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By Gagan Suri Merciad News Editor


Bomb Blast by Terrorists in Colombo
The terrorist threat in Sri Lanka is still not over according to the Sri .xinkan government Recently, a truck loaded with high explosives v ammed into the central bank which holds the counti y s gold reserves n Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. Authorities have reported that at least 73 people died and more than 1,500 people were injured in this devastating bomb blast. The blast occurred at 11 a.m., the busiest time of the day at the central bank. The authorities suspect that the Tamil Tigers rebels are responsible [for this attack. The city came to a stand still and heavy security was mforced to control any further riots. ' T h e ethnic majority of Sri Lanka are the Sinhalese, 17 million of Iwho are Buddhists. The minority of the Tamils are Hindus. The Tamil Tigers are the rebel group who have been complaining about Ihe Sinhalese domination in the country.

f Earthquake in China
On Feb. 4, China suffered a very severe earthquake which measured 7.0 on the Richter scale. The quake left thecounfry with at least 200 dead and 14,000 people homeless. '•;. r$ | f The Red Cross has sent 50 doctors to the affected areas and $156,600 worth of relief supplies. £ China's worst earthquake in the past century was in 1976 which killed 242,000 people and measured 7.8 on the Richter scale.

Campus Ministry to Build Houses
By Gagan Suri Merciad News Editor Mercyhurst College's Campus Ministry is traveling to Conway, S.C., to participate in the Habitat for Hum a nity' s Collegi a te Cha 1 enge 1 work camp; program during the spring break. Eight students are joining Habitat for Humanity of Horry County on Feb. 24 through March 3 in an effort to build decent, affordable homes with families in need. This is the third consecutive year that Mercyhurst is offering an Alternative Spring Break Pro- . gram to its students. "Interest in this program is gaining popularity. The first year plans were ca ncelled due to problems at that work site. The second year the students successfully completed a weeks work in Georgia. This ycar!we will be traveling to Conway, S.C. We will assist in building two, three bed-room homes. The students will also have the opportunity to* meet the two families who will occupy the houses. Each student is required to pay a building supply fee and a registration fee. The fees incl ude building supplies, housing, and breakfast. Local churches and Pepsi will be sponsoring the lunches and snacks on the work site. The students are now actively fund raising to provide for their dinners. We are also gratefully accepting donations from businesses." said Michelle Garvcy, from the Campus Minis! try office. < £ Collegiate Challenge: Spring Break '96, an event coordinated by the Campus Ministry departm

Taxes Made Easier
By Gagan Suri . Merciad Ne ws Editor If you are single and normally use Form 1040EZ to file your income tax return, you may be able to file your 1995 return using a touch-tone telephone via TeleFile, IRS's new paperless phonejfiling;system, according ! IRS reports. • The transaction will take about 10 minutes over the phone and a refund can be expected in about 21 daysfromthe date the call was made. The person filing taxes has to send no other forms to the IRS. The filing over the phone is done' with the help of a special code, similar to a Personal Identification Number that is included in the TeleFile package. '. Making its debut in most areas of the country this year, TeleFile will allow about 23 million taxpayers to choose this easy option. In western Pennsylvania about 400,000 individuals receive the special TeleFile package. The TeleFile system is available only to taxpayers who receive the TeleFile package. It is accessible 24hours a day, seven days a week. Instructions advise users to complete a.l0-line work sheet, call the toll free Telefile number us- m ing a touch-tone phone, and enter the information from the worksheet and their |W-2 forms/The computer will tell you the amount of your refund or the amount you owe. IRS cautions filers to wait for a six-digit confirmation number that they wil 1 need to verify their filing has been accepted by I RS. ^Individuals who receive the packet and who arc claiming dependents have more thanfiveW2\s, or who have changed their addresses will not 11 able to use this system. ;

In Honor Of Black History Month Famous African American Quotes What could I dream of that had the barest fssibility of coming true? I could think of was nothingness that my mind began to dwell, that constant sense of wanting without having, of hated Wright Whenixou control a man not have to worry about his actions. You do not have to tell him not to stand here or go yonder. and will stay in willfind it. You do n ot need to send him to the back door. i fact, ifth for his sf benefit. -Carter G. Woodson

/ don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody. -Bill Cosby When life knocks you down, try tofall on your back because if you can look up, you can get up. fj -Les Brown

ment of Habitat for Humanity International, will run from Feb. 18 through April 6. The Collegiate Challenge program offers construction work camp experiences to students at HFHI affiliates around the country. While Collegiate Challenges has traditionally been held during Spring Break, the Campus Chapters department provides ongoing work camp opportunities for students throughout the year with Habitat for Humanity. | | This year's Collegiate Challenge wil 1 have more than 5,200participants. Approximately $400,000 will be contributed to the work of Habitat for Humanity at participating affiliate locations. In its 20th year, Habitat for Humanity International is a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian organization dedicated to eliminating poverty housing worldwide. Habitat for Humanity*works in partnership with people in need throughout the world building simple, decent shelter that is sold to them at no profit, through nointerest loans. To date, the organization has built over 40,000 homes worldwide. i The Campus Chapters department was formed in 1987 and has provided thousands of students with opportunities to become a significant part of Habitat for Humanity's work worldwide. For morel information about Habitat for Humanity, contact Sarah Egan^at (912) 924-6935 ext. 448. For information about the Mercyhurst chapter call Michclc- Garvey at (814) 8242430. k * I






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basketball games at 6 p.m. and 8 low price? Join in thefilnat CofBungee Running from 7:00 p.m. | p.m. At 6:00 p.m. the women will Jennifer Lehr feehouse. This week's Coffeeto 11:00 p.m. at the Rec Center. fcplay Grand Valley and at 8 p.m. Merciad Commuter Columnist house will have an open Mike Monday, Feb. 12: Get involved Night from 8-11 p.m. If you're Ithe men will alsoplay Grand ValCongratulations to Heather with Student Government in the ley. Sinnott. She is the Winner of the X Student Government Chambers not interested in going to the cofFriday Feb. 16: Do you enjoy $25 gift certificate to the book- " feehouse head to the Student Govstarting at 8:30 p.m. store sponsored by the "Comernment Chambers at 8:00 p.m. playing euchre? If so head to the Tuesday, Feb 13: Catch the flick muter Council." for a lectu re featuring Jeri Jewell Laker Inn for the Euchre tourney playing in the Union starting at 9 at 7 p.m. from " The Facts of Life." Upcoming Events: p.m. The feature presentation is Saturday, Feb. 17: Watch as Thursday, Feb. 15: Catch the I Friday, Feb.*9 : Head to the "While You Were Sleeping." Wednesday, Feb. 14: ^Happy ^^m^mM^mmmmM^WMm^^mmMmMmwMfMmmmw/mwmM^M Union at 9 p. m. to catch the movie Valentine's Day! Would you like Dangerous Minds. i some good tasting coffee- for a Saturday. Feb. 10: By: Dan Hilfiker th an . They are not out there lookEditor-in-Chief ing to bust you when you have a I Security was on the minds of keg," said Cuffia. the representatives at the Feb., 5 One thing that became apparent meeting of Mercyhurst Student to the Security Committee during Government. It was reported by their meeting was the fact that ® the Security Committee that they there has to be more of a proactive sat down and talked with role as well as student participaMercyhurst Security Director Bud tion in the security of this camDever on Wednesday, Jan. 31. pus. "Students who see something wrong going on or a suspicious "We met with Bud Dever and face have to report it to security. got answers to some of the ques1 tions that have been weighing on You are not being a snitch. We our minds for a while now," said need more of an active role by the P students in the security on this IMSG President Jessica Cuffia. 1 The two parties talked about campus," said Cuffia. various issues about security on In other MSG news, it was recampus such as the cameras "and vealed that the penny wars that will be held for the fund raiser «5 some incidents regarding vehicles parked on the top of the parking will be held between the different ramp. majors on campus. Previously, it was to be held between the d iffer"We have to realize that the ent classes on campus, but was security personnel here at school Once you've finished with your textbooks, why pack em changed for those who fall beare here to help us when we need around. Research shows you'll probably never open them
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our hockey team skates against Fredonia. If you are interested in attending the gamc,the shuttle will leave Baldwin Hal] at5:30p.m.Or catch the men's and women's basketball games. The women and men will [day Saginaw Valley. The women's game will start at 6 p.m.,and the men's game will start at 8 p.m.

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again. Cash them in while they still have market value.

tween classes. The wars will start 4 on Feb. 7 in the Student Union. I 'There will be about 10 different I majors represented in the penny wars. Whatever major wins will j | hold a random drawing of all 1ll their students. The one student! from the winning major who is | | picked in the drawing will win a prize," said Cuffia. In SAC news, President Brian p Marshall noted that this weekend | will be Winter Activities Week-1 end. They will be taking the first eight teams who sign up at the | | Union desk. Teams must be comprised of eight people; four men, I four women. The activities will consist of a variety of snow Olympics. SAC also will be sponsoring inflatable run on Saturday night | There will be inflatable sumo] wrestling and bungee running. Kg m

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Will be here February 14 @ 8:00pm Where? The Student Government Chambers

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Nicole Ponstingle A&E Editor In my last article I failed to mention one last fantastic new British Band called Block Grape. They a re a very up-beat and fu nky sounding band, in other words, a great dance band. One very mentionable band member is the exlead singer of The Happy Mondays. It is nice to hear his yoice again. The name of their debut album is "Its Great When You're Straight..Yeah!" And how appropriately it jbrings me to my next point! I just wanted to mention how repulsed I was at the homophobia that was being thrown around the opinion page last week. This is , of course, in reference to Emilio Colaiacovo's article on Nick Krayger's Integration column. I am aware that this has virtually nothing to do with my column or page, but Nick is a friend and I felt it necessary to address this foolishness. Upon reading it, I wanted to know who " most of us" were that were so utterly sickened by his articles. I have never known of anyone that has been offended by them. Secondly, I think the issues that Nick addresses are many more than just "gay" issues. He has a great deal to say on today's moral and social issues that are very valid and important to today's college students. To me, he seems to be one of the only people on

Tunes on Tails
this campus who has a "voice" and I am glad that he chooses to use it,* As a member of the Merciad staff, I am aware that everyone has the right to speak their own mind, but to be so blatantly vicious is wrong. I don't know why Mr. Colaiacovo has such a problem with gay people, but I would like to know! It is people like him that are the so called "social ills," not gay people. Smarten Up Emilio, your young republican thoughts don't mean much here.

By Jason Ulery Merciad Columnist

Well kiddies, I will get off my horsy for now and if you liki good dance tunes, check outBlacl Grape. Until next week, justf entertained by the ignorance o: those around you.
• t*

Point of Interest
One • thing of interest is a collection of "Photomontages of the Nazi Period," by John Heartfield. There are 40 works on loan from The Peace Museum of Chicago. His works are satirical of the Nazi regime and give taught rftto fheWorce"* behind Hitler's rise to power. They will be shown at the Erie Art Museum from Feb. 17 through April 10. The museumns located at 411 State St.


• •




§* stf

:i*"> ^K-'J?^:^~'

.>: ^ ^ .'"




Day sound that has just been grossly exploited. At some points in the album I'm not sure if these guys are more interested in getIn the mid-eighties, the scene ting their message across or sellthat was known as punk split in ing records. two directions. One group went After the initial turbulence, the towards what is the forefather guys do settle into a groove startsound to today' s "alternative," the ing with the live cut "Trust Slips other group retained a hard core Through Your Hands" followed sound and adopted different prinby "Gang Opinion," two songs ciples. Among the front runners which restore th e bands' hard core of this latter group were- bands credibility after hearing some of such as the Gorilla Biscuits, Bold, those first songs. The last listed Youth of Today, and Youth Brisong on the albu m, "Don't Got to gade. Today members of these Prove It," is a live studio outtake, bands return in the'form of the but it still doesn't make me unband Civ, a band that has retained derstand that earlier garbage. Also some of that hard core edge but look out for the hidden track after also plays music that sounds too this song. It's a good one. trendy for them. The strength of the album lies in The album, entitled Set Your Goals , signals a return for the tracks such as "State of Grace," band mates after a considerable United Kids," and "Boring Sumlayoff in which none of them pro- mer." The first one mentioned in duced anything of consequence. that sequence is just a dynamic The album' starts off with the yet tough track that is probably overtly trendy "Set Your Goals " the cream of the crop on this alwhich is followed by the excel- bum. lent "Do Something/' It seems Overall, the music is really good that the first six songs alternate and frontman Civ just goes nuts between bad and good before the screaming his brains out If you album eventually settles into a like Civ though, you must check harder sound that reflects'music out the Gorilla Biscuits. They are of the band members' pasts and is just a sick band. I would not rate for the most part a pretty good th is a must-have, but i f you know sound. However, songs like "So * somebody-*who has it, I would ? Far, So Good..:- & What" and borrow »it from them. That way "Can't Wait One Minute More" you ca n save your money for more fall into the same category as the worthwhile expenditures. How title track and have that Green about a campaign against Young Republicans?
1 t

Wo dietct Slmtiifl/fe1**^^ijL
E r n t c t ec H u n g e r . K r t e 3'unci B r a n d .

The Seeds of Death/Where This Sower Walks Through The Country, He Reaps Hunger, War & Fire, * by Heartfield.

Movie Beat
By: James Hain * Merciad movie reviewer In a few weeks, Disney's lackluster Pocahontas will be dragging its sorry carcass into video stores, but while you still have the chance, you should definitely check out Toy Story for an example of a real Disney animated masterpiece. The first 100 percent computer generated feature, the sheer artistry of Toy Story is enough to make traditional inkand-paint animation look like a pre-schooler's art class scrawls. But don't forget the second part of the title. If the film were just a show-off exercise in technological know-how, it would ring hollow. Toy Story benefits from a witty, imaginative screenplay and a handful of delightful vocal performances. In fact, after a while you may find yourself getting caught up in the story and forgetting about all those poor mousejockeys silling at their PC's til fou r inlhc morning drawing scales on plastic dinosaurs. But*don't feci too bad for them. They have created a milestone film, a remarkable achievement. It's also the most fun family Glm to come | along in a while. The premise is that toys are like real working folks. Being played with is their job, and when their owner is away, they come to life. The leader of Andy's toys is a floppy cowboy doll named Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks); Woody is Andy's favorite, which gives him the authority over the other toys, which include a wisecracking Mr. Potato Head (Don Ricklcs), a timid T-Rcx (Wallace Shawn) a nd a legion of those little green army men with the molded bases attached to their feet. This little microcosm is thrown into turmoil with the arrival of a new toy, a shiny plastic space ranger named Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen), who labors under the delusion that he is actually a spaceman stranded on a bizarre planet. The new toy commands Andy's attention and wins over the other toys, leaving Woody boiling over with jealousy. I don't want to give away too much, but let's just say that Woody does something fool-


ish, which forces the two rivals to work together to get back home. As I've said before, this type of film jean only coast so far on snazzy visuals. The makers of Toy Story were aware of this and obviously took great pains to enSure that the characters had personality and that the pacing was just right for the short-attentionspan crowd. The human characters look a little goofy, but the toys are meticulously detailed, right down to the reflections in Buzz's helmet. The world of Toy Story looks so real that you start to forget that it's not. Many may be tempted to dismiss this as just another kiddie film, but it's got just as much for adults, if not more; It really is one of the funniest movies I've seen in a while (My favorite gag the rubber arcade game prizes'who think "the claw." is a messenger sent to take them to nirvana). I know a lot of people have an aversion to kid Muff, but do voursclfn fivor.Cal.! ^•'enlaht .showing well past* the nigra is* bedtime,Wd enjoy. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.



The New Works Showcase Choreography Workshop
Feb, 9 8:00 PM Feb. 10 2:30 and 8:00 PM Tickets available at the door Taylor Little Theatre, Mercyhursi Campus, 501I b. .win su 6.3HlhSt -Adults $8.00, Sr. Citizens, Children under 12 $4.00, Mercyhursi Staff and Faculty $2.00 Mercyhursi Students with l.D|FRBE
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Earn $500 - $1000 weekly stuffing envelopes. For details - RUSH $|.00 with SASE to: \ GROUP FIVfc
57 Greentree Drive, Suite 307 * 0 Dover, DE 19901



By: NickKrayger Merciad columnist People keep asking me what lam going to do after I graduate. This is a tough call, because I don't think anybody knows what they really want to do when they graduate. • . i Yeah, I have considered the whole graduate school thing for the fall. I've gotten a few acceptance letters. I have a few interviews. And yeah, I have gotten some job offers too. The place where I did my internship offered me a pretty good deal. A few agencies in Erie offered me spots. I could teach kindergarten at a private school in Philadelphia. I could probably work in the computer industry with a relative out in Laguna Beach, Calif. ^ But I don't know what I want to do. 1 guess it is really nice to have Options, but what do you do when there are so many options? What happens when every avenue could be the right or wrong turn? Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves and those around us to map out our future like a trip-tik from Triple A? •*§ ' I guess I really am a writer, because I don't know what to do and my first inclination is to sit down at this computer and write about it. Writing is how I deal with things. Nick the writer and Nick the person have evolved, side by side, in this very newspaper. When I first approached former Merciad editor Jule Gardner about writing a biweekly column, she was elated to have me jump on board. If you go to the library and look through the old Merciads, you'll see the evolution of afinenewspaper. Some might say you'd see its demise too, but my vote is still out on that one. Any vehicle for free student expression, should be just that. Our words should not be monitored; as writers, our feelings should not be censored if we have the guts to write them down. Yes, we will all suffer some repercussions for our honesty. But isn't it worth it? Isn't risk taking what college is all about? Take, for example, attendance at Mercy hurst. When I came here my freshman year, the financial status of my parents was much different than it is now. Each term, it is only by the grace of God that I slip through and can afford my tuition and living expenses. Right now, I have -$46.32 in the bank, and my credit card bills are due really soon. $ * * f | .But.I still found the resources to head down to Herman's with some friends and grab a few drinks this weekend. Thanks to a wonderful network of friends, I am always well fed. It's good to know that we are there to take care of each other.L But what happens when you walk out into the real world and there are all those expenses? What happens when the student loan bill people come knocking at my door? What happens if I decide to live as a starving writer .and don't have any pasta left in the cupboard? 'Til tell you what happens. ' f *None of those things happen. Yeah, I'll admit that there is no comfortable security in knowing that I don't have enough money to buy a lunch special in the Laker Inn. But it won't be like this forever. I know this, because I have an unbelievable, empowering, earth shattering faith.| No, I am by far no Bible beater. And I will admit that my concept of God probably doesn't coincide with the standards of "normalcy" as stated by A FEW people at this school. But my faith has pulled me through. It has fueled me to search for justice in the world. It has molded me into a man who will not accept slight indifference or apathy from those around me. It has taught me to accept what comes my way. J >: Faith requires more than just futile words, angry commentaries, or malicious intentions. It requires the ability to accept the snow that disablesus, and to Gnd creative, inventive ways of shoveling it out. With faith come treacherous winters, filled with beautiful sunsets. If you have enough faith, you can find the beauty in a garbage dump. And if you have none, you can hardly see the freedom that radiates from the smile of an exploring child. You see bow easy life becomes when you take off the shackles that bind you? I You may think that I am crazy-insane with my optimistic notions. Maybe you lack the ability to separate your feelings from reality. Maybe you put your faith in yourself, or your traditions, or your politics, or your insecurities. v I couldn't live my life that way. That would be an empty, sad, lonely and meaningless existence for me. l You see, I'm a writer. If I didn't have these cannonballs going off v in my head all day, 1 would fail to thrive and I would die. Having no money in the bank or no clue about what to do with the future has never killed anybody. * Having no faith has. It is a quiet, angry death that often leaves one with a pale, blank, empty expression and a violent, apathetic voice. Can you recognize the dead among you?

By Brad Rybczinski Merciad Columnist Well I am back after my much needed week off. What a week to take off too. There is a lot of conflict here at the Merciad. I think it is too much. I like to be positive and I carry that approach with me into my column, but the negativity I feel starting to evolve into malicious and slanderous emotions alarms me. Thesefearsare rooted in ignorance and narrow minded views. * It is time that we, as educated young men and women begin to look past outer images and perceptions. We need to look inside and ignore race, ethnic backgrounds and sexual preference. We are all human. * Everyone judges in one way or another. It is the cri teria that we use that frightens. Automatically because someone is different people are put on guard andfeelthreatened. Stereotypes are hideous and should be ignored. We may lose something very precious that has the potential to make us better humans. Ji *% In a liberal arts college it is shocking that we are not able to have more options when choosing courses. The options in.feminist, and African American studies is appalling. There needs to be more. Different cultures exist and without knowledge of them we are doomed to ignorance and prejudice. > • This was spurred by Emilio's column last week. Whether or not I agree with what he sa id is irrelevant^ What is relevant was his blatantly judgmental, moralistic and slanderous attempt to express his view. The way in which he chose to get his point across only serves to fuel the flame of prejudice already rampant in society. •* If Emilio would have written in an informed and nonjudgmental fashion8 I would not have even addressed the ^ issue. My concern lies in his judgment. As far as I know Emilio has no direct line to God; he is not a prophet and has no right to pass judgment on Nick based on his own morality. I doubt very much if a student of African-American descent had been writing articles based on the experi ences they h ave h ad that Em i 1 io would have written a condemning column. I believe Nick writes to relay his experiences to the rest ofour community with the hope that some will understand and be more accepting of the homosexual community. His form may not be agreeable to all, but that does not give anyone the right to slander him. % Look to the h uman side and the vast differences in society and realize that not everyone is the same. We live in a multi-cultural world that is riddled with different religions, languages, sexual preferences, and colors. The more we understand the differences the more capable we will be to accept them and at the very least not condemn them. '•' I am going to change gears here again and reveal yet another "unsung" hero. Actually this week we have the first unsung heroine. She is definitely a fitting choice for the first female to enjoy the title. It is Cass Shimek, the director of the Student Union and Student Activities. « Poo u Id have spent weeks inter' viewing people who would give testament to her capabilities. Cass is very much loved, respected and emulated by a great many students, faculty and administrators. I think Daryl Georger put it best when he said, "Cass is in a category all by herself." Everyone I talked with held the same view. There are very few people who do so much and have such a positive impact on students as Cass does. Cass oversees the operation of the Student Union and is also moderator for Mercyhurst Student Government and Student Activities Committee. She,also does so much more that I >j will only venture to name a few. Kim Coughlin, Administrative Assistant in Student Services and also a graduate intern whoworked with Cass for the first half of this year, points to a "gentle-concern for everyone she works around and with" as one of the many qualities that are possessed by Cass. She often goes far above and beyond herjob description when helping others in such events, and activi-v ties and clubs as Christmas on Campus, the spring and winter formals and the Minority Student Union. Kim also pointed to a "unique ability to stay motivated" that makes Cass such an irreplaceable asset to Mercyhurst and especially the students. Her all or nothing attitude is well known and her consistent ability togeteachjobshetakeson exempliV

fies her dedication to her occupation and the students. Cass takes on many responsibilities that she is hot obligated to. This is because of her genuine interest and concern in making the college and those around her happy, successful and better people. £3 Cass has what one might call an "open - door policy." The fact that she is dependable, personable add approachable brings her into contact with a variety of different people and events. Anyone who has worked with Cass knows the great benefit of her wisdom, guidance and helping hand. % Michelle Garvey from campus minu istry described Cass as the unseen backbone" of many of the events that involve students. Her involvement in every facet of MSG and SAC prove this to be true. Cass allows the students to take on responsibility and run events. She stays out of the forefront but is air ways on hand as a "Guardi an Angel" to ensure that things run smoothly and to suggest little things to make events better.- Her experience and knowledge coupled with an amazing insight to anticipate potential problems are evident every time we have a successful formal, winter and spring activities, fund raiser or event. The professional and caring demeanor of Cass is what makes her so special and dear to all of us. Her sincere concern that each student benefit from the experience of Mercyhurst • College is evident in everything Cass ; undertakes. . ,. I do not feel that I have done justice to Cass. I do not think anyone could possibly do that It is impossible to tell exactly how much she does because in order to, one would have to be involved with almost every facet s of the college. ^ Cass is one of the very few people who has touched the life of every student in one way or another. From orientation to the Senior Dinner Dance Cass is there. We should all be extremely thankful for her time, effort, love and concern for each and every one of us. ;, u Cass is surely in a category all by herself." No one can argue that point. The work she does is positive, energetic and filled with love. If you see her, thank her. She truly deserves it.

The Merciad
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February 8,1996

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Students respond-to


I don't know about the rest of you, but I just can't see anything beauty and valueof a healthy, loving relationship shared by mature, "inappropriate" at all about Nick and some guy together on a dance consenting adults; but I guess there will always be people who try floor. Unlike some people, I don't have the time to waste writing to crucify those whom they hate, fear or do not understand. Third, you have absolutely no basis—apart from your irrational, about things which "[deserve] as little attention as possible." However, since this issue is something that I feel very strongly about, unexamined prejudice—for considering homosexuality to be any This is a personal response to the (soon-to-be-k.o/d) Heavyafter reading Emilio's insulting column last week I felt that it had to more "unethical and immoral" than heterosexuality. Emilio, I'm weight Champion of the Right and his cheap shot (in last week's more than willing to debate this last statement with^you and with be addressed on several points: Merciad) at censuring Nick Krayger *s column. Emilio, your pitiful First of all, each and every one of us is a homophone. We have all anyone else who is willing and able "in a public forum" during the attempt at a critique of "Integration** purports to be both diplomatic internalized some degree of prejudice against gay men and lesbians upcoming Academic Celebration in April. This is an issue that and tactful, and yet it is neither. In fact, I see it as downright because of the simple fact that we are raised in a heterosexual Society. definitely should not remain "behind closed doors." It needs to be dishonest You claim not to care about Nick's sexual preference and I'll be the first to admit that lam oncof the most homophobic people^ discussed openly and honestly. Bring your Bible if you like, but then proceed to center your entire letter around his homosexual only if you're prepared to discuss the original Hebrew and Greek orientation. Feigning an attitude of indifferent tolerance towards on this campus, but it is precisely because I recognize this fact that and the social, historical and cultural contexts of the periods when gay people and briefly closing.with a fairly ironic lecture about I hold myself responsible to become more educated about gay and the verses that have' been associated with homosexuality were "decency and respect for others," you devote the majority of your lesbian issues. Expecting Nick not to be frustrated with the nurse's written- As someone who wasraisedin a fundamentalist Christian own "slanderous commentary** to attacking Nick's character simply dumb question is simply unfair. He deserves the same respect, environment, I'd bet money that I know most of your own argubecause he will not remain silent and go back into the closet. In my acceptance and affirmation of his identity that everyone is entitled ments better than you do. opinion, your one comparison in particular was completely uncalled to. After all, who ever bothers to ask heterosexual virgins "by the Emilio, you stated that "politics is [your] life," and it is apparent Way, how do ya know you're really straight?" for: "How could you, the same man "etc... is simply hitting below the Second, there is no such thing as "the gay lifestyle," nor is there that you comprehend the well-known feminist contention that "the belt. This statement is one which "clearly lacks any compassion let any "homosexual situation" in this country. Being gay or lesbian personal is political" because your own fndividual biases are more alone any common sense,** Emil io. '{\ involves much more than with whom one goes to bed. It is an than evident throughout your unsuccessful little diatribe. Nick has Mr. Colaiacovo's column is no doubt an embarrassment to other emotional, psychological and physical attraction to people of the the same right as you do to express himself as he chooses in the more sensitive and intelligent right-wingers because of its spiteful same gender. Current research indicates that a person's sexual MerciaJ} think it's also fairly evident that you are probably not a intent, condescending tone and weak arguments. Furthermore, the orientation is the result of a complex interplay of social, cognitive, regular reader ofNick's column because all of the evidence for your use of several words (in particular, disgusted, filth, repulsive, environmental, biological (genetics, brain physiology) and devel- so-cal led charges of indecency comes from only two of his articlesreprehensible, pollute, and especially moralist) exposes his shallow opmental (prenatal hormones) factors. Consequently, your saying -one of which was printed over three months ago. In both of these criticism of Nick's work to be nothing more than a rather crudely ' that you "disapprove" of Nick's "lifestyl e" is completely irrelevant. commentaries, Nick made himself extremely vulnerable by writing constructed and poorly disguised anti-gay/lesbian polemic. To be A person's sexual orientation is not something that is chosen Or that frankly about his experiences as a gay man; and even if you were blunt, it is the single most ignorant and offensive piece I have ever "offended," I believe that it was unnecessary to respond as maliseen in the Merciad, and I'm very upset that our school newspaper ?can be changed. To label it "perversion" or "garbage" is to act out ciously as you did. of complete ignorance on the subjecf.f would actually print something that I'd expect to find in Jerry It's beyond me how someone could possibly fail to recognize the Falwell's National Liberty Journal. * *•$ •' \ Dear Editor: Dear Editor: This letter is in response to Emilio Colaiacovo's article in) last week's I am writing (as I'm sure many Merciad Nick Krayger discusses others on this campus are) in response something most people are afraid to; to Emilio "Heavyweight Champ of he relates to his readers what it feels the Right" Colaiacovo's article in last like to belong to a minority. He tries week's Merciad. *fc*jt £#>£&to educate and bridge the huge chasm'K I respect your right as a citizen of in our society about homophobic tenthe United States of America to exdencies. His column title Integration press your opinion, but what right do mea ns to come together and to desegyou have to decide for the "readerregate. Nick tries to do this by bringship" what is insulting, what is indeing all sexual preferences together. cent, or what is unethical/immoral? Whether they are heterosexuals, hoAre we not all able minded adults who mosexuals, or, dare I burn your eyes, can decide for ourselves? bisexuals, does not matter.. Also, if I recall correctly, Nick's I disagree with Emilio's entire arfocus in his Philadelphia night dub ticle. First, for someone who "cares article was not about sexual interless" what Nick's sexual preference course, but the fact that decisions is you seem to take personal offense. regardi ng sex-homosexual, bisexual, Secondly, I hardly think your allegaor heterosexual - can not and must not tion about the majority of students be made in haste or in the heat of the disliking Nick's column is concrete, moment, especially when we arc livOn what do you base this? I hope it is ing i n a society faced wi th HI V/AIDS. just your opinion; otherwise yourclaim I hate to tell you this Emilio, but this is certainly not a representative one. is not 1950. It's 1996, andsoon to be Thirdly, |f you would have taken the the year 2000. Homosexuality, bitime to. look at Nick's column you sexuality, and AIDS are going to be would have noticed that it is under the up front and in yourj|face whether caption Opinion. Does this mean anyyou're ready to deal with it or not. thing to you? An opinion is how you Who needs to be compassionate here feel about something. These feelings Emilio? 3are initially private, but the minute v you verbalize these emotions they Sincerely, 1 are made public. Isn't this the point of Nceley Ashbaugh the Opinion section of the Merciad? Stacey Fitz pa trick j | Finally, I would like to point out that Faithful Integration reader (by choice, not force) '» everyone else's are wrong. It doesn't ing, Emilio, but most of the people work that^way, Emilio.*N6 one>is^ Dear Editor: 1 know, even those who have a hard impressed with your ignorance. time accepting.Nick's lifestyle, acLet mc finish by asking you, Emilio, j*I am writing in regard to Emilio knowledge that he Is a good writer. that if we should not be judging people Colaiacovo's article in the Feb. 1$ I know for a fact that Emilio doesn't by their sexual preferences, why did edition of the Merciad. While it is even know Nick, which is obvious. If you spend an entire article judging true that; some people may be ofhe did, he would not have made the Nick? Why do you keep contradictfended by some of the subject matter statements he did, which are so con- ing yourself? You, not Nick, is the in Nick Krayger's -Integration- coltrary to the Nick Krayger I have been one who needs to learn respect for umn, I personally have never read fortunate enough to know. Nick is a anything more disgusting or ignorant very compassionate person. He is also others. Emilio's ideas of diplomacy and lhanEmilio's article. very intelligent and .'a wonderful First of all, Nick's column is not writer. I think Emilio's jealousy of tact are disgraceful. If anyone needs "filth." Nick writes about his life ex- that is what drives his hatred toward to get with it, Emilio, it is you. I would advise you to try opening your periences in an open and honest way, Nick. | £ I I mind, even though you have absoand if you don't like .it, no one is I'm not trying to defend Nick. He - lutcly no respect for the opinions of forcing you to read it. What is truly could do that on his own if he chose others, which is why; I would also offensive is Emilio's forcing of his to, but I'm sure he has better things to advise you to grow up. uneducated, immature, homophobic do. I, ho we vcr, ha vc hadit with people opinions on everyone else. You can't like Emilio, and I will no longer sit even talk to the guy without being back and be quiet while they go on Sincerely, subjected to hisright-wingnonsense. .thinking their opinions arerightand K Jennifer I-oring' JPP
i ,!.,«•# Vnmx :.i u / h a m u n u ' v p b e e n ti

excerpts of N i ck 's articles were taken out of context in Emilio's article. If the reader would recall,Nick said that he hoped that "she [the nurse] get ' some of my gay blood shot into her veins" to make the point that it would be poet i c j us ti ce if N ick were the only person able to donate blood to save' her life. He was'hot wishing her harm or that she would contract AIDS. Being gay and having AIDS are not synonymous. I found Emilio's article full of contradictions and I want Nick to know that I like his articles and I think they are intellectual. If only one person found value in Nick's articles,that is one person that he is helping. Isn't that enough? In closi ng, I want to make sure that Emilio realizes that I take offense to his gross generalizations and insubstantial claims about Nick's column. Who are you to decide what is ethical and moral for others? Excuse me, but I will make my own decisions. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion but no one should infringe upon the rights of others to share in these opinions. I College is the place to be exposed to new and controversial issues. Deal with it or don't read it! *

Dear Editor: Emilio Colaiacovo wrote an article in the last edition of the Merciad which was not only'ridiculous but crude. He embodies the ignorance of organizations such as the Religious Right and the Moral Majority. His views are exactly those which people who really care about decency and respect do not share. People often use small passages from the Bible as their reasons to hold prejudices against others. While there are parts of old laws in the Bible which prohibit homosexual activity, those laws go against the underlying message of Christ. Jesus told us to love others. In my own understanding, of the message of Jesus Christ, we are told to love those whom we would otherwise hate. We are not supposed to judge others. We are not supposed to slander or otherwise harm people. The only error which a Christian can make is intolerance.! ^ $ If you think Nick Krayger's words are immoral and want him to stop, not only have you perverted the message of the Bible, I you have missed the . message of Nick's words. Duri ng his sophqmore year, Nick decided to try to bring some reality to Mercyworld. Dear Editor, This letter is in response to Mr. Colaiacovo's outburst i n the Merciad of Feb. 1,1996, in which he chose to foam at the mouth over the actions of my good friend, Mr. Krayger. In all honesty, I was appalled that someone's life could be so mind numbingly boring that they actually have the capacity to care about the content of a newspaper column. Mr. Krayger is one of the few and the proud fin this community who has advanced beyond functional literacy (the ability to read street signs and billboards) and can write a" lucid, sometimes entertaining, and always interesting article. Obviously not everyone can like it -but the solution to that is to avoid reading it, as opposed to having a verbal tantrum. Mr. Colaiacovo, you have put on quite a display, and I am certain that you arc feeling rather proud of yourself for having done your "duty." You frequently advertise your ignorance and cultural inadequacy in the

College is a time for us to question those things our parents taught us, to question our religions, to question the systems we've' grown up with. Yes, this is about lifestyles. It's about learning about a lot of things which will give us the background to make choices about outlives. Nick Krayger shows everyone on this campus, whether they agree with him or not, how to stand up every week and every day, for the ability to make those choices. We are able to question our realities and the systems through his compassionate, emotional and personally truthful columns. * So many people, myself included, sit quietly here at Mercy hurst and don't stand up as strongly as Nick does. I have spoken with many students and faculty members who only pick up the Merciad to read Nick's column. He doesn't recycle the ideas from the books he's read or write the words somebody else said. He writes from his reality. He tries to figure things out for himself. We can all learn from his conviction. To try to tell Nick that he is immoral and should Stop writing as he does is childish and a weak argument for institutionalized hatred. KateMillenbach Merciad, and your recent article is the best yet. You really need to get out more often. Your article was-insulting, not only to my friend, but to the intelligence of anyone who read it. As a matter of fact, I only read it because I was told of its content, and thought it better to read it before I wrote a response. Under normal circumstances I avoid anything with your name on it, because your pa r ticular brand of stupidity is especially repulsive to me. Up until now, your petty scribblings have been harmless. Hateful and ignorant, but harmless. Now you have chosen, most foolishly, to attack closer to home and direct your hate at members of the Mercy hurst community. That is wrong. Please go hack to being preoccupied Mr. Colaiacovo, it is in that state that you arc a little closer to bci ng an acceptable human being thus being somewhat tolerable. # Respectful I y, m l ^ B I^HHlW. MjSauvc^. *




Archaeology Department Receives 8,000-Year-Old Artifacts
By Jessica Russell V Merciad Features Editor On Feb. 3 the archaeology depart me nt was able to pick up, at the University of Pittsbu rgh, two bodies and 90 pieces of textiles that came from a sight near Cape Canaveral. The bodies and textiles had bccnjn storage at the University of Pittsburgh since 1987. t Rich Davis, the laboratory supervisor, said, "They were recovered in the field at the site, it's eight kilometersfwest of Cape Canaveral, in Florida. It's a salt ma rsh bog and it was at the time in early archaic time,' 7,500-8,000 years ago. This was well before there was any kind of written i nformation.Jl mean we have no idea of who these people were. We don't know if they're the ancestors of Seminoles or anything like that. They Ire archaic hunters and gatherer "The site was*found in 1984 during some construction in the area. The University of Florida was called in and they contacted Dr. James Adovasio at the University of Pi ttsbu rgh because he's the regarded world expert on perishable textiles. They could see that these textiles had been preserved so they wanted to make sure that they recovered them correctly. . "He went down and the first two bodies that they found are the

two that we have here now. They were frozen with liquid nitrogen while still in the ground, placed in shipping containers and flown first class on US Air to Pittsburgh. Dr. Adovasio then drove out on the runway to pick them up and took them back to the environmental unit at the University of Pittsburgh. That's where they've been until Saturday when we picked them up," Davis said. Davis said, "There are multiple radio carbon dates. They average anywhere from 7,200 B.P. to 8,000 B.P. (Bel >re Present) so they're late,!atc Paleo-Indian or they "° cat-/ Archaic. We classify % in * e arly Archaic. & "We have a 38-year-old female and a 6 or 7-year-old.... It's hard to determine sex at that age so we're not exactly sure about its sex. The infant was buried with a lot of really spectacular grave gifts too. That's something significant about the culture." Davis said, "The dig was started in 1985 and it ran through that season and the 1986 seasonJIt encompassed about 1,500 square meters. It was dug to the depth of two meters by trowel. It took 18 months in the field. There were 168 bodies recovered, only within the proj ected a rea. There could be many more but it's too expensive to dig up the whole site: They had to set up 160 sump- wells around the perimeter of the site in order to get all the water out so they

could even dig. "What we are going to do now is we are going through the process of desalinating or taking the salts out of the peat and the bodies. We have a parylene process machine here but the vessel we have is not big enough to do a human body so they're going to go to Clearlake, Wise, where Specialty Coating Systems has a large enough vessel to do this,M said Davis. Many people in the department are involved with this process. Among them are Dr. Adovasio, Rich Davis, Bruce Humphery, Allison Byrnes, Jeannie Zeis and various other students. "I live off campus so I needed somebody up here to help. We need to do salinity checks on these to check the conductivity of the water and how much salt we're leaching out every 30 minutes, 24 hours a day. So Allison primarily set that sched ule up, getting people who are reliable people that I can trust to get up to do this at two in the morning even on a Saturday," said Davis, "When we are done with the desalinating, we may or may not 'p freeze dry them. I' m not sure about that yet. We have a problem with * textiles this old? When freeze , dried, they shrink just incredibly. It may be possible for us to parylene them directly out of the desalinator. We have both options open to u s . . . ; • • '

* —

* The parylene process was de- do full DNA studies on them and can also see what their last meal velopcd|for NASA by Union Carbide and Bruce Humphrey was was by the contents in the stomach," said Davis. the person who did this. It was . * "Nothing has gone wrong. Evintended to protect the circuitry erything has gone better than we in the space shuttles back in the could 've hoped for so far," Davis early 70s when it was developed. The process includes a monomer said.# gas that invades whatever it is you have in the vessel. It doesn't coat it or change the molecular structure, it surrounds the molecular structure with a consolident. It'sal most like a plastic coating but there's nothing 1 ike it so it's hard to make an analogy for it. It actually penetrates the entire artifact instead ofjust coating it. "These are the oldest textiles in the western hemisphere. Nobody in the world has ever done this 6 ^ J C ^ type of procedure with artifacts that are, not just this old, but with any kind of burial like that with' textiles," said Davis, f J£*«. \0?*%*9>* M Within the site the bodies are set in a special way. "They would point them to the west and orient their heads facing north, j Then Use rechargeable batteries they would have a burial shroud. They would take stakes and drive They are environmentally them down thro ugh the burial tex• friendly and save $ in the tile, not through the body, to hold • long run. $? them down in the bog, in the wa- • 4 ter. Then they built a fence around " The next E.C.C.O meeting them to keep the gators out. Gen-*«f*will be Feb. 14 at 8 p.m. in 1 Js erally it worked but they got to a few of them but for the most part • the secondfloorlounge in it worked for all that time. Their • Zurn Hall. brains are so intact that they can





Bittersweet Weekend for Ladies
Senior hockey player John Tsakanikas returned to the humble environs of Mercy hurst this week after spending almost a week in the world of international hockey. Playing for his native country Greece, "Zak" played three games in an Olympic and World Championship qualifying tournament The tpurnament was held in the northern Israeli city of Metulla Two games were against Israel itself, and the other was against Turkey.} * fv f W.
The Greeks proved far superior as they won all; three games comfortably. And how did Zak play? "Not bad I guess, I had eight goals and six assists,and they gave me the Tournament Defense man MVP," said Zak. Not bad indeed for someone who never played for his country before. "It was a very emotional experience for the 12 guys who flew from Canada," said Zak. "Seven ofthe team were from Greece and had played for their country before, but for us it was a very proud moment to stand out there on the ice and listen to your country's national anthem being played," he added. * J "The competition wasn't of the level we play at Mercyhurst; it was more like junior level in Canada," said Zak. 'They were slower on the ice than us and ended up taking a lot of penalties. We took advantage of this to score a lot of goals on powerplays," said Zak. Over the three games played, the Mediterraneans hammered 35 goals past their opponents. 4 • 'The three victories in the tournament mean we are now qualified for the World Championships," said Zak. The Championships will be held on March 20 and 21 in Lithuania. "We play Serbia in the second game there and if we defeat them we qualify for the 1998 Winter Olympics," said Zak. "I am looking forward to the next tournament with my country, but, right now my mind is focused on playing well for my team here at the Hurst and getting back to Nationals," said Zak.

MVP Zak Gets Back

By John Murphy
Merciad Sports Editor

Fine Season Continues

The tLady Laker basketball squad played two games over the past week and, consistent with how their overall season has gone so far this year, the ladies tasted both victory and defeat. After falling to a disappointing 66-61 loss on the road against Grand Valley State last Thursday, the team returned home to the MAC on Saturday to score a much welcomed * 65-52 victory over Wayne State. The Lakers stand at 9-11 overall and maintain a .500 level in GLIAC play with a 6"6 record. Winning at home has proved more difficult than winning on The Lakers maintained the lead throughout much of Thursday's •the road for the lady Lakers this season. However, holding only a low scoring game against Grand Valley. After eight minutes of 1*2-9 record in conference play, play the visiting Lakers led 12-6 Laker fans were confident that and once again it was the team's ,'. Wayne State would not leave the best player,'sophomore Lori MAC with a win on Saturday. Morth, who controlled {play on Thanks to a fine all round perthe court. f formance from the home side, the Morth finished the half with fans weren't disappointed. From seven points and eight rebounds the tip-off the Lakers took the ball while another sophomore, Sarah > down court for the game* first Marando, also contributed seven *'basket. After just five,minutes points for her team. The Lakers coach Jim Webb's team had raced went in at half-time leading by a into a 10-3 lead. | m slender two point margin, 28-26. However, Wayne State fought

In the second half, the tight margin was maintained as both teams battled it out. However, it was the Lakers inability to control Grand Val 1c y' | wo big pi a yers, Sarah Jasmanland Melissa Stahl, that wound up costing them the game. In the end, these two dominating players had amassed a total of 39 points between them and jj helped their side secure a 66-61 victory. Top scoring for the Hurst was shared between Morth and her sophomore partner* Kristen Molli, each had 15 points. Junior Connie Ralston gave a solid performance with 13 points.

back. With 9:25 left they had leveled the score 14-14 at which poi nt Webb called a timeout for his team. Whatever it was the second year head coach said to his players, it certainly worked. Over the remainder of the half the Lakers out scored their opponents 27 points to nine and went in at the half leading 41-23. *gjf; This lead proved too much for Wayne State and try as they might, they couldn't catch the alwaysin-control Lakers throughout the second half. Morth and company maintained their strong lead, a lead that had been built largely due to sophomore Lonna Du nlap * s five three-pointers in thefirsthalf. Dunlap finished the game with a career high 17 points. Morth was her consistent self with 14 points and seven rebounds. Tied for seventh place in the conference standings with only six games remaining in the regular season, the Lakers are a long shot for the Championship Tournament However, the team will be hoping for two wins this week against both Gannon and Ferris State. Thursday's game against rivals Gannon begins at 6 p.m. at the Hammermill Center. The Lakers are away to Ferris State on Saturday.

The Laker J. V. hockey team upped its record to 11-2 for the season last weekend as they recorded two more impressive victories. I The Hurst handed St. Bona venture its biggest defeat of the season with an 18-2 trouncing. If Cortland College thought they would end the By Dave Perry f -game (Scottie Pippen), and the Lakers' impressive winning ways, they were proved wrong as the blue Merciad sports columnist most flamboyant rebounder in the and green skaters defeated them 6-4 in a hard fought battle. league^ (Dennis'Rodman). Con"Cortland is one of the best teams in the league and its always nice to Doom is upon us. The Super sidering what the Bulls are doing beat them," said junior ace Mark Fisher. Freshman Rob McKinley is a Bowl isfinally over and it'sgoing to the rest of the NBA greats, I big part of the Lakers'success this season,and he added two more goals to be five long months until the think that they should represent to his season tally on Saturday. NFL training camps open in the the United States in the upcomi ng Commenting on the team's fine play this season, Fisher said, "I think • middle of July. What in the world * Summer Olympics, not a Dream ? it has a loMo do with our new coach Jeff Veetch He's a very intense and is a sports fan going to do in the Team HI. . f5 competitive individual and I think it rubs off < m the players," •• p middle of another dull February? . It's safe to say that if it wasn't for The team takes to the road this weekend to play two very important Life- just seems to have lost its the new wildcard playoff formula league games. On Friday night the team travels to tackle Ithaca College luster. The NBA and NHL playunveiled in major league baseball and head on to face Cortland on Saturday. These two games will decide offs are months away; we have to last year, the Seattle- Mariners whether the team gets a first round bye in the league playoffs which are wait several weeks for the NCAA would not be in Seattle and their to be held in Rochester. Ji i fans wouldn't be opening the Tournament; and it's still too cold champagne to celebrate the signto bring out the golf clubs. Oh well, all is not lost. There are aling of Ke n Griffey, Jr. Last week, thfi 26 year-old outfielder accepted several recordHhak havfc been : ^fyjrqfcefi aftd^cuiErentsvents tjiatare ^f;;a*tour-year $34^million dollar y .^ * A^nfffnn* l U n f itMIII/1 tMnl/A M * % t n A «* contract that would make him the £#worthSvatch1ng: f i *m£ "m f The ritosl intruguihg is*the red highest paid baseball player in hot play of the Chicago Bulls. It's the 1996 season. tempting to say that if this year's ^ While it's reassuring that SeChicago Bulls team had a someattle kept Junior, it's^also diswhat decent center, they might go tressing that they could lose their pro-football team. Just days after " down as the 'greatest'team ever Griffey's contract was announced, assembled. Who kn6wsjmaybc they already are. After all, they're the sports wo.ld learned of the coming off an undefeated JanuScaha wkJinipending move to Los ary and are only the ninth team in Angeles. Apparently,|unhappiNBA history to go undefeated in ness with the current state of the ^ ^ amonth.Theircurrent41-4record Plavmaker Supreme: Senior guard, Rastaaah Roland looks to set up Kingdome was cited as the chief Photo: John Murphy : s t j , c b e s t s t a r t ever in NBA hisreason for the move (maybe Art another Laker attack. tory and they also boast, a 22*0 Modell is a silent part-owner of record at home this season. .Z the Seahawks?). This would be a The only reason that I can think tragedy for the citizens of Seattle of for their success is that it must because coach Dennis Erickson is onithe right track, inlfact, I be attributed to the mystic powers believe that next year could be the of coach'Phil Jackson's beard or year the Seahawks rise to the top 'the fact that the Bulls have maybe and challenge for the AFC title.... the best player to ever play the wherever they play.? game (Michael Jordan), the most complete player currently in the ^Finally, the NFC defeated the

No Football? All is Not Lost
AFC20-13jntheNFL'sProBowl this past weekend. Future Hallof-Famer Jerry Rice, the player otherwise known as TGRTEPTG (the greatest receiver to ever play the game) added to his list of accomplishments by winning the Pro Bowl MVP award after catchi i n g six passes for 82-yards and 'Siout touchdown. & However, it was Pittsburgh Steeler wideout Yancey Thigpen who stole the show with a 93yard touchdown catch from Cini cinnati Bengal Jeff Blake in the '2 first quarter. Yancey's catch was % the longest pass play in the 26 . V year history of the Pro Bowl, but * T must note that the AFC still lost. £ v e n though fVancey tried, he is only one player and can't be expected to do everything. I guess the AFC just needed more Steelers on the roster to change the outcome*


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Saturday, JFeb. 10 Ferris State I Air Time 12:50 p.m Monday, Feb. 12 Wayne State

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Basketball Continues Quest for jPlayoff Spot
By Jean Mc Feely Merciad Sports writer The Mercy hurst mei.; basketball team is gearing up tor the end of a very long season of play. The next few games will definitely be anSindicator as to whether,the Mercyhurst Lakers will be participating in the GLI AC tournament here over spring break. Right now they are 8-4 as far as district play goes. * ^' Last week the men played two games. The first was on Thursday, Feb. 1, at Grand Valley State University where the men lost 87-72. The next game they played was on Saturday, Feb. 3. Here the men took on Wayne State who are 6-6 in d istrict play. Mercyhu rst won this game with a final score 84-81.$ f | p %$i \ The starting line up for the Lakers on Thursday was Jim Roe, Rahsaah Roland, Will Stinson, Craig Young, and Maurice Profit. Steve Davis of Grand Valley won the tip off and team mate Ryan Con! a n scored three points within •the first six seconds of play. Mercy hurst came back after that keeping Grand Valley from moving ahead. At the end of the first half the score was 44-39 for the Hurst. Grand Valley was never given the opportunity to take the lead after the first two minutes. 13 of the points Grand Valley was able to obtain were from foul shots.


Mercy hu rst was play ing tough off the boards, beating Grand Valley out for rebounds. The Lakers were also on target as far as their shots were concerned so this was a definite plus. The high scorers for the Hurst in the first half were Roland and Profit with 12 points each, and Stinson and Profit came away as top re bounders. The second half took a turn for the worse unfortunately. | * Grand Valley was able to tie up the score at 44-44, with 17:50 to go in the half. This is where - Grand Valley began to walk away from the Hurst. The Lakers marlaged to get ahead but Mate Verbeek from GV tied it 60-60 with 10:56 remaining. The Hurst again lost its lead with 9:35 to go and si mp 1 y cou Id n' t get it back/ In this game Profit sustained a broken nose but it seems as though he'll be good to go on Thursday against Gannon. ± The Laker men won 11 points off the turnovers, but GV were much more aggressive off the boards in the second half. They were able to win 29 rebounds in comparison to the Lakers' 16 rebounds. Grand Valley also was more accurate with its shots i n the second half. High scorer in the second half was Jason Ioppolo with 10 points and top rebounder was Craig Young. . The game Saturday night was an exciting one to say the least. The Lakers took on Wayne State. Wayne State's Durand Watkins

By Scott Vance | Merciad Sports Writer The Mercyhurst hockey team improved its overall record to 156-2 last weekend. The Lakers posted two fine away wins oyer Elmira College and Hobart college last Friday and Saturday night respectively. The Lakers traveled to Elmira needing a win in order to regain their confidence after a disappointing 3-2 defeat by Alabama Huntsville in their previous game.


Back on the
The second goal came from freshman Bobby Atkin as he slipped the puck, past the goaltender who had tried to pokecheck the puck to safety. ItwasTorriero again who scored the third goal as he chopped the puck into the net while lying on his stomach, and it wasn't long after that heicollected hisghattrick when he deflected a Russ Ciesielski shot into the net. Atkin followed with his second goal of the night, and Trevor Brandt

Junior forward, Will Stinson is sent airborne by Wayne State players The big man had a big day for the Photo: John Murphy Lakers scoring 24 points and grabbing 12 rebounds. was the first to score but Senior one from the top and one on the shots in the last 1.5 seconds, conWill Stinson outscored Watkins right. With 40 seconds remaining cluding the game with a score of by two points with a 3-pointer, the score was 46-25 for the Laker 84-81. and so the competition began. #• men. Stinson was the top scorer Thursday, Feb. 8, Mercyhurst Mercyhurst was down for the first and also the top rebounder. takes on Gannon at Gannon. The six minutes or so of play, but that The second half began with game begins at 7:30 p.m. Fans are all changed with 13:51 remainIoppolo earning his first personal encouraged to attend this crossing. Jim Roe made a 3- pointer off fou 1 ofthe game. With 55 seconds town rival game. Saturday, Feb; the top of Jthe key and a few remaining Wayne State was able 10, the^Lakers head off to play seconds later returned with a two to close the. gap to a 2 point lead .^ Ferris State, and then on Monday point runne; as the Hurst began its for Mercyhurst, 80-78. The score they'll take on Wayne State. The scoring rampage. Young had a was 82-81 for the last 2 seconds, next home game is Thursday Feb. two pointer jump shot, Roland but Roland came throughforthe ' 15, against Grand Valley.f scored two 3-pointers in a row, Lakers making both his foul


^Friday night's game was a hard fought game, and it took a very big goal by sophomore Steve Torriero late in the second period, to break the dead-lock. Freshman Oto Hlincik was the architect as he dished out an accurate pass from behind the net to the impressive Torriero who finished* in fine stylefto give the Lakers a 1-0 lead. It was a goal which opened the flood gates and v the team could do nothing but score after this.

Stretching to His Best: Laker goalie Avi Karunakar had a great weekend between the posts for his team. 1 His performance earned him the ECAC "Player of the Week* award. Photo: Mike Lorenz

rounded out the Lakers scoring with a well taken effort ^Assistant Coach Mike Sisti was pleased with the performance "Our first goal was a big one, as it was late in the second period and we went into the locker room with a one-goal lead," he said. "This was real nice as Elmira is a real tough place to play, especially when the crowd gets going, but we were able to quiet them down," said Sisti. The team then traveled to meet Hobart, whom they had already defe ated ea rl ier this season. It wa s an afternoon game and the Lakers were coming off a tough Friday night game. But that wasn't the worst of it. The game was played in an outdoorringwith temperatures d roppi ng to below zero temperatures. f These tough conditions didn't stop the Lakers from giving one hundred percent effort however. They were rewarded by a Kevin McKinnon goal lin the second period. Mckinnon walked in the puck from the point and hit a slap shot that was*deflected by the Hobart goaltender into the net on a Laker Power Play. Torriero added the second goal which gave him four goals in two games, as he collected his own rebound and squeezed the puck under the goal tenders legs. Fresh-

man Mike Lewandowski finished the game in One style with a wrist shot goal from the left handside of the ice. Once again Coach Sisti was happy with the win saying, "It was cold and there were a lot of excuses not to play well, but we were able to rise to the occasion and play well." fThe real hero in both these games was a sophomore goaltende r named Avi Karunakar. He stopped 43 of 44 shots in the 6-1 win against Elmira, and made 15 consecutive saves against Hobart. This impressive performance earned Karunakar the ECAC West "Playerofthe Week"

title. § M.


Overall, Karunakar is 6-2-1 and has a save percentage of 925 percent and a goals against average of only 2.04 goals a game. Both Karunakar and sophomore Chris Hcrbolshcimcr have now been named as players of the week, and they seem to be improving with every game they play. Sisti was extremely impressed with Karunakar last weekend, "It was an outstanding performance byvAvi." he said! The team now has a week off, and then travel to play in games the Lakers really need to win in order to keep any NCAA Division II play-off aspirations alive.

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