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Douglas R.

3131 Kenyon Drive, Lima, Ohio 45805
Phone: 419-222-2725 Cell Phone: 567-712-3922

Results - driven operating executive with years of progressive experience in pla

nt manufacturing and production management. Management style combines modern ma
nufacturing philosophies to consistently deliver strong operating and financial
Expert Qualifications include:
* Plant & Facilities Management
* Cost Reduction & Revenue Gain
* Project Management & Support
* Inventory & Quality Control
* Training, Motivating & Team Building
* Production Process Improvement; Lean Manufacturing, Kaizen, S.P.C., Synchronou
s Manufacturing
* Specializing in turn around techniques in a multi-plant environment
Professional Experiences:
Orick Tool & Die, Inc. Plant Manager
Elida, Ohio
* Manager of this 85 employee metal stamping and welded assembly company
* Initiated Five S program to clean up and organize plant
* Updated and improved existing Preventative Maintenance (P.M.) program for all
tools & fixtures
* Material cost reduction program initiated showing savings of $85,000 in less t
han 1 year
* Strengthened error proofing process on welders and assemblies
* Process improvements were implemented during the scheduled P.M. program which
measured cost savings through improved uptime and employee efficiency
VanCan Corporation Plant Manager
Lancaster, South Carolina
* Initiated Lean Manufacturing, TM Programs, Quick Die Change
* Started and built a Tool Room
* Hired personnel for start-up Tool Room
* Hands-on Management
* Initiated a safety program
* Reduced inventories
* Increased profits by 13% percent
* Reduced operating cost and lowered overhead

Harvard Industries Plant Manager

Jackson, Michigan Plant
* Provided leadership and direction for over 100 employees with annual sales of
* Initiated and implemented first manufacturing cell utilizing a successful team
* Instrumental in negotiating a five year contract with U.A.W. with reduced bene
fit costs
* Transferred to Church Hill, Tennessee Plant due to ineffective launches
Church Hill, Tennessee Plant
* Converted this facility to a profitable plant by implementing training and tea
m concepts
* Reduced launch costs by $3.5MM due to re-engineering of plant equipment
* Developed an efficient cost reduction program with a $2MM savings the first an
d second year
* Fostered an environment of learning and training in SPC, hazardous communicati
on and synchronous manufacturing
Deckerville, Michigan Plant
* Main objectives were to address quality, manufacturing processes, and profitab
* Operating executive with responsibility for strategic planning, development an
d operation management of this 300 employee manufacturing plant.
* Effectively used turn around techniques on a plant with a minus 5% E.B.I.T to
a positive 17% E.B.I.T. in only 7 months
* Implemented a scrap, rework and waste reduction program which lead to 1.5 MM i
n company savings
* Decreased labor costs through strategic realignment of staffing, training and
production scheduling and instituting quality improvement processes
* Transferred to Spencerville, Ohio Plant to address quality, manufacturing, and
Spencerville, Ohio Plant
* Took control of this plant which was losing 7% E.B.I.T and transformed it into
a profitable operation of 15.5% profit in 10 months while concurrently overseei
ng the Deckerville Division
* Credited with guiding successful turnaround of a faltering facility resulting
in a continuous improvement environment, increased quality, restored customer co
nfidence and strong positioning for long-term growth.
* Transferred to Bryan, Ohio Plant to address two major launch issues
Bryan, Ohio Plant
* Launches were over-budget and behind schedule
* Successfully met goals of new customers on launches
* Changing mind set of employees to continuous improvement, & lean manufacturing
* Continued to oversee Deckerville Division
Education and Training
1. Associates Degree
2. Tool & Die Apprenticeship
3. Dale Carnegie - Management and Human Relations
4. SPC, Tops 8-D