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Stock Broking Services

It is an undisputed fact that the stock market is unpredictable and yet enjoys a high
success rate as a wealth management and wealth accumulation option. The difference
between unpredictability and a safety anchor in the market is provided by in-depth
knowledge of market functioning and changing trends, planning with foresight and
choosing one's options with care. This is what we provide in our Stock Broking services.

We offer services that are beyond just a medium for buying and selling stocks and shares.
Instead we provide services which are multi dimensional and multi-focused in their
scope. There are several advantages in utilizing our Stock Broking services, which are the
reasons why it is one of the best in the country.

We offer trading on a vast platform; National Stock Exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange
and Hyderabad Stock Exchange. More importantly, we make trading safe to the
maximum possible extent, by accounting for several risk factors and planning
accordingly. We are assisted in this task by our in-depth research, constant feedback and
sound advisory facilities. Our highly skilled research team, comprising of technical
analysts as well as fundamental specialists, secure result-oriented information on market
trends, market analysis and market predictions. This crucial information is given as a
constant feedback to our customers, through the following daily reports which are
delivered to them thrice a day;

• The Pre-session Report, where market scenario for the day is predicted
• The Mid-session Report, timed to arrive during lunch break , where the market
forecast for the rest of the day is given and
• The Post-session Report, the final report for the day, where the market and the
report itself is reviewed.

To add to this repository of information, we publish a monthly magazine called KARVY

The Finapolis which analyzes the latest stock market trends and takes a close look at the
various investment options, and products available in the market, while a weekly report,
called KARVY Bazaar Baatein, keeps you more informed on the immediate trends in the
stock market. In addition, our specific industry reports give comprehensive information
on various industries. Besides this, we also offer special portfolio analysis packages that
provide daily technical advice on scrip’s for successful portfolio management and
provide customized advisory services to help you make the right financial moves that are
specifically suited to your portfolio.

Our Stock Broking services are widely networked across India, with the number of our
trading terminals providing retail stock broking facilities. Our services have increasingly
offered customer oriented convenience, which we provide to a spectrum of investors,
high-net worth or otherwise, with equal dedication and competence.

But true to our spirit, this success is not our final destination, but just a platform to launch
further enhanced quality services to provide you the latest in convenient, customer-
friendly stock management.

Over the years we have ensured that the trust of our customers is our biggest returns.
Factors such as our success in the Electronic custody business has helped build on our
tradition of trust even more. Consequentially our retail client base expanded very fast.

To empower the investor further we have made serious efforts to ensure that our research
calls are disseminated systematically to all our stock broking clients through various
delivery channels like email, chat, SMS, phone calls etc.

Our foray into commodities broking has been path breaking and we are in the process of
converting existing traders in commodities into the more organized mainstream of trading
in commodity futures, both as a trading and risk hedging mechanism.

In the future, our focus will be on the emerging businesses and to meet this objective, we
have enhanced our manpower and revitalized our knowledge base with enhances focus on
Futures and Options as well as the commodities business.

Welcome to Karvy Stock Broking

KARVY Stock Broking Limited, one of the cornerstones of the KARVY edifice, flows
freely towards attaining diverse goals of the customer through varied services. It creates a
plethora of opportunities for the customer by opening up investment vistas backed by
research-based advisory services. Here, growth knows no limits and success recognizes
no boundaries. Helping the customer create waves in his portfolio and empowering the
investor completely is the ultimate goal. KARVY Stock Broking Limited is a member of:
1) National Stock Exchange (NSE) , 2) Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)

NSE BSE Top 20 banking Sector Stocks

With fundamental Data as Sales in 2009
Dec quarter and PE values
NSE BSE Top 20 banking Sector Stocks With fundamental Data as Sales in 2009 Dec
quarter and PE values

Dec Dec %
Dec Dec % Change
2009 2008 Change
Stock name 2009 net 2008 net YOY PE
net net YOY
Sales Sales PAT
profit profit SALES
SBI 177,797 24,790 180,303 24,784 -1.40% 0.00% 12.1
ICICI BANK 60,896 11,011 78,361 12,721-22.30% -13.40% 24.9
PNB 55,055 10,113 52,947 10,058 4.00% 0.50% 7.6
CANARA BANK 46,878 10,526 46,254 7,015 1.30% 50.00% 4.8
BOI 44,862 4,055 43,432 8,722 3.30% -53.50% 8
BANK OF BARODA 41,770 8,325 41,080 6,393 1.70% 30.20% 7.1
HDFC BANK 40,348 8,185 44,685 6,217 -9.70% 31.70% 28.3
IDBI BANK 40,078 2,872 32,473 2,226 23.40% 29.00% 8.2
UNION BANK 32,936 5,341 32,617 6,717 1.00% -20.50% 6.5
AXIS BANK 28,837 6,560 29,848 5,009 -3.40% 31.00% 18.9
ORIENTAL BK. 26,716 2,894 24,028 2,522 11.20% 14.80% 6.7
25,701 1,017 26,541 3,884 -3.20% -73.80% 7.1
SYNDICATE BANK 24,555 2,057 25,657 3,564 -4.30% -42.30% 5
ALLAHABAD BANK 21,078 3,453 18,980 3,695 11.10% -6.50% 4.6
INDIAN BANK 20,148 4,414 17,840 3,507 12.90% 25.90% 4.5
CORPN. BANK 18,606 3,050 16,235 2,565 14.60% 18.90% 5.4
ANDHRA BANK 16,026 2,754 13,824 2,127 15.90% 29.50% 4.8
VIJAYA BANK 13,443 1,246 13,767 1,570 -2.40% -20.60% 4.2
12,170 1,120 11,266 1,206 8.00% -7.10% 4.9
KOTAK BANK 11,847 3,314 11,273 1,309 5.10% 153.20% 22.4