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Vol. 75 No. 12

Mercyhurst College 501 E. 38th St. Erie* Pa. 16546

January 31,2002

Townhouses under construction College student dating kcene istudied
By Kristin Purdy Managing news editor Over the past three months, there has been construction on Lewis Avenue. Prior to November, the site was an empty lot, owned by Baldwin Brothers Realty. A series of twelve townhouses, three buildings with four townhouses per building were started in early November of 2001. At the latest, the townhouses will be completed by the end of June. Surprisingly, the new townhouses are not owned by Mercyhurst College, but by Baldwin Brothers Realty. However, Mercyhurst students will be residing in them starting next fall. Construction is ahead of schedule and moving along at a good pace. Mercyhurst will be leasing the complex from Baldwin Brothers with the option to purchase them in the next few years. This cuts the construction costs for Mercyhurst, and therefore will not create any significant tuition increase. Tyrone Moore, associate vice president of administrative services, said, "We both win because the college doesn't have to put down the huge purchase price of building." Mercyhurst is in need of more housing as the student body gets bigger and bigger. In addition, the demand for townhouses is escalating. The study denned a "hook-up" By Nick Perkins as a girl and a guy getting together Contributing writer for a physical encounter and not necessarily expecting anything In an effort to find out what really further. A ''physical encounter** interests college students, namely was defined by the study as being Mercyhurst College students, a anything from kissing to having survey was treaded upon. The4 sex. survey was posted recently on the ^According to the IWF report, 40 Independent Women's Forum percent of college women said ffWF) and claimed traditional they had experienced a hook-up dating has been replaced-byand one in ten said they had done "bookfagHBp" on college cant* so more thai*six times^ Therewerel puses. Browsing thorough this 61 percent of the women who said forum it was noted tot the study^j that hooking-up made^them feel B^was conducted oil a handful of desirable** also made them feel Annie Sitter/Merciad photographer (various college women. The Students can look forward to new townhouses next, yeat j Survey-eonsisied of 1,000 college Pftecflrdmg^b the studyTthe word women who were interviewed ***5 Upperclassmen surge for the; spring. Distribution and assignment "dating" carries multiple meanover an IS-monm period about a townhouses at housing sign-ups ev- will be based on housing points and ings* very few of which involve mixture of reMonship thoughts. ery year. Moore said, "Housing op- class standing, as it has in the past. going on actual dates. For the most) Released this past summer, it is tions will continually change as the Moore said, "I don't believe there part, "dating" is synonymous with one of the first surveys of its kind "hanging out" Dating can involve students speak." After completion,^ will be a substantial cost increase." that deals directly with "hookthe townhouses will accommodate" For those students who want a Continued on page 2 Up^ If 72 students, with six residents in chance to live in a brand new each of the twelve townhouses. townhouse, they should be aware The townhouses on Lewis Avenue S and conscious of keeping write-ups have a similar layout to the other to a minimum and focus on full retownhouses at Mercyhurst with the tention of housing points for a good addition of a vanity outside of the chance. upstairs bathroom. Atty. William C. Sennett Steve GutThe new townhouses will be avail- i Some information contributed by Sara Seidle ting, a board member, is serving as k able during the housing sign-up this Alison M. Spencer Editor in chief chair of the committee. According to Rob Kosko, student Mercyhurst Student Government's efforts to provide freshmen with a government president, the MSG exmore lenient visitation policy have ecutive board is in the process of been curbed, atleast for now.f formulating and presenting a case Earlier this year MSG announced supporting open visitation to the a plan that would provide open visi- committee. The executive board, tation two weekends per term in assisted by Laura Zirkle, dean of freshmen housing. The plan was ap- residence life, and Catherine Anderto Egypt, Thomas Associates in people that the FBI has not heard proved by the administration last son, dean of student development, Cleveland, Ohio (the company that from. At the request of Curtis, Mary year and weekends for open visita- is compiling a summary of the visirecieved a letter identical to the Daly, senior assistant to the presi- tion were announced in December. tation policies at 96 other Catholic December 14-15, the weekend of colleges and universities as well as Mercyhurst anthrax hoax), or Capi- dent, will be compiling a list of all ta] University-Cleveland Center (the employees of the college. The FBI the Winter Formal, marked the first working on surveying parents of location FBI officals believe that the Erie Office will conduct a cross-ref- open visitation weekend for freshmen to determine their feelings letter was intended for). erence with the e-mail responses to Mercyhurst freshmen. A little over on the issues. According to Kosko, According to Rodger Gregorich, identify non-respondents, who will a month later, members of the board the executive board has come across dean ofpublic safety, 320 of the pos- then be sent a second request from of trustees have expressed disap- at least 15 other schools with some proval for the new policy and have type of open visitation policy. sible 412 individuals polled have the FBI, via the president's office. The committee will meet March 7 responded to the request of the FBI. Agent Curtis confirmed that the decided that, before open visitation "The answers from the college FBI will interview every person who can take place again, the proposal to evaluate the information presented by the executive board. A ficommunity to date have generated does not respond to the second re- must be given a closer look. In order to do this, the board has nal decision will be made on the isadditional leads that the FBI will be quest. following up on," said special agent In the meantime; if members of the formed an ad hoc Student Develop- sue at the board of trustees meeting Greeg Curtis, who is in charge ofthe faculty, administration, or staff who ment and Academic Development April 25. If the board approves the Mercyhurst case. did not respond need .A duplicate Committee to examine the issue. The proposed open*visitation policy, Curtis said that while most of the copy of the questions, they should committee is comprised of20 mem- Kosko said freshmen can expect responses were returned immedi- email <radaly@mercyhurstedu> or bers of the board of trustees ap- open visitation the weekend of the pointed by chairman of the board Spring Formal; ately, there are still almost 100 call Dalv at extension 2285.






Open Ivisitation reviewed

Anthrax investigation still under way
By Annie DeMeo Staff writer Students, faculty, and other members of the Mercyhurst community find themselves still wondering about the white substance the came out of an envelope post-marked Cairo, Egypt in the Admissions office Tuesday, Oct 30. * If The Federal Bureau of Investigation presented members of the faculty,: administration ;and staff of Mercyhurst with a series of questions related to the ongoing investigation. The questionaire, sent to members of the Mercyhurst community Jan. 4,2002, requests responses to seven questions meant to determine any relationship of Mercyhurst

FBI officials follow-up on Oct 30 hoax with e-mail questionaire




JANUARY 31. 2002


Job search starts with preparation and dedication
Sara Seidle Editor in chief This week marks the last time members of this year's graduating class will have to trudge their way through the lines in Mercy Heritage Hall to plan their schedules for the next term. However, another type of planning lies ahead. This time, it will be a little more difficult than meeting with an advisor, filling out a form and having someonefromthe Registrar's office enter the choices into a computer. It's now time for real-world scheduling. Most students planning to graduate this spring will soon begin, if they have not started already, the process of searching for that first "real** job. With the routines of college life slowly slipping away as graduation approaches, many students are left wondering how they will ever find that first job and where should they begin looking. Robert H vezda, director of career services at Mercyhurst College, commented, "As we look ahead to what faces this graduating class, things are going to be very competitive." He added, "We don't know when or how quickly the economy is going to turn around. But, when it happens, students need to be prepared.*'

Dr. Glinsky Awarded Deems
Dr. Albert Glinsky, associate profes- Glinsky joined the Mercyhurst facsor of music at Mercyhurst College, ulty in 1987 as both a composer-inhas won the ASCAP-Deems Taylor residence and as an associate profesAward for his book Theremin: Ethersor in the D'Angelo School of MuMusic and Espionage. sic faculty. Glinsky earned his bachThe American Society of Compos- elor and master degrees in music ers, Authors and Publishers presents from the Juilliard School of the Arts its Deems Taylor Awards for out- in New York. He followed up those standing print and media coverage of studies by earning his doctoral degree music in 1999. Glinsky attended the in composition at New York Univerawards ceremony in New York, N. Y. sity in 1992. t y f£ ^ Dec. 5^Ken Burns' PBS documen- tj Established in 1914, ASCAP is the tary on jazz and the television spe- world's largest performing-rights orcial "America: A Tribute to Heroes*' ganization, with over 100,000 active were among the other honorees. composer, lyricist and music pubMusic written by Glinsky has been lisher members. ASCAP's repertory performed around the- world - from spans the entire spectrum of music the Aspen Music Festival to the Far from pop to symphonic, rock to gosEast. His work has been recorded on pel* Latin to country to jazz, rhythm several labels and will soon be fea- and blues, theater, film and television tured on a compact disc being pro- music. ASCAP's Board of Directors duced with clarinetist Richard is made up solely of writers and pubStoltzman and the Warsaw Philhar- lishers, elected by the membership. monic.

Hvezda emphasized that search to a particular region, they can Merc hurst's office of career services begin to answer questions such as is the place to begin this preparation. what cities within that region would "Students need to be marketable and appeal to them. Once they have decompetitive," said Hvezda. One way termined that, Hvezda said it is posfor students to be prepared is to open sible to find out what that city has to a Senior Credential File with the of- offer by looking at local job search fice. This file contains information web sites, contacting the Chamber such as a resume, cover letters, and of Commerce, looking into job fairs letters of recommendation. Accord- in the area or by simply skimming ing to Hvezda, Career Services also through the phonebook. helps students prepare for interviews [^Hvezda pointed out that the offering advice on interviewing tech- WestPACS Job Fair in Monroeville, niques as well as the proper interview PA is an opportunity available to Mercyhurst students to explore job attire. i fi Once a student has gone through opportunities in western Pennsylvathe initial preparation, it is time to be- nia. The fair, held Thursday, March 1 gin the actual job search. "Students 7,2002 wi 1 host approximately 200 will possibly need to invest between companies. Any students interested 10 and 12 hours per week to position in attending should contact Frank themselves to find what is available,*' Rizzone of Mercyhurst's career sersaid Hvezda. He advises students to vices by March 5, 2002 to sign up "assertively approach the opportu- for the event. Mercyhurst College nity" and to treat the job search pro- will also be holding its own job fair | ] cess almost as if it was a part time April 11,2002. job. i Hvezda reminds all students plan"The world is a very big place," ning on beginning the job search prosaid Hvezda. He suggests that stu- cess to keep in mind three words, dents narrow their search to certain "preparation, competition and margeographic regions. "Do you like to ketability.** According to Hvezda, ski? Do you like seafood and the "Students can't even begin the ocean? Then maybe New England is search until everything else is tothe place to look,".said Hvezda. gether.*' For more information on the Whatever region one chooses, it pro- job search process, or any career vides a start advice, Mercy hurst's office of career After a student has narrowed the services is located in 204 Main.

Students' dining habitsjchange
PHILADELPHIA—(BUSINESS students almost unanimously reWIRE i^via • 'COLLEGIATE sponded that there is not enough time ; PRESSWIRE)—College and univer- to get a healthy, balanced meal. * sity students are changing their eat- ff Statistics from the study reflected ing habits to accommodate their on that the quality of the food is also the-go lifestyles and are seeking more important to students. Sixty-seven quality in their campus dining expe- percent agreed they would eat on rience, according to a recent survey campus more often if the quality of of college and university students the food was better; in the study, q uality was directly related to freshness. across the country. * The "Current Trends in Campus Most students relatedfreshnessand Dining" study, conducted by quality to home-cooked food. ARAMARK Corporation, asked Nutrition ranked high in priority for more than 2,300 full-time students, students' eating habits. Seventy per75 percent who live on campus, about cent of students are concerned with their eating habits and how those hab- nutrition in their daily lives, echoing its fit with campus life. rja that today's students are active and Sixty-four percent of students said health-conscious. The study also suggested that eatthey eat on die go — eating readyto-eat foods or buying fast food — ing is a social occasion at school. at least a few times a Week. Fifty- Eighty-five percent of students surseven percent of students eat between veyed said they eat withfriendsmore the hours 8 p.m. and 2 a.m. When than a few times a week and identiasked what barriers exist to eating a fied dinner as a time to meet and someal at breakfast, lunch and dinner, cialize with friends.

SSDP meets with Erie district attorney
Jan.jj23, 2002, the officers of Mercyhurst students for a sensible drug polioy (President Steve Siemienski, Vice President Rob Solenday and Secretary/Treasurer Erika Brown) accompanied by Professor Rob Hoffand Public Defender AJ. Adams, were privileged to have an audience with District Attorney Bradley Foulk to discuss the drug provision made to the Higher Education Act (HEA). Foulk stressed the significant difference between the illegal possession of a controlled substance and the illegal sale of one. There was no further elaboration on the latter and the discussion targeted the former. A primary concern the SSDP officers had was the rehabilitation component of the amendment. Because a student is convicted of the possession ofa controlled substance, does not necessarily mean the student has a substance abuse problem, The District Attorney agreed and noted that there ought to be some assessment used to determine this. He further noted, on a more general perspective, that there needs to be a better effort made in the rehabilitation of people with substance abuse problems. Another issue the SSDP officers addressed was the effectiveness of this legislation. Foulk noted that this particular amendment is flawed by the nature of its vagueness. For instance, there is no specificity regarding the conviction upon the possession ofmore than one controlled substance. The SSDP officers proposed to the District Attorney the possible implementation of an alternate policy within his county. Foulk was very receptive and suggested to the SSDP officers to design an alternate provision. He is willing to meet with the officers again to review this alternative and to potentially accept it. In addition, the SSDP officers shared with the District Attorney their intentions to ask the Mercyhurst Student Government (MSG) to support them in HEA reform. He was encouraging and wished them well. Mercyhurst SSDP is still trying to gain petition signatures from the Mercyhurst community, (students, faculty, employees and administration) for their meeting with MSG,if you are interested in advocating and protecting our nation's students* civil liberties and privilege to education please contact any of the officers at — Steve Siemienski, Mercyhurst SSDP chapter president


Located at 2618 Parade Street t 456-4598

Traditional dating virtually absent on nation's campuses
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 studying together, sleeping in one another's dorm rooms, but does not involve the traditional definition of courtship. Only 50 percent of college seniors said men had asked them out on six or more dates since coming to college. One third of all the women surveyed reported that they had been on two dates or fewer in their college years. The women also reported that hook ingup makes it hard to acknowledge when they have become part of a couple. Although these sexual patterns contradict traditional dating values, many college women have traditional thoughts regarding marriage. More than two thirds (63 percent) of the women involved in the study said they want to meet their future husbands in college. Many seemed optimistic that this would happen, 99 percent agreed with the statement, "I believe that when the time isrightI will find the right person to marry.'* Going even further on this topic, "hooking-up" has been proven to be very dangerous. The threat of contracting a sexually transmitted disease is incredibly high among college students. An article named "Sex on Campus 2000,** from a Connecticut source, stated that 63 percent of all STD cases occur among those less than 23 years old. The article said that sex is not an intimate, emotional act for college students, but rather it is social way to "remedy chronic boredom or alleviate the tensions that come along with college life.** It also noted that sex is mostly done under the influence of alcohol and without the use of condoms. Getting to the bottom line, students interviewed for this article in Connecticut expressed their feelings toward sex, and most attitudes mirrored those on the 1WF report. A SUNY Albany student M said, Sex is like nothing anymore. It's nothing. It comes right after a kiss. And that's what*s scary.***

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JANUARY 31. 2002

aeinifiiitiCMP ib Erie
preparation. The test was given last MeganjEble July ^Toronto andUt was comContributingeditor prised of about 200 questions lasting about three hours.! Jffis trembling hand reaches for $$\ * It was absolutely nerve wrack* maiUand sfces the return address he's mg,*%^tne4Stern. "After thetest been anxiously waiting for, how- was oyer 1 was relieved, but it was ever, he must sit down before open^j strange^beingfthe teacher and taking the test now. It humbles you to 1 Inside, hotel restaurant • think what do my students go iiojia| jparjagement # r o ^ $ s o ^ through before taking a final" .' I Sparrin Stern leads he has bccalcsj] After |waiting|over one month. &fte4,w^8 thdCcrtifled Meeting Stern received his letter in the mail, l®S^ionai; tMe^jtiefirjpand only and wasvery happy with the results, : fep|e»"PAv I r l was very satisfied.* It's a stateThe CMP designation recognizes ment verifying you really do know thos^who have achieved high stan- wftafyo^rre talking about. You dards in the hospitality industry. know, sometimes you may feel like IThis designation is the formal carti- well, do (really know what I'm talkJScationin todayIs meeting convene ing about? And here's a certain part pon exposition industry, it is highly of your organization saying, yes, "recognizable for anyone in thefield you do know^vhat you're talking about, and that's a reaffirming feel-. pfhosp'Wi^y. "Being a CMP intibkeindustry is a Pig.. v ,;-,;,-• § m very satisfying thing, and it is looked In addition to the designation unon a s s prestigious; designation" Stern^as* awarded with the CMP explained Sternf scholarship, which is a check J Sorit was no surprise when Stem funded by Radisson Hotels and the reached for his goal and decided he Professional Convention Managewanted thai designation. However, ment Association. The scholarship it may have been more complex than simplyrefundsStern the $526.00 he he imagined, spent on applicationfees,textbooks, Before Stern could ever be con- and the cost of the exam. sidered he was required to complete Stem said with as much work as an application comprised of ques- he has put into his profession, this tions in the hospitality field and sub- was totally worth it he would do it mit his transcripts, resume and an all over again. Intact, on Feb. 4, essay, which all totaled about 2002^ the Certified Exhibition Man> $250.00, Aftet completions hewas admitted into the test, where fee nation is focusing on a different end would spend an additional $250.00 of the industry, Although, the desjust to take the test, with no guaran- ignation takes up to three years betee of passing. fore completion, you cap bank on Stem had six months to prepare another designation following for the exam, including the text- Damn Stern, CMP. books he was required to read in

Father Mark offers advice in priesthood to Mercyhurst students
Scott Mackar Contributing editor

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Earn $i,ooo-$2,ooo this semester with the easy three hour fundraising event. j Does not involve credit card applications. Fundraising dates arefillingquickly, so call today! Contact at (888) 923-3238. * or visit www,e^mp\isfundraising-com

called minor seminary and graduate here that you are called to live a life of simplicity, and what sort of things Studies is called major seminary. " What we do here is vocation, stu- can clutter your life,'* he said. dents live at St. Mark's Seminary, and Becoming a priest for the Diocese of Some people may wonder if God is they commute to Gannon University, Erie can entail different jobs other calling them to priesthood. ^People where they take the\r\classes," he than just being a priest. There are five categories in which a priest is have an abundant amount of feelings said. capable of doing. The first is parish in their life about their individual re- As Ia work. Which includes being a Pasligion? One advantage that we as stu- Mercyhurst tor or a Parochial Victor. The secdents have here at Mercyhurst Col- student, we ond is schoolwork. Being a univerlege is the opportunity to discuss our may be asking sity administer, a university profesreligious feelings with people that ourselves why sor, a high school teacher, a college have already gone through the ob- Gannon, since campus minister, a high school camstacles that a few of us are facing. Mercyhurst is pus minister, and being part of the The father to go talk to about be- right across the I seminary faculty. The third is Chapcoming a priest is Father Mark A. street from St. lains. This includes being involved Hoffman. He is the vocational di- Mark's. *St. Mark's began in 1945 in hospitals, nursing homes, prisons rector for the Diocese of Erie located and at that time Mercyhurst was an and the military. The fourth involves in St. Mark's Catholic Church Cen- all-girls school. Another reason why Diocese positions. Being a Bishop, ter, 429 East Grand view Boulevard. is that the Diocese of Erie began an Episcopal vicar, a judicial vicar, a He has been an assistant pastor at Gannon University. chancellor, an administrator, and bevarious parishes, he has been a high An individual does not have to ing a dean. The fourth involves other school teacher and he is currently come right out of high school and jobs, like being a canon lawyer, an an administrator for the Diocese of begin in the seminary to become a archivist, marriage tribunal and misErie. priest. Someone may decide in the sion work, Father Hoffman directly deals with middle oftheir college years that they "Most of our priests work as parspecific candidates to priesthood, want to become a priest, and they are however he is also very willing to talk allowed to transfer into the seminary. ish priests, being a pastor or an asto women who may be interested in You're also able to transfer in after sistant pastor, others work in special a religious life. Some people that achieving your undergraduate de- ministries that include, but not limmay be interested in priesthood can gree; this would make your status ited to, chaplains in hospitals and colfeel uneasy about discussing their prethoelogion. Under this circum- leges, teachers and professors of high situation, but Father Hoffman makes stance you would stay in St. Mark's schools and universities and counseall of his candidates feel very com- for two years and then go to Gannon lors," he said. fortable in their search for a religious for two years before heading off to Anyone interested in talking to Fal i f e . ^ J~~ graduate school ^ l t .jLj i r ,^.^.>~ ther Hoffman can contact him T m a resource person for them to ^^'We do this because number one, through a local phone number and set talk to. 1 hold my position with a lot we want to get to know them, num- up an appointment, which is 824of humility, having been an inquirer ber two is that according to the pro- 1200. You can also look at the vocawebsite http:// at one time, 1 wanted someone I could gram for priestly formation for the tions go to"*who was approachable, and United States, as approved by the www.erievocations.prg. You can also at someone who was confidential, that's Vatican, a student needs to have, to email Father Hoffman what I intend on maintaining in my get into graduate school, twenty-four "" "You enter a seminary to discern credit hours of philosophy, twelve office," Father Hoffman said. Father Hoffman has certain things credit hours of theology, and twelve priesthood. You enter it to think that he looks for when he is inter- credit hours of Latin," Father about it, to pray about it, you may after a year or two decide that God viewing a candidate. The first is to Hoffman said. At St. Mark's they not only form isn't calling me to the priesthood. see if they have love for their Catholic faith, this doesn't mean that they them academically, they also have There are four vocation sites in life, human formation. Human formation single, married, religious life and don't question, it doesn't mean that they have to know everything; it just is where they discuss relationships holy orders. All of them are called to with family, friends, and relation- holiness. Our vocation here gives us comes down to their personal love for their faith. Another aspect that is ships with girls. They also work on special privileges, special responsisuch issues as celibacy, obedience, bilities, our goal here is to be the preslooked for in a candidate is that the ence of Christ for his people," Father individual has given it considerable and to live a life of simplicity. 44 We try to teach our young men Hoffman said. thought. Also looked at, is if they have been active somehow in their parish or campus ministry. 44 I'm looking for a young man who loves his faith, I'm not looking for a finished product. I'm looking for authenticity, love of their Catholic faith, and willingness to be formed in a seminary, he said. ' Wednesday 8-9p.m. The process of becoming a priest Friday 4 - 5:30 p.m. is eight years of college. This entails four years of the undergraduate Saturday 4 -5:15 p.m. level and then four years ofthe graduate level. Undergraduate studies is

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JANUARY31, 2001

• Erie's cold, snowy weather seems to have relented for the last few days. Let's hope we don't have to crack out the parkas and Gortex anytime soon. • Spring registration, especially for juniors, seemed to go very well this time around. Now, if only something could be done about classes closing just as soon as it is your turn in line... • With midterms behind us, stress levels seem to have returned to normal. Some of our test grades may not warrant placement on the fridge, but at least the tension in our shoulders has lessened. • Spring Break is less than four weeks away. Let the fun and constant spending of money we' 11-regret-spending-later begin!

Affording the rising cost It^pHeffor ieloiim of tuition, education!
It seems college administrators do Brad Hoover? not seem to think about the students whose tuition is a burden because Contributing writer they do not qualify for financial aid. Bethany's plan rectifies this by chargMost students at Mercyhurst have ing everyone the same price, rather gripes about certain things. Their than having those who do not receive workload, the unpleasant Brie aid pay for those that do. weather, a roommate who won't turn : "It's a vicious cycle," Bethany's down their music and/or tuition. All president D. Duane Cummins told the of these things usually fall under the Post-Gazette, "The high-tuition, heading of things that can't be high-financial aid formula." changed and we come to expect 1 understand that every business them. However, the last example,tuand Mercyhurst, like most colleges, ition, is the exception. Does it always have to go up? For is a business - is different. A plan like one regional college, virtually iden- Bethany's may not be workable here. However, if the only reason the tutical to Mercyhurst, the answer to that question is no. In fact, it thinks col- ition has gone up over the past several years is to add an element ofpreslege costs too much. JL Bethany College in Bethany, WV tige, then the cost is too high, ty It's the students and faculty that has decided to do something radical. It is going to reduce its tuition from gamer an institution it's prestige, not j & $20,650 a year to $ 12*000 in the next the cost. Bethany's president also said, "Ij four years. Bethany has decided to charge what the college actually suspect that a lot ofother institutions needs its tuition to be, instead of some are simply unwilling to invest the higher figure that might, in some time and effort to work through such [financial] modeling to determine people's eyes, reflect prestige. Bethany now does not offer any fi- what their options are." I am not that cynical. If the current nancial aid. * * In fact, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazettetuition at Mercyhurst is what is necreported: "A survey last year by the essary, then the cost is worth it But, National Association of College and if the current hike in tuition and cost University Business Officers found for the school is not entirely necesthe average tuition discount offered sary, then the Board of Trustees by schools was approaching 38 per: should at least look into giving everyone a little break. ™ cent?' ™ taff editorial^ regon State U. #hifc'the tale of Enron's demise is a temble one, it will hopefully create awareness for an issue that has long been overlooked by the general public •— campaign finance reWith 71 senators and 188 House members — nearly halfof Congress —receiving money from Enron, it should be clearly evident that one corporation went to the cookie jar a few too many times. And now, piej is in the face of everyone Involved. But this wouldn't be such a major fiasco if campaign finance laws were reformed, keeping soft money pom large corporations from fund-j ing political campaigns. Congress should loo&afcthe case of Enron as further evidence of the need for controls on the huge amounts of money flowing into politics. £. f I ^p^i|^j0iia%ce:.-reform. hasj rnaMe headlines befprei Sen. John :^cCainand presidential candidate Ralph Na4er are loudly in favor of] &idea.-But n^st Republicans and fi^ocrats plug^iteears when they realise how much money they could lose jf such legislation were to pass. . Enron; didn *t face the same scrutiny that California eriergy produceffaced durin| the "crisis;' of 2001. This should rffte some eyebrows .j Now, thousands 8f Enron employees have lost their life savings, while the Enron brass thought they vjrpuld come0ut^ooldn^ike gold. Financial demands on those seeking office has grown steadily, forcing candidates to raise more money in hopes to earn the recognition and then trust of their constituents. According to me Center^for Responsive Politics, during the 1996 election cycle, candidates in&he Housejof Representatives who raised the most money won 92 percent of the lime. In the Senate, 88 percent won. Given such a direct correlation ber| tween campaign spending and electoral success, it's not surprising that illegal fund-raising scandals have plagued both parties. And this scandal proves just that. Both Republicans and Democrats will be victims of Enrongate. Now, we must trust them to fix the problem L i


COtVMjytS, Ore. -




* The lack of customer service at both the DocuCenter and the Laker Inn. It is bad enough students have to deal with the daily grind of assignment deadlines and classes. The last thing we need is someone giving us attitude as we order food or ask for something Xeroxed. * Mercy hurst still hasn't managed to catch up with fellow colleges by having class registration made available either on the phone or online. It would be nice if this is accomplished in the near future. £ j * Parking conditions have yet to improve on Briggs and Lewis. Local law enforcement has been cracking down hard by dispensing plenty of parking tickets and fines. There are more important issues, both on and off campus, to worry about than where students shouldn't or should park their vehicles. • It has come to our attention that students are really craving the addition of a "fashion column" to the paper. Any takers for the job of campus fashion correspondent?4

A voicej from the past is ready to be heard
And Another Thing... Phil Pirrello
Thomas Jefferson once said, "Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.'* In this volatile political climate, where headlines are set ablaze with the latest political scandals that fuel the fires of media pundits, Jefferson's statement still rings true. But are his words falling on deaf ears? Are we, as receivers of news and world happenings, receiving such informationfromthe best, most impartial sources? Jefferson's words serve as a warning, one that supports recent debates concerning the firmness of Capitol Hill's grip around the freedom its own Constitution grants to the press. Since the sensationalist days of "Yellow Journalism, the loyal reader and biased voter have been shown that the press can create a fiction substituting for the truth, but isn't necessarily the truth. The fact that political spin-doctors can take over for editor-in-chiefs illustrates the very governmental influence Jefferson wanted to avoid. The press should be afreeinstitution, not a center stage for political reform or a soapbox on the campaign trail. -Reporters' stories should not be swayed by demographics or how aesthetically pleasing their words would help make a congressman, a senator or a president look. More often than not, such unbiased reporting is elusive, with the truth being sidelined in favor of afreshspin on an old game, a game whose winners never get tired. But Jefferson's words walk a double-edged sword, with him being central to the very government his statement laments. But maybe his intent was to show that a minor case of hypocrisy is more preferable than a disease of the written word. As editor of The Mercians opinion page, I am faced with the challenge of appeasing both the powersthat-aren't and the powers-that-be. I have seen students' salty opinions, (maybe especially my own) made more palatable by the bureaucracy that sits behind varnished desks and chrome nameplates. Like most students, 1 grin and bear it But as opinion editor, I make sure that any sweetening is semi-bitter. For any ruling body that silences the voices of the people it represents encourages one less vote for Washington, and one more for "newspapers without government."

Searching for answers about faith?
Campus Ministry just might have them
If searching for someone or some place to discuss student faith issues, a good place to start is the Campus Ministry lounge. The lounge is usually the site of some interesting debates on a whole host of issues regarding religion, society, the media, morality and other questions related to one's faith experience. Another possibility is coming up very soon. Each year the Campus Ministry departments within the Diocese of Erie (Allegheny, Behrend, Clarion, Edinboro, Gannon and Mercyhurst) come together for a day in what is called an "Intercollegiate Gathering,*' The gathering is hosted by one of the aforementioned schools and it provides an opportunity for college students to come together for faith sharing, workshops, food, fun

Questioning Faith Fr. Jim Piszker
and much more. This year, because of Mercy hurst's celebration of its 75th anniversary, we volunteered to host the event. It will be Saturday, February 2, from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the Mercy Heritage Room and Sullivan Hall. Students of all faiths are invited to attend. :v . Our keynote speaker will be Maureen Crossen, RSM, assistant professor oftheology at Carlow College in Pittsburgh. The theme of the day is "Act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with your God" (Micah

6:8). I We hope that we have a good representation from the college, espeically since we are the host school. Let's show our pride (and our faith!) by being a part of this dynamic event. Further information about registration can be found at Campus Ministry. We hope to see you there. One other thing in relation to the question of faith sharing is to keep searching, keep questioning and keep dialoguing about what you believe. jj£ The more you do so, the more you will come to know your own faith life and what it really means to you. It will also help to bring clarity to your beliefs, which is a necessary and ongoing part of the mature life of faith.


/ i ifvi i>1




*"•% A



JANUARY 31. 2002




^ltSteould^>cgconv«niei^-l|lt wib set up#nline|& prtarie^gan^eshmari


would oe^.much easier if it wasjonlinei!? —A\&11 Gosgro've, senior

™^ lhk awe need more set* 1 91 hand during registration! «^Iike O'Brien, sophomore

P'here dafcsjBtseen&o be e r w | h Kl think regisfaFation could all be bets e c t i ^ .^certain classes%» ac*j ter$ian<Ued ovej the phoneJI -^Frant Pappano, senior —Samantha Welfojfreshman £Hney ^should show^ a'movie and ^<#>^^g^&tiox]ucould feset have popcorn while we sitibere^ ipft like happy hou| then students] —Kim Russo, senior woulda^t beSs upse|if the^pidn't get the classes they wanted/' "It would be much easier^egistnfc l~-Sarah Mattson^senlor tion could be done over the phone." ^Jennifer: Moorefsenlors $& concession staa^ at registration might be a goo&f&ea" f $We^should be ableito?register over -rTom L^gwor&y^uiuor|~ me3phoheJ& -4Lauren Ha3h> junior^ & irjlgjht b e & s % p ^ ^ ^ d ^ ^ lry^naj(^tx»l separate repstratfcn lthink the students' advisors should take careof it/*' —Matiet ^Zummo ,jitnkg. Sarah Foster, senior

What could be done to improve the way students register for classes at Mercyhurst?

I'm glad our money was spent on putting that flat screen TV up just to show us what classes are filled and canceled. Should putSthat '$L would ^ke it|to be dbne over the money to\|ard making more classes phone. It should be as easy as order- instead of buying a pointless TV." sjf-Niek Perkias^unior* ing a pizza!" •Brian Smith, sophomore "Business majors have registration pretty easy, so I don't think we need "Online registration would be a lot to have much changed for us. But more convenient than what we have •something needskhanged because now. Itoo many students scramble'for [Fete Snabley, sophomore classes at the lasMninute " -Natal i e Gollnick, sophomore ^Registration definitely takes way too long £They&hould set up a buffet "I don't think it's fair that education table or something while we wait!" and business majors gofirst.*We should schedule on line, like other —Tracy Palmer, senior colleges." Jfl think there needs to Jbe a lot more —Chris Coulter, sophomore ns of classes to choose at tt Alphabeticalorder isn't really fair/? registration.:^ Day naSehrrw sophomore ^Matt CtrTellL sophomore
»» ••





S h o w i n g alittle care for our basic h u m a n rights
Staff Editorial DukeU. r (U-WIRE) DURHAM, N.C. — Having demonstrated blatant disregard for civil liberties with its proposal to try non-citizen terrorist suspects in military tribunals, the Bush administration has again shown little care for basic human rights in its actions toward over 100 people detained in its campaign against terrorism. Although the public does not know the conditions of prisoners at Camp X-Ray in Cuba! officials have done nothing except make blanket statements without proof to allay cries for more openness and better treatment. Last weekend, the public got its first taste of the prisoners' treatment when it saw photos of them bound and kneeling,.wearing masks, earmuffs and goggles. The release of the photos was condemned in a rare public statement from the International Committee of the Red Cross. « * And although Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld claimed that the prisoners had been in transit, the photos were just one hint of possible detainee treatments Several countries have also voiced opposition to treatment of the prisoners, who are kept — like animals — in 8- by 8-foot wire cages. Aranesty International has also made allegations of "sensory deprivation, the use of unnecessary restraint and the humiliation of people... to break the spirit of individuals ahead of interrogation." • ,•* Wisely, many watchdog organizations and several countries have called for the United States to treat the detainees as prisoners of war under the Geneva Convention, something that would ensure their legalrightsand prevent "acts of violence or intimidation.*** Yet Rumsfeld said legalities prevent the classification. That argument ignores the basic principle behind critics of the prisoners* treatment Each person should be treated fairly, honorably and humanely. Even if the Bush administration will not technically classify the detainees as POWs, it can assure the public that they will be treated as such if that is the truth. This petty political maneuvering, combined with officials' nearly complete silence on the exact conditions of the detainees, are unacceptable" *Not only do these actions undermine the basic value for openness in a free society, but they also demonstrate unprecedented hypocrisy on humanrightsviolations. If U.S. prisoners were treated similarly abroad, the Bush administration would not stand for it. If this country is going to try to be the human rights police — as its leaders have in the past when addressing China's place in the world community — it must follow those rules at home. The terrorist attacks have caused many Americans to re-evaluate their perceptions of themselves and those around them. Citizens must not let overzealous leaders cast fundamental civil rights to the side. They must demand openness and fairness. Otherwise, the terrorists will have finally succeeded in taking down a fundamental part of the American way of life.

Pay as you go to class?
One Northwestern University student thinks it could work
By Chris Freeman Northwestern U. Sara Seidle Kristin Purdy Phil Pirrello Adam DuShole Leslie Echan Mackenzie Dexter A nnie Sitter Billy Elliott Kelly Froelich Sarah Antonette Annie DeMeo Megan Eble Stacey Abbott Editor in Chief Managing Editor. Opinion Editor Arts & Entertainment Editor Features Editor Sports Editor Photography Editor Technical and Production Manager Copy Editor Advertising Manager Staff Writer Staff Writer Staff Writer (U-WIRE) EVANSTON, 01. — I really hate to tell you this, but it's something that you need to know. Attending Northwestern University costs a lot of money. 1 know it's a shock, but let me qualify that a little. According to NU's Web site ^undergraduate tuition costs in the neighborhood of $26,000 per year, or slightly more than $8,600 per quarter. These figures become more interesting when you break them down even further. Assuming you take- four classes a quarter, a lecture meeting three times per week costs you more than $70 per class. One that meets two times per week bumps that figure to more than $ 100 per class J That last little bit of information may be the most devastating thing you hear today, and I'm truly sorry I had to tell you. You are now cursed. There's virtually no way you'll be able to sit through an entire hour of your next pointless lecture without thinking to yourself, "I'm paying $70 for this?" A solution exists for this curse: It's something I call "a la carte schooling." k ; ', Jjg ^ A la carte schooling is very simple. You would start each quarter with $8,600 in your student account and withdrawfromthat account on a lecture-by-lecture basis by scanning your WildCARD when you enter the classroom. For fairness, all class periods including a midterm or final would be free. Think of the possibilities. Students would be forced to take more ownership of their education; Instead of hearing that college costs some colossal sum of money the likes of which most college students have never seen, they will be forced to face the fact that the lecture they are sitting in costs them $100. Paying for lectures directly will make students think about which lectures are worthwhile and which are simply worthless. And let's face it, some definitely are. It might also go a long way toward correcting the economic anomaly that is a college education. For professors, this new system would really turn up the heat. The only way for professors to get students into their lecture, and make any money for the school, would be to provide an engaging, relevant and worthwhile lecture. Professors who find themselves devoid of any teaching ability will soon find themselves devoid of employment. Conversely, popular and interesting professors will bring in revenue for the school and will be rewarded. Finally, here is a system that gives students a real (read: monetary) voice in their education. CTECs may be easily overlooked, and research looks great to "US News & World Report," but it's tough to ignore a professor losing thousands of dollars for the university each week. * Imagine being in control of your own education, having a real say in who your professors are and becoming a voice on campus that cannot be ignored. I know, it's a radical idea, but the next time you find yourself mired in a pointless lecture wondering where your tuition dollars are going, see if it doesn't make sense.

The Merciad is the student-produced newspaper of Mercyhurst College. It is published throughout the year with the exception of mid-term and finals weeks. Office at 314 Main. Telephone 824-2376. Fax 824-3249. E-mail <>. The Merciad welcomes letters to the editor. All letters must be signed, but your name can be withheld on request under certain conditions. Letters are due on the Monday before publication and should be no longer than 500 words. All letters should be submitted to Box 4854

JANUARY. 31 2002





Feb. 9 Linkin Park, Cypress Hill, Aderaa, DJ Z-lrlp. Bryce Jordan Center, State College. On sale at (800) 863-3336 and online at Feb. 12 Weezer, Saves the Day. Bryce Jordan Center,. State College. On sale at and at (800) 863-3336. Feb. 22-23 World's Toughest Rodeo.*; Gund Arena, Cleveland. On sale Jan. 26 at TicketMaster. um...YEEHAW! Ride'm cowboy! Feb.27 i Mary Black. Palaoe Theatre, Cleveland. On sale at (800) 7666048 and online at Feb. 28 « Sam Moore. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, Cleveland. On sale to non-Rock Hall members Jan. 25 at TicketMaster. March 3 ji Indigo Girls. University of Buf-| falo, Buffalo. On sale at TicketMaster. March 3 Unwritten . Law, Mest, Sugarcult. Odeon, Cleveland. On sale Jan. 25 at TicketMaster. March 6 v Edwin McCain. Rosebud, Pittsburgh. On sale Jan 26 at TicketMaster.

N'Sync gets intergalactic
Boyband'spart in 'Star Wars has many miffed
By Lucas Thomas (U-WIRE) LEXINGTON, Ky. A short time ago, in a galaxy fairly close to Hollywood, a report went out that carried universe-altering news — N'Sync will have a cameo in the new Star Wars. And students say the boy band's inclusion in the film is tearing up their hearts. "1 think it sucks," said Chris Stearns, a finance and economics senior at the University ofKentucky. "But 1 hear they all get killed." Becca Hopper, a first-year medical student, said the cameo appearance is a political maneuver. "It's (George) Lucas catering to the younger people instead of the older crowd that used to love his movies," she said. It isn't know which members of the band will appear in the film, and the only further official information from a Lucas film spokesperson given was that the boys would be seen briefly in a big scene with lots of extras. The news has made the Internet rumor mill hotter than a Tatooine tanning salon, with gossip generating that the boys will ppssibly appear as plain-clothed citizens on the street or Jedi Knights righting in a Clone Wars battle. With the fans' outpouring of Dark Side rage, the cameo is on track to become the biggest disturbance in the Force since Episode I's Jar Jar B inks. More recent reports have revealed that the N'Sync shot may end up being cut from the final film, as Episode II has yet to complete its editing process. The decision of whether to include the footage will eventually come down to George Lucas himself. Hollywood's paparazzi droids caught up with N'Sync shortly after the official statement's release. In an interview with Zap2It, band member Chris Kirkpatrick said even the band wasn't sure if their scenes would end up in the film. % "I guess George's daughter is a big fan and she had mentioned it during the reshoot. And so we got to sneak in a few scenes, out we're not even sure if they're going to make the film," he said. "We don't even know what it's going to turn out to be, because we shot just a bunch of different stuff." £ Will the boy band make the final cut? Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future. But for some students, the mere possibility of its inclusion is more frightening than an approaching Death Star. £ "I think it's a tragedy of apocalyptic proportions," said Nathan Correll, a biotechnology senior. "Truly the end of the world is nigh."

Poetic License...


takina a look at the arts on campus

contributed photo.

Raw Edges IV will feature an eclectic group of dances by cutting edge choreographers who know no boundaries. Ifs innovation in the raw. Be there Feb. 2 at 2:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. and Feb. 3 at 2:30 p,rn., in the PAC, for the premiere of these exciting new works.



KRS-Onefinds^agospel side on new album


contributed photo

March 7


Agnostic Front, TSOL, the Casualties. M, Pittsburgh, Okay, there*s all this talk about punk being dead —i if you see TSOL perform "Code Blue," a classic track about necrophilia, you'll believe once again in the power of punk. March 9 £ Five for Fighting. M, Pittsburgh. On sale Jan. 26 at noon at TicketMaster. r

March 9 * | Mystikal. Agora Theatre, Clevec land. • March 17 * Sno Core Icicle Tour with Karl Denson, Nikka Costa, Blackalicious, Saul Williams. Agora Theatre, Cleveland. On sale at TicketMaster. March 19 ^ t Sugar Ray. Junker Center? Penn State-Behrend, Erie. ,$20 for Behrend students, S24 general public. April 21 h r v B.B. King. Warner Theatre. Erie. On sale date TBA.


plied in ample portions. - The Cummings Art Gallery is featuring a new body of By Jason Lanser \ L Surprisingly enough, "Spiritual works in a variety of mediums. (U-WIRE) WEST CHESTER, Pa Minded" contains much more than that "darn these kids today" vibe KRS KRS-One has got to be bitter. He has seems to project. KRS tries to get busy every right to be. Being perhaps the on the sequel to one of the most clasonly rapper that can get away with sic jams ever, "South Bronx 2002. claiming to be the embodiment of "This is probably the only straight up hip-hop, KRS-One's MC status is brag track on the album, and even unquestioned in the minds of real though his outdated punchlines are v always evident, KRS' flow and chartup-hop fans. ' -4 break-dancing during "Lee." ToBy Greg Watterworth Jr wards the end of "Double Team," W Whether it's his history of acter can't be denied. Spider-Man, Sasquatch and Popeye freesty les and battles, his Bronx an- Tracks like "Lord Live Within My (U-WIRE) STORRS, Conn. proceeded to fight on stage, while them or simply his sheer longevity Heart" and "Take it to God" sum up in the game, KRS has more reason the point KRS-One's trying to make "Quit your day job. Focus on your Black exclaimed "Spider-man has the with this album: there's something craft" — words of advice spoken by strength of two men on PCP." than any other rapper to be bitter. The longtime fans were easy to Why isn't he able to reap the fi- special, perhaps a spirit, that makes Jack Black, one-half of Tenacious D, nancial benefits of the art form he people strive to achieve, and every- at the Roseland Ballroom on Mon- spot, as they'knew the words to the helped to perfect? Why isn't KRS one should get in touch with that spiri- day in New York City. For close to songs from the Tenacious D HBO able to bring bis brand of raw, con- tual side. It's, nota common message 90 minutes, Tenacious D» consisting show. "The History of Tenacious D," scious lyrics to today's hip-hop au- in hip-hop, but KRS-One is the only of Black and Kyle Gass, rocked the "Kyle Took a Bullet For M&" "Cosdience? Why, at this point in his ca- teacher that can believably make such socks off of the sold-out crowd with mic Shame" and "Jesus Ranch" were . .f their blend of comedic lyrics and all performed before the crowd fareer, is he still dropping overlooked amove. vorite "Sasquatch." "There was some albums like last year's underrated He reaches out .by encouraging masterful acoustic guitars. "Sneak Attack"? Why is he making young people to approach; sex as Throughout the night Tenacious D scientists trying to figure out the a gospel album? something meaningful on "Take Your proved they are poised for breakout Sasquatchriddle/Then they figured It does sound terrifying that KRS- Tyme" and puts down drugs and guns successfromthe first song on. Start- out it was a missing link." One's new album, "Spiritual on "Never Give Up".Overall, he just ing the set off with their single, The D also pulled some covers out Minded," is a gospel album.This is urges today's hip-hop audience to pu- "Wonderboy," Black and Gass ex- from their bag oftricks. The Beatles* his 10th offering to the hip-hop rify their souls of some of the awful ecuted each song with amazing pre- "Blackbird,** Ozzy's "Crazy Train,** world, and the legendary. messages that rappers tend to send cision. From then on the D played Brain Adam's "Summer o f 69 "SysBlastmaster brings a barrage of forth.Don't you find it hard to believe songs from their debut album and tem of a Down's ^Chop Suey" and Cat Steven's "The Wind" were all R&B hooks and preachy lectures to that this is the same guy that did "Su- their short*Hved HBO show. After ripping through "Kielbasa,"' touched on during their set. the table. It does sound troublesome, per-Hoe" and "59mm Go Bang"? but it shouldn't be surprising. The fans want to love you KRS, but Gass complained that his beer wasn't For the encore Tenacious D perKRS has been increasingly criti- they do not want to feel like they're cold enough before motioning audi- formed "Tribute** with help on the cal of the modern hip-hop world for ^punching a time clock whenever they ence members to throw him ciea- electric guitar from Baby Sasquatch. quite some rime. Everyone raps play the GO. Music should be fun and rettes to smoke in between songs. Overall, the "Greatest band in the about jewels, ears, sex, hoes and i innovative.Nevertheless, a little help From there the D performed "Dio" world" put on an amazing show that blah, blah, blah. He might as Veil from the marketing department, a new | |£The Road:'"Rock Your Socks Oft?; words can't even begin to describe. 1 call the new album ^*When I Was approach, some producers and very, and *F**fc Her Gently" off of their | Drive any amount of distance to see Your Age" instead, because ofall of soon. KRS-One might noi need to be album. Super-fan Lee joined them on Tenacious D in concert — it is worth stage for ''Special Things** and was every penny. his finger wagging, which is sup- bitter ever aeain.

Tenacious rocks New York's Roseland

JANUARY 312002



Mautz getspins against both opponents to leadLakers
By Mackenzie Dexter Sports editor The Mercy hurst wrestling team won their last two home matches defeating Waynesburg 38-10 and Mount Union 24-18. The freshmen wrestlers improved their record to 8-55 Wednesday's match against Waynesburg began with the heavyweight class. Angelo Caponi got the Lakers off to a good start with a 10-2 major decision for a 4-0 Mercyhurst lead. With a Mercyhurst forfeit at the 125 class, the Lakers fell behind 4-6. Waynesb.urg proved to be too strong for Mike Shumac at 13 3 as^he was defeated 11-2 to improve Waynesburg's lead 10-4. ^But that was the end of Waynesburg's scoring. Mercyhurst would then got wins from the rest&of the Lakers. Jake Squire won 4-0 at 141'. Aaron Rowe got a pin just before the end of the first period at 149. T.J Fera won with a 18-5 major decision at 157. Frank Egan won a close 7-6 match at 165. Jared Snyder pinned his opponent 1:35 into his match at 174.'Ben McAvinew got a pin with 55.7 seconds left in the first period art 184. Justin Mautz also pinned his counterpart just one minute into his match at 197. Mercyhurst won 38-10. Friday, Mercyhurst took on Mount Union. Snyder began the match at 174 with a 10-4 loss. McAvinew also lost his match at 184, with a tough and exciting 8-7 finish. Mount Union had a 6-0 lead until the Lakers rebounded and got pins from Mautz at 197 and Caponi at heavyweight. Mercyhurst then forfeited at 125 and Mount Union forfeited at 133 to give the Lakers a 18-12 lead. Squire and Rowe each won their matches at 141 and 149, respectively, to give Mercyhurst a 24-12 lead. Fera and Egan loss tough matches, but Mount Union was unable to catch up. Mercyhurst won 24-18. This win marked the Lakers "sixth win in seven matches. Mercyhurst concluded the home season at 4-1 with the only loss comingfromfourth-ranked Ashland. rThe Lakers will visit Baldwin Wallaces to compete in the John Summa Invitational .Saturday, Feb. 2. Competition begins at 10 a.m.

Wrestlers win last two home matches

Men'skennis loses o Northwood 9-0
\y Mackenzie Dexter iporst editor The Mercyhurst men's tennis team was handed a 9-0 setback from the Northwood Timberwolves Sunday, Jan. 27, at the Westwood Racquet


Club, ft

f W $£ ( ^ '

The Lakers put up a good fight in

Women hoopsters defeat St. Louis Rams Ifavored Edinboro, fall to Gannon to win Super Bowl
By Krista Ross Merciad writer By BUI Barnard AP sports writer The New England Patriots will be clear underdogs again whenithey make their third appearance' in a New Orleans Super Bowl. One early tine for Sunday's game between St; Louis and the Patriots has the Rams listed as 14 J/$-point favorites, winch would be the thirdlargest spread in. Super Bowl history^ The Patriots also were doubledigit underdogs in their two previous trips to the Super Bowl," by 10 points against Chicago in 1986 and by 14 against Green Bay in 1998. New England lost 46-10 to the Bears and 35-21 to the Packers.

Annie Sttter/Merciad photographer

(tfkBelichick has done |BI great job of coaching thatt team. What a rumhe&s on since we played them. It\will be a terrific matchup. %% ^^^\Mike Martz
Certain to be one of the continu-f ing story lines for Super Bowl week will be the status of New England quarterback Tom Brady, ;who twisted his left leg in the second quarter. He watched from the sideline in the second half as Drew Bledsoe led the Patriots to a 24-17^ victory over favored Pittsburgh. Is "We'll take a look at Tom's situation and we'll make an evaluation there," Patriots coach Bill Belichick said. -We'll talk about it and make the decision later in the week." Bracry took over for the injured Bledsoe in the second week of the season and carried the Patriots to the AFC East title, then led a comeback from a 10-point deficit to an overtime victory in snowy Foxboro Stadium in the playoffs. -Feeling good, feeling good," Brady said of his injury, *and that's all coach wants us to say about it"

The Mercyhurst women's basketball team ended their six game road series The Rams and Patriots will meet defeating cross-town rival Edinboro for the second time this season. St. and falling to Gannon. Louis won 24-17 on No v. 18, with The Lady Lakers faced Edinboro Kurt Warner completing 30 of 42 University Tuesday, Jan. 22. The passes for401 yards and three touchLady Lakers gave the Fighting Scots downs. an impressive run. Senior guard "We played them once," Warner Bridget Donovan hit a three pointer said, "and we had a great game with in the first half to make the score 19them. They are a very talented team, 16. The ladies then went up 32-18. a fun team to watch and play, and The Fighting Scots made a run at the they do some; different things. Lady Lakers but the Mercyhurst Belichick had a different scheme women would lead 39-38 going into when we played them the first time, halftime. The Lady Lakers would and I'm sure he will come up with again outscore Edinboro in the secsomething for us mistime.It should ond halfshooting 52 percent from the be run." f ; floor and 87 percent from the foul Rams coach Mike Martz also was line to defeat the Fighting Scots 78impressed with Belichick in the first 73. All five Mercyhurst starters scored meeting^ •;+ in double figures, led by junior guard Martz said the Patriots are "as Katie Lorincz's 17. Sophomore forwell rounded and well coached in ward Krista Ross added 14 points all three phases ofthe game as there and senior guard Jodie Maxim, seto 1-9. | \ 9 is in the league. Belichick has done nior forward Krista Usher and The Lady Lakers are at home for a great job of coaching that team. Donovan all had 13. The Lady Lakthe next five games, starting ThursWhat a run he is on since we played ers also out-rebounded the Fighting day, Jan. 31 against Find lay. mem. It will be a terrific matchup." ^After beating Philadelphia 29-24 in the NFC title game Sunday, the Rams are making their second Suout any more goals from the strong per Bowl appearance in three years. By Stacey Abbott play of Dartmouth's goalie. They beat Tennessee in 2000 after Staff writer Mercyhurst freshman goalie Desi Warner's first MVP season. Clark dropped to a 7-1 record'with He was almost as spectacular last The Mercyhurst women's hockey herfirstloss of the season. season, but the Rams faltered be- team had their fifteen game winning The Lady Lakers fell to Dartmouth cause of a leaky defense that al- streak brought to a halt Friday night, again thefollowingnight, Saturday, lowed 471 points, seventh-most in Jan. 25. in an away match against Jan. 26. The only lead ofthe weekend NFL history and the most ever by a Dartmouth. Dartmouth defeated the came in the first period with an unasplayoff team. Lady Lakers 11-1 and 5-2, respec- sisted goal from sophomore forward Besides replacing eight starters, tively, at* their Thompson Lindsay Barch at 8:05. The B ig Green St Louis hired a new defensive Arena. Previous to these losses, answered later in that period with coordinator, Lovie Smith, and a new Mercyhurst was ranked sixth nation- two goals to take a 2-1 lead. Junior defensive staff. ally.? *f : * captain C.J. Ireland, a forward, reIn the playoffs, the Rams interDartmouth took a commanding lead corded her 100th point of the season cepted six passesfromBrett Favre in thefirstperiod, scoring three quick by assisting freshman forward Lindlast week, then enabled Warner and goals. The Big Green would continue say Dellow with her goal at the 13:11 the offense to rally from a 17*13 to dominate the rest ofthe contest. At second mark. Dartmouth battled back halftime deficit Sunday by holding the first break, Mercyhurst trailed at 15:21 in the second and also added the Eagles three-and-out in their with only one goal to Dartmouth's two more goals in the third period to first three series in the second half. five. Sophomore forward Kelly round out their scoring effort, winOnly two Super Bowls had big- Raycroft recorded the lone goal for ning 5-2. Clark absorbed her second ger favorites than the Rams at 141 / the Lakers, assisted by junior for- loss of the season, stopping 27 shots. 2 points. ward Seanna Murphy and sophomore Division 1 fourth ranked Dartmouth San Francisco was favored by 19 forward Jessica Dillabough, late in improves to a record of 14*2-2 while in 1995 against San Diego, and the the first period to avert the shutout By the Lakers drop to 18-7-1. 49ers won 49-26. The New York the forty minute mark, Dartmouth The Lady Lakers take on Wayne Jets beat the Baltimore Colts 16-7 had added two more toimake the State in the Mercyhurst Ice Center as 18-point underdogs in 1969. score 7-1. Mercyhurst played with next weekend to resume conference an active offense, outshooting play and begin a six-game home Dartmouth 29-28, but could not seek stand.

•1 seed John Nichols uses hu Scots 44-30, led by Usher with nine backhand swing to return the bai and Lorincz with seven. to his opponent. Mercyhurst then took on rival Gannon University, ranked ninth in the opening doubles match, but once the nation, Saturday, Jan. 26 in front the defending GLIAC champs got of a sellout crowd of 3,500 at the their act together, the Timberwolves Hammermill Center. Some fans stood were simply too much to handle. on top of tables and aisles to catch a The Lakers were not able to overlook at the heated rivalry between the come** powerful Northwood. two teams. The Lady Lakers came Northwood was ranked 14th in the] out strong, outscoring the Lady nation last year. The loss dropped Knights to lead 30-27 at halftime. Mercyhurst's overall record to J -3 But Gannon would come out even and to 0-1 in the GLIAC; Mercyhursti stronger in the second halfto outscore will play its next five matches fat the Lady Lakers defeating them 73- home against regional competitio 55. Lorlnz and Ross each scored 14 before taking tofthe highway^ points while Usher added ten. Ross March for matches against toug and Maxim each pulled down four GLIAC opponents. First home mate! rebounds for Mercyhurst in the los- will be against Slippery Rock Saturing effort. day, Feb. 2 at 3 p.m. I I Usher now has 939 career points while *Maxim has 915. Bom have Juniata sweeps men's seven games left to reach the 1,000 volleyball team | point mark. Mercyhurst's overall record drops By Mackenzie Dexter to 5-14 and their GLI AC record drops Sports editor

Women's hockey loses to Dartmouth

The Mercyhurst men's volleyball team dropped to 1-z as they v defeated by the Juniata Eagles, Division Ill's third-ranked team, T) day night, Jan. 22. rThe Eagles won) Completing a three game sweep the Lakers. Juniata won 30-19 over Mercyhi in the first set The Lakers put u\ tough fight only losing 31-29 in second. Mercyhurst then fell 3 C in the third for the Juniata 3-01 Juniata had a better attack wii .421 attack percentage, while Lakers only had a .214 percentage Freshman Dave Schmidl le Mercyhurst with ten kills while fresh-] man Austin Siewert had eight in 1) losing effort, junior* Jon Samol played well as he led the Lakers j 18 assists. Mercyhurst will host Indiana I versity-Purdue University at 1 Wayne Friday, Feb. 1 at 7 p.m.



JANUARY 31: 2002



Men's hockey continues to lead MAAC j Upcoming
By Stacey Abbott Staff writer! The Mercyhurst men's hockey team continued their winning streak this weekend with two victories over vis* iting lona. The Laker's record is now 14-0-2 in the conference and 15-7-2 overall. J The first contest took place Friday, Jan. 25 at the MIC, began with lona on the scoreboard first Mercyhurst's senior goalie Pete Aubry was beaten by an lona player during the first peif riod at 8:12. The Lakers answered later in the period with two goals to take the lead. Sophomore forward Pete Rynshoven, assisted by freshman forward Rich Hansen and sophomore forward Adam Tackaberry, tallied a power-play goal at 11:21 while senior forward Brad Olsen scored at 13:40 with help from sophomore forward Mike Carter. Mercyhurst expanded their lead to 31 in the second period at 13:40 with Hansen's power-play goal. Hansen's sixth goal of the season was assisted by senior forward Louis Goulet and Tackaberry. lona benefited from a messy deflection 39 seconds later when Aubry inadvertently cleared the puck to an lona player who fed it right back into the open net Mercyhurst dominated the third period which began with an unassisted goal from

f Hurst Sportsi
The Mercyhurst wrestling team wi travel to Baldwin Wallace to compete in the John Summa Invitational Saturday, Feb. 2. Competition begins at 10a,m.

Club hockey
Annie Sitter/Merciad photographer Annie Sitter/Merciad photographer

Louis Goulet takes a shot on lona's goalie. Goulet scored in Saturday's game to keep the Lakers unbeaten in the MAAC.

Defender Mike Muldoon looks to pass to a teammate. The Lakers went 2-0 against lona over the weekend.

The Mercyhurst club hockey team will be competing in the Crabpot Tournament this weekend. The tournament will be taking place in Annapolis at the U.S. Naval Academy. Mercyhurst will play Lehigh in their opening game at 4:30 p.m.

Tackaberry at 8:51. On a power-play at 14:38, Olsen scored his second goal of the contest. Rynshoven rounded out the scoring effort at 16:08 to record his second of the night. Mercyhurst outshot lona 3527, winning 6-2. Aubry blocked 25 shots on the night. Mercyhurst's winning streak continued the following night, Saturday, Jan. 26 with a 5-2 win over lona. Freshman forward David Wrigley assisted Olsen to begin the scoring

at 6:35 in the first period. lona answered later in thefirstto tie the game with a goal at 19:07. Mercyhurst was outshot by the Gaels 13-9 in the first period. lona then took a 2-1 lead after scoring at 6:57 in the second period. But the lona lead was only temporary as junior forward Adam Rivers tied the game with a goal at 13:31 with assistance from junior forward Marty Rychley and junior defender R.C. Lyke. Mercyhurst again dominated the third period with a scoring

run beginning with Goulet at just 18 seconds. Goulet and Wrigley assisted senior forward Tom McMonagle with his fourth goal of the year at 6:53. Rynshoven completed the scoring for the Laker win with help from Hansen and Tackaberry. The win ups Aubry's record to 12-0-1 as he Stopped 28 lona shots. Next weekend Mercyhurst matches up with MA^C rival Holy Cross for a couple of away games.

Men's tennis
The Mercyhurst men's tennis team will host Slippery Rock at the Westwood Racquet Club Saturday, Feb. 2 at 3 p,m.

i Women's basketball
The Mercyhurst women's basketball team will entertain Findlay at 6 p.m. Thursday; Jan. 31. Ashland win visit the Lady Lakers at the MAC Saturday, Feb. 2 at 1 p.m. Free prizes will be given away. Saturday's contest can be viewed live on Hurst TV,

Joe Lombardi hired as new football assistant
Mercyhurst College Director ofAthletics, Pete Russo, announced the hiring of Joe Lombardi as assistant football coach. Lombardi is the grandson of the legendary Vince Lombardi whose Green Bay Packers teams were dominant in the 1960s and won the first two Super Bowls. Lombardi graduated from the United States Air Force Academy in 1994 with a degree in economics. While there, he played tight end for the Falcons for three years (1991, 1992,1993) under head coach Fisher DeBerry and appeared in two Liberty Bowls. Following graduation, Lombardi worked three years at the University of Dayton (1996-98) as defensive line coach. The Fivers finished among the Top 25 in Division I-AA in both 1996 and 1997. From 19992000, Lombardi was a tackle and tight end coach at Virginia Military Institute. He then teamed with present Mercyhurst Head Coach Marty Schaetzle at Bucknell in 2000 as a defensive line coach and the team*s strength and conditioning coordinator. Most recently, Lombardi served as a running back and tight end coach for the New York/New Jersey Hitmen of the XFL.

Schaetzle is happy to have Lombardi's services: "The Lombardi name has been synonymous with winning football for years. But Joe is an excellent man and leader. He understands the value of a quality education and the importance football plays in it." Lombardi begins his new duties immediately.

Men's basketball
The Mercyhurst men's basketball team will entertain Findlay at 8 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 31. Ashland will visit the Lakers at the MAC Saturday, Feb. 2 at 3 p.m. Saturday's contest can be viewed live on Hurst TV.

Men's basketball team extends their losing streak to seven
By Krista Ross Merciad writer The Mercyhurst men's basketball team fell to cross town rivals Edinboro and Gannon University extending their streak to seven straight losses. The Lakers faced the Edinboro Fighting Scots Tuesday, Jan. 22 at the McComb Fieldhouse in front of 1,500 fans. The Lakers were sluggish to start, trailing by five at halftime 36-41. But Mercyhurst would not give in to the Fighting Scots. The Lakers came within one, behind 6665, with the help of a three pointer from junior center Scott Melle with six minutes left in the second half. The Lakers continued to fight and would tie the game at 68 before Edinboro pulled away to win the contest 83-70. Melle went 5-9 from the three-point line leading the Lakers with a season high 28 points. Sophomore forward Joshua Helm had 15 points while junior guard Marcus Jankus added 10 points. Helm and sophomore forward Michael Marshall led the Laker rebounding with nine apiece. The Mercyhurst men faced rival Gannon University Saturday, Jan. 26 in front of a sellout crowd of more than 3,000 at the Hammermill Center. Fans sat in aisles and stood eight or ten deep alongside the court in order to check out a glimpse of the heatedrivalrybetween the two teams. The Lakers gave Gannon a run for their money taking the game all the way down to the final seconds ofthe second half. Mercyhurst fought hard in the first half but would trail by eight going into the second half. Although the Lakers would never lead, they overcame the halftime deficit and came within one several times in the last two minutes of the contest. Jankus had a chance to tie the game at the end with a last second, off-balance three-point attempt. The shot would not fall, giving Gannon the 71 -69 win. Melle led the Lakers with 18 points. Sophomore Justin Shouse added 14 points and Helm had 10 points. Marshall had seven rebounds for Mercyhurst, while Shouse had three steals. The Lakers will begin a five game home stand as they face Findlay Thursday, Jan. 31 at 8 p.m.

Men's hockey
The men's hockey team will be traveling this weekend as they visit Holy Cross who now hold second place in the MAAC Hockey League. Friday's game begins at 7 p.m. and Saturday's game starts at 4 p.m.

Women's hockey
The Mercyhurst women's hockey team will host Wayne State this weekend. The two teams will meet at 7 p.m. Friday, Feb. 1 and 2 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 2 in the Mercyhurst Ice Center.

' * ,

Club hockey defeats Ithaca and John Carroll^ over weekend
The Lakers took on Ithaca SaturBy Mackenzie Dexter day afternoon in the Mercyhurst Ice Sports editor Center. Senior Branden Kaczay scored three goals while junior Lee The Mercyhurst club hockey team Penascino added two tallies. Also played well over the weekend defeat- scoring for the Lakers were freshman ing Ithaca College 9-5 and John Hugh Gallagher, junior Rob Garber and sophomore Chris Danna with one Carroll University 5-1. apiece for the Mercyhurst the 9-5 win. Freshman Matt Krusey scored two goals to lead the Lakers to a 5-1 win over John Carroll Sunday afternoon. Penascino, frshman Bobby Spitzer and Danna each scored one goal for the win. Mercyhurst improved their record to 12-11-1. The Lakers will be competing in the Crabpot Tournament this weekend. The tournament will be taking place in Annapolis at the U.S. Naval Academy. Mercyhurst will play Lehigh in their opening game at 4:30 p.m.

Men's volleyball
The Mercyhurst men's volleyball team will receive a visitfromIndiana University-Purdue University at Fort Wayne Friday, Feb. 1 at 7 p.m. in the MAC.

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