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Dr. Stanley Monteith has been studying the movement to create a world government for almost 40 years. During his 35-year career as an orthopedic surgeon he traveled to Europe, lived in South Africa, and researched the records of the men and the organizations that are working to bring our nation under the control of a corporate elite, surrender our national sovereignty, and enslave the people of the world.

Extracts from Dr. Stanley Monteith’s book...


equally unpalatable.. If another drought came to this area.com. If rain becomes scarce again. against the earth’s population! Huge gatherings like the EARTH SUMMIT. three things have come to light recently: should be the least popular measure so far. “ 3. 1999 Holly Deyo.. intends GENOCIDE. are merely bringing out in action the most dire[disasterous] program this world has ever seen! Read of the real intentions of the “environmental” globalists. is to assess current rainfall levels and tax the owner by the size his tank(s). read of the unspeakable and crazy restrictions to be placed upon all nations in order to obtain “sustainable development” and “save the earth’. the tanks themselves and paid for installa2.au Home Page: Noah’s Ark All contents copyright © 1998.. look into the plans to control all water and make the citizens of earth pay for even the drops that fall from the sky. STANLEY MONTEITH 31 ATTENTION PLEASE ! If the reader will spend time perusing the brief notes contained herein an evil and cruel PLAN of conquest will become obvious. supposedly on the environment and “sustainable development”.aol.. It http://members. Water bores on private property tion of same and filled them with must be registered with the shire FREE rainwater for which we may and aerial photos are taken of all be taxed for our prudence. “.2 NOT AN EXTRACT FROM DR. Legislators are hesitant to pass this bill as it will be met with much resistance from What I think of this is not the farming community.. Here we’ve the wings.yet.]. All rights reserved. truly amazing . mass murder. private water tanks will be metered and taxed for usage! It’s a good thing it wasn’t fly season as hearing this made my jaw hit the pavement.. 1. look at details of the Earth Charter and its relationship to the Black Brotherhood of the New World Order. This is bores and dam reservoirs. Dr Stanley Monteith.EXTRACT: of above article . there is legislation waiting to be signed which will put usage taps on private water bores on private property. . . through such front organizations as the United Nations. This last piece of interesting news was shared by our neighbor who has lived in Ballarat for decades. Again this is pending legislation since rain has not become critical in Ballarat . purchased the property.right now in Ballarat [vic. The information has been received from the USA compiled by the Christian investigator and Christian radio personality. The global hierarchy. Australia. The alternate plan. ..htm Holly Deyo.com/poesgirl/misc. but it’s in printable on the Net..Editor of Despatch Magazine What Do Executive Orders Say About Storing? Updated 12 November 1998 USA. E-mail: hollyd@netconnect.

and is currently the primary force behind the UN plan to establish a world Maurice Strong has been quoted as government.com News Who is the man upon whom the survival of civilization rests? In the September 1. he became an executive officer of several Canadian oil companies. we are told that: “A small cadre of obscure international bureaucrats are hard at work devising a system of “global governance” that is slowly gaining control over ordinary Americans’ lives. oil and an as. yet by the time he was nineteen he was working as an analyst for a well-known Toronto investment firm.” (2) Who is Maurice Strong. Establishing a stormwater fund at this time offers the city a Councilman Dieter Mielimonka said degree of protection from the finan. *A half-acre lot. Maurice Strong. haven’t been formulated yet. and why is he considered “the indispensable man at the center of the UN power grab”? He is a leader of the secret world of corporate finance. The First World Conference on the Environment. wooded areas. non-specific estimates. . lawns. gasoline. and at the age of forty-three presided over one of the most important International Conferences ever convened. (4) How did a poor Canadian boy with little education ever rise to such a position of world power and prominence? The answer to that question will become obvious as our story progresses.” The New Yorker magazine.30 tilizers. bill.92 a year or $3. held in Stockholm in 1972. a 68-year-old Canadian.. Frankly. zoned R1.” winonadailynews. one thing is safe to assume: “It’s just like using city water or “ It’s going to cost money. Nelson said fees will be based on a complex formula that factors in roof areas. agricultural land and other features in determining how much water runs off to be collected by city storm sewers. our species Canada at the age of fourteen withwill not survive . As very preliminary. (1) 3 “This charge due to a federal mandate. A piece ofproperty that is virtually covered by a building and paved parking lot would pay at a higher rate than a parcel the same size that was largely lawn.” the sanitary sewer. is the “indispensable man” at the center of this creeping UN power grab. we may out finishing high school. That meeting is referred to today as the first Earth Summit.15 a year or $3. In his twenties.” Nelson said. He left his home in saying: “If we don’t change. garden or woodland. (3) By the time he was thirty-one he was president of a prominent Canadian investment firm. paved surfaces. 1997 issue of National Review magazine. Nelson suggested that: *A 1/3 acre residential lot in an R2 zone might be assessed about THE PLAN TO DESTROY WESTERN CIVILIZATION “The survival of civilization in something like its present form might depend significantly on the efforts of a single man. might be Public works director Keith Nelson assessed $15.when the charge is billed there cial shocks that are likely to result should be a note added to every bill from federal actions.. Twenty years later Maurice Strong presided over the second Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.98 said that while the regulations on each utility bill.54 per utility sortment of litter. including Dome Petroleum. and in 1997 he presided over Earth Summit Plus 5.$14.

uk Are city officials going crazy all over the world! The following article from America indicates where the New World Order is heading. and Kofi Annan. In addition. and with the United Nations Environment Programme (IJNEP). fer- . he is the Chairman of both the Earth Council and the World Resources Institute. and served as a trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation from 1971 to 1978. as a member of the Club of Rome. Larry Abraham and Franklin Sanders describe Maurice Strong’s 200. The stormwater fund was discussed by council and staff Last updated on Thu. Runoff from lawns. Maurice Strong coauthored The Earth Charter with Mikhail Gorbachev and Professor Stephen Rockefeller. As Chairman of the Earth Council. beginning in 2003 the Winona City Council will charge city property owners for the rain that falls on their land. Aug 22.000 stormwater fund. s i m i l a r t o wa t e r a n d s e w e r charges. according to city manager Eric Sorensen. rainwater will no longer be free in the city of Winona. and as a director of finance of the Lindisfarne Association. “ (5) Maurice Strong is presently a Senior Advisor to both James Wolfensohn. ---------------City to tax rainwater As part of the 2003 budget process. As part of an effort to control nonpoint s o u r c e wa t e r p o l l u t i o n f r o m runoff. In their book The Greening. The new city fee comes compliments of the federal government. the Secretary General of the United Nations. In addition. which published the global : Biodiversity Assessment report summarized in Document VI. STANLEY MONTEITH 29 A Recent email: knockknock@shipton49. i n c l u d i n g d og droppings. He was a founding endorser of Planetary Citizens. lawn chemicals. billed to owners of property that drains into the city storm sewer system. he was Co-Chairman of the Commission on Global Governance which published Our Global Neighborhood which reveals the United Nations plan for world governance which is simply a code name for world government. as a trustee of the Aspen Institute. and those who embrace the Darkness are often rewarded with both riches and power.” There Strong and his NOT AN EXTRACT FROM DR. freeserve. The money will be generated by a charge. How has he accumulated such great wealth and stature? He has been involved with spiritualism and the occult.co.quality standards on the discharge from city storm sewers. and more control over what we breath. live and drink. (7) Maurice Strong is not just a multimillionaire he is also one of the most powerful men in the modern world. the President of the World Bank. That Charter is reproduced in Document VII. (6) Of even more significance is his work With the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN). a CoChairman of the Council of The World Economic Forum. the federal government is looking at putting water. as director of the World Future Society.000-acre ranch in Colorado: “Strong owns a large tract of land in Colorado which they call “the Baca. He has served as President of the World Federation of the United Nations Associations. convened the Fourth World Wilderness Congress. Mind boggling is’nt it. and its significance explained. By Jerome Christenson Winona Daily News Starting next year. 2002 Monday night. While it hasn’t figured out how to tax air or sex. Shippo. Control. the council gave t e n t a t i v e a p p r o va l t o t h e creation of a $200. and a member of Toyota’s International Advisory Board.4 get to the point where the only way of saving the world will he for industrial civilization to collapse. streets and parking lots can carry a wide range of c on t a mi n a n t s .

so.. Treaties! Agreements.. “ . The “river basin” organizations will be assisted by MUST implement the WORLD BANK policies on WATER and LAND USE! ! wife are establishing an international community of spiritualists. They are not only promoting a one-world government . world religion to substitute for leaders were to conclude that Christianity” ... the countries MUST participate in the international initiatives”: i. The WORLD BANK “objectives” are stipulated in the water project loan agreements for country. they are also supporting a one-world religion to substitute In his article Daniel Wood revealed for Christianity.] [page 14. The destroy the moral fabric of our group’s conclusion is ‘no’ . States will NOT have any control. and even Shirley MacLaine. 19] These WORLD BANK contracts will comply with each country’s national objectives which are of course the objectives of foe WORLD BANK. This includes any water in the ground along the way. alized civilizations collapse. up the streams. the United Nations Development Program. United Nation’s Conventions. Maurice Strong: “presented the idea that the only way to save the planet from destruction is to see to it that the industrialized civilizations collapse.28 plans to do this by replacing all country and state political boun daries with geographical RIVER BASINS BOUNDARIES [page 28. According to Daniel Wood.. Zen Buddhists. They intend to prethe principal risk to the earth side over the destruction of Chriscomes from the actions of the tianity.oration with UNDP. [page 13] [These “Private” entities will operate at the River Basin level. to vironment Will they do it?”. and they . amulet-carrying native American shamans.that he was thinking of writing a rice Strong and his wife are not only novel about the growing threat to involved with the occult. Please note that a “river basin” includes all surface and underground water flowing into a common area. They simply march from the wetlands.” (8) that Maurice Strong had told him It is important to note that Mau. I am NOT making any of this up. “complete with monasteries. “What if a small group of . those rich countries Christian leaders do not understand would have to sign an agreement that the current move to remove reducing their impact on the enprayer from public schools. [page 11 ] the Global Environmental Facility in collab..” (9) .e. and any land which would allow water to run into the river basin “area”. That article was published in West magazine in May 1990. He subsequently wrote an article based upon his encounter Maurice Strong then went on to 5 entitled Honest.. to the headwaters which are typically runoff or springs. The WORLD BANK water projects loans clearly spell out that °In acceptance of the monies of the WORLD BANK. up the river.. Isn’t In 1990 Daniel Wood had an it our responsibility to bring that opportunity to interview Maurice about?” (10) Strong. the WORLD BANK requires an environmental impact and assessment of the entire river basin system.. devotees of the Vedic mother goddess.. but they earth’s survival from industrialized are also supporting a “one-world nations. the ity of partial-birth abortion has prigroup decides: isn’t the only hope marily come from those dedicated for the planet that the industrito spiritualism and the occult. and to maintain the legalorder to save the planet.. By the way. in society. 71] The WORLD BANK plan calls for the transfer by contract of all water jurisdiction by governments to Private Corporations and “User Associations” These corporations and user associations will of course be mandated to meet all WORLD BANK regulations and prohibitions. One of the greatest tragrich countries? And if the world edies of modern time is that most is to survive.

Misallocate and waste water. . [page 12 “benefit. Neglect financial accountability.”) any benefit whatsoever from your 6. ) The WORLD BANK “claims” that all So . Water has an Economic Value federal structure in all countries. . a 68-year-old Canadian. Then re-read the 10 Guides engraved on the Georgia Guidestones and note the similarity between the philosophy espoused lily the two documents. . get ready for all kind of the current governments have the “fees” regarding water . Always remember the opening words of this article: “The survival of civilization in something like its present form might depend significantly on the efforts of a single man. he believes in authoritarian rule of the masses.. The WORLD BANK . to see its occultic overtones When you reread The Earth Charter look for its refer.” [page 85] 3. That report resulted from decisions arrived at during the second Earth Summit over which Maurice Strong presided.” “A small cadre of obscure international bureaucrats are hard at work devising a system of “global governance” that is slowly gaining control over ordinary Americans’ lives. the forces of Darkness would flee like vampires at the first rays of dawn. intends to establish a world government. you will be taxed on that users. “proper” price for [page 9] water. Mr. (And you thought Perrier was 2. Next re-read the summary of Global Biodiversity Assessment [see p. Water is essential for life.” (11) One has only to read Maurice Strong’s The Earth Charter in Document Vll. 1. (12) Now is the time for all those who value freedom and love Jesus Christ to join together in a concerted effort to educate our political and Christian leaders as to the Luciferian nature of the struggle in which we are currently involved.. Ineffective delivery of water to land. . using half truths. Charge too low a price for water. BENEFIT TAXES: If you receive “Estimated Opportunity Costs. and the occultic force he represents. pollution on your land. Maurice Strong. POLLUTION CHARGES: You will 7 Operate under centralized be charged a pollution tax for any structure. . (They aren’t charging for 2. (Now here’s a bold statement The WORLD BANK wants to termiof the obvious!) nate (with extreme prejudice) the 2. and destroy JudeoChristian civilization. It is a plan for the destruction of Western civilization. 72] 5. especially the poor. 7.. .] the following proclamations: [page 16] 1. SOCIAL FEES: Those who have worked hard to better themselves 4. Neglect user participation. Water is a scarce natural Structure” to have any authority resource [page 21] (I believe the over the water.” i e. enslave all mankind. “high enough”. Heed George Orwell’s warning! 27 old saying is: “Figures don’t lie but LIARS figure. [Page 24] sovereign states within a “Federal 3. The WORLD BANK then makes [The poop left by your pet on your land is going to cost you big time. Especially since the WORLD following faults: BANK will be Pertain to charge a 1. Maurice Strong. and is recognized as an The WORLD BANK will not permit Economic Good. If the followers of Christ would simply stand together. Strong admits that he is a dedicated socialist. is the “indispensable man” at the The New Yorker magazine How’s that for a mouthful of fuzzy words? .ence to (1) Nature and the environmental (2) Reproduction and population (3) Governance and (4) Spirituality and “the infinite”.. Permit damage to the environ ment due to weak and distorted expensive!) policies. 3. this booklet] contained in Document VT. form a secret society to bring about an economic collapse . and that plan is being implemented via Executive Orders and bureaucratic edicts today. will have to come up with subsidies [Page27] for the poor.6 further describe his fictional plot “This group of world leaders . [pages 15.

.O. The Occult Hierarchy which controls both the radical left and the environmental movement now intend to destroy American agriculture.” National Review magazine THE WORLD BANK* WATER POLICY (International Bank for Reconstruction arid Development) which was originally set up to rebuild Europe after the devastation of World War II. for God’s enemies are well on their way to destroying that civilization. get a complete copy of the Global Biodiversity Assessment .. 7 We have already seen how the environmental movement has shut down the lumber industry in California.” Give a man a fish and feed him for a day . including goods and services. If my allegations seem too far-fetched to believe. and you’ The WORLD BANK “claims” that their overall objective is to reduce poverty. Now that’s very interesting.Everywhere! The WORLD BANK will use “Estimated Opportunity Costs”* to set the price for water! *The WORLD BANK defines EOC as “the value of goods or services forgone. deindustrialize America. Well folks. Resources starvation. outlawed DDT which has led to a return of malaria. Why is the WORLD BANK involved in “social engineering” in fact all of the WORLD BANK programs are involved in redistribution of land resources and wealth! It would appear that the wonderful folks at the WORLD BANK are ignoring the truism. when a scarce resource is used for one purpose instead of for its next best alternative use” THE GLOBAL BIODIVERSITY ASSESSMENT REPORT Global Biodiversity Assessment is an 1140-page document published by the Cambridge University Press under the auspices of the United Nations Environment Programme. All the water . blocked development of nuclear power. all the current governments of course. and destroyed the American educational system to the point where there are now over 90 million illiterates in the United States. who does the WORLD BANK blame for all his poverty and starvation? Why. . further restrict private property rights. and Wealth starvation ! Now. the radical left has undermined the private practice of medicine. . Santa Cruz.com] An Analysis of * 987654321210987654321098765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 987654321210987654321098765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 1 987654321210987654321098765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 987654321210987654321098765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 98765432121098765432109876543210987654321210987654321098765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432 987654321210987654321098765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 987654321210987654321098765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 987654321210987654321098765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 center of this creeping UN power grab. or if we can surmise that they are saying nothing at all . According to its cover page it is: “an independent. that you get a copy of the Santa Cruz County Agenda 21 Reporter and if you are still not convinced. (UNEP). I suggest that you read the summary of the Global Biodiversity Assessment report contained in this Document. take away our automobiles. decimated the fishing industry in the West.” The programs outlined in the report are designed to destroy Western civilization under the guise of preserving the environment. . If the words are so long and fuzzy that we cannot understand what is being said. . CA 95063 [www.. Box 13. the international elitists are calling for what they say is a new approach to how they manage your water. peer-reviewed analysis of the biological and social aspects of biodiversity.26 This analysis distributed by:Radio Liberty P. In fact their plan calls for managing your water. . Why does the World Bank have it’s hands in everybody’s business and personal life around the world? Remember George Orwell’s warning when reading any document: ‘You call read people’s intentions by their use of foe language. we can be fairly sure the speaker is trying to swindle us!” Now is the time for men and women of integrity to commit themselves to this epic struggle for the survival of Christian civilization. they’re on the right tack to: Land starvation. In addition.. Explaining of course that the BANK is destined to be the savior of the water. The WORLD BANK specifically points out the total mismanagement of water by all the governments.radioliberty.. and imposed draconian air-quality regulations on both the public and private sectors. and destroy Christianity. your land. outlawed the use of Freon. teach him how to fish and he will learn to feed himself “ Of course if their real objective is to starve all of us. ..

fencing of pastures.Used for driving various kinds of machines 755 Dams. fossil fuels. etc.Page 350 . They include the grazing of livestock. Straightening Rivers GLOBAL BIODIVERSITY ASSESSMENT REPORT Syllabus PAGE QUICK REFERENCES I ii Definition of Words Agenda 21 337 Ski Runs Railroads 350 Grazing of Livestock: cows. compaction of soil. Tragically. Rangelands 733 Pastures 733 Fish Ponds 733 Plantations 733 Modern Hunting 738 Harvesting of Timber 738 Logging Activities 749 Fossil Fuels . and detrimental to Global Biodiversity. sheep goats. modern farm production. Occultists often worship the alignment and movement of heavenly bodies as part of their religious ceremonies. C. logging.Large hoofed animals.8 report and read it in its entirety Contained on the following page is a glossary of the items deemed to be nonsustainable. reducing filtration 351 Fencing of Pastures or Paddocks 728 Agriculture 728 Modern Farm Production Systems 728 Chemical Fertilizers 728 Herbicides 728 Building Materials 730 Industrial Activities 730 Human-Made caves of brick and mortar. trails (page 351) 730 Floor and Wall Tiles 730 Aquaculture 733 Technology Improvements 733 Farmlands. Global Biodiversity Assessment is a plan to control every human toeing who survives the coming world-wide genocide. and the moon. the sun. that is exactly what is intended as you will learn as you read this Document. . This was one of several requirements stipulated by R. Reservoirs. 25 351 Disturbance of the Soil Surface . The coming destruction of modern methods of agricultural production will lead to massive starvation. concrete and steel 730 Paved and Tarred roads highways. Christian for the building of the American Stonehenge and reflects his obsession with the alignment of the stars. horses The hole that you see in the stone was drilled in the Center Stone so that the North Star could be visualized through it at any moment.

22. In that document you will find an emphasis on the same basic issues: control of reproduction. Stanley Monteith. and a new spirituality.] 757 Power Line Construction 763 Economic systems that fail to set a proper value on the environment 763 Inappropriate Social Structures 763 Weaknesses in Legal and Institutional Systems 766. 26+ Information about the World’s Water NOTE: ALL the above items are considered to be environmentally unacceptable. are dark spiritual forces. the widow of John Lennon. The fact that most Americans have never heard of the Georgia Guidestones or their message to humanity reflects the degree of control that exists today over what the American people think. Yoko Ono..24 term “socialism” to be able to understand what is intended. Pipelines 783 Land-Use.. (Impervious Surfaces) Th is small booklet by Dr. 782 Private Property 771 Population Growth Human Population Density 773 Consumerism 774 Fragmentation of Habitat cemeteries. (3) Establishing a world government. Without understanding the nature of those dark forces it is impossible to understand the unfolding of world events. saying: “I want people to know about the stones . Behind those groups. Its intent was to destroy the Judeo-Christian beliefs upon which our Republic was founded. the importance of nature and the environment. These must be done away with... etc 774 Sewers. (4) Promoting a new spirituality. it’s a nice time to reaffirm ourselves. Later in this syllabus you will read the full text of the Earth Charter which was compiled under the direction of Mikhail Gorbachev and Maurice Strong. Certainly the group that commissioned the Georgia Guidestones is one of many similar groups working together toward a New World Order. pp. however. [see opp. world governance. rubbish tips. to “save the earth” . and why is its covert message important? 9 Because it confirms the fact that there was a covert group intent on (1) Dramatically reducing the population of the world. that serves human needs 969 Fisheries 970 Golf Courses 970 Scuba Diving 728 Synthetic Drugs 990 Fragmentation . 838 Modern Attitudes towards nature Judaeo-ChristianIslamic religions 767. a new world economic system. “ (1) What is the true significance of the American Stonehenge. The similarity between the ideas engraved on the Georgia Guidestones and those espoused in the Earth Charter reflect the common origins of both.Agricultural development. (2) Promoting environmentalism. was recently quoted as referring to the American Stonehenge. USA. Forestry Urbani zation. knowing all the beautiful things that are in this country and the Georgia Stones symbolize that. We ignore that message at our peril. 23-25 begins the Information about the Guide Stones in Elberton County Georgia. The Age of Reason was a book written by Thomas Paine. We’re headed toward a world where we might blow ourselves up and maybe the globe will not exist . Drain Systems. was not able to be scanned and has been photocopied straight into the following pages 10. apologies for the less than perfect print F OLLOWED BY: pp. and a new world spirituality. derelict lands.

Georgia. your loved ones and the countless millions of helpless human beings throughout the world who have been marked for destruction. Let all nations rule internally used.000 in perpetual mphasis on preserving nature balance with nature. resolving external disputes in a world court 7. the Georgia Guidestones are used for occult ceremonies and mystic celebrations to this very day. so. It was not until I journeyed to Elberton. 4. should you determine that my assessment is correct. Rule passion . Avoid petty laws and useless officials. and I didn’t speak up be- THE POPULATION CONTROL AGENDA Stanley K.beauty . then you have a moral obligation to decide just what part you intend to play in response to the unfolding world genocide . and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew. shadows of the great Druid-like monument built there. Monteith.10 23 pillars of that structure that I finally came to accept the truth. and the referimproving fitness and ence to “seeking harmony with the diversity. phrase “Sustainable Development” 6.000. and control of the numbers of live births. Prize truth . Be not a cancer on the earth Leave room for nature. or even partially correct. anticipates the environmental move2. certain that there is no cause for concern.and all things with tempered Stonehenge also foreshadowed the reason. You must never forget the warning recorded for posterity by Martin Niemoeller. Guide reproduction wisely ment of the 1991s. On the other hand. Then they came for the trade unionists. The ten programs of the “guides” are inscribed in eight different languages on the four great granite pillars of the American Stonehenge. Indeed. those from “the dark side” have been given their instructions from the “one” they worship. Unite humanity with a living to replace Judeo-Christian beliefs new language. too. M. 9. infanticide. Any time you hear the with fair laws and just courts. and explains why efforts to approach the AIDS epidemic from a logical point of view have been consistently thwarted. check out my references. Maintain humanity under government Tile Guidestones’ e 500.love seeking harmony with the infinite. His words echo down to us over succeeding decades: “In Germany they came first for the Communists. Balance personal rights with social duties. . you should substitute the covered that the monument he commissioned had been erected in recognition of Thomas Paine and the occult philosophy he espoused. 1 Before you scoff. you will soon recognize the deception and return to your daily activities.” That was not an easy concept for me to acknowledge. despite the fact that I had long recognized that the twentieth century has been the bloodiest hundredyear period in recorded human history. Protect people and nations opment. and he has recently relocated his ministry.faith . forced sterilization. If my allegations are unfounded.D. I shall have to admit that I studied the politics AIDS (HIV disease) for over a decade before I finally came to a horrifying conclusion. Many readers will acknowledge that our government is helping to finance the Red Chinese program of forced abortion. Most readers will accept the fact that our nation is helping to finance the United Nations’ world-wide “family planning program” a form of population control. only one religious leader in the area had the courage to speak out against the American Stonehenge. The American StoneOF THE GEORGIA henge’s reference to establishing GUIDESTONES a world court foreshadows the current move to create an International Criminal Court and a world 1. and reject my suggestion as some sort of madness. 8. and read the words engraved on the massive stone Limiting the population of the earth to 500 million will require the extermination of nine-tenths of the THE MESSAGE world’s people. the Lutheran minister who lived in Hitler ’s Germany during the 1930’s and 1940’s. One of the most difficult concepts for Americans to accept is that there are human beings dedicated to conceive population control and genocide. Tragically. That message foretells a terrifying future for humanity. find it impossible to believe that such programs are really part of a “master plan” to kill off large segments of the world’s population.how you will protect yourself. then try to disprove my conclusions. stood within the dark. infinite” reflects the current effort 3. At that point it became obvious that just as our Lord h a s g i v e n manki nd Ten C ommandments to guide out lives. The real motivation behind efforts to block utilization of standard public health measures to control further spread of the HIV epidemic was “population control. Then they came for the Jews. however.tradition The message of the American . and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist. Most rational men and women. current drive for Sustainable Devel5. with a new spirituality. 10.

to this very day your tax money is used to finance Planned Parenthood. I dis- . almost two decades later. and p a i n s t a k i n g l y d o c u m e n t s S a n g e r ’s plans for the genetic engineering of the human race. or of “The Plan” and “The Hierarchy” attests to the degree of control that exists over what the American people have been allowed to know about the occultic forces which are working within our society today. All that is known for certain is that in June l979. Then they came for the Catholics. an organization founded by Margaret Sanger. the sterilization of ‘genetically inferior races. The origin of that strange monument is shrouded in mystery because no one knows the true identity of the man. it is an important link to the Occult Hierarchy that dominates the world in which we live. In the public library in Elberton.. the segregation of ‘morons. but it soon cause I wasn’t a trade unionist. and director of the dreaded German Medical Experimentation Programs. a member of the Nazi Party. In the years prior to World War II Margaret Sanger commissioned Ernst Rudin. (2) Population and reproduction control. or the names of those he represented.”. and (4) Spirituality. and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant . the ‘cessation of charity. of The Georgia Guidestones in Elberton.’” 4 Margaret Sanger published “The Birth Control Review. and public new 11 sources. who commissioned its construction. He said that he represented a group of men who wanted to offer direction to humanity. He identified himself as R. “How can you possibly believe that there are people who intend to kill off large segments of the world’s population?” My answer is really quite simple.” in that magazine she openly supported the “infanticide program” promoted by Nazi Germany in the 1930’s. Christian really was.’ and . and planning for our future. Though relatively unknown to most people.” In Planned Parenthood’s 1985 “Annual Report” leaders of that organization proclaimed that they were. (3) The environment and man’s relationship to nature. or men. During the 1930’s Margaret Sanger openly supported the Nazi plan for genetic engineering of the German population.” George Grant chronicles the life and writing of Margaret Sanger. C. They fully intend to “exterminate” a significant portion of the world’s population. and by that time no one was left to speak up” 2 Yo u w i l l n o t e t h a t R e v e r e n d Niemoeller warned that after coming for the Jews the Nazis came for both Catholics and Protestants. to serve as an advisor to her organization. those who intend to depopulate large segments of the earth have written of the necessity of limiting the world’s population.. and publicly championed Adolph Hitler’s goal of Aryan white supremacy. or commandments. you will soon discover that there really are those who have publicly advocated the elimination of “human weeds” and “the cleansing of society. If you take the time to check my references. “Proud of our past. and the maladjusted.. a well-dressed. articulate stranger visited the office of the Elberton Granite Finishing Company and announced that he wanted to build an edifice to transmit a message to mankind.” Indeed. and the propagation of a “super race. misfits. Why is that fact never mentioned? The question that I am most frequently asked is. no one knows who R.” 3 How could anyone possibly claim to be proud of the organization founded by Margaret Sanger when history records that she wrote of the necessity of: “the extermination of “human weeds”. Then they came for me. Christian. I hold that belief because I have read their writings. That monument is alternately referred to as The Georgia Guidestones. I found a book written by the man who called himself Christian. I believe they are telling the truth. George Grant noted that in the 1920’s Margaret Sanger wrote became apparent that was not his real name. Several things are apparent. audio-taped interviews. Just as Adolph Hitler wrote of his plans for Europe in “Mein Kampf” (My Plan).. Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood As you read on you will soon discover that I have primarily relied on material which can be readily found in books. In his excellent book “Killer Angel..22 On one of the highest hilltops in Elberton County Georgia stands a huge granite monument engraved in eight different languages on the four giant stones that support the common capstone are 10 Guides. The fact that the vast majority of Americans have never heard of their intent. so. too.. but to date. or the American Stonehenge. The messages engraved on the Georgia Guidestones deal with four major fields: ( 1 ) Governance and the establishment of a world government. C.

Alexander King and Bertrand Schneider.104 (11) Killer Angel: p. What is theosophy? able from Radio Liberty: P. she began to write of the necessity of targeting religious groups for destruction as well. Box 28240 Tempe. Santa Cruz.266-267. A8.” she wrote: “The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal.’ and for the sterilization of genetically inferior races’” 5 According to George Grant.” Margaret Sanger justified her proposal because she believed that: “The masses of Negroes .O. with the result that the increase among Negroes.D. Margaret Sanger believed that the unfit should not be allowed to reproduce. (25) Remembering Silent Spring and its Consequences: J. as is his treatise: see also Environmental Overkill: Dixy Lee Ray: Regnery: p. (22) A copy of the letter quoted from The Lucis Trust is available from Radio Liberty for researchers. an area populated by newly immigrated Slavs. (18) The impact of Science on Society: Bertrand Russell: 1953: p.Gordon Edwards: a monograph: p. believing that the “dysgenic races” should include “Fundamentalists and Catholics” in addition to “blacks. Woman’s Right: p. Switzerland. xv.” 10 Margaret Sanger eventually embraced not only communism but theosophy as well.90: see also: Hitler and the New Age:: Rosio: Huntington House: Available from Radio Liberty. Hispanics.. Brown.” A program designed to eliminate members of what she believed to be an “inferior race. particularly in the South. CA 95073 Fax: (408) 464-8427 Visit our website: http://www. she opened a birth control clinic in: “The Brownsville section of New York. Gordon: New York: Penguin Press: pp. p. Box 13..168-170. and the Minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members. In modern-day America. (21) Copies of the text of Dr. 1996: p.. Margaret Sanger became increasingly obsessed with her occultic beliefs. We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population. still breed carelessly and disastrously. (30) An audio-taped interview with Peter Hammond of Front Line Ministries is available from Radio Liberty: also see Holocaust in Rwanda: Peter Hammond: available from in Touch Mission Int’l (ITMI). CA. is from that portion of the population least intelligent and fit .74: see also: Woman’s Body. (12) Warrant for Genocide: Cohn: Harper and Rowe: 1966: p. CH-1196 Gland.71: equating Satan with the “white deity”: see also: The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow: Cumbey: Huntington house: available from Radio Liberty.73 (8) Killer Angel: p. (19) Material is available from Radio Liberty. Other peoples THE Population Control Agenda by Stanley K. (9) Woman’s Body. (24) AIDS and the Doctors of Death: Aries Rising Press: Los Angeles: pp. Woman’s Right: Linda.9 (13) Killer Angel: op cited: p. (31) Special Warfare: May 1996: PB 80-96-2: Special Operations and LIC in the 21st. Edwards at San Jose State University in San Jose.com Despatch has some audio tapes and material on hand from Monteith. Along with her acceptance of the occult. for the segregation of ‘morons. (28) Strong Abortion-Breast Cancer Link Revealed: Washington Times: October 12. Monteith P. n e t % 7 E r i c j o l y / geostone.Gordon Edwards: A taped interview with Dr Edwards is available from Radio Liberty. For more information or morecopies of this brochure.7: available from Radio Liberty or from Dr. M. noting: “Only about a third of the civilians killed by the Nazis and their accomplices were Jews . (16) The first Global Revolution: Club of Rome.12 “The Pivot of Civilization” in which she called for: “The elimination of ‘human weeds’ for the ‘cessation of charity’ because it prolonged the lives of the unfit. I look forward to seeing humanity free someday of the tyranny of Christianity no less than Capitalism. (23) Quotation from Yoko Ono was found on the w e b s i t e : h t t p : w w w. 71-72. P. in 1939.. CA.C. 1996: A1.’” 6 Nineteen years later.” 7 Margaret Sanger then went on to reveal that she intended to hire three of four Colored Ministers “to travel to various black enclaves to propagandize for birth control. Margaret Sanger organized her “Negro project. P. Monteith. 92: see also Pivot of Civiliz a t i o n : S a n g e r : N e w Yo r k : B r e t a n o ’ s : p p .3: Also quoted in The War on the West: William Perry Pendley: Henry Regnery: p.htm#francisco.O. Stanley K. P. New York. 1991: Pantheon Books.. Dixy Lee Ray: see also Dr Edwards’ treatise on DDT.” Professor Cohn chronicled the dark days of World War II.O.7. pp.. and Company: p. Italians and Jews.229-334: see also Killer Angel: p. Box 13. (26) Reported by Chairman John Rarick: House Hearings on the Federal Pesticide Control Act of 1971.. CA. (29) Russia Strives to Reverse Population Shrinkage: Washington Times: September 22.O. “It is a covert. 9 (15) Animal Rights: A New Species of Egalitarianism: The Intellectual activist: September 14. please write of fax: Dr. (27) Environmental Overkill: op cited: pp76-77 and 192: see also my 2-hour interview with Dr. misfits and the maladjusted. theosophy is one of the most powerful hidden (occult) forces working behind the scenes in New York City. in Serial No. She targeted the ‘unfit’ for her crusade to ‘save the planet. Accordingly. 1994: p. 101. 85285. Box 969 Soquel. (14) Los Angeles Times: Book Review Section: October 22. 95063: see also the Radio Liberty interview with Aaron Zellman: see also The Pagan Agenda: tape series available from Radio Liberty: See also The Aquarian Conspiracy By Marylin Ferguson: see also: The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow: Constance Cumbey: available from Radio Liberty. Box 13. Santa Cruz. 105: available from Radio Liberty: P. (4) Ibid p. Keen’s remarks are 21 available from Radio Liberty.O. (3) Killer Angel: George Grant: Reformer Press: p. W o m a n ’ s R i g h t : L i n d a Gordon: New York: Penguin Press: p. 65. and across our nation today. 15. (2) Bartlett’s Familiar Quotation: Fifteenth Edition: Little.” 9 As the years went by. CA. influence. (17) The Population Controllers: New American Magazine: June 27.115. .73 (10) Killer Angel: p. 95063. Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz. even more than among whites.” 8 As Margaret Sanger’s organization grew in power. copies available from Radio Liberty for researchers.108. occultic religion based upon the repudiation of God and the worship of Lucifer. 65. (5) Ibid p. 229-334. Box 13. Washington D.332: see also Killer Angel: p. she became increasingly hostile to both Christianity and the American precepts of individual freedom under God.92-A: quoted in a treatise by Dr J. (32) Killer Angel: op cited: pp50-51.90: see also the Dark Side of Freemasonry: Decker: Huntington House: p. Woman’s Right: pp.” 11 How many times have you been told that Adolph Hitler killed six million Jews in the Holocaust? “Warrant for Genocide.77. AZ. CA.O. 1989: p.. o d y s e e . 1983: p. and acceptance. Latins. Century: The Joint Strategic Perspective: Brian Sullivan: p. available from Radio Liberty.2. (20) The World Conservative Union: Rue Mauverney 28.64 (7) Woman’s Body. (and) American Indians.123: ( 6 ) W o m a n ’ s B o d y. 95063..204: see also: Killer Angel: p. 95063. 824. Her distaste for America can be seen in her writings when she wrote that: “Birth control appeals to the advanced radical because it is calculated to undermine the authority of the Christian churches.radioliberty.

and a fouraudio-tape set on “Population Control” are avail- .. Therefore.” Malthus wrote: “All children born. What is the Christian Church doing today to preserve the lives of the inhabitants of God’s earth. or your own.” The nature and beliefs of her organization. spiritual forces that energized Madame Blavatsky. pray that our Lord will intervene. and the civilian losses of some of these (countries . Furthermore. this is not scriptural.C o m m u n i s t c o u n t r i e s o f End notes: Asia? What can you do? (1) Copies of the material obtained in Elberton. “The Need is not the Call”. against Today. Full documentation on these subjects will be found in my soonto-be-published book. Georgia . what are you doing to protect the lives of those who have been targeted by the forces of darkness? 1) Order my taped interview with Peter Hammond which tells the story of the murder of the Christian population of Rwanda. David Graver. in order to disseminate this information as far and wide as possible. unless room may be made for them by the deaths of grown persons . In his “An Essay on the Principle of Population. Thomas Robert Malthus (1766-1834)..12. the operations of nature in producing this mortality.. DESPATCH: Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers to save the earth etc. As a researcher on the subject of the occult. was quoted “For we struggle not against flesh and blood.... and to your friends. Adolph Hitler and Margaret Sanger in generations past. We are told that Christians are to be the “salt and light of the world. both Margaret Sanger and Adolph Hitler were energized by the same “dark. however. 3) Get involved in local political organizations. against the forces of the darkness of this world.. a friend. I will conclude this monograph by quoting from the writings of the English Churchman. he also hated Christians and Christianity as well.” an organization founded by Alice Bailey during the early years of the twentieth century. instead of foolishly and vainly endeavoring to impede.Ed. the founder of a religion that worshipped Lucifer. beyond what would be required to keep up the population to a desired level. I regularly receive letters and publications from the Lucis Trust. but against principalities. must necessarily perish. we should facilitate. and the covert forces which control the reality of the American public today do not want the followers of Jesus Christ in our nation to awaken to their peril .) amounted to 11 per cent to 12 per cent of the total population. Because the name “Lucifer” had such a bad connotation in those days.20 occulty energized people throughout the world today who honestly believe that human compassion is outmoded. The supernatural powers that still energize The Lucis Trust today certainly come from the same dark.” ning to depopulate both Africa and t h e n o n . Hitler hated not only Jews and Judaism. and that the inferior peoples of the world must either be allowed to die or be actively exterminated.. against powers. Publications from The Lucis Trust regularly refer to “The Plan” for humanity that has been established by “The Hierarchy.” Part of that plan is inscribed on the granite pillars of the American Stonehenge in Elberton. ”and He will direct your path” . somewhere between 7 and 12 million non-Jews were also ruthlessly liquidated in Hitler’s Germany? I believe this information has been intentionally suppressed because those who were killed were largely Christians. Paul from Ephesians 6: 11. Accordingly. and enslavement. our commission is evangelism not social justice etc. Alice Bailey was a disciple of Madame Blavatsky and the nominal leader of the Theosophical Society between the early 1900’s and the late 1920’s. The Lucis Trust of today is one of the major front groups through which theosophy works to influence life here in America. ... have always remained the same. in your church. until it is far too late..” 12 If Professor Cohn’s figures are accurate .and I feel certain that they are.” You have my permission to copy and distribute my audio tapes and this monograph. because other Jewish researchers have come up with similar figures . 2) Order my four-tape set on Population Control which includes information on The Georgia Guidestones and the plan of the “guides.spiritual wickedness in high places. and that our nation can be returned to Godly leadership.. or that two of theosophy’s most ardent disciples were Adolph Hitler and Margaret Sanger clearly reflects the degree of control that exists over what the American people have been allowed to learn about the occultic forces at work in our nation today. spiritual forces.. the AIDS epidemic is begin. Speak out on these matters on talk-radio. 4) Finally. The Lucis Trust of today is the modernday extension of the “Lucifer Publishing Company.” 13 A full discussion on the subjects of population control and occultism is far beyond the scope of this short monograph.” the preservative that keeps humanity from rotting. subjugation. a research biologist with the National Park Service. “None Dare Call It Genocide. Pray and seek God’s direction in all that you do or not do. theosophy.” 32 I personally believe that God expects each and every one of us to become involved in the affairs of this world until He returns. I believe that all human life is sacred. Georgia on the Georgia Guidestones. 13 were marked out for decimation. Alice Bailey changed the name of her organization from “The Lucifer Publishing Company” to “The Lucis Trust.” The fact that most of our citizens have never heard of Madame Blavatsky. Always remember the words of St. just like Margaret Sanger was a disciple of theosophy and of Madame Blavatsky. “The Georgia Guidestones. Why was that? Because Adolph Hitler. The life you save could well be that of a loved one..” At this point let me simply offer a few examples of the view expressed by those who publicly advocate population reduction and / or genocide..then why haven’t the Christians of America been allowed to learn the fact that in addition to the 6 million Jews murdered by the Nazis.

as saying that. all logical efforts to address the HIV epidemic throughout the world continue to be blocked.” 16 The Los Angeles Times of April 5. the authors note that: “In searching for a new enemy to unite us. water shortages famine. I do not pretend that birth control is the only way in which population can be kept from increasing..it is equal to the degree of development.” In reality. War so far has had no great effect on this increase . and it was the policies of out government that were primarily responsible for blocking efforts by neighboring African countries to intervene. For the world. In addition to blocking intervention by neighboring nation.” In the UNESCO Courier of November 1991. of Teaneck. Jacques Cousteau wrote: “The damage people cause to the planet is a function of demographics . some of us can only hope for the right virus to come along” 14 Michael Fox. Phase One Draft. Madeline Albright also insisted that the word “genocide” must not be used. there was no civil war since those being slaughtered had no weapons with which to defend themselves. The real enemy.. October 22.. If this pattern is repeated in other areas where AIDS is spreading at an alarming rate. Strangely. In some or all of these countries. India. especially that of others.” wrote. and the like would fit the bill.. then is humanity itself. the threat of global warming. United Nations soldiers stationed in Rwanda actually handed over helpless Christians under their protection to members of the Hutu militia. To date it is estimated that far more than one billion human lives have been terminated as a result of the world-wide abortion programs financed by the United States. we must eliminate 350. and that the United Nations forces stationed in Rwanda were not to be allowed to intervene. There are others .. we are beginning to see the devastating effects of the AIDS epidemic as this modern-day plague begins to depopulate large areas of both Asia and Africa.” 17 Bertrand Russell. when he was the vice-president of The Humane Society of the United States wrote: “Mankind is the most dangerous. its size shortly after the turn of the century. we came up with the idea that pollution. All these dangers are caused by human intervention . selfish and unethical animal on the earth. Because of the influence of occultic population controllers.. advocates of population control continue to promote both hedonistic sex education and condom distribution. hacked to death.. “The Impact of Science on Society.” 31 Let me assure you that there really are hundreds of thousands of . Uganda. burdens the earth much more than twenty 19 Bangladeshes. between one-half and threequarters of a million Christians were systematically dismembered.14 in the Los A n g e l e s Ti m e s B o o k R e v i e w Section. the American government rewarded the Hutu murderers with millions of dollars in foreign aid. AIDS already infects a high proportion of the military and civilian officials of Zaire. In the three months that followed. in his book. government establishments may collapse in the next 10-15 yrs. One American. I know social scientists who remind me that people are part of nature. “We believe that our goal for the United States should be no more than 150 million. tens of thousands more were murdered in their hospitals and in their schools. We have become a plague upon ourselves and upon the Earth . In order to stabilize world population.” 30 There are literally dozens of other examples of population-control programs which have been implemented throughout our world by modern-day “Malthusians” in their effort to ensure that the world population is dramatically curtailed. Section 9. In the May 1996 issue of “Special Warfare. On several occasion. of course.000 people per day. the authors quoted an expert who suggested that: “A reasonable estimate for an industrialized world society at the present North American material standard of living would be 1 billion. 2 to 3 billion would be posseble. Kenya. Tens of thousands of Christians were murdered in their churches. but it’s just as bad not to say it. Zambia..”20 ately convened hearings on the genocide taking place in Rwanda. Rather than utilizing the proven public health methods used with all other illnesses. we believe our goal should be a population of not more than two billion. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School. 1994 quoted Cornell University Professor David Pimentel. our size in 1950. and slaughtered in the bloody carnage that ensued. Until such time as homo sapiens should decide to rejoin nature. At the end of the carnage. They then stood by as their screaming charges were unceremoniously hacked to pieces. the Middle East. but Madeline Albright. but it isn’t true . 1989.” published by The Council of the Club of Rome. “At present the population of the world is increasing .” 15 In “The First Global Revolution.. the American press has remained silent about the fact that almost all of those who were slaughtered were Christians. speaking before the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Because of complicated social and cultural reasons. and Southeast Asia.. the American Ambassador to the United Nations argued strenuously that neighboring African nations should not be allowed to intervene until the “civil war had come to an end. survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full . but what of it? Really highminded people are indifferent to suffering.6 billion. If a Black Death could be spread throughout the world once in every generation.This is as terrible thing to say.” a publication of the John F..” 18 Negative Population Growth Inc. and other central Africa countries. then civil rule may also erode or breakdown in parts of North Africa. At the more frugal European standard of living. an international elitist organization.. it was simply a matter of mass murder. however. New Jersey recently circulated a letter stating their long-range goal. as saying: “Human happiness and certainly human fecundity are not as important as a wild and healthy planet. in late July 1994.. the state of affairs might be somewhat unpleasant. destructive. In addition..” 19 In the Global Assessment Report of UNEP (a United Nations sponsored study group). It is a horrible thing to say.. it was noted that: “The immediate future may present other daunting challenges to Civil Affairs units. “The total world population should be no more than 2 billion rather than the current 5.

of Hierarchy to humanity and humanity to Hierarchy . is the population crisis. yet that same child cannot be given an aspirin without parental consent. you will soon find that those who worship Lucifer today refer to a “Hierarchy” that guides both their actions and the affairs of the world. All of the organization mentioned above continue to oppose efforts to have physicians warn women of the risk they face when they submit themselves to first-trimester abortions. the life span of the average Russian male has dropped precipitously over the past several decades. We can learn to cooperate with the members of the Hierarchy as they work to bring the divine Plan to the attention of men and women of goodwill and spiritual aspiration everywhere throughout the world. The AMA.) Means the entire human race at its climax level for permanent balance with nature. Keen’s remarks were met with applause from the assembled audience made up largely of New Age adherents.” 22 The ancient Druids were members of an occultic religion. Hutu-led military forces began to systematically massacre the defenseless Christians.. That study clearly demonstrated a higher incidence of breast cancer in women who had had first-trimester abortions. the average life span of a Russian male will be 53 years shortly after the turn of the century. She was recently quoted as saying. knowing all the beautiful things that are in this country. Dr. 28 Population Control in Russia Today Another dramatic example of population control is the tragedy being played out in the “former” Soviet Union today in regard to male longevity. c o n t r a c e p t i o n . and later President of Russia. Do you really believe that this shocking reduction in life span is happening simply by “accident”? The true cause of this dramatic reduction in life span in Russia will be detailed in my coming book. It all has to do with population control. In Russia.. That is why a minor child can be taken from school to an abortion clinic without parental notification. 21 What is the message found on The Georgia Guidestones? What is the plan of the “guides”? If you read occultic literature. a meeting organized by Mikhail Gorbachev. Sam Keen. and in Japan the average life span is 78 years. The idea of spiritual approach . it’s a nice time to reaffirm ourselves. the American Cancer Society (ACS). and the message engraved on the American Stonehenge in Elberton is occultic. a New Age writer and philosopher stated that there was strong agreement that religious institutions have to take a primary responsibility for the population explosion.. and The Georgia Stones symbolize that. ”I want people to know about the stones . The average life expectancy of an American male is 74-78 years of age. Socialists. and the prodeath lobby continue to insist that women must not be advised of the risk they incur when they destroy the life of their unborn child. the ACS. and pro-abortion / populationcontrol advocates joined together in an unholy alliance to attack the conclusions of the authors. about abortion.7 years in 1994. because the ecological crisis. understanding of how the spiritual energies which flow through each Zodiacal sign can illumine and inspire right human relations. After the Christian Tutsis had been disarmed by governmental decree in the early 1990’s. recently sent a letter to their supporter stating. Yoko Ono has written a musical score with three movements dedicated to the message of The Georgia Guidestones. about values that control the population.” 29 The Massacres in Africa One has only to learn what really happened to the Christians in Rwanda between April and July of 1994 to imagine what may lie in store for Christians here in America at some time in the nottoo-distant future. the circle of monuments at Stonehenge in England is occultic. (This-Ed.000 in perpetual balance with nature. in short. Using machetes rather than bullets. In response to that publication.000. Internationalists and occultists.” 23 What is the message to modernday man which is engraved on the great stone pillars of the Druid-like monument in Elberton? The first of the “guides” reads: “Maintain humanity under 500. “We must speak far more clearly a b o u t s e x u a l i t y. the American Medical Association (AMA).8 years in 1985 to 57. Cut the population by 90% and there aren’t enough people left to do a great deal of ecological damage.18 tionship between first-trimester abortion and breast cancer.. all efforts to disseminate that information here in the United States have been consistently blocked by those who favor abortion and population control. Who are the “Hierarchy”? The Lucis Trust.. It is estimated that. The massacre began in April 1994 and continued until July 1994. Before carrying out all surgical procedures in America “advised consent” is required. The united nations immediMore New Age Influence Speaking at a round-table discussion group at the Gorbachev Conference held in San Francisco in the fall of 1996. if current trends continue. and to block all efforts to disseminate that information to American Physicians.” . In the fall of 1996 a new scientific paper dealing with a meta-analysis of 23 different scientific studies on the relationship between first-trimester abortion and breast cancer was published in a British medical journal.. “None Dare Call It Genocide. but the average life span of Russian men has fallen from 68 years in the 1970’s to 63. the Hutu forces were able to create a state of abject fe a r a n d terror w i thi n the hel pl ess Christian population as they systematically butchered hundreds of thousands of them. He went on to say that.” Mr. Yoko Ono is the widow of John Lennon. a man who was deeply involved in the occult. Many of the leading occultists of our modern world attended that meeting in San Francisco. except for abortion. Why is there such inconsistency? Current abortion policies in America are absolutely necessary to reduce our population.is the primary principle underlying meditation . “The spiritual Hierarchy makes defi- 15 nite use of the twelve spiritual Festival periods. former Director of the Soviet KGB. formerly The Lucifer Publishing Company. We’re headed toward a world where we might blow ourselves up and maybe the globe will not exist .

Charles Wurster. all medicines were with-hold. we have seen the influence of occultic population control advocates here in America. and had determined that DDT was completely safe. were systematically ravaged by disease. Many physicians have expressed their concern about the dramatic increase in breast carcinoma seen in women in recent years.” William Ruckelshaus was a longtime member of the Environmental Defense Fund. Nowhere is that influence better demonstrated than in the Tuskegee Study. You probably read the contrived stories alleging that DDT caused softening of eggshells. because organo phosphate acts locally and only kills farm workers and most of them are Mexicans and Negroes. Dr. 24 years after the end of that grotesque human experiment. In that talk. within two years. president of the Club of Rome wrote. We need to get rid of some of them and this is as good a way as any. whether a ban on DDT wouldn’t actually result in far greater 17 use of much more toxic pesticides. and the bodies of their wives and children. Yanconne related a story told to him by a reporter who had asked Dr. all of those stories were fabricated. For a period of forty years. it had almost eliminated malaria. Up until 1970 all reliable scientific data had consistently demonstrated that DDT was completely safe for both humans and animals. interfered with the balance of nature. population-control adherents set out to have DDT banned in the name of saving the environment. The evil men who conceived that Nazi-style study justified their atrocity by alleging that scientists needed to learn how untreated syphilis progressed in the human body. one of the major opponents of DDT. but instead of treating their illness. in Guyana. Edward’s excellent monograph.16 The Infamous Tuskegee Study In recent history.” stated that. In his excellent monograph. and endangered humanity by entering into the food chain. i s t h a t i t h a s greatly added to the population problem. “Doctor.” When asked by the same reporter. when the Tuskegee Study began. According to Margaret Sanger ’s sense of morality. Public Health Service back in 1932. When Ruckelshaus outlawed further use of DDT. experiments on “human weeds” were fully justified in the name of “science. between 1932 and 1972. Indeed. By that time. “My own doubts came when DDT was introduced. They set out to block the use of DDT for mosquito and malaria control after it had been found that the insecticide was extremely effective in saving human lives. however. Furthermore. Wurster is reported to have replied: “So what? People are the cause of all the problems. only 125 of the original 400 black men had survived. i n h i n d s i g h t . in their book “Life Sciences. Edwards is a world-renowned biologist who led the fight in the 1960’s to counter the propaganda program waged by environmentalists and population-control advocates to ban further use of DDT. then we have probably lost well over 600 million human lives during the past twenty-five years since advocates of population control succeeded in outlawing DDT. when one newspaper finally had the courage to break the story to the public. and were simply part of a carefully coordinated program to block further use of the life-saving pesticide. a scientific research program in which 400 syphilis-infected black men were recruited by the U. and Population Control Let me offer another example of a population control program which is being promoted here in the United States today. The participants were all told that they would be treated for their infections. Wurster is reported to have replied . Dr. so they set out to outlaw further use of the pesticide. It was not until 1972. and the Director of the EPA.S. “It doesn’t really make a lot of difference. DDT was the safest pesticide ever known to mankind.” Professor J. J. Alexander King. He outlawed further use of DDT in 1972 despite the recommendation of the chairman of the EPA investigating committee which had heard six months of testimony on use of the pesticide. To this very day. Mr.” 25 In 1970 The National Academy of Sciences. Breast Carcinoma. In truth. The black men were then actively prevented from obtaining treatment elsewhere as their bodies. Accordingly.’ 27 The Relationship Between Abortion. founder of the Environmental Defense Fund.” Do you honestly believe for one moment that such an experiment would have been tolerated here in America had the participants been white men? 24 Another far more effective method of reducing the world population was devised in the 1900’s by a group of environmentalists and population-control adherents. To those energized by the dark side. “Remembering Silent Spring and its Consequences. Despite the fact that 18 scientific studies published in both domestic and foreign medical journals have clearly demonstrated the direct causal rela- . none of the perpetrators of that atrocity have ever been either accused or indicted for their crimes. how do you square the killing of people with the mere loss of some birds?” Dr. Margaret Sanger ’s ideas had already begun to infect the minds and souls of physicians and scientists here in America. “In little more than two decades DDT has prevented 500 million deaths due to malaria. this irresponsible preservation of human life was unconscionable. that the Tu s k e g e e S t u d y w a s f i n a l l y t e r m i nated. I suggest that you order a copy of my audio-taped interviews with Dr. he signed the death warrant for hundreds of millions of helpless human beings living in thirdworld countries. If you are interested in learning the truth concerning the deceitful campaign waged against DDT. “Remembering Silent Spring and its Consequences. Gorden Edwards. it was inexpensive and could be widely used in third-world countries to control the spread of insect-borne diseases. Gordon Edwards quoted from a speech delivered by Victor Yanconne. the loss of hundreds of millions of human lives was relatively inconsequential. the genocidal Tuskegee Study continued. So my chief quarrel with D D T. Back in 1932. You can also order a copy of Dr. We have too many of them.” To population-control advocates.” 26 How many people have died in the past 25 years since the use of DDT was outlawed? If the National Academy of Sciences was correct in their 1970 assessment that 500 million lives had been saved by DDT over a twenty-year period.

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