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Session Name: Introduction to Database Management System Author Name: Swati Jain Department: Computer science Subject/Course: DBMS Cell Number: 9893980599

Page 2 Ver : 1 Jabalpur Introduction to DBMS Swati Jain. TIETECH .

the learner will be able to: • Define the concept of a file processing system. database and DBMS. • Define the terms data. • Identify the applicability of DBMS. Teaching Learning Material • Board and Chalk • Power Point Presentation Introduction to DBMS Swati Jain. inconsistency. isolation. TIETECH Jabalpur Page 3 .Session Objectives At the end of this session. • Define the terms redundancy. • Identify the drawbacks of file processing system. atomicity and security.

Security) Need for DBMS Chalk and Talk PPT Execute and Understand Introduces Explains Comprehends Listens Comprehension Understanding Intrapersonal Comprehension Intrapersonal Interpersonal Linguistic Comprehension Intrapersonal Interpersonal Kinesthetic Linguistic Comprehension Intrapersonal Linguistic Understanding Analyzing Applying Intrapersonal Linguistic Remembering Understanding Comprehension Intrapersonal Linguistic 10 Facilitates Observes Answers 10 Role Play Facilitates Participates Observes 10 Chalk and Talk Facilitates Participates Answers 12 Application of DBMS Chalk and Talk Group Discussion Explains & conducts Comprehends Participate 08 Conclusion Question and Answers Facilitates Monitors Participates Answers Page 4 Ver : 1 Jabalpur Introduction to DBMS Swati Jain.Session Plan Time (in min) Content Learning Aid and Methodology Faculty Approach Typical Student Activity Learning Outcomes (Blooms + Gardeners) 10 Introduction to FPS Disadvantages of File Processing System Disadvantages of File Processing System (Atomicity. TIETECH .

Suggested Activity: PPT The following picture can be shown to the learner for understanding file system. place or thing. Introduction to DBMS Swati Jain.Significance of application programs can be explained for the given example. TIETECH Jabalpur Page 5 . area or subject • Manual (paper) files • Computer files • Record: Logically connected fields that describe a person. person.Session Inputs Introduction to File Processing System: We can start the session by explaining first what is meant by FPS. • File: A collection of records or documents dealing with one organization.

we can list the disadvantages of File Processing System. After sometime C analyses the previous situation. Learner B: I have 50 rupees with me. another learner C acts as a Transaction. Isolation. learner C is called by the visitor learner D. Learner C comes and picks 100 rupees from learner A and starts walking towards learner B. Redundancy.After explaining the definition of FPS.Lack of data integrity.100 to learner A or give to learner B. and learner D acts as a visitor.Different and conflicting versions of same data. Inconsistency and Isolation. Atomicity 5. 3. Suggested Activity (for Atomicity): Role Play Here in this role play two of the learners will act as Bank Accounts A and B respectively. Page 6 Ver : 1 Jabalpur Introduction to DBMS Swati Jain. Before he/she reaches learner B. He/she thinks of 2 options: Either he/she can give back Rs. The learners are asked to analyze what the play depicts.Limited data sharing 4. TIETECH . Inconsistency. Security After explaining terms of Redundancy. 2. Disadvantages of FPS: 1. we can role play for Atomicity and Security. Learner A: I have 100 rupees with me.

This depicts that the transaction should be either done completely or it is not be done at all. This depicts that there is no proper security provided which is one of the major disadvantage of FPS. This is called Atomicity and it is a disadvantage of FPS. we need some new system that will reduce these problems. Hence we prefer the concept of database management system in place of file system for the data storage requirements. Learner 1: My dear friend I have well featured mobile with me in my bag. Introduction to DBMS Swati Jain. Since the file system management has problems like repetition of data. integration problem etc. Suggested Activity (for Security): Role Play Here in this role play two of the learners A and B. TIETECH Jabalpur Page 7 . Need For DBMS: Now that we have discussed the disadvantages of FPS. Then Learner 2 comes in and takes away the mobile. Learner 2: Oh is it!! After some time learner 1 leaves the class but forgets to take his mobile.

Software: to extract the data. I can conclude that we have: Data about: student. a hospital. Data is nothing but processed information. non-teaching staff. we can now help them to identify the various applications of the DBMS. our college consists of voluminous data. Henceforth. which will not fit into a single file. we can start explaining: What is meant by data? What a data base? What a data base management system? We can take examples of a college. student_marks etc. teaching staff. Database is a collection of data about one particular enterprise. we have data about teaching and non-teaching staff details. So. a bank. That is.Now. DBMS is a software system that facilitates the creation and maintenance and use of an electronic database. TIETECH . student_address. and a company etc to explain the same. we can prefer a database. student_name. For this Page 8 Ver : 1 Jabalpur Introduction to DBMS Swati Jain. It is a set of computer programs for organizing the information in the database. Database: the entire college data. we need software to extract. Hence. Applications of DBMS: Having introduced the DBMS concept to the learners. Means. we have large volumes of student details that includes student_rollno. This is data about students. we need more storage capacity to store the entire data. If we consider our college we have several branches and in turn each branch contains two sections. we can create a database for the college. In order to access data about student or staff. Hence. Besides.

6. database and database management system? Introduction to DBMS Swati Jain. products. List some of the disadvantages of File Processing System? 3.we can have a group discussion activity as follows. supply chain. Airlines: reservations. Online retailers: order tracking. customized recommendations. Each group should come up with the maximum number of application areas of DBMS. 2. Apart from these applications. the various applications of DBMS in other fields can also be listed below: • • • • Distributed databases Data warehouse Multimedia databases Digital Libraries: Conclusion: We can conclude the session with some questions based on the concepts discussed in the session. 3. Each group may have 7-8 learners. Sales: customers. grades. Banking: all transactions. What is data. 4. Suggested Activity: Group Discussion We can divide the class into groups. purchases. Ask the groups to list out the application areas of DBMS. What is a FPS? 2. Suggested Activity: Question and Answer 1. orders. Human resources: employee records. Manufacturing: production. 5. schedules. TIETECH Jabalpur Page 9 . 7. Sample applications could be: 1. salaries. inventory. tax deductions. Allotted time is 5 minutes. Universities: registration.

What are the applications of DBMS? Page 10 Ver : 1 DBMS Jabalpur Introduction to Swati Jain. TIETECH .

data. Identify the drawbacks of the file system. Introduction to DBMS 11 Swati Jain.Summary In this session. Define the concept of a file processing system. 4. database and DBMS. 3. Identify the application of DBMS. Define the terms file system. TIETECH Jabalpur Page . we learnt to: 1. 2.

modifying data.Assignment 1. Page 12 Ver : 1 DBMS Jabalpur Introduction to Swati Jain. where adding more data. Build a case study (like student/library management system) related to DBMS concept. retrieving data like facilities are available. What is difference between file system and DBMS? 2. TIETECH .

• Fundamentals of Data Base Navathe. Systems by Elmasri Introduction to DBMS 13 Swati Jain.References • Database Management Systems by Silberchatz. Korth and Sudarshan. TIETECH Jabalpur Page .

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