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114 S Hampton Dr - Jupiter, FL 33458

(561) 676-9349
Accomplished manager/employee with multi-functional skills and experience coveri
ng project management, systems development and team leading ... extensive knowle
dge of customer service, reporting and Oracle database programming ... excellent
communication, motivational and decision-making skills ... a professional with
proven ability to perform many roles in a fast-paced competitive environment, ma
intaining quality control while meeting deadlines and budgets.


Reporting & Analysis
Customer Service Focused
Financial Management/Budgeting
Strategic View/Planning
Oracle Certified Developer
Cross Functional Communications
Project Management
Sales and Presentations

MS Outlook
Oracle Forms
Stored Procedures
MS Excel
Oracle Reports
Stored Functions
MS Word
Oracle Discoverer
MS PowerPoint


* Enhanced both product and business reports: Pinpointed inconsistencies with cu
rrent reporting structure used. Developed more accurate and timely analysis by
blending skills in Oracle to query the data needed and report using MS Excel. U
sers can refresh data within MS Excel and their reports/charts update automatica
lly. I have used these skills to create reports covering anything from manufact
uring scrap to product failures to customer feedback. I have a proven ability t
o propose, manage, design, develop and deliver complete solutions to customers.
* Frequently asked to perform training and sales presentations to clients: An ex
ample of how versatile I can be as an employee. While performing the position o
f Oracle developer, my professional manner and personality caught the eye of the
owner so I was asked to travel to select clients to administer software trainin
g sessions. This eventually grew into performing sales presentations to our big
gest potential clients.
* Comfortable dealing with all levels of staff: In my current position at Biomet
3i, I have been given the responsibility of performing our monthly trend analys
is to executive management; a duty usually reserved for Director level staff or
higher. My research and analysis is used for decision making in the highest lev
els of our company.
* Presented with the Partners In Excellence Award: The highest honor given to le
ss than 1% of employees at the Walt Disney Company. Awarded based on commitment
/success to Customer Service, Cast/Team leadership and Financial Awareness.

Biomet 3i - Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Quality Systems Analyst (July 2008 - present)
Manage Quality Systems resources, develop PC products, interface with functional
managers to negotiate and coordinate commitment to achieve company objectives.
* Developed complaint reporting protocol to monitor product's failures. New meth
odology had not been able to be accomplished before my arrival due to lack of sq
l skills from previous staff.
* Created reporting enhancements by using oracle skills to get data and providin
g reports based in MS Excel. Developed ability for a user to refresh data in MS
Excel via an ODBC database link to Oracle and auto-populate their key metrics.
This saved the company many man hours from doing same reports manually and help
ed key managers to monitor key department metrics.
Hospice of Palm Beach County - West Palm Beach, FL
Project Manager and Software Developer (August 2006 - July 2008)
Create/modify Reports used to interpret data accumulating within Web Application
(LATIS) on an Oracle Database. Oversee all software projects and act as main l
iaison between 3rd party consultants and home office.
* Coordinate requirements of all software projects to 3rd party consultants and
ensure accuracy of product while maintaining timelines.
* Create and design new reports to help enhance management's analysis of busines
Prosperity Partners, Inc - Lake Park, FL (Provides cash now in exchange for a c
lient's future annuity payments)
Manager (Processing/Legal/Investor Relations June 2005 - June 2006)
Position involved monitoring of files and personnel management. Accountable to
owners of the company for getting files processed timely and accurately. Ten -
twelve direct reports covering three departments.
* Improved morale by introducing team-building and partnership techniques.
- Cross trained staff: Allowed for better staffing coverage when demanded by bus
iness volume.
- Increased average monthly revenue signings from 12 to 15, representing approxi
mately $30,000 more in profit.
Fairway Systems, Inc - Englewood, CO (Worldwide provider of golf management soft
ware solutions)
Oracle Developer/Vice President (August 2000 - May 2004)
Recruited to create/modify existing Oracle software product using Oracle's form/
report builder and PL/SQL. Eventually promoted into VP position and oversaw sta
ffing, company policy, customer service and general office management. Main con
tact for all client communication. Four direct, twenty-plus indirect reports.
* Trained clients, conducted seminars, resolved client problems and maintained c
lient goodwill.
* Analyzed resource allocations of staff to ensure deliverables were produced ti
mely and accurately.
* Created custom reports using Report Builder or Discoverer for client's account
ing departments that helped ensure clients would renew contracts worth over $200
Walt Disney Company - Orlando, FL
Operations Finance (Finance Associate January 1995 - May 2000)
Created/monitored budget for more than 100 departments within the Polynesian Res
ort. Created reporting tools in MS Excel to help track progress and make availa
ble to all management personnel.
Guest Satisfaction (Business Analyst [concurrent position] March 1998 - May 2000
Personally created company wide Guest Satisfaction reports and graphical tools u
sing statistical database (SPSS) and MS Excel. Presented analysis and gave pres
entations on guest's trends.
Recorder/Revenue Auditor (Vault Teller August 1990 - December 1994)
Audited cashiers paperwork from throughout Disney property and posted to General
Ledger any discrepancies.