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Mercyhurst climbs three spots in college rankings

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y Megan Fialkovich lews editor

college ratings guide —U.S. By Megan Fialkovich News & World Report. It s inevitable: each year, the News Editor Mercyhurst won t rest, however, erciad prints a front-page story until it is rated at the top with Stonehill, Elizabethtown and bout the tremendous leaps and U.S. News & World Report, a :.<| weekly news magazine, has re- Grove City colleges, Roth said. bunds Mercyhurst has made for U.S. News & World Report se- he incoming freshmen class. leased its annual Best Colleges is year is no different, except rankings, which is included in lects institutions as Comprehenthe magazine s Sept. 23 issue, sive Colleges due to their focus [for the fact that there are roughly which went on sale Monday, on undergraduate education and J70 first-year students alone, their wide range of degree pro- vith the expected results. Park" Sept. 16. ng is at a premium, housing is Mercyhurst is again included | grams. There are 3 24 comprehensive usting at the gills and there s a in the Top 20 Comprehensive Colleges in the North. The lib- colleges ranked within four re- ea of unfamiliar faces on cameral arts college has moved from gions: North, South, Midwest, us. The obvious conclusion is #15 in 2002 to #12 in 2003, a and West. Rankings are based on o submit a guide for students in notable jump. This is the seventh an overall score that is an aver- heir first month of life at ercyworld.yj year Mercyhurst has been in- age of the following: Peer assessment score, Average fresh- Your first and last contact in cluded in the rankings. T wo years ago we were 19th, man retention, Average gradua- ousing should be your floor s last year we were 15 th and this tion rate, Percent of classes with esident Assistant. The R.A. year 12th—a 37 percent increase fewer than 20 students, Percent sn t just an enforcer; he or she ofclasses with fewer than 50 stu- s there for you to talk with about m stature among our peer group 1 dents, Student/faculty ratio, Per- by of the problems you 1 enin just three years is somethirfg cent of faculty who are full time, punter as the first trimester barto be proud of, said Andrew SAT/ACT scores, Freshmen in els ahead. Chances are an older Roth, Ph.D., vice president of top 25 percent of high school tudent will know more people academic affairs and dean of the class, Acceptance rate and the ho can help you study for a college. ertain exam, or help you join a •; It s gratifying to see the Average annual giving rate. lub if you re bored. college s increasing academic Information retrieved from Resident assistants are also the and institutional excellence recirst people to talk to if there are ognized by the most widely read www. mercyh urst. edu oommate issues, from irreconilablc personal ity differences -to opmg with sharing such a small jving space. Any student in busing who feels that he or she ould like to move out of their herresum when beginning colurrent residence should see the lege, or a student is approachBy Kristin Purdy ing graduation and in need of a re a s designated R.A. to begin Editor-in-Chief he process. 3 resum for job-hunting, it is imTucked away at the far end of portant to access Career Services Baldwin, Egan and McAuley the secondfloorofOld Main, the for help. Hvezda is student-ori- {Halls as well as the converted Career Services office offers a entated,filledwith a passion for Mercy apartments are all exclulot to students with no hidden or assisting students in the job sively freshmen housing, which extra charges. As the year be- search or graduate school search, is a nearly two-fold increase in gins, there are many things that ""While a G1A of 3.0 or higher spacefromthree years ago. Each students should begin working gives some students an edge dorm has its own honors floor, on to advance themselves, be- over others, being well-rounded which has stricter quiet hour les to ensure an atmosphere sides attending classes, passing is equally, if not more, imporexams and cramming for tests. tant, says Hvezda. Any involve- pore conducive to studying. For ""Mr Hvezda, head of Career ment that relates to your major hose who wish to enter dorm of Services, is just one part of a or hobby is important to include, he opposite sex, visiting hours team that offers many services as it reflects your interests and re from 12 p.m.-12 a.m. Sunay through Thursday, and 12 to students that relate to finding dedication. a future employer or continuing All of the services offered are m.-2 a.m. Friday and Saturday. with education. Career Services important to use, because of the The Office of Residence Life, assists students in searching for declining amount ofon-campus jwhich you will become very fascholarships or assistantships to recruiting. Because of Septem- miliar with after your first housdefer costs of education, search- ber 11 and the hit the economy ing sign-up this spring, has been ing for jobs, reviewing interview has taken, a lot of companies techniques, writing cover letters, have cut back on on-campus recruiting, Hvezda reveals. Due and creating resumes. I The Career Services depart- to this, students need to be aware ment is not a placement agency; of the increased competition and what we do is the entire prepa- ensure that they have control ration to make students market- over where their future is able and competitive, Hvezda headed. says." * '"Students interested in resume By Jessica Montana Career Services will create a help, interviewing techniques, Contributing Writer student s resume, provide cop- job searches, law school or In the past, Homecoming has ies, and save the document for graduate school, and internships consisted of a football game and future use at no charge, rhis ser- are encouraged to call Career the election of a King and vice is built into the tuition bill, Services at ext. 2426, call Mr. Queen. 1 his year, with the help and Hvezda strongly encourages Hvezda at ext. 2534, or stop by of MSG and SAC, the festivities I students to take advantage of the Old Main 204. will redefine homecoming as we services the office offers. know it. The Top 3 Things Seniors "Hvezda welcomes all students The weekend will kick offwith Should Do: to his office for help, especially 1. Open a senior credential file; the formal on Friday, Sept. 23 at seniors who are planning to at6:30 p.m. at the Zem Zcni Shrine this can be done without an tend law school or grad school appointment, by picking up with Club. This facility was chosen after graduation from over Sabella s because it can information in the Career Mercyhurst. Above all, he Services office in Main 204. accommodate more students. stresses the importance of makThis file contains your resume, The doors will open at 6:30 p.m. ing good impressions, and enletters of recommendation, and to begin letting in revelers. Dinsures that students are prepared ner will be servedfrom7-8 p.m., faculty reviews for future and are aware to look profesfollowed by a pep rally in 8:30, employers to review. sional for interviews. 2. Begin or update your resume; and dancing until midnight. At "" With the college s Career Fair Career Services not only helps i he pep rally, the football team, on Oct. 8, prospective employcreate a resume, but the office coaches and homecoming court ers will be looking for future emwill type and store it at no cost. will be introduced Shuttle serployees. Preparation and initiavice will be available for stu3. Begin to get letters of tive are two essential things that dents without transportation. recommendation; faculty. students need to focus on, readministrators, advisors, and Look for the signs directing you gardless of class standing. past employers are the best to to shuttle stops.. Whether a freshman is simply Saturday will have the tradiuse. looking for a way to build his or tional games: men s soccer

Ca reer HSen4ces«*b ri n g s workforcelto your door

Patience is a virtue: freshmen practice waiting in line. j moved from its ground-floor more important for R.A.s), un- formed me. home in Egan to the third floor der the direction of Tyrone Finally, ail students should be of Old Main. Sharing the floor Moore, are now on the second aware that Res. Life is being eswith Res. Life are Academic floor of Old Main by the en- pecially unflinching in its open Services (the best place to go to trance to Preston Hall. Most pro- container policy; anyone outside find or become a tutor) and Stu- fessors have their offices in with a cup, water bottle, or even dent Conduct,. 'A Preston Hall, which also houses a container with a lid or cap may Laura Zirkie, Dean of Resi- the main mailroora, arid com- be asked to dump out the contents, or provide proof that the dence Life, was kind enough to puter services. take a moment out of her busy Financial Aid and Student Ac- liquid is not alcoholic. This is not] schedule to clear up a few points. counts, which have been com- simply a Mercyworld whim; it s The staff has been really great bined to form Student Financial Pennsylvania state law, and these past few weeks. The tough- Services, are on the first floor of chances are the Erie police will est part about moving [from Old Main. This is the place to not be as understanding as your EganJ is that people don t know go to sign loan checks, ask about local RA. Simply put, anyone where we are, she says. work-study or scholarship pay- who consumes alcohol should be The Student Activities Com- ments. If you use a TAC code 1) indoors, 2) of legal age (that s mittee (SAC) is responsible for for long-distance phone service, 21, in case you didn t know), and] a lot of the free programs that you may also come here to pay 3) compliant with Res. Life staff] |1 Underagers, be aware that a would behoove freshmen and your bill. new students to be aware of, *The policy on freshmen car drinking offense will result in such as movie nights, Coffee- use is the same as it has been pre- fines, community service, loss of house concerts and trips. viously, but will be more strictly housing points and possible loss Mercyhurst Student Govern- enforced this year. No freshman ofyour driver s license, ifyou re f I ment (MSG) also deserves credit may keep a car on-campus, with caught in a car. for bringing free cable to resi- the exception of commuters and With a little legwork and a V dents this year, as well as for or- those with extreme need, for ob- patience, Mercyhurst will be^ ganizing numerous events on the vious reasons (just try finding a come much more accessible and] campus throughout the year. parking space on a weekday). It friendly. It s an exciting time to Both groups are located in the has been rumored that freshmen be young and impressionable, so Herrman Union above the Laker may begin to bring their automo- always use good judgment, ask Inn. biles on-campus in spring term, questions and, as my mother The offices for work-study and but this is not and has never says, always get a receipti housing/maintenance (which is been true, Laura Zirkie in-

Jody Malta/photographer

Homecoming celebration kicks off this weekend
Dance, pep rally, bands and vendors add to festivities
against Alderson Broaddus at 12 p.m., and football versus Northwood at 1:30 p.m. Following the games, the homecoming festivities continue on campus. A concert at Munson Plaza will open with rock group Sister Hazel, followed by country singer Kevin Denney. Vendors will be present to sell food and drinks. | Nominees for homecoming court are as follows: for Queen, Katy Delaney, Kristen Brown, Debbi Pofi and Tina Stanyard are in the running. Contenders for the King s crown are Brad Parker, :Larry Woody Woodall, Brendan Mahoney and Luke Slater. Elections will be held in the Student Union Wednesday from lla.m.-7p.m„ and Thursday from 11a.m.3p.m. Best of luck to all nominees. If you have any questions or concerns about Homecoming events, call the MSG office at ext. 2428, or SAC at ext. 2463.

West Nile virus Medio
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Contact info: Nemmerciad@mercyhurst.edu
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I r a q i t h r e a t I fe l t a c r o s s t h d p o n d : B l a i r r e s p o n d s
By Andrea Gerlin Knight Ridder Newspapers (KRT) LONDON Iraq has continued producing chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction that could be deployed within 45 minutes and has tried to acquire material for nuclear weapons in Africa, the British government said in an intelligence report Tuesday. K The report also says Saddam * Hussein s regime has up to 20 old Scud missiles with a range of 400 miles, which are capable of reaching Israel or Saudi Arabia, and has begun developing ballistic missiles with a range of more than 600 miles, which could reach British and NATO military bases in Cyprus, Greece and Turkey and which could be ready in five years. The United Nations has banned Iraq from developing missiles with a range of more than 150 kilometers (93 miles). The information in the 50-page report was based on work by Britain s Joint Intelligence Committee, which usually works in secret. British Prime Minister Tony Blair said he authorized the unprecedented release of the report to demonstrate the threat that Iraq s weapons program posed. I Quoting from the report at the beginning ofa heated emergency debate in the House of Commons, Blair repeated details down. It is up and running now. W e all know that diplomacy not backed by the threat offorce has never worked with dictators and never will, he said. Blair told the lawmakers, who gathered for the special session after weeks of rancorous public debate about Iraq, that Britain should join the United States in pressing for a stronger U.N. resolution. But he refused to be drawn in on the question of whether Britain would join a U.S.-led military strike if weapons inspections fail or whether lit would support the regime change policy that the Bush administration advocates. The Iraqi government dismissed the report as a hodgepodge of half-truths, lies, shortsighted and naive allegations and suggested that Blair provide it to the United Nations for verification. Iraq said U.N. weapons inspectors would have access to all the sites the report mentioned. His conclusions that Iraq is engaged in the production of weapons ofmass destruction are simply not true, Iraqi presidential weapons adviser Gen. Amir al Saadi said in Baghdad. His allegations are long, his evidence short. In Washington, the White House called the British dossier frightening and praised Blair for his strong defense of the U.S.-led effort against Saddam. We don t trust this man, and that s what the Blair report showed today, President Bush said after a Cabinet meeting. ( Security experts said the report did not contain much compelling new evidence, but that the intelligence agencies that supplied the information probably could not risk exposing their sources. It s definitely not the smoking gun of evidence the international community was expecting, said | Clifford Beal, editor ofthe London-based Jane s Defense Weekly. At the moment the world is being asked to take this on face value, because no government is willing to compromise its raw intelligence. The report also did not provide any support for U.S. allegations that Saddam is linked to terrorists. It did not give any evidence that Iraq is a sanctuary for alQaida terrorists and did not address the possibility that Saddam might share weapons of mass destruction with terrorist groups. Bush repeatedly has raised the threat of Saddam s possible cooperation with terrorists as a key justification for war. The 15-member U.N. Security Council is expected to begin debating Iraq policy Wednesday amid intense backroom negotiation over a proposed U.N. resolution that would demand Iraq s disarmament and possibly clear the way for military action. Although several nations have objected to the idea of military action, an official from one of the Security Council member countries, speaking on condition I of anonymity, predicted that the United Nations would not stand in Bush s way. g We all know that when the United States wants something ..., the official said, ending the sentence with a pause and chuckle that indicated a likely victory for Bush. At the White House, Bush prodded the United Nations and the Congress to take a tough stance against Iraq. A day after former Vice President Al Gore delivered a blistering critique of Bush s policy, Democrats in Congress continued to work with the White House on a resolution that would give Bush broad authority on Iraq. I think the vice president spoke for many Americans who are very concerned about the circumstances we face with regard to going to a war with Iraq, said Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, who, like Gore, is a possible Democratic presidential candidate in 2004. Those are the matters that we re attempting to work out in the resolution itself, and I think, by and large, Republicans and Democrats are prepared to give the benefit of the doubt under these circumstances to the administration.

Kit File photo

President Bush and Prime Minister Blair meet to discuss war on terroism.

about Iraq s past use of poison gas against Kurds and Iranian soldiers and its 1990 invasion of Kuwait, what he called a history of lies, obstruction, defiance and denial. He said the report s evidence that Saddam s regime retained, further developed and planned to use weapons of mass destruc-

tion, in violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions, was overwhelming and should not be ignored. His weapons ofmass destruction program is active, detailed and growing, Blair said. The policy of containment is not working. The weapons of mass destruction program is not shut

Hay hasifull dance card
vocation, not ajob. She couldn t By Emily Crofoot continue dancing in a company Contributing Writer forever, so when she heard there was an opening for a dance | * The newest faculty member of teacher at Mercyhurst, she apthe dance department, Christine plied. Hay, is delighted to be on the P I want to give the knowledge teaching staff here at and wisdom that I have learned Mercyhurst. in the past, and pass it on to othHay has performed with many ers who can benefit from it. I ballet companies, including Bal- want to keep the tradition alive. let West, Dallas, Louisville, Or- According to Hay, Mercyhurst lando, and Tampa. She first is a great place, with a wonderI heard about Mercyhurst when ful studio and friendly people. she met Tauna Hunter while perShe went on about her ambiforming at Ballet West. They tions, There are a stack of kept in touch and met again in things I want to do this year. I love choreographing, so I hope Dallas. I ve always heard so many to broaden my experience with nice things about Mercyhurst. It the shows we have this year. I ve is a good school, has a good been doing studio work for the reputation, and has a beautiful past 2 years; I like working with students, so this was a nice campus, said Hay. Hay considers dancing to be a change.

New INS tracking system implemented:
FirstAmendment infringements, racial profiling cause for concern
By Ben Finley Knight Ridder Newspapers (KRT) WASHINGTON The Immigration and Naturalization Service told Congress on Tuesday that its system for tracking foreign students will be operational by its January deadline. However, members of Congress and university leaders are concerned about the system s effectiveness. The Student Exchange and Visitor Information System will have difficulty preventing student visa fraud and cannot account for the significant number of international students who have overstayed their visas, an INS official acknowledged. Universities contend that the INS won t be able to process the information that SEVIS will col lect every semester on more than 500,000 international students who are studying in this country. % f Rep. Howard McKeon, R-Calif., noted that a Georgia professor was indicted earlier this year on charges of creating 17 fake student visas, and asked whether SEVIS could safeguard against such occurrences. No system is completely fraud-proof, said INS spokeswoman Janis Sposato. She said it would be difficult to detect fraud by a school official who was using legitimate documents. She also said SEVIS could not track international students who were in the United States illegally. Nor will the system track foreign workers or tourists who take classes part time. The cost and upkeep of SEVIS are unknown, Sposato said, although the INS would charge visa applicants up to $100 to help pay for the system. Congress created SEVIS in 1996 in response to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. One ofthe terrorists involved in the bombing had come to the United States on a student visa. A January 2003 deadline was set to have the system operating. After the Sept. 11 attacks, in which three of the hijackers had used student visas, Congress appropriated $37 million to ensure that SEVIS met that deadline. The INS is expected to oversee the system s implementation at more than 7,000 higher education institutions with a staffof 1,500 contracted workers, Sposato said. Nearly 1,000 schools currently are compliant with SEVIS, she said. But university officials worry that the deadline is too near and the resources too slim. We are somewhat concerned about how much remains to be done in a rapidly shrinking amount oftime, testified David Ward, president ofthe American Council on Education, which represents numerous higher education associations. Ward said the final rules for universities to follow regarding SEVIS had not been published. Sposato said they would be published by January. | The INS attempted to create a database of foreign students in the mid-1980s, but the lists of foreign students names and addresses just sat in a warehouse, Dixon Johnson, executive director of international student ser1 vices at the University of Southern California, said in a telephone interview. f The track record with such " innovations is not one that encourages confidence, Johnson said, * Johnson said SEVIS would be a vast improvement over the present situation if the INS had

Sports Teams-Clubs-Students Groups
Earn $i,ooo-$2,ooo this semester with a proven CampusFundraiser 3 hour fundraising event. Our programs make fundraising easy with no risks. Fundraising dates are filling quickly, so get with the program! It works. Contact CampusFundraiser at (888) 923-3238, or visit www.campusfundraiser.com

enough resources and universities and colleges got assistance. The INS has a monumental task in not only collecting the data on 500,000 international students each year but also on following up on any information it deems appropriate, John Greisberger, director ofthe office of international education at Ohio State University, said in a telephone interview. Glenn A. Fine, inspector general for the Justice Department, told Congress on Tuesday that the INS needs more resources and more staff to implement SEVIS effectively. Another topic at the hearing was the backlog of male Muslim international students applying to study in the United States, which is growing because of a policy that the Bush administration began earlier this year. The policy, independent of SEVIS, requires extensive background checks and Washington approval for men from 26 Muslim countries. The backlog is due to the newness ofthe policy combined with the beginning of fall semesters, said Stephen Edson, a spokesman for the State Department.



S Family Health Council specializes in...Birth Control, Pregnancy Testing, Gyne Exams, Emergency Contraception STD Testing & Treatment, Breast & Cervical Cancer Screening, Adoption and more! /Our office is conveniently located near campus and ourflexibleoffice hours fit anv academic schedule. /We've been providing students with affordable reproductive health care for 30 years. 1
Council, Inc.

Erie, Pa: The Great Lakes kingdoms of Tikal I and mental drug therapy, with the (Source: Jocelyn Selim, Discontain more shipwrecks than Calamakul, which were both numbers of newly infected pa- cover Magazine) those purportedly lost in the heavyweights of the ancient tients on the rise. 230,000 Bermuda Triangle, and mari- Mesoamerican world. The text Americans have unknowingly IA television near you: time archaeologists are taking also focuses on the reign ofBalaj 'contracted HIV, and 15% will be The Discovery Channel will notice. Lake Erie itself hides Chan K awiil, who was a unbeatable by known methods. present a modern forensic) about 1500 sunken crafts by a double-agent of sorts among his Sexual abstinenceand refraining analysis of one of the ancient conservative estimate, and own people. Oct, 15 would mark from I.V. drug use are still the world s most famous murders preservation of these sites must K awiil s 1377th birthday. best methods of prevention, with The Assassination ofKing be undertaken to prevent total (Source; John Noble Wilford, which is better than any cure. Tut on Sunday, Oct, 6 at 9 p.m.. loss. No one s saying that there New York Times) t (Source: Luis Miguel Ariza, Sci- combination of textual study | A are any pieces of eight to pilentific American) , from contemporary inscriptions fer, but rcconnaisance of the Yotir local bookstore: Auand medical research involving material before any further thor? Richard Preston, who Pampa, Argentina: Suspi- radiography and a very postdamage is accrued is necessary. scared us to death with The Hot ciously bird-like footprints have mortem examination of (Source: Paula Schlels, Erie Zone and The Cobra Event will been found in 210 million-year- Tutankhamen s mummy will Times-News) soon release The Demon in the old clay, possibly upsetting the shed some light on a life cut Freezer* which chronicles the theory ofthe emergence of avian tragically short Dos Pilas, Guatemala: terroristic use of anthrax and dinosaurs. Archaeopteryx, a feathered theropod, has been Archaeologists have deci- smallpox. coined as the first bird, but the If you see science happening, phered a 1500-year-old Maya text from a pyramid abandoned Anywhere, USA: Mutated Argentinian prints would appear send your submission to in 760 A.D. It details the 20- strains of HIV and AIDS are to be a distant relative of newsmerciad@mercyhurst. edu, year civil war between the proving more resistant to experi- Allosaurus and the modern owl. c/o Interface.

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Viiit us on lhe web al: www.jhchtc.org






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Good time rock and roll Service Above SelfMercy hurst Rotaract Club
During its first year the club raised money for t-shirts, promoted service over self, and had Coming to college and being a blood drive. The club also on your own is hard at first Find- became close to The Erie Roing students that have the same tary Club, who sponsors the interests as you is vital to having Rotaract Club. a good time and getting to know Returning this fall under the others. Kerri Ruschak, Danielle leadership of President Poole, and Heather Enos al 1 came Courtney -^Nicholas, the to Mercyhust College and were Mercyhurst College Rotaract interested in forming a club that Club is hoping to expand their performed acts of service community services. Nicholas throughout the Erie community and the rest of the club s officand on an international level. ers would like to raise money These three girls started the first for the child that the club Mercyhurst College Rotaract adopted last year as well as for a great international project Club in the fall of 2000. f The Rotaract Club of In November of 2000, the Mercyhurst College Rotaract Mercyhurst College will hold 'Club had a charter ceremony, in- itsfirstmeeting of the year was viting the Governor of Rotary; on Wednesday, Sept 25, 2002 Dr. William Garvey, the Presi- in Caf Diem at 9:15 p.m.. If dent of Mercyhurst College; and you are interested in joining the other individuals that helped get club and did not make the meetthe club off its feet that year. ing please contact Courtney This ceremony officially marked Nicholas at 824-3154. the start of the Rotaract Club. By Courtney Nicholas Features editor

The Shindig
By Courtney Nicholas Features editor How cool is it to be in a band? The band, The Shindig can answer that question for all you readers that arc inquiring. One of the lead vocalists for the band, Heidi Engel is a senior voice Applied Major at Mercyhurst College. The other members of the band are vocalist Laurie Roberts, guitarist Shawn Brosius, bassist and keyboard Rick Sadlier, and drummer Bryan Pietzrak. One way of describing the sound of the band is a mix between 60 s rock, R&B, and today s modem country. No matter how you describe the Shindig s music, one thing is for certain; it s about good time rock and roll. The Shindig opened for Chad Brock at the Crawford County Fairgrounds in Meadville, PA. Engel said it was a stroke of luck that the band got to open Brock s show. She commented that the crowd was amazing and really made the band feel welcome on stage. She also smiled as she admitted to getting a glimpse of Brock s tattoo! The Shindig performs performs in local clubs in the Erie Area; some being Sherlock s, Docksiders. The DogHouse, and

Merciad file photo The band The Shindig has been performing around Erie over the past year.

The CornerStone. They have also performed at clubs in Edinboro. The band also has a ( D that is being released in October. The release party is planned for Sherlock s but the band has not finalized these plans yet. The album will be self-titled. ^Trevor Huster, who produced the first

album for Train, is producing the album. Huster also plays the keyboard for the funk group Starfish. When asked what she saw herself doing with or without the band next year at this time, Engel answered with a smile, I think that I will still be with the band. It depends on how we are doing

and where we are With our career. She also said that The Shindig is in the process of signing a contract with a promoter in New York. 1 The Shindig will be performing in the Carolyn Hermann Union at Mercyhurst College on Nov. 2,2002.

To Survive College, Follow These Tips
Lisa Glass (KR T) You re an accomplished collegian. Maybe you re a' fresh man, or maybe you re a sophomore in need of guidance: In any case, you need some help. The first step to surviving college is simple. Drag yourself to class, says Maribeth Ehasz/ vice president of academic development and retention at the University of Central Florida. Grab your books, set a few alarms, and make sure you re present when the professor calls roll on day one. Another important task? Make some friends. You 11 need some contacts in the class in case you miss a day or don t understand something. And it s a great excuse to get a phone number. And, oh yeah, start doing the work immediately, Ehasz says. Even if something is not due for six weeks, if you don t get started right away you can easily get in a hole. More money, more problems: A common problem for everyone, not just collegians, is having no clue where the heck your money goes. Use a pencil and paper and keep track of your pennies, says Dara Duguay, executive director of Jumpstart Coalition, which promotes financial awareness among young people. Maybe you could buy a coffee maker instead of dishing out three bucks for a latte at Starbucks every morning. Set up a monthly budget and try to stick to it, Duguay suggests. That means figuring out how much money you re bringing in and how much you re spending (on a car payment, apartment rent, etc.). so you 11 know how much you can use for

Ron Norman, Norman Photography Courtney Nicholas recieves her Mercyhurst College Rotaract Club certificate In Nov. 2000 at the Charter Ceremony.

you re a clean freak or one of those.guys who wears his dirty boxer shorts inside out to save laundry money (not a recommended financial tip, but it may work), you can get along with your roommate. That s not to say the two of you are going to be best friends. She might like country music while you re a die-hard punk rocker, but you can have a happy existence in a 10-by-10 concrete box. It just takes a good attitude and some compromise. The most important thing is communication, Ehasz says.

Ehasz says new roomies 'shouldn t forget about safety. You have to take time to build trust with your roommates or apartment-mates, so don t put your grandmother s diamond earrings on the rim of the sink every evening. Ahead of the curve: Now that you re following all of these brilliant tips, you may think you re doing everything you can to survive college. Reality check: Life is not all parties and pennies. You re in college to prepare yourself for a future career. * It s difficult for many of us

to think beyond the moment, I HyeSo so remember to take a deep Ehasz says. But that s exactly breath and enjoy yourself. Have what you must do to realize your a wild time, but don t be a dreams _ build a portfolio for slacker. If you can manage a handful of these tips, you can the future. Ask yourself where you re pave a smooth way to fun and going, Ehasz suggests, and then fabulous years ahead. figure out what you need to do to get there. Real-world experience is key Did You Know... to building a resume. So check The now student out your school s career services department for information on accounts office was once the original college internships or apprenticeships chapel until 1933 when or use the Internet. Christ the King Chapel Lots of people look back on was constructed. college as the best time of their|

Space invaders, also known as roommates: Now that you know how to manage your money, here arc some tips on how to manage your space. Whether

By Courtney Nicholas

events planned for 2002-2003 year
President, Lauren Griglak; Secretary Rachel Confer; Treasurer Mike Foglio; and SAC Chair Jess Montana head the Executive Board. These individuals are working hard and planning events such as the new Homecoming Dance, and other events that come to campus. During fall term there are a lot of interesting things that are going on, one being 1 lomecoming. This year is the first year that Mercyhurst is holding both a prep rally and a dance, The dance will be held at the Zem Zem Shrine Club.; |iThe following day campus will be overrun with Kevin Denney and Sisiei Hazel, not to mention food vendors and other interesting activities for students to engage m. Others such as Star Wan and Jason X. offer suggestions from the students, as well as rewarding and fulfilling

Features editor Two organizations that are found on the Mercyhurst College campus that are directly linked to the students are the Mercyhurst Student Government (MSG) and Student Activities Committee (SAC). . • These two organizations inform the students of what is going on at Mercyhurst. MSG defines its purpose as the primary line of communication between the students and the administration of the college. MSG has several committees, such as Health and Safety, Housing and Residence Life, College Services and Facilities Use, Spirit Club, and Publicity and Advertising. : The representative s work on addressing problems and concerns from the students. 1 he President of MSG. David DelVecchio, Vice

Pizza & 'Stbc Student Combo

200/ E. 38th St


Dine-In, Carryout a Delivery
Large i-Topping Pizza & 1 Single Order of Breadstlcks


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Large i-Topping Pisa & h Single Order of Breadstlcks


Urge i-Topping Pizza & Single Order of Breadstlcks

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Large i-Topping Pizza & Single Order of Breadstlcks

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SEPTEMBER 26, 2002

The PAC s schedule of fall movies includes a wide range offilms,fromcomedy to documentary which promise to be one of the best movie line-ups in the program s history. The Academy Award nominated Frenchfilm,Amelie, screened this week to a great crowd. • Pax Christi had a solid turnout of students interested in the many opportunites available on campus. Kudos goes out to Jennifer Kons and all those who helped organize the event. Starting off the season with a double dose of victory, the women s Field Hockey team won both of their games this weekend

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Diploma feedback
endings and new beginAll high school did was show us how to be conformists, and And Another Thing... nings and references to liter ary figures whose quills would accessorize with brand-names turn suicidal at how bias their only. % words were evoked | Phil Pirrello I came to such a revelation this Go back, Say Anything s past summer at my sister s high Diane Court said in response to school graduation. It was a revelation that only occurs when leaving behind the mass of stu- the challenge of the brutally hindsight and cynicism set in. dents whose names I only knew honest future ahead. Hindsight is an awesome fac- via casual glances at the direc- I d have to agree. ^ ulty. It greatly affects the past we tory, I felt the chains of gym j A teacher of mine used to say presently reflect upon. And re- class routines and pointless hy- that the best four years of our cently, I have spent a lot of time perbole disguised as disciplinary lives will be lived and breathed in high school. I, being the listening to friends and acquain- action begin to loosen. All that remained were the smart ass, added on the until tances recollections about high school that are absent from faint scars of most of my young college part.. mine: senior free days, ca- life spent in education, with only And, for the most part, I was « tered, better-not-skip lunches, a cheap silk robe and a straight right. A report card to remember me Sure, the sound of the fading and the real kicker, FUN. echo of crowded hallways will Most kids at college seem to by. 4 have fond memories of their Where were all these life les- always be intoxicating. But high school years, especially sons and real world survival they don t hold a detention slip drills? Why, they were waiting to all the late light, getting-totheir senior year. But not many of us McDowell for us at college, where beer runs know-your-roommate chats, or and hassles at Financial Aid the It s about time looks your grads. \ professors give you when you When I hear kids brag about await. their senior trips to Cool Town, But regret is what closes on a show up late. In between the darkest anteUSA, I cower and pretend the Saturday night. lame post-graduation party at All any of us can do is wonder chamber ofhell and a post-grad Penbriar and a purposed trip to where high school went wrong, soir e in the Hamptons, there are those who still live the high Cleveland make up for it. Then specifically. I futilely wish to go back to Well, it wanted to prepare us. school mentality and those who It even thought it could with are just grasping the college exschool, but not to McDowell. I would go to any school where locker room chit-chats and caf- perience. laughter was substituted in the eteria politics. J And in between that little place of bitching. Where we Teenage pregnancies came and four-square, there are a few of were all Mike Ceavers growing went like slap bracelets. Words us who saw past the sea of up in a Kevin Arnold world. like random and kids were Jansports and endeavored to T rapper- become something more than Good times instead of wonder- scratched on ing why all the not-so-good Happers. anything high school had in fuzzy memories. i , The smell of gym floor will al- store. Yeah, I was a senior too. I ways bring back images of And if those smelly lockers donned the cap with giddy pride dodge ball games and dances could talk, who would have and turned the tassel with to- scored to Lady in Red. thought we d become somehell-with-it eagerness. But upon And graduation, with speeches thing more than the contents of exiting the Erie Civic Center and filled with clich d lines about our yearbooks?



Not that any of us are surprised, but another water main broke on Briggs Avenue last weekend behind the Hirt Center. Most students were without water for nearly 12 hours. Oh, freshman. Do you really think that when you leave to go out on a Friday or Saturdayj night with book bags on, anyone buys that your bags are really full of clothes and/or books? All you re missing is a neon sign, guys. It s a little thing called tad;, but you guys are young. J" The campus s internet connection is narclepsy-enducing. It makes one wonder when the Internet Revolution is gonna stop at the Hurst..

Peace, sanctions and Iraq
First-hand accounts oflife under Saddam Hussein
ing the fire of President On Thursday, Oct. 3, from 2 Hussein s hatred of the West. to 4 p.m., the Rev. Gilbert Questioning Faith Rev. Shaheen is an InternaShaheen, pastor of the Evangelitional Peacemaker, invited for cal Presbyterian Church of a second year to participate in Basrah, in the south of Iraq, will be on the Mercyhurst campus to Rev. Lyta Seddig the program. Last year, Mercy00 speak with students and faculty. hurst hosted Monique Misenga Mukuna from the Democratic Although Rev. Shaheen s 00 church is relatively young in age, Iraqi people has been enor- Republic of the Congo. it is rooted in a deep faith tradi- mous.00 International Peacemakers tion that extends as far back as According to a report by two are leaders who are engaged in the earliest centuries of Chris- former UN Coordinators for peacemaking- in their own tianity,* and Iraq is the site*of Sraq ^between five Jncl six'thou-1Sands. .•,„:.; . ., some ofthe earliest Biblical his- sand children die each month They are invited by tfre Peacetory. because of contaminated water, making Program of the PresbyWhy would Campus Ministry lack of medication, and malnu- terian Church (U.S.A.) to share 00 bring an Iraqi to Mercyhurst? trition. their experiences and further Rev. Shaheen has been deeply j£ UNICEF officials report that our understanding of the peace involved in ministering with more than 500,000 children and and justice concerns of others Iraqi refugees who fled the bor- 1.5 million adults have died fromaround the world. der with Iran during the eight- the effects of the sanctions.0 . In an often unjust and increasyear Iraq-Iran war. He has also Infant mortal ity rates have sky- ingly violent world (the stark been ministering to the needs of rocketed, and mortality rates for reality of which we so drastiIraqis suffering from the conse- al 1 age groups have escalated out cally experienced for the first quences of the sanctions im- of control. time on 9/11), we are chalposed against Iraq,* In addition, the sanctions im- lenged to understand and adFor eleven years, Iraq has been posed on Iraq have, in many dress the root causes of violence under what are perhaps the most ways, strengthened President and injustice. severe sanctions ever imposed Saddam Hussein s position Dialogue with the peacemakby the United Nations, limiting within his country and in the ers often brings about a better and monitoring trade into and Arab world. understanding of the peace and out of the Iraqi borders. ° ° By blaming his people s suf- justice issues in our own comThe original purpose of the fering on the Western world, i muni ties. sanctions was to prohibit any Hussein has polarized many in All students, faculty and staff raw materials entering Iraq that Iraq and the surrounding coun- are invited to hear Rev. could be used for the manufac- tries against the United States Shaheen s stories, find out first000 ture of illicit weapons. Later, the and its allies. hand what it is like to live unaim was to chastise the Iraqi While the political mood of the der sanctions, ask questions government for its refusal to co- United States favors a military and0'consider steps which may operate with weapons inspec- solution, past attempts to remove be taken in response to the tors." I | ! I President Hussein from power mounting tensions.00 It is unclear whether any goals have had results similar to the | For more information, contact have been met as a result of the sanctions, devastating the civil- Rev. Lyta Seddig, Protestant sanctions. The price paid by the ian population and further fuel- Campus Minister, at ext. 3348.

Ready-to-wear: Formal flair

By Megan Cvitkovic^j > Contributing writer &v I can still see it. The stiffly erect hair with not a curl out of 0 place. ' i'&The makeup overemphasized just in case it starts to wear off in two daysfromthen. The dress we won t even go there.°And of course those ridiculously high stiletto shoes, pointy enough so that you permanently relocated your baby toe to rest on top of your foot." That s right. I m speaking of the time-honored tradition of homecoming formals." Yet surely now that we are in college, it can t be quite as bad, nor quite as long and drawn out of a process. f In any case, we can look to homecoming to provide us with an excuse to put off the mountains of homework (again) and have some booty-shaking fun at 00 the dance. | f That being said, I hear the cringes of many racking their brains either trying to come up with some cool concoction or

figure out howlttp spend the least amount of money and still look 00 hot! i Fear not, we ve got craftiness on our side! With less than a week until the big dance, you realize that you still have nothing to wear. The response of most would be to head off to the mall and check out those often hideous dresses at the stores. But I implore you, hold offjnstead, run through the inventory of dresses you have collected 00 overyears. Remember that favorite dress from senior homecoming that cost a pretty penny and sat in the closet for years? Now is the time to bring it back to life. Many of us are familiar with this recycling method of dressing for formals, but let s add a twist and get creative. One simple solution is hemming. No one expects you to be a first class seamstress, but there are plenty in Erie."Instead of buying a brand new dress, pull a little cut and stitch on your old one.

Embellishment is another simple trick ,/Get funky, accessorize your getup to be a little more trendy. But when hitting the mall, have an idea of what you want and what styles look good on you. Three-quarter, and mid-calf lengths are popular and work out 0 multitudes of height problems. . Lace, bell and slit sleeves, draped Greek goddess gowns and bright colors can also be found in abundance and accordingly solve many a body shape crisis. <r f If none of the above solutions work for you, borrow from others, and then accessorize. And for all the guys who don t know where to begin, take it easy and remember that the ladies just love it when you actually take time to dress up. "If you re still having qualms, ask your friends or step outside your norm and pick up a crazy colored shirt or funky tie." Confidence looks better than any thousand dollar designer gown ever will. * Happy homecoming!







Laker Inn Fall Dinner Specials
Sunday: Laker Burger Large French Fry 20 oz. Fountain Drink Tuesday: Steel City Sandwich 2 Cookies 20 oz Drink Thursday: Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich Large French Fry 20 oz Fountain Drink Monday: Chicken Burger Large French Fry 20 oz Fountain Drink Wednesday:Grilled Chicken Sandwich Large French Fry 20 oz Drink Friday: Large Specialty Salad 2 Bread Sticks f 20 ozFountain Drink

I've been meaning to ask^you .... Why*do!they*call you •Patches'?*

Saturday: 2 Slices of Pi zzas Small Salad |2o oz Fountain Drinkl

Lunch on the Run


SEPTEMBER. 26. 2002



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Campus Question:*In-depth
One students accountfrominside Hirt
ing is a wonderful luxury to By Kerry Marshall have, but it is way out of conContributing writer trol. SO degrees is a bit chilly for my standards, but I guess I d rather suck it up and wear a When I printed my schedule sweater than roast to death in over the summer, 1 was pleas- some other classroom. antly surprised when I saw the pProblem number two: the situletters HRTC appearing in the ation with the clocks. I am sick room slot, of hearing and asking the quesI didn t mink it that the new tion What time is it? I guess I academic building, the Audrey could wear a watch, but that Hirt Center, was actually fin- would make things all too easy. ished ahead of schedule. As the Designers, it is okay to put first day of classes began, I clocks in the school. Time is a mixed in with the confusion and good thing. as I was approaching the front Another problem that isn t dientrance, the same question was rectly correlated with the Hirt on everyone s mind: Where s Center is the parking situation, my class at? For others, it was or rather the lack there of. The Where is the first floor at? closest parking lot to the new With the way the building is building is D Angelo. This lot set up, one would think that fills up very quickly. Although when you walk through the main watching peoplefightfor a parkentrance you would be on the ing space is at times amusing, it first floor. Not the case. I soon is a hazard to everyone. I have a found out that I had to go down solution: park by McAuley. It the stairs tofindany room in the isn t too bad of an idea and the exercise can do everyone some 100s. W*. As soon as I found my class- good. room, I was extremely im- Myfinalcomplaint is the lack pressed at the design of the of restrooms. Maybe I m not room. Being a communications looking hard enough, but all of major, I am used to the dun- my classes are on the first floor geon, also known as the base- and I have yet tofinda restroom. ment of Baldwin. This was a My bladder doesn t appreciate it, definitely a treat. but I have survived thus far. All of the rooms seemed to be These minor inconveniences very well made and modern, es- are a small price to pay for such pecially with the addition of a beautiful building, i technology in the classroom, I give kudos to the construcI was also excited to hear that tion crew for working so bard the new television studio was al- and having everything ready to most complete, along with many go for thatfirstday of classes. I other added benefits for the stu- look forward to the completion dents. Although I am absolutely of the building. thrilled with the new building, I I think this center will benefit do have a few complaints. students for many a trimester to § I understand that air condi t i on- come. y.

What is your opinion of the new academic building, the Hirt Center?
I think that the building is 11 ike the openness ofthe classgood for the expansion and The building is good, but too rooms. The structure is beauti- It went up really fast since I growth of the college. good. Needs more trees. ful. P |g \ I ;) visited last year. I m definitely Meghan Morse, sophomore Kevin Murtha, freshman Heather Peskorski, freshman impressed with what I have winessed so far. It s nice. [The building] It looks pretty good from the Put an information office in 3 Briana Sulivan, freshman matches the rest of the cam- outside. It actually looks fake there. pus, but the air conditioning in from far away. I haven t been Ryan McCullough, sopho- It is a great new building and there is quite annoying — is inside it yet * it is roomy so that many classes more so cold in there all the time, Steve Strohm, senior! can be taught Nice work! and you can t regulate that in It s cold in the classrooms. SarahLuzar .freshman the classroom itself. They did a good job building it There is a bad paint smell. Kasia Orzel, sophomore I think it s the ugliest, most in so short a time. That s why Anna Dunin. freshman phallic looking thing and they I m worried that something I believe the architecture is might go wrong, like [the buildtore down my old apartment While it is not in any way aes- building to build that? What s quite attractive. The class- ing wiHJ fall down. * thetically pleasing to ma* I be- up with that? rooms also seem nice. Eric Hollenbeck, sophomore lieve we are very fortunate to Mar garet Harold, freshman Kate Pacne, junior have it here. Americans need to The outside looks big, but the appreciate the conveniences we Other than the weird noises inside is much to be desired It s a great building, equipped take for granted and often do not with a lot of resources. I love and huge temperature changes, Pustyn Risner ^junior deserve. that there are computers in it s a great facility. The desks are kind of uncomfortable, It is difficult to find rooms and Lindsay Wilhelm, sopho- each classroom for the projecmore * too. tion screen. it is not marked out very well CorrieThearh, freshman Jim Pifer , sophomore Kari Claph, freshman

TV stereotypes: Fact vs. fiction
Larry Evans (Knight Ridder Newspapers) A fat woman, hair in curlers and carrying a pig, steps from an elevator. Where are they going? Not shopping on Rodeo Drive. No, the woman and the little pink porker are fans on their way to a University of Tennessee football game. That scene unfolds in a 15-second video made as a promo for College GameDay, ESPN s| overview of the day s football schedule. Tennesseans who previewed the video got steamed by the stereotypical hillbilly fashion in which they were depicted, according to the Knoxville SentinelConsequently, ESPN benched the offensive video. The entertainment industry has made fun of Southerners for so long that the laugh-seeking ESPN marketing team didn t realize it was about to step into, uh, a mess. '=• Remember the TV show Hee Haw, with its caricatures of country folks? How about the assortment of thinly drawn rednecks on The Dukes of Hazzard ? (OK, 111 concede this much: Every Southerner over the age of 35 REAL people will be sniffed has known a Boss Hogg or two.) out like rabbits by the CBS talBefore television existed, two ent hounds, who are looking in Sunday-morning comic strips mountainous, rural areas of perpetuated the hick stereotype. West Virginia, North Carolina, L il Abner, who was all Tennessee, Kentucky and Arbrawn and bib overal Is but not kansas for a family that includes much in the way of brains; and parents and children plus a Snuffy Smith, a floppy-hatted grandparent or two, according to man of the mountains who was The Washington Post 'jj never tar from a jug of moon- The idea is to put bumpkins in shine. the promised land so TV viewBelittling humor aimed at ers will laugh. Southerners and people in the What kind of Southerners do southern Appalachians, in par- you think CBS is looking for? ticular t continues in the enter - Let me guess: men and women tainment industry, as well as in in cheap, tight-fitting clothes society at large. (Heard any West whofishwith worms, speak with Virginia jokes lately?) an exaggerated Nashville twang, It is surprising, therefore, that keep dogs outdoors but take ESPN had the good sense to pull barnyard animals into the house. They are looking for Southcners the plug on the video. CBS, however, is stumbling who build little ponds of butter along toward a kudzu patch of in their grits. Southeners who criticism from Southerners marry their first cousins, trade their babies for used cars that weary of the jokes. The network plans to launch a don t run half the time, eschew new version of The Beverly shoes, carry guns, and expectoHillbillies, the 1960s show rate wads of tobacco at traffic about an extended family that lights.' emigrated out of a deep, sunless They never dance except in hollow and into glitzy Beverly cowboy boots. Hills, where everything shines They drink cold beer not dry like gold. | wine, and wear heavy, camouThis time around, there will be flage-patterned underwear. They no actors. believe Elvis is out there somewhere, race souped-up riding lawn mowers at family picnics, think golf is for sissies and believe California is a communist country. If the CBS talent scouts look hard enough, they can find the characters they set out to get. In their journey through the South, however, they will encounter more sport utility vehicles than pickup trucks. They will encounter more young Republicans than old Democrats, and a culture that lost its distinctiveness when mass culture especially TV blanketed the nation in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. In some cases, Southerners young ones became the unreal stereotypes they saw depicted on the endless hours of TV they watched while growing up. . On into adulthood those newage rebels play the characters they ve seen on TV and in Burt Reynolds movies. The unreal became real. Meanwhile, a society is in deep trouble if many ofits people look with envy upon the rich, vacuous and rootless people of Beverly Hills.

In the battle for ratings, exaggeration equals entertainment

From "cellicide" to u vomitorious

have fun with new wave of

Police and safety report
9/1S/02: Briggs Avenue: Marijuana use Lower Ramp #2: Attempted theft TuHJo Field: Theft Kristin Purdy Adam DuShole Megan Fialkovich Courtney Nicholas Phil Pirrello Mackenzie Dexter Jody Mcllo Emily Crofoot Billy Elliott Megan Eble Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor News Editor Features Editor Opinion Editor Sports Editor Photo Editor Copy Editor Production Manager Advertising Manager ed i tormerc i ad @ mercyhurst.edu entertainmentmerciad@mercyhurst.edu ne w s mere i ad @ mercyhurst.edu featuresmerciad @ mercyhurst.edu opinionmerciad @ mercyhurst.edu sport smerci ad @ mercy hurst.edu photomerciad@mercyhur8t.edu 38th and Briggs Avenue; Liquor Law violation Parking Lot #1: Theft Lewis Avenue Townhouses: Disorderly conduct; public intoxication 2ZU Lewis Avenue: Criminal mischief Parking Lot #4: Criminal mischief

prodmerciad@mercyhurst.edu admerciad @ mercyhurst.edu

The Merclad is the student-produced newspaper of Mercyhurst College. It is oublished throughout the school year, with the exception offinalsweek. Our office is in the Hirt Center, room 120. Our telephone number is 824-2376. The Merclad welcomes letters to the editor. All letters must be signed and names will be included with the letters. Although we will not edit the letters for content, a,* r^erve the right to trim letters tofit.Letters are due the Thursday before pubLation and may not be longer than 300 words. Submit letters to Box 485. J


Parking Lot #8: Liquor Law violation * ,' Briggs Avenue: Theft 9/6/02; Mercy Apartments: Liquor Law violation McAuley Hall: college violation


Maria Mills (Knight Ridder pounding fists, working up his Newspapers) Spread by e-mail, face to cry, but also looking anWeb sites and plain old-fash- gry. Robert S. Marshall, ioned, word-of-mouth, new Evanston, 111. words bounce around English Chompacuted (chom-pac-uted) faster than dictionary editors, or vt. When you get mangled and anyone else, can track. electrocuted at the same time. Often, people come up with My friend Jesse was always new terms tofil1 what dictionary scared at the elevated stations of editor Erin McKean calls getting hit by a train and kept English s semantic gaps, saying, I don t want to get where a word could exist but chompacuted!;... He is an asdoes not. piring filmmaker and plans to Many ofthe terms arise as pure use it in a film someday, so maybe it will see the Ugh t ofday whimsy. Others are sure signs of the sometime. Brendan Walsh, times, such as e-dress, an e- Chicago mail address. (That one has oc- E-dress (e-dress) n. An e-mail curred to more than one person, address. Several months ago, in as has ginormous a combina- the midst of retrieving/logging tion of gigantic and enor - daily e-mail and phone messages mous.) to paper, and quite by accident, Most made-up words never I elided the words for e-mail adgain wide circulation, but every dress into e-dress. now and then one emerges with As I read it back, I thought it quite clever, and asked my costaying power. J You never know, says workers if they had ever read or McKean, a senior editor with heard of such a term. Oxford University Press-USA | It seems to be a natural referwho was profiled in the Chicago ence to such a, now, often-used Tribune last month. As part of term. No one I have spoken to that article, the Tribune asked has seen or heard of it since I readers what new words they suggested it. have made up, or noticedA Karin Magnuson, Chicago Below is a sampling of the re- Oak (gack) nvHere s a word I plies. Judge for yourself if you made up in the 70 s.... It was think any have linguistic legs. the sound my cat made While Cellicide (cell-a-cide) n. Kill- coughing up hairballs. The word ing of pedestrians, cyclists, mo- gak later evolved from onotorists and passengers in acci- matopoeia to a noun, as in What dents caused by drivers dis- is this gak in the sink? Linda tracted by use of their cell M. Cain, Schaumburg, III. phones. Cellicidal — adj. Graetma (grate-ma) n. As my Duane Carlson, Chicago! age and family increase, I have Chillaxing (chill-axing) n. coined less cumbersome titles Chilling out and relaxing. Spot- for the matriarch/patriarch ofthe ted online and heard in conver- family. Rather than great-grandmother, I choose graetma and sation with area teens. the male graetpa. Kathleen Eng, Skokie, HI Frustankerous (frus-tank-er-us) Kinly (kin-lee) adj. Someone adj. My wife (Olena) and I have who is not blood relation, nor an invented a word to describe the in-law, but is nonetheless conbehavior of our 11 -month-old nected to a family. Such as my boy who, when he doesn t get brother s in-laws... his motherwhat he wants, acts both frus- in-law is my kinly. t trated and cantankerous. This Michelle McMullin, Aurora, behavior includes yelling,




Monkeys could make a better movie
his son, who carries Gant s latest invention: a microscopic assassin that can cause a stroke at By Megan Fialkovich the push of a button. (Since it is News editor injected via a dart, why not simply poison a dart and save a few From the Dust Returned: A billions in development costs?) Family Remembrance begins As the plot thickens, the with the relatively innocuous audience s attention span thins tale of how the House, a living Warner Bros, promotions de- to anorexic proportions. Instead entity, drew the unconventional partment has afineskill at mak- ofa dramatic, sensible revelation Elliott clan to its drafty halls ing great movie trailers for out- about Ecks and his wife s fate, and mouldering catacombs. house-bound movies,. we are greeted with one hell of Early America became a haven Now, Ballistic: Ecks vs. Severa narrative curve ball that war- for a world-weary band of vamcan join their ranks. This movie rants a refund on one s admis- pires, elves, empaths and walking skeletons who now hold suffers from having the worst sion price. title of the year and as 2002 s The Good: One nifty stunt, in- yearly gatherings for the last worst movie, so far. volving an airborne motorbike surviving members of a dying As directed by Asian film- followed by two more airborne race: the beings of fantasy and maker Kaos (a director suffering SUVs, reeks ofcool. And I guess superstition. from delusions of John Woo if you are NRA bound, the arseThe book takes its title from grandeur), Ballistic is a chaotic, nal of weapons is a nice touch. the Ash Wednesday blessing continuity-be-damned mess of The Bad: Where to begin ... bestowed by the priest as the purposeless explosions and ge- Lucy Liu s performance has all faithful receive an anointing of neric techno passing as inge- the range of a kitchen magnet, palm leaf soot on the brow. nious score. (Does she ever blink?) There is A Thousand Times The title should have been Banderas stares intensely Great Grand-m re, a onceEcks and Sever, because the titudown the film s barrel of clich s lovely pharaoh s daughter who lar subjects don t square off as and underwritten stock charac- has all but withered to dust in much as they dance around an ters, and the action scenes are her crumbling sarcophagus; inevitable pairing up at some narcoleptic in their execution. Uncle Einar, an eight-foot tall stock location like an abandoned Action scenes are more than ex- vampire who loves the gift of industrial yard, which still man- plosions and.cool, slow-mo flight; Cecy, the Dreamer, who ages to produce an abundance of stunts, as directors like Woo and sleeps in the attic while menatmospheric smoke and fire. James Cameron have proved. tally projecting herself into naThe Plot: Antonio Banderas They need to motivate the plot, tries to find pathos in a perma- not provide an excuse for one. nent five o clock shadow as Stringing along a narrative on Agent Ecks, a government op- violent, lifeless scenes like these erative whose wife is presumed is the best way to enter movie dead. That is until information oblivion, especially if your string emerges hinting that a sort of of a script is as thin as Ballistic s. rogue agent-turned-biological I fear for the future of action weapons developer, Robert Gant films. Because if these guys ac(played by Gregg Henry), may tually thought what they were By Cary Darling (KR T) have Eck s wife. But Ecks will doing was good, then what Some performers varyfromtheir have to get in line, because rouge hope do we as an audience have public personas. There s always agent Sever (Lucy Liu) wants to avoid suffering ever again the occasional headbanging Gant for revenge. So she kidnaps from anything as bad as this? rivethead who prefers Shakespeare to Slipknot or the bespectacled, would-be intellectual who s really masking rampant idiocy. But in the case of Jimmy Eat World, what you see, and hear, really seems to be what you get. They re just four average Arigo because you can try several zona Joes, who grew up amid the of their specialties and they only suburban sprawl of endless sky cost around $5.50. and sweltering sun that is Mesa, You can also have an item off near Phoenix, Four guys who of their Grilled Specials menu or make crunchy, accessible popone of their Special Orders, such rock that, faster than you can say as Taquitos, Taco Salad or a va- rock is back!, is suddenly all riety of Quesadi Ha. Even if your over the radio and MTV. More budget is extremely low, don t mature than Blink-182 yet more Hola chicos y chicas de pass El Canelo up for Taco Bell; youthful than Creed or Korn, Mercyhurst! Have you ever you can simply go in and buy Jimmy Eat World is for people wanted to try some real Mexi- items off of the side order and a who like a hearty helping of can food without making a trip la carte menus for minimal dol- hooks, hope and heartbreak. The group s fourth album, south of the border and worry- lars. Also don t forget to try some Jimmy Eat World (originally ing about the water situation? Well, for once, Erie has the an- sopapi 1 las, fried ice cream or a called Bleed American, pre-9/ choco taco; anything to cool off 11), is platinum and has spawned swer. Un restaurante, El Canelo, is the Habanero. two radio bits, The Middle and located right on West 12th Street Another great aspect of El Sweetness. So now come the and will provide for you the Canelo s authenticity is the parties and the pretties,right?In Mexican dining experience amount of cervezas they have the case of Jimmy Eat World, you re looking for. available (the funny word is featuring singer Jim Adkins, guiUpon arrival you enter what BEER to all you unsophisti- tarist Tom Linton, bassist Rick Burch and drummer Zach Lind, looks like a plain old diner, but cated college drinkers). the owner does his best to create They have nine choices, in- probably not. an authentic Mexican theme. The cluding everyone s favorite: Jim and Zach are married. I walls are painted a patriotic red, Corona. have a girlfriend and Rick has a white and green. The bar is borThey also blend up a variety girlfriend. I was raised Mormon dered by parrots, horse blankets, of Margaritas, with or without but I m not religious at all. I and plenty of paper flowers fill alcohol, available by the pitcher. don t know, I ve never been into in the blank spots. Now that s some hospitality the rock backstage party thing,

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Ecks vs. Sever. Ashes to ashes:
Ray Bradbury's From the Dust Returned
ture; and the evil prince damned to an earthly eternity for a murderous reign. The central conflict, however, deals with the black sheep. Timothy, the Elliotts adopted human son, is bound by the laws of time, gravity and space, making him the household outcast His companions are a spider, mouse and cat who understand him more than his nocturnal, ancient family members. When the dispersed others who have fled to every dark corner of the world to escape human notice converge on the House, Timothy receives a lesson in the acceptance of fate and purpose. As the imminent demise of the family approaches, the revelers recall centuries of hiding and persecution at the hands of science, reason and intellect The more perceptive creatures have begun to deteriorate simply because no one from the real world is willing to believe in them anymore; It is at this stage that twelve-year-old Timothy discovers his vocation: as scribe for his family s legacy. dazzled tans .and critics alike with a coming-of-age tale that is never as whimsical or simple as it seems; the element of the supernatural blends seamlessly with the narrative, as well as it did in 1962 s Something

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While many students may recognize Bradbury for book-report favorites The Martian Chronicles or Farenheit 451, the recipient of 2000 s National Book Foundation Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters recalls the trials and yearnings of childhood with the most delicate, melancholy touch. From the Dust Returned is the culmination of a lifetime s dabbling in the world of the unseen, the unbelievable, and the fantastic. The formative chapter was printed in short story form in Mademoiselle in 1946, and evolved into the slim volume it now is after audiences clamored for more. It s an easy, smooth read, and can be purchased at amazon.com. There are a number of used copies for Once again, Ray Bradbury has about S6.

Jimmy Eat World brings rock back into the limelight
sums up Linton, 26, in a phone for the recording of Bleed interview from Mesa. That s American aka Jimmy Eat not really us. World. By this point the band And that seems to be Jimmy s had been dropped by Capitol and world in a nutshell; it s a band needed financial help. We were, that runs fom.the dreaded like, so broke. We were barely emo tag faster than a chicken * scraping by, Linton remembers. ] at a barbecue but hews close to We had $100 in our baud the style s original intent: checking account:; dewey-eyed, down-to-earth Even so, he can t bring himboys-next-door playing emo- self to totally trash Capitol. It tional rock about love s ups and was kind of cool; they bought us downs. a van. They gave us money to I don t think I ve changed at record, he says. all, Linton says about the seemWith a new CD recorded, the ingly sudden stardom. I don t guys went shopping for a label think anyone in the band has. 1 s but this time were a little wiser. 1 been like a slow growth, with Says Linton: We pretty much our fans and stuff. We re not knew what we wanted. We said, 4 THAT big. ^ If you re going to change us at As is nearly always the case, all, we re not going to sign with the success of Jimmy Eat World you. The record s finished. Here who took the name from a it is. drawing by Linton s younger Jimmy Eat World signed with brother of another brother, DreamWorks and Bleed AmeriJimmy, eating the world was can was released last fall, a slow process, and came close steadily gaining in popularity to not happening at all. through this year. Today, Jimmy Formed in 1995, the band Eat World is considered part of quickly signed with Capitol but, the back-to-basics rock revival because of executive turnover, that includes White Stripes, The soon found itself without a Vines, The Hives and South champion at the label. Two al- Florida acts such as Dashboard bums, Static Prevails and Confessional and New Found Clarity, came and went with- Glory. out a trace. So far, Linton is happy about Well, not quite. Thanks to tour- being thrown in with such coming, word-of-mouth, sporadic pany but he s also cautious. radio play and the Internet, There s been a lot of bad music Jimmy Eat World had built a cult on the radio lately so the White following. This was especially Stripes and The H i ves are a good true in Europe and an indepen- things he says. W e 11 see what dently released compilation, happens. It s kind of hard to tell. Singles, helped raise money

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The atmosphere is also finished off with great traditional music playing in the background, and the TV is tuned into, what else? a Mexican soap opera. You might think that you ve entered the Mexico exhibit at Epcot Center, Disneyworld. The servers and staff treated us graciously, even though words were hardly spoken between us. As for the food, they start you off with a basket of fresh tortilla chips, salsa and plenty of pop to wash down the spice. I was brave enough to try the bottle of green Habanero sauce sitting on the table, Ay Carumba! A All meals are basically combinations of whatever you have a taste for: tacos, enchiladas, burritos, rice, beans and much more. Combo platters are the way to

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SPORTS W o m e n ' s ; f i e l d h o c k e y r a n k e d n i n t h i nt h e n a t i o n
Contact info: Sportsmerviad@mercyhurst.edu
By Mackenzie Dexter Sports editor The Mercyhurst women s field hockey team raised their record to 6-3 as they defeated Houghton 20, St Anselm 6-1 and Kutztown 3-2. The wins helped the Lady Lakers earn themselves a national ranking at ninth in Division II. Senior AU American forward Jeanna Hartmann, named this week s ECAC Player of the Week, scored both goals Thursday, Sept 19 as the Lady Lakers defeated Houghton College for the first time since the sport was reinstated in 1998. Hartmann scored her first goal as she tipped the ball over the Houghton goalie s head at 26:14 in the first half. Senior midfielder Mariel Zummo assisted the goal, making a cross over to Hartmann from a sidelinefreehit Hartmann scored her second goal unassisted at 66:56.* t i '-T The Lady Lakers outshot Houghton 21-4. Senior goalie Summer Kraatz made three saves as she earned her third shutout of the season. Mercyhurst went on to defeat St Anselm 6-1 Saturday, Sept. 21. St. Anslem took the early lead as they scored 6:06 into the first half. But, senior forward Fran Hollembaek tied the game with her goal at 11:25. Zummo started the play hitting the ball into the circle on a free hit. Hartmann deflected the ball around the goalie and


Jody Mello/Merciad photographer

Jody Mello/Merciad photographer


Sophomore Catrina Schaeffer takes a shot at the top of the circle against St. Anselm. Mercyhurst defeated St Anselm 8-1 this past Saturday. Hollembaek finished by hitting the ball into the back of the goal. The Lady Lakers took the lead two minutes later as Hartmann scored. Sophomore midfielder Catrina Schaeffer increased Mercyhurst s lead to 3-1 as she scored a goal from a shot at the top of the circle on a penalty corner at 24:07.

Senior Sarah D'Emilio dribbles around a St Anselm defender. D'Emilio scored a goal Sunday against Kutztown and has scored six goals this season;

Hollembaek and Hartmann each scored their second goals of the game at 39:34 and 42:17, respectively. Sophomore forward Nicole Davis finished the scoring with a goal assisted byfreshmanKatie King with only 39 seconds left in the game. Mercyhurst outshot St Anselm

28-4. The Lady Lakers also had a total of 16 comers. The Lady Lakers won their third straight game as they defeated Kutztown 3-2 Sunday, Sept 22. Senior forward Sarah D Emilio scored the only goal of the fust half at 14:19. Kutztown then tied the score 40 seconds into the sec-

ond half. Davis scored, giving the Lady Lakers a 2-1 lead, at 51:01. Hartmann scored her tenth goal of the season with a shot taken at 57:13 after a Kutztown goalie rebound to widen Mercyhurst s lead 3-1. Kutztown gave the Lady Laker s a scare as they scored one more time within the lastfivemin-

utes. But Mercyhurst held on for the win. Kraatz made six saves as the Lady Lakers outshot Kutztown 31-11. } J i Mercyhurst will begin a six game road trip playing at Slippery Rock Wednesday, Oct. 2 for a 4 p.m. game.

Former lacrosse players Merrill and Judge chosen into 2002 NLL Entry Draft
Two former Mercyhurst lacrosse players were chosen Saturday in the 2002 National Lacrosse League (NLL) Entry Draft. Tlie Toronto Rock made Patrick Merrill its #1 overall selection. Merrill, 6-0, 180 pounds from Orangeville, Ontario, finished his three-year career at Mercyhurst last spring. He was Mercyhurst s third leading scorer at midfield in 2002 and graduated last May with a degree in Sport Marketing. A Total Lacrosse analysis of Merrill is as follows: Pat Merrill, Coquitlam Adanacs an amazing defender that can go up with the play just as easily... is described as a Glenn Clark type player... brings a ton of pro caliber experience after playing two years with the Coquitlam Adanacs, where he also won a Mann Cup... was an integral part ofthe Northmen s past Minto Cup success...fitsthe Rock prototype to a T... f Meanwhile, the Columbus Landsharks selected Greg Judge, 6-0,185 pounds from Burlington, Ontario, at #28 overall. Judge was a four-year player at Mercyhurst and a 2002 co-captain He graduated last May with a degree in Business. Total Lacrosse used these words to describe him: Although Judge put in a few games for the Chiefs this past summer,] his resume really looks good when looking at this past, but extremely recent, success at Mercyhurst and the Burlington, OR As... a good face-off man that could take a lot of Columbus FO with Warder being released... an overall solid player. The NLL Entry Draft was held in Toronto. Merrill and Judge are the third and fourth players from Mercyhurst to be drafted in the NLL. The Syracuse Crunch took Bruce Alexander in the second round in 1998 and the Rochester Knighthawks chose Ted Jenner in the fust round last year.

Women runnersfinish6th while Martial Arts menfinish9th in Division IP The Mercyhurst College the 2002 National Catholic Cross Boxing women s cross country team fin- Country Invitational Friday, Sept.
ished 15th overall and 6th in Division II at the 2002 National Catholic Cross Country Invitotional Friday. Sept 20. There were a total of 110 runners who participated Junior Mindi Lauterbach finished 10th with a time of 19:40. Freshman Elizabeth Kenniston finished 15th with a time of 20:13. Sophomore Heidi Irons finished 32nd with a time of 20:49. Sophomore Karen Thomas finished 39th with a time of 21:09. Sophomore Katie Mieczkowskifinished52nd with a time of 21:27. Sophomore Stephanie Schnacke finished 79th with a time of 22:16. Junior Anne Marie Romano finished 91st with a time of 22:38. f\ The Mercyhurst College men s cross country teamfinished19th overall and 9th in Division II at 20. There were a total of 119 runners who participated. Junior Ryan Knight finished 25th with a time of 27:24. Junior David Fredrickfinished66th with a time of 28:40. Freshman Patrick Hauser finished 71st with a time Classes begin on 9/30/02 of 28:49. Freshman Neal in the Rec Center Hutchison finished 81st with a time of 29:15. Sophomore Scott Bishop finished 82nd with a time of 29:17. Senior Daniel Fairbanks (Note Date Correction!!) finished I04st with a time of 30:34. Junior Timothy Fox finished 106th with a time of 30:38. Senior Robert Quiggle finished 112th with a time of 31:55. Senior For more information Rocco Tellifinished113th with a contact: time of 32:00. $ John J. Bruno The men s and women s teams I will compete at Gannon Saturday, jbnmo@mercyhurst.edu Sept. 28. -


Women's tenFourth-ranked Saginaw nis raises overValley State defeats all record to 62 with win Mercyhurst 51-7 over Saginaw : Lakers'record dropstto 1-2 Valley, State
Fourth-ranked Saginaw Val- two interceptions. Cardinal The Lady Lakers continued to roll ley State University drove 80 quarterbacks totaled 19 of 27 for Friday, Sept.20, with a 7-2 win yards in ten plays following the 389 yards, four touchdowns, over visiting Saginaw Valley opening kickoff and never and no interceptions. SVSU State. Mercyhurst is now 6-2 overlooked back in turning back rushed 41 times for 197 yards all and 5-2 in the G LIAC, Mercyhurst 51 -7 Saturday, Sept. and three touchdowns while the The Lady Lakers started strong 21. The Cardinals are now 5-0 Lakers were held to 79 yards on by winning all three doubles matches, then took four of six lifetime against the Lakers, in- 35 attempts. Schuler had a great game singles contests. cluding 3-0 at Wickes Stadium. Before the first quarter dust punting the football, averaging Mercyhurst gave Northwood a had settled, the Cardinals scored nearly 45 yards on eight efforts. scare before bowing 5-4 Saturday, four touchdowns and opened a Senior defensive back Rob Sept. 21. The Timberwolves won 28-0 lead before a crowd of Keefc led the defense with three two of three doubles matches nearly 3,300. The advantage solo and three assisted tackles. which proved to be the difference. grew to 38-0 at ha 1 ftime and 51 - He also returned two punts for Two ofthe doubles contests were 0 after three before Mercyhurst twenty yards. decided by 9-8 scores, each team scored its lone touchdown with The loss dropped the Lakers winning one. ten minutes left on a four-yard to 1-2 overall and 0-2 in the Freshman Natalie Paparolla, pass from sophomore quarter- Oi I AC while the Cardinals im- junior Lindsay Zimm and senior back Jim Schuler to senior run- proved to 3-0 and 2-0, respec- Lauren Dujanovich won at singles ning back Craig Joseph. » tively^ 1 > |^ while the team of Dujanovich and Mercyhurst will entertain Tori Trombetta gave the Lady Both teams ran 68 plays from scrimmage, but SVSU piled up North wood Saturday, Sept. 28 at Lakers their only win at doubles. 586 yards of offense to just 222 TuUio Field at 1:30 p.m. The Mercyhurst is now 6-3 overall for the Lakers. Each team used game will be part of the and 5-3 in the conference. The three quarterbacks in the con- college s annual homecoming Lady Lakers will participate at the test Senior Brett Wcidig, sopho- celebration. 1TA Regional Championships more Clint Williams, and next weekend at Bloomsburg. Schuler combined for 17 of 33 for 143 yards, a touchdown and Info by MC Sports Information Info by MC Sports Information


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Contact info:


Wheeling Jesuit upsets Lady Laker soccer 2-0 Upcoming 'Hurst Sports Mercy hurst falls out of Division II national ranking
Wheeling Jesuit upset Mercyhurst 2-0 Saturday afternoon, Sept 21, in Wheeling, West Virginia.; Thefirstof the Cardinals goals came at 20:19 while the second came with less than two minutes to play. Wheeling Jesuit outshot Mercyhurst 12-8. Senior goalie Dayna Shelkey was credited with five saves for the Lady Lakers. The Mercyhurst Lady Lakers have dropped out of the national rankings because of the upset and have fallen from second to fifth in the Great Lakes Region. Mercyhurst had climbed to 12th nationally and to second in the Region after a 4-1 start The Lady Lakers went to 5-1 last week with a 2-1 win over visiting West Virginia Wesleyan before being blanked by the Cardinals. Mercyhurst hadn t been shut out since Ashland and the Lady Lakers played to a double overtime stalemate last October, a span of 16 matches. Mercyhurst junior forward Jessica Morgan scored her fourth Women s golf The women s golf team will be traveling to Findlay this Sunday and Monday to compete.


Field hockey

The women sfieldhockey team will begin a six-game road trip Wednesday, Oct. 2 when they travel to Slippery Rock for a 4 p.m. game.

Jody Mello/Merclad photographer

Jody Mello/Merciad photographer

Women s soccer The women s soccer team will host Edinboro Tuesday, Oct. 1 at 4 p.m.

The Lady Lakers line up before the game as the Pledge of Alle-Mercyhurst senior goalie Dayna Shelkey jumps in attempt to giance plays. make a save. I

goal of the season with just 1:2 5 left in regulation to give Mercyhurst a 2-1 win over stubbom Indiana University of Pennsylvania Tuesday afternoon, Sept. 24, at Mercyhurst. The victory improved Mercyhurst s overall

record to 6-2 while IUP fell to 3- from nearly 40 yards away with just 38 seconds left in the half. The visitors surprised The Lady Lakers outshot IUP Mercyhurst with an early goal at 24-11, but couldn t put the Indi1:04. The score remained that way ans away until Morgan s heroics. until Mercyhurst sophomore It was her second game-winner of midfield Julia Kowzan scored the season.



Wendell Barnhouse (KRT has swollen. The NCAA s operat- ment staff, which investigates alcampus) When NCAA presi- ing budget for the coming year leged and reported infractions, has dent Cedric Dempsey announced will be more than $422 million, a been understaffed and inexperihis (some say forced) resignation $75 million increase over last enced since Dempsey decided to last January, the toughest job in year s budget. The boost comes move the national headquarters from thefirstyear of the 11 -year, from metropolitan Kansas City to sports became available. Baseball commissioner? No. $6 billion television contract with Indianapolis in 1997. Coaching the Dallas Cowboys, CBS and ESPN for the NCAA Since the 1984 Supreme Court managing the New York Yankees? Tournament and other champion- ruling that stripped the NCAA s Nope. Keeping Mark Cuban ship events. control of college football teleseated during Mavericks games? And during Dempsey s watch, casts, the NCAA has had little Negatory.'Being in charge of the his job description and title more than rubber-stamp authority | NCAA is tougher than herding changed. over football. Football cats, more than 1,000 of them. The Mercyhurst football will Five years ago, the NCAA The NCAA does not control host GLIAC opponent It s like having that many changed its governance system. two of the most important comNorth wood in the Homecoming bosses, said Dempsey, who took Instead of one school, one vote to ponents of intercollegiate athletgame at 1:30 p.m. Saturdays over what was then called the ex- decide legislative matters at an ics: football television and the Sept. 28 on Tullio Field. The ecutive director s job in 1994. annual January convention, the operation of the football bowl sysgame will be televised live by It s challenging because of the NCAA is now run by several com- tem, SMU s Turner said. The Image Sports on both Erie overall size and diversity of the mittees. At the top is the execu- Bowl Championship Series Cablevision Channel 20 in the NCAA membership, Big 12 Con- tive committee, which is made up schools are now dictating the dicity and Adelphia Cable Chanrection ofintercollegiate football. ference commissioner Kevin of school presidents. nel 12 in the county. Weiberg said. There is an ongoI think what has frustrated If the NCAA is to be the associaJody Mello/Merciad photographer tion of institutions for the coordiing need to provide leadership on Cedric is the reorganization of the issues, but you don t really have governance structure, said Fred nation ofintercollegiate competi- Senior Carrie Borowski dives in attempt to make a dig for the any power. It s a challenging spot Jacoby, former commissioner of tions, there is going to have to be Men s soccer Lady Lakers. Mercyhurst was swept Saturday by Findlay, but to be in. the Southwest Conference and a resolution ol the football TV and swept Ashland the next day. The men s soccer team hosts If you re talking about having currently the commissioner of the bowl question. Alderson Broaddus Saturday. someone go around and make Lone Star Conference. Y ou have The NCAA and its leader often Sept. 28 at 12 p.m. and Truman 12-3 overall and 2-0 in the GLIAC the tug and pull between the ath- finds itself as the lightning rod for speeches about college athletics, State Sunday, Sept. 29 at 1 p.m. By Bryan Christopher and entered the weekend ranked attend fund-raisers and be the letic interests, represented by controversy. In August, the search Contributing writer before traveling to LeMoyne 22nd in Division II. front man for the NCAA, that s coaches and athletic directors, and firm in charge of putting together College in Syracuse, NY The Hurst fought back Sunday, one thing, former Southeastern the presidents, who don t want to a list of candidates announced that Wednesday, Oct. 3 for a 4 p.m. The Mercyhurst women s vol- Sept. 22 defeating Ashland Uniappear weak. Conference commissioner Roy it had interviewed 80 people. The game. Kramer said. When you re talknext day, the Black Coaches As- leyball team fell to Findlay and de- versity three games to none. With During his tenure, Dempsey ing about trying to build consen- tried to lead on legislative agen- sociation expressed its displeasure feated Ashland this weekend, im- scores of 30-19,30-24 and 34-32, they improved their conference sus on issues ... that s where the das ranging from deregulating that the search firm had not con- proving to 10-3 on the season. Rowing The Lady Lakers were swept by record to 2-1. Senior Leslie job becomes difficult. NCAA rules to amateurism to tacted the BCA about possible the University of Findlay Satur- Macko and Hughes combined for The men s and women s rowminority candidates. Baker-Parker, an Atlanta-based commercialization to cost containday, Sept. 21 3-0, by scores of 30- 25 kills and as a team they beat ing teams will host the Alumni search firm, has interviewed 80 ment to academic integrity. We have a diverse group in 25,30-25 and 30-22. Leading the the Eagles in total blocks 19-9. Race as part of the HomecomIn the new \Rgovernance\S terms of ethnicity, gender and ex- effort for Mercyhurst were freshcandidates in an effort to narrow The Lady Lakers will host ing festivities Saturday, Sept. 28 the search. The search committee structure, the executive commit- perience, said Tulsa President man Kari Clapham with 32 assists) r T • Michigan Tech, Lake Superior at 10:30 a.m. hopes to interview three or four tee expects more leadership out of Bob Lawless, chairman of the and sophomore Lyndsi Hughes State and Northern Michigan this finalists by late October. The new the president s role without giv- five-member search committee with 13 kills. Findlay improved to weekend. ing any power to lead, Dempsey that includes two white men, two NCAA leader will need to be in place by Jan. 1 when Dempsey s said. I found myself leading and women and an African-American. having no one following. The term officially expires. Weiberg believes that the next | Despite an annual compensation membership sees the primary re- NCAA leader needs experience in package estimated at nearly $1 sponsibility of the NCAA as one federal government in order to million a year, most of the popu- of service, not leadership. seek some relief from Congress in lar choices to succeed Dempsey It s difficult at the institutional several areas. Jacoby says the new have said they re not interested. level to see what s best for the boss needs a vision for the next Big Ten Conference commis- majority compared to what is best 10 years. Western Athletic Consioner Jim Delany, sitting presi- for that institution. That s never ference commissioner Kai I dents Gerald Turner ofSMU, Bud been more evident. Benson says someone with expeShaw of Syracuse and Donna Many of us in the membership rience in athletics, higher educaShalalu of Miami have all ex- found it difficu11 to figure out the tion, politics and the business pressed their lack of interest. priorities of Cedric s administra- world would be a good fit. Other possible candidates in- tion, Weiberg said. I think Ced time. Freshman Pat Staab and se- Despite outscoring Salem InterAll in all, it s a tough job, said By Bryan Christopher clude former U.S. Senator Bill will be known as someone who Turnei one of thefinalistsfor the Contributing writer nior Nate McHale combined foi national 3-2 in the second half, Bradley, former Kansas chancel- raised a lot of important issues, but job when Dempsey was hired in 13 Laker saves in goal, and Jun- Mercyhurst again fell to defeat by lor Gene Budig and Dan Boggan, will probably be best known for 1994. The NCAA president does The Laker water polo team suf- ior Ryan Moton, senior Chris a score of 10-4 Sunday, Sepi 22. NCAA senior vice president and negotiating a $6 billion deal with not have a clear constituency on fered losses to Gannon, Slippery Anderson, Staab and McHale all Forgea scored twice while freshchief operating officer. man Kyle Wilson and Anderson CBS. '. y which to depend. The presidents Rock and Salem International this scored. No matter who gets the job, that Other than the three weeks in of the individual universities mak- past weekend, falling to 0-8 on the Saturday, Sept. 21, Slippery added a goal each. person faces challenges that didn t March when it runs the lucrative ing up his board of directors have season. Rock University scored all nine of The loss dropped the Lakers to perplex previous NCAA bosses, NCAA Tournament, the NCAA much stronger allegiances to the The team lost to Gannon 12-4 their goals in the first half. Senior 0-3 in the Collegiate Water Polo such as Walter Byers (1951-87) has little say in college athletics, issues of their individual cam- Friday, Sept. 20. Not able to Darren Forgea scored the lone Association South division* They and Dick Shultz (1987-94), | The rules it administers are passed puses. As a result, it is a job with bounce back from a 5-0 deficit, the Laker goal as the night ended 9- play next at Washington end For one thing, the bottom line by member schools. Its enforce- a lot of pressure and few friends. Knights lead grew to 9-2 by half-'j 1. Jefferson Tuesday, (M, I at 5 p.m.

New NCAA president will Mercyhurst have to face many challenges women's volleyball sweeps Ashland

Shelkey made four saves for Mercyhurst. Mercyhurst won t play again until Tuesday, Oct. 1, when Women s tennis Edinboro visits for a 4 p.m. con- The women s tennis team will test. compete in the IT.A. Regional Info by MC Sports Information Championships this Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Competition will take place in BI oomsburg; PA.

Cross country The men s and women s cross country teams will race against Sannon Saturday. Sept. 28.

Women s volleyball
The women s volleyball team will be hosting Michigan Tech, Lake Superior State and North-, em Michigan in the MAC this weekend. Michigan Tech will play the Lady Lakers at 7 p.m. Friday, Sept. 27, Lake Superior State will visit 2 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 28 and Northern Michigan will play Mercyhurst at 1 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 29.

Men's water polojteam falls to 0-8 overall and 0-3 in CWPA

Darren Forgea scores threegoals in losses