Under the dogra rule kashmir has faced numerous atrocities, 1924 was the first ever revolt at silk factory by kashmiri’s who were only kept under forced labour. In 1930 plinth of “Muslim young association” was formed under Gulam Abaas,who in 1936 made revolutionary step of making “All jammu and kashmir muslim conference” with Sheikh Abullah… So the platform for Muslim conference was laid under Gulam abaas with Sheik Abdullah (who later betrayed), Obviously,it created panic among the leading political parties like Indian National Congress who left no stone unturned to break this unity and at last outshoot of Muslim conference was mad under the name of National conference (with nationalism concept). Thought both these parties initially found for Kashmir cause. When in 1940 pakistan act was accepted, Muslims of J&K tried to affiliate with Pakistan. So this became the political motive of Muslim conference. This led to mass arrest of activists and even exiled from their land. Still in 1947 Muslim conference won 15 seats out of 21, while other 6 were rejected candidates. It was during World War II that revolution increased day by day even under harsh dogra rule…?”Almighty Allah knows my intensions” Insha Allah m peace loving but i can’t lie about history… Present govt. in j&k is Kashmir govt (i mean Kashmir CM) still killings continue; That too i accept. But i had to start from base…. With the idea of making two independent nations after the end of British rule, it was decided at “chambers of princes” that a state having Muslim majority will go to Pakistan and states with Hindu majority will go to Hindustan. This was already accepted baseline, but it was also mentioned states who match in culture, language, geography should join with respective nation… It was 19th July 1947 when Muslim conference put forth their points to affiliate with Pakistan before the maharaja of Kashmir. In it was written ”Muslim conference has reached to conclusion that according to geographical reality, Proportion of Muslims (80%), link with main rivers of Punjab, culture, economy, language etc Kashmir should get affiliated with Pakistan” But maharaja was playing diplomacy game… Maharaja on one hand was accepting points of Muslim conference but was having silent talks with Hindustan. This was most dangerous plan building for Muslims. On 15th august 1947 “stand still agreement was made between maharaja and Pakistan which only give Pakistan a temporary position of affiliation. On the other hand maharaja was building links with many terrorist groups like RSS etc to eliminate the majority in Kashmir. September 1947 marked the start of mass genocide of Kashmir Muslims and whosoever was left alive was sent to Pakistan. Girls/women’s were kidnapped and youths were killed in mass. This was what was happening inside Kashmir, Britishers also give a pump to This war by making entry of Hindustan easy through gorda sopore. Now Muslims realized about the dual nature of maharaja and started to revolt. In this regard poonch was the first area who revolted with weapons in October 1946.This fire slowly spread to entire valley. Maharaja tried to ward off this movement but he got nothing, even west Pakistan came to help and entered poonch. Maharaja tried to hide himself in Jammu. To make his place secure in Jammu, he gave orders of mass killings which counted for lakhs of lives at RS pura border area wich was Muslims majority area. It was turned to muslin minority and Sikhs from Punjab were forced to live there .. As mass killings continued in Jammu, still volunteers from Kashmir and west Pakistan came to rescue and as Maharaja was at brim to extinct. He requested Hindustan for a treaty. Defense commute accepted it in no time and Army landed in Jammu and Kashmir.

From that time till now they are residing In j&k. It should be borne in mind that the treaty was a temporary one only to fight against volunteers. So the fight was between armed, well equipped, trained Hindustan army and unarmed volunteers. Air force was also used and by may 1948 war reached to borders of Pakistan. Pakistan retaliated but was less advanced than Hindustan in terms of arms and ammunition. This issue was brought under notice of Security council. Hindustan presented the issue in completly different format on 1 Jan 1948, wherein Pakistan complained on 15 Jan 1948. Now war reached from land to council. This was the time when Security council passed some important resolutions for J&K. After a year of discussion at Security council it was on 13 august 1948 and 25 jan 1949 that cease fire resolution and resolution for being “Kashmir as disputed part” was given……

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