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y o l . • N o | I Mercyhurst College 501 &38<l^^%il^f%i. § P | | i^^raHl r *m\J\J

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New MSG column focuses on Home

coming King and Queen candidates ^

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Who needs counseling?

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Senior Stacy Pastva goes to Hawaii to

be Miss Hawaiian Tropic

Arts and Entertainment: /Contributing photographer

Page 6 Mercyhurst Is listed in the Princeton Review s Mid-Atlantic Colleges. It Is now 10th In U.S. News & World Report rankings.{

Mercyhurst makes the Princeton Review ademics, Life, and Student Body. friendly to incompetent, rude,
ences, anthropology, and dance de-
By Holly Burns The book aims to provide informa- partments, and mentioned that the and uncaring. One student re-
Contributing writer tion about colleges to prospective Research Intelligence Analyst Pro- marked, If papers need to be signed
Aiook at the nevrmovie7 Matchstick
Men, that opened in theaters this past Students, faculty, arid staff, pat Students in order to give them a taste gram (RIAP) is the only one of its by more than one individual, start a
yourselves on the back. You can be of what life at a particular college is kind. month in advance^
weekend proud of your school. likeT * I* Students may have noticed a dif- Another area included in the sur-
According to the Princeton Re- In order to be included in the Re- ference in the grading scale ofsome vey was campus life, which earned
Sports: view, Mercyhurst has much to brag view, Mercyhurst had to meet the professors lately. As a result, the Mercyhurst a score of 74. Students
Page 8 about! The college was recently criteria for academic excellence Review points out that students said that movies were a popular pas-
included in the Princeton Review s within its region Also, the Prince- have to work much harder for a A. time for them. |
first edition of The Best Mid-Atlan- ton Review had to be able to survey Mercyhurst Senior Kara Fink feels The Review also alluded to the fact
tic Colleges. Mercyhurst students anonymously, that, If they want to crackdown on that although Mercyhurst does not
Mercyhurst was one of 98 Mid- through online survey or paper sur- the grading so that students have tohave fraternities or sororities, stu-
Atlantic Schools from six states vey distributed on campus. work harder for their grades, they dents still have no problem finding
showcased in this edition, including One of the areas reviewed was of parties;*
should still give A s to students who
Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, course academics. Out of a score deserve them, instead of giving Students felt that security is real-
Fall 2003 Sports Calendar Virginia, Washington D.C., and of 100. Mercyhurst received a 77. them B s. ly strict; almost every party gets
-i West Virginia. Students described the classes as
The book presents statistical infor- challenging but not impossible,
The survey also asked students busted.
how they felt about the administra-
mation and student opinions about and referred to the professors as ex- tion in general. Their answers var-
issues on their campuses. The opin- tremely excellent. The Review ied^ with everything from ap- Please see Princeton Review
Homecoming events J ions fa11 under three categories: Ac- noted the strength of the social sci- proachable, very helpful, and on page 2.
7:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m. — Homecoming court
pep rally and bonfire near the football field.
There will be a give away to the most spirit*
Changes to Mercyworld Radio show for
ed sports team.
10 p.m.-11 p.m. — SAC comedian Mark
Reedy at the student union
students set to air
3 p.m.-?? —• Brustes ice cream in Garvey
: dent show format could not air. In
Park \ By Jonelle Davis
7:30 p.m. —The Clark s concert will take Contributing writer order to solve this problem, the de-
place in the rec center. Opening band starts partment will air the show as back-
at 8 p.m.; concert closed to public. ground music on Mercyhurst s ca-
ble channel 19.
The Communication Department Another step the department had
Upcoming SAC events at Mercyhurst College continues to to take was getting the music
grow every day as it introduces new cleared. According to Dr. Welch, the
WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 17— Rudy shown and improved learning tools for music that would air on the show had
at 9 p.m. in the student union Communication students. to be approved by BMI and ASCAP.
THURSDAY, SEPT. 18 — MSQ lecture se- After being approached with the He stated that the department would
ries featuring Rudy at 8 p.m. in the PAC idea for a student produced radio also be very careful to adhere to
TUESDAY, SEPT. 23 — SAC general meet- show last spring, Communications communications standards in the
ing at 9 p.m. in the student union; signups Department director, Dr. Richard music. Dr. Welch managed to get
for Philadelphia Welch, has created a new radio the clearance for the music and now
FRIDAY, SEPT. 26 — Fall formal at Sabel- show for the students. the show is set to air.
las. Doors open at 7:30 p.m.; dance ends ai The new walkway across Briggs and Lewis avenues offer land- Mercyhurst will now air a student With all of the technical aspects
midnight. Tickets are $15 and are now on scaping, benches and lights to the campus. produced radio show on Friday worked out, the department preced-
sale. nights from 8 p.m until 10 p.m. ed on to find a host foi the show.
Summer is theseason forchanges around campus According to Dr. Welch, the show The first host of the show, nick-
' hard (or working on their tans) at will give our students the oppor - named Dre, is a sophomore com-
Index By Kelly Rose Duttine [home, the administration have im- tunity to do programming they munications major.
plemented many changes to your won kin t get to do otherwise. According to Dre, she plans on
News editor
News «| 1 Mercyworld. The show will also give students bringing some diversity to Mercy-
So, you ve been back at the Hurst There are changes to physical a venue to talk about campus events hurst. Right now the type of mu-
News 2 for almost two weeks now. Your building and places on campus as and play the music they want to sic I plan to play is a type not truly
Opinion 3 room o> apartment is finally un- well as changes to personnel and hear. represented in Erie, much less Mer-
packed, the bookstore has managed academic programs. Either way, the Although starting a radio show cyhurst. I hope to give those that
Features 4 to drain your bank account from all administration has been hard at work may seem easy, the Communica- enjoy hip-hop and R&B a place to
A&E.... i 5 those summer job dollars and your this summer to improve Mercyhurst tions Department was faced with listen to the stuff they love.
A&E. 6 classes are back in the swing of for us. many obstacles before the show In order to make the show a suc-
things with reading assignments, One huge change is the exciting would be approved to air. cess, the communications depart-
Sports 7 quizzes and papers. 1 news that Mercyhurst will soon have One of the problems was compet- ment is looking for student influence
Sports 8 Have you had a chance to look a new bookstore. ing with the actual Mercyhurst ra- and help
around the campus? As Mercyhurst Please see Campus Changes dio station WMCE.| Since the for- Please see Radion Show on
students spent the summer working on page 2.$ mat on WMCE is line arts, the stu- page 2.

NEWS To contact:

More than 68o freshmen The fourth male candidate is

experience new orientation

By Jess Tobin Josh Hack. He comes to Mer-
Contributing writer cyhurst from Pittsburgh, Penn-
sylvania and is also a RIAP
As usual, along with the end- major. Josh has been the trea-
less list of festivities that comes surer of Student Government
with Homecoming, there is a for two years now and is also a
royal pair to be crowned. This member of the Senior Gift
By Kait Reif year the Homecoming King and Committee steering committee.
Contributing writer Queen will be announced at the Josh can also be found serving
football game against Saginaw up gourmet entr es at the Ol-
There s a certain excitement Valley during half time. ive Garden.
in the air as summer days are This year s Homecoming The first female candidate is
becoming shorter and the events kicked off last week for Deanna Blose. a native of Punx-
wind s chill is a bit stronger. seniors who were allowed to atawney, Pennsylvania. She
With a pit in their stomach, submit their nominations for comes to Mercyhurst for an El-
the freshmen are undeniably Homecoming King and Queen. ementary Education degree.
looking forward to a new be- The four girls and four guys Deanna is a public relations
ginning and the unexpected who racked up the most nomi- coordinator for the Student Ac-
This year, like past years, the nations were named candidates tivities Committee and is serv-
freshman class participated in on the Homecoming court. Se- ing her second year as a mem-
freshman orientation. niors, juniors, and sophomores ber of Student Government.
The faculty and students of can place their votes this Thurs- Topeka, Kan., native Mary
Student Activities Committee Kate DeMeo came all the way y
day and Friday; however, be-
and Student Government kept fore placing your vote, here s a to the Hurst as an English ma-
the freshman busy with a full little information about our jor and Religious Studies mi-
itinerary and the beginning of eight outstanding candidates: nor. Mary Kate serves as Sec-
Freshman Year Initiative (F.Y.I) Jared Adams comes to Mer- retary of Student Government
class. cyhurst from Twinsburg, Ohio. and is a member of the ambas-
In previous years, the F.Y.I Jared is a Business Finance sadors club, cheerleading
class was taken once per week major with a Management In- squad, and dance team.
over a span often weeks. Now Jody Mela/Photo «Jrtor formation Systems minor. He Tracy Heranic comes from
the class is taken over the has been a member of the foot- Allison Park, Pa. and is major-
weekend and now meets in The freshman class participated in a new kind of orientation, completing 60 percent ball team for four years and ing in Elementary Education.
small groups once per week for of their FYI class in one weekend. volunteers much of his time to She is the chairperson of the
the next four weeks. helped by cleaning houses, such high school to college easier. like there were a bunch of guest the Special Olympics. Spirit Club and the fall formal.
Gathering what I have heard as the center for battered wom- It s almost like a peer mediation speakers. Next on our roster we have Tracy is also a member of the
from the previously existing an. Students also went to nurs- group along with communicat- Orientation and F.Y.I were David Del Vecchio a RIAP ma- ambassadors club and Student
program, I prefer the setup this ing homes to visit with the eld- ing what resources are avail- great places for freshmen to jorfromWestlake, Ohio. Dav- Government.
year. Having F.Y.I, all weekend erly. able. start oft their year. Although id has been the President of Stu- Lastly we have Carta Valyko
is a good ice breaker and a great I thought the community ser - F.Y.I was good for making there were mixed opinions con- dent Government for two con- who is a native of Mentor, Ohio.
way to meet a lot of the other vice put Mercy hurst aside from friends and having a peer group. cerning these events, overall it secutive years now and has She is a marketing major at
freshman, says freshman other colleges because others But I wasn t really introduced was a good experience. been building the student gov- Mercyhurst College. Last year.
Amanda Keller. aren t as involved in the com- to the campus all that much The future looks bright for ernment program for four years Carla was a chairperson of the
One of the activities the fresh- munity. Not to mention we met even through orientation, says these new freshmen, and it all straight, longer than any other senior week committee. She is
men joined in was the manda- tons of new people and it was a freshman Megan Murphy. started with a positive begin- present member. well known around campus for
tory volunteer work done good bonding experience. Said Anotherfreshman,Stephanie ning. jj Dave Fredrick is a native of her passion for pink!
around the city of Erie. Some freshman Cara Nelson. Perkins, comments that orien- Cleveland, Ohio and is a Crim- Upperclassmen, don t forget
students were assigned to pick F.YI is intended to familiar- tation wasn t very helpful at all, inal Justice major at Mercy- to pick a pair this Thursday and
up trash in local neighborhoods ize freshmen with the campus It didn t seem like much of an hurst. He is a member of the Friday in the Union. Voting
, and at the beach, while others ..and make the transition from orientation to me; it just seemed cross country team, as well as begins Thursday at 1 p.m. and
ti ji^tb
a senior representative on stu- 'ends >at'0 p40«i and on FrMay
dent government. Dave is also from 11 am until 3 p.m.
Changes all over campus the chairperson for the facilities Good Luck to those on the-

Princeton Review use committee. Homecoming court!

Campus changes
Continued from page 1.
Financial Aid was a category
Opinions varied on the strict in which Mercy hurst received
alcohol policy that Mercy hurst a score of 76. The article ex-
upholds. One student com- plained the requirements for
plained, They keep us so busy students to be able to receive Continued from page I
will acquire the space current-
during the week, just let us have financial aid from the college. If you have noticed the huge ly occupied by the bookstore
fun on the weekends! Other Along with that, it listed the hole in the ground near the Hirt and will increase kitchen and
students appreciate the policy. various scholarships and grants Academic Center and the seating facilities.
Junior Sarah Beth Kingery available to them, with a men- Warde Townhouses, then you Another change on campus is
says, I agree with the alcohol tion of good opportunities for have seen the future home of with the Cohen Health Center
policy because no one should work, both on and off campus. the Bookstore, which will be a
drink underage. That s all there and Counseling Center. Both
The article went on to explain stand-alone building on cam- centers have relocated to the old
is to it. important factors taken into pus. Baldwin Townhouses 1-4,
The article also mentioned consideration by the admissions Katie McAdams/Merclad photographer The new building will be a which were converted into a
several of the restrictions committee of the college. This Soon, the football field will have new lights, so all ^ Neo-Tudor style, similar to the single building.?
placed upon freshmen, such as area of the Review awarded sports that use the field will be able to play night Student Union and the Hirt I An added benefit of this
the fact that they are not al- Mercyhurst a 74. Factors for games. Center. The interior is being de- change brings both the Coun-
lowed to have cars on campus. admission include class rank signed by Cheryl Sodar- seling Center and the Cohen
Although a freshman last and test scores, as well as things Spomer, an instructor for the Health Center to a central loca-
year. Sophomore Tiffany Black like character, personal quali- College s Interior'Design de- tion, closer to both freshmen
now understands why this is ap- ties, volunteer work, and work partment The Bookstore will and upperclassman areas/
propriate. She says, I think experienced feature a coffee shop, to be run Other changes include the
that it is a good idea that fresh- It also clearly defined high by Sodexho. new walkway between Briggs
man don t have cars on campus school course requirements for The college hopes for the new and Lewis Ave that provides
because of the parking situa- the prospective student. Advice Bookstore to act as a student lights, benches and new trees
tion. If they did, it would only from the Princeton Review on center, bridging the freshmen and bushes to campus. The
get worse. how to gain admittance to Mer- and upper-c lassmen areas of football field will soon get new
Anotherfreshmanrestriction cyhurst was to, impress upon campus. lights to play night games also.
mentioned was dorm visitation the admissions committee your The new Bookstore will also The R/IAP department
hours for the opposite sex. desire and ability to take advan- feature more space for leisure gained much needed space with
Surely, a lot of students are un-
happy about this rule, but oth-
tage of the school s varied aca-
demic opportunities. I reading and clothing racks and
space foi textbooks. The cam-
a move this year to the Adult
Education Center on Wayne
ers see the need for regulation. Mercyhurst s own Admis- pus ATM will also be relocated Street The new space will al-
Sophomore Paul Green feels sions Office described exactly to the building. low for even more advance-
that, the visitation hours are what they are looking for in Hopefully, the Bookstore will
reasonable. As freshmen, it s ment opportunities for the
prospective students. In se- J* Kalie McAdams/Merciad photographer be completed in time for stu- growing major.
not absolutely necessary to lecting a student for admission, Several of the old Baldwin Townhouses were razed dents to purchase books for
have the opposite sex stay past Take a few minutes to notice
Mercyhurst looks for evidence to make room for the new bookstore. winter t emv,
12 or 2, and in the apartments, all the changes that have been
of academic ability and readi- Another added benefit of the
it makes sense to increase the happening all over campus dur-
ness as demonstrated by high new bookstore is the expansion
freedom. ing the summer months and
school course work, grades of the Laker Inn. The Laker look for more to come in the
Diversity was also considered earned, performance on stan- near future.
in the Review. Some students dardized tests, and personal
complain that there is not
enough diversity on campus.
Senior Lindsey Weber points
characteristics that relate to a
student s ability to succeed.
The Admissions Office also
New radio show send me any music they feel
out, Obviously there is no di- commented, Our 120 majors, Continued from page J would be an asset to my show.
versity when you look around both traditional and unique,
have helped Mercyhurst draw Once the final touches are put
your class and see all White- According to Dre, one minor
studentsfrom40 states and earn on the show it will begin air-
Middle-America. problem she is faced with is
nationwide respect. With a ing, <The Communications De-
However, another student told securing enough music for the
reputation like that, no wonder partment hopes to have it up
the Review, Granted, Mercy- show. Because I am having
hurst doesn t have an extreme- Mercyhurst is considered one of and running within the next few
such trouble getting large weeks. \ 1
ly diverse population, [but] I the best! amounts of music, I have no
still find that my interaction for more information on Mer- '" fc Katie MtAdmrm/Mercwd photograph* financial backing, I would love
with those few people have cyhurst, as well as other The Cohen Health Center and Counseling Center has for any student, faculty mem-
made my experience thus far a schools, log on to relocated to the old Baldwin Townhouses, a more ber, or any person who reads
great one. central campus location for students. this or hears of my show to
September 17,2003 THEMERCIAD PAGE 3

To contact OPINION

Campus Question: Ethno-Centricity:
Was moving-in day for freshmen and upperclass- The^vorld doesn't revolve around you
men well-organized or chaotic? Why? | You would think that five to see a country for what it is,
weeks in England would be a ButlCouldBe Wrong when you won t see beyond
It was not as bad as last JjMt was chaotic because It was simple because ^ what it isn t: home.
momentously life-changing ex-
year. Last year it seemed there was no specific everyone one just took perience. You would think that So, I learned how to use their
like people and boxes were time for each of us to care of their own Jaime Rinne
I would be attempting to see money, eat their food and close
everywhere. come in. If they has things. If you stayed out everything, do everything and my eyes while riding in a vehi-
assigned each letter of of other people s way try everything that I possibly cle because, no matter how
- Eric Valyko, the alphabet a time to things were fine, f seas. Americans are generally
could in that short amount of hard I tried, I just couldn t get
Sophomore show up it would have a lovely lot of people mat can
-Katy Losco, time. used to the left side of the road.
run more smoothly. adjust to almost anything{Re-
I felt that it was made Freshman You wouldn t think that, four While I was learning how to
chaotic due to the fact -Chris Aloshen, days after my arrival, I would ally and sure, I would love to do all these seemingly mundane
that for every student Freshman be standing outside my flat, try the black pudding. things, I got to visit Oxford,
there were at least two nodding agreement as one of My Americans are lovely ride in a double-decker bus,
other people helping them I only had one real my classmates sniffed at the air and well-adjusted attitude last- meet Princess Diana s brother
This year I m living in a complaint. Trekking up
move in. There was just townhouse so moving in derisively and said, Y ou know, ed for about a whole five min- and shop at Harrods department
not enough room to have t\ three flights of stairs in this country smells like feet. utes after I arrived at Gat wick. store. ?
was pretty simple. I *• Egan was a real big
so many people running didn t have to deal with Oddly enough, ladies and gen - It didn t take long for me to It s difficult learning that the
around at the same time. pain. tlemen, that statement sums up start whining for a Taco Belfor world doesn t revolve around
tons of people carrying
boxes to the same place the entirety of my first two a sandwich that didn t taste like you or, more specifically, your
-Sheens Kieffer, -Sarah James, | weeks in England. it had been marinated over night culture.
as me which was nice.| Freshman
Sophomore This country smells like feet. in mayonnaise. Finally, everyone I was
4, -Vesta Klein, This soda tastes like mayon- So, what was this poor studying with had to realize that
Chaotic! There were Senior Move in day was naise. Why can t these people stranded college student to do? we were being ethno-centric
people everywhere. simple for me because I drive on the right side of the Adjust, that sr what. Two because we were afraid. Over-
Every time I turned a I got to move in early got to come early road like the rest of the civilized weeks of non-stop whining coming that fear was the hard-
corner I was running due to cheerleading so I enough that I avoided universe? And where can I find only proved that Mothejr>En- est part.
into people. :.-• didn t have to deal with all the confusion. some decent Mexican food? gland changes for no American. It s a tough lesson, no doubt.
of the craziness that goes What are you people, barbari- No matter how much I com- However, traveling overseas
-Tawnya Robinson, on during movie in day. -Carrie Cedro, ans? ^ plained, they were still going to loses part of its charm if you
Freshman Senior Americans are often accused drive on the left side of the only eat a McDonalds, stay at
-Kim Lawrence, of being completely ethno-cen- road, use strangely colored cur- the Hilton and shop at the Gap.
Whenever you have Sophomore tric. In short, we think that rency and eat crisps \ not po- Just remember that there s re-
Between organizing our
that many people trying As a senior I found it to own apartment and world revolves around us and tato chips. This was the way it ally no reason to be afraid. Usu-
to move in televisions all be much easier. You knew watching everyone else our culture. Everyone needs to was going to be. J ally. There s always an excep-
at the same time, it s not what you were doing and move in day was walk, talk and act like an Amer- Final ly I realized that, while I tion to the rule.
going to be pretty. you also knew what to crazy! ican. was wasting all my time com- Oh, but don t eat the black
expect. Before my stay abroad, I plaining, I was missing out on pudding. Just trust me on this
-Claire Whaley, -Dave Wozny, didn t believe that. No, no, I something truly amazing: the one. *
-Kate Horn,
Junior would say to my friends over- English experience. It s difficult) Really.
Senior Senior


Who needs counseling: 3^j | Love advice from the


perpetually single
Why somepeople don 'tseek help I am an dreds of thousands of pink and
purple construction paper cheating?
Suspect your boyfriend s
experf on
Here at Mercyhurst, this To be ill implies there is l o v e . hearts between Kindergarten f Think you re'girlfriend is too
r*'By*EHen Fteckensttein means that many of our stu- something wrong with us as a Why? Be- and present. unadve nturo us?
1 Contributing Writer dents may be suffering alone person when in actuality there cause I You know those little happy- Madam Malarky can help you
with symptoms that might have is no such thing. •& have seen go-lucky single girls who go out Submit your love and rela-
been remediated through the Such pains do not inhibit our Jerry around analyzing everyone tionship questions to:
Who needs counseling! Who free counseling offered on cam- humanness by making us Maguire else s relationships like Dr.
needs counseling? Depending pus. ill. Rather , they offer oppor- at least Ruth? Don t you wonder what Disclaimer: Madam Malarky
on how it is punctuated, this Let s face it, college is a tunities for growth if we are t w i c e , jp ¥ they say about you? Here s your does not have a PhD., or a
sentence can be read two very stressful time. I distinctly re- willing to face them. Seeking watched 12-year olds make out chance to find out. Now you master s degree, or even a bach'
different ways. One has a member the personal and pro- counseling for mental health with great fervor at various can hear al I the great advice that elor s degree yet. And even
strong negative connotation di- fessional stresses of my own issues can help facilitate the amusement parks and movie your little single friends are too when she does, it will not be in
rected at the stigma attached to college experience. Although I journey that enables us to grow theatres, and I have made hun- afraid to give you. psychology.
psychological counseling while knew a counseling center was even in times of adversity,'
the other simply asks the ques- available for students like my- The greatest falsehood in the ?T
tion of who might benefit from self, I always questioned mental health field is that psy- M« .... BOCEPT WHEN X OP6N THE N6 WSFKPER,
it. | *. whether my problems warrant- chological counseling is for the 9/n K2WW5

Perhaps the better phrase ed counseling. weak. It takes a great deal of i*—i
r t



'-A :«?ftM
would be, Who doesn t need I also wondered what my courage and strength to admit DWELL ON IT. f#flV
counseling!? However, it is peers would think if they knew that as human beings we are IN FACT* AiiV* *•,


precisely the stigma associated / needed it. I was worried that imperfect and experience emo- XMARDIY m *oi
tional pain. THINK ABOVT w
with it mat inhibits so many of I would look weak or someone IT ANYMORE Ai ,-»»--

us from ever getting the help would figure out that I didn t It takes even more courage to OR BROWSE NONFiCTlON TiTLES AT BOOKSTORES •
we need. necessarily have it all together. ask for help during these times. m$ OR SHOP FOR DUCT TAPE.
Though psychological coun- Would they think I couldn t It can be dangerous to attempt & *:


seling has proven to remediate control my emotions? What if to suffer alone because doing ^T OR SEE AN AIRPLANE OVER THE CiTVt f
symptoms of distress, such •M- fSfcily_*££ m OR HEAR MORE THAN ONE SIREN*
someone thought I was men- so can intensify all the uneasi- _ v. M <ht-

MflX» ft

stigma continues to prevent in- tally ill? I ness we feel inside. WIS OR WORRY ASoUT OUR TROOPS.
L*3w% . w


dividuals from getting help. Re- The truth is that as a culture The Mercyhurst Counseling

cent findings suggest that this we are misinformed about men- Center would like to help ease
! 4 Kv*5[?V.H UHl
help-seeking stigma is stronger * * * $ '£»,
tal illness. It is not necessarily the burden of those suffering * , *
i V
than ever. On a college campus, as abnormal as we think. As in silence. w
V &\
S: «r I w«

the impact of this notion may mental health professionals, one The counseling center is now *•>
be more profound then we
ki'j fit
of the first things we learn is located in the old Baldwin « 1

think. that nearly everyone can be di- Townhouses. Our office hours

Counseling services to college agnosed. J ust look at those Paxil are 8:30 to 5:00 Monday
students are free of charge; commercials we are all too fa- through Friday. Making an ap-
however, a small amount of miliar with, who doesn /feel pointment to talk is as simple
those suffering from psycho- like that at times? Does this as dialing 824-2468 or 824-
logical distress pursue them mean we are all mentally ill? 2561. ^!

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PAGE 4 THE MERCIAD September 17,2003

To contact pEATURES

Overseas adventure for two seniors
M a r c T o t h a n d J a i m e R i n n e s t u d i e d i n E n g l a n df o r five weeks
By Courtney Nicholas
Features Editor

Traveling abroad is exciting

for young adults.
Senior English majors Jaime
Rinne and Marc Toth got to
experience England while
taking classes at the Univer-
sity Col lege Northampton in
Northampton, England..
.: Dr. Heidi Hosey taught in
the program two years ago
but did not go this past sum-
mer. Mercy hurst College has
sent many students „to
Northampton over the past
five years.
I Both Toth and Rinne had Marc Toth/ Contributing Igrapher
not been overseas before this
trip. Toth has been to Cana-
da a few times. He always Marc Toth standing in front
wanted to travel to England Jaime Rinne/ Contributing photographer of the awe-inspiring
because of America's histori- Jaime Rinne sitting In front of Sulgrave Manor. It Is the ancestral home of thefirstPresident of the United States, H Stonehenge, one of his fa*
cal ties to the country. Rinne George Washington. Rinne said that her week long In London stay was her favorite. vorite spots on the trip.
also wanted to have the op-
portunity to see England. to take one or two courses at While at the University of They both had favorite parts the best I did some wonder- didn't work out. Neverthe-
the university. They also get Northampton, Toth and of the trip. ful things on my own that less both had a great time and
"It has always been my the chance to travel to France, Rinne both took classes. Toth "I enjoyed the travel part of week, like visiting the British would recommend it to oth-
dream to see England. The Italy and varies other regions took Acting British Society on the trip. The Jack the Ripper Museum, seeing a show in er students who are interest-
trip was worth every penny/' in England and Ireland. They Stage, "I wanted to work on tour and the Dickens Walk in Leicester Square and going on ed in traveling abroad.
said Rinne. need to apply directly to the my public speaking. "J Rinne London were a highlight. I a guided tour of the Tower of "The whole experience was
Bom Rinne and Tom heard program using applications took Introduction to Shakes- loved Stonehenge," Toth said. London.
about the program to study wonderful," said Rinne.
that are sent to Mercyhurst peare. "This may sound cliched but Neither student got to trav-
abroad from Dr. Hosey. each year. There are many Both students had a won- it is really hard to pick my fa- el out of England while over-
"It is a great experience. different kinds of courses in seas, either their class sched-
derful time while overseas. vorite part of the trip. My
The students get that chance n majors,
. f t , • T -

said Dr. Hosey.

* T |

week long stay in London was ule didn't allow it or plans

Mercyhurst senior travels to Hawaii Students sleep onfpavement

By Courtney Nicholas
Students had blankets and
were clothed in layers. They
Stacy Pastva will participate in the Miss Hawaiian Tropic pageant in Hawaii Features editor had to use the toilets in
Past judges and special McAuley Hall if necessary.
By Courtney Nicholas guests were: Shaquille Students love having their "One student even
O'Neal, Pauly Shore, Rodney car on campus. It makes brought his computer and
Features Editor going for groceries and going
Dangerfield, and Fabio. he and friends watched
Past hosts include Ann Jil- out much easier. The only DVD's while they waited in
Many little girls want to par? problem is: Parking isn't easy line," Voorhies said.
lian and Tom Wop at, Leslie
^t Mercyhurst College: \ T? HudaK!s and Voorhies"
ticipate in pageants. Stacy Nielsen, Lorenzo Lamas, and
Pastva was not one of those Gilbert Gottfried. | "I really dislike the parking waiting paid'orf; they both
little girls. system. It is like trying to find got a numbered space for the
Pastva is very excited about-
a needle in a haystack," said year.
"I was most interested in seeing Hawaii and getting to junior Kris ten Kirchendorfer. Many of the students that
horseback riding, softball, meet the celebrity judges and
Students at Mercyhurst have cars on campus are
drawing, and cheerleading guests. Ihave options when it comes sophomore, juniors, and se-
when I was little/ 7 she said. A benefit from this pageant to parking on campus. They niors. The numbers seem to
Pastva, a senior Art educa- is getting to have a profession- can try to get a pass, at a cost rise every year said DeDioni-
tion major at Mercyhurst Col- al photo shoot and meeting of $175, which allows them to sio.
lege and a native of Leech- representatives from profes- have their own numbered The reason a student
burg, P.A., never gave pag- sional modeling agencies. space in an underground ga- would want a parking space
eants or modeling serious . In addition, she won $1,350 rage or they can get a pass vary. For some students,
thought until high school. in Buffalo and met Sam Gash that allows them to park in a they want their car to be pro-
The opportunity presented
itself last summer while she
U of the Buffalo Bills. '• . variety of parking lots
around campus. Then lastly
tected in the underground
"I am just a small town girl lot from the weather, others
was taking a class at Mercy- |trying to do something big. I there is parking on Briggs want a guaranteed space
hurst College. feel very fortunate to be giv- and Lewis Avenue. These every time they leave and
Some of her friends had en- en this opportunity," said may sound well and good come back to campus, and
couraged her to enter a Ms. Pastva. but there are more students others want a space because
Venus swimwear pageant last with cars on campus than
If selected as Miss Hawaiian they work until late at night
summer and a fellow contes- ithere are available parking
Tropic 2004 Pastva will be do- spaces. and they don't want to walk
tant told her about the Hawai- ing calendar shoots, photo two blocks before getting to
ian Tropic pageant. shoots to advertise the Hawai- Parking passes went on sale their apartment.
Pastva took her advice and Jody Mel lo/ Merciad photographer
ian Tropic products, many in the beginning of August What can be done about
looked up the details of the Senior Stacy Pastva wears her sash from the Miss Hawalin television interviews, and she said Christine DeDionisio of this parking problem? Mei
pageant online. Tropic pageant In Buffalo, N.Y. 7 will represent the United Police and Safety. The un- cyhurst is always looking for
She competed in a loca I Miss States in the World Finals. derground numbered spaces an answer to this question.
Hawaiian Tropic Pageant and | The pageant wants to find [state the lady is representing, went on sale at 6 a.m. on Sept. "Parking should be based
"I appreciate the fact that 1
won. beautiful young women to formal swimsuit segment. 8 after a large line of students upon the point system like
am getting the chance to see had already formed. There
She will be flying to Hawaii represent Hawaiian Tropic The top four girls chosen housing," Debbie Wurst,
Suncare countries. Hawaii but I wish my family are only 100 underground
to represent Buffalo, N.Y. in will go on to represent the secretary for admissions
could come with me and at- spaces available to students.
the United States Finals. Over 20,000 ladies compete United States. The winner of said.
tend the pageant. Everyone
The Miss Hawaiian Tropic each year in local, regional, the World Finals goes on to be Rachel Voorhies and Kris- "The number of permits]
national, and international Miss Hawaiian Tropic 2004. has been so supportive
International Pageant is the ten Hudak are two Mercy- given out should equal the
pageants. through this experience, even hurst juniors that slept on the
largest pageant system in the While in Hawaii, Pastva amount of spaces that are
if my dad admits he would pavement so they could get
world. I The pageant is divided into will be doing television inter- available on campus," said
rather see me on the softball a numbered parking space.
portions: opening number, views photo shoots, and go- senior C hrista Wilson.
It promotes Hawaiian Trop- field," Pastva said. "It was horrible," Hudak
costume presentation of the ing to night rity guests and Although parking is often
ic Suncare products. said.
I # judges. \ viewed in a negative light,
More colleges building residence halls like chic apartments Both girls lived in the Du-
val apartments last year so
there is a positive that
should be mentioned. The
comes to college should have room with a full kitchen and ing, about the mission of the they had a parking lot near new parking lot behind the
By Debra O Connor
the classic dorm experience," tables on one end and a big- Sisters," says complex coordi- them. They did not worry Adult Education Center is
Knight Ridder Newspapers about getting a numbered
where small, shared rooms screen television, etc. nator Sabrina Anderson. very nice. The garage was
space in an underground lot. just painted before classes
When University of Minne- lead to the forced togetherness The fancier setups cost Women's colleges seem to be
This year was different for started and it makes the
sota student Jade Pirlott was that helps freshmen get on more: A triple-occupancy particularly sensitive to the
the girls, however. parking for the residents on
looking for a place to live last their feet socially, Pirlott says. room at traditional U of M way students live. In a nation-
Beyond that, though, she residence halls costs $1,696 al student survey on dormito- Both were in line at I a.m Lewis Avenue a little easier.
year, she yearned for a conve-
wanted a change. per semester; a "SuperSingle" ry quality, nine of the top 20 Sept. 7 and were surprised by It Is also closer to the Lewis
nient location, a nice kitchen,
Following a national trend at Riverbend Commons costs "Dorms Like Palaces" were the number of people that Avenue apartments then
a spacious bedroom, air con- has beat them to the Police
ditioning and heated under- and responding to student de- up to $3,241 per semester. women's colleges, with Smith other lots on can \ pus. S
and Bryn Mawr among the top and Sa I ety office.
ground parking. mand, most of the residential Students want co-ed living,
And, after a freshman year construction the U of M has even co-ed bathrooms, kitch- five. Loyola College in Balti-
spent sharing facilities with done over the past several ens and living rooms. But, more ranked first in dorm
dozens of dorm residents, she years has been upscale. Robinson says, "1 ve only quality in the Princeton Re-
"Students don't want to live heard of a couple of schools view's annual college guide,
definitely wanted her own
in traditional residence halls that are doing co-ed rooms." "The Best 351 Colleges." The
anymore, but they don't nec- Few colleges prohibit mem- top 20 "Dorms Like Dun-
Without having to move off geons" are mostly at state uni-
campus, she found what she essarily want to live off cam- bers of the opposite sex from
pus," says Chad Horsley, Ri- staying overnight anymore. versities.
wanted: Riverbend Commons,
a new style of residence hall verbend's apartment coordi- The College of St. Catherine "Quality-oMife issues have
that serves as an example of nator. | in St. Paul, however, draws become serious things for
what many of today's college And they're asking for amen- the line at 2 a.m. schools to consider, especially
students want and will pay ex- ities. Riverbend Commons, for "We get a lot of students in the recruitment process,"
tra to get. example, has barbecue grills who complain, but a lot un- says Erik Olson, editor of the
Kntle McAdtima•» t mr lot I photogroplutf
on a huge patio overlooking derstand it's about privacy, Princeton Review. The parking situation at Mercyhurst, I
"I think everyone who the Mississippi River, a party about the safety of the build-
THE MERC IA D September 17,2003


The Clarks come to rock the Hurst
OCT. 4. Good Charlotte,
Buffalo State Sports Arena, By Emily Crofoot | innate ability to consistently
Buffalo, N.Y. On sale Sept Arts and Entertainment Editor connect with its audience.
12 at 3 p.m. at The Clarks tour relentlessly
Ticketmaster. and have shared the stage with
On Saturday, Sept. 20, the bands such as Train, Wilco,
Pittsburgh phenomena, The John Mayer and other popular
OCT. 9. Michael Franti & Clarks, are going to be playing
Spearhead* Odeon, I acts. f
at the Mercyhurst Rec Center The Clarks have long been the
Cleveland. On sale now at 1 at 8 p.m.. J
Ticketmaster. top-drawing band in Pittsburgh,
The Clarks are an where the single Better Off
unprecedented rock Without You from Let It Go,
OCT. 10. Stryper. Phantasy phenomenon in their hometown was No. 1 for several weeks
Theatre, Lakewood, Ohio. of Pittsburgh, where the rock at modern rocker WXDX-FM
On sale now at 'i n roll quartet regularly and enjoyed heavy spins at
Ticketmaster. performs for crowds of 8,000 other key stations in the East
or more and where their last and Midwest.
OCT. 12. Music of Led record outsold many of today s
Zeppelin: A Rock They ve headlined several
biggest music acts. major amphitheater shows with
Symphony with Akron With five studio albums and
Symphony Orchestra. E.J. audiences of up to 18,000,
countless live performances to including co-headlining with 3
Thomas Hall, Akron. On their credit, The Clarks share
sale Sept. 12 at Doors Down at Pittsburgh s
the kind of musical shorthand Post-Gazette Pavilion during
Ticketmaster. only a band of near-brothers the summer of 2001.
can know. Audience members sang
OCT. 16. Blue Rodeo, Bob Their top-notch musicianship along with every Clarks tune,
Schneider. Rosebud, and songwriting are clearly
Pr p courtesy of wwwgeocrties com

Pittsburgh. On sale Sept. The Clarks are going to be playing at the Mercyhurst Rec Center on Saturday, Sept. 20, at just as they did at the first
evident on their new CD, 8 p.m. f H f I Rolling Rock Town Fair and
20 at noon at Ticketmaster. Another Happy Ending, the 2001 s Milwaukee
bands second for Razor & Tie. Summerfest.
OCT. 18. Shania Twain. For Another Happy Ending, sonic elements including recording, says Clarks front creative effort I ve ever put into The band s songs also have
Gund Arena, Cleveland. On The Clarks headed to Nashville keyboards, strings, loops and man Scott Blasey. We ve a project, been featured infilmsincluding
sale Sept 12 at to work with producer Justin a little sass - an element of their honed our live show, but it took Blasey and Joseph, along with last year s Summer Catch
Ticketmaster. Niebank, who sat at the boards live show that had never been a couple of records to really guitarist Rob James and with Freddy Prinze Jr., Boys
for their last studio disc, Let captured in the studio. understand and be comfortable drummer David Minarik Jr with Winona Ryder and Just
OCT. 20. Joe Henry. It Go. , ' I:
The collection remains true to with the recording process. In met as students at Indiana Write with Jeremy Piven and
Rosebud, Pittsburgh. On Known for their The Clarks musical philosophy Justin Niebank we found a University of Pennsylvania Sherilynn Fenn.
sale Sept 13 at noon at unpretentious, straight- that great rock n roll cannot producer who had a vision, and where they formed a band and With a devoted and loyal
Ticketmaster. forward, no-nonsense rock be faked. The disc features we entrusted him with that began playing local parties. legion of fans around the
style, The Clarks arrived in songs that range from the vision so we could do what we Moving to Pittsburgh after country, The Clarks are
OCT. 21. 3 Doors Down, Nashville ready to experiment. power-pop drive of disc opener do best. graduation, the quartet quickly poised to bring their brand of
Seether, Shinedown. Tullio The result is a dozen songs Maybe, to the infectious On Greg Joseph, the band s became stars of the regional American rock n roll to the
Arena, Erie.$32.50 floor Saturday, Boys Lie and the
that not only emphasize strong bassist adds, We came away scene and built a strong masses.
(general admission); $27.50 contemplative Hey You.
melody and solid lyrics and still from this feeling it s the following based on the quality For The Clarks, Another
reserved sides. On sale
rock where they should, but Playing live is a completely best work we ve done. of their live show, Blasey s Happy Ending is just the
Sept 13 at 10 a.m. at
also incorporate additional different animal than Personally, it s the most rock charisma and the band s beginning.
Ticketmaster outlets, Tullio
Arena box office, by phone
at 452-4857 or 456-7070,
online at ft'
The Erie Playhouse celebrates 87th season
OCT. 22. Matchbox-
Twenty, Fountains of
Debutfeatures Broadway musical nit Into TheWoods%
Wayne. Bryce Jordan The Erie Playhouse opens makes Into the Woods the to kick off our 2003-2004 sea-
Center, State College, Pa. th
their 87 season with the fabu- most perfect family show of son.
On sale Sept. 13 at lous Broadway musical hit Into the season. During our summer cattle, by The Woods and nothing could Director David Matthews and call auditions over 200 people
phone at (800) 863-3336. be better news to our eager choreographer Richard Davis auditioned hoping to be a part
audiences. have assembled, once again, a of Into the Woods. The
OCT. 28. Nickelback, Into The Woods is the mas- powerfully talented cast. 20 super-talented and lucky
Trapt, Three Days Grace. terwork of Stephen The list of names reads like a performers promise an
Thodes Arena, Akron. On Sondheim and is one of his who s-who of Playhouse evening of utter enchantment.
sale Sept. 12 at most produced musicals world- stars. The cast includes Linda Do not delay. Order your tick-
Ticketmaster. wide. Troyer/ Father Michael DeMar- ets now!
Mr. Sondheim took some of tinis/ Trisha Yates/ Jason Law-
OCT. 29. Blue Man Group. our favorite fairy tales ( Cin- ergren/ Kate Lechner/ Brian Alt- Showdates & times:
Shea s Performing Arts derella, Jack and the Bean- man/ Betsy Hermann/David September 17-21; Thursday -
Center, Buffalo. On sale stalk, and Little Red Shaffer/ Rae Jean Urbanowicz/ Saturday at 7:30pm, Sunday at
Sept. 15 at Ticketmaster. Riding Hood among others) Kevin Feyas/ Richard Davis 2:00 p.m. |
and wrote a new tale (The Bak- and more!
OCT. 30. Kirk Franklin, er s Wife ) and wove them to- Andrew Rainbow is conduct- Ticket Prices: Adults - $20,
Toby Mac. A.J. Pal umbo gether in an evening ofutter en- ing the orchestra and Roberta Senior - $19, Students - $10
Theater, Pittsburgh. On chantment. Stoughton handles the intricate
sale Sept. 15 at 10 a.m. at Into the Woods follows vocal assignments. All productions and events
Ticketmaster. fairy tale characters as they Joe Hassler is bringing the Photo court esy ofthe Erie Playhouse located at:
journey into the darkness of the woods to life in beautiful scen- In the Woods is playing at The Erie Playhouse Sept. The Erie Playhouse, 13 W. 10*
NOV. 1. Kirk Franklin, woods and learn life changing ery and lighting, while Richard St., Erie, PA |
TobyMac, Soul Jahz. lessons that make them better Davis will be sure the Wo If has
Lakewood Civic people. sharp teeth and Red Riding tin Fry/ Christine Rosenzweig/ a ditzy Princess, golden locks Box Office: 454-2852 x 0
Auditorium, Lakewood, The beauty of the musical is Hood s cape is truly red among Devon Yates/ Eric Marshall and of hair, a flock of nasty birds
Ohio. On sale Sept. 12 at that it can be enjoyed on two his other costume delights. & '? Sarah Sesler. and an evening of magical Info courtesy of Sue
Ticketmaster. different levels. Children Also featured in the cast are A witch that raps, magical music and winning fairy Lechner from The Erie Play-
see one show while their adult Matthew Franz/Jenn Callen/ beans, a cow with a heart, a tales combine to make Into house.
NOV. 4. Nickelback, Trapt, companions see another. This Susan and Emily Baxter/Kris- giant s vindictive wife, the Woods the perfect show
Three Days Grace. A. J.
Palumbo Theater, J J
Pittsburgh. On sale Sept.
27 at 10 a.m. at
Upcoming PAC events Fall Term 2003 Lunch Specials
Ticketmaster. By Emily Crofoot The Steffon Harris Quartet
Arts and 1 ntertainment Editor will be performing at the PAC
NOV. 9. B.B. King, Jackie on Friday, Sept. 26, at 7:30
Green. Warner Theatre, On Wednesday, Sept. 24, the p.m. Harris has been cal led one Monday • r i
first movie ofthe Guelcher Film of the most exciting young in-
Erie. On sale date TBA.f
Series is showing in the PAC at strumentalists in jazz. That s
Bagel Sandwich Cheeseburger Sizzling Salad
NOV. 14. Shelby Lynne. 8 p.m. Based on Stefanie half right. 8 oz. Fruit Cup Curly French Fries 20 oz. Fountain
Zweig s autobiographical nov- This powerhouse vibraphon-
Odeon, Cleveland. ON sale
el, German director Caroline ist is one of the most exciting 20 oz. Fountain 20 oz. Fountain Drink
Sept. 12 at Ticketmaster.
Link s Oscar-winning epic No- young instrumentalists in ANY Drink Drink
where In Africa follows a Jew- kind of music. Taking the in-
NOV. 18. Shins, Broadcast
ish family that flees Nazi Ger- strument of Lionel Hampton
Oblivions. Phantasy many before the war, giving up and Milt Jackson into exciting,
Theater, Lakewood, Ohio. Thursday
On sale Sept. 12 at noon at
a life ofprivilege for the remote new territory, Harris is one of Friday Saturday
farmlands of rural Kenya.
the names to watch in jazz, and Taco Salad Wrap Combination Sub
The scenario is charged with the PAC s season opener is
dramatic possibilities as the fam- your chance to say I saw 20 oz. Fountain 2 Cookies Small French
DEC. 28. Pittsburgh Doo
ily struggles to adjust to a new him when ,J. . Not to be Drink 20 oz. Fountain I Fries
Wop Holiday Reunion Jg
life while their old one missed.
Show II with Bo Diddley^
crumbles tragically behind For more information Drink 20 oz. Fountain
Harold Mevlin s Bluenotes, them. For more information visit this website:
Capris, Cleftones, Speedo
visit this website:
and the Cadillacs, Willie Admission is $5 for
Winfjeld and the Harptones,
Admission is free for Mercy- Mercyhurst students, $ 15
Eugene Pitt and the Jive
hurst students, $5 for adults, for adults, $12.50 for se-
Five, Johnny of Santo and and $4 for seniors and youth niors, and $5 for youth Students: Don't Forget to GRAB Your "Lunch on the Runl"
Johnny. Mellon Arena, under 15 years old. under 15 years old.
Pittsburgh. I

-,ARTS& ml,___
Cages p e r f o r m a n ce lights u p 'Matchstick M e n
steal the spot light. But,
when the light is turned on
By Meghan Sullivan
to him, his strong, slightly
Contributing Writer aggressive character shows
through. Rockwell has also
been seen in such movies as
Nicolas Cage stars as Roy in "Confessions of a Dangerous
"Matchstick Men." Roy, a
neurotic con-artist, scams un- Mind," "Welcome to Col-
suspecting people into hand- linwood," and "Charlie's An-
ing over large sums of cash gels." \
with the help of his protege, Alison Lohman's character,
Frank, played by Sam Rock- Angela, was the most devel-
well. oped .; She came off as ex-
Because of Roy's agorapho- tremely likeable. Besides
bia he lives an extremely or- showing Angela's vulnerable
derly and excessively sani- and innocent side when she
tary life. When the ticks that is with her father, she also
portrays her almost adult-
he suffers from start to inter- • like manner when she inter-
fere with his work, Roy seeks
acts with other people.
out psychiatric help in hopes
of getting pills to solve his * Lohman is a very natural
problem. While meeting actress whose apparent puri-
with Dr. Klien, played by ty in this role is both refresh-
Bruce Altman, they discuss ing and pleasing. Loman has
his past relationship with his i
also been seen acting in
ex- wife, and the possibility "White Oleander," "White
that he has a 14-year-old Photo courtesy of www imdb con Boy," and "Pasadena."
child. Dr. Klien contacts, and Nicolas Cage stars as a neurotic con-artist in Matchstick Men which fs now playing in local theaters. '-• "Matchstick Men," a Rid ley
arranges a meeting with Scott Film, is rated PG-13 for
Roy's daughter, Angela, man, and becomes increas- have resulting from his men- personal relations later in the and up for anything. He violence, and language. Rat-
played by Alison Lohman. ingly curious about his trade. tal state, the ticks, his neurot- movie. Acadamy award win- comes up with bigger, more ed on a scale from one to five,
Angela is a carefree, punk In a moment of weakness ic tendencies, and his neat- ner Cage has also been seen dangerous schemes, then I would give this movie a
teenager, with a delightful Roy agrees to teach Angela ness compulsion, Cage didn't in such movies as "Adapta- tries to coax Roy into them. three. 11 has an interesting
disposition. At first Angela how to pull the wool over his add much characterization. tion," "The Family Man," Although Frank is the more plot, and a large twist for the
pollutes his home, and dis- victim's eyes. Angela ends At the beginning of the and "Gone in Sixty Seconds." confident of the two, he is ending- "Matchstick Men " is
rupts his normal routine. up having a special gift for movie it was difficu 11 to relate Frank, Roy's partner, being taught the skills of the currently up in theatres, in-
the craft. to his character A lot more played by Sam Rockwell is con artist by Roy. Rockwell cluding at Eastway Plaza
Eventually, their relationship
grows, and they form a bond. Nicolas Cage played Roy emotion could have been the opposite of Cage's up- nicely develops the relation- Cinemas on Buffalo Road,
Angela is not fooled by Roy's adequately. Besides the ob- shown that would have al- tight character. He is laid ship between his character and at Tinseltown on Rotun-
career cover, an antique sales- vious traits that he would he luded to his problems with back, cocky, very easy going and Roy. He never upstages da Drive off Peach Street.
Cage's character and does not

Tongue-tied: 'Queens of pop' are speechless at last Colors add to fall fashion
Army inspired clothing
By Lindsay Kezlarian By Amanda Orendorf also is seen in the fashions for
Contributing Writer Contributing Writer• fall. Anything cargo is con-
sidered stylish. Old Navy's
"I hadn't kissed anyone in a The newest and hottest feature items are cargo pants
long time, so that should last me
for awhile/' Britney Spears re-
Km [ t\ t \v^fl
fashion trends for the year are
always on people's minds.
and skirts. They are soaring
off the shelves quicker than
•5 1 *

sponded to a question posed to JMjfl p+ -

Being up-to-the-minute is they can get them in stock.

her at a press conference last
week about her now infamous
fkissAvith Ma donna. jy^
1| iit.i
:*A- ' v&jfel
liii\,i.A | +*+S jap- m
very important with the ever-
changing fashion world. Fall
2003 is going to be a season
Denim is also flying off
store shel ves during this time

I Minutes after the Aug. 28 1 m'\ £ M H 1


that sees a great amount of

qfyear. Penimisqonsidered
a staple item in many peo-
broadcast of the MTV Video l\i color. ples' closets. It can be
Music Awards, all that was be- The '60s have returned, dressed up or down depend •
ing talked about was the scan- combining bright colors to- ing on one's mood and occa-
dalous behavior of the "materi- gether to create a thrilling ex- sion.
al girl," Spears, and Christina perience for the wearer. For fall, denim of any kind
Aguilera, two of Madonna's According to 'Women's is in fashion. Details such as
most famous progeny. There Wear Daily,' pink and rose chains and zippers can be
were mixed reactions through- colors are very important. added to make the denim
out the public. Photo courtesy of vww.mtv com Purples are combined with sassier.
One reaction to which the Hey, that s my gum! |When Madonna and Britney Spears locked lips at the neutrals such as buff and There are many areas in so-
media paid close attention was MTV Video Music Awards, was ft planned or spontaneous? deep brown. ciety that influence fashion
that of Spears' famous ex-boy- This is not the first time that the interest of the American way into our conversations by
Also, the fashion scene will everyday. Fall 2003 draws
friend, Justin Timber lake. MTV has used shock value to people. This is not a recent something as trivial as a kiss. be seeing much in metallic. It from many past trends. The
Cameras were watching him attract more viewers. trend, though growing ever will be displayed in jacquard clothes have bdth a funky
Completely understanding
closely as the two kissed, and In previous years they have more popular by the day. prints, various faux fur de- look as well as some classic
that shocking incidences are
MTV cameras even cut away used such celebrities as Marilyn It is human nature to be curi- fun and amusing for the most signs, and also in men's wear. appeal.
from the kiss to Timberlake in Manson, Lil Kim, and once be- ous about a certain taboo. It is part, the media should practice This upcoming season car- In recent years, as well as
hopes of catching a reaction. fore, Britney Spears. this curiosity of things un- better techniques to sell their ries many styles that are in- today, fashion is drawn from
But what they had hoped to be Instead of concentrating on known outside of the usual el- specific genre of entertainment. spired by past generations. music groups, the state of the
an exciting response turned out the primary focus of the awards ements of traditional values All forms of entertainment hire The' 60s, 70s, and the ever world, the arts, movie stars,
to be a mere look of disappoint- show, namely the music and the and cultures that attracts peo- employees who are mostly cre- famous punk '80s looks are as well as people on the
ment. videos which express that mu- ple. Nonetheless, as our culture ative and hardworking. seen everywhere in fall fash- streets.
Perhaps more disappointed sic, MTV turned to using an out- expands and broadens every- ions* To know fashion and to be
Whether it be television,
were the network executives rageous performance to over- day, people can always count movies, magazine, or newspa- The miniskirt is very pop- fashionable is to be yourself.
who had hoped to get a better shadow the true accomplish- on something more shocking per articles, the employees ular for fall 2003. The mini- What you think is unique to
reaction from Justin. ments of the artists. and surprising to happen. skirt was named in 1966 for you, may become the next
must be able to devise a more
Since the television business is "The kiss" demonstrates the Celebrity figures such as ingenious way of displaying the new style of skirt that hit fashion trend.
highly interested in ratings and western worlds, namely Amei Spears and Madonna, as well as and illustrating their ideas or above the knee. Keep your eyes open and
the number of viewers, they had ica's, obsession with any contro- the media that influences have messages. The micro mini is also a feel free to express yourself
probably hoped to see some- versial incident. the intentions of getting in to the It should be in a way that con- trend hitting the United through what you wear. You
thing a little more gossip friend- Any media event that offends public's minds and thoughts, tinues to impress the audience, States, rhe micro mini is the could be the next fashion-set-
ly - something to keep the tab- has shock value, or that causes and eventually making their but also one that they won't shortest of the short skirts. ter and create the newest
loids in frenzy for weeks. gossip has essentially taken over trend.
easily forget.
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Football opens undefeated
F r e s h m a n j N o w l i n g l e a d s w a y i n w i n o v e r rival N o r t h e r n Michigan
By Ryan Palm Early in the second quarter, the On the ensuing drive, Wildcat
Contributing Writer Laker defense came up big with tailback Corey Woods fumbled
a stop on a fourth and two, which at the 1-yard line, but his team-
For thefirsttime since 1992, the gave the offense the ball back. mate Corbin Walker recovered it
Mercyhurst Laker football team Six plays later, Adams was in in the end zone for a touch-
has started its season with a 2-0 the end zone again, this time on down.
record. an 11-yard score. Kyle Marotz nailed the extra
Freshman quarterback Jeff Pete Snavely's interception set- point to make the score interest-
Nowling and junior tailback Jus- up another chance at a score be- ing at 27-13.
tin Adams both had impressive fore the half. The Lakers got the ball back
days, leading their team to a 41- Laker quarterback Nowling and marched downfield finish-
29 victory over the visiting hooked up with his junior tight- ing the drive with a 10-yard
Northern Michigan Wildcats. end Jeff Thiel on a 43-yard com- touchdown pass from Jeff Nowl-
Nowling and Adams were re- pletion that made it first and goal ing to senior receiver Brad Th •
sponsible for five touchdowns on on the Wildcat two yard line. ompson. Scanlon again hit the
a day in which the offense came On the next play, junior full- extra point making it 34-13.
out red hot, scoring four times back Marques Governor pound- Northern Michigan went on to
before Northern Michigan put ed it in, and another Phil Scan- add a field goal, to make the
points on the board. Ion extra point made it 27-0 Lak- score 34-16 after three quarters.
Nowling scored early on a 34- ers. Nowling led the team down-
yard touchdown run to cap a 74- Northern Michigan quarter- field nicely on the next drive,
yard drive which took under four back Kyle Swenor capped a six- more importantly chewing up a
minutes. ty-nine yard drive by the Wild- lot of the time clock, and com-
The extra point attempt was no cats with a rushing touchdown pleted a 10-yard touchdown
good, leaving the score at 6-0. from the one yard line. pass to Kevin Campbell to give
On the third play following Kyle Marotz missed the extra the Lakers more breathing room
kickoff, sophomore safety Ben point making it 27-6 at half time. | with a 41-16 lead.
Bluemle picked off a Kyle The second half began with Northern Michigan went on to
Swenor pass, giving the Lakers two fumbles in three series, one score two more touchdowns, but
the ball back inside Wildcat ter- by each team. it still wasn't enough as the Lak-
ritory. Justin Adams fumbled on the ers took the game with a score
Four plays later, Justin Adams Mercyhurst twenty-three yard 41-29. J I
scored on a 30-yard rushing line, which was recovered by The Lakers are now 2-0, and 1-
touchdown, and Scanlon added Northern Michigan's Luke Whit- 0 in GLIAC play.
on the extra point to make it 13- son, s The team plays at Tulio Field
Katie McAdams/Merciad photographer
0. i again next Saturday against Sag-
Mercyhurst Football faces off against Northern Michigan Wildcats. inaw Valley in the homecoming
game starting at 1:30 p.m.
Women s soccer remains optimistic
By Amanda Harnocz
Contributing Writer
This years team roster in-
cludes 7 incoming freshman
Laker field hockey balances record
and 15 returning players. 1
Ready to kick off another While the team has been
working hard and preparing
Brings record to 2-2 on shutout win over Seton Hill
school year?
The Lady Lakers have been for their season, team spirit is
working hard to do just that. In also a key component for win-
past years, the women's soccer ning games. By Amanda Pointer
team has made it to appearanc- The next upcoming home Contributing Writer
es in NCAA playoffs. game is Tuesday, September
They finished off the season 23 at 4:00 p.m. The Lady Lak-
with a 13-4-2 record and 6-2-1 ers will be dueling with Wheel- The lady Lakers evened their
in the Great Lakes Intercolle- ing Jesuit. record this past Saturday when
giate Athletic Conference (GLI- The next two games will be they defeated Sea ton Hill 2-0
AC). ': at home on the first and the Mercyhurst made both of the
This team record allowed fourth of October. Starting goals in the first half and also had
Mercyhurst to tie for second times are 1:00 and 1:30. 21 shots on goal during that time.
with Grand Valley State. The team had a game on Sun- This game left Mercyhurst with
Also in 2002, the women's day, September 14th with a a 2-2 record.
soccer team finished fourth in devastating loss to Northern Scoring for the lady Lakers
the Great Lakes Region. Kentucky. The score was tied were Nicole Davis and Katie
With such successful past sea- 0-0 in the first ha If. Six minutes King. Lauren MacEUeven and
sons there is no reason to doubt into the second half Northern Jessica Grow assisted the game-
that the Lady Lakers will again) Kentucky scored two goals, to winning shots.
do well and make it to many fi- make the final score 2-0. The Stopping attempts from Seton
nals. £ Laker's current record is) Hill was goalie Julie Smith who
Keith Cammidge is entering now 2-3-1. The team has just played 70 minutes and had 5
his second year at Mercyhurst started the season and has plen- saves.
as women's soccer head coach ty of time to increase the slash- On September 6,h Mercyhurst
and has had 16 years of college es on the win side of the col- took on Geneseo State winning
coaching experience. ; j umn. their first game this season with
He has coached at NCAA di- With the way the soccer
a 1-0 victory.
vision I schools such as North- team has started with their out- Scoring the second goal of the Katie Mc/ ad Photograph er
eastern University and Drexel standing players, there will be Sophomore forward Misty Dennis advances on Geneseo
many women soccer players season was junior Nicole Davis.
University. i Davis scored early in the second
Not only is Cammidge help- represented here and a success-
half with help from senior de- She took on the head coach po- As stated by Mercyhurst sports ior a 11-American Catrina Sheaf-
ful to the women's soccer team, ful season to look forward to.
Keep an eye on the Mercy- fender, Janet Armstrong. This sition in January 2003 when in forma tion, freshmen Vanessa fer, and sophomores Christine
he himself has played as a mid-
fielder for Boston University. hurst Website for updated stats. was the first win after falling to coach Kevin Cooke left. Mourey and Megan Smalling will Smith and Kelly Costanzo.
Bentley, who is nationally ranked Adding to the excitement of the help strengthen the Laker de- With many players returning
and Assumption, new season is the promising out- fense. and a solid freshman class join-
A few adjustments have been look for the team with veteran Mercyhurst lost two of their top ing the team, the lady Lakers
Women's tennis serves a win made in the coaching staff.
Taking on double duty, coach
players returning and six fresh-
men joining I he roster.
scorers this past year and won't
have the senior defensive player,
field hockey team hopes to con-
tinue winning and prove to be
The Lady Lakers added four
freshmen to a squad of their five Stacey Gaudette took over has The six freshmen offer an op- Christa Mancini on the field due successful in the national arena.
By Patrick Martino to injuries.
top players from last year. head coach for the field hockey portunity to impact the team be- Mercyhurst will hit the field
Sports Editor
Sophomores Natalie Papa re I la team and is also the head coach cause of high school and club are- Returning and keeping the again at Houghton College on
and Tori Trombetta are also very for women's lacrosse. na experience. team strong are Nicole Davis, jun- September 18 at 1:00p.m.
When senior Mercyhurst wom-
en's tennis captain Alison Hugh- enthusiastic about the incoming
es looks around at her teammates
she sees potential. She sees team.
determination. Most importantly
freshmen and their

"Our freshmen are performing

on the
Women's volleyball off to good start
she sees outstanding tennis play- well and that's what we need this
ers. year," raves Paparella. \
Senior Jenn Barba shines with 55 kills and37 blocks
"We have a great team here and "We have a championship qual- "We tost two key players who end with 143 solo blocks. She al-
ity team that goes all the way from By Krista Ross
I am expecting great things out of gave us a lot of ball control, but ready is the career leader in block
them. We have everything we our captain to our new freshman," Contributing Writer we do have a lot of offense that assists and total blocks. For the
need to have a winning team." adds Trombetta. 't gives us a lot of different options week, she recorded 55 kills, 37
Mercyhurst has defeated Fin ley,
says Hughes. The Mercyhurst Women's Vol- to work with. blocks, and hit .474. Junior Lynd-
Hillsdale, Wayne State, Michigan
Mercyhurst stumbled in their leyball team is off to another great We have been challenged by si Hughes recorded 58 kills while
Tech, and Lake Superior]
first match against Division I Nia- start, with an overall record of 10- some tough teams, but we have senior MH Kaili K lie man had 29
State, four of which were won by
gara University but has since then) 3. I , 4i the GLIAC freshman of the year, blocks in the four matches. Soph-
substantial margins.
gone undefeated in the Great The Lady Lakers finished just a key players in the middle, the cur- omore Kari Clapham totaled 173
Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic All wins are credited to the
depth of this year's squad. year ago 21-8 overall, 13- 4 in the rent GLIAC player of the month, assists.
Conference (GLIAC) and is now GLIAC, and made the conference freshman stepping up, and sever- The women are currently 10-3
5.0 in conference Senior co-captain Lindsay
Zimm remains undefeated and playoffs for the second straight al other solid players who are just overall and will open Gl I AC
play. .•; freshman Pennsylvania Doubles year. beginning to gel together," said play Tuesday, Sept. 16, at 7p.m.
Their early accomplishments Champion Jamie Sutyak and Tori The Lady Lakers returned four Fito Photo Coach Soboleski. against rival Gannon University.
have not gone unnoticed either. Trombetta remain undefeated in] starters from last year's season,) Jenn Barba The Lady Lakers finished 3-1 at "We are looking forward to the
The women's Laker team doubles play. . I and has plenty of experience to who is in her fourth year at Mer- the Edinboro Tournament defeat- match our big match and we
earned the spot as this week's Mercyhurst tennis hits the court carry them to another great sea- cyhurst feels that although the ing, Geneva, St. Joseph's of Indi- need all the support from the
Team of the Week and they do not again this coming weekend in the! son. girls are young, they are starting ana, and Lees-McRae. The teams crowd that we can get," said se-
plan on stopping here. l.T.A. Championships held in In The I akers also have seven to come together. a only loss came in the second nior Kaili Klieman.
Head coach Ray Yost sees this dianappolis, Ind. to establish in- freshmen on their roster, includ- "We are young and it is impor- match of the day against Juanita Although Gannon leads the all
year as a challenge for his team. dividual national rankings. ing three who are currently start* tant that someone steps up to take College. time series 22-15, the Lady Lak
"We are looking for the tough- |ing. •; leadership and that we come Senior MH Jenn Barba took over ers have won the last four matcl 1
est independent schedule we can Head Coach Missy Soboleski, together/'said Soboleski. first place all time, over the week- es.
put together."

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