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2501 Lafayette Court

Cell: 716-961-8755
Seabrook, Texas 77586
Dynamic Research and Development Manager with eighteen years of progressive expe
rience leading diverse teams, improving analytical testing and development metho
ds, and commercializing new products that drive business growth and profitabilit
y. Background includes:
* Organizational Leadership * Efficiency Improvement * Analytic
al Development
* Product Commercialization * Recruiting/Hiring/Staffing * Qualit
y Systems * Laboratory Design & Capabilities
* Instrument Development * Six Sigma Methodology
* Oversight of Multiple Locations * Safety & Chemical Hygiene * Pro
ject Management
SITY (1980-1984)
Ph.D. - Analytical Chemistry; GPA: 3.8/4.0 BS - Chemistry; GPA: 3.6/4.0

DOW CHEMICAL (Formally ROHM & HAAS), Deer Park, Texas, Spring House, PA 2008 -
Analytical Process Research & Development Group Leader
Manager/ Group Leader of analytical process research & development for monomers
division. Managed, directed and fully responsible for the operation of 4 large
laboratories supporting R&D, plant operations and the monomers business staffed
with 5 Ph.D. level professionals and 3 technicians. This is the former Rohm & H
aas's primary analytical support of its largest business. Implemented initiati
ves to improve communication with corporate analytical functions, group effectiv
eness, customer satisfaction, analytical technology, and group professionalism.
New responsibilities include the Dow's oxygenated solvents support for Texas Ci
ty TX, and Spring House PA, personnel and laboratories.
PRAXAIR, Tonawanda, New York
2002 - 2008
Research & Development Manager of Analytical and Specialty Gases Product Develo
Manager of core analytical and new product development for Specialty Gases Divis
ion. Managed, directed and fully responsible for the operation of 7 laboratorie
s supporting R&D, operations and new product development staffed with 4 Ph.D. pr
ofessionals and 8 technicians. Core laboratories are ISO9001 certified. Develop
ed and tracked performance to budgets. Implemented initiatives to improve techno
logy, process quality, cost structure, and time to market for new products.
* Commercialized new wireless monitoring technology and sub-ppm reactive mixture
s leading to 4 patent applications the first R&D offerings in business section i
n 20+ years which are forecasted to drive new revenue of $10 million annually.
* Designed detailed 5000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art analytical laboratory and orch
estrated move minimizing downtime.
* Developed and executed a $500,000 instrument upgrade plan for corporate labora
* Organized and led first global company analytical consortium - 60 attendees.
* Led new product development projects thru stage-gate review process enabling n
ew revenue streams for the business.
* Re-aligned analytical group to provide efficient lower cost solutions (focused
on new product development and product development support).
* Developed a validation protocol for analytical methods through Six-Sigma. Pro
tocol has been adopted as a company standard.
* Utilized outsourcing to provide lower cost analytical solutions saving $100,00
0 annually.
* Led analytical technology section of Praxair's Specialty Gases Global Market N


BAYER (Formerly Lyondell), S. Charleston, WV & Newtown Square, PA 199
9 - 2002
Business Analytical Chemist, Analytical Research & Development Manager
Analytical Manager responsible for two sites: S. Charleston, WV and Newtown Squa
re, PA. Managed analytical technology, contracts and purchasing. Managed, direc
ted and fully responsible for the operations of 7 laboratories, both research an
d QA, (performing chromatography, spectroscopy, and chemical analysis) staffed w
ith 3 Ph.D. professionals and 5 technicians.
* Completed distinguished Bayer Director Development training (top 0.5% of compa
ny employees selected to participate).
* Negotiated analytical services contract reducing costs by $500,000 annually. I
mplemented analytical services separation plan saving $1 million annually utiliz
ing internal capabilities.
* Organized and led cost saving ($500,000 annual) analytical group move includin
g new laboratory design, downtime management, new safety programs, LCR and PSSR.
* Led analytical effort to leverage value added services with key customer leadi
ng to $50 million of annual business.
* Key role on Variation Reduction Continuous Improvement Team nominated for pres
tigious Bayer's President's Award.
* Co-authored publication presented at the 2000 API Conference - presentation wo
n "Best in Session" award. Performed laboratory work.
* Led new method development in chromatography, Pulsed-NMR, IR, and NIR.
ARCO/LYONDELL CHEMICAL COMPANY, Newtown Square, Pennsylvania 1989 - 1999
Manager of Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry (1997 - 1999)
Supervisor of Chromatography (1994 - 1997)
Group Leader of Gas Chromatography (1992 - 1994)
Development Associate, On-line Analysis (1989 - 1992)
In positions of increasing responsibility, established analytical methodologies
and utilized them to improve laboratory operations. Founded GLP chromatography l
aboratory. Led gage R&R studies, performed method validations, wrote SOPs and m
ethods for GLP, and served as a GLP auditor.
* Made worldwide company analytical directives for instrumentation and methodolo
* Negotiated large instrument agreements for plant QC laboratories and other Arc
o/Lyondell international sites. Cost savings were greater than $1 million.
* Developed several state-of-the-art gas chromatographic separations including:
headspace analysis, high-temperature GC, ion-exchange, gel permeation chromatogr
* Served as a member and chairperson of union-management teams and contract nego
* Discovered an important toxic impurity in product process stream leading to a
product recall from supermarket shelves, avoiding potential company litigation.
* Led analytical start-up of the Singapore Technical. Installed analytical meth
ods at Texas, St. Croix, Indonesia, and Taiwan facilities.