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March 22,2000

W a r n e r T h e a t r e v o t e d site for c o m m e n c e m e n t
President's Cabinet makes



By Carrie Tappe Editor in Chief "Graduation is usually a very dignified and formal event I * think this continues and from my opinion, the Warner Theatre is the most appropiate location," one member of the senior class said. And so the decision rests. When the votes were tallied, the 11th hour request by some members of the senior class to hold graduation on campus was defeated by the class at-large. Of the 372 members of the Class of 2000 who will ^ ^ I Z ^ ~ college's May 21st commencement, 202 responded to a survey issued by the administration to help resolve the graduation

The historic Warner Theatre, site of Mercyhurst's graduation for 1 the Class of 2000. Illustration by James Sabol 70. %

venue question. Of the 202 responses, 87* students chose the Warner Theatre, 66 chose on campus, 42 chose the TuIIio Arena downtown, and seven had no preference. | "Only one-third of the respondents wanted graduation on campus," said Mary Daly, vice president of communica-« tions and a graduation coordinator. 'The majority of the class wanted to graduate in the Warner Theatre." One student commented, "It would be nice if our campus had the capabilities to hold a commencement ceremony, but it doesn't... we may as well keep with tradition and stay at the I Warner." The President's Cabinet agreed, Daly said that the President's Cabinet discussed the matter at length but their ultimate decision

was guided by the numbers themselves. "The class has spoken and we will honor their choice." For the 11th year, commencement will be at the Warner at 2:30 p.m. Daly said that the college will have a closed circuit TV site this year for the first time to accommodate additional guests and said that there will be a restructuring of the way tickets to the ceremony are distributed. The college will ask the graduates how manyticketsthey are going to use and give them that number up to six initially for bachelor's degree candidtates, four for masters and associates, and keep control of extra tickets for distribution. "Using this )i method and a closed circuit TV site for spillovers we expect that we wfl 1 be able to fill reasonable requests for extratickets,"Daly said.

Melody and Hurst alum open Irish pub
came to Mercyhurst to play soccer of the employees will also be Irish. "We will be hiring in 1986 and is the current men's approximately 20 or 30 employand women's soccer coach. ees over the summer," Melody For ail the lads bafhopping in According to Melody, the other said? Erie, a new stop will soon be co-owner does not wish to be JS added to the itinerary — 5th and revealed yet Both are looking for As for a name... "We're State. ; ' i ' others to invest in the business. tossing some ideas around." Melody said. "We are still in the That is the site of a proposed According to Melody, the bar I rish bar scheduled to open by will have an Irish atmosphere and process of planning. We want August or September. Not only Input from our other investors in Irish feel to it the minute you will the bar, ceiling, floor, walk through the door. An antique deciding on the name." walls, furniture and lights be The restaurant and bar will fireplace, taken from an old Irish imported from Waterford, bar, will also be installed at the 3 feature a full menu of Irish food Ireland, but so are two of the rear of the bar. T he 2,700-square- and drink. Customers will be able to order Guinness stout, owners. foot tavern will also have a Bass and Caffery's ale and Harp J John Melody, a 1990 HRIM mezzanine both for public use or as well as a full line of domestic graduate, is co-owner of the private parties. j beers. new establishment. Melody Melody hopes that a majority By Carrie Tappe Editor in Chief

Student fataUy^injured in accident
Jennifer Fatica, a freshman student at Mercy hurst-North East, died Thursday, March 16, of injuries she sustained in a traffic accident on a snow-covered road near her family's home in Harborcreek Township. Fatica was the driver of one of the two cars involved in the accident. ;* State police said weather and road conditions might have caused or contributed to the collision. Fatica was a criminal justice major at North East and a member of the campus's volleyball and softball teams. A memorial service was held Sunday night at St Mary's Chapel. Funeral services were held Monday. Mercyhurst's Dr. Dennis Dirkmaat and forensic anthropology students are assisting in the Erie Police Department's murder investigation of a torso found in a dumpster behind Station Square in downtown Erie. The body was found in the early evening, Tuesday, March 14, with its legs missing. Dirkmaat, director of forensic anthroplogy, and crew are examing the bones and trying to determine what was used in the j dismemberment. $

Hurst assists Erie murder investigation

By Jen News editor

Housing in needwe alsoresident assistants are available of need to fill the newly RA applications and
acquired buildings with RAs as j well. The number of RAs per building in several areas, such as Baldwin Hall and Mercy apartments, will increase." Residence life is looking for individuals who will promote personal growth, develop a sense of community in the living areas, and encourage pride in Mercyhurst. RAs must also be in good academic standing with a 2.5 GPA or better.

Residence life is looking for students to become resident assistants for the 2000-01 school year. "We are looking to hire approximately 60% of the resident assistants from new applicants," Lawrence Kozlowski, associate director of residence life, said. "Many ofj the current RAs are graduating,

The Student Activities Committee is sponsoring "Little Sibs Weekin the Office of Residence Life, end," this weekend. On Friday, March 24, SAC will sponsor tyeEgan 21, between 8:30 a.m. and dying from 7 to 10 p.m. in the Laker Inn. T-shirts will be provided foi 4:30 p.m. A mandatory group anyone who signs up at the union's front desk. dynamics sessions will be held in On Saturday, March 25, "Inflatable Fun" will be held in the Rec Mercy Heritage Room Monday, Center from noon to 6 p.m. This will include a rock wall, sumo April 3 from 9:30 to 11 p. m. wrestling, velcro wall, bungee run, obstacle course and bouncy Panel interviews will be boxing. From 8 to 10 p.m., the Great Room will turn into a play room conducted Wednesday, April 5 t through Tuesday, April 11 in the for legos, board games and pillow fights. A complete itinerary of the weekend's events is posted in the Student Government Chambers. student union. Everyone is welcome to attend. Don't forget to sign up Qualified candidates will be to get your free T-shirt. contacted to schedule for this interview.

"Little Sibs" visit this weekend



MARCH 22,2000

excited as well about the option Merciad writer to have access to journals from her home. "I use Blackboard for my business classes, which has Access to the Hammermill been very helpful to get work Library from off campus done when I am at home," said computers has been impossible, Kozlow. until recently. The library has installed software that allows 'This problem arose last year students to access the research when adult students were asking to make the data base accessible data bases. from home because of jobs and "Off-campus students could not access Ebsco Host and other family. But we had hoped to do it anyway," said Ken Brundage, data bases unless they were automated systems librarian, who inconvenienced by going to the helped with the project "The Hammermill library/* said Dr. Michael McQuillen, the dean of only'problem with admittance is that people need their library card libraries. to use the system," said $ Ebsco Host provides access Brundage. to several data bases. These "To be able to use the library include Academic Search full Web site off-campus, you have to TEXT Elite, Business Source enter your pin number from the Plus, ERIC, MEDLINE, CINAHL and Serials Directory. card." He said that only 1,900 5 people out of 4,000 students and ,J Project Muse, an electronic employees have library cards, resource is also new to the which is less then 50 percent of library. This data base allows the student population. I f you do access to 120 journals that are dated backfiveyears. Because > not have a library card, one can of the new software, students be obtained at the circulation desk by the library entrance.. now have access to databases while off-campus. This will be "This took special software to most beneficial during a term set up. We are thankful for the break and for commuters. Junior resources that have been proChris Km par said that he ran vided by Dr. Garvey and the into problems over break and administration that made it feels the program will be very possible to do this," said helpful. "I went home for a *j McQuillen. Students are pleased weekend, had a research project to work with the library from to do, and couldn' t get any home. "I am grateful for the research done because I had no opportunity, provided that our access to the data bases." tuition does not go up," said Junior Susan Kozlow is Krupar. t

Library data bases, journals Where do all the security officers go? By Jen Harwell getting married in June," said Eric Kraus liked Mercyhurst* s News editor ¥ ~ I close-knit community environ~ officer Henretta. An offer with 3 now accessible from home better pay would definetly be ment While in the college Leslie Echan
While walking or driving through campus, you may come across the path of a security . officer on duty in the Explorer, mule or even on bike patrol. :;;While their familiar uniform colors may make them recognizable, it is possible to never see the same officer twice. Students are left to wonder *| just how huge the police and safety staff is, or what happened to the officer you just saw last week. * According to Ken Sidun, chief of police and safety, the Mercyhurst police and safety department is more or less a training ground before officers I take a position at a state or city department "We have a big turnover because our officers are younger, and they are looking for a police job," said Sidun. Some officers have decided that they like the college^ atmosphere better than a city or state agency. Former Sergeant environment at Edinboro University, he still has the opportunity to work among college students, but in a larger I community setting. "I think we' ve improved our image. We've become a police agency, and offer good training and experience," said Sidun. The biggest reason for such a high turnover is the salary, or lack of it. Due to Mercyhurst's allotted funding for the department, it leaves many officers seeking a job with more to offer. Officer Brian Henretta says salary would be the biggest' incentive tofinda new job. "I'm reason to look deeper into a job opportunity. *• Since July, Mercyhurst police and safety has seen at least seven officers leave for bigger agencies looking for an increase in salary, better benefits and more opportunity for advance ment Sidun hopes that in the future of Mercyh urst police and safety they will be able to attract more officers. Optimistically, this would lead to a more stable department.; "I hope that in the future we have a little more salary increase to compete with the other agencies," said Sidun,!


Hey Computer Geeks

Which resume looks better?
Kenny Kyle IT AMOf i»tp, R, Mi Kgpq" c v Turned lame web site into way cool cyber-bill board. Learned the department head a thing or three about database design. Just generally introduced the place to the 20* century. Made more money than Chef or Mr. Tweak. Got toasted, toasted, ground, brewed, and served with lox. Made enough money to pay for gas. Learned to lake the heat from Cartmah.

Wednesday 3/22/2000 Students for Animal Rights meeting, 4 p.m. in Zum 11. Film and discussion, "Barbie Nation," 8 p.m. in the government.*.) chambers. •' • *: i** Coffeehouse: Tye-Dye, 9-11 p.m. in the student union. Ice cream social, sponsored by Mercyhurst Circle K Club, Laker Inn. $1 if you bring your own bowl, $2 without % Ophelia project meeting, 9 p.m. in government chambers. Thursday 3/23/2000 Roommate Feud, 8 p.m. in the Great Room. Friday 3/24/2000 f Sibs Weekend: Dance and activities in the Laker Inn, 7-10 p.m. Two movies in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of Archbishop Oscar Romero's assassination. •Romero" and "School of Assassins." 8 p.m. in Zurn 114, presented by the School of America's Watch. i Saturday 3/25/2000 • *, Sibs Weekend: Inflatable Pun in the Rec Center, 12-6 p.m. Monday 3/27/2000 _ . . i Speaker, Dr. Stan Hartgraves, Director of the Institute of Physical Therapy at Widener University, "Dementia of the Alzheimer's

Events on campus:

If you like the one on the right, stop by our offices, fill out an application for TT Associate" and toss in a resume. If you like the one on the left, apply for| welfare. You can watch Kenny bite it 24/7.

Flexible hours. Good money. Cool Responsibilities
East 2tf* St. East to McClelland. North on McClelland ovor the track*, first loft onto 9 2*. We're the second building on the Ngfit.


MSG meeting, 8:30 p.m. m the government chambers. Tuesday 3/28/2000 ^ .. ^ i . ^ j M Movie: "Dragonhearti

*1 A



R. M. Kerner Co. :2208 E. II* St.

MARCH 22.2000



SISsM ' She gets the title role. But everybody else gets to sing about her while she sleeps when the world premiere of Seymour Barab' s opera, "Sleeping Beauty" is unveiled at the Mary D'Angelo Performing Arts Center Saturday, April 1, at 730 p.m. and* Sunday, April 2, at 2:30 p.m. Produced by the D* Angelo Opera Theater, Sleeping Beauty is a major production and has been in the works for over a year. This version of the fairy tale follows the traditional story line with the princess falling into a deep sleep and being awakened by the kiss of a handsome prince. Some unfamiliar characters—- a bumbling doctor, wizard, and king— take more prominent roles providing unexpected comic and satirical flavor to the standard fairy tale. £ The cast includes both faculty and students of the college's D' Angelo School of Music, and several of the parts have been double cast to give more students the opportunity to participate in major roles. The director of the j voice department, Louisa Jonason, says "This is a tremendous opportunity for our students and we wanted as many as possible to participate. Having been in a world premiere opera is a feather in their caps as they make their way in the professional world." R E S E R V E


MirrorJ mirror on the wall...
This opera is one of over 25 composed by Seymour Barab during his career. He has received commissions from the New York City and Detroit Operas, the Charlotte Opera Theatre and the Manhattan School of Music, as well as numerous orchestra, chamber and dance ensembles. His works are the most performed by an American opera composer. He has also worked as a professional cellist and he currently resides in New York City. "Sleeping Beauty" is being J directed by Dorothy Danner who has directed and choreographed more than 100 productions of operas, operettas, musicals and plays. Her most recent works include "Carmen" and "Porgy and Bess" with the Cleveland Opera, 'The Merry Widow" at the Virginia Opera, and "Die Fledermaus" at the Chautauqua Opera, among others.- She began her career as a dancer and actress. ' 'To have such a renowned composer and director at Mercyhurst to launch a world premier opera is a testament to the professional skill level that the college and the D' Angelo School of Music has achieved," said Michael Furhman, director of the Mary D' Angelo Performing Arts Center. 'This is not only a rare opportunity for the college and the School of Music, but also for the Erie community to enjoy a high caliber of operatic performance.** For ticket information, or to make a reservation, call the Mary D'Angelo Performing Arts Center box office at Ext 3000. ¥&± t


Wonder Boys
Just the Ticket


As part of the Great Performance Series, the Mary D* Angelo Performing Arts Center will present the Takacs Quartet on Sunday, March 26 al 2:30 p.m. Closely associated with the works of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, and Bartok the quartet embodies the central European music-making tradition. They received the 1998 Gramophone Chamber . Music Recording of the Y ear Award for their famous performance at the Freer Gallery in Washington D.C., and have performed worldwide at every major music festival. Their conceit will feature* quartets by Beethoven, Bartok and Dvorak. Tickets are $ 10 for Mercyhurst students with ID, and $12.50 for adults. C O R P S

Quartet for four

shock value to the script This technique only works if used for its artistic merit and with reasoning that can be followed by Brandon Boylan an audience, even if the audience is a selected one. The humor was Exceptionally filmed, "Wonder dark, which was advantageous to Boys" is about an out-of-touch the plot due to its theme off writer who has had great success marital affairs and inappropriate in his earlier years, only to relations between teachers and become a stumbling, untalented, students. With a dark, creepy older author. Brilliantly portrayed script and superb acting, the; by Michael Douglas, the novelist/ movie was able to stay afloat, teacher befriends one of his leaving its audience with a students and takes him under his strangely satisfying feeling. And decrepit wing in order to fill, or at for all you southern Pennsylvaleast reduce, some void in his life. nians, if you don't want to see the With an unadvised affair, a movie because of its content or violated teacher-student relationmixed critical reviews, it was* ship, and a distant connection with filmed in Pittsburgh.! Besides his editor, Douglas deals with a$ Douglas, the film also stars little bit more than what he Frances McDormand, Tobey bargained for. 1 $ Maguire, Robert Downey Jr., and Katie Holmes. I gave it a 7 out Overall, I feel the film was well-crafted, but director Curtis ^ of 10. "Wonder Boys" is playing at Tinseltown daily at 12:05 p.m., Hansen was often disappointing. 2:40 p.m., 5:10 p.m., 7:40 p.m., As most dark comedy movies reveal, the crew tried to attach^, „'r and 10:15 p.m. ,-, .; . - & & . more of a "purposely weird,

Thursday, March 23 Lunch: Beef Noodle Soup, Open-face Turkey Sandwich, Goulash, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Escalloped Apples, Broccoli Spears, Hot Ham & Swiss, French Fries, Dinner: Fruit Salad, Cole Slaw, Shrimp Jambalaya, Cajun-fried i Chicken, Bourbon-glazed Ham, Fettuccini Alfredo Friday, March 24 J Lunch: Tomato Lentil Soup, Eggplant Parmesan, Beef Macaroni, Steamed Broccoli, Zucchini & Tomatoes, Sausage Sub, Cheeseburger, French Fries, Dinner: Chopped Steak, * " Macaroni & Cheese, Red Roasted Potatoes, Sliced Carrots, Steamed Peas Saturday, March 25 Lunch: Chicken Wings, Taco Casserole, Baby Whole Carrots, Mixed Vegetables, Pizzaburger, Turkey-melt on Deli Wheat, French Fries, Dinner: Sirloin ^Steak, Breaded Shrimp. Veggie \ Lasagna, Baked Potato, Corn Cobbettes, Burger Bar, Onion Rings Sunday, March 26 Brunch: Scrambled Eggs, Sausage Links, Pancakes, Hashbrown Patty, Baked Chicken. Cheeseburger, French Fries,

0 ' r j r i C E B S '



If you didn't sign tip for ROTC •• a trtshfltAR or sop horn or o, you can still catch up to your claw* mate* by ammding Army ROTC Camp Challenge, a paid six week summor course in tejtdonhip uainfnff* By rtt* ante you gtadutf* from co3Utye, you'll have the credw tlus of w Army ofecti. Youll oho hevetht sott* confidence and discipline it takes to succeed to college and beyond.


JCornpcte for two-year scholarships I Call Gannon KO'ltS 1-800-GANNON-U

Dinner Pepper-crusted Pork Roast, Turkey Cutlets, Au Gratin Potatoes, Vegetable Trio, Pasta Bar MONDAY, March 27 A Luneh: French Onion Soup, Ham & Potato Au Gratin, Chickenrotini Casserole, Green Beans, Oregano, Fresh Cauliflower, BLT Sub, Hot-pepper Cheeseburger, French Fries, Dinner General Tso Chicken, Swiss Steak,' Steamed Rice, Parmesan Lima Beans, Marsala Carrots, ; Checsesteak, French Fries Tuesday, March 28 Lunch: Sausage Pizza Soup, Tacos, Tuna-noodle Casserole, Mexican Cinnamon Rice,Steamed Corn, Italian Grilled Chicken, Cheeseburger, French Fries, Dinner: Veal Parmesan, Ztti with Sauce, Oven-baked Potatoes, Mixed Veggies, Brussel Sprouts, BBQ Pork Patty, French Fries i Vegetarian Dinners: Thursday - Brown Rice with Veggies, Friday - Macaroni &£ Cheese, Saturday - Lunch- t Zucchini & Spinach Casserole, Dinner-Veggie Lasagna, Sunday - Pasta Bar, Monday - Baked & Stuffed Zucchini, Tuesday Eggplant Parmesan




MARCH 22,2000

What's Happening...
• On St. Patrick's Day, Mercy hurst Student Government and Student Activities Committee sponsored a shuttle bus to three downtown Erie locations for students participating in the day's festivities. Thank, you to Cass Shimek and Melissa Waclawik, who rode the bus back and forth between campus and downtown until 2 a.m. Many students rode the bus and were very appreciative that concerns about drinking and driving were virtually eliminated. tg • A student forum is planned for Thursday, March 30, at 7:30 p.m. in the Mercy Heritage Room. Students are encouraged to bring their questions and concerns to the meeting. All questions are submitted anonymously at the forum.

"Yes. For those students who don't have cat's, it would be an easy way to get off campus. The cabs are too expensive for v college students and the buses are sometimes confusing." — Gretchen Koskoski, Junior Elementary Education major "Yes, transportation to downtown Erie is a good idea. I am a professional valet and I realize how hard it is to park a car. Why drive yourself when you can have a professional do it for you? Hopefully I can employ my driving skills by having a chance to drive Mercy hurst students safely to and from the bars." — Scott Platz, Senior Business major "No* personally I prefer to stay on campus on the weekends to catch up on my school work and clean up around the apartment when I can get a break from the hustle and bustle of the average' school week." — Kevin Brubaker, Senior Business major }

at campus. Students need to be notified where and when the buses would be running.! — Scott Mastin, Freshman 1 Graphic Design major

Do you think Mercyhurst should provide transportation to downtown Erie and along Peach Street? Do you think students would use it?

• It is amazing the number of underage students from Mercy hurst who were intoxicated in bars this past weekend. Students were carded Friday at most bars except Sullivan's, yet they still seemed to be admitted with fake ID's. • Last week The Merciad reported about the fire in Baldwin Hall over spring break. The firemen reported seeing a man leaving the area of the dorm when they arrived on campus. The security department reported seeing nothing on their surveillance tapes. Rumors are. spreading fast about who and why someone was sleeping in the dorm while it was supposedly locked for break, yet no one has any answers.

"Yes. We definitely need somewhere to go and somehow to get there. Students would use the transportation and it gives "I think transportation downtown them something different to do. is a great idea. Nearly all of the — Tiffany Durney, Freshman bars in Erie are out of walking Art Education major distance and this service would greatly reduce driving under the , "Yes, it is a great idea. It will influence of alcohol." stop students from driving drunk — Jared Oakes, Senior and it will save them money that Finance/Accounting major they would have to pay for a

"Yes. It is hard for freshmen to get around. We get bored sitting



— Liz McDonnell, Junior Management/Finance major

• During spring 1999, a basketball court between Briggs andj beautiful court has now become unusable. Apparently one too many Shaquille O'Neils hung from the hoop and now it is mangled. -- -i h : iikk^zF


Donate your eye glasses to the needy
^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^

Lewis Avenues was redone, all except the hoop. What went from a

x. **y Carrie Tappe Editor in Chief

The MerCldd Staff Wlllbe Collecting glasses tktOUgh the end of April
v !

• An emerald and diamond anniversary band was lost at a recent basketball game. The owner believes she dropped it between the parking lot beside McAuley Hall and the Rec Center. A $50 reward is being offered for the return of this ring. Anyone who knows the whereabouts of thisringis urged to call Denise at (814)665-7375 or (814)664-2202. The ring holds sentimental value to the owner.

Spring Formal: May 5,2000

Interested in Rotaract club?
Are you interested in becoming part of a club that will help you in the future, provide many career and social opportunities, take part in activities that help the community around you and have fun in the process? If so, you should consider joining the Rotaract club. The Rotaract club is an international program for young men and women ages 18 to 30 who believe they can make a difference. Rotaract clubs provide an opportunity for young adults to enhance knowledge and skill that will help them in personal development, address the physical and social needs of their communities and promote better relations between all people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service. * ? There are efforts pushing for the establishment of a Rotaract club on campus. The Mercy hurst Rotaract club would work in conjunction with the Erie Rotary Club. ; Anyone interested in joining can contact Kerri Ruschak at Ext. 2614 or Heather Enos at Ext 2633. * "?

Many people who wear glasses take it for granted that when they wake up in the morning and reach to the night stand for their specs, soon they will see the light Fortunately, most of us can afford eye glasses. Many other people cannot New Eyes for the Needy, Inc. is a company based out of New Jersey that has helped over 5 million people in the United States and over 30 other countries to see better. It is a nonprofit volunteer-run organization which recycles eyeglasses, jewelry, watches and hearing : j aids to benefit visually impaired adults and children. Social agencies and schools across the United States contact'-] New Eyes for the Needy with requests to help people who are unable to see because they cannot afford eyewear. In |5 collaboration with opticians and optometrists, New Eyes provides prescription glasses at no cost to the individual. As members of a Mercy community, which is prided on commitment to the community


File photo

New Eyes for the Needy, Inc. helps provide less fortunate; children and adults with recycled eye glasses. and in the spirit of giving, April to donate to New Eyes tor Mercy hurst students and faculty the Needy. Bye glasses can be are urged to rumble through their dropped off at Sister Damien's desks and homes for any old eye desk in Old Main, or the glasses glasses which you no longer can be sent to: New Eyes for the wear. Here's your chance to let Needy, 549 Millburn Ave., Short less fortunate people see the Hills. N. J., 07078. Your old world as we can. i eyeglasses will be put to good The Merciad will be collectuse! ing eye glasses until the end of

MARCH 22, 2000



MAIL BAG! In response to M o n t e Carlo Night
With the MSG primary elections coming soon, I thought it would be important for students to know who many student representatives are already supporting. Perry Wood and Frank Kostik have my vote. As a student rep myself, I have seen these two break away from the general inaction of many of our f el low* reps. Frank and Perry consistently challenge the old system because they integrate their ideas to create more efficient, effective and beneficial programs, policies and student life. They have a strong history as student representati ves, and more ntly, they're great guys. ~ Scott Koskoski/Contributing photographer From talking with friends and Students enjoy the casino atmosphere and fast flying "Garvey bucks" at Monte Carlo Night other students, I know these two sponsored by MSG. * T £v; M <i? P political science majors are also Inresponseto last week's article effort As for the complaint that hadn' t helped out, the event involved in other campus MSG representatives won so about Monte Carlo Night I would not have been.possible for activities. Perry is vice president would just like to express that it*| many of the prizes, the fact is anyone. Excluding the television, of the political science honor % everything was donated in the was a very beneficial fundraising that there were nearly 70 prize society while Frank is movies packages and as was stated $ name of the American Cancer event The proceeds went to the chairperson for SAC. With their earlier, the drawings were totally Society, rather than paid for by J background, these guys actually American Cancer Society and fair and witnessed by the whole your student activity fee, as is'the' ttnow what they're doing and those who attended were crowd. In addition, not every case when SAC runs a tourna- j delighted to be able to help fight have a variety of other interests member of MSG was volunteerment that offers prizes. a fife threatening disease and at — just another reason why I am ing for the event and every Anyone who donated either the same time have fun particivoting for them. student on campus had the their money or their time had a It seems like MSG candidates pating in the festivities that went opportunity to make a donation right to the winnings! Thanks to promise change and never follow on in the student union that and do some playful gambling. I all who came and enjoyed! through. Students need to see evening. guess a few reps just got 1 ucky! -Colleen Nardi, MSG their representatives actually Many of the MSG representadoing something for them. Perry president 1 I will also mention that the tives worked really hard to make students who did donate their the event a success and the time to volunteer for the event American Cancer Society and had the opportunity to have five students and faculty who. J chances to win a prize. If they* attended were grateful for that

MAIL (BAG. M S G elections j p p r o a c h i n g —b e ? i n f o r m e d
and Frank have completely restructured the MSG constitution to give candidates and students greater access to and communication with each other. 1 They instituted the running mate system for MSG to follow the ^ format of national presidential elections. This allows two candidates who share ideas and goals to run together. It cuts out a lot of the internal red tape and bickering that past and current MSG executive boards have encountered. What this means for students is better and faster results. ':- ->. Perry and Frank, along with their numerous supporters within MSG, instituted a debate^ program. Students will meet the candidates face to face with the opportunity to question and challenge them, instead of just listening to prepared speeches. I urge students to attend the debates and ask the candidates what their contributions have g( been. Students win learn exact!) >C what I did — no other candidate team can claim the dedication, action and accomplishments that Perry Wood and Frank Kostik can. These men of thought and action have my vote and deserve yours. .m I —Kristen Brown, freshman


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letters should be submitted to Box 485.





MARCH 22.2000

Eating disorder awarness
By Kate Cywinski Merdad writer

Introducibg J. Counseling and health centers host third annual program

Bodies: Untangling Emotions, ^will then be evaluated and ^^^^^ t f Food, and Body Image" will be discussed by Mercyhurst held m the Taylor Little Theatre psychologists, Dr. Gerard Tobin By Dave Hermenau Mercyhurst College will hold its at 8 p.m. by author and national and Dr. Becky Conrad, along Features editor; third annual Eating Disorder -v lecturer, Rebecca Rugtles with a group of professional Awareness program on March 28 Radcliff. counselors from within the 5 c r.^ Leaf than six months ago, it and 29. The event is sponsored community. Those who suffer Radcliff is the executive by the counseling center in director of Ease, an organization from or may be at risk of having was not uncommon for Michael Aj Wahlster| J.D., to bilpjg an eating disorder will be conjunction with other student that promotes self-esteem and working on business deals services, including the Cohen understanding of the mind-body notified and directed toward featured on the front page of the help. Health Center. i relationship. Her lecture will February is National Eating address the body image struggles People don't need to be at risk Wall Street Journal or covered to attend the program or partake on CNBC. J Disorder Awareness Month, but that most people face and will Wahlster, however, has in the screening. It is an educabecause it clashes with the end of focus on healthy decision tional opportunity in which staff given up his life of flying winter term, Mercyhurst will . making. \ i around the world to complete celebrate the occasion next week. The following day, March 29, and students can gain a better The program is meant to be both a mini Nutritional Health Fai r . understanding of the situation in nationally recognized business which victims of eating disorders mergers and public offerings. informational and educational for will take place in the Great His talents are now dedicated to Room of the Carolyn Herrmann are involved and the struggles everyone, while offering Mercyhurst Union from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. they face. The program is also assistance to those who struggle The college's newestStudent health services, along meant to help people gain a with an eating disorder. Michael A. Wahlster, director of addition*' Wahlster has come with the athletic department, will better perspective of their own Traditionally associated with aboard as the new director of foundation relations and probe available with information * situation regardi ng image and women, the event ties in nicely Foundation relations and throughout the day. Videos willg fitness. spect research and pre-law with Women's History Month in prospect research. Wahlster is advisor portray people who have suffered 'The goal is to move away March. The event, however, i from anorexia or bulimia and from just the problem of disor- K also here to reinvigorate the addresses both men and women, their struggles toward recovery. ders and address healthy lifestyle college's pre-law program as its :Mwho have a connection with the particularly groups such as 5 new adviser. £ college and who would like to choices for everyone," said athletes and dancers who are Those who attend will have ? Originally from Pittsburgh, *give to the institution. Conrad.* often pressured to fit a certain the opportunity to take part in a ^Wahlster will also be thei For more information, contact Wahlster received both his | screening that will be available image. ?. bachelor's and master's degrees college's new pre-law adviser. Conrad at Ext. 2561 or visit the during the fair. Participants will" On March 28, a lecture The pre-law program has fizzled from the University of Pittscounseling center in Preston 103. entitled 'Learning to Live in Our fill out a questionnaire which burgh in history. In 1992, | out in recent years but Wahlster Wahlster moved to Erie to work will surely jump sunt the for Gannon University as a J program. In coming months, the»J student conduct officer and J college is expected to officially announce a new program with assistant director of student living, v Duquesne University's School Wahlster left Erie in 1995 to of Law.; attend Cleveland-Marshall Jn the program, students College of Law of Cleveland spend three years at Mercyhurst State University, Cleveland and then attend law school at Ohio. He received his Juris Duquesne for another three Doctor 1997 and took a position years. The student* s first year at as a securities lawyer practicing Duquesne will act as their senior With Calfee, Halter & Griswold, year at Mercyhurst. Wahlster LLP. ; J will also take over the college's As a securities lawyer, «| pre-law society. Wahlster represented publicly * Having gone through the traded companies such as RPM, law-school process himself, Inc., Camelot Music and Key Wahlster hopes his experience Bank. Working 80 to 120 hours | will enable him to take students per week, however, took its toll under his wing and prepare on Wahlster and his young them for law school and life as a family. practicing lawyer.) 'The perks were nice, the ' The way I see the pre-law • More man 1,200 courses available money was fabulous, but it was ' society shaping up... is really • Dav and evening classes a grind," said Wahlster. more as a facilitation of discus^|* Accelerate your degree program... Hearing of a job opening in sion, talking about what to or eec back on schedule Mercy hurst's advancement expect in law school and office, Wahlster applied for the different careers that people can For a free course schedule or to register by phone, call toll-free position. A few months later, he pursue through law school," was called for an interview. said Wahlster. i As director of foundation After two months on the ^ relations and prospect research, job, Wahlster is enjoying the it is Wahlster s job to establish atmosphere of academia which, www.csuohio.edu and build philanthropic relacompared to the world of tionships with foundations, business law, is much more Make the smart choice this summer...choose... primarily in the tri-state area, relaxed. j. 1 who fund higher education. He 1 have a family life now...," also acts as an intermediary said Wahlster,"... no salary can between Mercyhurst and people replace that*

MichaeliA. Wahlster, pre-law adviser

take a course orftwo

at Cleveland State University back to the college you're attending.


...andjtransfer those credits


MARCH 22.2000



leers fall 2-0 to Connecticut in MAAC Final Four, see second-winningest season end at 22-10
By Scott Koskoski Sports editor Louis Goulet won the opening * faceoff at 7:03 p.m. last Thursday, but by 9:57 that remained one of the few things Mercyhurst had won. -& The game was not of them. Behind an inspirational goal tending performance from UConn senior Marc Senerchia, the Huskies ended Mercyhurst's stellar rookie season in the MAAC at 22-10-4 with a 2-0 shutout victory before over 1,500 fans. i h The win sent UConn (19-161) to the MAAC championship game last Saturday, where the upperclassmen-led Huskies demolished lona 6-1. The loss sent the Lakers to that awkward yet familiar feeling of division among themselves... between the six seniors who just ended four years of hockey blood, sweat and tears, and those who can return to the Final Four next year and earn revenge. Not that the Laker icers didn't throw everything and everyone (literally) into Senerchia in their attempt to reach the championship contest If the numerous Mercyhurst bodies who found their way into the crease or the net had been pucks, we'd still be drinking champagne. Credit must, however, be given to Senerchia for his third win against coach Rick Ootkin's squad in four tries this year. The senior faced far more than occasional Mercyhurst wrist shots and dump-ins and came up bigger with every save... 37 in all. } 3 * v* At 2:10 of the first period, the Lakers' Tom McMonagle looked at a nearly wide-open net after ~ getting a head-man pass, but Senerchia stuffed the effort McMonagle carried the Hurst* s

1 1 1






« .











Gerrtt Shuffstall/Merciad photographs

I Apply for I summer iemployment at Mercyhurst
Pick up applications in Main 101 1 Deadline for applicative i. Anril 21.2000

Like a prayer: Mercyhurst junior Jody Robinson kneels on the ice in front of the UConn net after Huskie goaltender Marc- T Senerchia stopped one of 37 Laker shots in a MAAC semifinal game. It would take many prayers, and maybe a miracle to beat Senerchia Thursday night. Connecticut posted a 2-0 win, then coasted on to the MAAC title with a 6-1 victory over lona. 16:30 when he drew a smart great as well. The 1999-2000 MAAC has been great to us, an first and perhaps best scoring I Lakers compiled their secondunsportsmanlike conduct penalty we feel comfortable with our chance of the game. •£ winningest season of all time, from the Huskies' Eric i competition. Sometimes things UConn was outshot by finishing one victory shy of a f Goclowski, but the Lakers just don* t go your way, so we Mercyhurst 12-5 in thefirst20 new team record. "(The season) couldn't convert on the man give credit to a great UConn minutes and looked like a tired was a greatride,and our seniors advantage. In fact, Mercyhurst team." :_ fighter on the ropes as they will be missed.** failed on all four of its power Not that Mercyhurst wasn't headed into thefirstintermisplay chances, while UConn went sion. Meanwhile, the smal 1 scoreless in two tries. $ contingent of Laker fans who With UConn up 1-0 entering braved sleeting weather and the third period, the Lakers trekked to Storrs felt confident looked to break their scoring that Mercyhurst would keep drought and remind the Huskies pouncing on the wounded hosts. of their nationally-ranked What the fans and many others didn* t know was that the offensive unit Seven minutes into the stanza, though, UConn Lakers' most lethal weapon was struck again when leading scorer done for the night Junior winger Michael Goldkind shot a Eric Ellis reaggrevated a bouncing puck through a screen separated shoulder injury during and found paydirt Despite ? his second shift and couldn* t another Mercyhurst power play return after that. He would be opportunity and Aubry leaving ,,. sorely missed. * the ice for an extra man at 18:40, The Lakers lost much of their UConn* s 2-0 lead held up and command in the early second the Lakers were sent packing. period, and lost their control over Goldkind's shot toward an empty the home crowd at 5:19 when net in the final seconds, which UConn senior Kevin Connell bounced off therightpost, found a slot in the neutral zone, provided perhaps the game* s took a head-man pass, sped finest drama. toward Mercyhurst goalie Peter Gerrtt Shuffstall/Merciad photograph "We have a good feeling Aubry on a breakaway and we*II be back, no doubt about it,** Connecticut goalie Marc Senerchia stopped everything that shel (td the puck into the net 4. said Gotkin afterward. The found the crease Thursday night, including the Lakers Goulet Aubry atoned for the goal of



MARCH 22, 2000



old subway


Scott Koskoski
A few thoughts from recent trips to the MAAC Hockey Final Four and New York City last week: •Even though it's only two years old, the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC) Hockey League is quickly becoming one of the nation's premier conferences. One of five NCAA D-I hockey leagues nationwide, the MAAC isn't quite up to par with the older, more established conferences, but it's getting there. Last week's Final Four at UConn was one of the better playoff events I've seen in my four years covering sports. We in the "media" were treated (and fed) well, and crowds were definitely strong. Connecticut won the championship with a 6-1 win over Iona in Saturday's final but won't get an automatic bid to the NCAA 12team tournament because the MAAC is still in a probationary period. Next year the MAAC winner should advance. -One reason for the large crowds at the UConn Ice Arena last week could've been thatr Gampel Pavilion down the street was hosting NCAA women's *g basketball first and second-round games. Gerrit Shuffstal 1 and I took in a UConn women's practice, followed by Hampton University's shootaround. Connecticut looked sharp in practice, and given their 116-45 win over Hampton last Friday, obviously played sharp, too. About 2.000 fans watched the

1999-00 record of the UConn men*s hockey team when outshot by its opponent during a game. Mercy hurst outshot the ! Huskies 37-22 in a 2-0 Laker loss in the MA AC playoffs.

i 1999-00 record of the 'Hurst icers when an opponent scores first

Percentage of all Mercy hurst men's hockey action this season (2180 minutes, 44 seconds) in which the Lakers trailed on the scoreboard.

Number of NCAA D-Il tourney appearances by Lady Laker basketball coach Jim Webb (1995, advanced to Elite 8).

Number of tourney appearances by Mercyhurst men's coach Karl Fogel (while at D-I Northeastern * University).


Percentage of entries in ESPN's online "Tournament Challenge" mat had' 64th-seed Lamar University winning the men's national championship.

open practice, which was good considering the limited media coverage the women's tourney receives. Of course, 2,000 fans would be the combined attendance at about 10 Lady Laker games at the MAC. •The UConn Ice Arena may be one of the nicer facilities the Laker icers have seen this year. It's only a couple years old and has a large concession area, a nice team/pro shop, and a huge lobby with televisions showing other sporting events. I thought the Mercyhurst Ice Center was a first-class arena, but it's almost a decade old now. It's amazing to see all the things universities stuff into their facilities now to. try and make an extra buck. •Having never been to New York City before, I didn't know if all the derogatory comments Atlanta Braves pitcher John ;; Rocker made in January about the city and its people were true or not After being in the city last weekend, including riding the subways and seeing various neighborhoods, I now think Rocker is off his. Not once did I see a lady with eight kids, a "purple-haired queer" (in his words), a prostitute, or any of the other garbage Rocker spewed out to a Sports 111 ustrated reporter. Of course, New York is a melting pot of culture and there are lots of differences between people, but it's hardly horrible at all. Of course, maybe we weren't in the "right" place at the "right" time. In New York, maybe the only thi ng both Y ankees and Mets fans have in common now is their mutual hatred of Rocker. That Braves/Mets showdown at Shea Stadium this summer ; should be a classic. *

Laker nine survive rocky Ship f ;
It may not have compared to the drama of Noah's Ark, but the * Mercyhurst baseball team faced a tough battle against another Ship over the weekend... Shippensburg University. Playing at the Shippensburg Tournament Saturday, the visaing Lakers (7-9 overall) again let an opponent take a large early lead as the host Red Raiders pounded out eight first-inning runs and coasted to a 12-3 victory. Laker starter Steve Strohm (1-2) displayed wildness in surrendering four walks in two-thirds of the first inning. In Saturday's nightcap, also against the Ship, Mercyhurst jumped to an early 3-0 advantage but saw the lead evaporate in the bottom of the second as the Raiders tied the score. Three more runs by the hosts in the fourth frame and two more runs in the fifth put Shippensburg up 8-3. Despite a valiant Laker comeback in the final two innings, head coach Joe Spano's club walked away with an 8-7 defeat Junior Mark Mattson, a member of the feared Laker "Four Horsemen** which also includes Luke Carothers, Ben Wiand, and Ryan Bogert, homered in defeat Erie Cathedral Prep grad Ryan Nieptuski and Mike Russell each pounded four hits on the day, while Neal Croston* hit and scored twice. Kevin McTigue (2-1) was the starter and loser for Mercyhurst M ; In Sunday's tournament wrap-up, the 'Hurst bounced back to bop Bloomsburg University 8-3 and gained revenge on host Shippensburg with a 5-3 win.Jn the opener, hurler Nate Goodrich threw five innings of three-hit ball and phenom Rico Santana backed up Goodrich's effort with four RBIs, including a home run. Against Shippensburg, Santana struck again with two more runs knocked home while rookie pitcher John Hall gave up just three hits over six innings for the win. Bogert put out a late Ship rally to earn the save. Yesterday's game against Lock Haven on the road, was postponed due to inclement weather. The Lakers continued their Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference swing with a road game today (3/22) at; I.U.R i |

Women's lax keeps Tullio upsets flowing1

It appears that monumental upsets staged by Mercyhurst atTullio ^ Field aren't just limited to football season. Making a major statement, the NCAA D-II Lady Laker lacrosse team handled preseason #4 Shippensburg 13-9 Saturday on the turf. Continuing herfieldhockey season dominance, sophomore Laurie Sienkiewicz led the Lady v q Lakers (3-1) scored three goals, matched by 'Hurst junior Amy Peny. Rookies Amy Plumley and Jennifer Myers and sophomore Vanessa Turner each tallied twice, while freshman Michelle Wellington added a single goal. Junior netminder Nicole Bonvouloir saved 1? Lady Raider shots to earn her third win in goal against one loss. The Lady Lakers visit West Chester Saturday.

Michigan trek forgettable for men's tennis
In a trip they would probably like to forget, coach Ray Yost's Laker men's tennis team stumbled into Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (GLIAQ powers Grand Valley and Ferris State Universities last week, both of whom treated Mercyhurst (3-2 overall, 2-2 GLIAQ like anything but guests. Grand Valley topped the visiting Lakers 9-0 Thursday and Ferris turned the 9-0 shutout trick Friday, giving Mercyhurst a combined 0-18 mark over two days. The Lakers host Michigan upper-peninsularivalsMichigan Tech and Lake Superior State this weekend at Westwood Racquet Club.

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Holiday weekend rough for men's V-ball
It was hardly a St. Patrick's Day to remember for the Laker men's spikers, who tried to convert momentum from last Wednesday's^ three-set victory over NAIA #3 Park University at the MAC into road victories in Illinois over the holiday weekend. NCAA D-II and I Midwest Intercollegiate Volleyball Association (MIVA) rivals Lewis and Loyola of Chicago had other ideas, though. The Flyers of Lewis pounded Mercyhurst 15-4,15-10,15-8 Friday and Loyola downed Craig Davie's squad 15-5,15-3,15-12 Saturday in the Windy City. The Lakers' Josh Becker led with 13 kills against Lewis while senior Adam Tokash dished out 17 kills versus Loyola while Jon Samolis added 42 assists.


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