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Mercyhurst deals with date rape drug' issue
By Stacy Norris Merciad writer Sidun said that if students believe they were administered a drug, die first step is to go to Police and Safety to be tested. There is no way to investigate the use of date rape drugs without a test, according to Sidun. * "If anyone uses the drug on a person and we can substantiate that, they can be charged criminally and will end up going to jail," said Sidun. Date rape drugs, mainly Rohypnol and GHB, are becoming increasingly common on college campuses for both their low price and the simplicity of giving the drug to someone. Slipped into a drink, Rohypnol is virtually unnoticeable. GHB leaves only a siight salty taste. Both are odorless. jRecently/'Rohypnol tablets have been changed to dissolve more slowly and to turn a drink blue. GHB remains colorless. !St According to Sidurr, there are ways to avoid becoming a date-rape-drug victim. He suggests that students, especially females, travel in pairs and always keep drinks in hand. If you put your drink down, get another one. Do not accept drinks from anyone, or be sure to open containers yourself. Never leave drinks unattended, whether they are alcohol or soda. Hie drugs work in any form of liquid. Rohypnol, also known as Rootles, La Rocha and Rophies, is illegal in the United States, but is legal in other parts of the world,

Many issues were brought to the attention of administrators and student government at the student forum Oct. 26. Some students brought up parking issues, others brought up the college's alcohol policy, but the issue that seemed to be of paramount concern to many students was rape and the use of "date rape drugs" on campus. According to the Mercyhurst Police and Safety log, two separate incidents dealing with sexual assault and possibly students being drugged, were reported in the month of October. On Oct. 19, a female student reported that she believes she may have been the victim of sexual assault by the use of a drug. On Oct. 21 another female student reported she believed pfomeone putsome type 67 drug in her drink. Though there have been student claims such as these before, neither Mercyhurst Police and Safety or Penn State-Behrend, a neighboring college, have investigated any such cases this year. Behrend did have one incident three years ago involving GHB, but Annie Sitter/Merciad Photographer it was not connected with sexual assault. As the end of the term approaches, students cram the study areas and comAccording to Ken Sidun, chief of puter, labs of Hammermill Library to finish assignments and start the grueling Mercyhurst Police and Safety, the difficulty process of studying for finals.*This will be the first term that students will have a with reporting GHB or Rohypnol use is the break between finals and the last day of fclasses to study;? Class times were time limit. Within 48 hours of receiving the extended byfiveand 10 minutes to allow for the break. jgdrug, it is out of a person's system and undetectable.

See Date Rape Drug/page 2

Older buildings stand as obstacles to handicap jaccessibility
By Sara Seidle Merciad writer Recently the handicap accessibility of certain Mercyhurst College facilities have come into question by students, faculty and staff. Working in the admissions office, Debbie Wurst, admissions secretary, must deal with the issue of accessibility for prospective students and parents coming to tour the campus. Wurst said that anyone in a wheelchair who comes to visit campus must skip the video introduction portion of the tour because the office is not wheelchair accessible. i She recounted an incident when the father of a prospective student injured his back and had to be taken to the health center by wheelchair while his child was touring campus. She said problems arose because the health center is not wheelchair accessible either. Although Wurst said the issue does not arise often, she added, "it is a little embarrassing when it does arise." j In the "Left to Write" column of the Oct. 18 issue of The Merciad, Annie DeMeo, Merciad sports editor and member of the Mercyhurst Ambassadors club, wrote of her experience giving a tour to a student whose father was in a wheelchair. She outlined the difficulties the man encountered when trying to maneuver around the Mercyhurst campus, suggesting that maybe something needs to be done to make the campus more wheelchair accessible. Thomas Billingsley, executive vice president of administration, is the ADA compliance officer for the college. He, too, admits that the Mercyhurst campus is difficult to maneuver in a wheelchair, basing his claim on personal experience. To test the accessibility in the past, Billingsley said he attempted to make his way around campus in a wheelchair. According to Billingsley, handicap accessibility on the Mercyhurst College campus is regulated under Title ED of the Americans with Disabilities Act, a piece of legislation that was signed into law July 26, 1990. According to the law, "physical barriers in existing facilities must be removed, if removal is readily achievable. If not, alternative methods of providing the services must be offered, if they are readily achievable. All new construction and alterations of facil ities must be accessible." In 1994, the college hired an architect with a background in ADA requirements to advise the college on the development of short-term and long-term plans for ADA compliance. Evans Salata Architects completed a comprehensive survey of all buildings and parking areas built before 1993. This included Egan Hall; Sullivan Hall, Old Main, Preston Hall, Zurn Hall, Baldwin Hall% McAuley Hall, Carolyn Herrmann Student Union and the Mercyhurst Ice Center. Each of these buildings was thoroughly surveyed for technical ADA requirements and existing conditions, according to Billingsley. "During the 1990s Mercyhurst spent several hundred thousand dollars making ADA improvements such as ramps to buildings, new elevators, parking and building modifications," Billingsley said. He said physical access to the buildings was the first priority for the college. Secondly was interior access to public areas. Restroom facilities were taken care of next. Finally, '"readily achievable" removal of all remaining barriers was completed. "Since 1993, all new construction or significantly renovated buildings have met ADA requirements as a condition of receiving a building permit from the Pennsylvania Department

Annie Sitter/Merciad Photographer

See Accessibility/page 2

Many of Mercyhurst*s buildings, including the Cohen Health Center, were built before 1993, therefore, the buildings are not required to meet the same ADA requirements as newer buildings.

V .v.v.v,v,v/ ••••v.v.'.W




NOVEMBER 9, 2000



leads to quality
By Kate Cy winski Merciad writer A record-breaking number of freshmen has been the trend over the past few years at Mercy hurst College. In 1999 the record was set for the largest class ever with 535 students. This fall the number of freshmen reached 586. According to Dr. Joseph Grower, vice president of academic affairs, Mercyhurst's vision for the next five years is to reach a student population of about 3,100 to 3,200, including graduate students. He said increased enrollment will provide a "critical mass sufficient to obtain the goals of the college*'. With the benefits of a larger student body come obstacles as well. Increased enrollment means increased need for more housing, security, food service," professors and academic support v "When all this is done, we will be one of the great colleges of our size in the nation," said Gower. "All our decisions are intended to make Mercyhurst into an even greater college^ % 1 | [ 1 Laura Zirkle, dean of residence life, said, "When I began working at Mercyhurst in October 1999, housing seemed tight, especially for freshmen. With the addition of Mercy 100 and 200 for freshmen residence, along with the new upperclassmen apartments, we have ample space this year." To ensure adequate freshman housing in the future, a new female dormitory is to be built during the summer of 2004 and into 2005, that will hold about 300 students compared to Baldwin, which holds 205. The male freshmen will have 20 extra rooms when they move from McAuley to Baldwin. "We would like to create as many different housing options for students as possible with the space we have available," said Zirkle. Mercyhurst's food service began making adjustments to accommodate the rising number of students two years ago. According to l e d Foessett, general manager of food service at Mercyhurst College, many changes have taken place since Sodexho Marriott took over the food program. Laker Inn board equivalency was developed as an alternative to using the meal plan in the cafeteria. A night owl service was cre-

History in the making

Thei2000)f'residential Election

ated last year, and this year lunch-on-the-run win in Florida, with its 25 electoral votes, was introduced. This service was meant to By Sara Seldle will clinch the victory. decrease the number of students in the cafete-S Merciad writer Bush currently tops Gore by a modest ria as well as to provide students the opportu1,780 votes in the state. Because the vote is The Merciad was reserving this space to nity to grab a quick lunch according to so close, Florida is in the process of issuing report the results of the 2000 Presidential Foessett. Electionfbut the polls have been closed for a recount. "Hiring more employees and ordering more With 99 percent of the precincts reporting some time now and still there is no clear food is easy, the problem will always come their final results, Gore has 48 percent of winner. V down to space," said Foessett. 'Though we the popular vote, 48,707,413 votes total. So, why is the nation still glued to the can tighten up the room when necessary, the television anxiously waiting to see who the Bush also has 48 percent with 48,609,640 four walls of the cafeteria are defined."£ votes. ? 43rd President of the United States will be According to Ken Sidun, chief of police and The 2000 Presidential Election marks the almost two days after the election? The safety, security problems will increase with a closest election in the history of the United answer lies with the state of Florida. larger number of students. He explained thatfj States. Although there have been narrow In order to claim the office of the?* parking will always be a problem because stumargins in the past, never before has an president, a candidate must win 270 dents want to park near their apartments. The election been this close. The election is so electoral votes. z other major concerns are students damaging Presently, Vice President Al Gore stands 2 close that it is possible the results may not smoke detectors and propping apartment doors be final until international absentee ballots with 260 electoral votes while Texas open. can be tallied. This could take at least 10 Governor George W. Bush holds 246. $ Currently, the security department on main As of 10 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 8, more days. campus includes/two supervisors, four full2000, the Florida and Oregon polls still The decision will eventually be final, but remain too close to call. Oregon's seven time and four part-time officers. f'We will the repercussions of this event will be felt? definitely need more personnel in the next few£| electoral votes will move either candidate for quite some time. This is truly history in years to meet the challenge of not only an in-$j closer to the office of the president, but a the making. . creasing number of students, but also the expansion of the campus size," said Sidun. p The department recently acquired five new surveillance cameras, raising the total to 28. "Security call boxes have been discussed and may be a prospect of the future," said Sidun. According to Gower, the college will keep pace with the number of full-time professors as enrollment increases. He suggested that the current number of professors is very appropriate for teaching and advising. |Faculty to student ratio is currently 17:1, ac-W cording to Gower. He said the average number of students in core classes is 30 to 35, while] major classes tend to serve 20 to 25 students. A desirable class is about 30 students, he said. I The new academic building, a project thai will begin in the summer of 2001, "will eliminate the crowded feeling of classrooms in Old Main, with various classroom sizes designed to fit the needs of contemporary student!," Gower explained. f£ The building will include smart classrooms The Rec Center renovations that have been underway since August are slated to be with more technology. Though the plans have not been finalized/ Gower discussed sound- completed by the time students return from Thanksgiving break. Delays in construcproofing, air condition, proper lighting, wire- tion were due to changes made to the original blue prints. Renovations will now be less hookups and Internet hookusp at each desk much more extensive than first planned. The blue prints above give a detailed look at what is in store once the project is complete. in the classrooms.
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-•••yfivt -



College revamps computer requirement

continued from page 1 Date Rape Drugs
threatening* j When combined with alcohol, this "liquid ecstasy" can trigger nausea, hallucinations, seizures, depressed breathing and even put the victim into a coma. £ ? GHB has caused over 60 deaths in the United States as of January 2000. i» According to Sidun, while there have not been any "substantiated claims" of the use of date rape drugs at Mercyhurst, resident assistants are being educated on GHB and Rohy pnol and are making their residents aware of the presence of the drugs. For more information on the date rape drugs, pamphlets will be available in the police and safety office within the next few weeks.

To meet the demands of a technological world, Advanced Computer Applications or Computa Mercyhurst student must know how to word ers for Teacher. primarily to treat sleep disorders. When given process, create spreadsheets and develop daCurrent seniors have the added option of tak- to someone, it takes 20 to 30 minutes for a tabases before they graduate. This is the goal ing the one-credit course Computer Compe- two milligram tablet to affect a person. of the college's Computer Competency re- tency (MIS 099) offered this winter term. Symptoms of Rohypnol include amnesia, inquirement The change in the computer compentency ability to think clearly, muscle relaxation and Thanks to a newly revamped program, stu- requirement has been made to tailor these com- an inability to move. Effects will last for eight dents now will have a choice to learn the three puter courses to the existing level of compe- to 12 hours. programs with a "broad stroke** by taking a tency each student has, as well as to provide Currently, the most popular date rape drug three-credit computer course, or by* studying the depth of proficiency each student's career in Erie is QHB. A naturally occurring compoin depth each of the three software programs path requires them to achieve. nent of human cells, GHB claims to have recas one-credit courses. Students will also be According to Nancy Eichelsdorfer, assistant reational uses, can be combined with water as given the opportunity to test out of each. director of computer systems, who has de- a sleep aid or used as a supplement by bodyUnder the new program, students will be re- signed the new program,"Instead of being builders. quired to complete the computer competency hands-on laboratory classes, one-credit Illegal in the United States as of March 2000, requirement by the end of the sophomore year courses will be taught to a class of 60 to 75 in overdoses of GHB can cause temporary un9 rather than the senior year, j a Zurn lecture hall.* consciousness. Large overdoses can be life Here's how the new program works: current Students can then practice what they have freshmen, sophomores and juniors can fulfill learned by working independently or can sign the college's computer competency require- up for a lab where a trained lab assistant will of Labor and Industry," said Billingsley. New ment by testing out of Word and Excel, be on hand to answer questions. If they don't test out, they will be required Six sections of Excel Competency will be construction includes Duval apartments, to take three one-credit courses, Word Com- taught in winter term 2000. Eichelsdorfer Warde Townhouses, Mary D* Angelo Performing Arts Center, renovationsijo Hammermill petency taught fall terms, Excel Competency strongly recommeds that freshmen sign up. Library, dance studios, locker rooms and fittaught winter terms and Access Competency Registration can be completed at the registrar's ness additions. *fc ^ office, Main 106. Each class meets once a taught spring terms. f According to Billingsley, the college has A third option is to register for one three- week for one hour and 10 minutes. seen a decade of responses to immediate probcredit course, either Computer Applications,


lems. "We cater to the individual student," he said. \ I As for plans to continue improvements to the accessibility of campus, Billingsley said, "Mercyhurst is committed to improving handiCapfaccessibility of all college buildings through new construction and renovations and through continuing reasonable accommodation improvements in old buildings."




Staged seduction
By Kristin Eliabeth Purdy Merciad writer •' " Get into the mood for tango and soul-shaking music as Salvatore Gebbia takes the stage in the Taylor Little Theatre Nov. 11 at 8 p.m. "For the tango, it is the internal search for that which it has lost; the places, the feelings, the earth itself. For my music, it is the search for something impalpable, indefinable, that overwhelmingly transforms into nostalgic sensations; it is the search for the soul," said Gebbia. \ Gebbia's love for improvisational and modern music led him to the formation of his own Melodic Jazz Quartet in 1992. |Born in Avellino, Italy, pianist Salvatore Gebbia is among others in the world of entertainment, including Sophia Loren and Ricardo Muti. His debut CD, titled "Lifebound," is a recording of solo piano music. £ His impressionistic and seductive style fills his music with beautiful melodies all passion-

Dinner and movie
File photo

'Charlie's Angels'
Just thejticket
By Brandon BoyIan Merciad writer Surprisingly, this movie was good. A remake of the 1970s classic TV series, Natalie (Cameron Diaz), Dylan (Drew Barrymore) and Alex (Lucy Lui) are crime-fighting elite, working under a semi-anonymous and reclusive, Under the supervision of Boseley (Bill Murray), the trio is called upon from time to time to shut down and shape up the bad guys. When the angels uncover a computer engineer and his assistant staging a computer software robbery to track down Charlie, they gear up and "get some action." Though it borrowed martial-arts moves from movies like "Mission Impossible 2" and "The Matrix," "Charlie's Angels" had its own style of fighting and action sequences. Most of the brawls between the angels and the antagonists were well done, mixing real contact fighting and little reliance on special effects. Camera shots actual ly revealed more of the action itself than expected, allowing the audience to see the vixens in action rather than assuming it. | |j*»The cast was top-notch. Cameron Diaz had no trouble pulling off a dim-witted ditz, constantly giggling, putting herself in the center of attention. «i Drew Barrymore's acting was the weakest Oftentimes she was shadowed by Diaz's and Liu's unique characters, making her an almost forgettable angel. ,?*j Lucy Liu's confidence on camera came off as if she never had to think about what she was doing. Her sex appeal and brassy ego carried her part, making it stand out more than the other,two. She seemed to have her part together, never revealing a flaw. Though Bill Murray wasn't as good as he normally is in movies, this time it was partly due to the script. He did not have much to work with, as his character was hardly developed and drowned out by the angels. The secondary cast was filled with big names as well. Diaz's love interest was Luke Wilson ("Home Fries," "Blue Streak"), Barrymore had real-life Tom Green and Liu dated "Friends" star Matt Le Blanc. Tim Curry and Kelly Lynch were the backstabbing villains trying to locate and kill Charlie while LL Cool J had a small part in the beginning. With a comedy-action movie, the audience doesn't expect much belie vabil ity or outstanding acting, but the plot should have been a little more complex as it practically spelled out what was going on. Living up to its genre, it was light-heartedly funny and full of new special effects. I gave it a B. "Charlie's Angels," rated "PG-13," is playing at Tinseltown daily at 1:05 p.m., 1:40 p.m., 3:25 p.m., 4 p.m., 5:40 p.m., 7 p.m., 8 p.m., 9:20 p.inland 10:15 p.m.


Check, please

Steel Magnolias blooms on stage at Erie Playhouse

By Betsy Budacki ately played. His songs are inspired by images Merciad Writer from places that he has visited. These images range from spring flowers blooming in South This past Wednesday evening, a few of my Africa ("Secret Wish**), to Yellowstone Na- friends and 1 went to TGI FRIDAY'S for dintional Park ("Old Faithful**) and the Rocky ner. Although I have been there many time beMountains ("Sunset Colors ). His first album fore, I never had the pleasure of experiencing is a musical interpretation of nature's beauty. a "birthday" meal, like I did that evening. "My manner of composing is for images Our party offivewas quickly seated and then where not only visible but also emotional ele- re-seated upon the request of a booth. Our ments tell the story/* said Gebbia. waitress was prompt, friendly and very patient % Join Salvatore Gebbia in the Taylor Little with our indecisive group. After ordering our Theatre at 8 p.m. for a moving and spiritual meals, the waiters and waitresses began givconcert! & ing balloons to me, the birthday girl. By the end of the evening, I had balloons hanging from my neck, hair, arms and fingers. When the food came, we were all ready to eatll started off with my usual, a house salad with the house Italian dressing and crumbled blue cheese. For my main meal I ordered Cajun chicken fingers withfrenchfries and the delicious, one-of-a-kind honey mustard sauce. FYI, this honey mustard sauce is extremely yummy and is top secret. I have asked several times for the recipe and was gracefully denied. I also suggested they start selling it in jars to the public, but that wasn't a hit either. Other orders of the night were the Jack Daniel's chicken dinner, which comes with a salad or cup of soup, a potato and veggies. All of the Jack Daniels meals at FridayVare*very RflbeYTRaczfca'S alfts showinjflrT theTutnmihgs Gallery Tues.-Sun. 2-5 p.m. and Thurs. 7-9 p.frE popular and I highly recommend trying one of the several dishes offered. The prices for our meals were quite reasonable, considering the variety of choices on the When "Steel Magnolias opened off-Broad- Kocher), who have been long-time customers, menu, however, I don't think their portions are way in 1986, audiences and critics alike Annelle (Carla Am one), who has just been extremely large. The chicken strip dinner was cheered the production. What seemed so ob- hired as Truvy 's new and very eager assistant. $8.95 and my side salad was $ 1.99 extra. Most vious, a show set in a beauty shop, was novel Other patrons include Ouiser (Geri Baker), a of the sandwiches, burgers and salads range wealthy curmudgeon, and Clairee (Eleanor from $6.95 to $8.95 and the dinners are from and intriguing. Written by Rober Harling, it is a remem- Logan), a football fan who feels "the only thing $9.95to$14.95? \ % \ I brance of his sister who suffered from diabe- that separates us from the animals is our abil^FRIDAY'S atmosphere is fun and lively, ity to accessorize." The story centers around beginning with the unique outfits and hats of tes and a tribute to his mother. Growing up in Louisiana, he was often Shelby, "the prettiest girl in town" and her the waiters and ^waitresses to the fun music dragged to the neighborhood beauty shop mother, M'Lynn. Everyone wishes Shelby the being played. FRIDAY'S has a nice bar with where he found a world of comfort and love. best on her wedding day, while knowing be- a list of drink specialties. The happy hours on The beauty shop was the support system for cause of her medical history, the worst may the weekends are usually a hit with great apwomen in a small Southern town and it gave come. petizer specials at the bar. Harling the roots for the play that would take jOverall, I think the FRIDAY'S on upper This cast of Playhouse veterans and newthe world by stormy comer Rebecca Weinheimer promise to have Peach street is a great place to go to relax and After success off-Broadway and on tour, a you on your feet and cheering. have a good meal with some friends or fam*• marvelous motion picture version was reDavid Matthews directs withrLillian ily. One cannot go wrong with the great varileased and it became one of the biggest hits Rothstein assisting. Joe Hassler and Richard ety of food and drink specials offered there of 1989. Produced by the Playhouse in 1990 Davis will work their magic creating sets and either! it went on to be one of the most successful costumes to make us feel like we're part of Erie Playhouse comedies ever.\ J t the action. Now, a decade later, it returns in all its glory. "Steel Magnolias" is the kind of play that Diversity 101 winter coat drive "Steel Magnolis" tells ofa beauty shop filled warms the heart and causes gales of laughter Are there coats hanging in your closet that with interesting and unique characters. along with a tear here and there. It is the exact have not been worn in a while? There is the owner, Truvy (Sue Hansen), in play to brighten up cloudy fall days. "Steel Diverstiy 101 is collecting all used coats a marriage that is not always perfect and a Manolias" is full of humor and hairspray. Don't and winter coats to clothe the less fortunate philosophy that "there is no such tiling as miss it. this coming winter. natural beauty.** Populating the shop on this Look for labeled boxes all around campus Show times are tonight at 7:30 p.m., Nov. and place your items in them. Thank you for particular day are Shelby (Rebecca 10-11 at 8 p.m. and Nov. 12 at 2 p.m.. your support JEjfol: 'j. Weinheimer) and her mother M * Lynn (Bobbi




The Street Beat!


Little Nicky" opens this week in movie theaters Steel Magnolias — play at the Erie Playhouse tonight at 7:30 p.m 5 Cubic Feet — band at Docksider's Nov. 10 at 10 p.m. God Bless America — Erie Philharmonic at the Warner Theatre Nov. 11 at 8 p.m Brother's Keeper—band playing at Forward Hall Nov. 25

Ice Skating in Ice Center Nov. 10 from 3s45-5:45 pjn. Chuck a puck — door prizes and more at the Ice Center Nov. 10 at 7:15 p.m. Salvatore Gebbia — Italy'a contemporary pianist in Taylor Little Theatre Nov* 11 at 8 p.m Food tor finals in the Student Union Nov. 13at9pjn. Don't forget to take a break from studying this weekend and relax!





* v



NOVEMBER 9. 2000

• It was announced this past Monday that both the men's and women's soccer teams are playoff bound. Even better, the women have home field advantage. Hopefully, more fans will go out and support the team than have shown up in the past. • With only the headache of finals and the last-minute completion of projects, the fall term comes to a close. For seniors, this means only two more terms to go. • The Rec Center is nearing completion. Soon after returning from Thanksgiving break students will be able to work out in the newly remodeled and redesigned center. • Students are starring to care a little bit more about their campus. After a weekend of fun, the campus was actually devoid of the usual beer cans and boxes that usually decorate the lawns. Thanks guys.

As I entered the big black gates of Mercyhurst College on that first day of my freshman year, I didn't know quite what to expect i f| The college experience maybe? With that, I would have to say that the college experience varies from person to person. As the saying goes, "to each his own." When Ifirstcame here I knew what I wanted and where I was going. At least I thought that I did. I knew what my major was. I knew what kind of job I eventually wanted to have. I knew where I was going in 10 years. I had goals ... or so I thought that I did. Needless to say, those dreams fell apart and I was forced to re-evaluate my goals and to develop new ones. s Perhaps, I thought to myself, my college experience was to be a self-discovering journey. And while I thought that my own identity crisis would be my greatest struggle, I was wrong. I relate to the story about losing your friends written in the column, "Famous Last Words." I, too, amfindingmyself growing apart from my friends. I found that one advantage of going to a small school was there was a great opportunity to make close friends and develop tight relationships in a short period of time.I You meet and become good friends almost instantly. You go through years laughing, crying, sharing and understanding. You turn to each other with problems, questions and concerns. Friends at school truly do serve as your famiMi ..aria
& &

Student agrees with column as she sees her friends changing and herfriendshipsgoing in different directions
ily away from home. They are the rock that you lean on when the problems are mounting. However, as the years pass by, that once-tightknit circle of friends seems to begin to show signs of loosening. | B As I Watch my friends develop relationships with boys, succeed in their chosen majors and grow as individuals in their own ways, I sense a change in our relationship. And I feel at a loss, i The transitions in these friendships are not necessarily good or bad, just different and a little disconcerting. While I knew going into these relationships that these changes were an inevitable phase in life, I think that it truly is among the greatest hardships in college, and for that matter life, to cope with. 4 Through thick and thin, I know in my heart genuine friends will stand by my side and support me, though at this point in my life I need that reassurance. I know that if these people are truly my friends we will be able to weather this storm and come out of it stronger than when we began. So£why do relationships withsfriends change? I haven't quite found the answerjcbut the column helped me realize that I am not the only one who struggles to know why this is happening with friends. For now, all I can say is this. Change is a part of the continuous cycle of life and though we may not always like it, we must accept it — Julia Wanczo


• French fries, trench fries, trench tries and more trench fries. That seems to be the only thing that the cafeteria is concerned with serving these days. Everyone thought we were going to have more variety, but trench tries, pizza and grilled cheese seem to be the onlygj items on the menu anymore. • There never seems to be enough room for students to sit and enjoy their lunches in the multi-purpose room because of the gifted school students who eat there. Is there any way that more tables could be purchased so that the Mercy hurst students aren't displaced? • There seems to be some miscommunication in the computer help center. Several students have been experiencing problems with their computers, ranging from simple problems to viruses and after calling the help center last week, have still received no help. One student was even told to carry her personal computer to the help center. It is the week before finals and students need their computers for papers and projects. The help center is there to help but lately it doesn't seem to be living up to its namef

• The spring break signs around campus are getting a little annoying. We all know that spring break is coming, but do any of these companies realize that our spring break is in February when it is still cold outside ..fteven in Cancun, Mexico. • There are many rumors going around about date rape drugs on campus and names of victims of them are flying around like mad. It is no one's business who these people are, if they exist at all, unless they choose to make it your business. So everyone should stop all the gossip before someone is seriously affected by the talk.? • Although we can do nothing about it, the leafless trees coupled with the cloudy, overcast weather make for ugly days that make you just want to stay in your bed and snuggle up under Your blankets.

fattening the Campus

How colleges and universities can lead the way to an environmentally sustainable future. A two-day workshop

Sunday, Deep, 12-4:30p.m. Monday Dec- 4,9k.m.-4 p.m.
For more information call 824-2075 or 824-2238

Rumors: disastrous stories that hurt people
They have the potential to!affect reputations 'and destroy lives
Why is it that no one on this campus can mind their own business, especially when it comes to private and personal affairs? Every college campus has gossip, that is not a fact that is new to anyone. And anyone who knows me well enough knows that I am a powerhouse of gossip. Now let me clarify that statement I do not pump people for gossip. Oftentimes I just happen to be in the right place at the right time and know the right people. Other people will, of course, tell you that I am the "mouth of the south" and if you ever want to know something about someone to ask me. But they are just opinions and may not necessarily be fact V t But it is true that I like to hear gossip. I like to hear who passed their tests or told their professors off in front of the class or got caught cheating. But I get a little uncomfortable when I hear gossip about people's private lives. Unfortunately mat is the gossip that runs the most rampant on this campus. After every weekend, whispers abound in classrooms about who hooked up with who, who left Park Place with whom, who was seen doing the walk of shame at seven in the morning on Sunday and who was seen walking into so-and-so's building. We can't seem to get enough of it Why is that? ^ Does anyone else find it slightly disturbing? These are rumors. They are not based on fact

Famous last words
Heather Cvitkovic
(all right, not all the time). It is the hearsay of someone who saw someone else who saw someone else ... these are potentially explosive rumors. They have the ability to affect reputations and destroy lives. I am sure that everyone has been a victim of one of these terrible rumors and has felt the effects. People stare at you and point and whisper behind your back. I have heard several of these rumors whispered in classes and in the hallways and having known the people that they were about, I knew that they were completely untrue. I I also knew that if that person ever heard these things said about them, they would be crushed. But to be honest with you, I only intervened once. Only one time did I step into the conversation and stick up for the person who was being bashed. I just don't understand why we get pleasure discussing what someone supposedly did behind closed doors and of their own volition? I

dont understand why we are so willing to ruin someone's reputation and in the process his or her life on this campus? j What if it was one of us on the other end of the rumor? What if we went to visit our guy friend at his apartment on Saturday night, just to say "hi?" Would we want everyone on this campus saying that we had gone their to hook V up? Would we want people talking about our sex lives or in some cases lack thereof? I know I don't What I do is my business and I would like it to remain my business. So next time we hear that Suzie So-and-So was seen crawling into Jimmy Whatever's bedroom window, let's leave the rest to our own imaginations and not discuss it with friends and say that the two must be clandestine lovers on the side. Next time you hear a rumor that could be devastating to someone, put yourself in their shoes;fWould you want the rumor spread all over campus? Basically, I am saying that we should be more concerned about other people's feelings, i J 1 There will always be rumors flying around campus. That is a fact And some are OK. Without rumors and controversies there would be no Good, Bad and Ugly. Without rumors, some of us would have nothing to talk about We all should just be more discrete about some of the stories mat we spread around campus.



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Unfortunately it's getting to be that time of the year again when we must do the inevitable: pull out the winter coats. * 4 | Yes. I enjoy watching my boyfriend play While in Erie this is usually done in Sepfootball." | tember, the prolonged warm weather has put Lauri Stehly, sophomore off having to do this until now, almost the middle of November. "Yes. I have a general interest in athletics But fear not, there is a new breed of winter and I enjoy supporting my friends in varicoats that are becoming quite the hot commodous sports?* W t •' T ity and the "it" item of the moment. Length is one of the biggest trend factors in — Joe Mastrorocco, junior coats this season. Almost all of the coats seen featured in magazines were knee length, calf "No. I prefer to stay at home and play chess length or longer. The key is to look for somewith my roommate Ford." thing a little longer than your traditional coat; _|tyan Johnson, sophomore M it adds a touch of sleekness and elegance. No/because they never letjme out "No, because I have 'other things' to kMany of the coats also have wonderful waist ^fheMelciadlmce," -Wm do with my time."* "No, I don't, because I am constantly either closures. Things ranging from thick 70s like — Katie Friedline, junior ^HSara Seidle, junior* practicing volleyball or hitting the weights." belts, to the creative ribbon tied in a bow — Brian Constatine, junior W? around the waist and even tab belts that are closed off with velcro. «c Yes. I like to watch the football games, Coats are also beginning to slowly move int Waiters, sophomore away from the ever-popular pea coat doublebreasted era, to a jacket that is more streamline straight and single breasted. "No. The sporting events are held all the way Embellishments on coats have also become across campus and I am just too lazy." a little more detailed, in a sophisticated way. 1 Corey Muzak, senior — Pockets trimmed with leather, fully visible zippers, buttons colored differently from the * res. I like supporting the schoobespecially jacket, welt pockets, fur trim, etc. ^ hockey, lacrosse and footballjfI like to sup& Coats can now be found in a variety of colport my friends when they are playing* ors and many revived textures. Colors range — Dan ^Silly" Donahue, junior * from basic golds, oranges, violets and camel "No, we don't. Because it's only a 10"I used to go to some of the games on colors trimmed in red, winter white, lemon yel8 YesJfj^alkefl pasta football game once.% weckHerm and we^nrway too busy.- *campus,'but it is no longer a major pri- |gjg low and even a deep green. * ^ Jeff DiBlasL senior ority for me." h i — Megan Fialkovich, J.R.Lohr, Fabrics include mostly the basic wools, but - Kristie Varga, junior — have expanded to re-include, in a very popusophomores lar and stylish way, tweeds and leathers. I Laker's teams we love ... Coats are a tun way to spice up the warm weather, but beware not to go overboard. If a Football, Men's Soccer, Women's Soccer, Field Hockey, Men's Lacrosse, Women's Lacrosse jLMen's longer coat length just isn't your style, you Hockey, Women's Hockey, Men's^Tennis, Women's Tennis, Men's Volley ball,^Women's Volleyball, can find chic, hot numbers in a variety of Mews Golf, Women's Golf, Cross Countrymen's Crew, Women's Crew, Men'sjBasketbaUJWomen's shorter lengths. So wrap yourself up in a deBasketball, Baseball, Wrestling lectable little number this upcoming winter.
»» «< • .

Do you attend sporting events on campus? Why orjwhy not?



Hot or not?
Megan Cvitkovic

Visitation and the| college mission
The current policy: a blessing or|a curse
Zack Venable Heather Cvitkovic Sara Seidle Kristin Purdy Adam DuShole Annie DeMeo Annie Sitter Leslie Echan Brian Costelloe Stacy Norris Mike Tanner Brandon Boylan Editor in Chief Executive & Administrative Editor Managing News Editor Arts & Entertainment Editor Features Editor Sports Editor Photography Editor Copy Editor Advertising Manager^ Regional Exchange Editor Local Exchange Editor' Movie Critic A question came up at the student forum about changing the vistitation policies in the freshman dorms. Why would it be necessary to change the policy and what signal does it send about Mercyhurst College? As it stands now, the student handbook for the college shows that the freshman dorms have a guest/vistation policy that forbids overnight guests. ? The policy historically would suggest that the school is sensitive to the needs of incoming students making the transition to college life, to the needs of roommates, who for many, are sharing space with another person for the first time in their lives and for the moral stance of Mercyhurst as a Catholic insitutution which does not condone cohabitation between unmarried persons. The argument has been made that the policy restricts relatives and friends (and not necessarily boyfriends and girlfriends) from overnight visitation. While that my be true, the questions becomes, what is the greater good?

Questioning faith
ST. Geri Rosinski The college should, hopefully, be sending a message to its students and to the larger community about the moral values that it espouses in its mission statement.* Sin an era when Catholic institutions are coming under close scrutiny from a variety of sources, it behooves us to examine the question of do we practice what we preach? So we put into action what we say we believe? As is the case with any rule or regulation, one can see it as a blessing or a curse. Hopefully, before any change is the guest/ vistation policy is considered, extensive reflection will take place in relation to the mission of Mercyhurst College, a mission embraced by all who decide to come here and see the current policy as the real blessing that it is.
V ,

KateCywinski £ Stacy Norris Megan Cvitkovic The Merciad is the student-produced newspaper of Mercyhurst College. It is published throughout the year with the exception of mid-term and final weeks. Office at 314 Main. Telephone 824-2376. Fax 824-3249. E-mail <merciad@>. The Merciad welcomes letters to the editor. All letters must be signed, but your name can be withheld on request under certain conditions. Letters are due on the Monday before publication and should be no longer than 500 words. All letters should be submitted to Box 485.


Staff Writers






NOVEMBER 9, 2000

Making a difference in students lives
By Sarah Crawshaw Merciad writer The program for students with learning differences, located on the fourth floor of Old Main, is designated as a distraction-free environment for students in the program. Here students can find "assistance and support in dealing with the challenges of a college environment** as stated in the brochure for the learning differences program at Mercyhurst. The program is one of only 42 nationwide, and allows students with learning differences to have the same advantages as everybody else. Diane Rogers, director of the program, defines a learning difference, or LD, as a significant discrepancy between ability (IQ) and actual achievement. Many of the students in the program have above-average intelligence; they simply have a problem that does not allow them to perform to their capacity. That is where the LD program comes in. It offers peer tutoring in any classes that the students may be experiencing difficulty in. It also provides private testing and anonymous note takers who hand the notes in to Rogers so that the LD students are able to compare the notes with their own and make sure that they have everything they need. i •The note takers are a great necessity,'* said one freshman student involved in the program. "Some of these professors speak way too fast" LD students also appreciate the private testing available and the fact that the exam is not rushed.

The LD program
"Sometimes when you're taking a test, you want to get up and scream," said another student. "Taking the test here allows me to do that, then sit back down and finish." Peer tutoring is an important aspect of the LD program. Students meets with a tutor two times between each test. Tutoring has a payback for the tutor, too. "It's rewarding to find that the knowledge you've gained in your classroom can help you help another person," said Charon Hribar, a junior English major who enjoys tutoring her peers. I Dr. Barbara Weigert began the program at the college in 1986. At the time, it was one of only nine other programs in the country* Since then, it has become an additional feature drawing students to Mercyhurst The program does not do individual recruiting, it gets inquiries instead. 'These kids are willing to work twice as hard for half of the grade," said Rogers. "I'm really proud of them. Their successes are my successes."! Rogers also mentioned that the program is only open to qualified students who passed all of the normal Mercyhurst admission requirements. They must meet the same academic and technical standards as other students here. Students involved in the program are from all parts of the Mercyhurst campus. There are LD students in every major, involved in student government and various sports and clubs on campus *

High on life large rocks

r **

'* V

*utf *



w&-. &s






file photo

Mercyhurst junior Annie Sitter has fun climbing this precarious precipice as part of the SPAN affiliated program. SPAN traveled with a group of students to McConnell's Mill. Nevin Welte, Mercyhurst sophomore and rock-climbing supervisor, encourages students to become involved. The group also plans to go to the Cleveland Rock Gym as well as revisit McConnell's Mill. Interested students should contact Welte at 825-7854. kjM & i § * ? ak*

Do you know... ?
Betsy Budacki Freshman, Steve Paterno is a friendly, smiling face 1 see strolling in and out of McAuley Hall several times throughout the day. As a Mc Auley Hall front desk worker, I see many walks of life roam the freshman boys* dorm. Steve Paterno is a face to remember. Paterno is a RIAP major and is originally from Africa, but is a current resident of the city of Erie. After speaking with Paterno, I thought that he would be a great "mystery person*" to write about because of his passion for politics and this weeks elections. Paterno is extremely interested in his major and thoroughly enjoys discussing politics, most importantly, the presidential campaign and international affairs. He also enjoys discussing current events and says not a day goes by that he doesn't read a newspaper.


Mercyhurst program luresf Czech archaeology student
By Jessica Kapusta Merciad writem It is a well-known fact that the archaeology department at Mercyhurst College is nationally recognized for its outstanding undergraduate program and superb faculty. However, many people may not realize that its reputation also spans the globe. A very talented and intelligent individual from the Czech Republic is currently attending Mercyhurst to complete postgraduate research in rare-field anthropology. i Twenty-three-year-old Daniel Sosna was fortunate enough to meet and talk to Dr. James Adovasio at an anthropology conference three years ago. After this meeting, Sosna decided that he would someday study in the United States. He finished his master's in Brno, Czech Republic, while at the same time working at a local museum. Shortly thereafter, Sosna traveled fronv Ostrava, Czech Republic, to Mercyhurst College. He hopes to continue his studies at the University of Illinois where he would have'the opportunity to study some of the oldest textiles in the world, which were coincidentally All of them have found that our laboratories, found in the Czech Republic. Sosna's deciour staff and the kind of problems we help sion to study at Mercyhurst was not a difficult them deal with strongly influence their career one. "In my country there is no one that is trajectories,*'Adovasio said. qualified to teach what I am studying here] Sosna is following this route and is optimisThis, he says, is one of his main reasons for tic about bis time here in the United States. In coming to Mercyhurst "This is one of the best addition to enjoying his time here, Sosna hopes archaeology labs that I' ve ever worked in speto gain the valuable knowledge at Mercyhurst cializing in perishable materials. Very many College that is required to be successful in rarepeople do not realize how unique this is.** field anthropology. 1 Many would agree with Sosna * perceptions of the archaeology program at Mercyhurst, including Adovasio, director of the Mercyhurst Institute of Archaeology. "What we try to do is make our unique capabilities accessible to specialists who have particular career goals and needs.


1 ^ . . ^^L j d n





" ^

Annie Sitter/Merciad Photographer

Paterno believes Mercyhurst has made him learn a lot, both in and out of classes. He feels that Mercyhurst is slightly impaired in the area of cultural diversity. "Despite the fact mat people ignore the diversity existence at Mercyhurst, I urge them to acknowledge that diversity is, in fact, there," he said.

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**This is one of the best archaeology labs that Y ve ever worked in specializing in\ perishable materials ?>>
-Daniel Sosna


» »

NOVEMBER 9, 2000



By Betsy Budacki writer The Mercyhurst men's and women's crosscountry teams concluded their fall seasons Saturday, Nov. 4, at the NCAA Great Lakes Region Championships in Ashland, Ohio. The men ran a 6.1 -mile course at 10:30 a.m. and the women ran a 3.7-mile course at 11:15 a.m. The weather was a little cool, but was great for running and the course was nice and flat for the final race of the season, The women finished 17th out of 18 teams. Sophomore Maura Donohue was best among thetwomen, finishing 13th|with a time of 25:16.3. Senior Maria Obert had her best time of the season in a 5K race with a time of 25:17.107, a great way to conclude her college running career. A couple of setbacks for the Lady Lakers were due to injury or illness. Freshman Mindy Lauterbach couldn't participate in the race Blue to stress fractures in both of her shins. Also, seniors KristafDoutt^and Laura Chrulski were feeling under the weather the morning of the race, which may have hindered their performances. The coaches commented that the race went well considering how difficult the competi-, tion was at this particular meet. "I think our team did well, considering all of the injuries and illness on the team,'* Obert said? \ Coach Kathy Fraiey believes, overall, members of the women's team worked very hard

this season and that the team gives its best efforts at each race. " This is a challenging, grueling sport. Anyone who steps up to the line and gives his or her best effort deserves high praise," said Coach Kathy. "My thanks go out to each and every member of the team." The menfinished*20thout of 20 teams. Junior Ciaran Brewster was tops among the men, winding up in 86th place with a time of 34:58.0. Freshman Joseph Vacanti followed withatimeof35:12.108.| Coach Mike Fraiey acknowledged mat the men's* team put strong effort into each race despite the injuries and illness that affected the top five runfiersl* Fraiey said that the season started off successfully with the team performing very well at the California, Notre Dame and Behrend invitationals. He believes that junior Ciaran Brewster's leadership of the underclassmen helped them improve as a team. In addition, Brewster improved as an individual, setting personal best times this season. "This team was the hardest working and most committed group I have had the pleasure of coaching," Coach Fraiey remarked, despite the injuries hampering performance. Next year, Fraiey said that the team should have a positive experience. The team graduates only two seniors. £. Contributed photo However, senior team captains Shawn Basile and Brad Alvord will be missed. They have (Above) The men finished their 2000 season, Saturday, Nov. 4. (Bottom, left) Senior been important leaders both athletically and Maria Obert finished the season with her best time at the NCAA regional tournament. inspirational ly.


C r o s s country t e a m s close 2 0 0 0 season at N C A A




Volleyballfpartakes in prestigious tourney SUPPORT The men's team will start the season Nov. 1U, 18 HURST

By Matt Jenson and Jessica Kapusta Merciad writers

Men's volleyball at Mercyhurst has maintained an excellent reputation within its conference. The Lakers are members of the Midwestern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association (MTVA) and a typical season usually means facing NCAA Division I opponents like Ohio State, Ball State and Indiana Purdue-Fort Wayne, to name a few The competition is intense and yet the Lakers continually produce strong teams that have proven to be competitive with these nationally renowned teams. ? As if the MIVA did not already provide the Lakers with an extremely challenging schedule, the team has decided to open its 2000-2001 season with a bang. The men will be competing at an even higher level Nov. 17 and 18, when they begin their campaign with a not-so-traditional tune-up tournament in western New York. The Lakers will compete against Division I powerhouses Ohio State, Penn State and Stanford in the two-day event. The first ,j nightof action begins Friday, Nov. 17, with the Lakers pitted against the Nittany Lions of Penn State. •( The championship match of the tournament will be played at Rochester Institute of Technology Saturday, Nov. 18. •' "This is a really big-time tournament and I think it is a great way to go out and see exactly how we match up against these 4 much bigger schools," said junior outside hitter Joe Mastrorocco of the upcoming weekend. ^•Wc'Il see how we stack up against three

* File photo

and Ahmed Omerhodzic, both fourth-year starters. "Once the team gains some experience we will be just as competitive as last year, if not more so," said Tamborino. Davie hopes to run a quicker offense mis year with sophomore Jon Samolis starting at the setting position. The starting outside hitters for the Lakers include Mastrorocco, sophomore Joshua Becker, and freshman Jim Ax. Junior Eli Bupp will start in the libero position for Mercyhurst. "We will have some inexperienced starters on the court, but if the team works together the season will be OK," said Davie. The competitive Lakers will bring their & positive attitude to the court in the upcoming tournament and also when the season officially begins Jan. 26 against Findlay University.


The Men's^Hockey B team takes on Canisius this weekend

[ J at the t i l

Mercyhurst Ice Center.

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Be there, Friday, Nov. 10. Game time is?7:30 p.m.

Senior Ahmed Omerhodzic will help the Lakers in their upcoming tournament. Mercyhurst will rely on senior returners to take an active leadership role on the team. of the biggest schools in the country," said head coach Craig Davie. Davie also hopes that this tournament experience,ln addition to the fall scrimmages, will pay off in January when thej season commences. i"The team is looking for this to be a reloading season instead of a rebuilding season and we think we have the tools to do it," said Davie. The team will be looking for leadership from two veteran players, Matt Tamborino

All interested seniors should submit a letter of intent to the MSG office or to Cass Shimek in the Union by Monday^'Dec. 4 at 4 p.m.
If you have questions, contact MSG Vice President g* Billy Byrnnes at ext. 2737.

v.v.v • \\\\ W A





Hie Lakers remained unbeaten in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC) Hockey league with a 2-0 win over Visiting American Internationa] College (AIQ Friday, Nov.^3, and a 1-1 tie with the Yellow Jackets Saturday, Nov. 4. Mercyhurst outshot AIC 81 -47 in the two games. Junior goalie Peter Aubry continued his stellar play. He picked up hisfirstshutout of the season (and fourth of his career) Friday, & J stopping 26 shots in the process, then allowed only one goal on 21 shots Saturday. Freshman Adam Tackaberry had a pair of assists in the two games?


Soccer teams advance to playoffs
Women's team to host first round of NCAA playoffs
By Annie DeMeo Merciad writer

Men'siteam earns bid to D-II national tournament
By Annie DeMeo Merciad writer The Mercyhurst men's soccer team earned a bid to the NCAA national tournament after persistent and intense play over the past few weeks. Things seemed bleak earlier this season. After the men lost to regionalrivalWheeling Jesuit, 3-0, midway through October, postseason play seemed a distant possibility. However, the men stepped up, winning their final four games. J Last weekend, the men defeated Findlay to capture the GLIAC title. The Lakers prevailed 4-1* with Anthony Maher scoring twice. They finished ranking second in the region and will participate in the NCAA National Tournament. In the first round of the tournament, the men travel to Wheeling, W.Vjj., where they must defeat the their rival, Wheeling Jesuit, to advance. This match will determine the Great Lakes Regional Champion. Head coach John Melody and his team are not worried about the opponent. "We've completely changed the way we play since we last met," said Melody. "We've had four straight wins since then. We are confident and look forward to going back." The men will play on the road Saturday, Nov. 12, at 7^30 p.m. Congratulations to the men's team and good luck to them this weekend in their tough match.

Hie Mercyhurst women's soccer team earned a bid to the NCAA national tournament. The Lady Lakers impressive play in the region earned them the top spot in the rankings, and a spot in the first round of the fw» playoffs. They finished the season 14-2-2, despite losing their final game to Findlay University and surrendering the GLIAC title. Findlay prevailed 1-0. "We were already in the playoffs, and we knew we had a home bid," said head coach WOMEN'SIICE HOCKEY John Melody. "Its easy to be complacent and The Lady Lakers continued to struggle in to look a step ahead in that situation. the early-season with a 0-0 overtime tie and Despite the slight letdown last weekend, the a 4-3 loss at Findlay Friday, Nov. 3, and ladies have had a great season that included Saturday, Nov. 4. Mercyhurst outshot the the longest winning streak for the women's Oilers 28-21 Friday but couldn't get the soccer team since 1991. puck past goalkeeper Erin Blair. Sophomore "The women's team was strong throughTiffany Ribble stopped all 21 Findlay shots. out the season. They deserve to be there," said On Saturday, Mercyhurst got a pair of Melody. "They are in a position to prove Annie Sitter/Merciad photographer goalsfromfreshman Britney Millar and a themselves as one of the best teams in the power play hit from sophomore Natalie (Above) The men's team looks to country. Schembri in the game's first eight minutes, upset Wheeling Jesuit in NCAA The Lakers did receive the home bid, as but couldn't hang on. The Oilers scored two tourney. (Below) The women return to Melody expected.In the first round the Lakpower play goals late in the second period. the NCAA tournament, hoping to beatf ers will meet a familiar foe, Ashland UnivertheirfirsT scores' attoome^gaimi'Meicyhurst Ashlandttrmoveon. sity. H in over 221 minutes dating back to last Last year in the first round of the playoffs, season, then scored two even-strength goals Mercyhurst upset Ashland and advanced to "We'll have to make some adjustments after within a minute of each other midway the second round. last weekend," said Melody. "But, I think through the thirds Earlier this season the two teams met in an Ashland brings out our best." extremely physical contest, with the Lakers The Lady Lakers host Ashland University Sunday, Nov. 12, at 1 p.m. WOMEN'S V O L L E Y B A L L | edging out the opponent, 1 -0. £ Mercyhurst ended its 2000 season Friday, Nov^3, and Saturday, Nov. 4, with a pan* of conference road losses. Ashland defeated Mercyhurst Friday by scores of 15-5^15-10, and 15-12 and Findlay followed suit scored two touchdowns in the final two and a By Annie DeMeo Saturday 15-7J15-9,15-% f ? half minutes of the game. Dore had eight Merciad writer The Lady Lakers finished the season 11-20 catches on the day for 68 yards and was 6-13 overall, and 2-15 in the GLIAC. As the football team's 2000 season draws to through the air, for 104 yards. a close an unlikely question looms. Who will For his passing and catching achievements, Dore was named the GLIAC's offensive player start at the quarterback position? Last Saturday Nov. 4, the Lakers came from of the week. behind a 12-0 deficit to capture a 23-20 win. "He's a great player and does everything we Greg Dore (listed as a wide receiver) orches- ask of him," said head coach Joe KimbalLAnother unlikely individual also took the field trated an offensive comeback. With Dore at the helm, the Laker offense as a quarterback, helping the Lakers prevail.
'•<• • : : • ... ••*••'• • :•;• . . / I - - ' -• ? f ' m b t i & i m * . • »*

Quarterback quandary looms for home finale
Justin Gibson, senior running back, wide receiver, Burger King Scholar Athlete, and apparent quarterback helped the Lakers claim their fourth victory of the season, Gibson racked up 45 yards rushing, 12 yards on one reception and 188 yards passing. Hie quarterback quandary poses an interesting question for the season's finale. Who is going to start? First string quarterback Mac McArdle is considered questionable for this weekend. A knee injury kept him out of last week's contest. Scott Farison, who suffered a shoulder injury in the Northwood homecoming game earlier this season, could return though it is unlikely. Farison would have to make a nearmiraculous recovery from his separated shoulder which occurred five weeks ago. Brett Weidig started last week's game, but sprained his ankle and is finished for the season. It seems that the Laker coaching staff will have to call on Gibson and Dore to lead the offense again this Saturday. Despite the shaky offensive situation, coaches and players are optimistic about their chances to match the number of victories from last season. i The Lakers and one competent quarterback or another, will take the field at 1:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 11. Come support the Lakers in their final game, as they host GLIAC rival Ashland University. field,


The women's basketball team opens its season at the Clarion Classic Nov, 17 and 18. Game time for Friday's game is 8 p.m., other tournament games times will be announced. The men open their season in the Shultt Tip-off Classic at the Mercyhurst Athletic Center No^f 17 and 18. Bloomsburg, Franklin Pierce and St Francis, 111., will be in attendance.

A classic rivalry. A heated rematcfi It's do or die time for women's soccer.



The men host Canisius this weekend Friday, Nov. 10, at 7:30 p.m. Hie team travels to Canisius for another match-up Saturday, Nov. 11. The women host Wayne State Nov. 18.

Come supportjthe Lady Lakersjas they host Ashland University in|the first round of the NCAA national tourney. Mercyhurst takes on its biggest rival this Sunday, Nov.* 12, at 1 p.m.
The game will be played at Mercyhurst, west of the football

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