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Vol. 73 No. 16
Mercyhuret College • 501 E 38th St ^fErie, Pa. 16546 March 29,2000

Fischer/Byrnes Wood/Kostik

% - £ • ; i \ m K f h n i w t g t

By Jen Harwell One more week of active campaigning remains Presidential hopeful Perry Wood, and his running mate Frank
News editor before the final election, and candidates are making Kostik are focusing on many issues, including those within
their final pleas to represent the Mercyhurst student MSG itself to strengthen their chances of becoming
Tracy Fischer, junior, running for president, and her running body. f Mercyhurst Student Government president and vice president
mate for vice president, junior Billy Byrnes, have targeted The primary elections narrowed down the two Wood and Kostik, both juniors, feel much improvements
many issues on campus which they would like to focus on in remaining platforms of Tracy Fischer/Billy Byrnes, could be made to MSG that would affect students positively.
the 2000-01 school year. i - * and Perry Wood/Frank Kostik. Both teams have , High on their list of concerns is to improve communication
| In last week's issue of The Merciad, students were asked presented their two different areas of concerns in a between students and the members of MSG.
in the Campus Question whether a shuttle service Would be presidential platform, and back up what they feel are * An annual fee of $38 per term is paid to the MSG and
needed and used. An overwhelming amount of students felt important issues with their experience. SAC fund. Wood and Kostik would like to see this money
a shuttle service would be a valuable asset to the campus, Running for treasurer is junior, Melanie spent responsibly, with activities and events appealing to a
and would broaden the scope of student activities.* Fischer McClaskey, sophomore, StaceyTate and freshman,.] broader range of constituents.
and Byrnes also feel a shuttle is important for destinations John Johnson. f
~ j? * * Another area of their platform is to reevaluate why MSG
such as the Millcreek Mall, Tinseltown, grocery stores, Erie Bidding for the secretary position are Lindsay exists, and how it can get more students involved, thereby
airport, community service centers, Presque Isle and State Christopher, junior, and Carlton Morgan, sopho- lowering the amount of student dissatisfaction. * I
Street ;^ more, t 5 Wood and Kostik wish to reinvent MSG's structure by
A game room would also prove to be an appealing asset The debate between the remaining platforms will making sure things get done at the committee level, Initial
to students on campus. Fischer and Byrnes want an enter- take place tonight at 8 p.m. in the Great Room. debate should begin in a specialized committee created for
tainment room where students can hang out, play pool, ping General elections will be held April 5(11 am.-4 the specific purpose of dealing with the issue at hand, they
pong or other arcade games. Options for this game room are p.m.and 6-8:30 p.m.) and 6 (10 a.m.-3 p.m.) in the say. Discovery of information and resolutions should take
the Great Room of the student union or the green room of student union. shape at this level before debate on the MSGfloor.This
thePAC. I } ;••• would allow committee members to provide representatives
Parking is a necessity for those living on and off campus. Fischer and Byrnes wish with the information they need to make an informed decision. *%» *
to reexamine how parking could be better maximized and become more efficient, Wood and Kostik feel that tasks and dates of review need to be established for any
possibly with parking on both sides of Briggs Avenue, limited event parking for the project that MSG undertakes. Therightdirection and the pressure of a deadline would
public and reevaluating how parking passes are distributed.} foster a sense of responsibility in the project leaders.'; Mf '. y& £v &
Late night activity is on the agenda as well. Friday and Saturday nights would be Finally, Wood and Kostik are striving for a year of dynamic leadership. They feel that a
filled with comedians, bands, karaoke, open mic, dances and movies. lethargic and unclear executive board gets an organization nowhere fast. Clear vision and
The Rec Center also is targeted as a place Fischer and Byrnes would like to goals are needed from the beginning, and should be followed through with consistency. I
improve, with new machines for weight lifting and cardiovascular workout, as well as Wood and Kostik believe that macromanagement of the MSG process lets the creativity of
aerobics, kick boxing, self-defense, personal training and more intramural sports. its membersflourish.Check out their Web site at <
Finally, to ensure students are aware of what the week's happenings will be, Fischer msg.html>.
and Byrnes pledge to create an events' hotline where students can call and get the latest
information regarding MSG and SAC information. Page one photos by Gerrit Shuffstall/Merciad photographer

Rep. English announces bill at 'Hurst

By Dave Hermenau this bill has an excellent chance of proposed by the bill include
Features editor going through the House and more liberal Education Savings
Congress and being passed into Accounts (ESAs) and deductible
Congressman Phil English held law,*' said English in support of student loan interest
a press conference on campus The Education Savings and "With this bill, those involved
Monday to announce his fy> School Excellence Act of 2000. in higher education would be
support of a bill that, if passed, The bill, passed by the House given favorable tax treatment,**
would make it substantially & Ways and Means Committee last ^ English said.
easier for middle-class Ameri- week, aims to make education The Republican Congressman
cans to pay for higher educa more affordable by removing the represents the 21st Congressional
r tax burden on those paying for District of Butler, Crawford, Erie Rep. Phil English announces a proposed education bill in
lion. ; j 3B * and Mercer Counties.
\ ^This is just a beginning, but higher education. Changes Bishop's Parlor * J ;

Changes anfhousing locations and sign up procedures
By Jen Harwell ^ substance-free buildings where aside to accommodate the „ - higher cost of living than a four- term. |
News editor alcohol and ciagarette smoking personal needs of students. For person unit Additionally, there will be
are not permitted. instance, students who do not Three other apartments in the seven preferred triple apartments
Several changes have been made The remaining freshman wish to share an apartment with *

available to students not able to

to accommodate current on- same building will be designated
buildings—Egan, Baldwin and three other people will instead be for triple occupancy (three get their first or second choice of
campus students, as Well as the McAuley halls—also will given the opportunity to live living in the designated doubles
incoming freshman class for the people to an apartment that has
become substance free next fall. with only one or two others. two bedrooms). In these triple or triples apartment buildings.
year 2000-01. With as many as While alcohol has never been Three apartments at 3810 College officials will keep these
575 new freshmen anticipated, apartments, students who share a
permitted, cigarette smoking now Lewis Ave. will be doubles bedroom will pay $1,100 dollars seven apartments as triples unless
which is 40 more than this year's will be banned in these dormito- apartments (two people living in housing enrollment requires that a
record-breaking class, housing ^ ries' rooms and lobbies. per person per term; while the
them) at a cost of $1,500 per third student with a private fourth student be placed in them.
has been forced to make New apartments have been person per term, which is a
modifications.' bedroom will pay $1350per-
purchased and will be available ^
Mercy 100 and 200 will to on-campus students next year
etables, Fish Sandwich, Texas
become freshman housing.
Freshmen living in Mercy will
at 3808-3810 Lewis Ave., 3828-
3830 Lewis Ave., 3807-3800 Cafeteria Menu Burger, French Fries Dinner:
Oatmeal, Pierogies with Onions,
Cheeseburger, French Fries ,
have the same visitation limita- Briggs Ave. and 3827-3829 Thursday, March 30 Homestyle Meatloaf, Veggie Lo Dinner: Grilled Ham Steaks,
tions as the dormitories. Mercy Briggs Ave. Lunch: Split Pea Soup, Open- Mein, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Salisbury Steaks, Au Gratin Pota-
100 and 200 will become" face Roast Beef Sandwich, Steamed Corn, Green Beans | toes, Vegetable Trio, Steamed Com,
A few buildings will be set Fettuccini with Roasted Veg- A1 mondi ne, Nacho Bar Pasta Bar
etables, Mashed Potatoes &
Career services tracking class of 1999 Gravy, Green Beans, Peas &
Saturday, April 1
Lunch: Chicken Nuggets, Pizza
Monday, April 3
Lunch: Western-style Chili,
By Jennifer Kelley graduate schools and where they Carrots, Pizzarino Sandwich, Supreme Casserole, Cinnamon . Chicken & Stuffing Casserole, Taco
Merciad writer are continuing their educations. French Fries. Dinner: Southern Applesauce, Sliced Carrots with Casserole, French-cut Green Beans,
The report includes research Fried Chicken, Yankee Pot Roast, Honey, Chicken Patty T una-melt Steamed Fresh Cauliflower, French
For the Class of 1999,76 percent from all degree areas, including Savory Rice, Steamed Com, Lima on Deli Wheat, French Fries Dip AI
*M^ JB
of Mercy hurst's graduates were * bachelor, master and associate Beans & Carrots, Jumbo Chili Dinner: Sirloin Steak, Breaded Bacon Cheeseburger, French Fries
employed within eight months of degrees, in addition to certificate Shrimp, Vegetables Fresca, Dinner: Sliced Roasted Turkey,
graduation, and 17 percent were? programs. Friday, March 31 Baked Potato, Corn Cobbettes, Veggie Stuffed Peppers, Mashed
enrolled in graduate programs. Bob Hvezda, director of Lunch: Cream of Potato Soup, U Burgers, Onion Rings Potatoes & Gravy, Petite Whole
These statistics are compiled ** Career Services, oversaw the Swedish Meatballs, Buttered i $ Sunday, April 2 Green Beans, Baby Carrots,
in an annual jepbrt published by production of the report and is Noodles, Macaroni & Cheese, Brunch: Scrambled Eggs, Crisp Meatball Hoagie, French Fries
the Office of Career Services. pleased with the findings. Brussel Sprouts, Mixed Veg- - Bacon, Pancakes, Cinnamon
On May 1,1 999, the office staff "The results of this year's
began collecting information report indicate that Mercyhurst r

from the 471 students who . graduates are being employed by
graduated in 1999. After six some of the best organizations

i ndividual mailings, evening locally and nationally," Hvezda
phone calls and correspondence said. "And students who elect to
with faculty, Career Services go directly to graduate school are*
succeeded in contacting 91 receiving graduate assistantships
percent of the graduating class and scholarships to universities
and used the information that have highly reputable • • •

received to compile the statistics programs.** *

in the report
The report tracks the employ-
ment status of the graduates, *
Career Services is already
beginning to initiate steps for ^
next years report. Letters will go
take a course or two
their position and whether or not out to al 1 year 2000 graduates in at Cleveland State University
they are employed in their May, asking for their support in
intended fields. It also identifies providing the information needed
students who are attending
Events on campus:
to tabulate the valuable statistics.
...and transfer those credits
Wednesday 3/29/2000 jf ' f back to the college youre attending.
Mini-Nutritional Health Fair, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. in the Great Room.
Fashion Merchandising club meeting. "A Touch of Paris," 7:30 p.m. More than 1,200 courses available
in the Bnggs Annex. Dav and evening classes
Thursday 3/30/2000 f Accelerate \xuir degree program...
Student forum: 7:30 p.m. in the Mercy Heritage Room or set back on schedule
Informational meeting for students interested in "Mercyhurst in
Ireland" study abroad program. 7 p.m. in Main 104. For a free course schedule or to register bv phone, call toll-free
Tournament: Big-ball dodge ball, 8 p.m. in the Rec center.
Through the Eye of a Needle, 8:15-9:30 p. m. in the Student Govern-
ment Chambers.
Friday 3/31/2000
Weekend coffeehouse with 5 Cubic Feet in the Laker Inn, SM1 p.m. Make the smart choice this summer...choose...
Resident Assistant applications due in the office of residence life,
Egan 21,4:30 p.m. I
Saturday 4/1/2000 i -
Trips to bowl i ng. Sign up and meet in the union at 10:15 p.m. C*0vt4no S:aie unwitfity *$ an AA.EOE cowwied !0 r»;ndiscn*ninaiio"' M f •- v *t':owft«*o A A

Tuesday 4/4/2000
SAC general meeting in the government chambers at 8:30 p.m.

The cast of Sleeping
?f Drowning fBettei Midlbr? ft

good old Bette.

Just the Ticket Unfortunately, the movie was

Beauty"..?. Brandon Boylan

only funny if you sat there in the
movie theater and made fun of it
The laughs were few and far
between and De Vito, as well as
The best part of the movie? Well, the rest of the gang, were not up
for all you anti-"Beaches" people, to par. With an unfortunate
Bette Midler drives off a cliff and anticlimatic plot and a poorly
dies within the first five minutes written script, the movie was only
of the movie. "Drowning Mona," able to stand on actor Casey.
a satirical comedy with "Ruthless Affleck (little brother to Ben, "To
People" co-stars, Midler and Die For,** "Good Will Hunting,*''
Danny De Vito, is about a woman "200 Cigarettes**) and psychotic
who has been "accidentally** killed Midler's performances. Besides
in a suspicious car accident The Midler, DeVito and Affleck, the
suspects? Well, let*s see 1 there movie also stars Jamie Lee Curtis
are the usuals ... her husband, her and Neve Campbell. "Drowning
son, her son's fiance and her Mona'* can be seen at Tinseltown
husband* s mistress. Needless to at 12:20 p.m., 2:35 p.m., 5:05
say, everyone wanted her dead. p.m., 7:35 p.m., and 10:15 p.m. I
But don* t worry, chief policeman give it a 4 out of 10.
De Vito will figure out who killed

^ Gerrit Shuffstaff/Merclad Photographer Oscar Lopez heats things 'up

Seymour Barab's opera, "Sleeping Beauty," will be performed at the Mary D'Angelo Performing It may be spring, but we still may power, that energy. I just close
Arts Center Saturday April "ffat 7130 p.m. and Sunday, April 2, at 2:30 p.mltTickets are avail- need some warmth to get us to J my eyes and go for it" •'«
able by calling the Mary D'Angelo Performing Arts Center box office at 824-3000.' May. Oscar Lopez will do his **We made the decision ft)''
best to heat things up at present Oscar Lopez in Taylor £
Mercy hurst College's Taylor Little Theatre for its ambiance,"
Little Theatre Sunday, April 2, at says Michael Furhman, director
7:30 p.m. He will be bringing of the Mary D'Angelo Perform-
along bassist Brent Gubbels and 1 ing Arts Center. "Lopez* music is
rhythm guitarist Manuel Jara to intimate in nature and we thought
play an array of pieces, including the smaller venue would show-
works from Lopez' latest record*- case that quality." T
ing, "Seduction.*' For more information call the
When playing for a live Mary D'Angelo Performing Arts
audience Lopez says, "I've got his Center box office at 824-3000.
r E-Commerce Project tiger inside of me. I feel that;
If Open to all majors
•/ Laptops provided
r Internships available j
And the winners are...
Best Picture: American Beauty f
v Professional Development Seminars Best Director: Sam Mcndes— American Beauty tA
•/ Accredited by The International Best Actor: Kevin Spacey — American Beauty it
.Association for Management Education Best Actress: Hilary Swank— Boys Don't Cry
(AACSB)f T ? Best Supporting Acton Michael Caine— The Cider House Rules ^
Best Supporting Actress: Angelina Jolie— Girl, Interrupted
Join us at our Open House Best Original Screenplay: American Beauty JC I
Best Screenplay Adaptation: The Cider House Rules t*
Saturday, April 15 at noon - 3 p.m. Best Costume Designer: Topsy-Turvy ft.
Canlsius Center @ Amherst Best Sounds The Matrix
300 Corporate Parkway Best Make-Up: Topsy-Turvy Jfr
Best Original Song: Phil Collins—Tarzan
Contact us today Best Sound Effects: The Matrix
August 3b, 2000 .4 1-800-543-7906 or (716) 888-2140 Best Visual Effects: The Matrix Best Original Scores The Red Violin
B^S^Us College?^ ft

Best Art Direction: Sleepy Hollow
Best Film Editing: The Matrix f*
" : ? • . • • • "• : A \ t < .. Best Cinematography: American Beauty X
Where leaders are made
\ .. <A 2001 Main Street* Buffalo, New York 14208-1098 Jolie and Spacey deserved to win. Swank got lucky with an Oscar-
worthy role, though I would have voted for Bening myself. Caine
stole the statue from Osment ("The Sixth Sense ). "The Matrix'
and "Topsy-Turvy" had their fair share of Oscars. Mendes J B
rightfully won his. Best Picture? Well, what could be better than
American beauty?

What/ si eniog * i
• Attention seniors — only 53 days left until graduation. The -

countdown is on. Better make your plans quick! Do you think student forums are productive?
"Yes, it at least allows students they attempt to give you an
THE BAD ... to voice their opinions. However,
it has been said that the school
opportunity to speak. Possibly
the problems will be delt with in
"Yea. I have attended two
• The Mercy hurst lacrosse team couldn't have asked for a bigger forums and I think it is a great
does whatever they want the future.** ^ opportunity for students to voice
crowd Saturday forits game against the Wheeling Jesuit Cardinals at anyway.** — Rebecca Czzwitz, senior « their opinions to the administra-
Tullio Field. Unfortunately, for as much fan support as the team — Heather Gorny, senior HRIM major* . \] 1 tion. The administration seems to
received, it was the most untasteful display for Mercy hurst. The fans l IRIM maior .' offer suggestions to amend the
were rude and obnoxious. Instead of cheering on their team, they "I have only been .to one, but I isssues. I mink more people
demoralized the opposing team. That's the wrong kind of school "Yes, because it forces the don't think anything seems to get should attend."
spirit I / > administration to look at some done. If the administration ist — Joe Fallon, freshman
• In li ght of the recent changes for next year's campus housing, student issues they are not often willing to act on the students' landscape arcitecture and ]5
many people are wondering why there has been such a delay in the aware of. No, because often the requests, they would be more business major
sign-ups. There wilt be plenty of opportunities for students to ask pleas go unanswered. Even if 3/4 productive."
questions at this week's student forum Unfortunately, the woman get taken care of, the other 1/4 — Jennifer Manieri, junior "Yes, I think it's important for
behind many of the changes, Laura Zirkle, will not be present will still be mad.** social work major * the administration and students
• "Sorry, she doesn't live here anymore." That seems to be the line — Travis Lindhal, senior to meet directly i n order to
most commonly used by students for the annoying telemarketers that English major "I have never been part of a understand situations from each
are persistently calling our dorms and apartments. It seems that this student forum because I don't other's perspectives."
type, of phone calls was rare in the fall and winter, but suddenly "Yes, because it gets the prob- have time to attend." — Sara Seidle, sophomore
students are receiving up to two or three calls each day. These calls lems out in the open. Whether or — Larry Smith, senior crimi- political communications
are annoying and need to stop! not they are dealt with, at least nal justice major major

T H E l U G L Y f . A f f p i t • t # -

• After a recent water leak in the cafeteria, the ceiling dies needed
replaced^ Si mi liar to the side walk leading from the student union to
Old Main, the replacements just don't quite match.
MAIL BAG: Vote Tracy and Billy...
Kegs and free cable — just alcheap gimmick
Apply fori summer Now that the primaries are over, to us. Tracy and Billy want to the experience and want to

employment at Mercyhurst it*s time to get to business. We

have to face the issues in a
expand this shuttle service to
places like the mall, Presque Isle,
improve our campus. It takes a
special kind of person who cares
realistic manner. Who is more grocery stores, and even to the enough about the campus
Pick up applications in Main 101 qualified to attack these than the airport for those who need to atmosphere and the needs of the
Jobs available in maintenance, housing, great team of Tracy Fischer and
Billy Byrnes? These two have
catch a flight home.
I know that you have seen the
student body to take on the
responsibilities that come with
dining halls and administrative offices. everything going for them. They publicity for "kegs on campus** these positions.
have first-hand experience everywhere, and as tempting as I am behind Tracy and Billy
$5.5(V$67hour • dealing with student government that is, it's not a real option. No one hundred percent What could
Deadline for applications is April 21. and the way Mercyhurst runs
things. We would be foolish not
matter how hard we try to be a better balance than a male
promote this to the administra- and female, one-a junior and the
to have these two candidates in tion, it will never happen. I think other a senior? It provides equal
Editor positions office.
Tracy is currently the vice
that it's a waste of time to
continue to beg for things mat
representation. They are dealing,
with real goals. Kegs and free

| available president of student government

She was also on student govern-
ment last year. My question is,
we can't have.
This is the motto of Tracy and
Billy. Their platform includes
cable are gimmicks. Why waste
your vote on something that you
will never see. Vote Tracy and
for the Merciad why change a good thing? Both
Tracy and Billy are involved in
attainable goals such as the
shuttle bus service, which will
Billy. ; f t ^
' The Act that they are genu-
•ositions open for 2000-01 academic^ the Alcohol Task Force. They
also are members of the College
run for everyday needs and not
just the bar scene. They also
inely nice people is just a bonus.
I only met Tracy Fischer this
Editor in Chief.... f Sports editor Senate, where Billy in on the want to bring back the game year, but she has my full support
campus life committee, and Tracy room and more evening activi- That say s a lot for their cam-
A&E editpr News is on the APAC committee. Billy ties on campus. And what would paign and as people. I trust them
Features edi Copy is the chairperson of the Resi-
dence Life committee for MSG.
be a better way to fnd out what's
going on campus each night than
to try to make my college
experience as pleasant as
Advertising manager He is also on the Governance simply calling a campus hot-line
for the low down.
possible. So should you!
Task Force.
$ $ Scholarships available for all positions! $ $
Did any of you take advantage Tracy and Billy are in tune — Sarah Foster, sophomore
For more information, call Ext. 2376 or E-mail: of the shuttle bus on St. Patty's with the students* wants and will
<> Day? MSG provided that service work with their ideas. They have

W h o IS e n t e r i n g o u r M o r a l j u d g m e n t .ys g p o l i t i q a ^ g e n t i a £ TJie Catholic bishops have principles should be applied to

d o r m s a n d a p a r t m e n t s ? 0 « ^ m " * ^^ I written extensively on what they

call "political responsibility'* in
the face of tremendous apathy on
the issues presented: 1) the life 1
and dignity of the human person;
2) humanrightsand responsibili-
By Carrie Tappe, Editor in Chief the part of the American public ties; 3) the call to family and
Fr. Jim Piszker when it comes to politics. In community; 4) the dignity of
Many students at Mercy hurst talk loosely about theirrightsas a their writings, they have urged work and therightsof workers,
student and at a private college. Onerightno one can take away is the people to look to the "common i.e., just wages, unions; 5) the *?
right to freedom of speech. On Thursday, March 30, Mercyhurst On Tuesday, April 4, Pennsylva- good** of society, rather than the option for the poor—looking
Student Government will facilitate the annual spring term student nia will conduct its primary "one note** issues of those with a first to the benefits for those
forum. The forum will be held in the Mercy Heritage Room and is election with the candidates for political agenda. For first-time most in need; 6) solidarity—
open to all students. the presidency already deter- voters, surveying the landscape appreciating the global dimen-
mined. In light of that fact, it is can be a daunting task. The sions of our actions.
At the last forum, held in the fall, attendance was lower than usual somewhat easy to see why §
bishops offer some basic! What must be kept foremost
and the forum seemed less productive than in the past People will Americans can become disillu- principles for examining 5, in one's mind is that the Ameri- j 1
complain about parking and scheduling, but none of that changes. sioned with politics and politi- candidates that might be helpful. can political process is what we
There are, however, issues that need to be brought to light Students cians. Add the role of religion in One should avoid choosing a have to work with. Absenting (
have arightto answers. the political realm, and one can candidate on the basis of narrow ourselves from the process is not
It was rumored that an unidentified man was sleeping in Baldwin reach a level of volatility that self interest. Candidate records going to change the weaknesses,
Hall over spring break. Is this true? Why was the dorm closed, yet begs apathy. What role does should be examined on a whole but only reinforce them. As
sports teams were allowed to stay there? Is it safe having mainte- religion, and more importantly, range of issues as well as much as we don't want to accept
the "religious'* individual, play personal integrity, philosophy it sometimes, we are the society
nance men who are not employed by the .college in our dorm rooms in the election process? and past performance. Six basic and we are the government
and apartments over breaks, unsupervised by a college official?
Last week, a man wearing a maintenance shirt knocked on my
door and said he was there to replace the lights in our bathroom. I had
never seen this man before. He entered my apartment with a co-
Crossword 101
By Ed Canty
worker and replaced the lights. When the men were finished, theyl Imports
cleaned up and left i * ACROSS |
a^ Why are maintenance workers not required to wear some sort of 1 and pinion
5 Greek mountain
identification badge, yet it is required of employees in Old Main? As lOTVoontrol
a safety factor, maintenance workers, especially if not employed by 14 Chills and fever
Mercyhurst, should be required to wear visible photo ID before 15 Plunder
entering our apartments. There are plenty of strange con artists who 16 Thomas mmtf British
could very easily pose as the man sent to fix my windows but, once composer, 1700
17 Pierre's entranceway
in my apartment, would have access to both my possessions and me. 19 Quarry - > J«
I think the maintenance department at Mercyhurst is very 20 Small amount
credible and competent I also think for our safety as students, we 21 Rage lead in
have a right to know who is coming in our housing units before they 22 Plateaus j
enter. It only takes one foul incident and it will be too late to say, "we 23 Bird's nest
24 Turn red
should have...." 26 Des , Iowa
29 Compensates
30 Highland headgear
33 Performed

35 European money:Abrv
36 Use chewing tobacco
37 Airline gathering point
^ 38 Make a sweater Song writer Jerome
4Mr.Starr %
39 Soft-finned fish Leonard and Charies
8 Dislikes Intensely f
40 Tehran mooia And* and buts lead in
6 TV show
42 Sierra 7 College In Frederick, M The Facta of Ufe" author
Editor in Chief 43 Lanka 8 EanPrefbc « Aqueduct animals
Carrie Tappe 44Hairetyle
News Editor 9 Damascus locaJoiAbbr. Displaced
Jen Harwell 48 Actor Richard 10 Some British women Packed J
Scott Koskoski Sports Editor 46 Bottomless pit
11 John McCormack for Mother Teresa Aethers
Features Editor 48Dlme Seed covering ~
Dave Hermenau 49 Grandmothers
Brandon Boy Ian Arts & Entertainment Editor 12 O'NeU's Christie Drydishee
51 Alert 18 Spike and Robert Beer Ingredient
Gerrit ShurTstall photography ,
52 0sJe scail Cookie
18 Articles of faith 1
Jennifer Ke Hey Copy Editor 55 "Exodus" author n Lyrlcpoema
22 Rumple the hair ^ f
K/The Corry Journal 56 Vatican secret service BenctwnarieAbbC
£ Publisher \ . 23 For the second time
<merciad@mercyhurstedu> 59 Pleasant French city
24 Fishhook parts \. Teeny^ {' ]
Phone: (814)824-2376 • E-mail: 60 Wigwam 25 Soap ingredient Flying saucer ' '
6lTumtal 26 Ceremonial staffs
The Merciad is the student-produced newspaper of Mercyhurst 62Lugeneed 27 Orange yellow j
63 Boy Scout tasks , Quotable Quota
S„ege It is published weekly throughout the year with the 28 Summer treat
64 Native American people 29 Sao __, dry In Brazl
Option of mid-term andfinalsweeks. W f f i S 2 * DOWN 81 Grape
" They spell It Vinci and
Merciad do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Merciad 1 Huck Finn's boat pronounce It Vlnchy;
32 TV controls
2 Ta| Mahal site | 34 Bracelet Item Foreigners always spell
staff or college administration. 3 Prompted I. better lhan they pronounce,
» GFEAModAtef E-Mafls EDC9432@aol.cooi ... Mark twain
Mall: GFR, P.O. Box 461, Schenectady, NY 12381

Answers on page 6
letters should be submitted to Box485.

Speaker to
'Hurst* Rock Cafe entertains campus
By Leslie Echan
humor, inform
With the wit of a seasoned
Freshman Oreg Kline is the comedian and the stage presence
Merciad writer camera man for the show. At of a veteran actor, Henry Holden i
first, the project just fulfilled an hopes to change Americans'
'Hurst Rock Cafe, Mercyhurst* s practicum for Kline, but it has attitudes toward people with
student-produced television since turned into a great deal of disabilities. He'll bring his %
show, can be viewed every fun. ?. message to Erie Monday, April 3,.
Monday through Thursday at 5 "The best part is getting first- during a special presentation at 7
p.m. on Erie Cablevision, hand experience in television p.m. at Mercyhurst College's Mary
channel 19B or 62. show production," Kline said. | D' Angelo Performing Arts Center.
With 40 shows per term, and A viewing audience of about Holden's presentation, 'The
no faculty involvement the 80,000 has the opportunity to Misconceptions Continue: How
students stay busy. watch 'Hurst Rock Cafe, an the Media Represents People with
"The show is all student entertaining half-hour show. Disabilities" is sponsored by the
produced. I am in the back- Koskoski, who also named the Relihan Speakers grant, the
g ound for questions if they are show, says that students should Council for Exceptional Children
r. eded," said Richard Ragan, watch because the show is so and Mercyhurst's education
director of the communications Gerrit Shuffstall/Merciad photographer unpredictable.! ,;, department It is free and open to 1
department, • Ragan and the 'Hurst Rock the public.
Steve Torriero and Sarah Foster on the set of 'Hurst Rock Cafe.
"It is an awful lot of work crew encourage interested Holden contracted polio at the J
m hind the scenes. They have to Cafe isn't just an extracurricular the staff of technical and on-air students to help out with the age of 4, but wearing braces or
find guests, on and off campus activity, it is his senior project. people. % \ show. I ^ crutches has never stopped him
fr >r each show," Ragan contin- "The show is a cross between "I give out job assignments <j "We are always looking for from pursuing his dream to act. He
ued.; Howard Stern and David K. and have creative control over people to be involved. You do has appeared on several television
For the show's executive Letterman, but classy all the the show, to make sure it is not have to be a communication series and is the producer of an
producer and director, senior time," said Koskoski. going in a good direction and to major to join us, just interested," award-winning documentary that
Scott Koskoski, 'Hurst Rock' Koskoski's job is to supervise keep people motivated." Ragan said. focuses on six comedians with
disabilities. \

Dancers attend I^bJyrihth^t 'Hurst — allows meditation and* relaxation

festivar toT ?, By Kate Cywinski as a method of prayer. The purpose
improve sMlls Merciad writer I of the path is that, as people walk,
they shed all tension to find
• * 4

"Solvitur Ambuldndo'' (Itipsolved illumination in the center. Walking

By Charon Hribarv .£ Y rjby walking) - Augustine > A out from the center, they take that
Merciad writer d ^ " * - r V ^ * • t . . • > sense of peace back into the world
From March 15 to 18,4k Few -people are able to escape the with them.
Mercyhurst dancers and three stress and frustration that come One woman attended the
dance department, faculty A • with todayLs fast- paced society. labyrinth walk after hearing about
attended the American College \1 Nonetheless, it Is possible to attain it on the Mind-Body Matters
Dance Festival Association** relaxation by freeing the mind of program on WQLN. After finding
(ACDFA) Northeast Regional f .clutter and finding -inner peac& other forms of meditation unsuc-
Festival - "Dance 200£ . i L % On Sunday, March 26, mem- cessful, she discovered that
tillennium Madness,".at the ^ bers of the college and Erie «.' walking meditation gave her a
-tate University ol New York at "communities found relaxation and sense of connectedness with other
;spirituality;by following the twists $ Gerrit Shuffstall/Merciad photographer people and life itself.
-ockport. > ' " K) Students walk the Common Ground labyrinth last Sunday in
The goal of such dance and turns of a labyrinth. The L Since meditation means
:stivals is to aid dancers i n service was provided by Carol the dance studio, Zurn Hall. * J something different to everyone,
, comi ng more versati 1 e and Fosch Comstock and Mercyhurst the best way tp understand the
: nowledgeable in the many alum Cheryl Lossie, both of the begin at an entry point and silently merely as a break from their hectic labyrinth is through personal
. ...spects of their art form. The Common Ground Labyrinth f follow a path to the sound of lives, others begin with a question experience. Everyone is encour-
festival focused on diversity. Project, and was sponsored by the gentle music. They walk without that they wish to answer. People aged to seek mindfulness and inner
Activities included master * foreign language and religious shoes, both to keep the canvas are welcome to dance and use reflection by attending the open
classes in various styles, forms, studies departments and the clean and because it adds sacred- scarves in expressive movement to walks. The Labyrinth will be on
ethnic backgrounds, cultures and counseling center of Mercyhurst ness. The resulting experience is further enhance their awareness. campus Sunday, April 9, and
unique to each individual. Though it is not necessarily a Sunday, May 7, from 7 to 9 p.m. in
aesthetics. College. j a.
A labyrinth is a distinct path While some participants use it religious ritual, some people use it the dance studio, Zum Hall.
I n addition to a variety of
master classes, the festival that leads into a center and back IMPORTS
provided Mercy hurst dancers out again. There are many R A C K A T H 0 8 ID i A L
with the opportunity to attend
various conceits and lecture
demonstrations, and to interact
different types of labyrinths with
roots tracing back to ancient
cultures. The Common Ground's
particular labyrinth is a 35-foot
Study in Ireland A
R O A 0
LI. [B L
M 1 N
E 8 A
8j Mi

with dancers and faculty from 26

other schools. Mercy hurst canvasreplicaof the Chartres Meeting for interested students M
e T E
71N E 8
FA V 8
ol \C A R IB C
labyrinth in France, Instead of
dancers also had the opportunity
to perform in front of other finding a minotaur in the center of Thursday, March 30 C
E L•

H U • • K N

A_ L_ 8 | |L E O N
1 T
the labyrinth as Theseus in Greek f.
college dance departments.
For dancers attending the mythology did, people who walk 71p.m. 104 Main 8 R li
A B Y 8 M
R^ Ol A R R 1
|C 0 1 N 8

ACDFA festival, it was a great this labyrinth find release and a

sense of purpose. $ * Interested in the "Mercyhurst in Ireland" Program?
R 1 8
s\ rA R N |M O
|8 W i • 8 [u A R O
opportunity to take classes that 2i E
In a dark room, participants * Attend the meeting or contact Dean Gower at Ext. 2311. N 1 C E IT E E E L E
focused on dance styles not 8 L E D D E|E 0 8 0 T O •1
offered at Mercyhurst


Before the Mercyhurst baseball

die sixth frame when junior
team left for itsfirstweekend of
•Queens, N.Y. native Rico
Great Lakes Intercollegiate
Santana's double drove home
Athletic Conference (GL1AC)
Wiand. Junior Nate Goodrich (1-
play, head coach Joe Spano was
1) took the hill and the loss for
pacing his office as if he were
already in a dugout. i Mercyhurst Jeremy Detillion (2-
2) notched the complete game
••We're playing them just at victory, spreading five hits and
therighttime," the rookie coach four strikeouts over seven
muttered, referring to GLIAC innings. £
preseason #1 Ashland Univer- The Lakers salvaged the day
sity . "I think we can take them." with a 15-7 romp over the Eagles
What the Lakers would take in game two. Mercyhurst jumped
Ashland with, though, was to a 5-0 lead before Ashland
unknown. After all, Mercyhurst crossed the plate once. Ten
more than stumbled out of the additional Mercyhurst insurance
gate this spring, starting 1-7 in a runs helped ward off a late Eagle
Florida trip that will likely be rally. Freshman Steve Strohm
remembered for good times OFF evened his record at 2-2 with the
the field rather than on it six-inning wini Sophomore Erie
Combine the Lakers* poor Cathedral Prep product Ryan*
start with a red-hot Eagles team Nieptuski had a giant game at the
that advanced to the NCAA D-II plate, going 5-5 with driven
World Series last season and in and three more scored.
only lost one senior to gradua- Spano also gives credit to
tion. On paper, the combination 1; Gerrit Shuffstall/Merciad photogrpaher senior 1B/OF Nick Kulyk, a I
looked as lethal to Mercyhurst as The Mercyhurst Laker baseball team proved their 1-7 start didn't mean anything last weekend. genuinely great guy hailing from
a chemistry class experiment Albion, Pa. Kulyk produced
gone wrong. when called upon and carries a
Mercyhurst, however, looked .393 average and 10 RBI into
and played sharp on the road this weekend's series against
against Ashland Saturday and Saginaw Valley at North East
Sunday. Except for a scattered Junior outfielder Neal Croston
defensive and pitching holes that* was critically injured last
much as Ashland did," said Hurst scored an astronomical 21 after three. Five Laker tallies weekend after being struck on
led to a few huge Eagle innings,
junior infielder Andy Wade after runs over the final five frames to narrowed the score to 14-6 in the the nose by an Ashland fastball.
Spano*s men looked every bit the seal the victory. Laker junior
the weekend split. 'These games fourth, but the hosts pulled away Croston suffered massive
part of league favorite as centerfielder Ben Wland went 4- to an 18-7 lead before 125 noisy
just confirmed that in our mind, internal bleeding and underwent
Ashland did. because our slow start doesn't 6 with six RBI and four runs fans. Rookie hurler John Sechler
The two teams split double- J emergency surgery. In tribute,
reflect our true talent as a team." scored to pace Mercyhurst. (0-2) took the loss. Wiand's third Laker players will wear
headers both days, with Mercy- Rookie pitcher John Hall (3-1) round-tripper of the season was
Spano agreed. "Last weekend Croston's #44 on their hats until
hurst taking Saturday's opener probably did more to our threw five innings of two-hit ball the lone Laker offensive high-
23-9 and Sunday's second game he returns, most likely late this
confidence than it did to for the win. Also helping light J Vk season.
15-7. The Eagles' victories were Ashland's. We needed to be Mercyhurst were three Eagle Wiand, Wade and company
just as lopsided, with a 17-8 win Fans interested in attending
aggressive, and we were." errors and four Laker homers. played the Eagles much more this weekend's Saginaw Valley
in Saturday's nightcap and a 9-1 It would take a few innings to It was all Ashland in closely Sunday. In the opener at
verdict to open Sunday's play. series should contact coach
show the Lakers' aggressi veness Saturday's second game, though. Ashland's Donges Field, the Spano at Ext 2441.
The .500 weekend greatly lifts in Saturday's football-score The Eagles again scored early home team prevailed 9-1 thanks
the team's confidence, i opener. Ashland rolled to a 8-2 and often, rumbling to an 11-0 to a six-runfourthinning.
"We thought that we deserved lead after two innings before the lead after one inning and 14-1 Mercyhurst's only score came in
the preseason #1 ranking as

Laxers speed past Wheeling native of Victoria, B.C. joined

By Scott Koskoski four goals last season, found the
Sports editor net three times Saturday alone. Davis with three tallies Saturday.
Davis helped on five other Laker All in all, 13 different Lakers
Those looking for a tight, scores, improving his season earned points in Mercyhurst's
defensive-minded lacrosse match point total to 15 (8 goals, 7 most lopsided victory in seasons.
last Saturday picked the wrong assists). Preserving the wild win were
day to show up at Tullio Held. two Laker netminders at different
Behind a relentless offensive ends of their collegiate careers.
attack and a slick duo of Laker
Lax All-Stars Senior Chris Cooper stopped
goaltenders, the Mercyhurst I vs. Wheeling Jesuit four Cardinal shots in the first
men's laxers put the brakes on Ryan Knope (Fr.) .half while rookie Kevin
Wheeling Jesuit and coasted to a Tidgewell put aside seven of
23-2 victory. ? *< 5 goals, 3 assists nine Wheeling shots after
The Lakers (3 I) scored early Brandon Davis halfitme. Goalies John Acierno
(seven goals in each of the first and E.J. Stapler stood in front of
3 goals, 5 assists the Wheeling Jesuit net Saturday,
two periods) and often (see final
score) in moving their win streak Ted Jenner but their contributions stopped S
to three games. The Cardinals of 3 goals, 3 assists about there.
Wheeling Jesuit (1 -5) were sent The Lakers have amassed an
back to West Virginia wondering impressive three-game win
from which direction the Hurst Freshman attack Ryan Knope streak after falling by a goal to
wrecking ball attacked from. (Irondequoit, N.Y.) scored five St. Andrew's in its season opener
Mercyhurst senior scoring times against Wheeling, pushing a month ago. Coach Vinnie
f Gerrit Shuffstall/Merciad photographer Lang's laxers next host Dowling
leader Brandon Davis | him to 13 points on the year.,
W i - ^ . H Tim Foaertv drives past a Wheeling Jesuit while sophomore Ted Jenner, a on Sunday, April 9.
1 (Whitesboro), who notched just
S S X X ^ S ^ ^ & - romped. 23-2.

• o i r D i d i t f o o l y o u ? T H E L A K E R L O G

Angelo "First and 10" Figliani.

f •The college's athletic Triola era begins with mixed results
Overtime program has greatly expanded in The coach Carl Triola era has begun for the Mercyhurst softball
program, and just a month into the 2000 season, the Lady Lakers are
recent years, but the growth is far
4-5 and improving steadily. After a 3-4 Florida spring break swing,
from over. New sports at Triola's squad hosted Clarion University in their opener last Thursday
Record of the Laker men's Scott Koskoski Mercyhurst next year will at Mercyhurst-North East and split with the Lady Eagles 3-2 and 2-1.
hockey team, combined, against include synchronized swimming, In the opener, Mercyhurst pitcher Jessica Taylor (2-3) notched the
teams in the 2000 NCAA D-I 12 English "riot-style" football,? seven-inning, complete game win. allowing five hits and two runs,
It's been a busy week around the bullriding, go-kart racing, and one of them unearned. Taylor struck out four and did not wal k a
team tournament Mercy hurst
_ _ _ Intramural WWF batter. First baseman Paula Yeaney, outfielder Stacey Trivisonno and
lost to first-round loser Colgate Mercyhurst sports rumor mill. As Taylor scored the Lady Laker runs. Clarion's Diane Whiteside
,3-0 last December 30. the end of the academic year wrestling with guest seminars by
pitched in defeat for the Lady Eagles (2-4). The nightcap saw 'HurstU
approaches, it looks like some Jerome "The Rock" Rodgers will senior hurl er Tara Leonard (2-2) take the hard-luck loss as the \
major athletic shake-ups are on also be added this fall. visitors' Melissa Gring scattered three hits and five strikeouts over
the way. Here are some moves •Along with these new sports seven innings for the 2-1 Clarion win. Yeaney (1 for 3) was the only
expected to be announced in the at the Hurst, our mascot's name Lady Laker to cross home plate. J
Combined number of runs scored
near future: will soon change, too. Instead of
by Mercyhurst and Ashland
•Several members of the the "Lakers," Mercyhurst's Men's tennis suffers weekend losses
University in four games played Whether the opposition came from near or far, the Mercyhurst men's
Laker men's ice hockey team athletic teams will be called
last weekend. tennis team could not emerge victorious last weekend. With three
will sign an exclusive contract either the Mercyhurst Trimes-

losses in as many days, the Lakers dipped to 3-5 overall (2-4 Great
with the 'Teeth Club For Men. ,i ters," the Mercyhurst "Core Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference). Edinboro (8-3) traveled to
Apparently, all those stick Curriculums," or the Mercyhurst Erie's Westwood Racquet Club for an independent match with Ray
checks put on the icers this "We Need More Parking Yost's Mercyhurst men last Friday and walked away 7-2 victors. *
Number of those runs that were Spaces." J Senior Tate Erickson and Dan Fitts were lone Laker winners against
season nave taken their toll.
earned. the Scots, although top-seed Adam Krizbai gave Edinboro's Adam
Another proposal finds senior P •Trying to keep pace with the Bartsch a scare before losing in three sets 3-6,6-1,6-1. A 16-hour

13 Ukranian native Fedor Zakusilo

sacrificing all of his pearly
whites to bis American and.
luxury-suite fad sweeping across
America's premier stadiums,
Mercyhurst will build a state-of-
bus ride didn't seem to bother GLIACrivalMichigan Tech (11-5)
Saturday at Westwood, either. The visiting Huskies buried the Lakers
9-0, as every match except Fitts' 6-3, 3-6,7-6 duel was decided in
Number of Laker men's lacrosse Canadian teammates before the-art, $413 million retractable- straight sets. Mercyhurst's upper-peninsula jinx was not snapped
players who scored in a 23-2 domed complex that will be Sunday against Lake Superior State (4-8), who proved superior in
heading back home after
embarrassment of Wheeling home for all Laker teams, even edging the Lakers 5-4. Fitts., Erickson and senior Brian Veith claimed
graduation as part of a new singles wins while Krizbai and senior hockey transfer Oto Hlincik
Jesuit Saturday at Tullio Field. "graduation fee.
%% rowing (but don't ask how). Over teamed up for the Lakers' only doubles win of the weekend 8-4.
•Babyfaced baseball coach 300 luxury suites/classrooms will
Joe Spano is set for an upcoming overlook the artificial turf * Sudden-death%eartache fonwomen's lax
tour with the Backstreet Boys. surface, with HRIM students What could' ve been one of the greatest wins in all of NCAA
Dollars won by a certain Merciad Seems that a few band members, supervising the facility. Soccer women's lacrosse this season turned into a giant heartache for
coach John Melody's new Irish Mercyhurst Sunday. The Lady Lakers, playing at preseason NCAA
sports editor in a campus-wide looking for a teen Iook-a-like to D-II #1 West Chester (Pa.) University, feU to the Golden Rams 12-11
NCAA men's basketball pool. pub will attract tailgaters. The
supply some backup vocals,i in sudden death overtime to see their record slip to 3-2. Both Lady
tentative name for the new
found Spano's picture on the Laker losses this season have come in the sudden death period, the
stadium, giving tribute to other to #5 Limestone College during Mercyhurst's southern trip. On
Mercyhurst web site and worked
football coach Joe Kimball's hair Sunday, though, coach Kevin Cooke saw histeambattle West
out the arrangement As part of
The Week Ahead the new contract, the Backstreet
Boys will sing the National
loss acceleration, is the Joe
Kimball Chrome Dome.
Chester to the very end. the Rams led 5-4 at the half but Laker
sophomore Laurie Sienkiewicz rallied Mercyhurst, which ended"
regulation deadlocked at 10 with the hosts. After two scoreless
Home games in italics, Anthem at every Laker game and •Mercyhurst administrator <
overtime periods, West Chester junior attack Erin Greico ended the
Thursday 3/30 change their name to the "Bat Tyrone Moore, a golf aficionado, match with a goal 1:32 into sudden death. The D-l Lady Lakers travel
Men 5 V-ball vs. St. Francis, 7 BoysJ tl will take over coaching the sport to the East Stroudsburg (Pa.) tournament this weekend, facing C.W.
p.m. * •Russo recently found an old effective immediately. Russo has Post on Saturday and East Stroudsburg Sunday afternoon. r
Saturday 4/1 "contract*' in his desk from an already challenged Moore's
Baseball vs.Saginaw Valley "organization" in New York City tentative schedule for the fall, Rowing teams off to strong start
though: Moore has the team By Mike Tanner...
(DH), noon - that hasn't been "fulfilled" yet
playing at least 54 holes every • Merciad writer * &
Softball vs. Findlay (DH), 1 p.m. To settle the dispute and avoid
day and will hire an on-course The Mercyhurst rowing team opened its 21st season last weekend at
Men's V-ball vs. Quincy, 2 p.m. any "casulty," the Mercyhurst the 17th Bucknell Invitational in Troxelville, Pa. Through strong
tutor so class attendance is not
Women's lacrosse vs. C.W. Post football coaching staff will have 1 gales and rough water, the Lakers managed a successful showing.
necessary for his golfers* All
(at East Stroudsburg), 3:30 p.m. a new look. New coaches are Coach Adrien Spracklen's lightweight women's eight finished last
golfers will also receive a limited
Sunday 4/2 \, Tommy "The SalamF. ValvaruY year ranked sixth nationally among NCAA D-l schools. At Bucknell
edition golf cart modeled after
Baseball vs. Saginaw Valley Anthony fTouchdown" Toninni. Moore's sleek black Cadillac. they picked uprightwhere they left off, stunning preseason #12 St
(DH), noon Lou "Matt Kissell" Luigi, and Joseph's by 18 seconds with a 5:41.76 finish. The men, rowing in a
April Fool's Day to all! lightweight division for the firsttimesince 1995, finished half a
Women's lacrosse at East
Stroudsburg, noon second behind St. Joe's, ranked 11th nationally in preseason.
Softball vs. Hillsdale (DH), I Mercyhurst's heavyweight women's four placed third behind a *
Take itfr< very strong Bucknell at 7:23. The men's heavy eight failed to qualify
pool tor the finals after a third-place finish in a preliminary heat
Home baseball and softball This spring's season looks bright for both lightweight squads as
games are played on the J \ the land (on campus), here is this weekend's Final Four predicted:
they begin their quest for a national championship. Other schools
campus of Mercyhurst-North Saturday 4/1: Michigan State, North Carolina win competing at Bucknell include Penn State, Fordham, University at
East, roughly 20 minutes east Monday 4/3: Michigan State 83, North Carolina 73 Buffalo, Vassar, Virginia Tech and William and Mary.
of Erie.