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Book review: love in IOI words or less
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Vol. 75 No. 18

Mercyhurst College 501 E. 38th St. Erie, Pa.?16546
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April525, 2002

Sewer lirie breaks, floods housing
By Laraine Shellito Contributing writer Between 8 and 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 11, 2002, residents of the Baldwin Townhouses One and Three walked into their basements and were shocked to find them filling with water. Residents quickly began to retrieve belongings from the water's harmful reach, and called residents of other townhouses to warn them. For the next five hours, residents of Townhouses One, Two, Three, and Five rushed to rescue as many of their possessions as possible from the water. Maintenance personnel were the first to be notified of the crisis and quickly arrived to assess the situation. It was determined that a city sewer line had broken, it was gray water, which is drainage from ,m smks and washing machines, and not raw sewage backing up into the basements. Townhouses one through three had 12-18 inches of water, while townhouses Four through Seven had 8-12 inches of water.*Students were told to stay out of their basements and not to use their

Basket raffle raises money
By Josh West


Annie Sitter/Merciad photographer

Workers examine the broken sewer line on Briggs Avenue lastl Thursday.
bathrooms*Alternative restrooms were provided at D'Angelo and Zum, and students were able to take showers at the Athletic Center. Pumps were setup on Friday to drain the townhouses of the dirty water. Another pump was set up to help bypass the broken line and allow the townhouses to be back online, making the bathrooms useable. Dick Morewood, Tim Schaaf, and Head of Maintenance Bill Kerbusch stayed all weekend at Mercyhurst making sure everything went smoothly and worked correctly. Kerbusch mentioned many people

that were of help to him during the first stages of the disaster, most notably Brandon Gabler, the RA of 4009 Briggs: *T can't emphasize how big of a help he was." Gabler Was a constant presence throughout the entire weekend and would call to update Kerbusch on the situation at the townhouses. Students and maintenance personnel worked together making an inventory of damaged items. All personal items that were not salvageable were put into a 30-foot dumpster. Items that were damaged included furniture, electronic equipment, clothes, and other miscellaneous items. Responsibility for"the sewage break is still being determined, but according to Tyrone Moore, head of Housing-Maintenance, when you have a "general contractor, a sub-contractor, and the city cooperating with each other, something is bound to go awry." Additionally, Mercyhurst "will do everything in its power to make it right." Dave Charbonneau, RA of the Baldwm townhouses, believes that "Mercyhurst is doing the best they can" and that administration will solve the problem.

Contributing writer Earlier this year, a number of Mercyhurst College students took part in a charity Easter Basket Raffle, organized by freshman Katie Gehringer. Gehringer was inspired to hold this Easter's raffle after her trip to Uganda. Gehringer had the opportunity of extreme poverty to see this situation first-hand throughout her trip and was moved by it. She felt particularly strongly about the plight of the students and teachers at Saint Peter & Paul's School. Few resources were available at the school, and Gehringer said that they had "basically nothing." She was told before her arrival, a natural disaster had destroyed the school building, leaving them with nothing. The school's lack of supplies left the teachers without the tools they needed, creating an environment in which it is all but impossible for students to learn. She organized the Easter Basket Raffle to raise any money that she could. The raffle was a great success, as it raised $425 that will be delivered directly to Saint Peter & Paul's.

WebAdvisor offers new services
Students have easier access to personal information
period oftransition, but 1 really think By Annie DeMco that students will enjoy having the Staff writer* opportunity to view them prior to that time," she said. Students have less waiting to look While some services are already forward to with the new availability available, others will require of academic services online with more development. The project was WebAdvisor. Tired of waiting for in its initial development stages as your grades to get to you at the end long as two years ago, according to of a term? Tired of waiting in line Whelan. However, she also noted that for hours at a time to register? All ' online registration is the most these problems and more should complex manipulation of the softbe alleviated with the new online ware, and therefore will not be ready for some time. Dean Roth indicated technology. While some uses of the new tech- at the Student Forum held in March nology are more complex and will that the goal for the start of online require more time for implementa- registration is fall term of the 2003tion, students currently have access 2004 school year. to grades from all previous terms, Another complex area that is not current course schedules, term-by- currently available, but should be so term GPA, and unofficial transcripts. by the fall term, is accessing infor"Students can use WebAdvisor to mation about what courses a student check grades from previous terms is still required to take for his/her already," said Sr. Pat Whelan, college major. The "major audit" will be a registrar. "Monday, April 22 made valuable tool for both students WebAdvisor available to freshman and faculty, according to Whelan. students, so it is now available to all Students should find little difficulty in accessing the services. students and faculty members." Whelan added that for the first time "WebAdvisor is user-friendly, and 1 at the conclusion of the spring term, think once students realize what it is, students,will be able to view their they will find it extremely useful," grade reports online. "We will still said Whelan. Students can reach be mailing grade reports during a WebAdvisor by going to the academic section of the intranet homepage. WebAdvisor does require a login name and password. For students, these are identical to the campus-assigned email addresses and passwords. Student login names are the. first initial of the first name, the first five digits of the last name, and the last two digits of their social security number. Passwords are the last six digits of the social security number. A pilot group of 13 faculty members tested out the WebAdvisor during the winter term, and because things went smoothly, the software was implemented for all students and faculty. Whelan anticipates that there should be few problems, aside from slowness due to excessive use on WebAdvisor's high traffic days, | which will likely be the day grades are posted, and registration days. Despite the incremental implementation, WebAdvisor should succeed in diminishing lengthy waits in long lines and efficiently providing information. "The purpose ofWebAdvisor is to make academic information more readily accessible to students and faculty," said Whelan.

New club initiated at Mercyhurst
By Stacey Abbott Staff writers

Mercyhurst has added a new opportunity for students to get involved with their campus and the world. A new chapter of the Young Democrats has recently been opened! at Mercyhurst. > , I The Mercyhurst chapter is working towards forming a committee along with representatives from similar groups at Gannon University and Penn State -Behrend. This committee would be named the Erie County Young Democrats, and would include representatives from each of the three schools. Mercyhurst boasts the most powerful and active chapter in Erie County, with twenty active members,' and is helping to establish a concrete group at Behrend as well. The 'Hurst chapter is headed by junior accounting major Andrea Bauer, and includes the North West Regional Director for Pennsylvania Young Democrats, junior Casey Kilroy. Erie is one of 18 counties that she is responsible for at this post; Kilroy, who double majors in musical theatre and political science, was appointed to. this position by the president of Pennsylvania Young Democrats. This group is slated to sponsor an

Annie Sitter/Merciad Photographer

Casey Kilroy, a junior at Mercyhurst is an active member of the Young Democrats.
event on Saturday, April 27, from 69 p.m., entitled "Young Democrats Shindig." This event will take place at the Metropolitan, located on West 13th Street in Erie. Kilroy describes the event as a chance for young people to get involved in politics in nan open and social atmosphere." Students of all ages may attend free of charge and will be given the opportunity to meet local elected officials as well as candidates running for office. Erie Mayor Rick Phillipi, who is himself a member of Young Democrats, will also be on hand to meet and greet students. Free food, karaoke, and a cash bar will also be provided, along with promotional Tshirts and buttons. Students may take the MSG shuttle bus to the 12th and State St stop, and walk just one block to the Metropolitan.





THEMERCIAD r J ^ ^ A V W L 2 5 , 2002 » >A1

Academic Celebration's liturgical dancelproduction choreographs variety

Fire Safety
Electrical Fire safety
There are simple steps you can take to prevent losses resulting from * •. electrical fires. Some electrical fires are caused by electrical system failures and appliance defects, but many more are caused by the misuse and poor maintenance of electrical appliances, incorrectly installed ! I * wiring and overloaded circuits and extension cords. College offices, J L, • work areas and student residences are all areas electrical fire safety can be practiced. Safety Tips: H The College prohibits all electrical wiring other than that provided.

By Katie Putney Contributing writer The liturgical dance production, part of the Academic Celebration at Mercyhurst College, was as enjoyable as it was creative. Both students and faculty of Mercyhurst choreographed the 7 separate pieces.- These pieces revealed the wealth of talent and creativity on campus. Speakers Liz Nahser and Tauna Hunter explained that liturgical dance is not a performance, but rather a valid form of spiritual expression, which includes both the dancers and the audience. The choreography was an eclectic mix of styles, from soft measured steps to free-flowing jumps. U Focus/* by Randall Crame, featured the choreographer as the sole dancer. The routine was an enthusiastic mix of leaps, turns and rolls. "Ready," also by Randall Crame, featured five dancers. The four female dancers wore vibrant red costumes, which contrasted with the

"A Prayer Within," by Liz Nahser, included eight dancers in white. The dancers alternated coordinated movements with separate individual steps in a rapid and interesting routine. "Light," by Elisabeth Shelton, featured a solo dancer (also the choreographer) lit by candlelight. The lighting, white costume, and flowing steps were complimented by Andrew Lloyd Weber's composition "Pie Jesu." •• | f "Absoluto: Libera Me," by Maria Ellie, featured five dancers dressed in red. The choreography included intricate steps, and en pointe formations. The performance ended with "Your, Love," by Leah Bannier. This piece featuredfivedancers dressed in more casual outfits — tan capris and blue tops. The music and choreography Annie Sitter/ Merciad Photographer were upbeat and vibrant. The piece was fast-paced with excellent synchoreographer's black and white at"For Loss of Renee," by Tauna chronization by the dancers. The entire. This upbeat piece featured spins, Hunter, featured two dancers in tire performance celebrated the crelifts and synchronized formations in white, and was a moving, smoother ative abilities of the dancers at an exciting combination. Mercyhurst, both the liturgical dancpiece. ing team, and the Dance Department.

Do not overload electrical circuits (plugs) or extension cords or use approved multiple outlet strips (ones with built-in circuit breakers). —Keep combustibles away from lights, lamps or space heaters. ~ Replace any appliance that is not working correctly or displays eVidenceof cord or*plug wear/ damage. -Do not "pile" clothing or combustibles on energized electrical equipment, outlet strips or appliances. This causes the insulation of the electrical equipment that results in overheating and possibly a fire. - If you have a portable fire extinguisher, know how to use it. - It only takes a minimum effort on your part to keep a fire-safe environment that results in the elimination / prevention of potential fire causes ^ Rick Sadlier, Fire Safety Office'r

Lumen awards students for Little sibs weekend is a success poetry and fiction Inflatable fun in Garvey Park is a hit
The fiction award wa's given to Kristen Letts for her story, "So I this year's event included inflatable By Meredith Gilbert Wasn't Always a Feminist." This fun,*laser tag, oversized boxing, Contributing writer piece contained refreshing humor jousting and a velcro wall. Students and their siblings also enjoyed an The 2001-2002 Lumen awards were and gives the advice to people who outdoor picnic and T-shirts. All ac- last week, on Thursday, April 18. The are about to reach adulthood to look tivities and events were, as always turnout for these prestigious awards back on what their childhood was * [y ' 1 | was pretty good. More chairs had to like. tree of charge. 'Hurst sisters Amanda and Carrie be brought in to hold all the people The floor was open to anyone who wanted to read their submissions Hart- involved their little brother? in attendance. ' The cover of The Lumen this year from The Lumen, or any other origiMichael in the events of the weekend for the fourth consecutive is split in two, for a provocative, cre- nal, unpublished poem or story. Only year. Amanda related that Micheal, ative design. Don't get confused; the a few other people got up and spoke. 14 enjoys coming to the campus and pages are supposed to be up-side The Lumen's editor-in-chief, Adam seeing where his big sisters spend down, representing the duality of the DuShole, took the floor and handed most of their time. Inflatable fun is conscious and the unconscious mind. out the awards. one of his favorite activities to parTwo $ 100 awards were given out Do not worry if the binding on The take in during Little Sibs Weekend. this year. The poetry award was given Lumen is coming apart; it was a printAmanda commented that she was to Thomas Gamble, for his piece ing mistake and is being corrected. encouraged to see "so many college "TheJSong of the Lost Boys." His Students can pick up reprinted verstudents taking an interest in chil- poem is said to represent our genera- sions of The Lumen in the Union next dren and other young people." tion, and contained insightful images. week. Little Sibs weekend provides a TTmo weeks only $ Cafe Diem context for the Hart family and Take $3.0B off all Spring Term Mad many others to reconnect and share clothing some fun on the campus of Sunday is half price flavor night! for the month of April Mercyhurst. Monday is $.70 regular & decaf MERCVHURSTXOLLEGE coffee day! | BOOKSTORE Tuesday is $ i .50 Italian Soda day Wednesday is $1.60 Italian Cream Monday-Friday 8am-4pm, Saturday 1 l:3Bam-2pm Soda day! Erie Campus, Thursday is $1.40 Mocha Day! Monday-Thursday 8amFriday is $ 1.50 Iced Latte 5pm, Friday 8am-3pm morning! North East Campus values of truth individual integrity, human dignity, merey, peace, and justice." Sister Michelle Schroeck of Service Learning encourages students to sign the pledge, saying "The pledge The Merciad is looking for hard working echoes Mercyhurst's mission students with previous experience in | statement. Therefore, it is appropricommunications for: ate that we support it." Any student who signs the pledge will receive a Features Editor | wallet-sized pledge card restating Photo Editor } their pledge, as well as a green ribbon to wear during Assistant Photographer graduation. Service Learning, SPAN, ^Copy; Editor and Campus Ministry are sponsoring Staff Editor the Green After Graduation Pledge signing. Scholarships are availableifor Signing began on April eighth this year,, but any students who are still qualified applicants interested in participating can go to Please turn in a letter of intent the Service Learning Office or Campus Ministry at any time in April or along with;examples of May to sign the Pledge. previous work.

Krista Ross/Contributing photograhper

This past weekend Mercyhurst College and SAC sponsored its annual little sibs weekend. This event allows students of the college to familiarize their younger brothers and sisters with the campus and college atmosphere while involving them in various activities. The activities for

IStudents ^encouraged Mo%ign pledge
By Josh West Contributing writer The Graduation Pledge Alliance, which is currently in its seventh year of existence, has served to unite students across the country in supporting an after-graduation pledge that has been around since 1987. In 1999, students Carla Rosinski and Rae Ann Weaver worked to institute the idea here at Mercyhurst, 'The Green After Graduation Pledge is a solemn promise to make socially and environmentally conscious decisions after college. Itreads:"Let us choose work that will benefit others, protect our environment and let us use our education to make the world more healed and whole, a more just and peaceful place. Let us through our words and actions promote the




The Merciad would like to apologize for not attibuting the above photo to Heidi Rayeor. We apologize for the the inconvenience.


$• ?TH»E MERCIAD h'^MAP-WL 25. 2002 <*|p


Making waves... For the love .. 1 Jen Kons: A leader i of the game
By Courtney Nicholas Contributing writer* I realize now the reason I did not continue to play sports throughout high school was that I didn't love playing softball or volleyball; my heart just wasn't in the games. Coming to college and meeting athletes who have been playing their sports for a decade made me realize the reason I gave up on sports and started to focus on my writing ability: playing a college sport is a yearround commitment. The players have workouts and drills in the off-season, and when the season does begin, athletes can be found in the gym, at numerous practices, or playing in games which) cause them to miss classes. Being a college student is hard enough with all the work one has, but being a college athlete as well is twice the juggling act. One particular student who brilliantly balances her athletics and academics is Ms. Rebecca Ross. In addition to her busy class schedule and demanding softball calendar, she is also a Mercyhurst Ambassador. • Ross started playing softball when she was in second grade. She really did not know what the game was all about, but her friends were playing it and seemed to enjoy it, so she thought she'd join the crowd. After having played for a little over a decade, Ross still loves the thrill of competition, and being with her teammates. Playing for a Division II college team is very competitive; there are eight teams in the league, and all are equally good. She added that Gannon is the team's biggest rival. Ross is one of six pitchers on the Mercyhurst team, while she dabbled in a variety of positions in high school, ranging from third base, first base, short stop and even outfield, when needed. "Pitching is my favorite," she told me with an ear-to-ear grin. The farthest from Erie the girls have traveled for games is Lake Superior State, which is near the border of the United States and Canada. The team mostly plays in Michigan and Ohio; however, they did participate in a tournament in Indiana this past weekend. Away games, as well as home games, may be double-headers, meaning that softball games are played back-to-back, with the pitchers and catchers rotating for equal playing time. Ross said that she andj both the catchers get along, and the whole team has worked together as a unit to be successful this year. The team's morale is much higher

Annie Sitter/ Merciad photographer

Junior Jen Kons keeps busy with a tough course load.
The 18 presentations were on a wide variety of themes and subjects. The celebration launched April 14, with presentations on "Solving the Mind-Body problem," "achieving Peace in a World With Borders," "Birthing a New World," "God's Earth:Farth, Religion, and Environmental Stewardship," and "Dancing Through Mind, Body and Spirit: An Evening of Liturgical Dance." On April 15, presentations included: "Aesthetics and World War II: Creating Hottot from the Conception of Beauty," "Where Do We Draw The Line?," "2001: A year in review of the Music Industry" with an emphasis on Sony Music Entertainment, Inc., and the Rotatact Guest Speaker Series: Michael Mumock. Then on April 16, the presentations are "The Uses ofMeditation in Studying: An Interactive Discussion Based on Student Research," "Finding Peace through Stillness and Breath: Yoga Practices for Your Daily Life," and "Eating Disorders: Fact Or Fiction? One Woman's Journey To Recovery." The celebration concluded on Wednesday, April 17, with "Using Writing as a Tool for the MindBody-Spirit," "Freedom of Speech or Freedom to Brainwash?," "Whole Personhood and MultiLevels of Hunger," "The Message of Emerging E-Commerce Technologies," "the Change of Scale, | Pace or Pattern Introduced into Human Affairs," and "Who Wants To Be A Little Less Than A Millionaire?" The reseaech conducted by psychology students this year were also on display on the second floor of Zurn.

By Katie Putney Contributing writer The 2002 Academic Celebration at Mercyhurst College commenced on April 14th, and will ran until April 17th. The theme of this year's celebration is sponsered by the Honors Program, and was created and produced by honors students Danielle Aloshen and Jennifer Kons along with faculty member Dr.| Karen Chritensen. Kons says that this year's theme was picked because it was "broad, so that many people can share their work." As students representatives, Danielle Aloshen and Jennifer Kons were responsible for organizing proposals, getting in contact with presenters, sheduling all the events, working with press and media services, getting any equipment the speakers needed for their presenta»—•« - » — '

than it was last year, Ross explained; class divisions are not present, and the whole team operates well together. In fact, the entire girls' softball team went out for a group dinner last week, and where did a bunch of college girls want to go? Chuck £. Cheese! Ross added that the entire program this year is much more focused on the team, instead of certain players. I was curious to know what Ross wants to do after she graduates from Mercyhurst, and as an elementary/ special education major, she hopes to get a teaching position that has a coaching aspect attached to it. She also shared that she recently had a job interview. Ross loves playing softball, even if it is very competitive at this level. The experience of being at Mercyhurst with her teammates and coaches, and sharing close relationships with them, has made all the hard work worthwhile, and makes winning games even better. I think that she is happy she followed the crowd in second grade and st| playing softball; she is one of Mercyhurst's finest, and will continue to bring pride to the softball program here on campus.



tions, organizing the catering services and making sure that the events could all fit into four days. The organization of this event began in September 2001, when students were invited to submit proposals for student and faculty projects, or for outside speakers. Jennifer Kons acknowledged that the most difficult part of organizing the celebration was "punctual ity," or the ability to schedule the events on time. However, she also said that being involved with the organization of this event gave her an oppurtunity to "interact with the faculty and student presenters," and she became more aware **of the academic enrichment going on at school."


Annie Sitter/ Merciad photographer

Not only is Becky Ross a commited athlete, but she is also carrying a heavy load at Mercyhurst College. £

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APRIL 25. 2002

Pax Christi: A chance for peace, hope for us all
Questioning Faith Fr. Jim Piszker
The organization, Pax Christi, began in the aftermath of World War II in Europe. It was started by a small group of people in France who were devastated by the war and what it had done to their people and their land. The organization has grown to be a worldwide force for peace in, the world and its United States headquarters is located right here in Erie, Pennsylvania.? Pax Christi looks to build coalitions among governments, religious groups and citizens as a means to create real changes that can lead to peaceful solutions to conflicts, such as the one we find ourselves in right now with the war on terrorism. The organization works, for peace and justice wherever it sees the lack thereof, (t encourages young adults to get involved and to make a difference for peace. An organizational meeting of a Mercy hurst chapter of Pax Christi is going to be held Thursday, April 25th at 8:15 p.m. in Cafe Diem. This meeting will provide concerned Mercyhurst students with an opportunity to not only talk about the desire for peace, but to also discuss how we can go about making that peace a reality, Jesus said it himself in the Sermon on the Mount when he reminded his disciples, "Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called children of

Still Chasing Amy
The following excerpt is real. Jess: / think you are getting too seri\ ousforme. Phil: What? Me? You 're the one who asked her mom what she felt about everywhere have aspired to say but you dating a guy who is Italian and have yet to sack up and say it. (I am does well in school, you are the one working on it now.) who calls me five times a day to up- With, thinking that the fictional date me on stuff like the consistency Askewniverse can spilljinto Filly's world, therein lies thejlproblem. of your PB & J sandwich! Therein lies why many, like myself, Jess: Gosh, what s With guys J date that take me so seriously when I say will still be chasing Amy, chasing that stuff like that? ~ ! * | ideal, that moment sharing, that dareWomen. For the better part of my to-be great situation that many wish college career, I have been trying to occurred as routinely as a plot point figure out the enigma that is the op- in a film. posite sex. So far, I have concluded From such expectations, which that even with an assist from John eventually morph into self-defeating Forbes Nash and Stevie Hawking, 1 prophecies, there comes these unwon't crack it until Y6K. speakable, ingrained mistruths guys But, it's semi-comforting (and hella are brought up to believe about discouraging) to know that I have women and sex: We're dominant, many more years dealing with girls knights in Structure vests. We should like Jess, girls who don't know go to bed with whores and wake up •* whether to crap or go blind, who pre- with virgins. fer the cinder block-necked jock over In figuring this out, one endeavors the lanky nice guy, who spend their to be above such jaded misconcepdays making the dating scene less of tions. Those who still believe that a two-way street and more like a traf- innocence looks best in a Catholic fie jam on the FDR. school girl's uniform are called Gen. But, guys, alas, we, too are known X liberal males, and I was once proud for messing up the relationship equa- to be considered such. tion, albeit in a more paint-by-num- Until my "Amy." * bers style of black-and-white think- She is this near-perfect personificaing. ^ tion of everything I have ever needed It has something to do with Chas- in a woman but have confused with ing Amy and other movies that deal what I wanted in a girl: beauty that with true love's labor found. But it is tickles your stomach with that sense especially because of Amy that Ihaye of constant joy and surprise at bow tried to mold my conception or the honored you are to share air, let alone ideal romance around. Holden's con- company with her and conversations fession to Alyssa is something guys that reek of the poetic sophistication

And Another Thing... Phil Pirrello


If we do not do something to bring about change in the world, then who will? Hi If we wait for someone else to take the lead, will anything be accomplished? Initiatives like Pax Christi are necessary to provide an alternative to the desire to fix our problems with guns and bombs. A local Pax Christi chapter can provide education and awareness and, if nothing else, remind us that there are peaceful ..solutions to the problems that plague us as both a society and a world. Don't just talk about it, get involved. ^



• Last week, drSary Erie was blessed with some very warm, un-Aprjl-like weather, Temperatures on Tuesday
nd Wednesday reached a high of :80 degreesMButwft*



of a music review about one's favorite band on their comeback album. But "Amy" is just that, a personification, a mix tape of what I wouldn't f mind living behind a?white picket fence with. •* But love has no standards, no rules to play by, and no rubric to follow. It is that lack of routine that keeps us wanting to instill one, which ultimately proves futile, despite its seemingly feel-good benefits. "They say opposites attract, but they don't say anything about how opposites can manage to stay together after said attraction fades and the opposites are left facing the fact that they haven't much in common." Kevin Smith, creator of *Aray,' said that, and it can be applied to any ideal conception of a lover: one's conception can be totally opposite of what they really want, and that it is usually too late to realize it the cliched "You're a-great guy, but..j" line is painfully uttered! ^. At the end of the day, it is okay to put a certain feminine ideal or two on a mantle, as long as one polishes it and refines'it once in a while. I am notorious for just destroying mine when any attempt for refinement rails, when I am chastised for being too nice for opening doors or picking up the check. Despite being shot down more times than a Mig, I still carry on; forever the romantic Cary Grant-type in a "Vinnie" from 'Doogie Howser' body, hoping that, he is not forever chasing Amy. 4 ± So, "Amy." If you're put there, it's time to stop running.

... What is up with the random snow falling this week? Erie is one giant Weather Channel update from hell: sun one day, rain the next, and snow flurries here and-there. Next week's forecast: 2 of the 4 Horsemen r^ f \ * 2" • * of the Apocalypse and scattered showers of Plague,

Patriotism = blind faith
So, I was watching the telly this past Saturday when a federally-sponsored commercial interrupted my TRL time. *r^ The commercial featured a variety of teens and twenty-somethings facing the camera, reciting contrived phrases like, "It was just some fun, I didn't think that I was hurting anyone," and "c'mon, I just wanted to relax." £ £ ^ J | Then, in big bold letters, the ad proclaims "YOU MAY BE SUPPORTING TERRORISM WHEN YOU

Left to Write Adam DuShole
incapable of voicing their unpopular and unwanted criticisms of the United States government. No one seems to question the validity of bombing a country already decimated by years of conflict —



• In their giddy excitement for wearing revealing spring time clothes, many girls around campus seem to have forgotten that the first time in the sun requires sunblock.

• Recently, the basements of townhouses i through 7 BUY DRUGS.? I '5 I were paid a visit by "the sewage fairy." The basements Then a few "facts" followed the ad, J %& If we rely on were flooded, making students have more than one odor saying that when you buy drugs, you » » . § • _ / • • • . f ^ to worry about COULD be helpingto fund terrorist blind fa it ft in th e
actions, like the purchase of contraetc.




band arms, recruitment tactics, etc., government tOJUStlfy




I certainly realize that the government is heavily invested in various propaganda tactics to win over public opinion concerning the war in the Middle East (that's right, I said l"WAR." I refuse to say "conflict" orl to use any of the other softened terms that are often used in the media). But, c'mon. Do we really need to be subjected to such obvious propaganda? i The U.S. government is an insanely powerful organization — you'd expect some level of subtlety. At any rate, my point is that the sensitive nature of the current political climate has rendered many people

our actions . . . can we consider ourselvesfrom religious zealots? y*5 i 1
apparently sending "relief packages" is a viable solution. I'm not sure if boxes of water and freeze-dried rations can repair the enormous and long-standing damage done, not only to Palestine, but to the reputation of our own country. Polls of Palestinian youths, the ones that aren't terrorists (yes, there

are non-terrorist Palestinians) indicate that the U.S. is ambivalent to the needs of Middle East. The overriding sentiment is that, if anything else, the U.S. is creating further anti-American hostility and ironically spurring more terrorist activity.* 1 In the Clinton years, just about every grandmother, student and illegal immigrant had an opinion about his incessant woman-snogging. Now, people are either too afraid to voice their criticisms or they are actually as moronic as they seem championing the opinions like "We should just bomb Afghanistan!" More importantly, they're completely buying the product of government machinations. The question I would like to bring to the fore is this: If we rely on blind faith in the government to justify our actions, how truly different can we consider ourselves from religious zealots depicted in the media? A year ago this time,;people waving flags and shouting patriotic slogans were considered jingoistic and quaint. Now, I have to wonder how genuine the newfound belief in America is. 1 guess I'm saying that you should, to quote another TV commercial and sound a little more than contrived, remember what that flag you're waving stands for.




- t ,







yl feel safe, but not because <fof. the p feel safe with all the cameras, but cameras being oii?campus?| I don't think they are always a good h~ Lindsay Weber, freshman


i l l



I feel safe because this is a "No. I feel that it is an invasion of "Yes, my privacy. And when they do use small campus and I see security drivthem— their reaction time is too ing around all the time, doing their

"fiiidn'fc know that there are cameras. — Pat Neubert, freshman pu£ no% J feet safer knowing that ?Yes, but! feel that some of my pri|he|e areepneras;^. > • vac$?is takerfcaway.^ Stephanie Hancock freshman ^JRyan Finn, freshman I did hot know that we had cameras r-Yes,' I feel safe because I have not on campus. been affected by any thing that would M Skiadanowski, freshman make|ne feet unsafe/\ k — Chase Miller, freshman %o> notfeally^mein, Heally don't thnilfit makes a differenced do feel dialbetter Lighting on campus would "Nojbecaus^t fee^s§m invasion of my privacy/*make me feel safer.*? j — Nicoile Bellmore, spphmore —-Alison Ritter,freshman

With increased security measures, like cameras on campus, do student&sfeel safe?




" fj


Chris Banner, junior

— Jess Defranco, freshman


^don't really feel like jfe a safety me&uie&Howevfer, 1 do feef that if something jwere to^occur$t could possibily provide good evidenxeSfe -~-*}ackie Farina, freshman^ ;

"No, because if you are actually in, trouble, byfhe time they see ifon the tapes$3f*s too|late?to really do- any: thing abou| it:" > >* — Nicole Jpitulfio, freshman *$

*%feel that our campus is safe anyway^so I don't think that the cam- "Yes. It's nice to know if something eras make a difference eithejfway." happens and that security has proof ofitontape." i f| Emily Dipdpld, freshman — Alisun Kovach, freshman "No. Security is too busy busting parties and they don't seem to be focus- "Do I feel safe? I have never not felt ing a lot on safety precautions^ safe or in danger or anything like that. — Carrie Kramer, freshman f I mean, it ain't Beirut, it's just Mercy hurst." i r I feel safe because security can — Nick Perkins, junior I monitor what is going on near and around campus." " 1 think students feeling safe on cam—-Kate Mif&zkowski, freshnian pus has to do with the people here, not the presence of extra cameras or safe even if there were Hwou security." not any cameras — Betsy3)onnerisophomore — Diana Coyle, freshman

okay!to get friendly with cousins
search paper published in this scholarly-sounding periodical, the risks are ^negligible that a monstrously deformed offspring would be the result (U- WIRE) HOUSTON—Yee-haw! of indulging those funny (but pleasThe entertainment potential of fam- ant) feelings you get whenever cerily reunions just erected itself to a tain relatives are near. Mate with a first cousin, and there's whole new height. You no longer need to look outside only a 1.7 percent to 2.8 percent your clan for a marriage partner, and greater chance that the product of| your new in-laws can be as familiar your familial passions will be any to you as your aunt and uncle. Hell, more of a biological reject than if you they can actually be your aunt and procreate with a complete stranger. Like those odds? Your dating world uncle! Visiting the relatives just became a | just opened up exponentially (espewhole lot more fun since this month's cially if you come from a big famJournal of Genetic Counseling in- ily). What's not to like? forms us that breeding with cousins Think about it—science just gave is a perfectly harmless thing to do. you permission to mate with people That's right. According to a re- ^you've known all your life but have Randy Woock U. Houston never been able to touch. It's like some big "No Trespassing" sign was removedfroma section of Six Flags that you've never been able to visit before, or the breeding version of the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge just got approved for drilling. What's going to be the result of this data going public? Will the fine art of "cousinrQncousin action" reach epidemic proportions in America? Probably not. Personally, I was unaware that some states could put you in a cage for trying to procreate with certain family members, but it doesn't really surprise me that more than 30 states outlaw the cousin-sponsored creation of children. And just in case you were wonder ing, yes, it's perfectly legal to cuddle up with a cousin in Texas (a distinction our great state shares with other respected centers of Southern culture like Mississippi and Alabama). Oddly enough, we domesticated apes in America seem to be in the minority as far as our species' views on mating.with close relatives go. Our anti-cousin prudery would be entirely out of place in parts of the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Not saying that everyone overseas gets ''friendly" with their cousins, just enough of 'em to where chaps like Jerry Lee Lewis or Edgar Allan Poe wouldn't be too out of place. So, if you think your genes are so great that you don't want to dilute 'em with the blood of outsiders, no one from the continent's-gonna say otherwise. The million-dollar question is will the states that currently outlaw cousin-to-cousin mating alter their narrow-minded ways? Maybe, but I wouldn't bet any crucial internal organs on it. I FYour average citizens, having been taught all their lives to feel disgust at the thought ofsex with their relatives, are not about to run out immediately and reproduce with the first cousin they meet. I'm certainly not. I mean; talk about disgusting — I'm holding out for my aunts.

Reflections of a soon-to-be graduate
Goodbye parties and bar hopping, hello real world
ture boss is a dream, one I have had screw up? Leslie Echan Are you craving to reach out and since I was afreshman.It seems like Features editor grab that dreamtightly,never letting just last week I was a newcomer at it go? j j | £ f^l ^ this school. What is it about your senior year that Maybe it's the fear of being alone, Time goes by so fast, so we must makes you put life into perspective? supporting yourself and looking for enjoy these last few weeks with our Is it the fact that your college ca- love. j friends, neighbors or even a favorite reer is nearing its end and your adult That's what I've learned to be the professor. life is really about to begin? thing thatfrightenspeople the most: These people are the ones most reThe realization that you are finally wondering if that special person will sponsible for having made us the betcome into your life, or if you'll end ter individuals we are today. on your own contributes to it The decisions you will be making up alone and lookingforlove like the With senior year almost at an end, will affect many other lives besides infamous ladies of Sex and the City. it is that ending that seems to open But in all honesty, love and rela- up a whole lot of doors for some of your own. Is it having to say goodbye to the tionships are good and all, and if it's us, despite the fact one big door is best friends you've made in the past meant to happen, it will. slamming shut behind us. four years of school that makes these It is the part of life one has to be The future, this new beginning, reflections so important? patient for. provides us with boundless new opSaying goodbye to those friends It is also the most frustrating part, portunities, f who were like your family, those who indeed. With all of these opportunities have seen you at your worst, proves Mercyhurst College will remain a comes a lot of fears, choices and to be the hardest thing to bid fare- afondmemory for me. questions we have spent the last four well to. But when I look at it in retrospect, years trying to answer. They were with you on those drink- it won't seem as such a long stretch But no class or lecture can prepare ing sprees. They were there to cel- of time as it will seem to be as cru- us for the ultimate test: the real ebrate with you when you accom- cial, significant part of my life. world. plished something you never thought The fact that graduation is only a We must put everything into peryou could. few weeks away is a reality check for spective as we head out into the great, : !"•, wide world. Is it the fear of having the future at me.*. ; * « your fingertips and not wanting to Waiting to get that callfroma fu-

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MAY 25. 2002


PAG E 6"

part of the movie's fun. It makes us work as an audience and as individuals, questioning the film's end result for ourselves, wondering if what we saw was indeed all we were meant By Phil Pirrello to see. We have no one character to Opinion editor root for, as each one operates at poLast year, a lot of 1x1* movies-that- lar opposites of the satirical spec-j shoulda-coulda by-passed Erie cin- trum, thus making the experience all emas faster than a sunny day. But the more engaging, and subjective, thank God for mass consumerism and at the same time. Gyllenhaal plays its staple of video stores, for on the messed-up better than most teen acbottom shelf of the D-section, you tors, but he, like us, doesn't seem to will find the most elusive film of get all the motivations of the charac2001, Donnie Darko > an apocalyptic ter or the story. He just goes with it, family satire that bridges the gap be- as do Malone and the rest ofthe cast, tween American Beauty and Philip K, as if comforted by the fact that they Dick, with a uniquely confusing story have placed their work in the hands of a director whose story may be just that should not go ignored. The Plot: First-time writer/director as elusive to its creator as it is to those Richard Kelly bursts out of the gate trying to follow it. with the story of Donnie Darko, a The Bad: In such a case, ambiguity product of suburban life who has de- is good. Gray is our friend. But a few veloped a knack for using his extreme scenes explaining Frank's appearintelligence to open the eyes of all * ance, and later is real-world counterthose in academia and society who part, would better connect some plot think they know what is best for him. threads too loose for mass audience Darko (Jake Gyllenhaal) succumbs acceptance, too frayed for the to acute schizophrenia when he is Sundance circuit, and too "out there" visited by a demented bunny named even for* the avid Sci-Fi Channel Frank, whose origin is unknown and watcher. Time travel is heavy subject) whose prophecies of the end of the matter, and it's refreshing, albeit conworld save Donnie's life when a jet fusing, to see the philosophy, and not engine falls out of the sky and into the science, of time travel discussed Donnie's bedroom. The FAA doesn't in such a manner void of technoknow where the engine came from, babble. and Frank continues to persuade | Questions about fate and life were Donnie to do things that may or may better asked in American Beauty. not better prepare him for the im- Darko takes that Oscar winner's pending apocalypse. Donnie meets a premise and produces a polarized girl (Jena Malone), debunks a self- negative of it, giving answers to queshelp guru (a credible Patrick tions Lester Burnham wouldn't even Swayze), and vanishes from the al- think to ask, let alone think about ready detached parenting of his mom aloud. But too many "what ifs" and (Mary McDonnell) and dad. Time few definitive answers, are the travel enters the mix, a plot point movie's best features and greatest which correlates to a mysterious faults. More than enough is said) but character named "Grandma Death," when the impact is intentionally void and eventually twists the plot into an of coherence, the most sentimental ending that would make Stephen of moments often fall on deaf ears Hawking scratch his head ifhe could. Darko is a classic example of high The Good: There is a sensory concept overridden by a first time heightened surrealism to Darko. It's director's inability to direct someDavid Lynch meets Tim Burton, mi- thing that should have been his second project. But it is that second nus some of the former director's linmovie audiences will be looking forear, narrative-be-damned approach ward to, especially after watching the and the latter *s successful meshing first. of fairy-tale and goth. Kelly tells his story with gaps purposely, which is



Anthropology lessons:
Love in exactly wi\ words
By Megan Fialkovich Copy editor delivers newsletters about the lovely day-to-day actions ofhis perfect girlfriend to all of her ex-lovers, in order to soothe their grief in her absence. All of these war stories serve to unite the brokenness ofthe human soul, as its frailty and complexity are laid bare through Rhodes' keen prose. Each story is its own universe, bound by the gravity ofthe intense and awkward lives recorded by the author's hand, which is that of an earthly, yet pitifully naive, angel. The central effect of this work is that it provokes the reader to take more than a sidelong glance at society's sexual preoccupations to the deficit of honest, true love. Rhodes discreetly challenges readers to answer the question of whether we are too hard on ourselves when it comes to loving, and being loved. Beneath our rocky exteriors, don't we all yearn for the sanctuary of another's arms? How many misadventures and injuries should we expect before we meet our ultimate match, that elusive missing piece? And why do we hurt each other so recklessly, love with such intensity, and are moved to the tears of melded sorrow and joy? Remarkably, Rhodes does not force the answers, but instead instigates profound self-inquiry on the part ofhis readers. If you're ready for a swift kick to the heart of your misconceptions, then I strongly recommend this read. + ^ ^ 2

Ticket Stub

May 7 Kittie, Flaw, My Ruin, Skinlab. Odeon, Cleveland. On sale at TicketMaster. May 18 \ f Monster Magnet. Club Laga, Oakland. * May 21 Dead Kennedys. Club Laga, Oakland. May 23 \ Mogwai. Club Laga, Oakland. May 24 Barra MacNeils. Club Cafe,



June 1 Lynyrd Skynyrd. Tower City Amphitheater, Cleveland. On sale April 19 at 10 a.m. at TicketMaster,

June 1
Musiq Soulchild. Club Laga, Pittsburgh. June 21*22 •} Clarks, O.A.R., New Invisible Joy. Amphitheater at Station Square, Pittsburgh. Internet pre-sale April 18 at 5 p.m. Regular on-sale April 20 at 10 a.m at TicketMaster. June 29 1 Nickelback, Jerry Cantrell. Nautica Pavilion, Cleveland. On sale April 20 at noon at TicketMaster, July 27 Rolling Rock Town Fair 3.3 with Godsmack, Outkast, Nickelback, P.O.D., Alien Ant Farm, Sevendust, Default, Injected, and more. On sale April 26 at TicketMaster and by phone at (877) 952-8762,4567070. Westmoreland Fairgrounds, Latrobe. Aug. 14 Vans Warped Tour with Bad Religion, Damned, Flogging Molly, NOFX, Reel Big Fish, No Use for a Name, Good Charlotte, Guttermouth, MxPx, more. LaSalle Park, Buffalo, Internet pre-sale through April 27. Regular onsale April 27 at noon at TicketMaster.

Released in the fall of 2000, this slim volume contains witty, hard-earned views of love and modern relationships in 101 stories, at exactly 101 words apiece. New British talent Dan Rhodes organizes his catalogue of heartache and redemption in ascending alphabetical order, with a sensitivity and earnestness not often seen in today's writers. As the narrators relate their tales of sex, sacrifice and the truly absurd, readers can't help but moan, mourn and chuckle along with them. For instance, the title story relates how an anthropologist's lover languishes after being deserted for the homosexual population of Mongolia: "It breaks my heart to think of her herding those yaks in the freezing hills...nothing but a handlebar mustache to keep her top lip warm." However, this book, like most relationships, barrels right through the honeymoon stage, and into the darker realms of deception and obsession: One narrator pines for a woman whom he imagines has gone on an exceptionally long cigarette run, while another nurses a girlfriend through a two-year pregnancy. Yet another enamored fool composes and (Villard Books: New York, 2000)


Layne Staley found jdead
The end of a musical era
(U AVI RE) AMHERST, Mass. — Layne Staley, lead singer of the grunge band Alice In Chains, was found dead in his Seattle home on Friday, April 19. Although the cause of death is still unofficial at time of press, speculation and a previous understanding of Layne's addiction points to heroin. Staley and lead-guitarist Jerry) Cantrell formed Alice In Chains in 1987. After adding Cantrell's friends, bassist Mike Starr and drummer Sean Kinney, they began recording and playing on the thriving local scene. Their unique style of a post-180s metal band purged in an early-grunge sound brought them to the forefront. Cantrell wanted a more mainstream sound, but Staley*s style was influenced by his love for more of a bleak, nihilistic, underground sound. The two combined for an original sound and style.


Whoops! The Lum e n staff would like to apologize to Kelliane Beers for mistakenly attributing her photo to Aisling MeBride. Sorry about that Kelliane!

Staley will always be remembered for his incredibly original style, with tortured vocals that send shivers through the entire body. Cantrell and Staley could harmonize so well together that there might not be another band out there that could match it (check out "Down in a Hole") — or at least there hasn't been another band yet within the rock, metal, alternative or grunge genres. Staley and Alice In Chains have been recognized for influencing bands like the Deftones, Monster) Magnet, Clutch and Boy Hits Car to name a few. This influence over current bands is proof enough of the mark left on the music world both by the band and Staley himself. Drugs take rock stars, rock stars take drugs. I suppose it's part of it all. Layne Staley was a rock star, and he will be missed.












if 1 : -.-.

APRIL 25, 2002



Softball t e a m w i n s first t w o g a m e s o n n e w c a m p u s
By Mackenzie Dexter Sports editor The Mercyhurst softball team was defeated by Wisconsin Parkside and Northern Kentucky at the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference/ Great Lakes Valley Conference Challenge this past weekend, while the other three games were cancelled. Wisconsin Parkside defeated Mercyhurst 7-3 Friday night, April 19, in the opening day ofthe GLIAC/ GLVC Challenge. The game was delayed nearly 90 minutes by threatening weather. Freshman Kim Roberts had a pair of RBIs for t he Lakers, Northern Kentucky then edged Mercyhurst 3-1 Saturday, April 20. Senior Nicole Papania doubled home Mercyhurst*s run in the fourth. Two other scheduled Saturday games and



Annie Sitter/Merciad photographer

Annie Sitter/Merciad photographer

Freshman Rachelle Haight squares around for a Sophomore Rachael Confer gives her pitcher a bunt against Findlay. {target during the first game on the new field.
a final game Sunday were cancelled because of poor weather. Mercyhurst christened its on-campus softball field in a big way Tuesday, April 16, with a pair of 4-2 wins over visiting Findlay. Sophomore Becky Ross, last week's GLIAC Pitcher ofthe Week for her no-hitter against Ferris State, got her seventh win ofthe season in game one and her second save ofthe year in the second game. Mercyhurst erased a 1-0 Findlay lead in the first game with three runs in the second inning on just one hit.

Roberts singled in one run and two more scored on an infield error. Roberts then singled home senior Dayna Shelkey with an insurance run in the fourth. Ross relieved freshman starter Marissa Bartholomew in the fourth and shut the door the rest ofthe way. Junior Jessica Taylor improved her record to 2-3 with four innings of work in the second contest. Taylor allowed four hits and one unearned run. Ross allowed only one hit and an unearned run in the last three. Papania singled home two Lady Laker runs in the second and sophomore Rachael Confer drove in the final pair on a fielder's choice in the fifth. Mercyhurst, 13-15-2 overall?Will r host Saginaw Valley State, Northwood and Lake Superior State this weekend.

W o m e n ' s w a t e r p o l o t e a m finishes s e a s o n w i t h 1-15 overall r e c o r d
By Mackenzie Dexter Sports editor The women's water polo team competed in the at the Co liege Water Polo Association's Southern Division Championships Saturday, April 20 and Sunday, April 21. The Lady Lakers played against Princeton University, Gannon, Grove City and Washington & Jefferson. Princeton won the first contest Saturday 18-5. Freshman Ann Markley scored four goals for the Lady Lakers, including the first goal of the match. Sophomore Lindsay Spiegel had the other. Princeton led 8-3 after a quarter and 14-4 at halftime. Gannon defeated Mercyhurst 18-8 later in the day. Markley scored four times, sophomore Cindy Haibach had 'two, and freshman Christina Pantoja and Spiegel had the others. In the opening game of the final day, Grove City snapped a 1-1 first quarter tie by outscoring the Lady Lakers 4-1 in the second period and never looked back. Spiegel scored three goals for Mercyhurst while Pantoja and junior Barb Bartoszek added solo tallies. Junior goalie Michelle Mazur made eleven saves. The Lady Lakers ended their season later Sunday with a heartbreaking 10-9 loss -to Washington & Jefferson. The game was tied 4-4 at halftime, but the Presidents outscored Mercyhurst 4-2 in the third and hung on for the win. Markley led Mercyhurst with five goals and finished the season with 52. Spiegel added two more to end the season with 23. Sophomore Francesca Ravasio and Bartoszek scored the other goals. Mazur was credited with ten saves. Mercyhurst finished its first year with an overall mark of 1-15 and a CWPA record of 0-10. <

Men's tennis places

ej^th'in GLIAa J
By Scott Mackar Assistant sports editor

Men s lacrosse falls to Canisius, defeats St. Vincent
/ ' I T I «r-




2 Sophomore Ledbetter leads Division II in goals-per-game, has 42
By Mackenzie Dexter Sports editor The Lakers took Division I Canisius to the final seconds before falling 98 Wednesday evening, April 17. The Golden Griffins scored the gamewinning goal with just 13 seconds remaining to hand the Lakers their fourth loss ofthe season. Mercyhurst trailed 1 -0 before rallying to take a 31 lead after a quarter. The Lakers led 5-3 at halftime before Canisius tied the match at 6-6 entering the final quarter. Sophomore Troy Ledbetter and senior Steve Pecori scored in the first 90 seconds of the final period before Canisius scored back-to-back

The men's tennis team took part in the GLIAC Championships held this past weekend. The Lakers matched up against #2 3-ranked Ferris State in the opening round. The Bulldogs were too much for the Lakers winning the match 5-0. Mercyhurst did not go down without a fight dropping the #1 and #2 doubles positions 8-6 and 8-5. Ferris State ended the match with victories at #3 doubles and two singles contests. After the loss, the Lakers squared off against Lake Superior State in the consolation match, losing a hard fought game 5-4. The Lakers blew a match point in the # 1 doubles match, a mistake that proved to be very costly. Freshman John Nichols, freshman Albert Veverka, and sophomore Tom Redband won at singles while Redband and fresh-1 man Matt Hambleton were victorious at doubles. ?3 The two consecutive losses pitted the men against the Findlay Oilers in the seventh place game held Saturday, April 20. The Oilers edged out a win against Mercyhurst 5-3. Redband won his singles match 7-5 and 6-4, while sophomore Joe Defazio won 6-2 and 6-3. Redman teamed with Hambleton in a doubles Imatch to provide an 8-5 victory. f~ With the loss to Findlay, Mercyhurst ended up placing eighth overall in the GLiAC Champion-I ship. The Lakers concluded their season with a record of 7-13. All of the players will be back tor next season.




Shivani Surl/Contributing photographer

Sophomore Troy Ledbetter (4) makes his way towards the opponents goal.
goals just 17 seconds apart to square the match for the final time at 8-8.

Canisius then scored the game-win- his hat trick by scoring the final goal ner with just seconds left in regula- of the game, with just 3:33 left. tion. Leading the way for Mercyhurst Ledbetter, who led Division II in was freshman Ian Komorek who goals-per-game entering play this scored the team's first four goals. week, tallied his 41 st and 42nd goals Ledbetter scored twice, his 39th and of the season. Senior Tim Garbach 40th goals ofthe season, while fresh- and junior midfield Jim Detwiler man Shaun Lux joined Pecori with joined freshmen Shaun Lux, Andrew 1 Sands and Komorek with solo tallies. solo goals. 7 The team then won its seventh Freshmen Gregg Lemieux and Allen Imatch ofthe season, turning back St. Hudson scored for St. Vincent. Vincent College ofLatrobe 10-2 Sat- Mercyhurst led 1 -0 after a quarter, 5urday, April 20 at Tullio Field. A 1 at halftime, and 6-2 after three. I Senior Recognition Day crowd of Mercyhurst junior goalie Kevin better than 200 fans watched the Lak- Tidgewell made 16 saves. ers improve to 7-4 while the Bearcats The Lakers will visit Saint Andrews dropped to 4-7. Pecori scored the 'College Sunday, April 28, at noon. only goal of the first quarter, added another in the second, then comp 1 eted

Rowers are victorious; over RIT
By Scott Mackar Assistant sports editor The Lakers won three of five races against RIT. The three victories came from the women's Lightweight Eight, the men's Varsity Four, and the men's| Freshman Four to secure the win for Mercyhurst. The women's Lightweight Eight rowed an impressive race, finishing 21 seconds ahead ofthe Tigers. The men's Varsity Four prevailed by nearly ten seconds while the Freshman Four was about 14 seconds faster Than the competition, t Mercyhurst will travel to Charleston. West Virginia this weekend, Sat-. urday. April 27, for the West Virginia Governor's Cup*


Condominium for Rent f.
Rent is $800 per month includes electric, phone, and basic cable 9 month lease following Mercyhurst's schedule Located in a secure area near Presque Isle State Park 20 minutes from Mercyhurst. It is a completely furnished two bedroom apartment. It also includes access to laundry facilites and a outdoor pool. Roomjfor 3 students | Call 434-7264 to set up an appointment





APRIL25. 2002

T-WT \ •! u c f A r





Women's lacrosse defeats Le Moyne 14-110
By Mackenzie Dexter Sports editor Mercyhurst improved its record to 83 on Wednesday, April 17, with a 1410 victory over Le Moyne College at Tullio Field. Trailing 5-2 in the first half, Mercyhurst rallied for the final seven goals of the period, including a lastsecond tally by sophomore Shannon Griffith helped by senior Bryn Paisley. Le Moyne then scored the first four goals of the second half with senior Alison Simonelli scoring her third goal of the game to tie the contest at 9-9. The Lakers would follow with three consecutive goals to put the game out of reach. Leading the ^.way for the Lakers were senior Vanessa Turner and freshman Dara

Upcoming 'Hurst Sports
Baseball* The baseball team hosts Northwood this weekend for a couple of doubleheaders. Saturday's first game begins at 1 p.m. while competition Sunday begins at noon. The Lakers will then go head to head against Gannon with a doubleheader at Jerry Uht Park Wednesday, May 1 at 4:30 p.m£ Men's golf The men's golf team will be competing in the Perm State Behrend Invitational Thursday, May 25 at noon. The Lakers finish their season against Hillsdale this weekend in Coldwater, Ml. Saturday's competition begins at 10 a.m., while play resumes Sunday at 9 a.m.

Jody Mello/Contributing photographer

Jody Mello/Contributing photographer

Senior Laurie Sienkiewicz attempts to steal the ball from the opponent.

Junior Mariel Zummo looks for an open teammate against Le Moyne College.

Liberati with three goals each. Jun- giving her a team-leading 20 goals Kristen Jankowski had one goal and ior Jennifer Meyers scored two goals, on the "season, while freshman two assists.

Baseballfteam defeats Gannon 11-10 and 11splits doubleheaders with Hillsdale and Clarion
By Mackenzie Dexter Sports editor Mercyhurst continued its late-season offensive surge with a 22-run, 30-hit effort Wednesday, April 17, in taking two games from Gannon by scores of 11 -10 and 11-7. The games were played at Jerry Uht Park* the home of the Eastern League's Erie SeaWolves. Senior Tony Cruz's leadoff homer in the seventh inning, his team-leading sixth of the season, won the opener for the Lakers, snapping Gannon's eight-game winning streak. Gannon scored three times off senior reliever Todd Musher in the top of the seventh in game one to tie the game at 10-10, and had the bases loaded with no outs, before junior reliever Mark Thompson got a strikeout, a pop out, and a fly ball to escape further damage. That set the stage for Cruz's homer in the bottom of the inning. Sophomore Paddy Relihan went 4 for 4, including his second homer ofthe season, Cruz finished with three hits, and four other players had two hits each. The teams
4 *

Men's lacrosse Men's lacrosse travels to St. Andrews Sunday, April 28 to play at noon. The team plays their last home game against R1T Wednesday, May 1 at 4 p.m. on Tullio Field. Rowing The men's and women's rowingI teams participate in the West Vir-I ginia Governor's Cup in Charleston^ W. Va. Saturday, April 27. The races begin at 7:30 a.m. VWomen's golf Women's golf finishes their season versus Perm State Behrend Thursday, April 26 at noon* Softball The Lady Laker softball team is hosting Saginaw Valley State, North wood and Lake Superior State this weekend. Friday's doubleheader against Saginaw Valley State starts at 3 p.m. The doubleheader against North wood begins Saturday at 1 p.m. Sunday's contest versus Lake Superior State starts at 1 p.m. The Lady Lakers will host crosstown rival Gannon in a doubleheader Wednesday, May 1 at 3 pan. Women's lacrosse The women's lacrosse team ends their season hosting Millersville Sunday, April 28 at 11 a.m. and traveling across town to Gannon Wednesday, May 1 for a 4:30 game.


used eight pitchers, five by Gannon, and made seven errors, four by Mercyhurst. Mercyhurst starter sophomore J.D. Roewer (4-4) benefited from the third inning explosion in game two. The big inning erased a 3-1 Gannon lead. Relihan homered and tripled and drove in four runs. Junior Chris Allen had three hits and went a combined 5 for 6 for the doubleheader. Relihan joined sophomore Eugene Repa and junior Frank Rodriguez with two hits apiece. Over the weekend, Mercyhurst split a couple of doubleheaders with Wayne State. The Lakers lost 10-3 and won 14-3 Saturday, April 20 and lost 7-2 and won 4-2 Sunday, April





The Hillsdale Chargers scored in every inning but the first Saturday in the first game ofa doubleheader. The Lakers banged out 10 hits in scoring single runs in the first, second, and seventh innings. Sophomore Bryan Ice and junior Brad Pickering had three hits each while senior Ryan Nietupski and Rodriguez had two apiece. Sophomore starter Paul Baumert took the loss. Mercyhurst

hurt itself with' four errors. The Chargers broke the game open with three runs in the fifth and three more in the sixth. Mercyhurst regrouped to win the second game 14-3. Cruz, Allen, and senior Nick Schnarrs hit homers while freshman Devin Kowalski had a triple and Schnarrs added a double. Schnarrs had four hits and Kowalski three. Sophomore James Sacramento went the distance to pick up his second win of the season, with the help of the Lakers' 14-hit attack. Sunday's first game starter junior Steve Strohm lasted only 1.1 innings in dropping to 3-5. The Chargers scored six runs in the first four innings to take control. Nietupski doubled home both Mercyhurst runs in the fifth, as the*Lakers managed only four hits off the Hillsdale starter who got the win. Roewer and Musher combined on a four-hitter in the second game. Musher pitched scoreless ball for four innings as the Lakers scored twice in the tenth. Relihan went 2 for 3 with a double and an RBI. Repa finished 2 for 4 with and RBI. Pickering went 2 for 4 with a run scored. Cruz

banged a double and scored a run, and Ryan Nietupski drove in a run. Mercyhurst and Clarion also split a doubleheader Monday, April, 22. The Golden Eagles won the opener 12-4 while the Lakers won the second 7-5. Clarion scored in every inning but the first in the opener, getting four in the third and scoring three more times in the fifth and sixth innings. Relihan hit his fourth homer of the season, with two on base, in the Mercyhurst sixth. Schnaars was the only Laker with two hits. Mercyhurst starter Matt Spence allowed all 12 runs, nine of them earned, in 5.1 innings. Mercyhurst regrouped to win the second game 7-5. Sacramento, pitching on just one day's rest, tossed a complete game eight-hitter to even his record at 3-3. The Lakers were led by Nietupski, who went 3 for 4 with two RBIs; Cruz, 3 for 4 with an RBI; Relihan, 2 for3; and Repa, 2 for 3 with two RBIs. Mercyhurst is now 18-22 overall. The Lakers host GLIAC rival North wood Saturday and Sunday, April 27 and 28, in back-to-back doubleheaders.

Men's volleyball team ends season with loss to Ball State in MIVA Quarterfinals
By Scott Mackar Assistant sports editor The Mercyhurst men's volleyball team lost to Ball State 3-1 in the MIVA Quarterfinals held Saturday, April 20 to end the Laker's season. The #1 seeded Cardinals defeated #8 seeded Mercyhurst 20-30, 21 -30, 31-29, and 19-30. Freshman Dave Schmidl led the Laker attack with 15 kills while junior Alex Laama and freshman Bill VanCise added 11 apiece. Junior Jon Samolis also recorded 41 assists. Schmidl led the team in kills for the season with 281. Freshman Austin Siewert and Laama were close behind with 225 and 211 kills respectively. Samolis led the team with 753 assists while senior John Krugh was a distant second with 223 kills. Mercyhurst ended their season with an overall record of 6 wins and 21 losses. The team will only be losing senioa John Krugh and Eli Bupp.

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