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Fax criticizes methods
By Joseph Legler Editor in Chief

Dr. Gary B r o w n involved in controversy
The fax release from Kampia also said that an ex-roommate of Paolello allegedly told a ResidentjAssistant that Paolello and three of her friends engaged in smoking marijuana. The three friends of Paoello have allegedly already admitted to the administration to smoking marijuana in the past, according to the fax release. They have allegedly been told of a possible $200 fine each and a one year disciplinary probation period. Paolello purportedly has not told Dr. Brown anything regarding her involvement, if any, with marijuana. The fax from Kampia has alleged that Dr. Brown is acting on "nothing more than hearsay." £ ] I Kampia has become involved in this because of his experience with on-campus marijuana policies and marijuana legalization* activism. Paolello, according to the fax-release, has also contacted Amy Giles, spokesperson for Erie NO RML, and the Am erica n Civil Liberties Union about her situation. "Not only am I going to defend myself against these charges, but we're considering suing Mercy h u rst Col lege for defamation of character," said Paolello in the faxHO release. Strangers are coming up to me on campus saying they've heard I'm a drug dealer/' she said in the release. Paolello, according to the fax, publicly supports the legalization of marijuana and has attended several rallies and meet* ings hosted by NORML. c A statement released by the Mercy hurst College external affairs office said: "We have read the statement by Amy Giles issued to the news media from a Perm State Fax number. ^ " Wh ile there are a number of inaccuracies in that statement, it is the policy of Mercyhurst College not to discuss student disciplinary matters with the media unless they become a matter of police record. This has not become a police matter.t ^ "The incident in question involves the illegal use of a controlled substance by students in on-campus housing. This* is a violation of college and student housing policy and state law. " As f stated on page ten in the Mercyhurst College Student Handbook (1992-93), This infraction may result in: a $200 fine, mandatory counseling, possible parental notification, a one-year disciplinary probation. "All disciplinary sanctions may be appealed to a student judicial board for a hearing to ensure that justice is done without the rights of any student being impaired or unjust penalties being levied. "At this time,j however, no official sanctions have been Imposed on any student, as college officials are still investigating the matter."

Junior psychology major, Melissa Paolello has accused Director of Residence Life, Dr. Gary Brown, of alleged misconduct in coercing her into admitting that she smoked marijuana according to a fax that was sent out to various local mediafromRob Kampia, president of the Undergraduate Student Government atPenn State University and director of PA NORML (Pennsylvania Affiliate of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws). Paolello was interviewed by local TV, CBS affiliate WSBE, channel35 over this past weekend. The Merciad attempted to contact Paolello on several occasions without success. Brown could not elaborate; on the matter, but he referred all comments to a statement issued by the college printed at the end of this article.

Friday, February 12 7 p.m. Cafeteria. The Dating Game. | 8 p.m. Lit tie Theatre. Student Choreography Show. Free Admission.
Saturday, February 13 10:30|a.m. |to 3 p.m. Zurn Lower Level. Anthropology/ Archeology Day. SAC Trip to Cleveland Flats. 8 p.m. Little Theatre. Student Choreography Show. Free Admission. Sunday, February 14 2:30fp.m. Zurn Recital Hall. D'Angelo Symphony Orchestra. Monday, February 15 8:30 p.m. Government Chambers. MSG Meeting.

Students learniwhat itis like to be an RA
By Jenn Trinidad Merciad Staff Reporter. On Tuesday, February 9, there was a meeting in the Great Room of the Union for those interested in becoming a resident assistant for next year. 'To be an RA, pne must have completed at least 50 hours of study, have a 2.5 QPA, be jn good disciplinary standing, and have the desire to make Mercyhurst College a better institution. Though it is strongly recommended that these qualifications are met, there are some exceptions. Some of the responsibilities included with being an RA are helping residents move in, resolving resident problems, unclogging toilets, and writing up residents who misbehave. An RA is someone who gets the job done. Part of the job is also being able to work around the clock. An RA is expected to be on duty, to live by the rules that need to be enforced, and to be a role model for the residents. On the other hand, an RA is not a police officer and does not look for trouble unless its brought to attention l€ 11 could be the best part of college, yet 1 the part you dread the most/* said Dr. Brown, director of housing. To apply to be a resident assistant, one must complete an application, submit a one to three page typed essay, turn in three completed rating scales, and a copy of a current class and work schedule. One of the rating scales is to be filled out by a current RA, another by a faculty member, and the last by an individual of choice. After everything is turned in, a one-onone interview with a current RA is scheduled between March 8 and March 16 to cain a better understanding of the RA position. A panel interview follows. The panel consists of the Assistant Directors of Residence Life, the Director of the Student Union, and two current RAs. Dr. Brown will then have a brief meeting with each individual recommended by the panel. Letters of appointment will be mailed out on April 6, giving each individu a 1 an opportunity to accept the position and the assignment "I don't run residence life; the staff runs the residence life program," said Brown. "It can't get any better. We're like a family."

Wednesday, February 17 8 pan. Men's Basketball hosts Edin III


1 ' i 1



FEBRUARY 11,1993

Do you think i n acceptable for people lik^Dr. Kevorkian to help terminally ill people commi uicide?
By Jule Gardner MercfadNews Editor Editor's Note: This column f is designed to represent different viewpoints of Mercyhurst students about current, newsworthy topics. The opinions are obtained through a random telephone poll of on-campus numbers. (That means you should keep up on the issues because next week I might be talking to you). Dittie Brunner, senior, Nursings * "I don't think it's right for anyone to take anyone else's life; Even though it's hard to see someone suffering, I still believe it's not right to take someone else's life." Dan Wamke, junior, Communications: * "If the person can deal with the decision, who are we to say they're wrong." Craig Woodard, freshman, Communications: "No, I don't I don't believe in suicide even if the people are terminally ill. I just don't think it's right" ! ' Heather Held, Junior, Education: % "No. I don't think it is right to help people kill themselves. It should take its course naturally."

MSG plans video store
a J video store was re-opened. Bruno informed members that he will be looking into and contactJohn Bruno, president of ing possible sponsors for this idea. Vice-President Nick Roberts Mercyhurst Student Government (MSG), opened the MSG meet- discussed plans for bringing the ing on Monday, February 8, with band "Blues? Travelers" for the discussion of theisurveillance MSG-sponsored concert. He also Cameras that will be installed on brought attention to articles in the campus. Bruno suggested that a Merciad and expressed disapcommittee ofstudents, faculty and proval that he was not contacted administration be formed to de- before an opinion column on this vise and amend a policy concern- subject was published. Roberts ing whatpurpose the cameras will saida 10,000 Maniacs" would cost specifically serve. Various mem- over $35,000, which is why they bers volunteered to be part of this will not be performing at committee. . * < Mercyhurst. "I'm confident it's The possibility of turning the going to be a good show," he said. ping-pong room in the Union into The date for the concert has not By Jule Gardner Merciad News Editor been set. Other items on the a gend a were:

elections of chairpersons fox the Senior Dinner Dance,ithe SAC sponsored "Dating Game," plans for Challenge Week and T-shirts that will be sold by cheerleaders at the jMercyhurst/Gannon basketball game. SAC chairperson, Mark Korcinsky, reminded everyone about collecting loose change on Wednesday as part of Challenge Week. He said; that President Garvey will personally match the amount collected by volunteers. MSG meeting are open to the public. The next meeting will be Monday, February IS at 8:30 p.m. in the Government Chambers.

Graduation preparation egi

r -

By Joseph Legler Editor in Chief


Mercyhurst is now preparing for the May 23 graduation by applying for street permits from the Chad Rickicki, junior. Advertising: city of Erie and mandatory insur"If the person wishes to die, it's better to pass onto a better life than ance. to suffer in this world." Director of Security, Bud Dever said, "We just completed the paperwork and sent it to the city. Tony Mclntyre, sophomore, Criminal Justice:; These things take time, so we "No. I just feel it is morally wrong for people to assist in killing must start now." anyone. Even if it is basically the person's decision to die, I just The graduation ceremony is set don't feel people should do what someone else told them to." to take place at the Warner Theater, 811 State street Mercyhurst Dominic Cugini, sophomore, Management: will have State street "Yes. I've had terminally ill people in my family and I've seen how much they suffered. If they' re su tiering that bad I don't see why down to eighth closed off for the they shouldn't be allowed to die. If the doctor is helping them, it's graduation march down the middle of the road which will like he is providing a service." begin at the Avalon Hotel located on the corner of tenth and State. Mike Dukovich, senior, Criminal Justice: A possible problem that Dever "Yes. Well if they want to die, they want to die. sees occurring is the city's decision to widen State street by tearTon! Platte,freshman,Mathematics: ing out the transit way mall. This I'm mixed. I don't think people should commit suicide but it's their right He shouldn't help them because they should do it on their is the extended sidewalk area on each side of State street. own. I just don't think anyone else should play a part in it" "We are watching this very closely," Dever said. "GraduaDlna Campbell, senior, Psychology: \ "Yes. If they're suffering bom diseases that are terminal and they tion may be occurringrightin the want to end their life now, I don't see what is so wrong with it. It's middle of this." Dever said that they want to get their life. It' s their choice." the paperwork done early in case w a "plan-B is needed to re-route Liara Barron, senior, International Business: "Yes, because he has the consent of all the family members, and the march some other direction. "I would imagine that they are most importantly, the consent of the person." not going to tear out the entire sidewalk, so we may be able to go Colleen Uriand, senior, Psychology! down the remaining sidewalk," \l "Yes. I believe life is a choice of the individual or the people responsibleforthe individual. If you want to die, it's your right to Dever said. "Either that or we can go down Peach and then over to choose. It's freedom of choice and that is the way I believe." eighth street to the Warner Theater." i . ? BUI Shultz, junior, Criminal Justices i The city has already begun to "Until legislation is passed, I don't think his doing lion his own move some of the potters, trees is acceptable." and benches on the transit way

The cover was frozen to the ground next to the hole. will Ott reported the incident to segraduation comes around. Mercyhurst must have a rider curityrightaway because he was on their insurance policy for li- concerned that a young child ability, not only for shutting down may inadvertently get hurt filling : v traffic and using the street for a in. Security has since re-covered "small parade," but also for the the pit, and are looking at a method rental of the Warner Theater. Among other items, the insur- to either weld the cover or lock it ance covers personal injury, prop- down somehow. "We? must Joe erty damage, operations hazard, able to clean debris out of these and independent contracting. pits at times," Dever said, referThe City Parks Commission, ring to an obstacle that they face the Chiefof Police and the Mayor in deciding ho w to secure the covmust approve the sought-after ers.! permits. The Chief of Police will The location of the hole is toalso be asked to provide motor- ward the south end of the football cycle officers to help shut down field which made it difficult for traffic. security guards to detect it on a Deverfindsthe current march- routine patrol. ing plan extremely beneficial beDever would like anyone with cause it provides as convenient information on the* individuals ng State street who removed the cover to contact for parents to take a photo. security as soon as possible. hopes

Ott falls in hole
By Joseph Legler Editor in Chief Recently, Mercyhurst student, Pat Ott, fell into-a seven-foot drainage pit on the football field which had the covering removed by an unknown individual. Director of Security, Bud Dever said that Ott was "fortunate that he wasn't injured seriously." Ott sustained some minor bruises to various parts of his body. Ott was walking across the field backwards to protect his face from the severe winds and cold temperatures. Dever said that the cover must have been removed some time in the recent past. "It took three guys to put it back on," he said. "So, whoever removed It had to be someone very strong."

far Grt Somebody
Totoltr Wasted ?
< < «



FEBRUARY 11,1993



Roberts defends MSGiband
ally change daily and sometimes hourly. This makes it impossible for MSG to keep the s tudent body informed on up-to-the-minute •:• I would like to clarify a few occurrences. points concerning the MSG sponThe results on the survey were sored concert that appeared in last counted and not forgotten, as Jule week's editorial by Jule Gardner. Gardner's article stated. Blues The article is somewhat mislead- Traveler finished in 5th place out ing,? uninformed and portrays of the twelve acts listed on the Mercy hurst Student Government survey. The Spin Doctors, The as an unconcerned voice of the Kinks and Arrested Development student body. fell by the wayside due to reasons A few weeks ago we (MSG) I previously stated. We did not sent out surveys to 500 ma ilboxes contact 10,000 Maniacs simply on campus. On the survey there because it is not possible for us to was a list of possible bands that do that, but Eric Hennings Promaybe available during the spring ductions did contact them repreterm. These names came to me senting Mercyhurst Student Govfrom Eric?Henning Productions ernment. Eric Hennings told me who are a College ^promotions due to a recent surge in popularity agency, who also last year booked it would cost around $35,000 to the Smithereens and Tom bring them to Mercy hurst, which Cochrane for Mercy hurst As time incidentally is $15,000 over our passes, bands change their direc- budget, and also uncertain if they tion and plans according to de- would be ;in the region or not mand. This makes the process of during the spring. I have known s bidding for bands a difficult one. this for over two weeks and this Changes in venues, touring routes, information was readily available availability and prices can actu- to the Merciad.
D e a r Editor,


Then came Blues Traveler, ac- to turn up and make your voices get accepted, it may not, if not we cording to many reliable sources be heard at the next MSG meet- will pursue other options. I sugone of the biggest college bands ing. Nobody did, and ironically gest in the future* that The of the year. John Bruno gained Jule didn't either. Merciad researches all the facts valuable insight for the costing, With the budget we are operat- a nd deta iIs before publ ish ing m ispopularity and planning of a con- ing on it is difficult to attract ma- leading^uninformative material cert during his trip to California. jor bands, however the next best that portrays an unrealistic view Sadly we do not have a huge bud- thing as an up and coming band is j of the actual situation. get to attract many of the major the Blues Traveler or even Tom acts on the circuit and this type of Cochrane? We currently have a Nick Roberts event relies not only on the col- bid out for Blues Traveler, it may MSG Vice-President lege students of Mercy hurst but on the Erie community as a whole. Wffi£0iMMi&%M$* WMm&Wfc I have talked with Dave Richard's mmm^. (Dr. Rock) and to local radio sta- • I l l MWmz^ Wg%m& tions who all consider the concert with Blues Traveler an excellent mm pMifg f r | | p idea, also more importantly many
r» . * . * »


J \

m M •- •™ ^. •** r •








- ;*ap3ffi

students at Mercyhurst They are •fO%gl|(CUia^Olfe $0^mmStMnzkc^TT^n^mti^ HH nationally known as am up and r lo aom coming band following closely in ill 'w$B$$n exam will Bfels ursaayj? the footsteps of the Spin Doctors m ?#*£ after touring with them last year. MWBZM&M * Recently they have been on ^ M W H M M i W K o i i a l K e M i H | s e y apxtf • Letterman twice and the Tonight ««aaaaaMBji M i H H P u ? M i m W$fmwW%Mw. xmem. Show once, as well as a feature in Rolling Stone magazine. At the end of Jule Gardner's article last week she made a call i>^p^|^pi% for action asking that all people


i -


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§ mmatmu. m ivi>\&

• * ._»_..... •

Taylor defines Alpha Phi O m e g a
about 98 percent3 of the? other brothers in my chapter. One last letter about the fraterWe do have the rushes, pledgnity issue brought up a couple of ing (which in A-Phi-O's case conweeks ago. .* • ••»'•• sists of getting to know the older There is a third type of frater- brothers and 10 hours of community that Brian Spinks forgot to nity service), dues paying, a final mention in last week's letter and test on the history of the fraternity those are the service fraternities, and secret initiation rites. We also which is what Alpha Phi Omega have social activities like scavenis. They are not an honor frater- ger hunts, brick night and dances. nity. The only academic require- We do not, however, have hazment is the brothers and pledges ing, frat houses or black balling. have to maintain the college's Pledges are not allowed to "serve" minimum GPA. If they were I any other brother in any way and would have never gotten in with they are never forced to do anymy 2.85 GPA, neither would have fthing tha t a brother would not do. Dear Editor, Any chapter of A-Phi-0 found in violation of this is dissolved, not by the college but by the national office. The few admissions requirements in a service fraternity have two purposes. These are to see if the pledge is committed enough to stick with it and for the pledges to learn the history, philosophy and meaning of the fraternity. ; Each "pledge" TS gfVen a big brother within one week of the beginning of pledging to help them with any-* problems they might have. In our case, the average pledge class for the Lota Xi

part, not honor students or from just one major. They are also not the typical "Greeks" that people hear horror stories about on other v Erie area universities. They are just people who joined together for the brotherhood, friendship and fun of afraternityand most important of all they wanted to be part of something that might do some good J Sincerely
Robi T a y l o r ' 9 1 A-Phi-O brother lota Xi Chapter * I

Chapter is between 15 to 20 men and women. Normally we lose two or three pledges because they thought we were going to be like the?"social" type fra ts,\ or they real ize they do not have the time in their busy schedules to participate in extracurricular activities. However, they are always welcome to repledge at a later date. Our fraternity motto (lis "Be friend, be leader, be of service," and that is what Alpha Phi Omega is out to promote within the entire,! repeat the entire, Mercyhurst community. The brothers, both male and female, are, for the most

Cessna sees unintentional Stereotyping
Dear Editor: I am writing to you in response to an article which appeared in the February 4th edition of The Merdad entitled "Hurst Faculty Responds to Stereotyping." This article discussed the stereotyping which is often times directed toward persons in the religious sector - priests and sisters - and their feelings concerning stereotyping. It is easy to identify stereotyping when it is directed toward you as a person, but what about the stereotyping which may appear to be an accepted practice at Mercyhurst? In November of 1992, posters were placed throughout the college concerning the breaking of a statue Which took place *in late October of 1992. These posters stated that the security office was seeking information concerning the incidence and the alleged perpetrator. The alleged perpetrator was described as being an "Italian looking male." would actually loolc-like. Several faculty members that I know of made comments concerning the blatant stereotyping which was being used. Despite the jokes by the students and the comments by faculty members concerning the blatant stereotyping ofithat description, these posters remained up for several months for all to see. Any person - faculty member, student, potential student, guest speaker, etc, - who saw the poster or read the article were given what may have been inter* preted as a prime example of the stereotyping which may*appear to be an accepted practice of Mercyhurst College. I was glad to see an article dealing with stereotyping of any type in The Merciad. It is my opinion that this college should recognize that stereotyping is taking place here on the campus. 3But it is equally important that we recognize the stereotyping which may be used unintentionally and the way it may appear to others. Sincerely, Kathie Cessna Social Work/Sociology Senior

The Merciad
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FEBRUARY 11,1993

By Anne L. McNeils A&E and Features Editor

Everything On My Mind

On Monday night, I found out that as part of Challenge Week, there would be a sign language workshop on Tuesday evening. Since I've always been interested in sign language, I decided to go to it When I arrived, I found out that it wasn't exactly a workshop—it was really an opportunity to observe the sign language class. Shortly after I arrived, the instructor explained that we (the observers) would be able to watch the class and ask questions after if time permitted. Even though I only stayed about 45 minutes, I found that I learned a lot more than I would have expected to learn. The sign language class is taught in absolute silence. No one talks. The only sound is of the students' and teacher's hands as they move through the quiet air to form the signs. v I didn't have too much trouble with the complete silence—I'm far from used to it, but I can deal with it What caused a problem forme was the fact that I couldn't understand one thing these people were saying to one another. They were communicating with one another, but since I don't know sign language, I was totally excluded from their conversation. Not because they didn't want me to know what they were talking about, simply because I didn't have the ability to comprehend it Ml think I learned at least a little bit about what it's like to be hearing impaired. If you've ever been with a group of others who were communicating through sign language, you may have some idea of what I'm talking about If you haven't, try to imagine it for a minute. There are maybe four or five people sitting together, and they are using only sign language. You're watching them, trying to follow, but unless you know sign language, you can't, not completely. You're just sitting there, in silence, watching and probably feeling pretty lonely. It's not even quite like being with people who don't speak English, because in that situation, there are at least sounds. You may not understand them or what they mean, but at least you can hear them. With people using sign 1 anguage, you have to be looking at them all the time in order to realize that something is even going on. If you can understand at least a little how it would feel to be in that sort of situation, try to imagine being in it all the time. People who are hearing impaired have to face that every day, in almost every situation. No ma tter where they go or what they do, they will always have to struggle to understand, to be aware of what's going on, unless they are only with other hearing impaired people. I was frustrated enough in that class the other night—I couldn't imagine living my entire life like that I've always been told that you can't understand someone else's problems unless you're able to "put yourself in their shoes." I believed it, but I had never experienced it until the other night when I wa s at the sign language cl ass. Sitting in that room, I felt 1 ike I had norightto be there. I had no idea what they were "saying" to one another and I had very little hope offiguringit out 1 felt like an outsider. There have been a lot of other times when I've felt like I didn't belong, but never so acutely, and never because I didn't have the ability to participate. When I was sitting in that room, feeling out of place, I started to think about all of the times I've gottenfrustratedor even angry with my grandmother, who is bearing impaired, because she needed me to repeat something to her three or more times so she could understand what I was talking about I started to wonder how she feds at family dinners whenwe're all talking at once and she has to struggle to follow what's going on. Sometimes she tries to follow by looking back and forth at everyone, kind of like she's at a tennis match, but a lot of times, she just sits there, passing out the food and watching the rest of us enjoying ourselves. I wonder how many times she *s ready to yell and scream outber ownfrustrationbecause she can't participate in our conversations. * I always bitch and moan about my petty little problems like having a bad hair day or nothing to wear. I suspect that s lot of other people a round here sre a lot 1 ike me in that aspect So try something (I'm going to do it too): Next time you feel like everything in your world is wrong because your socks don't match the stripe on your sweater, think sbout people who have more serious A things to contend with and try to get over your insignificant troubles and maybe do something to help others who have it a little worse. 4 I would just like to commend those who have begun to write letters to the Editor of the Merciad. I complained about apathy on this ca mpus early this year and I'm glad to see I wss wrong, even though it took a long time. 1

The St Paul's 1500 Club will sponsor Monte Carlo Nite on Saturday, February 27from6 to 11 p.nv intSt. Paul's Center, 453 West 16 St Free Snacks and refreshments will be available while they last A grand award of $2,000 will be given out. This event benefits the SL Paul Catholic Church Building Fund.

Anyone interested fn starting a pep band for men's and women's basketball programs to help creIn case of snow emergency, veate more spirit and atmosphere at hicles hindering overnight snow games should contact Pete Russo, removal may*be towed at the Director ofAthletics, at ext 2226. owner's expense. Regul ations regarding overnight parking are as The Fitness Center will be open follows. In lot #2, overnight pa rki

on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. to employees only. Craig Davie, Director of the Fitness Center, will be available during these hours to assist any employee in learning how to operate exercise equipment effectively and safely. Davie will also be available to place any employee on a designated fitness program to meet personal goals for exercise.

ing is allowed above the southern most entrance and along the east side of the lot all the way to the north end exit Overnight parking is also allowed in the north maintenance lot, lot #6, 10, 13, the townhouse lot and the west end of lot #8. Overnight parking is not permitted in lots # 3,4,5,9 and lot 8 (except for the west end). Anyone Interested in joining the Mercy hurst College Summer Abroad Program should contact Mr. John Wolper, Division Chair, inHRIM inEgan25. The Honor Society is now sell* ing PAAL alarms, or personal attack alarms (for their second fundraiser. They are water-resistant and can be purchased for $28 from Preston 124. For further details, contact Shirley Williams or She me Mishrell at ext 2266. A change in doctor's hours has been made in the Health Office. Dr. David Kruszewski will be filling in for Dr. Cohen who will be away for eight weeks. Those who need to see the doctor may do so on Monday mornings from 9 to 10 a.m. in the Health Office! The Erie County Dfabetes Association will host a "Hearty Party" on Saturdy, February 20 from noon to 4 p.m. at the Erie Senior Citizen's Center, 609 French St This event is in coordination with Heart Month and Valentine's Day. Everyone is asked to bring a "hearty" tureen to share, along with a copy of the recipe. Meat, beverage and place setting will be provided. For reservations, call 864-5794. There is no fee for ECD A members and their fa milym embers. The fee for non-members is $10 per family and includes a membership to ECDA.
* :#S!




Check out WMCE...We plav what vou want to hear!


Start talking ouf p r o b i e ^ p CXWFlDEim\Mm)FESSI01N^VL OMJNSaiNdSERVia^


mjmmm issues





By Davtd McQuillen Merciad Staff Columnist

Shoe Gazin

Dancers get taste of other side
By Erin Hauber Merciad StaffReporter day nights. .What's special about this show to both Mary Price Boday, director of the Mercyhurst Dance Depa rtment, and Jay Kirk, dance faculty and ballet master of the Mercyhurst dancers, is that four out of five students are dancers who started the same year Boday and Kirk began their program at , Mercyhurst According to Kirk, who is the teacher of the choreography class, says 'It's just exciting to see what they're coming up with." Also, Boday believes that this type of show "appeals more to the Student body." Instead of the classical ballet production, this show has such a diverse sense of style and a mixture of everything. Along with the students' pieces, r there is a special piece choreographed by Kevin Maloney entitled "Trouble." Maloney is a dance educator, choreographer and performer based in the Pittsburgh area.

Two weeks ago, we stood out What are you doing this weekend? Instead of walking up and in a parking lot off Prospect down Briggs or walking in beAvenue* in downtown Clevetween Briggs and Mercy Apartland. Our shirts and pants were ments searching for an "already soaked with sweat The night busted" party in the cold, why was cold and our clothes were don't you make plans to attend steaming. Paul couldn't move the Student Choreography Show hisrightarm. Chunk had bruises presented by die Mercyh urst danccovering his back. Jamie's shirt I was ripped, Dan was limping, Jay'sglasses were bentand I had been ers. This event will take place on kicked in the head. Only Pablo was still jumping around looking for Friday, Feb. 12 and Saturday, Feb. 13 at 8 p.m. in the Little Theater. more. h I The show is thefinalproduct of Minutes before, we were surrounded and covered by people who a choreography course that the were shoving and pushing and falling down, getting up and shoving dancers are requited to take as some more. Bodies flew everywhere, both from below and from dance majors at Mercy hurst. The above. If you didn't keep moving, you were bound to get knocked show, which includes 10 pieces, down. * This was life in the pit at the Ned's Atomic Dustbin conceit and it was put together by juniors Nicole was a life with few rules, fueled by adrenalin, agression, music, and Acquilano, Laura Blabac, Karen Sullivan and Shannon Va nee, and enough concern for fellow moshers to keep someonefromgetting freshman Erika Johnson. killed. It was slam dancing and crowd surfing and stage diving and By taking this class, the five choosing the dance steps to what it was a pit at it's best: hotter than hell and a damn good time. dancers have been given the rare degree the lights should be angled The concert was held in the Agora Theatre and had two opening opportunity to take off their ballet at, the ladies have been able to bands. Flower Head (yet another bandridingthe grunge train) and slippers, and become creators, experience every aspect of the the Supreme Love Gods (a sort of Nitzer Ebb meets Minor Threat directors, choreographers and pro- production, as well as the final meets Ice-T kind of sound) were playing hard enough to encourage ducers of an entire piece. From production on Friday and Satura small group of kids to begin a whirlpool of slam dancing right in front of the stage. The other 100 or so people on thefloorand the fewlOO in the seating area just watched on. The pit looked scary, they were onesthat you almost had to be invited to. A tie wasn't required, but a flannel shirt, nine inch bangs, ripped jeans and combat boots were acceptable dress. We decided to wait a while before entering. Besides, everyone there was a lot bigger than me. A lot bigger. $ The openers eventually left the stage and we all waited for Ned's. S "^ff^ FAMILY TANNING CENTERS When the lights went out, the crowd began yelling and whistling. "Ned's Ned's Ned's Ned's Ned's." They came. 4 The lights snapped on and washed the crowd, the guys in the band blew into their first song (I think it was Not Sleeping Around, but I don't really remember), threw their hair around and pounded away. The crowd eruptedfromthe first note. Into the pit we went. Head V Your Newest and Number first l 1 Tanning Salon. The Sun Immediately, I lost everyone. Chunk was dragged to the left and Pablo was bouncing into people as hard as he could to the right They Capsule is the most ad| soon disappeared into the crowd. I didn't care because I lost myself vanced indoor suntanning as well in the six foot sea of arms and bodies and heads. My heart v system of the 90 s. With your rate soared as I danced as i f I was fighting. I shoved peoplefromthe own individual tanning unit front andfromthe back. I grabbed arms and threw what was attached complete with private changing in any direction. I screamed at the band and they played with everything they had. Kill Your Television, Lego Land, Throwing s area and stereo music. You 4S Things, all the great songs. J can get the fastest possible v I jumped and slammed and got slammed back. I struggled for air all over tan with our 48 lamp where there was little oxygen. I'd been in pits before, but nothing system (20 - 28 lamps in a heavy 1 ike this. This was 200 people, both guys and girls, for the pit tanning bed) with no risk Of knows no gender. w A And although it seemed like chaos, anarchy, and violence, it i burning, drying or peeling. wasn't There seems to be a pit culture and rules of the pit that Sun Capsule gives, you a everyone silently agrees to so that no one gets seriously hurt You rich, beautiful tan that gets can push and shove all you want, you can even grab people and noticed. 15 minutes in a throw them. You can't punch. You can't kick. If someone falls, pick Capsule = 30 minutes in a them up. Don't get angry. bed. It's a cleaner and safer ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ _ ^ ^ _ And it is with those rules that you ride the fine edge of slam dancing andfighting/violence.It's a stra nge feeling. Although most environment, sweat free tanning (No lying down on hot, of uswould profess to be peaceful people (except perhaps those who acrylic). Our trained technicians are ready to answer are fighting over egosfdown at Herman's), there is something all your tanning questions and help you with our complete weirdly exciting about getting into a mob of people and being line of lotions and eye contactf So if you're looking for lagrcssive, pushing and shoving and getting slammed back. There I is something almost scary but compelling when you begin throwing the UltimatetTan, let Sun Capsule'add a little Sunshine yourself into the crowd without thinking, when you rush through the to your Life, because some people are just too white; mass banging against other people who are all doing the same. When you know that you can lash out and not worry about getting punished in some way. When you don't have to care. , And while there were people who sat in the seats Watching, 1 suspect that the reason they didn't join thefraywas for fear of being badly hurt, a fear based more on appearance thanfactI bet that they wanted to be out there, but something held them back. Then again, tt maybe they just didn't want to. It was too bad that they didn't, because it was something that we getlWc chance to do when out in Life. Itwas a chance tobe without rules, guidelines, a chance to releasefrustration.It was fun.

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FEBRUARY 11,1993

Student balances m a n y different 'plates
By Teen a Stewart L Merciad Contributing Writer reminders the school had sent home? I'd scribbled "no school" on the calendar and then looked a I "Mrs. Stewart, this is Mrs. Spen- it wondering why. I had rememcer, the school secretary. Jordan bered that my other two children is at school and there is no school had half days today and somehow I'd gotten confused. I da shed from for kindergartners today." I sucked in my breath. "Oh my our house to the school a cross the gosh, I forgot all about it I'll be street. M y mind was whirling; my blood pressure mounting. I would right over." How could I have been so stu- have to make arrangements for pid, after all the newsletters and my husband to watch Jordan at his office or take him with me to class which would start in less than one hour. At our house things usually go like clockwork. There is a definite rhythm: kids off to school by 9:15, then I'm off to class, then to work by three, and home with two of the three kids by six. Next I fix supper, then I throw in more laundry, finail y I study. I get the kids to bed, then I study some more.


^SpoKt scare! s

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on your 1st. lifesaving plasma donation — with ] this ad. Physical required — Call for physician's hours.


That's on a good night Some- when I know it's time to back off. times there seems to be a real time I have to physically remove myshortage—not enough .hours in self from whatever is stressing me. I take walks. They help my the day. Today it took one thing to break mind and the exercise relaxes me. the delicate ba 1 a nee. I 'd been pre- I also like to create. My private occupied with my schooling refuge is our basement Like Dr. again. Thinking about finals, Frankenstein, I am a mad about obtaining the ever elusive creator. ..of era fts and art projects. If life were an apple, I'd want it A's and about how it would boost my anemic self-esteem. It would to be crimson, polished to a high also mean morefinancialaid. All gloss sheen; worm less. I 'd want it of this is in order to get a betterjob to be crisp and sweet and satisfythat pays more than$ minimum ing. I'd eat it slowly to make it last But life isn't like that. It's wage. ^ At times the guilt of trying to be more like a red delicious apple, Super Mom and not making it is wormy and artificial, tempting to overwhelming. This was one of look at but completely tasteless at CHEAP! FBI/U.S. SEIZED those days. I continued to rumi- times..very disappointing. 89 MERCEDES.; $200 nate, beating my sel f over the head I find myself trying time and 86 VW $50 rf. with negative thoughts. time again to reach for that per87 MERCEDE&...A.$100 Whenever 1 mess up it's usually fect apple that seems so out of 65 MUSTANG..W.....,$50 in the area of the kids* school reach. Often I came up short So, activities. I.rarely mess up my I stress perfection in my own Choose from thousands starting schooling. I feel like a plate spin- sphere. Where I am, my perfecat $50. FREE Information-24 ner from the circus. Lately, the tionist tendencies follow me like Hour Hotline. 801-379-2929 plates had been wobbly. Today a faithful canine. Right now,since Copyright # PA 04S610 there was a crash. Usually when I'm in college, it's standing on its there is one, others follow shortly. hind legs looking over my shoul$200 - $500 WEEKLY Then I must start spinning the der. Assemble products at home. plates more cautiously until I am I want to be the best mom, the Easy! No selling. You're paid in control. Sometimes it means best worker, the best college studirect. Fully Guaranteed. taking a step back and getting my dent, the best pastor's wife. Is this FREE Information - 24 Hour perspective. Not getting an A realistic? I don't think so. Is this Hotline. 801- 379 - 2900 j doesn't make me less of a person, stressful? You bet With practice Copyright # PA045650 but I often have trouble convinc- a plate spinner may be able to spin ing myself. Once an over- many plates, but there are limits. achiever, always an over- Sometimes I* forget mine. I'm ? CALLING ALL ' achiever. working on it * CLUBS/GROUPS $ EARN SERIOUS MONEY $ * Sometimes I get so stressed I feel5like I'm smothering.That's Your fraternity, sorority or other campus group can easily i am $400 PLUS BIG BONUSES none week. You pay nothing!

Black Sunday' tips

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By Stephanie Wainwright Merciad Staff Reporter * What are you doing to celebrate Black Sunday, a.k.a. Valentine's'Day? Well, let me help you decide. Some will be celebrating by sitting In their room sulking and wondering why they aren't gettingflowers,candy or something else sweet. Hence the meaning of Black Sunday. They will be wishing that next year, cupid's arrow will have struck that special someone. For others, it will be with that significant other ^celebrating in their own special way. Imagine thousands of couples will be staring into each other's starry eyes over some sort of romantic dinner. Here at Mercy hurst there are other ways to celebra te this splendid holiday. On Friday, Feb. 12, you could be a contestant in the infamous Dating Game. He is back—the Stud Monkey.'Lover himself, Dr. Gary' Brown, Will host the event which starts at 7 p.m.. in the cafeteria. This is an annual event in which SAC invites the student body to partake in a game that sometimes doubles as an episode of Studs. If you are not brave enough to play, watching ia just as amusing. In case that isn't your bag, you

C A N C U N Nassau, Paradise Island

f Wanted!
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Student* wishing to walk In Aluka man be eighteen or older and In good phyaioal condition. s I

could stand outside your dream hook's window and proclaim your undying love for him or her, hoping they will feel sorry for you and invite you in. Or maybe you can recreate the one in a million chance of a scene from Pretty Woman, where the god Richard Gere climbs up the fire escape and rescues Julia Roberts. Chivalry, where did it go to? MGM maybe. ji And what if you haven't decided what to give that special someone? Here are some of my best suggestions: 1. Send your lover on a scavenger hunt to a cozy and quaint rendezvous. 2. Make him/her dinner, anything is better than the cafe or Cove. 3. Buy him/her a ,star» (Doogic Howser's attempt at chivalry). 4. Make him/her a tape with some great sentimental tunes on ii (Make sure the song "Lady in Red" by Chris De Burg is on it). 5. Buy tickets to see'-Phantom ol the Opera at the Warner Theatre and promise to take her and make good on it. Well, I'm sure however you decide to spend this sensuous holiday,£ your 'lover will be pleased. And just some last minute words to all men who read this article, "Love is a whole history of a woman's life, it is but an episode in a man's," De'l Influ-tj ence de Passions.

FEBRUARYill, 1993

„ . . „ U! • H I



*"• v -

"•*•" ^ • ^ / ^ ^ y / / A w . . - . WWW.W/WAV<.X<




The Cheap Seats
By John Danknich Me re tad A ssL Snort

Baffle overcomes the odds and pressures of life
By David Kosobucki Merciad Sports Writer *? Battle first started playing baseball when he was about eight yea rs old. He loved it so much that be mastered it "I liked playing baseba 11, but it became boring forme/' he said. "I could bit the ball hal f a mile, but no one cared. They'd say, so what if you're goodaat baseball. You have to be good at hoops." Battle put baseball on the back burner and concentrated on hoops. He played in the parks and stayed he would start, th is pleased Battle. But that wasn't the only thing that hooked Battle to MercyhursL "I looked at the campus and though), this place is beautiful," he said. "I saw that the graduation rate,for basketball players is over 90 percent." y All of these things have made Battle's stay at Mercy hurst a pleasant one. Things weren't always that way. When Mercy hurst struggled to only four wins, Battle thought about transferring. The losing disappointed^him. He wanted to win too badly. After all the smoke cleared, he was asked to reconsider. "Pete Russo talked with me and asked me to recon/rider,* he said. "He wanted me to give the new coach a chance." "''. Things got'better for Battle. During the next season, the Lakers doubled their wins to eight This season, the Hurst is 12-6 and riding high. '1 just am having a great time now. We're winning, I'm going to graduatefroma private, Catholic school and I'll deGnitely be able to get a>job," he

[$Havc you ever felt that your life just wasn't fair*when you were The sports world lost another growing up? You know, you come friend Saturday afternoon when home and dinner is not on«the Afthur Ashe died from pneutable. Your parents wouldn't let monia due to complications from you take, the car out,, and you AIDS. He was 49 years old. I couldn't drive yourself to \the found out about his death Saturworld's biggest party. "What do day evening as I watched the 11 mean they can' t sleep over? Come p.m. news. I didn't even know on!" £ ^i a i he had been in the hospital. I I Usually it's the little things that offthe streets. He knew he wanted Ashe was best known for being the first African-American man to people take for granted. For to make something out of himwin a grand slam tennis event He was ranked number one in the Mercy hurst's Gerry Battle, the world in 1968 and 1975. He played for the US Davis Cup team and little things are what'mean the self. "Basketball was my chance later went on to serve as team captain. Ashe was also the first black most "I didn't have my parents to get out of the projects," he said. "I knew I could get to college. man inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame. while I grew up," Battle said. That's what I wanted," % However, Arthur Ashe was much, much more than a former 'They were in jail. My sister and Battle became a local hero with professional tennis player who died of AIDS. I lived with my grandmother." high aspirations. After his senior Since Ashe revealed to the public-at-large that he had AIDS last Battle's parents were in jail be- year, he played in the Dapper Dan April, he began to take a leadership role in the battle against the cause of drug use. While all the Roundball Classic, held in Pittsdeadly disease. He setup his own foundation for the defeat of AIDS. other kids said "mom and dad", burgh. The big names were there: He became a spokesman that most everybody could identify with in Battle said "grandma." "It was Anfernee - Hardaway (Memph is < thefightagainst AIDS. -. tough growing up," he said.;"I State), Adrian Autry (Syracuse) I had never seen Ashe play. My encounters with him came from grew up in a tough neighborhood. and Antonio Lang (Duke). Battle when I watched Wimbledon on HBO. After his retirement, Ashe Battle lived in the projects of finally was where he wanted to •r became a commentator for the cable network and quickly developed McKeesport, PA, which made be, but the big decision now was, into one of the best analysts in the sport Ashe's insights were alwa ys things even more tough. "I lived where to go? He had some Diviinteresting and intelligent It was very obvious to me that the man by drug dealers and you had to sion I schools recruiting him such said. knew what he was talking about { J • > watch out not to hang a round the as Pitt and Robert Morris, but sBattle is majoring in Social When Ashe reluctantly revealed he had AIDS last year, needless wrong crowd," he said. It would they only offered him two or three Work and wants to go back to his to say, I was surprised. His announcement shocked me even more have been just as easy to do what year scholarships. £Money was ol d neighborhood and try to help than Magic Johnson's did. Johnson would be thefirstto admit that everyone else Was doing. But that tough to come by, so Battle wanted the kids mat face the problems he his admittedly promiscuous lifestyle was bound to catch Up to him. was the easy way out Battle knew the full ride. faced. Before he does that, he is However, Ashe contracted AIDSfroma blood transfusion during that in order to succeed in life, Battle had his pick of Division considering'playing basketball heart surgery in 1983; He became afflicted with AIDS through no you have to work hard. "I knew it II schools. |He wasn't sure ex- overseas. Basketball has been a fault of his own. rj, ''* .•_... i} j> . 4 > (using d rugs) was wrong," he sa id. actly where he wanted to go, but shining light in a potentially dark For a long time, I thought that AIDS could only be transmitted "I got involved in sports to save one thing was definitely on his world for Battle. It has helped through sexual means, by using,drugs or$in very extenuating list, he wanted to start as a fresh- him pull himselfout ofthe projects myself from the pressure- (to circumstances. In Ashe's case, it was none of the above. man. When Mercvhurst told him and into society. deal). Blood transfusions are given every day jn every hospital across the country. Even though donated blood is screened for HIV, some tainted blood does make its way into unsuspecting patients like Ashe and Ryan White. Ashe's death made me realize that AIDS is By Keith Courson In the first meeting, Mercy hurst j Demyanovich continues to push an even bigger problem than I could ever imagine. t looked disorganized at times and his team to its utmost potential Merciad Sports Writer I used the word "reluctantly" to describe Ashe when he ancontinually rushed shots. This but realizes that it takes time to nounced he had AIDS. Ashe had known he was HIV-positive threeMercy hurst basketball teams game ran a totally opposite course. mature as a unit "We' ve lost some and-a-half years before he came forward. After several days of hadn't had much success with "When you have a young team, it tough games this season, but we'll checking it out, USA TODAY went to Ashe and asked him if the Gannon in recent weeks, until last has a tendency to pla y so hard that chalk ]those up for experience,'* rumors were true. Faced with telling the truth or lying to protect his Wednesday. The Lady Lakers, it pushes the ball and lacks pa- he sa id. privacy, Ashe chose the latter. ^ attempting to avenge a 67-60 loss tience," said Demyanovich. "I tel 1 ' ^ Demyanovich's squad has In my opinion? USA TODAY had no light to ask Ashe anything to the Knights at the Hammerni ill the girls that the good teams have battled in several tight games that about his health. The press alw.ys reports on a "need to know" basis. Center, ended the "0 for Gannon" patience and they make their foul could have gone either way down (shots)." I % I \'i don't think we needed to know anything about Ashe's health. Ashe streak with an 81-58 rout the stretch. The Lady Lakers have With the triumph, the Lady Lak- lost four games by six points or 'This is a very big win because valued his privacy and the press violated it. If Ashe wanted to reveal his illness, he should have done so because he wanted to, not beca use we played so horribly down at ers picked up theirfifthconsecu- less including an overtime loss at Gannon," commented coach Paul tive win. Gannon lost for the first CI a rion. USA TODAY pressured him to. i Mercy hurst gets back into acDuring his lifetime, so many issues caught his attention - apartDemy a novich. "We shot so bad. time in five contests. Baginski paced all scorers with tion on Saturday, February 13, Mercy hurst executed on both heid, racism in sports, inner-city blight, children as our future, Haitian refugees - but AIDS thrust Ashe into his most reluctant roles ends of thefloorand never closely 22 points. Szumigala contributed traveling to Pitt*Johnstown. Two resembled the Laker squad in the 14, McChesney 14 and Diane days later, Westminster entertains as spokesman and hero. jg the Lady iLakers. I believed that Ashe would at least live a few more years, maybe Grst meeting. "It was the defense Beatty 10. more. If you saw him in the last few months, you could see what the that really did it for us. We were; ;iS disease had done to him* He looked gaunt andtired.If you looked trying to take them out of their into his eyes though, you could see that thefirestill burned within offense by denying them their him. He had accomplished a lot in his life but still had more to do. entry pass," said Demyanovich. Offensively, the Lady Lakers This perhaps saddened me more than anything else; On Sunday, Ashe was supposed to speak at the Connecticut exploded for 44 points in the firiT 24) (tWInlM teipt: Dec^mberfl \ Fe Forum on AIDS. Even though he was too weak to attend, Ashe half. Dcniseji Baginski led the ^xcludingOiristni^ De418-J charge with 15 markers. "I think videotaped his message to the forum. This was how dedicated he we were very patient on offense W3S* * a nd we had good ball movement," it was this dedica tion to AIDS, tennis and life that earned Ashe the Moadays 13019 pM distinction of being named Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the added the Laker mentor. "That was probably the key to the first Wedaesdays|6:15 - 8:45 p.m. Year for 1992. He was thefirstretired athlete so honored. half." Teresa Szumigala shot for L So you see, Arthur Ash* was more than JusUn ex-tennis player. Fridays 6:p fp|45 pfm |*Nopce c|Rfa| eight and Julie McChesney had fltewas a man who made his mark not onl* in tennis, but in world Ip, 29^€ 9f 9 due to varsit| b$ six points in the opening period.* events r^i After losing the first two field games, i The world event be leaves behind J»the Atfhur Arte Foundation goals of the game to Gannon, Ifat tha Defeat otAIDS. Send your donation*to100 Pa*Ave, 10th Saturdays ||^|6|[5para|- jt j Mercy hurst ran off nine straight |',Floor, New York, NY 10017. His legacy will live on... points and never trailed again. Sundays! 3:30 - 6 p^*Ia|ime cl|Mige|on| : n t m r ATED TO ARTHUR ROBERT ASHE JR. 19434993 The Lakers led 44-23 at in term is| j j | m PfejPto7-9p^m. 1% ice oilJan>24 sion.








Lady Lakers trounce Knights

Student skating times for |f ejhjfhurs t flee Ceoteif





FEBRUARY 11,1993

Lakerjicers tune u p for s h o w d o w n with Elmira
By Craig Rybczynski Merciad Sports Editor In the fabled series between Mercyhurst and Elmira, each team can brag about big victories. Fans and players seem'to wait each year for the rivals to suit up and play. This Friday's game comes at a crucial moment in the year, when ECAC playoff spots are to be decided. On Friday, the Lakers will battle the Soaring Eagles in Elmira for this year's bragging rights. The series is deadlocked at 1-1 and the . winner could possibly get the chance to host the ECAC playoffs. The Hurst brings in an impressive 15-6 record and 12-2 ECAC West record. I %t fj Mercyhurst continued its dominance in the new year, improving to 8-0 in 1993, with lastweekend 's sweep of the St. Bonaventure University Bonnies in a home and home series. • The Lakers)can use the Bona ven tu re series to further their confidence as they \prepare for Elmira and Hobart College this weekend. Theblue and green won the first game( 14-0 at, the Mercyhurst Ice Center•; and the second on Saturday ,10-2 in Olean, NY. Friday's shutout of the Bonnies set a team record for most in a season. Mirko Pellizzari and Richard Gobbatto combined for the shutout Coach Rick Gotkin was not suprised by his tea m's dominanee last weekend. He said, 'The guys are pla ying good hockey. They 're playing pretty confident, moving the puck and working hard. So I wasn't suprised at all." Winger Art Thomas contibuted y to Friday s victory with six points. He had one goal and five assists. Thomas received ECAC West Rookie of the Week for his work in die weekend series. Rob Madia also had two goals and three assists for the Hurst. The Bonnies and Lakers did play tight-checking -hockey for over sixteen minutes of the first period, as the Hurst led 1 -0. Kevin McKinnon opened the scoring for the Lakers with the assists going to Thomas and Tom DeCoteau. However, that is when the goal scoring spree began. The Lakers tallied five times in 3:37 to put the ECAC West Rookie of the Week Art Thomas prepares for the game away at 6-0. St Bonaventure Chris Freeman during Friday night's 14-0 Laker victory. goalie Chris Heine was beat twice The last period saw sophomore scored bis twentieth of the year in eight seconds by'Madia and winger Craig MacDonald finish and chipped in with four assists; Kevin Gauthier. Scott MacDonald, McKinnon and Tho- die hat trick. MacDonald beat Madia and McKinnon also had Heine at 8:48, to extend the four points. mas finished the scoring for the Mercyhurst ilead to 11-0. He period. Once again, the Lakers jumped would round out the Laker scor- out to a commanding lead and In the second period, Madia : ing attack with a power play goal coasted to victory. League leadcaptained the Mercyhurst power in the final minute of play. ing goaltender Scott Barber implay, as he scored and assisted on In\ Saturday's series finale proved his goals against average the man advantage. He aided in against the Bonnies, Laker to 2.32 in the win. Craig MacDonald's 17th of the defenseman Andrew Moir comMercyhurst led 5-0 before the season. He added his second of pleted bis first career hat trick in Bonnies scored their first goal in the game to make'it 9-0, from the win. five periods against the Hurst. Thomasand McKinnon. The Lakers were, however, led Moir's first of the game staked by the ECAC West's point leader the Lakers to the five-goal advanCraig MacDonald. ^MacDonald tage 34 seconds into the second

faceoff against St Bonaventure's
Photo by Jay Fitchpatrick
period. Moir would again find the .net late in the second frame. Ken Gushie and McKinnon assisted on his seventh of the season. He would conclude his scoring frenzy in the third period, tallying the tenth Laker goal. Madia, and McKinnon helped Moir to reach this personal milestone. Mercyhurst will try to improve upon its unbeaten streak in Elmira on Friday and at Hobart College the next day. The game at Elmira ran be heard on WMCE 885 FM starting at 7:20 p.m.

By Liam Barron Merciad Sports Writer

Wednesday night McChesney also has high hopes for the future of the program. If you've happened to venture "We're a young team and we are a cross to the MAC this year, you improving with every game," she will have noticed the improved said. "Although we're out of the play of the Mercyhurst Lady Lak- running this year, we still have ers basketball squad. A major fac- somerivalswe'd like to beat, and tor in their success has been the ^then we can look forward to next strong play of Julie McChesney, year." McChesney hopes to get into a sophomore from Warren, PA. McChesney is currently the sec- the area of hotel and restaurant ond leading scorer on the team I management when she grad uates.' with an average of 15.8 points per At present, she coaches basketgame. McChesney was recruited from Warren High* School by head coach Paul Demyanovich in 1991. At that time, she was a standout on the Warren Lady Dragons basketball squad. When she learned that; some of her fiercest high school competitors were also going to enroll in the class of 1995, she liked the idea of lining out with players of the caliber of Teresa Szumigala, Denise ball at summer camps in the area, Baginski, and Joan Torelli. Ev- but when she finishes at erything must have worked out Mercyhurst, McChesney will well for them, because they are all hang up bershoes in pursuit of her ca rcer. now roommates. Basketball obviously takes up A major factor in McChesney 's presence at the Hurst was the beau- most of her time, but whenever tiful campus, which stands in fa- she has some time off, McChesney vorable contrast to Gannon's likes to hang out with her friends sprawling campus downtown. and go shopping. Teammate Diane Beatty The rivalry with Gannon has obviously dominated the team's summed up McChesney when she thinking this year, and she has said, "Julie is fun to be around, high hopes that the Lady Lakers and her lively personality helps will put the record straight bring the rest of us together."

Lakersftose heart-breaker to Gannon in OT
By John Danknich J Merciad Asst. Sports Editor After a heart-breaking overtime loss to Cannon last Thursday night, the Mercyhurst men's basketball team rebounded Tuesday night to avenge an early season overtime loss to Central State. On the strength of 72 percent shooting in the second half, the Lakers cruised past the Marauders 90*71 to improve their record to 13-7. The victory by the Hurst will help prepare the team for Thursday night's rematch against Gannon at the MAC. The determining factor for the! Lakers against Central State was thenvaunted pressure defense. The Marauders shot a woeful 32 percent from the field on 22 of 69 shooting. Central State also shot only one of nine from behind the three-point arc. Laker guard Kerry Baker tied his own school Hicord by hitting six treys in 10 attempts. Overall, the Hurst shot 56.7 percent from the Geld, which was well above its season average of 47 percent. Behind the shooting of Baker and Rashe Revicre, the Lakers raced to a 37-27 halftime advantage. In the second half, however, the Lakers poured in 53 points to win going away. j Reviere's 33 points led the Lakers. Also in double figures were Baker with 24 a nd Ja mie Houston with 19. Houston also pulled down nine boards. The victory enabled the Lakers to gain a measure of revenge for its overtime loss to the Ma rauders in the final of the Al Ferraro Ford Classic. Revenge was certainly on the minds of the Lakers as they faced arch-rival Gannon at the Hammermill Center last Thursday night. However, after blowing several chances ito put the game a way in regulation, the Lakers fell in overtime 74-72. With its victory, the Golden Knights have now won 11 in a row over the Hurst and 14 of the last 15. The lead changed hands several times in the second half. The Lakers took the lead when Houston hit one of two free throws with 1:55 to go in regulation. After Gannon's Shannon Grant's drive was blocked by Gerry ^Battle, Reviere slashed down the lane for a two-point basket that gave the Lakers a three-point advantage at 1:05. i t ' Gannon cut the Laker lead to 58-57 when Leo Nadal put back a rebound with 42 seconds left. After exchanging time outs, the Golden Knights fouled guard Rahsaah Roland with 15 seconds left. Roland could only hit one of two from the line, giving Gannon a chance to win. A small defensive lapse by the Lakers left Jason Stitcher open for a three-pointer. Stitcher missed, but Grant caught the weak side rebound and converted it to send the game into OT. The Knights quickly took control in the extra session, racing to a 66-59 lead with 2:33 to play. The Lakers wouldn't fold and madeione last charge. Baker's fourth trey of the night and Battle's steal and lay-in cut the Gannon lead to 70-69. A pair of clutch free throws by Gannon's,Matt Flanncry and Stitcher's lay-in with 12 seconds left gave thei Knights an insurmountable five-point lead. Reviere's ihrce-pointcr?at the buzzer cut the final deficit to two points. Free throws once again plagued the Lakers. Both teams went to the line 22 times. The Golden Knights converted 18. The Hurst could only make 14 from the line, which was the difference. Reviere paced five Lakers in double figures with 22. Baker added 14 and Battle ten. Before fouling out, Houston and Roland scored 13 and 11, respectively. Gannon will travel to the MAC on Thursday night to try and take its third game this season from Mercyhurst The game starts at 8 p.m. and will also be* heard on WMCE 88.5 FM.

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