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Robert J.

1626 Surrey Lane, Havertown, PA 19083
Home: 610-446-3402 Office (direct): 484 690-1216 Cell: 610-659-4295
Management Executive/VP Compliance & Human Resources
A proven, valued and cost-efficient leader, who always delivers measurable resul
ts, offers more than 20 years of Compliance and Human Resource expertise, includ
ing extraordinary achievement in implementation of programs and processes which
consistently and positively affect the bottom line. More than 10 years of unio
n labor negotiations with history of no labor actions, and record concessions.
Selected Achievements
Increased staff in 20 branch offices by more than 50% to meet strategic plannin
g goals and increase business and profit.
Formulated and managed innovative retention program resulting in turnover under
Established all new formal workers compensation programs and initiated reclassi
fication of positions which resulted in over $500,000 in annual savings for two
Implemented and monitored HRIS system assuring compliance on required credentia
ls and rapid response to departmental requests for staff related information.
Sole manager/vice president responsible for all compliance as well as all human
resource policy and direction in multiple states.
Excelled in all recruitment, employee relations, policy/procedure development,
compensation and benefits, labor relations and leading organizational changes im
pacting more than 20 branch offices in four states, for more than a decade.

Professional Experience
And Other Career Highlights
Healthcare Investment Corporation of America, Inc., King of Prussia, PA 2009 - P
Investment Company formed as a result of the sale of Home Health Corporation.
Human Resources Consultant
Initiate and monitor procedures and practices for all Human Resources functions
and resolve employment related problems arising as a result of the recent sale
of the prior company.
Investigation, research and preparation of documentation and support for any li
tigations that may arise.
Interface with vendors related to preparation of 5500s for retirement plans and
health and welfare plans.
Perform exit interviews with staff being laid off from company.
Monitor and transition staff to Cobra benefits and resolve any questions or pro
blems arising as a result of transition of terminating staff.
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Home Health Corporation of America, Inc., King of Prussia, PA

1998- 2008
Multi-state Medicare and Joint Commission-certified health provider with more th
an 20 offices in Pennsylvania, Delaware Maryland and Florida.
Vice President for Human Resources

Human Resources:
Redesigned new benefits program resulting in benefit enhancements to staff and
annual savings of more than $250,000.
Transitioned staff from automatic pay increase system to merit performance prog
ram focused on employee productivity improvements.
Initiated company safety program, significantly reducing work related injuries
resulting in company savings of more than $500,000.00.
Created two-tier salary compensation scale, providing significant annual saving
s, and successful integration of new divisions into organization.
Coached and counseled management staff regarding regulatory and statutory human
resource issues resulting in reduced grievances and less outside litigation. Su
pported managers through company restructuring and rapid growth.
Introduced and improved positive employee relations programs, lowering staff tu
rnover to 15%, well below national levels, resulting in company meeting strategi
c plan.
Facilitated a control process to monitor and assure Board approved budgeted pos
Directed HR functions, created policies and succeeded in staffing for company w
ith difficult to fill positions.
Developed, initiated and presented company-wide training programs related to co
mpany code of conduct and government regulations.
Conducted ongoing quarterly audits, annual review and reporting to assure compl
iance within company.
Performed investigations and resolutions to compliance and human resource relat
ed inquiries.

The Visiting Nurse Association of Greater, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

Medicare-certified health care, hospice and physician service in serving Southea
stern Pennsylvania.
Vice President, Human Resources

Director, Human Resources

Human Resources Manager

Organized and facilitated a management negotiating team for professional, techn

ical and non-professional bargaining unit contract, which resulted in give backs
for the first time in more than 10 years.
Successfully created job descriptions and recruited for newly-created Hospice p
Responded to and expedited a layoff/outplacement process resulting in lower une
mployment costs, legal fees and less morale problems. Met with each employee an
d counseled them on job opportunities and assisted them in their job search.
Initiated company safety program, significantly reducing work related injuries
resulting in company savings of more than $500,000.00.
Directed HR functions, created policies and succeeded in staffing for company t
hat tripled in size over term in position.

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Hahnemann University and Hospital, Philadelphia, PA
Major teaching and community hospital serving tri-state PA, DE and NJ regions.
Senior Human Resources Representative
Employment Representative

Effectively recruited and identified new key staff for multiple hospital and un
iversity departments.
Led special projects including the development of an internal temporary staffin
g pool to support departments.
Participated in labor negotiations during period of both downsizing and growth.
Provided back-up support in Employment Managers absence.
MBA coursework, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
BS, Human Development, Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA

Professional Affiliations
Healthcare Compliance Association
American Academy of HIV Medicine
Society for Human Resources Management
Florida Nurse Recruiters Association
Pennsylvania Nurse Recruiters Association