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Category NAME
#1 Bereavement
Abata, Russell Can We Trust Our Feelings?
Adderhodt-Elliot, Miriam Perfectionism - What's Bad About Being Too Good?
Angelica and Allison Mother Angelica's Answers, Not Promises
Arnold, Johanna\ Christoph Be Not Afraid - Overcoming The Fear of Death
Beesing OP, Nogosek CSC, Oleary SJ Enneagram (A Journey of Self Discovery)
Benish, Gloria Go Within or Go Without-Simple guide to self healing
Bosco, Antoinette Pummeled Heart, The - finding peace thru pain
Bradshaw, John Healing The Shame That Binds You
Bridges, Jerry Trusting God - Even When Life Hurts
Burke, Nancy Meditations For Health
Burke, William Protect Us From All Anxiety - Meditations for the depressed
Burkett, Larry Damaged, But Not Broken
Clairmont, Patsy Normal is Just a Setting on Your Dryer; God Uses Cracked Pots
Cleckly, M. Ed. We Need Not Walk Alone After the Death of a Child
Colgrove, Bloomfield & McWilliams How to Survive the Loss of a Love
Coloney,RN, Margaret J. Man Called Father-Father Hudson House/Hospice Center
Cook, Marshall How To Handle Worry
Cousins, Norman Anatomy Of An Illness As Perceived By The Patient
Curry, Cathleen When Your Spouse Dies
De Grandis, SSJ, Fatehr Robert To Love is to forgive- Storeis About Need To Forgive
Dodds, Bill Your Grieving Child
Floyd, Gregory Grief Unveiled-Father's journey through the death of a child
Fumia, Sally Safe Passage
Gills,MD, James P. Exceeding Gratitude for the Creator's Plan
Gills,MD, James P. God's Prescription For Healing
Groeschel, C.F. R., Benedict J. Spiritual Passages : psychology of spiritual development
Harrington,SJ, Daniel Why Do We Suffer?-scriptural approach to the human condition
Haynes ,Jr. , MD, William F. Physician's Witness to the Power of Shared Prayer
Johnson, Barbara Pack Up Your Gloomies in a Great Big Box
Keller, Paul Living the Promises of God
Kennedy, Eugene Trouble Book

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Kinnaird, William M Joy Comes With the Morning-positive power of christian encouragement
Kreeft, Peter Love is Stronger than Death
Kuber-Ross, Elizabeth Death-the final stage of growth
Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth On Death and Dying
Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth & Kessler, David Life Lessons
Linn, Mary Jane Healing the Dying
Little, Debra Whiting Home Care for the Dying - A Manual
MacNutt,O.P., Francis Healing
MacNutt,O.P., Francis Power to Heal (Charismatic)
MacNutt,O.P., Francis Prayer That Heals- healing in the family
Manning, Doug When Love Gets Tough - The nursing home decision
Martinez, Luis M. When Jesus Sleeps-finding spiritual peace amid the storms of life
May MD, Gerald G. Dark Night of the Soul-darkness and spiritual growth
McKenna, O.S.C., Briege Miracles Do Happen
Miller, James Winter Grief, Summer Grace
Miller, Robert J. Grief Quest-men coping with loss
Moore, Thomas Care of the Soul
Morrissey, Paul Let Someone Hold You
Nouwen, Henri J.M. In Memoriam-his experience of his mother's death
Nouwen, Henry J. Intimacy
O'Brien, Mauryeen Lift Up Your Hearts
Padovani, Martin H. Healing Wounded Emotions-overcoming life's hurts
Peck, M. Scott, MD Road Less Traveled
Pfeiffer, Joseph, LCSW,GT. A Different Season-A practical guide for growth while grieving a death
Piper, Don 90 Minutes in Heaven-true story of death & life
Rupp, OSM, Joyce Praying Our Goodbyes
Ryan, Barbara Shlemon Healing Prayer
Ryan, Kenneth You And Your Mind
Schuller, Robert If It's Going to Be It's Up to Me.
Siegel, Bernie S Love, Medicine And Miracles
Smollin, Anne Bryan God Knows You Are Stressed
Spencer, Glenn M. Blessed Are Those Who Mourn
Styron, William Darkness Visible (A Memoir of Madness)

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Vogt, Robert Death of a wife
Wallace FSP, Susan Helen Matt Talbot-his Struggle and his victory over alcoholism
Welshons, John E. Awakening From Grief-finding road back to joy
Wicks Living Simply in an Anxious World
Williams, O.P., Ruth Ann Go In Peace; Healing For Women - Volume 4
Williams, O.P., Ruth Ann Healing Your Grief (revised ed.)
#2 Biblical Studies
Bible Bible for Today's Family - New Testament w/psalms & proverbs
Bible Catholic Children's Bible
Bible Catholic Study Bible, New American Bible
Bible Good News Bible
Bible Good News Bible-New Testament (LARGE PRINT)
Bible Good News New Testament (American Bible Society, 4th ed.)
Bible Holy Bible - New Revised Standard Version - Metzger,Bruce,ed.
Bible Holy Bible, Ignatius Catholic Edition
Bible Life Recovery Bible - New Living Translation
Bible Living Bible, The
Bible Navarre Bible - Romans & Galatians
Bible Navarre Bible - St. John
Bible New American Bible
Bible New Jerusalem Bible
Bible Readers Digest Bible - large type
Aland, Kurt, ed. Synopsis of the Four Gospels
Brown SS, FitzmyersSJ, Murphy O. Carm Jerome Biblical Commentary, The
Brown, Donfried, ed. Peter In The New Testament
Brown, Raymond E Critical Meaning of the Bible
Brown, Raymond E Introduction to the New Testament
Brown, Raymond E Responses To 101 Questions On The Bible
Castel, Francois History Of Israel And Judah In Old Testament Times
Clow,DD, Rev. W. M. Bible Reader's Encyclopedia and Conccordance, The
Crossan, J.D. & Reed, J. Excavating Jesus
Crowe, Jerome From Jerusalem To Antioch - gospel across cultures

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Currie, Robin & Hyslop, Stephen G. Letters & the Scroll - what archaeology tells us about the Bible
Daly, Robert J Christian Biblical ethics
Donders, Joseph G. Beyond Jesus-reflections on gospel-B cycle
Feiler, Bruce Walking the Bible - Five Books of Moses
Frank,Harry T. Discovering the Biblical World
Grassi, Joseph A. Secret Identity Of The Beloved Disciple
Gray, Tim Mission Of The Messiah-On The Gospel Of Luke
Hahn PHD, Scott Father Who Keeps His Promises-God's covenant love in scripture
Hahn PHD, Scott Understanding the Scriptures -the didache series
Ignatius Catholic Study Bible Gospel of Matthew
Isouts, Jean-Pierre Biblical World, The - An illustrated Atlas
Jarvis, F. Washington Prophets, Poets, Priests & Kings
Jerusalem Bible Psalms:
Karris, Robert J. Invitation To Luke
Keyes,Nelson B. Story of the Bible World
Kopp, Clement Holy Places In The Gospel
Kurz,SJ, William Reading the Bible as God's Own Story
Link,SJ, Mark These Stones Will Shout-new voice for the O.T.
Linn, Matthew Understanding Difficult Scriptures In A Healing Way
Madsen, Norman St Paul: The Apostle & His Letters
Malina & Neyrey Portraits of Paul
Malina, Bruce New Testament World
Martin, George Reading Scripture As The Word Of God
Mathews & Benjamin Old Testament Parallels (Laws & Stories Form The Ancient Near East)
McKenzie, John L. How Relevant Is The Bible
Meinardus, Otto St. Paul in Greece
Most, William Thought Of St.Paul
Murphy, TA,OP, Richard Background To The Bible
National Geogaphic Everyday Life In Bible Times
Neyrey, Jerome, ed. Social World of Luke - Acts
Pelch, John Galatians and Romans - Collegeville Bible Commentary
Pellegrino, Charles Return to Sodom and Gomorrah
Perkins, Pheme Reading The New Testament

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Perowne, Stewart Journeys of St. Paul
Petrisko, Thomas W Prophecy of Daniel
Pfeifer, Charles Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible
Philips, J B ( translated by ) New Testament in Modern English
Phillips, Bob In Search of Bible Trivia
Radmacher, Allen & House Compact Bible Commentary
Richards, Sue Every Woman In The Bible
Ryan,Father Kenneth, ed. Truest Story-Hard questions about the Bible
Senior, Donald Invitation To Matthew
Sheen, Fulton J. This is the Holy Land-pilgrimage in words & photos
Soisson( translated by Macrae) Byzantium - Art
Stravinskas, Peter MJ Catholic Church and the Bible
Stuhlmueller, Carroll Collegeville Pastoral Dictionary of Biblical Theology
Talbot, John Michael Reflections on the Gospels - Daily devotions for radical living vol.2
Terrien, Samuel Golden Bible Atlas, The
Thiede, Carsten Peter Dead Sea Scrolls And The Jewish Origins Of Christianity
Thompson, William G Paul And His Message For Life's Journey
Weber,G. & Miller,R. Breaking Open the Gospel of John
Wright ,Allen F. Silent Witnesses In The Gospels
Zanchettin, Leo, General Editor Acts, A Devotional Commentary - Meditations on the Acts of the Apostles
Zanchettin, Leo, General Editor Church in Transition, A Devotional Commentary on 1 Timothy Thru Hebrews
Zanchettin, Leo, General Editor John, A Devotional Commentary, Meditations on the Gospel
Zanchettin, Leo, General Editor Luke, A Devotional Commentary, Meditations on the Gospel
Zanchettin, Leo, General Editor Mathew, A Devotional Commentary, Meditations on the Gospel
Zanchettin, Leo, General Editor Romans and Galatians, A devotional Commentary, Meditations St. Paul Letters
Zanchettin,L. ed. Mark A Devotional Commentary
Zondervan Bible Publishers Zandervan Parallel New Testament in Greek and English
#3 Biographies / Memoirs
Ablom, Mitch Have A Little Faith - a true story
Albom, Mitch Tuesdays With Morrie - Morrie Schwartz
Antier, Jean-Jacques Charles de Foucauld
Arroyo, Raymond Mother Angelica - story of a network of miracles

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Baram, Robert Ed. Spiritual Journeys Toward The Fullness Of faith
Belloc, Hilaire Characters Of The Reformation
Bernall, Misty She Said Yes - Cassie Bernall
Bernardin, Joseph Final Journey - Joseph Bernardin
Bernardin, Joseph Gift of peace - Joseph Bernardin
Berry, Dennis God's Valiant Warrior - Fr. Thomas Judge
Beumer, Jurjen Henri Nouwen
Bonniwell, O. P. Fr. W. Life of Blessed Margaret Costello, The
Bosco, Antoinette One Day He Beckoned - a women's story…
Brinkley, D., Fenster, J. Parish Priest - Fr. M. McGivney and American Catholicism
Brown, Judie It Is I Who Have Chosen You
Brown, Mary Beth Hand of Providence - quiet faith of Ronald Reagan
Burton,Katherine Golden Door-life of Katherine Drexel
Capetola, Nicholas Augustine Adorno- fd of 16th Century religious order
Carson, Ben Gifted Hands
Ciszek SJ, Fr. Walter J. He Leadeth Me
Collesei, Gabriella Thecla, A Prophetic Woman
Currie,David B. Born Fundamentalist-born again Catholic
Davis, Patti Angels Don't Die - Ronald Regan
Day, Dorothy Long Loneliness - Dorothy Day
de Vinck, Christopher Power Of The Powerless
Devenanda, Brother Angelo, Introduced By Mothere Teresa Contemplativein the Heart of the World
Dirvin, C.M., Father Joseph Mrs. Setan -Foundress of American Sisters of Charity
Doherty,Eddie Getting To Know God-Fd. Of Madonna House
Doig,Desmond Mother Teresa-her people and her work
Dulles, Avery Testimonial To Grace
Elliot, Elisabeth Chance to Die - Amy Charmichal
Elliot, Elisabeth Secure in the Everlasting Arms
Flavius,CSC, Brother House On Logan Square(John Neumann)
Furlong, Monica Thomas Merton: A Biography
Fynn Mister God, This Is Anna
Gausseron, Nicole Little Notebook - journal of a contemporary woman's encounter with Jesus
Gould, Jean Colgan Forty Years Since My Last Confession

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Groeschel & the Franciscans of the Renewal Drama of Reform
Groeschel, C.F.R., Benedict J. There Are No Accidents
Hahn, Scott & Kimberly Rome Sweet Home, Our Journey to Cathollcism
Hill, Brennan R 8 Spiritual Heroes-their search for God
Jones, W. Paul Teaching A Dead Bird To Sing-living the hermit life
Keller, J., Burger, M. Men of Maryknoll - true stories of the mission fields
Kerr , H. T. and Mulder J.M. Ed. Conversions - Paul through Colson
Kolodiejchuk, M. C., Brian, ed. Mother Teresa - Come Be My Light - The private writings
Kuhns, William In Pursuit Of Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Langan, Tom Harvester Of Souls: John Neumann
Leclere, Ebi Desert and the Rose - spirituality of Jeanne Jugan
Lee, M. Owen Book of Hars-a memoir
Lewis, C. S. Letters To An American Lady
Lewis, CS Surprised By Joy
Little Sisters of the Poor Ernest Lelievre 1826-1889
Lucarini, Spartaco A Woman for Our Time
Mann, Charles F. Madeleine Delbrel: A life Beyond Boundaries
Marchione, Margherita Yours is a Precious Witness
Merton, Thomas Seven Story Mountain
Miller,Louis CSSR Beacons of Light-profiles of Ecclesiastical writers cited in the Catechism
Mott, Michael Seven Mountains of Thomas Merton
Mundakel, T. T. Blessed Mother Teresa - her journey to your heart
Murphy, Myles P. Life and Times of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen
Murray, Paul I Love Jeasus in the Night, Teresa of Calcuta a Secret Revealed
Myers, Rawley American Women Of Faith - Day, Hawthorne, etc.
Neff, LaVonne Life For God - Mother Teresa
Nolan, Christopher Under The Eye Of The Clock ( A Memoir)
O'Neill, Dan Mother Angelica
Padovano, Anthony T. Human Journey: - Thomas Mearton
Puma,Rev. Msgr. Vincent E. Son of a Bishop-what a life
Rahner, Karl I Remember
Redmont, Jane Generous lives: American Catholic women today
Roberts, Rev. Kenneth Playboy To Priest

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Roos, Richard Christwalk
Russert, Tim Big Russ and Me - Father and Son: Lessons of Life
Sebba, Anne Mother Teresa-1910-1997 beyond the image
Sharp, Christopher Stones From the River - autobiograghy of a christian
Sheed, Frank Church And I
Sheen, Fulton J. Treasure In Clay: autobiography
Sherrill, John and Elizabeth Hiding Place - Corrie Ten Boom
Sister of Charity Sister Miriam Teresa
Six, Jean - Francis Ed. Spiritual Autobiography Of Charles De Foucauld
Sleevi, Mary Lou Sisters and Prophets - women of scripture
Smith, T Stratton Rebel Nun - Mother Maria of Paris
Tanghe, Omer For the Least of My Brothers - Spirituality of Mother Teresa and C. Doherty
Trapp, Maria Augusta Story of the Trapp Family Singers
Twomey, Gerald Ed. Prophet In The Belly Of A Paradox - Thomas Merton
Vardy, Lucinda Simple Path - Mother Thersa
Zagano, Phyllis, ed. Dorothy Day - In My Own Words
Zambonini, Franca Teresa of Calcutta - A Pencil in God's Hand
Gonzales-Balado, Jose Luis Mother Teresa in My Own Words
Muggeridge, Malcolm Jesus Rediscovered - his journalist writings
#4 Contemporary Issues
Alban, Francis Fatima Priest-story of Fr. Nicholas Gruner ,most controversial priest
Ashkar,PHD, Dominic F. Transfiguration Catechesis - new vision based on Liturgy & Catechism
Askar, Dominic F. Road To Emmaus - a new model for Catechesis
Beckwith, Francis J Defending Life-a moral & legal Case against abortion choice
Di Giacomo, James Questions Young People Ask About Jesus And The Church
Dyckman, SNJM & Carroll, SJ Inviting the Mystic Supporting the Prophet - introduction to spiritual direction
Feeney,Robert Catholic Perspective: Physical Exercise and Sports
Ferrara, Christopher A. EWTN -A Network Gone Wrong
Ferrara, Christopher A. Secret Still Hidden re: words of Mary(Fatima)
Garton, Jean Staker Who Broke the Baby? - disclosure of abortion slogans
Groeschel,CFR, Fr. Benedict J. Cross at Ground Zero
Groeschel,CFR, Fr. Benedict J. From Scandal To Hope

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Groome and Horell (editors) Horizons & Hopes - future of religious education
Holwerda, David Jesus & Israel; One Covenant Or Two?
Keating, Karl What Catholics Really Believe - 52 answers to common misconceptions
Kiechle, Stefan Art of Discernment - making good decisions in your world of choices
Lauder, Rev. Robert E Magnetized by God-Relig encounter thru film, t'heatre, literature & painting
Linn, Dennis Good Goats: Healing Our Image Of God
Maguire, Nancy Klein Infinity of Little Hours
Martin, James Searching For God At Ground Zero
Morwood, Michael God Is Near - trusting our faith
Noonan Jr., John T. Private Choice - abortion in America in the 70's
O'Malley, William J. Meeting The Living God
O'Malley,SJ, William God The Oldest Question
Pastuszek, Eric Is This Fetus Human?
Powell, SJ, John Abortion: The Silent Holocaust
Prejean, Sister Helen Dead Man Walking
Rini, Suzane M. Beyond Abortion
Sande, Ken Peacemaker, The - biblical guide to resolving personal conflict
Scheidler, Joseph M. Closed - 99 Ways To Stop Abortion
Thomas Merton Passion for Peace - the social essays
Treston, Kevin Creative Christian Leadership - skill for more effective ministry
Vogels, Walt Becoming Fully Human - a biblical perspective
Wilike, Dr. & Mrs. JC Abortion-questions and answers
#5 Liturgical Seasons
Beckett, Sister Wendy Sister Wendy's Nativity and Life of Christ
Bowe,Hughes,Karam, Osiek RSGJ Silent Voices, Sacred Lives-women's readings for the liturgical year
Brown, S.S., Raymond E. Adult Christ at Christmas
Brown, S.S., Raymond E. Death of the Messiah - Volumes 1 & 2
Burghardt S.J., Walter J. Grace On Crutches
Burghardt S.J., Walter J. Love Is A Flame Of The Lord
Carmelite Monastery People's Companion to the Breviary - Vol I & II
Catholic Book Publishing Lectionary for Mass
Catholic Exchange Guide to the Passion-100 questions about film Passion of Christ -2 copies

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Cowie, Gummer,& Selwyn Christian Calender
Darian, Mujana Thoughts To Take Home For Lent
Fernandez, Francis In Coversation With God
Freeman, Margaret Story Of The Three Kings
Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen,OCD, Father Divine Intimacy - Med. on interior life for every day of liturgical year
Groeschel,CFR, Benedict J. King,Crucfied and Risen-Meditation On Passion & Glory of Christ
Hanson, Richard Simon Journey To Resurrection
Houselander,Caryll Wood of the Cradle Wood of the Cross-the way of the infant Jesus
Irwin, Kevin Sunday Worship(a planning guide to celebration)
Lucado, Max Final Weeks of Jesus
Matera, Frank Passion Narratives And Gospel Theologies
McCann, Deborah Joy of Your Salvation - reflections on the Psalms of Lent
Michele,MSBT, Sister Marie Missionary Cenacle Meditations
National Gallery of Art Easter Story
O'Gorman, Thomas A (editor) Advent Sourcebook
Pacatte, Rose FSP Nativity Story(Film Study Guide)
Roehl,Tim Christmas Hearts
Rutler, George William Seven Wonders Of The World - Meditations On Last Words Of Christ
Sertillanges,A.G. What Jesus Saw From the Cross
Simcoe, Mary Ann (editor) Christmas Sourcebook
#6 Holy Places
Aprile, Diane Abbey Of Gethsemani-place of peace & paradox
Awwad, Sami Holy Land in Colour
Cartwright, John Catholic Shrines Of Europe
Czarnopys & Santa CSR, Rev. T Marian Shrines of the U.S.-a pilgrim's travel guide
Godfrey,SFM, Fr. Pilgrim in the Holy Land
Pasierb, Janusz & Samek, Jan Shrine of the Black Madonna at Czestochowa
Santini, Loretta Vatican City
Sheen, Fulton J. This Is Rome
Sheen, Fulton J. This Is The Holy Land
Valigi, Cinzia Rome and Vatican

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
#7 Catholic Church History
Abbott, S.J., Walter M. Documents of Vatican II
Ball, Ann Handbook Of Catholic Sacramentals
Benson,Robert Hugh Paradoxes of Catholicism
BokenKotter, Thomas Concise History Of The Catholic Church
Boyack, Kenneth,C.S.P., ed. New Catholic Evangelization
Bradley and Kevane Roman Catechism
Brennan, Patrick J. Re-Imaging the Parish
Burbach, Msgr. J.H. Catholic Religion
Canon Law Society of America Code of Canon Law- Latin/English ed.
Catholic Book Publishers New St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism (revised 1969)
Ciccarino, Rev. Christopher Seeds of Faith, Branches of Hope
Cogan, Fr. William J. Brief Catechism for Adults-hdbk on how to be a good Catholic
Conway,CSP, Rev. Bertrand Question Box -1893 &1929 copyright-Q&A from missions to nonCatholics
Cozzens, Donald B. Changing Face of the Priesthood
Crocker III, H.W. Triumph - Power And Glory Of The Catholic Church
Currie, David B. Born Fundamentalist
D'Ambrosio, Marcellino,PHD Exploring The Catholic Church
Day, Edward Catholic Church Story
De Rossa, Peter Christ And Original Sin
DeGrandis, Robert Come, Follow Me - Charismatic Renewal
Di Noia, O.P…. Love That Never Ends - key to the Catechism
Dollison, John Pope - Pourri - little known facts from Sunday school
Drake, Timothy There We Stood,Here We Stand-11 Lutherans rediscover Catholic roots
Dues, Greg Catholic Customs And Traditions
Finley, Mitch The Joy Of Being Catholic
Flannery,O.P., Austin, ed. Vatican Council II; v.1 (1992 ed)
Flannery,O.P., Austin, ed. Vatican Council II; v.2
Flannery,O.P., Austin,ed. Vatican Council II-conciliar & post conciliar docs
Foley, Leonard,OFM Believing in Jesus-popular overview of the Catholic faith
Fox, Matthew Coming of the Cosmic Christ
Fox, Robert, ed. Catechism Of The Catholic Church
Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P., Reginald Three Ages Of The Interior Life (Vol. 1)

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P., Reginald Three Ages Of The Interior Life (Vol. 2)
Gibson, David Coming Catholic Church-Faithful shaping a new Amer. Catholicism
Gilles, Anthony E. People of Hope, The - the story behind the modern church
Greeley, Andrew M How To Save The Catholic Church
Hahn,S. & Suprenant Jr.,L. ed. Catholic For a Reason-Scripture & the mystery of the family of God
Haring, Bernard Acting On The Word
Hater, Robert J. Catholic Parish-hope for a changing world
Hayes,Rev Msgr Paul & Drummey, James Catholicism and Scripture - salvation history
Hennesey, James American Catholics - Hist Of Roman Catholic Community In U.S.
Hoge, Dean R Converts, Dropouts, Returnees
Holy See, The The Catechism of the Catholic Church - Image Books publ. by Double Day
Johnson,PH.D., Kevin Orlin Why Do Catholics Do That? -Guide to the teachings & practices
Keene, Michael Introducing Christianity
Kelly, Msgr. George A. Keeping The Church Catholic w/ John Paul II
Klopke,CPPS, Rev. John R. Summary: Catechism of the Catholic Church
Kung, Hans Infallible?
Kung, Hans On Being A Christian
Laux, M.A., John Church History
Leach & Borchard,editors I Like Being Catholic-treasured traditions,rituals 7 stories
LeGall,Fr. & Hamani,Laziz(photos) Symbols of Catholicism
Liguori Publications Essential Catholic Handbook
Liturgy Training Publications Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults-study edition
Louis of Grenada, Venerable Sinners Guide
Lukefahr, Oscar We Believe: A Survey Of The Catholic Faith & Workbook
Lukefahr, Oscar, C.M. We Believe - a survey of the Catholic Faith
Madrid, Patrick Any Friend of God's Is a Friend of Mine - of communion of saints
Martin, Ralph Crisis Of Truth
McBride, Alfred Essentials Of The Faith: guide to the Catechism of the Catholic Church
McDowell, Burt Inside the Vatican - 2 copies
McInerny,Ralph M. What Went Wrong with Vatican II-Catholic crisis explained
Menen,Aubrey Upon This Rock-simplicity,splender of the Vatican
Murphy, Brian New Men-inside the Vatican's elite school for American priests
Nat. Conf of Cath Bishops Challenge of Peace: God's Promise & our response

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Neuhas, Richard, John Appointment In Rome: Church in America awakening
Newman, John Parochial And Plain Sermons
Nichols, Aidan,OP Christendom Awake-on reenergizing the church in culture
Nichols, Aidan,OP Shape of Catholic Theology
Nogara, Bartolomeo Art Treasures of the Vatican
Our Lady of Peace Church Of Our Lady Of Peace-History& Photos-1-1967 & 3 -1977
Rahner, Karl Believe Today
Rahner, Karl Christian Commitment
Rahner, Karl Concern For The Church
Rahner, Karl Grace In Freedom
Rahner, Karl Love Of Jesus And The Love Of Neighbor
Ramsey, Boniface Beginning to Read the Fathers
Ratzinger, Joseph Cardinal Introduction To The Catechism Of The Catholic Church
Redemptorist Publicatons Handbook For Today's Catholic
Reese, Thomas Archbishop: inside the power structure of the American Catholic Church
Rinere CP, JCL, Elissa, ed. New Law And Life
Rohr and Martos Why Be Catholic? - understanding our experience and tradition
Rose,Michael S. Renovation Manipulation-church counter-renovation handbook
Sayers,Dorothy L. Creed or Chaos?
Schneiders, Sandra New Wineskins - Re-imaging Religious Life Today
Schreck, Alan Catholic Church History From A to Z - an inspirational dictionary
Sheed, FJ Theology For Beginners
Sheen, Fulton J. Life is Worth Living - 1st & 2nd series
Sheen, Fulton J. Quotable Fulton Sheen
Sheen, Fulton J. This Is The Mass
Stravinskas PHD STD, Peter M. ed. Catholic Encyclopedia
Stravinskas, Peter M. Catholic Response
Strobel, Lee Case For Faith
Sullivan, Francis A. Charisms And Charismatic Renewal; a biblical and theological study
Tanner, Norman P Councils of the Church-short history
Thiede & D'Ancona Quest For The True Cross
Tobin, Rev. William Struggle Our Destiny
Turner, Paul When Other Christians Become Catholic

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
U.S. Catholic Conference, 1994 Catechism Of The Catholic Church
Vatican Museums Vatican Collections: the papacy and art
von Balthasar, Hans Urs Razing The Bastioms
von Hildebrand, Dietrich Trojan Horse in the City of God-Catholic crisis explained
Walsh, Vincent Key To Charismatic Renewal In The Catholic Church
Walsh, Vincent Key To The Catholic Pentecostal Renewal
Wilkes, Paul 7 Secrets of Successful Catholics
Wilkes, Paul Excellent Catholic Parishes-guide to best places & practices
Wuerl, D.W., ed. Teaching Of Christ-A Catholic Catechism For Adults-3rd ed.
#8 Community
Abad and Fenoy Marriage-a path to sanctity
Arthur, Kay Marriage Without Regrets
Barkley, Roy Catholic Alcoholic
Benkovic,Johnette S Full of Grace-women and the abundant life
Boyack,CSP, Rev. Kenneth Parish Leadership Team Manual -Disciples in Mission
Bugbee, Bruce What Do You Do Best in The Body OF Christ?
Buscaglia, Leo Loving Each Other
Buscaglia,Leo Born for Love - Reflections on Loving
Chervin, Ronda De Sola Catholic Customs And Traditions, The book of
Chittister, Joan, Sister Women, Ministry And The Church
Cline MD,Foster and Fay,Jim Parenting Teens With Love And Logic
Cowan, Michael Conversation, Risk & Conversion
Cowherd, Kevin When I Was Your Age, We Didn't Even Have Church - Catholic parent…
Dobson, James C New Dare To Discipline
Dodds, Bill Dads Catholic Style
Downey, Michael J Digging Deep-fostering the spirituality of young men
Dunlap, Judith Bringing Home the Gospel-weekly journal for Catholic parents
Elkind PHD,David Parenting You Teenager
Finley, Mitch & kathy Christian Families in the Real World
Geisler, Eugene S There Is A Season
Gellman, Rabbi & Hartman,Msgr. Where Does God Live? Ques. & ans. For parents of children
Ghezzi,Bert ed. Keeping Your Kids Catholic

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Golas,Suzanne,csjp Called to Lead (1) Scripture and the Church
Golas,Suzanne,csjp Called to Lead (2) Sacraments,Spirituality,Mission & Prayer
Golas,Suzanne,csjp Called to Lead (3) Group Development
Hardy, Lee Fabric of This World-inquiries into callings,career choice etc.
Haring, Bernard Sin In The Secular Age
Heins, Peggy Prevoznik Becoming a Community of Salt & Light-formation for Parish Ministry
Himes,Michael J. Doing the Truth in Love - conversations about God,/relationships/service
Hull,Karla Safe Passage-A guide For Teaching Children Personal Safety
Jepsen, Dee Woman: The Challenge And The Call
Kenny, John J. Now That You Are Catholic
Kinast, Robert L. Making Faith Sense - theological reflection in everyday life
Kleissler, LeBert & McGuinness Small Christian Communities-a vision of hope for the 21st century(1997)
Kleissler, LeBert, McGuinness Small Christian Communities A Vision of Hope(1991)
Lucado, Max Cure for the Common Life - Living In Your Sweet Spot
May,Gerald J. MD Addiction To Grace
Meier, Rabbi Levi Ancient Secrets
Melady,Thomas Patrick Public Catholicism-living the faith in secular American culture
Meninger, William A. Process Of Forgiveness
Missler, Nancy Why Should I be the First to Change
Mitchell, Patricia Living As A Beloved Daughter Of God
Mraz, Dottie Ministry and the Family of the Permanent Deacon
Nelson, Gertrud Mueller To Dance With God
Nemeck OMI, Coombs O Blessed Night - Recovery From Addiction
O'Brien, Gene Couples Praying: Special Intimacy
O'Meara, Thomas Theology Of Ministry
Osborne, Kenan Ministry - Lay Ministry in the Roman Catholic Church
Osburn, Charlie Charlie Osburn Story
Peck,MD, M. Scott Different Drum - community making & peace
Rainey, Dennis Building Your Mate's Self Esteem
Reichert, Richard Making Moral Decisions
Rohr, Richard Simplicity: The Art Of Living
Rosser, Donna Colwell Detour-unmarried daughter becomes pregnant
Schreiter, CPPS ,Robert Ministry Of Reconciliation-Spirituality & Strategies

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Sine, Tom Live It Up - How To Create A Life You Can Love
Smalley, Gary Language Of Love
Smalley, Gary Love Is A Decision
Smedes, Lewis Art Of Forgiving
Sofield,ST & Juliano,SHCJ Collaborative Ministry-Skills and guidelines
Swords, Liam, ed. Marriage Homilies
von Hildebrand, Dietrich Marriage: The Mystery Of Faithful Love
Wilkin, Roger Catholic Parenting - living life between the Sacraments
Wright, Alan F. Jesus in the House
#9 Concilium
Concilium Vol. 01 Church And Mankind
Concilium Vol. 02 Church And The Liturgy
Concilium Vol. 03 Pastoral Mission Of The Church
Concilium Vol. 04 Church And Ecumenism
Concilium Vol. 05 Moral Problems And Christian Personalism
Concilium Vol. 06 Church And The World
Concilium Vol. 08 Pastoral Reform In Church Government
Concilium Vol. 09 Spirituality In Church And World
Concilium Vol. 10 Human Reality Of Sacred Scripture
Concilium Vol. 11 Who Is Jesus Of Nazareth?
Concilium Vol. 17 Historical Investigations
Concilium Vol. 19 Spirituality In The Secular City
Concilium Vol. 20 Dynamism Of Biblical Tradition And Index v.11-20
Concilium Vol. 22 Adult Baptism And The Catechumenate
Concilium Vol. 24 Sacraments, An Ecumenical Dilemma
Concilium Vol. 25 Understanding The Signs Of The Times
Concilium Vol. 27 Progress And Decline In The History Of Church Renewal
Concilium Vol. 28 Renewal And Reform Of Canon Law
Concilium Vol. 30 How Does The Christian Confront The Old Testament
Concilium Vol. 32 Reforming The Rights Of Death


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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
# 10 Philosophy / Theology
Arts,Herwig, S.J. With Your Whole Soul - christian experience of God
Ayer, Alfred Jules Language Truth & Logic
Bonhoeffer, Dietrich Martyred Christian
Bouchard,Charles,EOP Whatever Happened To Sin?-truth about Catholic morality
Bryant, M. Darrol,ed. Many Faces Of Religion And Society
Carter, Stephen L Culture Of Disbelief - Law and Politics
Carter,Stephen L. God's Name In Vain-wrongs & rights of religion in politics
Chesterton,G.K. Everlasting Man
Chesterton,G.K. Orthodoxy
Conn, Walter Christian Conversion
Cox, Harvey When Jesus Came to Harvard-making moral choices today
Curran, Charles Faithful Dissent
DeMarco & Wiker Architects of the Culture of Death
Dubay, Thomas Faith And certitude
Farrell,Father Melvin L.,SS Theology for Parents and Teachers
Gaffney, James Sin Reconsidered
Gula, Richard M Reason Informed By Faith
Hamel & Himes, ed. Introduction To Christian Ethics
Haring, Bernard This Time Of Salvation
Hayes, Paul Catholicism & Ethics - book (Medical-Moral Handbook)
Hayes, Paul Catholicism & Ethics - Leader's Manual
Hayes, Paul Catholicism & Life - book (Commandments & Sacraments)
Hayes, Paul Catholicism & Life - Leader's Manual
Hayes, Paul Catholicism & Reason - book (Creed & Appologetics)
Hayes, Paul Catholicism & Reason - Leader's Manual
Hayes, Paul Catholicism & Society - book (Marriage,Family & Social Issues)
Hayes, Paul Catholicism & Society - Leader's Manual
Kelly, Frederic Joseph Man Before God
Kierkegaard,Soren Papers and Journals: A Selection- translated by Hannay
Kierkegaard,Soren Practice in Christianity -translated by Hong & Hong
Kreeft, Peter Back To Virtue
Kreeft,Peter C.S.Lewis For the Third Millennium-essays on the abolition of man

Page 17 of 45
Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Kreeft,Peter Refutation of Moral Relativism-interviews with an Absolutist
Kreeft,Peter Three Philosophies of Life-Ecclesiastes,Job,Song of Songs
Lawler, Ronald Catholic Sexual Ethics
Lewis, C.S. Collected Works of C.S. Lewis
Lewis, C.S. Mere Christianity
Lewis, CS God In The Dock
Macquarrie, John Three Issues In Ethics
McDowell, John Mind And World
McGinn, Bernard, ed. Meister Eckhart, Teacher And Preacher
Menninger, Karl Whatever Became Of Sin?
Nietzsche, Friedrich Genealogy Of Morals & Ecce Homo
O'Keefe, Mark Becoming Good, Becoming Holy
Rahner, Karl Foundations of Christian Faith
Searle, John Rediscovery Of The Mind
Shannon, William Seeds Of Peace (Contemplation and Nonviolence)
Teilhard de Chardin Building The Earth
Tielhard de Chardin Divine Milieu
Viladesau, Richard Beauty of the Cross
Haught, John F. Religion and Self-Acceptancy
# 12 God / Jesus / Holy Spirit
Abata,CSSR,STD, Russel M. &
Malta,Vincent Dare We Enter the Mystery?
Abrams,Richard & Hutchinson,Warner Illustrated Life of Jesus-Nat'l Gallery of Art Collection
Apostoli, CFR, Andrew Comforter: Spirit of Joy, The - gift of the holy Spirit
Arnoudt, S. J., Rev. Peter J. Imitation of the Sacred Heart of Jeasus
Aurelio, John R Myth Man
Barbet M.D., Pierre Doctor At Calvary
Barry SJ, William Who Do You Say I Am?
Bishop, Jim Day Christ Died
Borg,Marcus Jesus At 2000
Breech, James Silence Of Jesus
Burn, Barbara Life Of Christ -Images From The Met

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Canale, Andrew Understanding the Human Jesus - journey in scripture & imagination
Comblin, Jose Jeasus of Nazareth - medications on His humanity
Croiset, John Devotion To The Sacred Heart Of Jesus
Cunningham, Phillip J. Believer's Search For The Jesus Of History
de Margerie,SJ, Bertrand Holy Spirit and the Daily Eucharist
del Valle, Francisca Javier About The Holy Spirit
Downey, Michael Altogether Gift - a Trinitarian Spirituality
Drummey,James J Who Do They Say I Am? - 120 questions about Jesus Christ
Eck, Larry & Mary Sue I Promise You…prayers & promises of Jesus
Green, Michael Who Is This Jesus?
Grubb, Nancy Life Of Christ In Art
Hendricks Jr.,Obery M. Politics of Jesus
Johnson, Elizabeth A. Consider Jesus-renewal in Christology
Johnson, Luke Timothy Living Jesus-learning the heart of the Gospel
Kealy,C.S.SP., John P. Who is Jesus of Nazareth
Lucado, Max No Wonder They Call Him the Savior - chronicles of the cross
Luke I, Luke Being A Summary Of Eye Witness Reports
McBride,OP Praem, Alfred Seven Last Words Of Jesus
McCarthy, Bill Personal Relationship With Jesus
McGrath, M. & Fragomeni, R At the Name of Jesus
Muggeridge,Malcolm Jesus
Nouwen, Henri Letters To Marc About Jesus
Rahner, Karl Love of Jesus and the Love of Neighbor, The
Reader's Digest Jesus And His Times
Sheed, Frank To Know Christ Jesus
Sheen, Fulton J. Life Of Christ
Stevenson, Dr. Kenneth E. Image of the Risen Christ - remarkable new evidence about the Shroud
Theological Historical Com... Holy Spirit, Lord And Giver Of Life
Wilson, A.N. Jesus A Life
Wilson, Ian Shroud Of Turin
Wuenschel,CSSR,STD, Rev. Edward Holy Shroud
# 12 God / Jesus / Holy Spirit

Page 19 of 45
Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Wvenschel,CSSR STD Self Portrait of Christ-shroud of Turin
# 13 Mary
Brown…,ed. Mary and the New Testament - Mary's role in God's plan of salvation
Bunson, Margaret(compiled by) John Paul II's Book of Mary
Crawley & Co., John J. Mary God's Masterpiece
deMontfort, St. Louis Mary True Devotion To Mary
Dlaney, John, ed. Woman Clothed With The Sun; Eight Great Appearances Of Our Lady
Domas, Anna, Wirtz Mary U.S.A.
Gambero, Luigi Mary in the Middle Ages
Garesche,Fr. Edward F Marian Devotional
Haffert, John M Day I Didn't Die
Haffert, John M. Dear Bishop-Memoirs On History Of Blue Army
Hoagland, CP, Rev.V. Mary the Mother of God
Jelly, O.P., Frederick M. Madonna - Mary In The Catholic Tradition
Jensen, Lone Gifts of Grace - personal encounters with the Virgin Mary
Kirkwood, Annie Mary's Message To The World
Koenig-Bricker, Woodene Three Sixty Five Mary
Lord, Bob and Penny Many Faces of Mary, The - a love story
Lynch, John Woman Wrapped in Silence
Maloney, S.J.,George A. Mary: The Womb of God - vivid and powerful study
Mathewes-Green, Frederica Lost Gospel of Mary (the Mother of Jesus in 3 ancient texts)
McKenna,Megan Mary Mother of All Nations
O'Laverty, H Mother Of God And Her Glorious Feasts
Pennington, O. C. S. O., M. Basil Mary Today - challenging woman, model for maturing christians
Powers,C.P., Rev. Isais Quiet Places With Mary
Rotelle,DSA, John Little Office Of The Blessed Virgin Mary
Stravinskas,PH.D. S.T.D.,Peter M.J. The Catholic Answer Book Of Mary
Suarez, Federico Mary Of Nazareth
Walsh, William Thomas Our Lady Of Fatima
Zimdars-Swartz, Sandra L. Encountering Mary-from La Salette to Medjugorje
# 14 Spiritual Phenomena

Page 20 of 45
Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Anderson, Joan Wester Where Angels Walk
Anderson, Joan Wester Where Miracles Happen - True Stories of Heavenly Encounters
At The Cross At The Cross Her Station Keeping-messages…from Queen of Peace
Bouyer, Louis Women Mystics
Brown, Michael J. Bridge to Heaven - interviews with Maria Esperanzo of Betania
Brown, Raphael Life Of Mary As Seen By The Mystics
Burnham,Soply Book of Angels
Connell, Jan Queen Of The Cosmos; Interviews With The Visionaries Of Medjugorje
Connell, Janice T. Meetings With Mary
Connell, Janice T. Visions of the Children - Medjugorje
Cruz, Joan Carroll Eucharistic Miracles
De Marchi, John Fatima From The Beginning
DeStefano,Anthony Travel Guide to Heaven
Devinck, Jose Revelations Of Women Mystics
Dickason, C. Fred Names of Angels
Emmerich, Anne Catherine Dolorous Passion Of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Felllows,Mark Sister Lucia-apostle of Mary's Immaculate Heart
Fellows,Mark Fatima at Twilight
Flinders, Carol Lee Enduring Grace-living portraits of 7 women mystics
Flynn, Maureen Fire From Heaven - Path to the Era of Peace
Flynn, Ted & Maureen Thunder of Justice - Warning, Miracle, Chastisement, Era of Peace
Geraldine Divine Inspirations From Jesus And Mary For The Love Of Many
Godwin,Malcolm Angels-an endangered species
Haffert, John M. Brother And I - From A Morning Prayer
Haffert, John M. God's Final Effort
Haffert, John M. Meet The Witnesses
Haffert, John M. Night OF Love
Haffert, John M. Sex And The Mysteries
Haffert, John M. To Prevent This!
Haffert, John M. Too Late?
Haffert, John M. World's Greatest Secret
Haffert, John M. You, Too! Go Into My Vineyard
Halberstam and Leventhal Small Miracles

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Hammons, Harriet Do Whatever Love Requires - Meditations from various saints
Hebert, Albert Three Days Darkness
Humann, Harvey Many Faces of Angels
Johnston, Francis Wonder of Guadalupe
Juliana of Norwich Revelations Of Divine Love
Kondor, SVD, Louis, ed. Fatima In Lucia's Own Words
Kosicki, C,S.B., George Revelations Of Devine Mercy - Faustina Kowalska
Kramer,Fr. Paul Devil's Final Battle
Kriva, Joanna Tribulations And Triumph:revelations on the coming of God
Leary, John Prepare For The Great Tribulation (v.4,6,7,11)
Long, Valentine Angels In Religion And Art
Lord,Bob & Penny Visionaries,Mystics &Stigmatists-down thru the ages
Lucia, Sister Calls From the Message of Fatima
Marian Movement of Priests To The Priests : Our Lady's Beloved Sons
Marian Movement of Priests To The Priests : Our Lady's Beloved Sons (1996, 1997 supplement)
Menendez, Sister Josefa Way Of Devine Love
Oppitz,CSR, Joseph W. Mystic Who Remembered- Sr. Crostarosa
O'Sullivan, Paul All About The Angels
What Do You Ask Of Me? (v.1,v.2)-"Bear witness that I am the living son of
Our Loving Mother's Children God"
Pelletier, A. A. Joseph A. Queen of Peace - Visits Medjugorje
Petrisko, Thomas W. Call Of The Ages
Petrisko, Thomas W. False Prophets Of Today
Petrisko, Thomas W. For the Soul of the Family - apparitions of Vrgin Mary to Estela Ruiz
Petrisko, Thomas W. Sorrow, Sacrifice And The Triumph
Potter, Mother Mary Devotion For The Dying
Richard, Abbe M What Happened At Pontmain
Ring, Rita Rosaries from Hearts of Jesus and Mary
Ring, Rita (messages received by) God's Blue Book/Fire of His Love (vol. 2 & 3)
Schmoger,CSSR, Carl Life of Anne Catherine Emmerich - Volume 1
Schmoger,CSSR, Carl Life of Anne Catherine Emmerich - Volume 2
Sellier,Charles Miracles And Other Wonders
Sharkey,Don After Bernadette-story of Modern Lourdes

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
St. James Publishing Words From Heaven - messages of Our Lady from Medjugorje
Veneral Mary of Agrede Mystical City of God
von Coohem,Fr. Martin Four Last Things(Death,Judgement,Hell,Heaven)
Weible, Wayne Leters from Medjugorje
Yocum, Bruce Prophecy; Exercising Prophetic Gifts Of The Spirit In The Church Today
# 15 General
Bartunek,LC,John Inside the Passion-inside look at The Passion of the Christ film
Boehm, Barbara Drake Choirs of Angels - paintings in Italian choir books
Carpentier, Louis Mysteries Of Chartres Cathedral
Chumplin, Joseph Messenger's of God's Word-handbook for lectors
Cristiani,Leon Evidence of Satan in the Modern World
Harnack, Adolf Militia Christi - the christian religion and the military in the first three centuries
Herx, Henry, ed. Movie And Video Guide For Families
McEniry, Sister Blanche Marie Three Score And Ten
Rohr,Richard &Ebert,Andreas Discovering the Enneagram-ancient tool for new spiritual journey
Shea,Mark & Stri,STD, Edward Davinci Deception
Suziedelis, Dr. Savlius Sword and the Cross - history of the church in Lithuania
Thomas,Gordon & Morgan-Witts,Max Pontiff - inside the Vatican, behind the headlines
Weinberg, Jeshajahu Holocaust Museum In Washington
Welborn, Amy Decoding Davinci
# 16 Novels
Albom, Mitch Five People You Meet in Heaven
Aurelio, John R. Once Upon A Christmas Time: Stories For A Family Christmas
Charlton, James Christmas Treasury Of Yuletide Stories And Poems
Chesterton, G.K. Father Brown
Chesterton, G.K. Favorite Father Brown Stories
Costain, Thomas, B. Silver Chalice
Dante Inferno
Dante Paradiso
Dante Purgatory
de Wohl, Lewis Joyful Begger, The - a nove about St. Francis of Assisi

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
de Wohl, Lewis Spear, The - panoramic novel of the last days of Christ
DeRosa, Peter Vicars of Christ-dark side of the papacy
Gallico, Paul Small Miracle - Story of Faith and Love
Gills,MD, James P. Tender Journey-story for our troubled times (part 2)
Gills,MD, James P. Unseen Essential-story for our troubled times (part 1)
Girzone, Joseph Joshua
Girzone, Joseph Joshua and the Children
Girzone, Joseph Joshua and the City
Girzone, Joseph Joshua, The Home Coming
Girzone, Joseph Kara, the Lonely Falcon
Greeley, Andrew M. White Smoke-novel about next papal conclave
Greene, Graham Monsignor Quixote
Guareschi, Giovanni Little World Of Don Camillo
Gulley & Mulholland If God Is Love
Hijuelos,Oscar Mr. Ive's Christmas
Hurnard, Hannah Hinds' Feet on High Places - allegory dramatizing the spiritual journey
Kennedy, Martin Philadelphia Catholic In King James Court
King, Ross Michelangelo and the Pope's Ceiling
MacFarlane Jr.,Bud Pierced by a Sword
Macfarlane, Bud Conceived Without Sin
Meier, Paul Third Millennium
O'Brien, Michael D. Father Elijah - an apocalypse
Peretti, Frank E. This Present Darkness
Perry, Sister M. -Rosary Shrine in Summit Amata means Beloved
Powers,John R. Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?
Rubin,MD, Theodore Isaac Miracle at Bellevue-a message of hope and love
Smith, Patrick M. Patroclus Kynos: A Collection Of Poetry
Sobel, Dava Galileo's Daughter - Sister Maria Celeste
Stone, Irving Agony and the Ecstasy
Trevor, William Story of Lucy Gault
Werfel, Franz Song of Bernadette
West, Morris L. Shoes of the Fisherman
Wilson, John Best Christian Writing 2000

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
# 17 Book Club Selections
Cather, Willa Death Comes For the Archbishop
Cosse, Laurence Corner of the Veil-2 copies
Galli, Mark Beyond Smells & Bells - wonders & power of Christian liturgy (2 copies)
Lewis,G.S. Great Divorce - a dream of heaven & hell
Wojtyla, Karol ( Pope John Paul II) Jeweler's Shop (2 copies, category 17 & 18)
Yaghmaian, Behzad. Embracing the Infidel-stories of Muslim migrants)
# 18 Popes / Papal Writings
Popes - Allen Jr.,John L. Popes - Conclave (Politics,Personalities & Process Of The Next Papal Election)
Popes - Cheetham, Nicolas Popes - History Of The Popes
Pope Benedict XVI Pope Benedict XVI - Feast Of Faith
Pope Benedict XVI Pope Benedict XVI - God Is Near Us,Eucharist,the heart of life (2 copies)
Pope Benedict XVI Pope Benedict XVI - Jeasus of Nazareth - (LARGE PRINT)
Pope Benedict XVI Pope Benedict XVI - Milestones-Memoirs (1927-1977)
Pope Benedict XVI Pope Benedict XVI - Ratzinger Report
Pope Benedict XVI Pope Benedict XVI - Spirit of the Liturgy
Pope Benedict XVI - Pope Benedict XVI - Christ Our Hope(Pope Benedict's visit to US & UN in
Cameron,Henning,Vaccari 2008)
Pope Benedict XVI - Cong
Doc/Faith(Encyclical) Pope Benedict XVI - And the Truth Will Make You Free -respect for human life
Pope Benedict XVI - Ratzinger Cardinal Pope Benedict XVI - Co-Workers of the Truth-meditations everyday of the year
Pope Benedict XVI - Ratzinger, Cardinal Pope Benedict XVI - Journey Towards Easter
Pope Benedict XVI, Encyclical Pope Benedict XVI - God Is Love
Pope Benedict XVI, Encyclical Pope Benedict XVI - Saved in Hope (2 copies)
Pope John Paul I - Luciani,Albino Pope John Paul I - Letters from Pope John Paul I
Pope John Paul II Pope John Paul II - Breakfast With the Pope - daily readings
Pope John Paul II Pope John Paul II - Celebrate 2000!
Pope John Paul II Pope John Paul II - Crossing The Threshold Of Hope
Pope John Paul II Pope John Paul II - Day by Day with Pope John Paul II-Pisani,Angelo ed.
Pope John Paul II Pope John Paul II - Gift and Mystery
Pope John Paul II Pope John Paul II - He Came To Us As A Father

Page 25 of 45
Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Pope John Paul II Pope John Paul II - John Paul II & New Evangelization-Martin&Williamson ed.
Pope John Paul II Pope John Paul II - John Paul II Speaks To Religious
Pope John Paul II Pope John Paul II - John Paul II Speaks to Youth At World Youth Day
Pope John Paul II Pope John Paul II - Make Room for the Mystery of God
Pope John Paul II Pope John Paul II - Papal Wisdom
Pope John Paul II Pope John Paul II - Pilgrim Pope - messages for the world
Pope John Paul II Pope John Paul II - Place Within - poetry of Pope John Paul II
Pope John Paul II Pope John Paul II - Pope Speaks To The American Church
Pope John Paul II Pope John Paul II - Prayers and Devotions
Pope John Paul II Pope John Paul II - Rise Let Us Be On Our Way
Pope John Paul II Pope John Paul II - Servant of the Truth: Messages of John Paul II
Pope John Paul II Pope John Paul II - Talks Of Pope John Paul II
Pope John Paul II Pope John Paul II - Theotokos A Catechesis On Mary, Mother Of God
Pope John Paul II Pope John Paul II - Through the Years with Pope John Paul II
Pope John Paul II Pope John Paul II - USA The Message Of Justice, Peace And Love
Pope John Paul II - Accattoli, Luigi Pope John Paul II - When A Pope Asks Forgiveness
Pope John Paul II - Bernstein & Politi Pope John Paul II - His Holiness - Pope John Paul II
Pope John Paul II - Boniecki MIC, Adam Fr. Pope John Paul II - Making Of The Pope Of The Millennium
Pope John Paul II - Hogan & LeVoir Pope John Paul II - Covenant Of Love-John Paul II- Sexuality,Marriage&Family
Pope John Paul II - Jersey Photograph
Project Pope John Paul II - Pope John Paul II, An American Celebration
Pope John Paul II - Longford, Lord Pope John Paul II - Authorized Biography - Pope John Paul II
Pope John Paul II - Maestri,
Willliam(Encyclicals) Pope John Paul II - Guide To Study The Splendor Of Truth Encyclical
Pope John Paul II - Malachi, Martin Pope John Paul II - Keys Of This Blood
Pope John Paul II - Malinski, M. Pope John Paul II - Life Of Carol Wojtyla - Pope John Paul II
Pope John Paul II - Noonam,Peggy Pope John Paul II - John Paul the Great - remembering a spiritual father
Pope John Paul II - O'Brien, Darcy Pope John Paul II - Hidden Pope
Pope John Paul II - Svidercoschi, Gien
Franco Pope John Paul II - Stories of Karol-the unknown life of John Paul II
Pope John Paul II - Szostak, w/ Spatz Pope John Paul II - In the Footsteps of Pope John Paul II
Pope John Paul II - Szulc, Tad Pope John Paul II - Pope John Paul II - The Biography
Pope John Paul II - Tindal-Robertson, Pope John Paul II - Fatima, Russia & Pope John Paul II

Page 26 of 45
Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Pope John Paul II - Triptych, Roman Pope John Paul II - Poetry of John Paul II
Pope John Paul II - Van Thuan, F. X.
Nguuyen Pope John Paul II - Testimony Of Hope: Spiritual Exercises Of John Paul II
Pope John Paul II - Wergel, George Pope John Paul II - John Paul II Witness To Hope
Pope John Paul II - Wojtyla, Karol Pope John Paul II - Easter Vigil & Other Poems
Pope John Paul II - Wojtyla, Karol Pope John Paul II - Jeweler's Shop (2 copies, category 17 & 18)
Pope John Paul II - Apost. Letter,Preparing For 3rd Millennium - Tertio
Pope John Paul II, Encyclical Millenio
Pope John Paul II, Encyclical Pope John Paul II - Church In America (The Ecclesia In America)
Pope John Paul II, Encyclical Pope John Paul II - Gospel Of Life
Pope John Paul II, Encyclical Pope John Paul II - Holy Spirit in the Life of the Church & the World
Pope John Paul II, Encyclical Pope John Paul II - Lay Members Of Christ's Faithful People
Pope John Paul II, Encyclical Pope John Paul II - Mission of the Redeemer
Pope John Paul II, Encyclical Pope John Paul II - Mother Of The Redeemer
Pope John Paul II, Encyclical Pope John Paul II - On The Christian Meaning Of Human Suffering
Pope John Paul II, Encyclical Pope John Paul II - On The Coming of the Third Millennium
Pope John Paul II, Encyclical Pope John Paul II - On The Dignity & Vocation Of Women
Pope John Paul II, Encyclical Pope John Paul II - On The Mercy Of God
Pope John Paul II, Encyclical Pope John Paul II - On the Relationship Between Faith and Reason
Pope John Paul II, Encyclical Pope John Paul II - Performing Work, On Human Work
Pope John Paul II, Encyclical Pope John Paul II - Redeemer Of Man
Pope John Paul II, Encyclical Pope John Paul II - Role of Christan Family in the Modern World
Pope John Paul II, Encyclical Pope John Paul II - Role of the Christian Family in the Modern World
Pope John Paul II, Encyclical Pope John Paul II - Splendor Of Truth
Pope John Paul II, Encyclical Pope John Paul II - To Artists
Pope John XXIII Pope John XXIII - Journal Of The Soul
Pope John XXIII Pope John XXIII - Joyful Soul, A - messages from a saint for our times
Pope John XXIII Pope John XXIII - Letters To His Family
Pope John XXIII - Peace On Earth-Commentary On Pope John XXIII's
Pope John XXIII - Riga, Peter(Encyclicals) Encyclical
Pope John XXIII - Trevor,Meriol Pope John XXIII - Pope John XXIII
Pope Paul VI - Apost/Exhort.(Encyclicals) Pope Paul VI - Evangelization in the Modern World - 2 copies

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Pope Paul VI - Herder & Herder (Publisher) Pope Paul VI - Pope Paul VI in the Holy Land
Pope Paul VI, Encyclical Pope Paul VI - Humanae Vitae & Credo of The People of God-Birth Regulaion
Pope Paul VI, Encyclical Pope Paul VI - Of Human Life
Pope Pius XII - O'Carroll, C.S.Sp., Michael Pope Pius XII - Pius XII: Greatness Dishonoured - a documented study
# 19 Other Religions
Ali,Daniel & Speneer,Robert Inside Islam:A Guide for Catholics-100 ques/ans
Ankerberg, John & Weldon, John Encyclopedia Of Cults And New Religions
Bainton, Roland Horizon History Of Christianity
Callan, Terence Forgetting The Root: The Emergence Of Christianity From Judaism
Catoir,JCD, John T World Religions - beliefs behind today's headlines
Eckstein, Rabbi Yechiel How Firm a Foundation - a gift of Jewish wisdom for Christians & Jews
Eliade, Mircea Sacred And The Profane
Frymen, Novak, Ochs, … Christianity in Jewish Terms
Gandhi, Mohandas K. Way to God
Haddington House,Pub. Walls of Jerusalem
Karsh, Efraim Islamic Imperialism - a history
Kinrass,Lord Hagia Sophia-Christian church to Muslim mosque to secular museum
Landay,Jerry M. Dome of the Rock
National Geogaphic Great Religions Of The World
Ruether and Keller, Ed. Women And Religion In America
Simon, Edith Reformation
Smith, Huston Why Religion Matters
# 20 Sacraments / Liturgy
Anderson, Frank Making the Eucharist Matter
Belmonte, Charles Understanding The Mass
Birmingham, Mary Year - Round Catechumenate-Christian Initiation-Liturgy Training Publ
Brown,Delgatto,Navarro & Shrader Total Catechesis-Liturgy & Sacraments & CD-Rom version 2
Champlin, Joseph M. Important Office Of Immense Love, Eucharist Ministers' Handbook
Clark, Stephen B. Catholics And The Eucharist
Cooke, Bernard Future of Eucharist
Cooke, Bernard Sacraments and Sacramentality

Page 28 of 45
Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Dobson, Theodore E. Say But The Word
Dubruiel, Michael How - To Book of the Mass
Fitzgerald, T. & Lysik, D., ed. Many Presences of Christ
Foley, John Creativity And The Roots Of Liturgy
Forrest, Jim Confession (Doorway To Forgiveness)
Grassi, Fr. & Paprocki, J Living the Mass - how 1 hour a week can change your life
Grassi, Fr. Dominic & Paprocki, Joe Living the Mass-how I hour a week can change your life
Groeschel, Benedict J. In The Presence Of Our Lord
Guardini,Romano Sacred Signs-liturgical practices
Hahn, Scott Lamb's Supper - the Mass as Heaven on Earth (also on Audio, catagory #25)
Haring, Bernard Shalom - sacrament of reconciliation
Howard,Thomas Evangelical Is Not Enough-worship of God in liturgy/sacraments
Howard,Thomas If Your Mind Wanders at Mass
Jungmann, Joseph Place Of Christ In Liturgical Prayers
Lang, David Why Matter Matters - philosophical & scriptural reflections on sacraments
Lang,OFM, Rev. Jovian P. Dictionary of the Liturgy
Liturgy Training Publications Liturgy Documents-a parish resource
Maloney, George A. SJ Your Sins Are Forgiven You
McHugh, Joan Carter, ed. My Daily Eucharist II
Merton, Thomas Living Bread
Miller CM, Charles E Foundations of Vatican II Liturgy
Newman, Cardinal John Faith And Prejudice
Osborne, OFM, Keenan Community, Eucharist & Spirituality
Osborne,Kenan B. ,OFM Sacramental Theology-general introduction
Oury, Rev. Guy Mass-spirituality,history, practice
Rego, Richard J Contemporary Adult Guide To Conscience For The Sacrament Of Confession
Riley and Turner Guide for Extraodinary Ministers of Holy Communion
Roberts, William P. Encounters With Christ
Ruane, Gerald P. Eucharist, The Greatest Healing Gifts
Sheen, Fulton J. These are the Sacraments
Smolarski,SJ, Dennis C. How Not To Say Mass-guide to authentic worship
Stoutzenberger Celebrating Sacraments
Stravinskas, Peter M. Understanding The Sacraments

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Tufano,Victoria M. Guide for Ministers of Communion
Von Speyr, Adrienne Confession
# 21 Saints' Biographies & Writings
Saints - Ball, Ann Saints - Faces Of Holiness
Saints - Ball, Ann Saints - Modern Saints-Their Lives and Faces
Saints - Ball, Ann Saints - Modern Saints-Their Lives and Faces-Book 2
Saints - Catholic Book Publishing Co. Saints - Lives of the Saints II, for everyday of the year
Saints - Daughters of St.Paul Saints - Fifty-Seven Saints For Boys And Girls
Saints - Delaney, John Saints - Dictionary of Saints
Saints - Farmen, David Hugh Saints - Oxford Dictionary of Saints
Saints - Foley, OFM, L. Saints - Saint of the Day vol.2-July thru Dec.
Saints - Hoerer,SO CIST PHD, Rev. Hugo Saints - Lives of the Saints, revised
Saints - Hoever, Rev., ed. Saints - Lives Of The Saints For Every Day Of The Year
Saints - Leaflet Missal Company Saints - Holy Card Prayer Book-Saints And Holy People
Saints - Lord, Bob and Penny Saints - Martyrs - They Died for Christ
Saints - Morris, Daniel Saints - Beatitude Saints
Saints - Pochocki, Ethel Saints - One Of A Kind Friends (Saints And Heroes For Kids)
Saints - Ransom, Ed Saints - Saints for Our Time
Saints - Thurston and Attwater, Ed. Saints - Butlers Lives of the Saints Vol. I,II,III & IV
Saints - Trickley - Bapty, Carolyn Saints - Saints, The - their inspiring lives and fascinating facts
Saints - Vann, Father, ed. Saints - Lives Of The Saints
Saints - Water, Mark Saints - Year With the Saints, A
Saints - White, Kristen Saints - Guide To The Saints, A
Anselm - Charlesworth, M.J. Anselm - Saint Anselm's Proslogion
Anthony - Contemporary Franciscan Anthony - Life of St. Anthony "Assidua" - completed in 1232
Anthony - Homan, Helen Walker Anthony - Saint Anthony And The Christ Child
Anthony - Stoddard, Charles Warren Anthony - Wonder Worker Of Padua
Augustine Augustine - Augustinian Studies, v.15 (1984), v.17 (1986), v.19 (1988)
Augustine Augustine - Confessions
Augustine Augustine - Teaching Christianity
Augustine - Brown, Peter Augustine - Augustine Of Hippo
Augustine - Hand,Thomas,O.S.A. Augustine - Augustine On Prayer

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Augustine - translated by Pontifex, Dom
Mark Augustine - Problem of Free Choice, The
Augustine - Walsh, Gerald etc.(translat) Augustine - City of God
Augustine - West, Rebecca Augustine - St. Augustine
Benedict - Van Zeller, Hubert Benedict - Holy Rule; Notes On St. Benedict's Legislation For Monks
Bernadette - Cristiani, Leon Bernadette - Saint Bernadette
Bernadette - Lynch, John W. Bernadette - Bernadette
Cabrini Cabrini - Travels Of Mother Cabrini
Cabrini - Keyes, Frances Parkinson Cabrini - Mother Cabrini : Missionary To The World
Cabrini - Lorit, Sergius G. Cabrini - Frances Cabrini - A Saint For America
Catherine - Dirvin, C.M., Father Joseph Catherine - St. Catherine Laboure
Catherine - Hughes, Serge Catherine - Catherine Of Genoa
Cure of Ars - O'Brien, Bartholomew Cure of Ars - Cure of Ars
Dominic - Beebe, Catherine Dominic - Saint Dominic And The Rosary
Dominic - Tugwell, Simon Dominic - Saint Dominic
Edmund - Gardner, Harold Edmund - Edmund Campion, Hero Of God's Underground
Elisabeth Seton - Celeste, Sr. Marie SG Eilzabeth Seton - Elizabeth Seton -Intimate Friendships of E. Bayley Seton
Elizabeth Seton - Kelly and Melville, ed., Eilzabeth Seton - Elizabeth Seton - Selected Writings
Elizabeth Seton - Kelly, Ellen Eilzabeth Seton - Elizabeth Bayley Seton
Faustina - Drabik, Rev. Richard J.(trans.) Faustina - Divine Mercy of My Soul-diary of Sr. M.Faustina Kowalska
Francis - Chesterton,G.K. Francis - Saint Francis of Assisi
Francis - Engelbert, Omer Francis - Saint Francis Of Assisi
Francis - Fiorelli,OSFS,Fr. Lewis, ed. Francis - Sermons of St. Francis de Sales on Prayer
Francis - Francis de Sales,Saint Francis - Introduction to the Devout Life
Francis - Francis de Sales,Saint Francis - Thy Will Be Done
Francis - Jorgensen, Johannes Francis - St Francis Of Assisi
Francis - Nevins, Albert Francis - Saint Francis Of The Seven Seas
Francis - Ravier, Andre SJ Francis - Francis de Sales Sage to Saint
Francis and Clare - Costello, Liam Francis & Clare - Through The Veils Of Mourning (St.Francis And Clare)
Francis and Clare - Homan, Helen Walker Francis & Clare - Francis And Clare: Saints Of Assisi
Gerard - Omes, CSSR, Fr. Edward Gerard - St. Gerard Majella
Ignatius - Fleming, David Ignatius - Spiritual Exercises Of Saint Ignatius, The
Ignatius - Ignatius Saint Ignatius - St Ignatius' Own Story

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Isaac - Lomask, Milton Isaac - Saint Isaac and The Indians
Jeanne Jugan - Leclerc, Eloi Jeanne Jugan - Jean Jugan - Song of Silence, her journey
Jeanne Jugan - Milcent, Paul Jeanne Jugan - Jeanne Jugan , Humble So As To Love More
Joan - Dana, Barbara Joan - Young Joan
John - Cristiani, Leon John - Saint John Vianney
John - Muto,Susan John - John of the Cross for Today-The Dark Night
John - Slatlery, Peter,ed. John - St. John of the Cross-a spirituality of substance
John - Tappin, Peter John - Stories of Don Bosco
John and Dominic - Beebe, Catherine John & Dominic - Saint John Bosco And Saint Dominic Savio (3 copies)
Josemaria - Dolz,Michele Josemaria - Josemaria Escriva - Saint
Josemaria - Scepter Press Josemarie - Josemaria-Josemaria Escriva,testimonies to a man of God
Josemaria Escriva Josamaria - Josemaria Escriva - Friends of God - his homilies
Joseph - Benet, Pere Joseph - Divine Favors Granted to Joseph
Joseph - Doze, Andrew Joseph - Joseph the Silent
Joseph - Doze, Andrew Joseph - Shadow of the Father
Jude - Trotta, Liz Jude - pilgrimage to the saint of last resort
Kateri - Brown, Evelyn Kateri - Kateri Tekakwitha-Mohawk Maiden(Blessed)
Louis - de Montfort, Louis Louis - Love Of Eternal Wisdom
Louis - de Montfort, Louis Louis - Total Consecration
Margaret - Bonniwell, William R Margaret - Life Of Blessed Margaret Of Castello
Margaret - Bougaud, RT.Rev.Emile Margaret - The Life Of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque
Maximilian - Ricciardi, Antonio,OFM Maximillan - Saint Maximillian Kolbe
Maximilian - Maximilian Kolbe - Immac.Concept.and the H. Spirit - Marian
Maximillian - Manteau-Bonamy, O.P. Teachings
Maximillian - Smith, Jeremiah Maximllian - Maximilian Kolbe: Knight Of The Immaculata
Maximillian - Stone, Elaine Murrary Maximilian - Maximillian Kolbe, Saint Of Auschwitz
Michael - Marian Publications Michael - St. Michael and the Angels
Padre Pio - Parente, O.F.M.Cap, Fr. A. Padre Pio - Holy Souls "Viva Padre Pio"
Padre Pio - Parente,OFM Cap,Fr. A Padre Pio - Send Me Your Guardian Angel
Padre Pio - Allegri, Renzo Padre Pio - Man Of Hope
Padre Pio - Carty, Rev. C. Mortimer Padre Pio - Stigmatist, The
Padre Pio - Ingolds, Mary L. Padre Pio: His Life and Mission
Padre Pio - McCaffery, John Padre Pio - Tales of Padre Pio

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Padre Pio - Ruffin, C. Bernard Padre Pio - Padre Pio: The True Story
Padre Pio - Schug, OFM,Cap Padre Pio - Padre Pio Profile
Paul - Decaux, Alain Paul - Paul Least of the Apostles
Peter - Grant, Michael Peter - Saint Peter
Philip - Connely, Francis X. Philip - Saint Phillip (Of the Joyous Heart)
Pius V - Anderson, Robin Pius V - St. Pius V: Brief Account Of His Life, Times, Virtues & Miracles
Pius X - Diethelm, Walter Pius X; Farm Boy Who Became Pope
Rose of Lima - Sr Mary Alphonsus, OSSR Rose of Lima - Rose of Lima
Teresa - Braghton, Rosemary Teresa - Praying With Teresa of Avila
Teresa - du Boulay, Shirley Teresa - Teresa of Avila - An Extraordinary Life
Teresa - du Boulay, Shirley Teresa - Teresa of Avila:Her Story
Teresa - Kavanaugh OCD & Rodriguez OCD Teresa - Collected Works of St. Teresa of Avila
Teresa - Peers, E. Allison, Ed. Teresa - Interior Castle-St. Teresa of Avila, Vol. I
Teresa - Theresa of Avila Teresa - Teresa: The Collected Works of St Teresa of Avila
Teresa - Theresa of Avila, Saint Teresa - Life Of Teresa Of Jesus: Autobiography
Teresa - Walsh, William Thomas Teresa - St. Teresa of Avila
Teresa & John-by Dubay,SM,Thomas Teresa & John-Fire Within-St. Teresa of Avila,St. John of the Cross…
Theresa - Schmidt, Joseph Theresa - Praying With Theresa Liseaux
Theresa - Theresa of Lisieux Theresa - Collected Letters Of St. Theresa Of Lisieux
Therese - Saint Theresa Therese - Thoughts Of Saint Therese
Therese - Beevers, John Therese - Saint Therese - The Little Flower
Therese - Beevers, John (translated by) Therese - Autobiography of St. Therese of Lisieux,Story of a Soul
Therese - Chalon, Jean Therese - Life of Love - Therese of Lisieux
Therese - Clarke, O.C.D., John Therese - Story of the Soul - St. Therese of Lisieux, autobiography
Therese - Furlong, Monica Therese - Therese Of Lisieux
Therese - Homan, Helen Walker Therese - Saint Therese And The Roses
Therese - Theresa of Lisieux, Saint Therese - Prayers & Meditations Of Therese Of Lisieux
Therese - Udris, John Therese - Holy Daring - the fearless trust of St. Therese of Liseux
Thomas - Bassett, Bernard Thomas - Born For Friendship: Spirit Of Sir Thomas More
Thomas - Chesterson, G.K. Thomas - Saint Thomas Aquinas: Dumb Ox
Thomas - Farrow, John Thomas - Story of Thomas More
Thomas - Marius, Richard Thomas - Thomas More
Thomas - Pagis,Anton, ed. Thomas - Introduction To St. Thomas Aquinas

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Thomas - Peques, O.P., R. P. Thomas - Catechism of the "Summa Theologica" of St. Thomas Aquinas
Thomas - Thomas Aquinas, Saint Thomas - Catechetical Instructions Of St.Thomas Aquinas
Thomas - Thomas Aquinas, Saint Thomas - Light Of Faith
# 23 Inspiration
Barbaric, Slavko Prayer With The Heart
Barnes, Emillie Quiet Moments For The Heart And Soul
Barry & Connely Practice Of Spiritual Direction
Barry, S.J., William God's Passionate Desire And Our Response
Barry, S.J., William Paying Attention To God, Discernment In Prayer
Barry, William ASJ Finding God in All Things - companion to spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius
Barry, William ASJ God and You - prayer as a personal relationship
Baughen, Michael Breaking the Prayer Barrier - getting through to God
Baur, OSB.,Benedict In Silence With God
Bausch, William Yellow Brick Road (A Story Tellers Approach To The Spiritual Journey)
Beattie, Melody Journey of the Heart - daily meditations on the path to freeing your soul
Bender,Sue Everyday Sacred- a women's journey home
Benkovic,Johnnette S. Experience Grace in Abundance-10 strategies for your spiritual life
Bergan, J and Schjwan CSJ, M. Praying With Ignatius of Loyola
Bode,Richard beach combing at miramar-quest for an authentic life
Brown, S.S., Raymond E. Retreat With John The Evangelist
Bryant, David Messengers of Hope
Byron, SJ, William Jesuit Saturdays - sharing the Ignatian spirit with colleagues and friends
Cameron, O.P., Fr. Peter John, ed. Praying With St. Matthew's Gospel - daily reflections
Caprio, Betsy Coming Home: Handbook For Exploring The Sanctuary within
Carmody, Denise Bonded In Christ's Love
Carmody, John Toward A Male Spirituality
Carter, Edward Pain And The Joy
Carter, Rev. Edward J S.J., ed. Shepherds of Christ
Carvajal, Francis Lukewarmness - the devil in disguise
Casey, Michael Guide to Living in the Truth-St. Benedict's teachings on humility
Catholic Book Publishers Christian Prayer - Liturgy of the Hours
Catoir, JCD, John Enjoy the Lord - a path to contemplation

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Catoir, John t. God Delights In You
Cavins Rinto,Armstrong Amazing Grace for the Catholic Heart
Chambers,Oswald My Upmost for His Highest-daily devotional
Christophers Three Minutes a Day Vol 38 - better to light 1 candle then curse the darkness
Ciorra, Anthony Everyday Mysticism-cherishing the Holy
Collins, S.J., John Greater Love; Meditations On The Holy Eucharist
Conroy RSM, Maureen Experiencing Gods Tremendous Love
Costello, Andrew Cries….but Silent - meditations
Daughters of St. Paul Heaven
Daughters of St. Paul,compiled by Into the Woods & other favorite verses
Davidson, Graeme Anyone Can Pray A Guide To Methods Of Christian Prayer
de Bertodano, Teresa Daily Reading With Mother Teresa
de Caussade, Jean-Pierre Abandonment To Divine Providence
de Caussade, Jean-Pierre Joy Of Full Surrender
de Gasztold, Carmen Bernos Prayers From The Ark; Creatures' Choir - Voices Of Animals Raised In Song
De Mello, S.J., Anthony One Minute Wisdom
De Mello, S.J., Anthony Song Of The Bird
Dean, Gordon Bible Secrets for Successful Living
Derrick,Christopher That Strange Divine Sea-reflections on being a Catholic
DeVinck Simple Wonders- meditations- discerning pleasure of looking beyond the seen
Dieterich, Henry ed. Through the Year with Fulton Sheen
Doherty, Catherine de Hueck Poustinis; Christian Spirituality Of The East For Western Man
Dollen, Msgr. Charles Prophecies Fulfilled
Dollen, Msgr., Charles My Rosary-It's Power And Mystery
Donihue, Anita When I'm On My Knees - Devotional Thoughts For Women
Elbee, Pere Jean du Coeur de Jesus d' I Believe In Love
Enzler, Clarence J. In the Presence of God - finding God in daily life
Faricy, S.J., Robert and Rooney, SND, Lucy Medjugorje Retreat, A
Feeney, Robert Rosary - "Little Summa" - refflections
Finley, James Treasured Age - Spirituality For Seniors
Fischer, Kathleen Autumn Gospel - Women in the Second Half of Life
Fischer, Kathleen Winter Grace - Spirituality For The Later Years
Foster & Smith-editors Devotional Classics

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Foster, Richard J. Prayer - Finding the Heart's True Home
Fritz, C.S.J., Mary Take Nothing For The Journey
Fuller, Cheri One Year Book of Praying Through the Bible
Gills,MD, James P. Prayerful Spirit-passion for God, compassion for people
Greeley,Andrew M. May the Wind Be at Your Back-prayer of St. Patrick
Green, S.J., Thomas When The Well Runs Dry - Prayer Beyond The Beginnings
Green, Thomas H., S.J. Darkness in the Marketplace
Green, Thomas H., S.J. Opening to God
Griffin, Emilie Doors Into Prayer - an invitation
Groeschel, C.F. R., Benedict J. Behold, He Comes; Meditations On The Incarnation
Groeschel, C.F. R., Benedict J. Healing The Original Wound
Groeschel, C.F. R., Benedict J. Heaven In Our Hands
Groeschel, C.F. R., Benedict J. Listening At Prayer
Groeschel, C.F. R., Benedict J. Praying in the Presence of the Lord with the Saints
Groeschel, C.F. R., Benedict J. Reform Of Renewal
Groeschel, C.F. R., Benedict J. Rosary-chain of hope
Groeschel, CFR, Benedict J. Why Do WE Believe
Groeschel, CFR, Benedict J. Arise From Darkness, A -what to do when life dosen't make sense
Groeschel, CFR, Benedict J. Praying mto our Lord Jesus Christ (prayer meditations thru the centuries)
Groeschel, CFR, Benedict J. & Ghezzi,Bert Everyday Encounters with God
Guinan, Michael To Be Human Before God (Insights From Biblical Spirituality)
Hall, Thelma Too Deep For Words (Scripture Texts For Prayer)
Hampsch, John Art Of Loving God - Learning To Love And Follow Jesus In Daily Life
Harris, Maria Dance of the Spirit - seven steps of womens spirituality
Harter, SJ, Michael, ed. Hearts on Fire - praying with Jesuits
Hauser SJ, Richard In His Spirit (A Guide To Today's Spirituality)
Hauser,SJ, Richard J. Moving in the Spirit - becoming a contemplative in action
Hazard,David Majestic Is Your Name-40 day journey with Theresa of Avila
Hazelden Book- Touchstones-Daily Meditations For Men
Healey,Kathleen Entering The Cave Of The Heart - Eastern Prayer For Western Christians
Holtz, Albert Saint In Every Corner: glimpses of holiness beyond the monastery
Holtz, Albert, OSB Street Wisdom - connecting with God in everyday life (2 copies)
Housden, Roger How Rembrandt Reveals Your Beautiful, Imperfect Self

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Humble Creek Light For My Path-illuminating selections from the Bible
Hunt, D.S., ed. Love, A Fruit Always In Season - Daily Meditations By Mother Teresa
Huston, Paula Holy Way, The - practices for a simple life
Keating, Thomas Crisis of Faith, Crisis of Love - contemplative tradition
Keating, Thomas Open Mind, Open Heart
Keenan, Father Paul Heart Storming - Way To A Purposeful Life
Keith,kent M. Anyway (the paradoxical commandment)
Kelly, Jack One Hundred Graces: Mealtime Blessings
Kemmer, Alphonse Creed In The Gospels
Kempis, Thomas Imitation Of Christ
Knox, Ronald Lightenng Meditations
Kreeft, Peter God Who Loves You
Kreeft,Peter Angel and the Ants-bringing heaven closer to your daily life
Kreeft,Peter Heaven: The Heart's Deepest Longing
Kurtz & Ketcham Spirituality Of Imperfection
Laurentin, Rene Hail Mary: It's Meaning And Its Origin
Lavin, Edward J Life Meditations: Thoughts And Quotations For All Of Life's Moments
Lawrence, Brother Practice Of The Presence Of God
Leach, M.. & Perry, S., ed. Maryknoll Book of Prayer
Leary, Michael Christ And The Catechist
Leboutillier, Janet Ela Meditations On Joy
Lejoly and Chaliha, ed. Mother Teresa's Reaching Out in Love-stories told by Mother Teresa
Libersat, Henry Do Whatever He Tells You - finding joy in pleasing God
Livingston, Patricia This Blessed Mess - finding hope amidst life's chaos
Lloyd-Jones Enjoying the Presence of God
Lotz, Anne My Heart's Cry
Lustiger,Cardinal Jean-Marie Dare To Rejoice-a celebration of christian life
Maalouf, Jean Experiencing Jesus with Mother Teresa
Manning, Brennan Ragamuffin Gospel
Marshall, Catherine Helper - the Holy Spirit
Mayers,Gregory Listen To the Desert-spiritual maturity from the desert fathers & mothers
McCarthy, Bill Our Father: Four Commentaries
McElroy, Susan Chernak Animals as Guides for the Soul

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
McElroy, Susan Chernak Animals as Teachers and Healers -true stories and reflections
Medina, Sarah (compiled by) Prayers of the Ages
Meehan, Bridget Mary Praying With Women of the Bible
Merton, Thomas Ascent To Truth
Merton, Thomas Conjecture of a Guilty Bystander - reflections on contemporary issues
Merton, Thomas Love And Living
Merton, Thomas New Man
Merton, Thomas New Seeds of Contemplation-enlarged & revised Seeds of Contemplation
Merton, Thomas No Man Is An Island
Merton, Thomas Run to the Mountain: His journals, vol.1, 1939-1941
Merton, Thomas Seeds Of Contemplation
Merton, Thomas Sign Of Jonas
Merton, Thomas Thomas Merton Reader, A
Merton, Thomas Thoughts in Solitude
Miceli, Rev. Vincent Rendezvous With God
Miller, Crystal Woodman w/ Wiersma,
Ashley Marked For Life
Mitchell, Patricia Touching The Risen Christ; Wisdom From The Fathers
Morrell, Mary Angles in High Top Sneakers - stories to stir the soul
Muto,Susan & Kaam ,Adrian Divine Guidance-seeking to find & follow the will of God
National Conference of Catholic Bishops Catholic Household Blessings And Prayers
Norris, Kathleen Amazing Grace
Norris, Kathleen Cloister Walk
North, Bede Family Prayer Book
Nouwen JM, Henri Wounded Healer, The - ministry in contemporary society
Nouwen, Henri J.M. Behold the Beauty of the Lord-praying the icons
Nouwen, Henri J.M. Bread For The Journey
Nouwen, Henri J.M. Clowning in Rome-reflect on solitude,celebacy,prayer,contemplation
Nouwen, Henri J.M. Genesee Diary: Report From A Trappist Monestery
Nouwen, Henri J.M. Inner Voice of Love
Nouwen, Henri J.M. Life Of The Beloved - Spiritual Living In The Secular World
Nouwen, Henri J.M. Lifesigns-Intimacy,fecundity,ecstacy in Christian perspective
Nouwen, Henri J.M. Return of the Prodigal Son - A story of homecoming

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Nouwen, Henri J.M. Walk With Jesus
Nouwen, Henri J.M. With Open Hands - 1972 ed. And 1995 ed.
Nouwen, McNeill, Morrison Compassion-a refection on the Christian Life
Pable,OFMCap, Martin W. Man and His God-contemporary male spirituality
Padovano, Anthony T. Retreat With Thomas Merton
Parks,OSR, Sr. Mary Catherine Pool in a Deep Forest-contemplative shares her spiritual life
Patterson, Ben Waiting - finding hope when God seeems silent
Payne, Joseph OP Befriending - self guided retreat for busy people
Piper, John Don't Waste Your Life
Powell, John SJ Through Seasons of the Heart
Powers,Margaret Fishback Footprints
Quillo, Ronald Psalms: Prayers Of Many Moods
Ringwald, Christopher Faith In Words
Rohr, O.F.M., Richard Radical Grace - Daily Meditations
Rolheiser, Ronald Holy Longing, The - the search for a christian spirituality
Rooney,Linda Perrone Habits of the Soul-learning to live on purpose
Rosage, David e. Speak Lord, Your Servant Is Listening
Roth, Phd, Ron I Want To See Jeasus In a New Light - healing reflections
Russell,A.J. God Calling
Schultz, Karen Rose Flashes Of Brilliance
Sheen, Fulton J. Divine Romance, The
Sheen, Fulton J. Footprints in a Darkened Forest-vital words for today's changing world
Sheen, Fulton J. Simple Truths-thinking life through with Fulton Sheen
Sheets, John, S. J. Spirit Speaks In Us
Shirer, Priscilla He Speaks to Me - Preparing To Hear From God
Shore, Bill Light of Conscience - How a simple act can change your life
Stanley,Charles Wonderful Spirit Filled Life
Svoboda,Melannie SND Rummaging for God(seeking the holy in every nook & cranny)
Tada, Joni Eareckson Diamonds In The Dust - 365 Devotions
Teresa, Mother Gift For God - Prayers And Meditations
Teresa, Mother Jesus the Word to be Spoken(everyday prayers & meditations)
Thibodeaux, Mark SJ Armchair Mystic - easing into contemplative prayer
Thompson, Francis I Fled Him Down The Nights And Down The Days(Hound of Heaven)

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Tickle, Phyllis Divine Hours - Prayers For Summertime
Turro, James Conversion: Reflections on Life and Faith
Vereb,C.P.,Jerome Pope John Paul II And The Luminous Mysteries Of The Rosary
Von Balthasar, Hans Prayer
von Hildebrand, Dietrich Transformation in Christ
Wagner,ed, Sister Mary Vincent Search for Living Waters-Dominican nuns reflection on contemplative spir...
Walsch, Neale Donald Conversations With God: Book 1
Walsch, Neale Donald Conversations with God: Book 2
Walsch, Neale Donald Conversations with God: Book 3
Warren, Rick Purpose Driven Life, The, What on Earth am I here For?
Wegner,Bill Dare to Be Holy-one man's journey to practical holiness
Welch, John, O.Carm. Spirtual Pilgrims - Carl Jung & St. Teresa of Avila
Wicks, Robert J. After 50, Spiritually Embracing Your Own Wisdom Years
Wicks, Robert J. Christian Introspection - self ministry through self understanding
Wiederkehr, Macrina Song of the Seed - monastic way of tending the soul
Wiederkehr, Macrina Tree Full Of Angels
Zundel, Veronica (compiled by) Famous Prayers - Through The Centuries
# 25 Video and Audio Cassettes
Audio Blessings by John Paul II (multilingual)
Audio Christ :His Passion & Death - Fulton J. Sheen
Audio Colosseans Bible Messages Dr. Mariano Di Gangi
Audio Come to Me - Rosary for Vocations (CD)
Audio Crossing The Threshold Of Hope
Audio Devotions and Traditonal Prayers of the Catholic Church
Audio Family Rosary (CD)
Audio Fathers of Mercy, a Lenten Parish Mission w/ Fr. Denis Blais (5 CD's)
Audio Focus on the Family -Best of 2003, 6 CDs, various topics
Audio Go Make Disciples of All Nations - Bill Wegner, Lay Evangelist
Audio God Doesn’t Make Junk-Rev.Andrew Cusack,PH.D., 3 cassettes
Audio Heart Speaks To Heart - Dublin Retreat-Fulton J.Sheen
Audio Holy Bible - English New Testament (New King James Version)
Audio Holy Bible - English Old Testament (New King James Edition)

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Audio Innocence of Father Brown(CKChesterton) read by Kevin O'Brien
Audio Lamb's Supper-Mass as heaven on earth - Scott Hahn
Audio Litany of the Saints & Traditional Catholic Prayers (CD)
Audio Many Faces of Islam - Nabeel Jabbour
Audio Mary,Our Ultimate Jewish Mother (Bob Fishman-a Jewish convert)
Audio Mass Explained by Fr. Larry Richards
Audio Mother Teresa A Simple Path
Audio Mystery of Suffering - Jeff Cavins
Audio New Look at Our Lady: a Biblical Understanding of Mary
Audio New Testament (1Thru 24 Except 7/8)
Audio Novenas & Traditional Prayers (CD)
Audio Pope John Paul II,Gift & Mystery-on the 50th A. of his ordination
Audio Power Of A Promise Kept
Audio Prisoners of Hope - Captivity & Freedom in Afghanistan
Audio Private Prayers of Pope John Paul II(read by Frank Pellegrino)
Audio Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way - book by John Paul II read by Kristoffer Tabori
Audio Rosary for those in Need (CD)
Audio Rosary of Intercession for Canonization of John Paul II (CD)
Audio Rosary With The Pope
Audio Sharing the Gift of Love(Leo Buscaglia)- 2 cassettes
Audio Theology Of Feelings - Fr. Frank McNulty
Audio Witness To Hope (Bio. Of Pope John Paul II)
Audio Witness: A Journey Though The Passion Narratives
Audio World Over(interview w/ Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger)
Video Abraham
Video Akeelah and the Bee(DVD) (Feature Fims for Families)
Video Amazing Grace for the Catholic Heart (DVD)
Video Assisi in Silence - Hidden network of clergy that saved Jews during WWII
Video Behind The Waterfall
Video Best Bad Thing
Video Beyond Narnia (DVD)
Video Bible - Genesis - narrated by Charlton Heston
Video Bible - Passion - narrated by Charlton Heston

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Video Bible,The: Stories from the New Testament
Video Bible,The: Stories from the Old Testament
Video Booky and the Secret Santa (DVD)(Feature Films for Families)
Video By Dawn's Early Light (DVD) (Feature Films for Families)
Video Catholic Compass-Jewish roots of Catholicism
Video Christmas Blessing(DVD) (Feature Films for Families)
Video Clearly Catholic / Cardinal Virtues - Working Toward Holiness
Video David And Goliath
Video Day the Sun Danced - true story of Fatima
Video Entertaining Angels-Dorothy Day(DVD)
Video EWTN Encore Presentation of the Funeral Mass for Pope John Paul II
Video Footsteps of Faith-Pope John Paul II-Crusader for Human Dignity-DVD
Video Gift of Love,The Daniel Huffman Story (DVD) (Feature Films for Families)
Video Henri Nouwen
Video Heros of Faith
Video Hill Of Redemption - Akita Japan
Video His Holiness Pope John Paul II In Israel
Video Holy Infant of Prague
Video Holy Rosary - Holy Father In Prayer
Video How Great Thou Art - best loved inspirational songs
Video In the Presence of Our Lord-presented by Fr. Groeschel
Video Irish Martyrs - presented by Mary McAleese
Video It's A Wonderful Life
Video Jesus - full length mini seriies - DVD
Video Journey To America - Pilgrimage Of Pope John Paul II
Video Life Of Christ- 3 videos (Parts 1, 2 & 3)
Video Life Of Jesus-Spiritual Journey In The Holy Land
Video Life of Pope John Paul II (DVD) NBC News presents
Video Life -The Way Of Champions
Video Lobster Tale(DVD) (Feature Films for Families)
Video Malcolm Muggeridge - Christian Catalyist
Video Martin The Cobler
Video Maximilian, Saint Of Auschwitz

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Video McGee And Me: A Star In The Breaking
Video Meditations on St. Joseph & The Immaculate Conception(Groeschel)
Video Meditations on The Ascension & The Assumption(Fr. Groeschel)
Video Mercy of God in the Family-Fr. Benedict Groesschel
Video Millions (DVD) - joyously funny family movie
Video Miracle At Moreaux
Video Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima
Video Moses
Video Mother Angelica Live
Video Mother Teresa - A Life of Devotion (biography)
Video Mother Teresa - In the Name of God's Poor
Video Mother Teresa - Intimate Portrait
Video Mysteries of the Bible - revelations of the dead sea scrolls (part1)
Video Night of the Prophet - the story of Padre Pio
Video On Our Own
Video Oratory of Divine Love - Fr. Groeschel, G. & Y. Cieffi-EWTN
Video Our Father's Plan - Hahn, Scott & Cavins, Jeff ( 3 VHS's, 13 episodes)
Video PadrePio - 2 videos (programs 1-13)
Video Peter and Paul -TV mini series (DVD)
Video Pope John Paul II - His Biography & Tridentine Mass - 2 Videos
Video Popes and the Papacy: a History Part 1 of 2, 2 DVD's (Great Courses-Religion)
Video Popes and the Papacy: a History Part 2 of 2, 2 DVD's (Great Courses-Religion)
Video Power Of His Presence
Video Prayer Made Simple and Joyful-Fr. John Catoir,3 videos(parts 1,2.3)
Video Prince Brat and the Whipping Boy (DVD) (Feature Films for Families)
Video Reflections on Psalm 23-for people with cancer -DVD
Video Rise From Darkness-Groeschel interviews on overcoming difficulties
Video Rogue Stallion
Video Roma, the Eternal City(DVD)
Video Secret (DVD) (Feature Films for Families)
Video September 11…A spiritual Response(Fr. Benedict Groeschel)
Video Sheen - Good Friday - Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen
Video Sheen - Irish Wit , The and Wisdom of Bishop Sheen

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Video Sheen - Life Is Worth Living - Fulton J. Sheen
Video Sheen, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen - 8 Videos of his Sermons
Video Song Of Bernadette( DVD)
Video St. Francis Of Assisi And The Franciscatis
Video St. Patrick-the Irish Legend(DVD)
Video Stanley, Charles - Facing Life's Unknowns
Video Stanley, Charles - Priority Of Relationship
Video Story of Knock
Video Story of Moses
Video Story of Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Video Story Of Peter
Video Therese - Living On Love
Video Therese - Ordinary Girl Ordinary Soul - DVD
Video They Could Be Saints, Mother Teresa - Fr. Groeschel-EWTN
Video This Is My Body, This Is My Blood
Video Time for Miracles-St. Elizabeth Seton(DVD)
Video Tomas and the Rainbow(DVD) (Feature Films for Families)
Video Vatican City (DVD)
Video Wait For Me
Video Your Baby's Baptism - Redemptionist Pastoral Communications
# 26 Small Groups Video
Little Rock - videos Acts Of The Apostles, 2 Videos
Little Rock - videos Exodus, 2 Videos
Little Rock - videos Genesis;2 Videos
Little Rock - videos Good News in New Places-Jerusalem To Antioch, 2 videos
Little Rock - videos Gospel According to John and the Johannine Epistles - 3 Videos,SG, Ans
Little Rock - videos Gospel According to Luke, 2 Videos, c,s,a
Little Rock - videos Gospel According to Mark
Little Rock - videos Gospel According To Mathew; 2 Videos, Study Guide & Commentary
Little Rock - videos Infancy Narratives Of Jesus Video, Commentary & Study
Little Rock - videos Lenten Journey, A with Fr. Michael Himes (DVD)
Little Rock - videos Little Rock Information Video

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Parish Library Catalog by Category as of 5/09/2011
Little Rock - videos Passion & Resurrection Narratives Of Jesus 2 Videos,c,s,a,
Little Rock - videos Wisdom
Little Rock - videos Women in the New Testament ,2 Videos,Com,Study&Ans Guide (2 sets)
Little Rock - videos Women in the Old Testament -2 Videos, Study guide & commentary

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