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Bush slipping t
For thefirsttimesince Sept 11,2001, public approval of President Bush has dropped below 60%. Percent who approve of the way Bush is handling his job}
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College president responds to sexual assault concerns * ^ P trial
By Kristin Pu rdy Editor-in-Chief After this fall's sexual assault on campus, the Mercyhurst community has increased its awareness regarding sexual assault and harassment involving students, faculty and administration. Not only are students concerned about their welfare and safety, but the college encourages awareness and recognition of any alleged sexual assault or harassment. Contrary to rumors circulating among staff and students, Mercyhurst President William P. Garvey said the college has never shielded any student from an investigation of any alleged incident in order to protect and preserve the image of the college. Garvey did assert that an individual has the right to be regarded as innocent until proven guilty. "We have never protected [any student]. I am not aware of any situation where that has occurred," Garvey said. "Nothing is more important than our kids. We are not going to cover up anything as offensive as a rape." Rumors may have circulated from last year, where a student was suspected of sexually assaulting more than one female on campus. The problem of] fully investigating the case arose when the women did not submit a formal complaint. According to Garvey, after one woman came forward,


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By Leslie Echan Contributing writer Last week, Wednesday, Jan. 8 at the Erie County Central Court, a Mercyhurst College student testified that a man she did not know held her against her will and raped her on Oct. 6, 2002. DNA was presented in court, against 21-year-old Jason Barnes. Barnes is from Mentor, Ohio. He said he was visiting a friend on campus. Barnes, who was set free on $40,000 bond in December, returned to court and now faces charges of rape, sexual assault, burglary and simple assault. According to the Erie Times News, Barnes claims that he mistook the woman he had sex with as another he met earlier that night. He also said that the woman did not say "no" to the sexual act. The victim claims that she asked the intruder to "get
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College president William P. Garvey


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Campus Events
Jan. 16 - Inter/Varsity Christian Fellowship meeting in D'Angelo 19 at 8:15 p.m. r

J a n . 1 7 - P o l a r Bear Swim at Mercyhurst NE from 1-4 p.m. Shuttle available. Jan. 1 7 - Honor's mixer in HirtM200 from 7-9 p.m. Jan. 1 7 - D u c t tape a professor in the Union from 11:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. Jan. 18 - Battle ofthe Bands in Walker Recital Hall at 10 p.m. J a n . 20-24 - "Human Race Machine" - experiment with variations ofyour ethnic image on a computer in the Union. J a n . 20 - "Boycott" movie shown in the Union continuously. Jan. 21 - Taize prayer in the Union Chapel at 7 p.m

not prove that a sexual assault occurred due to lack of evidence. "We have referred every case for prosecution where the girl was willing to go forward with the full support of the college," said Garvey. In addition, the college is going to continue to turn cases over to the Erie Police. Mercyhurst does not have the jurisdiction or the expertise to handle such cases. Garvey suspects that there may be cases of date rape on campus that arc not reported because the| victim does not come forward. Although the president states that the college has urged rape victims to come forward, victims may feel embarrassed or responsible. The college has made attempts to better educate students about sexual misconduct through mandatory lectures. These lectures, while mandatory for all freshmen as a part of orientation, should be mandatorv for all

Jason Barnes was formally charged with four criminal charges on Wednesday. Jan. 8 at the Erie County Central Courthouse. Police and Safety has increased the amount of surveillance cameras around campus, and has proposed two ideas in order to ensure the students' safety. The first proposal includes a student card with a Global Tracking System that would include an alarm button, enabling campus police to track| and identify the student. Once traced, campus police could switch a camera to the area and get to the exact spot within minutes. The second proposal includes the consideration of opening a substation of campus police and safety near Lewis Ave. Located in the middle ofthe housing area, officers could respond quicker to problems within the area.


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Over an hour before the alleged sexual assault, two other girls claimed that Barnes broke into their apartment and fondled them. District Justice, Joseph, Lefaiver withheld a ruling on two indecent assault charges on the other girls. A hearing has yet to be set for Barnes and his attorney, | Tim George.

though, the city police could students, Garvey said.

Mercyhurst International
By Peter Wolinsky Contributing writer person who most supports internationalizing the campus is college president Dr. William P. Garvey. That's why next year, new scholarships for other students from Ireland, Canada, Poland, Finland, Central South America, Scandinavia and more others, are expected to be given. Eric Evans just came back from Honduras, where he was presenting Mercyhurst to young people thinking of studying in U.S. Every international student at Mercyhurst has some kind of scholarship. "Without a scholarship most kids from our country could not afford studying abroad," Anna Dunin, one of the polish students in Erie, says. The John F. Kennedy Irish Scholarship, Erie - Lublin Sister Cities Scholarship and many more, make the students dreams come true. Is it a hard decision, too often travel few thousand miles away from home, and change your life completely? "When I got into Mercyhurst College, 1 was delighted, but then came other thoughts, more down to earth," I won a Petruczynik said. "OK, my dream came true, but this means I have to leave my 'old life', m> family, friends, all I know so well, all I grew up in and start a completely new life in a new society, new country, even on a new contincnt." i I "Despite all the doubts. of whether I will manage to cope with the problems, my inborn desire for adventures won and I decided to take a chance and accept the scholarship. And so, here I am, a proud student of Mercyhurst College in Erie," Petruczynik says, "Although most of Mercyhurst students laugh at our school's motto, 'Carpe Diem' is really close to international students at Mercyhurst," Beata Lukasik, Communications major from Poland adds. Mercyhurst can be an ideal place for a student from another country. School is taking care about all the stuff usually your parents would care about, you 'just' have to study and enjoy one of your biggest adventures ever. According to Katie Putney, a sophomore from Ireland, "Mercyhurst was different than 1 expected; however, the standard of education is very high, I have a wonderful group of friends, and 11 earn something new about being independent every day, being a few thousands miles away from home."

Mercyhurst is getting more and more open to other cultures. The number of international students attending the college reached 98 this year, bringing new faces, accents th and points of view to East 38 Street in Erie. Mercyhurst is not alone. According to the report published by the Institute of International Education, the number of students from other countries in U.S. colleges increased by Ijody Mello/Merciad Photographer 6>4o/o }n 2002, and reached a Signs were postedon the n e w record of 582,996 nalionmain level of Hirt, poking a l l A s i a i s a l e a d i n g p l a c e o f fun at the already existing . . r,u „ „Q„„iQ 7 , .. J ° origin of those young people, b contributors. . „ r .. ' . v „ especially India, China, Korea ~~ — ]t comprises 56% anc j j a p a n Ind6X of all international enrollments, .. , followed by Europe (14%), N e w s l Latin America (12%), the MidNeWS 2 die East (7%), Africa (6%) and News i 3 North America and Oceania „ '""' - ; V A (5%). f eatures ** -Those numbers are quite difFeatures 5 ferent at Mercyhurst. Canada Ovinion 6 is the leading homeland of our . . ~ internationals (60 students), Opinion.... / followed by Ireland and Poland A &E. 8 (both 9 students). Third place A j>u 9 is the United Kingdom with 7 . iA people. f 3c opOTtS, According to Eric Evans, Sports 11 from Mercyhurst's InternaSnorts 12 tional Admissions office, the

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from mmeh country

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Canada ffottnd Poland United Kingdom* Uganda

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Paru, India, Norway, M#XlCO>) Southed•. Slovakia, China 1 Philippine Turkey





JANUARY 16,2003

By Steve Mills Knight Ridder Newspaper


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New debate on capital punishment
tion of the secretary of state's history in his final days in ofoffice while Ryan was in fice. On Saturday, he cleared charge. Ryan was frequently Death Row with a blanket comGeorge Ryan's Death Row accused of trying to divert at- mutation. pardons and mass clemency in tention from the scandal, an alThe death sentences of 164 Illinois are likely to spark a more legation he repeatedly denied. inmates were commuted to life intense national debate on capital punishment, but their effect will not be immediately felt in some states. In Texas, 13 inmates are scheduled to be put to death over the next six weeks including seven over a two-week stretch setting the nation's busiest death chamber on an early pace for a record year. Still, death penalty opponents hope that once the immediate fury among supporters of capital punishment fades, Ryan's; actions and the numerous reforms he had urged will prompt KRT a greater debate and discussion Gov. George Ryan declares the state's capital of one of the nation's most di- punishment system is "haunted by the demon of error." visive social issues. "Once the smoke clears from "Those people who believe in prison without possibility of the emotional reactions of vic- that this is going to be some parole, and three others were tims' fam i lies and the less un- clarion call for reform are sad- shortened to 40 years. derstandable pique of prosecu- ly mistaken for all the same reaRyan said he considered the tors ... it is going to raise the sons that many thoughtful peo- possibility the commutations level of dialogue about capital ple urged Ryan not to grant would harm chances for repunishment and criminal justice clemency," said Joshua Mar- forms in Illinois. in general and that's significant quis, an Oregon prosecutor and But he said he concluded that right there," said Barry Scheck, the chairman of the capital liti- if there was a Backlash, it co-founder of the Innocence gation committee ofthe National would not last long. And he Project at Cardozo Law School District Attorney's Association. pointed to a statement from Ilin New York. "If George Ryan had been linois Senate President Emil Many prosecutors, however, running for re-election and he'd Jones, D-Chicago, who said expect Ryan's actions to slow, done this, that would have had criminal justice reform would be a top priority. ifnot kil 1, death penalty reform. a lot more impact." Ryan, who reset the national In part, they believe the The governor refused to take outgoing governor's motiva- death penalty debate when he a position on how other govertions were suspect because of declared a moratorium on exe- nors deal with capital punisha federal corruption investiga- cutions in January 2000, made ment, saying they had to make peace with themselves. Experts across the country said Ryan's decision probably will further isolate the death penalty into the corners of the nation where it is practiced most often such as Texas and Virginia, which have accounted for nearly half of all executions since capital punishment was reinstated in the mid1970s. I J Thirty-eight states have the death penalty; 12 do not. Richard Dieter, of the Death Penalty Information Center, said the commutations probably would fuel a trend toward fewer states using the death penalty both in the number of death sentences and in its execution. The 155 death sentences imposed by juries in 2001 were about half of the annual average of 300 for the previous five years. In addition states have added statutes for life without possibility of pa; role. I v George Kendall, a staff attorney for the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, said the commutations may also embolden governors to grant clemency in execution cases that give them pause. "In a year from now, I think there will be more clemencies," he said. . "If you're in North Carolina and you grant clemency, it's going to look like small) potatoes. This will allow governors to use that power."

Court has ordered to pay $2.9 million for scrapping project
By L. Stuart Ditzen Knight R idder Newspaper The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ordered the University of Pennsylvania to pay $2.9 million to a professor for destroying a unique cancer-research project the man had spent 20 years developing. The high court said it had "little difficulty" in concluding that officials of Penn's School of Veterinary Medicine had worked an injustice on faculty member Jorge F. Ferrer, 71, whose research program collapsed when he was barred from it in 1991. The 3-2 ruling, issued Dec. 31, upheld a 1998 Philadelphia Common Pleas Court jury verdict in Ferrer's favor. The Supreme Court, however, reduced the jury's $5 milp

lion award, saying $2.9 million plus interest was the maximum justified by the evidence. The state Superior Court earlier had vacated the jury's verdict on the basis that Ferrer, who remains a faculty member at the veterinary! school, had not suffered financial harm. f Ron Ozio, a spokesman for Penn, declined comment last week, saying university lawyers had not seen the Supreme Court ruling. Thomas A. Sprague, an attorney for Ferrer, said the court's ruling struck a blow for academic freedom. "What happened here was nothing short of outrageous,"; Sprague said. Ferrer "was one of the country's leading scientists, and he had a cuttingedge research program until it was killed by the university."

At University of Iowa, students debate meaning of word 'no'l
By Barbara Brotman Knight Ridder Newspaper ed intimate contact" on the victim, he told a sex-offender counselor hired by his attorneys that the sex was consensual. Roling told Fangman he isn't sure where the truth lies. But if the woman willingly performed oral sex, he asked Fangman, doesn't that mean she was consenting to sex? "If you put yourself in my bed, naked, and give me (oral sex), what do you think I'm going to do?" he said. Fangman furiously retorted that the woman had not put herself into Pierce's bed, and that no matter what transpires between a man and a woman, as soon as a woman says no, consent is clearly withdrawn. The fact that some people are questioning the woman's veracity enrages some students. "Thefirstthing people say (in a date rape case) is, "What did she do to get herself in that position, how did she provoke him?'" said Maureen McCartney, 20, a journalism major. And a shocking number of men at the school think it is acceptable to violate females, the sorority women said. Of the 55 members of two pledge classes at their house, Osgood said, she knows of 10 who have been raped. She knows of only one who contacted police, and that young woman did not press charges, Osgood said. I Tf a woman doesn't want to have sex, she said, she shouldn't get herself into situations where her judgment or a man's could be impaired. And there are men who say that regardless ofthe circumstances or the woman's blood alcohol level, no means no "no matter how far it's gone," specified political science major Matthew Wyatt, 19. "Just because she's taken her clothes off, she is not obligated (to engage in sex). Everyone can change their mind, at any point." I Some male students said that women sometimes send mixed signals. "She might tell you no, but she still might be leading you on," said Lee Gray, 20, a defensive lineman for the Iowa Hawkeyes. "She's touching me, looking at me in certain ways, doing certain things ... It's hard to judge. It's confusing." Women may be confused themselves, said Kimberly Bet-1 ton. :'; 1 A lot of times, especially in college, women get into situa-1 tions where they weren't planning to have sex, and they're feeling unsure," she said. "I think a lot of women come here unsure of themselves and the whole sexuality thing. I think they may say yes, but be unsure that they mean yes.... It's very gray."

A group linked to Arafat's Fatah movement, claimed responsibilityfor the attacks

Kelly Fangman and Tim Roling have been friends for almost all their lives. Lately, though, they find themselves arguing fiercely over the subject that has consumed many on the University of Iowa campus: Pierre Pierce and date rape. Pierce, of west suburban Westmont, is a star basketball player at the school who last month pleaded guilty to assault causing injury after a female athlete at the school told police Foreign Affairs spokesman. where there are many foreign Pierce raped her. He was origiSunday's suicide bombings By Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson "These terrorists have docu- workers," Tel Aviv police chief nally charged with felony sexwere the worst attacks since a Knight Ridder Newspaper ments; these terrorists have Yossi Sedbon told Israel Army ual assault, but as part ofa plea June bus bombing in Jerusalem explosives; these terrorists have Radio. This was the third time agreement entered a guilty plea killed 19 passengers and trigto the misdemeanor charge. He monetary support." Two suicide bombers blew gered Israel's reoccupation of the packed neighborhood had was sentenced to a year ofprothemselves up within seconds most West Bank towns in an President Bush quickly con- been targeted by terrorists in the bation, 200 hours of commuof each other Sunday evening, attempt to prevent such suicide demned Sunday's attacks "in past 12 months. nity service and ordered to unkilling themselves and at least bombings. The Palestinian Au- the strongest possible terms," "They were very strong ex- dergo counseling. 22 people, and injuring more thority strongly denounced the said White House spokeswom- plosive devices," said police The incident has riveted and than 100 others in a neighbor- attacks and condemned the kill- an Claire Buchan said. "There spokesman Gil Kleinman. "In hood packed with foreign ing of all civilians, whether Is- are those who want to derail the each case, metal fragments riven the campus. Some sturaelis or Palestinians. The Pal- peace process. But the president were added to the explosives dents furiously contend that workers. estinian Authority promised to will not be deterred. Innocent to increase the amount of Pierce, 19, a former prep basThe al Aqsa Martyrs' Briketball star at Westmont High punish those involved. people have a right to live in death." | gades, a group linked to Yasser School, was treated more lesafety." #f I Arafat's Fatah movement, Many of the victims of SunCabinet Minister Yasser Abed niently by the school because claimed responsibility for the Rabbo said those responsible In the neighborhood of the day's attacks were foreign he is an athlete. Pierce remains attacks. It identified the suicide are "serving the Sharon electoral Old Central Bus Station, onlook- workers who had stopped on full athletic scholarship and bombers as two of its mem- campaign." Israeli elections are ers watched in quiet disbelief] for a beer at one of the cafes on the team, although he will bers: Murad Abdul Rahman scheduled later this month, and as rescue workers and police or to pick up groceries in tiny not be allowed to compete this Khulafa, 21, and Smaer Immad political observers say suicide dogs searched for victims late stores dotting the neighboryear, rhere have been protests, Nori, 19, both of Nablus. bombings boost the popularity into Sunday night. According to hood. petition drives and calls for firThe blasts were so strong that ing basketball coach Steve A1Only hours after the Tel Aviv of hard-line candidates who Israeli police, one bomber blew explosions, Israeli Apache heli- advocate strong military action himselfup infrontof a Chinese people inside houses and shops ford, who after Pierce was arrestaurant on a street lined with were injured. The bombers, copters bombed sites in Gaza against the Palestinians. rested said he believed that the City, hitting two Palestinian Israeli officials insisted that cafes and shops; the other did who blew up about 200 yards player was innocent. Authority offices and a build- regardless ofwhich Palestinian so seconds later in front of a apart, each were wearing 33 And the case has opened heating in the market, Israel State faction carried out the attack, bus stop 200 yards away. Sur- pounds of explosives, accorded discussions among students vivors fled the neighborhood ing to Israel State Radio. Radio reported. Israeli Prime Arafat is to blame. Minister Ariel Sharon had asPolice were searching Sunday about I lie rules of sexual en"Terrorists have the infra- that was streaked with blood sembled his security cabinet structure to commit these at- and littered night for a black Honda Civic gagement; about the lines bebefore the Gaza strike, and they tacks because the Palestinian with glass. that was seen speeding away tween sexual freedom and recontinued to meet late into the Authority gives it to them," said "Two explosions happened in from the scene of the attack sponsibility; and about wheth er date rape is an act of predanight. David Saranga, a Ministry of parallel streets ... It's a place toward the West Bank. tory violence or an alcohol fueled misunderstanding. Fangman, 23, who graduated in May but still works at the university athletic center, said date rape is appallingly common atUI. J She thinks a lot of young men tion. to talk, not negotiate," Fleis- come to college without knowtors. By Michael A. Lev "I believe there is no In Washington, the Bush ad- cher told reporters. "North ing exactly what rape is. Knight Ridder Newspaper problem that can't be solved ministration elaborated on Korea wants to take the world But her friend Roling, 22, an through dialogue," Kim said. Kelly's offer to consider help- through its blackmail play- economics majoi who also In Vienna, the U.N.'s nuclear ing with North Korea's energy book, but we won't play." After days of escalating tenworks at the athletic center and sion over North Korea's nu- watchdog agency said on needs ifit stops its nuclear acNorth Korea is in desperate knows and likes Pierce, quesclear activities, the focus has Monday that it wanted to give tivities. economic straits and has a his- tioned the woman's story in the shifted to quiet diplomacy in diplomacy an opportunity to The administration insisted tory of using menacing behav- case. South Korea, where officials resolve the stand-off before that it was not changing strate- ior and threats to extract fiShe told police that she and a suggested that a solution to the it goes to the Security Council. gies, but in offering a carrot nancial aid and concessions friend went to the home Pierce nuclear standoff might be The International Atomic En- rather than a stick, it seemed from the West. shares with two other players found by talking. ergy Agency indicated it would clear that the United States, at In its conflict with the Bush because she had been drinking The change in atmosphere hold off on holding an emer- least for the moment, was mov- administration, it has violated and wanted a ride home. was noticeable, if subtle. gency board meeting, where it ing awayfromthreatening sanc- a 1994 deal to freeze its nuShe was in an unoccupied would be expected to discuss tions or military action and clos- clear activities by secretly enAmerican envoy James Kelly, whether to pass the issue to the er to a diplomatic formula riching uranium and moving to bedroom, she said, when Pierce who held a second day of talks came in and tried to remove her Security Council. to bring North Korea back in restart its nuclear reactors. with South Korean leaders shirt. She told him she did not line. Tuesday, has emphasized for In Moscow, Reuters reportAs if to emphasize South want to have sex, but then the first time that North Ko- ed that North Korean AmbasWhite House press secretary Korea's interest in keeping the agreed to perform oral sex in rea might reap specific bene- sador Pak Ui Chun avoided an AH Fleischer said the adminis- focus on diplomacy, Seoul fits ifit abandoned its nuclear opportunity to add fuel to thej tration's insistence on not re- planned to accept a proposal hopes that he would not insist fire by merely restating on warding North Korea for bad from the North to hold a new on intercourse, she said Pierce ambitions. JJ Monday Pyongyang's position behavior has not changed: round of inter-Korean talks then pinned her arms and forcMeanwhile, South Korea's; that it has no plans to produce Washington continues to de- here next week, according to ibly penetrated her, she told President Kim Dae Jung unpolice. derscored on Monday that di- nuclear weapons and would al- mand that North Korea act first. the Web site ofthe newspaper Though Pierce publicly apollow verification by U.S. inspec Chosun Ilbo. plomacy is the key to a solu "The United States is willing ogized for forcing "unwarranflj

Suicide attacks in Tel Aviv leave at least 22 dead

U.S. tries diplomacy in North Korea

Officials suggested that a solution to the nuclear standoffmight befound by talking


i /

JANUARY 16,2003



Student tax proposed Hisle Police and Safety tax to benefit students in Erie County
By Kristin Purdy Editor-in-Chief Last week, Mayor Fillippi proposed the idea of taxing college students in the city for a police and fire service. Both Gannon and Mercyhurst campuses would be considered in this proposal, as Gannon is located in downtown Erie and Mercyhurst's campus covers roughly six city blocks of the city of Erie. Along with other mayors nationwide, Fillippi shares the concerns of bringing more revenue into cities with an increase of taxes. While 40 percent ofthe city is not taxable because of not-for-profit organizations, funding for services such as police and fire safety is increasingly needed. "The city is desperate for money and looking elsewhere ifor revenue. As the city prospers, it's a better place for students to be," said college president William P. Garvey. With the size and population of Mercyhurst growing, the college has been relying on the city for certain services including using Erie Police to handle sexual assault cases and By Jessica Tobin Contributing Writer

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Mercyhurst celebrates Martin Luther King, Jr.

lives on

File photo

Guests of the ribbon cutting event at the Erie Intermodal Transportation Center included the Honorable Phil English, City of Erie Mayor Rick Filippi, and Penndot Deputy Secretary Rick Peltz. >

responding to handling rowdy parties, and using the fire stations to respond to fire alarms. Fillippi suggested a $50 student fee for these services, increasing city tax revenue by an additional $150,000. •; While Garvey noted that the response was an initial agreement in the principle ofthe idea, "Only the Board of Trustees can make this decision."

If the Board approves the proposal, the college would find a way to take the money out of its revenue base rather than to assess students individual ly, Garvey said. In lieu of imposing this service tax on students, Mercyhurst would pick up the cost. No formal proposal has been made yet because the city budget has already passed.

Keep an eye on your crewl
By Kelly Rose Duttine

your ship


News editor From the inspiring tale of rescuing survivors from the 9-11 attacks to chance the history of Naval efficiency with grassroots leadership, the 2002-2003 Distinguished Speaker Series is proving to keep the Mercyhurst College community on the edge of our red PAC seats. Mercyhurst College announced its second speaker in the Distinguished Speaker Series, D. Michael Abrashoff. The leadership focused lecture took place on Wednesday Jan. 15, 2003 at 8 p.m. in the Mary D'Angelo Performing Arts Center. ;: Abrashoff spoke about his innovative model of grassroots leadership, which has led him to be the founder of CEO of GrassRoots leadership corporation in Boston, Mass.

new method of leadership for the navy included "commitment and cohesion" method. Presently, Abrashoff is helping d i fferent companies develop by helping corporate America learn to focus on employees, similar to Abrashoffs crew. A naval officer and a File photo CEO face many of the same D. Michael Abrashoff problems with their crews such A graduate 1982 ofthe Naval as low morale, high turnover, lack of productivity, and cost Academy of Annapolis, Abrashoff told the inspiring sto- overruns are a few examples. By using Abrashoffs style of ry of when he was a 36-year old captain working with a de- leadership in the day to day operations oftheir workplace, emmoralized crew. There was high turnover and low produc- ployers learn to use personality and sensitivity to human needs tivity with his crew, until he implemented a new set ofman- in order to bring out the best of people, letting everyone win. agement techniques and a new Certainly, students of all maleadership style which changed the entire course of naval effi- jors and future professions benefited from another Distinciency. For-200 years, the Navy had guished Speaker D. Michael used the "command and con- Abrashoff and leadership ideas. trol" directive. Abrashoffs

On Jan. 20-24, Mercyhurst | College will join the city of Erie and it's neighboring universities to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr., one of our country's best known advocates of civil rights. We celebrate his legacy with] many events this week in order to honor his heroism. Martin Luther King was a man seeking "Justice for all," just as our country's pledge states. Marvin Jones ofMSG/ SAC Diversity 101 quotes, "King was the epitome of human rights, and it's a little eerie that he knew social justice would eventually happen and yet he knew he wouldn't live to see it. He is a hero to all and our country wouldn't be the same without his hard work and activism." On Monday January 20, the Martin Luther King memorial march will begin at 12 p.m. at city hall at Sixth and State Street. All students at Mercyhurst are welcome and encouraged to attend. Shuttles will run from the Catherine Hermann Student Union at 11, 11:15, and 11:30. The march ends at the Martin Luther King center on Chestnut Street, and can bring students back to Mercyhurst, or to the Warner Theatre. At the Warner Theatre, a memorial service will be held in honor of Dr. King from 1:30 to 3 p.m. Dr. Garvey will introduce State Senator of Georgia John Lewis who will deliver a speech. Students can attend this event even if they do not attend the march. A shuttle will leave the Union


Martin Luther King, Jr., founder of the modern civil rights movement, will be celebrated Jan. 20-24,2003. \

at 1:15 p.m. and return after the service at 3 p.m. On campus. Multicultural Affairs and Diversity 101 are sponsoring the movie "Boycott" and will show it from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Student Union. The movie chronicles the life of Martin Luther King Jr. and should be a memorable presentation. Make sure to stop by the Union and watch first hand some ofthe things Dr. King did as a social rights activist. Also located in the union will be the "Human Race Machine". It will be set up Jan. 20 -24 and is sponsored by the MSG Cultural Awareness Committee. The machine allows students to see themselves as different races and ages. It was created by Nancy Burson, an artist who concentrates on the human

face. She challenges us to examine our judgments of one another by our faces. "The Human Race Machine is really my prayer for racial equality... it is an opportunity to move beyond our differences and arrive at sameness. The more we recognize ourselves in others, the more we can connect the human race," said Burson. Special thanks go to all of those involved in making Martin Luther King Jr. Day happen on our campus, including Marvin Jones, Mercyhurst's representative of the Martin Luther King Holiday Committee; Leela Barney, President of Diversity 101; Cass Sheimek, Dr Garvey, The Cultural Awareness Committee, SAC and MSG
: . - .


. *

White House honors MLK

KRT file photo

Police and Safety Log
12/13/02 McAuley Hall Emergency Situation
McAuley Hall 12/19/02 01/04/03

WASHINGTON, DC—At a celebration and proclamation in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., President George W. Bush makes remarks as King's daughter Bern ice and son Martin III stand next to a portrait of their father they presented to the White House, in the East Room of the White House in Washington, D.C., Monday Jan. 21,2002.

Persons with: Sinus Infections Bronchitis Coughing Notinsurance? Underinsured? No family doctor? Listen! You may qualify to participate in a new drug study. You get free examinations, free antibotics, and compensation for being a participant. Call immediately, if you have the symptoms above. Baeta Clinical Resaerch Services 814-397-3700 I email questions to beata.crs@starkfirm.com

3810 Briggs Ave. Liquor Law violations 12/20/02 Briggs Ave. Vehicle violations McAuley Hall Burglary 12/27/02 3925 Lewis Ave. | Harassment by communication 01/01/03 38"' St. and Lewis Ave. Criminal mischief
01/02/03 4010 Lew is Ave. Disorderly conduct

3827 Briggs Ave. Driving on the grass Hirt Academic Center Driving on the grass 01 /05/03 McAuley Hall Controlled substance

Criminal Mischief 12/16/02 Rec. Center Theft 12/17/02
Student Union

01 /07/03 3810 Briggs Ave. Harassment 01/11/03 McAuley Hall Liquor Law violations

heft HammermiULibrary .. < Attempted theft at Library checkout W. Main Dr. and Mercy Dr. College violations: failure to comply with officers, fleeing from officers, Pennsylvania vehicle code violations



JANUARY 16,2003

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Religious sstudies excellence
By Kristin Maillard Contributing writer Any student at Mercyhurst who is attempting a double major can understand how stressful the workload is compared to those students who have a single area of study. Jennifer Kons, a senior pursuing an English major, with an education concentration, along with a Religious Studies major, can definitelyfindherselfrelating. Kons is originally from Parma, Ohio and she became involved with Religious Studies after she began her studies here at the Hurst, which was not her original plan of study. She came to Mercyhurst with hopes of pursuing an English or Theology education degree. "Since I've been here, my ideas about the future have changed very much," said Kons. Over the summer, Kons volunteered with the InterReligious Task Force on Central America. Phis is an organization that strives to create awareness, social change, and lobbying for those less fortunate who are living in Central America. At Mercyhurst, Kons participates in the-Honors Program, The Ambassadors Club, helps out with campus ministry, and she was previously employed at the Writing Center. Last year, Kons took part in creating the Pax Christi group on campus. A lot of people are still misinformed about the intentions of the club. The club's intentions are to help Mercyhurst students become aware of the social justice issues taking place in the neighborhood and around the world. Because of current events, Pax Christi has concentrated on the escalating issues involving Iraq. ^ Some of the activities include a panel discussion that was held in October, and a demonstration in downtown Erie that also took place in October. The group also attended a protest in D.C. on Oct. 24, 2002. On top of all this, Kons teaches kindergarten Sunday school at St. Luke's Parish. She has attended many of the alternative Thanksgiving and

Ease college finances
hand, she said she has logged By Chastity Pratt onto the FAFSA Website and Knight Ridder received a personal identificaNewspapers tion number so she can file for her son, who she hopes wilt be accepted to Princeton. Parents and students who Her son Venias Jordan Jr. will need financial aid to pay for college this year were able plays football, basketball and baseball for Cody High in to start filing necessary Detroit and has a 3.5 gradefederal paperwork Jan 1. The Free Application for point average.? Jordan is confident her Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, can be filled out and son's schooling will be paid filed electronically or by mail. for between financial aid, athletic scholarships and the The FAFSA is used to several' academic determine the amount of scholarships. grants, scholarships, workShe said she knows now is study awards and loans a student may qualify for to pay the time to be diligent about the search for college money. for college. "We have to take An estimated $50 billion will 0 responsibility, said Jordan. be awarded for the 2003-04 Within 72 hours of filing school year, according to the online, Jordan will get the U.S. Department of Student Aid Report, which Education. About 10.9 million applicants will tell her how much federal filed the FAFSA for the 2002- aid her son qualifies to 03 school year, according to receive. U.S. Department of Education Those who mail in the statistics. The FAFSA is the paperwork should get a starting point for almost all response in about two weeks. student financial assistance An estimated 8 percent of programs, according to Sal 1 ie paper applications are Mae, the country's leading returned for errors, according provider ofeducation funding. to the Department of Although experts at the Education. For the 2002-03 school year, about 58 percent Department of Education say students who are eligible for of FAFSAs were processed federal aid will get it, it is online. important to meet deadlines. "We encourage people to Many colleges use the FAFSA apply online because the eras part of their application for ror rate is so much smaller," nonfederal aid. said Jane Glickman. a spokeswoman for the Department of Ruth Jordan of Detroit said she will be at her computer Education's Federal Student as soon as the application is Aid programs. available. With tax records on

Jody Mello/Mefdad photographer

Hurst senior Jennifer Kons, a dual English and Religious studies major.

Spring break trips which she helped a school for the children of migrant workers in Florida, and lived with families on both sides of the United States and Mexico border. Most recently Kons went to Honduras over Thanksgiving break to learn about the social and economic conditions of the people. As far as graduation, Kons is unsure about what she

wants to do. She knows she would enjoy volunteering her service in the U.S. or in Central America. She has also thought about attending graduate school and studying Religious Studies. Kons feels the Mercyhurst faculty is "awesome" and believes they are sincerely interested in the success of their students.

World and language excellence
not yet grasped the English By Jennifer Ruffa language and are being misContributing writer diagnosed as having a learning difference. Williams quotes, "Regular Two members of the teachers do not know about Mercyhurst World Languages language learning because and Cultures Department they are not adequately recently had educational equippedto teach it." works published. Her piece lists specific refDr. Karen Williams develerences!, or an Annotated biboped a continuation of her liography, which teachers can dissertation, which was pubuse to better inform themlished in the "Bi-annual Jourselves in language learning.nal of the Pennsylvania State Modern Languages AssociaWilliams does plan on havtion." Williams titled her ing another work published, work, Supporting Our Cola follow up concerning the leagues in Multilingual/Mul- benefits of studying language ticulturalEducation: What is for those students who are your Role as Language learning disabled. Contrary to popular belief, Teachers? In the article, student misWilliams said that, "there are diagnosis for learning disabilbenefits to LD students." ities is discussed. Along with Dr. Williams, Dr. Alice Edwards also had an Williams reports that in acarticle published in the tuality these students have "Encyclopedia of Latin American Women Writers." Her article was written about the Latin American writer, Norah Lange. The article was published online and will be available through the Hope College website when it is finished being compiled. Edwards developed this piece over the summer and into the fall of last year. She explained that she was given a list of authors in which she could choose one to write about. Edwards noticed that Norah Lange was not included on the list. Edwards requested that Norah Lange be included and then offered to write about her for the encyclopedia. This research helped her gain valuable knowledge, which she will incorporate into her teaching. Edwards plans on having another article published in the future, one she presented at a conference in the Dominican Republic concerning Latin American women coming of age.

something Djd one of your friends Christmas break|that was really fun or something that theyfcan not stop talking about?? Ask them to tell you about it again (not just because you are a good friend) ibut because you can subMerciad and mit Itheir name story about them may appear in the newspaper this^yearl!!



JANUARY 16,2003

By Jennifer Kons Contributing writer On the final evening of exams, eight Mercyhurst College students and two faculty members departed for a six day stay in Honduras. The group included Joseph Betz, Amy Galkowski Christopher Knestrick, Jennifer Kons, Ash lee Nelson, Courtney Schmader, Melissa Smith, Jennifer Stransky, Sr. Kathleen Marie Leap, RSM, and Sr. Geri Rosinski, RSM. They did not know what they would be doing, who they would meet, or how they would get by with only a few members of the group knowing Spanish. The group was immediately welcomed by warm hospitality, not merely because they were North Americans, but because the culture of the small village was more hospitable than anyone in the US. Spending their first few days in the village of Chain elecon, a short distance from the city of San Pedro Sula, they spent much oftheir time playing with kids and sounding out Spanish. Although Leap and Rosinski had made the trip two years earlier and were familiar with the

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Memorable experience in Central America Quick-fix Mercyhurst College campus ministry students bring meaning in the Thanksgiving holiday
recognize some of the poorest attributes of the country. Honduras accounts for less than 20 percent of the population of Central America, yet it contains 80 percent of the AIDS cases. This startling statistic owes itself to the country's status as a port city, its conservative Catholic heritage which prohibits the use of birth control and associates the disease with homosexual ity, and its limited educational resources.', In spite of their diagnosis, these were some of the happiest children the group has ever come in contact with. Each day concluded with a discussion of what the group had seen, talking about such things as being the racial minority in the country for perhaps the first time ever, the sheer beauty of the country in the midst of poverty, the militarization as seen by frequent men in camouflage toting large guns and staring blankly, and the larger-than-life American restaurants offering low wage jobs and crippling local businesses. After six days the group returned home to cold weather, warm houses, and abundant Thanksgiving dinners. The contrast could not have been more startling. By Brian Kates New York Daily News College students have found a quick-fix cure for their academic headaches on the Internet. In the wonderful world of Web sites, scores of online companies are eager and able to provide slackers with whatever they need for a price. Plagiarism has become big business. If you type "Term papers for sale into a computer search engine such as Google, you'll be bombarded with hundreds of thousands of offers. They come from for-profit Web sites with names such as CheatHouse.co m J Schoolsucks.com, and Gradesaver.com. Search one site for papers on existentialism and 15 options pop up. They range in pricefrom$48fora six-page paper on "Philosophical Approaches of Idealism, Realism, Pragmatism and Existentialism" to $ 136 for 20 pages on the classic Albert Camus novel "The Stranger" £.;$ At most schools, plagiarism otherwise known as copying, lifting, cribbing or, as one wit once put it, "stealing arideon Someone else's train ofl thought" can result in anything from an F to suspension. In a survey of students conducted in the 2001 -02 academic -year for Duke University's Center for Academic Integrity, 41 percent said cribbing written assignments was common. It's all so easy. Just log on and pull out your credit card. "There's a whole ring of] people here, and you know who -you can get papers from," said the student, who could face suspension if she gave her name. "You can always get papers in the core classes like english, history and political science." At many colleges, these essays, which let students show off their originality and wit, can boost marginal candidates over the admissions hurdle by giving counselors insights unobtainable from the raw data on transcripts* Web sites such as Turnitin.com, based in Oakland, Calif., do a booming nationwide business ferreting out cheaters from middle school through graduate school. "Schools have tried lots ofl things to check cheating, from honor codes to requiring students to turn in their note cards and show all the drafts of their work,*' said John Berry, founder of the site. "These are good ideas only if you live in fantasyland." His plagiarism-prevention system involves "Web-crawling robots" that scour the Internet, retrieving "millions of documents" dailyfromonline term paper mills and other sources. ••Schools that subscribe to the service require students to submit their papers to both professors and Turnitin. The work is then compared with the documents in the company's databases and returned with potentially pirated material highlighted. In New York State, 20 colleges as diverse as Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan and the U.S. Military Academy at West Point subscribe to the service. m "We use it mostly in grades seven through nine to train students about the proper ways to do research." said Carolyn Mayadas, a Hunter High computer science teacher. "It's reduced plagiarism by about 85 percent^ J J

Jennifer Kons/Gontnfauting photographer

Joesph Betz, Amy Galkowski, Christopher Knestrlck, Jennifer Kons. Ashlee Nelson, Courtney Scmader, Melissa Smith, and Jennifer Stransky in Honduras traveling the city in the back of a pick-up truck.

surroundings, the real guides were two North American missionaries, Fr. Tom, a Maryknol I priest and Sr. Betsy, a Sister of Mercy. The final days were spent in the city of San Pedro Sula, where the group met women who had recently started a co-

operative. In the face of machismo culture, they lent out small loans to women for home repairs, small businesses, and emergency needs and offering personal awareness and educational classes. They discussed the difficulty that men had of accepting

their wives* participation but also women's difficulty to accept their worthiness to participate in the organization. The group also visited a home for children who are orphaned because they or their mothers are HIV positive. Here^the group was forced to

Capricorn has a flirtatious February
By Lasha Seniuk Special to Merciad { Jan. 20-26, 2003 Aries (March 21 -Apri 1 20). Social and romantic invitations have a powerful j effect over the next few days. Many Aries natives will now experience increased (attraction in all key relationships. Late Wednesday j someone close may request that a choice be made between : friends. Take your time; before February lovers and long-term friends will expect reliable promises. Thursday through Sunday also highlights financial progress or new job options. Taurus (April 21-May 20). New workplace information will soon reveal mismanagement or unethical behavior on the part of employers. This {week you may feel a strong need to evaluate career options. Remain silent and wait for added facts. I Early next week business relations will return to normal. 'After Friday friendships and romantic passions ..will flourish. Respond quickly to last-minute invitations, coy compliments ot subtle {overtures for your affection. Gemini (May 21-June 21). Career ambition now returns. Over the next few days creative proposals will bring financial luck and revised job roles. This is an excellent time to make new business plans or enter into partnerships. Stay balanced, watch for {surprising increases; research and patience will soon ensure worthwhile rewards. Tuesday through Friday also highlight rekindled relations with f am i ly members or distant friends. After Saturday rest, contemplate, and dream. Cancer (June 22-July 22). this week a friend or parly work mate may offer unfair •criticism or subtly attempt to derail your confidence. Respond with distant, philosophic thoughts, there is no need to publicly address the ego needs of disgruntled colleagues. After mid-week workplace power struggles fade. Friday through Sunday travel plans or unusual educational programs may be appealing. Openly discuss all creative ideas with loved ones and provide afreshperspective. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22). Business relationships may be unproductive this week. Don't expect colleagues to work efficiently before Thursday. A private awareness of workplace limitations will arrive. It may be wise not to share your new observations with others. Early next week others will regain their confidence and motivation: Be patient. Friday through Sunday a close friend may ask for special consideration. Romantic introductions and rare group invitations are an issue. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). Powerful memories may captivate attention this week. Expect loved ones to be highly focused on yesterday's events or failed expectations. Letfriendsor colleagues relive past moments of glory and watch for slow progress. Sell esteem may now require an boost. After midweek business research proves rewarding: new partnerships or financial ventures will soon begin. Remain cautious until paperwork is complete and verbal promises are finalized. Libra (Sept.-23-Oct. 23). Monday through Wednesday watch friends and lovers for signs of family stress or social misunderstanding. Some Librans may now be asked for delicate advice concerning an emotional triangle. If so, offer empathy but remain dedicated to the ethical or fair treatment of others. After mid-week public criticism is forgotten. Pace yourself and let others find their own solutions. A complex few days: Stay calm and avoid unnecessary arguments or power struggles. Scorpio (Oct. 24Nov. 22). B e fo r e Tuesday pay special attention to revised instructions and official paperwork. Workplace communications may be politically compl ex and, if not properly handled, could easily become unmanageable. Refuse to let minor tasks turn into major undertakings. After Wednesday new financial information wil 1 work to your advantage. Provide loved ones with clear deadlines, payment dates or records. Sagittarius (Nov. 23-Dec. 21). Follow your first impressions this week. The next few days a social dispute may reveal an important turning point in a relationship. Some Sagittarians have witnessed unethical conduct from a friend or business associate. If so, opt to search out new friendships and expect a c I ear path to soon be revealed. Later this week business finances may be unusually complicated. Avoid new investments or last minute agreements, if possible. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20). Late Tuesday new financial information or workplace plans may trigger serious group discussion. Revised business methods may be the result of moody decisions by key officials. Inappropriate reactions will be brief. Remain patient and watch for an attitude of acceptance to reappear. Thursday through Saturday enjoy the

company of interesting friends or potential lovers. Before mid-February flirtation and uniquely seductive attraction will be an ongoing theme. Aquarius (Jan. 21-Feb. 19). Romantic intrigue may be distracting over the next few days. New relationships may be challenging and unreliable. Subtle comments are easily misinterpreted as overtures ol seduction. Avoid complicated emotional triangles, if possible, and wait for obvious signals. After Saturday older relative or friend requires delicate family advice. Financial mistakes, missed business opportunities, past disappointments are a concern Pisces (Feb. 20-March 20). Co-workers and key officials may be unpredictable and easily annoyed this week. Avoid discussing controversial solutions to office problems. At the moment, longterm colleagues are not open to revised business methods. Mid-week a close friend may request assistance with a continuing social or romantic dilemma. Vague loyalties, canceled plans or unreliable promises may be at issue.

Don't allow your emotional resources to be drained.' Mistrust will be ongoing. If your birthday is this week... close friendships and new romance will steadily expand in the coming months. Before late April expect key relationships to demand added emotional dedication. Loved ones will soon ask for specific dates, times or promises. Remain balanced and clearly express your needs. You won't be disappointed. After mid-May a 10-month period of fast business advancement arrives. Key officials or mentors will press for final decisions, new goals and realigned priorities. Don't hesitate to offer your skills. Valuable career opportunities and new partnerships arrive throughout the summer months.

Do you have the writing bug and can't shake it? Anyone interested in writing for the Merciad next year? Come in on Monday or Tuesday at 5 P.M. and get an application.



JANUARY 16,2003


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Be afraid, be very afraid
With graduation looming, and career options lacking, fear is our only guarantee And Another Thing,.. loved doing, may not pan out the way it should. This realization spirals into re-evaluations of every little moment you wish you lived differently. We get caught in a private rain of fear and "what
ifs." f%


H It's there — gnawing at your • Welcome back to the 'Hurst, undergrads. The second half of winter term might be smacking brain when you can't sleep. us in the face now with looming paper deadlines, cram sessions and cold, cold weather. But It stalks you with every on the plus side, spring term is right around the corner...at least we'll have semi-nicer weather. passing day nearing graduation. Sometimes, it gets ballsy and cameos in every conversation • Maintenance workers did their best keeping the walkways plowed during last weekend's about the future. arctic snowfall. They were out late Friday night clearing paths and early Saturday morning, It's fear. \ I I workers were still making sure students had a clear path to their destinations. Great work, It's the fear of actual ly fending guys. Can we say "overtime?" for ourselves and earning a salary. • Kudos to the PAC. Their latest selection of films to premiere throughout the remainder of Lately, I have had many the year are some of the best movies ever to play on campus. *The Quiet American,* 'Far conversations with many people From Heaven,' 'Bowling for Columbine,' and 'Spirited Away' are a few of the criticallyand professionals about how I lauded films currently appearing on many a Top 10 list. Without the PAC, where would us can and should go about using film geeks go for fine quality cinema? my degree. Surprisingly, when I ask what can I do with it or am asked what I want to do with it, I get the same lazy "I don't knows" I • For commuters, the drive to school along 38th Street has been like riding the Baja, what heard and said the last time I wore a tasseled-cap. with all the potholes/craters populating the busy street. Rumor is some are big enough to The future is the one swallow Jettas whole. inescapable arena oftime where 4 For seniors* these next few weeks will be the term from hell. We have graduation forms to ambiguity;takes permanent fill out and some students did not even get their forms until the eleventh hour. English majors residence in. But this is one tenant who is have Senior English Project, arguably the best way to type yourself into oblivion. GRE tests, grad school applications and resumes; oh my! Thank God for Starbucks and "Nick-at-Nite." not so easily evicted, especially when that very expensive piece of paper we'll get come May • Maybe if we bitch enough, they'll notice: Parking on campus is nonexistent. Drives on offers the same assurance as a campus is like a dare, with many a car competing for parking spaces like it was magic eight-ball's prediction. "Thunderdome." It has gotten to the point where people are parking in areas designated as Therefore, coming up every places not to park. Something needs to be done. There are either too many cars on campus time with "outlook fuzzy, ask or not enough spaces. Regardless, for future students attending this school, this problem again," I am forced to conclude needs to be fixed, i that I know absolutely everything about nothing • The lack of variety once again ails spring term's selection of classes. Not enough courses concerning what exactly my equals too many unsatisfied paying customers, er, students. future holds.

Phil Pirrello
And that's okay. As crappy as that sounds, it is okay. There is an odd satisfaction in not knowing if acquiring many a student loan debt will ever add up to more than a forever deferment of said debt's payment. We put so much into the value of a college education that we lose sight of the fact that the only guarantee (depending on one's major) is that there is no guarantee. "Wish in one hand, crap in the other, see which one fills up the fastest." H> , Someone said this to me back in high school when I was basing life on cushy ideals. Truth hurts. What hurts even more than not making it is learning and believing in all these things for so long, reaching a point of would-be satisfaction at the depths of what education can offer, only to realize that all you've worked for, all you have

But staying dry underneath four years of good times and trimester breaks is not going to make the future any less fearful or certain. Career searches are going to be interesting, as some of us may end up selling cup insurance or telemarketing positive thinking. Life, post-graduation, is gonna be like that feeling we felt when we rode our bikes without training wheels for the first time; when there's that whole mix of fear and accomplishment and excitement that we didn't know what to do with. That mix of emotions, that tilt-a-whirl of possibility, will be all we got to ride on. With that said, when answering whether or not we can deal with the immortality of future's nagging uncertainty, we'll be just as well getting an "all signs point to yes" as we would "ask again laters."

* The student body has been lately treating the Laker Inn employees, like they are your average, incompetent fast-food workers. They are students, just like the rest of us. And frowning, pouting, whining and/or putting your hands on your hips is not going to speed up your food any faster. t Ij

Ready-to-wear: Bundle up!
Keeping warm and trendy can be fun, even in Erie
By Megan Cvitkovic Contributing writer After this past weekend, I think we can all agree Erie winter has truly arrived. communion, (celebration of the The inches and inches of Lord's Supper) between the accumulating snow brought Evangelical Lutheran Church in many problems, surely the least America, the Presbyterian of which was dressing for the Church (USA), the Reformed weather, yet this too can Church in America and the become a dilemma. United Church of Christ. Each Just the thought of trudging year the theme and texts for the through the shin-high snow in Week of Prayer for Christian stiletto boots and a sheer top Unity are chosen by does not sound like a lot of fun international members appointed to most girls. by the Faith and Order And although the massive Commission of the World wave of snow has passed, rest Council of Churches and the assured there will be more Pontifical Council for Promoting coming soon. Christian Unity. So what are the fashionThis year's group, from conscious to do? Argentina, chose the theme Most mothers and adults "Human Dignity and Christian would agree that coats are the Unity,"? basing it on 2 best answer. Corinthians 4:5-18, in response But let's face it, whether to the reality that "too many you're headed to the bar or immigrants in too many hanging out on campus, who countries have felt unwelcomed really wants to carry around and marginalized as they your big ski coat or leather struggled to adapt to their new jacket? surroundings...The dignity of Sometimes, the coat thingjust the human person, immigrant or ain't happening. not, is a theme that needs to be So instead of a coat, if shouted from the rooftops." weather does permit, try a Mercyhurst's Campus heavy pashmina (or imitation) Ministry will offer a worship shawl that doubles great as a service in observance of the wrap for your waist. Week of Prayer for Christian Often, these shawls are so I nitty on Wednesday, Jan. 22, large that you can cover not only at 4:30 p.m. in the Christ the your upper body but your head King Chapel. \ (very important!) as well. You are invited to attend, listen, Another technique is layering. and, most of all, to pray I Make up a cool new trend using different basic t-shirts and a funky top. Then when things heat up, you can always wrap a couple layers around your waist or shoulders, be creative! Another dilemma women often face is what shoes to wear.

there Christian unity?
J Given disagreements within individual denominations (e.g. the Roman Catholic Church, the Presbyterian Church [USA],j etc.), not to mention those between denominations (e.g., the United Methodist Church and the Southern Baptist Church, etc.) what is the point of even considering Christian unity? It goes back to the gospel of John and the plea for unity among believers expressed in what is known as the "highpriestly prayer" of Jesus (the phrase repeated several times in John 17 is "that they may be one, as we are one"), a prayer which, by its very existence, acknowledges that such unity, even in Biblical times, has never existed. \ f Nonetheless, this prayer is prayed with increasing confidence by Christians to include all who believe in Jesus Christ anywhere in the world. Until recently, it was prayed against other believers, but now that Christians acknowledge that all believers have been unfaithful to Jesus, John 17 is being prayed in a newer, more humble tone. One of i he reasons for this change is the existence of the annual worldwide observance of the Week of Prayer for ~~ Questioning Faith



Fr. Jim Piszker
Christian Unity. Impetus for this celebration began in the Episcopal Church in 1908 at Graymoor, NY, within the Franciscan religious congregation of the Society of the Atonement, founded by Episcopalians in 1898. Interestingly, in 1909, the members of this Society were received! into the Roman Catholic Church, and as part of their commitment to pray and minister for the ful fillment of the prayer of Jesus "that all may be one," the community has continued to promote this week of prayer. The effect of this observance is impressive.' for several organizations have been founded in addition to Graymoor. Some of these are the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA and the Consultation on Church I nion, a venture in reconciliation of nine American denominations^ One example oi the effects in local congregations of prayer for Christian unity has been 1997's Formula oi Agreement which established full



H\ %•


V "M i

Photo courtesy of www shopcop com

Scarfs can double has neckwear or waist accessories.

Mental Note

66 Freedom of speech doesn't protect speech that you like, Itlprotects speech that you hate.' *
Larry Flint,

Now, without trying to sound too petty, let's face it: We have become slaves to shoes. We would often rather slip and slide our way around in some tiny stilettos than wear (gulp) snow boots! There is no easy solution to this problem unless you plan on wearing one pair of shoes out and bringing your "dress" shoes with you. That's not logical, though. T Instead, if you insist on wearing shoes that are death traps on ice, please invest in| some spare tread. Special tread pieces can generally be bought at shoe repair and other specialty stores. These treads are designed to give more stability to an otherwise sleek and dangerous number. There are many other great winter accessories that might

seem to be frumpy, but are virtually essential in Erie. Gloves are a must if you are walking anywhere! If you want to get trendy, try a pair ofleather-lined gloves; they're warm and fashionable. Scarves are so stylish this year, that you almost want to wear them all the time. A cute little knot around the neck can add some Bohemian funk to your style. But if you're not up for neckwear, take your scarf and transform it into a cool belt. Still, as much fun as it is to try and come up with crafty ways to turn blah and boring winter gear into winter sheik, please use caution. Remember that at the end of the night, it is a I ways more fun to be warm than to get a compliment! el

Hollywood babble on
Editorial staff Knight Ridder Newspapers North Korea has i ntensified its campaign against the new James Bond film, "Die Another Day," saying the movie proves the United States has hostile intentions toward the country, which Washington believes is building nuclear weapons. 'The film represents the real intention of the U.S. keen on war as it considers the North as part of an 'axis of evil,'" reud a quote reported Sunday by the North's KCNA news agency. P The quotation was attributed to a little-known group with the unwieldy name of Solidarity of Youth and Students for Implementing the June 15 South-North Joint Declaration. Last month, North Korea urged the United States to stop

Hustler magazine
Jody Mollo, Murciod photographer

At least someone Is putting that wall to good use.

showing the 20th movie in the James Bond series in which Bond (Pierce Brosna) is tortured by North Korean agents, In the latest attack, the solidarity group called the film a "dirty and cursed burlesque" and predicted that "if the U.S. continues showing the movie despising the Korean nation, all the people wi 1 turn out in a 1 fiercer anti-U.S. sirucale."

JANUARY 16,2003



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Campusj Question: landmark occasion
What do you think about the potential plans for Ground Zero memorials?
"1 grew up not far from the WTC site, so I regard lower Manhattan as "home." Perhaps we should reassemble the iconic skyline of lower Manhattan | with open latticework structures that surround the footprints of the WTC flowers. Suspended inside the scaffolding would be performing arts centers, libraries, amphitheaters and other cultural buildings...The World Trade Center is replaced by a World Cultural Center. Of the proposals I've heard so far, this notion, from architect Rafael Vinoly, is .the most exciting to me." — Rob Holf, Psychology Department * f "I think that a new building should be built and that it should be bigger and better than the Twin Towers.'! — Ryan Bessey, freshman I think that a building or buildings should be built, comparable to the old ones, and a memorial should be put in front of them to remember the tragic event." "I think that they should not — Kenny Waszak, junior build anything there. It should just be made into a "1 think we should rebuild the memorial. One of my best buildings. If we just leave them, friend's father was killed on then they [the terrorists] will September 11 and I do not have succeeded in stripping us think he would like it if there completely of our pride." were buildings built on top of — John Llanos, freshman where his father died." — Steve Strohnt, senior "I feel they should rebuild, and make the buildings bigger, taller "I mink the plans that melded and even more 'bad an appropriate "park-like" ass' than before£We have to memorial to the victims within show everyone that we are a rebuilt business district are tough and can get through the best and most realistic. "1 think thatthey should rebuild anything." Ground Zero is a large area in the two buildings because the —Meredith Gilbert, sophomore the middle of the most two buildings symbolize New important business district in York City, America and the "I believe that a memorial, along the world. Partially rebuilding with a building or some kind of it would be a symbol that the people that passed away on 9/11." I | | structure to show that America terrorist attack only — Amy Harrington, will overcome the tragedy of temporarily suspended September 11, should be placed business activity there, it freshman at Ground Zero. The structure wasn't strong enough to should be a design of some sort eliminate it completely^ "It is important to have a that reflects that America, — Kyle Foust, Academic/ memorial to remember all the although disrupted by such a Career Counselor men and women who lost tragic event, is still a great their lives/However, the open nation. This will help those space seems to be a constant "I feel that a memorial to the affected by September 11 to FDNY and NYPD should be reminder, so new buildings move on and live in peace." J snou ^ built." - ^ constructed on Ground Zero." — Heather Koban, freshman — Brent Vlcek, sophomore Kelly Weyand, senior

Campus Question: Second Opinion

Ground Zero memorial should honor our nation*sresolve
By Dana Moderick Contributing writer The World Irade Center A structure recognized globally as the epitome of American culture. The towers took six years to build, stood tall for twenty-nine years and took a second to destroy. On Sept. 11,1 watched as the heart of New York City was destroyed. My heart filled with sadness and anger, while my eyes filled with tears. My breath stopped upon watching the first tower crash to the ground, my heart sank as the second followed a few minutes later. The news continued to show 1 the - devastation that had occurred on Sept. 11 for months. ^Thousands dead, missing and injured. These were thousands of my fellow Americans. As I watched television during those days, the talk of retaliation was in the air. In the voices of some of the nationalsecurity "experts," there was a hunger for retaliation. Even the journalists couldn't resist; speculating on a military strike that might come, Peter Jennings of ABC News said that "the response is going to have to be massive" if it is to be effective. I shared in this hunger, as I am sure most of my fellow Americans did as well. Then, the reality began to sink in: What are we going to do with the area now dubbed "Ground Zero?" Many ideas have been submitted as to what New York should do with the site. Many want to rebuild completely, while others want to have a : memorial park.* There have been six design teams chosen to take on the responsibility of designing a memorial which the families of the victims, along with the rest of the United States, will be happy with. While I do not completely understand the complexity ofthe issue and all it will entail, I do believe it is our duty as Americans to honor the victims and their families. However, I also believe we have the responsibi 1 i ty to show the other countries that America will not be defeated. No matter what comes our way; we may be knocked down but we will always get right back up. The United States is not a nation of fear. We are a nation of pride. The towers were unique and can never be replaced. 1 think we should not simply use that land for a memorial park. We should build scaled-down versions of the towers while placing some type of remembrance piece there for those who have died, something like the Vietnam



What we choose to do with Ground Zero will show the rest of the world what the United States stands for and what her people believe in.

'Millionaire' tests attention spans
By Jane Eisner Knight Ridder Newspapers It's so easy to make fun of "Joe Millionaire," the latest Fox TV reality show, that I almost feel guilty doing so. Almost. The premise alone; that a tall, handsome and somewhat goofy construction worker earning $19,000 a year can pretend to be a dashing*millionaire in search of a wife, is fodder enough for a good laugh. jgThat|20 ostensibly bright women would quit their jobs as bankers, flight attendants or personal assistants to participate in a televised meat market is equally preposterous. The guy doesn't know his fork liftfromhis foie gras. He's gonna pull off this prime-time Pygmalion? Does he really believe one special "girl" (they are not called women on this show) is going to look past the butler and the jewels and the promise of a lifetime of wealth to see him for who he really is? And when shefindsout, that she's still going to want him? Like 1 said, it's too easy. Harder will be to persuade you that this show, which made its debut Monday and will continue for six weekly installments, is a modern-day morality play. "Joe Millionaire" and other reality shows are not about reality. Instead they present a message, a manipulated, stagemanaged "story" with the underlying purpose ol making

Paul McCartney: Getting better all the time
By Jane Eisner Knight Ridder Newspapers As the Beatles.go, Paul McCartney was always known as the cute one. But maybe we've been selling him short all these years. Maybe he's also the wise one. McCartney's been on a concert tour of the United States and now, at age 60, he's figured out some important Photo courtesy ofwww.krteampus com l things. '; "I should be jaded at my age, McCartney's music, post Beatles, still entertains crowds. I should be blase, I should hate disease that claimed George But now it's 5 a different the whole thing and have Harrison last year. Of course, McCartney. Unlike another retired years ago," he told The John Lennon has been gone rocker of his generation, Mick New York Times. "But it's the since a crazed fan shot him in Jagger, he's not trying to prove opposite. I do two and a hall 1980. ":£••< % he's still 18. | f hours onstage ... It's kind of McCartney and Lennon had a When McCartney compares amazing. You get people and bitter, public feud over the the Beatles to every other rock their children. You get tears." breakup of the band and for band of that era, you can hear There's something satisfying years McCartney made a point the echoes of Lennon's famous about that, and it's more than of not singing Beatles songs. comment about the Beatles Now he's singing them in being more popular than Christ nostalgia. After all these years as a concert, because, he tells an "Is it conceited to say we were rock icon, McCartney's interviewer, "these songs are better than all the other groups?" Maybe it is. moved into more human-size my babies." At his age, McCartney could But listen to songs like 'Eleanor territory. He's growing old gracefully — not an easy thing be doing absolutely nothing. Rigby' and 'Penny Lane.' We Instead, he's continued to write were better." for a rock star. In recent years, he's had his and sing, even when the reviews And in many ways, share of loss. In 1998 his wife of some of his efforts over the McCartney's getting better all Linda died ofccancer, the past two decades were caustic. the time.

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FOX TV's reality show hunk "fakes It," duping contestants.

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the rest of us feel good about our values and choices in life. "Viewers are watching a moral spectacle of the wrong kind of relationship to feel better about themselves," says Timothy Butler, a historian at Swarthmore College. "Joe Millionaire" is awfully misogynist, and no doubt some men are watching this just to see conniving women get their comeuppance as, one by one, they are dismissed from the chateau, or when the "winner" eventuallv is told the truth. Not only are these women set up to compete fiercely for this not-so-average Joe and his alleged fortune; they also are

forced to fight each other for crumbs along the way. But we can't deny that there's some truth in this unappealing representation. Ever since Jane Austen penned "Pride and Prejudice"^- and probably long before — grasping' women have schemed to bring a rich man to the altar. Human beings have been pondering the nature of love since Socratesjj held his symposium nearly 2,500 years ago. &t We expect that F o x T V is going to figure it out? N o w that's worth a laugh.

Letting loose is hazardous to|no one's health
"People who never get carried away should be." — Malcom Forbes

Quotation Marks Josh West
And some call life routine. I call it a rut. Ruts can be tough to get out of. Why? Because they tend to be nice and comfortable. Every weekend, though, there is a taste of the escape. You can count on being able to cock your ear and hear someone laughing maniacally from the bottom of Briggs, or howling into the night from an apartment window. if you're the one I m talking about, please keep it up. We need you guys and girls that are willing to gei carried away once in a while. Beyond that, we need to get carried away as a campus, and as a student body!Believe it or not, there are some passionate people at Mercyhurst.

As a student body, we come off as a pretty lame bunch. A lot of people are just lost in repetition, going about their laundry list of little tasks each day. 11 you were to map most or our travels throughout a week, you'd see how bad it is. This class, that i lass, grab some prodmerciad@mercyhurst.edu Production Manager Billy Elliott food, maybe a practice or admerciad@mercyhurst.ecl u Advertising Manager Megan Eble rehearsal here and there; we make all of our little stops until we wind up back home again. The Merciad is the student-produced newspaper oflvlercyhurst College. 1 is published Some people just chalk this up 1 throughout the school year, with the exception of midterms week and finals week. Our to what they call "Mercyworld," our nicely selfoffice i^in the Hirt Center, room LL114. Our telephone numbe. is 824-2376. contained little environment. We might as well shut the gate The Merciad welcomes letters to the editor. All letters must be signed and names will be and seal off the campus. included with the letters. Although we will not edit the letters for content, we reserve the How many people do you think would notice? letters tofit.Letters are due the fhursday before publ ication and may not be right to trim — — ™ » « » —i n n >ioc Some call this "life" and some longer than 300 words. Submit letters to box PH 485. call it "routine."

There are people who care about things and understand the desire to stir things up once in a while. There are people looking to break the routine J \ On occasion, it does a body good 10 take something and run with it for a while. Find something you love and defend it. Find something you hate and try to make someone else understand why. Don't have an issue? No problem. Pick a moment and just let loose. Get carried away. Get together with your roommates and trash your apartment. Build a snow fort the size of the Hirt Center. Take a quick mid-January dip at Presque Isle. Light your socks onfireand jump around. It doesn't have to be poetic or impressive; deep or noble. Just different



JANUARY 16,2003



Good Charlotte: Bee Gee's sudden death The return ofD.C. punk stuns his family and Mends
Jan.17 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland. Jan. 25 3 Doors Down, Theory of a Dead Man. Agora Theater, Cleveland. Jan. 26 Henry Rol 1 ins (spoken word). Odeon, Cleveland Jan. 27 Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Twiztid. Rock Jungle, Pittsburgh. Jan. 31 3 Doors Down, Theory of a Deadman. A.J. Pal umbo Theatre, Pittsburgh. Feb. 1 Los Lobos. Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland. Feb. 3 Nile, Napalm Death, Dark Tranquility. Agora Ballroom, Cleveland* Feb. 3 Dark Star Orchestra. Forward Hall, Erie. $14 advance, $16 day of show. Feb. 3 The Roots. Club Laga, Pittsburgh. On sale at TicketMaster. Feb. 3 ; Rainer Maria. The Attic, Oakland, Pa* f Feb. 4 Erykah Badu, Cody Chesnutt.. Club Laga, Oakland. Feb. 7 Dark Star Orchestra. Odeon, Cleveland. § Feb. 7 . Henry Rollins (Spoken word). Rock Jungle, Pittsburgh. Feb. 8 Bon Jovi, Goo Goo Dolls. Bryce Jordan Center, State College. On sale at (800) 863-3336 and online at www.bjc.psu.edu. Feb. 9 Styx, Kansas, John Waite. Tullio Arena, Erie. $36.50, $28.50. On sale at ' '/ TicketMaster outlets, by phone at 452-4857 or 456-7070, online at www.ticketmaster.com. Feb. 11 * Pretenders, 30 Odd Foot of Grunts (with Russell Crowe). Akron Civic Theater, Akron, Ohio. Feb. 15 ? Fastball. Moondogs, Pittsburgh. Feb. 19 Indigo Girls, Paul Melancon. Agora Theatre, ^Cleveland. Feb. 22 Comedy. George Carl in. Warner Theater, Erie. $37.75. [Feb. 23 Temptations, Four^Tops^ Warner Theatre, Erie. $48.75, $39.75, $32.75. On sale at TicketMaster outlets, by phone at 4524857 or 456-7070, and online at www.ticketmaster.com. By David Hinckley Knight Ridder Newspapers Family and friends of Maurice Gibb remained baffled Sunday how the longtime Bee Gee fell into a coma and died just hours after seemingly successful surgery to correct an intestinal blockage. Gibb, 53, was hospitalized Thursday after suffering intense stomach pain at his Miami home. He suffered cardiac arrest before the intestinal surgery but he seemed to be recovering from both. "He twiddled his toes, he held his daughter's hand," said David Most, a longtime friend. "His organs were all functioning. We thought, It's the turning point,' and suddenly he was in a coma." "Everyone was just believing Maurice was coming around and we woke up to this awful news," said Peter Bassett, a spokesman for Gibb's twin brother Robin. "It's the worst possible news anyone could have expected. It's just too shocking to think about." A spokeswoman for Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami confirmed Gibb's death, which may have come late Saturday night or early Sunday, but she gave no further details. The singer's death sparked a landslide of tributes, with a BBC Web site recording more than a thousand messages in less than 12 hours. . His family released'a statement: "His love, enthusiasm and energy for life remain an inspiration to all of us. We will deeply miss him." Gibb's death was front-page news in Australia, where he, Robin and older brother Barry movedfromBritain in 1958 — the year they formed the Bee Gees, named so for the Brothers Gibb. In 1967 they scored the first in a string of international hits, including 'To Love Somebody" and "I've Gotta Get a Message to You," in a catchy pop style similar to that of the Beatles. "Did we sound like the Beatles?" Barry Gibb said several years later. "I hope so. We tried hard enough." Their smooth harmonies and incredibly catchy tunes kept them popular until, in 1977, they sang on the soundtrack of "Saturday Night Fever," which became their golden dream and their worst nightmare. Packed with hits like "Staying Alive" and "Night Fever," the album sold more than 30 million copies. It also made the Bee Gees synonymous with disco music, a narrow image they spent the next quarter-century trying to shake..
M w

It takes more than attitude to 9 be the'greatest rock band
essential rock songs, each immune to antiquity or By Timothy Finn obsolescence. On top of that, Knight Ridder Newspapers the Stones have always maintained their musical One of the earliest concert integrity, starting with Charlie photographs of the Rolling Watts, the best rock drummer Stones was taken in 1963 by ever. Gus Coral at a show in Cardiff, That celebration continues South Wales. into 2003. Saturday night — The photo captures three of almost 40 years to the date after the five Stones — bassist Bill drummer Charlie Watts Wyman, guitarist Brian Jones officially joined the band—the (on blues harp) and Mick trendsetting cable TV network Jagger — on stage and in HBO will air live coverage of uniform: black trousers, white the Stones' second concert in shirts, dark neckties, black two nights at Madison Square shoes, matching hound's-tooth Garden in New York. jackets. Any band can throw itself a The Stones in 1963 were a birthday party, but very few can picture of fresh-faced, clean- provoke the immense response cut innocence, looking like a the Stones have been getting. university glee club, virtually "Forty Licks" has gone gold in indistinguishable from dozens the United States; Abkco reof other British pop bands released remastered and destined for one-hit repackaged versions of its wonderdom and the Stones catalog (16 albums); unforgiving cra^ of oblivion. and critics are praising the tour, Things hardly turned out that which is drawing huge crowds way for the Stones. They of fans from three generations would soon shuck those and attracting younger, stylish uniforms for something more opening acts like the Strokes, conspicuous: a cynical, bad- blues prodigy Shemekia boy attitude that separated Copeland and Sheryl Crow. them from all other pop bands All of which raises a question: of the era, including their Why the hoopla over a band of friendly rivals, the Beatles. They multimillionaires who have would also start recording their been feast i ng off their own own songs, blending their legends for nearly a quarter of British pop roots with their a century? Wgenuine love for AfricanJagger and Keith Richards American blues and R&B into will both turn 60 this year, a sound that was both visceral crossing a threshold that prompts most men to and cosmic. Last year the Rolling Stones daydream about waders and celebrated their 40th fly-fishing in Canada or anniversary, and they did it in Bermuda shorts and canasta in atypical fashion for a band its southern Florida. age: with? a celebrated and Not the Stones. "Every time successful world tour; with (Richards) rallies his addled old "Forty Licks," a two-CD hits troupe and they crank up that package; with a slew of cover time-honored Stones lurch one stories in magazines and more time, it's like giving the newspapers all over the reaper the finger," Adam Western world; and several Sweeting wrote in a December hefty commemorative books. 2002 cover story about the "Forty Licks" is an imperfect Stones in Uncut magazine. anthology — erratically Temerity and profane organized and fraught with stubbornness are virtues in omissions—but it nonetheless rock music, but they don t showcases at least two dozen guarantee career longevity.

Some people still think of us as a disco act," Maurice Gibb said in the late 1990s. "We never were. But it's this curse that follows us around." When the Bee Gees were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997, the Hall noted dance music was only a small part of their repertoire. Maurice Gibb played bass and keyboards and sang file photo harmony, and there were The boys of Good Charlotte: making us wonder when hair occasional suggestions he felt products became a staple of the punk scene. overshadowed. Thoughfriendssaid he had a lively sense of humor, he had his demons, and he went "Lifestyles of the Rich and through alcohol and cocaine By Andrew Spillane Famous" will keep this Contributing writer C abuse in his 20s and 40s. record afloat on MTV and hit He was briefly married to the lists across the globe well pop singer Lulu in the '60s Twin brothers Benji and into 2003. $ before he met his second wife, Joel of the band Good .The nice thing about Good Yvonne. They remained Charlotte have definitely put Charlotte is that they are married and had two children, together a winner in their great guys, very personable, now in their 20s. most recent release 'The and have a great appreciation Robin and Barry were able to Young and the Hopeless.' I for their fans. The twins are see Maurice before he died, took a gamble on the group 23 years old, so they Bassett said. after their debut album, the could've been walking "The family are together self-titled 'Good Charlotte,' around a college campus a today atVRobin's house in didn't live up to expectation, year or two ago. They^are Florida and all are utterly bereft and it paid off. from Waldorf, Maryland, a at this unexpected loss," he 'The Young and the small suburb of Washington said. Hopeless' is peppered with D.C. Neither twin had any It was unclear whether powerful songs that tell real musical experience until Robin and Barry would go on unique storiesfromthe boys' about five years ago. which to record without their brother. past. They sing about not is amazing considering how But the music the Brothers Gibb fitting traditional stereotypes far they've come. made, music that millions of and being different, and about After hearing this CD many people can hum even against broken hearts and times I must say that Good their will, still defines an era. relationships. Charlotte really stepped up to One song tells the story of the plate, and knocked one their father who walked out out of the park. If you liked on their family and abandoned the first output or enjoy then* them at a young age. Each frequently played music song is different and more videos, "The Young and the fun to listen to. Songs like Hopeless" is definitely worth "The Anthem," "Hold On" and checking out.

How have the Stones outlived and outlasted other bands of their generation, bands who, unlike the Stones, couldn't survive deaths or addictions or in-house acrimony? That image and lifestyle nearly sank the band. Nearly. They endured drug addictions, arrests and convictions, banishment from the United States and the brutal horror of Altamont, where a fan was stabbed to death by the security force, which happened to be a horde of surly Hell's Angels. Somehow the Stones emerged from that a better band, one that wore all those scandals and detriments like battle scars or prison tattoos. Barely two years after Altamont, they released 'Exile on Main Street," one of the best rock albums ever recorded. They also committed themselves to industrializing the rock-concert world, improving and standardizing sound systems and security forces. [,tw Yet the Jagger and Richards of today represent exactly why the Stones are still together and why people couldn't care less about their ages but care enough to shell out $120 a seat to see them reprise 35-year-old, 18-karat rock tunes. The "Forty Licks" tour was the second top-grossing tour of 2002, its $88 million second only to Paul McCartney's (his first in nearly 10 years), which grossed $ 103 million. And it's all because of Mick and Keith. Yes, it is only rock V roll, but at a time when the definition of "rock" is so ambiguous and so abused, it's deeply satisfying to know that the band that coined the spirit of rock V roll — and buttressed it with some phenomenal music « * has ** survived the process and is still standing. HBO will air live coverage of the Rolling Stones' concert from Madison Square Garden at 9 p.m. EST Saturday. The concert will be rebroadcost at 9 p.m. Jan. 23.

hie photo

'Under ? Construction
By Adam DuShole Arts & Entertainment editor 0m sure you've heard Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott's first radio release, the infectious hip hop track, **Work It," that's all about, well, sex. It should be no surprise that Missy, who regularly encourages people to "get their freak on," would manage to tel I us that she plans to shave her "cha-cha" and yet, she makes it sound so good. 'Under Construction,' a less techno driven album than 'So Addictive,' sees Missy take Tiinbaland's forward thinking beats back to the old school, huge chunks of sound laced with old school samples which have shaped hip hop down the years. Most tracks are reminiscent of ai lists like Grandmaster Flash, Run-DMC

of hip hop
and KRS-One - fun and great for showing of your best moves on the dancefloor(even if you don't own a pair of Pumas). She goes from crude, to funny, but always over a sparse wall of beats. She enlists the help of Method Man on 'Bring the Pain', and Jay Z on 'Back In The Day' in a plea to take hip hop back to the days when scores were settled on the mic. Ludacris delivers on 'Gossip Folks' land Beyonce conversates on 'Nothing Out There For Me.' 'Under Construction* is Missy Elliott's fourth album and she shows no sign ol breaking the habit of making records that challenge us with her ability to make trailblazing music, altering hip hop's landscape with each * release. The album is a definite buy for hip hop enthusiasts and the occasional break dancer alike.



JANUARY 16,2003

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In the streets withj'Gangs of N e w
By Phil Pirrello Opinion editor In the first 20 minutes of 'Gangs of New York,' the 1846 New York City Five Points massacre is staged with its entire bloody Darwinian struggle in tact. The snow bleeds crimson as the camera pulls back to a God's eye view that dares not turn away from a birth equal to that of the deity watching: America's. 'Gangs' is Martin Scorsese's equivalent to documentarymaker Ken* Burns' efforts; editing together many years of history into a satisfying, if not somewhat faulty, piece of historical-based fiction. : But Scorsese takes it one step further. He does not filter his birth of a nation through gauzed lenses or score it to phonographs. He captures the burning savagery of preDemocracy America, calling NYC a "furnace" from within a city was forged. After watching clans of immigrants clash with native New Yorkers, draft dodgers shot by Navy cannons and fire brigades and police forces fighting in the streets, it's a shock that anything resembling a country emerged from this inferno. The Plot: 1846, N.Y.C. Priest Vallon (Liam Neeson) amasses his "tribe" (called the "Dead Rabbits") in a labyrinth of caves carved out of Manhattan in a charge against Bill the

Y o r k


photo carte-

rob own

great move characters, complemented with one of the year's best performances. IThe production design will get the Oscar, and Howard Shore's score and the editing by Scorsese-staple Thelma Schoonmaker deserve notice as well. The Bad: 'Gangs' is an epic that stumbles upon too many stories yelling to be told and one too many uncomfortable moments where modern cinema techniques clash with Scorsese's old school ways. But 'Gangs' is not ultimately done in by bad CG. It gets too caught up in its historical commentary about democracy and forgets to internalize its many story points, it forgets to give them meaning beyond their respective set pieces and the standard revenge-plot. The script's narration plays like an after thought and the confrontation between the Butcher and Amsterdam is rushed - hell, its not even there. The last reel seems to have been cut to satisfy a running time as opposed to filling out the narrative. % "Stub's Bottom Line": Even at three hours, 'Gangs' is incomplete yet it provides a completely satisfying movie experience. For any! other director not of Scorsese's pedigree, 'Gangs' would be a triumph. But the master here seems not entirely in command of his craft, a craft which created 'Goodfellas' and 'Taxi Driver.* These masterpieces take up much room on the director's mantle, a mantle where 'Gangs' may require more than just 'directed by Martin Scorsese" to justify its placement there.

Despite the gang colors and "West Side Story.' t

abundance of knives, don't even think about comparing the plot of'Gangs of New * \i T

York' to

Butcher (the great Daniel DayLewis) and his "Natives." They use knives, clubs, maces and other medieval weapons to cement their territorial claims at the cost of losing Vallon to the hands of Bill - while Va I Ion's son, Amsterdam, watches. Amsterdam, now 24 years old and played by Leonardo DiCaprio, returns to New York to avenge his father's death by infiltrating Bill's gang of corrupt enforcers.

As^Amsterdam puts his vendetta on hold to see how the other half lives, he becomes like a son to the man who took his father away from him. We see Tammany Hall pay for votes, we hear the words "nigger" and "mick" pierce this melting pot's air; all the while amazed at the epic intensity and scope 'Gangs' uses to prove a point history books forgot to underline: America was crafted not by a quill in the hands of

wigged politicians, but born in the streets by the blades wielded by its people. The Good: Scorsese, arguably contemporary cinema's most consistent filmmaker, tackles his largest canvas to date with mostly successful results. He employs seedy, threedimensional Dickens-esque characters into a story that harkens back to Leone's westerns and 'Oliver Twist*. As our hero, DiCaprio plays

tr liL -:J J. IT

Amsterdam in full knowledge of how interesting he is not when compared to the supporting players. Day-Lewis gives Bill both sadistic tendencies and penchants for punctuating his street philosophy with violence. He taps his glass eye with a knife; he awkwardly walks through cobbiestoned streets like he is on stilts and speaks with surprisingly intellectual diction. Bill the Butcher is one ol the k i

Enter 'The Hours

For many, the Sundance Film Festival is a start
By Terry Lawson Knight Ridder Newspapers For most of the filmmakers whose movies are accepted at the Sundance Film Festival, which opens Thursday in Park City, Utah, and^wraps on Jan. 26, it's all about what happens in those 11 days. If you arrive without a distributor for your film, it's all aboutfindingone; if you arrive with distribution taken care of, it's about creating a buzz the distributor can get behind. If you're entered in competition, it's about winning a prize. For Travis Wilkerson of Ann Arbor, Mich., it's about being there. "Simply having my film in the festival has already eclipsed any expectations I might have had,** says Wilkerson, director of'An Injury to One,' a documentary that will screen in the festival's Frontier sidebar, devoted to experimental filmmaking. *An Injury to One' uses the story of how Wilkerson's hometown of Butte, Mont., devolved from the sort of boomtown the West was all about — "the richest hill on earth"t>— to what he calls an ecological death trap, recipient of the biggest payment ever made by the federal environmental Super Fund to clean up a 2-mile-wide hole filled with toxic water. But, while Wilkerson's film is full of historical tact and myth, it is anything but a traditional documentary. "It's a very personal narrative, mostly just me wandering around with a 16mm Bolex (camera) picking out pieces of the landscape, using it to ask questions as much as to explain anything," he says. "It's a film that's probably too rigorous and austere for the traditional documentary types, yet it's still a narrative that tells a story, which probably makes it too commercial for the experimental crowd." Though director Gilmore says Sundance will always remain true to its American independent spirit, there is no shortage of star power at the 2003 edition. $ ^ Salma Hayek, who's on the Oscar short list for her title role in the Frida Kahlo biography *Frida,' will be on hand to introduce her first film as a director. "The Maldonado Miracle' is about a small town where a statue of Jesus appears to be shedding tears of blood. Matt Dillon is coming to promote 'City of Ghosts,' in which he plays a con man on the run in a cast that;also includes James Caan, Stellan Skarsgard and Gerard Depardieu. And rumors are rife that Bob Dylan will show up to play a private concert connected to 'Masked and Anonymous,' the feature-directing debut of former 'Seinfeld' director Larry Charles. Dylan stars as a cult figure who is sprung from prison to play a benefit concert in Latin America; his costars include Penelope Cruz. John Goodman and Luke Wilson. The festival's opening-night film is 'jLevity,' a drama starring Billy Bob Thornton as an ex-con seeking redemption for a long-ago murder and costarring Morgan Freeman and Holly Hunter, who will receive the festival's annual Independent Vision Award. Hunter is also in another p rtf mi ere, 'thirteen,' starring Evan Rachel Wood Other premieres include a remake of the British miniseries 'The Singing Detective,' starring Robert Downey Jr. as a writer hospitalized with a rare skin disease; James Foley's * Confidence,' with Edward Bums as a Cop trapped in a deadly game with con man Dustin Hoffman; it's All About Love,' a sci-fi drama directed by Dogme 95's Thomas Vinterberg about an attempt to clone'a famous ice skater played by Claire Danes, and The Event,* starring indie queen Parker Posey as a New York. D.A. who's convinced a spate of suicides aren't what they appear to be. All together, 85 feature-length fictionfilms,35 feature-length documentaries and 60 short films will be shown over the 11 days; i hey were chosen from more than 2,000 features and more than 3,300 shorts. A few, like Jim Sheridan's poignant 'In America,' have been shown at previous festivals, including Toronto;, and a few, like Daniel Algrant's 'People I Know,* starring AI Pacino, have been seen theatrically overseas. But for most of the 20,000 people expected to attend the festival this year, Sundance is a place to discoverfilmslike 'Weather Underground,' 'An Injury to One' and 'Rhythm of the Saints.' "When I was younger, it never crossed my mind that I would be capable of making a film," says Wilkerson, who majored in comparative literature at U-M. "I didn't think it was something actual human beings did; it was more like this huge corporate undertaking^ Then 1 started seeing odd films and developed this weird set of influences, and slowly I started to think, 'I could do this.' "Now here 1 am showing my work at a major film festival. What can 1 say besides,' Great, good, thanks a lot; hope you get ton something out of it'a

Nicole Kidman as Virginia . Woolf in "The Hours," a Paramount Pictures and Miramax Films presentation debuting nation-wide in theatres Jan.24. The screenplay is by David Hare and based upon the novel by Michael Cunningham.

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Monday Steele City Sandwich 2 Cookies 20 oz. drink Tuesday Meatball Sub Small f f Small salad 20 oz. drink Pick a burger Small f f 4 oz. coleslaw 20 oz. drink Meat or Veggie Lasagna Small salad Bread sticks 20 oz. drink Friday Baked potato with Cheddar and Broccoli Small salad Pretzel 20 oz. drink Chicken Finger sub Small f f OR 2 cookies 20 oz. drink!

firill chicken sandwich Large f f 20 oz. drink

Students: Don't Forget to GRAB Your "Lunch on the Runl"




JANUARY 16,2003

By Bryan Christopher Contributing writer


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Strong Laker team coming in 2003
Mercyhurst men's volleyball coach Craig Davie believes his Lakers have what it takes to put together an exciting season in 2003. ;••• a I am excited for the upcoming season because I feel we have our strongest and deepest team we have had in years," said Davie. "We have a nice mix of veteran leaders and some great new guys] Davie begins his seventh season as the Mercyhurst head coach. He hopes to build on his 71-94 career record. The program was established in 1997. The Lakers hope to improve on last season's 6-21 record. After finishing the fall pre season with a match record of 215, the team's blend of youth has shown signs of coming together and complements the upperclassmen leadership well enough to be competitive in the Midwestern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association. "Overall we had a very suc1 cessful fall campaign. ' said Davie. "Playing that many matches in the fall allowed a lot of players, particularly the younger guys, to gain a lot of on court experience and confi»J

Calf power
By Lisa Liddane Knight Ridder Newspapers Strong calf muscles help support us with basic move-l ments - from walking to tiptoeing to reach an object on a[ high shelf. Here, exercises to strengthen your calf muscles: SQUATTING CALF RAISE fStand facing staircase on first step while balancing weight on balls of feet Bend knees as if sitting, hold banister for light support. Exhale as you raise toes off step.Exhale as you return to starting position. Do two sets of 10 to 12 repetitions. On form: Avoid rocking forward and back. To increase challenge: Add one more set. STANDING CALF RAISE j Balance with right foot on j a small thick piece of foam or inflated exercise disc, keeping left foot off the ground. Hold railing for light support. Exhale as you slow-1 ly raise heel as if tiptoeing on foam or disc. Inhale as you return to starting position. Do one set of lOto 12 repetitions.) Do the same for left leg. Do two sets for each leg. On form: Keep extended knee slightly bent. To increase challenge: Re- ] lease handfromrailing or add one set.

Fil« photo

Craig Davie, the men's volleyball coach, is entering his seventh season as coach of the team. His career record is 71-94. The 2003 men's volleyball team.

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dence. It also showed us our weaknesses in the matches we lost, which is good. Now we have time to work on those things before we start the 2003 campaign. Losing one starter and three lettermen from last year's squad, Mercyhurst returns much of their top talent. Senior setter John Samolis has run the offense for the past two seasons and last year also led the team in service aces. The top two hitters are back in sopho91

mores Austin Siewert and Dave Schmidt, as well as the top two diggers, senior Alex Laama and sophomore Bill VanCise. This year's class of recruits is developing much faster than expected and could produce several starters, said Davie. Freshmen outside hitters Justin Waas and Nate Keegan are pushing for starting roles as is setter Dan Kick. "While we are definitely more talented than teams of the past couple years, we are still a little

green which can be tough in the MTVA," said Davie. "A year ago the MI VA produced four top 15 (nationally ranked DI/II teams and Ball State was only a few points awayfromadvancing all the way to the national championship match." Davie stressed the importance, of defending their home court, because going on the road and winning will be difficult. "There are a lot of veteran squads in the conference this year of which we are not one,"

said Davie. "If we can keep our unforced errors to a minimum and serve and block well, I'll like our chances against anyone." \ 7 The Lakers begin their season at home versus The University of Puerto Rico in an exhibition match Friday, Jan. 30. They begin regular season play when they host The University of St. Francis as part of the Seventh Annual Mercyhurst Invitational February first.

S o m e exercise habits m a y d o m o r e h a r m than good
make in the gym: By Molly Martin Knight Ridder Newspapers When I was little, I developed a habit of dragging the toes of my saddle shoes, when I walked to school Its effect was fairly immediate, in both the scuffed state of the shoes and the irritated state of my mother. Other habits may take longer to show their results, including some of the things we do while exercising. A survey of 3,000 certified fitness professionals by the American Council on Exercise yielded this list of themost common mistakes people 1. Not stretching enough, especially after aerobics while muscles are warm and pliable to prevent injuries. 2. Lifting more weight man you can handle safely and with good form. 3. Not warming up before an activity. 4. Not cooling down after a workout. 5. Exercising too intensely for a short time, rather than moderately for longer time. 6. Not drinking enough water. |R 7. On a stair machine, turn ing the intensity so high that you need to lean on the handrails, which is hard on your wrists and back. 8. Not exercising intensely enough to work up a light sweat and get your heart beating in your training zone. 9. Jerking while lifting weights, which can lead to injury. 10. Consuming high-calorie energy bars';and sports drinks during moderate workouts. Unless you're exercisingmore than two hours per day, ACE says, you don't need them. Seattle-area trainers also see their share of deleterious habits. From Matt Nadler of the Seattle Athletic Club at Northgate: "Men very often swing their bodies while doing barbell curls. It enables t^em to use, more weight, but it really doesn't help the biceps. This swinging, however, can cause lower-back problems." From Laura Seuferling, a health educator in Patient and Family Education at the University of Washington Medical Center: Not replacing old athletic shoes. "The mid-sole or supportive part of the shoe gradually gets compressed over months of use. You can help prevent muscle and joint-overuse pain or injuries by replacing your shoes every six to 12 months." From Gail Cuthbert of Kent Women's Aerobic & Fitness Center: "Keeping the same routine for months rather than changing things around every month or so. Never addressing eating changes that should take place and then assuming it is your workout that is ineffective. Hiring personal trainers and expecting them to keep you motivated. Blaming your busy life for your inconsistency." Chuck'Kinsey of Senior Wise Consultants: "When returning a b to working out after an absence, starting in at the same level, rather than decreasing intensity and working back up to previous levels. Doing highweight/low-rep lifting when muscular endurance is the goal." For older adults: Not incorporating some type of balance activity along with aerobic, strength and flexibility training. From Tija Petrovich of Seattle Fitness: "Moving too quickly, not concentrating on the muscle group you are working. Talking too much and getting a poor workout.*' ';

S c h o o l s h o u l d b e o u t b e f o r e it's tooilate for y o u n g s t a r s
By Dan Le Batard Knight Ridder Newspapers MIAMI — Have you seen Amare Stoudemire play basketba 1 ? He had 3 8 points and 1 14 rebounds in a game the other night. He is far more physically ready for this league of giants than Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant or Tracy McGrady ever were as rookies. You can make a good argument Stoudemire is, bar none, the best pure athlete in the NBA right now. And he's but a few months removed from high school. The first thought that comes to mind here (after you wonder how that scared-pale, 5-8 kid at Stinky High felt while guarding a man-child like Stoudemire last year at this time) is why any athlete with a chance at mountainous millions would bother with college anymore. Go pro, young man, fast as you can, or fastei Perhaps there are worse ideas than going to college, but probably not since Whoopie Goldberg and Ted Danson got married. Advice to the University of Miami's Andre Johnson, Vince Wilfork, Kellen Winslow Jr. and anyone else who can cash in big before their senior seasons: Go. Now. Run. Before, like Willis McGahee, you suddenly and painfully can't anymore. That diploma is just a piece of paper, and one not worth nearly as much as the kind our

Fim photo

Going pro may be better than going to college for young athletes these days.

pro sports leagues use to print their paychecks. It is charming and quaint, this antiquated parental notion that an education gives an athlete something to fa 1 1 back on if a knee explodes, but you can still get that education later, even on crutches. You can't, as McGahee just learned in a brutally sad way, be a firstround pick that way. Alex Rodriguez skipped

college. The NBA's leading scorers, McGrady and Bryant, did, too. The NHL's best players, from Wayne Gretzky to Mario Lemieux, rarely took so much as a college course. Genius tends to reveal itself very early, even in athletics, so only in football, where the rules and physical demands conspire against youngsters making a too-early jump, does the

collegiate product rarely get diluted in an appreciable way by early entries. Still, even football players are getting bigger, stronger and faster quicker than ever, which is why McGahee was headed to the NFL after his sophomore season and Ohio State's) Maurice Clarett was thinking of challenging NFL rules and entering the draft after his

freshman season. We're rapidly that there is very little time to, approaching the day where well, you know, study. The you'll have more luck finding great athlete spends as much Antonio Banderas starring in a time studying sport in college good movie than you'll have of as the aspiring architect does finding a college football senior studying design. who is first-round good. At the ^highest levels of And that's fine because the college, football players are present college system remains there to major in football and as exploitive as anything outside the amount of time they put into of pimping. The idea that that (under dictator coaches Clarett couldn't afford a plane who, unlike their players, can ticket for a friend's funeral, and jump schools for the nearest that no one in Clarett's family dollar) makes that scholarship could, either, even as Clarett's worthy the equivalent of team collected millions upon minimum wage. The chemistry millions of dollars at least in part scholar gets the same free because of Clarett's skills, is education even though no one appalling but not the least bit fills the stadium to watch him surprising. play with his beaker. And he The very foundation of maj or does so without the risk of §| college ball it to strap those tearing his ACL. harnesses to the backs of the Some will argue the merits of poor and have them plow those hanging on to childhood and money fields on behalf of growing up during the college higher learning. Scour the years, but that's a crock. Isaiah scarred streets for the hunger Rider went to college. So did and skill you need to make your Dennis Rodman. And Randy football program matter (and Moss. All college will do for the perhaps pay for the library) star athlete is begin the process while hoping all the while that of entitlement and corruption not too many of those hardened earlier, and closer to thefratkeg kids get arrested in the culture- than the strip club. Some of the shocked process. best ambassadors in sports, AThere's this idea among Rod, Garnett, Kobe, McGrady, J educators that someone like Derek Jeter, didn't need college Clarett should be grateful for an to learn manners. opportunity to get a free And, as Stoudemire has education, which isfineexcept shown in manhandling the for that tricky, I ittle loophole thai NBA, we may:have arrived at makes nothing about his the day where the best of our education free. He is working young athletes don t need for it. paying for it in sweat and college to learn anything at all. so many hours spent practicing and lifting and watching film




SPORTS L a d y L a k e r s l o s e f o u r t h s t r a i g h t club hockey stays
To : sportsmerciad@mercyhurst.edu

By Krista Ross Contributing writer The Mercyhurst women's basketball team lost their fourth straight game, falling to Northwood 73-60 Thursday Jan. 9, as they began their five game home stand. Mercyhurst was up 11 -7 four minutes into the contest but Northwood scored 12 straight points to take a 19-11 lead. The Mercyhurst women trailed by IS at the half and would come within three in the second half. Mercyhurstfinishedwith two players in double figures. Senior guard Katie Lorincz had 14 and set a one game career mark with eight steals while freshman Cassie Seth Contributed 13. 1 Mercyhurst continued play Saturday, Jan. 11, to win their first GLIAC game. The Mercyhurst women snapped a four game losing streak defeating the Saginaw Valley State Cardinals 72-55. The Lakers trailed going into the half 25-24, but came out in the second half and outscored the Cardinals 48-30;: f Mercyhurst's largest; lead was 17 at the final buzzer.

sharp} winning over Lehigh, Villanova
By Bryan Christopher Contributing writer Coach Bill Shannon's club hockey team stayed hot this weekend with wins over Lehigh and Villanova. Friday night's match featured a strong effort from the entire team and the Lakers rolled over the Mountain Hawks 9-3. Sophomore Mickey Girardi and freshman Ryan O Connor each scored a pair of goals and sophomore Bobby Spitzer, freshman Justin Robertson, Alex Beitler, Kevin Binsell, and Chris Manchester chipped in with scores of their own. Robertson also had four assists for a team-leading five points on • the night. Mercyhurst outshot Lehigh 53-26. In Saturday's contest with Villanova, the Lakers again rolled, ousting the Wildcats 73. Senior right-wing Rob Garber scored a pair of goals and Robertson, O'Connor, Binsell senior Lee Penascino and freshman Ryan Bessie netted one each. Freshman goaltender Jason Salzman started his first game and recorded his first career win. The wins improve Mercyhurst to 19-5-0 and have the team and coach eyeing a spot in the national poll. "One of our goals we set at the beginning of the season was to be nationally ranked," said Shannon. His team has won five in a row, and three of the wins have comefromteams ranked in the top 20. The rankings are released on Friday. The team's most recent streak, said Shannon, has been due to slight changes in defensive style. "We've eliminated our oddman breaks, and it's made a heck of a difference.'' Coach Shannon will be looking for his 75th career win when the Lakers travel to St. Bonaventure Friday, Jan. 24 before entertaining the University of Rochester at home Saturday, Jan. 25.

Jody Mello/Merclad photographer

Jody Mello/Merciad photographer

Senior guard Katie Lorincz looks for an open teammate as she dribbles around a Nortwood player. Lorincz had 14 points and set a one game career mark with eight steals. Northwood defeated the Lakers 73-60.

Senior center Teah Sonlcksen takes a free throw as Northwood players anticipate the rebound. Sonlcksen made three free throw shots for the Lady Lakers despite the loss.

Lorincz led the Lakers with 23 points. Lorincz also recorded ten steals in the game, a career best, and moved into second place all-time with 222. She trails only Bea Tomczak, who registered 267, pilfers from

1982 to 1985. Junior forward Krista Ross chipped in with a dozen points while freshman guard Jody Sabo added ten. Seth was tops in rebounds with eleven. The Lakers held the Cardinals

to 33 percent shooting and forced 31 turnovers. The Mercyhurst women will continue their five-game home stand on Saturday, Jan. 18 against GLIAC rival Wayne State.

Wrestling t e a m finishes l-i at Regional
Mercyhurst shuts out American International 48-0
By Chris Lang

The Mercyhurst wrestlers* (4-4) next action is Wednesday Jan. 15 at home against West Liberty College State. It will be their first home match of the season. The match will begin at 7 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 18, the grapplers will be heading to Shippensburg for a match beginning at 2 p.m.

Contributing writer The Mercyhurst wrestling team finished 1-1 at the East Regional Duals in Shippensburg, PA. Mercyhurst won the^flrst match by shutting out American International 48-0. Recording pins for the Lakers were

sophomore Justin Mautz at 197 pounds and sophomore Angelo Caponi at 285 pounds. At the 149 pound weight class, Jake Squire of Mercyhurst won by decision over Jean Surin, 81. Sophomore Aaron Rowe of Mercyhurst also won by defeating Scott Hansen at the 157 pound weight class, 13-7. Sophomore Jared Snyder

(174 pounds) andfreshmanJoe Piczsor (184 pounds) each recorded decisions 6-5 and 64(OT), respectively. American International forfeited four weight classes to Mercyhurst: Sophomore Ricky Randazzo (125 pounds), sophomore Mike Shumac (133 pounds), freshman Will Tedder (141 pounds), and freshman Kevin Hoogenboom (165

pounds) all won by forfeits. In their second match, Mercyhurst fell to UNCPembroke 24-15. Mercyhurst won four weight classes during the match. They won at 125 pounds, 141 pounds, 184 pounds, and 197 pounds. In the 125 pound match, Randazzo held a decision over Kyle Devlin 10-4. In the 141 pound match, Mercyhurst

received its only pin of the match when Tedder pinned his opponent Rynell Burr. Sophomore Ben McAvinew of Mercyhurst scored a decision in the 184 pound match over Derek Brunson 7-3. Mercyhurst closed out their scoring when Justin Mautz recorded a decision in the 197 pound match with a 6-1 victory over Corey Winston.

Baseball's Pete Rose: Is he Hall of Fame material?
By Mackenzie Dexter Sports editor The debate over Pete Rose possibly being inducted into the Hall of Fame has once again s been reopened. When the public found out that Bud Selig,- the Commissioner of Baseball, met with Pete Rose before Thanksgiving, people once again began to argue the reasons why or why not to let Pete Rose into the Baseball Hall of Fame. J One thing that is clear here is that Pete Rose was a great baseball player. During his 23 years in the Major Leagues, he has broken records and received many awards. Rose is the all-time leader or* hits, singles, at-bats and games played with 4,256 hits, 3,215 singles, 14,053 at-bats and 3,562 games. He led the National League in batting three times, had a 44-game hitting streak In 1978, won batting championships in 1968, 1969, and 1973 and was an All-Star in 1965, 1967-71,1973-1982, and 1985. Some awards that he has won include the 1963 Rookie of the Year, the 1973 National League MVP, the 1975 World Series MVP and Gold Gloves inU 969-70. He also managed the Cincinnati Reds from 1984-1989, acting as a player-manager from 1984-87. An accusation of illegal gambling on baseball is die only thing keeping this great baseball player out of the Hall of Fame. These allegations came from one of Rose's friends, Paul Janszen, and bookie Ron Peters. The testimony,? of Janszen and Peters was corroborated b / Rose's phone records and bank records, which mirror the activity they described. An investigation of Rose took place in 1989. Rose admitted to gambling on college and pro basketball and NFL games, and described a system where he would have runners place the bets for him, to protect his privacy. j Rose did not admit to gambling on baseball although records show that his gambling activity did not stop during the summer when the only thing left to bet on was baseball. There is also evidence of him betting on his own team, the ? Reds. Why is betting for your team such a bad thing? In a 1989 article, Gerald Posner offered this explanation. "The possibility exists that decisions won't be made in the team's best interests, but rather because of the money riding on the game* If a manager bets on a game, he may bring a player off injured reserves sooner than he should in order to win, or he may pitch a reliever without enough rest, not caring that he won't be able to pitch for several extra days. If a betting manager gets in large debt to bookies, he can clear his account by merely revealing inside information about the team. The opportunity Tor corruption is greatly increased. This is not to suggest that Rose compromised the Reds in any way. The chance that such

Field hockey and lacrosse coach Kevin Cooke resigns
Cooke relocates to Queens College
Kevin Cooke has resigned as Lakers upset 2001 National field hockey coach to become Champ, Bentley, 2-1, in Erie on the head women's lacrosse Sept. 1, and won five of six coach at Queens College in matches from early September through early October to Charlotte, North Carolina. But Cooke coached the field improve their record to 6-3. hockey team for the last five a 4-3 mark in the final seven years and compiled an overall matches kept the team from a record of 46-39-1. Although the Top 10 ranking. field hockey team had another Senior midfield Jeanna successful season in 2002, the Hartmann led the team in goals coaching staff and team could (14) and points (34) and was only imagine what might have tied for the lead in assists with been. The Lady Lakers finished six. Other players hitting double the season with a 10-6 mark. figures were senior forward Mercyhurst played five teams Sarah D'Emilio M (18), that finished in the Top 10, but sophomore forward Nicole won only once. Two of the Davis (16) and junior forward setbacks, including a late- Natalie Didas (13). Senior season loss at Hloomsburg, Summer Kraatz played every were by two goals and another minute in goal and finished with a save percentage of .806 and was in double overtime. Mercyhurst did have? its a goals-against-average of 1.59. Following the season* moments of glory. The Lady Hartmann was named a First Team Division II All-American by the National Field Hockey Coaches Association (NFHCA) and a Second Team AilAmerican by worn ensfieldhockey.com wh i le sophomore midfield Catrina Sheaffer was selected to the NFHCA Second Team. As a team, Mercyhurst finished ninth in Division II in winning percentage (0.625), 12th in scoring defense (1.59), 6th in scoring offense (2.81). and 5th in margin of victory (1.22). Cooke also spent five years as women's lacrosse coach at Mercyhurst and leaves with an overall record of 44-31.

Photo courtesy of http /tow* petwose com/p:cs htm

Pete Rose breaks the alltime hit record.!

impropriety could result is the Info by MC Sports Information reason for such a strict taboo on betting baseba II." Although there is no evidence that Rose did anything to intentionally cause his team to lose a game, it said that by gambling he undermined the integrity ol the game. Because of that, he was permanently banished from baseball Since the Hall of Fame now has a clause stating that players who were on Baseball's ineligible list Limited of f er:[ cannot be considered as 810 East 381) fone free order of candidates, Rose therefore is Street I Pepperoni Balls with Greenganien ineligible for the honor. | 45911146 Since the meeting between 864-5322 Selig and Rose, people are lax: 480-8655 any order o f &5I or more wondering if the ban against Fax: 868-3^ Rose will be lifted and he can j i with a order of Now deliverina to entei the Hall of Fame. Tree J ^ Should Pete Rose be inducted There is a $1 delivery charge for ell orders under $10 into the Hall of Fame? Email {$ •• There is a $5 minimuta order far delivery sportsmereiad@niercyhurst, edu




JANUARY 16,2003


To contact: sportsmerciad@mercyhurBt.edu

Men' b asketb all snaps losing streak
By Krista Contributing writer The Mercyhurst men's basketball team closed a four game losing streak in a huge way at home Thursday, Jan. 9, with an 88-65 win over Northwood University. The Lakers went on a 19-3 run to gain a 31-11 lead with just over six minutes to play in the half, and would lead at the half 50-32. The Mercyhurst men came out strong^ after the half shooting 53 percent from the field to outscore the Timberwolves 25-9. Mercyhurst had five players in double figures. Senior Scott Melle led the way with 17 points, junior forward Josh Helm had 16, junior guard Justin Shouse and freshman guardTorry Mitchell chipped in with 14 each and senior guard Marcus Jankus added 11 Helm also grabbed a game high of 12 rebounds. Freshman Torry Mitchell also hit double figures for his 15th straight game. The Lakers continued play Saturday, Jan. 11 winning their second straight GL1 AC game at home against the Saginaw Valley Cardinals. The Lakers improved to overall 11-6 and 34 in the conference. The Lakers trailed at half by three, but didn't give up coming out strong in the second half to outscore the Cardinals 52-45 for a 91-86 victorY.Helm finished with

Women's jhockey signs three recruits
Mercyhurst head coach Michael Sisti announced the signing of three players today. Information on the trio is as follows: 1. Ashley Pendleton 5-9, 155 lbs J Defense Lives in Orton, Ontario Second season playing for the Brampton Thunder of the NWHL (National Women's Hockey League) in Canada Won the Bronze medal at the Esso Senior National Championship in 2002. This championship involves the best senior team from each province in Canada, Has played with Canadian Olympians and National Players: Vicky Sunohara, Jayna Hefford, Lori Dupuis, and Karen Ny strom. Her team finished second in the NWHL last year with an overtime loss to the Beatrice Aeros. 2. Jill Nugent 5-5, 130 lbs Defense From New Glasgow, Nova Scotia Second season playing with the New Hampton School, an elite U.S. Prep School in New Hampshire. Won MVP of the Atlantic Cup in 2002. It's a provincial tournament in Canada. Has been involved with a number of provincial teams in Nova Scotia. 1

Upcoming Hurst Sports
Women's basketball
1/18 Wayne State 1 p.m. H 1/20 Hillsdale 6 p.m.: H

Men's basketball 1/18 Wayne State 3 p.m. H 1/20 Hillsdale 8 p.m. H

Men's hockey
1/17 Quinnipiac 1/18 Quinnipiac 7 p.m. A 5 p.m. A

Women's hockey
1/18 Cornell 1/19 Cornell 2 p.m. A 2 p.m.|A

3. Julia Colizza 5-5, 135 lbs Forward Lives in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Plays for the Sault Ste. Marie Wildcats. Team Captain Player of the Year Fll* photo Jr/Sr High School Athlete of the Year. Junior guard Justin Shouse contributed 15 points and ten We're delighted to have three such quality individuals join assists to the Lakers' 85-65 victory over Nortwood last Thurs- our program," said Sisti. "Losing so many seniors this year, it's very important that we continue to bring in these types day. He moved into fifth place for all-time assists with 341. of student athletes. Ashley, Jill, and Julia should be great additions to our team and keep us moving forward." game-and-season high 28 figures scoring in 16 of the 17 points, while senior center games.Shouse had ten assists Info by MC Sports Information teammate Scott Melle added 23. and moved into fifth place for Junior guard Justin Shouse also all time with 341. Mercyhurst will continue added 15. Josh Helm also grabbed down a game high of their five-game home stand ten rebounds to record his sixth Saturday, Jan. 18 against rival double-double of the season. Wayne State at 3 p.m. Helm has also been in double

Men's volleyball
1/18 Alumni Match 6 p.m. H

Wrestling 1/18 Shippensburg 2 p.m. A 1/22 Waynesburg 7 p.m. A

For 1 ntramural Updates, check out the bulletin*board in theiRec Center

Lakers defeat Women's hockey boosts winning Holy Cross streak with Colgate sweep
By Bryan Christopher Contributing writer The men's hockey team notched another Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference win Friday night with a victory over 'visiting Holy Cross. The Crusaders scored first at 19:28 in the first period. Despite outshooting them 10-7, the Lakers could not find the net and trailed throughout the opening period. Early in the second period, a goal was ruled no good because the net was not in place. Midway through the period, senior forward Adam Rivers tied the game with a power-play goal assists from freshmen forwards Scott Reynolds and Dave Borreli. The goal was Rivers' fifth of the season. Minutes later, Holy Cross regained the lead on a power play goal of their own. Trailing 2-1 in the third period, freshman forward Erik Johnson came up big with his second goal of the season and once again evening the score. Reynolds and senior forward Mike Muldoon each helped with an assist. Reynolds then capped off his second three-point night with his second goal of the season. Assists from Johnson and junior forward Mike Carter helped seal the victory for the Lakers at 15:06. Mercyhurst goalie Andy Franck stopped 19 shots for his fourth win of the season, evening his season record at 44. The Lakers outshot Holy Cross 24-12 in the first two periods yet trailed 2-1. Ironically, in the third period the Crusaders outshot Mercyhurst 9-4 in the third as the Lakers scored twice and walked away with the victory. * "At the end of winter break we felt that during the second half of the season, if we play well, we can continue to get By Chris Lang Contributing writer The Mercyhurst women's hockey team pushed their winning streak to seven with a two game weekend sweep of Colgate. The two victories improved their overall mark to 17-5-1. The Lady Lakers stayed undefeated in the all-time series versus Colgate (3-0-0). On Saturday, Jan. 11, Mercyhurst defeated Colgate 31 to begin the five game road trip. Mercyhurst struck first when senior Jenn Jeffrey scored a goal in the first period with 1:59 remaining. The goal was her fifth of the year and was assisted by freshman forward Samantha Shirley. Then in the second period freshman defender Aimee Collins scored her third goal of Ithe year with help from junior forward Jessica Dillabough and sophomore forward Lindsay Dellow. The Raiders of Colgate added a power play goal in the second period to cut the Lady Laker lead to 2-1 heading into the third. In the third Mercyhurst put the game out of reach when Shirley netted her sixth goal of the season assisted by freshman defender Danielle Lansing. For the game Mercyhurst outshot Colgate 6413, sophomore Desi Clark stopped 12 of 13 shots for 12 saves in picking up the win. Sunday, Jan. 12, saw the Lady Lakers quickly put this game out of reach for the Lady Raiders by scoring four goals in the first period. The four goal barrage came courtesy of junior forward Brittany Miller (3), sophomore forward Sara McDonald (10), freshman forward Samantha Shirley (7) and junior forward Lindsay Barch (5). The Lady Lakers then added three more goals over the last two periods to win the game 70. Barch (6) and Shirley (8) each added one more goal and senior defender Randi Piiger scored her fifth of the year to close out the scoring. Also in the game sophomore forward Chrissy Yule had three assists and senior defender Jenn Jeffery and freshman defender Danielle Lansing each added two more assists a piece. Mercyhurst outshot Colgate 7915 and senior goalie Tiffany Ribble stopped all 15 shots to record her fourth shutout ofthe year and 13th win. Next weekend the Lady Lakers will again be on the road for a weekend doubleheader against Cornell.

File photo

Freshman forward Scott Reynolds had two assists and the game-winning goal for the Lakers in their3-2 win over Holy Cross Friday night


better," said head coach Rick Gotkin. "It's nice to see that we have improved in each of our first three games, but we want to keep getting better and play our besl down the stretch." Gotkin believes that the team's season expectations of making the conference playoffs and clinching a home game are still very much in tact, and if they can achieve each goal, they can eventually play for a regular season championship and reach the NCAA playoffs. "We are going to have to continue to work hard, believe in each other and capitalize on our opponents' mistakes," said Gotkin. "The last three wins have been great, and if we build on them and continue to play well defensively we can be what we want to be." The win improves Mercyhurst to 6-9-2 overall and 6-2-2 in conference play while the Crusaders dropped to 8-5 and 10-9. Up next for the Lakers is a crucial four-game road trip as they face conference leader Quinnipiac and American International.

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