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Vol. 74 No. 6

Mercyhurst College 501

E. 38th St Erie, Pa. 16546

October 25,2000

Autumn at the 'Hurst

MSG to hold student! forum
By Sara Seidle Merciad writer Students will once again have the chance to gripe to administration about all those little things, and not so little things, about Mercyhurst that just do notfseem right. Mercyhurst student government will hold the first student forum of the year Thursday, Oct. 26 in the student union Great Room from 810 p.m. According to Lindsey Christopher, Mercyhurst student government secretary, turnout for forums, has been low in the past. "You have most of the people with control on campusrightin front of you. People don't take advantage of that," said Christopher. 'If students aren't taking an active part in things, they have norightto complain." Panel members for the forum will be William Garvey, president of the college; Catherine Anderson, dean of student development; Thomas Billingsley, executive vice president of administration; Joseph GoWer, vice president) for academic affairs; Rodger Gregorich, dean of public safety; Ken Sidun, director of security services; Tyrone Moore, associate vice president of administration; William Kerbusch, director of physical plant; Kathleen Noce, director of academic computing; Laura Zirkle, dean of residence life. "The rec center renovations and three days for finals were both forum initiated,'* said

Annie Sitter/Merciad Photographer

With the days getting shorter and temperatures colder, autumn has arrived on the Mercyhurst College campus&Oct. 29 marks the beginning of daylight savings time meaning even shorter days and colder temperatures are ahead.

Christopher. She added that many issues raised at past forums were never further addressed, but steps are being taken to correct this. "We will definitely be following up and holding people accountable," said Christopher. "I hope that someone mentions the tardiness of the handbook policy and how it relates to the judicial review system. I want to know how they will handle people who broke rules that they were not aware of," said Christopher. "I don't think its fair that those kids should be punished for something they didn't know about." Christopher said she expects many of the same issues to be raised again this year as last year, such as parking and the alcohol policy. The transition of the tennis courts into a picnic area is another issue Christopher anticipates will be brought up by students. yThe two-hour forum will begin with written questions submitted to the panel by students. Upon entering the Great Room, students will be given the opportunity to write their quests on a piece of paper aird«sfObmTt^hein to j the mediator who will then read them to the panel. "If questions are worded inappropriately or disrespectfully, we can't read them," said Christopher. After the initial question is answered by the panel, the floor is open for students to comment or further question the topic. According to Christopher, student government plans to hold two more forums during the year, one during the winter term and another during spring term.

G o v e r n a n c e jtask force d o e s a w a y with college senate
By Stacy Norris Merciad writer L In an effort to show that old dogs really can | learn new tricks, Mercyhurst is planning to abandon its 25-year-old senate governing system for a new, more inclusive structure. This new plan will make the college more governable and will give students and faculty a stronger voice for their opinions and ideas, according to governance task force chairperson Dr. Kevin Sullivan. It all began at the end of the 1998-99 school year. While the Senate was reviewing the first draft of the strategic plan, they began pondering a new plan for the governing body of the school. Soon after. President Garvey appointed a task force to investigate a new and better method of governance for the college. Over the 1999-2000 school year, three members each from the college senate, Mercyhurst Student Government (MSG), faculty policies committee, administration and the board of trustees became the governance commission task force, meeting once a month to discuss their ideas. By the end of the year, they had come up with the plan for this change in policies. The new plan calls for three distinct full-time faculty member will be on the dean of Mercy hurst-North East. The college groups who will make the decisions for the school: student government, a faculty senate Senate, and elections will be held for officer council, in case MSG and the faculty senate positions. cannot come to agreement on issues, will and college council. Each of these will be The third major body of the new plan, the assume the role of mediator. able to discuss decisions and plans among college council, will be made up of the So far, there is not final approval on the themselves and report directly to the presidents and vice presidents of both MSG proposed changes. The plan is in the hands j president of the college. 44 and the faculty senate, plus two people of the executive committee of the board of What the task force discovered is that appointed.by each group, and four specific sj trustees who will review it and make any none of the people being represented, administrators: the academic dean, the i necessary changes. The vote on the plan whether faculty or students, felt that the executive vice president of administration, will be Dec .6. If approved, the new goversenate was doing a good enough job the director of finance and the executive nance system will be in place by fall 52001. representing them," said Sullivan."Issues that now only get discussed in the college senate will be discussed by both MSG and Proposed Model the faculty senate. Under the new plan, Mercyhurst Student President of College Government and faculty will both have a stronger role in the governing of the school. MSG is the only portion of the new governance plan that will remain unchanged, acuity Senate I "*| since it met the five goals of a governing body; effectiveness, communication, AH stwJent subc&mmiOcim \4UJacutfy subcom m ittxrex | Student Activities representation, discussion and debate and Faculty Development , CQOMfcuuonal Revision Faculty Affairs Coram iuee Budget and Finance jurisdictional responsibility. Insurance/ Benefits JO Publicity Committee Faculty Research and Profess Newsletter C o m m i t t e e There has also been overwhelming support Handbook Committee Security Committee | from the faculty for the new governing plan. N e w Faculty Commit toe i | Facilities and Res. Lil A dm interna or Evaluation Committee Alcohol C o m m i t t e e All catlegc subcommittee The faculty senate is a big change from the Rank and Tenure I Academic Policies Committee role that the faculty currently plays in C a m p u s Computing; I in Library Committee which Senate o r M S G governance of the college. Tentatively, Campus Lite j chooae to report Academic Planning and Sullivan stated that membership in the Faculty Senate will be based on status; every






OCTOBER 25. 2000

ELECTION! NEWS— Voter apathy on the rise

What factor will decidevyour vote in the upcoming election? |

refuse to educate themselves on the issues and tfl I think morals are very important By Zack Venable "I'm not voting. m M\ on the politicians who fail to clearly and suc-Kim Russo, junior, Merciad writer -Justin Mclntyre, sophomore, cinctly demonstrate their platform. elem./early childhood education mathematics major No matter what the cause of student voter "I'm not voting this year. I don't care much apathy, one thing is for certain, it is on the rise. "Leadership ability and an understandfor politics or politicians. Besides, what dif"G.W. is hot. But, really, I support his The 1988 and 1992 elections also saw deing of what people want." fftference can one vote make?" creased amounts of voter participation. The stance on education. Accountability is % \ -Seth Pokoj, junior, Sound familiar? It appears that more and 1996 elections saw a substantial drop in voter the key to success for our schools." £ accounting and finance major more college students between the ages of 18 participation as compared to previous years. -Kristen McCaskey, junior, and 25 are adopting this carefree approach "I base my vote on the amount of money The voter participation rate in America totoward voting in the national election. Why is biology education major day is less than 50 percent. Voting-age college they give to education." wm this? :M | students are part of this population. -Beth Ann Bauer, junior, One reason may be students* perception of Experience, experience, experience." With November just around the corner, stufamily ecology major government and politics. Many feel that -Travis Lindahl, graduate student, dents, need to get informed and get to the polls. today's political system is overrun with disorganizational leadership There is an abundance of information availhonest, self-centered politicians. Today's meHonesty, that's what decides my vote." able on the candidates on the Internet, in the dia has done a fine job of showing the dark -Amy Patton, junior, newspapers and on television. If one believes side of politics. For example, the media had a that government is crooked then vote for somesportsmedicine major field day with Watergate, the Iran-Contra scanone who will change that. dal and the Monica Lewinsky affair. One vote, cast by a majority, does make a ^Another cause of this apathetic attitude could difference#There is proof for this. Why have be students* general unfamiliarity with both both Gore and Bush been aggressively pushthe candidates and their platforms. Most indiing the issues of Medicare, prescription drug viduals would feel more comfortable casting Governor George W. Bush, Republican i Vice President AI Gore. Democrat plans and Social Security? Because the maan educated vote rather than one based solely jority of older Americans vote. Do the math Abortion Abortion | |£ | on a possibly biased viewpoint. The fault of and you will see apathy changes nothing. Bush is pro-life with exceptions for rape, inAl Gore is strongly pro-choice, deeply compolitical unawareness lies both with those who mitted to making abortion safe, legal and rare, cest and in instances where the welfare of the and protecting women's right to vote. The mother jjs in question. Furthermore Bush supadministration's proposed first-year budget ports restrictions such as parental notification, includes $240 million for family planning no use of taxpayer money for abortions as well programs. Gore proposes to make the Roe w as a ban on partial birth abortion. Bush signed By Stacy Norris a Texas law requiring parental consent for unWade decision a law. Merciad writer derage mothers considering abortion. Foreign Policy Al Gore has led efforts to reduce weapons Foreign Policy * i What are the qualities one must look for in a of mass destruction, deterring a first strike by According to Bush I support increased pay president? moving from multi-warhead missiles to and better benefits and training for our citizen This was the goal of the 2000 presidential single-warhead missiles on both sides in a soldiers. Rebuilding America*s homeland dedebates held throughout the month of Octophased "build-down.'*. fenses is an urgent priority. I support deployber. The candidates, Governor George W. viAsvice president, Gore has ,led.important ing anti.ballistic missile systems to guard Bush and. Vice President -M Qore* facert^f •» against attack and blackmail. Aha. America Jn a showdown of their personalities and goals including the dismantling of Kazakhstan s in these debates, » nuclear arsenal, the third largest in the former investing in research and development to make Through humor, personal jabs and exasperSoviet Union; negotiating Ukraine's decision our military more suited to the needs of the ating sighs, both candidates for the office of to give up its nuclear weapons; and a deal with twenty-first century.*' president, as well as the vice presidential canRussia and Kazakhstan to keep more than half Education didates, showed their emotions, and ultimately a ton of bomb-grade uranium from falling into Bush wants to give parents more choice by their true personalities, through the televised the excessive sighing that punctuated the first the hands of terrorists. In this and many other providing vouchers that can be used to pay for discussions on their issues and plans. £ debate, he did manage to get a laugh out of the areas, Gore has led the Clinton Administra- private school tuition. He supports research in In the vice presidential debate, held Oct. 5, memory of his intrusiveness, joking, "May I tion efforts to prevent and combat terrorism, education to find more effective methods of democratic VP nominee Joe Lieberman be- respond? I don't want to jump in." to protect American families and communi- teaching and tax-free savings accounts for eduties. I a gan his opening statement with a quote from cation.^ Governor Bush used his negative public imhis mother. fHe said, "My 85-year-old mom age at the time to his advantage in the second At every opportunity, Gore has fought for Environment gave me some good advice aout the debate debate. In reference to his many mispronun- greater openness, freedom and democracy The Bush strategy encourages market-based earlier today. She said, 'Sweetheart,* as she is ciations, he stated, to laughterfromthe audi- around the world to make all nations more technological solutions for problems of gloprone to call me, 'remember, be positive and ence, "Well, we all make mistakes. I've been open, honest and responsive in an increasingly bal warming and toxic-waste cleanup. As a former oil executive, Bush favors increased oil know that I will love you no matter what your known to mangle a syllable or two myself, you interdependent world. exploration and greater use of natural gas, as Education opponent says about you."' The tone of the know.'* Gore opposes vouchers for private educa- well as increased recycling efforts. vice presidential debate was much friendlier Most of the laughter, however, came from tion, arguing instead for more public options. Campaign Finance Reformi | and than any of the three presidential debates. the two candidates attempting to restrain them- He wants to make h igher education more acBush also supports banning "soft money" The first presidential debate, held Oct 3, selvesfromtaking more than the allotted two pointed out differences between the candi- minutes per response, which they had done in cessible through new tax credits, expanded contributions, likewise he aims to enact legis* Pell Grants and funding to make the first two lation that "supports raising individual contridates and their views. the first debate. years of college virtually free. bution limits,** and, "supports instant discloGeorge W. Bush began his opening speech The third debate, held at Washington Uni- Environment ft* sure of contributions and is the only presidenwith the line, "Well, we do comefromdiffer- versity in St. Louis, Mo., was 4 town-hall for- 1 While the environment occupies only a tial candidate who has voluntarily!impleent places.*' }\t also repeatedly; criticized mat, and 130 undecided votersfromthe area small place on his platform, Gore has cham- mented mis reform.** Additionally Bush supGore's use of "fuzzy, math** when criticized sat in the audience. Each member of the audi- pioned economically sustainable environmen- ports the enactment of Paycheck Protection for the inequality of his proposed tax cut. ence had a prewritten question that Jim Lehrer, tal policies for quite some time. During his legislation "so union members have the right Each time one of the candidates answered a the moderator, went through in categorical or- vice presidency in the Clinton administration, to decide whether to direct money to political question, they responded with their own ideas der, » the cleanest air and water in decades, has been activities.** i and with a criticism of the other's ideas or The tone of this debate was more of the same. achieved. For more information about the candidates, plans, each having plenty of background that Al Gore tried to better define the differences Campaign Finance Reform check out <www.politics.com>, could be, and was, used against them. Bush between him and Governor Bush, while Bush According to the official Gore statement on <www.issues2000.com>, or stated, to laughterfromthe audience, "Look, largely repeated the points he made in previ- Voter.com, "Our campaign finance system is <www.voter.com>. Read carefully, educate this is the man who's got great numbers. He ous debates. broken and needs to be fixed... our campaign yourself and vote this Nov. 7. • talks about numbers. I'm beginning to think, finance laws, created over a generation ago, Information for this article was compiled Throughout the debates, the American pubnot only did he invent the Internet, but he in- lic got a chance to see many sides of the can- have been overrun by rising costs and new by Adam DuShole, Merciad writer, from technologies.'* Gore would work hard to en- Experience magazine and voter.com. vented the calculator." didates. They showed humor, competition and act real comprehensive reform to: reduce the The second 'debate, held Oct. 13, at Wake disobedience of the rules. Both also rose above Forest University, was, a subdued version of their media-set images and showed their true costs of campaigns; eliminate the influence 46% of special interests; bolster the influence of Bush the first. With Gore holding himself back from personalities to all that watched. small scale contributors;, level the playing field between challengers ad incumbents; and AA°/c Gore he .also challenges all candidates to accept caps on presidential spending. There is still time to obtain an absentee ballot to vote in the upcoming Nader 4% Gore plans to ban "soft money" contribuelection. Ballot applications for Pa. residents must bereceivedby Nov. 3, tions, set limitations on individual and speOhio residents by noon Nov. 4, NY residents by Oct. 31. cial interest contributions and improve the dis1% Log on to <www.election.com/us/deadline.htrn> to check deadlines in closure of independent expenditures. Statistics courtesy of CNN/USA Today/

The issues: get informed

Candid candidates? in debate

It's not too late .

. *


your state.


Gallup Poll for Oct 24

OCTOBER 25. 2000



Musical theater breaks a leg
responsibilities ranging from actors set designers, make-up artists and prop managers Maloney wrote the curriculum and revamped For the past week, my roommate has come it to include 24 hours of dance classes and home late at night, exhaustedfroma long night music classes, 54 hours of core classes and 36 of rehearsal at Taylor Little Theatre for this hours of theater courses with the hope of givweekend's play, "The Diary of Adam and ing students a bachelor of thefinearts (in lieu Eve." The last three weekends have consisted of a bachelor of arts) in musical theater when of 14-hour days to get the theater ready for graduatingfromMercyhurst. the show. Like the other nine music theater Students like Casey Kilroy, who isn't a freshmajors, she puts in long hours and hard work man, need to stay at Mercyhurst for a full four to help the inaugural event of the new major years in the program to receive the BFA. Curgain recognition and grow. 2 rently, Maloney is trying to get scholarships For 18 years, "the whole program was for students who will face the challenge of dwarfed," said D.J. Maloney, head of the scraping for the extra money needed for tumusic theater department. The board of trust- ition to finish their education. ees decided that the new millennium would "The Diary of Adam and Eve" will alternate be the right time to initiate the new major, the characters of Adam and Eve in the four which is currently listed as a minor under the performances on Oct. 26,27 and 28 at 8 p.m. music department. and Oct. 29 at 2:30 p.m. The show is free to The majority of the students in this new ma- Mercyhurst students with ID. Maloney said jor are the "guinea pigs" and face numerous that it is an hour of sheer delight. By Kristin Elizabeth Purdy Merciad Writer -


Dinner and a movie;
Boo Cruise
Check, please
By Heather Cvitkovic Merciad Writer

The Contender
Just the ticket
By Brandon BoyIan Movie Critic If you're a Democrat, you'll love this movie. DreamWorks Pictures' newest flick, The Contender\ sympathizes with the most Democratic intention. Our heroine, Laine Hansen (Joan Allen), is chosen by The President (Jeff Bridges) as a potential vice-presidential running mate. But her past "extracurricular" activities, exposed by the so-called "bad guy" Republicans, come back to haunt her, killing her "nice girl" image she worked so hard to build to get on the male-dominated political playground. But don't worry, in the end Hansen is exonerated of any scandalous conducts that she allegedly engaged in when she was. 19. Her character is posed as the heroine contender of the film, issuing Democrats are good and Republicans bad. Though not all Democratic viewpoints, Hansen radically supports pro-choice, pro-vegetarian, pro-separation of church and state, pro-atheism, anti-gun and anti-capital punishment. If the filmmakers purpose works, the audience, regardless of their political beliefs, will side with those of Hansen's. The movie ends up being a political and personal stand-off between the characters ofJoan Allen and Gary Oldman: a parallel to the combat between the Democratic and Republican parties respectively. Allen wins, Oldman loses ... what can we deduce? Not that there is anything wrong with the Democratic party, but isn't it ironic that the film's release date is slightly more than a month away from this year's election? Can the film's producers scream pro-Gore any louder? Besides the Republican/Democrat issue, the film also mirrors other recent political controversies. Overall,* a tremendous sense of partiotism is portrayed once again: the American people do what they know to beright,despite specific corruptions of certain individuals. Truth always prevails. This concept is captured in the movie through a young, naive politician, similar to Mr. Smith, played by Christian Slater. Regardless of the actual content of the movie, the film was extremely well-done. Camera angles were placed precisely to capture the relationships between the actors and the Washingtonian backgrounds; Oldman and Allen give riveting performances in their struggle to fight for what they individually believe isright;and the plot was strategically well-scripted, allowing room for a natural disclosure of Hansen's character. Besides Allen, Oldman, Bridges and Slater, the film also stars Philip Baker Hall and Mariel Hemingway, I gave it an A-. The Contender, rated *%** ia playing daily at Tinseltown at 1:15 p.m., 4 p.m., 7:15 p.m. and 10:05 p.m. ?

Screams, scares and terrors of Erie
By Adam Dushole Merciad Writer Like most college students, I'm caught at that awkward age where trick-or-treating isn't too feasible (I held out until senior year of high school) and I'm not yet old enough to attend the swanky Halloween parties in Erie's finer pubs (read: not 21). So I found myself asking, "Gee, what can I do this All Hallows' EvelT Surprisingly, Erie has quite the extensive list ofvrjalloween activities, whether.^you enjoy being scared out of your wits or rather enjoy a harmless (wimpy) night of pumpkin carving. As an Erie resident for almost three years now, I have had an opportunity to attend some of this scary, dare 1 say spooktacular events. Although going to a museum doesn't sound like typical Halloween fun, the Erie Historical Museum's "Eerie Legend's: The Dark Side of Erie's History" staged in the Erie Planetarium is anything but stuffy and boring. The show features the best of Erie's own ghoulish history of murders, executions and grave robbing^ The Planetarium on 356 W. 6th St. holds

Scooping out the pumpkin guts for seeds
By Leslie Echan Merciad Writer Thinking that tr^e art of pumpkin carving might have lost its luster from when I was younger, I carved my pumpkin this past weekend only to contradict my thought. 1 couldn't wait to get elbow deep in the bright orange squash. 1 picked out my pumpkin, tall and skinny. I wanted to do a silhouette of a cat because spookiness is associated with the feline at Halloween. Before the fun part of carving, I gutted the cavity. Here's how: * " Separate that gooey stufffromthe seeds and rinse them off in a strainer. This will get the excess parts off. Then pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees. Because every apartment has a dif-

As Halloween approaches everyone is looking for something fun to do, but something that they haven't done before. I don't know about anybody else but I am sick of wearing my gypsy costume and roaming around campus looking for something fun to do.l Enter Star 104 and the Boo Cruise. This is a first-time event for the station and sounds like something a little different to do on Halloween. The scary cruise on the Victorian "Vampire Princess drifting atop the dark waters of Lake Eerie" begins at 7 p.m. Halloween night * The boat will be decorated in all of the traditional Halloween glory'and maybe even betits staging shows Octj27-30, — two shows a ter. Workers at Party City, who will be providnight at 7:45 and 8:45 p.m. Tickets are $3, ing decorations, said to expect a rather scary, available at the Erie Historical Museum, also creepy scene complete with animation. For those people interested in getting a at 356 W. 6th St. I $ M. IWhile Erie does have, plenty of haunted glimpse into their future, especially if they houses to offer, stay awayfromany mention- want to find out what the rest ofthe night holds for them, they can ask Star's renowned psying any sort of religious content, (that is unchic^ Natalie Smith Blakeslee. Blakeslee has less you like paying $5 to be subjected to an been known to be brutally honest to a fault, so hour-long lecture concerning modem moralif you are afraid to know where you are going ity Issues such as abortion, alcohol, premari- next, steer clear of her. 7 * * tal sex and so on).^ne Ultimate Trip ar7195 ^n^The cruise js.only for people 21 and over. W. Ridge Rd., Fairview, for example, is falsely There will be finger food provided by : advertised and decorated as a haunted house. Barbato's (pizza, wings, veggies and dip), Upon entering, overzealous religious fanatics there will also be drink specials available to from the New Beginnings Full Gospel Church those who want to have a few spirits. jump out and preach at you; not scary, just teThroughout the night tricks and treats will dious. On second thought, that could be the be given out, including $250 for the person scariest thing you see all Halloween. with the best costume. Whatever you decide to do this devilish holiTickets are $25 and include food and entry day season, make sure to have a parent check into the contests, but not drinks. The voyage all candy for LSD, razor blades and large hy- of death begins at 7 p.m. and goes until 10 podermic needles. p.m., leaving you with enough time to party A full, updated list of Halloween activities the night away on campus. Tickets must be is available in the Showcase section of the Erie purchased in advance to ensure that you don't dress up and get there to find that there is no Times-News. room on the ship for you. The Victorian Princess line is located at Dobbin's Landing on the Bayfront. Tickets can be ordered by callferent stove, or at least vary in heat intensity, ing 459-9696. Sg* , § the degrees on the knob mean nothing. One final word of warning, mis ship sails While the oven is heating up, put foil over a Lake Erie. This means that it leaves the port. cookie sheet. Place the seeds on the sheet and So if you have nine o'clock plans, you better sprinkle as much salt and seasoning as you not take the voyage. The devils running the would like on them. Then place the seeds in ship don't take kindly to being asked to turn the oven for 20 to 30 minutes, varying again around to drop your'gypsy buttyff.ytj on how fast your oven works. I tend to take a spatula and flip them awhile they are cooking STour Old Erie^Cemetery, and add more salt. When the seeds start to Dr. Allan Belovarac, professor of history, will brown, take them out. Let them cool a bit be- conduct a tour of the old Erie Cemetery at 21 st fore you bite £ and Chestnut St on Friday*Oct 27 at 3 p.m. One of the treasures of fall is home baked A van will be aHhe PAC at 2:30 p.m. This pumpkin seeds. They are easy to bake and great mid-19th century graveyard is an example of to eat*- After the seeds are out and you have the evolution of gravestone art and the burial enjoyed the seeds, then carve the pumpkin. . site of Erie's 19th century pioneers, war heroes and civic leaders.! Happy Halloween! For more information call ExL 2326.

[The Street Beat!

By Kristin Elizabeth Purdy



The Diary of Adam and Eve at Taylor Lime Theatre Oct. 26-28 at 8 p.m., Oct 29 at 2:30 p.m.The Clarks at Sherlocks Oct. 25. Moonwitch-Halloween program at Edinboro planetarium Oct. 26 at 7 p.m. Robert Raczka art exibit in the Cumings Gallery opens Oct 26from5-7 p.m. Night of the Living Dead at the Roadhouse Oct 27,28,31 at 8 p.m. Journal-making workshop in Zurn 121 Oct. 27 from 12:30-3:30 p.m. Coffeehouse: Murder Mystery in the Union Oct. 27 at 10:30 p.m. The Medium- a seance in the Union Oct. 31 at 9 p.m. Haunted Corn Maze at Miss Caroline's Oct 27,28fromdusk until 10 p.m. Conneaut Lake Park Haunted Hotel Oct 26-31 starting at 6:30 p.m.



OCTOBER 25. 2000

• Schedules for the week of finals are out already, which is much earlier than last year. Now students can know even earlier when they should begin to panic. • Mercyhurst, the land of tiny little parks. Another quaint little park was added to campus between the Queen's chapel and Taylor Little Theatre walkway.

' Hurst accessibilty appalling |
Are we denying the wheelchair^bound a Mercyhurst education?
• •

• The campus* directory is finally out! Students can pick up their copy in (he student union. I spent my summer at Mercyhurst, giving tours Try to get one before they are all gone. f of our lovely campus to prospective students. As a good green jacket, I spewed some his• Congratulations to the men's and women's soccer teams for their wins last weekend. The torical facts and offered numerous anecdotes games were very important to both teams and in true Laker soccer style, they came through. about college life. Tour-giving was tedious at Annie DeMeo times, but it wasn't exactly hard labor... One day my job got instantly more challenging. I was approached by some admissions dent left on this family was not one that evoked • While everyone is excited about the directories finally being out, students who live on East Briggs were met with a very unpleasant suprise when they opened them. Most students higher ups and asked whether or not I could smiles. give a tour to an individual in a wheel chair. A &And, this was just the begining. I could not in East Briggs apartments found that their campus numbers were not listed along with girl was visiting our school and her father was show the family the Mercyhurst Ice Center, approximately 163 other students who found their names and/or phone numbers missing paralyzed from the waist down and confined much to the dismay of these hard-core hockey from the directory. to a wheel chair. I felt that after a summer of fans. We struggled to comfortably fit into eleva• Despite the fact that The Merciad printed an article warning students of a theft on tour-giving, I was up to the challenge (and, tors together. And the father of this family campus due in part to doors being propped open, students are still continuing to do so.Even sadly, it was a challenge). though it was police and safety that warned students, as soon as someone's apartment From the onset I was met with the cruel re- decided to wait outside of Zurn Hall while the gets broken into it will be the police and safety department that gets blamed first. ality of how inaccessible our campus is. There rest of us toured the building. Despite his visis no way to get to the Weber Half admissions ibly strong upper body the ramp leading to the office (where tours are received) without en- building was a challenge that he prefered not • A devasting score of 45 to 20 glowed on the score board as disappointed Laker football countering stairs. Because of this, the family to deal with. fans exited Tullio field after Saturday's game against Grand Valley State. skipped the video that is ordinarily shown with At one point this man looked up at me and • You're on your way out of the library, on your way to class, out the doors when suddenly a tour and we had to begin the tour process said, "Not many handicapped people here, huh?" I felt my face turn a bright shade of red. the sensor detectors go off. Suddenly, you're subjected to a 15-minute search of your bags V from the visitors' parking lot. The first stop on a tour of campus, at least I've never been more embarassed to be a repfor books that you haven't stolen. Can't the detectors be fixed, avoiding the entire annoying ^ « mess altogether? W* when this-ambassador is giving it, is the li- resentative of Mercyhurst brary. The family and I proceeded down East Recently I recalled this dismal day when I Main Drive and around the back of the library' heard about another accessibility horror story. to get inside. Having to take this out of the Last week admissions counselor Travis • Some of the couches and the chairs in the library are just plain ugly. The oranges and way route was an inconvenience, but it was Lindahl brought a prospective student's father yellows are reminiscent of 70s-era decorating and have long passed their prime. If the school not the worst aspect of the trip. The road be- to the health center after he threw out his back. can't afford new ones, why not suggest to some of the interior design majors that they l hind the libraryjs extremelyjgteep and has The man was jn extreme pain and used a wheel wophofstermelw ashaproject' " ' milium —

Leftpo write



THE UGLY... l f!

| \ ||| *

• Registration is here once again and students are once more greeted with long lines the second that they enter Sullivan Hall. Mercyhurst strives so hard to stay with the times, isn't it time that they look into computer or phone registration. • We like how the registrar's office has tried to get into the spirit of the holiday, but the paper pumpkin cutouts in the windows seem out of place. Shouldn't the administration be consistent in its reasoning behind such policies as no front window air conditioners" if they are serious about the looks of the front of the campus.

When you have to let a friend go
Growing and going in different directions
I am writing this in remembrance of a friend who I seem to. have lost. She and I have grown apart and have begun to go our separate ways. Although I knew that it was coming, it still makes me sad. But I think that as we grow older we are all finding ourselves drifting away from our friends. We met a few years ago in a really funny way. We have shared many jokes and laughs over the way that we met. Best friends we instantly became. We did almost everything together. If we were apart, people would ask us where our other half was. We even had a funny nickname that everybody knew us by. We had our rough times, as any friendship does, but we made it through them with a smile on our faces, a lesson learned and our friendship still intact I thought that we would befriendsforever. I think that I expected her to never change, to remain the same person she was when we first met I changed. I grew up and matured. I began to have a different outlook on life, school, boys and work. So why shouldn't she change, right? But I guess that I thought that she would change and grow along the same lines as I did, but she didn't One day we went to lunch and as she gibbered on about her day, I looked across the table at ber and thought, "I don't know you anymore. I don't realty know who you are." And that was so sad to me. We had changed

It was very difficult to dodge cars whipping arriving at the Cohen Health Center, Lindahl around the bend without losing control of the and this man realized that there is no way to wheel chair that was rapidly gaining momen- enter the health center without encountering tum on the way down the hill. There is no side- stairs. walk around this side of the building, so we ^Be ashamed thai people receive horrible imwere forced to travel on the street. While the pressions of our school because of our inacprospect of a runaway wheelchair may sound cessibility. Be ashamed that we are perceived mildly amusing, the impression that the inci- as ignorant to the needs of others. Be ashamed that administration has not incorporated this into the five year plan. Be ashamed that you go to a school where the needs of individuals with physical disabilities are not adequately met. Annie DeMeo is a junior English major from Topeka, Kan.

Famous last words
Heather Cvitkovic

so much and gone in such different directions that I didn't know my best friend anymore. I didn't even consider her my best friend. In all honesty,friendswill say that I feel this way because she has found a man. But there have been many boys in our lives and they have never bothered either one of us. ^ I saw this coming last year, when she didn't have this man. I knew we were drifting apart when she never understood how hard New York was for me. When I first moved there and she would call me but never asked about my classes or the guy that I was seeing. Every time she would call, she would talk to everyone in the room but me. It was so unlike her. And I knew it was coming, but j was far away and I thought that things would get better when I came back. But they didn't This is all very upsetting to me. As the days progress there becomes less and less to salvage in ourfriendshipand I'm not sure that I

want to try anymore. That seems to be al 11 ever do, with no responsefromher end. But sometimes people's priorities change I guess. Everyday I see us growing further and further apart. She never calls me. She never asks about my day or my weekend. She doesn't want to get to know any of my f other" friends and is downright rude to some of them. She doesn't seem to want to know me. So I'm letting go of her and our friendship, as hard as it is to say that. I have fought, and it's not as though I didn't try. I called her. I asked her about and listened to her day, to stories of her man and her* 'other"friends.I have met and hung-out with saidfriends.I have tried to keep ourfriendshipintact But lately it seems as though I am giving my all and she's not even trying. So I'm giving up. My mom says that many of us come to this point as we get older. We find ourselves growing and changing. We find our friends growing and changing. And sometimes we grow and go in different directions. And maybe you, too, have a friend that just doesn't seem to care anymore, or that you feel you just don't know anymore. If you do I know how you feel. But sometimes, you just have to let it go before it gets too bad, before you can't even be civil toward each other. Sometimes you have to walk away, without your friend and with only the memories of a time gone past {

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OCTOBER 25. 2000



Whatjjare you doing for'Halloween this year?


The fur trade
Hot or not?
Megan Cvitkovic Fur has become famously fashionable this fal I and winter as it crops up in a variety of new and inventive ways. ? Designers have been showing fur trim on many of their runway garments and the trend has now been adopted by the masses on the street. But perhaps before any fur trends are mentioned it should be clarified that by fur I do not necessarily mean realffur. Thanks to today's technological advances in textiles, one can wear what looks and feels remarkably like animal fur, but is not the real thing. So put your red paint away. Designers have used some of these faux furs to their advantage. They've been embellishing everything from shoes, with badger tails on high heels, pants, tops, vests, the ever popular coats and now even on handbags. ±$ Of course not all of these fun fur-adorned items can be found in our area, but there are a few items that can be found in Erie without breaking the bank. j Express, for example, is currently carrying a rabbit fur vest that is pretty reasonably priced. But remember that this is one item that is made of real fur, not the fake stuff, so if you are against real fur this is one piece that is not foi you. j Again beware, this is not a trend for the timid. If you aren't comfortable with strangers petting your fur vest at a party or you cringe every time a cherry flavored drink nears your vicinity, better leave your fur in the closet for a better time. On another note, fur can be sophisticated, sassy and totally sheek to a point But when one starts wearing boots with fur trimming the heel, the look simply becomes ridiculous.

I'm going to dress up as Michael Jackson for Halloween and wish my friend, Betsy, a happy 22nd birthday." * W — Tim Fox, freshman « 'Tor Halloween this year I am going to a community masquerade bac^ home. I am planning on going as a French bar maid." £ — Sara Streed, senior "I an| going trick or treating and dressing up as ^Cleveland Indians fan." ^ ^ Ryan Moton, freshman "I am trying to find a Darth Vader costume and if I don't, I guess Til have to dress up as 'the gay cowboy from the Village People again." - • jg,-. —Eric Schmitz, senior ' 1 am planning on going to the bar for Halloween^Let's party it up at Sullivan's!" — Shana McMahon, senior "I am going to Ohio University for Halloween because I am anfRA. and cannot party here." I Carlton Morgan, junior

pohn Lellzo (Jersey) will be a pimp and Rob Long, Justin Mclntyre and I will be his three sluts, to walk around campus and go to Halloween parties." —|oe Burgholzer, sophomore*

"I plan on terrorizing a great deal of innocent people and making them scream in agony while reciting Shakespearean soliloquies." |

— Freddy Krueger "I will be a decomposing corpse in a few days,"|| | I
— victim, former student

' ^'Stephen (Calkins) and, I are going to my aunt's house to pass out candy to trick or treaters7* — Kat Williamson, freshman "Although I am a little disappointed that I am oni duty Halloween, at least I have the weekend before off." Nicole Beer, junior "My friends and I are going up to Egan to findihe ghosts in the attic, get dressed up and partyfthe night^away." — Amy Cosgrave, freshman

"Beside throwing my disembodied flaming pumpkin head at people, I plan to enjoy this spooky holiday by attending as many parties as possible." — Leslie Echan, junior

Campus Question cuts down recycling program
After reading the response to the Campus Question in last week's paper, I became very disappointed due to the number of misguided opinions. Mercyhurst does now have a recycling program on the main campus and will very soon have one in the apartment complexes and dorms as well. Fm working my hardest to get this program J operative and effective in as little time as possible. ?S Once a week two people go around and empty recycling bins and place the materials in the recycling dumpsters ... I know this because I am one of those two people. I've been informed that housekeeping will be taking care of the offices around campus without any help from workstudy and this is a great improvement as well. Recycling is a necessary program if we wish to preserve our environment, but in no means does it save us money. It is much cheaper to throw our wastes away in the trash and forget about it than it is to recycle. If it saved us money, everybody would be doing it. The long-term costs of not recycling are harsh, however, nobody ever looks into the longterm. I was disappointed to see that all those with condescending attitudes in The Merciad are not part of S.RA.N., students for the protection/appreciation of nature, f* * The main problem with recycling at the moment is on the student's end of the deal... why is there junk food trash mixed in with nearly every recycling bin? Why are the dumpsters that are reserved for recycling always piled to the top with crap that can't be recycled? How can students blame maintenance and others who are trying to help while at the same time throwing all sorts of wastes that obviously aren't recyclable into the recycling dumpsters? fl These are the problems that I'm trying to solve and actions speak louder than words. If you're really tired of the way things are, do something about it. Complaining to The Merciad won't change a thing. — Dave Adams, president S.P. A.N.

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OCTOBER 25. 2000


Honors students
By Jessica Kapusta Merciad writer

or bust

Fun on the! ice


Conflict" with Stacie Chapman, commented, "It was a great experience and I feel enriched from the opportunity to attend the conference." Other students that attended the Imagine a place bustling with students, the conference reflected the same positive financial elite and the poorest of the poor. attitude. All meshing together with the knowledge Dr. Brown noted, "I appreciated the that they live in one of the most unique opportunity to meet with many of my honors places in the nation. i Every block in Washington D.C. is littered colleagues and to discuss ideas and techniques for honors courses.." Brown actively with historical landmarks* the political and participated in the conference by co-. business elite, foreign specialty shops and noisy outdoor cafes that serve as the meeting presenting in the "National Issues Forum on Governing America" with Kristen Brown place for all those submerged in this and Jessica Kapusta, along with 44 other secluded little world. students and professors. He also was the Washington D.C. is the center of our presenter of the topic entitled "Mother nation's political activity and unlike any other place, you can have lunch next door tp Nature" by Sarah Hurdy. Highlightsfromthe NCHC included a the Russian embassy or a cup of coffee with plenary session on Mid-East peace, the a pair of cardiologists from Argentina. Our nation's capital is the perfect example Keynote address on Free Press and Democracy presented by Sheryl WuDunn, The New of what America represents. It contains a York Times' Pulitzer Prize winning journalrich and diverse mixture of peoplefromall ist, a gala at the Smithsonian Institution's over the world with different beliefs, languages and cultures. This was the ideal National Museum of American History, and setting for over 1,800 honors students to the 2000 Portz Scholars Research presentaconvene and discuss issues that affect every tion! J American citizen. Although the purpose of this weekend's activities primarily focused on the NCHC Seven students, Adam Blahut, Kristen conference itself, the Mercyhurst particiBrown, Stacie Chapman, Adam Davis, Mandy Fies, Jessica Kapusta and Jen Kelley, pants had the chance to explore Washington along with Dr. Ludlow Brown, represented D.C. in theirfreetime. Mercyhurst College at this year's National The honors students mat presented in mis CoJtegiateiionors C^pciHNCHC) at t h e ^ event not only had the opportunity to see ^ Washirfgton^iltbn^&TbWei'sftlWashington and acknowledge thdiohievementstof^othei^ D.C. T ; students in the academic community but The event was held Oct 22 and was filled also had the chance to be acknowledged by. those same students. with lectures, conferences, forums and When one adds to that the opportunity to presentations that reflected political and academic opinions of honors students from explore and experience an exciting city with a diverse and unique culture, one could say across the country,"Participants from Mercyhurst actively engaged or presented in that these honors studentsfromMercyhurst had a worthwhile and profitable trip to eight of these events. '? Washington D.C| " 2 Adam Davis, co-presenter of "The Breaking Point: Chaos Theory and Human

Photo by Annie Sitter/ Merciad photographer


Mercyhurst students, including the women's hockey team, donate fheir time and effort to SABAH, Skating Association for the Blind and Handicapped,
• •

First All-American award in 'Hurst historyl

Lacrosse players honored

position known as a take away defenseman. This position requires risks to be made, and By Julia Wanzco it appears mat Little does this quite well. Merciad writer Ryan says, "Luke is exciting to watch and is a greatrisktaker. He has tremendous stick Mercyhurst men's lacrosse players Luke skills and is just an overall talented player." £ Little, Stephen Pecori and Paul Fullerton Junior Stephen Pecori plays the position of were awarded the All-American title for the a 1999-2000 lacrosse season, f * * **&*$ J mid-field for the men's lacrosse team and These men were tee first to be awarded the has proven to be quite the natural athlete. ; title since the birth of Mercyhurst men's According to Ryan, Pecori is perhaps thej best over-all athlete in Men's Division-II lacrosse in 1997, J Lacrosse. "With Steve's natural abilities, he "The selection of these three athletes as All-American's has helped to legitimize our j could succeed in just about any sport," says lacrosse program at Mercyhurst," said men's Ryan, ^f i lacrosse head coach Chris Ryan. He continExcelling in both strength and speed, ues, "Their titles have helped our team to Pecori says, "I'm honored to be selected for I shine in the limelight and aid in our recruitthe title. I think we had a good season last Jung purposes as well.'* year, and I'm looking forward to the spring." Originally from Watertown, N.Y., Pecori Though Fullerton graduated in May 2000, Little and Pecori are both looking forward to graduatedfromSouth Jefferson Central High School in 1998. It was there, during his returning for yet another season of Lakers ne 311 n s freshman year that teg ' career in lacrosse. lacrosse. Pursuing a career in math educaLuke Little is a senior sports medicine tion, Pecori would someday like to coach in major. Originally from Black River, N.Y., the school district he teaches for. Little transferred to Mercyhurst from Having closed the 2000 season with eight Jefferson Community College. He began to wins and three losses, the Mercyhurst men's play lacrosse during his junior year at lacrosse team is currently ranked 10th in the Carthage Central High School. Despite his late start in the sport, Little has (according to nation. Coach Ryan), a definite feel for the game as well as' a love for it. He plays the defensive

addressing with human rights issues. Once the By Dave Hermenau conference is over, the group will go to Fort Merciad writer Benning and take part in the protest to close For the second year in a row, Mercyhurst stu- the school. SOA Watch is not the only group on cam dents will attend what has become one of the largest and best orchestrated civil disobedience pus promoting civil rights issues. Amnesty acts of the decade. At the same time they will ^International and Students for a Free Tibet also have chapterson^ampus i^a^elool^ing for| risk arrest by walking onto military property ward to the year ahead, j ] ^ ^ ^^? in protest of the School of the Americas (SOA) Still in the planning stages are a concert on in Fort Benning, Ga. campus to benefit a Tibetan children's village The SOA is a U.S.-funded institution that in India and a Human Rights conference that trains Latin American military members. Ac- Brown said has already received the support cording to activists, many SOA graduates have of the department of religious studies. gone on to commit numerous human rights violations and atrocities. Activists take issue with the fact that U.S. dollars are used to train what in their eyes, is a "School of Assassins. Last November, five Mercyhurst students were among the nearly 5,000 protestors calling for the federal government to close the school. Step-by-step, the protesters crossed onto the school's grounds and stayed until officials arrested them or forced them to leave, Another 7,000 protesters joined in activities leading up to the march. "takl f SOA Watch, Mercyhurst's anti-"School of Assassins" contingent is in the midst of organizing a return trip. Senior Christine Brown crossed the line last year and was inspired by what she saw. ''It made me realize that students were actually saying something, that demonstrations were not just delegated to the 60s and 70s," said Brown in a recent interview. Since her return, Brown has been hard at work drumming up support on campus against "We live in a democracy, we can freely protest things without fear of being labeled a pothe SOA and for other human rights issues. She is also one of the main organizers of a litical dissident and thrown in jail for 20 years," human rights conference to beheld at Koinonia added Brown, who encourages anyone interFarms, Americus, Ga. Koinonia is a farm and ested to get involved. SOA Watch will hold a meeting Thursday, Christian organization that aids low-income rural families. The ranch's past guests include Aug. 26 at 8 p.m. in Zurn 213 for all those interested in going to Koinonia and Fort Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. k The conference will consist of workshops Benning.

"School of Assassins" protested


SWNe live in a democracy, wektan freely protest things without fear of being labeled a political -dissident and throwriin jail for 20 years.
—Christine Brown

i NEED COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS? I On Nov.j5,2000 the Gertrude Barber Center will be holding|its Annual Holiday»Festival. A spaghetti dinner will be held and servers?are|needed§ If you are interestedpvolunteerinfefoiithis^eventv I f i£& please call'453-7661.

OCTOBER 25. 2000



Mercyhurst football team falters in 2nd half, loses game
Lakers drop sixth game to GVSU
By Greg Beato Merciad Writer The Mercyhurst Lakers suffered another disappointing loss on Saturday, this time at the hands of the Grand Valley State University Lakers. This loss dropped Mercyhurst to 2-6 overall, and 2-5 in the conference. Grand Valley improved to 4-4, 4-3. This GLIAC game was a tale of two different halves. Before the break, the defenses of both teams dominated play, with a half-time score of 7-7. Mercyhurst got on the board first with a 5 -yard pass from Mac McArdle to Faheem Williams; a Vinnie Corasaniti PAT gave Mercyhurst its only lead of the game. The lead was short-lived^Less than two minutes later, GVSU scored on a 14-yard run, one of three rushing touchdowns for the game. The defense kept the game knotted at i seven until the third quarter. The defense held Grand Valley to 13 first downs and 86 yards passing, while forcing two turnovers. The offense could only muster 11 first downs and 103 yards passing, while committing four turnovers. The highlight of the second quarter came near its conclusion; sophomore defensive : back Casey 'William^njpjqe^tpd 3 <^VS.U 1 r.'attempt. -u^-i- j H ^ d ^ - ^ ^ f f i - '—\ Yhe Grand Valley Lakers walked away [pass and returned it 85 yards before being with a 45-20 victory. tackled. Williams' interception return broke an 18-year-old school record. At the start of the second half, Mercyhurst hoped their upset win over Ferris State last weekend would provide enough momentum to pick up back-to-back wins for the first time this season. The third quarter proved to be a good summary of the season so far. Sophomore Phil Provenzano started the second half with a 26-yard kickoff return, only to have the series end in a Mercyhurst fumble during a Corasaniti punt. Provenzano finished the game with 16 yards on three carries. GVSU wasted no time taking advantage of the turnover; they scored three minutes later on a 51 -yard pass play. The visiting Lakers scored on their following three possessions, rounding out an impressive 28 point third quarter. Mercyhurst chipped in a touchdown in the midst of this scoring frenzy on a 69-yard completion from McArdle to senior Byron Curry. But, this was too little too late for Mercyhurst; the third quarter ended with GVSU on top 35-14. * | M M The fourth quarter was even more bleak. The lone bright spot was a 78-yard touchdown pass from reserve quarterback Brett Weidig to Justin Siemon. Even this highlight was diminished by a blocked point after





Annie Sitter/Merciad photographer

(Above) Mac McArdle runs through Grand Valley defenders in the Laker's loss. (Below) A Mercyhurst defender desperately tries to pull down a GVSU player. The game was particularly hard h itting. m~\* If Several key players were injured during the ! *\L*W game and are questionable for next week's few j£i*BV game at Hillsdale. Scott Platz, the team's leading tackier, however, looks to jump back from a shoulder injury that sidelined 1 -^ him late in the game. The loss was frustrating in light of the positive first half. Mercyhurst must play consistently for four quarters on both sides of the ball and eliminate turnovers to be *+ k ^4k?"> V successful. Mercyhurst is second to last place in the GLIAC, with three conference . *C~ScJ^& games-remaining* Saturday* Oct. 28 the ^ ! Lakers travel to Hillsdale in hopes of %Q&4R «Z W^ ..J. improving their conference standing.

• *0* *





m\i ^ipajTj f

i m
, m e *
^^^tVtfiffBwfH j lA'^^A^^fl^^E






^ .


— - ^u^_

^ *

1 ™ J~v *-


^ J^IT

*JV' •


Field ;hockey team wrapsifup 2000 season] with a win
By Melissa Hoi man Merciad Writer The Mercyhurst field hockey team finished another successful season Tuesday, Oct. 23. With the efforts of coach Kevin Cooke combined with many amazing players, Mercyhurst showed the other schools in the league who's boss. The team wrapped up the 2000 season with a loss at the hands of Houghton College. The,Lakers lost 2-1 in their fifth overtime contest of the season. The Lady Lakers struck first and maintained a 1 -0 lead until Houghton came back with just 12 seconds left in regulation. Houghton prevailed with the victory after Elaine £ Tieleman scored her second goal of the game with 22 seconds left in overtime. Despite the tough defeat the ladies were successful in achieving the majority of their preseason goals. The Lakers wanted their record to be above 500, they wanted to finish in the top 10 in the nation and they wanted to make it to the playoffs. The ladies accomplished two out of their three goals. They finished the season 13-61. The number of victories for the 2000 season equaled the number of wins for the two previous seasons combined. In addition, the team is ranked ninth in the country. This is a huge improvement over last season's final standing of 25th. Despite these g improvements the Lakers did not qualify for the playoffs. "The team has grown tremendously over the past few years, with the addition of many new players," said Cooke. "Every player on the team contributes greatly.

Players extend m appreciation!
Toi the Mercyhurst community:
As you know, a devastating event occurred Friday, Sept. 29. Our house on State Street caught fire, damaging most of our belongings. Immediately, the six of us were overwhelmed by the help of countless < people. * . I .£'•.. We would like to thank everyone who helped in getting us back on our feet We are eternally grateful for the thoughts, prayers, and donations that were directed on our behalf. The Mercyhurst community showed its compassion and unity in time of need. Special thanks to Diane Rogers for all the assistance she provided. We would also like to thank Tim Pohorence, Lindsay Christopher, the Mercyhurst Student Government, and campus ministry for their help in collecting donations. Special thanks to Laura Chrulski, Tyrone Moore, and Doug Roger. Without all of your help, it would not have been possible to pull through this tragedy. Thanks again. Mark George Marlon Hernandez Derek Marsh Frank Rodriguez Rico Santana John Sechler

Annie Sitter/Merciad photographer

The Lakers field hockey team finished the season with a tough overtime loss to Houghton College. Above, the Lady Lakers battle for control of the ball.
There isn't just one amazing person; the whole team is amazing. It's all for one and one for all." Sophomore Fran Hollembaek finished the season as the team's leading scorer, with 12 goals. Sophomore Jeanna Hartmann helped the team with excellent ball control up and down the field. Junior Laurie Sienkiewicz increased her number of assists over last year; she proved to be an important asset to the team with 10 goals and 26 points. Lone senior Nicole Bonvouloir helped the team as well She reads the game well and is an important leader on defense. Coach Cooke encourages the Mercyhurst community to get more involved with the program next season and to support his teams in coming years. "I want everyone who has the opportunity (professors, administrators and students) to come and watch one game and ask questions. I want them to feel free to come to me after the game and ask me what they want to know about the sport," said Cooke. "I want them to feel free to come to me after the game and ask me what they want to know about the sport. I realize many people may not understand how the game is played and that is what I am here for. I want them to come away from this sport with knowledge and a better appreciation of the sport."




OCTOBER 25*2000

The men's ice hockey team lost a nonconference game to Clarkson University Saturday, Oct. 21. Mike Carter scored in the third period to tie the game, but Clarkson slipped another one in the goal to defeat the Hurst 2-1. Clarkson outshot Mercyhurst 3021. Despite goalkeeper Peter Aubrey's 2& saves, Clarkson prevailed.


X-Country fteam competes!in GLIAC championships
By Betsy Budacki Merciad Writer Last weekend the Mercy hurst cross country team participated in the GLIAC championships in the Upper Peninsula at Michigan Tech. After the 14-hour bus trip, the runners were eager to welcome the refreshing weather for the race on Saturday, Oct. 21. The women ran a 6K course, while the men ran an 8K on a wooded trail. The Mercyhurst women placed 12 out of 13 teams with 333 points. Leading the Lady Lakers were Mindi Lauterbach (29th, 24:31.27) v and Katd Cywinsk! (82nd; 26:00.41). Seniors Laura Chrulski, Krista Doutt, Jamie Dudich, Maria Obert and freshman Anne Marie Romano ran as a pack, finishing within seconds of each other. "They all ran hard on a very challenging course," said coach Kathy Fraley. "It was a true cross country race on rugged wooded trails." "* "I was really impressed with the course," said senior co-captain Maria Obert. "I was also proud of how we ran together as a team.^ The absence of one of the top-runners, Maura Donahue, caused a small setback for the ladies. She could not attend the event because of interviewing. The men's team finished 11th of 12 teams, edging out Gannon University with 297 points. The top runners were Ciaran Brewster, Joe Vacanti and Brian Colaizzi. The men's head coach, Mike Fraley, explained that eight runners were unable to compete because of 11 ; 1— niess or injury. Also, two of the top five runIters'fcuni^ied^iesytHarrtW^ they were returning from injuries. "I am very proud of the efforts and accomplishments of this year's team," said coach Mike Fraley.

The women's hockey team played two games at St Lawrence University lasff: weekend. Tlie Lakers tied thefirstand S dropped the second. St Lawrence scored first in the second period, but the team responded putting the Lakers ahead 2-if The Saints tied the game early in the third period and the score remained a two goal deadlock through an overtime period. The second game was tied at two heading into the third period when St Lawrence managed two late goals, prevailing 4-2. The Lakers are 0-3-1 overall. St. Lawrence entered the game ranked sixth national ly|

The Lakers are ranked sixth nationally and first in the region with three games remain| ing in the regular season. Last weekend the team defeated Ferris State M) to extend its winning streak? toil 0. RacheLFoose, Jessia Rrueger and Melissa Poliseno scoredin the Lakers victory. The Lakers improved toil 21 -2 overall.

Annie Sitter/Merciad photographer The cross country team competed in the GLIAC championshfps last weekend. (Above) Laura Chrulski (left), Maria Obert (center) and Anne Maria Romano (right) ran together in Saturday's meet. (Below) Junior Brian Colaizzi had a strong finish and helped themen's team edge out Gannon, ^ ^ i ^ ^ ^ y g g a g ^ ^ ^ f^jjk^
Both teams will compete at the NCAA Great ward to this race and expect to see an improveLakes Regional Championships in|Ashland, ment over last year for both the men and Ohio on Nov. 4. The coaches are looking for- women.



The Lakers improved their chances for postseason play with a 2-1 victory over^West^ Virginia Wesleyan on Saturday} Oct. 2 t | The By Annie DeMeo win moved the men to a 17th place national Sports Editor ranking and earned them the second soot in the region. The Mercyhurst women's tennis team finished its fall season in grand fashion. The Lakers won three straight matches before ] WOMENS |^OLLEYBALL dropping their final match. The winning * The women's volleybalfjteam split its two! home games Ihis weekend. The ladies began streak was the longest in two years. The team lost only two sets in its impressive the weekend%ith an impressive victory^ over Wayne State University Friday^Oct 20. The string of shut outs. The tennis team started the finale with a 9team came from behind after losing the first 0 victory over Edinboro University, foltwo games of the match, but picked up the final three to capture the win. Game scores lowed by a crushing 9-0 defeat of Westminster and concluding with a 9-0 reflect the closeness of die match.fThe Lakers won with scores of 1045,14-16,15$ pounding of Ashland University. Lone senior and captain Vanessa Tipton led the team to success playing the number The Lady Lakers lost the second game of one singles spot most of the year. the weekend to Hillsdale College in three "Vanessa is what hustle and desire are allra matches^ L about," said coach Ray Yost. "She has faced The women are 9-17 overall and 2-12 in some of the top Division II players in the the GLIAC.

Tennis concludes fall season
country; and she gives 110 percent every match." Some key freshmen also helped the Hurst through the roller coaster season!Julie Enns led the team with a singles record of 9-4. She and fellow fresher Alison Hughes form a strong number one doubles team that had a near even 6-7 record. "Enns and Hughes are the backbone of'f this team and will be vital for the future of the program/' said Yost. The Lakers finished the season with a 510 record, suffering most of their defeats against tough GLIAC teams. "The GLIAC has always been strong, but this year has seen some real power throughout the entire conference," commented Yost. The Lakers pick up again in the winter and will hope to build on the exciting wins that came at the conclusion of the season.

Lightweight eight compete in Head of the Charles Regatta
By Mike Tanner Merciad Writer The Hurst lady lightweights spent last weekend in Boston for the largest one-day regatta in the world. The Head of the Charles is the premier rowing regatta of the fall season. Each year 300,000 people pour into Boston to catch a glimpse of the race. Six thousand competitors on 300 teams provided the heated races for the 36th annual event. Fall regattas are run as headraces where a crew is sent off the starting line and the race i$| against the clock not other crews. The individual with the fastest time on the threemile courses emerges with a victory. urst was one of 21 crews competing for the lightweight crown this fall. The Lakers were seeded 21st. The women finished with a time of 19:06.43, good enough for an 11 th place finish. . 'The lightweights have worked hard to quickly step up to the best level of competition in the last two years/* said bow seat, Amanda Cullen. "I think that if we continue t(j work hard this year we will begin to dominate the Division I category."

Sunday, Oct. 29 the men's soccer team hosts rival Gannon at 1 p.m. •^Festivities begin with a pre-game tailgate at|l 1:30 a.m. • T-shirts twill be sold for $10; proceeds to go the soccer program. •?$150 will be awarded to the Hurst athletic team|that wins the spirit contest. m Other prizes mcluderthree one-month memberships to Family First.
These events are sponsored by sports marketing and promotions.

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