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VOL. 66 NO. 22


Kennedy defines
By Jule Gardner Editor In Chief As mandated by the governor of Pennsylvania, the Liquor Control Board (LCB) is required to make at least two visits to each college in the state. Officially named the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Enforcement (PLCE), the organization is a branch of the State Police and has authority anywhere in the state, according to William Kennedy, vice-president of student services. "It's not that we invite them. They're just here/' Kennedy said. PLCE visited campus this past weekend and Kennedy would not be surprised if they returned for Spring Activities weekend beginning on Friday, May 7. PLCE did turn up for this weekend last year. They know when the big weekends are. They keep their ears to the ground," said Kennedy. Kennedy said that the administration or residence life staff are not notified prior to PLCE visits. "They do contact us when they come on the campus," he said. At times, PLCE requests security to accompany them and other times they prefer to be on their own.

on campus
"You have to understand," Kennedy said, "they have the whole codery of la w at their disposal." 5 Kennedy added that although Mercyhurst is a private college, it does not fall,under the same guidelines as private property. One reason for this is that the roads through the college are public roads, where state police are free to enforce the law. In past visits, PLCE has confiscated drivers' licensenses and fined students for underage drinking. However, it is possible for those of legal age to be charged with public drunkenness, aiding and abetting or serving alcohol to minors.

Formal kicks off Activities Weekend
By Suzanne Coneglio Merciad Staff Reporter Spring Activities Weekend will take place this weekend with the formal being held on Friday at the Avalon Hotel in downtown Eriefrom9 p.m. to 1 a.m. The cost of tickets is $8. Shuttles leave from Baldwin Hall beginning at 8:30 p.m. and run every 30 minutes. Jessica Cuffia, MSG secretary says, "The Avalon is the last place in Erie Mercyhurst can have a formal. We are asking students to please be considerate of their actions. The carpet at the Rotunda was ruined (during the Winter formal), therefore, students are only allowed to smoke in' the bathroom or lobby." | £| K On Saturday, May 8, spring activities events begin with the egg toss at 12 p.m., followed by a cone spin, balloon shaving, tug-o-war, and an obstacle course. All events will take place at the practice fields. A refreshment break is scheduled to give everyone the opportunity to cool down between events. To register for a team, forms may be picked up at the Student Union desk but must be received at the desk by Friday, May 7 at 6 p.m. Beth Hurrianko, SAC secretary said, "I hope to see a lot ofstudents participate inactivities this weekend. Various events will occur on Saturday for Spring Activities Day, including a huge obstacle course which will be brought in by a professional company. I think everyone should get involved this weekend because it will be a lot of fun." On Sunday, a picnic will be held at Gravel Pit Park in North Eastfrom12 to 5 p.m. Shuttles leavefromBaldwin beginning at 11 a.m. and run every hour.i

Friday, May 7 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Avalon Spring Formal. Saturday, May 8 2 and 8 p.m. ZurirRe^ dtal Hall. "The f Little Mermaid of Lake Erie Spring Activities Day Sunday, May 9 Spring Activities Picnic. Monday, May 10 8:30 p.m. Government Chambers. MSG Meet-j

Students, administrator discuss Bruno's presidency
Now that George Paydock has taken the reins as new MSG president, John Bruno's term in office for this academic year can be evaluated as a whole. Although Bruno could not be reached for comment, several students and an administrator expressed their feelings about his performance on the condition their identities be concealed. Some students pointed to what they felt were Bruno's accomplishments. Extended weight room hours, music in the icerinkand the Blues Traveler concert were some successes attributed to Bruno. However, one MSG representative had other feelings. She found Bruno to have "political overtones. Often times he would persuade MSG to do what he wanted by means of intimidation." Another student said, "Things could have been a lot better. Having the same routines over and over is not working." She said MSG needs some new ideas. Another student who was interviewed had a positive reaction to Bruno's term in office. "I like what he's done to shake up the administration," she said. * Paydock said, "Bruno was misunderstood" and pointed out that as President, Bruno "was under a lotof pressure." He believes some people have "failed to see his side of the story." The students and administrator also referred to recent events involving Bruno's article in the March issue of the Freedom Zone entitled T h e Art of Shredding revisited." The administrator said, "Whatever good he may have accomplished was marred by his attack on (former Merciad Editor) Joe Legler." Theadministratorfeelsthisiswhatpeople are going to remember.

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MAY 6,1993


By Anne L. McNeils Asst. News/Copy Editor

Did you go to the Blues'Traveler concert?
If yes, what did you think! If no, why not?
By Anne L. McNeils A sst. News/Copy Editor This column is designed to represent student opinions about current topics which affect Mercy hurst students. The opinions are obtained through a random telephone poll of on-campus numbers.


Natalie Catania, freshman, Art: "No. I didn't have the money." Name Withheld: "No. I thought it was too expensive.


Jason Lewis, sophomore. Sports Organization Management: "Yes. I thought they were excellent We saw them last week at Penn State also...they were good there, but they really seemed to jam more here. Blues Traveler is not for everybody, but for people that are into that kind of music, that rock and blues type style, they're one of a kind." r Tish Lawrence, junior, HM: "No. I j list didn' t have the money." Paul Berry, j unior, Sportsmedicine: n "No. I had other plans. I was out of town. The Clams softball team; "Yes. It was terrible! Last year we had Tom Cochrane and the Smithereens at $3 and this year we get Blues Traveler, one band, at $9 and no one's ever heard ofthem. We want another good concert like last year!" Nalika Nanayakkara, junior, Finance/Math major: . "I didn't go because it was too much money for someone I never heard of" Ron Yarosz, sophomore, HRIM: "I thought it was awesomet I think people don't realize how good they actually were, especially the lead singer and harmonica player. I have been listening to blues, especially harmonica players, for a long time and he's the best I've ever heard live." Ann Loscher, freshman, Dance: "Yes. I liked it I enjoyed it a lot I don't really go to a lot of concerts but I had a good time." Aaron Pulver, senior, Business Management: "No. I went home trout fishing."

New Mercyhurst Student Government (MSG) President Geoige Pay dock opened his first meeting in office by declaring his "high expectations...I'm looking forward to working here." Paydock said he feels the new executive board and representatives ca n "get a lot accomplished." The representatives for next year's sophomore class are Katie Coneglio, Miko Crumbly, Holly Heid, Kara Panchik, William Wheeler and Rebecca Whittemore. The juniors will be represented by James Bean, Beth Hu rrianko, JeffHutchinson, Katie Johnson, Jennifer'Lowe, Erin McGuinness, Aisha Nix and Paul Roth. The senior representatives will be Wally Gagric, Chris Haslett, Paula Heddon, Kevin McSwigan, Kevin Nixon, Lucy Pratt, Kinu Rudolph and Kris Rudolph. Sherlyn Celone will be the resident representative. Pay dock said next year's representatives wi|l have different duties than they have had in the past He said each representative "will participate and became an active member or will be removed." He plans to initiate MSG of Gee hours, during which a member of MSG will be in the MSG office to help ensure i ts accessibil ity to students with questions or needs. "The job description of a representative is going to change...We're looking to make sure reps are doing (their jobs)," said Paydock. Student Union Director Cass Shimek

added that any changes made to the representatives' job descriptions would be voted on before going into effect. Paydock then asked for feedback from those present about MSG's performance this past year as well as for suggestions for improving it Senior Kevin Nixon recommended improving communication between the North East and Erie campuses. Former SAC chair Mark Korcinsky suggested "internal regulation to make sure everything is going all right." Former MSG President Johnny J. Bruno said he would like to see the student "directory out by the fifteenth of October...I would like to see it (once) before I leave." Other suggestions included holding meetings in Zurn Recital Hall 'regularly so more students can attend and requiring the representatives to provide proof they are .voting?the way students want them to. Vice President Kristen Hurd said, "We want you to be able to speak...your mind here...Politics can be really boring and dull (but) it's what you make of it" 3 Hurd said people can sign up to work at orientation next week. There will be two orientations this summer, one in June and one in August Hurd then explained the committees of MSGand passed a sign-iip sheet around so representatives could choose the committee on which they would like to serve. Treasurer Heather Heid discussed the Blues Traveler concert and thanked all those who helped. For a full report on the concert, turn to the Arts and Entertainment page.

The next topic was the upcoming Spring Formal. Jessica Cuffia, secretary, said the Formal is scheduled for Friday, May 7 at the Avalon Hotel. Cuffia pointed out that if students are not wellbehaved at the Avalon, there will be no more formals because no other place in Erie is willing to host the event % Discussion of the formal led to complaintsfromsome representatives about the presence of the Liquor Control Board (LCB). It was pointed out that the LCB has arightto be on campus anytime and that they are likely to be here this weekend because there will be a great deal of activity. SAC Chair Michael Arrigo talked about some of his plans for next year and said he hopes to use a survey to find out what kinds of activities students would like to see on campus in the future. He also took suggestionsfromMSG representatives during the meeting. Arrigo discussed the upcoming Spring Activities Weekend and said, "I hope everybody participates." For a full report on the weekend, see page 2. New business consisted of a discussion of the new housing being built in the Briggs/Weber parking lot, initiated fby senior Colleen Kipfstuhl. This topic led to a great deal of discussion concerning how MSG can most effectively work with administration, including the housing department, the maintenance department and Dr. Garvey. All MSG meetings are open to students. The next meeting is on Monday, May 10 at 8:30 p.m. It is the?last meeting*of this school year.

Mercyhurst honors Tullio
Tullio documents and memora- forum for his remembrance will In honor of the late Louis J. bilia will be on display. The Ar- be a political event, one that The Tullio, who served Erie as its chival Room 5 is located fin the I Coach would certainly never have mayor for 24 years, Mercyhurst Hammermill Library. |g missed," he said. College has established the Tullio "We all miss the big guy and the Tullio died from the disease Urban Politics Lecture*Series, zest he brought to the life of the ^amyloidosis on April 17,1990. which will feature an annual lec- city," said Garvey. "Ibelieve that Reservations for the Tullio Lecture by a national authority in the Lou would be delighted that so ture Series are requested and can urban politics field* many of hisfriendshave chosen be made by calling 824-2285. The inaugural lecture, "Is There to remember him and that the ^^^^^^^^^^_^^__ a Future for American Cities?" was on Friday, April 30 at 8 p.m., in Sullivan Hall. Dr. Robert L. Lineberry was the featured speaker. . Dr» William P. Garvey, Mercyhurst College president, By Megan Circle said the lecture series was estab- Merciad StaffReporter versity of Delaware and the Unilished at Mercyhurst to perpetuversity of Pennsylvania, a posiate Tullio's name and his 24 years On Thursday, May 6 at 8 p.m. in tion he still holds. of service which placed him Zurn 114 and Friday, May 7 at He was Delaware Scientist of among the leading mayors in the 3:45p.m. in the Little Theatre, the Year in 1979 and has won country.^ Gary Steigman will be holding various awards. He has written The Tullio Archival Room, discussions on the .Big Bang several books on physics and has which features a recreation of the Theory. had many essays published. late mayor's fifth-floor Erie City Steigman has been the professor The discussion on Thursday is Hall office, will be open the night of physics and astronomy at the entitled Cosmis Synthesis, of the lecturefrom7 p.m. to mid- Ohio State University since 1986. Primordal Alchemy. The other is night, when the latest exhibit of Prior to holding this position he entitled Cosmic Connections: The was professor of physics at Bartol Big Bang—The Ultimate AccelResearch Foundation of the erator. Both are about the origin Franklin Institute and Adjunct of the universe stemming from Professor of Physics at the Uni- the Big Bang Theory.

Cosmic Series

Professor speaks


1 ^

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MAY 6,1993



C a m p u s C o m m e n t s : W h a t a r ey o u r p l a n s f o r s u m m e r ?



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I m not really sure. I'm either going home (DuBois) to work or staying up here." —Jennifer Peterson, English sophomore -

"I'm working as a camp counselor and at an ice cream stand. I hope to go out with friends from home or on a vacation." —Katie McGlynn, Special Ed/ Elementary Ed freshman

T i l be working, taking summer classes, playing summer league basketball in Erie and I'll be working for the campus radio station." —Jerry Battle, Social Work jun-

"I plan to stay up here, work and take summer classes...and keep my tan." •Vyom Bhuta, Business Management freshman

"I'll be looking for a marketing/ sales job...if not Til be sitting on my ass, lifting'weights, running and getting ready for Laker football." —Tom Pastore, Senior marketmg


1 mworking...rm going to North Carolina/' « —Laura Berry, Sports Medicine freshman m U K

"Coaching soccer camps, going to get my green card and hopefully working in housing." •Tracy Cross, Sports Medicine 1 sophomore
• 4

"I'm doing a co-op at a 27-ho le championship golf course-resort in T i t u s v i H \h . " —Chris Fiely, HRIMJ sophomore

"Working at Chrysler Corporation in Syracuse and running a soccer camp." —Liz Weber, Psychology sophomore • ! £

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^ ^ i T ^ ^ ^ » » » » ^ — v v « v « ^ v ^ ^ v » ^ • » w v » w v * ^ . . . * * » a r ^ ^ » ^ w w B « a v . * » « » » • w » » • — » w ^t » m v a m * » w • W ^tjfc * « a v « • v v • w w w r . w * ^ . " ^ ^ « m m^» ^ m
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MAY 6,19S3

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— ~— — ~— — — ~ - ~— — . . - — — _ — _ — J - _ —_ —————— —fc. —_ — - _ —_ w ^ — — — — — —
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.* — ". ^^^^_%^*»* m ^*i"W*t* t .^.* m _* \ f l \ \ V ' f t J 1 L f t j f t _ f t _ \ K * A V » l J " \ f t . * . "


wjft • » » ft .« » ^ • ft^m » ^ « 1 » ^ • atftkm • ft ft.ftjft_n * * • «_*_• .• BLftT* • •_» «Cft^»_•_•_•_•ftftlftrft_ft• l _ l • ^ . a ftVv *_ftr ft_ftU.*i B^r • * ftLi .ftCftCft! • • ftl • * * ft « * * « • ft • _ • _ • •_•_ ft w m * • rftT_MlB_• • _*ftL%_* l_l_*_' j J X t J -•_•_•_«»_•_••_•• _•_• .

. I f J l ftl t ^ * ft >Lft^ftL«7»i • • ft •ftftLftLiJ_#• ft • ft • • m~*ftLftr• BJftftZ»_ftft •^^rm ft « • ft • • ^•* II Jft\ M J .* \ftt"A f"t •*ftt • t^ ^.^ .ftIf» .Tl*»• ft\ftL.%.m• > *\.*_* ftft* •*.•*.*_*>»_^ftftftftftftftftftft •r%Tft7»^_ft>TftjT»_»fti.ir\ • » ft ft ft • ••fttlftftftftftftftftftft••_•_••*atftft«_••_•_•_•ftft «V•IftLftVTC'L"-*-" •_« •ft •_• ft ft ••ft•7k •_•ftft ftftlftftft.•• •_•• •"•_•ftfft K ft ftl ft• ft• •Ift.B.ftT^ ft fcT^.T_ f ft^ _ f*fc mLV ^.* ft * ^*j» % ft •_* ^ »ftB^ "^J ftft^ft* * «ft* «ift_rft.ftftOftTm*.ftC*fttXftft_ftCftlft ft ^_» • • » X-ftl ft ft ft^^ft_fti^ft»_•_•_*ft~ftftftft •ft ftft» a « «i • •* » V•• * ft ft ft •_*•*_•'ftftft.ft.V ^_V_"* ftft ^ w ^ •»•«**. ftft ft Bft\_ft_»ft ftft. » 1 ftftlftlftfti •!• ftftftftftftftftft •ft^ft ft ft ft ft • «r« * • ^ ftj^ *«. ft * ^ «W • ft • • • • • ftftftftft ftft ftftftftft • • ft

X l U j U - f t * •~*jt*^fti_»*_ft_ftft_ft_ »ft^ft_ft_* _•_•_•«_* .•_

j * ft * ft V Mwwm




tain the possibility of singing a say there is an inj ustice here. And Dear Editor: By Jule Gardner it could grow into something far few songs." Editor In Chief All was going well until he, worse. When responsible stuSo. imagine you're 25 and you along with hisfriends,was given dents, no matter how old they are, Egads. "What a long, strange trip it has been." and I have a feeling have no restrictions on your life, the warning, "Even though it's are so Car restricted they feel their right? You can vote, drink alcoit's about to get longer and whole lot stranger. only 9:30 p.m. Gary Brown is on autonomousrightsare being viohoi. serve for your country and .Anticipation. It's one of those words that makes you stare at the much more than that, you're a campus." He couldn't help but lated, then it at least appears that ceiling at night, all night So many sleepless nights I wondered if I think, "So what?" But there's the Mercyhurst Administrators wise old owl. You 've been around would be able to type those three words under my name, and I have a bit You know when toriploose more to it than that: "The LCB is are tarring all students with the to admit it feels beautiful. So now I'm here. So now what? and have a good time and you also on campus." Would it be a bit same guilty brush before they have Anticipation. That istitlenature of the word. know when to get down to some repetitive on his part to think done anything wrong. Every editor has ideas and we all have lofty dreams of making I realize the difficulty of Dr. again, "So what?" old fashioned hard work. them real. I hope so much for this paper because it is part of who I "So you're going to have to turn Brown's job. I agree with his This is a perfect description of am. I want it to suceed. the music down and stop the sing- policy of involving discretion with Yet this is not my newspa per, it is yours. The students of Mercy h urst my roommate. Well great . .so ing. There will be no parties while rule. I agree if a party is too loud, what? This responsible 25-yearCollege own this real estate. I'm just renting for awhile and paying r.arv Brown and the LCB are too late and is causing discomfort with service. More than any renovation I make, I need to listen to my old roommate was made to feel as ! to people along the street, then it if he was denied a few basic civil around." As that sinking feeling landlords. sets in, he struggles to assert his should be d ispersed. However, I rights on the night Blues Traveler I want to know when you arefrustrated.I want to know about the worth. He at least has the right to didn't see too much discretion traveled to Mercyhurst College. times this college has come to your rescue. Whether you feel like question why. "Because, due to being used on Friday night In Like many students he's on the urinating on "Carpe Diem" or want to smack your lips against Old die Blues Traveler concert being fact, it seems that the students borderline of poverty. ConseMain, this is your time to express it quently, he could not a fford to go held at Mercyhurst tonight, there who were trying to enjoy them"These are days. Never before and never since. I promise you," see Blues Traveler perform. All is are a lot of off-campus people selves ' in> moderation' a fter a she sang. So do it Express yourself while you are here, say it before not lost. There is a bright side to here and we want to insure that week's hard work were being you grow old and graduate. Express yourself. all ofthis; he thought, 'It's Friday they leave with a good • impres- punished. If you aren't into writing letters or public scrutiny, grab me and tell your story. I'll try tofindout, as much as a student can, what the deal night; I don't have to study like sion of the College," comes the Sincerely, I've studied for the past five reply. is. I have ink coursing through my veins and I plan to bleed, if you '11 nights. Maybe I can get together I wouldn't go so far as to say Leon Mumford, sophomore hislet me. with a few friends, go as far as to there is aj dictatorship at tory major Enough about my internal juices, I have to talk about oxygen. drink a few beers and even enter- Mercyhurst College, but I would I mean, can you believe thisfreshair? I swear I could lean out my window and drink it for weeks. The thing is, on Monday night the wind didn't shift just to rattle some blinds or blow curtains around. The fresh air I encountered was swirling about the government chambers. their problems with him or his sues we thought students would On this fateful night I witnessed something new, something Dear Editor. policies arose, no one wrote ^a care about—Challenge Week, the extraordinary. I attended a REAL Mercyhurst Student Government Meeting. _> & I'm writing in response to Jen- letter, no one said anything, no new housing, the* destruction of I heard angry voices and concerned students. I heard new perspecnifer Lowe's letter which was in one did much of anything. If stu- the 'Statu? of Marty in the Grotto, tives and enthusiasm. I was in shock. the April 29 issue. I agree with a dents don't care about housing/ alleged rapes on campus, homogreat deal of what Lowe says, disciplinary policies, what do they sexuality and sexual discriminaThis is a credit to some of the new representatives, especially tion and stereotypes. However, it particularly with her comments care about? Wally Gagric and Paul Roth. The issues and comments raised by The Merciad has in fact taken seems we were wrong about most about the importance of newspathese young men were full of vigor and intelligence. They weren't pers. However, as a member of stands on issues. We printed an of these—apparently, students sitting back and letting their position go to waste. I'm so glad we at The Merciad staff,.I feel obli- editorial endorsing Bill Clinton just have other things on their last have representatives who know the meaning of that word. gated to respond to some of for the presidency; Joe Legler minds. If people aren't going to Yep. It's all about change. Mark Korcinsky, in his farewell (sniff) wrote a column about abortion respond to our attempts to cover Lowe's remarks. speech compared the change Jn MSG to Clinton's election. I which defined his stand on this topics of interest to them, is there Lowe says The Merciad should wouldn't go as far as that, but I am delighted to see new blood and tell students about things that controversial subject. Jule really a point to our making those new ideas. I'm glad to get rid of stale air. matter to them. That's exactly Gardner and I have both written attempts? This brings me to my thoughts on the passing of the MSG torch. Occasionally, we do get some what we would love to do. Unfor- about issues that we believed stuAt the meeting, Bruno (after he promised to ease off in the advice tunately, Mercyhurst students dents cared about; David reaction from students. The rearea) told MSG that his term'began with as much enthusiasm, but make it pretty difficult. We at McQuillen looks at alternative cent controversy over the Freethen he got "burned out" He informed us he had aged five years The Merciad have a hard time issues in his column. We all write dom Zone is an example of this. during his year in office. * getting students to tell us what about what we think students and I really thought this was a great I'm not surprised. they think, what they would re- others want to read and we each thing to see—students standing I voted for Bruno because he wasn't afraid. Some of his columns ally like to read about in the pa- have diferent ideas about what up for what they believe in or just in Hie Merciad presented valid questions and some were really per. When we try to find out, no those things are. Yet, despite all taking a stand, period. Ifwe could tough. I read them each week and I know I was not alone. one wants to tell us. This is evi- these d ifferent opinions, we ra rely have something like this for evIn my opinion, I checked the wrong name on the ballot last year. dent by the weekly "Campus get any responsefromthe student ery issue of The Merciad, it Bruno has good ideas. He is still unafraid. Unfortunately, he was Question;" often, students refuse population at Mercyhurst, posi- would be great, but I think that no also misdirected. matter how hard we try, we're to respond to the question or with- tive or negative. You can't tear down the administration and then expect them to We've written about other is- cant, on page 5 draw their answers when asked cooperate with you on a professional and equal basis. It's called for their names. If we're not feapolitics and Mercyhurst is full of it I am learning the hard way, but Bruno's level ofdifficulty in this lesson far surpasses mine. And I'm turing questions they want to answer, why don't they call us with not jealous. i Mercy hire. College's Fust Pass newipaper asratedby the Associated Collegiate Press suggestions for more appropriate Vol. 66 No. 22 H e h a s made mistakes in the past, w e all have. That isn't important • May 6,1993 topics? anymore and I'm really over the Freedom Z o n e thing. Jule Gardner Editor In Chief [Joseph Legler Senior Writer Lowe herself doesn't tell us Anne I* McNeill Asst. News <ft Copy Editor MiaU-Ryckl Advertising Manager It's time to move forward and hold onto the excitement w e feel what we should cover, what she Michelle Ryan Arts A Entertainment Editor David McQuillen Staff Columnist right now. There is no law that says w e have to get "burned o u t " Staff Columnist Features Editor Nick Krayger cares about; she says we should Grace Bruno "These are days." Here's to n e w faces and fresh air. Here's to Craig Rybczynskl ;'' Sports Editor Timothy Mortally Faculty Advisor write about things students have Kdth Courson Band-Aids. Asst. Sports Editor to a ccept, things they can change, Merciad Staff things they can think about Well, Mary Medure Megan Circle Elizabeth Johnson Beth Haas what exactly are those things? I Erin Ha uber Monica Sertik Jay Fitch pa trick Jay Kennedy i looked carefully in her letter, but Jennifer Trinidad Stephanie Wainright Liam Barron Heather Ryan Chris Kullman David Kosobucki Katie Johnson Suzanne Coneglio I couldn't find any suggestions. Rich She!ton Beth Nichols Nicole Geiacl Tiffanie Williams Not only that, we have tried to John Sh a nana Q David Rumsey John Furlong write about issues students can Merciad Is the student-produced newspaper of Mercyhurst think about We covered the Missy 501 E 38th St., Erie, Pa.. 16546: Phone 824-2376 Paolello story and I honestly beThe Merciad welcomes letters to the editor. lieved students would respond to that. People are always complainThe Merdad's editorial opinion is determined by the Editorial Board with the Editor holdingfinalresponsibility. The opinions expressed in The Merciad are ing about Dr. Gary Brown, yet not necessarily those of The Merciad, its staff or Mercyhurst College. m when a perfect opportunity to air




Mumford resents mishandled discretion

McNelis justifies Merciad stories



The Merciad


The Merciad welcomes letters to the editor. Letters must be signed, but the name can be withheld b quest under certain conditions.



Madia defends Gotkin'saction Behind the Wheel"
Dear Editor, Gotkin had the word "NOT" printed on the hats which were Jl am writing this letter in re- pre-fiibricated in the hopes that sponse to the controversy that is wc would bring home theJNacurrently surrounding Rick tional Championship. I'll be the Gotkin and 'the Mercyhurst first to admit that the joke was not hockey team. Coach Gotkin has funny. In fact, I was initially hurt taken an unnecessary beating for by h is actions. It was ha rd enough his actions regard ing the infamous to accept the fact that we came so "NOT" hats that were printed and dose and yet never took home the displayed in the bookstore ensucrown; let alone deal with the ing the Division II National Cham- embarrassment of the hats. Howpionship. ever, further scrutiny reveals that Coach Gotkin has been accused they were not meant to be a slapin by a myriad of people, including journalists, the administration and players alike, of not respecting the hockey program. This is far from the truth a nd I feel the inciFor a recording of the daily dent has beenridiculouslyblown meals, call ext. 2192. out of proportion. Gotkin is one of thebest coaches If security is needed at any time I have ever come across and, more after 4:30 p.m., call ext 2439 importantly, one of the most sin(Ba ldwin desk). Ifno answer, call cere persons I have ever known. I ext 2102, wait for a beep and have played under him for two press * (star). Then press 401*. seasons now and he has always Press the # key when you are stood beside his players. The use finished, but before you hang up. of the word "beside" is pivotal because it denotes that he does The Fitness Center will be open not put himself above the proon Tuesdays and Thursdays from gram and I don't feel his actions 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. to employees were done in malice. only. Craig Davie, Director of the face. They were meant to be humorous. I am graduating this year and stand nothing to gain by this letter. I just want people to know that Coach Gotkin loves his players like he does his own family and I feel he is being unjustly ridiculed. Sincerely, Rob Madia, senior Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement major By Nick Krayger Merciad Staff Columnist


Student Identity Card, call 1-800GET AN ID or contact CIEE, Dept ISS-149,205 East 42 Street, New York, NY 10017.


(from page 4) always going to be stuck with a relatively bare Editorial page. Lowe seems to think that all students—or at leastmany students—at Mercyhurst care about a vast number of issues. I have yet to see much evidence of that At this point, I honestly believe that only a small percentage of people at Mercyhurst give a damn about the things that*happen. I think that percentage makes up the staffsof The Merciad and the Freedom Zone and some of them are in MSG. Perhaps I'm wrong; I really hope I am. Sincerely, Anne L. McNeils, sophomore English major

Applications are now being distributed to students interested' in applying for summer jobs at Mercyhurst. Most of the available jobs are in maintenance, housing and various administrative offices and pay $4.25/hr to $4.50/hr. A yellow application form may be picked up in Personnel (Egan 3) or from Marion Nies the Fitness Center, will be avail- (Old Main 101). Jobs will be ofable during these hours to assist fered in early May. Maintenance any employee in learning how to assignments will start in late May operate exercise equipment ef- and administrative office jobs will ' feetively and safely. Davie will begin when summer school opens also be available to place any around June 21. Deadline for apemployee on a designated fitness plications is April 30. program to meet personal goals for exercise. Anyone interested in working at WMCE Radio next fall is asked Anyone interested in joining to fill out an application form the Mercyhurst College Summer sometime following Fall Term Abroad Program should contact registration. The forms will,be Mr. John Wolper, Division Chair, available at the station beginning Thursday, May 6. Returning anin HRIM in Egan 25. nouncers and those interested in Those planning a trip overseas working for the first time must this summer may get the Interna- complete the form a nd return it to tional Student Identity Card, the Mr. Leisering (office in Baldwin) only internationally recognized prior to leaving for the summer. proof of student status, for a cost of $15. This card gives access to Yearbook positions available low student airfares and student discounts overseas. In addition, for '93-'94: copy editor, sports the card allows access to a 24- copy, sports photography, and hour, toll free, emergency assis- assistant editor. For more infortance hotline. For more informa- mation, call 2945 (Lisa or Roby n). tion on obta in ing an International Scholarship possibilities.

Yes friends, it is true. That dark cloud that I often claim levitates above my head is in fact present. It is not fiction, it's reality. And recently I got a taste ofjust what magni flcent powers it has, filled with a full descent into a hellish day mare filled with police officers and insurance! agents...bus drivers and screaming ten-year-olds...It all started when... I headed out the door to unmask one virgin spring day, complete with a road trip to the Bay and a boilermaker at Cupaccino's. Innocently, a friend and I got back into that cool-yet-economical gas guzzling machine that Mom and Dad bought me for graduation to head back to Mercy world. I listen to my friend try to muffle her faint giggles as I tried to get that cool-yet-economical automobile out of first gear. We both knew the clutch was blown and the car would not leave first gear, we proceeded up State St breaking all speed records at the rapid pace of about 20 mph. As we neared the top of the hill where I intended to make a left onto 38th St., I noticed the swarm of police moguls surrounding what appeared to be an accident involving a Ford Escort and a telepole. I proceeded with caution up the hill and through the accident Driving through the scene about 12 mph, I joked to my friend about how "At least I won't get a speeding ticket" The rest is just a blur. A foggy memory that I wish to forget I don't know if it was before I had completed the sentence, or immediately following it, but the next thing I knew a screaming siren was bouncing around my ear drum, and I was pulling over to let the biker cop pass. Only he didn't pass. He approached my window and explained how he was giving me a ticket for speeding through an accident zone, and another for an overdue inspection. While he scribbled I explained how I hadn't been using the car because the clutch was blown, and how I planned to take it to the Ford dealers to get it inspected andfixed,and for a second I thought I saw a glimmer of compassion and understanding reflecting off those shiny sunglasses. Obviously, I had experienced an optical illusion because he handed me his pad and asked me to please sign by the X. I signed my $89 present and aimed for the right lane to get back onto 38th St., just as an Erie Metro bus pounced onto the front end of my car, and retreated leaving a huge dent in its place, I stopped the car and got out - only to come face to face with the biggest bus driver I have ever seen. It was allrightthough because I wasn't alone. The cop who had just given me the ticket was there to protect me. Bubba the barbarian bus driver attempted to explain how he had hisrightturn signal on, even though he was in the left lane. The compassionate officer with the reflecting sunglasses "understood," he said, and explained to Bubba how I was just a bad driver, because I had just earned a ticket for speeding. The cop then proceeded to take down the name and address of every person within a 50 mile radius of the accident, including all of the 45 wailing ten year olds on the bus. * \ An hour and a half later, I pulled back through those splendid iron gates tofindthat I had to park 3 miles from the dorm. I headed over to the cafe to grab some dinner, but Irealizedthat I couldn'tfindmy ID. The girl working the counter suggested that I should go home andfindit, or dine elsewhere.' So I went back to my room and proceeded torelaythe details of my treacherous day to my mother. Then again to my father. Then again to my insurance company. Then again to the other insurance company. Then again to my best friend. Then again to the suicide hotline. Then again... When Ifinallytook the car to the dealer, it cost me $550 for the clutch. Along with $350 more because it failed inspection. Add that to the $89forthe ticket and $ 15 for a new ID. Let's face it folks, as with everything else, when I have a bad day, I go all out Well friends, if you haven't realized it yet, my column is titled "Behind The Wheel" for various reasons, and every other week I'll be taking you for aridestarting next September. So fasten you seat belts and put on your sunglasses, and always feel free to guide me when you think I'm driving in the wrong direction, 'cause God knows I have some blind spots. I'm sure we'll have'a long, safe trip together. .



MAY 6,1993


ues blasts Hurst
By Michelle Ryan A&E Editor The Mercy hurst Athletic Center rocked Friday, April 30, thanks to an outstanding performance by the Blues Traveler. The group, which has performed on Late Night With David Letter man and The Tonight Show , consists of vocalist/harmonica John Popper; guitarist Chan Kinchla; bassist Bobby Sheehan; and drummer Brendan Hill. MSG President George Pay dock said, "Overall, I think it went smoothly. The student and staffing went well. The people who volunteered did a great job." Paydock noted that ticket sales reached 829 the night of the concert. He said that MSG lost $9000 on the concert. The week before the concert, ticket sales were reported {to have reached 500 general admission tickets- sold. Student, responses were fairly positive. Here is what some Mercyhurst students had to say about the concert "I thought it was a good time. The only thing I didn't like about it was the moshing that was going on. It didn't seem to fit with the concert," Chad Rickicki, junior. "I thought it was really good, but it seemed like there were no 9 Mercyhurst people there,* Bridgette Palmisano, freshman. "I really thought that they were good, but the crowd could have been better," Erin Hauber, senior. "I thought the music was good, but I wasn't familiar with the songs," Shane Kellogg, <sophomore. "I had a great time, but I wish I would have known more of the Blues Traveler's music," Michael Arrigo, j u nior. ji "Such a big name came, but it's too bad not too many students took advantage of it I'm wondering if they'll want to get a big band again,";Karen Eckert, senior. "I thought it was really neat with the school spirit and the barbeque. We seemed like a real school. It was like the one activity everyone went to," Katie McGlynn, freshman. "Fanta stic show. Too bad no one from Mercyhurst was there to support the concert they paid for through MSG funds," Kevin Nixon, junior. "It was supercalifragolistk^xpedak)doshes," John McElfresh, senior. I thought it was really good. I never heard any of their stuff before. A lot of people didn't like it because the songs were so long, but I thought the music was exciting," Lou Viselli, sophomore. "I liked seeing such a diverse crowd at Mercyhurst, but it's a shame more students weren't involved," Lori Kist, senior. "I had a great time, but I was sore for two days from dancing so hard. Do you know a good chiropractor?" Jim Doherty, junior. I thought the ticket prices were too high," Jeremy Cooper, junior. a I only saw the second half, but what I saw of it I enjoyed. I think next year they should bring someone a little more popular," Laurie Pezich, junior. * " It was a little bit heavy for me. It was too hard core. The guitar part was a little too heavy," Name withheld, junior. "It was one of the better events Mercyhurst has had this ye at. It was a good time," Terri Ressler, freshman. "I thought it was really good. Everyone "was groovin'. My brother and his friend came up from Kent State University. The whole day and night was great. I think every weekend should be like that at Mercyhurst," Frank Revy, graduate.

















The Back Row
By John Danknich Merciad Movie Critic Let's face facts. Moviegoers love adaptations, whether it's of a TV series, a comic book or a novel. When it comes to novels, very few authors have had more adapted than Stephen King. aEvery book King, the proclaimed "Modern Master of ^Horror," publishes is a guaranFY]



D'Angelo presents symphony
The D'Angelo School of Music, Mercyhurst College, is proud to present a gala final performance featuring,, the D'Angelo Symphony Orchestra and the D'Angelo Concert Choir performing in an all Beethoven program. The concert will be conducted by faculty member Frank Collura and will feature the Symphony No. 8, the Hallelujah Chorus from "Christ on the Mount of Olives" for Chorus and Orchestra and the Concerto for Piano, Violin, Cello and Orchestra. Soloists in the concerto will be Sam Rotman-pianist, Lee, Wilkins-violinist, and Jolyon Pegis-cellist. All three soloists are faculty members of the D'Angelo School of Music. Rotman is director of the D'Angelo School of Music and executive director of the D'Angelo Young Artist Competition. He received both his bachelor's and master's degrees in mu sic from the Juilliard School. Sam Rotman He has performed in the United > Carnegie Recital Hall in 1990. He States, Europe and in the Soviet Jolyon Pegis is artist faculty has been the winner of orchestra, Union. Rotman has performed member at the D'Angelo of Mu15 concerts in the Erie area over sic. He studied at Indiana Univer- as well as string quartet competitions. He previously has taught at the past 10 years in recital, and in sity and the Hartt School of Muthe Hartt School of Music, and chamber music and was soloist sic with Fritz Magg, Gary teaches at the Yellow Barn Music five times with the Erie Philhar- Hoffman, and David Wells. He monic. made his New York City debut in Festival in Vermont. He was soWilkins is assistant professor of I loist for the D'Angelo Symphony music and director of the string Brook. Wilkins has performed I Orchestra in the fall of 1992, The conceit will be held on Satprogram. He received his extensively as a chamber music bachelor's and master's degrees performer and founded the Hamp- urday, May 15 at 7:30 pm at the from Indiana University in shire String Quartet. He is con- Central High School Auditorium, Bloomington, and is presently a certina ster of the Erie Philhar- 3325 Cherry Street Admission is doctoral student at the State Uni-1 monic and has been soloist with free. For information please call 824-2364. veisity of New York at Stony than on two occasions.

teed best seller. However, not the same can be said for the movies based on his books. Before I get into that, I just thought I'd let you in on just how many of King's books and short stories have been adapted to either the big or small screen. It's ironic that King's first novel was the first adapted to the screen. Carrie was directed by Brian DePalma and starred a young Sissy Spacek. I saw it on TBS a few years ago, and I thought it was pretty good.'Since then, 10 'novels> have been made into movies. In addition, two more have been made into mini-series. If you combine this with the seven screenplays he has written, King has had 19 movies based on his writings. By the way, The Tomrnyknockers will be airing on ABC over two nights starting Sunday, May 9. Unfortunately for Steve, a lot of "his" movies were not very good. In fact, I would say tha t out of the 19, less than half ace worth seeing. The "upper echelon" of King movies would probably include Carrie, The Dead Zone, 'Salem's Lot and Misery (which earned Kathy Bates an Academy Award). All of these films are available on video and are definitely worth renting. King films I would avoid: Cujo (the ending is changed), IT (should have been better) and Christine (boring!). t .*•• The latest King novel adapted to the silver screen looked very promising. It featured solid actors (Timothy Hutton, Amy Madigan and Michael Rooker) and a top-notch horror director (George A. Romero). Unfortunately, The Dark Half had the financially despondent Orion Pictures as its backer. It was originally Scheduled to come out last fall, but lack of money delayed its release until April 23. Was it worth the wait? To be honest with you, I really can't say. I read The Dark Half about three years ago and thought it was excellent However, the problem with a lot of movies that are adaptedfromnovels is that something is usually lost in the transition (remember Bonfire of the Vanities?). This is the main problem of The Dark Half. Hutton stars as novelist Thad Beaumont In his childhood, Beaumont experienced terrible headaches. When the doctors operated on him, they found the remains of his unborn twin in his brain. P Years later, Beaumont has made his success writing graphic crime I novels under the pen name of "George Stark.** When a slimy fan from New York tries to blackmail Beaumont, Thad decides to go publ ic that he is Stark. He even holds a mock burial for Stark that is featured in People. This is when all of the trouble begins. People associated with Beaumont begin turning up dead. Police immediately suspect Beaumont because his fingerprints are at the scene of the crime. Beaumont knows he didn't kill anybody, and he begins to believe that the murders are being committed by George Stark. Ofcourse, Sheriff Alan Pangborn (Rooker) thinks Beaumont is crazy. As Stark begins to get closer and closer to Beaumont and his family, Thad begins to realize that Stark has somehow come to life. Stark wants Beaumont to keep writing the Alexis Machine novels, which would keep Stark alive. While the visual effects are top-notch, the acting turns out to be very sub-par. Hutton, as both Beaumont and Stark, comes off as stiff and rather blah in what should have been a "give it your all" role. Madigan really doesn't do much at all. I also expected more from Romero, who is best known for the three Night of the Living Dead movies. The direction and the pacing of the movie just seemed veryflatat times. I guess what I'm saying is the movie really wasn't scary. This is just another case of where the book is better than the movie. £ The next King movie is due to open a t the end of the yea r. Needful Things stars Ed Harris and Max Von Sydow. The Dark Hairs grade: C+ Well9 that's it for myfinalmovie review of the year. Don't fret; I'll be back in the fall with a review of the "summer blockbusters." Until fall, this is John Danknich signing offfromthe back row.
• • • • • • • • * ! * • • • • * •




S p o r t s C o l u m n : F a t h e r p o r t r a y s t h e true? e s s e n c e o f b a s e b a l l
ing today. He grabs his glove and begins his journey. When £ one game ends, the next game is the motivation to keep him going. To Julian baseball is what he has waited for all week. Whenj of the ball park he sees nature at work, from the sparrows chirping in the outfield to the rabbit who is now occupyingfirstbase. In hours this will all be replaced by the chatter and commotion that acBy Craig Rybczynski companies baseball. Merciad Sports Editor However, now he can only witTo some people, baseball is the ness the sun rising behind second thing that binds them body and base, whose rays begin to warm soul. It is a game that does not the grass. The morning dew forms discriminate and unites players a film on the infield waiting for under the colors to a team. They the first imprint of spikes. The leave their differences, no matter swirling winds;that blow the how trivial, at the entrance of the American flag in center field is clubhouse. Baseball is4truly a God's wake up call. Then Julian puts on his spikes game that encompasses the passion and excellence of an entire and looks at the infield. Here he will sta rt at second base. The raked nation. Innocent as it may seem, base- lines of dirt appear to be holy ball begins with a child waking ground as this will be a place of up at 6 a.m. in anticipation to sacrifice. The ground is endless play. Julian rushes to put on his only bordered by the white chalk uniform and head to the diamond that lines the field. ea rly to make sure he's the first to To the young boy the dimentake batting practice. The colors sions ofthe stadium are immense; and emblems that adorn his wool the chain- link fence looks as if jersey represent pride in himself, it's a mile away. Yet he knows at whether he sports a Red Raider, a game time the ball he hits to left Tiger or a Crusader: *H ^diomiTXa. field will -fall just short of the; The hypnotic smell of fresh ' wall.'It is only a matter of time leather reminds him of the spee- before be hits one over the fence tacular plays he envisions unfold- in left field. As the start of the game approaches, the stadium awaits the wool clad ball players. They will in nine frames try to outdo each other. Julian waits for the arrival of his teammates: Al Judkiewicz, Jimmy Pitz, and Chipper Gutowski. Judkiewicz, the junkballing pitcher, arrives second and the rest of the team follows. The team from the predominantly Polish neighborhood takes thefield.Julian takes up his position at second and goes^into a trance. The large stadium conjures up images of the Brooklyn Dodger's Ebbets Field. When he turns a double pi ay he doesn't flip the ball to his short stop, but to the Dodger's Jackie Robinson. He is no longer the fourth hitter in the order for his team named Boots, but the man who follows Duke Snider in the Dodger's order. Julian longs to wear the blue and white jersey of the team. To set foot in Ebbets Field and play in the World Series against the cross-town rival New York Yankees. However, as Judkiewicz throws his first curve ball, Julian comes back to reality and concentrates on the game. He is always in synch as the team runs, throws and performs to major league perfection. Each boy knows to rely on his partner in the later innings as their pitcher begins to tire. To these boys baseball is a passion, not a game. It's about being young and letting yourself go. The time spent between the white strips is an alternative world where everyday plays are made and dreams are fulfilled and shattered. Hie great thing about baseball is that even if Julian loses, there still is tomorrow. The cycle o f 1 i fe begins anew. Once again he rises at 6 a. m. and heads to the ball park to see the signs of spring. From the brown rabbit who nibbles on the grass to|the sparrow who doesn't steal second base, but wormsfromthe pitcher's mound for her young. All the while Julian thinks about baseball and the words of inspiration, "Play balL*i

To those of you wondering who this person is, he's my father. It seems that the more time I spend awayfromhim, the more I appreciate the time we spend together. I expressed a common bond we share and the gratification I owe him. As he grows older, baseball is the thing that reminds me of when he was young. £ £

Mercy hurst Sports
The Mercy hurst crew team continues to pick up medals as the year ending Dad Vail Regatta closes the season this weekend. Last Saturday, the Lakers won medals in five of the seven events that they entered as they participated in the Mid-America Coir lege Regatta in Columbus, Ohio. Those crews winning gold medals included the varsity women's 1 four and thefreshmanmen's foul .

fired a 76 to garner second in the individual scoring. Laker hockey's Bryce Bohun and Mike McPherson shot 80's.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The men's junior varsity eight and the men's lightweight four were second. The varsity women's eight brought home fourth.
* • • * • • * * * • * • * * * » * * • • * * • * * *

Over the weekend, the Mercyhurst golf squad competed in the Baldwin Wallace Invitational and finished second in the nine team field. John Wilkinson

The Mercyhurst Lady Laker volleyball j, team concluded pits spring campaign by claiming first place in its own tournament last weekend as it looks forward to next season. ft I

A n y o n e interested in an Admissions C o - O p position for Fall T e r m J please contact!


at exi 2566 ia& soon as possible

itefaelats:I Good academic standing Senior status, pp. + y efajijs} of agq





L a t e season s u r g e igives L a k e r i baseball twentieth
goal of the playoffs. Success is determined by the nextgame. You can't look ahead, you ha veto take them one pitch at a time and see The Mercyhurst baseball team what's going to happen." reached the twenty-win plateau The Lakers entered the final onTnesday as they continued their week of the season against some late season success, with a 15-3 ofPennsylvania's toughest teams. drubbing of seventh ranked Divi- They began and finished the sion II Slippery Rock University seven-game swing with a victory. in the second game of a double* In the first series, on Thursday, against Clarion University the header. According to bullpen ace Jeff Lakers split two games, winning Hutchinson the victory was some* the opener 11-4 and dropping the thing to be proud of. He said, second game 3-2. "We've won 20 this year and The Hurst then came home to reached a milestone, but not our face Gannon University, losing By Craig Rybczynski Merciad Sports Editor to the arch rival Golden Knights 14-6. However, Coach Joe Jordano's club regrouped the following series on Sunday to sweep Michigan's Saginaw Valley State 4-0 and 2-1. | Mercy hurst's next test came against the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference Champion Slippery Rock Rockets, as the young squad looked to show their late season maturity. To Mercyhurst, this was their playoff game. Slippery Rock was not impressed with the blue and green. The Rockets fought back to erase an '"earlier 4-0, to overtake the i Lakers 6-4. ^9>9W^VW^W^^9W^9'f^^^W999tw€ ^e9ieW^^me€ 9^^^WiWt i^9 'Despite being held to six hits, the Lakers opened the game with two runs as Tom Craig plated Mike McKnight with an RBI Sunday, May 9 E double. They scored single runs FL Fly Swatters /No Names 1 p.m. in the third and fourths inning to ;thc third frame. Laker 'pitcher Rich Runtas cruised into the fifth inning with a two hitter. That's when Slippery Rock solved Runtas by scoring three times in the fifth inning to : cut the lead to one. In the next frame, he did not retire a batter and the Rockets took the lead 5-4. They added another run before reliever Hutchinson ended the threat In the nightcap, the Lakers proved they can compete with top Division II schools as they controlled every aspect of the game. The Lakers set the tone of the game early when they scored the first run of the game. Benedict lost a tooth in the home plate collision with the catcher. At! the plate, Phil Gahring pounded out four hits, leading the Lakers. Mercyhurst a lso showed its offensive power as Craig, increase their lead. Jeff Benedict McKnight and Dan Messner hit provided the big hit, tripling in home runs. In the victory, the center fielder Kevin Schultz in



Intramural Softball
Brew Crew / Momentarily Conscious 2nd II None / Clams % Untouchables / Strange Parade II Rain Out Contests

1:45 p.m. 2:30 p.m. 3:15 p.m. 4 p.m.




Hurst collected 16 hits in all and got redemption for thefirstgame of the double-header. This time the game saw the Rockets take an early lead only to see Mercyhurst rally and rout Slippery Rock. The Lakers' big inning saw them score six runs in the sixth inning. The inning was 1 highlighted by a two-run home run by McKnight and a solo shot by Frank Sommers. The offense provided the spark, but pitcher Bill Kieklak shut down Slippery Rock and put in his best pitching performance of the yea r. After a rough start, Kieklak struck out four and didn't walk a batter in seven innings. His lone mistake was a three-run home run in the second inning. Mercyhurst concludes its season against the Pittsburgh Panthers at Pitt on Thursday at3 p.m. The Lakers look to finish out the season with a win over a Division I baseball team.

Monday, May 10 430 p.m. 5:15 p.m. 6 p.m. Tuesday, May 11 430 p.m. 5:15 p jn. t; RJ A .P. / Were Not the Bills The Hood /No Names Rain Out Contest The Richardbeads / Prime time Browsers/Momentarily Conscious Biyatch's/4010 Girls

Muenck paces Laker tennis team
By Chris Kullman Merciad Sports Writer |

Lady Laker Softball team concludes the season with series split at Clarion


Markus Muenck, a sophomore on the Mercyhurst tennis team, 6 pjn. has improved his play on the court in the past season. Muenck just Wednesday, May 12 recently completed his first year Women's Championship 4:30 p.m. of playing collegiate tennis. The Richardbeads /Momentarily Conscious 5:15 p.m. At the age of eleven, he started 6 p.m. Rain Out Contest playing junior tennis which inThursday, May 13 cluded lessons and tournaments. The next seven years ofMuenck's Were Not the Bills / No Names 1 4:30 p.m. life went by in a flash; he was Browsers / Richardheads 5:15 p.m. ranked anywhere from ninth to Were Not the Bills /The Hood 6 p.m. 15th in the mid-western region. Saturday, May 15 Muenck carried his tennis success into high school-where he Mafkus Muenck Men's Championship 1p.m. played:,number one singles for , , , ft«®®fffi®pff e ? € )®©t'r^©pf)ffff)fi®®rr^ftfffffffe three years and also achieved all- conference for three years. In the state of Minnesota, he was consistently ranked in the top IS for three years. In his senior year of high school, Muenck moved to Fox Chapel, PA, where he settled in to play number two singles. While playing tennis d uring his last year of high school, Markus developed a By David J. Kosobucki two double-header sweeps of first year Head Coach Amy rota torcuffcondition in his shoulMerciad Sports Writer Westminster and Grove City. Weaver felt the team accom- der. The injury caused him a great Against the Lady Titans, the Hurst plished a lot this season and has deal ofpa in while he was serving. The Mercyhurst girls' softball raced out to an early lead aided by much to look forward to next sea- Muenck, being the tough person a Christy Puz grand slam. The son. "We were very competitive he is, did not let the injury beat team ended their season Friday at Lakers won the nightcap 13-6. this season and we were in the him and worked diligently to come Clarion University with a doubleheader split The Lady Lakers Puz and Mishrell had two hits position to win almost all of our back healthy. games," she said. Muenck came to Mercyhurst in finished with an overall record of apiece 'Next year's Hurst squad will the fall of 1991 and he decided 7-17. * I only lose one senior position not to play tennis his freshman Center fielder Christy Puz led player in Puz. Six other starters year. However, he did have a good the team with a .415 average. She also knocked in a team high 11 this year were either freshmen or time participating in intramural runs. Sophomore Katy Colvin sophomores. This will mean much tennis, developing his game and followed Puz with a .310 clip. more experience and stability for making newfriends.He is one of Also making a considerable of* the Lady Lakers' lineup* Coach two walk-ons who does not have fensive contribution was freshWeaver thinks that these im- a tennis scholarship. Muenck men shortstop Kelly Heaton with proved qualities will lead to more played number five singles and a .280 average. victories next year. "I think thai number three doubles his sophomore year. Senior Wendy Tullar was the Against Grove City, Wendy we will be more prepared for the "In Florida, I was not playing to winn ingest pitcher with three vicTullar tossed a three-hitter and closer games next season," my ability. However, I played to tories on the season. Allic struck out eight in an 8-1 win. In Weaver said. "Hopefully we can my ability in the Pittsburgh tourKlopfler and Sue Mishrell also the second game, the Lakers hung win more of these close games nament and during the regular added two wins apiece on the on to win 5-3. because of our maturity and exseason and finished strongly in mound. Despitc their mediocre record, perience in these games." BloomsburR," said Muenck. • The season was highlighted by

When Muenck is not on the tennis court smashing balls and returning serves at the Hurst, he is a nursing major. He is a bright student who works hard in the classroom because his determination carries him to a higher level.

" We had a very deep team which gave us the edge In the close matches." — Markus Muenck
Muenck had only good words to say about the tennis program. "We had a very deep team which gave us the edge in the close matches," he said. His goal for the future is to continue to play tennis for the remainder of his college years. He would also like to stay healthy a nd avoid injury. In his spare time, Muenck also enjoys many sports, including a great game of physica 1 hockey, wa ter skiing, and basketball. Muenck is a successful person, and he contributes part of it to his roommate Michael Brown for his support.

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