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We realise that you had a wide choice of places to visit in

Wells today and we would therefore like to say a

Great Big Thank You
for choosing us!

Have you completed a comment card?

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a card on your table but, if not, just ask any member of staff
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Tel: 01749 672 141 Email: Address: 36 High St, Wells, Somerset, BA5 2SG
Something Interesting...
This building has been around, in one form or another, since 1308. It was, apparently, built as ‚5
shoppes with a house behynd‛ and remained this way for 3 centuries until 1604, when the
areas were converted into a hotel & bar. This remained until 1982, when the hotel closed and it
was converted for use solely as a Pub; the pub you see now was from a 2000 refurbishment.

Unlike most city high-street pubs in the UK today, The King’s Head business is operated
privately. We believe in maintaining an authentic, local, English Pub atmosphere. Let’s be totally
honest; the English are not world-famous for great food or service and although there’s no
better place in the world for a drink and chat than an authentic English pub, many people are
disappointed by the reality. So no matter where you’re from or how long your stay, we hope
you’ll leave with a good impression of us.

We passionately believe that our customers deserve the freshest drinks and dishes, all offered
with friendly service in a cosy, safe atmosphere. Our meals are made from locally produced,
fresh ingredients whenever possible, served from a clean kitchen and delivered with a smile.
We serve quality, traditional dishes where a modern twist is added only if we think it enhances
your experience. We also believe in simplicity; if you’re looking for ‘chervil velouté’, or gravy
renamed as ‘jus’ then you’re in the wrong place!

A common trait of the English is that we never complain. Whilst we try to maintain the highest
standards at all times, if you don’t think we’ve lived up to our promises in any way then please
let us know. We’d much rather prevent it happening again than have you tell everyone else...

The Official Stuff...

 Order everything at the bar. Your food, cutlery & any accompaniments will be brought to your table.
 Most of our food is prepared fresh to order, including sandwiches, so please allow extra time for this. We
try to have all meals ready within 20 minutes of ordering but this may not be possible during busy periods.
We hope you can appreciate that freshly prepared food takes longer; we’re not a fast-food outlet!
 We buy a lot of our ingredients daily from the high street, to keep stocks fresh and minimise food miles.
This may result in items being out of stock occasionally so we apologise if your first choice from the
menu is not available.
 All prices shown in this menu include VAT (UK sales duty)
 If you have any special dietary requirements or allergies, please let us know in advance.
 Gratuities are at your discretion; please be aware they are shared equally amongst all of our staff, as we
believe those staff who may not see you are just as important to our customer service as those who do!
Lighter Menu

Lighter Bites Sandwiches*

If you’re not too hungry. Or if you’re starving and Served on white/brown bread or Ciabatta
want something before your main meal! (the Ciabatta option adds 50p to the price shown)

Hot Ciabatta with olives £2.95 Cheese & Onion/Cheese & Pickle £3.95
Our Ciabatta bread warmed through,
with a separate serving of olives and olive oil Tuna Mayo £4.15

Soup of the Day occasionally £3.95 Egg Mayo & Cress £3.95
Our staff will tell you today’s choice
Gammon ham £4.50
Bruschetta £3.65
Slices of Ciabatta bread topped with Bacon & Egg £4.45
tomatoes, basil and garlic oil

Whitebait £4.95 Brie, Grape & Rocket £4.55

In breadcrumbs. With bread & salad
Stilton & Apple £4.65
Deep Fried Brie £4.95
Served with a cranberry dip
BLT £4.65
Crostini al Tonno £3.85
Bread topped with tuna, red onion, celery Bacon, Brie & Cranberry £4.65
Mayo and lemon oil
Chicken Mayo £5.15
Mixed Mushrooms £3.95 (cooked fresh to order & served warm)
A mixture of mushrooms served on toasted
bread with Tallegio cheese and thyme Prawn £4.95
(either plain or with mayo/Marie Rose sauce)
Prawn Cocktail £4.15
The 70s classic is back! Sausage £4.65

Loaded Potato Skins (on cheese option) £4.55

Filled with goat’s cheese or ham & cheddar. * Can’t see the sandwich you like?
Served with garlic mayo (on request) Please just ask us; if we have the ingredients we’ll
make it for you!
Main Menu
Please also check the specials board above the bar

Children’s portions are available on many items. We also keep chicken nuggets & fish fingers for the less
adventurous ones, so please just ask!

Ham, Egg & Chips £7.25 Chicken & Bacon stack £8.25
Simple but popular! Chicken and bacon with melted cheese.
With chips/potatoes & salad/veg choice
Scampi & chips £6.25
The classic, English pub favourite Beer-Battered Fish, Chips & Peas £8.95
A prime slice of Haddock wrapped in a
All Day Breakfast £6.45 batter made with one of our cask ales
2 Bacon, 2 sausages, tomato, beans, fried egg,
mushrooms, black pudding, hash brown, toast. Lamb Steak £9.65
A boneless lamb-leg steak.
choice With chips/potatoes & salad/veg choice
½ pound burger £7.45
A prime burger, choice of meat or vegetarian.
Served with chips & salad (with lettuce & tomato on burger) Chef’s Steak and Ale Pie £9.95
Lean steak stewed in one of our cask ales.
choice With chips/potatoes & salad/veg choice
Ploughman’s lunch £6.55
Ham & cheese, with the usual extras...
Gammon Steak £7.95
Locally sourced gammon, served with
Four-Cheese Ravioli £6.95
a fried egg or pineapple slice.
Ravioli served in a spicy arrabiata sauce, With chips/potatoes & salad/veg choice
on a bed of rocket, sprinkled with cheese
Rump Steak £13.95
Classic Caesar Salad £5.45 With chips/potatoes & salad/veg choice
The classic salad: just iceberg leaves, Add Stilton, Pepper or Red Wine sauce for 50p
croutons and Caesar sauce
Add a chicken breast? £7.95

Bangers & Mash £7.45

Sausage & mash in gravy. Served with veg

Side Dishes
Bowl of Chips £1.95 Additional Bowl of Vegetables £1.50

Bowl of Olives £1.95 Additional Side Salads £1.50

Tomato/onion; Mixed leaf; Rocket with parmesan & olive oil
Garlic Bread (with or without cheese) £1.50

Onion Rings £1.50 Any other single items (eg. cheese on chips) £0.50
Many of our customers can’t find the space, but if you still feel a little bit peckish after your meal, why not
try one of our delicious desserts! They’re handmade by a very talented, Wells patisserie chef and our
head chef managed to convince him to make them to order for us as well! We buy in very small batches
to keep them as fresh as possible, so we apologise if you first choice has just ran out.

The desserts change frequently so to help us minimise paper waste we have put these onto the
blackboards above the bar; we hope you don’t mind. Alternatively, just ask a member of staff about
today’s choices. We should always have a choice of at least 3 or 4 desserts for you (although these may
be reduced out of season).

Selection of Coffees

First, a little rant from Steve, the licensee:

You’ll see things like ‚Fair Trade coffee‛ being marketed at the national coffee chains? Well, I’ll let you
into a secret, what this means in plain English is ‚we scour the planet for the cheapest possible supplies
but then we have to implement special schemes to make sure we don’t rip-off the growers too much‛.
In other words, the national (and international) coffee chains are marketing a scheme as a positive, unique
selling point (USP) but this USP only exists because of their greed! You really couldn’t make it up…

Our USP is simply this: we use only one type of bean, which is an Italian bean imported and roasted
locally by a local coffee supplier, Karikta coffee in Wincanton, Somerset. The roast style was picked
personally by Steve, who drinks far more of his own coffee than could be considered healthy, and we
use only semi-skimmed, local milk*.

We offer the various basic coffees, so please just see the bar staff, who’ll be happy to make your choice
and bring it to your table. But a word of warning, if you’re after something with an incomprehensible
name, with bits of fruit, herbs and marshmallows sticking out of it, in a cup size that sounds like ‚grand‛
but actually means ‘small’, then you’re probably in the wrong place! Most of that stuff is simply window
dressing to justify the high prices!

Or why not have a liquor coffee? With a choice of anything from the bar there’s bound to be something
that will round off your meal nicely!** Let’s see the national chains offer you that!

Not hungry enough for a proper meal?

Why not just have a Coffee & Dessert? It may seem a lot but you’ll pay around £5 for an average coffee
and mass-produced muffin anywhere else, so what have you got to lose!

* Very occasionally, during particularly busy times, we may have to purchase ad-hoc supplies form elsewhere
** Coffee will be priced accordingly, dependant on the shot added
Wine List
Reds (‘a’ = light bodied  ‘e’ = full bodied) 125ml 175ml 250ml Bottle

(c) Merlot, Los Romeros, Central Valley (12.5% abv) £2.30 £3.10 £4.20 £11.95
Chile. Soft, warm, smooth with blackcurrant & plum and a dash of spice

(a) Cabernet Sauvignon, D’Vine delle Venezie (12% abv) £2.45 £3.35 £4.55 £12.80
Italy. Bright, soft berry fruits with juicy damsons. A smooth red

(c) Shiraz, Berri Estates (13.5% abv) £2.60 £3.50 £4.70 £13.20
SE Australia. Typically fruity raspberry/cherry/plum & vanilla spices

(c) Rioja Tinto, Marquis de Morano (13% abv) .......... Bottle only .......... £13.75
Spain. A lighter Rioja, hint of oak and abundant, juicy ripe berries

(c) Pinotage, Cullinan View, Robertson (13.4% abv) .......... Bottle only .......... £14.70
S Africa. Rich, full & spicy with good levels of fruit aromas & flavour.

(b) Pinot Noir, Rare Vineyards (13% abv) .......... Bottle only .......... £14.95
France. Soft, lightly oaked cherries & blueberries with a hint of spice

Whites (‘0’ = dry  ‘5’ = sweet)

(2) Sauvignon Blanc, los Romeros (12.5% abv) £2.30 £3.10 £4.20 £11.95
Chile. Fragrant aromas of lemon and gooseberry with a zesty finish

(2) Pinot Grigio del Veneto, Collezioni Marchesini (12% abv) £2.45 £3.35 £4.55 £12.80
Italy. Buttery, crisp, dry style with hints of fresh melon and pear

(2) Chardonnay, Berri Estates Un-oaked (13.8% abv) £2.60 £3.50 £4.70 £13.20
SE Australia. Crisp style, fresh, ripe lemon, no oak ageing

(2) Chenin Blanc, Kleine Zalze Bush Vines (13.5%) .......... Bottle only .......... £13.20
Stellenbosch, S Africa. Soft, creamy, ripe exotic fruit and vanilla

(4) Viognier, Armidale Estate Hill Grove unoaked (13.5% abv) .......... Bottle only .......... £14.20
SE Australia. Youthful, spicy apricot backed with rich tropical fruit

(1) Sauvignon Blanc, Destinea, Val de Loire (12% abv) .......... Bottle only .......... £14.95
France. Young vines give hints of grapefruit & gooseberries

(4) Pinot Grigio Rosé, Corta Vigna delle Venezie (12% abv) £2.45 £3.35 £4.55 £12.80
Italy. Light & fresh with hints of morello cherry and strawberries

(5) White Zinfandel, Vendange (11% abv) .......... Bottle only .......... £13.95
California. Light flowery aromas highlighted with strawberry & lemon.

(1) Piper-Heidsieck (12% abv) .......... Bottle only .......... £35.00
France. Young, lively fruit flavours, fresh aroma. A vivacious Champagne
Regular Events
We always have lots going on... and it’s always FREE*

 Every other Monday (fortnightly) ‚Salsa & Zumba‛ lessons! (8pm – 11pm)
Learn all the best dance moves from a semi-pro, up in our function room to spare your blushes!

 Every Tuesday ‚Open Mic‛ Nights (9pm – close)

The only regular event for Musicians in Wells; come with any instrument and join in or just watch the
others play. Every musician who ever comes always says it’s the best open mic they’ve been to, so make
sure you also mention it to any musical friends! Hosted by the one & only Ross Kirk

 Every 1st Tues of the month ‚Social Media‛ Workshop (6pm – 8.30pm’ish)
Join like-minded people and discuss everything about the world of social media, whether you’re a total
beginner of a self-appointed guru. Like a book club but for social media!

 Every 1st Weds of the month ‚Quiz Night‛ (8.30pm for 9pm start)
The best and most challenging quiz in Wells! Always a min. £50 1 prize + a rollover jackpot + other
prizes + good fun! It’s usually finished by around 11pm. All we’ll say is come early, because it’s now
established as the most popular quiz in Wells and we regularly run out of seats!

 Every 2nd Thurs of the month ‚Karaoke‛ (9pm – close)

Everyone loves to hate karaoke but, ironically, everyone also joins in!

 Every 3rd, 4th (and 5th) Thurs ‚Live Music‛ (9pm – close)
See the poster boards to find out what bands are coming up next

 Every Friday & Saturday ‚Resident DJ‛ (9pm – close)

Once we stop serving food, the back-bar area is cleared of furniture and our DJ transforms the pub into
Wells’ liveliest weekend venue. You’re guaranteed a safe and enjoyable weekend night, so come and
join us for the best party in town, every weekend, guaranteed.

 Every Sunday ‚Open Acoustic‛ session (4pm – 7pm)

Come and join Rich Maya, who hosts this chilled out acoustic music session, where anyone can join in.
Just kike our Tuesday Open Mic nights but quieter…and on a Sunday…and with a different host!

 Every Sunday ‚Movie Nights‛ (8pm - actual movie start time)

We show Blu-ray (High Definition) movies every week on our quality large screen. Our licence even
covers movies you want to bring in yourself, as long as they’re legal copies of course! Check out the
poster boards for the next movie title.

If you can think of something to fill our free nights we’d be glad to hear from you!!

*If the event is ran by an external person then there may be a charge applied by them (Eg. Salsa lessons)
Our Function Room
We converted our old function room into the games room and we now have a new function room created
from some rooms at the back of the pub (first floor). This has all the modern facilities you’d expect, including a
full media system and air-conditioning, and is available for any use you can think of!

o Business Meetings?
No problem, we have a media system ready for any laptop presentation

o Parties, Family gatherings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc?

No problem, we can clear the furniture if you wish and it has its own bar.

o Regular events such as book clubs, band practice, exercise classes, etc?
No problem, arrange the room anyway you wish and it’s fairly well sound-proofed

o Private movie viewings?

No problem, we have a modern Blue-ray media system with full surround sound!

o Gallery space for local artists?

No problem, there’s lots of wall space and even more spotlights!

It may not be the biggest function room in Wells but it is definitely the best! As a guide to capacities, the room
size would be suitable for:

 Conference style (like picture on left) Up to 20 people comfortably

 Separated tables & seating (picture on right) Up to 36 people comfortably
 Theatre style (chairs only, in rows) Up to 50 people (some chairs foldaway)
 No furniture Up to 80 people comfortably

We usually provide the room free of charge, dependant on your planned use, with just a returnable deposit,
so we’d be happy to discuss your requirements anytime. However, please book as far in advance as
possible, as the function room diary fills up quicker every week!