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Auctioneers & Valuers

Auction to be held at

The Long Street Salerooms Sherborne Dorset

Thursday 26th May at 10.00 am and

Friday 27th May at 10.00 am


Wednesday 25th May 9.00 am – 4.00 pm

Thursday 26th May 9.00 am – 7.00 pm

and on the 27th from 8.30am until 9.45am

with limited viewing whilst the sale is in progress

A buyers premium of 19.5% (plus VAT) is payable on the final bid price of each lot.

Lots valued at less than £20 do not have an estimate printed

Delivery can be arranged with the office

Postage can be arranged. A minimum charge of £15 per parcel plus postage applies

Lots 100 - 289 incur VAT on the hammer price


The Long Street Salerooms Sherborne Dorset DT9 3BS

Telephone 01935 812277 Facsimile 01935 389387

1000 A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure, Goody & 1028 A Royal Doulton figure, Marie, HN 1370
Timmy Tiptoes, BP-3c, and five others, Cottontail, and another, This Little Pig, HN 1793 (2) Sold for
1011 A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure, Hunca £30
Mrs Flopsy bunny, Little Black Rabbit, Old Mr Munca, style 2, BP-11a, Mrs Tittlemouse, BP-10a,
Pricklepin, and Fierce Bad Rabbit, 1st version, all Peter Rabbit Digging, BP-11a, boxed, and Johnny
BP-3b, all boxed (6) See illustration Sold for £130 Town-mouse Eating Corn, BP-10a, boxed (4) Sold 1029 A Royal Doulton flambé cat, seating, style 2,
for £100 model no 2269 See illustration Sold for £140

1012 A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure, Amiable

Guinea-Pig, and three others, Peter in the
Watering Can, Peter Rabbit Gardening, and
Jemima and her Ducklings, all BP-10a and boxed
1001 A Royal Doulton figure, Hilary, HN2335, (4) Sold for £100
and another, My Love, HN2339 (a.f.) (2) Sold for
1013 A Royal Doulton Hereford Calf, lying, matt
(second) Sold for £35
1002 A Royal Doulton limited edition turkey,
white, D6889, boxed with certificate Unsold
1014 A set of four Beswick graduated mallard
wall plaques, 596/1-4, all gloss (a.f) (4) Sold for
1003 A Royal Doulton limited edition turkey, £110
bronze, D7149, boxed with certificate Unsold 1030 A Royal Doulton flambé Alsatian, seated
without collar, HN921 See illustration Sold for
1015 A Beswick Connoisseur Hereford Bull,
1004 A large Royal Albert Beatrix Potter figure, A2542A, matt (horn restored) Sold for £40
Jeremy Fisher, and another, Tailor Of Gloucester,
both BP-6b and boxed (2) Sold for £40
1016 A Beswick character jug, Micawber, 310, a
Royal Doulton character jug, Santa Claus, D6705,
1005 A pair of Beswick Alice in Wonderland and others similar (a.f.) (box) Sold for £25
figures, Alice, L2, and Cheshire Cat, LC3,
327/2500, boxed with certificate Sold for £15
1017 A quantity of Beswick and Royal Albert
Beatrix Potter boxes (box) Sold for £10
1006 A Royal Albert Beatrix Potter figure, Peter
with Postbag, and five others, Peter and The Red
1018 A collection of Royal Doulton Brambly
Pocket Handkerchief, Peter with Daffodils,
Hedge nursery wares, including The Birthday and
Gentleman Mouse Made a Bow, Benjamin Wakes
The Wedding beakers, and The Snowball plate 1031 A Royal Doulton flambé elephant, trunk
Up, and Benjamin Ate a Lettuce Leaf, all BP-6a, down, curled, HN186 See illustration Sold for
(box) Sold for £70
four boxed (6) Sold for £60 £130

1019 A Royal Doulton figure, Penelope, HN1901

1007 A Royal Doulton limited edition turkey,
white, D6889, boxed with certificate See
illustration Unsold
1020 A Royal Doulton figure, The Old Balloon
Seller, HN1315 Sold for £70
1032 A Royal Doulton flambé tortoise, model no.
1021 A Royal Doulton figure, Southern Belle, 101 See illustration Sold for £480
HN2229, and another, God Bless You, HN3400
(2) Sold for £45

1022 A Royal Doulton figure, Blithe Morning,

HN2065 Unsold
1033 A Royal Doulton flambé dish, decorated a
1008 A Royal Doulton limited edition turkey, 1023 A Royal Doulton figure, Fleur, HN2369, and cottage, 10 cm diameter, and a Beswick Old
bronze, D7149, boxed with certificate See another, Christmas Past, HN4063 Sold for £40 Staffordshire dog, facing left, 1878-5 (2) Sold for
illustration Unsold £30
1024 A Royal Doulton figure, The Leisure Hour,
HN2055, 18 cm high Sold for £70 1034 A Royal Doulton flambé vase, decorated
cattle, 18 cm high (second) Sold for £40
1025 A Royal Doulton figure, The Patchwork
Quilt, HN1484 Sold for £60 1035 A Royal Doulton flambé elephant, trunk
down, curled, model no. 65 (a.f.) Sold for £30
1026 A Royal Doulton figure, Marie, HN1370,
and another, Rose, HN1368 (2) Sold for £30 1036 A Royal Doulton flambé cat, seated, style 1,
HN109 Sold for £40
1009 A Royal Doulton figure, Belle O' The Ball, 1027 A Royal Doulton figure, Miss Demure,
HN1997 Unsold HN1463 (marked HN1467) (chipped parasol) Sold 1037 A Royal Doulton figure, Coralie, HN2307,
for £80 and three others, Top O' The Hill, HN1934, Miss
1010 A Beswick Alice In Wonderland group, The Muffet, HN1936 (chipped), and Buttercup,
Mad Hatter's Tea Party, LC1, 1963/1998, boxed HN2309 (4) Sold for £60
with certificate Unsold
1038 A Royal Doulton figure, Tall Story, HN2248 1054 A Beswick Golden Eagle decanter, 2281B, 1071 A Beswick Hereford Calf, roan, 854, gloss
Sold for £45 gloss Sold for £10 (nibbles to feet) See illustration Sold for £360

1039 A Royal Doulton figure, Home Again, 1055 A Beswick Charolais Cow, A2648, matt
HN2167, and another, Alice, HN2158 (2) Sold for Sold for £70
1056 A Beswick Shire Mare, brown, 818, and a
1040 A Royal Doulton double sided figure, Cantering Shire, brown, 975, both gloss (2) Sold
Mephistopheles & Marguerite, HN775 See for £40
illustration Unsold 1072 A Beswick Friesian Bull, Ch Coddington
Hilt Bar, 1439A, matt Unsold
1057 A Beswick Mouse, white, 1628, gloss Sold
for £40
1073 A Beswick Red Friesian Cow, 1362, matt
See illustration Note: This model was produced in
1058 A Beswick Staffordshire Bull Terrier, dark 1992 for the Netherlands market. Sold for £500
brindle, 3060, gloss Unsold

1059 A Royal Doulton calf, lying, model no. 946

Sold for £100

1060 A Beswick Wessex Saddleback Boar, 1512,

gloss (tail restored) Sold for £90 1074 A Royal Doulton Greyhound, HN1075 See
1041 A Royal Doulton figure, Paisley Shawl, M4 illustration Sold for £380
Sold for £60
1061 A Beswick Wensleydale Sheep, 4123, gloss,
boxed Sold for £25
1042 A Royal Doulton figure, Giselle, HN2139
Sold for £35
1062 A Beswick Kingfisher, 2371, gloss Sold for
1043 A Royal Doulton Hereford Cow, matt Sold
for £100
1063 A Beswick Mare, 2nd version, grey, 1991, 1075 A Royal Doulton Sealyham terrier, standing,
matt, and a John Beswick donkey (2) Sold for £50 model no. 658 (cracked) another, begging, K3, and
1044 A Beswick Hereford Bull, A2542A, matt a fox terrier, seated, K8 (a.f.) (3) Sold for £40
Sold for £90
1064 A Beswick Aberdeen Angus Bull, 1562, and
a Beswick Jersey Bull, 1422 (second), both gloss 1076 A Beswick dog, with ladybird on tail, 709, a
1045 A Royal Doulton figure, Alison, HN2336, (2) Sold for £70 Dachshund, seated, black and tan, 1460, a Beagle,
and another, Meditation, HN2330 (2) Sold for £45 1939, two West Highland terriers, 3467, and a
1065 A Beswick Hereford Bull, 2nd version, lamb, 1826, all gloss (5) Sold for £50
1046 A Beswick Cantering Shire, grey, 975, an 1363B, gloss, boxed Sold for £60
owl, 2026, a cockatoo, pink and grey, 1180, all 1077 A Beswick Persian Cat, standing, ginger,
gloss, and a similar foal (a.f.) (4) Sold for £75 1898, a Persian Kitten, seated, looking up, white,
1066 A Beswick Galloway Cow, black, 4113B,
gloss (BCC 2002), boxed See illustration Sold for 1886, and another kitten, seated, ginger, 1436, all
gloss (3) Sold for £40
1047 A Royal Doulton flambé bowl, decorated a £110
cottage, signed Noke, 27.5 cm wide Sold for £70
1078 A Beswick Donkey Foal, 2110, a foal,
1048 A Beswick group, Baltimore Orioles, brown, palomino, 996, another, brown 997, and a
926, a Kingfisher, 2371, (both restored), and a pheasant, second version, 991B (a.f.) (5) Sold for
Chickadee, 928, all gloss (3) Sold for £50

1067 A Beswick Highland Calf, 1827D, matt Sold 1079 A Beswick Great Dane, Ruler of Oubourgh,
1049 A Beswick Swish Tail Horse, 1st version,
for £70 968, gloss Sold for £35
brown, 1182, and an Arab Bahram, brown, 1771,
both gloss (2) Sold for £40
1068 A Beswick Charolais Bull, 2463A, gloss 1080 A Beswick Whippet, Winged Foot
Sold for £100 Marksman of Allways,1st version, 1786, gloss
1050 A Beswick Burnham Beauty, brown,
Sold for £60
harnessed, 2309, and another, unharnessed (ear
restored) (2) Sold for £40 1069 A Beswick Polled Hereford Bull, 2549A,
gloss Unsold 1081 A Beswick Arab Xayal, chestnut, 1265, gloss
1051 A Beswick Large Hunter, brown, 1734, gloss (restored) Sold for £120
Sold for £50 1070 A Beswick Limousin Calf, 1827E, gloss See
illustration Unsold 1082 A Beswick Girl's Pony, brown, 1483, gloss
1052 A Beswick Burnham Beauty, brown, 2309, a Unsold
Cantering Shire, brown, 975, and The Winner,
brown, 2421 (a.f.), all gloss (3) Sold for £45 1083 A Beswick Girl's Pony, skewbald, 1483,
gloss See illustration Unsold
1053 A Beswick Thoroughbred Stallion, grey,
1772, and another, Arab Bahram, grey, 1771, both
gloss (both restored) (2) Sold for £30
1107 Six Royal Albert Beatrix Potter Figures,
Squirrel Nutkin, Jeremy Fisher, Hunca Munca,
Sweeping, Mrs Rabbit Cooking, Ribby and the
Patty Pan, and Mrs Rabbit, (restored) all BP-6a (6)
Sold for £70
1092 A Beswick Huntsman, standing, brown,
1084 A Beswick Grazing Shire, opaque, 1050, 1501, gloss (restored) Sold for £90 1108 A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure, Mrs Rabbit,
gloss See illustration Sold for £340 another, Peter and the Pocket Handkerchief, both
1093 A Beswick Pinto Pony, 2nd version, BP-9c, another, Hunca Munca Sweeping, BP-9c,
skewbald, 1373, a Prancing Arab, brown, 1261, and Peter Rabbit, BP-6b (4) Sold for £35
both gloss, and a Royal Doulton Hackney Pony,
DA261 (a.f.) (3) Sold for £50
1109 A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure, Miss
Moppet, and another, Peter Rabbit, both BP-3b,
1094 A Beswick Highland Pony, Mackionneach, and eleven Beatrix Potter books (13) Sold for £30
1085 A Beswick Swish Tail Horse, 1st version 1644, gloss Sold for £50
chestnut, 1182, gloss (two legs restored) See
inside front cover colour illustration Sold for £120 1110 A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure, Chippy
1095 A Beswick Stocky Jogging Mare, 3rd Hackee, two others, Tom Kitten and Appley
version, black, 855, gloss (BCC 2005), boxed Dapply, all BP-3b, and three others, Peter in Bed,
Unsold Mrs Rabbit Cooking, and Miss Dormouse, all BP-
6a (6) Sold for £90
1096 A Royal Doulton Stocky Jogging Mare,
brown, DA44 (second) Sold for £10 1111 A Royal Albert Beatrix Potter figure, Foxy
Reading, and five others, Lady Mouse Made a
1086 A Beswick Welsh Mountain Pony, white, 1097 A Beswick Stocky Jogging Mare, 3rd Curtsy, Hunca Munca Spills The Beads, Mrs
A247, gloss (BCC 2000) See inside front cover version, black, 855, gloss (BCC 2005), boxed Rabbit, John Joiner and No More Twist, all BP-6a
colour illustration Sold for £200 (6) Sold for £100

1112 A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure, Mr Drake

1098 A Beswick Welsh Cob, standing, 2nd
Puddle-Duck, boxed, and five others, Aunt
version, brown, 1793, a foal, brown, 947, and a
Pettitoes, Mr Jeremy Fisher, Jemima Puddleduck
Quarter Horse, brown, 2186 (restored) all gloss (3)
Made a Feather Nest, Rebeccah Puddle-Duck, and
Sold for £40
Tabitha Twitchit and Miss Moppet, all BP-3b (6)
Sold for £150
1099 A Beswick Thoroughbred Stallion, small,
1087 A Beswick Huntsmans Horse, opaque, 1484, grey, 1992, an Exmoor Pony, Heatherman, brown, 1113 A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure, Samuel
gloss See inside front cover colour illustration 1645, (a.f.), and an Appaloosa Stallion, 1772(A) Whiskers, BP-1, and another, Cecily Parsley, BP-2
Unsold (restored), all gloss (3) Sold for £60
(2) Sold for £70

1100 A Beswick Stocky Jogging Mare, brown,

1114 A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure, Lady
855, a Prancing Arab, Palomino, 1265, and a
Mouse, BP-1 and two others, Benjamin Bunny,
Woolly Shetland Mare, brown, 1033 (a.f.), all
BP-2 (slipper glued), and Foxy Whiskered
gloss (3) Sold for £30
Gentlemen, BP-1 (a.f.) (3) Sold for £50

1101 A Beswick Dartmoor Pony, brown, 1642

1115 A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure, Simpkin,
1088 A Beswick White Horse Scotch Whisky (minor chip to ear), and a New Forest Pony, 1st BP-3b Sold for £110
advertising horse, 2514, gloss (back right leg version, 1646 (glaze fault) both gloss (2) Sold for
restored) See inside front cover colour illustration £40
Unsold 1116 A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure, Pickles,
BP-3b Sold for £80
1102 A Beswick Limousin Bull, 2463B, (minor
chip to hoof), a Cow, 2075B, and a Calf, 1827E,
all gloss (BCC 1998) (3) Sold for £620 1117 A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure, Appley
Dapply, and two others, Tom Kitten and Hunca
Munca, all BP-3a, and another, Mr Alderman
1103 A Beswick Hippopotamus, 1532, gloss Sold
Ptolemy, BP-3b (4) Sold for £60
for £90

1089 A Beswick mare, facing right, head down, 1118 A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure, Old Mr
1104 A Beswick Tiger, 2096, gloss Sold for £50
white, 1812, matt Sold for £50 Bouncer, and three others, Tom Thumb, Tommy
Brock, and Timmy Willie Sleeping, all BP-3c (4)
1105 A Beswick Leopard, seated, 841, gloss Sold for £80
1090 A Beswick pony, Another Bunch, and two
(restored) See illustration Unsold
foals, Another Star, all gloss and boxed (3) Sold
for £80 1119 A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure, Miss
Moppet, and five others, Mrs Rabbit and Bunnies,
Mr Benjamin Bunny, The Old Woman who lived
1091 A Beswick mare and foal, on base, brown in a Shoe Knitting, Little Pig Robinson and Lady
and chestnut, 1811, gloss See illustration Sold for Mouse, all BP-3b (6) Sold for £140

1106 A Beswick Ashtray, 916, an owl, 3372, and 1120 A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure, Cousin
other items (5) Sold for £25 Ribby, and five others, Timmy Willie From
Johnny Town Mouse, Flopsy, Mopsy and
Cottontail, Peter Rabbit, Mrs Tittlemouse, and Mr 1134 . Unsold 1147 A Val St Lambert paperweight, decorated a
Jackson, all BP-3b (6) Sold for £100 flower, 10 cm high, and a glass decanter and
stopper (2) Sold for £15
1135 A Wedgwood Gold Columbia Sage Green
1121 A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure, Tailor of pattern part dinner service (qty) Sold for £300
Gloucester, and four others, Squirrel Nutkin, 1148 A Meissen porcelain dish, with pierced and
Cecily Parsley, Johnny Town-Mouse and Ribby, painted decoration, 18 cm wide, and two similar
all BP-3b, and Benjamin Bunny sat on a Bank, 1136 A Chinese baluster vase, with elephant plates (seconds) (3) Sold for £60
BP-6a (6) Sold for £280 handles and decorated figures in relief, 29.5 cm
high See illustration Unsold
1149 A Franz porcelain centrepiece, decorated
1122 A Lladro figure, of a cherub, a Beswick Blue wheat sheaves, 28 cm high Sold for £25
Tit, 992B, and a Royal Albert Beatrix Potter
figure, Foxy Whiskered Gentleman, BP-6a (3)
Sold for £40 1150 An Iznik style vase, decorated a bird, flowers
and foliage, 17 cm high Sold for £15

1123 A pair of Beswick Old Staffordshire Dogs,

1378-7, gloss, a Bullfinch, 1042B, and a Grey 1151 A Goldenete Gouda vase, of ovoid form, 18
Wagtail, 1041B, both matt (4) Sold for £20 cm high, and another Gouda vase, 14 cm high (2)
Sold for £15

1124 A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure, Mrs Tiggy

Winkle, and three others, Sally, Henny Penny, 1137 A pair of American art pottery vases, 1152 A New Hall style plate, decorated shells, a
Goody Tiptoes, and Old Mr Brown, all BP-3b (4) decorated flowers, 11.5 cm high Unsold similar jug, and a cup and saucer (a.f.) (3) Sold for
Sold for £120 £30

1138 A set of three Chinese plates, decorated 1153 A pair of cut glass vases and covers, of
1125 A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure, Mr figures in a famille rose palette, 25 cm diameter
Benjamin Bunny & Peter Rabbit and five others, Sold for £20 waisted form, on square bases, 34 cm high (2)
Goody Tiptoes, Timmy Tiptoes, Old Mr Brown, Sold for £180
Poorly Peter Rabbit and Tabitha Twitchett, all BP-
3b (6) Sold for £150 1139 A Carlton Ware Rouge Royale dish, 1154 A Bursley Ware bowl, decorated fruit, 18 cm
decorated a kingfisher, 2003, 26 cm wide, and a diameter, a Carter, Stabler and Adams Poole vase,
similar plate (2) Sold for £50 20 cm high, and a Susie Cooper jug, with incised
1126 Six Beswick Beatrix Potter Figures,
including Benjamin ate a lettuce leaf, and Jemima decoration, 12.5 cm high Sold for £110
Puddleduck with Foxy Whiskered Gentleman (6) 1140 A Chinese jardiniere, decorated blossom on a
Sold for £120 famille verte style ground, 32 cm diameter 1155 A pair of Stromberg glass vases of tapering
(cracked), and a Chinese Buddha, 31 cm high (2) triangular form, decorated angel fish, inscribed
Sold for £80 and numbered, 21.5 cm high, another Stromberg
1127 A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure, Thomasina
Tittlemouse, and five others, Foxy Whiskered glass vase, decorated birds amongst foliage, 13 cm
Gentleman, Jemima Puddleduck, Mrs 1141 Queen Victoria: a porcelain dessert plate, the high, and a similar Scandinavian glass desk
Tiggywinkle, Hunca Munca and Hunca Munca centre decorated HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y weight, decorated a seal pup, 8 cm high (4) Sold
Sweeping, all BP-3b (6) Sold for £120 PENSE within a garter, with a NIXON & SON for £90
mark, 26 cm diameter Sold for £45 1156 An Imari plate, 21.5 cm diameter, and three
1128 A Beswick Fireside Fox, 2348, gloss Sold
for £360 others similar (4) Unsold
1142 A Royal Doulton golfing series plate,
D3395, a similar fishing bowl, a Doulton Lambeth 1157 A pair of Border Fine Arts bull bookends
1129 A Beswick Fireside Penguin, 2357, gloss bowl, and three Capo di Monte figures (a.f.) (6)
See illustration Unsold (restored) Sold for £40
Sold for £100

1158 An iridescent glass bowl, 35 cm diameter,

1143 A Goss model of an Old Welsh Milk Can, and a similar plate, 43 cm wide (2) Sold for £20
and other crested items (box) Sold for £35

1159 An Imari bowl (a.f.) 31.5 cm diameter Sold

1144 A Willow pattern pottery meat plate, 46.5 cm for £60
wide, and a Victorian pottery Acropolis jug and
bowl set (a.f.) (2) Sold for £40
1160 An Imari plate, 22 cm diameter, and three
other plates (4) Sold for £30
1145 A Wedgwood Keith Murray green glazed
lantern type vase, 16 cm high See illustration Sold
for £400 1161 A blue glass chemist's jar, Syr. Zingib., other
similar jars and items (box) Sold for £50
1130 A Beswick Fireside Dachshund, tan, 2286,
gloss Sold for £45 1162 A Continental porcelain tureen and cover, on
stand, decorated flowers Sold for £70
1131 A Beswick Persian Cat, seated, looking up,
1867, gloss Sold for £30 1163 A large Meissen porcelain group, of a drover
leading two cows, H123, 25 cm high (restored)
See illustration Unsold
1132 . Unsold 1146 A Hans Coper style pottery vase, 36 cm high
Sold for £15
1164 Assorted crested items and a Shelley bowl
1133 . Unsold
(qty) Sold for £50
1183 A Lalique clear and frosted glass Flacon
scent bottle and stopper, 6.5 cm high, boxed Sold
1165 Assorted 19th century English porcelain for £80 1201 A Chinese porcelain vase, converted to a
teawares (a.f.) (box) Sold for £15 table lamp, 52 cm high Sold for £30

1184 A Lalique clear and frosted glass group, of

1166 A harlequin set of coloured drinking glasses two doves, 4 cm high, boxed Sold for £35 1202 A Victorian Staffordshire pottery figure C H
Sold for £35 Spurgeon, and a Royal Doulton vase, 15.5 cm high
Sold for £70
1185 A quantity of Arcadia and other crested
1167 A Chinese famille rose charger, decorated items (a.f.) (3 boxes) Sold for £70
figures (a.f.) 37.5 cm diameter Unsold 1203 A pair of Rye cats, a bowl applied gnomes,
and other items (box) Sold for £25
1186 A Royal Copenhagen vase, of tapering
1168 A Goss model of Queen Phillipa's Record cylindrical form, decorated lilies, 25 cm high Sold
Chest found in Knaresbrough Castle, and other for £40 1204 A Goss model of British Urn found at Hen
crested items (a.f.) (2 boxes) Sold for £110 Cloud, near Leek, and other crested items (2
boxes) Sold for £120
1187 A Doulton Lambeth stoneware jar and cover,
1169 A Dennis China Works figure, a Caithness with sgraffito decoration of cattle, 1884, with
glass paperweight, other paperweights and items Hannah Barlow monogram to base (a.f.), 16 cm 1205 A Midwinter Stylecraft Rowena plate,
(box) Sold for £25 high Sold for £140 decorated birds, 40 cm wide Sold for £25

1170 A pair of Minton parian busts, Queen 1188 An early 19th century porcelain teapot, 1206 A Derby style porcelain part tea service,
Victoria and the Prince Consort, after C probably Worcester, a similar plate, and a Paragon decorated floral spray Sold for £70
Marochetti (a.f.) (2) Sold for £300 George VI commemorative plate (3) Sold for £80
1207 A large pair of Doulton faience vases and
1171 A Japanese plate, decorated landscapes, 24.5 1189 A Royal Doulton stoneware vase, decorated covers, of ovoid form, profusely decorated with
cm wide Unsold a rose, 7816R, 18.5 cm high Sold for £45 iris (a.f.), 62 cm high See illustration Sold for
1172 A Goss model of Ancient Lamp found at 1190 A Moorcroft pottery pomegranate pattern
Lake Clay Pics, and other Goss crested items (2 dish (a.f.), 22 cm diameter Sold for £80
boxes) Sold for £110

1191 An Orrefors Toyota ashtray, 10 cm high

1173 A Chinese porcelain part tea service, and two Unsold
similar plates (a.f.) (box) Sold for £220

1192 A pair of Doulton Lambeth faience vases,

1174 A Ruskin orange lustre glaze vase, 1920, 25 decorated flowers, 1877, one bears a Howell,
cm high Unsold James & Co label (a.f.), 18.5 cm high (2) Sold for
£80 1208 A Loetz style iridescent glass vase, with
floral gilt decoration (rubbed), 22.5 cm high Sold
1175 A Master Scotch Whisky stoneware for £260
hexagonal bottle, decorated stags, 22 cm high Sold 1193 A Lalique clear and frosted glass ashtray,
for £40 mounted with a bird, 10 cm, and a Kosta Crystal
Collection desk weight, 13.5 cm high Sold for £45 1209 An Imari plate, 21.5 cm diameter, and two
others similar (3) Unsold
1176 A porcelain half doll, and four other similar
figures Sold for £50 1194 A Minton plate, decorated flowers, designed
by John Bancroft, 22.5 cm diameter, and a Minton 1210 A Royal Copenhagen baby girl, boxed, and
other items (box) Note: The cream ware jug has
1177 A Lalique clear and frosted glass vase, of sugar bowl and cover, decorated rams masks (a.f.) been removed from this lot. Unsold
tapering square form, the base with an entwined (2) Unsold
swag, 28 cm high, boxed Sold for £200
1195 Assorted Arcadia and other crested items 1211 A Copeland Spode Italian pattern meat dish,
and three tureens (4) Sold for £60
1178 A Lalique clear and frosted glass vase, (a.f.) (3 boxes) Sold for £80
decorated a band of birds, 11.5 cm high, boxed
Sold for £120 1196 A glass and gilt metal ewer, with painted 1212 A Staffordshire pottery pastille burner, in the
decoration, 52.5 cm high Sold for £30 form of a cottage, 14 cm high, and five similar
items (a.f.) (6) Sold for £20
1179 A Lalique dark glass Filicaria vase, 12 cm
high, boxed Sold for £120 1197 A Royal Doulton poppy pattern vase, 23 cm
high, and another similar, 10.5 cm high (2) Sold 1213 A pair of Art Deco style glass scent bottles,
15 cm high Sold for £60
1180 A Lalique Flacon Collection Year 2000 for £45
opalescent glass scent bottle, 12.5 cm high, boxed
Sold for £300 1198 A Lladro group, of a young girl and a dog, 1214 A Coalport limited edition cottage,
22 cm high, a Nao ballerina, and a Nao goose (3) Belvedere, and four others similar, all boxed (5)
Sold for £130
1181 A Lalique clear and frosted glass low Sold for £45
comport, the base decorated four birds, 9 cm high
boxed Sold for £130 1199 A Grainger & Co Worcester dessert service, 1215 A Crown Derby vase, with Imari decoration,
painted insects, flowers and foliage, on a blue 11.5 cm high, assorted 19th century porcelain cups
and saucers, others ceramics, glass and three
1182 A Lalique clear and frosted glass Filicaria ground, with gilt decoration (a.f.) (18) Unsold pictures (box) Sold for £140
vase, 12 cm high, boxed Sold for £100
1200 A German stoneware vase, other ceramics
and items (box) Sold for £20
1216 A Royal Doulton character jug, John 1254 A pair of Chinese Dogs of Fo, 40.5 cm high
Barleycorn, and two other Royal Doulton jugs (3) (2) Sold for £220
Sold for £50 1236 Assorted pottery jugs, other ceramics, glass,
a modern cuckoo clock, a bed warming pan, a
watercolour drawing and other items (qty) Sold for 1255 A Chinese vase, decorated dragons amongst
1217 A large glass bowl on stand, 40 cm high Sold £100 flowers and foliage, (a.f.) 59.5 cm high Unsold
for £35
1237 A Doulton Improved Foot Warmer, 1256 . Unsold
1218 A Royal Copehagen vase, decorated flowers, ceramics, glass and items (qty) Sold for £130
18.5 cm high, and another similar (2) Sold for £70
1257 A Persian bowl, decorated a bird, possibly
1238 A Beswick spaniel, golden, 2980, two Melba 10th century Nishapur (restored) 10 cm diameter
1219 A pottery group, of three sailors, 28.5 cm Ware shire horses, and other similar items (6) Sold Sold for £550
high Sold for £50 for £50
1258 A Coalport figure, Monk, 15 cm high Sold
1220 An Imari style barber's bowl, 28 cm diameter 1239 WITHDRAWN: Three pottery meat plates, for £35
Sold for £80 other ceramics, a cream ladle, glass, scrolls and
items (box) Unsold
1259 A Staffordshire pottery group, gentleman
1221 A Honiton pottery vase, with stylised floral with a dog, and a pair of Continental porcelain
decoration, 15 cm high Sold for £10 1240 Two celadon ground vases, commemorative cherubs (a.f.) (3) Sold for £50
mugs, Rye figures, other ceramics and glass (2
boxes) Sold for £40
1222 A Mary Gregory style biscuit barrel Sold for 1260 A Noah's Art Collection Toucan, and another
£45 Hare (2) Sold for £15
1241 Assorted commemorative mugs, a jardiniere,
character jugs and items (box) Sold for £35
1223 A Mary Gregory style green glass ewer, an 1261 A 19th century Bacchus mug, 10.5 cm high
art pottery vase, a Torquay ware vase and three Sold for £80
other similar pieces (6) Sold for £35 1242 An early 19th century jug, with floral
decoration, probably Swansea, (a.f.), other
ceramics, glass and items (box) Sold for £25 1262 A Mintons Seccessionist vase, with tube line
1224 A set of six wine glasses Sold for £30 decoration, printed mark and No 42, 13.5 cm high
Sold for £30
1243 Two Victorian part tea services, other tea
1225 A Coalport cottage, Three Steeples, and four and dinner wares, ceramics, a wall clock and
others similar, all boxed (5) Sold for £110 sundries (qty) Sold for £80 1263 A Neolithic pottery jar, 14 cm high Unsold

1226 Assorted ceramics, glass, and other items (3 1244 A large quantity of cut glass, a Royal 1264 An 18th century Worcester moulded sauce
boxes) Sold for £50 Doulton Camelot tea set, other assorted ceramics, boat, with floral transfer printed decoration, 15.5
pictures, metalwares, cigarette cards and sundries cm wide See illustration Sold for £150
1227 A Crown Devon Fieldings jug, a glass (6 boxes) Sold for £170
squirrel, a pair of brass candlesticks and other
assorted items (2 boxes) Sold for £60 1245 A Rosenthal coffee and dinner service, with
floral decoration (box) Sold for £20
1228 A frosted and clear glass ceiling lamp bowl,
decorated roses, and another similar (2) Sold for 1246 A Royal Doulton figure, Simone, HN2378, 1265 An 18th century moulded porcelain sauce
£45 assorted glass, silver plated items and sundries (2 boat, decorated Chinese style figures, a bridge and
boxes) Sold for £120 pagodas in underglaze blue (firing cracks), 16.5
1229 Assorted Royal Doulton Morning Dew cm wide See illustration Sold for £480
dinner and tea wares, other ceramics and items (3 1247 A studio pottery coffee set, other ceramics,
boxes) Sold for £30 glass, cutlery and items (3 boxes) Sold for £60

1230 A pair of glass decanters, other glass ware (2 1248 Assorted glass and ceramics (3 boxes) Sold
boxes) Sold for £30 for £50
1266 An 18th century Worcester tea bowl and
1231 Assorted glass stoppers, inkwells, an epergne 1249 A Royal Doulton vase, other ceramics, three saucer, with floral decoration in underglaze blue
flute and a Brutton's Yeovil Ales bottle (box) Sold glass decanters and stoppers and assorted items of Sold for £120
for £30 silver plate (box) Sold for £70
1267 An 18th century Worcester moulded tea
bowl and saucer, with floral decoration in
1232 A vaseline type glass shade, a Goss crested 1250 A set of six glasses, etched birds, flowers
ware jug and other ceramics (box) Sold for £100 underglaze blue, workmans mark to both pieces
and foliage Sold for £90 See illustration Sold for £170

1233 A Susie Cooper part cream and green coffee 1251 . Unsold
set, teapots, other ceramics and items (2 boxes)
Sold for £40
1252 A set of twelve Wedgwood style blue
jasperware plates, decorated signs of the zodiac,
1234 A quantity of Wood & Sons Jacks Farm framed as one Sold for £160
pattern dinner and tea wares (box) Sold for £110 1268 An 18th century Worcester coffee cup and
saucer, of fluted form, and with floral decoration
1253 An Alfred Pearce pottery jardiniere on stand, in underglaze blue See illustration Sold for £150
1235 A Chinese stick stand, decorated figures, a and another similar (2) Sold for £100
famille rose bowl, three table lamps and other
items (box) Sold for £35
1287 A pair of Art Deco mirrored panels,
decorated a lady and a gentleman, 13 cm square
(2) Unsold

1288 A Meissen porcelain goose, 3.5 cm high, a

Continental porcelain box and cover, and another
similar (a.f.) (3) Sold for £110
1269 An 18th century Worcester tea bowl and
saucer, transfer printed Chinese figures within a
rococo style border Sold for £150 1289 A Royal Crown Derby cat paperweight, 13
cm high, and four other Royal Crown Derby cat
paperweights (5) Sold for £170
1270 An 18th century Worcester tea bowl, with 1277 A pair of Royal Dux figures, in 18th century
matching coffee cup and saucer, decorated the style dress, the gentleman playing a guitar (slight
Rock Strata pattern in underglaze blue Sold for restoration) (2) Sold for £90 1290 A Continental porcelain eight piece monkey
£260 band, and three German porcelain figures, of choir
boys (a.f.) (11) Sold for £50
1278 A pair of Royal Dux figures, in Roman style
1271 An 18th century Bow sauce boat, with classical attire, each holding a cup, 45 cm high (2)
chinoiserie style decoration (a.f.) 5 cm high Sold See illustration Sold for £300 1291 A Nao figure, of a seated girl, Hummel and
for £170 other figures (a.f.) (9) Sold for £35

1272 A Ruskin lustre glaze vase, 1920, 16.5 cm 1292 A Royal Crown Derby bird paperweight and
high Unsold assorted thimbles Sold for £40

1273 A china half doll, and four miniature dolls 1293 A miniature Satsuma style vase, others
Unsold similar, a netsuke, and assorted carved hard stone
animals (10) Sold for £70

1274 A large Royal Dux figure, of a man with a

goat (slight restoration), 53.5 cm high See 1294 A Swarovski crystal locomotive, other
illustration Sold for £160 similar animals, and a glass elephant (7) Sold for
1279 A Royal Worcester ashtray, Hound, £20
modelled by Doris Lindner, 2872 Sold for £160

1295 A Royal Crown Derby penguin paperweight,

1280 A Royal Worcester plate, decorated a 13.5 cm high, and another similar (2) Sold for
chaffinch, signed Powell, 11.5 cm diameter, and a £110
similar box with associated cover (a.f.) Sold for
1296 A Halcyon Days Porcelain greyhound, with
9ct gold mounts, and a Crummles enamel box,
1281 A Worcester style porcelain cup and saucer, decorated a robin, both boxed (2) Sold for £80
two other cups, and a silver coloured jar (5) Sold
for £10
1297 A moss jade bowl, 10 cm diameter, a
Chinese famille rose mug, 9 cm high, and a similar
1282 A glass tazza, with enamel decoration, 11.5 teapot (a.f.) (3) Sold for £100
cm diameter Unsold

1298 A Derby porcelain egg cup, two other egg

1283 A pair of Japanese vases, in the form of cups, a Chinese porcelain coffee can, and a pottery
apples, 8.5 cm high (2) Sold for £30 jug, in the form of an owl (a.f.) (5) Sold for £70

1275 A pair of Royal Dux figures, the shepherd 1284 A Mary Gregory style scent bottle, and 1299 A quantity of glass eye baths, glass penny
boy playing pipes and with sheep to the base, the another similar (2) Unsold licks, a Holloway's Ointment jar and other items
woman goat herder with goats to the base, 37 cm (box) Sold for £25
high (2) See illustration Sold for £240 1285 A Chamberlain's Worcester porcelain ink
stand, decorated views of Witley Court (restored), 1300 . Unsold
15.5 cm wide Sold for £100

1301 . Unsold
1286 A Troika pottery face mask, having stylised
Aztec design to one side & Cycladic mask to the
other, monogrammed, (a.f.), 24.5 cm high See 1302 . Unsold
illustration Sold for £300
1303 . Unsold

1304 . Unsold
1276 A pair of Royal Dux figures, of gardeners
having baskets upon their backs, 36 cm high (2) 1305 . Unsold
See illustration Sold for £260
1306 . Unsold
1307 An Erde 500kg single axle tipper trailer with 1326 A Victorian walnut workbox, 27 cm wide
tonneau cover Sold for £320 Sold for £60

1308 A St Alban's School of Art copper tray, 1327 A bust portrait painting, of a lady, 9.5 x 7
embossed foliage, 66 cm wide Unsold cm, and another similar (2) Unsold

1309 An Austrian style oval copper tray, with 1328 A walnut mantel clock, 27 cm high, and a
pierced brass handles, 48 cm wide Sold for £30 Chinese diorama depicting a pagoda, in a ebonised
fame, 30.5 cm high, and a model of a Chinese junk
(3) Sold for £30
1310 A set of nine Chinese pictures on silk, of the
tea making process (9) Sold for £35
1329 Two cases of mineral displays Sold for £100
1311 Beck (James H) Italian Renaissance
Painting, and a similar volume, Italian Painting (2) 1330 A spelter figure, of a swordsman, 40 cm high 1342 A 19th century bronze figure, Mercury after
Unsold Unsold Giambologna, on a Sienna marble base (a.f.), 45
cm high See illustration Sold for £220
1312 A violin, with a two piece back, (lacks 1331 A bronzed Russian style sleigh group, 23 cm
bridge and other items), and a case Sold for £100 wide Unsold

1313 A pair of Louis XV style bronze chenets, 26 1332 A bronzed figure of a dog (repaired) 16.5 cm
cm high Sold for £140 high Sold for £20

1314 A mahogany stationery rack, 38 cm wide, a 1333 A Tibetan style brass beggars bowl,
Swaine & Adney umbrella, a Brigg umbrella, and decorated figures hunting a tiger, 30 cm high Sold
another similar (4) Sold for £90 for £30

1315 A HRH The Prince of Wales limited edition 1334 A cold painted bronze figure, of a boy on a
print, View in South of France, 32/850, with rug, 19 cm wide Unsold
certificate of authenticity See illustration Unsold
1335 A treen bowl, 44 cm diameter Sold for £20
1343 A bronzed figure, of a woman blowing a
1336 A Victorian inlaid and carved hand mirror, horn, 56 cm high Sold for £50
initialled, 39.5 cm long Unsold
1316 Two bezique markers and sets of cards, and a 1344 After Faucinet, a bronze group of Hercules
set of gaming chips, both cased Unsold 1337 A riding crop, with a 9ct gold mount, another and the Nemean Lion, signed, 30 cm high, on a
riding crop, with a silver mount, and a Lancers later oval base See illustration Sold for £340
regimental riding crop (3) Sold for £70
1317 A treen four section spice box, 19 cm high
Sold for £70
1338 After B Boschetti, Roma, Augustus
(Emperor), signed, on a plinth base, 37 cm high
1318 A Chinese black lacquer box and cover, with (overall) See illustration Sold for £200
mother of pearl inlay, 15 cm wide Sold for £45

1319 A Tudric pewter basket, with hammered

decoration, 01451, 23 cm diameter Unsold

1320 A limewood Corpus Christi, 31 cm high Sold

for £140 1345 An Edwardian mahogany mantel clock, with
Arabic numerals, 32.5 cm high Sold for £40
1321 A treen apple tea caddy,11.5 cm high Sold
for £120 1346 A Victorian oak stationery box, carved in
high relief flowers and foliage, 18.5 cm wide Sold
1322 An onyx inkwell, and a silver mounted onyx for £40
cigarette box (a.f.) Unsold 1339 A Chinese cloisonné bowl, decorated a
dragon, 25 cm diameter Unsold 1347 A Doulton bowl, a pottery vase, a plated
1323 A Victorian brass tazza, on a marbled base, ewer, a teapot, and a chess set (box) Sold for £30
30 cm diameter Unsold 1340 A Persian style brass scribe set Sold for £10
1348 An Art Nouveau style bronze figural dish,
1324 A WMF style inkwell, with floral decoration, 1341 A bronze group, Diana and a stag, 38 cm 12.5 cm high Unsold
38.5 cm wide Unsold high, with an ebonised base, 53 cm high (overall)
See illustration Sold for £300 1349 A turtle carapace, 59 cm high Sold for £60
1325 An oak table top cabinet, the parquetry inlaid
top above a pair of tambour doors with a drawer 1350 A silver plated wine taster, 11 cm wide Sold
below, flanked by a pair of columns, 36 cm wide for £40
Sold for £70
1351 A 19th century mahogany table top letter 1367 A bronze figure, of a setter dog, 15 cm high
box, a glass section to the front, 36.5 cm wide Unsold
Sold for £160 1388 An ebonised card box, the top applied a
silver panel decorated card suits, 16 cm wide, and
1368 A Polynesian root wood throwing club, 40.5 a Chinese box (2) Sold for £100
1352 Assorted drawer handles, and gramophone cm Sold for £90
records (box) Unsold
1389 A bronze lion, with one foot raised on a ball,
1369 A Fijian Hula throwing club, with carved 12 cm high Unsold
1353 A Victorian oil lamp, with a clear glass decoration, 38.5 cm long Sold for £220
reservoir Sold for £50
1390 A Chinese style bell, with a dragon handle,
1370 A Fijian root wood throwing club, with 19 cm high Sold for £45
1354 A Victorian bronze vase, decorated figures, carved decoration, and inscribed MCSAKC, 39 cm
on a marble base, 21.5 cm high Sold for £80 Sold for £140
1391 A late Victorian marble mantel clock, 33 cm
high Sold for £35
1355 A pair of silver plated goblets, decorated 1371 A knobkerrie, with copper band, converted
figures, a medallion, a pair of moleskin slippers, to a swagger stick, 56.5 cm Unsold
and other items (qty) Sold for £35 1392 An American mantel clock, in an
architectural style mahogany case, 39 cm high
1372 A Shona tribe axe, and another (2) Sold for Sold for £40
1356 A pair of Jaipur Government Court Fee £90
Stamps, with painted decoration (2) Sold for £40
1393 A portico style clock, 29.5 cm high, and a
1373 A Polynesian type stone headed axe Sold for Waltham clock set in a wooden case (2) Sold for
1357 Ames (Mrs Ernest), An ABC For Baby £80 £35
Patriots, another children's book, a bezique box,
and a silver plated tray Sold for £10
1374 A Chinese bronzed koro and pierced cover, 1394 A mother of pearl mounted and carved
13.5 cm diameter Sold for £45 crucifix, 34 cm high Unsold
1358 A pair of Indian silver coloured metal,
copper and brass bowls, decorated figures in relief,
on three feet, 21 cm diameter (2) Sold for £40 1375 A Victorian carved white marble bust, of a 1395 An American shelf type clock, 53 cm high,
gentleman, wearing a robe, 56 cm high See and another similar, 38 cm high (2) Sold for £50
illustration Unsold
1359 A volt meter, a Victorian cast iron spaniel
door stop, a Mr Punch door stop and other items 1396 A 16th century style oak market trader's till,
(box) Sold for £35 1376 An ivory mounted walking cane Unsold 38 cm wide Sold for £30

1360 A late Victorian oak tantalus, with silver 1377 An Aboriginal didgeridoo, with burnt 1397 An oak three division tantalus, with silver
plated mounts, and incorporating a box section decoration, 65 cm long Unsold plated mounts Sold for £40
with a drawer below, with associated decanters
(a.f.), 36 cm wide See illustration Sold for £200 1378 A Sepik River type hardwood pointing stick, 1398 A silver toddy ladle, with a whalebone twist
initialled, 42 cm Sold for £45 handle top, another similar, a pewter tankard, other
pewter, ceramics and sundries (box) Sold for £40
1379 A hardwood knobkerrie, with a metal collar,
58.5 cm Unsold 1399 A large ostrich fan, in a Duvelleroy box,
another smaller, and a wedding veil Sold for £120
1380 A hardwood knobkerrie, 52.5 cm Unsold
1400 A wax group, of a mother reading a book to
a baby in a cradle, under a glass dome on a base,
1381 A Victorian carved white marble bust, of a 39 cm high, and another matching (2) Sold for
gentleman, wearing a robe, 61 cm high See £110
1361 A theodolite Sold for £10 illustration Unsold

1401 An iron desktop embossing stamp, The

1362 A table oil lamp, with a blue glass reservoir 1382 An inlaid mahogany mantel clock, 27 cm Haytor Hotel, cased Unsold
and pierced metal base Sold for £50 wide Sold for £30

1402 A 19th century Ceylonese style ebony box,

1363 A table oil lamp, with a brass reservoir and 1383 An inlaid mantel clock, 21.5 cm high Sold carved flowers and scrolling foliage, the fitted
brass mounted onyx column Sold for £70 for £70 interior with specimen wood inlaid decoration,
(a.f.) 39 cm wide See illustration Sold for £620
1364 A table oil lamp, with a cranberry tinted 1384 A marble figure of Ganesha, with traces of
shade, ruby glass reservoir and a brass Corinthian painted decoration, 13.5 cm high, and another
column base Sold for £300 figure, 18 cm high (2) Sold for £50

1365 A North American birch bark papoose 1385 A mantel clock, with Arabic numerals, in a
Unsold pottery case, 39 cm high Sold for £25

1366 English school, late 18th/early 19th century, 1386 A French brass and marble mantel clock,
a bust portrait of a gentleman, with companion, with Arabic numerals, 25 cm high Sold for £50 1403 A 19th century gilt bronze rococo style desk
pastel, within a painted oval, 30.5 x 26 cm stand, the inkwell lids decorated foxes, 37 cm
(unframed) (2) Sold for £40
1387 A Chinese cloisonné vase, decorated insects wide Sold for £130
amongst flowers and foliage, 15.5 cm high, and
another similar (2) Sold for £50
1404 A Persian coffee pot, and a copper jug (2) 1438 Assorted lace items, including collars,
Sold for £20 christening gowns and other textiles (box) Sold for
1418 A painted bronze pug dog inkwell, 12.5 high £300
1405 A pair of brass candlesticks, in the form of
griffons, 17 cm high (2) Sold for £30 1439 A Gladstone style bag, a typewriter, bronze
1419 A Chinese hardwood carved figure, Guan- porthole and other items (box) Sold for £50
Yin, 25 cm high Sold for £45
1406 A burr maple bowl, 19 cm high, and three
similar items (4) Sold for £45 1440 A cuckoo clock, in a carved wood case, and
1420 A Chinese ebonised box, inlaid with mother a painted spelter figure of an Arab playing a
of pearl, 29 cm wide Unsold stringed instrument (box) Sold for £45
1407 An inlaid wood panel, decorated a swan,
32.5 x 51.5 cm, and a carved wood cartouche, 43
cm wide (2) Sold for £30 1421 A pair of Japanese bronze bird candlesticks, 1441 A P C Carbott Malta silvered alto
25.5 cm high (a.f.) (2) Sold for £50 saxophone, cased Sold for £70
1408 A Victorian coromandel wood, brass and
pietra dura mounted expanding book trough, 1422 A Mah Jong set, cased Unsold 1442 A pair of late Victorian children's red leather
Parkins & Gotto, Oxford Street, 34 cm wide See shoes with salmon pink pom poms, a pair of hand
illustration Unsold 1423 A Blakeborough & Sons brass water leak made socks, a pair of 19th century buckles, a
stethoscope, with remains of leather case Sold for Victorian parasol, christening gowns and other
£15 items (box) Sold for £100

1424 WITHDRAWN: An Eastern ewer, with 1443 Various boy's annuals, including Davy
inlaid decoration, 31 cm high Unsold Crockett, assorted cigarette cards, and other items
(box) Unsold
1409 A copper and brass samovar, 39 cm high,
and an Arts and Crafts style copper jardiniere (2) 1425 . Unsold
Sold for £40 1444 Scott's Poetical Works, ten vols, and a
quantity of Waverley Novels (box) Sold for £40
1426 . Unsold
1410 A pair of magnolia type trees, with hardstone
flowers, set into cloisonné buckets decorated 1445 A silk embroidered throw, a silk shawl, and
flowers and foliage, approx. 63 cm high Sold for 1427 . Unsold other textiles (box) Sold for £110
1428 . Unsold 1446 A carved wood figure, and other items (box)
1411 A rosewood stationery box, 25 cm wide, and Sold for £15
two others similar (3) Sold for £60 1429 . Unsold
1447 An oak box, and five other boxes (6) Sold
1412 A Tibetan style carved wood head, 24 cm 1430 Assorted leather bindings and Folio Society for £35
high and another similar (2) Sold for £50 books (box) Sold for £15
1448 A golf club with a hickory shaft, C J Bailey,
1413 An onyx inkwell, applied a collie dog 1431 A set of silver plated fish eaters, a pair of Celtic Mashie Golf Club, and another similar (2)
Unsold binoculars, assorted light fittings, glass and other Sold for £10
items (3 boxes) Unsold
1414 A painted bronze figure, of a Mastiff dog, 22 1449 A carved wood Corpus Christie, 54 cm high
cm wide Unsold 1432 An Aboriginal type painting on bark Unsold Unsold

1415 A Chinese bronze figure of a horse, 29.5 cm 1433 A Novelty Silk Store gentleman's waistcoat, 1450 A copper kettle, another similar, and other
high Sold for £220 with six Japanese Satsuma buttons, two straw hats similar metal wares (qty) Sold for £50
and other assorted textiles (box) Sold for £150
1416 Anderson (William) The Pictorial Arts of 1451 Assorted picnic hamper accessories Sold for
Japan, 1886, IV parts, illustrated coloured and 1434 A bisque head doll, with sleeping blue eyes, £30
other plates, (lacks descriptive leaf 75), in gilt dec open mouth with four exposed teeth, on a
folios with boards (4) See illustration Sold for composition body, 53 cm high, a plush teddy bear
£110 1452 An oak stationery box, two mantel clocks,
and two composition dolls (box) Sold for £90 and three lacquered boxes (6) Sold for £40

1435 Two stoles, an astrakhan muff, two samplers, 1453 A Hornby 00 passenger train set, boxed with
and other assorted textiles (box) Sold for £140 track Unsold

1436 A leather travelling stationery box, assorted 1454 A ships mahogany rudder, with bronze
printers blocks, hat pins, blue glass salt liners, a mounts Sold for £20
concentric papiér maché ball and a pot lid (box)
Sold for £25
1455 A Clifton 500 Concave Spokesave, boxed,
assorted chisels and other tools (qty) Sold for £50
1437 A pewter four piece tea service, a pewter
strut mirror, two mortar and pestle's, two fashion
dolls, a walnut writing slope, a manicure set, and 1456 An eastern brass and silver coloured metal
other items (box) Sold for £25 tray, another similar and a St Dunstan's War
Blinded Soldier folding stand (3) Unsold
1417 A mahogany mantel clock, with Arabic
numerals, 17.5 cm high Unsold 1457 . Unsold
1483 Halcyon Weir, Lindy Lou, watercolour and
pencil, signed and dated 1939, 22 x 17 cm Sold for
1458 . Unsold 1476 Walter Lewis, a river landscape with a £30
fisherman in the foreground, oil on canvas, signed,
50 x 75 cm Sold for £80
1459 A David Shepherd Print, Captain & Sargent 1484 J N Coward, thatched cottages, watercolour,
and the First Furrows of Autumn Unsold signed, 15 x 22 cm Sold for £30
1477 A Beryl Cook limited edition print, Strip
Poker, 71/650, signed to the margin in pencil, with
1460 A R J Chattock etching, Footbridge over the certificate of authenticity See illustration Sold for 1485 W Barclay Sandeman, two painted ladies,
Wiley Unsold £450 watercolour, signed and dated 1899, 48 x 34 cm
and F Lane, a wooded glade, watercolour, signed
1461 Larios Diaz, fishing boats, oil on canvas, and dated 1921, 37 x 26 cm (2) Unsold
signed, 68 x 61 cm Unsold
1486 A wood carving, of a walking figure
1462 A reproduction Andrews Liver Salt coloured wrapped in cloak, 99 cm high Sold for £45
poster Unsold
1487 A wall clock, with Arabic numerals, 103 cm
1463 English school, a village landscape, high Sold for £40
watercolour, dated 1861, oval, 41 x 32 cm Unsold
1488 Gabriella Fabbricotti, Sunday, oil on canvas,
1464 Jocelyn Seguin, Le Perron, oil on canvas, monogrammed, dated and inscribed verso, 43.5 x
signed, 71 x 51.5 cm Sold for £180 43 cm Sold for £80

1465 Three Cecil Aldin prints Sold for £110 1489 After Laura Knight, an engraving of a circus
1478 Two Minnie Asprey watercolours, an interior ring Unsold
cottage scene, with a lady seated peeling apples in
1466 A 20th Century Fox film poster, O Henry's front of a fire, watercolour, signed and dated '19,
Full House, starring Marilyn Monroe, Richard 75 x 45 cm, and a cottage interior scene with a 1490 Simon Mouncey, a baying stag and cantering
Widmark, Charles Laughton Unsold lady knitting, watercolour, signed and dated '15, horses in a highland landscape, oil on canvas,
70 x 50 cm (2) Sold for £50 signed, 92 x 152 cm (unframed) Unsold

1467 An Axel Haig etching, of a cathedral, signed

in pencil to the margin, and another (2) Unsold 1479 Edwin Earp, an Italianate mountain lake 1491 Simon Mouncey, deer stalking, oil on
scene, watercolour, signed, oval, 54 x 41 cm See canvas, signed, 80 x 97 cm Unsold
illustration Sold for £80
1468 A Japanese Suzuki guitar, with soft case
Sold for £35 1492 A Chinese ancestral portrait, watercolour on
silk, 84 x 50 cm, and its pair (2) See illustration
Sold for £400
1469 . Unsold

1470 . Unsold

1471 A 19th century panel, demonstrating various

stitches on samples, initialled M A L, approx. 34 x
30 cm, and another by the same worker, approx.
25.5 x 24 cm (both framed) (2) See illustration
Sold for £150
1480 A Map of the Hundreds of Loningborough
and Folkstone, another, and H Jackson, a farm by
a river, oil on canvas, signed, 24.5 x 40 cm (3)
Sold for £35

1481 D Dighton, a portrait of a young boy,

watercolour, signed, 21 x 16 cm See illustration 1493 Simon Mouncey, The Jealous Child, oil on
Sold for £180 board, signed, 25 x 37 cm Sold for £35

1494 A pair of late 19th century prints on silk (2)

Sold for £30
1472 A sampler, by Eliza Hewitt Age 7 Years,
incorporating a verse, 39.5 x 32 cm, a beaded
waistcoat and a dress (3) Sold for £180 1495 English school, 19th century, a lady with a
dog, and a musician, oil on panel, 36.5 x 26.5 cm
See illustration Unsold
1473 W Glover, a river landscape, oil on canvas,
signed and dated '42, 49.5 x 74.5 cm Sold for £45

1474 A pair of Japanese Shibayama style and

black lacquer panels, decorated ladies (slight loss), 1482 Manner of Naysmith, a figure by a river
45 x 28.5 cm Sold for £140 weir, watercolour, 16 x 21.5 cm Sold for £35

1475 English school, still life with flowers, oil on

canvas, 49.5 x 39 cm Unsold
1511 A set of six coloured prints, a Schweppes
menu holder, and a spelter figural lamp (qty) Sold
for £45

1512 A Kathleen Caddick limited edition print,

Petworth Park, and other pictures and prints (qty)
Sold for £25

1513 English School, Windermere, sepia, a pencil

sketch of Keswick, and three other pictures (5)
Sold for £40

1496 Domine, Pierre, oil on canvas, signed, 39 x

29 cm Unsold 1514 Vic Hotson, Early Birds, Benham, acrylic on
canvas, signed, 39 x 49 cm, two Chris Woods
railway prints, two others similar, and other prints
1497 English school, 19th century, The Hop (qty) Sold for £35
Queen, oil on canvas, 44 x 35.5 cm (unframed) 1528 A Chinese jade buffalo, 7 cm wide Unsold
Sold for £70
1515 A JF Herring coloured print, The Beginning,
with a watercolour wash, and another, The End, 1529 A Chinese hardstone buffalo, 5,5 cm high
1498 An 18th century engraving, cock fighting, and two others similar (4) Sold for £40 Unsold
Sold for £25
1516 Simon Mouncey, Life Study in Dorset Wood 1530 A painted bronze figure, of a French
1499 Simon Mouncey, a life study of a lady, oil on No 5, oil on paper laid down, signed, 28 x 19 cm Bulldog, 9.5 cm high Sold for £70
board, signed, 39 x 29 cm Unsold Sold for £40
1531 A desk top carriage timepiece, with
1500 WE Croxford, a river landscape, 1517 Simon Mouncey, Dianne, oil on paper laid thermometer, 8.5 cm high Unsold
watercolour, signed, 19.5 x 47.5 cm Sold for £20 down, signed, 20 x 28 cm Sold for £40
1532 A 19th century three draw telescope, a
1501 Manner of James Orrock, figures and sheep, 1518 Simon Mouncey, a life study of a lady under mauchline ware napkin ring, and other items
on a country path, watercolour, 37 x 73 cm a tree, oil on paper laid down, signed, 20 x 28 cm Unsold
(unframed), and two oil paintings (3) Sold for £60 Sold for £40
1533 A brass carriage clock, with Roman
1502 A Chinese embroidered panel, decorated 1519 A Japanese scroll, decorated a swordsman numerals and subsidiary seconds dial, 11 cm high,
flowers and foliage, 58 x 28 cm, another similar, a and a tiger Unsold with an outer carrying case Sold for £90
wall mirror, other pictures and prints (7) Sold for
£45 1534 A cold painted bronze pen wipe, in the form
1520 . Unsold
of a kingfisher with a fish, 9.5 cm high Sold for
1503 English school, cement mixer, oil on board, £140
and a bust portrait of a young girl (both unframed) 1521 . Unsold
(2) Unsold 1535 A gilt metal figure of a dog, the collar inset
1522 . Unsold with a garnet, on a hardwood base, 10 cm high
1504 A late Victorian wedding dress, with a lace Sold for £100
bodice Sold for £140 1523 . Unsold
1536 A carriage timepiece, with porcelain panels,
1505 A purple satin full length evening dress, and 1524 . Unsold 14 cm high Unsold
cape (2) Sold for £30
1537 A brass carriage timepiece, with Roman
1525 . Unsold numerals, 14.5 cm high Unsold
1506 An astrakhan full length coat Sold for £60

1526 A oval bust portrait miniature, of a lady, 8 x 1538 A pair of Victorian silk baby shoes, a
1507 A hall lantern with brass mounts, the glass 6 cm Sold for £30
shade decorated a woodland scene (a.f.) Sold for Victorian pincushion Welcome little Stranger,
£40 with pinwork decoration, and a WWI handkerchief
1527 A Chinese carved wood figure, with traces of Sold for £100
paint, 29.5 cm high, on an associated wooden
1508 A fox fur stole, and another similar (2) Sold base, bearing an old paper label underneath (a.f.)
for £45 1539 A 19th century Chinese black lacquer export
See illustration Sold for £220 box and cover, decorated a family crest and motto,
and decorated a European scene with a church,
1509 English school, landscapes, oil on board, half timbered dwelling, figures, horses and a dog,
monogrammed, a watercolour, a drawing of the interior containing five matching lidded boxes,
flowers, signed M Clayton-Jones, and two 30 cm wide See illustration Sold for £220
engravings (5) Sold for £50

1510 A hanging wall cabinet, with single

cupboard, 37 cm wide, a dolls' house dresser, 30
cm wide, and a pair of oval tinted photographs (4)
Sold for £40
1540 A fountain pen, The Big Two, a card marker, 1557 A McPherson tartanware box, 6 cm diameter 1572 Assorted 19th century Chinese export mother
and an erotic figure Sold for £10 Unsold of pearl counters, mostly rectangular See
illustration Sold for £140
1541 A Victorian ivory needle case, with pinwork 1558 A Dunhill lighter, boxed, another, assorted
decoration, each end carved with crowns, two jewellery boxes and items (qty) Sold for £190 1573 Assorted 19th century Chinese export mother
Victorian Stanhope umbrellas, Palais Royal style of pearl fish shape counters See illustration Sold
and other needlework accessories Sold for £260 for £140
1559 Assorted topographical and other postcards
Sold for £60
1542 A quantity of gold coloured powder Unsold 1574 A Parker fountain pen, a silver propelling
pencil, other similar items (qty) Sold for £25
1560 Assorted keys and coins Sold for £25
1543 A pair of brass and mother of pearl opera
glasses, with enamel and painted decoration, 1575 A pair of Austrian style chrome plated
stamped Jumell Carpentier, and another similar 1561 A gilt metal mesh evening bag, and other bookends, in the form of a dog and cat Unsold
pair (2) Sold for £180 bags (4) Sold for £80

1576 A Chinese style paperweight, in the form of

1544 A Chinese green hardstone horse, 8.5 cm 1562 A Victorian papiér maché work box, with four faces, 8 cm high Unsold
high, and another similar, on stands (2) Unsold gilt and floral decoration, the interior with mother
of pearl mounted fittings, 28 cm wide See
illustration Sold for £130 1577 An Austrian brass cigar smoker's
1545 A Chinese cloisonné box and cover, compendium, 15 cm wide Unsold
decorated a dragon, 8 cm diameter Sold for £25
1578 A High Class Briar Pipes lacquered tobacco
1546 A Victorian straw work visiting card case, box, 13 cm wide Sold for £70
and a silver mounted visiting card case (2) Sold
for £60
1579 A Conway Stewart fountain pen, Parker,
1563 A pair of cloisonné vases, 12 cm high,
Osmiroid and others (qty) Unsold
another pair and another similar (5) Unsold
1547 Two ivory horses, the largest 4.5 cm high
Sold for £80
1580 A Parker rolled gold fountain pen, three
1564 A set of 19th century drawing instruments, in
other Parker pens, and a Parker pen case Unsold
a red leather case, a similar set in a walnut box,
1548 A late Victorian/Edwardian hand held music
and a carved card box (3) Sold for £15
box, printed a girl playing with dolls, with
remnants of cardboard box Sold for £10 1581 A Chinese carved wood travelling card case,
decorated figures Unsold
1565 A Continental horn snuffbox, a tusk, 39 cm
long, a Continental pipe bowl and other items Sold
1549 A Victorian treen box and cover, with
for £20 1582 A mother of pearl articulated fish, 16.5 cm
kaleidoscope type decoration, another box, and a
pincushion (a.f.) Sold for £15 long Unsold
1566 An interesting collection of Victorian
photographs, including several images of evictions 1583 A Chinese carved and pierced hardstone
1550 A Cartier lighter, a Dupont lighter, and a
on the Vandeleur Estate, Ireland and others, bird, and a similar disc (2) Unsold
Limit half hunter pocket watch (3) Sold for £90
mounted on paper bearing a royal type crest See
illustration Note: Of Dutch origin, the Vandeleur
1551 A 19th century treen 16 bore cartridge family was the most prominent landlord family in 1584 A Chinese carved and pierced hardstone
presser, 14 cm high Sold for £40 West Clare. In the post Irish famine era the bird, and a similar disc (2) Unsold
Vandeleur name became synonymous with the
worst landlord evictions, with over 20,000 evicted 1585 After Pierre Jules Mene, a bronze whippet,
1552 A circular box, inset a medallion, and in the Kilrush Union. Sold for £9000
another similar (2) Unsold on an oval base, 10 cm high Unsold

1553 A Japanese gilt metal box, decorated a 1586 A Chinese carved giltwood figure, of a
monkey and birds, signed, 4.5 cm wide Sold for seated gentleman (a.f.) 14 cm high Sold for £40
1587 A Chinese Dog of Fo, 10 cm wide Sold for
1554 A miniature stiletto knife, with a scabbard, 1567 Assorted monochrome photographs, £90
11.5 cm long Sold for £30 including Senay Gunye Boys at Mohammedan
festival and assorted ephemera Sold for £15
1588 A green quartz vase and cover, a similar
1555 A 19th century oval tortoiseshell snuffbox, carving of a Buddha, a jade carved fruit on stand,
with gold metal inlaid decoration, 6 cm wide See 1568 . Unsold and another similar (a.f.) (4) Unsold
illustration Unsold
1569 . Unsold 1589 A barometer, with a glass dial, signed CP
Goerz, 15.5 cm high Unsold
1570 Assorted 19th century Chinese export oval
mother of pearl counters, some initialled and 1590 . Unsold
numbered See illustration Sold for £130
1591 A Dutch style hanging wall cabinet,
1571 Assorted 19th century Chinese export veneered in walnut, 90 cm wide Sold for £70
1556 A late 19th century Chinese Cantonese circular mother of pearl counters See illustration
export ivory card case, carved figures, pagodas Sold for £90
and foliage, 9.5 cm high Sold for £280 1592 A Benson style copper and brass three tier
cake stand Unsold
1593 A 19th century oak tripod table, on a baluster 1605 A mahogany bookcase on chest, the cornice
turned column, 85 cm diameter Sold for £70 above a pair of astragal bar glazed doors enclosing
sliding shelves, the base having two short and
three graduated long drawers, on bun feet, 136 cm
1594 A Victorian mahogany circular breakfast wide See illustration Sold for £280
table, the circular base with three paw feet Unsold

1595 A late Victorian inlaid mahogany X frame

stool, and a similar shield shape mirror (2) Sold
for £50

1596 A cast iron fire back, decorated a shield, 74

cm wide Sold for £120

1609 A mahogany three plate dressing mirror,

1597 A cast iron fire back, decorated a double with a box base Sold for £50
headed eagle, 63 cm wide Sold for £120

1610 An Edwardian walnut chest, of five drawers,

1598 A cast iron fire back, 47 cm wide Sold for 102 cm wide Sold for £35
£80 1606 A George III style walnut bookcase on
cupboard, the glazed bookcase above the cupboard
with two frieze drawers above two panelled doors, 1611 A Victorian mahogany wardrobe, with a
1599 An Aubusson style carpet, decorated on bracket feet, 81 cm wide See illustration Sold single drawer, on a plinth base, 92 cm wide Sold
scrolling acanthus leaves within a multi border, for £500 for £220
approx. 395 x 248 cm See illustration Sold for
1612 A Victorian mahogany cupboard on
cupboard, the four arched panelled doors
enclosing pigeon holes, 132 cm wide (possibly
Irish) See illustration Sold for £240

1600 A Regency rosewood D shape card table,

with boxwood and ebony stringing, on twin lyre
supports and four downswept feet, 87.5 cm wide
See illustration Sold for £1700 1607 A George III style oak dresser, of small
proportions, the two tier plate rack above an
arrangement of five drawers, on baluster and
chamfered supports joined by a potboard base, 92
1613 A 19th century mahogany bureau bookcase,
cm wide See illustration Unsold
the bookcase having a dentil cornice above two
astragal glazed doors, the bureau having a fall
front above four drawers, 80 cm wide See
illustration Sold for £900
1601 A Turkish prayer rug, 84 x 122 cm Unsold

1602 A mahogany corner display cabinet, on an

associated bow front base, 64 cm wide Sold for

1603 A late Victorian rosewood box piano stool,

inlaid with swags and musical instruments, 54 cm
wide See illustration Sold for £140
1608 A Victorian mahogany secretaire linen press,
the moulded cornice above a pair of panel doors,
the base having a secretaire drawer, with two
further drawers below, on bun feet, 127 cm wide
See illustration Sold for £400

1614 A George III mahogany linen press, the

moulded and dentil cornice above an inlaid frieze,
1604 A 19th century mahogany side table, with having a pair of panelled doors below inlaid with
single frieze drawer, on tapering square legs, 86 shells and crossbanded in kingwood, the base
cm wide Sold for £80 having two short and two graduated long drawers,
on bracket feet, 133 cm wide See illustration
1627 A George III style Canterbury, and assorted
books 56 cm wide Sold for £60

1628 A Victorian mahogany torchère, with a rope

1615 A mahogany bookcase on cupboard, the twist column Sold for £25
moulded corners above a pair of lancet bar glaze
doors, the base having a pair of panel doors, on 1618 A side table, veneered in walnut, the frieze
bracket feet, 96 cm wide See illustration Sold for having five drawers, 96 cm wide See illustration 1629 A mahogany tripod table, 45 cm diameter
£160 Unsold Sold for £50

1630 An oak table, the frieze drawer on turned

legs joined by a stretcher and on bun feet, 92 cm
wide See illustration Sold for £2000

1619 A Persian rug, with geometric motifs on a

dark blue ground, 124 x 175 cm Unsold

1620 A 19th century oak hanging corner cupboard,

having a panel door, 84 cm wide Sold for £100 1631 A Victorian mahogany Sutherland table, the
oval top on turned legs, 95 cm wide Sold for £120

1616 A George III oak floor standing corner 1621 A George III mahogany tripod table, on a
cupboard, the moulded corners above the pair of vase turned column, 71.5 cm diameter See 1632 An oak side cabinet, of inverted breakfront
astragal bar glazed doors enclosing shelves, the illustration Sold for £420 form, with three panelled doors, on a plinth base
base having a pair of panel doors enclosing a shelf, 113cm wide Sold for £130
on bracket feet, 106 cm wide See illustration Sold
for £550 1633 An occasional table, the adjustable top on an
iron frame, 37 cm wide Sold for £50

1634 A mahogany carved spinning chair Sold for


1635 An oak gateleg table, on baluster turned

supports, 120 cm wide See illustration Sold for

1622 An Edwardian inlaid mahogany coal hod

Sold for £60

1623 A George III mahogany card table, the

serpentine front top above a fluted frieze, on
shaped chamfered square legs, 92 cm wide See
illustration Sold for £160 1636 A brass fan firescreen Sold for £60
1617 A Victorian mahogany bookcase on
cupboard, the moulded cornice above a pair of 1637 A 19th century bureau, the fall front
glazed doors, the base having a pair of arched revealing a fitted interior above four drawers,on
panel doors, 124 cm wide See illustration Sold for bracket feet,100 cm wide Sold for £150
1638 A rustic milking stool, 38.5 cm wide Sold for
1624 A mahogany tripod table, on a vase turned
column, 51 cm wide Sold for £45 1639 A mahogany bin, with a lid and metal
mounts, 51 cm wide Sold for £80
1625 A 19th century mahogany tripod table, 39
cm diameter Unsold 1640 A mahogany stool, with an upholstered seat,
on ball and claw feet Unsold
1626 A George III oval mahogany Pembroke
table, on shaped tapering square legs, 147 cm wide
See illustration Sold for £400
1641 A carved two tier occasional table, 66 cm 1658 A George III mahogany side table, the frieze
wide, and an octagonal carved two tier occasional drawer on tapering legs with pad feet, 71 cm wide
table, 44 cm wide (2) Sold for £35 See illustration Sold for £170

1642 An oak monks bench, carved flower heads,

91.5 cm wide Sold for £130

1643 An oak table, the drawer fronts decorated

vines and grapes, on turned legs, 92 cm wide Sold
for £60

1644 A small inlaid oak coffer, 66 cm wide Sold 1650 A mahogany work table, with triform base, 1659 A 19th century mahogany tripod table, 45
for £100 cm diameter Sold for £80
45 cm wide Unsold

1645 An Irish style mahogany table, the shaped 1651 A chest, of three drawers, the drawer fronts 1660 A 19th century mahogany washstand, the top
back decorated a shell and acanthus leaves, above veneered in walnut and with boxwood and ebony tier inset with a blue and white pottery jug and
two frieze drawers, on cabriole legs with pad feet, inlay, 100 cm wide Sold for £80 bowl (a.f.) above a marble middle tier, on baluster
99 cm wide See illustration Sold for £300 turned legs, 52 cm diameter See illustration Sold
for £90
1652 A mahogany lowboy, having a long drawer
above the shape apron flanked by two short
drawers, on leaf carved cabriole legs with claw
and ball feet, 69 cm wide See illustration Sold for

1646 An early 19th century mahogany sideboard,

the architectural back above two drawers flanked
by a deep drawer and a cupboard door, on baluster
turned and tapering reeded legs, probably Scottish,
201 cm wide See inside back cover colour
illustration Sold for £600
1653 A Victorian hexagonal stool Sold for £20
1661 A Maple & Co conservatory style armchair
1654 A carved oak table, having a frieze drawer
on barley twist legs adjoined by stretchers, 82 cm
wide Sold for £50 1662 A Regency mahogany sofa table, with two
frieze drawers, on shaped supports joined by a
1647 A Victorian mahogany dressing mirror, 66 turned stretcher, 90 cm wide See illustration Sold
1655 A mid/late 18th century architect's mahogany for £320
cm wide Sold for £25 table, the strut top above a pair of folding out brass
candle sconces, the pull out drawer having a
1648 A late 18th century mahogany kneehole leather inset top above an arrangement of pen trays
desk/dressing chest, the frieze drawer with a baize and receptacles, on square and column legs with
lined sliding top revealing a mirror and various casters, 92 cm wide See inside front cover colour
boxes, above a recess having a door flanked by illustration Unsold
three short drawers, on bracket feet, 96 cm wide
See inside front cover colour illustration Sold for
1663 A 19th century brass and iron trivet, 53 cm
wide Sold for £45

1664 A 19th century oak hanging corner cupboard,

having a panel door, 76 cm wide Sold for £80
1656 An 18th century style mahogany stool,
carved acanthus leaves on cabriole legs with claw
and ball feet Sold for £280 1665 A pair of lead garden figures, of a stag and a
1649 A 19th century Empire style secretaire a doe, on rectangular bases, the doe 93 cm high (2)
abbatant, the grey marble top above a drawer, with See inside back cover colour illustration Sold for
a fall front below revealing a fitted interior, and 1657 A George III mahogany bow front chest, of £1600
having a pair of drawers below enclosing three three graduated long drawers, on splay bracket
drawers, on a plinth base, 97 cm wide See inside feet, 92 cm wide See illustration Sold for £420
back cover colour illustration Sold for £380

1666 A Victorian mahogany dining table, the

rounded rectangular top inset four extra leaves, on
five waisted fluted legs carved bell flowers, 360
cm wide See inside back cover colour illustration
Sold for £3400
1667 A Ushak carpet, with repeating motifs on a
1684 A set of six Victorian mahogany Holland & 1692 A late 19th century faux bamboo fire screen,
red ground, 350 x 370 cm Unsold
Sons dining chairs, with shaped crest rails, button with gilt decoration, and applied a silkwork panel
leather upholstered seats and turned front legs, (a.f.) 67 cm wide Sold for £70
1668 A set of six large walnut dining chairs, with stamped HOLAND &SONS and a matching pair
leather upholstered backs and seats, on square legs of chairs, of a later date (8) See illustration
joined by pierced stretchers (6) See illustration Unsold 1693 A walnut lazy Susan, of shaped circular
Unsold form, 61 cm diameter Sold for £110

1694 A George III mahogany lowboy, having a

long drawer above two short drawers with a
shaped apron below, on chamfered square legs,
77.5 cm wide See inside back cover colour
illustration Sold for £450
1685 A Continental miniature ash side cabinet, the
marble top above two drawers, with a pair of doors
1669 A Regency mahogany carver chair, with below flanked by columns, 55 cm wide Sold for
upholstered seat Unsold £45

1670 A pair of 19th century mahogany dining 1686 A Bluthner upright piano, in a walnut case,
chairs, with pierced vase shaped splats, and four with ebonised decoration and brass sconces, 157
other dining chairs (6) Sold for £60 cm wide See illustration Sold for £240
1695 A George III style mahogany tall bucket, of
tapering reeded and fluted form, with a brass
1671 A button back upholstered armchair, on gilt swing handle and brass liner, 113 cm high Unsold
dwarf cabriole front legs with knurl feet Sold for
1696 A Richard Young for Merrow Associates
chrome, glass and rosewood coffee table, 121 cm
1672 An elm stick back kitchen armchair Sold for wide See illustration Sold for £620
£45 1687 A late Victorian walnut window seat, on
tapering turned legs, 106 cm wide See illustration
Sold for £260
1673 An upholstered armchair Sold for £20

1674 An upholstered wing armchair Sold for £80

1697 A Ligne Roset alcantara corner sofa, in two
sections, on slender legs (2) See illustration Sold
1675 A Victorian inlaid armchair, in the manner of
for £780
Talbert Sold for £50
1688 A Victorian mahogany chest, of two short
and three long drawers, on turned feet, 115 cm
1676 A pair of late Victorian lady's and wide Sold for £150
gentleman's carved mahogany upholstered chairs,
on turned front legs Sold for £70
1689 A 17th century style oak table, the four plank
top on tapering square legs, 249 cm wide, and a set
1677 A late Victorian carved mahogany chaise of eight similar dining chairs with leather backs 1698 A Regency faux rosewood gentleman's
longue, on turned legs Sold for £60 and seats (6+2) (9) See illustration Unsold library armchair, having a cane back and sides, on
leaf carved sabre front legs, and incorporating an
adjustable reading stand See illustration Sold for
1678 An upholstered armchair, on carved cabriole £400
front legs with claw and ball feet Sold for £50

1679 A revolving piano stool, and a mahogany

dining chair (2) Sold for £35

1680 An ebonised prie dieu chair Sold for £35

1681 A 19th century mahogany carver chair

Unsold 1690 A French farmhouse style fruit wood table, 1699 A mahogany three tier dumb waiter, on
having a frieze drawer, on tapering square legs, tripod base, 121 cm high Unsold
182 cm wide Sold for £220
1682 A set of four Regency mahogany dining
chairs, with upholstered seats Unsold 1700 A late Victorian oak bookcase on cupboard,
1691 A Victorian mahogany sideboard, of inverted the cornice above a pair of glazed doors, the base
breakfront form, carved in relief flowers, fruit and having two frieze drawers above a pair of panel
1683 A matched set of nine Victorian rosewood foliage, the central frieze drawer flanked by a pair doors, 116 cm wide See illustration Sold for £450
dining chairs, with compressed oval backs (9) See of arch panel doors, 153 cm wide See illustration
illustration Sold for £300 Sold for £270
1732 A mahogany display cabinet, with blind fret
carved decoration, 107 cm wide Sold for £25
1712 A cream painted metal gazebo, 330 cm high
Sold for £300
1733 A modern pine kitchen dresser, 184 cm wide
Sold for £60
1713 A cream painted metal bird bath, 55 cm high
Sold for £25
1734 A late Victorian inlaid rosewood side
cabinet, 138 cm wide Sold for £140
1714 A painted crown bench, 131 cm wide Unsold

1735 An Art Deco style oak dwarf longcase clock,

1715 A painted crown bench, 131 cm wide Unsold and another similar (2) Sold for £20

1716 A white painted metal table and bench set, 1736 A George III style pedestal desk, 153 cm
1701 A Regency mahogany tilt top table on turned the table 59 cm wide, the bench 63 cm wide Sold wide, and a wall mirror (2) Sold for £35
column with four splayed legs, 61 cm wide Unsold for £50
1737 A Victorian upholstered buttoned back
1702 A 19th century D shaped mahogany tea 1717 A set of three graduated white painted metal Chesterfield settee, 190 wide Sold for £500
table, on tapering reeded legs, 91 cm wide See bird cages, the largest 45 cm wide Unsold
illustration Sold for £120
1738 A pair of 19th century ladder back dining
1718 A painted metal Tia bench, 104 cm wide chairs Sold for £60
Sold for £160

1739 An oak swivel armchair Sold for £80

1719 A painted lover bench, 130 cm wide Unsold

1740 . Unsold
1720 A painted lounger bench, 155 cm wide Sold
for £80
1703 A late 18th century Swiss painted chest, 1741 . Unsold
initialled and dated 1789, 61 cm wide See
illustration Sold for £340 1721 A mosaic table and chair set, comprising two
chairs and folding table, table 70 cm wide (3) Sold 1742 A Victorian button back armchair, on turned
for £70 front legs Sold for £80

1722 A painted metal table and chairs set, 1743 A three seater red leather and oak framed
comprising four chairs and table, the table 74 cm settee, and a matching two seater (2) Sold for £110
diameter Unsold
1704 The base of an 18th century tallboy chest on
chest, veneered in walnut, having a brushing slide 1744 A bow front mahogany display cabinet, 122
above three graduated long drawers, on bracket 1723 . Unsold cm wide Sold for £30
feet, 104 cm wide See illustration Sold for £360
1724 WITHDRAWN: A late Victorian oval wall 1745 A stained wooden bench with box base, a
mirror, decorated floral swags, 104 cm wide silver plated entree dish and other items (qty) Sold
Unsold for £50

1725 An upholstered two seater settee, with a 1746 A stripped pine kitchen table, on tapering
matching pair of armchairs Sold for £35 square legs, 144 cm wide Sold for £160

1705 A 19th century serpentine front night 1726 A mahogany bedroom suite, comprising two 1747 A rosewood ottoman, carved and inlaid
commode, 60 cm wide Sold for £160 wardrobes, a chest of drawers, a bedside cupboard, decoration, the upholstered top lifting to reveal a
a pair of bed ends, a dressing table and a stool (7) fitted interior, 112 cm wide Sold for £70
1706 A Victorian rosewood centre table, of shaped Sold for £70
oval form, 112 cm wide Sold for £90 1748 A late 19th century travelling trunk, with
1727 A 17th century style carved oak stool, with a iron mounts, and lined interior, 92 cm wide See
1707 A Persian carpet, with central medallion on a woolwork top Sold for £35 illustration Sold for £240
red ground, within a multi border, 119 x 197 cm
Unsold 1728 An Edwardian inlaid mahogany wardrobe,
99 cm wide Sold for £120
1708 A French farmhouse fruitwood table, with a
drawer and a slide, 64 cm Sold for £140 1729 An oak dresser, the two tier plate rack above
two drawers with a pair of cupboard doors below,
1749 An oak chest, of two short and two long
1709 A pair of Lister Teak garden armchairs, with on barley twist legs, 124 cm wide Sold for £50
drawers, on bracket feet, 98 cm wide Sold for £70
tables Sold for £150
1730 An oak sideboard, an oak wall mirror, an oak
1750 A nest of mahogany occasional tables, the
1710 A garden bench, with a lattice style back table, a bedside cupboard, an oil lamp, and six
pictures Sold for £60 largest 55.5 cm wide Sold for £35
Sold for £260

1751 A walnut dresser, the two tier plate rack

1711 A set of green painted metal garden furniture 1731 A Frank Moss Bennett oleograph, and a
above a pull out secretaire drawer with a pair of
comprising hexagonal table, 56 cm wide, and six copper and brass coaching horn (2) Sold for £15
panel door below, 124 cm wide Sold for £70
armchairs (7) Unsold
1786 A mahogany upholstered armchair, another
armchair, a picture, a sign, and a brass easel (5)
1752 A set of six Hepplewhite style mahogany 1768 Two leather suitcases, and a carved low table Sold for £70
dining chairs, with pierced shield shape back and (3) Sold for £45
drop in seats Unsold
1787 A pair of bentwood armchairs, and a yew
1769 A Spanish dining table, of traditional design wood coffee table Sold for £60
1753 A stripped and painted pine table, 115 cm with wrought iron supports, 170 cm wide See
wide Sold for £20 illustration Sold for £340
1788 A leather Chesterfield sofa, 155 cm wide
Sold for £80
1754 A conservatory table, a stool, a dressing
mirror, a bookcase and a carrying basket (5) Sold
for £35 1789 . Unsold

1755 An oak hall stand, 74 cm wide, a box stool, a 1770 A stool, two small tables and a dressing 1790 . Unsold
hanging wall cabinet, another similar, and an oak mirror (4) Sold for £60
wall mirror (5) Sold for £50
1791 . Unsold
1771 An oak refectory style table, 126 cm wide
1756 An oak dressing chest, 92 cm wide Sold for Sold for £160
£20 1792 A pair of upholstered two seater settees Sold
for £20
1772 An open bookcase, with painted decoration,
1757 A table lamp, with an etched glass shade, 91.5 cm wide Sold for £60
another similar, assorted ceramics and metalwares 1793 A Victorian mahogany sideboard, 180 cm
(qty) Sold for £190 wide Sold for £90
1773 A large wrought iron fire basket, 100 cm
wide Sold for £50
1758 A pair of ten division open display units, 89 1794 A carved oak gateleg table, a nest of three
cm wide, a pair of Victorian style brass and 1774 A pair of Beaver and Tapley wall boxes, a occasional tables, a writing table, and assorted
painted metal bed ends, and five mirrors (qty) Sold similar table lamp, a dining table, 167 cm wide, pictures (qty) Sold for £30
for £100 and a coffee table with a reversible top, 61 cm
square (5) Sold for £60 1795 A two tier drop leaf table, a pair of chairs, an
1759 A pair of late Victorian circular prints, and armchair, a bookcase, a pair of bedside chests, and
another pair of prints in rosewood frames (4) Sold 1775 A Guy Rogers Manhattan day bed and a an inlaid table Sold for £100
for £45 footstool Sold for £220
1796 A modern Turkey style carpet, and a similar
1760 An Art Deco walnut dining room suite, 1776 A bentwood rocking armchair, with a cane rug (2) Sold for £240
comprising an extending dining table, 168 cm back and seat Sold for £140
wide, a set of six dining chairs (4 + 2), an 1797 An oak draw leaf dining table, 183 cm wide,
occasional table, 61 cm wide, and a sideboard, 135 and a set of four oak dining chairs Sold for £100
cm wide (9) See illustration Unsold 1777 An upholstered three seater settee, with a
matching pair of armchairs and a stool Sold for
£100 1798 A Regency style mahogany chiffonier, 92 cm
wide Sold for £130
1778 A 19th century campaign style folding
bookcase, with adjustable shelves, 75.5 cm wide 1799 An occasional table, the mahogany top on a
Sold for £150 cast iron base, 35 cm diameter Unsold

1761 A Victorian Chesterfield upholstered button

1779 An early 19th century bow front table, on 1800 A Kindergarten abacus, a child's highchair,
backed sofa, with turned front legs, 175 cm wide
turned legs, 92.5 cm wide Sold for £130 an oak bureau, a bookcase, and other occasional
Sold for £150
furniture Sold for £70
1780 Two modern chests of drawers, and a display
1762 A Victorian chest, of five drawers, 105 cm
cabinet (3) Sold for £100 1801 A stripped pine chest, of four drawers, 92 cm
wide Sold for £100
wide Sold for £80
1781 A modern dolls house, 76 cm wide, and dolls
1763 An ebonised display cabinet, 91 cm wide
house furnishings Sold for £90 1802 Four kitchen chairs, a pair of tub chairs, and
Sold for £15
a hat stand Sold for £70
1782 An oak bookcase, with a pair of leaded glass
1764 A walnut bookcase, 107 cm wide, and
panel doors, 102 cm wide Sold for £240 1803 An oak hall stand, and a display cabinet (2)
another similar (2) Sold for £50
Sold for £45
1783 An Edwardian inlaid mahogany armchair, a
1765 A set of green painted potato scales, with
ladder back rocking armchair, a similar chair, a 1804 An Ercol sideboard, 130 cm wide, and an
black painted iron mounts Sold for £15
writing table, and an oak table (5) Sold for £60 oak bookcase (2) Sold for £110

1766 A walnut bow front bedside cupboard, two

1784 An oak dining table, on barley twist legs, 1805 A 19th century mahogany chest of drawers,
mirrors, a standard lamp, a coffee table, an
130 cm wide, and a set of four oak dining chairs 105 cm wide, and a two tiered occasional table
armchair and other occasional furniture Sold for
Sold for £40 Sold for £80

1785 An inlaid mahogany corner display cabinet, 1806 A set of six late Victorian parlour chairs Sold
1767 A pair of lacquered lamps, and a piano stool
63 cm wide Sold for £170 for £35
Sold for £25
1807 A metal bound chest, 105 cm wide, a brass
fender, a fire spark guard, three painted metal
boxes, and a quantity of books Sold for £20

1808 Two tripod tables, an inlaid bureau, a walnut

side table, a barrel stick stand, and other
occasional furniture Sold for £160

1809 An Orme & Sons Manchester half size

snooker table, with slate bed, on a mahogany base
with reeded legs, snooker cues, rests, balls,
scoreboard and accessories (qty) Sold for £90