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Vol. 75 No. 6

Mercyhurst College 501 E. 38th St. Erie, Pa. 16546

October 25, 2001

MSG plans shelter Garvey awarded Medal of Distinction and security camera for shuttle bus
eastward, the locations of the stops By Sara Seidle might be reconsidered. Editor in chief Del Vecchio pointed out that due to isolated incidences of misconduct Winter term will mark the first full on the shuttle bus, MSG has decided year of operationforthe Mercyhurst to install a surveillance camera. "The Student Government shuttle service. majority of students have not been With a definite route and operation causing problems,*' said Del schedule established, the transporta- Vecchio. He added that no one will tion services committee of student be constantly monitoring the camgovernment, in collaboration with era. It will instead be used on an asthe administration of Mercyhurst needed basis. "Hopefully this meaCollege, decided upon pick-up/drop- sure will contribute to a safer ride in off locations over the summer and recently finalized plans to construct a shelter at the- site of the Briggs 3910 stop. The Briggs Avenue stop serves as the pick-up/drop-off point for the State Street route. Baldwin Hall is designated as the pick-up and dropoff point for the mall route. According to David Del Vecchio, chairperson of the transportation services committee, the lobby of Baldwin David Del Vecchio Hall will serve as the indoor shelter for that location during the winter months and inclement weather. Del which everyone will be happier and Vecchio said that the shelter will be better off," said Del Vecchio. completed in four to six weeks. Shuttle bus schedules can be ob| "We looked at several locations on tained by contacting any student campus and wanted to choose loca- government representative or at the tions that would be as beneficial as student government office located possible," said Del Vecchio. He on the third floor of the student added that as the campus expands union.

e majority of students have not been causing %? problems.


Sara Seidle/Contributing photographer

Dr. William P. Garvey, Mercyhurst College president, was honored with the Archbishop Gannon Medal of Distinction Saturday, October 20,2001. The honor is awarded annually to an individual that has been instrumental in promoting the cause of Catholic higher education. Garvey is a 1957 graduate of Gannon University and has served as President of Mercyhurst for the past 21 years. The event took place at Gannon University's Waldron Campus Center. Proceeds from the scholarship celebration and awards ceremony go toward scholarships for Gannon University students.

Recycling efforts in full Iswing o n M e r c y h u r s t
Mercy hurst's "Green Team"\and SPAN work for environmental justice and efficiency
placed around campus. These bins, found in Old Main, Preston Hall, By Maureen Nebel Egan Hall, Zurn and the Student Merciad writer Union, are used to collect wasted paper, plastic, glass, tin and old What's the highest elevation in Erie phone books. Recycling bins being Pennsylvania? The Lake Erie Land- placed in the residence halls, apartfill. Currently, faculty, administra- ments and townhouses are also in the tors, staff and students of Mercyhurst works. Members of Students for ProtecCollege are helping to reduce this devastating statistic throgh the in- tion and Appreciation of Nature creased effort at recycling on cam- (SPAN) and the Green Team struggle for environmental justice and have pus. In the past year and a half, the col- been working diligently to make lege has begun to accelerate in be- Mercyhurst College environmencoming environmentally efficient. tally conscious. Dr. Chris Magoc, professor of hisIn the last several weeks alone, over a hundred recycling bins have been tory and the person responsible for


leading the environmental efforts, stated, "The bins are a small but significant step towards reducing the amount of waste generated on campus. In time, the impact can be huge and create less of a burden on the planet." In conjunction with the recycling efforts, the college has also created a compost bin that is located near Mercyhurst Prepatory School. Wastes from the kitchen and dining hall, grass, and leaves are all dumped onto the compost heap. Over time, Annie Sitter/Merciad photographer the food scraps and yard wastes will mix with the soil and decompose, en- Mercyhurst*s compost pile will be used to compost materials from riching the soil as a fertilizer would the college's kitchen and dining hall as well as grass and leaves $ collected from the campus grounds. do.



OCTOBER 25. 2001

B i o - t e r r o r i s m : f e a r j t h r o u g h t h e m i c r o s c o p e \S p e e d t r a p s n o t p o s s i b l e
By Phil Pirrello Opinion editor Anthrax, the latest artillery of this war on terror, has begun to infect Americans and plague them with fear. PeoplefromNYC-based NBC News to Janet Reno to the sevenmonth-old child of an ABC News produce have all been infected, according to AP news sources. The latest outbreak has occured on Capitol Hill. Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle received a letter containing a suspicious white powder. This has forced the Senate chambers and the Capitol building to close its doors and go into lockdown, putting political life on hold and Washington at an operational standstill. "It is terrorizing!people and Americans; are not ready^to live with this,*' Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said last Friday at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri. Rumsfeld's comments come in the wake of authorities discovering evidence of Anthrax in a House office building that processes mail for lawmakers. The rinding in the Ford Office Building, a few blocksfromthe Capitol, brought the number of facilities believed to be tainted by Anthrax up to three. This discovery has prompted hazardous teams to methodically work across D.C. The disclosure came as authorities said they had pinpointed the New Jersey post office sorting box from which Anthrax-bearing letters were sent, advancing their investigation even as two more people were found to have the cutaneous, a skin variant of the disease. Tom Ridge, chief of homeland security, disclosed the discovery of the mailbox Friday but provided no details. Determining which sorting box the letters were in may give authorities hints as to where the letters were sent from. § i Ridge said the anthrax strains that have been found in Florida, New York and Washington are "indistinguishable"fromeach other and may have been from the same batch. Eight people have now contracted the disease, including one Florida man who died and 37 others who have tested positive for exposure, two being assistants of news anchors Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather. The ill and exposed are all using antibotics and are expected to recover. President Bush and his administration have no direct link between the Anthrax cases and Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida terrorist network, but connections are forming. % The President, who is in China for an economic summit, said that Americans "do know that anyone who deliberately delivers Anthrax is engaged in a crime and an act of terror." Bush also asserted that "these attacks once again reveal.the evil at the heart of terrorism, the evil we must fight." f 5 The fight wages on to not only discover those behind this potential outbreak, but to help Americans get one step closer to normalcy and to make the nation safe from this new threat


By Jess Kapusta Merciad writer

Speeding on Briggs Avenue continWhat Is anthrax? ues to be a problem for Mercyhurst — Anthrax is an acute infectious students who must cross the street disease caused byjthe^pore-form- to attend classes or other campus ing bacterium Bacillus anthracis. It functions. most commonly occurs in farm aniMercyhurst Student Government mals, but can occur in humans Health and Safety committee has whemthey^are exposed to infected been working on the issue in reanimals or tissuefrominfected ani- sponse to student concern. v mals? ^ We've had complaints over the past two years about the safety of How common is afithrax and crossing those streetsfromthe conwho can get it?: stituents living on Briggs — Anthrax is most common in ag- Avenue,"said Lexi Toy, chair of the ricultural regions where it occurs in .committee. animals. Humans infected wiht Police and Safety cannot do anyAnthrax usually have been exposed thing about the speeding problem on to infected animals or their prod- Briggs Avenue. ucts through their occupations. "Briggs and Lewis are city streets and Mercyhurst has no jurisdiction How is anthrax transmitted? over them," according to a spokes— Anthrax infection can occur in| personfrompolice safety. three forms: skin, inhalation and The Merciad contacted the Erie Police Department to find out if
* *

speeding traps would be a reality on campus in the near future. Sergeant Durkin of the Erie Police Department explained that speed traps on either street are simply not probable. "As far as speed enforcement is concerned, it's 38th Street that we are worried about," said Durkin. "There would not be any way to patrol one city block when we have to allow for a ten mile per hour grace period in speed limit enforcement.' Despite the seemingly hopelessness of getting this issue resolved, Durkin left the door open by saying that ifthere was a serious safety concern on those streets, the issue could be pursued further. Durkin commented on another parking situation on Briggs Avenue. He said that in the near future, it will be illegal to park on the east side of the street in order for the area to be plowed in the winter. JI encourage students to be aware of these pending changes," said Durkin.

What are the symptoms of anthrax? ';'. 5 —-It begins as a raj that resembles an insect bite, but soon turns into a painless ulcer, usually one to three centimeters jn diameter, Usually with a black center in the middle*vLymph glands in the adjacent area may swell. About 20% df untreated cases result-in death. Courtesy qfCNN.com

Laker Inn "Night Owl" Special
I Available 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. Sunday - Thursday

Mozzarella Sticks


Chicken Nuggets •* KJ Sunday Nachos & Cheese


Hamburgers^ Thursday Fries or Rings

^Police and Safety Logl
10-3-01 Egan Hall Students * drivers licenses stolen from night desk box. Florida drivers license and New! Jersey drivers license reported missing. 10-12-01 | 3937 Briggs Avenue Wallet stolen from an apartment in building*. 10-13-01 * McAuley Hall Student round possessing candles, which are illegal on campus. In addition, the student had false identi-l flcation. Students were charged for consumption of an alcoholic beverage by underaged students and the use of controlled substance.

Sadlier to oversee fire safety issues at Mercyhurst
j as an investigative firefighter for the Mercyhurst lastfouryears.? has hired Sadlier will only work on Over the past few years, Mercyhurst the first Mercyhurst campus part time, has been affected by fires in Egan Fire Safety roughly 20 hours a week. He also Hall, Baldwin Hall, Briggs Avenue Officer, holds the same office on the North apartments and the Laker^Inn; in R il O k East campus. f addtion false alarms in Duval apart- Sadlier, a Sadlier said that his position, ments prompted the installation of p r o f e s though brand new to Mercyhurst, is new smoke detectors. s i o n a 1 ( ••••HI M - H - a logical and obvious extension to campus security. ^ This year, Mercyhurst Police and firefighter Safety added a new office to deal for the city of Erie. Sadlier has been "Life safety is always the number with fires and prevention on cam- a firefighter for 25 years and worked one concern," said Sadlier. By Kate Riley Merciad writer
p U £S .

He will be offering the school technical support with such things as proper sprinkler systems, properly placed exits and alarm systems. Sadlier wants students to know that he is around for their benefit. He is a resource for students to ask any questions or voice anyfireconcerns they might have. "I am here to provide fire safety information and to identify and evaluate any hazardous or dangerous conditions," said Sadlier.
. . . .

Finding God in allfreligions
By Kelly Froelich Merciad writer with^integrity and faith." Fr. Clooney suggested to the audience that in contemporary times "it is important that we not live as strangers religiously,"because all religions are becoming a part of the American religious tradition."He was careful not to downplay the differences in religious traditions and advised against assuming that all religions are basically saying the same thing. Instead, he asserted that the study of religion should be approached slowly and with a humble attitude while "lovingly looking into the details" that each may find God both within and outside his or her own religious tradition. He did not suggest that the audience deny their individual faiths, but that allow themselves to be informed by the mystery of God present in other traditions.


Fr. Francis X. Clooney, SJ, a pro10-13-01 fessor at Boston College, came to McAuiey,HaU | £ speak on comparative theology in a A student charged for indecent as- session called "Hindu Wisdom, 1 sault. Catholic Thought. * He came to Mercyhurst as part of the occasional 10.13-01 lecture series supported by a consortium of groups. . Egan Hall Student reported a threatening mesOn Tuesday, Oct 16 amidst a standing-room only crowd, Father sage on the answering machine. Francis Xavier Clooney, SJ initiated a discussion of how one may have 10-15-01 I an inter-religious encounter as a re3908 Briggs Ave Various street signs recovered from sponsible human, good neighbor and spiritual person. Dr. Thomas Ian apartment. Foresthoefel, associate professor of religious studies at Mercyhurst, in10-15-01 if troduced Fr. Clooney and urged the Undisclosed location audience to "expand their global and Female student reports being cultural horizons" by "penetrating bothered by a male student.





OCTOBER25. 2001

Campus Ministry reaches out

Breaking the ice with Chanelle Sherry

iMaking Waves
Kate Riley Merciad writer

Learning Differences program* celebrates 15 years of helping students

Chanelle Sherry has been figure skating since she was eight years old. Now that she is 19 and a freshman at Mercyhurst, she is not slowing down. In August, Sherry traveled to Colorado Springs for the U.S. National Collegiate Championships and brought home the bronze medal. Following this victory, she went on to pass her U.S. Figure Skating Association Senior Level Gold Test, also in August. Passing this test puts her officially in the highest rank of amateur skaters with names like Michelle Kwan. This year was a year of change, however, for Sherry. Normally Annie Sltter/Merciad photographer Campus Ministry conducted Its annual food drive during the week Sherry would compete for regionals, of October 14-19. The annual event is held to collect items to be hopeful ly placing high enough to go donated to the Second Harvest Food Bank, which then distrib- to easterns, which she has done beutes the food items to needy families throughout the community. fore, andfinallyshe would compete With this year's food drive, Campus Ministry was hoping to im- for nationals. prove their record from last year and increase participation. VolRegionals had to take a backseat unteers from Campus Ministry are pictured above surrounded by to something this year though, a coldonations. lege education. Because the transition from high school to college is a big one, regionals in October came at an inopportune time for Sherry to compete. Mercyhurst and college life in general has not put an end to Sherry's skating, though. Two of the reasons Sherry picked Mercyhurst were because of the on-campus rink and the fact that it is only one exit away from achieve their goals is rewarding to Leslie Echan me. Features editor The program which services over Have you ever wondered what was 100 students has two graduate assison the top floor of the tower in Old tants, a secretary, 50 tutors and 120 ^m Main? The room that was once the notetakers. convent bedroom for the Sisters of The program provides students £ jtjA Mercy now has a couch and a few with notetakers, tutors, private testchairs, a coffee table with books and ing areas and even emotional support. photo albums on top with coll aged "I honestly think that many people photos of students smiling and goof- with disabilities just give up. But it ing around on the walls. Doors are is exciting to me because these kids covered with graded papers depict- keep coming back,** said Rogers. ing the accomplishments of "Many of our students have to work Mercy hurst students. There are desks really hard for half the grade that their and computers and a view of the cam- non-disabled peers achieve. Yet it is *r pus and Lake Erie. not like the students are disabled, /i Often student voices are heard. they just learn differently.** Last winsome of panic and some of joy. Stu- ter 17 of 58 students had a 3.0 GPA dents are rushing in and out of the or higher. office, grabbing notes from their per- According to a senior Mercyhurst sonal mailboxes and stopping to student in the Learning Differences photo copy an assignment or just to program, 'The program has helped ask questions about classes. Others me to enhance my writing by are socializing with each other on the strengthening my weaknesses. For example, the program has helped me couch and chairs. The thirdfloorof Old Main is the to be an individual writer. I would Learning Differences office. A place bring my papers to the office and the where some students take tests, oth- writing tutor would edit them. They ers study and still others seek extra helped me to become more creative and were able to explain to me what I help in a tough class. This year marks the 15th anniver- flaws I needed to pay more attention sary of the Learning Differences pro- to. They give very helpful advice.** One student sak) that her average gram, which was the first in Pennsylvania and one of the first ten pro- day includes going to classes, tutorgrams of its kind ip the country. The ing sessions for her classes, going to r n program has helped 250 students to the office to pickup notes for each GO O^NOUf graduate. The program is highly se- class and going to an optional study lective^on average 80 students are session. "Watching someone work so hard GO interviewed, but only 20 are acand then seeing him or her graduate cepted. ; Your single source for tips on paying back your student loan easily, quickly, painlessly and is amazing. Last year I had one stuDianne Rogers, the program direcresponsibly. Plus everything else you need to make real-life decisions in (be real world. dent come to me off stage and hug tor said, 'This Is my fourth year as the program director. Students* indi- me right after he received his dividual success stories, working with ploma, it made me cry because I was .com t'tu&/i*z \> kids individually and watching them so proud,** Rogers said.
. * . ^ *

where she normally trains. The Igloo, off interstate 90, is where Sherry has been training for years. Sherry, who is from Meadvilie, would take the 45-minute drive before and after class throughout high school and is now c loser that ever to her rink and to her coach, Dan Smith. Sherry skates whenever she can in preparation for the.upcoming season. She will be opening for the St. Petersburg Russian Ballet performance of Cinderella and will also perform in the annual Christmas Ice Show held December 9 on campus. She also has her sights set on the Erie Invitational and resuming competition again in July, with an ultimate Kate R iley/Contributing photographer goal to make it to nationals. Freshman Chanelle Sherry is now balancSherry also auditioned for ing her education and her passion for ice Disney on Ice while the company was in Erie and 1 skating. she was accepted. Disney will be of skating she said, "Probably not.** keeping her name on file for; four Her advice to young skaters is "Skate years so that she may receive an edu- for your own enjoyment. Do not get cation first.. * discouraged if you have a bad day or When Sherry's not in class, at hit a bad jump.** work-study or training for her own, Currently Sherry is undecided programs, she is coaching her stu- about her major, however she is leandents at The Igloo. Her kids range in ing towards criminal justice. One age from 7-16 years and are another <thing is for sure, she does plan on reimportant reason Sherry stayed in the tiring from the skating world. "I'd area. Sherry skates about five days a always like to at least coach,** said week* Sherry. 'W When asked if she will ever get sick
















OCTOBER25. 2001


Customer service - am oxymoron?
Left to Write
it?** Already agitated by her, I simply looked at her until she said: "What I'm trying to say, is maybe you should think about giving her some privacy, hmm?" At this point I'm sure my face was beet-red, the contempt in her voice was enough to stunk rhino. I slapped the account paper on the desk replying, with anger and frustration, "How about just a little bit of courtesy next time I come in here?** The whole time I'm imagining what could have happened to this woman during the course of the day prior to my arrival that would make her so sour. Someone^ could've kicked her puppy into the street, or perhaps, she just woke up en the wrong side of the bed. [? But what's startling is how this case is simply one among others relayed to me while writing this column. It seems like there's an unfortunate epidemic on this campus for students to be treated as though they are subhuman. I suggest we revitalize Chinese water torture to remedy this problem. College is difficult enough without condescending, dismissive individuals. I hope that this widening-gap in the campus community is amended.

I'm going to relay a little anecdote, • It's that time of the term again...Registration. The good part about it, no just one of my personal experiences,' concerning the dismal customer serclass Friday. ft vice that students receive on campus. To be fair, I should probably prefAdam DuShole Mercyhurst Model United Nations took third place in their annual ace the remainder of the column by saying that there are indeed a numdebate conference last weekend. Good job delegates! ber of helpful and courteous indi- ter acting as if she were entirely inviduals in the various student-related convenienced, said, "Well, Donna's Kudos to Hurst TV...This season's-fall line-up has some of the best and not hererightnow, so I don't know offices. most creative showstobe produced by the communication department At any rate, this is my tale, I call it what the hell you want me to do." in years.t Well, many things came to mind "Disaster in The Docucenter.*' It was a warm day in October, and concerning what she could do. But I the aroma of trench fries from the did my best to be patient, replying cafeteriafilledthe air; in other words with only a mild amount of sarcasm, Campus is bereft of school spirit It would be nice if MSG put some of it was a perfect day, nothing to indi- "Well, I really just wanted some help, cate the trials of patience to come. but that seems to be too much.*' our fees towards making free items, like cups, sweatshirts or tiny flags, While on an errand during my work But that's not the icing on the cake. with our school name and colors on them. It would be great to have study, I journeyed down to the Donna (the Docucenter supervisor) things to remember college by other than those we have to purchase Docucenter to acquire a copy account did in fact arrive in the office and was ourselves. page for the Lumen literary maga- quite helpful, referring me to the fizine. I was informed by the faculty nance office tofindan account numWhat is up with partying with random students over the weekend and advisor of the. Lumen that I would ber, telling me to come back when I then, come Monday, you see those same students walking in the halls need to speak with the supervisor of find it. and they give you looks like "How much did I have to drink*' or "What the Docucenter, who was not in-of- I returned to the Docucenter, findfice at the moment. Nevertheless, I ing Donna on the phone. Which was was I thinking?'* still needed a copy account page and no problem, I had no place to be. So here's the great part of the story: number for recording purposes. Laker Inn tends to place its cold bottled beverages, like soda, in the These details are inconsequential, Previously referred to rude woman back of the coolers and places the warmer beverages towards the front. the point is that I arrived in the notices me waiting and says, again I don't know too many kids who like to drink warm Pepsi or go Docucenter to request a little bit of with aforementioned ill-manners, shoulder deep into the cooler looking for a cold drink, do you? help and advice, only to be met with "Axe you waiting for Donna, it looks a particularly rude woman who, af- like she's on the phone now, doesn't Registration is here, the time when patience is tested, students are denied and classes are filled faster than we can make through the line in Mercy Heritage Hall.

THE B A D . . .


Closing the lid on the melting pot

The construction on Briggs needs to be delayed! Students have enough hassles during the day that they do not need to have their sleep disrupted by the annoying sounds of drills grinding and country music twanging at 7 a.m. This goes on Monday through Friday and, since the work shows no sign of stopping soon, is their any reason why the work crews can*t try to better accomodate students' needs? Maybe start after most kids go to 9 a.m. classes. There are many students smoking outside the entrance to Zurn Hall and the residents halls. Let's try to respect those who don't want to end up with an iron lung, and smoke a little further away from the entrance. Many freshmen have cars on campus, leaving upperclassmen having to search all over the tri-state area for parking spaces. Isn't there a rule againstfreshmenhaving cars anyway?

t»vM* CotUgnf Prtctwlr*

After the 1993 bombing, Congress less immigration, with 53 percent By Kia Gregory called for government monitoring of thinking that immigration levels Temple News foreign students in the United States. should be decreased. But Americans The law, to be implemented in 2003, have felt this way long before Sept. (U-WIRE) PHILADELPHIA — requires colleges and universities to 1 1 . > £> With all of its symbols of freedom maintain a database to track the Historical ly, immigrants have been and democracy, America has become movements of foreign students. If a blamed for everything from stealing a melting pot of ethnic, racial and foreign student switches majors or American jobs to draining the U.S. religious diversity. The land of the misses class, the federal Immigration economy. Such xenophobic attitudes free has opened its door to those and Naturalization Service (INS) have led to laws that have steadily huddled masses pursuing the Ameri- wants to know about it. And in light curbed the flow of immigration to the can dream and American opportu- of our current war on terrorism, gov- United States. ) nity. ' Ij ernment officials want to know yes- But once again, U.S. policy is mis^ That was before Sept. 11,2001. fj terday. guided. According to the American Now, there are too many foreigners Asidefromthe possible economic Immigration Lawyers Association, in our country and too many cross- and operational disruption to univer- compared to the native-born popuing our borders. As Americans grow sities, these measures have an obvi- lation, immigrants are more likel y to increasingly suspicious of immi- ous flaw. They ignore the immigrants be employed, save more of their grants, foreign students could be the who enter the United States using earnings, and are more likely to start first to feel the brunt of the door tourist visas, employment visas or no new businesses. Also,-evidence slam. visas at all J shows that immigrants are very inSince the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks As a result, reducing student visas terested in being part of American on the World Trade Center and Pen- and monitoring foreign students will society. In fact, some immigrants are tagon, lawmakers have proposed re- do little, if anything, to prevent ter- concerned that their youngsters are ducing the number of student visas rorism . It may seem viable to moni- assimilating too quickly. issued, or even banning them tern- tor the 500,000 foreign students who America's heightened fear of forporarily, according to published entered the country last year, but it eigners has more to do with racism news reports, ' is impossible to watch the 30 mil- than terrorism. It doesn't help that the hijacker lion visitors who came along with Changes to our immigration poliwho piloted the plane into the Pen- them. However, Sept. 11 could be cies may seem prudent, but our fears tagon entered the United States on a just the excuse America needs to fur- have lasting consequences. And student visa. This reminds us that one ther narrow the path to the United when U.S. policy is based on nationof the terrorists in the 1993 World States. I alistic paranoia, American freedom Trade Center bombing was in the According to a recent CBS News remains temporary not only for forcountry on an expired student visa. poll, Americans would .like to see eigners, but for all of us.

Town Hall Meeting
Where: Mercy Heritage Room When: 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m October 27,2001 C


Why: Congressman Phil Englishjjwill present a brief update on current events in Washington, D.C. with a question and answer session to follow.

OCTOBER 25. 2001



'Tin really excited because its right by my apartment I always wonder "We should have an East entrance whyll can't just use the staff ento* the library because it would be trance." more accessible to the students liv*-—Chris Coulter, junior ing in the aprtments. ' —Katie Resinger, junior "1 think its a Wonderful opportunity to set an example for our growth as a "It's a great idea. We won't have to college.*' i walk all the way around the build—-Patrick Fore, senior ing—especially in$he winter.7 I—Tim Pohorence, senior "It'ssa definite mustf It seems like every time I have to go to the library itris raining andtf e|d up running It's really good, it saves on walking around the building^ fime. I Mke it*' —Justin Corsage, junior? —Stephanie Hines, junior "Its a great idea because I hate walkw I think its a good idea, anything that ing arounf to the other side." promotes easy access is good in my —Amanda Hart, seniod

*•> .

Stacey Abbott, senior "I'm all for that. It sucks to walk al the way around, especially in the rai "It's a good idea,^especially* when and wind." winter gets here. It will be a lot nicer •Jen Moore, junior not to have to walk all the way around when its snowing." — Mitch Thompson, juniorS

What s your opinion on the proposed east side entrance to the library &

M think it makes sense that they fi- Next Week's Question: nally opened that side to students. I What has been your experience with don't know^why it took so long." Resident Assistants at Mercyhurst? 1 —Bill NardL senior E-mail responses to: merciad@mercyhurst.edu

Sacrificing s o m e f r e e d o m s is inevitable w h e n n a t i o n a l security is at stake...but h o w m u c h is t o o m u c h ?
In a recent poll conducted by the American Civil Liberties Union, 54% of Americans said that they would have no problem sacrificing privacy for the sake of national security. 'In a time such as this, when national security is so paramount an issue, it is inevitable that we must make some sacrifices in order to protect the nation. The question we must ask ourselves though is how do we know 1 when things have gone too far? Some people may feel uncomfortable having their personal belongings completely searched and all sharp blades, including innocent razors or scissors removed, when attempting to board an airplane. But, if it means preventing a plane hijacking, most

In Other Words...
Sara Seidle
people would agree, by all means, take the scissors. Tampering with someone else's mail is a federal offense, but if someone has laced an ordinary-looking postcard from Florida with Anthrax, allowing someone else to inspect your mail may not seem like a bad idea. r These privacy issues seem like small prices to pay for the added security and protection that these actions could afford. But when does

the cost start to outweigh the benefit? progress to a more threatening level, Forfeiting privacy is one thing, but, should President Bush be permitted I wonder, what percent of Americans to detain innocent Americans, or enwould be wilting to forfeit their free- gage in a similar action of this magdom as a whole to protect the nation? nitude, to protect the nation? Following the attack on Pearl Har- What if the amount of threats and bor, President Roosevelt ordered that Anthrax attacks targeted at the United all* Japanese Americans, actual States increases?|These are once citizen's ofthe United States, be de- again attacks that hit close to home tained out of fears that they may and are most likely being carried out somehow be working as spies or en- from within the country. Does this gaging in espionage. * Tim warrant internment of all Arab Ameri So far, drastic actions like this one cans based on the fact that, because have not been invoked and it cur- of the likeness in appearance to those rently does not seem that they will carrying out the attacks, there could be. But, in the days and weeks to be some connection? come, it is difficult to predict how the The issues surrounding Roosevelt's situation in Afghanistan will actions following the attack on Pearl progress. In the instance that it does Harbor were reviewed by the Su-

preme Court The Court upheld the actions of the President, setting a precedent that would allow future Presidents to act the same way. So, technically, there is nothing stopping President Bush from taking similar action. Has the racial consciousness of the country, especially its leaders, been enhanced in the year's since Pearl Harbor to the point that the nation as a whole can look back on history and learn from the mistakes of the past? Or, will these past events serve as an example to be followed? Presently, it seems likely that these questions will never have to be answered, but, if they are, I can only hope history will not repeat itself.

The Christian response to parking onj campus
Minor inconveniences are put in perspective by the trying life ofJesus Christ
his disciples should act, especially Questioning Faith those who claim to be his followers. Commandment number one: "Thou Editor in Chief Sara Seidle shalt not complain about having to Managing News Editor Kristin Purdy i;Sr. Geri Rosinski, RSM walk a little bit from your parking Arts and Entertainment Editor space.'* After all, unless you are disAdam DuShole Features Editor Leslie Echan Since coming to Mercyhurst in tall abled, God gave you two good legs Sports Editor of 1998, one ofthe consistent issues that at your young age should work Mackenzie Dexter on campus has been about student just fine — they get you to the nearOpinion Editor PhilPirrello Photography Editor I parking or, more realistically, the lack Annie Sitter Technical and Production Manager thereof. BU|y Elliott I hear people complain about parkCopy Editor Kelly FroeUch ing at every student forum meeting Advertising Manager Sarah Antonette that I have been to. Staff Writer Annie DeMeo Including the "secret freshman parking" on Parade Boulevard, students utter dismay that they cannot find a parking space that is close The Merciad is the student-produced newspaper of Mercyhurst enough to their apartment that they College. It is published throughout the year with the exception can open the car door and enter their of mid-term and finals weeks. Office at 314 Main. Telephone bedroom! 824-2376. Fax 824-3249. E-mail <merciad@mercyhurst.edir>. If I may ask a classic question, "What would Jesus think about all The Merciad welcomes letters to the editor. All letters must be thisr I L l signed, but your name can be withheld on request under certain Since Jesus did a lot ofwalking (i.e. est (or furthest) beet blast, don't they? conditions. Letters are due on the Monday before publication the journey narrative in Luke *s GosWhy complain about walking when and should be no longer than 500 words. All letters should be pel), transportation and vehicular there are others in the world who storage were not an issue for him, but submitted to Box 485. would give anything to be able to he does have much to say about how walk anywhere. ?Commandment number two: "Appreciate that there are people in apartments and places to live (i.e. have a real life) and deserve to be able to have some place to park.** I am "irresponsible college students'* who have no consideration for the needs of others. Trust me, I remember it well '2 Commandment number three: "Is there still not a prohibition against freshmen having cars on campus?*' What happened tolfollowing the rules for die common good? There has been more parking congestion this year than any other and it just so happens that we have our largest freshman class ever — hmmmmmm, makes you think!? Yes, we could build more lots, build more ramps, build more roads, build more convenience, but does it always have to be about convenience. Is that the Christian message, that thou shalt never be inconvenienced? I would beg to differ with that notion and I suspect, so would Jesus.

^^Commandment number one:% Thou shalt not complain about having to walk a little from your parking M spot.'




Check Please
By Chris Pappas Contributing writer If you like good food, good drinks, friendly people, and sports, then Erie has a new place for you. The place is called Coach's Sports Bar and Grill. Coach's has it all for Mercy hurst students, a close location, inexpensive food and drinks and 12 TVs full of sports action. Coach's is on West 3 8th Street just two traffic lights west of Peach Street.* If you*re looking for some good food when you go out, look no farther. Coach's has a good selection of delicious food ranging from burgers to a shrimp basket! The prices of the food at Coach's will really make your wallet happy. You could walk out of Coach's with a full stomach and a few drinks for less than $10. ^They have a good selection of liquors, wine and beer as well which are also reasonably priced. The large pizza is only $5.75, and it is delicious. Their appetizers are a good deal too, a basket of fries is only $2 and it is large enough to feed two or three^people. You'll also find plenty of burgers, sandwiches, wings, and other appetizers to satisfy your hunger. If you like to play games, Coach's has a good selection of games to keep you entertained. They have a nice pool table, a dart board, and an extremely fun hockey game to keep you entertained.. If you'd rather watch games than play them, Coach's has you covered. They have 12 different TVs to offer any sporting event you could want. They even'have a nice big screen TV in the back room. If they're not playing the game you want to see, just ask, chances are that they will find it fox you. Coach's has a true sports bar and grill setting. Not only do they have all of the sports on their many TVs, they have tons of sports memorabilia hanging throughout their establishment. They have tons of autographs from all kinds of professional athletes. They have athletes from now, and many legendary players too. There is lots of seating at Coachs also. There is a good sized bar and plenty of tables in the front room. The back room has even more tables and room for people to hang out. If you need a change in scenery, Coach's is the place. You can't beat thefriendlyatmosphere inside. Everyone is friendly, and the service is prompt. There is no waiting forever to get waited on, and the food is cooked up fast when it's ordered. There is no reason that Coach's shouldn't be the next place you go for good food and good times. C

By Phil Pirello Opinion editor

Movid Dracula takes! Ticket Stub \ bite out of Erie
By Robin L. Carpenter Contributing writer

% «•


#1 Spring Break Vacations! Cancun, Jamaica, I Bahamas & Florida Earn Cash & Go Free i| Now hiring Camp * Reps * i 1 -800-234-7007 Endlesssunmiertouis.com

From its opening shot, "From Hell" takes us into hell: late 19th century October^! 3, 2001 marked the preLondon. A complex camera move miere of "Dracula," presented J>y descends past the. various social Lake Erie Ballet and the Mercyhurst classes and onto the grimy cobble- Dancers. This rull-length ballet was stone streets ofthe city's Whitechapel based upon Bram Stoker's chilling district, where we see Jack the tale. The performance proved to be a Ripper's infamous stalking grounds. spine-tingling adventure for all those Here, we eagerly await a visceral, in attendance. Dracula was expertly danced by Alabama Ballet's Wes whodunit experience. The Plot: Johnny Depp, in a retread Chapman. His dancing andfierceatof his "Sleepy Hollow" role, plays titude brought the character to life. Inspector Abberline, an opium addict] The special effects were spectacuwhose daily trips allow him to have] lar with the appearance offog always) psychic visions of who the Ripper's signaling the approach of Dracula. next victims will be. (We assume] Explosions and seemingly real blood these visions have always been his were great for shock value, making investigative tool, not just a plot de- the story come to life. Roger Van vice.) The visions become more vio- Fleteren, also of Alabama Ballet, exlent as the murders of prostitutes, lead pertly danced the part of Jonathan by.'Mary Kelly (Heather Graham), Harker with a wide range of emotion. Both Chapman and Van Fleteren become more methodical and ritualistic. Abberline falls for Kelly, just choreographed the ballet to an origibefore a vision alerts him to the next nal score by Thomas Helms. Helms' score was written solely on the orvictim to have her "livelihood taken. Abberline's investigation be- gan. "Dracula" made its world debut gins to reveal a conspiracy and also an interesting twist as to the true identity ofthe serial killer, which involves | a secret society of Freemasons, a gang of pimps, and the Queen's sur- (COLLEGIATE PRESSWIRE) geon (Ian Holm), whose knowledge Glendale,Cali — Fans of Tori Amos of dissection may or may not be to can catch a rare inside look at a dress rehearsal'performance in the acprotect a royal family secret. The Good: "From Hell," as directed claimed artist's "Strange Little Accessible at by the Hughes Brothers, is an origi- Webcast." nal piece of camera work. Shots, pho- www.warnerbros.com and AOL tographed by Peter Demming, are Keyword: Music, the webcast started perfectly executed and lit. The sickly October 12 and will be available for green and devilish red hues portray the next ninety days. This special, downtown London as a corrupt realm Internet-only event features an unacwhere evil and government work companied Amos alone at the keyhand-in-hand. Shots crane down low, boards for the first time in seven one even through the ground, sym- years. Among the selections will be bolizing a descent into madness as songs from Tori's current Atlantic we get closer to finding Jack's iden- Records album, "Strange Little tity. Great set design and costuming Girls," including **Time" and "Enjoy $ $ §§ compliment a stand-out supporting The Silence." Amos' "Strange Little Webcast" cast: Robbie Coltrane as Abberline's partner and Holm delivers an evil presents 45 minutes of music, perperformance. Depp's cockney is formed exclusively for Warner Bros. muddled, coining off as lethargic. His Online's Live Concert Series, and dialogue, using cliched lines from delivering incredible atmosphere other serial killer movies, sounds from multiple-camera coverage, as original and fresh only because he shot by preeminent music video disays them with an accent. Graham, rector, Kevin Kerslake. The webcast, the only hooker with perfect skin and captured at tour production rehearsteeth, surprisingly grounds the film, als in Florida, will be archived for forcing us to concern ourselves with her safety as Jack's blade nears. The Bad: Outside the plot's creative twist on why Jack murdered and who he did it for, "Hell" neither breaks new ground nor entertains as much as the trailer made us think it would. It is a gloomy, depressing environment/beating us over the head with in not one, but at least five denouements that wrap various plot threads. Scenes have a choppy flow and the eventual revealing of Jack's identity is too obvious. The movie even has a subliminal cue for you. A "Seven" esque revelation is expected, but never comes. The grisly murders are very tame; they become excessively gory as the ending nears. "From Hell" disappoints as a narrative, but satisfies as an unrelenting examination ofthe horrors the human mind is capable of executing, let 17AUPV alone thinking.

in October, 1997 by the Alabama Ballet. This year's performance was the first time "Dracula" has been performed by any other company. The female leads were played by Christina Maria as Mina, and Gina Ribera as Lucy. Lucy and Mina were best friends until Lucy became a victim of Dracula's bite, turning into a member ofthe undead herself. Jennifer Camodeca, Danae Patterson and Amanda Walker played the seductively feral female vampires. The corps de ballet successfully accented and enhanced the story line. The Mercyhurst Dance Club sponsored a free trip to see the dress rehearsal. Students filled the auditorium and showed their support for the dancers. Also, through the Unrestricted Fund of the Erie Arts of the Arts Council of Erie, the first 125 college students were admitted to the performancefree.Students were able to take advantage of these opportunities to see the fine arts at work. "Dracula" proved to be an electrifying ballet that really sank its teeth into the Erie audience.

CKjjt 25 to 31 % Finney's Pumpkin ville is debuting its Haunted Pumpkin Maze of Bloody Butcher Hollow Corn Maze. Purnjpkinville is open everyday fron|9 a.m. - 9 p.m. and the maze will open every evening from 6 p.m. - 10 p.m. Located on Route 99, four miles south of Edinboro in Cambridge Springs. Admission is $6 — bring your own flashlight
• * '


Oct. 25 to 30 Haunted House of Horrors—1] Open 7:30 to 11:30 p.m. and $8 for admisson. Park in the West Erie Plaza and wait for a shuttle bus to take.you to the mysterious location. They even provide closed circuit TV to watch the terror while you-waii Oct. 26 & 27 £ % The UltimatevTrip — a 2400 square foot self-guided | through 10 acres of woodland is running 7:30^p.m. to'.midnight. Not recommended for children under 12 and senior citizens. Located at 7195 West Ridge Rd across from the Fairview&Fire Hall. Admission is $5. Oct 26 | The State Street Tavern is holding a Halloween costume party. They will also be featuring local bands Self Inflicted, Criminally Insane and Forced Under. - >i Oct 27 Erie Hardcore^ 'Vfavorite*' Shockwave, will be appearing at Forward Hall on Peach St. Admission is $8 with the donation of a canned good. Shockwave always puts on a good show, so check it out an support the local scene. Lake Effect in Effect!
Oct 27

Attention all Tori-philes
ninety days at the WarnerSBros. Online site, which also offers fans a listening party featuring Tori Amos'! "Strange Little Girls." j Amos' "Strange Little Girls" was released by Atlantic Records on September 18th and debuted at #4 on the Billboard Top £00 chart; All the songs on the album were written by men, but are performed by Amos from the perspectives of a diverse cast of female characters. Songs composed by such artists as Neil Young, the Stranglers, Eminem, Depeche Mode, Slayer, Lou ReedJtJohn Lennon/Paul McCartney, and others are taken apart and put back together darkly, gently, and in an uncompromising fashion, * Amos is in the midst of a major cross-country concert tour, which began in West Palm Beach on September 28th and concludes in San Diego, California on November 20th. The shows feature her alone at the keyboards - marking her first completely unaccompanied performances since 1994.

Haunted Beer House Party— Sullivan's is hosting a costume With contests, prizes and games. Will scaring drunk people ever lose its' appeal? J

Oct 30 1


Poet Sean Thomas Dougherty will be performing several original poems during a reading at 7:30 p..m. in the Cummings Arts in the PAC. The event is being coordinated in conjunction with Mercyhurst literary magazine, The Lumen. Nov. 6 % 3 9 A world-renowned Japanese drum core group, Yamato, will be appearing in the PAC at 8 p.m. Admission is free for Mercyhurst college students. You don't want to miss this events 7 Nov. 7s Diversity 101 is hosting a buffet-style International Food Night, beginning at 5p.m.and ending at 7p.m. in the Student Union Great Room. Now you can have you're cous-cous and eat it too. £. :

OCTOBER25, 2001



M e r c y h u r s t w o m e n ' s field h o c k e y t e a m d e f e a t s G e n e s e o a n d Wittenberg, improving lrecord|to 10-7 overall
By Mackenzie Dexter Sports editor? The Mercyhurst field hockey team improved its record to 10-7 as they defeated Division III schools Geneseo and Wittenberg last weekend, 4-0 and 1-0, respectively. In Saturday's win against Geneseo, sophomore defender Christa Mancini scored the first goal of the game. The goal was Mancini's first career tally. Mancini then made her first career assist with the second goal of the game scored by junior midfielder Jeanna* Hartmann. Hartmann also made a huge defensive save. These plays earned her the honor of being named the Eastern College Athletic Conference Division II Player-of-theWeek to this week. Freshman forward Nicole Davis also added a goal, her first career goal, late in the first


Men's and women's ! | |c r o s s c o u n t r y compete in GLIAC championship race
By Mackenzie Dexter Sports editor %

Women's hockey loses tough games to St. Lawrence Lady Lakersprepare toface previous national champions
By Mackenzie Dexter Sports editor The Mercyhurst women s hockey team took two tough losses from St. Lawrence this past weekend losing Friday night 2-1 and Saturday afternoon 4-3 in overtime. St. Lawrence began the scoring Friday with a goal 16:21 into the first period. The Lady Lakers dominated the second period, finally getting a goal from sophomore forward Lindsay Barch with 4:48 left to tie the game 1-1. Barch was assisted by juniors Natalie Schembri . and C.J. Ireland. In the third, St. Lawrence was able to score the game-winning goal on the rebound of an excellent

Mariel Zummo dribbles by Wittenberg defense Jeanna Hartmann dodges past a Wittenberg The men's and women's cross counduring the 1 -0 Laker win * defender. Hartmann scored the lone goal half. Junior forward Sarah D'Emilio Sunday afternoon. Mercyhurst battled Mercyhurst outshot Wittenberg 27- try teams competed in the GLIAC finished the scoring with her goal in against Wittenberg in the first half. 13. Kraatz stopped three shots to pick Championship race this past weekthe second half. Goalies junior Sum- The game was then delayed an hour up the shutout in goal. The Mercyhurst end. mer Kraatz and freshman Jennifer and twenty minutes at halftime due to win decreased Wittenberg's chances The Lakers traveled to Ashland, OH Saturday, October 20. The men finCoffman combined in goal for the intermittent lightning. The second of making playoffs. win. half was then played in a steady down- The Lady Laker field hockey team ished 12th out of 12 teams with 350 The Lady Lakers won their tenth pour. The only goal of the game came will entertain Slippery Rock Wednes- total points, only three points behind match of the season with a 1-0 win from Hartmann at 26:31 of the sec- day, October 24 at 4 p.m. in their final Gannon. A total of 116 runners competed in the men's race. Finishing j over visiting Wittenberg University ond half, assisted by D'Emilio. match of the season. first for Mercyhurst and 60th overall was senior Brian Colaizzi in 28:18. Freshman Scott Bishop finished next for Mercyhurst in 68th place overall. Senior Ciaran Brewster came in just three seconds after Bishop, finishing 70th overall. OtherKtop runners for save by Mercyhurst goaliejunior Tif- play at 6:12. Mercyhurst rallied to tie completed a weekend sweep. Mercy- Mercyhurst were junior Stephen fany Ribble. The game was an excit- the game in the third. Junior forward hurst dropped to 2-3. The Lady Lak- Gerics in 74th place overall and seing battle between the two teams with K.C. Gallo scored on a power-play at ers again outshot St Lawrence, this nior John Campbell finishing 78th. the Lady Lakers actually outshooting :50 and Ireland followed suit with a time 33-31 and were 2 of 7 on the The women's team finished 11th goal at 8:29. Both teams had excel-1 power-play. St. Lawrence finished 2 out of 13 teams. The Lady Lakers St. Lawrence 28-27. T * lp? St. Lawrence got on the board lent scoring chances in the game's of 8. earned a total of 298 points, 15 points Mercyhurst Head Coach Michael behind Gannon. Sophomore Mindi quickly Saturday, scoring just 38 sec- final minute. With the Lady Lakers onds into the game. The Lady Lakers I penalized for hooking at 19:15,Ribble Sisti says his team is slowly but surely Lauterbach finished first for tied the game about seven minutes stopped a point blank shot and getting to the big time. "We are liter- Mercyhurst and 46th overall in 24:49. later with a power-play goal by sopho- Mercyhurst's Barch was denied on a ally inches away. We lost two one- Freshman Julie Dickinson finished more forward Jessica Dillabough. breakaway by the St. Lawrence goal games to a great hockey team. It goalie. That set the stage for St. won't get any easier because we have 53rd overall, freshman Katie Assists went to juniors K.C. Gallo to get ready for Minnesota next Fri- Mieczkowski placed ?62nd, junior and Jennifer Jeffrey. St. Lawrence Lawrence's win in overtime. scored the final goal of the period With only 19 seconds into over- day. Minnesota won the national Kate Cywinski came in 67th and freshman Heidi Ironsfinishedin 70th four minutes later to take the lead 2- time, a St. Lawrence defender picked championship two years ago." 1. The second period had very little up the puck off the boards and manThe Lady Lakers will be hosting place. continuity as six minor penalties were aged to slip it between Ribble's pad Minnesota in the Mercyhurst Ice The men and women will compete called in the period's final fourteen and arm St. Lawrence walked away Center at 7 p.m. Friday night and will in the NCAA Regionals Saturday, minutes. The only goal of the period with the 4-3 win. The win improved then travel to Niagara to play at 3 November 3 at the University of went to St. Lawrence on a power- St. Lawrence's record to 2-0 as it p.m. Sunday afternoon. Wisconsin-Parkside in Kenosha, WI.



Jinie biner/Merciad pnotograpner

Annie Sttter/Merciad photographer

Mercyhurst club hockey team wins weekend-games

it's not for everyone, ibkxt il&a^t's



Annie Sltter/Merciad photographer


Annie Sltter/Merciad photographer

Mercyhurst and Syracuse players battle as they rush to get the puck

Mercyhurst body checks a Syracuse player in Sunday's 7-2 win ^ £

Freshman Matt Krusey scores four goals as Lakersdefeat Navy and Syracuse
By Mackenzie Dexter Sports editor The. 13th ranked Mercyhurst club hockey team hosted the United States Naval Academy and Syracuse in the Mercyhurst Ice Center this past weekend, winning both games 5-4 and 72, respectively. In Saturday's American Collegiate Hockey Association Division I contest against Navy, junior Brendon Laboon scored two goals. Also scoring for the Lakers were junior Lee Penascino, sophomore Rob Garber and freshman Matt Krusey with one goal apiece for the 5-4 win. Navy outshot Mercyhurst 48-37.

In Arrriy ROTp you'll push W^M^Xm..Jfepijts. And In e process, team fjow to thirfkQrt(four feet and be a good -reader. You could even get a scholarship. Register today fora? The Lakers were back in action Sun- Army RQTC class. Because you're not;&st iifce. "everyone "
U n l i k e f axwiyfc hftr,' e o l j m r 4"^n>t«k< W^T^on; t a k e «

day to defeat Eastern Collegiate Hockey League rival Syracuse 7-2. Krusey had three goals for the Lakers, while Laboon, junior Chad Klimow and freshman Bobby Spitzer each added a goal. Mercyhurst outshot Syracuse 33-32. The Mercyhurst club hockey team is now 2-0 in the ECHL.

trYr^Q^toigation Fresh/Soph Call^Taptail



OCTOBER 25. 2001



Men soccer wins eleventh straight
By Mackenzie Dexter Sports editor The Mercyhurst men's soccer team won their eleventh game in succession Sunday defeating visiting Charleston 5-1. •; Freshman Mike Blythe opened the scoring for Mercyhurst 32:46 into the game. Freshman Dan Wagner scored the game-winning goal with his first career goal 9:53 before the end ofthe first half. Senior Anthony Maher scored his 20th and 21st goals of the season within the first 21:47 of the second half. Maher's first goal was assisted by senior Brian Jankowski and his second came off a penalty kick to increase the Laker's lead to 4-0. Charleston scored their only goal of the game 69:33 into the game. Blythe finished the scoring with his second goal assisted by senior John Kitcho 19:57*left in the game.

Celebrated ^Author Johii Fefnstein * To Speak Atf Mercyhurst Hpjff Pinner 1 |

v % :


« Annie Sitter/Merciad photographer

Annie Sitter/Merciad photographer

Goalie Mike Franks dives to save the ball from an Anthony Maher blocks a defender as he goes offensiveplayerin Sunday's5-1 win downfield. Maher scored two goals Sunday. Blythe, named GLIAC Player-of-the-j| Earlier in the week, Mercyhurst up- ing Jesuit 17-4. Week for this week, has now scored set the tenth ranked team in the coun- I Mercyhurst will entertain Findlay at least one goal in seven straight try, Wheeling Jesuit, 2-0. Blythe Wednesday, October 24 in a game matches and has twelve for the sea- scored both Mercyhurst goals, the with huge conference, regional and son. Junior goalie Mike Franks made first at 37:22 and the second at 72:32. national implications. Findlay is. 13seven saves for the '"Lakers. The goals were both assisted by 0-2 overall and tied for first in the Mercyhurst outshot Charleston 19-11 Maher. Franks recorded his third suc- conference with Mercyhurst at 4-0and improved their record to 14-1 cessive shutout in goal for the Lak- 0. Findlay heads into the game overall. The win extends the longest ers. The Lakers were so dominant ranked 11th in the nation, while winning streak since the 13-game that Franks was forced to make only Mercyhurst comes in as the #8 team streak in 1986. 'i one save. The Lakers outshot Wheel- in the country.

Women's Isoccer remains Football team loses to perfect against Ferris State Grand Valley State 59 and Grand Valley State?
By Mackenzie Dexter Sports editor The Mercyhurst women's soccer team won their eleventh match ofthe season by defeating GLIAC rival Ferris State 4-0 Sunday October 21, in Big Rapids, Ml. Freshman Julia Kowzan scored what proved to be .the game-winner at 18:17, assisted by junior Jessica Hoppe. Kowzan then scored two more goals, one at 28:30 and the other at 78:3% to put the game out of reach. Junior Sarah Domenicucci added the final goal, her first of the season, with two minutes left in the game. Senior goalie:Meghan Frey made two saves for the Lady Lakers in recording her sixth straight shutout Frey hasn't been scored upon in the last 611 minutes. The Lady Lakers outshot Ferris State 35-5. Mercyhurst is unbeaten in its last nine matches (8-0-1). The win gives the Lady Lakers an overall record of 11 2-r*fmd* 6-0*1 cooference*record. The women's soccer teamns now rankedfourthin the GLIAC. Earlier in the week, the Lady Lakers played Grand Valley State to a 1 0 shutout. Kowzan scored the gamewinning goal 16:42 into the game and was assisted by senior Dawn Langevine. Frey made five saves for the Lady Lakers. Mercyhurst outshot Grand Valley State 18-6. Grand Valley State was only allowed one corner kick, while Mercyhurst had five. The Lady Lakers will entertain the University of Findlay Wednesday, October 24 at 12:30 p.m. in an important GLIAC encounter. Mercyhurst will travel to Highland Heights, KY this weekend to play Indianapolis Friday at 8 p.nu and Northern Kentucky Sunday at 1 p.m.

Lakers actually ran more plays (76By Mackenzie Dexter 74) and held the ball longer (30:09Sports editor 29:51) than GVSU.^Mercyhurst turned the ball over three times, while The Mercyhurst Lakers football team GVSU played error-free. Mercyhurst lost to #7 Grand Valley State last quarterbacks junior Mac McArdle Saturday night 59-3. 4$. «NA and senior Scott Farison combined to Grand Valley State remained un- complete 29 of 53 pass attempts for beaten as their quarterbacks threw 368 yards. McArdle went 19 of 35 seven touchdown passes,;, the most for 241 yards, including a 59 yard ever allowed by the Laker defense, completion t o*fre shm an * Andrew surpassing the old mark of six set by Grant Farison completed 10 of 18 for Hillsdale in 1999? 1& i 127 yards. Junior Tim Siemon led The only points for the Lakers came nine Mercyhurst receivers with seven from junior Vinny Repucci's 20-yard receptions for 107 yards. Sophomore field goal with 2:23 left in the first Craig Joseph and junior Phil quarter. GVSU led 14-3 after a quar- Provenzano combined for 108 yards ter, 31-3 after halftime and 59-3 af- on the ground in 17 attempts. Repucci ter three periods. has now kicked field goals in two Grand Valley State, averaging 58 successive games. Sophomore points a game, set an opponent's one Terrence Patrick led the Lakers degame record with 34 first downs, fensively with eleven tackles and two breaking the old mark of 33 set by sacks. Mercyhurst had four sacks Saginaw Valley State in 1998 and against GVSU, the most since the equaled by Northwood earlier this Findlay game late last season. season. Mercyhurst's record drops to N5 Despite the lopsided score,.^the overall,* f. Laker offense played well. ^Mercyhurst will host Hillsdale this Mercyhurst picked up 24 first downs Saturday at 1:30 p.m. on Tullio Field. and 446 yards of total offense. The

[Noted author and sports commentator John Feinstein will be die featured speaker at ^Mercyhurst College's Fourteenth Annual Basketball TiporTDinner setforMon* da^night^SfovembeS, at 7.-00 afcibe Bel AireHtfteLf? & Feinsfein graduated from Duke U^versityf|n }9f7. He worked at theJWashington Post for eleven years as both a political and sports reporter. He-JiaS;also worked at Sports Illustrated ancFfhe National Sports Daily.iie is the author of a number of best-selling sports books£ including A Season on the Bfink, A?Good Walfe Spoiled J A Cly il War. and The Last Amateurs. He is currently a commentator for National Public^Radio and SportingflNews Radioiwrites columns fo{ AOL and Golf Magazine, and contributes to the Washington post and the Wall Street Journals Feinstein lives^in Bethesda, Maryland, and Shelter Island, New York^with his wife, son, and daughter^. £1 [^Syracuse University men's basketball coach, Jim Boeheinu was the guest speaker at the inaugural Tipoff Dinner in 198& EgPNbas^haiyst, Jay Bilas, was test year's headlined j^j Tickets for the event cost $35. They will be^available at the Mercyhurst College Athletic Center weekdays from 9:00 a.mi to 4:00 p.m. beginning Monday, October 22.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes Come and join the fellowship and FUN.
All non-athletes and athletes fwelcomel Every Tuesday night at 8:45 in the Football Office

In cooperation with Mercyhurst College, the Erie School District's Student Leadersip Center presents


Ladyf Laker volleyball team upsets Tindlay Friday'night, has chance to makefplayoffs
By Jess Kapusta Merciad writer burying Findlay with a score of 3020. Overall play by the Lakers was outstanding as they compiled an overall hitting percentage of 0.276 with 127 attempts and only 12 errors. Outside hitter junior Leslie Macko played an impressive game with 17 kills, 16 defensive digs and an overall hitting percentage of 0.483. Macko won the honor ofbeing named pie GLIAC South Player-of-theWeek for this week. Other notable Lakers were senior setter Sarah Antonette with 36 assists," freshman Lyndsi Hughes with 7 serving aces and sophomore Jenn Barba with a hitting percentage of 0.400 percent. This game gave the girls momentum needed to win their last home game against Ashland University. • > The Lakers pulled off the easy win against 1-14 Ashland and improved their record to 7-7 in the GLIAC. The ladies won in three games with the scores of 30-20, 30-25, and 30-22. Barba, Macko and senior Stacy Theiser hit over 0.400 percent and pulled the team to victory. Antonette commented, "We're playing really wellrightnow as a team. We're very excited about the possibility of making playoffs for the first time in the team's history. Our last three games are very important, especially our last game at Gannon." The girl's last three games of the regular season are at Hillsdale this Friday at 7 p.m., Wayne State this Saturday at 4 p.m. and at Gannon Friday, November 2 at 7 p.m.

for Caring

The women's volleyball team had a successful two game sweep this weekend facing off against first ranked Findlay College on Friday and Ashland University on Saturday afternoon. Both games were against Gametime:fl:30p.m. GLIAC opponents and were vital wins to give the girls a chance to Accepting donations of winter clothing make it to the playoffs. In Friday's match, the ladies started I to benefit The Caring Closet" the night by defeating Findlay inj game one 30-26 and then dropped PLEASE HELPJMAKE THIS A SUCCESS^ CLOTHES game two with a score of 24*30. The SHOULD BE IN GOOD CONDITION AND CAN BE team bounced back in game three with DROPPED OFF AT THE MA IN ENTRANCE OF THE FOOT-j a score of 30-25 and then finished the match impressively by BALL FIELD. THANK YOU!!!!! •

Mercyhurst College vs. Hillsdale University \

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