VOL. 70 NO.



October 30,1996

Criminal Justice Club Haunts Parking
By Todd Zielinski Merc tad News Writer Last weekend the Mercy hurst Criminal Justice Club went bead to bead in competition with Erie's finest haunted houses by kicking off one of its own. The haunted house was open from 7 p.m. to midnight on Friday and 7 to 10 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. For the last three years, the Criminal Justice Club has run a haunted house in the parking garage. The funds collected from the haunted house go to pay for a week long stay at the National Criminal Justice Convention in Nashville Kentucky. Club President Katie Saban has always been optimistic about this fond raiser, but this year she said she was even more confident than ever. "It was the best haunted house we Ve ever had," she said. The club designed a total makeover of the haunted house making it six rooms and a maze. One room included a bridge extended over "troll valley," another room was surrounded by minors and mind-boggling design patterns, and yetanotherwas fully equipped with a crazed cha insaw killer. Each night, the popular radio station Rocket 101 was on hand to give away prizes to every 10th customer and provide loud 80s rock tunes throughout the garage. Participants who experienced the haunted house had the same positive response, Tony Furs, a sophomore R/IAP major said, "TTiat was the .'best dollar I've spent since 18th and Sassafras." Markus Lacis, a sophomore majoring^ in management?was so thrilled by it, that he said he went through the haunted house a total of five times, three times by himself. Due to the efforts of the Criminal Justice Club, they made a profit of$350 a fter overhead costs. They were also able to entertain more than 250 people in a time span of less than 12 hours* The people who went through the haunted house ranged from the ages of four to people in their 40 'sand 50 's. Club Secretary Lisa Roberts said, "The haunted house was bigger and scarier than ever, I'd like to thank the people who helped out this year." . These people included Chris Waddington, Heather Barron, Bonnie Broad, Larry Smith, T.J. Guzy, Greg Bruno, Nicole Wilder, Diane Szklenski, Kelli Davis, Mark Erie, Eric Carlson, John Barry, David Mares, Aa ron Lauth, Rebekah Batcharie, Emma Pastrick and Tara Puhlman.


Members of the Criminal Justice Club (left to right) Front row: Diane Szklenski, Kelli Davis, Carin Majocha, Larry Smith; 2nd row: Nicole Wilder, Heather Barr*on, Shaun Gayer, John Barry} 3rd row: Rebekah Batcherie, Lisa Roberts, Secretary, andKatrina Saban, President; Back Row: Greg Bruno, Chris Fultz, T J. Guzy, Chris Waddington, and Dave Mores. Photo Credit: Jessica Russell.

Clinton Wins Class of '97 to Fund New Park Mock Election
By Chris Wloch, Merciad News Editor % By Christie Stratthaus Contributing Writer This past Monday and Tuesday, the Mercy hurst Political Science Association (PSA) held a mock Presidential Election in the Union. In all, a total of 64 students cast votes. Out of that number, incumbent candidate, Bill Clinton, had an easy victory. Clinton received 37 votes, or 58% of the overall vote. Republ in candidate, Bob Dole, lagged behind with 19 votes, or 30% overall. Third Party candidate Ross Perot collected 8%, and the remaining 4% went to others. Along gender lines 58% of the voters were female, and 34% of these women voted for Clinton. 17 % voted for Dole, and 11% for Perot and others. Males constituted 42% of the voters and 55% of these men voted for Clinton, 30% for Dole, and 15% for Perot and others. The results of the PSA mock election are fairly consistent with the national polls, with Clinton having a sizeable lead over Dole. Traditionally, the graduating class has left its mark at the Hurst? This has usually been some kind of gift to the college community that is bought with money raised by the senior class. In the past, seniors have contributed by raising funds to build the gazebo behind the Hermann Union, purchase the grand piano in the Union's Great Room, install stained glass windows in both Sullivan Hall and the Student Government Chambers, and provide various endowment scholarships for Mercy hurst students infinancialneed. This yea r, the Cla ss o f *97 is hoping to lea ve behind a new pa rk which will be located to the west of the recently completed D'Angelo Performing Arts Center. The park will be thefirstthing you see when coming out of Baldwin Hall's east entrance. Although the na me of the park is undecided, and the pla ns are still on the drawing board, the new park will be named in memory of this year's senior class. At this point in time, it is possible that the park will include a reflecting pool, said Vanessa Pappalardo, who is one of the people on the Senior Project Committee. Every senior should receive a letter introducing the Senior Project Ca mpaignon Monday, Nov. 4. All proceeds from the campa ign, which will commence with a pledge drive during the winter term, will go toward the expenses involved with the new park. The goal is to achieve 100% participation of the 1997 graduating class in order to raise $3,500 to cover the estimated construction costs of the park. Seniors are encouraged to refer all questions, suggestions and comments to Vanessa Pappalardo at ext. 2993, mailbox #P 1500 by Friday, November 8 in order for plans on the fund-raising project to move forward.

Career Fair Comes to Hurst
By John Murphy Editor in chief On Thursday, Nov. 7, Mercy hurst will host thefifthannual Erie College Career Cooperative (ECCC) career day/employment information fa ir.« The fair, which begins at 11 a.m. in the Athletic Center, will bring more than 100 com pa ny representatives on campus. Students from Gannon, Edinboro, AlIcgcny, and Penn State-Behrend have been invited to attend. According to Frank Rizzonc, Assistant Director of Career Services, the fair is designed to give students an opportunity to translate their area of study into something that can be used in the real world. "Most career fairs are strictly orientated toward recruiting and, while this is a goal of ours, we also intend it to be a fair where companies will cive students information about careers," said Rizzone. u L We want to open students' eyes to the wide variety of opportunities that are out there related to their major," he said. There will be literature and application procedures available from each company. ^ All majors are catered to by the variety of companies represented, from Accoun ting to CriminaI Jus* tice to Physical Therapy. Among i some of the 'big name' com pa! nies attending are MetLife, Mellon Bank, Prudential, Rambaldo Communications, Radio Shack/Tandy Corporation, General Nutrition, Inc., Marriott Corporation and U.S. Border Pa<u*ol. The fair is open to students of every class. The Office of Career . Services would like to remind I seniors to bring their resumes and I to dress professionally.




October 30,1996

C a m p u s Ministry Collects a T o n of F o o d
By Chris Wloch News Editor More than 2,000 pounds of nonperishable food items were donated by members of the college community during October, which is Hunger Awareness Month. Two weeks ago, more than 80 students went door-to-door in the Erie area collecting food that was given to the Emergency Pantry of the Second Harvest Food "This year we were honored at the Second Harvest Food Pantry Annual Bread Box Award Ceremony. Each year, Campus Ministry receives an honorable mention for our efforts. In addition to this honor, we received a Bread Board Award this year," Garvey said. *' As a result, Garvey expressed her appreciation to the Mercy hurst community for participating, "I want to thank all the students, clubs, sports teams and coaches who were so helpful with the success of the door-to-door food drive. Take much pride in your accomplishment Tonight when you eat a meal, think for a moment about where the food you donated or collected is. I'm sure someone who might have gone hungry is very grateful for your efforts," she said. The amount of food that has been donated by students, faculty and administrators and left in the drop-olTboxcs, which are located all around campus, has yet to be tallied. Garvey said that the boxes will not be brought to Campus Ministry until Monday, November 4 in order to give people an opportunity to drop off non-perishable food items that/will be given to the Second Harvest Food Bank in the Erie community.




Michele Garvey, Campus Minister, said that 1,658 pounds of food was collected as a result of the drive which took place on Monday and Tuesday, October 14 and 15.

New No Parking" Signs Installed
By Chris Wloch News Editor Last week, several new "No Parking At Any Time, Tow Away Zone" signs were installed on the roadway near the exit to the upper level of the parking*ramp and behind the Warde Townhouses. According to a statement recently issued by the Security Office, these areas will be routinely patrolled by officers to make sure that the order is strictly enforced. Security Director Ken Sidun said that there were two reasons why the signs are being put up. The signs behind the parking ramp are there in order to aid the plowing of snow tha t will have to take place during the winter. Sidun said that the area tends to become icy once the snow starts to' fall. The Security Office is hoping that accidents resulting from slippery conditions will be prevented if no cars are parked there. Sidun also said that .by next week, several "Do Not Enter: One Way" signs will be posted in this area to warn drivers not to exit the ramp the wrong way (that is, to the right towards Weber Hall). With regards to the "No Park9 ing* signs which were installed behind the Warde Townhouses, Sid u n said that they are necessary to provide the garbage trucks with access to the dumpsters located there. If the dumpsters are blocked, they do not get emptied, and the garbage collection service will charge an extra $25-50 fee to empty the dumpsters the next time they come around. Chandra Inglis, a senior archaeology/anthropology major who lives in Warde, said that she approves of the new "No Parking" signs "because cars parked in that area have made travelling through there very dangerous." According to Sidun, the new signs will definitely be enforced starting next week, and some cars may even get towed as early as Friday if they are left in the "No Parking Zone."

Junior Emilio Colaiacovo (left) and Fresher Maris a Ortman load boxes with food in Campus Ministry* Photo credit: Scott Vance.

ATRs TVack Midterm Student Progress
By Bill Melville, Merciad News Writer For the last 13 years, the Academic Support Services Program has helped Mcrcyhurst students, especiallyfreshmen,to be informed of their grades. According to Elaine Ruggiero and Betty Damper, two counselors with this program, the midterm tracking of students grew from an initial 125 students to nearly 1,300 students being monitored by different administrative offices. Although this office tracks freshmen most closely as a group, it also keeps track of some sophomores and upper classmen. Each term, Academic Tracking Reports (ATRs) are sent to the professors with tracked students. The professors, in turn, give a letter grade at that point in the course and provide any additional comments. They then return them to the Academic Support Office. Over 80 percent of faculty members support the program in this way. According to Damper, "The success of the reports is due to the faculty response by returning theformsas soon as an academic concern is indicated on a student" ATRs serve the students by giving them a tangible piece of paper which shows them how well they are doing in a class at mid-term time. A counselor then reviews the form with the students to discuss how they can improve or decide whether or not to withdraw from a class. IDuring the 94-95 school year, a formal move was made to reorganize the program, with the formation of T h e Progress Posse." Its purpose was to centralize and prevent the duplication of forms for students. Some students have forms sent to both the Academic Support Services office and to other offices, such as those of the McAuley Division and sports teams. In the future, Damper hopes to make reporting more efficient, which may be done with the addition of Datatel, a new computer system.



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MSG NEWS: Skates Moved to Ice Center, 24-Hour Study Area ? to be Set Up in Library';
By Melissa Lang, MSG Secretary At 8:30 p.m., on Monday, October 28, MSG held its weekly meeting in the Student Government Chambers, upstairs in the Union. The main topic of Monday *s meeting was the sign board. At last week's meeting, Treasurer Trisha Greathouse asked the reps to ask students what they thought, about the new sign board in the Laker Inn. After a long discussion, a motion was made a nd voting took place. The sign boa rd will officially be a part of the Laker Inn, at least until next year. SAC chairperson Brian Marshall reminded all reps of this week's activities and recapped last week's activities. Marshall also stressed the importance of getting involved and showing up for events. There will be an M-4 simulator in the union on Friday from 1-7 p.m. Vice President, Tom Bender thanked everyone who attended the lecture series on Thursday. Due to the lack of attendance from the MSG reps, the lecture series will now be a mandatory activity for them. The next lecture will take place at 8 p.m. on November 6 in the D'Angelo Performing Arts Center. Twenty-something college student Katie Koestner will be speaking on "Date Rape." President Stacey Fitzpa trick recently met with Mr. Thomas Billingsley to discuss problems brought up by MSG reps. Thanks to Fitzpatrick and the entire Mercy hurst Student Government, there will now be a 24-hour study place located in the Montgomery Room of the library. Security is currently working on installing a camera in the room and getting it ready for use. The room should be open for students by the beginning of the winter term. The Freedom Zone has another issue out this week."Ifs just a gift," said editor Kevin Segedi. Look for issues in the Union and around campus. The FZ committee is presently working on changes in layout and organization. Segedi and his committee are presently looking for ideas and submissions for the next issue. As well as a 24-hour study place, students have also said they would like to get the computer lab hours extended, now, it is not a possibility but a few computers are going to be moved to the 24 hour study place for student use. Last but not least, the ice skates will be moved from the union to the Ice Center this week. Students waiting to use skates for the open skating session can now get them in the ice center instead of the game room in the union..

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October 30, 1996

B.B, King, checking of the blues, and special guest Corey Harris are coming to the Warner Theater for one show only on Sunday, Nov. 17 at 7 p.m. King, 71, shows no sign of slowing down. Last year, he received a lifetime achievement award from the Kennedy Center. This past summer, King was featured in the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. King almost performed at First Night Erie, but his plane was delayed. Let's hope he takes a bus this time. Tickets are $24 and are on sale at the Warner Theater and all Ticketmaster outlets. Call 4524857 or 456-7070 for details. £


Night Falls
By Jody Washington Merciad Contributing Writer When Night Is Falling, directed by Patricia Rozema, is the feature film on Wednesday, Nov. jj 6 at 730 p.m. in the Taylor LitUe B.B. King will appear at the Warner Theater on November 17th. ABC Photo by Guido Harari. Theater. It's the story of Camille, a professor at a Protestant college, engaged to Martin, a colleague as ^ well as a charismatic theologian. * As "career Christians," they are urged to marry and become cochaplains of the New College of comedy presen ts a worst-case sce- that any reasonably open-minded By James Hain Dustin Hoffman and Robert Faith. Camille is rather unhappy nario nuclear emergency. A loony person should be able to put aside Merciad AStE Editor Redford play Woodward and with her life and begins to lose her general decides to nuke Russia, his or her preconceptions and enBernstein in this intense political grip when her dog suddenly passes and it's up to the bumbling U.S. joy it for what if is—a lunatic Are you sick of the election yet? thriller that chronicles the beginaway. President and his nitwit advisers piece of brilliant filmmaking. Ready to pick Ross Perot up by ning of the fall of Nixon. to avoid a nuclear holocaust. PeEnter Petra, a flamboyant cirthe ears and club Bill Clinton and ter Sellers plays three roles, in- Z(1969):This exhilarating thriller cus performer, who draws Camille Bob Dole with his little billion- Citizen Kane (1941): Orson cluding the demented title char- by Costa-Gavras chronicles sevinto the seductive world of "modaire body? Campaign '96 has Welles' masterpiece, possibly the acter, a wheelchair-bound former eral d i ffcrcnt versions of the sa me ern primative" circus. The two worn out its welcome faster than greatest film ever made, details Nazi whose mechanical hand event—the assassination of a become friends and Camille is the cast of "Friends." £ . ;•£'• the rise and fall of a Hearst-like keeps attacking him. Hilarious Greek politician. Oliver Stone forced to choose between the So if you've had it with Bob and publisher. The film upset Hearst and scary at the same time* has called this his primary influwoman she wants and the man Jack and Bill and Al and every- to such an extent that he tried to ence when he made JFK% and it the loves. one else and are looking for some- have it suppressed, which, conthing else to do on Tuesday night, sidering that he indirectly caused JFK (1991): Oliver Stone's film shows. The whipsaw editing won Tickets are free for rent one of these political (licks. a war, is probably one of Hca rst's may be the most paranoid movie an Oscar, and thefilmwon Best President's Card holders and 1 They'll be much more interesting lesser sins. A film that everyone ever made, but it's a brilliant ex- Fore ign Fi I in. 1 was also the only Mercy hurst students with ample of dramatic filmmaking. film in history to be nominated than watching Bob Dole attempt should see at least once. ID. General admission is $3.. a smile. Admittedly, much of the film is for both Best Picture and Best Dr. Strangelove (1964): Stanley All the President's Men (1976): Kubrick's hysterical Cold War baloney, but it's so enthralling Foreign Film in the same year.

Grand Delusions^

Class Brass: Dee* Stewart Comes to the Hurst
artists and ensembles of various By Jody Washington disciplines to come to the school Merciad Contributing Writer of music, to present unusual and specialized performing groups The Visiting Artist Series and soloists who might not othcontinues when Dee Stewart erwise be seen by Erie auditakes the stage oftheTa ylor LitUe Theater on Monday, Nov. 11 at 8 l ences," said Michael Fuhrman, I Director of the Mary D'Angel o p.m. "Currently in its ninth year, Performing Arts Center and Taythe Visiting Artist Series invites lor Little Theater, "Each performance is followed the next day by a master class or workshop to bring the audience into the backstage world of the performers." Stewart joined the faculty of the Indiana University School of Music in 1980 after 18 years as a member oftheworl d-rcnowncd Philadelphia Orchestra, where he Stewart will host a workshop the following day,Tuesday, Nov. 12 at 2:30 p.m. in the Taylor Little Thea ter. The concert is free to students and President's Card

performed on tenor trombone, "holders; general admission is $5. tenor tuba, bass trumpet and bass The workshop is free and open to the public. trombone.

October 30,1996



Why Cats Make Better Pets
By Chris Wloch News Editor Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your pet could talk back and instead of having all those one-sided conversations where you say everything? You could expect some kind of verbal response from them? That's the premise behind Sylvia, a comedy for dog-lovers, which is showing at the Erie Playhouse until Saturday, Nov. 9. In the play, a middle-aged Upper West Side'Manhattan currency-exchanger named Greg (Bill Kemp), brings home a stray dogEthat he finds during a leisurely walk in Central Park. The new pooch, who answers to the name Sylvia, is played without a dog^costume by Krista Perry. This concept works surprisingly well on stage, given that many people tend to treat their pets as if they were human, believing that they can really communicate with them by using words, tone of voice, gestures or glances. As an abandoned mutt (mixed poodle and black labrador) raised in a major metropolis, Sylvia is streetwise and sassy. She knows what she wants and is only slightly hesitant about going out and getting it, regardless of the cost Although she loves Greg (and admits this fact every Gve minutes), Sylvia utters not one word about her previous owner. Sylvia is also a very naughty dog. She constantly jumps up onto the furniture and showers any guests with an overdose of affection. All of the expected dog jokes and gags are present here, and actress Perry's portrayal of Sylvia's canine behaviors is incredibly energetic, realistic and hilarious. Basically, the entire play revolves around how Sylvia succeeds in bringing about changes in Greg's life with regard to his Near the beginning of the secattitudes about both his job and ond act, Mike Bush makes a brief, his relationship with his wife Kate, ' yet memorable, appearance as the a Shakepeare-quoting teacher ; transgendcred "psychotherapist who is devoted to making "the and marriage counselor'Leslie, English language" accessible to ' who advises Kate to "divorce impoverished inner-city youth. ' Greg, get a gun and shoot Sylvia Kate absolutely hates Sylvia, right between the eyes." Ultimately, Sylvia is conerned and the reason is obvious. She simply cannot stand the way her about issues of identity and the husband is consta ntly praising the nature of love and reality. dog's beauty and spending every Throughout the play, Greg is waking moment with his dog, to searching for "something real." the eventual detriment of his em- He becomes convinced, that he has found exactly that ployment status. The well-acted supporting roles with Sylvia. The only problem is were an added bonus to the show. that Greg is inevitably put into a Jim Lanegan, as a fellow dog- position where he is forced to owner whom Greg encounters in make a choice between keeping the park, adds a few laughs with his dog and maintaining his marhis explanations for the reasons riage to Kate. Tickets for Sylvia are $8 for behind the bond shared between "man and his best friend." As students (with I.D.). Showtimes Phyllis, a high-society college are 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov 7; 8 friend of Kate's, Richelle Brad- p.m on Friday and Saturday, Nov ley conveys a convincing air of 1,2,8 & 9 and 2 p.m. Sunday Nov bo u rgeois snobb ishriess.

5 What made Charlie Chaplin . the legend he is today? Many critics agree it: was Chaplin's "Little Tramp" character, complete with baggy pants, moustache, cane, and top hat Join us on HURST TV^on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings for hundreds of sight-gag-filled scenes from 16 . of Chaplin's best early works. Each night it's non-stop Chaplin for two hours, beginning at 7 p.m. The complete schedule: Monday, Nov. 4: By the Sea -1:00 The Bank -7:10 Shanghaied -7:30 A Night in the Show - 7:50 The Champion - 8:10 A Woman - 8:35 Tuesday, Nov. 5: The Count - 7:00 The Vagabond - 7:25 The Fireman - 7:50 Behind the Screen - 8:15 The Immigrant - 8:40 Wednesday, Nov. 6: The Adventurer - 7:00 Easy Street -7:25 One AM. -75 5 The Pawnshop - 8:20 The Floorwalker - 8:45 HURST TV is located on Eric Cablevision Channel 19B or 62.

Country Music: It's Not So Bad
music? It's so annoying, guys to (iking and listening to country By Carrie Tappe singing about their horses, barns music? Merciad Columnist and trucks." Country music is like a habit Well, since then, my collection For most people, if you hear it A few years back, I was flipping through stations on the radio of country music has expanded enough, you will start to like it looking for something at least way beyond Garth Brooks. He's My roommate used to moan and halfway decent to listen to. When now fallen in the shadows ofAlan groan everytime I turned on counall else failed,I turned on a coun- Jackson, Shania Twain, Little try music. The other day she said try station in desperation. I re- Texas and Tim McGraw. to me, "You know that song, member the first song, "Friends The thing that strikes me most 'Strawberry Wine,' I kinda like In Low Places" by Garth about country music is the de- it." The girl who said she hated Brooks...not bad. I listened on. nial. So many people will deny country music admitted to liking a At the time, Y108 (in Pittsburgh) that they like country music, yet song. Pretty soon, she'll be borwas doing a feature on Garth when certain songs come on the rowing my CDs. Brooks. They played six or seven radio, that same person will know of his songs. Although at the time half the words. Country music is addictive. For I wouldn't admit it, I really liked Thefirstcoupl e weeks it school, those of you who say you hate it, this country music. I bought only a few peopl e, includ ing me give it a chance. The people who would admit to really liking are afraid to admit it, country Garth's CD, The Hits,* and got country music. Since then, each music is becoming more popular a lot offlakfrommyfriendsand week, a few more people will come and more easily accepted. It's OK family about country music. foward and admit to enjoying it to admit liking it. People would ask me, "How Why a re people so afraid to admit can you stand this twanging, hick

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October 30,1996

By John Murphy Editor in chief


p 1 p p t " J Q t l : Writers addressfinalissues before Tuesday's election



It's not writer's block that's affecting my ability to come up with'£ anything interesting to write about this week, no, it's more like 'lifep block' Yon might not have heard of this term before because I justmade *. it up. Basically, I think it describes how you feel when you don't give a damn anymore, you know, don't care about life, about the future, about all the stuff you are supposed to care about Now I'm not one of those teal melancholy types, but the news I've, i received from home over the last three weeks is somewhat distressing. Three weeks ago I had three friends, ordinary blokes like me, at the same stage in life, tackling the same problems, all that stuff. Three weeks later, one's dead, one's on a life support machine, and one's tearing up inside over being involved in a car accident that resulted in somebody's death. Maybe I'm overreacting here, but doesn't this kind of news throw you off a bit?I mean, here I am, a college senior, worry ing about gradua ting, finding a job, maybe going to graduate school. Getting all caught up in future plans, future ambitions, and then suddenly, boom-three friends' lives are ruined. Kind of puts things in perspective doesn't it? What are; my worries compared to what has happened to these guys? Why even, bother worrying when something like this can happen? This news got me thinking about this book we're reading in World Politics, 'Brave New World' by Aldous Huxley. Basically, the book is about a future 'Utopia' where everybody is happy, there is no misery. OK, so the population of this Utopia is dehumanized and acts like robots, but they've got none of the pain, the grief, the anxiety that wet! have to go through. I guess I'm being a little stupid here, maybe I should grow up. But come on, three weeks ago my mates were just like me, now look, they got screwed, what if I get screwed tomorrow? Perhaps I'm getting old, I must be at that stage where life's letting me know that it's tough, real tough, sort oftelling me, "Look pal, you're in this ride whether you like it or not, hang on if you wan l, but I ain't cutting you a ny slack.' It must be times like this that you remember people who helped you get this far in life. Likemost I guess, I'm thinking of my folks. Thinking, remembering, and thanking them. It's not that I was raised in any pampered, mushy, "Son I love you" every day type atmosphere. No, it was more like, "Listen young fella, life's tough, it's hard. It's going to knock you down, and usually kick you while you're down. And if you've got any problems, don't come running to us, just be a man, get on with it" This may sound harsh, but that's how it is growing up in a family of 11 kids, it's not the Waltons. I'm glad it wasn't Glad because despite how miserable this news has made me feel, I can handle it. I'm going to'get on with it'

By Michael J. Opperman Merciad Columnist

To Vote Or Not l b Vote
probably be much of the same. Instead of Northern Republicans, the President will have to work with Southern Democrats. Iu that case, why vote? Regardless of majority .party of Congress, legislation will be slow and the impact only negligible* The difficulty of enacting far reaching and deep felt change is actually a very positive aspect of our political system. Although it takes time to do something very good, it also takes a great deal of time to do something very bad (and the judgment of good and bad varies with the individual). Difference is, however, effected. Things do change. Once again, the question is asked, why vote? There are differences in people whorun for office. They have different opinions and different levels of commitment to their ideals. Although your vote is diluted in the presidential election and the decision essentially given to the Electoral College, your vote? in the Congressional election ca rries weight Whomever you elect will do a better or worse job than you expected, but your voice will be in Washington. Expecting a representative to do all that you want him/her to do, or anything that you want him/ her to do, is idealistic (at best). Sometimes, things happen. Every once in awhile, you find a dollar bill on the ground. It takes very little effort to vote. Utilize the opportunity that registering gave you. Take a chance. Probably, nothing wiil happen and nothing will change. But...

The re-election of Bill Clinton is nearly inevitable. Why bother to vote? Right? Wrong. Congress is still up for grabs. A majority of the Senate and House seats will be decided with the slightest of margins. Political consultants, politicians, and newscasters all agree on one thing, the outcome is unpredictable. The only person who a ecura tely forecasted the last Republican Congress was Newt Gingrich. What effect does the Congress have? Simply question. Clinton was forced to work with a Republican Congress through'the last four years. The result was gridlock, compromise, and slow "progress." What will happen with a Democratic Congress? It will

Negative Ads In Poor Taste
By Dan Hilfiker Senior Writer It is that time of year again when all of us registered voters have to start thinking about which of the remaining candidates we would most like to see representing our interests in government I do hope that all of you are registered and are planning on voting, because this is'really the only time we have much of any choice in who represents our interests. The biggest thing that bothers me, and I feel this way every year, is the fact that there is way too much mud-slinging and dirty
politics in races ft all levels. As a

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matter of fact, I wrote an article about this same topic about this same time last year. My intention is not to re-write my previous column. This year I am much more specific in my attack. I have been greatly disturbed in the past few weeks over the use of two particular radio advertisements released by State Senator Buzz Andrezeski. These ads describe in graphic detail how

Andrezeski's opponent, Jane Earll, let two different murderers off the hook. The ad goes into great detail to tell how a man was shot in the chest with a high powered rifle, and how another woman was murdered in front of her young child. They also tell how Jane Earll failed the people of this district by not prosecuting these two individuals. I am not going to comment too much on the specifics of either of these two cases because I am not very familiar with either one. Somehow, from listening to the ads, I don't think Andrezeski is very familiar with the specifics of these cases either. I do not know Jane Earll personally,but! am sure that she did everything that was in her power to make sure that justice was served in both cases, as any good Assistant District Attorney would do. The fact that both defendants were acquitted is irrelevant and does nothing to show any lack of ability on her part to be a good representative to the persons of this district Mr. Andrezeski *s

advertisements, which have since been pulled off of the air, did not do anything to show how he has been and will continue to be a highly qualified representative. For this I have lost a great deal of respect for Mr., Andrezeski, as well as any other candidates who employ this type of campaign. Maybe the time is rightfora law that prohibits this type ofpol itical advertising. After all, shouldn't we be voting for a particular candidate because of what they are going to do for us, and not what their opponent hasn't done? I really don't know what most politicians who are running this Fall have had to say on any of the issues that are facing this country. The advertisements that have gone over the airwaves have done little to show what each candidate stands for and too much on what their opponent has done wrong in the past They attempt to discredit any of the work that their opponent has done. With these two advertisements from Andrezeski, I think trash politics has stooped to a new 4 level of disgust




years and longer. The children are desired. Do not call the proJoe Gallagher has a lot to learn life movement the "moral majorabout the pro-life movement He ity" who are against abortion and has allowed his obvious distance birth control. from a pro-life stance to shape his to. 1 Even the individuals who are understanding rather than getting If we do not allow ourselves to most adamant about the evils of to know the reality of the be moved by the,pictures, the birth control would accept them movement's motivations. He porshiny masses of red and the in order to prevent the much trays s pro-lifers as unthinking, mangled limbs, then the Amerigreater evil of abortion. uncaring, hypocritical, and as can ideals that champion human Joe, your comment on overpeople who derive some strange rights are a joke. You may call population is downright frightenpleasure from striving to control your instinctive winces and shuding, not to mention reminiscent of ders at seeing what's left of an the bodies ofwomen. This is simNazi Germany. Abortion is the aborted child passions that do not ply not true. solution? It is age discrimination validly factor into your reasonIn reference to his discussion of at its worst One and a half miling. I call them valid responses to abortion in various trimesters, pro- lion inconvenient human lives are the truth. % lifers see abortion as an atrocity at exterminated every year in So you see Joe, pro-lifers are any stage, and not just late-term. America alone. A veritable holonot control freaks, but individuThe number of first trimester opcaust Who is next, Joe, the eldals who are compelled, by their posed to third trimester abortions erly? * compassion for human life in all is not as significant an issue as its Joe, pro-lifers do not value the press covera ge would indicate. life of the child more than that of its stages, to put an end to this The amount of press coverage it the mother, but value them crime against humanity. Finally, received implies a nationwide equally. They feel that the child in | 1 must react to one more horror at this procedure. the womb possesses the same statement' Perhaps the mother Eliminating abortions for vicrights to life andfreedomas his/, considering abortion is considertims of rape and incest is a nonher mother. These are guaranteed ing the welfare of the child." issue for the majority of pro-1 ifers, by the United States Constitution If she were truly considering who arevery willing to make con- as divine gifts to all of humanity. his/her welfare, Joe, she would cessions for these situations in let the child live. True pro-life is .Pro-lifers feel compelled, for order to ga in ground in reducing religious and non-religious reaNOT pro-choice. Itiis a movethe total number of abortions. sons, to protect the right to life of ment calling for America to accept the harsh reality of abortion Adoption will always be a vithose labeled inconvenient Call able option. I have had cancer and them fetuses to add a degree of and to put a stop to this frivolous and barbaric treatment of human chemotherapy and most likely will scientific validity to your reasonlife. ? > • -i be adopting a child. There are ing if you like. Say they have no waiting lists for newborns for five rights; because they haven't Sincerely,
• J r .

Dear Editor*

achieved "personhood" yet You will still arrive at the truth, which is the "heart wrenching feelings" stirred by pictures of abortions, which you so sarcastically refer

By Michael J. opperman Merciad Columnist There is a word that is bandied about in our culture with little or no awareness of its history or the complexity of its definition. Some use it as a representation of empowerment, while others see it to symbolize all that is wrong in the country. For some it is a refrain, for others, it is a swear ft word. The word that I am talking about is "feminism' Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary defines it as "the doctrine advocating social and political rights of women equal to those of men." Period. That's all it says. What's the problem? Should women receive equal pay for equal work? Should women be denied equal employment (just because they are women)? Should women have the right to vote? Should women be subject to and have to endure violence without equal protection under the law? If that's all there is to it, then why do people, men and women, have such an aversion to being called a "feminist" or "feministic"? Misunderstanding, mostly. Politicians love to have a scapegoat It helps them win elections. Who better to pin the ills of society upon than a nameless, undefined group of "reactionary women?** Did women tell us what this word means? No. Did the dictionary tell us what this word means? No. Politicians told us what this word means. Politicians told us that feminists are man-haters who eat their children. This is simply not true. Who are feminists, then? You tell me. There is no single definition for feminism. There is no single voice. It is no more of a feminist choice to have a career than it is to work within the home and raise children. Experiences are varied. So are ideas and beliefs. Definitions are temporary, provisional, and always incomplete. Feminism is an issue of equality and freedom. By allowing others to define this word for us, we are relinquishing control and discarding our freedom, both men and women. Feminism is a plurality of voices. Every voice is valid.


ByM.E.Pike Merciad Columnist Throughout the ages, as is evident in art, literature and music, one question has plagued humanity. A soul searching, mind bending one at that; what is the meaning of life? Doesn't sound so difficult to answer, but it is. •L All humans have asked this vague philosophical question at some point in their lives; even more so in this time. With modern conveniences to do so much of our manual labor for us, we have the time to ponder the reason for our existence. Strange, that with all this time on our bands, there hasn't been a universal answer, don't you think? I too have fallen prey to this impossible query (and not evenfora class). My concl usion, as if there could be one, is that there is no answer, no reasonforliving- we just do. Then came a certain realization about the question itself. We humans have spent so much time- centuries and millenniapondering the meaning of life, that we have neglected other things. We have been so preoccupied with why we live that we have forgotten how to live. ? Many people might suggest that a 'pretty good* time could involve a movie, a pizza and a beet. Now", I would not venture to disagree with this (soundsgood to me.) However, this is not life, no matter how simple and nice It may seem. To be content with something so simple is to become superfluous* unneeded In society.* Complexity is as useless in this. What is the point of trying to find complex answers toridiculousquestions? No matter what proof one may accumulate to support their particular answer to any question, there will always be someone with as much proof who can and will refute it And neither would be incorrect, contd. pg 8

Dear Editor It is claimed many times that if you do not vote, you cannot complain about any political, social, or governmental thing. In a reality check, see that if you vote for any of the above, you should not complain. It is true that if you do not attempt to effectively change anything, you cannot complain about anything's present situation and legitimately do so. However, how much meaningcanyourvoteactually have, does your one menial vote count? How biased is an election in this great country? Writ, determine how trustworthy the election and representation system is. Remember, you are In a free democracy here, and so you have a wide choicer of two set political affiliates to be supportive of (remember when communist countries, dictatorships, and military governments were criticized

Andrew N. Can field by the US for having no open choice and elections). It takes money;and corporate backing to be in power. Any opposing? political parties have no chance, but that is if they even manage'to get on a ballot It's nearly impossible for a powerful billionaire to be treated seriously. The government is, or is in, an elite group. Where is the influence? How does the elected individual possibly represent the interests of a varied people? Compromise on the part of the people and dishonesty. Did you ever vote for someone or thing because it was better than the other choke (the leaser of two evils)? How did that accomplish anything? If the individual did not represent all of what you believe, then you lied. Politicians don't state everything they believe in while campaigning. Bills are not straightforwardtoo. When the politician you vote for acts in a.way you disagree with, choices which argue, ignore important issues, tie much economics, and shake hands together over their insurance and your (the populace's) ignorance. People are pacified and they are tacitly controlled in order to keep them supporting the government Belief is in it on the part of an uneducated people and it is appreciated by the existing structure. The system works for them. "It does not need to be this way. Be educated. Educate. Make decisions based on your beliefs and not the majority. Hear information, not just what you are told. If y ou com prom ise, failure ha ppe ns. Don' t com pla in If you do nothing. Vote none of the above on the ballad, write in. Sincerely, Joe Gallagher.

October 30,1996








What da you MIIMIV nuuui tuic registration process at mercy nursi: uv you nave 11 think about he icgDiiauun process at Mercyhurst? Do you have trouble registering? rj "•»* *•« J

V x & I U p U S

I ^ U C S H O I ! I

A r e you happy with the registration process at Mercyhurst? W h y or w h y


Michael Baldzicki, Senior, HRIM** "It's pretty convenient It's a good establ ishme n t, I think. They pretty much keep it under control.They follow through with the students with what they want They pretty much explain everything when w you go in.

Karen Petho, Sophomore, Political Science "I didn't have too much trouble this time but I think it should be done on a day when we don't have classes, like on a Saturday or something like that, I think that would make it a lot easier. It's difficult to register and make it to all of your classes."

Misty Smith, Junior, Psychology "I had no problem registering at all. I don't think the registration system has a problem at all. Other than some freshmen and other people who have problems with class conflicts and the day of scheduling should not have classes."

Carrie Webb, Freshman, « Psychology "I'feel it is the only fair way to have registration but being a Freshman, and at the end of the alphabet, made it very difficult to get my core classes because everybody had already registered, and it was hard to get into my other major classes."

Tonilee Masters, Freshman, Undecided "I think the process was terrible because seniors, granted should get the classes, they need, but Freshmen get stuck picking anything possible because everything got closed by the time we were able to sign up for classes.

Anita Charles, Senior, CMIS "Yes,I am happy because seniors get first classes and then it goes from there on."

Joe Gallagher, Junior, Earth Space Science Education "It doesn't seem too bad but it sucks when a class is filled that you need to get into and its not offered often enough.

Tiah Arrington, Sophomore, Criminal Justice "Very long and not enough space left in the classes."

John Dedad, Sophomore, Journalism "A complete waste of time and utterly and completely ridiculous."

Clay Wood, Junior, HRIM ') "I did have a problem registering. I think it should be computerized." possible, and don't be afraid to listen to views other than your own. More important, don't seek to persecute others for their beliefs, for you may one day find that you are wrong. Then you will see how pointless is the question, and all questions of similar vein. That is not to say life itself is not important; quite the contrary, but I digress. Now if you'll excuse me, lam going to order a pizza with extra cheese and see what is on the tube.

The Merciad
VOL. 70 NO. 7 Merciad Editors
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October 30,1996

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Obsidian, contd.frompg 7 Perhaps this is the answer. Life means different things to different people. Pure, simple, yet complex in its simplicity. There is nothing that every being'will agree on, as each individual's beliefs ere based on the individual's views. And not only deep beliefs, as in the existence of God or the reason to life. Even incredibly inane questions, such as who is prettier or what is best to ind out how hundreds of student drink and so on, have no presentstives arc already earning concrete answer, as it is REE TRIPS and LOTS OF CASH likely each answer will ith America's #1 Spring Break differfromperson to perompany! Sell only 15 trips and travel son. keel Whatever one's ncun, Bahamas, Mazatlan, Jamaica thoughts on life and the T Florida! < reason thereof, it is im:AMPUS MANAGER POSITIONS portant to live now. EnLSO AVAILABLE. Call Now! Talc joy and explore; seek out Break Student Travel (800) 95knowledge wherever REAK.



October 30, 1996

By Brad Rybczynski Features Editor Mercyhurst welcomes a new administrator to the ra nks. Rodger Gregorich will be at the hehn in the new position of Dean of Public Safety. Gregorich is not new to Mercyhurst Before being named as Dean of Public Safety, he was the Director of Municipal Police Training at the Northeast Campus, a position he held as of February 1993. He is also a Mercyhurst alum. Before coming to Mercyhurst, Gregorich served for 26 years as a Pennsylvania State Police officer. During his tenure, rose to the rank of captain serving as the Administrative Director for the Pennsylvania State Police Liquor Control Enforcement, a position he I held for six years until his retirement in January 1993. As a captain, Gregorich was Commander of Troop E, which was comprised of headquarters andfivestations. Under his charge were a total of 264 individuals, including 232 police officers and 32 civilian personnel. Gregorich served the State Police in many capacities before his promotion to captain. He was a traffic officer, an identification officer processing evidence from crime scenes, worked for the police crime lab for 13 years as a handwriting exam iner and for the Crime Investigations Section Commander for four years. As^a student at Mercyhurst Gregorich, earned a bachelor's degree in. 1977 and a master's degree in 1982, both in administration of criminal justice. Reminiscing on his time spent as a student at the college, Gregorich looks backwith favor. He pointed out that it took him some time to complete the programs, "It took me 11 years to get my B.A. and M.S., Working evenings and nights." Gregorich is excited about being at the Main Campus. Gregorich said of the Mercyhurst environment, "It \is thrilling, I enjoy being here working with the people and students." The responsibilities of the Dean of Public Safety are plentiful. The duties involve overseeing the security of both the Ma in and Northeast campuses and the Northeast Police Academy. Gregorich sees his main concern as, "providing a safe environment for Mercyhurst students is of the utmost importance, good learning and community cannot exist in what is per-


Dean Gregorich works dilligently at his desk ceived to be an unsafe environment.", 1 When asked about being named as 'ijDeait ofiPublic Safety, Gregorich said, "I am excited about a new career outside of law enforcement. lam very interested in security and am looking forward to developing security here at Mercyhurst, and looking forward to ushering it into the 21st century." Gregorich wants to let people know that he is accessible. He said/'lam available to students if they want?to talk. My door«is ffalways open." Gregorich will be on the Ma in Campus four days a week and at the Northeast campus one day a week or on a as needed basis. * Correction* Last week's Feature's fast Fact was not quite fact The gates of Mercyhurst were from the estate of millionaire and murderer, Harry Thaw. Evelyn Nesbitt divorced Thaw after his conviction for the murder of Stanford White.

By Jennifer Houck Merciad Contributing Writer

Those interested can sign up at the Union front desk as soon as possible. It promises to be a great The SAC is sta rting a new month movie from what the reviews are and along.with that they bring to saying. This week's movie is moved campus a new activity. It is the from Wednesday night to ThursM-4 Simulator. It is the world's day at 9 p.m. in the Little Theater. first 360 degree personal motion "The Rock," starring Sean theater. A state of the Art two seat Connery and Nicholas Cage, will Simulator offers everyone *a be shown. Eric Wicks and Tom chance to experience a highly inBender said the movie was teractive jet'sflightscenario. "breathtaking, stimulating and This activity will be available to a II students in the Union's Great action packed. We loved the vivacious clash of talent that 'The Room from 1-7 p.m. on Friday* Rock' presented." Scan Connery So why not put a little spice into exemplified true*iron man stayour lunch hour or stop by after tus." It promises to be a crowd classes end and start your weekpleaser. * ' * end offwith a thrilling M-4 SimuDue to the switch of nights for lator experience. the movie, Coffeehouse will be On Saturday, Mercyhurst stumoved to Wednesday night, Nov. dent! can venture to Tinseltown, 6. Seventh House will be perErie's new premiere theater, to forming beginning a 18:30 p.m. in see "Sleepers." The movie starts the Laker Inn until 11 p.m. Come at 6:40 p.m., but the vans will be leaving at 6 p.m. sharp. There a re on out and listen to some tunes from their new CD and enjoy • still some spots open for the trip.

Take A Ride With SAC

cup of coffee with your closest friends.^ Next weekend, Nov. 8 and 9, will be the weekend to prepa re for upcomingfinalexams on the 13th, 14th, and 15th. On Tuesday, Nov. 12 there will be food for Finals in the Laker Inn at 9 p.m. To carry on with this tradition, the food will be given out on a first come first serve basis. Quiet Study in the Cafe will again be a part of studying Tor finals. It will tunfrom11 p.m.- 3 a.m. on the 13 and 14 andfrom11 p.m.-2 a.m. on the 15. Brian Marshall, SAC chair, would like to remind everyone that, "No cups will be provided." So it would be a good idea to bring your own If a drink is desired and as always, there will be no food allowed. I hope everyone enjoys their vacation and does well on their finals. Happy Thanksgiving from SAG

Feature's Fast Fact^This Halloween marks the 70th anniversary of the death of magician and illu-. siojiist Harry Houdini, Houdini predicted his death would come on Halloween. On that point he was' correct, but was wrong when he said he would return on thefollowingHalloween. Houdini seems to be about 69 years too late.


Fast Fact contributed by Dr. Philip Supina, Assistant professor of history a nd political science. Correction made by Ms. Phyllis Aiello, Director of student transfer services I

October 30,1996



Wilderness Foundation Rides
Shave to go again." All the rafters enj oyed lunch in a secluded nook off the rivers edge, and had time to m ingle with the fantastic guides. Their experiOn Friday, Oct. 25 the ence and tranquility made everyMercy hurst Wilderness Foundation arrived at Ohiopylef Stated.' one feel comfortable wi th th e ra fts and the rapids. park. Welcoming us was the local forest ranger who was helpfulh\ The? fun of rafting lis for the giving us directions to the camp- * thrill-seeking side of everyone. "I ing areas. The 31 Mercy hurst liked the? adventure," said Jen Wilderness Foundation member s' Hamilton. destination was a four acre plot of Third year student iMike pristine valley. Martunas noticed, 'That if the After a four hour jaunt, the val-i water had been slightly lower we ley was a welcome spot for the could have been in fou r -man boats caravan. The members had a grea t without guides, and that is what evening of camping, enjoying the we are going to have to do next" talented harmonica of Ron Yarosz Aaron Stankiewicz had to resist and lyricism of the spirited the temptation to throw the guide Irishman, Scott Vance. The fesout of the boat so that he would be tivities lasted until the morn ing £j able to control the stern of the hours but all members were ready boat himself. He was eager to be and on the road by 9:30 a.m. able to experience the danger of Margaret Wells said, "We all the rapids without the presence of enjoyed ourselves. It was ^ the gu ide. fiin, although we should go to a The trip was a great success. more demanding river in the fuMaking this all possible was not ture." Most members agreed that easy, leaving many people to J the rapids weren't as dangerous thank. It would be in order to as they hadrexpected, but it was thank Trisha Greathouse and nice to get an intial feel for it Mercyhurst Student Government for their support. Without MSG Another member, Nicole this would not have been posBrannon, said, "It was a blast, I sible. Thank you. want to go again. I'm addicted." Ellen Burke said, "It was invigoThe experiance of the roadtrip rating, it rocked my world." First. was enjoyed by all. Making this a year student Em i 1 y LaCroix spoke ' little easier were the drivers who for a lot of members when she helped carpool to Ohiopyle. Ron said, "I had a lot of fun and we2 Yarosz, Chris Schaney, Maureen By D. a. Roth and Chandra Inglis Merciad Contributing Writers


Some Wilderness Foundation members ride the wave
MacAuley, Neil Norberg, and Paul Roth are appreciated for the help in getting to our destination. The Wilderness Foundation at Mercyhurst is a club sponsored by MSG, and lead by club officers David Roth, Chandra Inglis, a nd the Found a lions 69 members. Everyone is invited to the meetings and the excursions. Future rafting trips are planned and so are skiing, hiking, camping, community service, and many other nature-centered activities. It is the foundation's goal to bring the student body at Mercyhurst to a closer awareness ofwhat nature means and stands for. The advice of the club's faculty advisor Allen Quinn, Mercyhurst Archaeological Institute, was needed throughout the process of organization and was greatly appreciated.

litical process. How fast you drive, where a mall is located and how much you pay in taxes are all a I love politics. I love to study part of politics. the campaigns, the processes, the Picture this situation. A vote theories, and the institutions that has come to the floors of Conare encompassed by what we call gress and passed the bills by slim politica I science. I view pol itica I margins. The bill voted upon inresponsibility to be the most imvolved the rights of homosexuportant pursuit in anyone's life. als, Only one thing will make the bill into law. That one thing will Nothing so affects a person's be presidential signature. life. Many people have a passion for football, baseball or some other What kind of man do you want sport, hobby or activity. It is not holding that power? That is the the same. question we all face this year. When a season ends, nobody is Who will be the president for the really affected. I do not think any- next four years? I think many of one lives or dies because the Yanus know the answer and you do kees wontileWorld Series. In the not have to be a political science big picture it is inconsequential. major to figure it out Politics rules the world. EveryI want to make one thing very thing you do is affected by a poclear before I go on, I am not endorsing a candidate. I have

By Brad Rybczynski Features Editor


strong feelings about who I want to be president, but it is none of anyone's business. If you approach me and wa nt to discuss the presidential race I well be glad to, but I will not use this forum as an endorsement Back to the point, and that is character. You may say," Ah-ha, we've got you, you're voting for Dole," because of the character question surrounding Clinton. Well, maybe it is true, maybe it is not Anyway I feel that character is a very important issue. Both candidates have skeletons in their closets, *1 will not point out who has done what As educated voters that is your job and I would hate to take all of the fun out of the race for you. Those men who have served as president tha t come to mind are

Goes Political
the oneswh oha d outsta nding 1 ea dership qualities and yes, character* \ George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt just to name-a few. They fought for what they believed in. Lincoln died for his beliefs. These men were Ideal presidents. They made gains not only for the nation, bu t for the office of president. When they -made a stand, they did not waiver. They did what was right I urge each of you who plan on voting this year (not that you should not be voting) to examine the issues and more importantly the candidates. Issues are important, but not all can be gauged by debates, such as how one will I when American citizens are threatened at home arc abroad.
» « j r * '

It takes more than political suavity to be president It takes character as well. It takes a person willing to make a statement and stand by it It takes obedience to the laws. After all the president is charged with their enforcement One must also exhibit a lifestyle that Will serve as a model. A lifestyle that will be respected by not only Americans, but citizens, dignitaries and heads of state of other nations.; On November 7, go into the booth and vote for a person with character. John F. Kennedy said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." Do something for your country when you vote and vote for the candidate who best exemplifies American ideals and character.



October 30,1996

By Nikki Esposito Merciad Sports Writer

. The Mercyhurst men's soccer team is paving the road for yet another trip to the NCAA Final Four Championship. The journey is far from over. However, after two vital wins this weekend, the Final Four is well within their grasp. These decisive victories came against Quincy University and Alderson- Broadd us College both of which were supposed to give the Lakers more of a challenge than the final scores would indicate. Coach Rich Hartis was very enthused about the Lakers' most recent games. He said, "We had two very good performances, I was pleased with how we were able to raise ourselves for these two important games, especially after such a big game against Gannon on Wednesdayj The Lakers came out on fire against Quincy University on Saturday. Shortly after the starting whistle, the Lakers had their first opportunity on goal, when midfielder Shawn Kroener played a through ball to defender Avery Jonas, who then made an outstanding cut inside his defender towards goal. Jonas was taken out in the penalty box, unfortunately the Lakers couldn't capitalize on the penalty kick. The Lakers kept their work level high throughout the first half. They reaped the rewards of their efforts 37 minutes into the half when senior Ian Dickerson played a long ball tight across the goal line to freshman Barry Allen for the finish. The Lakers didn't see their next

goal until 20 minutes into the second half.? Junior mid-fielder Mike Shiels played the ball to forward Rob Yurkovich whose cross found its way into the back of the net Not even five minutes after the last goal, the Lakers', goal keeper Darren Murray racked up an assist with a spectacular ball out of the defensive third to the feet of £Ian Dickerson. Dickerson had a textbook finish to the lower right corner of the goal. In spite of their three goal defi[ cit, Quincyfrefused to^be shut out With 14 minutes left to play, 1 they placed a corner kick into the box, which the Lakers were unB able to defend properly. Running onto the goal, a Quincy forward was able to finish making the score 3-1, still in favor of the Lakers. Not wanting to end on a bad note, the Lakers scored the last goal of the game with 10 minutes 2left. Freshman Brian Alexander crossed the ball to Senior Keith j Selvitcli, who with all the composure of a professional, had a one I touch finish on goal. This last goal gave the Lakers a 4-1 vicfltory. The following day against Alderson-Broaddus, the Lakers didn't come out as strong as they had hi the previous two games. However, their efforts after the first twenty minutes made up for the slow start Twelve minutes into the game, the Lakers conceded a goa I when the opposition crossed the ball in from the left side to an on-running forward for the finish. Within the next 10 minutes, the Lakers turned things around and didn't look back the rest of the game. Their first goal was atft





• s r ' a a i


* «




« * *




Not such a "Grand Performance
By Kara Clark Merciad Sports Writer
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Sophomore, Eric Clarke prepares to play a long ball over the top ofthe opposition, as Stuart Hogg looks on in apprehension. . the ball out Seizing the opportutained by Junior Shawn Kroener. the next goal by Barry Allen. Kroener received a ball from capnity, Kroener managed to put the Jonas beat two defenders, then tain Jimmy Reen and proceeded ball in the back of the net the ball deflected to Allen for a to beat his defender for ashot. In the second half, Aldersonhalf-volley finish to the far post Kroener's powerful finish stayed Broadus took a beating, letting in j With 15 minutes left in the game, low, slipping by the outside leg of another five goals, in addition to Eric Clarke settled a goal kick his defender who was left dumbthe two conceded in the first half. down to his feet enabling him to founded. The keeper had a simiThe Lakers first goal of the secplay a superb ball to forward Ian lar experience while he watched ond half was a tremendous finish Dickerson, for a first time finish. the classic strike speed into the by freshman Barry Allen. Kroener Punishing Alderson-Broaddus for corner of the net. crossed the ball into Allen from their goal early in the game, tli e le ft side. AJ len got up over top the Laker's added their seventh Kroener's goal foreshadowed a his 'defender for' an u n stop pa bl e goal to the scoreboard When Ba rry bleak future for the Aldersonheader into the near post Broaddus team. The Laker's next Allen passed the ball to senior Allen helped continue the goal came five minutes later by Keith Selvitcli who beat one deLakers' scoring spree when he fender and thenfinishedon goal. Kroener again. This time, he recrossed the ball in to captain Glenn The goals scored by Mercyhurst ceived the ball from a cross Francis for a finish which allowed throughout the game could only knocked in by mid-fielder Mike the Lakers to take a 4-1 lead. .The be described as stellar. They left Shiels. Alderson-Broadus deLaker goal scoring display was no question that the Mercyhurst fenders got a touch on it first; men's soccer team is on a warhowever, they were una ble to clea r still far from over. Junior Avery Jonas got into the action assisting path seeking a national title.

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This past weekend the Mercyhurst women's volleyball team hosted Grand Valley State University on Friday, Oct 25. TheLady Lakers played inspired volleyball, continously bouncing back from the brink of defeat in the first three games. The team eventually lost a close match once again, three games to two. On Saturday, Oct 26, MercyrW

hosted Ashland University. The Lady Lakers showed their exhaustion from the previous night and even though they played a scrappy third game, the team lost the match three ga mes to zero. The weekend was not a good one. * The season winds down with its last five regular season matches beginning this coming weekend, with a visit to Hillsdale College on Nov. 1 at 7 p.m. and then to Ashland University on Saturday, Nov. 2 at 1 p.m.

Crew Starts Anew
By Kara Clark ; > Merciad Sports Writer The crew team consists of two teams, the Novice and the Varsity. The coach of the novice women is Sandy Mintz and the novice men is Chris Nebouer. The coaches for the Varsity teams are Adrian Spracklen for the women

The Novice team, made up of and Sean Tobi n for the men,who is also head coach.The boats con- I some new and some experienced rowers, are doing great The Varsist of eight people and a coxswain who guides and steers the f • sity team has been working hard on land and water and will conboat which executes the coaches tinue to do so through winter and plans. into their next season which is The new Freshmen have come a long way since their first day of spring. Last weekend everyone travpractice. They've learned how to perform in the boat, oh land and eled to Marrictta Ohio and had a great time on and off the water. in the weight room.




they (Mercyhurst) were taking Niagara lightly because they're a new team or they were so a fraid to Last weekend, the Mercyhurst play them because they were a hockey team proved yet again that new team and they have scholarthey are a team to be reckoned ships. We played very flat, but with.;. The Lakers won the we won and that's great," said Fredonia tournament by defeatHead Coach Rick Gotkin. ing two Division I teams, Niagara The following day the Hurst and Fredonia. 1 played against powerhouse Fredonia and yet again, were vicThe Hurst were drawn aga inst a torious. Evangel ista lead the way newly established Niagara team with a fine executed power play in thefirstgame, as they went in goal. He picked up a rebound off search for their first win of the the boards and fired a shot that season. beat the Niagara goal tender all Oto Hlincik opened the scoring ends up. for the Lakers as he scored courHlincik added his second goal tesy of die pin point accuracy of of the tournament midway the pass in front of the net by through the first period to double 1 Chris Morgan. the Lakers scoring. However, The impressive Evangelist Fredonia pulled a goal back in the added a second goal in the second dying moments of the first peperiod to give the team a 2-0 lead riod. The Lakers had a {(comgoing into the third period. manding Sophomore Charlie Blasko put 3-1 lead "going into the second the game out of reach ofthe oppoperiod, but that lead didn't last sition as.he added the Lakers' long. Fredonia's persistence paid third goal in fine style. Blasko off and the homes id e were able to Stripped the pack off a Niagara tie things up in the third period. defenseman and put on a good Then with'four minutes left, move to send the keeper the wrong Bobby Atkin stole the show as he way and score a shortha nded goal. scored a scrappy but persistent The Hurst allowed Niagara a goal which gave the Hurst a 4-3 consolatory goal in the dying lead. Mike Masse added a fifth moments of the game. goal for the Hurst as he shot the puck into the open net as Fredonia "We didn't play very well. We pulled their goal tender out in the were really flat I don't know if By Scott Vance Merciad Sports Editor

Gnal moments. "It was a great college game and even if they hadn't won we would have been real proud of the team, because they played great. The guys who didn't show up on Friday showed up big time on Saturday because we played really, really well," said Gotkin. I Goal tender Chris Herbolshcinter had a particularly good game as he made some key saves. Bf jJK..

"If it wasn't for Herbie (Herbolsheimer) on Friday we wouldn't have won. * He played fantastic. On Friday he stood on his lips. I can't believe some of the saves he made. Not mam/ of guys showed up to play besides Herbie," said Gotkin. Herbolsheimer saw it differently saying "Overall our team played well, it's-not as if I played outstanding. I made the saves that I wasgsupposed to make and my

team picked it up from there. We have a strong defensive core and I think that defensively in our own end we take care of business." j Evangel is ta was the tournament MVP as he scored three goals and was credited with one assist The Lakers travel to the R.l.T. tournament this weekend in search for back-to-back tournament victories.

Downs Continue
By Steve Toniero Merciad Sports Writer
The Mercyhurst Lady Lakers Soccer team looked to improve on their 7-6 record and qua 1 ify for the NCAA post season playoffs. They had their job cut out for them, heading into games against the powerhouses of Blooms burg and Lockhaven, and against rival Gannon. The Lakers he aded Into the game at Gannon, on Oct 24, riding high from the mens soccer team's success against the same Gannon Knights the day before. The Lady Lakers came out flying, lead by Erin Stewart Stewart scored on a solo effort when she dribbled down the left flank and beat the Gannon keeper. Amanda Lascher doubled the Laker lead when she took an Angela Montesano pass and crossed the ba II behind the Gannon goal ie. Defender Nikki Esposito increased the Mercyhurst lead to 30 after tucking home Sarah Hoppe's touch pass that developed from a J Montessano corner kick. The second half brought no respite for the Gannon Lady Knights. Theresa Roach made it 4-0 when she beat several Gannon defenders and scored on a difficult left-footed shot. Stewart tallied her second goal of the game after taking the ball through a cluster of Gannon players and blasted a left footer past an overworked Gannon Goalkeeper. Stacic Bortz tallied yet another shutout in the 5-0 victory and the Lakers had the momentum they needed to chal«j lengc for the post season. On Oct 24, the Ladies hosted the powerful Bloomsburg University. The Lakers were very motivated and played a great game. Despite;the Hurst's strong play Bloomsburg came away at the half with a 2-0 lead, because of some costly and unlucky breakdowns in the Mercyhurst defence. The Lakers attempted a comeback in the second half and soundly outplayed Bloomsburg. In front of stellar goalkeeping by Bortz, the Lakers pressed home their attack. Stewart cut the Bloomsburg lead in half after receiving a Beth Forbus pass and beating several defenders to score with just one and a half minutes left to play. The Lad ies would get no closer to

Women Soccer
victory as the games ended in a 20 loss. 1 Just two days later, on October 26th, the Lakers hosted another powerhouse in Lock Haven University. Despite the abscence of head coach the team rallied around assistant coach Yvonne Parker. The wind was a huge factor in the game and Mercyhurst had to play into it all of thefirsthalt In the 20th m inute, senior Stewart ma de yet another great run beating several defenders and let off a rocket that hit the goalpost Freshman fore ward Roach pounced on the rebound and scored giving the Lakers the lead. Mercyhurst took their slim 1-0 lead into the second ha I f, this time with the wind behind them. Stewart continued when she scored on a great far post shot, from a Hoppe feed..The 2-0 win was a great performance, but the previous loss to Bloorasberg dashed the Ladies hopes of post season play. Nikki Esposito said, "Erin (Stewart), played a great game,she is definately All-AmeriM ca n materia 1. She had a S to nner! fMany Mercyhurst sports fans look upon this as the season that could have been, since the Lakers season record consisted of five one-goal losses. The;Lakers hope to improve their overall record this weekend as they host Canisius College on Nov. 2, in wha t should prove to be a good game £