to choose John Furtong David Rumsey S uza nne Co negl io John Shanahan whether or not she wishes to give let Becky Bell's death be in vain, the option'that is right for you. Staph Szabo Beth Haas Tiffanie Williams Liam Barron birth? Where will it end? What is let's learn from our past and tragic Stand up for yourrightsInstead of Grace Bruno Stephanie Wainright Karen Trapolsi Jay Fitchpatrick to stop them from taking away mistakes. letting them slip away from you. Merciad is the student-produced newspapei 501 F_ 38th St.. Erie. Pa.. 16546; I ourrightto vote or own property? Support the Freedom of Choice MercUd If abortion is made illegal it will Act and keep your options open. push wonienrightback to where they were overfifty^yearsago. Pro-choice, I Merciad's editorial opinion is determined by the Editorial Board With the* Sincerely, tor holdingfinalresponsibility. The opinions expressed in The Merciad are Ladies, we have to fight and keep 1 necessarily those of The Merciad, i ts staffor Mercy hurst College* fighting for our freedom of choice Melissa Carville Alicia Klopfer

as towhether she would choose to keep or destroy the life^within her. If she chose to kill it, then she would have to answer to a higher This is in response to your ar- power. This perspective respected ticle on abortion. Abortion is an the mother and ignored the belief issue to which I have given much that the unborn child was an indithought since it first became an vidual with rights. issue. Shouldn't a woman have a So what changed my mind? I right over her own body? Yes, I can't say exactly, except I began believe she should. As a matter of to ponder the seat belt and child fact, up until about a year ago I restraint laws. They seem to viowas pro-choice.iLet me clarify late an individual's rights over that. I believe as you did, that life their own body and yet they probegins at conception but it was a tect children who are unable to moral decision of the individual make a decision on their own in

otewart debates complexity o n both sides of issue
regards to their own safety. They save lives. When laws were first passed, we heard the uproar from those who were anti-seat belt. Now we hear little about them except in the obituaries. I also think about African Americans and the laws that were once legally banning their individual rights. As people began to see the great injustice, protests were made and unfair laws were repealed, giving them rights as individuals. As a liberated woman and a

reacts to abortion issue



Coleman discourages debate

IKIopfer defines FOCA

Carville advocates pro-choice

The Merciad





FEBRUARY 4, 1993

Spinks distinguishes two fraternities

Gardner:. i Weeding It Out

Mercyhurst At this time, I only dent cohesion, why not stop by Dear Editor: know of two such organizations, ' Penn State University at Behrend Alpha Phi Omega and Beta Bete and find out first hand? I'll per?? sonally drive you there. Beta. j 'We'at Mercyhurst have an Both organizations conduct social work, fundraisers, protests, excellent* open atmosphere, so I would like to respond to Robi and other worthwhile activities why dismantle it? For those indiTaylor and Jay Kennedy's articles convinced that and services. While I am not criti- viduals about fraternities. Both articles cizing either fraternity in their Mercyhurst should have 'social' represent a different type of fraBy Jule Gardner extra circular activities, I do wish fraternities, should have their defiternity. I would like to combine Merciad News Editor to set the record straight that the nition of a college reevaluated. the two articles as well as define 'social' fraternities promote seg- After all, is a college for one's each type of fraternity. What do "U2" and "Nirvana" have in common? Well, neither one There are two types of fraterni- regation amongst the student social life or is it for an educais coming to Mercy hurst for the MSG sponsored concert But, hey, ties that are distinguishable by body, faculty and even society.! tion? crazy college music fans, guess who probably is?? That's right, their adm ission policies. The first For those students that do not "Blues Travelers." Who, you ask?? Exactly my emphatic point believe that 'social' fraternities Sincerely, fraterna 1 organiza tion conducts its Remember the nifty surveys we received in our mailboxes a few admission process by rushing, promote cliques, segregation, weeks ago? Remember when you were about to chuck it in the trash administering initiation rites, haz- feelings of resentment by other Brian A. Spinks Mercyhurst students and destruction to stu- Beta Beta Beta member ing, paying dues and sometimes u <&&}& Doctors" or \ 0.000 black-balling. These are the 'soagap decided which band from among the choices cial' or 'classical* fraternities. see. Maybe you even cooperated and turned These fraternities are not, at in your choices to the Union desk. Mercyhurst. fxv^Sv: peopl | canned meat/ris The second type of fraternity is That the 'academic' organization. The ^^lillifcdlas, andtblcycles In good itipftj please government did. (Oh, unless admission policy consists of belit ffirnpus l l i i J l s t ; ^ P 4 n a ^ H ^ M M _ ^ ^ many hundreds that cried in unison to see the famous "Blues longing toa related majororhonor Travelers.") program, and paying an initiation mmM mm Ji'.rcqi From what I gathered at the Monday meeting, this nonentity of a fee. These are the fraternities at Wm band win be a hit with the Erie community. A sell-out will cause them (us, rather, since it is really our money) to break even. Why even evaluate student opinion if the outlook of Erie residents is going to be the deciding factor? At any rate, if you read the related story on page two, you know that the "Spin Doctors" was indeed the preferred choice by students. However, they are on MTV nine times daily (translation: they are huge) and are currently unavailable to play for a tiny Catholic The S t Paul's 1500 Club will Hie D' Angelo School of MuThe Erie County Diabetes Ascollege in Erie. "10,000 Maniacs" and the "Kinks" also fared well. sic, Mercyhurst College, is proud sociation will host a "Hearty sponsor Monte Carlo Nite on Sa tIt's too bad this was ignored. c to present the D 'Angelo Wind Party" on Saturdy, February 20 urday, February 27from6 to 11 Cass Shimek, director of the Union, has had previous experience Ensemble in concert this Sunday, from noon to 4 p.m. at the Erie p.m. in St Paul's Center, 453 with the "Kinks" at Allegheny College. She said that Allegheny Feb. 7 at 2:30 p.m. in Zurn Recital Senior Citizen's Center, 609 West 16 St Free snacks and re"took a major bath" when this band performed there. O.K. I can see Hall. % French St This event is in coordi- freshments will be available while why this is credible advice. I don't want totakea "major bath" with The program will include works nation with HeartiMonth and they last A grand award of $2,000 Kinks by Ives, Hovhaness, Hanson, Valentine's Day.|Everyone is will be given out This event benCopland and Weinberger. The asked to bring a "hearty" tureen efits the St Paul Catholic Church government wouldn \n program will be conducted by to share, along with a copy of the Building Fund. what about the Frank Collura, Director ofInstru- recipe. Meat, beverage and place Rumor has it they were the second choice. I guess it's purely Anyone interested in joining mental Ensembles at the school. setting will be provided. For reslogical, then, that Vice President Nick Roberts would report that Also featured will be faculty mem- ervations, call 864-5794 by Feb- the Mercyhurst College Summer "Maniacs" agents were not even contacted. Why? ber Doug Stephenson on trumpet. ruary 10. There is no fee for ECDA Abroad Program should contact Well, it seems that dealing in the musk business is tricky stuff. Stephenson \recently completed members and their family-mem- Mr. John Wolper, Division Chair, Roberts knows this. Bruno must know this since a chunk of the budget was spent to send him to California this summer so he could his Masters of Music degree from bers. The fee for non-members is in HRIM in Egan 25. the Mannes School of Music in $10 per family and includes a scope the 'biz for bands. membership to ECDA. Roberts said that agents for the "Blues Travelers" were about to New York City. The concert isfreeand open to confirm if he got back to them by Tuesday. Apparently, word would travel if he started calling around to arrange another band and he the public J would be in danger of losing this valuable confirmation. After this explanation, a vote was taken (15-4) to encourage Roberts to go after "Travelers." Joy. Mk>nday|2-8, ft pjnX^wc*^ Corner. Produced by Kevhf Schultzj I am uptight about this for a fewreasons.First, the "Maniacs" are and hosted by KaremTrapoki a great band. Geez. The lead singer sang a duet with Michael Stipe? of R.E.M. (the closest musk has come to a god) at MTV's Inaugural ITuesday, 2-9, 8 pan. Fashion Ball. This is a big deal. The woman can sing and the channel that has ^Forecast Produced by Mary been known to define our generation recognizes this. Why does it Medure and hosted by Mia Utycki seem MSG is blind? Also, the "Maniacs" met and started their career at a college not Thursday, 2-11, % pom. Score! so far away from here, SUNY Fredonia, and they have been known Score$Score! Produced by Mia toreturnthere occasionally. I believe one or more members are Uiy cki and hosted by Mary originally from Jamestown, which is almost like being from Erie. MedureJ Although they are becoming especially successful at the moment with their new CD, there might be a chance they would play for an Friday, 2-5 and Monday Z*, < | appreciative college audience that is close to home. I think MSG has p.tn. Carpe Diem Lunclteon Series *y : missed a few options. < with Dr| Sullivan talking about Another beef I have with this whole thing is the idea of represenreligious convictions and political tation. Fifteen of 20 votingrepresentativesneglected to listen to the decision making. student voice. The majority of students would not want some group they had never heard of over a group with national recognition. That Every Thursday at 7:30 pjn. and is just bet. What happened on Monday night was just slick-talking |¥rid»y at 2 and 5 jfunu laker and bureaucracy. £• < * Sports Talk* Hosted by Keith J And politics rage on... Maybe you thought hidden agendas and v Courson placebo propaganda only existed in Washington DC. Think again. If you are as perturbed about this as I am, contact a representative HTVtotti bofound wvcbanncl £2 oi and pray your voice is heard. If you ale slightly more adventurous, I 19BonBkCablevi^»t [ go to the next meeting on Monday and demand to be heard.





Welgoss encourages diverse tastes The Back Row
By John Danknich Merciad Staff Column ist By Gary Welgoss Merciad Staff Writer He's ba-a-ack. No, I'm not talking about Freddy or Jason. : I'm talking about Superman. Five months after his "death" in m,,* Superman #75, the Man ofSteel will make a miraculous return in Adventures of Superman #500, which is set for a midApril release. However, his "re-1 birth" is not exactly cut and dried. For those of you in the dark, DC Comics killed Superman off in November. In doing so, sales of all four Superman titles went through the roof. No one at DC would say if or even when the Man of Steel would be coming back. In the November 5 issue of the Merciad, I wrote that I thought Superman's "death" was nothing but an attempt by DC to revive sales on a poor-selling title. I knew they were going to bring him back, but I didn't know how. I was at Books Galore a few weeks ago when I heard the first rumblings of Superman's return. What the* person I talked to suggested was so outrageous that I questioned it's validity. Merciad Editor-in-Chief Joe Legler suggested that the Man of Steel would be brought back as a "grittier, more violent character, like the Punisher." Let's just say that Joe was one-fourth right Confused? You have every right to be. Let's start at the beginning of the end. In Superman #77, J -mathan Kent, Superman's foster father, suffers a heart attack from the stress of his son's "death." As Adventures of Superman #500 opens, Pa Kent is reunited with Superman in the hereafter. The two try to save s each otherfromthe fabled "light at the end of the tunnel." Pa Kent returns to life.. .but what about Superman? This is where things EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY begin to get really confusing. After Pa Kent returns, four people enter the picture, each claiming 3706 Pine Ave. 452-4686 ALASKA SUMMER 1 16 be the one, true Superman* DC won't say which one, if any, of the Sportscards — old and new! i EMPLOYMENT four are really Superman, leaving the readers in the dark. FISHERIES - Students Needed! Earn $600+ per week in canneries or Of these four "Supermen," one is as Joe suggested, a cold, $4,000+ per month on fishing boats. remorseless super-being who takes the law into his own hands, Free Transportation! Room and Board! showing neither mercy nor compassion. Another one is a cyborg. Over 8,000 openings. No experience j Large selection of Silver Age necessary. MALE or FEMALE. For The third is a super-powered teenager with no memories of a private employment program call: Kenner starting Line Up Figures life. The final Man of Steel wears a high-tech suit of armor. 1-206-545-4155 Ext A5249 M-T-W 11 a m - 6p.m. Two weeks 1 ater. all four of the SuDerrnan titles will feature each Student Employment Services Achievement Through Adventure u Students wtatitngtowoAln AlMkamuube TH-F 11a.m.-7 p.m. Superman" as he interacts with the DC Universe and his supporting «tefiie«i or oMer and to good physical condition. cast Of course, these four comics will all have enhancements such \ . ^^*^ SAT 11a.m.-4p.m. A m% •% 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 C* • 9 9 w 9 9 9 9 ' as bound-in miniposters and die-cut covers, making them all more than the usual $ 1.25 cover price. Of course, to get the full effect of Superman's return, you have to buy every comic. Believe me, this gets expensive after a while. CALLING ALL BE SMART! EARN While I do admire DCs creativity and ingenuity in the way it s CLUBS/GROUPS EXTRA CASH WHILE brought Superman back, I once again have to question its necessity. $ EARN SERIOUS MONEY $ HELPING OTHERS. What is the point of killing Superman if you are going to bring him BECOME A back not even six months later? Your fraternity, sorority or PLASMA DONOR. I This is obviously just another ploy by DC to keep sales of the other campus group .can easily Superman titles peaking/1 think it's safe to say that the reajj New Donors Receive am $400 PLUS BIG BONUSES M Superman will not be revealed for several months after his "return. on your 1st. Ilfesaving plasma donation — with) n one week. You pay nothing! Trust me, DC will do everything in its power to milk everything they this ad. Physical required — Call for physician's hours can out of this. Frankly, DC has to do everything it can to keep up 800-735-2077 EXT 453-3339 CALL FOR DETAILS in the comics industry these days. ; : SERA-TEC BIOLOGICALS 111 West 9th St Since the late 1970s, DC Comics have steadily declined in popularity. Marvel's X-books (X-Men, X-Force, etc.) have pushed CHEAP! FBUVJS. SEIZE] it to the forefront of the comics industry. Also, the overwhelming 89 MERCEDES $200 $200 - $500 WEEKLY popularity of the creator-owned Image Comics has sent DC looking s 86 VW... $50 a Assemble products at home. for anything it can do to boost sales. Apparently, killing off Super87 MERCEDES $100 Easy! No selling. You're paid man and bringing him back less than a year later was the only way 65 MUSTANG $50 direct.. Fully Guara nteed. j DC could accomplish this. It certainly worked. Superman #75 was one of the best-selling Choosefromthousands starting FREE Information,- 24 Hour] Part-Time Teacher's Aide comics of all time. There is no doubt in my mind that the "Reign of [ at $50. FREE Information-24 Hotline. 801 - 379 - 2900 Nursery to School- Age Copyright # PA045650 Superman" storyline will be enormously popular. Hour Hotiine^801-379-2929 Coincidentally/The Infinity Crusade,^Marvel's latest cosmic Copyright # PA 045610] Monday thru Friday crossover, also begins in April. Could it be that DC conveniently scheduled Superman's return for the same month? Nahl Afternoons A If DC wUl stoop to killing off Superman to revive sales, I can Contact Mary at: envision it doing the same to Batman or Wonder Woman or some 864 - 4884 HPNS &&M other "main" character. DC stands for "Desperate Comics." My curiosity will keep me buying the Superman tides, but that wlH not stop mefrombelieving that what DC is doing is wrong and unnecessary." ... f My movie review will return in two weeks. And yes I wiU i I9 actually review a movie. Until then, up, upland away. (Sorry, 1 Paradisei bland j couldn't resist) **

JP' P *

ftSoul Asylum has finally earned a name for itself after living in the shadow of fellow Minneapolis Watching the MTV Inaugural hard core bands like Husker Du Ball jlast week,£ I found myself and The Replacements. These surprised at the line up of musi- groups undoubtedly set the tone cians who were scheduled to per- for the emergence of the Seattle form. Not because it the likes of bands that have hit it so big repop phenoms En Vogue and Boys cently. Soul Asylum displays song II Men or an established musician 1 ike Don Henley, To my surprise, "I suggest dropping these I noticed that the 10,000 Maniacs useless labels for music and and Soul Asylum would be playing. Wait, this is a national event; j just listening to what is most the nation will be watching (ifnot enjoyable." during the live broadcast, at least during one of the seven or eight writing in their latest effort, untimes itwas replayed); these bands like their previous albums. I recare considered *'al terna ti ve." They ommend them to anyone who shouldn't be receiving this na- likes the sounds of Nirvana and tional recognition, right? Ah, well, Pearl Jam. they must have sold out and abanThe 10,000 Maniacs, on the doned their old style in order to other hand, is a (band that has earn some real money. On the produced excellent music in the contrary, these groups recently past, and they surely didn't disapproduced theirfinestalbums, Our point with their latest effort Lead Time in Eden and Grave Danc- singer Natalie Merchant's timeders Union, respectively. down appearance and intelligible

singing of the lyrics might have contributed to their mainstream success. Despite the addition of a horn section, the band is still carried by Merchant's unique style and voice. She and Michael Stipe of R.E.M. stole the show at the ball last week with "Candy Everybody Wants." rfi $1 agree with Don Henley, the "times are a-changin,'" so why do we have to listen to a song from the sixties? At any rate, we have to move musically; Our Time In Eden shows how this group as progressed*as well as how music of today has progressed. Lastly, is the true alternative music fan supposed to abandon these groups? I suggest dropping these useless labels for music and just listening to what is most enjoyable. And those who won't let go of the past (i.e. Steve Miller), try something new—you may be surprised.



* Sport scar cfs

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> ~


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¥ r"




9 \



- #

C f t N C U N Nassau, Paradise Island

> • • — * • — • ^ t

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• - • ^ M





H u r s t faculty r e s p o n d s to
By Anne L. McNelis ] A&E and Features Editor Just about everyone, at one time or another, has found him or herself the victim of a stereotype. We stereotype people because of where they live, what they do for a living, how they dress, the kind of music they listen to...the reasons for stereotypes are endless. Some stereotypes a re so m uch a pa rt ofour culture, we ha rdly even think of them as stereotypes anymore. * The main problem with stereotyping people is that to do,'so denies their human nature. When we identify people by their clothing or hairstyle or anything else, we red uce them to that one single aspect and neglect? everything about them that makes them human and individual. One group of people which suffers from constant stereotyping in modern society are those who choose to lead a religious life— priests and sisters. For so long, there has been a certain image that religious men and women are supposed to uphold and emulate.

they're scandalized. I Joe Dominic, campus minister, remarked that the stereotyping of sisters and priests "reflects] the history" of society; essentially, that there have always been stereotypes. Dominic added that stereotypes of religious men and women can "sometimes be O.K.," but more often than not, they're not acceptable because they portray them as "a separate entity." He sa id, "We don't have the right to hold priests and other religious to a higher standard than the one we hold ourselves to." . Mlechick added that, like everyone else, sisters "1 ike to have fun...[they enjoy] sports, music, opera." So next time you see a sister or other religious man or woman, remember that she is a*person, just like you. What makes her, and her counterparts different from you is, as Snyder said, 'The way they choose to live out the Gospel." Don't treat as merely a part of a group; try to understand her as the individual that she is.

If, for any reason, they do not meet others' expectations,(they will have failed, at least in the eyes of many. Sister Natalie Rossi, RSM, parttime inmate training/McAuley

" When we identify people by their clothing or hairstyle or anyRossi stressed that sisters and thing else, we ^reduce other religious men and women them to that one single are "normal human being[s]" who aspect and neglect evhave to face many of the same erything about them struggles the rest of us do. She added that even ^though sisters that makes them huit have chosen a certain way to live man.
out their lives,.they are still human beings, first and foremost Snyder also pointed out that "A person is not what they wear. We want nuns and priests on pedestals because we don't want to treat them as human beings and that's the greatest indignity of all." Often, when a priest or sister makes a mistake, it becomes a scandal. Because society says that said priests and sisters should be^ held accountable in the same way everyone else is. £ -MtH$ Sister Damien Mlechick, RSM ,& switchboard manager, agreed with Snyder and Rossi, saying that people forget sisters are human . beings and have faults and failings. She added that many people^ "expect us to be perfect ..So if a sister would, make a mistake,V]

them down in some way. Dr. Mary Hembrow Snyder, director of the department of philosophy and religious studies, said, "I take offense at the stereotyping that goes on about sisters. It's not fair to stereotype anybody just because they belong to a particular group. In any group, there are people who don't live up to the ideals they should as a meinber of that group. But nobody's perfect—we all make mistakes.

we should be able to trust sisters and priests, it is "more devastating" to find that; trust has been betrayed, Rossi said. Sometimes, people leave their church and credit that decision to behavior they observed in its clergy. Rossi believes this is "a cop-out." She — ^ _ _ _ _ ^ _ - — —


counselor, said she thinks people stereotype, particularly in the case of religious people, because they want someone to be able to look up to. That is part of the reason why people are often so disappointed when a priest or sister lets


*v . . .

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i • *

Students try television



Hi and* Washington (V;


Kristi fer Angelotti take a break to sn By Stephanie Wainwright Merciad Staff Reporter On Monday Feb. 1,1993, H.T.V began yet another group of new productions. The Erie School District Gifted Program students were the newest stars. Students from various schools gathered together to show their talents in news casting. These students were given the assignment of designing their own news shows. After long research they put together stories that made headlines throughout the past year. Various stories appeared in almost each forecast, some of which were, Magic Johnson and Arther Ashe's revelation of their infection with the HIV virus, the GulfWar, the presidential debates, and the local tragedy of Lila Ebright. The programs were original with a lot of creative touches such as weather forecasts and commercials. One group of students even interviewed a neighbor of Lila Photo by Joseph Legler Ebright The students are from a group of 275 students who have been chosen to partake in gifted studies that are held here on campus.They are from both public and private schools and have been tested and identified as gifted by their IQ's of 130 or better. "The students come here five da y s a week with different groups each day. They choose a field of studyfromthese five areas; Computer Graphic Arts, Performing Arts, Creative Writing, Current Events and Science, and Library Science Research," said Michelle Hertel, current events and science teacher for the program. Other ^teachers for the program are John Spiegel,.} Janet Moore,Rose Scozzie, and Maurci Rogers. " ^ T h e students must make up all school work that they miss during the time period they are here. They don't really mind either because they love this," said Hertel.

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- U+~>M



Spring-Break Special

All students receive a 10% discount Coming Soon -.1

"Ocean Pacific Swimwear'!




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The Blue Line
By Craig Rybczynski Merciad Sports Editor

Hockey team sweeps past Hobart and Elmira
By Craig Rybczynski Merciad Sports Editor the mark, beating Halleus. Freshman center Art "the Artful Dodger" Thomas 1 ed the team with two goals and two assists. Thomas opened the night with a shorthanded goal to give Mercyhurst a 1-0 at 19:12. He skated in on goal and wristed the puck past Halleus. Thomas, along with Randy LaGue, would also assist on Kevin McKinnon's eighteenth of the season in the second. After tallies by Bryce Bohun and John Tsakanikas, Thomas once again had a hand in the scoring. Thomas added his second assist of the night on Jon Johnson's ued his 1992-93 mastery in goal. On Saturday, the contest had all the makings of a grea t game. Two rivals battling at the Ice Center, the., return to j the net of Mirko Pellizzari and a revenge factor. The game was everything,and more. This time it would be the Lakers' turn to win at home. Through the first two periods, each team exchanged goals. Mercyhurst tallied first on Bohun's power playgoal at 12:29 of the first Bohun flipped the puck over goalie Dave Laudato. Craig MacDonald and McKinnon picked up assists. ^Elmira answered back with a second period goal by Randy Murphy. Entering the third period, each team came out a little tentative, but as the game wound down, the tempo picked up. Each goal ie kept their team in the game, especially Pellizzari, who stopped 13 shots in the period. Then, as the Soaring Eagles were^on the power play, Mercyhurst stunned Elmira. Bohun skated in on Laudato and fired a low shot that came to Hunt who knocked it into the open net Hunt's goal, his second of the weekend, proved to be the game winner. It was the Lakers' sixth short-handed goal in the month of January. The victory extended their home winning streak to a record nine straight. The Lakers will try to improve their home winning streak to ten against St Bona venture University on Friday at 7:30 at the M.I.C. On Saturday, they will travel to Olean, NY, to once again face St Bonaventure. Friday's game can be heard on WMCE 885 FM.

With the game on Saturday tied at one in the third period against Elmira, and needing a goal to Remember how innocent win, who wouldt have thought sports used to be when you were Trevor Hunt would step forward young? Who hasn't been bored and assume the hero role. Hunt's to death about the athletic exshort-handed goal at 10:41 of the ploits of an older brother or fathird period gave the Lakers an ther? These days, professional emotional 2-1 victory. sports have gone to the glitz and The Lakers lived up to their glitter of big business. Look at team motto, which is on the back the Super Bowl on Sunday; like _ _ _ _ of the locker room door. It says, I care to see Michael Jackson grab his crotch during ha fhme "60 minutes of in-your-face What happened to the days of the grass fields and wool uniforms? hockey." The idols that lured people to ballparks and arenas have gone to tour The Lakers proved worthy of the country as old timers. Players lived to play for a team, not for big this saying by sweeping this bucks. When will we see the likes of Hank Aaron, Stan Musial, and weekend 's games against Hobart Lou Gehrig again? j College and Elmira College at the Today, too many players are worried about their financial status Mercyhurst Ice Center. With the rather than the welfare of their team. An example of this is Barry victories, the Lakers pushed their Bonds who deserted the city of Pittsburgh in search of fame and record to 13-6 overall and 10-2 in definitely fortune. Bonds is a great ball pla yer, no doubt about it, but J theECAC. • The victory over Elmira on Satwhy did he leave the Pirates? I'll tell you why, because he wants big bucks. I have not singled out baseball, but free agency is more j urday was deemed "one of the best ever." For sixty minutes, *<X/NDeo * * * preva lent in this spo rt When we have kids, are we supposed to say, "When I was young each team played a physically tenth goal of the year at 19:43. baseball existed"? At their present rate, small markets will cease to punishing game. Mercyhurst's For good measure, he scored his exist Think of it, no Pirates or Cleveland Indians (yes, they still have margin of victory came courtesy second of the game with a wrist a team). £ * ' of Hunt His goal wasn't the only shot through the pa ds ofdie Hoba rt Because ofsuch practices by professional sports, I believe that the highlight for the sophomore goalie to make it 9-1 Mercyhurst defenseman.iHunt turned away Assists went to Rob Madia and young truly emulate the real meaning of sports. Watch little kids an apparent game-tying goal as Tom DeCoteau. Paul Capizzano play hockey, as they fall on the ice ever so determined to get to that elusive puck. They have fun playing every week. Imagine that they he stopped the puck before it would round, out the scoring to crossed the goal line in the final give Mercyhurst a surprising 10aren't even getting paid. minutes of the third period. For 1 victory. The joy of teaching a child to play a sport is one of the greatest L feelings that a person can have. My godson Jeffrey Mann is learning his efforts, he was named the Thomas restated the sentiments ggto skate at the age of two. Going out on the ice and knowing that I ECAC Player of the Week. of coach Rick Gotkin as he said, E have played a small role in his learning experience is excellent f However, the Lakers' most "It was probably the best team Children are so eager to learn and get better. They aren't infludominants performance was on game we played all year." On enced by agents and the media. They go out and play their best in Friday over Hobart The blue and defense, the Hurst held the numI hopes of winning. The reward they receive at the end of the day is green offense fired 53 shots at ber eight team in Division III an ice cream cone for their efforts, both good and bad. Post-game Statesman goalie Gabe Halleus. hockey to 15 shots on goal. With interviews and endorsements don't greet little Matthew after he Ten times, Mercyhurstwould find the victory, Scott Barber continscores two goals. Just the reassurance of his parents. He may not think the goals are significant now but wait until he gets older. Why do you think that so many people flock to Williamsport, Pennsylvania for the Little League World Series every year? The By Keith Courson and over Pitt-Bradford, 59-50. reason that these kids all converge on the city to play a simple game. Sophomore Teresa Szumigala For many, it will be their last game, and the memories they take Merciad Sports Writer continued to show her dom in ance homewith them, and the friendships they will make will last forever. in key games, scoring 21 points to /The Mercyhurst Lady Lakers lead all Mercyhurst scorers against I still can conjure up the picture of my mother hauling me to the hockeyrinkat Caz Park in snowstorms. Nothing can take away the continued their fiVe-ga me road Pitt-Bradford. "We didn't play goals I scored and home runs I hit I'm sure everyone has a game they swing last Monday, traveling to very well," said Szumigala. "We can still remember. The game in which you could do no wrong. Pitt-Bradford. In thecinitial two had a problem with running our Young kids learn to appreciate the hard work it takes to succeed. contests on the road, coach offense. It did get better in the They may not win the championship, but the chance to compete is DemyanoviclTs;squad has pro- second half, though." duced wins over Oakland, 64-62, \ gratitude enough. [ Unlike some of today's pro athletes, losing doesn't mean that next year they may lose their jobs. Also, a good season isn't grounds for a contract renegotiation. I am not against players being paid if they deserve the money, but it's getting out of hand. For those of us who don' t make the pros, we have our youth to look 8 p.m. 2§7 No-names vsf Lucky Ones M/fC back on. We will be the ones that will entertain oiir children about Bricks R Us vs| Get Stuck In 8 p p . the monster home run we hit or the game winning basket we made. 8:40 p.m. MAC Staff vs. North East They may seem disinterested, butfromevery story, they will take with them the joys that lie in playing a sport Tumbleweeds vs. Brickmisters 8:40 p.m. j REC Personally, my greatest.thrill is playing with my brother Brad. Too Deep vs. Cavcasion Inv, 9:20 p.m. MAC Despite the different paths our careers have taken, it is always nice Runnin Rebels vs. The Hood 9:20 p.m. IREC to play with him. Without him, I don't think I would have pushed myself to achieve my goals. Many evening, we would go outoide MAC 8 p.m. 2-11 Nologe vs. Brewsers and play hockey on*on-one until it was so dark we couldnit see. However, we have to look to the people that make the sacrifices REG Ziggy's vs. BMF 1 8 p.m. n to let us play sports. They are the true coaches. My P « * * % * * " to ^ery basebaU diamond and hockey rink in Western New J A MAC 8 p.m. 2*14 BMF vs. Brewsers It's about time we give these people the thanksAhey J * < ^ j C i the last time you called your parents to tell them thanks for their





Lady Lakers win third straight
The other Laker notables were Julie McChesney, one of the steadiest players on the team, and, coming off the bench, Krista Kivilo. McChesney netted 10 points, and Kivilo shot for eight on the evening. A majority of the bench got into the scoring column. Although the Lady Lakers may have struggled on Monday, Szumigala admits that things are improving offensively. "We*re starting to run plays more as a 4 team, * she said. The road trip continues on Monday, February 8, as Mercyhurst, now 10-9, travels to Lock Haven University. On the tenth, Cannon comes to the Mercyhurst Athletic Center. The game was originally scheduled for Thursday,vMarch 4. However, since the student body is on break at that time, the effort was made to create a date whe n the game could be played in front ofa larger audience of home fans. The contest is slated to tip offat7:30intheMAC. "We should have beaten them there (Hammermill Center)," added Szumigala. She is looking forward to another opportunity to face the Golden Knights. "With Gannon, we just have to be a little more patient."


2-16 Final Four & Women's Championship -TBA MAC 8 p.m. MAC

2-18 Men's Championship
satisfaction of just playing. |



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M e r c y h u r s t welcomes n e w h e a d football coach
jocks. I want guys that go to class and care about their grades."Over 99 percent of Kimball's players A new era for Mercyhurst foot- graduated during his tenure at St ball began Wednesday afternoon Lawrence. with the hiring of Joe Kimball as His overall record during his new head coach. Kimball takes tenure at St.'Lawrence was 37over the coaching reigns from the 37. His last three years, Kimball retiring Jim Chapman. led the Saints to a 17-13 mark. Kimball, 41, comes to the Hurst Additionally, his teams registered with impressive football and aca- a 6-4 mark a gainst some of the top demic credentials. Kimball was a Division III teams in the country mainstay for the)St. Lawrence such as Ithaca College, Union University football program. In College and Alfred University. his 12 years at St Lawrence, Kimball was the director of athKimball spent five as defensive letics and physical education in coordinator and the last seven as the Phoenix, New, York, school head coach. district this past year. Kimball hopes to establish a The new mentor is no stranger tradition at Mercyhurst like^he to Division III football, and many did at St. Lawrence. 'The tradi- of h is peers praise the job he did at tion I would like to start here is St Lawrence. University ofPennthat we look at our football play- sylvania coach Al Bagnoli said, ers as student a thletes," he said. "I "Joe is an excellent recruiter and don't want a bunch of old term a tireless worker who possesses By Craig and John Merciad Sports Editors great interpersonal skills and develops an excellent rapport with his recruits and olavers."Dave Armstrong is impressed with Kimball's intensity. "You can tell right off the bat," said Armstrong, "that the man is intense about what he wants to do here." •: • \ J | Kimball has already said that the key to this coming season will be stability. Armstrong agreed. "He likes die staff," he said, "and he is going to learn off us for the first couple months. Not that many changes is good because the program is still doing well." Pete Russo, Mercyhurst College director ofathletics, is equally impressed with Kimball. "We feel 1 strongly that Joe will give our program new life, enthusiasm and the energy it needs to be highly respectable and competitive," said Russo. The Lakers face a difficult schedule for Kimball's inaugural season. Laker running back Craig Woodard is optimistic about the upcoming season. "I looked atthe schedule and we have nine games," said Woodard. "We beat four or five of the teams. I think we should be better next season." Kimball likes having a difficult schedule. "Ifyou *re going to compete," he said, "you're going to compete against the best" Coach Kimball holds a bachelor of science degree in physical educationfromSyracuse University and a master's degree in administration from St. Lawrence. He and his wife, Heather, are the parents of three children. TheLakers' new coach is a "family person and people person." He said, "My sons and my wife are the most important things to me." Kimball will oversee the operations of the football department immediately while assuming fulltime duties on February 12.

New head football coach Joe Kimball addresses the press.

Photo by Joseph Legler Coach Kimball has already established a rapport with his coaching staff. Offensive coordinator

M e n ' s basketball t e a m ends three-game losing streak
By John Danknich Merciad Asst. Sports Editor game at Gannon. Despite a shaky second half and shooting onl y 40 percentfromthe The last time the Mercyhurst Geld, the Hurst broke its threemen's basketball team played in game losing streak with a 93-66 the MAC, it made history with a victory over the Mountain Cats. triple-overtime victory over East The Lakers started out strong as Stroudsburg University. Since senior guard Kerry Baker hit two then, things have gone downhill three-pointers in the first four for the Hurst minutes to give the Hurst an early After starting a four-game road 10-4 lead. The Laker lead hit 14 when Baker converted a four point play at 11:29. Mercy hurst's tenacious and relentless'defensive pressure prevented the Mountain Cats from establishing any kind of rhythm in the first half. The Lakers' stifling man-to-man defense forced 18firsthalf turnovers. However, a912-5 run by the Tony Red d ing is mugged by Pitt-Johnstown's Thomas Lahrs Mountain Cats at the end of the while trying to put back a rebound. Photos by Jay Fitchpatrick first half kept them in the game. Going into the locker room, the Lakers led Pitt-Johnstown 51-33. A major problem for the Lakers By Li am Barron Gauthier and Ken Gushie to join in their three-game losing streak Merciad Sports Writer him at the young and relatively was maintaining their intensity in successful Laker program. the second half. The Hurst led at In his four years as a Laker, half in two of its losses only to end "Before this season began, said Moir hasn't missed a game and up losing both. Mercyhurst could senior tri-captain Andrew Moir, for a defenseman, he?has racked not* afford a similar letdown "I didn't think we'd be able to up some very impressive numagainst Pitt-Johnstown. emulate our achievements of pre- bers. Number three is particularly Once again, the Lakers came vious years, but we now have a effective on the power play, and out cold in the second hal f. Poor real shot at winning the ECACs to date, he has managed over 20 shot selection and defensive lapses and nationals." Moir, a native of goals in the bonus situation. On allowed the Mountain Cats back Burlington, Ontario, has now en- the ice, Moir is one of the hardest into the game. Guard Matt tered the twilight of his time at the and wiliest defenders in the Lushko's lay up pulled Pitt- Hurst, but he hopes to end a suc- league, but off the ice he is a quiet, Johnstown to within 10 points, cessful career on a very high note. unassuming type, and he defiMoir* was recruited by head nitely leads by example. 68-58. \ a The Lakers would not fold and coach Rick Gotkin to play at DiMoir has enjoyed his time in went on an 11-0 run to effectively vision I Rensselaer Polytechnic Erie. "Before the season began, put the game away. Back-up point Institute. When Gotkin began his we were a mixture of the young guard Terry Bush provided the tenure at Mercyhurst in 1988, he and the old, but we've come toLakers with a spark off the bench, *\ remembered the Burlington Cou- gether as a unit, and our play scoring all nine ofhis points in the gars star and invited Moir to en* lately has reflected this," he said. Gerry-Battle jams during roll in the class of 1993. Moir was [The long road trips at the start of second half. Monday's game against PittBaker led the way for the Lak- also recruited by St Bonaventure the season helped us get to know Johnstown, ers with 23, including six of 10 University, but he chose the Lak- each other's style of play, and trip with a victory over SI ippery from behind the three arc Baker's ers over the Bonnies, and the rest also gave us the opportunity to Rock, the Lakers proceeded to six treys tied a school record set is history. get to know each other as people," lose the next three games. The Moir soon had company from he added. Lakers needed a victory Tuesday by Tony DeJeaus against PittBradford in January of 1992. his junior team in Canada, when Moir also recognizes the nigb t over Pitt-Johnstown to build Gerry Battle and Jamie Hous- he managed to persuade Kevin changes that have occurred in his momentum for Thursday night's ton each had twelve points. Rashe Reviere, the Hurst's leading scorer, continued his slump, scoring only twelve points before fouling out. Houston also led the team with nine rebounds. Defense led the way for the Lakers. The Hurst forced a season-high 34 turnovers and had 22 steals. The Lakers also showed improvementfromthe foul line, hitting 28 of 37 (76%). The Lakers travel cross-town to face arch-rival Gannon Thursday night at the Hammermill Center. Game time is at 8:00. The contest will air on WMCE 88.5 FM beginning at 7:50. Also, Mercyhurst's home game against Gannon on Thursday, March 4, has been rescheduled for Thursday, February 11."

Moir looks to end Laker career on high note
time at the Hurst "Having our own rink means that we can go over to skate whenever we want to, whereas in the past we only got to practice when the general public wasn't using the ice at Glen wood,which' was far from ideal," he stated. Moir hopes to play semi-professional ly in the United States or Europe for a few years when he graduates in May with a degree in Management . He believes that Scott Burfoot set al I the Lakers an example to follow when he left Mercyhurst and went on to star in the East Coast Hockey League this year. "Scott was obviously an exceptional player, and now that he's made it, perhaps there will be some room for a few more Laker graduates in the minors," he said. As Moir completes his time at the Hurst, he has one last hope, "I'd dearly like to win either the ECACs or nationals this year. That would really be the icing on the cake for me." If the Lakers go on to win both, Moir will be even happier.

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