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Lakers swept Krayger comes out

by defending Mercyhurst reacts to column
Div. Ill By Jule Gardner - that is hot the norm of society. I professor of religious studies, said
champs Editor in Chief disagree with him spiritually,"
Lafferty said, "although I have a
she was "del ightfully shocked that
someone his age would have such
page 8 Merciad columnist Nick 'live and let live' attitude." profound courage in this manner.
Krayger "came out" as a gay man Many interviewed described It was an intelligent passionate
Could be love page 3 in last week's issue (Feb. 3) ignit-
ing reader reaction from faculty
the article as "courageous."
"He must be very comfortable
and personal appeal to all ofus to
see gay and lesbian people for
Skate boarding in February page 7 and students. with himself to let everyone on
this campus know what he is. He
what they really are: human be-
"I disagree with it completely," ings who deserve dignity and re-
said freshman Pat Monroe. "He showed others in the same situa- spect like everyone else.
Black History Month! should keep it to himself and his tion that they can freely express "When push comes to shove,
Famous African-American Quotes group of friends." Monroe said he
does consider his comments dis-
themselves and be the individuals
they should be," said junior Jacki
98 percent of Mercyhurst is a
Catholic Christian, community.
submitted by the Minority Student criminatory, "but he should ex-
pect that. I've never really been
I t took a lot of balls, consider-
There a re enough peopl e here who
understand |the meaning of the
Union around gay people but he should ing this is a small school," said best teachings of our traditions
expect to be treated differently." junior Clement Power. and act accordingly," Snyder said.
* "One ought to struggle for its own sake. One ought to be against His roommate, Jim Thoma's, Dr. Mary Hembrow Snyder, See "Krayger, "page 2
racism and sexism because they are wrong, not because one is black chuckled when asked what he
or one is female." -Eleanor Homes Norton thought ab outfit "God created
* "No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies Adam and Eve, not Adam and
yourrightto grow." -Alice Walker Steve."
* "I'm convinced that the black man will only reach his full potential Catholic bishops might not
when he learns to draw upon the strengths and insights of the black agree. An excerpt from "Human
woman." -Manning Marable;t Sexuality: A Catholic Perspec-
* 'The idea that black people can have unity is the most dangerous tive for Education and Lifelong
idea we've ever let loose." -Bayard Rustin. Learning," a doctrine of the Nov.
1990 National Conference of
Catholic Bishops reads: "We call
Dealing with rape on all Christians of good will to
confront their cwnjj fears about
homosexuality and to curb the
RAPE!!! How Does Mercyworld Deal With It? MSG is forming a humor and discrimination that
committee'to discuss the*procedures the school follows*when offends homosexual persons."
dealing with a rape. Anyone interested should call Kristen Hurd at Father Steven Anderson, Col-
ext 2428 or Cass Shimek at ext 2433. ,i lege Chaplain, explained his per-
spective. "Homosexual;? orienta-
tion is not against a particular
Teacher abduction religion. The teaching of our
(Catholic) church is that it is not
sinful. It is pretty apparent that
Amnesty International presented Abduction Day on Thursday, Feb.
most people believe homosexual
10. The second floor of Old Main became a prison and several
persons are born into their sexu-
professors lost their human rights. Charles Miller committed the
ality, rather than its being a prod-
crime of promoting cultural awareness, Dr. Thomas Donahue was
uct of the environment.
charged with encouraging logical thinking ongmoral issues and
"God created us all for a reason,
Alice Edwards committed the crime of again encouraging cultural
although sometimes (sexual ori-
awareness like the vile Miller. Also participating in Abduction Day
entation) can be an awful cross to
were Dr. James Hood and John Coleman of the English department
bear," Father Anderson!said.
and Dr. Ludlow Brown of the philosophy department.!
"Whether we are a Catholic school
or a public school, we need to say,
'Nick, we support you and hope-
Irish film for discussion fully your happiness.'"
Sophomore Joe Lafferty'said
Films for Discussion will be showing Into the West on Tuesday, he believes in freedom of speech,
"but I don't know that it was the Laura Berry gets a jump on finals while trying to keep her fee!
Feb. 15 at 7 p.m. in Zurn Auditorium. This film is set in the poverty
wracked city and countryscape of contemporary Ireland. It deals wisest move to advertise a lifestyle warm in the drafty Hammermill Library.
Merciad photo/Jim Doherty
mainly about the world of the Travelers, gypsies who refused settled
life and stuck to their caravans. Professor Russ Vance, history,
Emeritus, Edinboro, will introduce the film and lead the discussion
following. Thisfilmis being sponsored by the Irish Cultural Society
in Friends of Film program.
MSG discusses 'Zone poem
By Anne L. McNeils In a later Merciad interview, have been suggested by the con-
stitution committee.
Vveekend Forecast ***.News/coPywoor Glover said he is willing to talk to
students about "Hard Core." He On Monday, reps discussed the
"Friday: A piece in the recent issue of said, "I will not apologize." revision of five of the articles.
Mostly cloudy; chance of flur- Freedom Zone was discussed at Cuffia said plans have been The reps approved four amend-
the MSG meeting on Monday, made to hold a forum in late Feb- ments and tabled four others.
ries; high 25 to 30 degrees. ruary concerning race relations at Two of the approved amend-
Feb* 7. I -U i
Saturday: According to Secretary Jessica Mercyhurst. The article is not ments concern elections. Follow-
CufGa, many students approached the basis for the forum," she said. ing elections each year, ballots
Chance of snow late in the day; "I just feel this article brought up will be available in the student
her concerning "Hard Core,"
low in the teens; high in upper which appeared in Freedom Zone,
a lot of things that need to be government office for one week.
20s. volume 2, issue 4. She said some talked about" Elections will no longer be held
Sunday: found the poem to contain 'Very Representatives also voted on as needed when representative
strong racist statements if taken some of the proposed revisions to seats are vacated. They will be
Snow showers; low around 20 the MSG constitution. A total of Oiled by alternates who will be
degrees; high 30 to 35 degrees. out of context" The poem was
written by junior Geoffrey Glover. twenty revisions to nine articles See "MSG/page 2

% i i i

Civil obedience
By Jule Gardner tuous Power, Compassion that no
Editor in Chief more Salvadorans, Iraqis, Nica-
raguans, Haitians will be wanted
Elizabeth McAllister said, "The for death. Wanted: Reconstructed
problem with our state is civil Swords, that is plowshares, and
obedience." land to plow.'*
McAllister addressed "The Vo- Obedience to government, the
cation of Peace-Making to a ca- state, the chu rch or public opin-
pacity crowd at Sullivan Hall ion has a "strangle-hold on us
Monday night. She, with her hus- all," she said. £
band Philip Berrigan, founded the "As long as I am obedient I am
Jonah House in Baltimore, MD, a safe, protected, strong because I
community of people committed am part of a group power, righ-
to non-violent resistance, i. teous because they will decide for
She served three years in jail me and I can't be alone. In order
for hammering B-52 Bombers on to be disobedient, you risk being
Mak-ing Cop-ies. Copy men at Mercyhurst plunk dimes into the machine, wishing for that bi Griffiss Airforce Base in 1984. unsafe, wrong and alone," she
pay-off. • . Merciad photo/Jim DohertyPhilip Berrigan is now in jail, said.
• awaiting trial for similar action at We give up the ability to bob
Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. and weave with the twists of this
Berrigan was widely-known dur- culture." She and her husband
from page 1 ing the Vietnam War for dousing expressed this message to stu-
draft files with blood. dents aia Mary knoll seminar on
elected during the regular elec- in the Merciad" right now. MSG fee increase which appea red "Do we believe our rhetoric? justice and peace. "Students we re
tions. President George Paydock dis- in the February 3 issue of the The question I am often asked is having problems with!'If you
Reps approved an amendment cussed the upcoming festival to Merciad. 'How could you go to prison, aren't doing civil disobedience.
stating "The Vice-President au- benefit the Make-a-Wish Foun- Paydock said he was concerned leaving your (three) children be- you aren't doing anything.' Stu-
tomatically receives a spot on the dation. Paydock said the festival about the comments made by the hind?' For the same reason I hope dents would give examples of
Senate and is expected to report committee has found a likely lo- anonymous rep. He said the rep. to God I would put my body be- people they believed were doing
to MSG after each meeting." Se- cation for the festival. should not have voted for the in- tween my children and a raving good works.
1 crease if students opposed it;
nior Rep. Kevin Nixon was the The committee plans to hold maniac with a gun. I believe my "I had a vision then of all the
only rep. .to oppose the amend- the festival in the parking lot be- "We're voting opposite of what children, our children, are in dan-
people they were pointing to say-
hind the Rec. Center and in the they want.

ment ger and endangered," said ing, 'No. We will no longer par-
Three of the amendments were lower Mc Au ley Hall lot Paydock Cuffia said she was "angry ... McAllister. ticipate in the oppression of poor
tabled because of unclear word- said this locations will; provide We don't tell you what to vote History, she said, has been people.' I am not one saying al-
ing. One of the revisions deals access to three 'buildings for for." I marked by those willing to con- most no war is justified," she said.
with additions Ho the budget, power. He said the location is not tSAC chair Michael Arrigo According to McAllister, force in; •
front the power structure. "Ac-
which should be submitted be- certain; "The technical things have pointed out the increase is neces-. cording to the Bible, human ex- Bosnia Is not the answer, she said, v j
fore April 15. The revision did not been worked out." sary. He said students currently "It would bring more suffering
1 istence began with disobedience
not specify ithatlit concerns The festival committee is also pay $5 per term for the SAC bud- in Adam and Eve. It is not un- to bear on an already tragic situa-
changes from year to year rather working on donations. Paydock get and with the increase will be likely human existence will be tion. I would love to say to these
than within one year. said 25^letters soliciting dona- paying $10 a term. He said stu- terminated through an act of obe- Bosnians, 'I know a little about
Another amendment addressed tions for the festival have been dents should ask themselves "Do dience," she said, calling such an America n servicemen a nd I do n't
the treasurer's duties. It does not scn
^- I get my five bucks worth?" think they will improve your
act national honor to the state that
specify that the treasurer must Paydock is planning to meet Treasurer Heather Heid said, "gives orders to push buttons." lives'." Not peace but more dead
follow the MSG financial proce- with Erie Mayor Joyce Savocchio "There's a lot we do with money. people will be the result of arm-
"We are living in the nuclear
dures manual. to discuss having the Erie police No one opposes anything." She ing Bosnians, she said.
Reps also tabled an amendment donate security. cited the recent votes to donate age. Yet most of our ideas about
' In closing, she said, "My hope
concerning minutes ofMSG meet- state, about government, even our
Nixon is writing to record la- $200 to CEC and $100 to Great is we can made some sense of this
ings in the Merciad. The revision bels to find out if any bands will Lakes United that were unani- leaders, are in the stone age,"
McAllister said. She wants to fur- together.»»

states "the Merciad should pub- be touring the Erie area around mously approved.
lish the minutes weekly." MSG the festival to see if they might be MSG meetings are held every nish a room with "Wanted" signs,
she said. "Wanted: Good News, Reprinted by permission of the
Adviser Cass Shimek said the willing to play as part of the ben- Monday in the Government
minutes should be published be- efit. Hope, Imagination. Wanted: Vir- Morning News.
Chambers at 8:30 p.m. All stu-
cause "the interests of MSG are The Executive Board also dis- dents are invited to attend.
not necessarily best represented cussed the article concerning the
from page 1
Snyder said a common expla- guide to what is moral. "Igno-

nation of homophobia maintains ranee is natural in humans. Knowl-

-\i that the most homophobic people edge is unnatural. You have to
are those most insecure about their change your nature to gam knowl-
sexuality. edge. I never understood what is
That is a part of it, said Dr. wrong with homosexuality.

Randall Clemons, director of the Freshman Brian Patterson said

political science department.
SATURDAY r iNITE -Church teachings and an "igno-
he is in complete agreement with
the content of Krayger's column.
OFF COVER rant" fear5of AIDS ads to
homophobia, be said.
lAvlot of people don't realize
people sitting right next to you
At this writing, Krayger has are homosexual." Patterson said
mm ®t3(JD'W W:8® personally received allfpositivc
feedback. To Clemons, this dem-
Krayger's column will help
people to understand "we are just
onstrates a benefit of the "politi- your average Joe. There are ste-
cally correct" movement. "Maybe reotypes of what we should do or
people have* learned something act like and they are not true."
about language and sensitivity." Joanne McGurk, director of the
^Mercyhurst reaction says a lot basic writing program, said his
about the school, said senior Joy article expressed a sentiment be-
455-7647 418E12THST Girard. "I think it shows we're a yond being gay. "Regardless of
lot more open than the student onc'sstand on homosexuality, the
body likes to think of itself." significance of his act is his dis-
Director of the philosophy de- play of feeling part of a commu-
partment, Dr. Thomas Donahue, nity. It is a sign of his respect for
said what is "natural" is not a the community," she said.

Laker dance team It's love s

accents men
By Michelle Ryan
SAC plays matchmaker it .
A* I—

Arts & Entertainment Editor By Elizabeth Johnson The game is run similarly to the
Merciad Staff Reporter , original TV show. Bachelors;
A new rage is hitting basketball bachelorettes are placed on one
games and resulting in more en- Mcrcyhurst is gettingiinto the side of the stage, while the con-
tertainment for fans of the Lak- Valentine's Day spirit once again testant is on the other. The con-
ers. by sponsoring its own version of testant proceeds to ask the bach-
The Lakers Dance Team, which the Dating Game. elors /bachelorettes provocative,
consists ofapproximately 12 girls, The event will be held in Zurn humorous personal questions.
was the brainchild of Captain Recital Hall at|7 p.m. on Friday, Arrigo says ithejtquestions help
Jenna Hcyl. She coordinated the Feb. 18 and is being organized by "entice someone to want to date
team and organized the try outs in SACjl I | i * I someone else."
November. T h e Lakers dance team will perform at the final home game SAC chair, Michael Arrigo, says Prizes this year include gift cer-
"We're very dedicated. We Saturday night as the men's hoops host Edinboro. the event isn't necessarily de- tificates to various fast food places
work very hard," said Heyl. "I jazz and funk, with some gets very stressful, very hard. signed to "set couples up," but the and Ruby Tuesdays, twoi dozen
started it for a number of reasons. cheerleading moves added in. "I want to see it continue and game is designed to be an "enter- roses, makeovers, manicures, and
I've always danced and I missed "It's more dance oriented than become an ongoing tradition. I taining, fun-filled activity with a haircuts.
it. I saw a lack of school spirit I cheerleading," said Heyl. Most of started it for ajpurpose," Heyl little bit of romance, but big on Arrigo says the prizes were cho-
brought in some judges from the girls have had either dance or added. She mentioned plans for entertainment." sen because they will help "en-
around town for tryouts, had the cheerleading experience. fundraisers, raffles, summer SAC hopes to have 15-20 par- hance the ideal date."
team approved by MSG and so "A lot of people were excited camps and competitions. ticipants in the game. Applica- Arrigo says that they expect the
far, it's been a success." about our debut," said Dresel, a Come see the dance team which tions to be a participant are being event to be a great success based
According to dancer Janell sophomore management major. consists of sophomore Holly accepted until Friday at"the Stu- on past years' success.
Dresel, the girls practice every "I think we were pretty well re- Johnson, sophomore Emily dent Union desk. If you are ambitious enough and
day and perform at all men's ceived by our fans at the games. D'Amico, sophomore Kristy Participants should be at Zurn haven't had a date in a while, why

home basketball games. Dresel After the Grst tune we performed Farnham, senior Candice Macri, by 6 p.m. This gives them a chance not give it a try? If not, come and
gives credit to Heyl for develop- I got a lot of compliments from freshman Kate Berry, sophomore to select stage names^and to be watch. You may have^a good
ing many of the routines with friends and teachers. They really Lori Pearson, sophomore Caryn paired into groups. laugh. I
input from other team members. liked us. Bender, sophomore Janell Dresel,
Hip hop music is the choice for "My goal is to have a coach by freshman Jenna Heyl, freshman
the team's performances. The the end of four years," said Heyl. Jenny Wilson, freshman Marisa
Burleieh immortali
dance style is a combination of "I do the coaching now, and it Rossetti, and freshman Alana
Matochik. 1
Kennedy portrays
a ^7»jp*T>l»©P tii
To See By Noreen Roberts is also a?lecturer in music and
Merciad Staff Reporter African-American studies.
It will be presented on Friday,
The world premiere of a one- Feb. 11, at 8 p.m., and on Sunday,
man show based on the life and Feb. 13, at 4 p.m.
work of Erie-born singer and The production will feature
composer Harry T. Burleigh, will Charles Kennedy Jr. as Burleigh.
be staged at the Mercyhurst Col- It will be directed by H. German
lege Little Theatre. Wilson, artistic director of Ven-
Deep Riven The Burleigh ture Theatre in residence at
A TRAGI-COMEDY IN TWO ACTS Legacy is a piece of work about Temple University.
by Samuel Beckeft * the stories and songs of the life of "Burleigh is one of the greatest
Harry T. Burleigh. Burleigh per- men in American music, and with-
Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature formed before-"presidents and out him, things would have been
kings and has over 250 composi- very different," said Kennedy.
Beginning Friday, February 11th the most fabled play of the century comes to
the Roadhouse Theatre stage. Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Waiting tions to his credit Kennedy illustrates difficult times
for Godot is a classic of the modern theater, that has inspired intense devotion "One of my goals was to write in Burleigh's life and the obstacles
from many playgoers who return to experience it time and time again. Even it. in a way that students could he faced as a black man.
after 40 years, Godot's timeless themes capture audiences' imaginations, with
the most recent Broadway product ion, starring Robin Williams and Steve Martin, understand and enjoy it," said The play is balanced by humor,
selling out in only ONE dayl Don't miss this rare opportunity to see the play Charles Kennedy Jr., in reference sadness and music and is simple
that changed the face of 'theatre forever. to the musical play, Deep River. with few props; a piano, lantern
Kennedy is the founder of the and an old-fashioned oil lamp.
" of the most noble and moving plays of our generation, a
threnody of hope deceived and deferred but never Harry T. Burleigh Institute and is Tickets are $6. For students and
extinguished; a play suffused with tenderness for the whole a counselor auMcrcyhurst Col*, seniors, the cost is $5. For more
human perplexity; with phrases that come like a sharp stab of lege for at-risk students. Kennedy information, call 824-2411.
beauty and pain." - The London Times


D'Angelo presents
I $•** •STARRING****
Scott McClelland and Jimmy Mehs
musical menu
Jerry Lee ^Lovelace and Chuck Smith The D'Angelo School of Music is set to present the D'Angelo
Wind Ensemble performing Sunday, Feb. 13, at 2:30 p.m. at the
dhouse Theatre for Contemporary Zurn Recital Hall, Mercyhurst College.
1505 State Street — 2nd Floor Mr. Frank Collura, director of the Instrumental Ensembles, will
conduct the program which will feature the following: '•.
J3 -*-»• «i
Finale from the New World Symphony.. Dvorak
Reservations and Information The Cowboys John Williams
Praise to the Lord............ Nelhybcl
456-5656 Hands Across the Sea Sousa
Admission $8 Sailors and Whales MacBeth
LB Boda de Luis Alonso Gimcnez
Students & Senior Citizens $6 The program is free and open to the public.

Gay male responds to Krayger

Weeding Out Dear Editor: at Mercyhurst We are just like circle and our common goals of
By Jule Gardner everyone else. We too coexist with political empowerment Homo-,
Editor in Chief Wow! So many thoughts are feelings, emotions and lives. sexuality has been a part of world
running through my mind. I just My point is that there is a diver- history and will continue through
I thought about writing a col- got done with my regular reading sity of sexual orientation at the future. Learn to live with it
umn last week. After Heading of the Merciad; snow removal..., Mercyhurst. Leading an alterna- Though I feel Nick summed it
Nick Krayger's poignant dis- fee increases..., Student Govern- tive lifestyle at Mercyhurst is dif- up fairly well too, I would just
cussion of his homosexuality, ment.., "Campus Question...," ficult when homophobia exists in like to reinforce to the Mercyhurst
nothing I had to say was impor- sports..., how typical. Well, this our campus community. The ha- community that it is somewhat
tant. week I came across one particular tred of lesbians, gay males, and difficult to lead a very consistent
My reaction is similar to many article that wasn't quite typical. bisexuals remains an "acceptable" life here when homosexu a 1 i ty isn't
others': the guy's got guts. Normally, there are plenty of is- prejudice in our society despite a very communicated subject
But it's more. The guy's got sues I would typically be con- widespread damage that it causes among peers.
heart I have never been as proud { cerned about, however, this one in all our lives. Sure, some read- I am glad to see articles in the
of anyone in my life. hit me a bit hard. So hard that I ers out there might be supportive Merciad, and polls in the Free-
fSo now I'd like to ride the wind blowing around much of this decided to sit down instanta- of homosexuals. dom Zone about homosexuality.
campus, whistling about Nick's bravery. neously (actually move to a to- However, I am not as comfort- We learn through communication.
Did you ever have afriendwhom you would just look at and think, tally secluded room) and really able with the issue as Nick. No I am hoping one of these days I
"Why am I lucky enough to have this person in my life?" I have a think about it Isn't it funny .how one chooses their sexual orienta- can be totally honest with people
few friends like that, but none like Nick. life works? tion, but a person can choose to here at Mercyhurst about my own
He's, how should I say this, frank. More than once he's told me to I am referring to the article in become a racist, bigot or in this sexuality, maybe even myself.
get a grip. Sometimes he hangs up on me. Most of the time he digs the column "Behind the Wheel." case, a homophobe. The right to As I close, if I could ask every-
through the exterior and tells me who I am. I am too comfortable If you didn't get a chance to read express one's opinion is guaran- one to take a moment to look
with the way I am, he said once. * the a rticl e, it wa s about ignorance, teed by the First Amendment to around them and just think how
After reading his column, you may say the same thing about him. stereotyping, homophobia, and the U.S. Constitution, and I re- they might react to their room-
We all have our facades. Nick is a person in the process, too. Yes, "comingout" More importantly, spect Nick's efforts to express mate or friend if they decided to
he was open enough to do this brave thing, to put his name and it meant something to me,! a gay himself. I can only hope those discuss their sexuality with them;
picture in the Merciad and say 'I'm gay." male at Mercyhurst. who read articles such as this rec- how might you react? You know,
That doesn't mean he is immune to homophobia or the things Yes! I am an intelligent, articu- ognize that what makes this world there is more to life than dirty
people won'tsay publicly. It doesn't mean he needs your sympathy. late, attractive, hardworking, interesting is diversity. dishes, kegs, and losing a good
"I hope nothing happens to him," I heard a student say. It is sad committed, concerned, creative, One should not recognize our friend! Thanks.
commentary she would hope for his safety before his happiness. compassionate, enthusiastic, di ff erences, but concentrate upon
What I hope is that the Mercyhurst community will continue to strong, athletic and a masculine the value that one brings into the Name Withheld by Request
treat him as a person, not a gay person. gay male. Is that stereotypical? I
Dr. Mary Hembrow Snyder said Nick did a service to Mercyhurst would like you all to know that
"He educated us," she said. Yes. I am glad we are talking about the there are indeed gay people here
strength of a gay person in "coming out." He has illuminated atopic
some people are too insecure to discuss openly. »
Nick stepped infrontof the stones and no one has cast the first one, Film for discussion:
yet T* * • *
He recently gave me a poem written by Robert Bly. It was
supposed to say something about me, but I think this poem was
written for him today.
I (an excerpt from) The Indigo Bunting

,J have no claim on you

society s tune
By Megan Circle
Should MercyhUrst, as a Catholic
college, promote RO TC ?
I am one star Merciad Staff Reporter Heather Drake, Sophomo||||^counting:
you have as guide; others "Yes, someone has to fight follpir country. I think it's stupid to even
love you, the night This week the Dance Depart- argue about it"
so dark over the Azores,,, ment sponsored thefilmStrictly
\I love a firmness in you | Ballroom. Mary Price Bod ay of Beth Haas, Junior, Elementary/Special Education:
that disdains the trivial the dance department led the dis- "I think not having ROTC training on campus turns people away
and regains the difficult. cussion. from the school. On the small scale side of it, it's stupid to turn
You become part then The movie is about a young people away because they'want to be prepared to defend our
'4 of the firmness of night, man who is a professional ball- country."
the granite holding up walls... room dancer. He tries to change
traditional ballroom dancing by Ryan Morris, Junior, Criminal Justice:
He will hold up walls to guard against stereotypes, but he is not incorporating his own steps and "Yes. \ I'm in the process of becoming a Marine so I'm biased.
the only gay person on this campus. You know gay people who are those learned from his partner's I don't think it should be prohibited People study about criminal
also tough. You know gay people who are as thoughtful and just and family (who are Spanish). justice that deals with violence." £
caring. You know gay people who are insecure and weak at times. He goes against his family and
You know gay people who are... people. peers in order to dance his steps Craig Zamry, Sophomore, Criminal Justice:
Perhaps Nick Krayger could be the first step.toward acceptance. with his new and inexperienced "Sure, why not? Everyone has theirfreedomof choices. There are
As a community, it seems we embraced his words because we partner whom he ends up falling a lot of non-Catholic students here; why should they be prohibited
could put a face with them. Those on the receiving end of racism, in love with. They overcome tre- from ROTC training if they choose?"
bigotry and gender bias also have faces, even if they are not mendous odds and arefinallyable
plastered in the Merciad* 1 to dance their dance in the na- Mike Bank, Junior, Sportsmedlcine:
Let's learn from this. tional competition, and win over "Yes, because I don't think the benefits it offers should be
his family as well as the other discriminated against the students who attend a Catholic col-
dancers. lege." | j
DRUNK DRIVING DOESN'T The movie was much more than
a movie about ballroom dancing, Joe Zub, Sophomore, Undeclared:
JUST KILL DRUNK DRIVERS however. The ballroom dancing "Yes; just because it's a Catholic college is no reason to prohibit
was more of a commentary about ROTC training. Beinga Catholic should not base whether ornotyou
societal change. can protect orfightfor your country."
Next time your friend insists on driving drunk, Metaphorically, the dancing that
do whatever it takes to stop him or her. Fran and Scott wanted to do sig- Genia Maecci, Senior, Criminal Justice:
nified change in a society that "Yes, why not. Some students in different feilds may benefit from
•^Because if he or she kills innocent people, was deathly afraid of it. All of the ROTC training as well as their education from Mercyhurst. Gannon
how will you live with yourself? people in this "dancing society" has it, so why would it hurt Mercyhurst to have it. I think it will
were horrified by the fact that benefit the college." •
Scott would want to do anything
FRIENDS DON'T LET FRIENDS DRIVE DRUNK continued on page 5 Quotes compiled by Nicole GeracL
FEBRUARY 10,1994

continued from page 4 Mercyhurst links
other than what was expected of self-satisfaction. The main char- ment that was its goal. Exagger-
him as a member of the society.
Fran and Scott followed their
acters, Scott and Fran, had no
intention of going to the final
ated personalities, loud clothes,
outrageous hairstyles and severe
u p to the future
hearts, overcame their fears and competition to win, they only camera angles gave the movie a
found their dreams. wanted to prove a point to every- surrealistic quality that really held By Daniel McQuillen
Strictly Ballroom can also be one - including themselves. the attention of the audience and Merciad Staff Columnist
seen as a coming of age story The surrealistic quality of the added to the overall enjoyment of
about finding inner-peace and film added to the satirical ele- the film. It's too late to run. It's too late to hide. Internet is coming to
Mercyhurst. I
Whether or not you're ready for it, the world of electric pulses and
high speed data transmission is coming to this campus in a tangle of
cables and user networks. Sure, you've heard stories about the
information age. But now it's here.
Dr. Mario Diaz has been the driving force behind Mercyhurst
acquiring a very large monetary grant to connect this campus with
the world-wide data network known as Internet I had a chance to
talk to Dr. Diaz as he lounged in his office, surrounded by a fortress
of books, computer hardware and Picasso art prints. Just what is
Internet? "It's a large network that connects computer networks all
fr*g i /wywW?/ over the world. It's mainly academic but is also used by government
f institutions and businesses," said Diaz.
\ >
Diaz explains how Mercyhurst will become part of this massive
web of computers which spans the entire globe, allowing a user in
Erie to converse with a fellow student in Japan or search the hold ings
of a library in Scotland. "The Internet allows you to get more
information than ever before. You can communicate with so many
more people now."
For Diaz this means an entire new way of doing science. Accus-
tomed to waiting months or even years to read about fellow
scientists' work, a physicist like Diaz can read about important
events in his field the day after they occur. "It will change the very
way science is done," he emphasizes, leaning back in his chair next
to the flickering computer screen.
Use of the Internet is growing exponentially. Two years ago
national papers and magazines ran occasional stories about the
network, then considered an interesting but unimportant oddity.
Now lengthy stories on the Internet appear frequently in papers like
The New York Times . f.
The real impact of the Internet, however, may be more social than
scientific or even academic in nature. Today is the day of Clinton's
"Information Super Highway," of interactive TV and multimedia
The Internet could well be the trickle before the data storm.
People are hooking up to the net to contact others who share their
eclectic and often bizarre interests. There are user groups for people
who want to discuss cooking, politics or McDonalds;ketchup
Want to talk with Buddhists? Hook up|to the user group
altbuddha .short, fat.guy. Then there's always alt.chinchill a for those
who know what a chinchilla is and want to become more familiar
with its intricacies.

The Merciad 'The Internet allows for a more open and democratic exchange of
information," says Diaz, who then recounts how he read about the
events in Tiananmen Square from Internet users in China the day
College's First Class newspaper as rated by the Associated Colle after it happened.
Vol. 67 No. 15 February Ideally, information will flow freely from all sources, bypassing
the need for magazines and papers that can't or won't publish a lot
Merciad of the infonnation they receive. The Internet is almost frightening
Jule Gardner Editor in Chief Keith Courson Sports Editor with the amount of potential it possesses.
Anne L. McNeils Asst. News & Copy Editor Craig Rybczynski Sports Editor Nothing was ever soaked so much with the future. j
Legl Senior Writer Although access will be limited when the network hookup occurs
Michelle Ryan Arts & Entertainment Editor sometime in the next two months, Diaz says he hopes to have
Grace Bruno Features Editor Mia U-Rycki Advertising Manager Internet access for all students at a later date. Hooking up to the
Jim Doherty Photo Editor Jerry Tram bley Faculty Advisor world might be as easy as going to the lab and typing in your name.
Go over and visit Diaz. Talk to him about the network and watch
Merciad Staff him surf cyberspace. Ask him to talk Buddha with someone in
Melissa Svitek Megan Circle Elizabeth Johnson Tricia Webb Arizona. Most importantly, watch as he gives you a glimpse of the
Lee Ann Kelly Jim Doherty 1 Jay Kennedy future.
Erin Hauber
Jennifer Trinidad Kira Presler § Heather Ryan Suzanne Coneglio
Mike Brown Janel McBride Nick Krayger Mark Shokalook
Beth Nichols Nicole Geraci Tonya Beebe Pan McQuillen.
David McQuillen Kevin Pude This is vour Mercyhurst!
The Merciad is the student-produced newspaper of Mercyhurst College, Box 161, have something want
501 E. 38th St.. Erie. Pa., 16546. Phone 824-2376 * • * can [written form, The Merciad
The Merciad welcomes letters to the editor.
gladly welcomes letters to the editor. Letters
The Merciad's editorial opinion is determined by.the Editorial Board with the| must be signed, but can be withheld byfre-
Editor holding final responsibility. The opinions expressed in The Merciad are questfunder certain conditions.
not necessarily tl" *e of The Merciad, its staff or Mercyhurst College.

T h e G r o t t o D i n i n g R o o m : W e l c o m e t ot h e T r o p i c s
By Mia U-Rycki nut bread along withper mam
Advertising Manager course: chunky chicken salad
with sea shell pasta in a pine-
There's a place on campus apple boat.
where you can get not just a de- "Lunches are usually light,"
cent meal but;an excellent one Barb Rafalowski, a senior Hotel
and it's not in your neighbor's Restaurant Institutional Manage-
kitchen. It's a full service restau- ment (HRIM) major,£ said "with
rant and it's not called the Laker soups, salads and sandwiches.
Inn. Dinners are more elegant There
It's called the Grotto and it is are a lot of beef dinners."
located in!the basement* of The Grotto is not just a restau-
Sullivan Hall. rant where faculty, students, and
"It's a nice place to take a date- the surrounding community come Merciad photo/Jim Doherty
inexpensive but nice," said Brenda and eat. It is also a learning expe- Mike Amore watches as Troy Surloff tries to talk his way out of paying the bill.
Moore, director of catering and rience for the HRIM students.
lab operations. "We see a good "It's a restaurant that the HRIM "We decide the theme, order as it would be in a regular restau- meals.
deal of faculty and staff come in students use in order to get a real the food, make schedules for serv- rant as much as possible." "We want students to know that
on a regular basis and we'd like to life experience in all parts of the ers, figure out the costs, and in- She also stressed the importance it is a full service restaurant and
see more students," she said. food and beverage industry from vent the recipes," sa id Ra fa lowsk i. of the learning experience. "Stu- they are more than welcome to
The Grotto is open for six con- serving to preparing food to man- The kitchen the students use to dents get first-hand experience. come in and eat,"said Rafalowski.
secutive weeks each term, during aging it," said Rafalowski. prepare the meals is similar to The learning is our primary fo- Moore also encourages stu-
which students from Food Ser- HRIM students must serve a that of a restaurant "We have a cus," she said. dents who are curious about the
vice Management coordinate a minimum of 200 service hours fully equipped commercial The Grotto was once located on major to come in and look at the
meal. Each meal is based around before they graduate. That equals kitchen used in a standard restau- East 38th Street in the building kitchen. "Students are free to go
a theme. approximately 50 hours a year. rant," said Moore. "And we're Panos now occupies. It was in the kitchen to see what the
Some themes this past term were Many of the students use the constantly updating the:equip- called the Laker Inn and served students are working on at that
'Light and Lively' by Brian Grotto to earn some ofthese hours. ment." the same purpose the Grotto serves time," she said.
Keinath featuring a main course "When you do service hours As the director of catering and now.
of chicken breast Diane and|a you are£ working,"5 said lab operations, Moore oversees The Laker Inn only sat 25 guests The Grotto is open for lunch on
flowered baked potato. Barb Rafalowski. "You're producing the operations in the kitchen, but two days a week. The Grotto is Tuesdays a nd Thursdays and seat-
Rafalowski titled hers 'Welcome food, serving or getting things she doesn't make decisions for open for four days a week now ing is from 11:45-12:15. The cost
to the Tropics' and served hot ready. You have no time to stand the students. "We see that every- and seats 75 guests per meal. For is $5.00. Dinners are served on
Hawaiian toast and warm tropical around. No time to do homework." thing goes well," said Moore. "It's dinners they can seat as many as Wednesdays and Fridays and seat-
125-130 persons. ing is from 5:15-5:45. Dinners,
The HRIM department would
Student Profil'e: Leanne Peters like to see more students at the
cost $6.75. To make reservations
call 824-2565. f ,

by." j.
Being on the crew team also
greatly impacted her decision to
attend Mercyhurst. She was
heavily recruited, and unlike the ••••SPRING BREAK '94****
universities of Canada, Ameri- CRUISE SHIP JOBS!
Students needed I Earn $2000+monthly. Cancun, Bahamas. Jamaica.
can colleges offer sports scholar- Sumnier/holidays/full time. World travel*
Florida & Padre! 110%Lowest
ships. Crew has been a major part Price Guarantee! Organize 15
Caribbean, Hawaii, Europe, Mexico.
friends and your trip is FREE!
of Peters' life for almost eight .Tour Guides, Gift Shop Sales, Deck Hands,
Casino Workers, etc. No experience necessary,InTAKE A BREAK STUDENT TRAVEL
years. CALL 602-680-4647, Ext_. C 1.4?. I *. I|I t (800) 328-7283. J
"It is a lot of work and a lot of
Merciad photo/Jim Doherty fun. It's different from other SPRING BREAK
sports because it goes all year
By Leanne Kelly way. I am a Canadian." round, but once you get hooked M i l 111
Merciad StaffReporter She said Canada and the United on it you wouldn't have it any High quality beachfront accommoda-
States are not as similar as one other way," Peters said. tions for 7 exciting nights.
Here is a riddle: Who is the might believe, "The people are Peters is excited by this year's Round trip chartered motor coach.
athletic trainer of the Laker's more laid back. Yeah, there is crew team, which is expected to Free pool deck parties, activities, &
men's basketball team, member stress, but everyone seems more be very strong. "I encourage ev- Inter-Campus Programs ID /Discount
of the ladies' crew team and still relaxed and down to earth." eryone to try crew because any- card.
is able to find time to have fun? one can do it no matter what your On-location staff for complete
Give up? Well it is none other assistance.
Peters hopes to initially work size is or what your background,"
than Leanne Peters, a senior sports All taxes, tips, & service charges
in a college setting as a trainer/ Peters said. included.
medicine major here at coach for rowing. Then some-
Mcrcyhurst. where along the line attend gradu- When Peters is hot training a
Peters is originally from ate school and find a job in a sports team or training herself for
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada clinical setting. crew, she enjoys cross country
but holds dual citizenship because The high quality sports medi- skiing, running and most outdoor For information and reservations

her father is from Ohio. When cine department is one of the rea- activities. Reading fiction, and
she was a freshman, her family
~TOt\y\ Tr^v-sSl
sons why Leanne decided to at- recently philosophy, as well as
moved to Tampa, Florida where tend Mcrcyhurst. She also was listening to music are a few of her
they presently reside. influenced by the close-knit at- other hobbies.
Leanne has a younger sister mosphere that a small school pro- This summer, after graduation,
who is 20 years old. The Peters vides. she is planning to go to Ireland for TRAVEL A B R O A D
family is very close, "My sister is "The Universities in Canada are
my best friend." She does notget
a couple weeks with friends. But a n d WORK!
so big and impersonal. No one that is not until after she takes her
to sec her family as often as she says 'hi' to you when walking trainer exam in June.
Make up tof $2,000-$4/000+ per
would like. across campus. That's one of the Like most college seniors, Pe-
month teaching basic conversational
Although Peters said she loves first things I noticed about ters is itching to be done with
English abroad. Japan, Taiwan,
Mcrcyhurst (and even loves the Mercy hurst." college but is unsure of what the
and S. tKorea. Many employers
snow), she hopes to go back to Since Mercy hurst is so small, future will bring. "It is weird
provide room & board + other
Canada after graduation, this Peters advises everyone to take because right now I can't wait to
benefits. No teaching background
May. "Many people think that I advantage of the opportunities that get out but I know when I'm gone
or Asian languages required. For
am American because I have dual it offers. |"Get involved—don't I am going to want to be back,"
more information call:
citizenship, but I don't see it that let your college career pass you s jj e s a jj.
(206) 632-1146 Ext J5249

Snowboardling anyone?
A By Keith Courson
Merciad Sports Editor
ner" or an outrageous aerial as-
sault that includes sliding off tree
through one of those wintry peri-
ods that pelts us with snow. But
not everyone hates it
"I always wanted to go skiing

What sport is crazy enough to Would you have guessed
showcase a "Give-n-Go Ollie snowboarding? but I was never able to because of
360",a 'Half-Cab TaHslideSpin- Once again, Erie is suffering playing sports and being afraid of
injury," said former Laker base-
ball player Kevin Schultz.
"I finally got the chance to go
skiing and I usually pick things
By Craig Rybczynski up pretty quick, but not skiing. I
Mereiad Sports Editor got frustrated with it but the whole
time I was watching
The small city of Lillehammer, snowboarders," he said. Schultz,
nestled in the hills of Norway, who used to skateboard, thought
awaits the athletes of the XVII it would be a natural fit.
Winter Olympics. « •

The next time we went up, I

The United States prepares
rented a snowboard.
again to battle international com-
"I'd rather be tied down to one
petition. This Olympics, how-
thing and not two. The first time
ever, is very different Since the
down the hill, it was nothing," he
1992 games in Albertville,
France, a chain of events has occurred that has changed the face of
Snowboarding is a sport that's
the games, especially in ice hockey.
been around since the early 1980s
The "Evil Empire" of the Soviet Union no longer exists, yet its but not as recognized^as it has
hockey prowess continues.jThis despite the mass exodus of its been within the past five or six
athletes to the National Hockey League.
The Russians are not the only country to feel the effects of the fall
According to Schultz, a good
of Communism. The country of Czechoslovakia has been split up.
snowboard runs about $500. Some
The Czech Republic and Slovakia are the hockey entries in 1994.
of the newest, top-of-the-line
Isn't it odd that less than a decade ago hockey was defined by East equipment may run a bit more.
versus West? Behind the Olympic spirit there was a hidden political From there, you'll need to pur-
agenda. Those of us who can remember 1980 realize this. chase a set of bindings which av-
Was it the fact that the Americans beat the Soviets in the medal erage about $175. Most bindings
round the real triumph? Or did Mike Eruzione's goal do to the allow you to virtually wear the
Soviets what our military and our foreign policy couldn't accom- footwear of your choice but
plish? That was achieve total victory. ,t 3. Schultz added that a good set of
Now, 14 years later the brash young American hockey team boots will run for about $125. "To
embarks on another mission.,That is simply to pJavLhpjckey and if Will Stinson squares up and lets a shot fly over an Oakland
do it that's all you need," he said.
possible wm the gold. However, this goal is more easily said than defender in a loss to the Pioneers last Monday. The Lakersliost
done as the talent-filled U.S. has failed to capture the imagination the Fighting Scots of Edinboro this Saturday before embarking f
and the spirit of the nation in Olympics past on a season-ending road trip.
The :fun part is the
This year's group of 25 Americans from cities such as Buffalo, Merciad photo/Keith Courson carving or cutting,
Wil I iamsville, Worcester, and Johnson City have come together to throwing snowfback
wear the red, white and blue.
Yale coach Tim Taylor has molded them into the team that will and forth and hitting
rep resent USA Hockey and the country in front of the crowds at jumps
Hakon Hall and at Olympic Cavern Hall in Gjovik.
|In the next two weeks, names like Marchant, Dunham, Rolston The boards themselves come'*;
and Ferraro will become household names. We will learn something in several shapes and sizes. "You
about each of these players and their personal struggles to reach this have racing boards and halfpipe
pinnacle of hockey excellence. boards," said Schultz. "Some
Local children will emulate these men as they take to the ice. For boards are fat and shorter so that
once the NHL takes a backseat to the play of college athletes. The it is easier to rise or jump. Other
whole country's hopes and dreams accompany these men to the boards are thinner and longer so

arena. y | that they're faster. Racing boards

People who never watch hockey tune in to chant "U.S. A., U.S.A." aa ran
B M t f l *

«2 £E Classic are usually pretty flat with the

We arc always the underdogs in hockey, the people of the United nose up. Freestyle boards have
> * *

States 1 ike that. We are a blue-collar country and we love to see the two wings on thefronta nd back,"
"Old U.S.A. beat them Russians." he said.
On Feb. 13 the Americans open up against France and the cycle "It is a young sport The theory
begins for 12 teams. But this year the United States has the best w&SBmii o eg• 0 0 0 QI ^ms is that if you've skied for awhile
chance to medal since the "Miracle on Ice" in 1980. ipTH 00/00 and then you try snowboarding,
Despite its poor showing in the Izvcstia Tournament the team is you'll hate it," he said, "but if you
poised to return to the medal stand. The United States, with its snowboard first, you will love it"
combination of professionals and collegiate players, has the desire m ***i^m* According to Schultz, per-
thai head coa ch Herb Brooks saw in his '80 team at Lake Placid, NY. forming in the halfpipe is where
This should make for the most competitive ice hockey tournament all the action is. "It's the biggest
in Olympic history. The Winter Games not only provide great part of snowboarding. That is
games, they also with heroes that we can relate to. It doesn't matter
Only the GE Classic MasterCard, offers students where the biggest competition is
if they are Canadian, Russian, or Swedish. Hockey and the Olym- this unequaled package of benefits. and it's where you show what you
pics are about the best in the world competing against each other in can do," he said. *
f\ 0k 0/ ^ e ^ Classic MasterCard is the educated This great offer could only come frpm
"Snowboarding is hot a speed
search of Olympic glory. ; I I I J / 0 choice for students looking tor smart ways a team like GE Card Services and
MasterCard. GE Card Services is part sport. The fun part is the carving
The world gets a little smaller and the people of all the nations rally # t § APR you'll find on campus ~ 9.9%» variable APR of one of the leadingfinancialservices
for the first year with a low 16.9% variable APR thereafter. companies In the world. And MasterCard's the credit card or cutting, throwing snow back
together. The Olympic spirit is not the Budweiser logo that adorns That means that even if you're only able to pay thfe minimum more widely accepted than any other on the planet. Together,
amount due. you'd pay just 9.9% on your outstanding balance. they provide you with unparalleled financial security. and forth and hitting jumps. Once
the American |jerseys,butthe image of a Polish hockey pfoyer using
v you are in the!*air you can do
masking tape to hold his socks up. NO ANNUAL*EE! STUDENT DISCOUNTS. % things like 360s," he added. 'The
Neither the amount of money a country has nor the level of its While other credit cards charge annual fees of $20 or more, As a GE Classic MasterCard member, youYe also entitled to
:he GE Classic MasterCard has no annual fee. Frankly, we special discounts at many of yourfavoritestores. Through the hardest thing is landing, trying to
athletes matters at the Olympics. The heart and desire they show on don't see why you should pay just for putting our card In
/our wallet
COLLEGE MasterValues™** program, you'll enjoy savings of
up to 40% on everything frofn CDs to travel. ! stay balanced."!
the ice is what really counts. ^ Although vaulting off a cliff or
So, political agendas aside, the people of this nation and many The G i Classic MasterCard. An educated choice* sliding off tree branch may seem
others will glue themselves to their television sets and feel a little Lookforan application on campus or in your mail.
Ami «**+ +KA financial alri averv student needs. just a little bit dangerous, it sure
more patriotic as they root for their country. f *AW % ***** U o* «|>M %0\j AMttfOMItorawIm >. l-**7<vi<ci thfrtftnIvtub* AMIflftdtm 0*171*4 wn 149V«4 jpt*yM «* t*«4ftnO•** MmrW M#£ ynftjour mr helps some make an Erie winter
•A * * « * » *o t ^ntm AC* «n*H4f1cJuiNAwH I t t j OMM c«jpirflwrquonr> Anwwix/nlywv*CharyotlSOn*«0pfcr*tf w i n A u * M v M * * i a f X S % a < t *
The question is, "If we can coexist for two weeks, why can't we U inn *TUP«*X^ J;0)««or rrwfvd kx f*ai car m m ~~ ¥ H t t
*CQU.£Q h i m mm * t tn*sjr% oAVrd PS ^«^C*^^<^_n \ju*r, 10 cMiy* and miyte(teOM'iuKl * * * tmt CvWI M m VKJ conoven * « * somewhat bearablcfl H
do this for an entire year?" ^ ^ ™ *

Hurst icers sweptby Stevens Point •;. . -

jCa * • * v



?.\ v.v. 8*
mm m K»
t 4 • 4r. . . . a ft
j * • • • • • •»•••."»•
. 9 $ >»W*


I Sharps hooting Oakland
blasts past Lakers
Monday night's basketball clash between Oak-
• v .
land, Michigan, and Mercyhurst was nothing short
. * *
of a three-point shootout. Between the two squads,
44 shots were fired from beyond the arc in the 107-
ESS ••-•s»^§" 99 Oakland triumph.
The Lakers came out on the short end of the battle
Stevens Point defenseman Mick Kempffer drags down Mercy hurst's Bryce Bohun in front of as they converted just two of their 19 three-point
the Pointer goal in Saturday's clash at the Ice Center. Merciad photoI Keith Cour son
attempts. Meanwhile, the Pioneers hit 11 of their 25
By Craig Rybczynski Kevin Gauthier benefited from a can't buy a goal." shots. Oakland leads the Division II ranks by mak-
Merciad Sports Editor Pointer turnover and Larmer con- The game developed into a
goaltender's duel between Scott
ing 12 three-pointers per contest.!
verted the loose puck into a
The Mercyhurst Laker hockey Mercyhurst goal. Barber and Pointer netminder Although Mercyhurst came back from a 16-point
team's season to date has been Larmer's goal put the Hurst David Fletcher. Both goal tenders deficit in thetsecond half, the^Pioneers iced the
one of missed opportunities. within striking distance, but the benefited from a little luck as game down the stretch by hitting 11 consecutive
The weekend series against the Lakers were unable to get the Mercyhurst's Johnson had his best free throws in thefinaltwo m i nutes. They nailed 22
visiting Wisconsin-Stevens Point tieing goa 1. That's when the Point- opportunity glance off the cross-
Pointers further reinforced the ers pulled together and showed bar in the first period. of 25 foul shots for the game.
season-long failure to win the their championship form. The game remained scoreless Rashe Reviere tied a school record for field go'als
close games. Wisconsin's Pat Bogen and into the second, until Mike made in a game (17), enabling him to post 40 points
At the Ice Center, the Lakers Frank Cirone ruined the Lakers Zambon tapped a loose puck past on the evening. He completed his triple-double by
agaiiiafailed to get the bounces rally as they scored within a 2:26 a sprawled Barber to put the Point* pulling down 10 rebounds and dishing out 11
and were swept 7-3 and 2-1. span late in the final period to ers ahead.. Teammate. Jason
"If we could have the bounces help the Pointers capture game Glaesmer also added a goal.
assists. at J*-X.

that the other teams have had, it one. % Glaesmer's third-period goal The Lakers (11-9) host Edinboro Saturday.
would be a totally different sea- In the series finale, Saturday, proved to be the game winner as
son right now," said Mercyhurst Mercyhurst accomplished its goa 1 his shot-hit a sliding Greg
forwa rd Bryce Bohun. of controlling J the neutral zone Snetsinger and bounced past Bar- Club hockey splits weekend series
Friday night, the four-time Di- and played a more tight-checking ber. | On Friday, the club icers lost to the Jthaca
vision III national champions in- hockey game. g- The Lakers managed to get back Bombers 8-5 but turned it around the next day and
troduced Mercyhurst to their Yet despite the effort, the game into the contest when I Kevin
brand of "old time" hockey as defeated LeMoyne 9-8.
typified the La kers' season as they McKinnon slammed a Bohun re-
they out-muscled and physically were unable to capitalize on their bound past ^Pointer goalie
controlled the tempo of the game. scoring chances. Fletcher. The goal, however, was Skating hours this week
The Pointers shocked the Lak- 'They (Mercyhurst) played a too late, as Mercyhurst suffered
ers and silenced the home crowcj
Friday, 2/11:5:15-7:15 p.m.
great hockey game and its unfor- its second straight defeat
as they powered their way to a 4- tunate we lost," said coach Gotkin. MM
* * * »_._._• . . • . • * «_• . . m • • . . . a . • • . * . • a a . . . • a • . a a . * a * a % a a ^ fe. • a * a

llead. i {t |
• . • • • • . . • •_• jt_«_O_»_•_..._• _«_v*." *
* a a a a v - K ' . ~ . a a - * — . - • * * - • • • » ^ - w « B - . - • - - - .

: "But I'll tell you what, we had a Mercyhurst travels to R.I.T., > * * aa . . * »_*_. * * » » . * . . a . . . » . • a a a a * • mmmv »J> .
: : : :
Laker goaltender Chris Lueck 60 minute effort. They worked Friday and returns home to play ^ ?: : : x^??i>??S^S

lasted for three shots as head coach hard, the only thing is we just Canisius, Saturday at 7:30 p.m.
Rick Gotkin pulled him in favor
of Greg Simmons early in the
first. Lueck allowed a weak wrist
shot by Drew Fletemeyer from
Seven ]in a row for' Lady Lakers
By Keith Courson pomt shots. Mercyhurst held an
the right face-off circle.? Merciad Sports Editor impressive 49-35 rebounding
Simmons' return to the ice was edge. Twenty-eight of those car-
not a triumphant one. The rookie, Seven is indeed a magic num- oms were on the offense end.
who last faced action against ber for the Mercyhurst women's
Ca nisius College, showed that he basketball team. The Lady Lak- Mercyhurst has used its defen-
had been away from the game for ers, 14-6, have won seven con- sive and rebounding strengths to
some time. secutive games since a" loss to set up much of its offense. "We
"I was happy to get back/' said Lock Haven on Jan. 12. try to push?'the ball but if that
the Fredericton, New Brunswick Mercyhurst routed Gannon last doesn't go then we settle into our
native.: "I don't think I had my Saturday. Julie McChesney offense," said Marsden.
best; performance of the year; blitzed the nets for 20 points and
that'sforsure, but it felt good. pulled down 13 rebounds to lead Meanwhile, Mercyhurst evened
But you could tell I've been off all scorers as the Lakers took a the season series with Lock Ha-
the ice for seven weeks." 16-2 lead just minutes into the ven as it held off the visitors 63-
In relief, Simmons finished the contest 56 last Tuesday evening.
game with 26 saves. With six minutes left in the Even though the Hurst shot just
Offensively, Mercyhurst had game, Mercyhurst posted its larg- 33 percent, it led by five at the
goals from Jon Johnson, Art Tho- est advantage, 70-42. The Lady halfand made its free throws down
mas and Dan Larmer. Lakers played impressive defense. the stretch.
Thomas' goal at 14:45 of the "We've been mixing up defenses
second narrowed the Pointers' on other teams," said freshman "We're taking it one game at a
lead to two goals as the Lakers Allison Marsden. "It was good to time,"said Marsden. "We'renow
tried to grind out a comeback. beat Gannon. We didn't want to
fifth in the region and we want to
Jn the third period, the Lakers lose to them no matter what." stay there."
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