Impressive Diplomacy

US claims he is a diplomat, Right wing politicians are convinced he is an agent, Mainstream media seems confused on the issue, Pakistan Government wants the judiciary to decide, Foreign Office is divided on the issue, People of Lahore sees him as cold blooded murderer and Judiciary has decided he does not have diplomatic immunity. Things don’t get any more controversial than this. In this environment it is difficult for anyone to keep his calm and remain neutral. This is nothing short of crisis on the national level. And the question for the government is; how to resolve this issue without affecting our vital diplomatic relationship with US and also without being accused of once again bending ourselves backwards to please America? Well I must say that the performance of our government in this particular case has been far more than impressive. Here is a summary of what happened: A man of US nationality (and a white skin I might add) frantically shoots two brown men. He happens to be an employee of American Consulate General. Police Arrests him. Charges are leveled against him by the police. Issue becomes hot story on each and every news channel of the country. He claims to be a US diplomat. His claim is backed up by US government on all levels which include the US President himself. Government gets under pressure by US diplomatic circles. Pressure mounts further by US Senator John Kerry’s arrival at Lahore to resolve the issue. No clear outcome of the discussions is announced by either side. Senator Kerry tells his colleagues to calm down and wait for a resolution of the matter by Pakistani authorities. US Aid to Pakistan is not jeopardized. Well to say the least; outcome of all the American pressure and talks by Senator Kerry is surprisingly in the favor of Pakistan; Pakistan’s Independent Judiciary gets a chance to decide and Government keeps its dignity by very amicably telling the US government that Pakistan is a democratic nation with an ‘Independent Judicial System’ capable of making its own decisions and is well aware of its responsibilities as a member of International Community. This probably is the most we could have expected from our government. What actually forces me to give a second thought at the diplomatic competence (where in the past I had a low opinion off) of our government is the fact that we have remained calm and firm though out the process. We have been able negotiate our position on the issue with a US diplomat and haven’t tanned our reputation in the process as well. Now since Senator Kerry has confirmed that if Raymond Davis is released by Pakistani Authorities on grounds of diplomatic immunity but charges against him are not abolished he will be tried in American Courts for the same charges. I expect our government to hand over Raymond to US in accordance with Geneva

Convention if the court decides that Raymond Davis has immunity but all the while making sure that US does try him in their courts. Although unlikely but one can only hope that our emotionally driven naïve public understands the gravity of the situation and also gives respect to international law and treaties as they should.

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